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I agree with ifihadyou. A cleansing/blessing would be a good idea to try.
notjustme in Taps And Glares
I agree with Aggers. Bad things feed off fear. Also before you sleep, try a simple prayer to what ever gives you strength. When I get weary in bed, I start to imagine a ball of light in my head until everything is white, that helps me. Best of luck.
KJ-girl93- Yes, why yes it has happened. If you get a chance the last story I wrote "Sophie's Story" was about the same thing. I even told "it" to leave her alone. I would like to think it helped to some degree. She's alone a lot so who's to say or know.
I believe you were right in telling yours what you did.
Good luck to you and Jazz.
This may sound very far-fetched, but it came to my mind so I'll share it.
The first thing that came to my mind was past life. Maybe you died tragically in your past life related to elevators. I say this because when I read your story I thought of a show I saw called "Ghost inside my child". It is a show based on real people and their experiences. These children can remember their past lives and start talking about it as soon as they are able to speak. And quite often they have re occurring nightmares that had to do with their past life.

OR the people that you see could have died in an elevator with or without and has not reincarnated yet. Or they died and need your help somehow so they constantly let you see what happened. Do you ever hear them or see them in your dreams? I know this all sounds really out there, just an idea. Smile
notjustme in Boy In The Tree
Great story. Though I would have been very scared because ghosts + trees don't mix for me. I guess growing up watching movies and being told by elders that ghosts reside in trees, I don't like to look up trees at night, especially in Asia. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, I I didn't expect you to be an expert on all this stuff but everyone's got opinions and suggestions, and that's what really matters to me.
Can't wait until my next story comes out, to me it's the scariest one I've posted so far. (I think it's the next, I'm not 100% positive because I sat down one day or two and wrote I think 4 or 5 of my experiences,) I might take a break from writing my other experiences for a bit, even though they happen often, seriously last night I was holding a piece of paper reading and the corner started going back and forth by itself there was no drafts or anything, but it was so funny I literally laughed.
Thanks. Happy Happy
Wish-Not in Boy In The Tree
stewieguy- Wow, I bet that would have been something to witness as an adult much less as a child.

Will be waiting on the next one. Thanks for sharing.
HauntedKatStories- Going to echo everyone's comment. Some of these clowns today can leave a lasting impression. I believe it will wear off in time.
saving_grace42 in One Autumn Night
While it might have been collective hysteria, I believe that the feeling of dread and Sam's reaction makes it possibly more than that.

As someone who has had more than a few experiences I can tell you that the feeling of dread has always come right before something much more serious and shouldn't be ignored.

Just my two cents but I agree that a blessing that fits your beliefs might help. Hopefully Sam has found some peace.
mff- I'm going to go with ifihadyoux on this as well. There is a cleansing process that is available on YGS with Rook. Has worked for myself in the past. I bet someone has it and will post here for you.

And your not crazy.

Hang in there.
Cool story! If I was being bothered by an entity I would be so scared, but if it was bothering my pets, then I would be fi=furious like you! Mad

I agree with the other members that perhaps a cleansing wouldn't be a bad idea, and maybe try talking to Jazz about it. I know that sounds ridiculous but pets feed off your energy too. So if this thing happens again and you see Jazz getting nervous then stand up and say "get out of here! I do not fear you!" and maybe Jazz will think "ya! If owner's not scared, I shall not be!" lol... Just an idea. That's just what I would try Laugh
Wish-Not in Constant Rattling
Bonnaroo- I find it odd that you would only think you hit your elbow on a tree several times and not know. Either you were backed up against at tree or you were not. Little confused.
ghosthunter9876 in Boy In The Tree
Woah this is scary dude maybe the kid only wished to keep playing even after death.
elnoraemily in Car Troubles
Happy Halloween, Notjustme <3

All the very best wishes to you.
notjustme in Car Troubles

Val - Yes me too. Had it only been the cousin's car, I would have been 50/50, but probably still would have chosen to believe it was Derek. Because you know, for comfort reasons.

Trio - That's a good question and observation. I believe he spun out of control when he died. He made a sharp turn and slid into a ditch before hitting an electrical post. Derek used to teach me if ever I lose control of my vehicle, put it in neutral and pump my breaks.
After his death, I had so many questions. So the first week after he died I constantly went to the road he passed on to try to envision what happened. I observed the road and saw the brake marks so I knew he did what he always taught me to do, neutral and pump. I was also the one to go claim his car and the shift was in neutral, (that was probably the hardest thing during the entire ordeal because it was bent in every way possible)
Another thing about this road is it has claimed a few lives before Derek's. It's a winding road so many youngsters like to test their skills on it. It has claimed the lives of 3 young men before Derek. Sometimes I do wonder if that has anything to do with anything.

