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darkangel-sai in Haunted Hostel
bhai bhala lekhichha. Hele ctc re emiti 150 barsa puruna heel kauthi acchi daya kari tike kahiba.nanaskar
Wish-Not in The Big One
Manafon- It was a very unique sound. As I said in the story, have never heard anything like it before or since. My description of it really didn't do it justice. That's the best way I could describe it. I'll never be able to forget it.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Will be looking for more stories from you.
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in Could This Be My Guardian?
Valkricry and Elnoraemily, thank you both of explaining. I do know exactly what you're talking about now as i've been looking into meditation and astral projection over the past few months so I completely grasp what you mean - i'd never heard of it in those terms before though.

Thanks again

Happy Love
Hi AngeLeeS... Very scary experience you had. Trust in god and start praying. Your problem will solve.

God bless you... Happy
Aprajita in Highway Nightmare
My ghosh! Such a scary story. Really I feel pity for that bride... And I really want to know what would have happened to her. Maybe she was seeking for help.
Hi, AwffulWafflez Nice and scary experience... Is family didn't tried to move the entity? Did you asked the history of house? From how many years they're experiencing the things?

Please revert.

sheetal in A Man In My Room
Hi, carol9510hotmailcom I liked the way you describe his appearance. Just try to find out History of that place.

AWarmGoodbye in Tatay
I feel bad for you: (
I can feel your pain and your loss
I wish your dad is alive and can have your happy moments with him. I think this is your darkest hour then... Is it? I wish your dad can visit you I think he has work to do in heaven or has a important mission

AWarmGoodbye in A Night To Remember
My cousin told me about that Big black bird in philipines (I am in philipines) if you have someone pregnant in your house that creepy black bird come into your house and eat the baby. Get a tail of a sting ray its helpfulit is called buntot pagi
PortiaTrinabel in Hearing Whispers - Black
The color black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and as a result it creates an air of mystery. It keeps things bottled up inside, hidden from the world.

In color psychology this color gives protection from external emotional stress.

It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding its vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self confidence.

Black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light.

Black hides, while white brings to light.

What black covers, white uncovers.

We all use black at various times to hide from the world around us in one way or another. Some of us use it to hide our weight; others among us use it to hide our feelings, our fears or our insecurities.

In color psychology, black means power and control, hanging on to information and things rather than giving out to others.

Black is intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the power it exudes.

It can prevent two-way communication because of its intimidation. The salesman wearing all black will make a lot of sales, but no friends! It radiates authority, but creates fear in the process.

Black implies self-control and discipline, independence and a strong will, and giving an impression of authority and power.

Black absorbs negative energy. It is useful to carry something black with you to protect you from harm and negativity when traveling or when going about your usual daily activities outside your home.

People who like black may be conventional, conservative and serious, or they may think of themselves as being sophisticated or very dignified.

The color black is often seen as a color of sophistication, as in 'the little black dress', or 'the black tie event'.

Affluent and success orientated women often choose black as it can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence.

Black is often associated with sexiness and seduction, as in the temptress in sexy black lingerie creating an air of mystery and intrigue. It can also imply submission to another (including a sexual partner), similar to the priest wearing black robes in submission to God.

Black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning. When the light appears, black becomes white, the color of new beginnings.

Teenagers often have a psychological need to wear black during the stage of transition from the innocence of childhood to the sophistication of adulthood. It signifies the ending of one part of their life and the beginning of another, allowing them to hide from the world while they discover their own unique identity. It is important they go through this stage but a worry when it continues on into adult years if they continue to wear black to the exclusion of other colors.

Too much black can cause depression and mood swings and create a negative environment. Combined with white only, it can create an argumentative atmosphere.

It is best to use some color with black to lighten and brighten its energy.
Hmmm... Well I had to wonder as I had that happen to me once. Somehow my reflection in the mirror was bouncing off the window glass producing a face. And I am glad your grandma isn't 'freaky looking' Laugh .
MissAngelaA in Finally Making Contact
The posts are so wonderful:)

Miss Revajane, I hope you also find the contact with your late husband that you are looking for... Just clear your mind and heart and don't overthink the message too much. Remember, once we pass on we are all "ok" we're not in pain or feel anything negative from here, all is goodness:)
Well, I am honored that you made my entry your first comment! You say this story was a blessing for you, I won't ask why - to do so would be to pry, but if the re-telling of my mother's experience lifted you in some way, then I believe that Christmas Spirit, she met that bitter cold night, is still hard at work.
Thank you! Merry Christmas and hugs to your two 'bratz'! Smile
Again a damn scary story sheetal... Very nice one! Thanks for sharing it with us!
My regards to you!
Although I have been reading stories on this site for a long time this is my first time to comment. I just had to tell you what a blessing your story was!
Merry Christmas and God Bless!
rookdygin in A Man In My Room
I wonder if in your half asleep state you managed to somehow project yourself (astral perhaps?) and then appear to this 'evil looking guy'. You say this happened only the one time so its hard to say what you truly experienced. Heck it may have been a very 'real' dream.

