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Something Is Touching Me And Leaving Bruises


Since I was about twelve I have felt watched in my own home. When I am in bed at night (alone), I feel like someone is underneath my bed pushing up on it constantly. I also feel like there is something watching me that wants to hurt me. I do not feel safe at all. I am now seventeen years old and I went away for the summer to my father's house.

Now I have been back home from my fathers for about two weeks. In these two weeks everything I was experiencing before has been much worse. Every night my cat Nola sleeps with me, but she has always done that. Now its as if she is trying to protect me from something. Before I fall asleep every night, something grabs my legs and goes slowly up to my thigh. I pretend like nothing is happening and I face my wall.

The other night a big storm passed through my town. I was not home I was actually in another town getting ready for this storm. I have a picture of Jesus on a shelf in my room. It's in a place where it would never fall, I made sure of that. The picture did fall though. It fell in an unusual spot, my dresser. This really freaked me out. I thought whatever is bothering me must be an evil entity because my picture of Jesus seemed to be taken off my shelf and thrown on my dresser like a piece of trash. No one was home to do this. Everyone was out together at Wal-Mart.

The power went off about two o'clock in the morning. I know this because my brother and his friend were still up playing games. So he told my mother the next morning when the power went off. I woke up about three o'clock in the morning to a big black shadow in front of my face. I quickly turned around and put the blankets over all my body, because I was terrified.

The next thing that happened was, it felt and sounded like a finger nail was scratching against my blankets by my ear. Then again, something was grabbing my legs and went all the way up to my thigh. I ran out of my room crying to my mother's room. I woke her up because I ran into a bored on the way to her room. We went into my room with her boyfriend and I told them everything that has been happening.

After that night I looked at my legs and I have bruises all over them. My right thigh has about four bruises that look like a hand print. I have shown my mom and she agreed it does look like a hand print. What's weird is nothing happens when someone else sleeps in my room, even when my dog sleeps in my room nothing happens. No matter how much I sleep I am beyond tired and I could possibly sleep longer. This thing will not stop harassing me.

I feel like they think I am lying, but I am very scared. I should not feel like this in my own home. I am also seventeen years old and I should not be so scared to sleep in my parent's room. My grandfather is a minister. I talked to him about these two nights after the incident and he told me the same thing has happened to him. He said he would call me the next day and would like to come to my house and bless it.

Back to my cat Nola. She keeps looking at the walls like she is following something. She moves her head and eyes very fast all over the place. One day she was doing this and it seemed to scared her very badly because she started to cry and kept moving her body like something was trying to attack her. I looked around and there were no lights moving or bugs.

If anyone would wish to comment, please do so. I am a very scared person and I do not know what I should do.

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nicole11 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2011-10-09)
I understand what you are going through. I recently woke up to a loud bang in my room and the next morning my arm hurt. The next day after that I found bruises on my arm that look like finger prints.
Moongrim (2 stories) (871 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-08)
Cold iron is a poetic and archaic term for iron, referring to the fact that it feels cold to the touch. In modern usage the term has been most associated with folkloric beliefs that iron could ward off ghosts, fairies, witches, and/or other malevolent supernatural creatures.

generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)
Ah. Ok, thank you for the clarification.

I've found doctors really do appreciate photos, if you can take them - even if they are a bit gruesome. It's what they deal with all the time.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)
No hun, it was not you. Keep reading. Sorry for the misunderstanding. 😊

rookdygin (24 stories) (4323 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)

Your concern is understood, I believe Jav's comment was directed at another poster who requested photos be taken, they asked outright for possible upload of the pictures.


generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)

Easy bruising and easy, non-clotting bleeding (and I don't mean your period, I mean bleeding from a cut or wound) can be indicators of a variety of health issues.

Take photos of the bruises, show them to your doctor. Even if they might appear "hand-shaped", it's really easy to look at a random shape and think it looks like something... Just like playing "find the shape in the clouds".
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)
[at] Javelina

Just in case my suggestion to take photos of the bruises was misinterpreted, I certainly didn't mean for her to post them here. I meant to show her doctor, who may be able to determine better what is going on.