Sam222- I appreciate the kind words. I'm no expert medically or paranormally. So my impression is your NOT crazy. You maybe little this or a little that BUT we ALL are. To me you come across quit sane.
I understand questioning things in ones life. That's just part of getting older. I was raised in a military family and was told how things are. It wasn't until I aged that I started questioning quit a few things. It's just part of life Sam.
Glad you enjoyed my stories. Been kind of lazy lately but will work on some.
sushantkar in Boy In The Tree
Hello stewieguy! I fill sorry for that little kid. May his soul rest in peace. My uncle when he was in his collage years had similar sort of an experience. While coming from a bachelor party very late in the night, he saw a little girl child playing on sand. My uncle was on bike, he stopped his bike so that he could query about her parents. But as soon as he approaches near to that child, she stretched her hand long, grabbed a nearing branch and vanished into the dark.
My uncle was very terrified seeing all that. He suffered from high fever in the forthcoming days and get rid of his fever only after he blessed from a priest of a nearby temple.
So, thanks for the story it was a brilliant one.

With best regards
elnoraemily in Constant Rattling
This story has been viral for a long, long time. It is actually on a list of creepy short stories on several sites.

I do hope you are actually the original writer!
elnoraemily in Bill And Charlie
If there were not coffins, the bodies would have had to be very, very old. The bodies would have been removed from the land during the building process.

Your friend could have had a very active imagination. You could have been sleep walking and she interpreted it as possession by a spirit.

Taking someone's word for it can be a tricky in situations like that.
I'm going to respond to each # comment in order.

1) yeah probably was a look alike, and I ve seen real look alike picture but this one looked so much like him. But it probably was a look alike. I wasn't going to include it in this collection originally but I just needed to let someone know.

2) It was a small room and I remeber the lamp on and the curtains closed and the door was shut. There was no change in light, and the color I saw first was pretty clear that it was that color, and it was solid. So I don't think I was lighting changes. I stood in the same spot the whole time because I was actually in my sisters room talking too her. Got any other suggestions for this one.

3) hmm, yeah, me either.

4) not sure what you mean. If you think my dad and grandfathers voice carried along way, it didn't, I should have put this in the story, they turned out to be inside the office for the camps, it just so happens that's the first place I went to because it's the first room. And there were no distinct weather conditions that day. If I can remember right it was mostly sunny that day.

5) Maybe your answer is right. But I'm not so sure about this situation. This situation in particular only happened once. And I don't know much about left over energy, I've heard about it in several stories but I don't understand how this energy gets left over, why it gets left over and where it comes from. And would my dad have heard it? Because I have heir g problems and I heard it he surely should have.

6) yes. This one probably is a coincidence. Stuff like this can get pretty weird but I put it in this collection just incase. Something like this happened this morning I was showing a funny video to my freind and it was a kid making fun of "Santa" and then across the room someone said something with the word Santa. I say someone to keep identities private.

7) I think I know what you mean by humidity. I sawed it's not that, I've seen stuff like this due to humidity but it's different it doesn't look the same. It really does look like smoke. (I tried to find a picture but could find a good one). It looked like cigarette smoke, a lot of cigarette smoke. And also there's no natural reason it should just disappear after afew seconds every time I see it.

8) It may be that my mind is playing tricks on me but this has never ever happened before. And why did I see the random objects I saw? Each time this happens it's quite clear on what the object is that I'm seeing. And the last part about the fire, here is a little bit of information. Well umm about 20 minutes before I saw the little blue flame everywhere I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing I was playing with fire. I'm obsessed with fire.

And I didn't post this because I thought every event was paranormal, I mean I'm sure every event like these aren't paranormal, I was just posting this because I wanted to make sure that wasn't crazy. You know what I mean. Because I do need to know if there is something wrong with me, I do have a few problems but yeah, I don't know.

If you don't mind could you please respond to this I would really appreciate, I find you an your comments reliable. Even though I've only spoken to you on the web, I think you are a wonderful person. I'd like to see a new storie from you soon.
sushantkar in Constant Rattling
OK...whether I should called it terrified experience or funny... I am bit Confused .
You should consider yourself very lucky that it didn't harmed you.

elnoraemily in One Autumn Night
I will say that true Satanism is nearly dead. It's not common, at all. Something like "I love you, Satan" would not really make sense to their theology if they were using that place as a temple. I do think your brother definitely exaggerated, like you were saying. If it was true, it was likely kids being kids.

It could very well be collective hysteria. After telling the story, the mind has the ability to take over and interpret things much differently than what actually happened.

If not, then you could do a blessing that fits your personal beliefs.
elnoraemily in Every October
I had a talking Elmo as a child that would turn itself on -I never liked Elmo since.
It ended up being a wiring issue. That does not explain the reason you heard the footsteps though, or the repeat activity.