Thanks for sharing... I wonder, if you projected yourself, what the other person has told people he saw over the years..."Dude, suddenly out of no where I saw this 10 year old kid with the strangest expression on its face..."


sabbywhiteer in Is Thirteen My Number?
well valkricry it was not a reflection of anything. I double checked the room and the figure was quite freaky looking. It was a women but of course my grandmother isn't freaky looking. Smile
ohthatsfreaky in The Man in Palmer Park
I believe you! This past July my husband and I took our dog for a late run at the dog park while we ate some burgers. It was close to 9:30p.m. And our dog was running around the enclosure sniffing everything as we enjoyed our late dinner. We are both sensitive to the paranormal, and often compare what we feel. We were talking and enjoying the cool night when a low long whistle suddenly cut through our conversation. All of us (dog included) immediately stopped. Our dog's fur and t and the hair on the back of my neck to stand straight up. A second whistle came from the woods in front of us breaking the silence. Our dog Lucy then bolted for the gate on the other side. My husband than looked at me and said that's our sign to go. We left the park going around it instead of through like we normally do when heading home. Talking to older family members this shadow man has been seen since the 1960's, just can't trace his identity.
Wow amazing story, can't wait to here more experiences you've had over the years! Would love to hear them!
But for this story, I've never herd anything like it! The first thing I thought of was leperchnos of a knom, don't know if that would help you figure out what they were but it's a suggestion:)
Take care!
Manafon in The Big One
Hey Wish-Not, I really found your experiences at this house extremely interesting and well conveyed. The sound you heard was particularly intriguing. It's a sound that doesn't make a lot of sense and that seems to be par for the course with a lot of paranormal stuff. In the early 1990s I was living in an old building with a German restaurant downstairs and three apartments upstairs. One night my then girlfriend (now wife) and I were awakened by the bizarre sound of a car squeeling its tires as if it was in our living room. It grew louder and louder and then the whole apartment filled with the thick smell of burning tire rubber!

We were completely stunned by all of this and we looked out the window to see if we could see a car doing this. A fresh snow had just fallen as it was February and ther was no car anywhere in sight, just the three cars of the people who lived in the building covered in snow and silent. Yet the sound persisted for five minutes. The burning tire smell was so bad we had to open all the windows and get out fans to disperse it. One of our apartment neighbors had an unused alarm clock in his closet go off at exactly the same time we were hearing the car tire sound. He didn't hear anything but the alarm which seemed impossible as the tire squeeling sound was so loud.

The sound, like the sound you described didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason but to attract our attention. It did! Also found your story of the stereo turning itself on intriguing. I had to unplug my new stereo at the time every night otherwise at three in the morning (or around that time) it would start a loud rythmic thumping that would rise in volume until it was shattering. The stereo monitor light would pulse in unison with the thumping. Took the stereo in to two places to have it looked over but was told both times that it was in perfect condition. I have a lot of wild stories from that place and I even uncovered a few answers to some through the local historical archive (like the identity of a full bodied apparition I saw one night). I will have to write of some of those later and shut up for now. Anyway, your stories have been truly interesting. Thanks for sharing them.
Wish-Not in The Big One
ifihadyoux-That would be cool and funny. But that's the reason I choose my screen name. This was nothing I wished for or would wish for. They still scrare me from time to time. I believe most don't intend to though.

Just dread coming across one like the one from this story. It was just plan mean. I had another bad one but a different bad. That will be my next story I guess. It was more... Well you'll see.

Thanks for comment. Always appreciated.
Ah, yes, the no submissions page. I have yelled at that page so many times before, though it's useful for the sanity of the moderators.

It sounds a bit like just a curious being, playful even, though I would have probably run away as quickly as possible every time.
elnoraemily in Hello Woods
I've actually been busy at work, so my stalking abilities and ghost addictions had been put on temporary hold: (
ifihadyoux in The Big One
I imagined you disappearing in a cloud of smoke saying "wish not". Laugh Thoughts? Wink
ifihadyoux in Hello Woods
HAHAH ELNORA. Geesh Scared you scared me over there! Where have you been hiding?
Wish-Not in The Big One
spookie1- Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. Thank you for the kind words. It was a very intense encounter that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Politicians included. Lol

I've grown a lot since it happened. However, one never knows how they will react until it happens again. "WISH-NOT"!

