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27 huh? Sensitive huh? Well I'm soon to be 49 and I'm a wee bit sensitive myself and IF this spirit (s) are using the O/P's energy to create fear then scarring them with the way you have presented their situation should keep any that may be around fed for at least a week.

There are too many unanswered questions to make a determination on what kind of spirit/ entity may be involved... If any. (My opinion)

So please slow down a wee bit... Think about what else could cause these events and take a deep breath.

Now...welcome to YGS, meeting another EMPATH is always a treat. Could you please fill in some details on your profile so everyone will know a wee bit more concerning your background.

Ed Warren huh... Interesting quote... Speaking of which I always thought that imitation (things happening in 3's) was the senseriest form of flattery and not a way to mock something... Or could you explain how and why something demonic would do something that reminds us of the Holy Trinity? Just curious.


I have a situation somewhat similar to this. For the past few years I've been getting faint scratch marks all over my body, this wouldn't be too frightening if I had pets or nails but I lack both of these things so its a bit scary. There's four ghosts in my house but only one of them has followed me for all of my life (My family moves around a lot because we're a military family) I first saw him when I was about 5, I was sitting in front of a large open window in my house as my dad prepared me for school. My dad left for a moment and then the ghost appeared in the window. He had dark curly hair and brown eyes, he might have been latino but I'm not entirely sure. He wore a black coat and looked extremely depressed/slightly curious. He looked relatively young;maybe 18 or so. He disappeared when my dad came back into the room but my dad believed me to some extent when I told him what happened. Ever since then he's followed me every place I've moved to (even when I moved overseas to Germany) as a blurry shadow, always following me just out of reach. People thought I was just an imaginative kid but as I've gotten older people just think I'm flat out insane when I talk to people about it. Over 11 years have gone by and his presence has begun to change from a shadow in the background to a blurry image of himself, staring at me from close distance. I wouldn't mind him so much if he was like every other ghost I've seen, quiet and inquisitive, but at night when I fully turn off the light (I'm deathly afraid of the dark so I only turn off the light when I need to and I always have my night light on) he lies in bed beside me and it scares me so much I have to cry out for one of my siblings to come and help me but as soon as I cry for help his presence disappears. Recently I've gotten scratches on my lips (extremely thin and they heal fast, always on the small part between my upper lip and nose) and on my upper thighs. For the past few months I felt hands groping my shoulders and hips. Usually when I politely but forcefully tell him to back off he does. If you really want to keep this spirit within your life I would recommend talking when you feel its presence and explaining what you feel about it being in your life; you probably won't get an immediate response but the spirit will probably listen to what you have to say. I hope sharing my story and advice will help you, best of luck!
Hello littlemiss I know what's going on as well as I can help you make it easier to handle. You see I've been a sensitive since I can remember, I can feel emotions from anything or anyone regardless wether they're dead or alive and I can tell you from personal experience that this is not good the best way to put it is that its feeding off of your energy and using it to scare you as long as you are afraid of it the more powerful it will become. I need some more information about what's been happening okay? For starters what time of the day it's most active an have you smelled anything strange? Or heard any bangs in sets of three? Also to answer your question yes they can attach themselves to you. To quote Edward Warren "sometimes a haunting is like stepping on gum, you take it with you" my fear is given how quickly this things behavior has escalated is that it could be something demonic. I pray it's not, I hope it's just an angry spirit but even then it's still going to take a lot of work to help detach this entity from you. Please respond back to me asap, the longer this entity is there the more powerful it becomes and the weaker you become which the outcome won't be very good if we don't take care of this entity while there is still time to do so
I didn't quite understand the comparison of Aliens vs. Demons since there didn't seem to any mention of something demonic. It was all ET. When I saw the last line about the book coming out, I felt like your story was a teaser to buy the book, sorry. But aside from my own feelings, best of luck with that.
ulvenNixie in Brigid
Sweetsunshine1800 - Hey, thank you for reading my experience. I agree that I was blessed to have seen Brigid. She helped me, I'm sure of it. I don't know why she helped me. I've only seen her in Minnesota, with my mom's side of the family. Those are interesting things to think on though. Thank you:D
sweetsunshine1800 in Brigid
Hello ulvenNixie,

You had a very interesting encounter with the Brigid. You have been blessed to have experiences with her. Maybe she's here to protect you from evil entities or she could be your guardian angel? That's why you have this calming feeling whenever you see her? Just my opinion Smile and thanks Rookdygin for the info, she's quite fascinating indeed

Best wishes and,
hey Ari,

Yes everyone is happy...

Further I'm going to do BBA Then Financial manager in MBA...

You say about you...
What you at up to?

ulvenNixie in Brigid
Foxglove - Thank you so much. I have a bit to look up it seems. Appreciate it.
Paul1977 - no, the story supply is just fine. We (Mods) do our job during our free time.
Great story, thanks for sharing. Is there a shortage of stories coming into this site lately? It just seems sometimes it can be weeks before new stories are posted?
Mark 101,

Haha! Finally someone has accomplished possibly scaring a possible shadow being away!

Fascinating read, I enjoyed this quite a bit.
I have seen shadow beings on many occasions as have many others on this site, and I don't recall anyone stating a shadow being running for the hills!

On a serious note though, I agree with many posters. Your energy as strong as it most likely was, probably surprised it. And made it think twice about trying anything, ha wrong house wrong man.

Thank you so much for sharing, this put a smile on my face, and gave me a great feeling of hoorah.


From the description you have given, to me it seems as though the spirits were awaiting for their time to pass through.
Maybe "the light" as many would describe it, or just a door way as you did.

And the Angel you saw could have possibly been your guardian angel, and or the one to come visit, and at the same time, retrieving those whom were waiting.

Multi-tasking so to speak.
As I read this, I just imagined what you saw incredible!


Thanks for sharing
Okay, I think it's time we move on from this story. If the o/p returns to answer questions, y'all can address those. But there is no sense in ignoring other stories that you may, or may not, believe. And those stories may, or may not, be asking for help.
Holy coincidences batman! I was just using my wee iPhone to listen to thunder child on the interwebz minutes before coming on here. Haven't listened to those songs in years.
When I was young I procured the two war of the worlds cassettes. I found them quite remarkable and they helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Now today I find myself thinking about them and pulling them on the interwebz and here you guys are talking about them. Awesomely cool coincidence.

