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Hi, Pretentious. That seems an odd name to me, but OK:)

I have just one question for clarity. I might have missed it while reading your experience. I know you had drinks in the dream, but did you have drinks the evening before you had this dream?

Also, regarding the funeral, I know what you mean. There is a tradition called The Last Kiss where mourners file past the casket while a choir sings specific verses, and it is possible to touch the deceased one last time before the casket is closed and planted in the ground. The act brings closure to me; without it, the death does not seem real.

So good to know you're still out there and you're travelling around. The Dandenongs used to be a center for 'Arts and Crafts' when I was down there (many years ago). I do remember visiting Ballarat and its gardens were beautiful.

As for Nabiac, it had the highest fatal car accident rate of any town on the Pacific Highway. My surfing buddy (ambulance officer) and me (surf lifesaver) would stop and render assistance at some horrific head on car accidents, always just before Nabiac on a straight part of the highway. I would not be surprised to learn of lost spirits roaming the neighboring countryside.

My fear of the lightning and thunder dream was overcome by finding out all I could on the phenomena and now fear has been replaced by fascination.

If you are into reading a good short story on line, look up 'The Color Out of Space' by HP Lovecraft but not before publishing Part 3.

junemoonchild - Very interesting experience. Many people have witnessed "ghost cars". Possibly this specific car, together with its occupant/occupants was involved in an accident on that dangerous stretch of road and some lives were lost.

I'm not trying to be over critical but next time perhaps you can use a few paragraphs for easier reading?

Regards, Melda
Rex-T! 😊
And I hope the same for you! 2018 for me has been quite eventful, recently turned 21, been searching for places to move around Victoria, and amongst all that I've been making and selling crystal wands. 😊

Yes, the experiences centre around the house in Nabiac. I've been trying to find history behind the land but it's such a small rrural town, I can't find much info.

They're pretty horrifying dreams, I hope you don't experience it ever again!
I have no idea what the dream meant but I presume the entity that hung around the property was giving me my nightmares.

I'll get to writing it just now, sorry to keep you waiting! 😁
Hey Rex-T! That's exactly where I am referring, and when I was about 5 years old we moved to Nabiac. And no wonder, I bet the police were jealous.:P

Oh certainly, Nabiac has come a long way since we first moved, like, it has a foodworks now at least lmao, but even now it's still in the middle of nowhere. Good business for murderers though I suppose.

And it was a shame. Even the most absolutely terrifying cease to appear so scary with a wagging tail.:)
And to answer babygoatpuller, when I first met my partner, we were talking about our odd experiences when he happened to bring up about playing with a giant dog-like entity when he was little, even describing it to be exactly how I remembered seeing what I had. That was the second and last time (so far) that I have seen it, just after explaining to him about my childhood experience, we both saw it, same features and all. It was... Beyond amazing to experience.

I haven't been on this site in such a while, being that I've been trying to apply for rentals in Ballarat! I'll have to post Timeline3 so as not to keep you waiting!:)

I've never actually read any of his books, however I did get the idea for this url after one time dreaming about fighting against cthulhu itself, and then barbecuing it lmao. 😁
lady-glow in The Ringing Thing
Hello Eloisa.

The scariest part about your story (at least for me), is that you had to work on a Sunday!

I imagine it was frightening to see and hear dear old Santa dancing and playing his Christmas music after the holidays but you should keep in mind that electronic items tend to make noise when their batteries are starting to get low.

By now, I hope Santa is resting in the North pole and hasn't spooked any one else.

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin in Loku Mamma <3
Pinka, I'll see what I can do.

The link goes to a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip showing Calvin day dreaming in math class since the subject is so boring to him.
MaybeADreamer in Confuse A Gnome
Hi Tweed

I love this story - just thinking of a little brownie trying to do an aerobic workout (like a toddler copying mum) LOL

Thanks for sharing 😁 Sara x
On Lilwolf's account I got a down vote. I accept that but I would really like to know the reason for it. Did I say something which was insulting to the OP or unacceptable to other readers? Just curious. I was simply replying to a question posed by the OP.

Regards, Melda
Hi Deano,

I have spoken to a few friends that have lived in the Cairns/tablelands areas for years and they too have said that her being seen is a common occurrence to the locals.
There hasn't been history that they are aware of, all they know is that through grandparents etc, that legend is don't pick her up, as she causes car accidents. Although I don't know if any stories of car accidents happening there, where they have said they have seen this woman and caused an accident, it may just be a legend passed down through generation to generation to make a scary tale.
I hope that helps some. I'm sorry I don't have more to offer. Good luck with your research😊
I agree with gigakhan. I strongly believe that you can protect yourself against anything evil like that by rebuking it in the name of Jesus. It might not work on something natural though--I don't know. Hopefully that's over and maybe you won't have to face it again. If you still live in that area please stay away from the woods. Sometimes it's best to only face your fears when they corner you--depends on the situation. God bless you.
Pinka in Loku Mamma <3
Muah, Thank you! I know right? Lol I wanted to give details as much as I could and to keep the story short. Sorry if you've faced difficulties reading my story. Much love ❀


I can't open the link:/
PBnJilly in Anastasia

I just wanted to write and let you know how very much I enjoyed this story! I have always had a love for old houses and architecture and a soft spot for libraries, as well, so you can imagine how much your story delighted me!

Your writing style and description of the library and park helped me to perfectly envision the area. I'm from WV and make trips to PA about once a month. If it's on my route and still open, I'd love to stop by and see this place sometime.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Love and light,
Hi czamantha as for me I'm always having a sleep paralysis. I'm also scared before but as of now I just shrug it off. Whenever I'm having sleep paralysis I just force my fingers to move cause every time I do that I already escaped.
LuciaJacinta in A Shady Character
Rook, I really like your theory of thresholds. That really explains a lot. It's going to be something for me to ponder for the next few days. Thank you for this suggestion. I never considered that before and it honestly makes a ton of sense.

I can't answer for Alan, but I personally feel that demons are real. They can manifest anywhere whether you are Christian or not, Christian home or not... But I do think they can have limited power in certain areas depending on your belief system.

I'd like to hear Alan's thoughts too.
It's a touching story but the way you description might be a little off. Anyway lots of love
Thank you for your comments and insights. πŸ’š The group was the only registered mountaineering club in our college that time. I hope they improved their systems now.

Lady-glow, if it is indeed true, humans are lucky to have spirit guides. I've been saved that time, and some other instances as I mentioned. Thanks for the advice as well:)

RCRuskin, I pray the procedure goes well for your mom. I hope she gets well soon.

