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babygoatpuller in Presence In The Parsonage
Make room for me! I'm on a liquid diet so make mine a double and hold the olives. Laugh

Crazypiclady- Was it a parsonage or a patronage? If it was the latter, please explain that. I think the rest of it has been pretty much covered so I'll be waiting with the lawn chair loungers. I've done fences and I'm done with fences.
Hi CrazypicLady, I had the same questions to ask about the crematorium and your parents not bothering to check up on you guys, yet you were "crying and shaking" all night.

*In S.A we enjoy our snoek braais (BBQ's), am I allowed to bring Fish to this fence gathering?
Chewybacca12345 in Did It Come With The Chest?
Wow that is creepy. A lot of things happen to me. Maybe you could email me some time at skylerbeverly38334 [at]
Bibliothecarius in Presence In The Parsonage
With the sauerkraut, please, Rook; I am a traditionalist. Wink

Argette & elenoraemily: a smiling tip of my hat.

Kraut and mustard, Rook, please. Naturally.

Biblio, that was an amazing comment. You raised excellent points/questions.
As a Wisconsin Badger, I'll take some, too, Rook.

Biblio, love your comments about Yankee ingenuity. I had the same thought. Frugality and ingenuity are two proud Yankee hallmarks. They work with Bagers, too.
Kielbasa!?! I would never disrespect my heritage by NOT preparing Kielbasa when grilling burgers and sausages. (Plates one up for Biblio. Would that be with or without kraut and/or mustard?)

I do hope the O/P returns and answers our questions...


maggirockz13 in He Saw Her
Yes, let's move on.
Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Kiki

I would have freaked out and probably had my own accident if he had appeared in my car like that. In which area are you? I am on the East Rand, I always feel lingering sadness at accident spots on our roads, poor boy.
maggirockz13 in My Cousin's Soul
HI Willow,
I loved your story as its so heart touching.
I think your daughter had a great bond with your cousin. I loved her saying "Hi buddy".
May your cousin soul rest in peace.

maggirockz13 in My Younger Sister
Hi Willow,
This story was a good read and also a little scary.
The blanket incident was chilling as it disappeared when you were about to show it.
And the most scary was the last when your laundry door opened and when your sister said that yes it left.
What was your reaction that time?
After all your sister is a brave women to tackle all this. Hats off to her.
And also you are brave to see all this.

Thank you for your story. The photo was very interesting as well. I suffered from exactly the same "scratches" which always seemed to appear overnight after I had slept. I searched the internet extensively for an answer and learned that they're actually extremely common. They have explanations ranging from ghosts, to demons, to aliens... I finally tracked my particular cause down to something FAR less sinister... My showering routine. The building I lived in was rather old, and particulates of sand were coming through the pipes while I showered. They would get embedded in my washcloth and I'd actually be inadvertently scratching myself while I washed, the marks matching finger positions as of course the fingers were pushing the sand against my skin. In the morning, after waking up the scratches had time to set overnight while the skin dried out and VOILA... Mystery scratches... They have in-line filters for shower heads you might want to look into...
Forget about trying to explain the dimensions of the walls and roof of that house, it's too late for that... And let's move on.

Take----care. Wink
Bibliothecarius in Presence In The Parsonage
Greetings, Crazypiclady.

First, I'll apologize that my first two comments on here have been directed to other individuals' comments, and not to your account; sometimes I like to think about what I've read before commenting. I re-read your account twice as I mulled over the details.

Several of your grammatical errors are normal for Americans; however, "downstairs" and "threshold" are compound words, seldom separated into the constituent nouns. In the paragraph devoted to the peculiar behavior with regard to the mirror in your hallway, I'm interested as to how "the water was running full force." I'm going to presume there was a bathroom upstairs; did it contain large porcelain or steel tables? Were there any similar furnishings or pipes apparent in your sister's bedroom, if that had been the mortuary?

The whole idea of a parsonage (the home of a protestant minister, supplied as a perquisite by the church in which he or she works) having being used -at an earlier point in its history- as both a funeral home *and* as a crematorium does have the air of shrewd yankee ingenuity about it. However, I'm having difficulty with the issue Wish-Not, RC, Argette, elnoraemily (Hey, Glad you're back!) and Rook *all* raised: how does an upper level of a house support the weight of the furnace required to cremate a human body? Even if you were living in a brick house, the floors would be made of wood, which would strain under the weight and would become brittle from the heat transference. That said, **how** did you "find out" this information? Had your parents known the entire time, or did a neighbor reveal this tidbit as you were moving out? If your home was a parsonage, was one of your parents working as a minister? (If so, isn't a belief in the supernatural --like God, angels, and hyperactive evil shadow figures who sprint about in teenage girls' bedrooms-- a basic requirement of being a sincere minister?) Did your parents ever address why the mental/spiritual wellbeing of their children wasn't important enough a reason to climb a staircase?

So, Rook, have you got any kielbasa going? I'm in the mood for something spicy. Everyone else: budge over a bit to make room on the fence, would you? Thanks.

I'm staying off of this fence! I agree with everything said, but, as a child, I sat on a fence and fell over backwards hitting my head! Not a fun time! I will bring a lawn chair and have a coke and some chips! (And before someone says it, Yes! I am the Queen of Run On Sentences!