Thanks for reading and commenting.
elnoraemily in Hello Woods
*continues to stalk ifihadyoux around the site*

ifihadyoux in Hello Woods
well I appreciate it spookie very much. Nothing has happened since thankfully. Hopefully it won't for a while.
babygoatpuller in An Invisible Clock Ticking
I know about the "not normal dream" thing. I had the same with my mom and couldn't stop smiling about it for weeks afterwards. The feeling of absolutely knowing that they're alright is so comforting.

Great account Manafon and I look forward to reading more from you.
I believe these might have been mischievous spirits trying to scare you and taking your blanket and making it a little find the blanket game. Hope this info helps!
Thank you elnoraemily, Wish-Not and ifihadyoux. Your comments have been extremely nice to read. It's a bit of an odd experience to "put yourself out there" and have others read a personal encounter you've had with the unknown. Your comments have been very validating to me and I will be sharing other paranornal experiences I have had over the years as soon as I get some time.

I do believe this was encounter was my Mother coming to pay a visit. It was a subtle (as you put it elnoraemily) encounter. Wish-Not, thanks for taking the time to read my story multiple times--that means a lot. And ifihadyoux, it is comforting that my Mom does seem to like to check in from time to time. It has filled me with a real sense of peace. I look forward to readig the stories all of you have submitted.
[at] seek: it's spelled as ouija board... It's even in the title man. I don't even know where you got weedja from.
I bought a weedja board from a thrift store, it has a leaf for a pointer ect. I won't use it I know better. Had a strange experience with one as a kid. But its a funny add to my collection. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
Perhaps even positive spirits can attach themselves to you through a ouiji board, and it may not be an evil spirit, but you will still be haunted, and that can take a huge emotional tole on a person. Best advise you get on this site is, stay away from Them!
I'll try to expand on what elnora said. As she said, our sense of reality is pretty much set. When we look at a chair, it's just a chair. However sometimes, things can lower our basis on how we perceive reality. In other words open us up to seeing what we are normally 'blind' to. Outside of illness, I would think that emotional duress often plays a roll, and sometimes even our relaxed state of mind. You know when you're awake but not awake? Or during meditation. This alters the filters we all have as to what reality is. The barriers are down and other information is permitted to come through. So, you just might look at that chair and see your long dead relative, sitting there.
Don't mess with boards. You say you know what you're getting into, but you don't. Also I kind of smile when people say they asked the spirit if it was bad or good... Is a bad spirit going to tell the truth? Doubt it.
Hi. I enjoyed your story. I had a simallar thing happen to me while I was hunting. Only mine was a turkey buzzard, darn thing almost killed me via heart attack.
have you done any research on what this could be? Has your sister shared concern over this experience or any new experience from this thing? Have you asked? I think we need more info.
Basically, we are used to seeing our reality pretty firmly. What is there is there and nothing else is currently present. My theory is that when something disrupts how our mind normally perceives things, like illness or medication that doesn't cause mental hallucinations (like a high fever or Ambien, which cause your mind to create images), it can break down that barrier and allow us to see things that we normally cannot see.
It's basically like letting your guard down and letting other senses come through.

I am not sure if my explanations actually explain Kidding
Okay! I got that sheetal... Thankyou for replying... And thanks for welcome as well:)
Aprajita in Graveyard
Very scary incident... I must say! How shocked your mom and her sis have felt after knowing the truth!
mrmonty in A Man In My Room
I don't know what to say about this except I had an experience very much like this, which I will post. Maybe there are intelligent beings trying to size people up?
Thankyou so much darkangel-sai... I really appreciate your advice...! Maybe you are right! BTW thanks...
darkangel-sai in A Man With The Lantern
Hi, Aprajita. Thanx for sharing your experience. It really was a brave deed that your mom showed that time. But I think the couldn't have harmed your mom. Because I think we, the living, are blessed and more powerful than the dead.Anyway...liked your story. Smile
It sounds like you are empathetic. That is a useful skill to have.

I'm not sure it this was non-human or human, but it was odd. Did anyone die around that time that maybe would want to just drop it for a second?
I really liked this. It was a beautifully subtle encounter and I do agree that it seems to be your mother.

Thank you for sharing.
enjoyed your story dude. I think if I were at your place i'd have pissed in my pants. Thanx for sharing. Smile
elnoraemily in A Man In My Room
Do you know the history of the house you lived in or the area you lived in that may shine light on who he was?

Definitely a creepy encounter with the way you described seeing him. I also like that you specified that you see normal people doing normal things. I wonder if maybe you are more sensitive to residual encounters? Maybe able to pick up on left-over energy, though this last one seemed to be pretty intelligent.
Manafon- This was an intriguing story. I read it several times just to get the feelings I felt as I read it the first time.

