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Phantom Smell?


Greetings from the sunny Island! Hope you all are being haunted only by friendly ghosts, not the really bad ones! ☺

Please bear with me on my English, it's not my first language. Hope I'm still be able to get my story across to you clearly.

Well... This story is not one of my personal experiences, at least part of it. And probably you might think it doesn't even qualify as being paranormal. But I thought of sharing it with you since it has refreshed my memory of some other unexplainable incidents that had happened throughout my life.

A couple of nights ago I met Ravi (not his real name) on my way home from town. He's one of the took took (a small taxi cab -looks like a hybrid of a motor bike and a tiny car with a leather top and bare sides;cheap rates) drivers I used to travel with and know for quite some time, who is stationed in the small town somewhat near where I live. It's called Pitakotte, you can hardly call it a town since it's just a few shops spread along the cross roads.

As we head towards my yard, after the small talk, he tells me something weird going on in their three wheel (took took) park; Literally it's just the side of the road not a taxi park. Which lies just outside one of the countries' political party head office. And he was waiting to tell me this thinking that I might have a say on this, since he knows that I was there and was involved in the horrible event that took place in the above mentioned spot few years back. (July 2010; had to do a research to find the exact date because I've forgotten the details of it. Purposely) He says from time to time the smell of barbecue wafts around the area when it's not windy. And I, knowing now where he's getting at, said c'mon it might indeed be coming from a barbecue in a nearby garden or a hotel. He says he wanted to think the same but the smell occurs in the oddest of times (even late at night and early mornings when it's still) And it's accompanied by the smell of burning clothes and sad, strange feeling. As morbid as this may sound, 7 odd years ago this was how it smelled when a man (we'll call him late Mr. K out of respect) set himself ablaze using petrol (gasoline) in the same spot. Burnt flesh and fabric. Ravi insists that the place is haunted by the phantom smell of this man. And he also had scanned the area to see anything out of the ordinary when the smell is there, but couldn't see anything. I'm sure he's not making this up. I think there's a possibility this type of thing could really happen. Based on some experiences I had when I stayed in places where they had a history of war, violence and tragedy. I believe that when someone sufferers a sudden or a violent death or both, their spirit tend to linger around the place they die or the places they love. Maybe be not knowing they really died because it was so sudden or not being able to make piece with the tragic death they faced. So I'm planing to go and spend some time up there, see if I can sense something when I have some time. May be help Mr. K out at least this time round. Which I don't have a clue of how to, for now. May be you guys can help me out on this please.

Here's how it came to pass: Back in 2010 it was a warm sunny afternoon. After gym (I go there during my very rare 'try to get healthy' bouts) I refilled my bottle of water from the water cooler. Stepped out, was walking towards this place to get a took took and I see a crowd, all looking at one direction with horror. They all are looking at, I thought at the time, was a pile of rubbish being burnt across the street in a lane right in front of this so called politician's office (yeah we burn stuff by the streets even in crowded areas) To my horror I see two shoes moving about in the fire. Finding it hard to believe my eyes for a second, I asked one of the guards at the gate whether there's really a person in that fire? Because I couldn't imagine suicide or not, this much of a crowd would just stand and watch a person being burned alive. Also later I've found out that these guards were ex-cops, who would have been able to react and help in a situation like this and they had known Mr. K personally since he was a hardcore (I would say quite disturbed) party supporter and frequented the place. He tells me "Oh, that man set himself on fire no" meaning that they were there long enough to have had stopped Mr. K from going through with it altogether. On my opinion, they should have slapped some good old sense into him as cops mostly do down here. Maybe they thought it was only a bluff and Maybe the man really was bluffing, hoping he'd be stopped. Maybe they were paralyzed from the shock of it.

Well... Lots of maybe's and if's here won't bring him back unfortunately, but it kind of helps to get it out my head. Please bear with me guys.

Anyways, can't blame them or anybody but this hell of a dude who decides to burn himself. Out of all the reasons to kill oneself, he picks the most bizarre one; He didn't like his party leader's cat fights and wanted to reunite the party. I don't know how he was going to achieve that by killing himself. He wasn't even on the inside of politics. Just a member of the public. So chances of him getting any benefits for his efforts, by dying or staying alive would be none. Sorry, can't help it, not a fan of politics.