Mother of Beagles
Oh, sorry, Biblio! Don't be mad!

Yup, agree with Zzsgranny. If you are on the first floor, you often refer to the basement as downstairs. At least at our house.:)
Born and raised in NE Ohio and a 2 story house has a downstairs, upstairs, basement/cellar, and an attic (although, of course, some have either/or/and basements/cellars and attics).
Nice story there Kiki. To be frank, I would've fainted and probably crash the car. You are very brave. Thanks for sharing
Bibliothecarius in Presence In The Parsonage
...And now Argette's beaten me to the questions I was going to ask. Dammit. Kidding -Biblio.
The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the funeral parlor went bust due to poor planning... Confused
However, I had to grasp a lot of straws to even think of that "reason".
I would not mind a burger thanks!
Mazzmarach in A Walk In The Woods

That mound of rocks you mentioned got me thinking of a cairn, but the one you described seems to be huge. I, too, am interested in what those two will turn up. If they're taking GoPros, maybe they can point them backwards while they're walking. Speaking of GoPros, has anyone ever sent a drone in there?

Awaiting your reply.
Rook raised some good points. But where I live, we often call the ground floor the first floor and refer to it as downstairs.

A parsonage would likely require some alterations if it were to be used as a funeral home and vice versa. I think some research into the house's past is in order.

I cannot imagine not having done such research before even posting here.

I'll get the popcorn.
Bibliothecarius in Presence In The Parsonage
Rook: Mazz beat me to it by 50 minutes! Yes, you do mean "syntax." -Biblio. Happy

Rook, I believe you mean syntax: how words are strung together to make sentences. I'm nowhere near the US, but the wording and syntax on this doesn't feel American - it actually feels a little Asian with the use of "the upstairs" and the layout of the house as described. To elaborate on the latter part of my comment: in the Philippines, the ground floor is the first floor.

I'm sitting on the fence here.
A moment please... While I also have questions concerning this submission I would like to ask them of the OP before passing Judgment on their submission.

1st: What is your families heritage? Your writing style is hard to place... And I really do not 'get' born and raised Maine from your writing style nor terminology. (Biblio help me out because I know that is NOT the correct term for what I mean... Is it syntax?)

2nd: You describe the bedrooms as being...

"My parents chose a down stairs bedroom and my sister and I would shared the upstairs."

Is this a European 'wording' or attempt at wording? (ie: Ground floor, First floor, Second floor would describe a 3 story building? Or does downstairs mean 'basement' and upstairs refer to 'ground level'. Which leads me to my third question.

3rd: Even IF the Funeral Home was constructed with a Basement, Ground floor, First floor... This describing a 2 story building WITH a basement its likely the living quarters were on the First floor, the viewing and preparation rooms on the Ground floor and the Crematorium in the Basement. This is because of the heat generated and 'sheer weight' of the 'oven' needed for the task 'at hand'.

4th: If my children were still awake, standing in the hall on the threshold of a bedroom when I went to bed I would have come up and seen what they were 'playing' at... A speech from 'some time ago' downstairs' obviously was not enough, so time to see WHY my kids are still up, as you phrased it...

"My sister and I stayed awake all night me standing on the thresh hold but never crossing it Both of us crying and shaking, the shadow looming over her and the feeling it gave off was pure evil."

I have Puff on speed dial, but for now, as I await a response from the O/P, I will just set up the grill, Hamburgers and Sausages anyone?


I'm joining Wish-Not and the others. I'll bring a sofa- fences are uncomfortable.

In funeral homes, as a general rule, the owners lived upstairs and the bodies were cared for on the main floor or basement areas. This is mainly for ease- the funerals and services would be held on a main level. Carrying a casket and bodies (that a literally dead weight) up and down stairs is highly impractical.

Having a crematorium upstairs is also highly unlikely.
He didn't seem angry. I felt like he wanted me to acknowledge him. And thank you for correcting me, it is called Santeria. Well this people would burn bones and other stuff several nights a month. I also saw a young boy two nights in a row and would have sleep paralysis extremely often. During these episodes of paralysis I would hear children talking to me and asking me questions. My mother tells me I was close to death at birth and that might have opened a door or made me sensitive to the other side. Who knows!. I write this several years after I posted this story. I haven't experience any mayor activity recently. Thank God. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thxs
A crematorium on the second floor? Highly unlikely.

I'm not buying this one.
Wish-Not:May I join you on the sidelines? Maybe have an informal fence-sitters gathering.
Ah! OK!

This reminds me of the joke about the US and GB being two countries divided by a common language. We use the same words but not for the same things.

Kiki, thank you. It helped me better visualize what was going on.
Wish-Not, when I first read this story, I was also thinking how odd it is to have a crematorium in the house itself. Yes, they get very hot, and that is why they would not be in the house but would be an outbuilding.

