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DandK--I like how you sum up how time may play on our perceptions. As I wrote in a recent reply to kindly refrain, I really do believe that human conceptions of time are eradicated in the hereafter. Without thinking about the pressure time creates in our minds, and that biological clock always ticking away, the afterlife is moments objectified and savored in ways we can't comprehend.

Far from a crushing boredom, it hopefully is something closer to a pure clarity. In other words the infinite becomes something the soul desires to embrace.
I never dwelled into that possibility. Maybe you are correct cause the dream about that girl killed in college was merely a month before I started college. But I am still confused. I don't know much about people who can help cause to be truthful in India mostly either people relate it with superstition or deny it. Not many are able to relate that's why I asked your help. So could you please refer me to someone or ask your friends help. Your mother is a tarot card reader maybe you could ask her if she may help. I am 19 and I don't think here people would care to give ear to a teenager. I hope you understand.
Manafon1, it's hard for me to imagine what influence malleable time would have on my perceptions. So much of our existence depends on time. If you look at the obvious 'anomalies' that we've all experienced: time flew, time seemed to stand still, I felt like we just got here, where did the day go, why does the last minute on the treadmill take so long, time goes faster the older you get... We could be really experiencing that malleable time and just ignoring it because of all the cliches we've heard our entire lives. Why is it that sometimes I'm not hungry all day? Is it because of malleable time making me experience a passed day, but my body being on the old time schedule?

I've also been bothered by an eternal afterlife concept, with respect to time. I'm having a problem with time, and come to think of it, I always have.
Thank you for the website link. I have not heard of the Monroe Institute. I'll check it out.

I don't have a solid plan yet on how to avoid the sleepwalking state in death. So far, I've just been prepping myself by repeatedly telling myself that someday I'm going to die so I should be on the lookout for any moments where I realize I'm confused. Then if that clicks, to remember that I'm dead. Then start analyzing my situation and think myself through it. I feel like if I tell myself that enough, it may eventually stick and help. In the meantime, I'm also telling my loved ones that they should randomly speak out loud to me often throughout the day for a good six months after I die, and say my name firmly, and tell me I'm dead. So far they've agreed to do this.

I'm still trying to work out any other type of plan, but am hoping this one gets me by in the interim.
Bibliothecarius in The Moving Light

Sorry this reply is late; I've been inordinately busy! As your grandmothers had both seen the light phenomena, too, then we can dismiss my speculations about childhood misunderstanding of visual phenomena.

As for "don't consider it as an silly belief system," I would never make such a judgement about your grandmothers! Though I don't adhere to a particular religion, I find it very upsetting when people make insulting or dismissive statements about someone's faith. (If someone is not causing you harm or grief, why upset that person by rudeness about his or her religion? Being tolerant of another person's point of view allows each member of this forum to learn new information.) If both of your grandmothers thought that what they saw were evidence of the presence -even the bodies- of gods, then that's what they told you they saw; I merely wanted to see if any alternate explanations were possible beyond the two you had listed.

Sticking with the two options, I'd suggest it was a manifestation of a spirit, because similar phenomena have been noticed, described, photographed, and filmed as "orbs" which interact with the physical world and which seem to understand spoken instructions. Many objects people claim are orbs are merely dust particles or insects; however, if the orb interacts with people, furniture, doors, etc., and does not follow the behavior of dust particles or of insects, THEN you must be dealing with an intelligent spirit of some kind.

Be well,

Hi kindly refrain--It really does seem to be the case that the idea of time being linear was borne out of, originally, planting and harvesting crops, the seasonal migration of animals (for nomadic peoples) and in more recent history, the need to regiment time to make sense out of the modern industrialized world.

I do know that modern physics suggests time is more malleable than most people would hope to think it is but even with that said my main point was that any conception of time is quite possibly thrown out the window in the afterlife.

As a boy it used to bother me that the afterlife was one where, potentially, one would exist for "eternity". What boredom I thought. But that is a human being as a boy thinking. It struck me, somewhere in the past twenty years, that whatever the afterlife is, it doesn't include any human conception of the marking of time. It's a pure sense of souls existing and interacting without the thought of, "man, can we wrap this up I have to get two hours sleep before work."
DandK, it is probably too personal but I am very curious as to how you plan to prevent personal ghostly somnambulism.

I don't know if you have ever read or heard about the Monroe Institute, but I know a fellow who went there some years ago.

As they delved deeper into different levels of consciousness (they may say existence), in their classes one of their tasks was to locate and rescue souls that for various reasons did not "move on". He told me that some of them do not realize they are dead, especially after a sudden accident or some don't want to go or for other reasons they are confused.

What ever you think about that the website is worth a look anyway.
sushantkar, thank you for your sympathy and your compliment regarding my story.

I have now read some of your stories and they are very interesting.

I am not exactly sure why but I very much like the stories submitted from India. It is like the ghostly frame work is different there. I also like the way they are written.
Manafaon1 and DandK, we don't have to be on the other side to experience time anomalies, at least according to some physics theories.

They suggest that time is not linear or contiguous although for the most part we experience it that way. The explanations are too deep for this forum (and sometimes for me) but the claim is that we experience time in this linear fashion for convenience.

They also state that glimpses of the future or past and time slips are due to time being much more malleable than we normally experience it.

