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roylynx (24 stories) (622 posts)
1 year ago (2017-02-05)
Hello Senhora Lady-glow, Sorry I did not understand half of that story that you showed, I thought that was one of the problematic stories, no? Well, yes, Kuman Thong is illegal in Thailand so why would it be even possible in a place like Macao LOL. Oh, by the way living statues do exist in Japan but it's not one of the practices any more. Just in case you would make a joke of a pantomime statue, no not those lol.

The living statues are called Sokushinbutsu, otherwise the Buddhist mummies. Well you can find information on it in Dr. Wiki, those are different from Kuman Thong, the thinkings and the meanings of the practice is completely different. So, yes, what you said about the spirit trapped inside, I will take back my thinking about the "couching child statue" being a real child. That really solved my myth, before I will do anything further please read on so that just in case you find any more "mistakes" we made, please yell a comment I will be reading it before prosiduring any action lol
Cheers and thank you for reminding my mistakes everytime they are really helpful for me!

Citlali, No, the statue is in Brazil now, it might have been made somewhere in Japan, away from Okinawa in like some hundred years ago? Not sure but it has been at the Enowaki Family for ages. Like my Great grandfather would have owned it as well.

To add-on,
Me and my father just this morning did kind of flip the statue around to see if there would be any "suspicious cracks" where there might be a mummified being inside, I co-operated seriously this time since the child speaking from the phone was creepy. Fortunately we kind of found a deep crack where we both consider that if the statue is wrapping anything we might be able to expose it. But no, my father and I both tried poking the crack (no we did not break it) with a fine stick there were no bones or cloths or anything other than the inner core (the inside of the stone the statue is made of?), so far while I am writing and replying the comments, we are both fine and not cursed yet lol

Don't worry if my comment stopped lol
We will have to fix the internet tomorrow on so I might not be able to reply until Wednesday, when I am back to São Paulo.
Citlali (1 posts)
1 year ago (2017-02-04)
Hello, roylynx.
If I am not mistaken, this takes place in Okinawa, Japan?
Thank you!
lady-glow (9 stories) (1734 posts)
1 year ago (2017-02-04)
Hi, Roylynx: your story reminds me about the experience of a poster that didn't end too well.


I find the idea of keeping those poor babies barbaric and unfathomable, though I understand that this is acceptable for people with a set of beliefs different to mine.

According to Wikipedia these statues "were obtained from the desiccated fetuses of children who had died whilst still in their mothers' womb."
Which makes me wonder if it would be possible for the spirit 'trapped' in one would have the ability to speak, considering that at the moment of their death they hadn't yet developed their speech.

Personally, I find hard to give you any kind of advise, I think I'd bury the little statue in a cemetery but, since it is not mine...

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