Jubeele, thank you for the link. And the message is so sweet. I am very fond of dogs and other animals. Sadly, I'm not really good with people πŸ˜‚

Thank you all for reading.
RCRuskin in Loku Mamma <3
Pinka, I think I know what you mean. I would say it is more like time not mattering. Because you are with people you love or the subject really holds your interest. It is the opposite of this strip:


Time doesn't matter.
rookdygin in A Shady Character

Thank you for the clarifications...

That being out of the way I have a couple of more questions... And a theory to put forth...

You described the experience thusly...

"Leaning around the doorway was a solid form, like that of a tall man made entirely of darkness. It seemed to be looking right at me, although I couldn't discern any features."

There is a theory about 'thresholds', areas like doorways/windows...It 'states' that areas like these are easier for spirits to use to manifest because they are 'in between' (crossing from one room to another or from inside to outside) as one steps through (or looks through) they are 'in between' two places. (i.e. As you stand in a doorway you are 'in between' being inside and outside) This theory posits that because of this unique situation spirits find it easier to manifest there.

However that doesn't help explain 'why' a 'shadow demon' would manifest 'inside' your home... 😲 Unless your household is experiencing a high level of stress/depression/negative energy for some reason.

I understand you are Christian... And based on that fact it makes me wonder why/how something like that could manage to manifest inside your home?

You need not share personal information or issues with us, but thinking about reasons 'how/why' this 'shadow demon' managed to manifest inside your home have to be considered and corrected if its with in your ability to do so.

Sorry, did not mean to ramble.


BeagleMom in Toddler Terrors
Just a thought. In"Children-eese", Mookie could just be an attempt to say "Spooky". Three year olds sometimes revert to Baby Talk when they are tired or scared...
Mother of Beagles
Pinka in Loku Mamma <3
LuciaJacinta, AugustaM & RCRuskin,

Hi all, Thank you for your kind comments. I strongly believe that she's watching over me. In my next story I will tell you how her lovely spirit used to sit next to me and pat my head, sadly we had to send her to the light. Still I feel her presence and her perfume time to time, not as strong as it used to be.

Grandmothers are the ones who loves us the way we expect to be loved. No restrictions, no rules, they simply spoil us and keep on loving us no matter what we tern out to be. My prayers are with you all and your loving grandparents. I know our only wish is to have more time with them. I KNOW that all of our loved ones are watching over us from the other side.

RCRuskin - Yes I know what you mean, you fall in to this trance and I don't know how to explain. It's like losing track of time right?

Again I thank you all for your heart felt comments. Love to all of you and your lovely families. Stay blessed and be safe! ❀ ❀ ❀
alandhopewell in A Shady Character
To add: there was nothing in the apartment that would cast such a shadow.
alandhopewell in A Shady Character
As I've mentioned before, I believe most paranormal phenomena to be demonic, with the exception of angelic intervention (See the story, "What Was She?")
truffles in Ghost Smell?
Pretty sure it is her just checking up on you and letting you know she is still around. My daddy passed in 1999 and he was only 48 years old. My daddy used to wear Pleasures for men cologne. It has a very distinctive smell. I would know it anywhere. Every so often I smell that smell out of no where. It is always when I am alone and the smell is so over powering until it almost takes my breathe. I know its my daddy and start talking to him and telling him everything I can think of that I would tell him if he were alive. The smell slowly fades away as I am talking to him. Its a wonderful feeling. Almost like a gift.
LuciaJacinta in Loku Mamma <3
Very sweet story. I'm sorry for your lost. The love between your grandma and you is so evident and powerful. She is with you and watching over you through your love.
LuciaJacinta in The Crying Tree
Enjoyed reading this. Question... Was it an infant in the 0-12 range category or was it more like a miscarried infant below 9 months gestation, do you know? Maybe the baby just wanted to be placed in holy ground or near a family member in the local cemetary.
RCRuskin in Loku Mamma <3
Pinka, my grandmother, who is not Sri Lankan, she's ethnically Russian but was born in New Jersey, was very much a Sri Lankan grandmother. I love her anyway. (She passed about 15 years ago, but I feel she is still with us in some way.)

Also, I don't think your story is too long. I could link you to some youtube videos I've seen. They say they're 30 to 45 seconds long, but 10 hours later, or so it seems, the video is still going. Know what I mean?

Also, Loku does not seem to be a big enough word to describe Loku Momma's spirit.
RCRuskin in The Crying Tree
NFW, such a sad story, with a kind of happy ending I suppose.

Given that your grandmother was young, I would imagine probably about 10 at the time of this event, and that the girl was buried circa 50 years before that, no one is around to ask for more details.

One of the first ghost legends I recall reading involved a certain kind of ghost, that of an unbaptized infant that died, and now comes back for revenge since it cannot pass onto the afterlife (Heaven, or whatever.) I think it was called an utbold. Something tells me, my gut feeling probably, that this young child was loved.

Augusta, I'd like to hear more about the boy you mentioned, sil vous plait.
AugustaM in Loku Mamma <3
I lost my beloved grandparents when they were far too young as well (68) to a lung ailment (cancer in this case). My heart goes out to you. I was four when mine passed and I would give anything to have been able to know them better though the years certainly would have only deepened the attachment and made the parting even more painful as you describe.

I believe they are always just over my shoulder looking out for me and I believe hour grandmother is never far from you ❀ Thank you for sharing your story ❀
I'm with RC and lady-glow. Amor, you may have attracted a spirit animal known for loyalty in your time of need. 😊
"People who are experiencing loneliness or a betrayal may find the dog totem appearing in their lives as a reminder that loyalty exists."

I'm glad you made it back safely with your special mountain guide. I'll also have nothing further to do with those unreliable companions.

RC - hope to hear from you soon. Take care and all the best to you and your Mom. ❀
AugustaM in The Crying Tree
I often wondered if something like this had happened in my old neighborhood. Whenever there were high winds or a storm, I could hear a little boy crying out desperately for his daddy. I know for certain it wasn't the wind or tree branches rubbing themselves together. It was so clear that I could place the boy's age by its timbre to between ten and thirteen.

Too bad no one will ever know the infant's story. I hope its passing was peaceful and that its spirit has found peace. It was a very good thing that neighborhood did ❀
Oh, c'mon! Let me upvote Lady Glow's comment, will ya?

I'm completely with Lady Glow on this one, Amor. Not very nice friends, or a properly organized hiking party, if they aren't keeping track of everyone in the group.

And a very good puppy there.

Aside: I would have commented earlier, but just got back from the hospital. I only have a bruised ego. Mom needs her elbow replaced, so I'm going to be mostly absent for a while. Do have a story I'll be posting soon, something mom experienced and related to me.
Jubeele in Knife Attack
Ow, ow... This is seriously wicked, lady-glow! I laughed so much my sides hurt! 🀣 This has all the hallmarks of a blockbuster: Final Destination meets Friday 13th meets Carrie meets X Files meets Evil Dead meets Nightmare on Elm St. Can't wait for the sequel! 😭
Ajay - good to hear from you. Let's catch up off-site via email etc. 😊

BTW Hilary, maybe you can ask if Rachel would like to submit her own account too from her POV? Then she'll be better placed to satisfy our curiosity and answer our questions...
Lilwolf, your experience had me a little spooked. 😨 I feel your instinct is spot-on to go into "super-protection" mode. Especially where Jocelyn's concerned. I'm so glad Cuyler understands the need for cleansing and shielding.