Something smells a little off to me here, but it is a good tale.
Hi aislinggreenan, another important note from me! Before deciding to clear the room of the settled items, especially the religious ones, please do take that trip to choose a religious item that you feel resonates and has meaning to you. You should ALWAYS have something that reminds you that you are safe, and then add a few things to do that make you feel happier as well.
Hi there, everybody! I would like to press-on for further opinions and thoughts about my house as I still don't have nearly enough information to reach a conclusion. If anybody would like to add something, please do so as I check this post almost daily.
Thank-you to all!
Karma points for everybody!
RCRuskin, I can only clarify by saying that it is a four way traffic stop with traffic lights directing the vehicles. To the right is a restaurant, small cafe and next to that is a busy pub / club / snooker place, and a church shortly after that.
The road after the traffic light is a high-way off-ramp, and from the direction I was traveling, there is a nearby school and a massive shopping center in the same direction as, a dodgy part of town.
So, somewhere in between, there are a lot of accidents there, particularly, because of the snooker place though.
Crazypiclady- Welcome to YGS. I am not sure I am understanding the layout of this house. Are you saying that you and your sisters room was on the "second" floor of the house?

By no means am I an expert on funeral homes but to have a crematorium on the "second" floor would be very unusual. Without some type of elevator if would be quite the struggle to get the bodies up the stairs. In addition, your room would have to be VERY large to hold the equipment involved.

That being said, I'm going to have a seat over here and order me some wings and a beer. I'll be here, watching the rest of the show... Skeptical
Kindly_refrain in The Amherstburg Asylum
Old_dude, I've been waiting for you to appear. I have read your accounts about a year ago, when I stumbled on to this site. I've thoroughly enjoyed your very spooky and amazing accounts, not just for the occurrences, which mostly were out of your control, but your excellent story telling.

I am a fellow Ontarian and visited Fort Malden for the first time in 2015. I was in the building you describe here but my thick as a brick sensing apparatus did not pick up anything (of course it was daytime).

I would love to see the areas you describe in your other accounts as well.

I was also at Casa Loma as a school kid; believe it or not it was done up in a Disney theme with an image of Mickey Mouse at the end of a long dark basement hallway.
Kindly_refrain, thanks for that explanation. I was extremely confused by the use of the term "robots." Pretty sure I'm going to start calling traffic lights robots now.

You are a very good writer, Kiki.
Well it has been a long time since I have been to the Asylum. We recently had a tour of the old fort and I went into the Asylum. It has been a long time and the building is now significantly different. It has been gutted and turned into a tourist museum. Walls have been removed, some built. If you tour it you can make out some of the original shapes and flow of the rooms. You can see the staircase but it is employee only access. I have to admit I don't remember the front entrance building attached to the front of the building. I don't even remember seeing it built. But it looks as if it has been there a long time...? I was only in there for a few minutes long enough to see the changes. Seems quiet and settled. Upstairs has been left somewhat intact. I guess nothing lasts forever. It's a pity our history is restored by turning original historic buildings and places into modern businesses. I recently visited Castle Loma in Toronto. As a kid I was able to go into the hidden passages, see the basement rooms tour all the rooms of the house. Walk along the passages that led into the attic. It was amazing. Now the castle has only a few rooms left. All roped off. Most of the passages and rooms have been torn out and modern offices installed. The central area has been hogged out to provide a handicap elevator. The whole basement is a tourist shop. The underground passage to the carriage house has not been maintained and will soon be removed from public access... Too bad they don't consider maintaining it or even restoring it. But I guess the high dollar rules! Too bad so sad!
RCRuskin, I was confused as well. I looked it up. "Robots" are the South African name (and other countries use the term as well) for traffic lights.
I've had experience with a dark shadow entity when I was young. Very scary indeed. Thank you for sharing.

It's hard to say whether or not these occurrences were because you were in a funeral home, but creepy nonetheless.
Elnora, far out welcome back!
Yes much drama you've missed. The bus still takes a spin from time to time and Padre's free angelical reading is still available.
Oh yeah. Wink
"I approached a robot which is well-known for accidents as it is in close proximity to a highway off-ramp and a busy pub"

I am not understanding. I know what robots are having programmed them as one of many jobs I held, but in the context of a roadside feature, it doesn't make sense. What do you mean by a robot here?

It's a JINN, not a ghost. It cannot be a previous owner, as it were never human. An explanation would be, as said, that the jinn used the place to pray and were disturbed. As beings of fire, jinns can get really pissed at people screwing their business.
I kind of feel you... In my old school when were 6th grade at our old comfort room at the last stall, an entity appeared... Scarred my classmate for a week... But before she did as soon as she was escorted by her friends into our class she was shaking & crying... 2 hours later (after our class ended) she shaked as if possessed. Mama later told me that what she saw was an aswang...
Hi Vivek,
No worries for your mistake.
Yes, many people get scared and carry lockets and books, my point its people's point of view how they believe in god, I believe in god from my heart and honestly I don't carry books and locket. People who do are their point of view I'm no one to say how they believe.
My uncle never mention about this incident again. He still fears this.

maggirockz13 in He Saw Her
Hi roylynx,
I would keep in mind that next time when I submit any story it is experienced by me only and if I have been in that situation. Sorry for any trouble created by me. I apologize.

Hi Miracles,
Thanks for your help and sorry if you felt annoyed, but I was just explaining thing I want to say. I apologize for my behaviour.