"very intense and focused emotion"...I was able to feel that with you as I read it. (each time)

Very good read and story. Really looking forward to more from your experiences. Thanks for sharing.
elnora- I'm glad I missed this one. However I realize since I'm commenting on it brings it around again. I'm also thankful that this o/p stopped with this one. I don't think my blood pressure could take it.

Way to go Franky! And all the rest that said what needed to be said.
I appreciate seeing people get angry/frustrated seeing this one here, because I am disappointed this even got posted. This posters treatment of health issues and mental health is repulsive. I am happy that this is the only thing they even did on this site.

I thought Franky summed that up perfectly.
Yeah I have nothing on your stories. Either one. The only thing I will say is that maybe you fell asleep and sometimes dreams are so vivid and powerful, you see things you normally wouldn't and that bolt of energy you were feeling woke you up. Some people jump in their sleep, like I do, and they jolt awake.
I have seen the clock ticking in stories too and agree that it might just be used to get your attention. I think it's rather sweet your mom has the ability to check in on you and let you know not only that she's watching but that she's ok. As long as you find peace then it's all good.
Interesting as to why they are still there. Has that family tried anything to help the spirits move on?
Aprajita in Ghat Wali Mausi
Oh my god! Truly a heartwarming story sushantkar... Really I'm feeling very pity for that lady... Your story isn't just emotional but also a message and inspiration for all of us to help people like them. They really need our help! Truly society needs people like you! Thanks for sharing your experience! My regards to you and your mother!
It does make you wonder what could have / would have happened if she had just pocketed it and walked away, perhaps she would have come to have a look later and it be gone.

Like you say, perhaps it was a test as well as a gift.
Thank you, Griff. Smile My mom felt that initially the spirit had only wanted to see her reaction to having found the money. After all, part of the fun of giving a gift is watching the reaction to it. Maybe he didn't realize that she could see him. But when asked if he had lost something, he decided to test her honesty a bit. I like to think she earned a lot of brownie points. Laugh
ramble- Truly no offense taken at all. And I will agree with the simple "bump in the night" sound. I would like to think most of us on YGS really put an effort to Debunk any type of activity. I do anyways. We live in an active house and just because something happens we don't jump to the paranormal.

I appreciate you getting back with me and answering my questions. Will be looking forward to reading more of your experiences.
Aprajita in Flash
Hi zom! Okay... You said that it was around 3:00 am... Well that's the time for ghosts and spirits... I believe you... Maybe it was some kind of biological defect... But from my point of view it was something paranormal...! Rest is your wish and wisdom...
BTW very good and scary story...!
Franky-Puu - normally, on a story this old, I would just say something like, "Franky-Puu, this story is over 7 years old and you're wasting your time commenting" but in this case I won't. I got so wrapped you in reading your comment, and found myself agreeing with you, that I'm just going to leave it alone. Your irritation with tom was so strong I could feel it. Unfortunately, I think you wasted your time since tom's only activity on our site consisted of submitting that story.
Thankyou so much sheetal! Your comment was really a nice one. Thankyou for believing me and I felt really bad for your grandmother.
Hi ShetyeNikhil... Very sweet story... Nicely written and I believe your story. Coming to that old lady I guess she might be some past relative of yours who might have had some attachment towards you. I mean the way she spoke with you and then handed over the biscuit packet, this all proves that she might be the one who was attached to you in your childhood. Well... Upon reading your story, it made me think that ghosts can be kind too...
Hi trouverjay... May be that little girl got unnatural or sudden death and she is linked with your place. I think she has power to show her only on certain time. Are you still living there?
Hi, Aprajita... Scary story! Your mother's experience is just like my Nani's (Mom's mother) experience. You are true... Spirit mostly attracts towards pregnant women so that in our culture we take serious care of woman when she is pregnant. My Nani also suffered from miscarriage after seeing one entity. I appreciate your mom's bravery.

Added to my favourites.

Thanks for sharing. Happy
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in Could This Be My Guardian?
Wow, thank you all for your comments and feed back! Smile

Elnoraemily - thank you, yes all better now and the appendix did come out in the end. It was about 2 months after this episode.
Also, the same Medium I saw said that my Nan is with me as well, I have a feeling it would be my Dads Mum who passed away before I was born. It would make sense because the child that passed was her Son so she could be looking after him (can't believe this has never crossed my mind before)! Unfortunately, I only have a few photos of her and none from when she was younger.