Augusta has given you some excellent options for cleansing. My parents used frankincense in our place when I was a child. My mother had a feng shui master (geomancer - earth diviner) do some purification rituals for us at one time. Some of the steps also include clearing stale air, using salt, sweet scent, light etc. I've found this article on various cleansing steps which I hope you may find useful:

I've also hunted around for similar accounts to yours that might give you some basis for comparison. One has a mimicking voice and the other has something pretending to be someone's husband too:

Forewarned is to forearmed. I hope all this helps. My well-wishes go with you and your family. Be Safe and take Care. ❀
There, one more prove that a dog is man's best friend.

It must have been disappointing the way your "friends" "... Did not even know I was missing! I got mud all over and they just smiled at me and went on with their lives."

What you say makes me think that a dog is your spirit guide.

Thanks for sharing and, in the future, choose a better company.
Lilwolf - Thanks for responding. He told me his name but that only happened shortly before he moved on. Up until then I called him "the cupboard ghost" 😁 When you have a free moment read the story, he was a very interesting character.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele: sorry about that.
Here it goes:


Read the comments, they are hilarious!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lady-glow - your greeting (to Kitty) made me smile. 😊 Maybe the knife was something from 'The House of Flying Daggers'? (Just joking πŸ˜‰). Can you please repost the link to the story as I only went to the "Home" page when I clicked on it.

Kitty, it is thought that shadow people could be spirits who haven't the energy to manifest fully. From what I've learned from others and my family's experiences, it also takes some effort for an entity to have an effect on a physical object. That's why they need a buildup of energy (negative or positive) like when troubled teenagers are present or when a family is in a lot of strife. Perhaps that is something you may wish to consider should you wish to ask your friend more about the flying knife.

Most of the time, a shadow is just a shadow. Be well. 😁
Theblackcat, Feel free to ask any questions, I don't really know a lot about this type of spirit but I will try to help you out as much as I can. That's the annoying part about spirits is You never really know what Your truly dealing with because they can usually present themself in all sorts of ways. The pro of this is eventually some how they usually slip up. Research and patience go hand in hand with the paranormal.

Melda, Its interesting that You mentioned that. This spirit did something very similar it copied my husband's work uniform, only thing missing now that I think about it was the name tag and the hat. Thank you for sharing that I will check that out in a bit.

How did you find out his name, did he eventually tell you or how did that come about?

Augusta M,

Thank you for Your response and for the info I will keep that in mind.

Hopefully I will find something to get rid of this spirit once and for all. Its clingy that's for sure my question is why... I guess we will find out one way or another.

Hello Kitty. πŸ˜‰

Did you guys check if the shadow was cast by a passing car, or the reflection on a window, or some other source of light?

I know you don't want to participate in your story's discussion but, perhaps you would like to read the following story:


Personally, I wouldn't believe whatever thing a teenaged kid says without first checking all the facts and logical explanations.
Flying knives are something I would need to see before I believe it.

Thanks for sharing.
babygoatpuller in Confuse A Gnome
Tweed- As soon as I saw "Gnome" in the title, I thought "Oh good, Tweed's posted again!" 😜

I think he was probably doing his own routine along with you. He probably freaked out the first time but when you continued doing it, he just joined in the "fun".

Wonder what would happen if you left a "brownie" for the Brownie? 😊 ❀
Hi Lilwolf 😊 I preface this with I am NO expert - when I worked in 18th century living history, I had a fascination with folk remedies and folk magic and was fortunate enough during that time to have access to an excellent research library and some awesome people who truly are experts (and SO INTERESTING). From what I recall of my readings etc, salt was typically used as a barrier to keep evil things (in some cases people too) out - but there may have been something I missed and I am a firm believer that in this sort of thing, an item's power is very strongly linked to the faith you have in it so if in your belief salt will keep said nasty close to your baby, then regardless of what I think, you should go with what you believe. There are some other easy options too, though. I poked around online to see if I could find any pages that had some of the pertinent information (since I can't seem to lay hands on my notes right now) and came across this one that, while not exhaustive does cover some good ideas.


Of the remedies they cover, I have had most luck with the simplest things. Burning a small dish of thyme, rosemary, juniper cedar, St. John's wort, frankincense and/or myrrh (any of the above or any combination of the above depending on what you have easy access to). Leaving a dish of vinegar out over night to evaporate. And sticking garlic over the front door.

Again, this isn't an exact science and I am not an expert - I can only make suggestions based on what I have read and what I have tried. My best and most earnest suggestion is that you go with what you have the most faith in as that will give it the power you need. ❀
This story reminds me of one that this lady told me once. She wasn't afraid of ghosts, but one time she and her husband went to look at a house a ways out of Cullman, Alabama and they wondered why the realtor didn't come with them. It was at night and the grass was grown up some, but the house looked nice and had collums on it like it should cost way more than the asking price. It had a carport on the side and they walked over there and she got a real bad vive. Her husband wasn't as sensitive as she was, but he also didn't feel good about this, so they left. They found out later that it was a murder/suicide house and the realtor went in once and the door slammed behind him and wouldn't open, so he had to escape through a window and he won't go back. The realtor also had trouble keeping someone to even cut the grass--they were scared of even the property in broad daylight.
BettinaMarie in Vision Of A Gnome
Hello Yee
I had a similar experience and wonder if there was any sort of sound that accompanied the "gnome vision"? Thank you for sharing, this is the only account I have heard even close to what I once saw, at first with my eyes closed. Did it seem to "see" you "looking"? I am very interested in even the smallest detail. Did you look at it with your eyes open, too, or only with eyes closed? While your eyes were closed did it seem to maybe glow a little?
Thanks again, for any response. The way you told your story was very easy to read, and made me wonder. I understand if remembering random details for further questions was not your conscious mind's priority when the gnome appeared.
Hi shenny

I am from Sri Lanka. This is the first time I heard that Police are allowed to take their family on an investigation? So you are telling us that your uncle was okay to take young teenagers on an missing person case not knowing what is about to happen? That girl could have been kidnapped by criminals and could have been a gun fight and your uncle risked you and your cousins lives? Also I searched for a Sujatha Ananda missing person / suicide case, couldn't find anything about it. I like the way you write, very catchy and you are talented, thumbs up for that:) your story doesn't sound real.I'm sorry if I offended you! Cheers!
Lilwolf - I can understand that someone "otherwordly" walking around mimicking your husband would have its own fear factor, or at the very least be rather disconcerting. Although it might be somewhat unusual, it isn't unheard of.