Moving swiftly through the waters, cannons blazing as she came,
The mighty vessel warlord, crashing down in sheets of flame...

The whole set was a brilliant fusion of exceptional music and inspirational phrasing, a highly emotive collection.

Sorry I know I'm being off topic, just caught
Me at one of those moments:)
miss_marvel in The Cigaret
I love all of your stories they are spooky. I can't believe you experienced so much paranormal things in your life.
Bibliothecarius in Exorcism Experience

I just see the patterns and presume they're usually accurate; I don't have 'voices' in my head; they're more like hints. (Voices would be so much more useful.)

I have no idea if you've seen/read any of the the Game of Thrones ("A Song of Ice and Fire") material, but this season, the actor Peter Dinklage (he plays cynical, hedonistic, and calculating dwarf Tyrion Lannister) got one of the best lines in the entire canon: "I drink and I know things; it's what I do..."

Sometimes, explaining what I do and how I do it can be exhausting, but typing it out isn't anywhere near as difficult as explaining it in person!

I do hope I've not weirded you out too much.
Brave New World, Forever Autumn and Thunder Child.

This was a brilliant album, between Richard Burton's naration and wonderful songsmithing a very special telling of this story was achieved.

Anyway, I wonder if Puff has this in the Miss Demeanor's musical inventory?


DarkRose666 in Exorcism Experience
Oh wow Biblio. I hadn't ever noticed those things before. That's a really interesting assessment. I hope you're right about that and thank you for such a kind description.

Some of my earliest memories are of listening to my dad's 2-LP set with the full-sized liner notes and paintings! I've always loved Ogilvy's "The Eve of the War," and the H.M.S. Thunder Child, and David Essex singing the Artilleryman's "Brave New World."

What are your favorites?
Ah but perhaps this 'quote captures the 'mood' better...

"A cylinder, 30 yards across, glowing hot, with faint sounds of movement coming from within. Suddenly the top began moving, rotating, unscrewing And Ogilvy feared there was a man inside trying to escape He rushed to the cylinder but the intense heat stopped him before he could burn himself on the metal.

Next morning a crowd gathered on the Common, hypnotized by the unscewing of the cylinder Two feet of shining screw projected when suddenly the lid fell off."


I own the Album, what a wonderful telling of the tale.


The Marfa Lights are the frequent lights here in Texas... As far as I know the Lubbock Lights only happened during that time frame in 1951.


What? I wrote "Wells' "
Here you go, Rook.

Interesting choices, Rod Serling and Vincent Price! I found that the very short paragraph, "To this day I can sense them. Unchanging, brooding, waiting." reminded me of Richard Burton playing The Journalist in Jeff Wayne's adaptation of H.G.Well's "The War of the Worlds"

""No-one would have believed, in the last years of the nineteenth century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space. No-one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets. And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this earth with envious eyes, and --slowly and surely-- they drew their plans against us...""

Vincent Price used to creep me the hell out when he hosted "Mystery" on PBS, let alone his old radio show, "The Price of Fear."

Great, now I need more beer to steady my nerves.
Bibliothecarius in Exorcism Experience

I had no intention to sound creepy or weird; I read a lot of written material because I teach High School English and run a Library for a living! Here's what I noticed in two consecutive short paragraphs, accompanied by my thinking about the details I've quoted.

#1. From the nature of your descriptive sentences, I suspect you are someone who is very kind to others, even at the expense of your own peace of mind. You discuss keeping rage bottled up for three quarters of an hour! [My inductive reasoning: a. For self-preservation; b. To prevent hurting anyone else's feelings; or c. Both. As you had willingly gone to the games night, "b" is the more likely response.]

#2. Even during the traumatic experience, you could feel yourself "digging into their hands with a very strong force." Typically, this is not the sort of detail which a self-centered person notices when recounting his/her experiences to a group, especially as the person writing about the experiences is already the focus of the readers' attention. You -like anyone- value the company of your friends, but when undergoing an experience well outside the run-of-the-mill for a paranormal website, you noticed the effect you were having upon other people. [Deductive reasoning: despite not being enamored of their religion, you remain concerned with the wellbeing of others, even when the majority of people would be panicking about their own safety and/or sanity at that point.]

[Hypothesis: #1 and #2 in conjunction suggest you are a caring person, even a self-sacrificing one, who prioritizes others' needs above her own.]

There's more in the other paragraphs, but these were the first two I noticed when I read your experience.

I hope that clears up any confusion; I tend to do this all day, every day, with writing, body language, art, and music. I'm not a psychic, just intuitive; that means I'm embarrassingly wrong about 20% of the time. If the above reasoning about your personality is in error, please let me know! Being wrong & knowing why is always useful information, too.

Hold the bus! I'm coming to! Laugh

My radar went up on this in the first paragraph. The second one sealed it for me. If, theprodiffenon, you knew this terrifying event was going to take place when you got home from school and were so certain of it that you, "made a wild dash upstairs kitchen and grab onto a nearby chair" to huddle in a little cubby for, you don't say how long, until someone came home, why did you not just wait somewhere else or outside until someone came home?

I agree with you Rook about the Lubbock lights and Phoenix incident comparison. The Lubbock lights seem to be an on going occurrence and no one can seem to get them tied down to anything. The Phoenix lights incident was video taped by many, many people and their were hundreds of witnesses including the bone headed governor that didn't admit to witnessing it until he was out of office. Seems the Phoenix lights incident would have been a more plausible comparison.

And Val, you are absolutely right in that there doesn't seem to be any UFO/demon correlation anywhere.

And the final sentence with the "wait for my book" made me wish I hadn't even read this hot mess!