To you Elnoraemily and Valkricry - I'm really interested in what you've both said about 'lower basis of reality' - I've not heard this before, can you elaborate a little for me please?:)

MandyyNicole - Wow that is so similar! I'm glad your fiend is okay, that must have been a really scary experience.: (

I think for me personally, there are a lot of contributing factors at play where I may have been hallucinating, I may have been sleep deprived or even off my head on copious amount of painkillers - there's always going to be a rational explanation. What ever it was - it was a beautiful thing which I'll never forget.
AAAAwww a cute one!
Maybe the boy was trying to communicate with you...
Just my opinion

Loved reading this Val, thanks to you and your mum for sharing it Smile
[at] Wish-Not
The 'bumps in the night' are a literal bump. Like small knocks or creaks. Some find it creepy and call it a ghost automatically. When some things can be explained. Such as glue on furniture coming loose and making a popping noise, or wind blowing though a crack. Maybe an animal that one isn't used to hearing made a sound and maybe it sounded creepy but that doesn't mean that its a ghost. Scratching sounds can be caused by animals, people read into that the most. Rats, mice, raccoons, and snakes all live in walls and can cause sounds. Pets can also be alerted to animals in walls. Small sounds, to me, feel like they shouldn't cause alarm. A phantom voice on the other hand, yeah that's creepy.
I personally feel that I shouldn't read into every sound since they are mostly caused by nature. Again what I said isn't meant to be an insult just how I think of things. If I caused any offense I apologize. I gave a sample of how I think as to provide a basis of my personality, that way my experiences don't sound like a person freaking out over nothing.
How I do this, meaning how I deal with things with cold hard logic is just how I am. It's my coping mechanism. The experiences I have told I do believe were genuine. The things I was referring to when I was a teen, were referring to 'feelings' and 'matrixing' meaning I may have just seen things because my brain put it together but it may have not actually been there.
Thank you for your comment and questions! I hope I answered you fully and you can understand what I meant. I hope that you find no offence here. Shy
Thankyou so much valkricry. I appreciate your gesture. Thankyou so much.
Thank you everyone for your comments.
RitaCMW - Not strange or naive at all, I've been wondering the same thing. I have never noticed anything already done when I'm supposed to do it (at least not in a way I could say it was definitely my grandfather who did it), but there are a lot of tasks that are only done when needed so I can't say for sure. Most of the work is quite heavy though so I wonder if he would have enough energy to do them. I mean it's one thing to move tools but a whole other thing to move something heavy in a precise manner.
Sabby, basically what you really want to know is if the number 13 is a sign from your grandmother, right? If you really think it is (sort of feel it in your heart, you know?) then odds are it is. The best way I know of to communicate back (and this will sound nuts) is just talk to 'the air' as it were. She'll hear you.
It's possible you are more sensitive, or she's more concerned over you then the rest of the family. It's also possible that they're receiving similar signs but not paying any attention to them.
About the picture; are you sure that it wasn't part of a reflection in the glass you caught?
Wow...I did not realize that everyone focused in on the number 13 and not your actual experiences.

The first few times you noticed the number 13 as well as the picture you took indicate... At least to me... That your Grandmother is reaching out to you across the veil. This does not mean every time you see the number 13 she is making contact... No what is happening to you now can be explained as this... You are now dwelling on the number 13 so you are seeing it everywhere... And your Grandmothers efforts to commuicate may be getting lost because of your unconscious focus on the number.

There are a couple of things you can try...

Say a prayer, ask that any messages your Grandmother may have be given to you in your dreams.

Set out a pencil and paper... Write some questions (2-4) that you would like an answer too then leave both out in a location no one will mess with them... Go back in a few hours or leave it overnight then check for answers.

Journal keeping: Start keeping a Journal. Record any all odd events then after about 3 weeks to a month review it, check it for patterns that may lead you to an answer.

Digital Voice Recorder: Find a quiet room where background noise is at a minimum... Start recording and ask questions... Pause after each question to allow time for 'someone' to answer then after about 15 to 20 minutes stop recording...rewindreverse the recording and listen to it... You may be able to hear your Grandmother answer your questions.

Never forget to shield yourself whenever dealing with spirits... Cleansing yourself afterwords is not a bad idea either (please see my profile for one such method).

Thanks for sharing and please keep us posted.


Awww, guys - you surely can make a girl blush. Shy
I like to think that my mom knows I shared her story with you, and that she is pleased that it has brought cheer.
sabbywhiteer in Is Thirteen My Number?
thankyou for all the comments, I'm sorry but I don't want to share a picture because its to personal to me. My grandmother died 13 weeks before that day on the 13th of the april which is a coincidence. None of these comments help me with my problem because I'm still haunted
Those aren't demons, mate, they're signs of anxiety and/or depression. Because you're born-again, you think you know everything there is to know about demons? "A Christian Perspective on Demons" implies this. Anger, anxiety, cutting themselves are just signs. Not of any kind of possession or something, but that they need help and not of the holy kind. You probably amplified her depression if anything. I'm sorry, but those aren't demons. A true sign of possession is spacing out, vocal changes, hell, even talking in Latin when she didn't learn anything about the language. Yes, there are archetypes of demons that go into anger, and hate, and lust, but anorexia and bulimia? Bro, you're just a shallow person. I know it's your opinion, but you're saying me, my best friend, and a shiat-ton of other people in this world are demonically possessed? No. Just, no. Yes, sure, not as much people believe in God now as they did back in whatever time you come from, but still, that doesn't mean they should be considered as "Demonically possessed". Hell, even the Pope thinks that people who don't believe in God still have a chance in Heaven.