I had a resident ghost for a number of years who also mimicked my husband at times. He was constantly rummaging around in my husband's closet - why I don't know.

However, on the occasions that I saw him he was wearing a T-shirt exactly like an old one owned by my husband. This T-shirt had blue and light grey stripes. He also wore it with blue jeans, as did my husband in the days when he used to wear this particular T-shirt. Okay almost everyone wears jeans and I suppose it is possible that the T-shirt was coincidental but I'm not a huge believer in coincidence. Then again, I suppose my husband wasn't the only one in SA who owned a T-shirt with that design.

I think I omitted to mention the T-shirt in my story which was published a while back but your account of the ghost mimicking your husband brought it to mind.

On the very first occasion I saw Vic (which I established was his name) he did exactly what my husband does when getting ready for bed. He took off his T-shirt, put it on the bedside table and walked to the closet.

During his "adjourn" at my house, I very often heard my name called in my husband's voice, whether he was home or not. When he was home I would go to wherever I heard the voice coming from and ask him why he had called, only to discover that he had never called me. This all stopped after Vic left which leaves me with the conclusion that Vic was the one doing the calling.

Now I don't know whether this was Vic mimicking my husband or whether he just felt like having a nap but every now and then, before my husband turned in for the night, he would lie down on my bed. I normally sleep on my left side, so I would think it was my husband, only to discover that he was still sitting in the lounge watching the TV! I have a night owl for a husband.

If you're interested, my story is on my profile page "His name is Vic".

Well I thought I'd let you know that others have also experienced these mimicking events. Why some of these ghosts/spirits decide to do this, only they would know.

Regards, Melda
greenpondmike in Glowing Yellow Eyes
Google dogman. Those yellow eyes are one of the characteristics of them--red eyes also. Not saying that it is one, but IF it is--you don't want to shoot them-trust me, you'll only make them angry and more dangerous. I have never seen one myself, but have done quite a bit of research on them. People might say they don't believe that such a thing exist, but all I can say is I hope they don't exist.
tehblackcat in The Mimicking Spirit
I am baffled to read this! I never heard of mimic ghosts, so I though my mind was tricking me when me and my family saw it in our apartment. I never would thought it could do something like this on purpose. I thought it was my mind making approximations when it saw a ghost, because they were mostly shadows.

I really would like some more information on this. I am starting to rethink every ghost I ever seen, if they were exactly what they showed me.
The 8M's, We use the LED's thanks for the tidbit I didn't know they don't work that great inside. I will try changing them and see if that helps.

I'm not sure what exactly would have went down if I went for that hug. πŸ™„ it would have been bad either way. I would have been really freaked out or really ticked.

Probably both, or I would have toppled into the door I don't know if it can create a solid physical form or not. It hasn't ever came in physical contact with me and I'm 100% ok with that.

I am super protective with my baby, most say too protective but I would rather make sure that all my bases are covered rather than miss one and things go south.

The cleansing and shielding seems like it's helping. I still hear and see it quite a bit at least a few times a week but its always really brief. Kind of a now you see me now You don't kind of thing. Hopefully its getting weaker.

AugustaM, Thanks for the advice, We use a very similar method only thing we haven't been able to do is open the Windows, Too much heavy rain lately but usually we do.

The only change that I can think of is we have been under a lot of stress latley and I haven't been sleeping much but other than that everything is about the same. Thankfully Cuyler knows about a lot about this stuff or I would be pretty lost.

But I gotta admit the salt idea makes me a little nervous I thought it was more for keeping spirts in one area not letting them leave. If I'm wrong though please let me know.

Thank you we could really use some good luck right about now. 😊 and I will defintley keep everyone up to date.

Wow! What an experience! The mimicry is especially discomfiting! And that it is a nasty enough fellow to intentionally scare an infant like that. I am no expert with cleansings but it sounds as if your husband (the real one) knows what he is doing. Perhaps for the time being, a quick simplified cleansing would be a good nightly ritual or at least every few days. And perhaps some old fashion methods like opening all the windows and cleaning the house top to bottom and sweeping every room until you sweep all the rubbish out the front door - all done with intent that nothing that isn't wanted should remain. A ring of salt round your daughter's room might do a spot of good as well.

All just ideas, of course, but something has to work. Can you think of any recent events or changes in your life that might have brought this on? Knowing how this entity got to you might give you the ammunition you need to get rid of him once and for all!

Good luck and keep us posted ❀
Hi Artick,

Jeesh, that would've been frightening. Did it sound like an evil laugh to you at the time? Or was it more innocent? I imagined it kind of like a weird cartoon sounding laugh. Whatever it was it's cool you have this weird occurrence to look back on.
Thanks for sharing.
Hey everyone, thanks for your cool input. Sorry for the late replies, been super busy lately.

Lady Glow, haha your cat sounds utterly typical. Better to have her rub her ears on your toes than have her pounce on them. Had a few cats that used to do that. Not fun when you're asleep! Lol I actually figured the little brownie guy was freaked out to a certain extent. Whatever he was doing he seemed intent on getting my attention.

Melda, we've been lazy on the feeding. We should leave something fresh out for him, poor blighter. Bacon and bread haha, I'll have to borrow some bacon from the other person's resident ghost, we're vegetarians.
Huh, a brownie joining in with the exercise routine, that'd be something. I guess he could've been trying to work out what I was doing. He's been very quiet apart from this. We think it was him, used to rattle the saucepan lids, but that was ages ago, doesn't happen anymore. I think he was probably either concerned at what I was doing, or annoyed I was doing it, one or the other. I can't work out what got his attention though, unless he was in the room while I was doing it.

Val, I kind of knew the difference between a gnome and a brownie subconsciously, if that makes sense, but I never really thought about it. You've confirmed there is indeed a difference, so thanks! I knew 'gnome' was the wrong word for the title but 'Confuse A Gnome' sounded too amusing to resist.
The weird thing about the brownie acting up is that the exercises don't make vibrations through the floor. I mean walking from one side of the room to the other would make more vibration than the workout. It's hard to explain but ballet stuff is different to many other exercises in that there's next to no contact with the floor, so up down, round and round, whichever, it's free of vibration. Which makes me wonder if the little guy is in the lounge room sometimes, or I was giving off some kind of energy to get his attention. If that's it, I've a feeling I was disturbing him lol.

Jubeele, you may have just nailed it. Perhaps it's a bit of everything, confusion, irritation, curiosity, or maybe the other way around lol. The popping up at different points around the room was odd though, made me think he was a tad annoyed.

