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Am I Possessed By A Demon Or Some Other Supernatural Entity?


For the past year or so I haven't quite felt like my usual self, I used to bathe daily, I used to put on my seat belt all the time, I used to be happy and easy going, and I used to go to bed regularly, and I used to be fairly weak. Now I cringe at the thought of a shower, I don't feel the need for a seat belt, I'm very aggressive and very shy, I'm up all night and sleep all day, and I inexplicably got exceptional strength and visible muscle despite the fact I never workout. I was also a christian and I suddenly stopped believing in God and now I become enraged when I hear something related God, and and used to hate pain but now I love it, I used to fear death but now I don't care about dying, and I used to fear violent conflict but now I embrace it. And finally, I sometimes feel an extreme urge to contort my body in unnatural ways, I occasionally have unwanted thoughts and images in my head that aren't my own, sometimes I get the urge to hurt people and creatures, I constantly make violent comments about "humans" as if I'm not one myself, I lack empathy for most things as people dying or hurting, I sometimes feel as if there's a ball of rage in my stomach, and I sometimes become enraged for no reason. This has never been my normal behavior, and I don't know if I have a mental condition or if I am possessed by a demon or another supernatural entity, can anyone explain this for me? Thanks in advance, if you want to contact me personally about this, email me at

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valkricry (40 stories) (2798 posts) mod
1 year ago (2017-02-18)
Could you please write 'the' instead of 'tha'? I know it's a small thing, and I know you know better, but it makes it difficult for others to take you seriously when they think you can't even spell the word 'the'.
legion777 (1 stories) (11 posts)
1 year ago (2017-02-17)
Wow! First late post...
But look, first go back to tha begining... This is crazy what I am reading and what's being said with out looking at tha begining, how was your normal day, what was you eating, how many times a day you eat, what was your day like from tha time you got up until bed, and you are very aware of your change, but you never filled in that big blank (tha start), when did this change happen, did some bad happen, break up,death,etc like soany need to knows and big a$$ blanks here... You can't fix a problem if you don't know tha details of tha workings.
But every one has great opions and solid ones but woooh how do you give little to no information on just tha problem and ask for help with out telling us tha whats,whens,hows,and dos, then you and everyone miss tha begining and I am betting your issue is real but your answers is here just at tha start.
I don't mean no disrespect and only speak when got something real to say.
Blessed be...
RCRuskin (8 stories) (300 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-25)
Sitting here in the delicious silence that is the early hours of Christmas morning, or it would be silent if there wasn't a fire across the street.: (

After reflection at the wonderful evening services, I'm going to change my advice, or more accurately, tweak it slightly.

I think you should seek out some help, Baked Potato. Many things we face in life are greater than we can cope with on our own. While I still think a healthcare professional is best, any competent care professional will be able to help you, from a spiritual minister to an MD.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Tweed (24 stories) (2080 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-22)
Hi TheBakedPotato,

I was going to suggest oppressed grief for some of what you experienced, because that can really stuff someone up.
But then I read Red and Biblio's comments so now I will say this...

Red is often quite cynical of submissions posted here and doesn't believe everything she reads. For her to post what she did really says something.

Biblio's the biggest nerd going, he reads everything and retains it. He's not some fly by night drama queen. He's good at pin pointing causes and solutions. He also means what he says.

Everyone else who's posted also has a habit of being wary of outrageous submissions. But everyone is taking you seriously, as am I. Please take the advice given in the comments here. I agree, printing this out is a good idea. Doctors can help, they won't lock you up, they'll just listen and take it from there.

The fact you've posted this means you aren't evil. You're aware of your intrusive thoughts and that says a lot.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4400 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-22)

You state this...

"Thank you all for your insight into this matter, I have taken it all into deep consideration, and have decided against mental help for fear of being of being locked up in an insane asylum."

You do realize that if you schedule the appointment, actually keep it the Mental Health professional you see will not simply 'lock you up'. They will offer Treatment by means of Counseling/Medications or a combination of both. It's only after individuals are no longer in control of their thoughts and/or actions that they are... "locked up in an insane asylum." as you put it. The days being 'locked up' because one thinks differently are (almost) gone and the Medical Field really tries to get it right. Besides unless there is a signed court order OR you give them permission they simply cannot 'lock you away'.