As for your "Signs" for demonic possession? ANYONE'S FACE IS RED WHEN THEY'RE ANGRY! Blood rushes through your because of a surge of adrenaline when you feel threatened both mentally and physically. All the more with anger to intimidate others. "A demonically possessed person can go from friendly to cold in an instant"? ANYONE can do that depending on what you say to them. Honestly, if you were truly "born again", you'd have helped Joan and Tina rather than try to leave them to whatever it was that bummed them out just because you were bummed out and thought they were possessed. Be there for them rather than say "screw you, demon-person, I'm out of here". Keith is right, dude. You really need a lot more research in this field. Sure, he read the Satanic Bible, but that doesn't mean he himself is a Satanist, let alone demonically possessed. You're no expert. Hell, neither am I, but I know anger, lust, anxiety and depression are not kinds of demons, because a lot of people, hell even YOU, have anger, lust, anxiety, depression, and whatever you listed up there, save for self mutilation/harm.

From a psychological standpoint, self harm is understandable serving as a distraction from the pains of the real world. It's an emotional escape. When one finds themselves within too much emotional bearing, they need to find a way to control it, and make the pain physical and deal with that physical pain because it's easier. You were obviously no help in that, as you were probably too scared to help them deal with it. With obsession of body-weight, that's normal for girls. Anorexics have it worse than others, wherein they view their bodies as too fat, when they're already skinny. They just want to look "perfect". Did you not even read through ANY psychological books?

Also I'd like to point out "[you] felt and enormous feeling of lust around [Tina] like I just wanted to have sex with her" is normal because you're sexually attracted to her. Not demonically possessed. It means you only loved her for her body! Like, honestly, being sexually lustful around your girlfriend is supposed to happen when you have a girlfriend. Goddamn, dude.

The sheer amount of non-understanding in this medium makes me think you're a troll, but I'll feed you anyways even if it's more than you deserve. I respect that it's your opinion, but you are wrong in so many ways. Almost as bad as the crusaders of old, who killed thousands of innocent people they believed to be heretics. But this isn't so much as a religious concern, but rather a selfish, shallow standpoint.

Were any of them talking to an invisible entity while you were with them? Were they? Have you tried calling an exorcist when you were with any of them? Didn't see anything like that when I read this "perspective", so...

I believe in God, as a catholic. I believe the Devil, Lucifer, and their many minions are real. I believe both Angels and Demons walk the Earth without our knowledge. Crap, even Belial walks on this Earth without us knowing. But what you listed up there, as I've said countless times in this comment, are not demons.

Is this comment proof that I am demonically possessed? I might as well be after having read your "Christian Perspective". That's probably what tempted me to read on anyway.

(Keep in mind, this came out with so much more anger than I had expected, especially because I may have taken some offense to this, but I wanted you to know that you are wrong on so many levels on this post. I respect that you're born again, good for you. It's just that you know nothing about demonic possession.)
Definitely very cool about the candle. But, I love how your grandfather sits with your grandmother until she sleeps. There is something very comforting about that. Thank you for sharing.
ZumZum, it is very sweet that your grandfather sits at your grandmother's bedside and that he seems to be looking out for his family and farm. I am curious about the work he seems to do around the farm. Does work get accomplished? If he is moving and using tools, can you tell if he has accomplished something? My question may seem strange or naive, but I am really curious. Otherwise, thank you for sharing such a touching story. It is obvious your grandfather loved his wife and family very much.
curiousmind in Humming Hitchrider
Hi illumi_zoldyck - thanks for the advise. Next time I will do that as respect to them. BTW, where is your province?
curiousmind in Humming Hitchrider
Hi RITACMW - I believe so it did not mean any harm to me and actually I got a little bit nervous that time but since I am used into hearing some of them, I was able to calm myself.
I had a similar experience when I was 12 & I've written a story on this site.

The breathing I heard came from the closet & slowly up to my ear & sounded pretty low to the ground. The sound was like someone on a respirator with end stage lung cancer. I've only heard it that once but I will never forget that sound.