Very interesting experience, thanks for sharing.
Although I had not read your previous post but I must say that whatever that entity is, he wants your attraction and he is getting success by frighten the pets.
Maybe cleansing or blessing could provide him salvation from his stage.

With regards
Wish-Not in Taps And Glares
DUDEIMTHEKINGS- I'm going to kind of go a different direction on this. Maybe misinterpreting the tapping and by doing that has you on edge.
What if,... What if there was an logical explanation for the tapping. What if your house has finally reached the age that it is going to make sounds for various reasons. Weather conditions, the simple rise and setting of the sun. My point is IF there is a logical reason for the tapping, maybe you yourself are causing you to feel the way you do.
What if...
Thanks for sharing.
I agree, I think you psyched yourself out. The clown was creepy and you dreamed about it, meaning it was already in your subconscious. It's a creepy time of year with all the costumes, decorations and pranks.
sushantkar in Nishi
Hello allesgute154! Thanks for reading my experience.Yes,It was really terrifying for both of us.
The term Nishi get into my knowledge when I told the entire incident to my mother.

Wish-Not in Every October
cruzie- I think some times if a house has residential spirits that are normally passive, they are capable of having a bad day/night. In addition, I've experienced a mean one show up out of the blue. My story "The Big One" describes how down right mean they can get. It was one that wasn't there or was laying low and then BAM!
Thanks for sharing. Will be waiting for your next!
elnoraemily in Am I Crazy? Sreiously?
Well, Wish-Not took the words right out of my head and organized them better:P
Hey Sam222- Well let's tackle these things one at a time.
1. There are a lot of people that look like John Lennon.
2. The lettering on the book could appear different color by the lighting. Could change just by you moving to a different location.
3. Not to sure about this one,
4. Voices carry a loooooong way. I have experienced it first hand. They sounded 100 yards, ended up over 700 yards. Weather conditions effect it a lot.
5. The voices just could be left over energy. Paranormal kind of.
6. Have to chalk this one up as coincidence. You'll have more as you get older.
7. Going to go with humidity on this one.
8. Sometimes the mind and eyes plays tricks on us.

The important thing here Sam is NOT to go to the Paranormal on everything. Just because one does ACTUALLY experience one, does not mean everything thing else is. One must DEBUNK first, then debunk again.
Sam222 in The Pale Face
A t first I did think it was the suns reflection, but then I got rid of that idea because it just disappeared, and every time it happen it was always in the top half of the window, and from the looks of it I swear it looked like it was inside, and each time the reflection looked the same but in a different windrow on a diffrent day, and I should probably mention that the second time it happened I do remember it was a rainy day so there was no sun though it was not raining at the moment. Also, you may remember I mentioned this in the storie, Evry time it happened no one was home, I don't no if that's. A coincidence or not, but I have thought about the reflections and I'm not so sure they were reflections. Thank you for commenting man.
No you're not crazy. Try doing a house cleansing and see if that helps with the energy you're feeling. Some people are... Drat what's the word... They're more prone to feel energy then some of us. I think it's called sensitive. Usually a house cleansing will help block negative energies.
Aggers in Wide Awake
In sleep paralysis you don't have to feel a pressure or see someone sitting on you, everyone will experience it differently.

Now, if you would wake up in the middle of the night, fully mobile and actually see the man that would be a different story.
I think you're just psyching yourself out. I do that all the time honestly and think someone is out to get me when really it's just my stupid imagination. Especially since it's this time of year; give it a few days and try to focus on other, non halloweeny activities! Halloween is today so you don't have to worry about that for too much longer. Maybe focus on Thanksgiving/Christmas [or whichever Holiday you correspond with based on religion].
But whenever you're feeling afraid, just tell yourself to stop or reassure yourself it's only in your imagination. If you're feeling super brave, go back tot he friends/neighbors house that has the clown... Or even the store... And do silly stuff with it. I'm sure that could help clear your conscious. Don't break it though!:]
sounds like the thing is attached to you or someone in your family, so no matter where you move it will follow. I would try to get to the bottom of it by either consulting a psychic/ghost hunting group/or even a priest. Depending upon what your beliefs are and what you are most comfortable using and following through. I only say this because if it is throwing things at people, it will get worse.
Maybe it would be time to do a house cleansing for the sake of your puppy. He sounds adorable by the way. Otherwise, I am not sure how you would go about protecting him:[
Wish-Not in The Pale Face
Sam222- What you described could be reflections from the sun, clouds, condensation,...there are numerous variables that could cause this. Even the way windows are made can cause variations to what you saw.
One really needs to go to the logical options first.
You very well may have seen something para but I've learned to try to Debunk everything first. Then try again.
Thanks for sharing.
Oh wow cool, you live in Arkansas, that's pretty awesome, I live in maine it's pretty cold up hear I live by moose head lake. You have a great weekend too. Happy halloween.