Hi Ladyglow,
Honestly you are now my fav because you are blunt and ask question very frankly.
Sorry as I couldn't mention many information in my stories and confusing you all.
And about the morgue, After that incident I have never visited. I have just heard that due to some problems its obvious to change the place. Why they did that I don't know. Why and how much money they have spend to change that I don't know. All I know is the morgue in not in 6th floor anymore.
And about this story its obvious that to go to the balcony you have to go through a door right? I have not mentioned any door that doesn't mean without any door they can't go to the balcony. My uncle didn't fell from the top of the door. Read the explanation Carefully and slowly again, maybe you have missed something.
And Sorry for trouble.

Regards to all
The parts with the cats in it made me laugh. The spirit is just teasing the cat by splashing it with water hahah. What a fun spirit. The story about the clock was really interesting and I've had situations like that happen to me before as well. The minute my grandfather died (he was living in Syria and I was in America), I woke up from a dream of him dying. The same exact minute. The phone rang not even 5 minutes later.

I'd cleanse just encase there's something not "okay" in that house. It's always better to be safe than sorry!

I also have a question. Do you remember if stuff like that started happening before or after using the Ouija board? If after, I think it could be because of you guys using it that all these spirits are always around. It was a nice story. I enjoy collage stories!
Don't worry BethAG, even though I haven't dealt with strange noises and physical touches, I do know a lot that have. You're not alone in this. The fact that your brother heard and felt the same way towards the kitchen shows that it was real and that should be enough for your parents to believe if you ever decide to tell them about it.

From what I understand, spirits feed off our energy to keep them strong or to even make them stronger. It's possible that it was doing it while you were alone to scare you more so you give off certain energies. I'm not 100% sure but it's possible!

I hope everything has been better!
OCGirl in Hello Mother
What a beautiful story. It's so wonderful when we can connect with our loved ones living or deceased. I think I have done something similar to your experience albeit slightly different.

Truly a beautiful & sweet story.
Thanks for sharing
valkricry in Was That Something?
elnora, good to see you're back!
Thank you, Martin and Miracles Shy
About your story, elnora... Not sure what you saw. Maybe the shadow likes popping bubble wrap? Honestly, sometimes ghosties seem to like making weird noises. An attempt for attention, maybe. I think it was Wish-Not, had a flatulent ghost (title was Tap, Tinks, and Toots). Now, that's going a bit far for attention, no? (I think I'd take the popping sound over that! Laugh )
toosexysof in The Dead Drunk Man
Hi, smigo95!

Very interesting. I've had a similar experience to you. It's just that the apparition didn't talk to me. There are times that we get to interact with wandering spirits and would just found out later what it really was. I guess we're lucky the ones we encountered wasn't malevolent.

elnoraemily in The Dead Drunk Man
This made me smile. I'm not sure if you see it as a positive experience, but I find it quite sweet that he just wanted to walk with you.
elnoraemily in Was That Something?
Oh, that is fantastic! Val is awesome <3

I can't say that I am sad to have missed those posts or the drama that followed. My desk can only take my head hitting in so many times.

And agreed, Martin, the mods here have always been absolutely excellent:P
Hi Infikiran!

I definitely can relate to your childhood nightmares seeming, really, very more real then they should. Were there any other nightmares that you had that you can remember? Normally, when there is bad energy around us, we process it in different ways, and being a child and that much more susceptible to it, I am wondering if it could have been evident in other dreams?

I definitely get the jeebies from your story!
I want to take the opportunity to thank our mods here for keeping this place sane! I just want this site to be a decent and mature place to discuss things paranormal, even with the difference in ages, cultures and nationalities.
Miracles51031 in Was That Something?
Yeah, I think BJJ needed a break. While you were gone, we went through a rash of idiotic submissions. The kind that make you want to pull your hair out and smash your computer into tiny, tiny pieces. And, unfortunately, during that same time some of our members were getting way out of hand.

As for new mods, a few months ago we welcomed valkricry as our newest mod. She has been a great help and asset Smile
Hi aislinggreenan! Thank-you for sharing your story with us, and for being so honest about everything. It's really difficult to speak to "normal" people or people who have never experienced this kind of stuff because it sounds like crazy-talk, or they have no idea what to say or do.
You probably have probably had a gift your whole life, a deeper more attentive and persistent sense about the things around you. The strangest thing is a lot of people have this kind of gift, or even a different type of gift like the ability to heal, talk to ghosts, sense if something bad is about to happen or even move things with their mind.
You say the room is full of religious items? Why don't you take them down and polish them, and decide if you'd like to put them back up? And then, go and choose a religious item that you feel connected to? Sometimes, you won't immediately find a bible that you feel resonates with you or a symbol of goodness that for some reason is sentimental to you, but, make sure you keep looking for one and at least, get something new that you like and that you feel has a good, lovely and safe feeling.
Also, if you'd like to, clean out your room and move it around, and think good thoughts as you do it.
One more thing you can do is find a phrase that you believe in, where it be, Christian or Buddhist. If you find yourself under attack, recite the phrase over again and again, and know, you will be protected.

I wish you the best of Luck! And, encourage you to keep writing to - Keep Us Posted!
lady-glow in Real Or Not
Welcome to YGS.

I hope you don't mind me asking few questions about your story, I find it a little confusing in some parts.

"Me and my friends used to hear many rumors, ghostly ones, about the top most floor in our school building..."