Pass me some of them BBB's!
I don't know... Might be the style of writing, might be that too many details are left out, that would lend authenticity,but...there is definitely something lacking here. There are also things I just do not understand.
Your title begs the question, "Are demons and UFOs related", however I fail to see any parallels drawn within your story to make me wonder about the correlation. The blue tube sounds as if it could be sleep paralysis/ vivid dreaming but that doesn't seem to be the intent of it. No, coupled with the over-all tone I'd say this leans more to UFO/ alien abduction theory, than demon. Your ending statement,"I figured out what's going on with it all but you'll have to wait for my book to reveal that" is less than palatable, as it seems as if that was the reason for this post to entice others into wanting to read it. On the other hand, you could simply be excited about having written a book. Can't say I blame you there.
Welcome to YGS. A child... That always saddens me a bit to hear of a wee ghostie, but much of what you describe does fit in with childish pranks. At least nothing truly bad/harmful happened. Bad enough though, right?
Rook might be on to something with his trailer theory. It certainly seems as if they garner activity.
Rook - I strongly agree with your journal advice, as you well know.

Cthdunn - I've lived in several trailers (mobile homes) in my lifetime and currently own one now, in which my kids and I have lived for almost 7 years. We have always experienced activity, most of which is documented in my Journal. The thing about the journal is it can help you determine what could be a natural occurrence versus a paranormal one. If you aren't keeping one, please start. Even if you aren't living in a mobile home at this time, once you start keeping track of odd things, more things will come back to you.
Trailers a WORKING THEORY By Rook Dygin

Made of lightweight aluminum with walls full of 'just' enough insulation and enough electrical wiring for a 2-3 bedroom home these 'homes on wheels' become their own 'fear cage'. A fear cage happens when an area of a home or building generates and traps high levels of EMF. High levels of EMF can lead to all sorts of issues... Feelings of being watched, nausea, headaches... Tingling sensations (as if being lightly touched) hallucinations ect... All things that may be associated with a Haunting.

Having said that High EMF levels MAY also attract spirits because they are able to use the energy provided to MANIFEST... Which includes "Feelings of being watched, nausea, headaches... Tingling sensations (as if being lightly touched) hallucinations ect".

Where does that leave us? Trailer/Mobile homes are dangerous in a tornado... Surprised

No, really... It leaves us at the point where Journals, Video captures, multiple witnesses and Documented EMF level's, room by room... Will help determine if there is more than just 'EMF Sensitivity' happening.

Just a working theory of mine.


Tweed - same thought went through my head, but it always does when a mobile home (trailer) story comes up LOL Thanks for the plug Smile
Did the child stick their finger up?
If I was a child ghost I would totally do that.

Yours reminded me of one of Miracles haunts here:

It seems very odd things happen in trailers. No idea know why, but there's loads of examples on here.
DarkRose666 in Exorcism Experience
Biblio: Thank you for your advice. But I do have one question. What do you mean "the kind of person" I am based on my writing style? I'm not upset, only curious.

Tweed: Yes that's probably what happened.
Oooh ahh, look at you analysing the word usage of recent STORY, nicely done.
42 character minimum. Wink
Grizzman44 in Is It Following Me?
Argette, I live in the Rimrock area. And Mineral Point is chalk full of eerie, yet interesting places! If you have not been there you should check it out!
Hi Darkrose, haven't really got much advice that hasn't already been said. But wanted to let you know sometimes the YGS emails can disappear in spam folders, which may be what happened to you.
Tweed in Green Room
Jaderae, far out. Very revealing, thanks for sharing that info! Smile

There are two comments in the O/P's wonderful prose that indicate, at least to me, they are recounting an event from their own distant history (or possibly making the scene up).

They are:

" I would have to say they were traveling about three times the speed a military jet of that period and at that altitude might travel."

The key here is 'of that period'...the O/P is referring to a specific time period from the past and it seems, at least to me, that the 'top of the line' military aircraft were slower than what we currently have... There is an easy way to 'put this to bed'...Let's just ask...


Could you share with us the year and month that you had your experience with this 'light formation'?

Having asked that let's address something else the O/P stated concerning this 'light formation:

"Many years later I discovered that what I witnessed that night was commonly known as the Texas Lubbock Lights formation type."

When it comes to UFO's and light formations the more common comparison is to the more recent 'Phoenix Lights' that happened in Arizona, to whit they were:

An alleged UFO sighting which occurred in Phoenix, Arizona, and Sonora, Mexico on Thursday, March 13, 1997 between the hours of 19:30 and 22:30 MST.

There were allegedly two distinct events involved in the incident: a triangular formation of lights seen to pass over the state, and a series of stationary lights seen in the Phoenix area.

So speaking from my own interest and experience in the UFO phenomenon the 'common' reference is the 'Phoenix Lights' not the Lubbock Lights of 1951.

Another 'point' is that while the O/P's age is hinted at during each of these 'stories' (grade school, early teens) no 'location' is truly provided. Locations like 'street corner outside my house... Kitchen of the home they grew up in... Parents bed room... While all locations with-in a home do not truly convey where the O/P lived during any of these 'events' they are sharing.

Another thing that stands out concerning this submission is the prose... Do not misunderstand me... This is extremely well written, and the style draws the reader in, as a work of fiction... The style seems to me to be a cross between H.P Lovecraft and E.A. Poe. Wonderful, haunting imagery that draws a reader in and sends a chill down their spine. As I read this I can 'hear' Rod sterling or Vincent Price introducing the story, setting the mood so that the atmosphere has the reader ready to be frightened rather than being left with the impression that these were 'actual' events. That may not have been the Authors intention but the fact remains that this was submitted by an Author who invites us to... Well I'll let his OWN words tell the tale...

"I figured out what's going on with it all but you'll have to wait for my book to reveal that!"

He claims to have 'figured it out', but I already know the answer... The answer is 42...

Biblio can you please pass me my towel? Wink


2nd1st in "mommy"
lilpeachy, I can't claim any expertise here, but from what I can tell it appears that you are describing multiple child ghosts. Again, I'm no expert, but I would think that the chances of multiple children being happy drawn to one domicile posthumously would seem remote, at least on balance of probabilities.

Therefore, I would suggest caution. Up to you, but if you have any inclination towards trying to make contact I would suggest seeking expert advice. Preferably from many experts- as most people who class themselves as experts in this field probably aren't.

I admit that I do have a positional bias here in that my own approach to likely supernatural events is pretty much *away* *shun* *sod off* *scaring the crap out of me* *where are Bill Murray and dan ackroyd when you need them* *leave me alone* type of mentality.