P.s. Of your interseted there are two more recent stories by me that were just posted today.
Sam222-My experiences with them have been more passive than anything else. Now the first one I wrote about in "They Don't Like...". It was more of a black mass. It happened quick and I was more surprised than frightened. The last one I have not written about, YET. It was only a couple months ago. It showed up one Saturday at home. Reveled itself three times. Never felt threating or negative. So I would be quit hesitant to go off of shade or color. There are numerous stories in YGS that cover ALL possibilities. My last one seemed more of an observer than anything else.
I have been quite curious about these entities for a few years. I've had thoughts and some loose theories. But we'll leave that for another time. Thanks for your response. Have a great weekend. It's turning COLD here in Arkansas today. Lows are below freezing for the first time this year and even mentioned WINDCHILL! Geeezzzz lol
Aggers in Taps And Glares
It doesn't sound like a nasty spirit.
Ofcourse you'd be scared of something you can't see and don't know, just like you would be when a dodgy looking person is walking the same way as you on the street during the night.

They probably want to be acknowledged, just say "I know you're here, if you want to stay here don't cause me any trouble and I will do the same." Usually works, but don't be scared when you say it!
allesgute154 in Nishi
It must have been a really terrifying experience for you. I've heard the concept of 'Nishi' for the first time. Thanks for adding to my knowledge.
I'm an Indian too and I know how corpses are treated on the Ganga banks. Sometimes, half-burnt corpses are thrown into the river too. It's really horrible. Ganga is considered to be the epitome of purity and we humans are making it impure!
Yeah I've been think that lock isn't really paranormal, but I decided to include to see what people would think of it, and it may be a defective, it probably is, but there's still a chance it isn't and may be realted, but I'm not too sure about it.
You say you have dealt with these shadow figures before, well do you what they are exactly, I think there pretty scary, I've seen a whitish thing like this before but it's not scary, (I will post a story about this white one wich happened at my papas,) I have a theory that black paranormal figures usually represents bad usually and white represents good (not trying to sound like a racist), you know like black magic is bad magic and white magic is good magic. It kind of makes sense that way, but this figure hasn't harmed me. Yet anyway.
I've also heard of this paranormal like thing called the shadow men, I guess they appear in dreams, and sometimes in reall life, I did think this is a shadow man though.
Thank you for commenting I appreciate it I really do.
P.S. Do you have any stories on these shadow figure you've seen.
When I'm ready to sleep I turn over and when I turn over I can't see the doorway, so that means in can't see the figure but I still feel something's wrong. Look for another story that should be coming up soon call the man in the hall is back with something else, it's the next experience with this and very very recent, and there a lot more too, maybe you can help figure this out when you read this next one. Thank you very much.:)
Fantasyfan96 in Wide Awake
I am new to this site and this is the first story I read after registering and I can't be help but gape, this is just what happens to me too, ever since I was little! I wake up for no reason to other than feeling compelled, but it doesn't happens often, last time was a couple of days ago, woke up 3:00 am and just having the feeling of someone was in my room (which is practically the size of my closet).
at sharingiscaring...really? I have a few 12 year olds / early teens in my family. I can sit and have a in depth conversation about multiple subjects with them all, and I know for a fact they know to call the emergency services whenever needed. I would agree with your comment if we were talking about a 2 year old, but 12/13 years old, I would be more worried if they didn't think to call the police.
You are so right doe-eyedharu! After Superstorm Sandy we were the only house on the block without foundation damage. We lost a lot and had 8 feet of water in the house but we still had a house, which is more than I can say for other people on my street/community. Family is so important and it feels so nice to know that they are still watching out from us when they are on the other side.

Thank you sushantkar! It definitely feels residual most of the time but other times it fees as though he is trying to convey a message. There are times when he is seen in different areas in the house than the normal areas he "haunts" and something always seems to happen in that particular room. Either way, iIt's nice knowing he's here and he is welcome to stay as long as he wishes!
Mjr_Winters in The Wide Mouth Figure
I don't think Imps are haunting you by the way...
If you are pagan you know that... They also are Religious scholars in the era of early Christians... They call them Scholars

Mjr_Winters in The Wide Mouth Figure
Imps are often shown as small and not very attractive creatures. Their behavior is described as being wild and uncontrollable, much the same as fairies, and in some cultures, they were considered the same beings, both sharing the same sense of free spirit and enjoyment of all things fun...