Good grief. I suspect I'm no more a guy than you, so please don't make assumptions.
Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)
Listen sweetheart, I don't like the sound of this at all. Now, I know a previous poster asked you to show pictures of your bruising. Please do not send any pictures to anyone online of your bruises. That is a very bad idea. I'm sure he doesn't realize what he's
Asking, so just ignore that OK?
I have some questions that I am hoping you will answer:
1) I want you to think real hard now, when this happens, do you notice any sort of scent or smell when this is near you?
2) When you ran to your moms room, you said you hit a board on your way, correct? And did hitting that board stop you, or slow you down at all?
3) Who all lives or stays at your moms house?
4) Is it possible to keep the animals in your room every night? If not, why? They are keeping you safe and that's what's important.
I want you to know that we are here for you, if you have a question, about ANYTHING, don't hesitate to ask. Once you become a member, like you have, you are part of our extended family. So welcome to YGS!

Jav ❤
generalchaos (2 stories) (141 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)
Ok, let me give this a try...

How old is the house you are living in? Is it possible that there are wires in the wall, running behind your bed? Sometimes wiring has poor insulation, and can cause EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Some people can "sense" EMFs, and report the sensation to feel like they are being watched.

I really wouldn't worry too much about your picture of Jesus falling. You're referring to Hurricane Irene, right? It could have just made walls shake a little - storms can do really weird things. If it happens again, when there is no storm, then take real notice.

I'm most concerned about your bruising. Are you very athletic, or have you been running (or using your legs) a lot lately? I found out about two months ago that sometimes when one begins to exercise a lot after having not exercised for a while, one can actually bruise from just the exercise. Your legs could be cramping, getting charlie-horses and bruising from that...
There are other medical conditions that can cause unexplained bruising in young people. Take photos of the bruises when they appear. Have you been bleeding a lot lately as well?
If you have, I don't want to alarm you, but you might want to seek medical help.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4323 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-07)

Please review everything that is happening to you... Start a Journal and keep a record...date, time, location and 'what' happened to you. The being watched feeling may be due to High EMF (Electromagnetic) fields. A journal may help determine just where to check for these.

Taking control of the situation may be what you have to do... Facing the wall or covering your head may just be inviting more 'incidents' to happen. The next time you experience this... Turn to look at what is happening... As frightening as it may be you just might 'see' what (or who) is 'touching you.

Your cat may very well be protecting you... She 'feels' your distress, knows your upset and is trying to comfort you in the only way she knows how... By being there for you. Having your dog in the room or another person may 'prohibit' whatever is touching you from doing so...

Please keep us updated, I hope the home blessing helps you.


Mountaineer (4 stories) (176 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-06)
Are the bruises still on your leg? If so could you take a picture and upload it? This is a freaky story and you must be furious with this thing.
geetha50 (15 stories) (986 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-06)
I'm your grandfather believes you about the incidents. It can be really hurtful and leaves you helpless when you know someone doesn't believe you about things like this. Like Hoodzy, I would like know to if anything happens after your grandfather blesses the house.

What does your father have to say about this? Did you mention this to your father?

I take it that it only happens in this particular house? One suggestion that I could think of at this moment is to stay with your father until your grandfather can bless the house and then see what happens.
Hoodzy (2 stories) (16 posts)
6 years ago (2011-09-06)
I know how terrifying (and angering, if you're like me) these experiences can be. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! 😢

Are you taking any medication, such as an anti-depressant? AD's have been known to make people hallucinate. (Especially when you take them for the first time!) This could explain the shadow you saw. You could also be having panic attacks at night.

You could also have been in the 'half-dream, half awake' state we all fall into sometimes. You feel like things are touching you, like you're falling, like something's in the room with you, etc.

How far away from where you hung up the picture is your dresser? What did you use to attach the picture to the wall?

Was your Grandfather in the same house when these things happened to him? What exactly did he see? Did he have the same bruises or feeling of something crawling on him?

I'd love it if you tell us what happens after the house blessing, if anything happens at all. Please keep us updated on your experiences! 😁

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