Roylyx, I learned some of what I do from a couple of teachers as a child and teenager. The rest I've added over the years. I'm not sure if you've ever read my encounter about the dancer, but I did, as a child at least, used to feel bumps in the floor while I danced around. After a few years I saw a woman in a leotard. But these bumps don't feel like her. They don't follow a logical pattern of either dance or exercise. They feel more scattered and unstructured.
You know, I'd never noticed how much bumps through the floor I get, but it is an awful lot, you're right! Even in other locations, what's up with that I wonder? Odd stuff alright.
I love that your teacher feels his own teacher around him, that sounds very comforting. I love also that your culture in Brazil seems to embrace the existence of ghosts, rather than refusing to believe anything.
WontTellYouMyName in He's A Believer Now
Melda - Thank you. In hindsight, I do wish I'd stayed another day and inquired about the things we saw, but my partner didn't want anything to do with it. And I didn't want to upset him by pressing the subject.

And as far as believing goes, he believes in it. Just refuses to talk about it which is fine. As long as he's not dismissive of it. I'm trying to get him to go back to that same palace this year for my birthday. Let's see if I can get any more about the shadow figure this time around. Xx
ajonverge - I'm doing well thanks and I trust you are too.

I would love to visit one of those palaces, they sound beautiful and intriguing. If my bank balance would allow, I'd give it very serious consideration but our Rand currency isn't exactly hitting the heights at the moment.

Last Saturday's match was very exciting, wasn't it? Isn't it amazing how often a few tail enders will come in and really step things up? I don't much go with coincidence and fate. I think that very often it's inspiration. So, in which case we'll see which team becomes inspired next πŸ˜†

WontTell - Forgive the off topic subject on cricket - Ajay and I soometimes exchange opinions as the Indian team is touring South Africa at the moment.

Regards, Melda
What kind of energy efficient bulbs do you use? CFL's or LED's? I only ask because we were using LED's and blowing them out in right about the same timeframe, it was super frustrating. Turns out that LED's are not designed to be used in enclosed light fixtures and act all wonky and eventually blowout when they are.

As for the rest of it, that's super creepy. I wonder what would have happened if you had followed through with that hug. 😳 I also totally feel you on the protective mom instinct. The whole mama bear thing is intense. I'll put up with a lot but never mess with my kids. I think that would bother me the most too. Hopefully the shielding worked and you and you're baby will have peace and quiet now.
RSAChick in The Dark Place
I agree with lady-glow. This could have been a dream/nightmare seeming very real to a kid.
From your comments on your fire man story it seems you have many other experiences and even video/s to share?
Mind not to take months or even years to comment or post again, this time round!
Lucia Jacinta, Yes it had a full body and looked eerily close to Cuyler. His height, build, appearance, and the voice was almost spot on though the more I think about it the voice was off a bit deeper darker sounding but not very apparent.

I didn't even realize it wasn't him until I got close enough to see the eyes.

Our lights don't blow that quick more like in two or three weeks. And the brightness changes a lot sometimes its super bright and sometimes its so dim that it looks like we have a dimmer but we don't its just a regular light switch. I'm still not sure if its wiring or not because maintenance still hasn't came to check it out. 😐

Amor, Yes, its defintley freaky but the clanking noise of his necklace dosen't bother me. Its more that its mimicking my husband. Why, I'm not sure.

As I told Lucia, the more I've thought about it the voice was off but not enough at the time to be really noticeable. Wow, see I always thought doppelgangers were more myth and I'm still not sure what this is.

I still hear the sound of Cuyler's walk and necklace when he isn't home and there are times where for a minute it looks like he quickly passed by or like he is standing in the room but isn't.

It hasn't gone to the extreme that I shared but that one time. And after a few minutes it just vanishes. I'm not sure if its getting weaker or just laying low since it knows that I busted it in the act or if it's trying to gain strength or what.

I've got my eyes wide open though and I am still trying to figure out how to totally get rid of it.

Thanks for both of your input, hopefully I can get this figured out pretty quick.

Jubeele: what u said is definitely true. How r u? Rachel sounds really interesting here. Seems she has an eye for this. She needs to open up though. A friend knows. One way or the other
ajonverge in He's A Believer Now
Melda how are you? Also if you ever get a chance please visit any of these palaces turned hotels in Jodhpur/ Rajasthan State in India. I'm sure about you finding a thing or two here. Anyway ABD is back and we lost the match. Coincidence or fate. Noone can tell...
roylynx in Confuse A Gnome
Tweed, My capoeira instructor had been telling me that his Mestre (Teacher), has been with him all this years after he passed away. I wonder if it is something like that.

Did anyone teach you how to do your routine? Like a very close instructor, who has passed away for some issues... Just a thought.

I do exercises too nowadays, capoeira stretches. My instructor said that some of those are good for my back. No one bothers me because I either do it in the old studio (maybe once a week or twice), otherwise, in the GYM (almost every Saturdays). But sometimes I feel like someone is watching me when I am wiggling around hope in loops, doing one of those very hard balancing posts... Is something around me? (No, I know that it is just me feeling embarrassed LOL)

Well, yes, I remember reading your story about the brownie at your home and some other entities. Well, it is hard to conclude what you have encountered since in almost every case there are bumps and sounds and vibrations involved... Well, if it bothers you it's better to "change the atmosphere" a bit or just do any cleansing of your choice. But really as some comments here will and had already said anything which was there their energy will remain, and as you may have already felt those kinds of entities are most of the time just very curious and meant no harm.

Love from SΓ£o Paulo
Thank you, Mavvey, for sharing your story. And yes, I will be one of those who'll wait for the next stories you will write.

In good faith, I wish you've had, or, I do suggest that you get a psychosocial debriefing on such ordeal you had to go through. It is indeed helpful that you are writing your experiences down, especially the events with your mother. You were such a little girl then, and even I do believe in modern parenthood, the overall impression on this story is that you were completely defenseless in whatever 'adventure' you were dragged into. I'm sorry. Hope all is well now.
South-east Asian folklore describes the pontianak as the spirits of women who died while pregnant. They are also associated with banana trees. There are similar vampiric spirits called Churel, Churayl or Cuḍel (Hindi: ΰ€šΰ₯ΰ€‘ΰ₯ˆΰ€², Urdu: Ϊ†Ϊ‘ΫŒΩ„β€Ž), in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The Churel is often called a tree-spirit as she is said to live in trees. This is a vengeful spirit who seeks revenge for ill-treatment at the hands of her in-laws, targeting the males of the family.

But as your "experience is neither terrifying nor horrific", that probably isn't the case here. If the dream Rachel had about the weeping woman is significant, then could it be an appeal for help? Perhaps the woman wants a prayer for her soul, some kind words to be said, or some acknowledgement of her suffering or passing?

