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DeathByDonut: this is going to be a long post, please bear with me.

As wonderful as the cyberspace is there is a down side to it: the fact that allows to any one to pretend to be whoever or whatever they want without exposing their true self... Identities are safe.

YGS is a site in which the vast majority of its members are broadminded enough to accept the different beliefs of people from different parts of the world, questions and discussions are welcome... Tall tales are not.

You joined the site recently and, probably, hadn't have a chance to see the drama that occasionally arises when a story is questionable. More than once there has been some one defending its brainchild with the teeth and the claw; closing its account just to open a new one under a different user name only to be given away by their narrative and their personal writing style.

After reading TPA_Abhijeet's (a.k.a. Black_Death) stories and comments, it would be difficult not to recognize his writing style even under the name of 'another' poster and that is the reason that made me blow the whistle calling the Troll Patrol. I need their opinion to either confirm my suspicions or to prove that I'm being paranoid.

The following comments are the red flags that make me think TPA and YOU, DeathByDonut, are the same and one person:

TPA_Abhijeet (guest)
2015-07-16 (2 weeks ago)
Nice one Strange things
I would like to know more about that house and I am eagerly waiting for more stories

However there is one thing I don't get, please explain that to me
1) You told me that your brother was afraid to go upstairs alone i.e on 2nd floor, right? But you told me that he saw the ghost in between his room and girls room which both are on ground floor as per your house layout. Then why was he afraid to go upstairs when the ghost was on ground floor? And if he saw the ghost in between his bedroom and girls room, then he should be afraid to go in his room too because it was where the ghost was standing and staring at him

Please ask your brother about that and he might tell you something more about it"


2015-07-23 (5 days ago)
Nice one
I am not an expert about such things so I can't help you much

But I have a few doubts
1) You told me that you could see a face behind you in the starting of story then while your mother was experiencing all these things, was you still able to see that face?

2) You told that you have now started experiencing things like your mother then please tell me what kind of things in detail

Just wanted to know

Yours respectfully,

There are many members from India (sashantkar, SDS, sheetal, Pragya, and others) whose valuable advice is written in their very own and particular writing style, but none of them have ever used the words "YOU TELL ME..." in the way TPA and DBD use them.

Add to this the fact that both of your stories share the following:

- both OP's are east Indian teenagers
- the phases of the moon are mention in both of their stories
- both experiences describe 'encounters' with a red eyed entity
- the grammar and command of the English language is of equal level

I can not be 100 % sure that TPA and Donut are the same person, but I had to take the risk of speaking up my mind even if this means facing ridicule in order to prevent the submission of a fake story.

DeathByDonut: I apologize in advance in case I'm mistaken. I understand how addictive the stories in the site can be, I understand your eagerness to share a story but, please, do it only if it is TRUE.
Otherwise keep reading, there is a lot to learn from the stories of other posters.
Msforgetmenott, I can even see the lichens on the stones in those walls, some tumbled down. My family moved from the Portsmouth area to central New Hampshire in the early 1700s. I have a copy of a book on our family history. Fascinating, especially to see how many people got into trouble. Lol

So much of the native history has been squelched, at least it was when I lived there until the late 1980's. That adds to the land's energy. Loved your story. We are always here to help with more paranormal issues. Smile

msforgetmenott in My Horse Saw Him First
Hi Hecate, you describe it as it was, and still is quite unchanged. Small town, Western Ma. I have many old photos also, no one else had interest, I DO! So much so that we have kept a large part of the land and continue to farm after my Dad's death in 1999. The walls are unchanged but are sinking into the ground as nature takes over. Thank you
msforgetmenott in My Horse Saw Him First
Thank you YGS, and responders,
I have wondered over the years, was this a repeat as in residual or did this man appear just for my viewing, thus disappearing as he did. I certainly hope he wasn't made to walk those stonewalls forever as there are still miles of them.
I want to believe he was not even seeing Boots and myself but perhaps a young one bringing his homemade pint with his lunch bucket, riding her own pony.
Even though I was young, I often felt I traveled in a path used before by ancestors. Our barn was built in 1858, the old farm house before that, after the first two homes were lost in fire. The stonewalls over two hundred years ago.
Perhaps in healing from our loss, my Dad often forgot how young I was and was a walking book of local past. Showing me and speaking as his father had to him, I learned much from him. Yes, he never questioned me, he had had his own experiences also.
Thank you all for your interest, I will get to work on other moments I recall. Perhaps I can gain help with a current problem I am having.
Hello deathbydount! The story was written by TPA-Abhijeet. But when question started to arose; despite of resolving the doubts he decided to act like a TROLL and he deleted his a/c and accured a new name as 'BLACK DEATH'.
It forced us to establish 'TROLL PETROL UNIT' so that we could search him and and also search future Trolls to avoid any breach.

Tiger Van
Troll Patrol Unit
I really enjoyed this. If you knew the age of that old wall, you probably could determine which great-great it was Smile . You are fortunate to have a parent who understood.
Donut, when this story first appeared the author was TBA. He then changed his name after we started asking questions to Black_Death. I guess he didn't realize that the name change would show up on his stories as well. Now, apparently he is using yet another name.
Sorry for the delay of part 2! It's been written out just waiting for me to post but I been searching my memory cards like crazy trying to find a certain photo that goes along with my experience told in part 2! Aaah still looking!
Its written well but not something I could digest. After reading the comments, I got answers to 50% questions but its still hard to digest and though 50% are still unanswered.

