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This story happened back in August 2013 at my home. That year had started very badly as I lost my grand-father and my dad changed his job and my mum had to help him too. I was going with them but I could not support the pressure nor the atmosphere and told my parents it would be better if I could stay home alone on Saturday nights than to come with them to work in our fast food restaurant at that time and they accepted.

Well,as a 13 year old kid at that time, I knew it would be cool. I would play my ps2 games and watch movies. But this event was the first I experienced in my life.

On the end of August 2013, a Saturday night after 7 p.m,alone, I heated my food and then came back to my bed-room and watched a Bollywood gossip about a new movie which would release called "Shuddh Desi Romance".While I was eating and watching at the same time, I heard the doorbell ringing loudly and continuously. I was stunned but I first peeped at the window to see who it was downstairs but I saw no one. Even though it was dark, I could see due to the lamppost which reflected partly my house. I peeped twice or thrice but with no avail. There was no one. The bell would not stop ringing and I started to freak out.

I seized my phone and called my mother,terrified, who told me to stay calm and suddenly all stopped. I was relived and I went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. I was still shocked but now as I think, I am sure that it could have been something paranormal and a first to a mystery which will resurface back in 2016...

The main gate will make a lot of noise even when you open it partly and I still remember after the bell stopped ringing, even after 10 minutes, I heard nothing... The gate was still closed and I live in a peaceful region. No one would disturb anyone and no one could knew I was home...

I do not know what that spirit wanted but that did not disturb me as much and I reprised my normal life until in 2015/2016...

I thought that my life would continue normally with my routine but it did not. As of 2015, I became depressive and my condition did not change the following year as well. I began to stay in the dark and this is still the place where I can resource myself and take a breath.

That major incident happened on the 15th September 2016...

From the first incident which happened in August 2013, there are similarities which match with the second incident too... It happened one month after (August then September)...My dad's birthday is in August which match the month of the first incident. That second event attacked him (another male).

The beginning of the second incident happened the night of eid (Muslim festival), 11th September 2016, (I may appear sarcastic towards my sister or my dad's family but they deserve it fully as they did not support my mum nor me and acted as if we were like strangers when my dad was at the hospital or the aftermath) I was with my father in the car after leaving my dad's daughter at her house and we had to leave her child's milk and other baby stuffs at my dad's house where most of his sisters and brothers used to live and they came in pack at that house that night. Surprisingly, my dad asked me to hide myself in the car and not make any noise as he did not want others to know that I was here. I told him why but he did not want to answer. I did it and he gave the stuffs to a member of his family and then saw his brother-in-law and wanted to talk to him. He stopped the car further and left me in the car. Later on, he told me not to tell my mother. I was deeply hurt... Am I not his son?

All sorts of thought came to my mind but day by day and the day before that incident happened, my dad was not at home, only me and my mother were. I remember that all was normal. There were stuffs on the main staircase upwards which my mum used to keep things in it. Mostly boxes and since I was small, all remained where it was and never fell. There was not too much either. I made a tour which I usually do there and all was normal and went to my bedroom.

Just then, I heard a huge crash and yelled to my mother who was in her room. We thought that somebody had entered and even the neighbor came out to see. When we reached at the staircase, most of the things had fallen but what shocked me most is the items which were on the upper left hand-side fell too although the middle did not. It was as if something came and with an anger made everything fall...

We then placed it as it was and left. The next morning, my parents left me at my school and I felt like something bad will happen and I remember that as if something told me to write something, a word in hindi,"Raaz" which I partly colored in red which means secret, that morning before classes started. During the same day at 1 p.m,my mother came to fetch me at school and told me that my dad had a heart stroke and he was at the hospital. He survived though.

After mostly a year passed, it was my turn to experience other haunted experiences...

It happened in August this time. It was a Friday and I was at Rose-Hill to buy things. I was walking down an alley which had shops, it was daytime and everything seemed good until I heard a grumpy, angry voice yelling my name loudly right behind my back and I turned and stared but there was no one. Everything seemed normal and I continued my way.

The Sunday which followed, I went to my grand-mother's place and I told her my experience and she told me that yesterday night a man shouted at her door loudly. Through the curtains, she could see a silhouette of a man but when she peeped or look at the window or at the door, there was no one...

We were bewildered but this was not over yet for me. Just I came home with my dad, it was night. I was the last one to close the main door of the house and I switched off the lights of the staircase and of the living-room and was just about to left the living-room and go to my bedroom, the light of the living room switched on by itself. I am not joking, I swear that I switched it off and I was shocked. I switched it off again and ran to my bedroom. I took my tablet and my best friend was online and I phoned her. While we were talking, I saw with my own eyes, the door closing by itself loudly. I did not hesitate and opened it. Afterwards nothing else happened.

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sheetal (6 stories) (770 posts)
1 week ago (2018-01-13)
This is quite scary, and I can understand how much it was hard to go through with this. I am glad that nothing has happened further.
alshaad (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 weeks ago (2018-01-05)

Thank you so much. As of now everything is settled and I try my best not to listen when I find the "urge" to go a place around my home. Actually even though we changed some furnitures after the incident of my father, I will try to change it again. Last December, I found out that an entity had attacked my paternal grand mother years back... Maybe it was trying to come back again but I will not let it destroy everything... Thanks for your support and help. 😁
roylynx (24 stories) (617 posts)
3 weeks ago (2018-01-03)
Hmm... This sure is very unusual. I still think that you should not fear the situation and just need to face it, eventually you will find a solution, time does help. Just be aware not to let the entity take control of your life, be strong and eventually it will understand that it does not belong to where it is. Spirits in my opinion is like little children seeking for some attention. But don't try to make a "deal" with it in any way, this can lead to bigger trouble. Clean the house, change the atmosphere by rearranging your furnitures, do a cleansing of any form, if still nothing will change, find a trusted media, they can at least give you an advice. 😊


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