Just be careful bud, multiple child ghosts in one place does not sound like a hugs and puppies situation
sushantkar in Reality Or Nightmare
Hello BGP, Yes, we were on the seperate floors. But I have still not figured out why I have that dream and just after that saw the creature.
Just don't able to join the thread between them.
Hopefully may be Mr. Rook could put a light on these incidences. He has been very kind and I have got help from him when I required it the most. I shall always be very thankful for his kind deeds.

This happened to me at a similar age under similar circumstances.
That was back in '84 and it hasn't happened since.
You never forget it, but it's easier not to think about over time.
Bibliothecarius in Exorcism Experience
DarkRose, thank you for taking the time to type out your responses, here.

I know how it feels to become disillusioned by a church hierarchy, yet feel respect for those who participate in it because of their sincerely-held beliefs. As an agnostic, I always support the Salvation Army (they bailed my family out of a jam two generations ago; I owe them) and I support a Christian charity working in Rwanda because they only preach if they have permission (mostly they get on with "Doing the Lord's Work" and helping their fellow human beings to become self-sufficient).

I agree with your assessment of collective willpower as an effective force for good. However, Rook's point (that it does take time for a spirit to become attached to a living person) has an equal-and-opposite phenomenon; it can take quite a long time for a group of spiritually-strong individuals to remove a malign entity which resists being exorcized. Not every supernatural event has a dramatic beginning; searching your memory for when it started could be a tiring and futile undertaking.

Please be aware that spiritual energy can simply feed of of naturally occurring sources; your narrative reads as though you may have some anger with which you have not dealt. For example, some people bottle up their frustrations and rage while telling themselves that everything will calm down, it'll be ok, etc. The anger (resentment, frustration, sadness, or whatever 'negative' emotion it is) is still there, but now it is a latent pool of rage under the pressure of ordinary daily life. I wrote 'negative' emotion in quotation marks because we tend to associate those feelings with bad experiences, but the emotional state is a normal and healthy one; acting on one's frustration --even saying 'I'm so upset I can't talk to you until I've cooled off"-- is the right thing to do. Feeling that continued anger/resentment is a danger to you or to others is adding fear to the mix of emotions. There is a possibility that a malicious spirit is still lurking around, but you MAY just be hiding from the feelings which it exploited before it was forced out. Consider taking up an activity to let the anger out physically (swimming or cycling would work; it doesn't have to be a violent activity!), or do some calming breathing exercises to re-establish your sense of equilibrium.

Back in the 1600s, the Catholic church issued a proclamation that anyone seeking an exorcism would probably benefit from seeing a physician first. If the physician was baffled, then it was time to bring on the exorcist.

Take care of yourself; it may feel selfish from time to time, but if you're the kind of person I suspect you are from your writing style, you need to take care of yourself so you'll be strong enough to take care of other people too.

DarkRose666 in Exorcism Experience
My apologies for not replying. It took a while to get up on the site after I submitted so I forgot I had posted it. I see some of you are upset by that and I understand. I kept watch over my email but none came and I assumed that my story had been rejected. I will now address the comments.

The reason I believe that their will could drive out the spirit is because it was a collective will. It was not one person but an entire family doing this. To me that's enough energy to cast out 1 spirit. I can't believe in a biblical God anymore because I've found too much fault in the bible. Maybe there is a creator but I doubt it is attached in anyway to the bible. I don't mind Christian comments. I may not share your belief but I understand your perspective.

I can't tell you when this spirit took hold of me. I remember being miserable as a child at the age of 9-10. It probably lived in me for years. I was 16 in the story. I am 20 now. I still feel the same misery and some of the same hate, though it is not as severe as it was then. Maybe the spirit never really left or maybe my rational, human hate that I have now comes through what I've endured at the hands of the church.

My old profile was DarkRose13.
I would rather you not look it up because I was a cringey idiot back then. But I can't stop you.

About what shushantkar said; I don't know the name of the church. It was pretty much non-denominational from what I remember. But this family was African and I wouldn't be surprised if any African spirituality was mixed in with Christian practices.

Lynx; no I'm not a Christian. My family and the family performing the exorcism are very Christian. The dog was fine up until the point that I was being exorcised. I think it was either a spirit or me having a mental breakdown. The reasoning is that those are the only two things that could cause this event to occur.

Kiiko; By your definition, this would be a demon. Like I mentioned earlier in this comment, I think this had been taking shape for a long time. My house then wasn't a happy one and I saw shadow people a lot there. It was quite the common occurrence. So it is likely haunted. Or I am likely haunted.
Love the story

If your willing I want you to try something if you haven't already.

Tell your daughter the next time she sees her to have your daughter tell the spirit girl your names. First and last. Then have your daughter ask the spirit girl her name. See if she gets any response. But again, only if you feel conforatble in doing so.
Please keep us informed

Cheers to you
Foxglove in Brigid
FYI, Brigid is Scots as well as Irish, although she is often referred to as "Bride" in Scotland, or Brighde (Bree-juh) in Scots Gaelic.

There's some speculation that she may have been a pan-British goddess, hinted at by the tribal name Brigantes in northern England. In either case she was extremely important in pre-Christian times if place name evidence, and the continued worship of the Christianized Saint Bridget is any indication.

I recommend the 19th century oral-historical compilation from the Hebrides known as the "Carmina Gadelica" if you would like to see some prayers and poetry about her.

She also most likely has a scary counterpart, or other-self, in the form of an ancient hag, but that is a story for another day ;)
Muito bem escrito! I like the style you write your story and the way you describe the encounter.

I am not judging anyone or on anyone's side, but I totally agree with jaderae, No need to fire up the grill quite yet. Lol

Blessings from São Paulo

jaderae in Green Room
Tweed and Elfstone,

I'm not a doctor... But I found the following condition while looking up medical conditions that could impact vision: chloropsia, or "green vision". It can be caused by light exposure, or " in people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and oxygen deprivation."

It seems you don't know how the woman died, but I could imagine someone who's dying not getting enough oxygen in their bloodstream for various reasons.


babygoatpuller in Reality Or Nightmare

This was like Tweed said, wow just wow! Were the two rooms next to each other or separated? I think your dream may have something to do with all of this. It may be giving you some kind of insight but you have to find the clues in it.
Whether it does or not, it was a very interesting account. Thanks for sharing.
The author stated he witnessed a formation of the "Texas Lubbock Lights formation type". I understood this to mean he didn't witness the Lubbock lights themselves, just that what he saw while talking to the group of people near his house was something in a formation similar to the Lubbock Lights.
No need to fire up the grill quite yet.