(This is only my opinions and Ideas based on my experiences so please don don't take this seriously if you think it is not helpful)

Think Imps is haunting you... Maybe you have some sort of negative energy in you that your Boyfriend is attached to it because him also is haunting by it (dark figure shadow)... Any dark entity can shape shift in anything they like... And you said you have a shallow breathing when sleeping and your Boyfriend have a soft heart you know what I mean... And your are living with your Boyfriend right?... Something's missing in the details I think, you have not share everything... (sorry for personal asking) have you two sinned? any heavy case?...

Just wanted to know...

But, I'll pray for you guys... Be in God's way...
May the Almighty Blessing guide you...

Trio in Car Troubles
Notjustme - this is so sweet! I wonder if he was trying to tell you something. Was there speculation about what caused the accident? Is it possible that he wanted to indicate that his car malfunctioned somehow? Either way, I would say he was definitely there with you guys that night.
scary things happened to you my friend... I could say I've experienced that too... But not as terrifying as that... The shadows that are pulling you that night, do they have tails too?...and based on your comments and answers your praying on demon?... As I know in my opinions (this is only my opinion) if you pray for demon they take you out in the grace of light or God... And so you as you are getting further to the hands of God because you did pray for it..."a man who prays for devil prowls in the darkness" in my religion those who pray for them (demon) have sinned... And to erase that sin you have to talked to a higher priest... And that will erase your sin and get in to the path of life into the light... You said you have a cross in a necklace, is it blessed?...and there are shadows still following and you saw it always on the wall? can you sleep?...

Sorry for my sharing...don't be bothered this is my opinion only...

Great investigating... I am glad you as him/her that questions... Before helping... Hope to see more post in this site!... Happy

sushantkar in Wide Awake
Hello mantisshrimp! In Sleep paralysis, the person in this state feels awake but actually he is asleep. He also gets the feeling of an existence of someone in the room.
You said that you felt the same when you were in your boyfriend's house; I think that you might suffering from an isolated sleep paralysis.
So, I would also reciprocate the same as said by the other posters here.
Although, the above points are only my perception.

Searching_Stars in Leaning Against The Wall
Thanks for all your comments.

No, my sister was not a chronic smoker.

I can agree that it is possible that she was hallucinating but I really don't know whether that is true or not. It's her word against yours but everyone can express their own opinions. I personally think she was telling the truth.:)

This was not a passing family member. My sister and I asked our grandparents and aunts and uncles and couldn't find anyone fitting the description. My mother doesn't believe in ghosts so she thinks my sister and I imagined the experiences we had. We learned to not talk to her about it.

Thank you guys for your opinions. They mean a lot.:)
valkricry in Car Troubles
I thought I had commented on your story - apparently not. Personally, I can think of several reasons a car that was running a moment ago might refuse to start. However, when you add in a second car? The odds of that are surely astronomical.
Thank you for sharing.
CountingCoups in A Rural Church Cemetery
Thanks babygoat. I have a few more coming. I'm just pacing them out so that I won't flood the submissions with a bunch of my stories. I think I have three more incident stories, and then it'll be a wait until something pops out again and scares the s*$#% out of me.
Very scary... Would hate to have that happen to me. Also [at] Griff, I don't think many 12 year olds would think of calling the cops.
babygoatpuller in A Rural Church Cemetery
These are great stories Counting! Can't wait to read more and will add you to my favorites.
Thanks for the insight and replies I will definitely do my research on owls and their symbolism! However, no one could have pushed me as I was alone all around me not a living soul in sight, it was about 5:45am. Otherwise I wouldn't have been so frightened Surprised ! Thanks again for reading my experience. I will post my other experience when I am near a computer as I am mobile currently
notjustme in Car Troubles
Thank you readers for your time and compassion. It is amazing how much Derek has taught me while he was alive, and even more amazing how much more he taught me in the afterlife.
This sounds exactly like the little house I grew up in, minus the basement I am all nostalgic now.

This story was amazing. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. She sounds like a sweet soul.
Searching_stars - Have you guys ever asked your parents or someone in the family if this could be a family member that passed? That's what comes to my head first. Looking forward to hearing more! Thanks.
CountingCoups in A Rural Church Cemetery
I'm thinking that something followed me home after that day. I think I'll put what happened that night in my next story along with other strange occurrences I've had in different places. We cut grass there for the rest of the summer with no more incidents, so it was just one of those days I reckon.
Thank you for the wonderful sotry. I especially liked the part where she releases the dogs (maybe not so much for you Happy ), but I can appreciate a fellow animal lover.
Wish-Not in Car Troubles
notjustme- Isn't incredible how they can do what they do. I believe he knew what to do to see you there that dark night. Maybe you were able to bring some light to his dark night.

Thanks for sharing this one and all the others as well.
Fearghais- Great story. I'm BJJ with enjoying these type of stories. Sometimes "they" can cause stressful times by moving items like the keys. And sometimes one has to put boundaries with "them". You just tell them to pick something else to mess with as you explain why.