Just my one question,
1) You said that your body was dragged at around 3am and temperature was below 0 C. And you also said that your friends found the dragged path so were able to locate you.

Now, tell me below 0 C when the snow is frozen hard then how could your body path was created when you were dragged?

By the way guys, I don't understand that why you guys are asking questions to TPA_Abhijeet (He is rude atleast after reading his comments) when the story is written by Black_Death.

Is he back? But where did he go? (Sorry, I don't understand it). I don't know what's going on here?

Yours respectfully,
No, man. I guess my investigation is going to reveal something but its going to take time atleat I more night to confirm its presence. It all just repeated yesterday and this time my cousin was with me Wink

Yours respectfully,
Miracles, DeathByDonut,Tweed, Hecate, Valkicry and lady-glow, thank you for those well-considered comments. Although each of you has your own perspective on this experience, you seem to be reaching a consensus of sorts. I appreciate your willingness to think of the family visitors in a broader sense than just hallucinations. I do want to tell you all what happened next, because that's what really blew me away!
Lady-glow, I enjoyed your pink elephant in a tutu Smile
Msforgetmenott--Reading the account of your experience with a long ago "great, great" really transports the reader to the bucolic surroundings of your childhood.

What is especially interesting is that it seems to be a "residual" incident except the apparition looked up at you and Boots before disappearing. Did you get the feeling he was actually seeing you or just completing a long ago action?

Thanks for sharing your childhood encounter.
Seraphina: a pink elephant in a tutu would be considered an hallucination, a person's loved ones (either dead or alive) being worried about her/his welfare is only a fact of life.
Looking forward for part 2!.

DBD: I'm not an expert on the paranormal, I just enjoy reading stories and learning something new from the experiences of others.
Bibliothecarius--Checking good old Wikipedia it states that in a recent interview (in Rue Morgue magazine, July 2012) with The Entity's director Sidney J. Furie he, " confessed that he intentionally avoided researching the actual case upon which The Entity is based upon as he, 'did not want to judge the characters and story in any way.' Neither he nor actress Barbara Hershey met with Doris Bither, the real life Carla Moran, either prior, during or after the shooting of the film was completed in 1981."

So as usual Hollywood took the seed of the actual events and created something else altogether. As to the remake that is presently being remade, I agree with you Biblio----WHY?!
Guys, I suspect our friend TPA_Abhijeet is back under a new alias... Threatening to submit a second part to the latest of his stories. Serious
Let's keep our eyes open.
Msforgetmenott: thanks for sharing this lovely story.
I'm looking forward to read more of your experiences.

Welcome to YGS.
Wardo, Yep, dissolve them with your mind. Luckily we have been having some with humidity so that they are not all dissolving on their own. Pick a small cloud, with other small, similar ones nearby. You want similar ones near it for comparison. Your focus of attention is key. Send this cloud loving, 'time for you to dissolve', warm thoughts. Heat it up a little to help it dissolve. I even use my hands as I am also a healer, too. I encourage it to dissipate. Stare at it or look away, no matter. But periodically, check it, and the surrounding clouds. I remember when I first started this. I almost burst when my first clouds nicely dissolved while nearby ones puffed along nicely. This enhances your healing skills. Smile

I hope you caught my sarcasm with my guided meditation suggestion for blankie fear, and all. I think my tongue is permanently stuck in my cheek.

I think we did a KidZone camp at Carminati one summer. I just know the kids talked about a haunted tree at Arredondo.
Bibliothecarius in Demonic Voices In The Night
Thanks for the rec., I just ordered a copy.

In so far as applying Lab Conditions to paranormal events, wasn't the Barbara Hershey 1982 film "The Entity" based on actual events? Though looking at the IMDB, it is apparently being remade. (why?)

I've seen something similar I think. It's in a story I have written about fire eyes... Glowing red, almost like they were made of fire. I think when this was going on you were half asleep and trying to make sense of it all.
Hey gang! I was so happy to come back today and see your nice comments. This really is a great bunch here, and I like the relationships we have developed over time. Now to respond to each of you individually...

Hecate0 - I read the story about the tree manifesting a face, and I found it very interesting as well. I'm unsure of what you mean by "dissolve clouds" could you elaborate for me? Do you mean by thought? Arredondo is a nice school. I worked at Carminati, there the cat is out of the bag! Best to you as well friend!

RedWolf - It was a very sad day for us, I can remember. Just how devastated my grandma was is what really troubled us, and the way she told the story. She had come home from "farting around" as she calls it, and saw that he was resting in his chair. As it was around lunch time, my grandma went and made him a sandwich before trying to wake him, only to have such a disappointment instead. To this day she gets tears in her eyes when talking about him. Thanks for the kind words! Regards!

Cinnamon - How interesting that story you recall is! I know a thing or two about reiki. I attained my level one attunement quite some years ago, and would love to go further with it. I always found that it brought on a sense of general well-being. So glad to hear that your mother recovered and is living happily and healthily. Regards!

Tweed - My dear Tweed. Thank you for understanding the veracity of poor grandma sweeping that damn porch. I'm sure you can picture me looking up and rolling my eyes at the very sight. God bless her, she is such a great woman! Thanks for not getting the blankie out on me my peeps. She had mentioned that she often feels his love around her, and that makes me happy. Gotta try this cloud thing out you guys, but I need a little more info on it.

Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate you all! Love
You're dreaming, Dude.
One morning I saw Mario and princess Peach in my room after playing Nintendo the whole night!
Thanks for sharing that advice. Wishing you a fun time here Happy
Thanks for the comment. The point you said about sound travelling is true but its not that case here because I actually saw the 2 red eyes in my uncles yard which is at back of my window as well as my house
Triskaideka in I.o.u.
Awwwwwwwwwww! *tears* I'm so sorry you lost him, and thank you for your story. Love
Tweed--now that would be a fun script idea for a new horror movie. Scientist tries to conjur Zozo and, in the clinical setting, nothing happens. Then things start happening to him/her in their daily life that can't be explained. Of course the over the top CGI effect laden finale would have the once close minded scientist admitting, "There is more in heaven and earth..." Laugh
Triskaideka in Something's Up
Eek! I would not take such security breaches so lightly. Haunting or not, I'd suggest changing the security code ASAP. Setting security aside, I am wondering about the water, whether it has some sort of significance. I'm guessing that the meaning is more personal rather than general. Listen to everyone else here, and best of luck to you! Love
Bibliothecarius in Mother Experiences
Oh! Thanks Tweed!
I was wondering why so many good questions were sitting unanswered in the comments.
Bibliothecarius in Something's Up
Greetings & condolences, LB.

Operating on the assumption that your brother is responsible for the peculiar events around your home, I'd like to make an observation: whatever issues troubled him enough to stop smiling for the last three weeks of his life have been resolved from his perspective! If this is the case, he's not only 'at peace,' but he's also back to his old self -if somewhat incorporeal.

To follow up on Miracles' idea that you try to communicate, and I agree with Tweed's warning against Ouija boards (spirit boards in general), I have a suggestion. If you still have the pre-interment gravesite image on your iPhone, perhaps you could print it out, frame it, and keep it somewhere personal, like a nightstand. If anything positive happens to the picture/frame (such as being placed in a more prominent location) I'd go with your gut reaction that it is your brother.

I apologize for this next part, in advance: if something negative happens to the picture (thrown, smashed, defaced), I would strongly recommend Rook's cleansing asap. You are in grief, which is natural; most people grieve a loved one's death for three years. In close relationships, longer is normal and suicide always complicates those feelings even more. This is painful, but it is a natural and healthy response to trauma. However, some parasitic entities appear to latch on to those in grief and thrive [note: speculation!] in the chaotic atmosphere generated by confusing the bereaved. This paragraph is more precautionary than anything; I'm not trying to upset you, I'm merely urging caution in circumstances which have the potential to cause you anguish in the future.

I sincerely hope that this really is your brother trying to make you laugh along with his pranks. Those in despair seldom think about the effect of their actions on others; through joking around, he could be trying to tell you that whatever happened to put him in that situation wasn't your responsibility and couldn't be dealt with in any other way; now he needs you to be happy he's no longer in psychological pain, so that each of you can move forward. [Please note that moving forward is not the same as moving on...]

Take care of yourself & your family.
I hope you do find some peace of mind.
Triskaideka in Talking While I Sleep
There are likely two things happening here. The first is that, going through puberty, you are experiencing the ever-so-delightful (read: sarcasm) mood swings and emotional dramatics that basically all of us ever faced when going through the teenage years. Congratulations, and I'm sorry. The second thing likely happening, as Rook said, is you are going through a time wherein you are sensitive to the spirit world. I've read a lot of stories and such, and I'm not sure what to believe, but it's become rather clear that individuals experiencing puberty or pregnancy are more prone to spiritual happenings. It may be that certain hormones make individuals more likely to believe there are spiritual reasons for events, or it may be that certain hormones cause people to be more observant of actual spiritual events. It's hard to tell. In any case, it sounds like you are in a vulnerable phase. So I support the idea of securing your spirit in any way possible as the others recommend, so that you can observe the spirit world with little risk and reservation. Best of luck to you!
I read your account the other day, but wanted to mull it over before commenting.
First off, kudos on planning to do research and trying to investigate. It's always important we try to rule out the mundane before leaping to the paranormal as the cause.
I'd like to point out that sound travels, depending on atmospheric conditions it can do so for miles. So the bamboo on wood sound could have been just that. Also sound is amplified at night. Think about the ticking of a clock. During the day we barely, if at all notice it. But at night, when the household grows quiet, and everyone sleeps you hear it quite plainly.
Just a fun FYI - deodorant or any other aerosol spray to an assailant's eyes is a viable deterrent.
Awaiting part 2.
Triskaideka in My Son's Real Father
Wow, Jack is a good guy to work with you on this. And I'm also in tears. It's so hard to lose someone you love. I agree with the others -- it sounds like Isaiah just wants to check on his family. I also agree that Eli should hear the truth sooner rather than later. But you should keep consulting Jack on this, as he is your partner. You'll come to the correct decisions together. Thank you for sharing this story. Love
valkricry in He's At The Door
Laugh You aren't alone in that, I don't know how many times I've skipped reading comments first, just to be sure my 'take' wasn't influenced by others, only to discover that my questions have already been asked and answered. *SMH* Great minds, hmmm?
valkricry in He's At The Door
Welcome back, and thanks for reading!
I think the way I reacted is related to personal experiences. I've had auditory events most of my life. If you're interested, I go into some of them in Can You Hear Me Now? Http://
Again, welcome back!
I have nothing to offer to this topic of discussion, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments Smile
Triskaideka, nice call on the book recommendation. I had not heard of that. I'll be picking that one up soon. Isn't this site awesome?!? Laugh
Tweed, thanks for that image. I appreciate the great laugh this morning! Happy I have so many people I could put in that room. I would not wish the ill on them they could inadvertently call upon themselves, though.

