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Pendragon (6 stories) (296 posts)
8 years ago (2010-08-13)
Valhalla - it has been said by many that the God and Savior of the Christian faith will often allow demons and evil entities to attack his followers, so that they will return to him and give him the worship he deserves.

He could be telling you that you need to do more than just disjointedly pray. If you are Christian, start going to church more often, go to reconcilliation. Admit to a priest that you have done wrong in your life, and that you need to be forgiven. Get a blessing done on your house, and if that doesn't help, get the church to sanction an exorcism of the house.

There is a demonologist on here who I have agreed to disagree with, by the name of JimD. He will tell you to get holy water, and sprinkle it throughout the house, and to keep some at your bedside. He claims that the names of Mary, Jesus, and Michael the Archangel will repel any demon, and make it angry. You could try this.

I, personally, am agnostic, though I was raised Catholic, and have recieved my sacraments to date (I'm only 20). I do not believe these ways would work for ME. However, I suggest Jim's methods due to the fact that you are of that religion and creed, and that it would have a much more potent reaction for you.

I'm sure Jim will be along shortly with his email address for you to contact him at, And I hope he can help you more than just me repeating his advice (though rather poorly).

Penny ❤

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