Possible Medical/Mental issues must be RULED OUT if ANYTHING Paranormal is to be considered as a cause for what you are experiencing.

The Final decision of course is yours, I however recommend seeking a Doctors/Councilors advice/help before anything else.


RCRuskin (8 stories) (300 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-22)
[at] TheBakedPotato, no worries. I sleep commented some this morning already.

A bit sad to hear you choose not to seek mental health counseling, but the choice is yours, not mine.

Please keep us posted.
TheBakedPotato (1 stories) (3 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-22)
[at] RCRuskin Ignore that comment, the name glitched (somehow) and displayed your name instead of AugustaM's.
TheBakedPotato (1 stories) (3 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-22)
Thank you all for your insight into this matter, I have taken it all into deep consideration, and have decided against mental help for fear of being locked up in an insane asylum. I'm currently thinking of new ways to address this problem.

Sincerely, Kyle.
TheBakedPotato (1 stories) (3 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-22)
[at] RCRuskin The only reason I haven't replied to anyone "thus far" is because I had no means of doing so with a broken phone and no PC until now. My apologies for not replying to anyone.
AugustaM (2 stories) (492 posts)
1 year ago (2016-12-02)
I have to say, I'm on the fence on this one - it sounds very much as though someone watched one of the many exorcism movies and posted a character sketch. My skepticism is only heightened by the fact that the author has not responded to any commentary thus far.

However, if it is real, I agree with everyone else on the 'seek immediate medical help' train.

Anyway, I'll just be hanging out on the fence.
RCRuskin (8 stories) (300 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-25)
I just spoke with my brother, the psychologist. While this is not his specialty, he does concur with most everyone here except me. 😆

See a doctor, MD, DO or whatever practitioner you trust, just as Biblio stated. Get an MRI, CAT, etc. Scan done to rule out brain injuries or lesions. Get a psychological profile done with a competent mental health professional.

He isn't ruling out demonic possession, but the events you describe don't match his experiences with folks who truly were possessed, at least not entirely.
Bibliothecarius (6 stories) (748 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-24)
Greetings, BakedPotato, and everyone else.

See your doctor IMMEDIATELY! Your health insurance company will need him or her to refer you for the tests RedWolf has suggested. Don't make an appointment; go and sit in the waiting room because your statement above suggests serious neurological & physiological REACTIONS to a pathogen.

Something had been nagging away in the back of my mind, then it hit me like a freight train: Infection & Testosterone Imbalances. If I recall correctly,*extremely* high testosterone levels can lead the male body to produce pseudo-antibodies (Perhaps pseudo-antigens? Wish I could find the article so I could confirm this.) Pseudo-antibodies act like natural inoculations against infection, *without* the infection occurring in the first place; this means it's possible to get an infection from a variant strain (of -for example- influenza) which then hides in your body, masked by a lack of *real* antibodies that -ordinarily- would kill it.

(I think I read about this in 2012, 2013, or so, and it was about African chimpanzees (because researchers are not allowed to infect people without years of primate research *FIRST*), but it was a relatively recent publication.)

My point is that a VERY NASTY infection (in your digestive or respiratory tract; in your cardiopulmonary system; perhaps in your bone marrow) **MAY** leave you immune-compromised, allowing it to alter your body chemistry to suit its needs, such as increasing your testosterone. The pathogen -accidentally- creates aggressive behavior, builds muscle tissue, and alters your sleep patterns; simultaneously, it is burning off *all* body fat to reveal the muscles which existed before the boost of testosterone noticeably developed them, destroying any excess cellular tissue while your body tries to fight back, and making you far more susceptible to Respiratory Infections, Strokes, and Heart Attacks.

I very seldom say this to anyone: I WANT you to feel afraid of what is happening. Be scared. Be terrified of your body destroying itself from within. If I am right, it is ALREADY TRYING TO KILL YOU.

GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. Hell, print out the whole of your description, RedWolf's response, & my guess and take them with you. If my guess is wrong, and RedWolf is mistaken, I will sincerely be relieved that you are not in immediate danger; I would tell you to see a psychiatrist IMMEDIATELY to ensure that you are not a danger to other people, but I'd be relieved on your behalf, too. The fact you've reached out for help is GOOD, as it means you're concerned about what is happening to you and to the way your sense of empathy.

If either Red's statement or my guess is correct, it would account for both the physical and the mental irregularities; they'd both be symptoms brought about by a shared causal factor, NOT one symptom causing the other.

Please, go to your doctor. NOW.

RCRuskin (8 stories) (300 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-24)
Monty, while I personally know of no mental illness that itself gives unusual strength, changes in hormones can give a person a burst of strength. Adrenalin levels, for example, can do this, and bursts of anger can result in release of adrenalin.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4400 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-21) is what the O/P actually stated... (quoted from the above 'experience')

"...and I inexplicably got exceptional strength and visible muscle despite the fact I never workout."

Inexplicably and Occasionally do not mean the same thing.

Even if this is a true case of Oppression/ Possession ALL Natural/Physical/Mental possibilities MUST be ruled out.

Besides the O/P does not mention other clues that help to make the difference between Mental Illness or Oppression/ Possession.


Monty998 (1 stories) (50 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-21)
You all need to pay attention to what he is saying. He said he gets occasional strength and visible muscle without working out. What mental illness gives you muscle and strength? Hating God is yet another sign of something related to spirit side than our realm. But bakedpotato please by all means get a full physical evaluation to rule out any hidden ailment.
RedWolf (28 stories) (1260 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-20)

I am going to be as frank as I can without being insulting. So if I hurt your feelings that is not my intent.

You need a full medical work up. Including E.E.G.,CAT Scan or M.R.I. With and without contrast to see if you have a brain tumor and blood work to see if you have a chemical imbalance. Look up Kluver-Bucy Syndrome, if you have destroyed both of your Amygdala (there are 2,one each side of the brain). I read a short description and a lot of your symptoms are the same as yours. Rage, lack of empathy, enjoys pain, yours or others etc. Whenever you have a change in your normal self you should think hmm maybe I should get a check up and even get a couple of opinions, doctors don't mind if you get a second opinion as long as you let each other know so they can compare notes.

DirtCreature (guest)
1 year ago (2016-11-17)
So as far I am aware your profile states you are a young adult... I don't know what age ranges are on ygs but I assume you are in your early 20s? The onset of mental disorders (like depression, anxiety, etc.) can come on during the teen and early adult years. It is best to observe any terrible stressors and triggers in your life. I am NOT saying it isn't something paranormal involved. I am not super familiar with the area of negative entities or demons. Someone else on here would be of better help haha but I definitely agree with everyone else on here to get an evaluation from both. And definitely keep a diary of everything going on in your life right now and as much as you can remember from when this started happening. Do it regularly to keep track of the possibilities (ex: seeing apparitions, hearing voices, poltergeist activities maybe?, your own emotions and how you respond to things in your day to day life). Finding ways to relieve stress and examine your emotions and feelings could definitely help.

Thank you for sharing. I hope everything works out.
lady-glow (9 stories) (1741 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-17)
Like RCRuskin, I think it is important for you to get a medical evaluation.

Something you don't mention is if you can think of a possible trigger for your 'new self'. For instance, are you taking some medication or some other substances that could produce such side effects? Have you participated in any paranormal"game"?
Do you think someone could be jealous/envious of you and your achievements?
Have you asked for help within your church? I am sure that a trusted priest or pastor wouldn't deny his help to a stranded member of his flock.

It is important to discard a health problem before considering it a demonic possession.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin (8 stories) (300 posts)
1 year ago (2016-11-17)
It could be a demon. It could also be the onset of a severe mental illness.

I would suggest you seek out the advice of a psychologist, specifically not a psychiatrist, there is a difference between the two, or cleric, if you can find a clergy who does not inspire rage in you.

Best idea, I think, would be to contact a demonologist trained in psychology who can help distinguish between possession and mental illness.

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