Lynn McTaggart, in The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond does a great job of sifting through what gets published by some of the brave souls who actually commit their scientific careers to studying this. She was in the second of the What the Bleep Do We Know movies, Down the Rabbit Hole.

We've been playing tag through the stories.
Of course, I don't know what other drugs you were on in the hospital, but Heparin isn't considered a hallucinatory medicine. Something like less than 1% of patients report hallucinations as a side effect of it. Could you have been suffering from some delirium due to the illness? It's a possibility.
Going by what you've told us, so far, I'm thinking that it really was family coming to check on you though. Mostly because you were recalling past events while seeing these relatives. Hallucinations are generally very 'in the moment'.
Looking forward to part 2!
After reading through comments, I want to recommend a book to many linguaphiles here: The Alphabet vs The Goddess. It covers how language influences thought and vice-versa. You'd all probably really like it. Smile
msforgetmenot, I am from New Hampshire, having grown up in the 1960's there. You SO took me back. What a wonderful story. A great great! What a wonderful way for your father to say it. I have a small hallway in my house. One wall is lined with photos of, I call them The Ancestors - my grand parents and great grandparents. I also wonder about the new residents of that land. They might have insights about the distinction between residual and intelligent haunting. Thanks so much for sharing. I do miss those lazy summer days. I can hear the bugs buzzing, feel (and smell) the last of the morning dew evaporate. Thank you.

Best to you!
Triskaideka in He's At The Door
Just read the comments, so I feel silly for my own. Sheesh, so glad you informed her, either way. What a scary situation!
Maybe closed minded scientist should test for Zozo on a Ouija board. They'd get the predictable clinical results required for scientific proof. They can then analyze under controlled conditions how things go haywire. Wink
Triskaideka in He's At The Door
Val, as usual, I'm trying to relax before (returning to) bed, and I feel the need to comment on one of your stories. Go figure!
I'm just ever so glad you listened to your instincts and called. What ever came of the identification of the intruder? Were they arrested? Was this a physical intrusion or a spiritual one?
Wow. Just, wow.
Hi there Msforgetmenott, nice name!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, I felt like I was there lying on Boots and feeling her move beneath. Smile
It makes sense this would be a residual energy but I wonder if this man was actually there, as he looked at you and faded. Either way it was a beautiful moment and one I can tell you've treasured ever since.

Thanks again for sharing it!
Hecate0--That is another intriguing possibility. That the entities could "feed off" the started or excited response of the people who suddenly become aware they (the entities) are there.

I agree the small segment of the population who are willing to discuss their psychic abilities (especially in a scientific manner) is very small. Even smaller is the possibility of having an apparition (for example) appear under strict scientific scrutiny in a clinical setting!
Thank you, Tweed. You're right- I need to tell David. Being deceptive is wrong of me anyway, and it probably makes the situation worse. Also, I never considered how my expectation may have altered my impression of the voice. That's a good thought, and I bet you're right. I will definitely be telling David and taking steps to evacuate the entity. Thank you, Tweed.:)
Miracles51031 in Ghost Emergency
holdyourbreath - I agree with Hecate's theory that something bad may have happened there. I also wonder if maybe your brother needed to get out of the house at that time and this is how "they" went about making sure he left.

Considering another family experienced the same, I'm still leaning toward Hecate's thoughts.
LoveOfAbundance in I.o.u.
I'm with samtillie and GoldPhoenix. The last part of the story struck me as fiction, especially because of the way in which it was worded. It just doesn't ring true to me. Confused
Holdyourbreath, being this is in Canada, do you lock your doors in that neighbourhood? I'm wondering if it's someone playing a prank. Confused
Hecate0 in Ghost Emergency
Holdyourbreath, great story! Do you know anything about the prior history of the house, before the last owners? It really sounds like something bad happened there. Someone has regrets they couldn't get help in time. I wonder if it is an intelligent haunting or residual. Any ideas?

Again, thanks for sharing. Best to you.
Wish-Not - I Google, a lot LOL, especially shows I like. When Once Upon a Time first aired, I researched the cast and found out the Snow and Prince Charming were married in real life. Their chemistry made so much more sense then. And they both seem like they would be people I would like to get to know Smile

And yes, I'm sure that episode will air again, and again LOL
Seraphina, I imagine your health situation was dire at the time. This sounds very much like the beginning of what people report who have experienced a near death experience (NDE), an out of body experience (OBE) associated with a life threatening situation. Although you may not have left your body, you, in your ill health, were much more open to other energies. My father reported hearing family members just before he died. We were very open, so assumed it to be true and not hallucination. Thank you so much for sharing. It must be comforting to know they are close when that huge transition approaches.

Best to you! Smile

Miracles- She was a sweet lady. Her husband Josh, who is actually plays Prince Charming in that series, sat with me several hours while Gennifer was filming. He was a really nice guy. The whole day was pretty disruptive for us trying to do "our thing" but it was good overall. I'm willing to bet TLC will be playing it again. Seems to me EVERYTHING is a rerun.