So after the confirmation, I think I cursed and yelled water! And ran towards the man. Meantime a traffic cop who was directing the traffic at the nearby junction heard me and came up yelling even more, for help. (I saw this on my delay in crossing the road; traffic) Unfortunately by this time the fire had got into his body fat after going through his clothes. He was on his back and flapping his arms, legs like a upturned bug (no offence to late Mr. K). First I emptied the bottle of cold water I had onto his reproductives as it was not enough to do anything more and because somehow Mr. K had been able to put out the fire on his face using his hands. Then we ran for water, came back with buckets and a wet sackcloth and was able to put it out completely. Amazingly afterwards Mr. K was able to talk calmly, asked me (as I was talking to him to keep him from passing out;was asking him something along the lines of why he did it) to remove his shoes, they were hard leather and still smoking! I was deeply saddened while doing it because some of his flesh from his heel almost came off with the shoe. So I ripped the other one before taking it off. Finally when he was lifted to put in a took took (we didn't have ambulances; only this year it is said they started to dispatch ambulances for emergencies) He calmly answered my question (see above) and said thank you 'malli' (little brother). Which managed to bring a tear to my eye. He had ended his fight at the hospital few hours later. I was heartbroken for this man. Not just for the accident, about his whole life as man. He was sane man, had a family too.

It was amazing how quickly the crowd snapped out of their shock, stepped into action. Almost all who were there helped except one a$$#@"* who was busy taping it on his mobile; Made a healthy choice of not being there at the end. Because there were some really pi$$d off people around.

I really felt bad for days. Tried hard in order to forget thinking, as if in a loop I should have been there few minutes early/ had I been there soon enough...

He suffered a horrible enough death, to think maybe his suffering is still not over even on the other side? If that the case, is there anything I could do to help?


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stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
9 hours ago (2017-05-22)
Hi Melda,
Thanks for being a great help by asking Rook the same thing I've been wondering and meaning to ask myself. And thanks for doing it on this thread instead anywhere (for I would have missed it)
Hope the cleansing you're planing works out well!

Hi Rookdygin,
Hope you are seeing this. (Sorry, I'm new to this site and don't know how it works; whether you get an alert coming your way since I'm just mentioning your name here and not using a tag or anything)
First, thank you for the explanation given below to Melda, which I find most helpful.
I was hoping may be you can help me out on one more thing please. Does one needs to be physically, as well as mentally pure (at least to a certain level;since its almost impossible to be 100% there') in order for a meditative ritual to be effective?
I.e. I have been practicing simple meditation along with yoga workouts, which I find really helpful in finding inner peace. On and off of course. It's during these bouts that I've found out that staying sober (no smoking, alcohol or other substances) helps out a lot. (I'm trying to quit smoking, again) And these meditations I do are non religestic. Being not a fan' of indoctrination myself, even though I come from a Christian background.
Hope I'm not talking about two totally different things here.
Melda (8 stories) (237 posts)
2 days ago (2017-05-21)
Rook - Thanks very much for your informative reply.

Apart from your home cleansing ritual, there are two or three areas outside the house, but still on the property, which I'll focus on. It doesn't sound particularly easy but with perseverance and concentration, I'm sure I'll succeed Smile

Regards, Melda
rookdygin (24 stories) (4206 posts)
2 days ago (2017-05-21)

Interesting question... And one that does not really have a 'short' answer, I will try to sum it up.

Cleansings/Shielding's can be preformed anywhere...example...

You have a favorite chair and want it to be your 'safe' place. You would focus your 'bubble' just around the chair.

The same can apply to an 'outdoor' area... The main thing to remember is 'focus'...example...

You wish your walk to the bus stop to be 'heeby jeeby' free so you 'focus' on the route you walk as you visualize that path being filled with 'positive energy' that is covered by a 'tunnel' that shield's you from negative energy. These take longer to do... I suggest cleansing/shielding yourself and your home, areas that are easily defined/visualized), before starting on outdoor locations.

However some sort of 'Ritual, Prayer, or Blessing' to change the energy of the exact location of where this event occurred MAY be all it takes. Busy street's are hard to 'cleans' because of the continuous changing of energies caused by all of the individuals passing by.

