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My Apartment


I moved into my apartment on 28 March 2009. Within a month I started feeling a presence. I assumed I was imagining it, because what are the odds the last three places I lived were haunted? But then sometime in August 2009, Mark and our friend Kristin were over.

Kristin and I were sitting on the bed and Mark was standing. My bedroom door was closed... Then suddenly my door was opened. Kristin and I saw it, but Mark claims to this day he never saw it. Over the next year, I kept seeing things in the corner of my eye. One time, Kristin was in my kitchen and then she screamed. She said she saw someone walking through the living room. In 2010 one day, I was getting ready for something, and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. I had my bathroom door open. I turned briefly and saw someone standing there. He looked like Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune. So I started calling him Pat.

One day in 2010, there was a knock at the door. When I answered it, no one was there. But there was the feeling of a presence there, and I had this intense feeling to "follow it". It lead me to the parking lot of my apartment complex. Then it left. I walked back to my apartment confused.

In 2011 one day, I was in the kitchen making something to eat. As I was leaving the kitchen,"someone" appeared directly in front of me. I stumbled in my attempted to stop to avoid running into them, but no one was there and I hit the ground.

In late 2011, I was woken up by what sounded like my glass patio door shattering. I ran into my living room, only to find the door intact. Every morning for months I heard that sound. Soon I started hearing conversations coming from the living room. One day I walked into the living room and had a Dorito thrown at me. At the time, I didn't even have any Doritos in the apartment.

I went to ask my apartment office if anyone ever died in my apartment. They said no and asked why. I told them the stories, and the whole time they were kind of smirking, like, "Yeah, sure". But then when I mentioned the sound of my patio door shattering, they all stopped laughing and some of them turned white. I asked what it was, and none of them admitted to knowing what I was talking about, but instead said I needed to leave the office as it was closing for the day shortly.

I ran into one of the maintenance workers recently and asked if he knew if anyone ever died in my apartment. He told me that he had worked at this complex since it was built (which sounds like a very long time, but it was built in 1996). He says he knows every apartment where someone had died, and there had been none in my building or the building next to it. He was also kind of laughing as I told him the stories, and when I got to the patio door, he reacted the same. Except he said, "Hey, don't go telling people that story!"

Things were starting to calm down, until a few days ago (today is 19 September 2012). I was taking a trash bag to the dumpster. As I was making my way there, I saw a tall, black guy in a trench cost slowly walking toward me. I was waiting for him to move, as I had a heavy trash bag, but he didn't even seem to notice me, so I stepped off the sidewalk into the grass and walked around him. I didn't think anything of this. I just assumed maybe he was deep in thought.

But as I was coming back, I saw him turn a corner. I made it to that corner a few seconds later, and there was no one in sight. There's no way he could have gotten anywhere that fast. I told a friend of mine, who believes I saw a full apparition.

Yesterday, I was laying down, waiting for my girlfriend to text me back. As I went to sit up, my desk dropped. It startled me. It had been leaning back, as if someone had pushed on it, and then let it go when I sat up. My monitor shook and one of my speakers fall to the ground.

I thought it was odd having two major experiences in a row like that, so I decided to start telling my stories to people. But I didn't know where to go. I typed up my stories and sent them to my girlfriend, who has had experiences of her own. The stories I have submitted here tonight on this are tweaked versions of the stories I wrote to her. I did send them to her in parts and title them "Story 1", "Story 2", etc. There were things I didn't have to explain to her when I told her, and I added those details to these versions. This entry was actually copied and pasted from three different stories. This was Story 5, 6, and 7. But they were each so short I combined them into this long Story 5.

A few hours ago, I was watching a video about the girl in Hawaii named Clarissa who could see ghosts. In the video, it said that at the time of filming, she was five, and was afraid to talk. I wanted to find out if she has spoken, so I googled it. One of the first results was this site. I was so excited at the idea of being able to post my stories here that I completely forgot to find out about Clarissa, which I will do after I submit this.

I want to thank the creators of this site for making it, because there's not many places that let you post your ghost stories. Not even Coast to Coast AM's website (first place I looked).