HecateO- I do still work here. And we run a pretty tight ship. We are the "Keepers Of THE Books". Gennifer was finding out about her great grandfather. Not going to spoil it if you have not seen it but what one finds isn't always good.
Sorry Manafon, I still cannot type your name correctly. Stanford University has a center studying alternative medicine. And the University of Arizona has a group studying consciousness, which gets pretty alternative at times. I still do not talk about these things at work. I collect data enough to know that the proportion of the population having any kind of overt psychic ability they will discuss is small.

That IS very cool, Wish-Not. Attention to order and detail would be firmly instilled in all workers there through time. You can just imagine one still there, trying to make sure the chairs are pushed in, over and over and over. Are you still working there?

hahahaha I'm not an expert Donut! Laugh

Seraphina I'm looking forward to part 2 of your story. Smile I'm with Miracles, under the influence or not, people report this sort of thing ALL THE TIME, and it makes so much sense. Wonder if there's something in the sedatives which heightens our supernatural awareness. Blerugh that sounds so phony doesn't it. Well still I wonder about it.

Look forward to part 2, thanks for sharing!
So very true Tweed. After a hundred and thirty years (or so) of serious and scientific research into paranormal events (thanks to trailblazing groups like The Society of Psychical Research in England) and places like the University of Durham, North Carolina offering classes in parapsychology, it is still considered a fringe area of study.

The scientific method which insists on the replication of paranormal occurrences has certainly hindered the wider scientific community taking parapsychology (and related areas of study) seriously. Still, it is great to find a community like YGS that knows there is more to reality than is found in a laboratory or mainstream scientific theory.
Manfon and Tweed, also spooking them might add energy to them making them more vocal, like when we get a startle reaction (fight or flight response), all of our energy gets mobilized. Ours is related to the sympathetic nervous system. I wonder what would drive their "startle" response?
OMG! Seriously? I love Ginnifer Goodwin and will have to see if that's available on On Demand. That is so cool, Wish-Not Laugh
27flowers in The Verdict
Wow just reread the related story and all the comments and blown away again, I was hooked the first time around. I do hope that eventually the "story" will be concluded on here (I learned of poor Keisha's end through Google but I mean more in relation to your ouija use), feels inappropriate to say story when so many lives were affected and some lost.
There should be a "classics" section for exceptional accounts like this one so new readers can get a sense of what YGS community is about. AMAZES me the support you had here!

Best wishes
Yeah, you are right the first thing that came to my mind was that you were dreaming (maybe but no one knows for sure).
The other possibilty is that your mind was playing tricks on them and its last for a short time. Just like it might have took hardly 3 minutes for your mom to come back in room and it ended in that time itself.

You may wait for Tweed or lady-glow to comment as they are experts here
Seraphina - I understand your hesitation about submitting this story. I'm sure there are people who would consider this experience an "under the influence" situation. I, however, think your family was there to watch over you because they were worried.

Thanks for sharing this with us Smile
Manafon, if only the more scientifically minded among society took this sort of thing seriously. I think we'd be, at the very least, at the verge of figuring out some awesome things!
Did anyone watch "Who Do You think You Are?" on TLC Sunday night? The actress was Gennifer Goodwin. The first location was in Independence co. That was actually my office that she was in and that this story is about. It was the one with the spiral staircase.
I don't think that I was sleep walking and I was surely awake at that time (I might be though, nobody knows for sure) because I had texted my girlfriend at 3:15am.

I have many unanswered question myself too so I have deicded to carry out some investigation about my house history and also today I and my cousin will stay awake and check out if it happens today too.

I will post the part 2 which will contain all the history of my house and report of my investigation after 3 days (I want to investigate it perfectly so please give me 3 days)

Yeah, It might be my minds playing a trick on me due to stress and reading a lot of stories

Yours respectfully,
Tweed--I think you are on to something about the action of spooking them letting down their auditory vocal defenses. Like an aspect of their concentration has been interrupted. Very interesting idea. Too bad we can't just ask them if that is the case!
Hecate, I think a friend of mine has that book! Or maybe borrowed it. She was researching language a few years ago and I recognise the Author's name. That's a great recommendation.
The general vibe of a conversation in an unknown language often becomes clear later. This sort of happened to me as well. In the moment I assumed it was general low rumblings of a day to day topic. But afterwards I realised I was doing something near the voices, and probably disrupted them. They may have been expressing annoyance or confusion, possibly fear at my close proximity. As I hardly did anything there at that time of day, or evening as it were. As soon as I moved away the tone changed, to more relaxed.
I didn't analyze it at the time. It wasn't until the next day when I thought 'oh whoops, sorry guys!'

Perhaps there's something in our spooking them which causes them to, maybe unwittingly, become audible to us.
Hecate0--The Loom of Language sounds like a truly essential book. I looked up a few reviews of it and its approach and scope sound eye opening. I certainly could have used such a book while taking high school and college French Kidding
haha no blankie Wardo, this is beautiful! My Mum had a similar experience with my Grandmother (her Mother). It was so lovely reading your experience, and I loved the back story. If you hadn't shared the back story there wouldn't have been a giggle at the end with your Grandma sweeping again! I wonder if she ever felt his presence on or around her birthday? Such a profound day for her, goodness me. Sad

I second what Hecate wrote about malleable clouds. It is very fascinating stuff, do try it out.