Also I was thinking do you have any possums near you? Well I was thinking it could also be a possum because I am from australia as well & some possums make a similar noise at night. Although they don't fill you with terror just startle you
One of the best stories on here! Thanks very much for sharing this with us. It brightened me up beyond belief.
Hey angie I can understand how you feel...
I have been experiencing such kind of things since childhood and until today.
I know that you are a christian but there is a vedic mantra for such kind of trouble in hindu religion whenever I have such kind of experience I chant that mantra and get relief.
If you want I will post it for you.
Well, that is certainly interesting! I agree your mother was quite brave. Thanks for sharing this with us.
The best YGS story I've read in a while, and gosh darn but if it didn't put this grinch in the mood for Christmas!
MandyyNicole in Creepy Old House
Oh, haha, thanks bjj! I did not even see that line until you mentioned it Crying
My opinion still stands, I do not think you are mentally ill.
Wow! Just WOW! Thank you for sharing this Val. You never disappoint! Happy
BadJuuJuu in Creepy Old House
Mandy, the OP is the one who brought up mental illness. Last line in the story. It doesn't appear any of our posters are suggesting it.
Illumi, as elnora suggested it is always a good idea to be certain there are no underlying physical issues.
Nightmares can also be caused by your subconscious working out issues, processing information in the annoying way that only the subconscious can. I think most nightmares are just nightmares, and nothing paranormal at all. Always try to rule out mundane possibilities.
ramble- I found myself going back to the beginning of your story to reread what you said your beliefs are concerning your personal experiences and what you think of others. Yours seem pretty intense. Especially for a child.

To be able to group some in the "bump in the night" must be an amazing skill. Curious how one does that? Are you referring to just sounds that happen at night? Or is there more to than that?

Reading your experiences I wondered if you use the "science/nature" to explain them. And if one actually be paranormal, why not all? Just curious.

Thought they were great moments though. I just realize if mine are genuine, then why can't yours?
Merry Christmas to yours and you too, Wish-Not!
It's important to remember that miracles, are like beauty in the eye of the beholder.
OKay...I think I need to clarify something here. Although everyone can agree that certain drugs and illnesses can cause hallucinations, as elnora and I have both tried to point out, such things can also lower our basis for reality; allowing things we normally either block out, or simply can't 'sense' to come through. So neither of us are writing off FTWR's experience as imagination, we're just suggesting that this could be a possible reason she was given the glimpse she had.
FTWR, you might try phrasing the question to your parents a bit differently. Like, "When I was little did we have someone who stayed with us? I seem to remember this lady..." Looking through old photos is a great idea!
babygoatpuller in My Grandfather Stayed Here
I also love these accounts ZumZum! It's great how nonchalant everyone seems to be about seeing your grandfather walking around doing what he seemed to love doing. And it's so sweet that your grandmother gets visits from him and has accepted his passing. I know that when I got a visit from my mom, I knew she was in a good place and I could stop worrying about her.

Thank you for sharing and now I'm off to read your other account.
Val- Thank you. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one that was needing that.

Thank you again,
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
I find this story to be quite touching. I think you have someone (or two) looking out for you on the other side.
Also, if I may, this story is remarkably similar to what recently happened to a dear friend of mine. While in the hospital, after dying and being revived, a woman came to be with her, comforting her the entire time over a period of days. She soon realized nobody else could see her. Guardian spirit? I think yes. (She is currently looking through old family photos in hopes of locating her) Smile
Some may chalk it up to drugs or illness, but I don't believe that to be the case here, or in many other similar scenarios. I think we've all got someone looking out for us!
MandyyNicole in Creepy Old House
Okay, get ready for twenty questions!
How do you know the black shadow is following you? Have you seen it since your time at the house? You say it had been 9 years since you had been there (or since the house had been used), did you or anyone else have prior experiences there? Do you know of any history to corroborate the woman you see in your dreams? Or any of the figures in general?

Let me just try to put your mind at ease, whatever you experienced in the house has clearly left its mark on you (meaning you are still worrying over it). I think it's entirely possible your own insecurities and fears are haunting your dreams (if you have no other evidence of the woman). This is something that bothered you greatly and (I assume) you are probably afraid to stay at that house again (?). Your subconscious seems to be creating a dream to match your fears. I 100% do NOT believe you are being targeted by any demonic force. Try your hand at lucid dreaming, if you can do that, you can take control of this dream and change it in any way you see fit. It may help them to stop.