Again, great story. Love to hear more if there are any.
mantisshrimp in Wide Awake
Those I have talked to who have experienced sleep paralysis have described it like the feeling that someone is holding them down. They feel a pressure on their chest and panic because they are unable to move. I've never felt any pressure and I have experienced other things along with this. One was the person sitting in the chair, I was wide awake and was not in the half state you described, but I was so scared to move for a long time. Basically when I was fully awake, the man/thing was sitting in the chair and did not disappear until I turned on my light. Another instance was when I was at my boyfriends house, I woke up the same way (shaking myself awake) and when I finally was fully mobile, I looked up and saw a white face hovering over the doorway of the closet.

I am a very rational person and thought it may be summed up to sleep paralysis, but paired with other experiences, the only way I can describe it is my subconscious waking up my conscious before something (possibly bad) happens.
Ferghais, thank you for a most satisfying read. I think this is really the most common and most over-looked kind of haunting, simply because it isn't scary, and folks tend to sweep the not dramatic aside. Which is really kind of sad.
Sam, This might sound like a dumb bunny question, but have you ever tried laying (like you do in bed), anywhere else and seeing if these touches continue? I ask because I was experiencing the same type of thing (no figure though), but it stopped after I switched to sleeping 'upside down' (feet where the head use to be). It seems that some spring or something was applying pressure to a nerve causing these sensations. Sounds crazy, but may be worth a shot.
The rest of your experiences... Well going out on a limb here - you say the tug comes at your shirt tail, that's child height, I'm guessing that of someone between 3 and 5 years old. (unless you are super short?) The kind of touching you describe is also common from that age group in trying to gain attention. You might do some research and see if there's something in the history about a child that age.
Curious61- I just love "feel good" stories. This was great. That must have been soooo cooool.

Thanks for sharing.
mares13 in Wide Awake
So my parents used to tell me ghost stories which apparently they always thought were true stories (we're Hispanic and very superstitious) and as I grew up I started to think maybe they're right. I used to have that same annoying feeling a lot. Happened every night for months. They used to tell me, and let's face it they still do, that the feeling came from an unfriendly spirit who was directing their energy onto our bodies making us feel paralyzed. These "spirits" would send their souls to lie on top of ours making it impossible to move, speak, or even open our eyes making us believe we were dreaming. In some instances I would "wake up" and walk around the room and soon enough I would find myself sleeping on my bed. I would try to wake myself up but I couldn't. It's, apparently, on their time. They want you to see something. The spirit isn't always unfriendly. A friend of mine had experience the exact same thing. It was a woman trying to tell her where her body was buried. She notified authorities and she was right. All spirits want peace. Friendly or unfriendly. Whether they want you to leave them alone or they need your help.
I could read stories like this all day. These are the ones I find most believable, and that I most enjoy. I love that you were able to coexist with your housemate instead of running away screaming. Sometimes ghosts just want to be accepted, it's a normal human trait that carries over after death. I'm sure she appreciated the acceptance she was given.
Miracles - I think it'll be ok, as long as you don't start answering yourself;)
elnoraemily in Wide Awake
I agree with Aggers on this.

It's horrifying, but it's natural. I just experienced it again a few days ago and I could not fall back to sleep, even though I knew what had happened.

Essentially, you are stuck in between a dream and a conscious state. You know you are awake, but your mind and body are not quite on the same page. Your mind can continue dreaming- which is why you cannot move. Your body produces a hormone that freezes you to protect itself while you sleep. You can then see things that should be in your dreams or experience sensations that should not be there.

I would suggest getting a referral to go see a sleep specialist. They may be able to narrow down a cause. It could be as simple as stress to something like a hormone imbalance.
Aggers in Wide Awake
What you're experiencing, I believe is sleep paralysis.
Sometimes, the mind projects the things you'd see in a dream in to reality because it still thinks you're asleep as your body is paralysed.
Nothing to be afraid of even though it's really petrifying.
Sorry Sam, but I removed your comment for your privacy as well as the privacy of others in the apartment complex. Please don't post anything that could pinpoint your location on the internet, k? There are some people with seriously bad judgement out there.
DavidTHaynes in Sharp Teeth
Spirits are like us, in the sense that they are unique from each other, I have danced with a spirit much like your description, a very dark tall and strong built stereo typical bat like demon, he resembles a bat with sharp claws on the tips of his fingers much like a vampire creature, and yes gas very long sharp teeth a little like those fish that eat flesh but not as jutting.

You must understand that whether they come to you in whatever form determines what mood they're in, usually when they look scary to you it's because there playing around, a practical joke as it were. Or they want you to face your fears instead of running away from them as we mortals tend to do most of the time, do not lose yourself in the folly of fear, movies of exorcism and paranormal junk tend to play on it.
Instead understand that fear is an illusion created by a lack of understanding in something.