I hope that answers your question.


Melda (8 stories) (237 posts)
2 days ago (2017-05-21)
Stargeezer/Rook - I am asking this question out of sheer curiosity.

Stargeezer I am not suggesting that you should do any form of blessing or cleansing if you do not feel inclined to do so. That is your personal choice and certainly not your responsibility.

What I would like to know from Rook is whether one can in fact do his cleansing method outside of a building, ie out in the open, in the circumstances mentioned in the OP's account.

No pressure Rook, I would really be interested to hear your take on that!

Regards, Melda
stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
4 days ago (2017-05-18)
Hi BeautInside,
Thanks for reading my rather long story. Appreciate your input.
I agree with you on suicidees, they are mostly introverts who blame themselves for things gone wrong. I think the loved ones who are around these unfortunate bunch should be very careful and be caring. Sadly most of the time these people don't have loved ones so to speak. They definitely should keep away the booze or any other substance.
And yeah in Mr K's case, suicide wasn't the plan. The rumour has it, he wasn't even intoxicated. He should have thought about his family before pulling a stunt like that. So having to 'go' when you're not planning or ready to go is terrible. The spirit of such a person may have a tough time deciding what's next!
Thanks for the compliment, but others helped in as well. I just got it started, that's all. Wish I was there few moments early.
BeautInside (2 stories) (151 posts)
5 days ago (2017-05-18)
Hi Stargeezer,

Usually people who commit suicide are the most sensible type and in spite of one might think, they are kind hearted people- there are a few exceptions.
They're at a very dark place and can't find any other way out. They do it not only to spare themselves from the unbearable psychological suffering but also to spare their loved ones, or so they think. That is why most of the times they leave a suicide note, either apoligising or explaining the reason (s) why, or even both. It's very common that they have attempted suicide at least once before executing it.

The case of Mr. K is not the typical suicide, so I'd guess that his plan was to make his point and somehow firmly believed that somebody would put the fire out right at the begining... This is really sad...

If you ask me, I'd would say (just like you did) there's a 50% chance of a logical explanation to the smell but just for a peace of mind I think you should try Rook's cleansing like other members suggested (PLEASE DON'T BE ARRESTED).

Just to finish, let me congratulate you for helping Mr. K when nobody else did.

L_Melb (64 posts)
5 days ago (2017-05-17)
Thanks Stargeezer!
The way you explain the smell is curious - it really isn't a palatable and particular
Funny you mention war as it was thinking about a friend's experience in the army that made me ask this question
Whatever it is - I certainly hope Mr. K has moved on!
Thanks again, L
AugustaM (2 stories) (245 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-17)
No worries about getting repeats, stargeezer - computers can be a bit spiteful sometimes Happy I also hope you don't get arrested - be careful! Let us know how the cleansing (s) go, I think you are right about the effects negative energy build up. A little peace of mind seems like it will go a long way for every one and every thing involved!
stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-17)
Hi L_Melb,
Ha ha, you're no type of ghoul. Just a curious type of person.
Well on the day this happened, to me it smelled like (you can call me a ghoul here) the start of the burn, when you grill a big piece of pork (with the fat) on charcoal. With the additional smells of fuel,hair,rubber and clothes. Not very appetizing. And I can't remember telling Ravi any of this.
But hearing it from him after 7 years was something. The smells we both remember was identical to the most part. Then again I thought, he's partly vegetarian, may be all barbeques smelled same to him (disgusting;his words). So I asked him this, he said he had been to some places where the grilled meat smelled so good he wanted to break his veganism. Only this smell in question here is not so appetizing he says.
But I'm like you, mostly logical, that's why I'm planing to go over there one of these days and see it for myself.
On a side note,
Yes you have raised some memories. But they're not as bad as time goes by. Hope you never had to and will not witness the burning "body" smell of any person. Forgive me if I'm rambling,
There was a war back then in our county when I was around 10. I remember being able to see and smell of 3 burning bodies alongside the road in different places in one day! While I was traveling somewhere. It was the norm back then. The rebels where being burned alive using petrol and tires around them. May be Mr K wouldn't have gone through with it had he seen any of that.
stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-17)
Hi Macknorton,
Thanks for reading my story and for the comments.
Yes you have googled it correct.
And about the smell?'s a hard case to prove 100%, and your points are indeed logical. Having said that, I still think there's a possibility of more than 50% for this to be unexplainable.
As for the reasons; If the smell is happening only during the busy hours of the day, I would say I'd have to agree with you. It could be coming from any kitchen, frying chicken. But Ravi here says he can tell the difference from frying and grilling. I even joked, saying maybe you were hungry and imagining things. For this he said he's a Buddhist by religion and doesn't eat meat. Also he's found out that he's the only one who is able to smell it. He'd sometimes experienced it in the early mornings around 5am, when he starts his day. He says no matter how drunk you are you still wouldn't feel like keeping the grill on until the morning lol. He insists that the smell is not from this world since it accompanies all the factors I've mentioned earlier.
Also we Sri Lankans (at least our older generation) are surreptitious about frying or grilling meat/eggs late at night. Supposed to conjure a pig headed demon among other gluttony spirits, lol. So it's not very likely for people to have barbecues really late at night in residential areas 'often'. Because it leaves only them as culprits for having a grill, after the few small food joints in that area are closed. (before midnight the latest)
Anyways, hope I'm not giving you the impression of adamantly trying to push my point through here. What I'm trying to say is there's a 50 50 chance of this going either way.
L_Melb (64 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
Hi Stargeezer,
Thanks for sharing this with us all
It must have been a very traumatic scene to come across