" we went to that floor and were going ahead when my bracelet fell, I bent down to pick it and my friends continued ahead leaving me behind. When I was about to call them I saw a black figure standing right beside me. I didn't scream..."

Where exactly were you when seeing the ghost? IF the ghost's supposed to haunt the top floor, does this mean you were already there or how far were you from it? Did this experience happen in a stairwell or in a hallway?
Could you elaborate a little more about the amount of light? Would it be possible that what you saw was your own shadow and, since you were already expecting to see a ghost, you just assumed it to be one?

"... I felt someone move past me; some black figure..."
I wish I, too, were able to 'feel' colour! Kidding

Have you been able to check if the death of the two girls is a fact or just another rumor, and if so, do you know if they killed their-selves in the school or somewhere else?

And lastly, thumbs down to your friends, first you went there in the hopes of seeing a ghost and then they didn't believe that you saw one!

Thanks for sharing.
KikiGirl in A White Baby
Hi Trumpjr16! That is a very freaky story, and thank-you for sharing your experience with us!

I can definitely relate to how you felt looking down your darkened passage, I often feel it here at home, as well. Although, I have never seen anything quite like you described!

Furthermore, I have an passionate and fervid belief that if you do not have discernment, ANYTHING can appear to you as, well, anything! For example, a demon can look like a child or angel, or an angel can look like... Well, anything!

Good luck! And, please post more stories about your experiences.
KikiGirl in In Over My Head
RCRuskin! Thanks for your post!

I definitely think that your certain intuition, natural sense/s and assertion is an essential goodie in deciding when to deeper explore a person, land or object.

If I break down the word, described as, "ssooollsss" into syllables, would it not be proper to assume the word to be sols, instead of, so-lace? The crux of syllables usefulness and denotation is within the vowel usage.
Google definition: "a unit of pronunciation having one vowel sound, with or without surrounding consonants, forming the whole or a part of a word; for example, there are two syllables in water and three in inferno."

On my last point, I can speak / write for hours, and I apologize because I adhere that it was not your primary proposition to the readers is the "remote viewing" ideation. I have come across articles written on this topic but there was not much feedback or information provided on the subject. May I ask;

1. Is remote viewing as construed in your story the same as, when a person may close their eyes and find this faculty is seeing elsewhere, and is determining a different location or person, which, is not conscious nor premeditated, or, within the vicinity of normal and adequate sight sensory perception?
For example, refer to post by trentinray.
1A. Could you elaborate further on this phenomena or ability, if possible?

2. Is determined by your own sensory-perception which is able to view a location or person which is not in the vicinity of normal and adequate sight sensory perception? (As described in the, "envisioning by consciousness and sensory... Something", post?
elnoraemily in Was That Something?
I did see that BJJ is gone: (I haven't stumbling upon any of the new mods yet!

I do have a few new ones, mainly from my sister:) I shall get to work on those and read your new ones!
lilpeachyghost in Fairy?
I read this and couldn't help but think of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell but on the other hand, maybe the little boy was the little ball of light too, like his aura or energy? Awesome story!
I lived near Oswestry, and I meant my specific area is half England / half Wales, we had to travel around an hour to get to Rhos y Gwaliau.
lilpeachyghost in Shadow Encounters
Hi sds, apart from me and my fiance, no one else has had a sighting in the house whether that be a shadow person or a partial or full apparition. I really don't know about the history of the house and I'm not sure how to go about researching it either. I do know that it's very old, though!
Infikiran in Home Sweet Home?
Thank you so much for this detailed account. Very interesting indeed. I'm pretty sure I would've jumped out of my skin if I saw my dead neighbor in my room with me.

In the photos you shared, is there any way you could upload a higher resolution? I'm having a hard time seeing the ghosts in the mirror. It may be the light from the flash.
Elnora- Welcome back! Hope all is well. Indeed things have changed but most things do.

I usually just set back and read. I'm not as active with the comments as I once was. Someone is bound to write what I am thinking.

It (some members), like the world now, is easily offended by the smallest thing that was not intended.

Still have great mods, including great new ones. Wink

Hope to see you around. Maybe you have a new story or two to share. I think I've added a few since your LONG hiatus Happy
Infikiran in A Walk In The Woods
Very interesting indeed. Please let us know what you find out.
Sutherland (guest) in Clicking Tarot Cards
It'd be interesting to know the whole tarot and not just Temperance.


But first, that clicking is no left over nature spirit stuck to the wood.

After all, unless it is a rather old deck the natural "aptitude" shall we say of modern tarot cards ensures that likely won't happen. Most tarot cards nowadays [including the wood cases] are, after all, mass produced and have as much "nature" as a Monopoly piece.


So either you or your friend with the "immune" mother did it. Given how Temperance landed for her I take the claim of immune with some salt.

But that's something wanting your attention. Click, click, click. Pay attention to me. Click, click, click. Play with me. Click, click, click. Come on you know you want to.

It is sort of like how a child will knock on a wall until it annoys its friends, parents, siblings into doing just that. Paying attention to it. I doubt, however, this is some friendly child wanting a playmate.


My suggestion is one of two.

You can find a cleansing/purifying act that appeals to you. You have to balance yourself out first. You're edgy around these cards which just won't do. Try meditation, or whatever works for you, to settle your nerves first.

