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Disappearing And Reappearing Diamond Pendant


This is really not a ghost story, but rather an unbelievable occurrence.

I received a diamond and white gold pendant from my husband to celebrate our first wedding anniversary back in 1967. Years later, while my hubby was deployed to Guam during the Vietnam "Conflict", I had it on and was shopping for clothes. I was in and out of dressing rooms, up and down aisles, on the hunt for a nice dress to wear once he was back home. When my shopping was done, I reached up to my neck chain, and the pendant was GONE! OMG I was so upset! What was totally perplexing is, that the chain was still securely around my neck! The pendant's bale was cast into the piece. (solid gold with no moving parts). How could it come off of the chain, but leave the chain intact?

I ran to a friend in the neighborhood's house to wail and cry about it, seeking commiseration, I guess. While I was there, I was fiddling with the hem on my blouse. I could feel something hard stuck within the hem. I had to get a seam ripper to release it (because by then, I knew it was the pendant!) How in Heaven's name did my pendant pass through the metal of the chain, and lodge itself into the hem of a shirt? The shirt was one of those tailored button down Oxford Shirts. The hems are small, the stitching is small and there is no connection from the neck of the garment to the hem. I used the seam ripper and there my diamond pendant was, unscathed, looking so innocent! That the chain was unbroken, the pendant was still in one piece, is the biggest mystery to this very day! I have chalked it up to one of those crazy things that will forever remain a mystery!

Anyone else have a story like this to share?

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moondog (2 stories) (4 posts)
9 months ago (2017-04-06)
Wow, pretty similar to what happened to me. At least I know people do not think I am crazy or this kind of thing is not possible.
BeagleMom (3 stories) (78 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-28)

How Cool to hear from you! Yep! Your dad probably worked on my hubby's plane. He told me that his crew, on their day off, used to go into the jungle and check out all of the WWII abandoned tanks etc. For a California boy stationed at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota, then deployed to Anderson AFB on Guam, it was quite an adventure! (Aside from the Viet Nam War, of course)!

Thanks for reading!

Mother of Beagles
Wish-Not (16 stories) (522 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-15)
BeagleMOm- That was strange and cool! With all these others adding theirs it appears to happen. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, side note- We were stationed at Anderson Air Force Base 69-71. My dad was a mechanic on the B-52 during that time. Guam was a beautiful place during that time. Lot's of WWII history as well.
BeagleMom (3 stories) (78 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-13)
Dear elfstone810,

Now that is just plane weird! I have had baffling things happen like that before, well not like THAT, but close enough to commiserate with you! Some of the strangest things happen every day and people just shrug them off. It sometimes seems that you almost know in advance that some inanimate object is going to come back to haunt you! It is like foreshadowing.

Thanks for sharing, and Good Luck!

❤ Mother of Beagles
BeagleMom (3 stories) (78 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-12)
Dear Enlightened1959,

Wow! What an occurrence! There is more strange stuff going on with jewelry than I could ever have guessed! I read the link that Tweed provided in her (or his) remark, and was just stunned! If you haven't read it, check it out. No one truly understands until something you have with you every day suddenly goes missing! It shakes you up because it is so "out there". I have recently lost a moonstone ring somewhere in my house. Can't find it for the life of me! Hope it comes back!
Thanks for reading my story and thanks for your post!

❤ Mother of Beagles
elfstone810 (227 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-12)
Back in 98 my mom and I were moving into a second hand house trailer right at Christmas. It was old and weird and there were dark faux wood beams that were, for some reason, studded with hundreds of big, rusty staples.

On Christmas eve we didn't even have the electricity hooked up yet and were using an extension cord from our old house next door.

Mom gave me a new electric skillet and we decided to make vegetable pot pie. We washed the skillet out, cut up fresh vegetables, put the ingredients in and covered it with a homemade pie crust.

When we tried to eat it, it was filled with those staples. There were dozens. They were imbedded *in* the vegetables.

We never heard any of them fall into the pan and we never once found one lying on the floor.
Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-12)
Hi BeagleMom,

Very very odd to say the least! Seriously how would the pendant get in the hem of your shirt especially when you had to take a seam ripper to get it out!

About 5 years ago my son-in-law and my grandson bought my daughter a beautiful 24K diamond necklace for Mother's Day. At the end of each night she would always hang it on a hook especially for her jewelry in the bathroom. About 2 years later, she got ready for bed and did the same routine, remembering to hang the necklace up in the same place as always. She got up the next morning and it was gone! We tore the house up looking for the necklace. We searched for months. It meant a lot more than it was worth because her son had got it for her for Mother's day. Eventually everyone gave up looking for it. About 6 months ago she and my son-in-law were cleaning out the shed in the back yard and found it tucked away underneath a dresser drawer. Let me just say that they seldom ever got into the shed because it was filled with mostly my winter close and Christmas decorations and things of that nature. So how did that necklace get out in the shed in the very back and underneath a drawer?
BeagleMom (3 stories) (78 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-11)
Hi Tweed!

Thanks for reading my story and sending the link. I am truly stumped with this one! It was the talk of the family for years. Happily I was able to hand that diamond down to my son in the form of a tie tack. Happy Ending for sure.

❤ Mother of Beagles
Tweed (23 stories) (2067 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-11)
Hi BeagleMom,

Someone did have a similar experience on here a while back involving a crucifix on a chain. Like your pendant, there was no reasonable explanation for why it should slip off! Here's the link:

I remember your comment about your pendant on the Disappearing Doll experience. Each one is as baffling as the other, your pendant, the crucifix and the doll, words fail me! 😆

Thanks for sharing. 😊

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