I enjoyed reading your account, I look forward to hearing more!

roylynx in Green Room
2nd1st, hello sir! Sorry to bob in the conversation.
As I know, very few people could experience "the Color perception Filter". What I know of (I am not sure if this is exactly what Tweed is experiencing) is some people could sense the atmosphere and the temperature of a certain event (in this case the atmosphere when the murder is accorded?); they will feel or know how the victim had felt, sometimes the pain and the emotion as well. Most of this, they will not physically see what had happened but instead they will feel a barrier or a force to stop at a certain level of knowing the event (in this case Tweed is seeing a green filter, but she felt the emotions of the atmosphere when the murder is happening, perhaps the force stopped her from seeing the even physically and filtered it by making her see a green filter?)
This kind of encounters is sure very mystic but at least we know that a few people can experience it. Not to be religious, but a human being could never have abilities of a high spirit (May I address such beings as gods/goddesses?) Things such as looking back the truth past and knowing the future, we can do those in a human way though (like investigating the case and studying the histories)
Logically, certain people will have reaction against a certain location, could be explained as, the person might be allergic to certain particles in certain locations (house dusts, plants or molds, insects or flees, mice or other animals), such reactions can make a person to "see things" perhaps, just a guess not really too scientific if you ask. Hope that helped a little

Love from São Paulo

Oh one last thing... Laugh I spent the years '71-'79 in Lubbock as a mischievous child,...darn I guess I missed those curious lights if they made another appearance.

That is all. Back to the bugs and beer Happy
Love me some "mud bugs" and beer! I'm on the upper deck using 50 characters Laugh
2nd1st in Green Room
I've read and re read this account and the comments a number of times over the last week or so. I must confess that I am mystified. I have never heard of a... I don't know what to call it... Colour perception filter maybe? Before. Interesting to hear that other posters have experienced similar.

I guess the question is... What is it? Not that any of us have a sure answer.
Given that it appears to be that it is not experienced by all present in the room, there must be a factor of the observer involved.
But is it a physical aspect, such as the ability of the eye to receive certain aspects of light? Or an aspect of the brains ability to interpret that which the eye absorbs? Or is it something that the brain somehow interprets aside from the actual optical input?

I have no idea. But it is fascinating.
While I'm climbing back off of the fence and joining Puff, I'd like to know if the phrasing "I just as quickly forgot" reminded anyone else thought of Matt Smith's 11th Doctor keeping track of The Silents hanging from the ceiling?
Angelia, you said that you have a baby. Perhaps you could get some word blocks and ask the little girl to spell out words for you. Make it into a type of game. Have her spell out a word then if you feel it is significant ask her what it means. Make sure that when she spells out a word to give her positive praise and encouragement.
Oh one last thing... The Lubbuck Lights were sighted from Aug - Sept 1951. So if the O/P is 60 as of the publishing of this STORY... They happened 5 years BEFORE he was born. Math and History lesson complete.

Man the brisket sure is good. Wink


Wow...just wow.

Well versed I give the O/P that much... But when they 'support' their very first experience with relating it a work of Fiction, no matter how well written they may be, I find the credibility of the entire 'tale' in question.

Of course that is my opinion only but I feel strongly enough about it that I have flagged down the Miss Demeanor so that no one need sit on the fence... Please feel free to comment one way or the other but I am helping Puff unload a BS Blankie from the rear luggage comparment... Tossing it... And proceeding to the midnight buffet on the upper deck of the Bus... Puff tells me it's Beef, Beer and Bugs night (Brisket, Beer and Crawfish) for the Troll Patrol.


By the way, prodiffenon, did you mean to write "Eldritch" as in "spooky"? I was looking for any mention of "Eldridge" as a location, but all I've found so far is a list of people with the last name "Eldridge."
Greetings, prodiffenon, and welcome to YGS.

I'm curious. Since you ended your collection of stories with the following description: "At some point I began to sense, straight through the solid material of the ceiling at that home, an elemental presence in the turbulent dark rolling clouds above. To me (but possibly due more to the vodka than anything else), those clouds seemed in my mind's eye to have a glistering appearance and oddly, very fine gold edging. Again, and only sensing these clouds from inside the house, they would move as if under intelligent control. These clouds were more like enfolding black and gray masses than anything else, alive and writhing. This sense of a living sky above me would come back to haunt my life for many years afterward." As you have readily admitted to being under the unaccustomed influence of vodka, did anyone go outside to verify the presence of the writhing, golden-edged clouds you sensed were being moved intelligently? Without any sort of additional observation, all we have for evidence in THIS part of your narrative is your inebriated certainty that the events you sensed through the ceiling were occurring because you sensed that they were.

Your sentence, "When first viewed, each light was about the size of a pea at arms length with extended finger" had me in stitches! Similar to the artwork on the front covers of Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide" books, I could just picture a pea with its finger extended at arms' length from your narrative perspective. This may not be what you intended to convey; however, it is most certainly what you have written.

While your reading Lovecraft is a most commendable pursuit (I'm partial to "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" because Nyarlathotep features prominently in the latter part of the novella), I'm afraid that your connection to his gothic fantasy writing is not a justification of asserting the veracity of the phenomena you've recounted. Your observation that, "They had to be real; they resonated as real" bears no more validity than your more-accurate observation that you'd both experienced "the same imaginative horrors." This is a synchronicity of events; it's an odd coincidence, certainly, but nothing more can be stated with any accuracy. For example, in the late 1970s, I had a nightmare that "reality" was not real, and I was seated in a white-tiled room with wires attached to my fingertips to simulate sensation, but that the helmet/goggles which provided other stimuli had malfunctioned. A mere quarter-century later, "The Matrix" was released. I think I'm one of the few Science Fiction aficionados who found that movie over-stylized and deadly dull (I'm a fan of Carrie-Anne Moss, of Joe Pantoliano, of Hugo Weaving, and of Laurence Fishburne, yet I found they actors could not carry the alleged "plot"). While certain elements of induced experiences being superimposed upon cognitive processes mimicked my childhood nightmare, I didn't presume that the film was proof that my nightmare was a revelation of reality.