Or you can bury them. You can even bury them after that cleansing act.

Find a place that hasn't been disturbed for a while, under a large old tree. Birch, ash, and if you can't find either a cedar will have to do. Dig a nice hole. You don't have to say anything - I'll never understand some pagans and their need to talk out loud [do you think aboriginals, for example, talked out loud when they worked in nature?] when doing things in nature as if expecting nature to answer them back - but make sure you are thinking respectfully and even in your mind explain what you are doing.

You can dig them up again later on when you have a better grasp of tarot. At least leave them there for a bit and don't try digging them up a month later. Yes, yes if you google it some sites will say burying tarots in the earth for seven days helps purify them. That, however, is when you don't already have something attached.


But tarot cards, like the ouija board, are perceived by some as Occultic. Sure either seems innocent enough when nothing goes wrong. Thing is, is both concepts are far older than the commercialized ideas you see pandered at the local store. And sometimes one really does just happen to catch the attention of something that is best to be avoided.
RANDYM in Hello Mother

To answer your questions

1st, These experiences didn't take place right after finding out I was adopted. I found out I was adopted at age 40. These things happened
16 years later. I am now 58.

I found out my Mother grieved for me from a brother I found out I had
And after meeting one of her best friends.

AS for it being a demon.
I know that one can never be 100 percent certain of who they are communicating with when it comes to the other side.
That said, I choose not to jump on the demon bandwagon just because of that uncertainty.
There is NO one particular hour that one needs to be worried about.
Be it 3, 3-4 or any hour. All hours are the same.

As I stated, it was just a gut feeling.

Bibliothecarius in White Mist Over Them
Greetings, Laura-Teri, and welcome to YGS.

I'm going to agree with BrokenTree's assessment because there is either a reflected light (camera flash from your uncle's forehead), a direct light source in the frame (sunset through a window, a candle), or a combination of the two (picture 3) and the blur is in roughly the same location in each image. I suspect there may be a small chip or fracture in the lens which is more apparent when an intense light is present in the image.

I do look forward to more details about the activity in your home, as this sounds like you've lived with very active ghosts. (It may be a an odd reaction to one of my personal fears, but I'm really curious to know how you learned about the girl who drowned.)

Sutherland (guest) in Hello Mother
Nice story, however, I'll have to say that it is unlikely that voice belongs to your mother. Ever heard, for example, of the demon Legion? It doesn't speak with one voice but many.

Demons and their ilk are very well versed on preying upon individuals who are unsettled or emotionally unstable. The fact that you have experienced this shock in a way of being adopted won't help.


I mean how do you know that your mother mourned you from the day you were taken? Did you find her journal or did this voice tell you that?


Also I've seen it mentioned a few times, but the witching hour isn't just 3am like so many believe. The hour you should be really concerned about is between 3am and 4am.

There is, after all, a reason why you'll likely never find any Catholic church holding service, and you'll be hard pressed to find devote Catholics even considering the idea of prayer, during that hour.
Sutherland (guest) in White Mist Over Them
If it wasn't a problem with the camera I'd expect this "mist" to be in different positions. It isn't. So as BrokenTree said it is more likely a problem with the camera.

I have, after all, lived in plenty of haunted houses. Including one where they actually kept the bodies of the dead in the parlor after a terrible accident for "viewing" as the church basically held a mass funeral.

Mists, orbs, etc. Generally move about.
The_Banker in Hello Mother
It really would be nice if it was your mother talking to you. However, I have heard some stories that some entities use your weakness and pose themselves as someone you love and lost. Some entities are not that friendly and can mean harm.

Praying for your safety.
ladydarke, as indicated in our contact page, youtubers and others definitely require permission from authors here to narrate their stories, along with a reference to YGS as the original source.
Sutherland (guest) in A Walk In The Woods
Well, truth be told without seeing it, those rocks you disturbed sound rather like an aboriginal cairn. Burial mound. We had a few near where I was living years ago. They are generally a little oversized in relation to the human.

That's likely why the prior chap had respect for the woods. He had either heard it himself, maybe is father had told him or another local, about it and whatever folklore went with the area.

As for your friend's concept of a "dark fairy" you'll have better luck trying to locate some old locals, and maybe even some aboriginals, and asking them the folklore of the area. Ask the buddy who told you about the previous owners about the surroundings. But for the record that is no dark "marrow" fairy you've run into.


But if it is what I think it is, you'll be relatively okay if you show all due respect.
Sutherland (guest) in A Horrible, Horrible Place
Interesting, however, one thing. Rhos-y-gwaliau, by Bala, isn't exactly "half in England and half in Wales". Chirk, a more border town, is about 50 minutes away.