Have you looked into the history of your house? Did anything happen in the past in the storeroom? Or could it be a foreboding of an event yet to happen?

If the wall was too high for a dog to jump - and they can scale pretty high walls - have you also looked to see if there was a gap in some hidden corner or a hole dug under the wall? I've got friends who think their dogs are related to Houdini because of their escape-artist tricks and how they can get into the neighbour's garden!

I'm curious about Rachel - she sounds really interesting. I hope you'll tell us more about how she could sense the ghost of the daughter in one of the houses in the colony. What was chasing her when she was only 10 and how did she deal with it?

Looking forward to learning more in your part 2. 😊
Jubeele in Confuse A Gnome
Melda and lady-glow have just planted the mental image of a little bearded man in a brown suit warming up with the Plié in 5th position, who then finishes off with a yoga exercise "Salute to the Sun". (Sorry, silly thought!) 😁

I had the same impression that the brownie came to see what you were doing, was worried and confused at first. Then he got curious and tried to follow your routine. Maybe the bumps and vibrations were him jumping up and down, or doing energetic leg-lifts? Kind of sweet really.

Thanks Val for explaining the difference between a gnome and a brownie.

Enjoyed this interesting read, Tweed. Thanks for sharing.
valkricry in Confuse A Gnome
I wonder if, just as you could feel his 'vibrations' he perhaps could feel yours and came to investigate.lady-glow may not be far off in he might have thought you needed aid of some sort. Kind of touching, really. On the other hand, perhaps your movements were disturbing HIM.
Please don't confuse poor brownie with a gnome. There are differences. Most basic is that gnomes prefer the outdoors, close to nature and care for animals. Brownies on the other hand, will live indoors and care for folks.
Tweed - Since you first shared the existence of your brownie with us, I have at times wondered whether he's still hanging around and whether you put food out for him, or perhaps he just helps himself. If you leave some bacon and bread around he might just have a breakfast surprise for you one lazy Sunday morning πŸ˜†

Perhaps little brownie is trying an exercise routine of his own? Could be he's looking to spend some quality time with you!

Love this account 😊

Regards, Melda
I'm thinking along the same line as Melda, it's hard to say if it was a person on the flesh or if it was Dusty but, if it gives you comfort, follow your gut feeling.

I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery!
lady-glow in Confuse A Gnome
Perhaps he thought you were having a seizure and freaked out running around you without knowing what to do to help?
Ha ha... Just me being silly!

I do yoga in my bedroom and one of my cats likes to rub her ears on my big toes when I'm trying to relax... I have told her off so many times but, unlike your gnome, she hasn't listened!

Thanks for sharing, reading your experiences is always a pleasure.❀
Mandee - I'm sorry to hear that your family had such a bad scare with your daughter's health. Fortunately it seems that she is recovering well and I hope that you made it home on Wednesday 😊

It's difficult to know whether it was her Uncle Dusty who put in an appearance. As he was very close to her in life, it is very possible that he paid a visit. Perhaps he didn't want to visit her hospital room for fear of scaring her.

Then again, it could have been anybody - maybe human, maybe not. It is nice to believe that it might have been Dusty though 😊

Regards, Melda
lady-glow in The Dark Place
Hello Shadowwulf.

Do you know if your grandmother had any medical condition, or took any medication, or something else, that could affect her memory and personality?
I don't want to speculate about your grandmother's character but, perhaps given your age, you couldn't notice if she "acted odd, doing things that did not make sense" after some specific cause or set of circumstances.

Have you considered the possibility of this experience being just a nightmare?
Did you ever feel the buzzing sensation again? Would it be possible that it had a natural/health cause?

I'm not trying to deny your experience but it is possible that, like the kid you were, you didn't take into consideration some facts that could explain what happened that day.

Thanks for sharing.
WontTell - What a pity you left! I gather that you didn't recount your experience to the hotel staff.

Had you stayed, you could have discovered quite a lot about the history of the place and paranormal events which are known to take place there. I know that often employees at hotels are told not to "share" with the guests but the chances are you just might have run into somebody with a loose tongue.

For many years my husband didn't either believe in the supernatural. After being married to me for so many years he eventually, only recently by the way, had to admit that there must be something to it.

In fact early one morning he told me in a very small, very soft voice that something had tickled his feet during the night. He saId: "Do you think it was your ghost?" I put on my most gentle, caring face and told him not to worry, it was probably just the cat. He knew it wasn't the cat. At the time we did in fact have an active resident ghost πŸ˜†

Regards, Melda
LuciaJacinta in He's A Believer Now
Interesting and well written story. The palace sounds beautiful.
That is totally creepy. And alarming. Yikes! The clinking of the necklace alone would drive me nuts, let alone a full apparition 😨

I was wondering. When it spoke, did it sound human? Can you recall if it is in any way disembodied? We once lived in a house full of doppelgangers. My mom saw one changing/shifting into my two brothers. One relative saw one mimicked my mom. But they never spoke. They faded or vanished eventually but they remained silent when seen.

I hope it will never bother you again after cleansing. Thanks for sharing.
LuciaJacinta in The Mimicking Spirit
Ok, that's weird. So you were face to face with this entity? Then it just vanished? Did it have feet and hands and everything else?

Also, the lights always blowing out, that reminded me of our house we had issues in. The lights were never able to stay on. We would change the bulbs, but by that night they would blow out... Like electricity surges through the wiring.

I'd definitely be telling this thing to leave in a forceful tone.
RCRuskin in Toddler Terrors
Tweed, just read your comment, and got curious. (Note: do not go on urbandictionary. It is great for slang, but... Wow! Is it not safe for work)

Moon King seems likely, especially if Nikky's experience happened soon after seeing the movie.

Did you go to the movies, Nikky?

One thing I did find on urban dictionary recalled a dream a friend had the night before his ordination. Seems the term mookie is also used to refer to people of certain geographic origin and also to demons.

So, there may be the thing?
Griff84 in Fire With Fire
Hi Triden,

I have not been on this site in a while, so just having a quick catch up.

This must have been very intense and worrying, and I am glad you managed to get it sorted in a relative short time, thank god for Tim! Was there any indication as to why your grandad randomly showed up to cause trouble like this?


Griff 😊
Hi Ghosthunter,

Did the shadow appear like it was struggling, trying to reach for something to save its life? Like it's stuck or something? There are cases of people expiring in the bathroom, which is really sad. My granny once got stuck but we were nearby to rescue her. She's okay now.