Good for you, publishing a book.

I'll be on the fence, waiting for the bus.

P.S.: Sorry to any Matrix fans. Christian Bale was in "Equilibrium" which was filmed and released 6 months before The Matrix, and it had a solid grounding in technology, sociology, psychology, and sci-fi lore (the "T" doorways in the temple allude to Orwell's "1984," there are nods to other post-apocalyptic texts, such as Miller's "A Canticle for Leibowitz," too).
Miracles51031 in Ghost Cat On The Bed
SoulFire - no, there is no option to pm on this site. Apparently years ago there was, but it didn't work out too well.
I just searched the Internet for anything remotely close to what you just tried to describe in your story. With the lights out, you probably didn't get a good look at it. Additionally, what you describe sounds larger than what I saw one day. What I saw one day looked more like a malformed human fetus with no hair, four legs, two arms, and a mouth like an insect; very mandible like. I found it crawling on the carpet behind my TV and it seemed astonished to be found. It stayed still like a deer in headlights, looking directly into my eyes. I was not afraid, but my adrenaline was going so fast from the surprise I was more in defense mode than ready to run. I made a few sudden movements toward it and made some loud noises, but it didn't leave. I began to sense that it was very delighted to be getting any attention at all, albeit negative attention. I intuitively knew it was called a "snake eater." Whatever that means. I speculate it is some random Astral entity with the ability to shapeshift. (Shapeshifting is a very common astral ability.) I do not think what you saw was evil. It probably just happened to stumble into your and was curious about you. Possibly just intrigued by your phone conversation. Nothing bad happened so all is well that ends well, right? By the way, there is no truer form of spirituality than spirituality you can see, hear, and touch. Who really wants to go through a spiritually journey just having mere faith that anything is there? Count yourself lucky to have caught a glimpse of it, even if it scared you.
Welcome to YGS.

That's creepy!
Personally, I'm not sure if there was a ghost in that house or if it was something else trying to mess up with you, perhaps the previous tenant called some negative energy and left it behind after moving out of the place.
It would be interesting to check if the new tenants are experiencing the same as you.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear nothing unwanted follow you to the new place.

Thanks for sharing.
I've had tons of these particular experiences. I'd like to discuss it with others who have them consistently. Is there a way to PM here?
Interesting though a little confusing, how did you know that his native was French? Is it because of his accents?
That person you saw might just have been a spirit of a famous person from 19th century. Can you describe him more detail?

Blessing from São Paulo

Wow! Thank you very much for sharing this encounter!
So until today, Duke Stackpole is still wondering in the building? That is awesome!
I have heard that spirits can take as long as 400 years to disappear (pass away to the other side).
We still have 200 more years to be able to experience that! Another place for me to go in the future, when there is a chance! I hope you are OK now.

Blessing from São Paulo

Spiritwaiting - I'm so glad that your cousin is great ^-^

I have tried to speak with them in the past (when I first started to see them), but they didn't really pay any attention to me. Just kind of stared? But not at me, as such. They only started to pay attention to me when I came out of hospital... Hence my concern, hehe Confused

They're just really weird, to be honest... Not like 'normal' ghosts. I don't even know if they're human, but according to RANDYM, they might just be...well, they were, anyway.

It would be nice to understand what they are, as at the moment, they're more than a little scary/off putting...
Hi ifihadyoux, the phone call was straight after I sat down after seeing what I thought was my gran. Nothing was said in the crank call, I answered it, then they waited a minute after I said hello, then hung up. To me that wasn't a coinicence. When I saw her in the house she was actually inside the spare room. That's what made me think it was her ghost. I still need her as things have just gotten a lot worse. Xxx
Miracles51031 in Dead Man Walking
OksanasPole - what is obvious to you may not be obvious to others. Without you being there, I don't think you can confidently say he wasn't albino.

RedWolf - if he wasn't homeless, his clothing could matter as it may help determine a timeline for his death.

You're very welcome:).
My cousin is great:).

You definitely have a gift, if you can see these things in all types of places and settings.

Maybe because they know you can see them or notice that you see them, they are wanting or needing your attention.

Now because I said that, I'm definitely not suggesting you go and start communicating with them if they even speak or can communicate, but it could very well be the case.

Or maybe you have this gift, to try to understand them a bit more, where some of us just cant. Smile

And I get the doctors thing lol! Sounds like you have great ones!

Thanks for answering back.
RedWolf in Dead Man Walking

I've been wearing the same style of clothes,jeans,t-shirt or blouse, and sneakers for more than 30 years. I take good care of my clothes and some of my jeans and t-shirts are over 10 years old. Some of my favorite t-shirts are over 15 years old. My point being what style clothes have on have any bearing on this story? If he is homeless he wears what he can get his hands on,

I doubt that the gentleman was confined to his grave as he was walking around the cemetery. He probably has never crossed over, he may like it there for some reason or needs help crossing over.

Him telling you that Jim Morrison would haunt you was very funny. Maybe he would give you his autograph. Laugh

I'm glad that young people, other than my own kids, are still listening to bands like the Doors. What other bands do you like?

OksanasPole in Dead Man Walking
He obviously was not an Albino, with a limp and 90's clothes on. He probably died near there and bless his heart, I wish souls like that would just go rest in Jesus
Wow, that was a close encounter of the first kind when he actually touched you!
27flowers in The Cursed Tree
Love,love, love this! I have always had a "thing" for trees, especially the old crooked ones where you get the feeling it has witnessed so many years go by and changes and they just stand there silently taking it all in! I strongly believe that nature holds onto the powerful events -negative or positive that happen around it and somehow becomes part of it with a strong connection to the paranormal. Maybe it was a source of energy for these manifestations and that's why it appeared so depleted? Sounds a bit out there but just my wonderings!
I heard of an old superstition in Ireland that a lone tree growing in a field is always avoided or not removed for fear of being cursed, something along those lines...

Thanks again for this read, will be sure to catch up on your others!

ulvenNixie in Yellow Eyes
Wow! That is an odd color for eyes. Did this thing ever acknowledge that you were there in some way? What angle were you seeing it from. My mind decided that you were laying on the floor near your father when I was reading the story, but I know you said that you laid on a mattress on your mother's side at the beginning of the story. I really just want to get a better mental image for this.