If you don't mind me asking where'd you grow up. You don't have to say the exact town just nearby. Yr Wyddfa / Snowdonia has, after all, always been steeped in folklore about what wanders there.
elnoraemily in Was That Something?
Oh, Wish-Not <3

I've missed you! I'm touched that you checked in on me <3

A lot is different around here: (
Hi GuamGirl671! Thank-you for writing your story for us to read! I read a little bit about Guam and it says that the island was colonized, quote from wikipedia "Guam's history of colonialism is the longest among the Pacific islands."
In countries such as this, and cities, there is often paranormal activity and ghosts. Specifically, when a country had been through several wars, as war-time is a period of loss, disaster and destruction. Many people lose their lives from bloodshed and illness, and many die young. Such is the case whereby a spirit will linger either from confusion or having something they had not yet accomplished in their life.
It must be mystifying, pensive and disconcerting, but, at least the ghosts seem subdued with their own memoirs, and don't interfere too discourteously with the people on the island.
elnoraemily in White Mist Over Them
Miracles! <3

Somehow, I didn't realize it had been... Literally years. Time flies, I suppose!

Things have changed quiet a bit on here, but I'm looking forward to settling back in:)
elnoraemily in A Walk In The Woods
I will say those woods are gorgeous. I grew up near Michigan and it is beautiful.


I found the incident with the light and the wind fascinating. I have no real explanation for that, since there typically aren't many things in the woods that a light could reflect off in that way.
Miracles51031 in White Mist Over Them
elnoraemily - welcome back Smile When you take a break, you take a break! Laugh
elnoraemily in White Mist Over Them
There could be a problem with the camera itself. BrokenTree was right that the blur all seems to be in the same area, which could point to a problem with the lens, ect.

That is a lot of activity in the house.
Hi there, Vschultz21! I really dig... Dug your story?!
On your picture, I can't see it very clearly to be fair but, I do see some sort of figure on the left, and the forest seems like it might have some secrets hidden in there!
Can I ask you a few Questions?:

1. You mentioned doing sitdowns at several quite unnerving sites which could have genuine para-activity going on? What were the results from the two sites you mentioned:
A. Mansfield State Prison
B. West VA Prison

2. You said, you felt as though there may be a layer that you could not or were not supposed to cross;
A. Can you elaborate more on these circumstances?
B. Do you ever take a psychic with you?

3. Have you never encountered a spirit or ghost who asked you to leave? Or, to run? Or, said that there was something evil presently residing on the site?

4. Why are you choosing/involving prisons to employ overnight lock downs? A. Is it because you believe the site should, in fact, host larger natural para-activity?
B. Are you searching for 'something' particular?

Thanks for your article! I hope you will give us more feedback in the future!

Did you give permission for this story be narrated in a YouTube video by a channel called HorrorStudio1?

This is a link to the video:


He does a nice job reading it, I think, but no credits are given in the video or in the about section. I listen to this horror story channel quite a bit and I really hope the guy was above aboard with you and had gotten permission.
Summer: I hope you are still around. I've solved part of the mystery about what the movement is on the bed - at least in my case. I think it might be similar for yours.

Lately this new third eye vision of mine has been slowly improving. The other day I was able to get the best look at it so far. Let me start by saying that my bedroom is blacked out due to me being a day sleeper. I mean it is really, really dark and about impossible to see anything even with your eyes adjusted to the darkness.

I was lying on the left side of the bed and on my left side which means I was facing the interior of the bed. I had just slipped into a light sleep when this thing woke me up by the bumping and its movement on the bed. With my eyes still closed, I was able to see it standing over me with my third eye and my real eyes closed.

It was humanoid in shape with a smooth, round, hairless head. I was able to make out just a hint of nose and cheeks, but not enough other detail to tell if it was male or female or even human. It was just too dark in the room to see any details on it, but let me tell you, it was very disconcerting to see it. It has bothered me for several days now.

I've come to realize that the larger thing that I've been feeling moving on the bed is a cross section of its torso where it intersects the top of the bed. It wades through the bed as if it were water. The smaller shapes I feel moving around the larger one are its arms which are flailing about wildly and reaching out toward me. Have you ever seen a video of an airplane propeller where the scan rate of the camera nearly matches the RPMs of the propeller? The propeller blades appear to break apart into pieces as they spin around. That's what this thing's arms reminded me of.

When I lay down in bed and start to fall asleep, I will typically feel a little bump at the back of the bed. That would be this thing approaching the bed from the rear and walking through it. I then feel the larger spot moving back and forth, from head to toe. That would be it pacing back and forth alongside me. Then, it lies itself down and gets inside me.

I did some measurements after, and gauging from the angle it appeared to me and its position, that would make it 4 to 4.5 feet tall relative to my floor. There is a possibility that it could be taller and walking with its feet partially submerged into the floor and foundation of the house. When it is inside me, I feel its head in my head and its feet at my feet, so it is the same height as me when it's in me.

A couple days after I got a good look at it, I got a poorer look when I was awakened by it in the same manner. I saw just a vague black shape over me using third eye vision. I opened my real eyes, but there was no change in my vision. I was still seeing the same. I think it was my third eye vision overlapping my physical vision. Anyhow. I was able to track it with my real eyes in a totally dark room but using my third eye vision to actually see it - I hope that made sense. When it saw me looking at it and following it with my real eyes it got very still (for a change!). I could sense a little discomfort from it. It then withdrew and left me alone for the rest of the day.

This is all very strange, and I don't know what to make of it. The shape, height, round hairless head, and long thin arms reminds me of a grey alien. I'm not saying that's what I think this thing is. It just reminds me of that. I'll keep trying to improve my vision and hopefully get a better look at this thing. I'll keep you updated.