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Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
3 years ago (2014-12-29)
francyne - go to your profile, click on edit profile. There is a section at the top that says "Here you can remove users from your favorite posters". You can delete whomever you don't want as a favorite.
francyne1031 (47 posts)
3 years ago (2014-12-28)
I hate to write this on someone's experience, but when I searched this one had comment pertaining to my question. How do you in-favorite a poster? I clicked the heart by accident and it will not let me go back... Thank you for the help. Sorry again for writing on a experience;)
missy-ryton (5 stories) (13 posts)
4 years ago (2014-02-04)
Baikeru-First I would like to say I really enjoyed your stories, they gave me shivers lol. I don't know if my comment would be any help to you but it's just a thought I had as soon as I read it something a medium said to me came straight to my mind. I hired her about six years ago as we were having problems.

She said that if severe trauma happened in an area sometimes the residual energy can remain and replay itself over and over. I say this reference to the sound of shattering glass you heard. She said that the person who experienced the trauma could physically be alive and well but when they experienced the trauma a part of them died and the negative energy has remained. I would keep questioning the management about it because you have a right to know what happened as it's your home and it clearly they know something and what they're hiding is affecting you, if they refuse to speak then try looking for old articles maybe something made the papers.

Also you said that the last three homes you lived in were haunted? Have you considered that maybe it's not the homes that are haunted and maybe something has attached itself to you in your first haunted home? I have no doubts that the house this story is about has something aswel but it's seems that it's a bit of a coincidence that all three have been haunted one after another like that. I would suggest maybe speaking to a medium and finding out more. Hope my comment has been of some help. Take care 😊
Baikeru (6 stories) (26 posts)
5 years ago (2012-10-01)
That friend of mine I mentioned in a precious comment who had also experienced things said she had lived on this block her whole life. She is 23, and from the time she was born until these buildings went up, it was just a large empty lot. But my city is a historical city, so that doesn't mean that something didn't happen here before 1989.
LakotaWinyan (2 stories) (63 posts)
5 years ago (2012-10-01)
Well, something obviously happened there, based on the reactions from everyone who works there. It sounds like something happened that caused the patio door to shatter, maybe a break in, maybe domestic violence in which the person died at the hospital or on the way to the hospital.

Could it also be that there was a building there before your apartment complex was built in 96? This is the age of tearing down perfectly good buildings that need a little fixing up to rebuild from new. There could have been a previous building where death was common, like a hospital or nursing home. It's worth looking into.

In the meantime, if I were you... I would get the apartment cleansed. Just for peace of mind.
beautifuleden (2 stories) (66 posts)
5 years ago (2012-10-01)
Please find out what the shattering glass sound is about! Would love to hear it x
Baikeru (6 stories) (26 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-30)
Actually, now that you mention it, I do sometimes randomly get extremely depressed. To the point where I push my girlfriend away when she tries to help me. She's already figured out that these happen and has told me that if I ever tell her I want to break up when I am like that she won't listen to it, and I agreed with her, because there have been times when I am like that where I come close to telling her I hate her and want nothing more to do with her, but when I come out of that state I stop feeling that resentment. She knows I don't hate her (obviously, we're dating). Another weird thing is that I remember how I felt during those times. I can remember right now how lonely and depressed I felt. But when I am in that state, I have no memory of ever being happy before. Happiness never existed before when I feel that way, and I feel like I've never been loved and can't be loved. When I am like that, all I feel is loneliness and depression. But, like, right now I am not in that state, and I love my girlfriend and know she loves me. I am currently very happy, and I'm actually singing along with Abba. She and I both know about these times, and are very aware of it, but until now I never connected it with the spirits. Maybe you're right and it's the spirits trying to connect. Maybe I am just depressed sometimes. I don't know.
Blackmoonmage20 (1 stories) (56 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-30)
Hi! Did you already asked somebody why do they turned pale when you told them the experience about the sound of a shattering glass?
Cliney1212 (4 stories) (121 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-30)
I really enjoyed reading your stories you have written them well! I have to agree with some of the other posters in saying that they are drawn to you because you have the ability to hear and see them. I would suggest learning to meditate and practising regularly also go to your local spiritualist church for support and advise. These spirits may want your help or just your attention but you need to take control so these spirits give you peace as and when you want it.
Best of look to you keep us posted. ❤
southerntk (4 stories) (75 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-30)
sounds like you are a ghost magnet like me. I think that something violent happened in that apartment that involved maybe someone breaking the patio glass, maybe a domestic violence situation. It could be the victim didn't actually die in the apartment but later on in the hospital. Then technically they could tell you know one died there. I would have the apartment cleansed or do it yourself, or your not going to be able to handle that for long. Not to mention, the victim should go to the light and not linger there in that violent spiritual place. Do you ever feel emotions that have no meaning to you, or pain that isn't possibly yours? I do that and if you do it could be the spirit is giving you insight into what happened. Good luck. It may residual too if something like this happened. I kind of doubt it though because of the desk incident. Something is trying to get you to feel it's frustration. Next time really concentrate and try to feel what is around you, what kind of energy and emotion.
WhiteWolf (4 stories) (147 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-30)