Also, Cinnamon, WOW! Further evidence there's more to clouds. Smile

Thanks so much for sharing Wardo, you write beautifully.
Very interesting story, if this was sleep paralysis (which it sounds very much like) then I can appreciate how scary an episode can be. I had an "attack" of sleep paralysis recently in which I heard a Mexican sounding voice say "look out of the window" and my own voice warning me "it's about to happen" and then felt my body pressed into the bed (paralysis). My husband woke me up as I was trying to shout his name and all he could hear was me making a "muuuuuuh' sound which I could hear myself making! Interestingly I also suddenly "clicked" and starting saying the Lord's Prayer which broke the paralysis. I also adorned my crucifix the following day as I felt so disturbed until someone explained it all to me.

Also quick notes apparently sleep paralysis is more likely to happen either as you fall asleep or as you are waking which may explain the time query and when you are particularly exhausted. Usually the "baddie" is a reflection of your fears or culturally determined... (That silly Charlie Charlie game was happening around the time of my episode) And second point being that my ever faithful border collie DIDNT even stir. Charming!

Animals are really amazing at picking up the supernatural or just plain weird occurrences though!

Hope you don't experience anything like this again soon!
Best wishes
Flowers x
Hi Christa,

I really don't like the idea that you're keeping this from your partner. Not one bit. I urge you to be open with him about it. Regardless of the outcome.

Secondly calling you by your pet name in an intimate way is just freaking disturbing. Do start cleansing and shielding.

The expectation of it being your partner probably... Word I can't think of... Erugh annoying...lets go with muddled. Your expectation probably muddled your perception of what you heard. That is, if you could hear the voice again, you would probably recognise it as different from your partner's voice. But the expectation of it being him, was too vivid and overcome your perception in that moment.

Yeah, tell your partner what's going on. Deception, lying by omission, is never good. Bring this out in the open so it can't isolate you or your partner. Which could be what it's doing too.

Take care.
Biblio, Manafon, Tweed and the rest of the languages conversation. I moved this post here because I want to recommend a book. I am going to write the rather lengthy description from the back, a 1944 book still in print called "The Loom of Language" by Frederick Bodmer. Perhaps you already have this Biblio. I just didn't want to detract from Manafon's comments and story.

"Here is an informative introduction to language, its origins in the past, its growth through history and its present use for communication between peoples. It is at the same time, a history of language, a guide to foreign tongues, and a method for learning them. It shows through basic vocabularies, family resemblances of languages - Teutonic, Romance, Greek - helpful tricks of translation, key combinations of phonetic roots and patterns. It presents by common sense methods the most helpful approach to the mastery of many languages; it condenses vocabulary to a minimum of essential words;...;it teaches language as it is actually used in everyday life.
But this book is more than a guide to foreign languages; it goes deep into the roots of all knowledge as it explores the history of speech. It lights up the dim pathways of prehistory and unfolds the story of the slow growth of human expression from the most primitive signs and sounds to the elaborate variations of the highest cultures. Without language, no knowledge is possible; here we see how language is at once the source and the reservoir of all that we know."

Then I will leap off the cliff and add that perhaps we have to include a need to start comprehending what communication methods might have evolved in other interstellar environments. Telepathy is a recurring theme in alien encounters. They tap into our brain's language, which is what happens to me when I tap into someone when doing healing. I pick things up in my own vocabulary.

Okay, I'll stop... Feel free to comment. Hope this doesn't get lost in the flood of comments...


Bibliothecarius--I can remember the voices quite clearly. I did initially consider them to be somewhat aggressive but through a comment by Tweed I realized it was probably just the alien nature of the voices. The very inhuman timbre and pitch.

I have a degree in cultural anthropology and have listened to literally hours upon hours of obscure human languages for the information conveyed by rhythm, pitch, volume and so on. The voices were like nothing I have ever heard before and I listened to them for a good spell. Tweed was probably correct that they were merely discussing the new people in the house and nothing more.

Thanks for your interest!
27flowers in He's At The Door
Oh simply amazing! I can only imagine the panic you felt, I worry that I would talk myself out of what I was seeing/experiencing but what is lovely is that you have an amazing belief in yourself and trust in C. What a relief it ended how it did!

All the best,

Ps, I've just came back to YGS after a long break (couple of years) from reading and this story has made me remember why I used to love YGS so much. Thank you!
This may have simply been a residual haunting. Something repeated enough by the 'spirit' that you saw that the 'energy' was 'captured' and the 'energy levels' in the hall at the time you witnessed this were enough to 'trigger' the playback.

So it was not an actually spirit you witnessed but a recorded bit of history in that area of the Hallway.

Do you know, or can you find out, if a person who dressed like that ever resided there? Or if maybe the 'floor' design has been altered as this could effect 'what you saw'.

As far as you 'knowing something wasn't right' simply felt the 'elevated' enregy levels that triggered the event.

Now please excuse me for a moment...


I am goting to start off by saying I have 'voted' you up becasue your comment is a very valid one but I would like to ask a question concenring a part of it...

You stated..."but hospitals and nursing homes are hot beds for paranormal activity, especially on the graveyard shift."

I really do agree with this statment... But do you really feel that the 'graveyard shift is more 'active'...or is the activity more noticed becasue of less destractions?

I 'feel' (my opinion folks) is this... If there is enough energy (EMF is a good example) in the enviroment then there is alsways a chance for activity... People just do not 'see' it during the course of their busy's only 'after hours' when we have slowed down that we begin to notice 'things' happening around us.

Science-tastic, sorry for the 'highjack' I am just curious... Thanks for sharing and for the Hard Work you do. Keep us posted or please submit any other experiences you may have had.