That was scary. Lucky you, there were spirits that warned what not to do. But if I would be the one to experience them firsthand, I'd go nuts Smile .

Hello, sds!

Yes, we told her what my friend had seen and she listened to us but she didn't do anything about it. She had her share of ghosts and unexplained events much more and more frequently than I had so those things seemed normal to her.

We stayed in that apartment for 6 years but none of us had seen the lady. I was able to witness one but the entity was outside the gate and I was inside the house (a story I shared entitled "I Wasn't Aware"). And though we never had the chance to see this ghost, we experienced movements sporadically (I'll be sharing the story at a later time).

As for the neighbours, some claimed a man accidentally died by gun shot there when it wasn't an apartment yet but because my mother was friends with the landlady and she pretty knew the family, we didn't believe the story we were told.

Hauntings really are odd. They're inexplicable phenomena to me.

Thanks for taking time to read my post. Tc!
Hola, Alexandrapr369!

You're such a brave lady. These experiences you had were really frightening. It's good you handled them well and nothing bad happened to you no matter how aggressive they were. Take care always!
toosexysof in I Wasn't Aware

Yes, I'm actually thankful that my encounters with the paranormal weren't really frightening. I mean, I'm unlike others who aren't afraid of ghosts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Smile
Bibliothecarius in Granddaughter Is Scared
Greetings, Gma69.

You've received good, sound advice thus far. I'd just like to add a note of caution.

You stated that, "My daughter has told me that she has heard things in her lower level, such as things dropping or things being moved" but when you've both heard it, you "kind of just brush it off as nothing." This is perfectly fine & rational behavior. Some of us (not me, but several respected posters on YGS) have extra residents in our homes who mean no harm at all. However, as I read your next description of events, "she has seen partial shadows in her bedroom," I noticed that your writing became more guarded & cautious. Based upon the subsequent action being conversation with the neighbors, I'm going to hazard a guess: The shadows scared her, didn't they?

Whatever is making the noises is not necessarily the same phenomenon as the shadows.

If your daughter was surprised by the shadows, that's a normal reaction to the unexpected; if she felt real fear at the movement, location, size, or shape of the shadow/shadows, then her instincts are telling her that there is a real problem which you, as a family, need to address.

Please let us know how you're getting on.

alexandrapr369 in I Wasn't Aware
hey there! I was about to say the same thing as Myst said: maybe you were at the right place at the right time! You mentioned that you didn't feel scared, no goosebumps, nothing; so it wasn't bad at all. I also agree with KikiGirl, maybe he had not processed yet that he was dead and was visiting his sister like normal and you just happened to see him there.
I'm sorry I'm trying to understand, he had seen the same thing you saw before you woke up?

"I looked back at whatever it was, screaming for all I was worth. It had moved closer and was moving its hands up and down like when people are trying to say "calm". It was also shaking its head. I was hysterical and just repeated in a scream to James, "Turn the light on, turn the light on, turn the light on" then I reached over and tried to turn my light on. The thing seemed to lumber towards me and I finally turned the light on, tearing my eyes off of it to find the switch" so how long would you say it was there? And all the while your freaking out did he not see it also or was it more like he was focused on you and didn't even look to see what your freaking out over?

Much love and respect Love
The former owner had respect for that forest and everything that is in it. It seems he had good reason, and I strongly suggest that you do the same.
as usual, I find myself putting in a word rather late but... Who on earth would respect a ghost hunter named "Pussy Spring" (first cat and Spring St)
Just doesn't have the right... Gravitas Confused
Hi Laura-Teri! Thanks for writing your article.
I cannot imagine how it must feel to be in such an un-explainable and uncomfortable position, and most especially when you can't get answers. I can tell you that I have also lived in a few haunted houses, and what I can sort of see, about your house or ghosts is that they do seem to, at the very least, try and not interfere with you and your family. That is significant because it means that;
1 or 2 of them are stuck or lost:
They do not know where they are or that they have passed so they go about their business as they would if they were alive. However, every now and again, they manage to move something in the house like a door or maybe, an ornament. It's not malicious, maybe they were just going about their day and happened to move something without meaning to.
Yes, alexandrapr369! That is precisely how it is, there are certain animals that can provide us with help and knowledge beyond just our physical world. Your comment definitely made me feel a lot better, thank-you!
RCRuskin, I have just given your comment a karma point!
Thank-you for all of your insight into my experience, and for clearing everything up for me. You have definitely given me new information and additional particulars about an encounter such as this. I will remember all of the points that you supplied for future.
Miracles51031 in A Walk In The Woods
I guess I should have finished my thoughts before submitting that last comment. All the hunters I know, and I know plenty, are generally unafraid of anything in the woods. Which, to me, means whatever your friends saw definitely was not something they are accustomed to seeing. I am very curious whether it was a faerie or another elemental being, or something completely different.
Miracles51031 in A Walk In The Woods
PrestonJ - this is a very interesting story. The mound of rocks could have been a burial site for an animal, maybe horse or larger animal like that.

I also am very interested in an update if you don't mind sharing it.
BrokenTree in White Mist Over Them
I believe this to be a camera problem. If you look at each photo, the blurriness appears to be in the same place in all the photos. I would take the camera in for repair.

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