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This happened around 1982 or 83. I would have been 20-22 years old at that time. I had party friends that I ran with regularly and, normally, on weekends we'd commonly spend the night at one of the gang's house and turn the entire weekend into a party. I was living at my parents' home at that time, working as an office clerk part time and going to school full time. The University of Southern Mississippi was exactly a one hour drive from my parents' house.

I remember this was very early on a weekday morning - just the first very dim glimmering of light. I think it was a Tuesday (not that it matters). I was sleeping and in my dream, I heard some noise which, in my dream, I determined at first to be a chicken outside my window. We didn't have chickens, but that's just what my mind making of the external noise while I was dreaming. The noise persisted. In my dream, I'm realizing that's not a chicken - what is it? Obviously, I'm starting to come out of my sleep, but I'm still sleeping heavily at this point. In my dreaming mind, I'm trying to work out what could be causing this noise. I was laying on my right side and slowly gaining consciousness. The noise is still going on and I recognize that it is by my nightstand. It's impossible to give any accurate estimate of how much time passed between the time I first heard the noise and when I first recognized that it was coming from the nightstand by my bed, so with that in mind, trying to recreate the scene in my mind, I'm going to estimate 15-20 seconds allowing enough time for my mind to mull over and reject the "chicken" solution I came up with in my dreaming state.

Okay, at this point I start to open my eyes and I'm very drowsy. I saw a figure next to my nightstand fiddling with something, but I wasn't alarmed. My first thought was that it was my Mom who would come in daily to tell me it was time to get up so I could get ready for the drive to school. As soon as I considered that solution, however, I knew that the figure was male, and had blond hair so my next thought was it was one of my party friends just screwing around. Of course, I'm waking up this entire time I'm going through these thoughts. Immediately, I realized, NO! It's a weekday, so it's NOT one of my buds! Who is this screwing around with my keys and stuff on my nightstand?!?! I immediately bolt straight up in my bed and YELL! This figure had sort of stringy, shoulder length dirty blond hair, and had really bad skin - looked to be, roughly 24-32 (just guessing). It has been so long now, I can't remember specifically what he was wearing, but it was not anything from some other period and it was very casual - like well-worn slacks and some sort of slouchy shirt.

When I sat up and yelled, the figure was hunched over my nightstand intently messing with the keys / coins I'd laid there. As soon as I yelled, it immediately snapped straight up, looked straight back at me in the face with a startled look on its face - maybe 4-5 feet away from me, at the most. It was as solid appearing as the desk I'm sitting at now. Then sitting there, staring at it, looking directly in its face, it just faded away over 4-5 second period (count 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi... It's a fairly long time to be observing something). I would estimate that from the time I fist opened my eyes until the time I sat up and screamed, it was another 5 seconds, so the total experience, from first hearing the noise while dreaming until it faded away was 25-35 seconds. It was absolutely an external persistent noise that woke me from a sound sleep.

That room had been my bedroom for many years, but for many, may years, I never slept in it without either a light on or my dog. The house had been built by my parents and so there'd been no prior occupants / residents. That was only the second thing to have ever happened to me in that house, the first being the loud crash I and my Mom had heard when I was around 12-13. That was the only visual experience I have ever had.

Much later in life, in the Summer and Fall of 2013, I was going through a divorce from a horrible, abusive alcoholic wife when a series of incidents occurred over the weekends I was up there working on the house. I'll share those in the final story within a few days.

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Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-26)
Thanks for your comment.

I do not KNOW if the car had previously been in an accident. I sort of doubt it though, or if it had been, that the accident had been anything major because it was only a little over a year old when I got it - it was a newer model than the car I totaled.

As to the infrared question - I could not have any idea. I've never seen any other entity (that I know of). I mean, the figure didn't appear to me as if I were viewing him in infrared spectrum or anything. It's an interesting idea, I just have no input of any value that would be helpful towards answering that question.
db (13 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-24)
That is an interesting story especially the info. On the car shared in comments. Maybe he was a previous owner. Do you know if that car had ever been in an accident? That would be an interesting part of the riddle of who your visitor was.
What intrigues me is that those who see ghosts as solid as matter is how the ghost person appears as fully clothed or with tools or other gear that they used in life. My husband has described several things such as solid appearing individuals known to be not among the living and he thinks that the minds of those 'on the other side' create their attire somehow.
I really wonder if people who see solid type ghosts that then fade may have a kind of natural infra-red and fast reflexes in their eyes which they have that allows them to see like this because cameras with these capabilities are those that seem to capture them. What do you think?
Thanks for sharing!
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-20)
Hi Mystie:

Actually, yes the car was used. I suppose that's possible. Interesting. I got it as a replacement for a car I had totaled from an attorney in Jackson that took it as payment for work he did on a criminal case.

Jackson - yes, in the early to mid 80s, Belhaven was a beautiful area. The little bungalow was on Belhaven Street. The practice loft was pretty much directly across the street from Hal & Mal's big parking lot on the opposite side of State Street.

Thanks for the info on Clarion Ledger archives. I'm really not motivated to look into it to be honest - so long ago and real life calls, you know.
MystieGypsy (15 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-20)
I'm no expert, but when I read that he was messing around with your change and keys, it made me think that perhaps he was attached to one of those things he was "playing" with. Was your car used? Is it possible he was a former owner of the car?

Anyway, just a thought. 😊

I read your other story about your house in the Belhaven community in Jackson and the apartment in downtown. Thanks for posting them! I'm originally from Jackson and I just loved reading them.

BTW... I haven't been to this place since around 1997, but the Eudora Welty Library in downtown Jackson had most if not all the Clarion Ledger newspaper archives, and if I remember correctly they were indexed (easy to search). This may help you if you would like to search for info on your past residences.
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-19)
dreamer - yeah, after experiencing that, I know the stuff is real.
dreamer01 (1 stories) (117 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-18)
okay, something like that would make me a believer.

Thanks for sharing 😊
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-17)
Hmmm... That's interesting. I never thought of that. It makes sense the guy would follow me from somewhere - I was a lot of fun back in those days. LOLOLOL... When you mentioned that, it is the first time that it occurred to me, the guy looked like the kind of person we'd today call a "Meth head" (they weren't really around back in those days). But that's basically what he looked like - kind of skuzzy looking. Maybe he was looking for drugs to steal or money in my wallet or something.
Tweed (24 stories) (2080 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-16)
Hi Agua,

Maybe the man you woke up to was connected to one of your friends and he'd followed you, and others, out of curiosity. Wonder what was intriguing him so much about your keys and things. Or maybe he was trying to wake you up for some reason.

Hope you get the email thing sorted. 😊

Bizarre and cool experience, thanks for sharing.
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-16)
Okay, I didn't have a draft of the earlier email I sent so I just wrote another one which is substantially identical. No idea what happened.
Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
2 years ago (2015-10-16)
Agua - I'm not sure what happened, but I haven't received your email. Checked the junk folder too, just in case 😕
Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
2 years ago (2015-10-16)
Agua - I'm checking my email now, and thanks for responding so quickly 😊
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
2 years ago (2015-10-16)
Thank you Marjie, I just sent an email to you regarding same.
Miracles51031 (36 stories) (4802 posts) mod
2 years ago (2015-10-16)
Agua - check your email regarding your other story. If you have an questions, my email address is on my profile.

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