I don't mean to sound disrespectful with my question, so please don't think I'm some type of ghoul!
What I was curious about was the smell
A burning body has a particular smell - like the hair and everything (sorry)
Would you know if the aroma is more like food being cooked or that particular "body" smell?
Hope I haven't raised awful memories, but I thought it could be a way to know if it was cooking or not.
Thanks again, L
Macknorton (4 stories) (468 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
Hi Stargeezer

Welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing this experience. You write very well considering English is your second language, and I enjoyed your humor.

I've researched this (it was hard work Googling it, believe me!) and according to one source, it appears (if it's the one and the same incident) that that "Mr K" was a " UNP supporter and had been 'disgusted' over the 'disunity' of the UNP and had stressed the need of unity within the party". This was his way of protest.

Very sad, not only for this man but for all the people in the immediate vicinity, who would have been extremely distressed by it. Suicide affects many people, not just the victim.

In terms of what the smell is, and if it's a residual haunting or otherwise, it's very hard to say. People cook at all hours and there are all kinds of odd odors permeating the air, to say 100% that the "barbecue smell" was related to Mr K would be very hard to prove.

As to where this poor man's spirit is and what level of suffering (if any) he's experiencing is also very hard to say, unless there was some genuine communication with him from via a reputable medium / psychic.


stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
Guys, sorry about bits of repeated contents. Was trying to copy paste Sad
Disregard the second one down.
stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
Hi Augusta,
Thanks for commenting and for the suggestion! I also hope the gentleman's spirit had moved on and no longer suffering as you suggest. And it's indeed a residual haunt since it seemed to be harmless. Any ways, I've looked into Rookdygin's cleansing method and I think I will give it a go (hoping that I won't get arrested; the place is kind of high on security). And also definitely in my yard! Because things are not quite right at home lately. I believe that clogged up negative energies in a place could bounce back at you sooner or later. So clearing them out sounds like a plan. I'm glad that I've found this site and helpfull people like you.
And yeah I do go there (gym) every now and then. Thanks for the motivation Gus!

Hi Melda,
I Agree with you. According to Ravi, (he wasn't there, later he found out) anyone could have stopped him and had the time to do so. Or even try to put the fire out before it got worse. Apparently he had come out saying those stupid slogans and lit himself up. I couldn't wait around afterwards for the gossip as was summoned by the bigshot who was there at the time in that office. Apparently they wanted the photo I had taken of Mr K while he was being transported. (I don't know why I took it? Call me a morbid weirdo, if you will. May be to use it as evidence against the culprits? Or to save my own ass? I still have no clue) On the bright side this gave me a chance to give them a piece of my mind. Generally it's not wise to piss off a politician. But it was due. And said I'll consider mailing it to him. Which I did later on.
Generally we Sri Lankans are a bunch of kind hearted people, who would help out. May be the people waited until the guards take action. Sadly that didn't happen.
As for the way of cleansing, I think I'm going to go with Augusta's suggestion. Since I'm not a very good fan of religion. Also since I've heard the people of that office already had done a 'shanthikarma' soon after the event.