I am sorry to hear you had such a scary experience as a young child. It is always difficult to see something scary that young.
ulvenNixie in "mommy"
I think it's interesting that this happened while you were in the process of transitioning into a new lifestyle. From what you said, it sounds like the ghost (s) have related to your own mother as a sort of mommy figure, but now that you're older, they decided to look to you.

I have had false-child spirits around me before though. I wouldn't open up to them too much, just in case. That is a lot of activity for a child ghost. ^.^ Just be safe, okay?
Spiritwaiting - Ah, I'm sorry that your cousin has seizures - hope that they're ok:/

Multiples - in fact, they're everywhere. But over the years, I've noticed they seem to be in more places than others... Like train stations, they love 'hanging out' there. As for when the activity occurs, that depends. The foot yanking thing happened when I was attempting to sleep, so I was alone, but other than that, it doesn't seem to matter if someone is around, or not.
Obviously people worry about me, or are annoyed by me (heh), but I try not to worry them, as best as I can... As for my doctors, they're the ones who won't leave me alone, so don't worry about that side! Laugh
Thank you for writing on the thread ^^
I had a coworker who once told me of a horse that was somehow cursed or magical and would roam at night, something about how you weren't supposed to look at it. He no longer works with me, but I will ask him to re-tell me the story when I run into him again. He is originally from the Philippines, which I mention because they were colonized by the Spanish too, and I find we often share customs and traditions, so I wonder if there is something to the horse story that would span both cultures.
27flowers in Yellow Eyes
Note to YGSers, not sure if others do this but occasionally I type a random word into the search engine on here and see what stories come up-I typed "yellow" for no particular reason (recommend this little method for finding gems) and randomly picked this story, glad I did! Lol! This gave me shivers! Great writing style and I can't imagine how you must have felt as a child to initially think that was your father and then realise it wasn't! Will be sure to read your other stories!

Sorry to hear about your illness. And hope you are feeling better, day by day.
I have a cousin whom has seizures and they are somewhat unpredictable, and can be terrifying.

This no face thing...
I can't quite put my finger on what it could be if its been becoming increasingly aggressive.

Does it come around in multiples, or just a single entity?
It sounds like an entity whom is trying to make or continuing to make you ill, to a certain level.
Thus helping it to feed off of that.
Are any of your family members around you when the activity seems to occur? It could possibly be feeding off of theyre worry for you.

Entities can be very intricate in the way they recieve their energy.

If any of the family members are around when this occurs, I suggest trying to assure them you are ok.

And keep in touch with your doctors etc, just reassure yourself. So you and others can continue on the positive thinking and living without any sort of doubt.

Thank you for sharing, and hope you continue to recover, and feel a million times better.


I really enjoyed reading your accounts. I like to read on Deep rooted traditions,etc.Very fascinating I say!

Your grandparents are definitely with you. The experience about your uncle I was saddened but then was relieved and then going What?! Wow! Smile

Love how your beliefs include owls, some of my own beliefs, and traditions include owls also. Beautiful they are, and awesome you all were able to see 4 all at once! What an experience!

Im glad to have read your experiences and hope you share more.

Sincerely Spiritwaiting
Wow, I got shivers and goosebumps as I read about your grandma walking back to the car with your grandpa waiting for her. Amazing. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks, Randy, we try. Sometimes we don't do as well as other times, but we do try Laugh
Thanks for the advice and I think you and the other mods do a great job
Of keeping things here at YGS in good order

Randy - for the record, I understood what you meant in your comment that received the negative points. That is yet another reason for a negative point: if someone doesn't understand what is meant. Instead of asking for clarification, sometimes people will just assume you're talking nonsense and knock you down a point.
Randy - if at all possible, ignore the karma points. It makes things less aggravating if you do. There are many reasons why someone receives a negative karma point. One of which, obviously, is someone doesn't like the comment. Another, which a lot of members don't realize, is a mistake was made when clicking on the arrows. There are members who just don't like another member, regardless the content of the comment. And then there are always those who like to give negative karma points just to stir things up.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon your viewpoint, there is no way to know who knocked you down a point. The same with the positive points. There are members who think they know who has given them a negative point, when in reality it is impossible to know. Guesses are made, erroneously, which sometimes leads to people being upset or angry.

So my advice to you and all our members who take these points semi-seriously, don't. Don't pay attention, don't let it bother you, and don't care. It's actually pretty easy. And for the record, a member can't knock down the same member more than a couple times. There are restrictions set on the karma points. It all depends upon how often, and how randomly, you vote.
PriyankaMenon in My Neighbour's Grandpa
Very terrible I can't imagine even in my dreams a person carrying his own head. This is very spooky man. This is the scariest one I have read until now.
Seems the soul of a man who once lived on or near the property obviously wanted you to be annoyed by his presence... But who knows, the hat wearing man may have been a different spirit than the ones who lived in the basement or one who said "boo" in your ear. Interesting though
Wow, 3 vote downs,
I guess someone doesn't like what I wrote
I noticed a lot of minus votes for people on the thread
I don't usually mind roadside rest areas or campground bathrooms other than I am extremely alert and weary of bugs or spiders. I am ridiculously afraid of insects, spiders, and other arthropods. I freeze up and get the shakes that last for hours after being too close to most of them. I've made myself feel better about butterflies, moths, ladybugs, and lightning bugs, but I've been scared of them for a long time too. I rather love how moths look though and ladybugs appeared in the middle of winter when I had a big epiphany back in 2010, so I refuse to allow myself to be upset by them now.
I'm rambling
I don't usually feel weird in places like that for any other reason. This place was crazy though. Everything there felt a little off. There was this moment when some fog drifted in from off the empty lake while I was looking at some perch at the beach though. That was the best moment there. I am just astounded by nature. I wish I didn't live in a city, despite my phobias.

Red, I would love to hear if anything odd has happened at the rest area you mentioned. That's just such a precise location. What do you feel when you're there? Just the shivers or is there more?
ulvenNixie in His Test
Hello everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't checked this until now. I've been working like crazy. Thank you so much for reading my experience. This was a big one for me.