Mannerizms in He's At The Door
Oh yes it is! For me it was my grandmother warning me about my uncle. Smile
Hi Meruza,

It sounds like you're suffering from a lot of superstition and the fear it creates. I think there are some paranormal activities going on. But I want to throw a big doubt over love spells because it sounds like your family doesn't know what they're talking about. Sounds like there's a lot more to that situation than he wants any of the family to know about.

Gift? Personally I don't like this word, I prefer 'ability' and believe everyone has 'it', just some choose to acknowledge more than others.

What else was there... Oh yeah your age 16, it says you're a 'young adult' don't know what's going on there.

I had the impression the stone happened recently, as in was happening right now, days ago, but there was some mention of winter time.

I would suggest to not pay much attention to superstition. Given your age, you may have a poltergeist and look into cleansing/shielding methods for this.

Err ok now I'll read the other comments...

Yeah, pretty much the same stuff I thought.

Meruza, I hope you can clear up our confusion, I'm sure if we sort through it we can help you sort it out. Also saying something is true over and over doesn't go down well around here haha.

Either way, take care.
Wardo it was so nice to read your cloud experience as it made me remember what our family went through some years ago. About a decade ago my Mother had a health issue and no doctor could work out what was wrong with her, so when Mum had exhausted every medical avenues for a correct diagnosis she decided to try a natural healer/reiki fella. Anyway, the appointment was made for the following evening at his private home and my parents, me and my two siblings went along to accompany Mum. While Mum was in the 'healing' room Dad and us kids decided to go outside for some fresh air (it was night time and a clear sky-almost), I happened to look up at the heavens and was shocked at what I saw! Directly above the house we were just in was a large cloud in an absolutely perfectly formed open hand, every part of that hand was precisely shaped like a humans (only a much larger scale), it stayed in perfect form for about 15 minutes, It stayed over the house appearing to protect all who were inside (in a peaceful way), I felt incredibly warm and comforted as did my Dad and siblings. We could not wait to tell Mum. The amazing thing is when Mum did come out she said she has never felt happier, more alive and unburdened in her life; we then described the hand cloud and she said it was no coincidence. By the way about a week later a naturopath found what her health issue was (nothing serious) and today lives a very healthy, happy life.
Charucharmy in Our Protector
wow that's really nice...
Your enough lucky to get protector who told your parents the truth
Mac_Barbie93 in My Cat, Fifi
Frangelica1: I'm so sorry for your loss. I read about the rainbow bridge online, and it says what you just said in the comment. It made me cry when I read about it the day he passed, but when I read it now I am at peace knowing he's in a better place without any pain or suffering and that I will get to meet him when I pass. Thank you for taking time out to comment on my experience:)
Mac_Barbie93 in My Cat, Fifi
Secretstar: thank you for taking time out to comment on my experience. I did in fact immerse his ashes in the sea. I haven't seen him around or heard him a lot after that. He did come to me in my dream though and I was really happy to see him hale and hearty.:)
RedWolf: I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost both my cats within a span of eight months from one another. They came to us in the same order, snuggle puss first and Fifi later, within a few months of each other and left us in the same order too. You never forget your pets, time just makes it a little easier to deal with it.

I want to direct your attention to the dream you had about one of the stories on here directly after reading it. Plus the detail about you sweating. Uncomfortable body temperature can lead to bad dreams, probably sleep walking as well.

The biggest cause of sleep walking is stress. Consider this as a possibility if you've been stressed about school/uni/work, or family troubles, or boyfriend/girlfriend troubles etc.

There's also the detail about your Mother not seeing the light on when you were approaching the sound from the bathroom.

All these things seem to point to sleep walking. Think about the experience, looking out the window, approaching the bathroom with deodorant, was there anything unusual about this? Anything unusual about the room?
In talking to people who have sleep walked everyone always says there was something off about the way things happened. It was daylight, when it was actually night time for example. You turned the light on, but your Mother didn't notice it on at around the same time.

A lot of people have told me I was sleep walking when I first saw a dancer who frequented the house, I wrote about her in one of my stories. Years later I convinced myself that I had seen her while sleep walking. When I went through a non-believer phase. However there were too many details which matched with that experience. I woke my Mum up for one, I stood for a good while and waited for the moment to pass, there was nothing that 'odd' about my surroundings, other than who I saw. Also I had never sleep walked before or since and wasn't experiencing much stress at the time.