I believe that the spirits are drawn to you because they know that you have seen them and believe that you can help them. I have had many accounts with the paranormal but with some many it it difficult to remember all of them.

I believe that it is good that you try to debunk your encounters. I wish that I could but it is hard to debunk what I see because I can feel their energy and emotions.

ghost_seeker (3 stories) (14 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
Hmm, Maybe looking through news articles like the local newspaper or ask the older residents there if they have heard anything. Best of luck:)... By the way I've read your whole slew of submitted stories. They are great! Felt sad about Missy, but the light is where they belong. Cheers!
Baikeru (6 stories) (26 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
Yeah, I would love to find out, too. But I don't think it was a murder or death or anything. The maintenance worker had said there hadn't been any deaths in this building (there are 17 buildings in this complex), and he sounded sincere. It was when I mentioned the glass patio door that he became nervous. So I know SOMETHING happened.
ghost_seeker (3 stories) (14 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
Great story! Going to read your entries! Would definitely love to hear what's going on with why the maintenance and office staff are ignoring your questions. I bet it would definitely be a story to hear. Best of luck and take care!
Baikeru (6 stories) (26 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
[at] sds, I had a friend who lived on this block for awhile, and she said that while she lived here she also experienced things as well, so it may be the whole block, not just my apartment. Which makes sense, because things have happened outside of my apartment as well. And the things that happened outside were quite different from the ones inside.
sds (14 stories) (1357 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
Really fascinating account Baikeru. I feel that your apartment is visited by spirits/entities and I also feel that they want to make their presence felt to you. Probably that's the reason why they are showing of by shaking the table etc. But the moot question is why your neighbours, even construction workers, who are in the place since your apartment was built, are trying to evade your investigation in the matter. Well, my advise would be that tenacity always helps. So, be patient and keep trying to find out the cause. If you find any of the entities are negative or harmful, try Rook's method of cleansing, which is explained in detail in many stories of this site. That really helps.

Thanks for sharing all your experiences in this site.

Regards and respects to you.

Javelina (4 stories) (3749 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
[at] newhunter,
Look up to the top of the page where the title of the story is. To the left and slightly below the title is the authors name. There is a heart icon there as well, click on that heart to put someone up on your favorites list. To favorite the story, click on the heart to the right (and below) the title.

newhunter30 (2 stories) (137 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-28)
I really enjoy your stories and look forward to any more you have to post on here. I would like to add you to my favorite authors but not sure how can some please tell me.
Baikeru (6 stories) (26 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-27)
[at] demonkitty101, thanks! =]]

[at] Clever210, I don't know if I do or not. I tend to try to be more on the skeptical side. I mean, I know these things exist, but I don't want to be one of those who things every noise is a poltergeist and every shadow is a spirit. I am like TAPs from Ghost Hunters, I try to debunk every experience I have. What I have written here are the experiences I couldn't explain. Otherwise, I would be posting "Story 26: Yet Another Noise".

Lol And I didn't even notice your mistake until you pointed it out.
clever210 (3 stories) (189 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-27)
Drat! I meant to say "may have" not "have have". Lol
😆 😆 😆

clever210 (3 stories) (189 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-27)
You have had so many interesting encounters that I think you have have a gift. Thanks so much for sharing with us and welcome to YGS.

demonkitty101 (1 stories) (13 posts)
5 years ago (2012-09-27)
I just want to say that I've really enjoyed reading your stories 😊

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