Hi Shelbyloree,
I would like to think so too. If anyone's stupid enough to even fake suicide for a cause like this, should be locked out. Then again, there were some accusations of conspiracy from the other pol. Parties as well. I wouldn't want to go there to be honest!
Yeah Ravi knows.
Can't avoid this place since I have to pass this place frequently as it's on my way. Some times when I pass this place on foot, I think about him.
stargeezer (1 stories) (8 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
Hi Augusta,
Thanks for commenting and for the suggestion! I also hope the gentleman's spirit had moved on and no longer suffering as you suggest. And it's indeed a residual haunt since it seemed to be harmless. Any ways, I've looked into Rookdygin's cleansing method and I think I will give it a go (hoping that I won't get arrested
Melda (8 stories) (237 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
Shelbyloree - Out of sheer curiosity, not criticism, why do you think it would be upsetting? Helping somebody to cross over, if the spirit is indeed still there, I would consider extremely helpful.

Whether he was on drugs or not is speculation. He may have been, who knows? My personal opinion is that people who attempt to commit suicide and those who succeed, can be 100% sober but in a hugely disturbed mental condition when they do so.

I would like to hear your views on that. I'm not discrediting your comment.

Regards, Melda
shelbyloree (5 stories) (231 posts)
6 days ago (2017-05-16)
It sounds like Mr. K may have been on drugs and not in his full mental capacities (get the party rolling again).

Thanks to you stopping by, he was able to get medical treatment instead of cremating himself completely. Sounds like a terrible situation, to say the least.

Did you ever tell R what had happened? He may be able to tell the man to go too, since he is the one who senses him the most. I don't recommend revisiting the place to cleanse it, that would be more upsetting I would think.

Very sad.
Melda (8 stories) (237 posts)
7 days ago (2017-05-16)
stargeezer - I am dumbstruck by this horrible event!

Did these people actually see Mr K setting himself alight and, if they did, did they give any description of how he went about it? I cannot even begin to imagine how anybody could witness such a horrific event without even attempting to prevent it Surprised . Surely the people present could have stopped him? I know that you have expressed shock yourself that the guards simply stood around as observers!

It does happen that people who die violent deaths often do not cross over easily because of the trauma of the way they passed. This man must have suffered the most inexplicable pain, physically and mentally. I wonder whether he actually intended to die or expected somebody to rescue him and was perhaps just looking for attention to get his political views across.

Like AugustaM I too believe that a ceremony to set his spirit free, according to your Sri Lankan beliefs, would be helpful. Perhaps you and members of the community could approach a priest or one of your religious leaders to conduct such a ceremony.

What a terrible thing for you to have witnessed. At least you tried to help him and he thanked you for that, which makes me think that actually he did not want to die.

What annoys me is that there were people present who could have helped him, no matter how attention-seeking his actions might have been.

Regards, Melda
AugustaM (2 stories) (245 posts)
7 days ago (2017-05-16)
Hi stargazer,

What a horribly traumatic thing to witness! A good cleansing of the spot might do as much good for you and your mental wellbeing in the aftermath of such an event as it would for the late Mr.K's spirit. There is a member on this site -rookdygin- who has a cleansing ritual posted on his profile, which is well recommended by fellow members of this site and it is not religion-specific. Perhaps, Ravi could take part with you and even convince a few of his fellow took took drivers to participate. It may well be that this is simply a residual haunting (think of it like the earth replaying a memory of past events where great amounts of energy made an impression) and the late Mr K's spirit has already passed on and found peace - either way, it seems as though both the people and the land involved in this incident need a clean slate so a cleansing still seems like the best plan:)

Oh and keep it up at the gym - it's hard but it's worth it and you can do it! The endorphins released during exercise also help the mind get past difficult memories:)

All the best,

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