I'm also confused as to why mental illness has been brought up? I don't think you're crazy. Or mentally ill. Or whatever.
I also don't think femaelstrom was trying to bash mental illness (I should hope), but was saying more along the lines of "don't listen to the people who call you "crazy", because you are not"...if that makes any sense.
aw how cute! A very touching story. I hope you're doing better now, the thought of surgery is scary!
elnoraemily in Creepy Old House

Nightmares are not really indicative of mental illness. What it could be though, is a hormone imbalance. Night terrors such as this often have an earthly cause. There are natural remedies as well as vitamins that can actually stop that from happening (it takes a while for such remedies to take effect). I suggest that you research what may be the reason behind them, especially if they happen often. You will wake up at 3 am often with sleep disturbances, not because of anything demonic, but because your body will panic and wake itself up when it's at its weakest. Between 3-5am, your body enters a physically weak state while it's repairing itself and resting important systems. It's normal.

You are not crazy for experiencing this, but I do urge you to make sure that you are healthy and all other causes are completely taken care of being stressing yourself over a paranormal cause. Stress makes nightmares and sleep disturbances worse.

As for the shadows, there is a myriad of reasons, both early and paranormal. I would try to take care of the dreams first, just to see if there is a way to get your sleep back to a nice and healthy place.

Sorry, that got a bit long, but I think you see the point:P

Femael, this is the second time I have seen you bash mental illness as something shameful and disturbing. It's dangerous to do so. There are people who actually have disorders that can mimic paranormal occurrences and to bash them is not only disrespectful, but dangerous. Think about what you are saying to people.
illumi_zoldyck in Creepy Old House
After this shadow figure began to follow me, I began to have vivid dreams every night and woke up in 3am. It's always about a lady in white. She's threatening me not to return in our old house or else she'll do something bad to me and my family. I tried telling it to my parents but they don't want to believe. There's this dream that freaked me out, I dreamed of a man with horns, red eyes and fangs. I believe it's a demon. He's trying to get me by any means but a tall man with white ancient greek dress appeared and save me, but the demon say that after 26 he'll return and get me. After that my nightmares became intense that sometimes I don't want to sleep. They think i'm crazy. It's sad to think that everyone think of me as a freak or weirdo. It's not like I want to experience those things.

I tried but I can't stop haha. God Bless you!
Femaelstrom in Creepy Old House
As I keep trying to explain, it's using you for your energy. You don't appear to be "mental", so don't buy into that load of baloney. It's parasitic. You need to pray for protection. Surround yourself with POSITIVE energy, white light, and the protection of angels. Sage your living space. (Look up the poster, Rook's, home cleansing instructions here to guide you)

I also recommend investing in a small paperback titled "An Exorcist's Field Guide" written by Pastor Swope, & available on Amazon for around $10 + shipping. My daughter bought me a copy for Christmas last year, at my request.

Think powerful, positive thoughts. When you feel this entity, focus positive energy--NOT fear--to repel it.

Blessings, and Godspeed. In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritu Sancti +
I am very happy that your health is sorted out! That must have been quite the experience. Lordy.

I think it's a wonderful idea to go through old photos and see if you can match them up. Brilliant, really.

I looked up that drug, as it's not something I've ever been given and I don't really see side effects that would cause that. It's possible that sickness caused you to hallucinate, but in this case, not entirely a reliable theory.

It could also be that while sick and on the drug, maybe you were able to see things that normally you would not- a lowered basis for reality that caused you to actually have a glimpse at them.

Since a medium also knew the child was there, it definitely gives it depth.

I'm getting a bit rambly.
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in Could This Be My Guardian?
Valkricry and Elnoraemily - I know I was only given painkillers at the time, I'm not sure what they were but they didn't make me feel drowsy at all. I'm pretty sure it was just super strong paracetamol. I totally appreciate what you're getting at but they did allow me to go home, eventually.

I'd already been there for about 7 hours and left the hospital at 2am. Don't get me wrong, they gave me a good check over but half way through the diagnostics they decided it could have been my ovaries which was causing the pain (even though my blood test results showed high protein levels - a key sign of appendicitis) so they sent me off to see someone else. THEN, they wanted to do an internal scan (which scared the hell out of me too) at the very last minute someone came in to say they can't do it because I was under age!

Honestly, it was an absolute shambles! And I can assure you, after the night i'd had - there was no-way I was going in for an operation. I was really distressed by the end of it all and was adamant I was going home. LOVE THE NHS... Kidding

In regards to talking to my parents - well, my Mum is terrified of the 'unknown' and my Dad doesn't take me seriously. However, I had asked them previously about the child because a medium once told me that there is a child with me who likes to play and he explained in detail the coffin they had. I'm yet to get a solid answer for it but I have a feeling it maybe my Dads brother who died when he was a child but no-one can tell me about his funeral or coffin. The lady is still a mystery because I didn't see her face, only her hair, top and necklace but my Grandparents have a huge amount of history on their family tree with a lot of photos too - I think I'll go through that when I next visit them.