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Karma Help

A the top of each comments in a story you will see little arrows Vote this comment upVote this comment down that you can click. The green one pointing up is a positive vote for that comment (you thought it was helpful, intelligent, insightful, relevant, etc), and the red one pointing down is a negative vote (you thought it was useless, irrelevant, idiotic, disrespectful, etc).

Comments with poor ratings (-5 or below) will be hidden, unless you click on the "Show Comment" link, and will lower someone's karma. Comments with positive ratings will help that person gain a good karma score in their profile page, letting others know about their good reputation as a contributor to this site. Note that for obvious reasons, you can't vote for your own comments.

To prevent abuse, there is a daily limit of 50 votes per user, so make them count! We also use a few rules to detect unwanted actions and will give an error message to the user in those cases. Voting is also only available to accounts that are older than 1 week and with a minimum of 10 posts. Please use the voting system in the spirit it was intended, which is to reward well developped posts and dismiss those that are counter productive, not just reward your friends and punish users you disagree with.