As there seems to be no build up to what happened to you the other night, other than spooking yourself with ghost stories on YGS (so many others do this, you not alone!), I would slap a 'dream' sticker on your experience for now at least. You could talk to some of your neighbours and ask if they heard anything that night, or any night. If something paranormal is going on, someone is bound to have experienced something.
Other than that, I wouldn't worry about it. Wink
Mac_Barbie93 in My Cat, Fifi
Gayatrishiva and DeathByDonut: thank you for taking time to comment on my experience. I'm sure you guys had wonderful dogs and have beautiful memories that you shared with them. Pets aren't just animals, they're family. They grow on you. Much love. Xx
Mac_Barbie93 in My Cat, Fifi
Tweed: Thank you so much for your response. I'm sorry I've been MIA and haven't been replying to anyone's responses. I was busy with college and work. I keep myself busy, or else I start thinking about him and start to cry. I'm sure your cat was just as adorable! He never did show his age until the last one week where he got really sick and went from being a healthy cat to what looked like a frail kitten. I did, immerse his ashes, after keeping them with me cause my dad wanted to, also my one year old cat, Alex keeps climbing here and there and I didn't want him to drop the urn.
Also about to the teacher, I told everyone on my Facebook about what he did and now everyone hates him. Serves him right, haha! I absolutely can't stand people I'll treating or talking crap about animals. It makes me really mad.
Thank you for taking the time and comment on my experience. It really does mean a lot. Hugs to you. Love
vesuvius01 in Is This A Gift?
Yes lady glow I live in england and it certainly is summertime, one of the first thing I noticed about this story, but I think it was a mistake the timings of leaving school rings true because on the continent a school day is broken into 2 parts you return home on a afternoon for a couple of hours when the sun is at its hottest then return back to school, I believe its just mistakes although I could be wrong lol
Best wishes
Hi dbd, I am also fairly new to this site I have also been reading into the early hrs, and I have had some pretty messed up dreams our minds can play strange tricks, not too say what you experienced was a dream just a little food for thought basically, please keep us updated if you experience anything more
Best wishes
Hi! Don'the mind but maybe this is your psychological problem? Like there is a disease
Like that one in mind... So you better go to a psychological doctor
Hello, DeathbyDonut... Reading too much ghost on such an odd hours can lead this sighting and experience... I personally experienced this when I was new to YGS... So my suggestion is pause reading ghost stories for few days (specially at night) and I am agree with other posters that It could be sleep walking.
Thank you all for the help given. Few incidents happened later. But no one saw my father after that. I am tired of being scared so I pray all the time and stopped being scared and worried. But I keep on dreaming my father'a funeral. And few other dreams, where wolves are after me or tigers are chasing me. I wonder why.
Hi Rook,

I am here, once again, to congratulate you on the milestone you have reached in life. May you have a wonderful day surrounded by happiness and love. May good health dog your footsteps.

Thanks again for all your insightful replies and advice to those of us on YGS.

Best wishes,
Haha, thank you, Hecate. I'm glad you read my story and enjoyed.
What a sweet message from grandfather. You need not worry about the blankey. I wish your grandma could have seen those words, it would have meant everything to her. How sad that he died on her Birthday.
This is such a touching story that it made me think of my own grandparents. Very warm thoughts. Thank you.

Bibliothecarius in Demonic Voices In The Night
Manafon, it was a pleasure.
Pay attention to the speed and rhythm of the language, if you hear it again. Humans can tell if a bird's song is agitated, so if you listen to the tonal qualities, you may be able to intuit the general flow of the conversation.
Here's hoping!

Hecate, you're very kind! I'll admit I'm fortunate to teach in a high school which allows me a great deal of autonomy in the classroom, so I get to approach the texts like a 100-level college class (I aim for a 200-level survey with my AP Lit). I have the only job I've ever really wanted.

Take care,
RedWolf in Is This A Gift?
I agree with you on the discrepancies. Another thing that makes me go hm and think it's not a true story is when the author says the story is really true, this is not a fake story. Another one that teens and young adults write is their story is 100% true.

You contradicted your self by saying your house could be haunted, but it's completely impossible. Just because your parents bought it from a nice man who built the house doesn't mean it can't be haunted. Land can be haunted also so you see it's not completely impossible.
Thanks everyone for your responses! I do understand that the way I have written the story it may have sounded like an attention seeking thing but I don't believe that to be true. Her physical behavior at the time could not have been faked, I believe she had a genuine physical experience, however if it wasn't paranormal it would have been a panic attack. RedWolf when you are near death your body is unable to clear any mucous so you end up having it sit on your chest and develop chest infections etc. My Aunty said she felt suffocated and could feel the pain of breathing. I am just not sure what happened, from witnessing it I would have to say either panic attack or supernatural.
We rarely change our daily routine and its the first time I was still awake after 1:00am. I too think that the entity was angry for disturbing him/her.

Thanks for the comment.

I had forgot to mention a few important things in story so I would post them ASAP

Yours respectfully,
Blankie fear is not good for your health Wardo. I am sure there is a guided meditation for that somewhere. Laugh

In one of Manafon's recent stories, we were all discussing trees manifesting their energy to people as faces. Very cool. Have you ever tried to dissolve clouds? They are very malleable. It makes sense your grandfather would use them to communicate. This is a very cool story. The fact that there were clouds for him to use here in Arizona is amazing by itself. Smile

I need to post a comment for you on your haunted Tempe Elementary School story. My son went to Arredondo and...

Thanks for sharing.
Best to you!
christabelle, I love your description of living in a haunted space. Laugh

I am never comfortable with ghosts imitating the living, especially deceiving us. This is not my area of expertise so I hope others chime in here with more insights. But I had to compliment you on your take of ghosts. Thanks for sharing.

Manafon in Our Protector
chowy23--Your description of the footprints of the dwende (duende) are interesting! Baby-like and about the size of a cats paw. By chance did anyone ever take a photo of the footprints captured in the cement? That would be some great evidence!

If a photo has not yet been taken it would be a good idea to do so. Evidence like that doesn't present itself every day! Maybe you could then share it here on YGS Happy
Bibliothecarius--Thanks for your insight! I completely agree, especially in retrospect, that the elementals I heard that night were more perplexed than upset or angry. It was the unexpected nature and sound of the voices that initially made me think there was something other than a quizzical intent.

If I am ever lucky enough to hear similar voices again I will definitely try to detect as much detail as possible!