In my experience all they want to do is befriend us, but if you push them away out of fear you will hurt their feelings and they may either get very cross with you for rejecting them or they might leave.

Of course if they get offended by our rejection they might stalk you further especially in your dreams and even scald at you.

I have made these mistakes of rejecting them out of fear but later came to realise that my fear wasn't real at all and that there is no such thing as evil or good, only light and darkness and one cannot exist without the other, in the beginning their was the void which was nothingness that became self aware and birthed 6 different elemental energies, darkness, light, matter, water, fire and air. And each spirit as well as us as humans are a representative of these elements, and each of us have one particular element that dominates the other five determining our character and part to play in the unity of these 6 elements which makes the universe as we know it.

It is largely believed that depending on what time we were are born or created will determine what element is superior in us, I find it all really exciting.

I hope this helped in some way.
Sam222- That's a whole lot rolled up into one!

Now that lock issue could be a defective lock. I have had to replace a few in my lifetime that would misbehave.

But those shadow critters... Oooooo I've dealt with a few of those. Freak me EVERY time!

Waiting on your next. Thanks for sharing!
CountingCoups- That was exciting. Isn't it odd that you and your buddy had spent all that time working there and then "all of a sudden" they show up.

Curious about what you ended with what happened that night at home. Has anything happened there before? Or is it a stretch to think someone/something followed you home.

Great story! Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for your next.
I was wondering the same thing as BadJuuJuu.

I also agree that owls are usually seen as symbols of wisdom, but I know a few Native American tribes see them as a symbol of death. I don't think that is the case here though. It seems that it is protector.
I do have to what sushantkar already brought up. Fevers cause a mind to do strange things. You can very vividly hallucinate, especially after being sick and feverish for a while- and unable to eat much as well.
elnoraemily in Car Troubles
This is sweet.
Thank you very much for sharing this experience and I am sorry for your loss. I think it's amazing and bittersweet that he was making sure everyone knew he was there.
Hey Sam,

Is there anything around that area where your shirt got pulled, like an air vent?

I am wondering if maybe your room has a high electric field that could be messing you with. If a electric field is high enough, it can actually interfere with the signals in the brain, causing a large number of things- from mild hallucinations to feelings of unease.

Do you know anything about the age or history of the house?
The door lock is very strange. I don't have anything for that.
Sorry to interject, but...
Sushantkar, we have, unfortunately, published stories that have later turned out to be fiction. It isn't always obvious, sometimes the fiction isn't exposed until later. It's depressing, but true. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt. I like to think most of what we publish is true, but experience has taught me that sometimes it just aint. Be open minded, sure, but maintain some skepticism. We editors aren't all knowing, and sometimes we get hoodwinked, and in turn so do the readers.
Trust me, we kick ourselves when it happens.
Hi ifihadyoux! Sorry! But what does it means 'if it is true'?
If it is not true or simply based on fiction; it won't get published.
People here share their experiences amongst those who believe in paranormal or supernatural entities.

elnoraemily in A Recurring Encounter
Unfortunately, you do not have the power to declare something as false based on your own personal beliefs.

I would read the comment guidlines if I was you. This site is not for pushing a single belief. Just because you believe ghosts cannot take shape (the laws of physics say nothing at all about ghosts and the energy laws do not apply to a manifestation theory), does not mean that the story is false.

It is against the guidelines of this site to bully and declare a single belief as absolute truth. You have the right to your beliefs, but going around telling people their stories are fake because they saw an apparition crosses the line.
You owe my apology for getting it wrong. While reading I thought that you saw it in your room. I would be eagerly waiting for your forthcoming posts.
& Thanks for the greetings.

With best regards
Hi Curious61! It's just not your believe but it is believed by every single person in the world that our passed ancestors do help us when we needed the most.
It was a good story you have shared with us.

Uhhh... Your sister's story seems awesome if it is true! I always enjoy reading your stories.
P.s. I'm so happy to know that your 100th posted under my storie
I'm the only one seeing this that I know of I haven't asked any one eels yet, the only people who live in my house is my dad and my sister.
In your second sentence in your comment, you got a part wrong I "see" it in my room it was outside of the room.
Thanks for commenting I appreciate it. Be on the look out for mother one of my stories I submitted yesterday it's about this thing I saw in the story because it came back and it was an even worse experiment. When it's published it will be titled "The man in the hall is back with something else." But I have a few more stories coming out before it because I submitted several before the one I just told you anout
Trio - I'm impressed you were able to make sense of my first paragraph Laugh Last night my internet was throwing fits and apparently decided to rearrange what I had typed Wink

Anyway, yes, it was very strange to hear my voice coming from someone unseen LOL It was a "Huh?" and "What the!" moment for me Laugh
As sushantkar said, I've frequently heard owls are associated with wisdom. I would suggest researching owls, not just their symbolism but also the living animal, traits, hunting behaviors, etc. They're fascinating birds, and by researching them you may come across something that clicks, and applies to your day to day life.
Getting knocked over, not to sound cynical but the greatest threat always comes from the living. Could some jerk have just pushed you down? Maybe not even to be aggressive, just some guy in too much of a hurry running into you?
Hi amateurcartography, welcome to YGS.