Spiritwaiting -
I agree that it was not okay for my cousin to test my friend. She didn't deserve that and her sensitivity affects her health enough that she shouldn't have to endure that. I was not privy to the idea that he was testing her and if he told me, I would have told him that it was a bad idea.

The image was very scary. I am sorry if it gave you nightmares. It was not fun to see and it was even more unpleasant to hear. That laugh haunts my nightmares far more than the animal-thing does.

Tweed -
My cousin and my exfiance were jerks in that moment, yeah. They're the same people from the Brigid experience, actually. I love my cousin to pieces but he has his moments of terrible behavior, but he's only human.

I am glad to hear that you think the park would go back to the way it was before. It was and probably still is a beautiful park. I think you're right that the people involved, as opposed to the place, were the catalyst behind the energy and the issue. My cousin and Josh scratched pentagrams and junk into park benches and the like in the area and my aunt suspects they drew the issue there or made it with their own energy. Either way, it was bad and they play with stuff that they shouldn't.

Bibliothecarius -
I like your screen name as well! It's so fun and likable!

My cousin and my ex-fiance were jerks (and worse names) to my friend. I am not happy about what they did and she knows that they did as well. She knows their true colors and she's learned from the experience in that she is learning how to deal with her sensitivity more than she allows herself to be subjected to vomitting every time she's around something bad. It's a slow process and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have started to try to manage her energy if they weren't awful to her. I wish she didn't feel the need. I'm proud of her though.

:) I was a teenager and my only link to exploring my spiritual/new age side was through books and my aunt, who I only got to see every once and a while. I know better now. I'm not saying I know everything, but I know a little more now that I've pushed myself to learn more.

Thank you for your help. I like the way you structured the rules. The wording was really amusing. I enjoyed that a lot.

You stay safe as well.
ulvenNixie in Brigid
Hey everyone! Thank you for reading my experience and thank you Rook for providing information about Brigid in such a timely and helpful manner. That was awesome of you.

I'm extremely blessed to have had visitations from her. I really believe she protected me. I don't know why she did that but it was something I was really touched by.
I actually don't know if I'm of Irish descent. I mean, I'm American. My Mom has told me that we're ScotsIrish on her father's side. She based her wedding around it. I've been told we have English, Norwegian, German, and a couple Native American ancestors as well. I wish I knew for sure, but I don't at the moment.
Are you Irish?:)

I think that the ill-looking man and the voice on the tape recorder belong to the same spirit. The rest can be just random encounters, since you seem to be very open-minded about the paranormal.
One thing that really intrigues me, is the Ouija board. Have you ever spoken to your parents about it? I mean, you found it in their house, so they probably know where it came from. It could well be that some of the experiences you had there were somehow connected to that board.
I'm sorry to hear about your parents. It's hard to lose your parents at such a young age. It sounds like you grew up to be a level headed young lady. That said I don't know why your grandparents blew you off like that. Perhaps they think it was your mother. Please do the cleansing/shielding as Tweed suggested it will only get rid of malvolent spirits it will not harm good spirits.

Also if you haven't been talking to your parents it's never too late to start. My grandfather died in March of 1990 and my father in-law died in December of 1992 and I've always talked to them. Then again my father in-law has been pranking me all of these years. My grandfather made me promise to take care of my grandmother and if I didn't call her by Thursday every week he would take something, usually my keys. After I called her I would find my keys somewhere else. When you do talk to them don't expect an auditory reply but that would be awesome if that happened, just look for signs that they are still with you. Which they certainly are,I'm sure.

Bonifaz in "mommy"
I'm with Bibliothecarius on this one, suggestiong that there might be a sad background to the house you are living in. It might have been part of a workhouse, once.
RedWolf - Don't worry about it - it's ok:) And yes, I hope so too...nope, I know so. ^^

I'm sorry for all of the medical questions. I truly am. I pray you beat this disease.


Here is my short answer
Firth through seeing and sensing them followed up by asking those on the other side for an explanation of what they were.

Hope that helps

Rookdygin - Haha, don't worry, you're not hijacking my thread at all - I asked for help, and the more advice I get, the better:) I also understand that Randy wasn't trying to scare me, I very much appreciate the knowledge in fact... I mean, the more I know about what I'm seeing... You know?

As for a gut reaction... I wouldn't say that they're good. I mean, I can see other things... I see what you would call 'ghosts' all the time, and they're fine (though there are many different types of those, so yeah...). These things are completely different. They're not human, that's for sure. And they give off a really nasty feeling... But I don't know. If I have any more experiences with them I'll post on here, but so far I've done as many cleansing rituals as I can (white sage smudge and the like), so we shall see.

RANDYM - Again, thank you for your very interesting information. How have your group discovered the existence of these beings (not sure if you're allowed to answer that)? I mean, I know that I can see them, but I've always tried to be positive, despite my health, and have a very loving family...obviously, my like has not been without hardships, no-one has escaped such a thing, but largely...hmm.
No, I don't think we are applying it to ALL Shadow Beings but to a certain group we have been told about and have had experience with
That is nothing but negativity.
As you know there are many types of beings we know nothing about that reside on other planes. This is just 1 group that we have run in to.

BTW I always enjoy reading your post as I feel you come from a very grounded point of view.

sushantkar in Reality Or Nightmare
Hello Mr Septic, Good to see you after a long time. How are you. I don't think that I should openly write the name of the hotel and I won't. But since you live close by to Siwan then I don't think that you would have to find the hotel starting from the alphabet 'M' as there are not much hotel there at babunia road. I hope that you would have got it.


Lost People or LP is a name we have given them. They may or may not be one in the same. I guess I was trying to help you understand there are very negative beings that can cross into our plane and be harmful to us. They can attach negative energy to you as that is what they are mostly composed of. That of course can bring depression and negative thoughts. Sometimes that can be hard to get away from and have negative influences on your thoughts and the way you live your life. Or having negative influences on your health as you mentioned. While they may not be the exact same you can see the principal is the same. Try and ignore them as much as possible. The one thing something like that has an aversion to is positive energy and love. The more you can arm yourself with that then the better your defenses are. I understand that what I am saying is harder to do in the real world but the more you can ignore the better. "Claim your space" as some say. Make that space all about love and the positive things in your life. Then try and build upon that.

Happiness and love to you

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