I understand you stayin' late watching stuff. I got a 24 year-old niece and when they were younger, I could hear the annoying Spongebob theme song playing late at night as they binge watch cartoon while their mom's deep in slumber. They did not see any ghost though πŸ˜‚

Also when we were younger, during summer vacations, we would play computer games until morning when our mom's asleep. Yep. I think our generation in the family pretty much prefers staying up really late until the dawn breaks.
Well,the thing that made me believe Rachel can sense ghosts is from our childhood when we were playing tag along with the kids of our colony when she suddenly remarked of feeling unusual near one of the houses in the colony which later found to be inhabited by the ghost of their daughter, she even had experienced one when we were of only 10 as something strange chasing her, but unlike me she was brave enough to deal with it. And she is quite funny but is serious about these stuffs and I believed it. I know that there are some stray dogs around but they can never jump such a high wall and can enter in the house... So, I am actually worried about it cause this has gotten really strange lately so I am going to post a part 2 of it.
Hi Tweed,

Thank you for reading my story. When it turned itself on and started blaring, it was airing an advertisement on detergent. Then followed by an afternoon show chitchat. It was rather quick. But still creepy when I remember it.

The whistling was terrifying. I'm not sure about the history of the house but it's been vacant for a long time. When we occupied it, it looked neglected until mom did some magic cleaning, repairing things. Just that room feels really weird. I got night terrors and woke up at wee hours at night while we were there.
This reminds me so much of an account from Singapore by Jubeele
She too had experiences with seeing entities beneath a banana tree. Evidently there is a "Thai legend that tells of wild banana groves haunted by the gentle "Nang Tani" or "Lady of Tani" [ΰΈ™ΰΈ²ΰΈ‡ΰΈ•ΰΈ²ΰΈ™ΰΈ΅]. On full-moon nights, these female spirits can be seen floating above the ground near their banana plants. They are believed to be protective of women who have been ill-treated by men." (quotation from Jubeele's post)

Perhaps what your friend has seen is something along those lines? If so, they are benevolent at least:-)
I just got a case of the giggles because my mother in law's name is Rita and the description fits! I don't like the feeling I get from her either! Though folks assure me she *isn't* evil πŸ˜‰
The description you gave also sounds very much like the step mother in Cinderella! (

I am with Rook - cleansing and shielding yourself by a method meaningful to you seems as though it would be a good idea. Even if she isn't evil, she is draining you of energy and making you feel uncomfortable and that has to get old. If you are feeling particularly adventurous maybe try an EVP session with her first?

P.S. I don't mean my comments to sound flip or disrespectful. I do believe you and respect your observations- my mind just goes rampant making associations sometimes.
Hi Nicky,

About 'Mookie', I've long thought that to be slang for snuggling and just general cuteness. Also assumed that's the idea behind the toy manufacture's name.
So for Mookie to be paired with evilness could possibly be something to take notice of. Or maybe just an active imagination at a really confusing time for everyone.
Also thought Mookie could be an attempt to say 'Moon King', so I did a search for that and found a children's animation titled 'Kubo and the Two Strings'. Moon King is a bad dude in that. There's also a pop music guy recording under the name Moon King. But the cartoon seemed more likely.

There be my suggestions. Thanks for sharing, hope you keep us posted.
Hi Amor,

Reading your description of the old TV controls really takes me back. Do you recall what was on the TV when it switched on?
The whistling thing sounded very scary. It may have been a nice ghost, one who checked on you sometimes. But I'm glad you said a prayer and were able to sleep soundly. Do you know the history of that home?

Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the site after being a silent reader for some time. 😊
MK1 - To me evil is like breathing in deep rich scented blackness. A blackness more profound than the darkest night, or even an ocean deep oil pool.

Maybe not blackness, so much as a complete absence of light. And I have no other way to describe it. The thing is, when you breathe it in, it spreads like air into your blood, spreading throughout your being, blotting out the natural light that is there. It has it's own beauty. It is compelling and pulls you further to it, making you want to breathe in more. And I know, absolutely know, that the blackness is void of everything human, light and alive. I believe that the absorption of those things as it's purpose. Destruction has it's attractions - why else would humans want to stop and look at disasters/accidents etc? - Why would some actively court it?

Anyway, being able to feel it? Some people do breathe it in, and some are lost and don't realize they have been taken over by it.

Feeling it is a plus and a minus because yeah, good to know, but try explaining to a boss why you refuse to step foot in a customer's house.

The vibe you describe could be your way of sensing what I breathe in. I can only speak from my own perceptions, but I'd say if you are getting that kind of vibe, you are smart to walk away, and stay away.
LuciaJacinta - Clairvoyant? ME? (Did you see the double take?) I consider myself divinely guided and nudged, not really psychic in the classic sense. Maybe they are the same? I have zero control of the knowledge, it just appears. I've always been able to breathe in information about any of the dead nearby, but I attributed that to my genetics and family history. Maybe someday I'll post about that. The nudges started after Johnnie died and I went on my visit to the Terrace. I've always thought they were why I was sent back. The reason I think that it is divine nudges rather than clairvoyance is because well, I've sorta tried to pick up thoughts about things that might *cough* enhance my personal situation. Not only does that fail, but it rebounds quite dramatically. The situation can go from bad to worst in just a few heartbeats. I am not a masochist, so if I had any control, or ability, that would not be the case. Oh, Butterballs are a russian/german thing. Kind of like dumplings in chicken soup, but they are seasoned with allspice. Not really my thing but a lot of people love them. Here is a bit about them
Thanks, again, [at] Maggie, for that kind explanation of another kind of experience you have regularly had.

I guess I'm also curious about the "shove" you receive when you encounter the "evil" of which you spoke. You said not "sin" or "anger," but rather a feeling of evil. What sort of evil? That the person giving you that feeling is possibly an earthly criminal/predator/etc, or something beyond that, or both?

I cannot speak for anyone else on here, but I'd think that being especially enlightened to recognize possibly undetected "evil" would be something I would cherish.

That said, from time to time, some individuals have actually creeped me out so much just by their "vibe" that I actually physically moved away from them, after not even exchanging a word, but just by sight. Is this the same kind of feeling you receive from this sort of thing?

Thank you so much for patiently answering questions. Greatly appreciated. Best to you.

Hello! Drama is on repeat at my place lol I hope that your problems are sorted.

We cleanse the house every Saturday because whatever the protection we did will last only for 6 months. So clock is ticking and we are planning to move to the house that me and my boy friend purchased may be in April. The spirits that was trapped in the bottle will return after 6 months. That's what the Guru said. There were two ladies who had their eye on the property that we currently live and they couldn't get hold of it before they passed and they passed with greed. That's the main reason why those two spirits mingle in the house causing us problems. Guru said that she released those spirits to a cemetery and will return when the protection expires. Before that we need to move out. My concern is will those spirits follow us to our new home because i'm pretty sure that they must be furious with us because we tried to banish them. We thought we banished them but guru says otherwise.