You and yours experienced some very strange events in that house. I would say don't let the house's age fool you. I think if I build a house today, it still could have 'guests'. There could have been a house there before yours, or even the land itself could have had something attached to it, or they could have been attached to an object in the property, could have been any of a number of reasons for them being there.

Obviously you don't know the full side of everyone's experiences, so it is difficult to say if they were intelligent, or residual hauntings too.

If you find out any further info, please keep us updated.

Thanks for sharing Smile
francyne1031 in Child Abusing Demon
I completely agree Major:) Welcome to the site. Looking forward to your comments and ideas.
Any new developments Toy?
Wow, when I hear of a white owl I always think of that movie. Forth Kind I think it is... I would have definitely been creeped out also. I hope you weren't hurt when you fell? If it was me, I would try to think of this owl as a source of protection, due to you experience. Typically when we get older we loose some of the connection we had as children to the spirit world, for lack of a better term right now. So it's not surprising that you see this owl less the older you get. I'm glad you've only had one creep experience.:)
bigshotjeev in A Recurring Encounter
Dear elnoraemily I did not say that I do not believe in his story. The area which he has described I know that area very well because my father has an ancestral property in Dapoli. I have travelled to dapoli few times via Anjarle and Harnai stretch. I myself have experienced a certain chill or cold at certain spots when passing through that specific region. Next time I go I will stop and confirm the story about Ratna.

Also in any culture ghosts cannot take human form because it is against laws of physics or nature. Ratna's ghost can create illusion of human form but it cannot create human body out of thin air. Ratna can enter another person's body and control it for certain period of time but still she will look like that person and not Ratna. Also in all cultures gods have taken human form by being born to a human being. Apart from all Hindu gods, Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha and similar other gods were born to human beings. To maintain the balance or equilibrium Gods, Devil and Ghosts are bound to follow laws of nature.

This website is for sharing real experience and not cooked up stories as it is mentioned in the terms and conditions. So when I felt the second half was cooked up I immediately decided to mention it in my comments. It doesn't matter if the story is 1 year old, people are still reading it.
If you think it is paranormal, it may be worthwhile to try Rook's 3 day home cleansing method since others on this site have used it with a lot of success. I would definitely look up Rookdygin's home cleansing method and follow it exactly as he describes. I am sorry you had to go through all these experiences and now your daughter is experiencing something also. Maybe this cleansing method will help!
frangelica1 in Divine Intervention?
Hi Dom,

I just saw your reply back to me and thought I would answer your questions with some of my thoughts.

I think the white light was a divine intervention from God or via his Archangels. Archangels are associated with certain colors or lights including white light (you can search Angelfocus for info on the Archangels). I also think of white light being a sign of protection from God. Whatever interceded on your behalf probably left a strong protective bubble around you and evil usually will stay away from divine protected space and people. Your mother either has strong belief in God which repels evil or her room likewise has protection around it from some divine intervention, which protects her there.

You may never know what the light was but obviously someone was watching out for you since it stopped those horrible dreams and experiences. I think your Great Grandfather is watching out for you and requested divine help for you. You obviously have someone watching out for you!

Continued Best Wishes to you!
Happy to help sir!... Happy

Don't forget to pray that's the best...


Mjr_Winters in Child Abusing Demon
well then... Its up to her If she would like to accept those suggestions...It's just a Suggestion from my experience, besides no one can harm with that... I know you want to help her... Me too...

I know too that its hereditary traits... I've interviewed a lot of patients in the Mental Hospitals, Asylums, at some point of view... I discovered that some mental illness are not usually mental disorder at all even if it is heredity case... In fact others are truly seeing things we don't understand... Just like that others can't fully understand or accept If it is mental disorder OR Dark Spirits is true... I am just telling my point is, you can't know what your are doing when sleeping... (that's why I suggest a Video Recorder) and you can't know too about your health unless you are checked by a Doctor or a Professional...

But it's up you on how you plan to solve your problems... Ignore comments if you think it might get you in trouble... There are some people that wants to like ("hear me, not them" or "I'm correct and they're wrong") just like that so be careful...

By the way don't stop to pray to God for your Family and protect you always and guide you... That's the best way that there is!...

Wish you all to be in God's grace!...
I'll pray for you and your family also...