Thank you for your incite and STAY SAFE!
AugustaM in Toddler Terrors
I was researching much along the same lines as Rook! The clown bit does make sense given the nasty fellow's apparel - somewhat in line with a Vaudeville type act or a clown in civies. I am also looking about for any old english slang words for various types of criminals or gangs that could sound similar...
Wow Maggie, if someone commented like that to me I'd be amazed because seriously how common is it to make " butter balls" lol... I don't even know what butter balls are lol... I'd consider you a clairvoyant. Did you always have that skill?
First of all thank you for your comments. Yes, it could have been my age, could have been boredom, could have been a number of logical, non paranormal things. The thing is, I can't shake the feeling of it being connected to that house. I've asked my mom if she took me to see a doctor but she can't remember. I really wish that was something normal, I do. But I guess i'll never know.


Yes the visits stopped because the priest felt it would only get worse.
I asked my mom about how I got so afraid of the dark and she says I was not afraid of the dark... I was terrified of it, I wouldn't go the bathroom alone at night (even tho it was right next to my room), I wouldn't sleep alone (I still have to sleep with my mother sometimes and i'm 21). I just hated that house when there was no light. Just so you have an idea, my sister used to lock me in the bathroom with no lights on (when I was like 13) just to mess with me because I would scream non stop until she turned the lights on.

Again, it can all be just something normal, but with all that I feel coming from that house, and what I have experienced, I just can't shake the thought of something paranormal
AugustaM in Tandra
I know there are many religions and belief systems present in India and I am sure there are many more that once were but are not any longer. Seems to me like something from one of them might have something to say about the vision of the women you saw tending to your grandmother. To me they don't seem negative at all and I don't think I see how they could be indicative of a possession -but that may simply be my ignorance of the cultural significance of certain visions. In my interpretation they seem far more like entities sent to give comfort -woman to woman- in your grandmother's last days - perhaps even to ease her transition from one side to the next.
AugustaM in I Told You So!
I feel your frustration! I am in the states but several years back when I was dating a fellow (he 28 and I 22) - his parents thought it more appropriate that I share a tiny bed with his 16 year old sister than sleep in a bed with him. Talk about awkward!

I am glad that the cleansing seems to have taken effect before the two spirits were able to do serious damage to your relationships. Perhaps as a precaution, the three of you could perform little cleansings once a month or so to make sure nothing comes back.
Just a comment on the home made vs 'real' Ouija board. Given that most 'real' Ouija boards these days cone from the oh-so-sacred and hallowed hands of huge toy companies like Hasbro and Parker Brothers, I can't see how a homemade piece actually created with intent and energy could be less effective. Any item is only as powerful as one believes it to be anyway. So, of all the items in this story, I find this to be the most logical.
AugustaM in The Blue Church
Have you ever considered the negative feelings you got at the church may have sprung more from your relationship with your mother and the unease that comes naturally to an encounter with something so outside of the norm rather than any true negative intent of the entity? From what I read of your account, the entities did not behave or speak in a way that was inherently bad. Perhaps they wanted you to stay because they could communicate with you.
AugustaM in Dollar Shop Ghost
Nothing necessarily has to have happened IN that building for a haunting to occur. Whereas the building has only been there for a decade, the ground beneath it has always been and the potential for occurrences upon it is pretty decent. You could try having a look in old newspapers for leads but there is no guarantee that whatever occurred to cause the haunting was written up. On the other hand, an employee could've fooled around with a Ouija board and saddled the place with an attachment. It could be a wandering spirit. It could also be an elemental or shadow person (not to say those two are the same). Untill you have more information, there are a lot of options:-)

Right now, best thing you can do is keep a journal and record every occurrence no matter how small and the circumstances that surrounded it. If you feel like it, next time there is an occurrence perhaps ask it a few questions - maybe you will start getting answers. Keep us posted 😁
Catleyablu - Crystal is your name? It's also the name of the Cirque show we went to see. Ah, I partially answered your questions in MK1's reply. Sorry about that. I have a bit of a fascination as well, but it's more in the way of being aware that I am different and because it's not something I asked for, trying to figure out why. You know, most people are afraid of ghosts - spirits of the once humans. I don't have that issue. People, even dead people, I can deal with. It is the entities that have never been human that scare the ever living heck out of me. Humans have the human experience and I understand that - it is a commonality we can share. The non-human entities don't have that and because of that I can't understand them. Why do they attack? Is it a form of feeding? Maybe they are like college students and it is a form of hazing - scare 10 humans to make it to the frat? I don't know, and I am attributing human motives to them, but the reality is, the motives are unknown, and not all of them are positive or altruistic, from our point of view. From theirs? Who knows?
MK1- Not normally this direct and pronounced. Sometimes I'll get a nudge, or a thought that seems random that I will act on and find out later it had specific meaning to that person/people at the time. It is usually strangers, and normally it isn't... Reciprocal. Joe knew I was directed to him when he needed me. I have mentioned one or two instances in some comments prior, but to give you an idea of what I mean I'll give you a quick example. I was shopping and the elderly lady behind me had only a loaf of bread. I had been doing my two week shopping so I had a full cart. I offered to let her go first, and she declined. She set her bread on the conveyor behind mine, with a divider in place. Neither of us noticed (her busy with her purse and I with the club membership card input) but the check out person rung her bread up with my stuff. Rather than make a fuss I just shrugged and a thought bloomed out of nowhere... She needs to get the allspice for the butterballs. I asked her "Don't butterballs need allspice?" She stared at me really hard for a moment and then turned and went to the spice aisle. I left her bread with the clerk. The clerk told me the next time I went in that the lady was freaked out, because she hadn't told anyone she was making butterballs, it was a dish she and her sister used to make. Her sister who passed away from Alzheimer's months ago. She was making it for her niece, who was visiting the first time since the funeral. THAT is the usual kind of thing I run into. YES it used to freak me out, but I've learned to roll with it. It doesn't bother me at all. What do I do when I get the 'GET OUT NOW" shove? Yes that has happened. I get out. I've actually turned and walked away rather than speak to someone who elicits that reaction, I don't even exchange a word with them. I've see true evil. I am not talking about sin, or anger, or anything that simple. I am talking about evil. If I get that feeling I get as far away as possible. Fear yes, but also... A strange attraction. I know better than to even get close... It's like dancing on the edge and it's a fall I refuse to even contemplate. I hope that answered your question.
Are you sure, this was on I've never seen any 'reviews' on there, just basic information; lot size, number of rooms, cost, etc.
Out of curiosity, what did it happen to the corpses? Did your parents inform the police about the finding or did the workers just reburie them in the same spot?πŸ˜’
I can't find any information about grave robbing cannibals anywhere near Arizona. (Pakistan is the closest I can find) What time period was this supposed to have occurred? I would think that our "modern" embalming processes would put a damper on the appetite of even the most dedicated cannibal. I'm with Rook, can you provide a screenshot of this information?

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