I would also like to encourage you to submit your stories. I would be interested to hear about your experiences.
monica74 in Found It
thank you all for your kind words and prayers its much appreciated and I have more stories coming soon Love
to sds: thank you very much and I don't feel that its negative either
To redwolf: lol it sounds like you have a prankster as well
To mack: I'm actually a caregiver for alzimers and dementia patients at an assited living home but yes I would consider myself a writer as a hobby before internet I would fill notebooks with just jibber jabber and I agree completely with you thank you and around Christmas activity did kick up more
To calamity: my book is called true ghost stories and it is about my family and their experiences its kind of something I just do for fun I have been working on it since I was 30 I'm 41 now and have lots of pages all my family has had some kind of experience my husband grew up and almost every house he lived in was haunted his mom is a sensitive my mom is a sensitive and I guess I would consider myself one as well my husband is encouraging me to have it made into a book and make copies for the family
To Tweed: I agree completely with you.
To Alandhopewell: I have read your post along with everyone that has posted on mine and I love your stories
zzsgranny in A Childish Presence
We've allowed this conversation to continue for several reasons, the first being that it is just that: a conversation between posters attempting to understand anothers views and beliefs. That, and this is an older thread and the poster hasn't been active for 7 years or so.

However, I feel I need to caution members about the Comments Guidelines, and this in particular:

"This site offers discussions on the topic of ghost experiences, with people coming from various cultures, so please avoid proselytizing or preaching, unless the author of a story specifically asks to receive feedback from that religious perspective. This site is not about religious beliefs, it is about actual personal paranormal experiences and exploring reality with an open and investigative mind so we can actually learn more about the paranormal, with the same empirical mind set that made science so successful in other fields. Religions have a lot of wisdom to offer in terms of personal spirituality, but they can also limit our knowledge of the world with old superstitions and unproven dogmas. It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact"

So you see Calmness, your original comment complied with the guidelines, as well as the ones in the conversation. Just keep it toned down if you choose to comment on other stories/threads.

At this point, although I understand that you're merely answering questions from other posters I'd like to request that this conversation be taken elsewhere, like social media or email. Thank you!
Calmness, I recommend you to share your stories.
Look, I don't judge a person by one's believe or push people too much on that. I guess you already had some ideas on how people will feel when their religions are judged.
Anyhow, now that you have explained what is really happening, please share your stories; I am sure we all will be interested! I did not meant to be offensive neither.

Love from São Paulo

lady-glow in Being Watched? 2
Calmness: has "your baby angel" been studying your family to be born into it?
I mean, you claim she's been around since 2002... Or is her purpose only teaching you about heavenly affairs?

I don't want to be rude, but it would be nice for you to keep in mind that your beliefs might not be the answer for all and each of the experiences in this site.
OK I apologize for my belligerent behavior, I must admit that I am overly excited by the proof of the hereafter and until I had my own experience, I have always been extremely skeptical of ghosts etc, and I wasn't that much into religion either, but it is perhaps more the fact that, I am unable to share my experience with anyone outside the digital world, for fear of being ridiculed and taken away to the funny farm.
I also have to accept the fact that as my experience was personal to me, it is fairly difficult for others to grasp the significance of what happened to me, without the benefit of proof or video evidence.
When taken out of context, it could easily be the ramblings of a nutcase carrying a sandwich board with the statement "The End is Nigh"
I have not spoken of this, either on or offline for approximately 15 years, and I wrongly assumed that everyone would be interested to read about regular visitations from an Angel, along with the information that was given to me about the afterlife and life and death and rebirth etc...
I have taken note of all the negative comments and thumbs down, and will try to avoid giving my opinion, especially where it is not wanted.
If I offended anyone, then I apologize profusely!
Calmness, change the record. It's cool you have a strong faith in angels and God, but if all you're going to do is look for experiences which lend an opportunity to talk about said angels and God, you ain't going to go down too well with this community. We're a versatile bunch and, think I speak for the majority here when I say, we strive to keep it versatile.
Calmness, well, your comment for me made me thought that "Are you trying to make me a believer too?" I have to put one vote for Varuni.
The last comment showed that you agreed too, now we are talking.

I apologize for my interruption.

Yours sincerely

Kricket, I read both your experiences and I've no idea if the two are linked. If this happened to me I would assume the woman in line was off her rocker, or, if she wasn't, the two events weren't connected.

The presence in the first part, just going by it's behaviour not how you felt, could be an old relative checking in on you, something like that. However, you were scared when some of those things occurred. That could mean a lot of things, among which one would be; a ghost presence simply scares many people regardless of motive.

If these women are ghosts (we must leave open the possibility these were merely dreams), if they are ghosts I feel the best way forward for you at this point would be looking into help from those knowledged within your culture. Either in the form of spiritual advisors you have locally (be it priests, gurus, whoever you feel comfortable talking with), or people on this site who are also from India and may be able to help. I say this because I have very limited knowledge of Indian culture and I feel a big part of these dreams is linked to religious beliefs and/or Indian culture in general.

Also, have you considered the possibility these women are wanting to help or warn you, not the other way around?
Calmness in Being Watched? 2
Hi there, I have similar experiences with a baby girl that plays with my hair, strokes my cheek, and occasionally pinches me to get attention.
I shouldn't worry about it, it is something nice!
It may be that you will have some happy news, quite soon, in the order of a new addition to the family, please let us know if that happens!
Did you come up with any explanation yet. Please let me know on my story
I don't have a problem with that!

In these circumstances it is better to agree to disagree.
One's form or religion is a personal choice.

For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.
I also agree with the medium that you should try meditation. Meditation open your chakras which allow you to open your third eye and other senses. But like everything in life there has to be a balance. With good things come bad as well. Opening your 3rd eye and enhancing your other senses will make you vulnerable to all sorts of entities. So be sure to learn how to protect yourself also as you meditate. Best of luck to you. Stay safe. God bless.
Paranoid_believer in Being Watched? 2
I remember reading something about little children and old people being more prone to seeing things of the paranormal-nature. And from your experience I might say that was the case, but I can't totally overlook your claim that the old woman might have mental issues? It's two-sided but I believe the former theory is more concrete than the latter.
Calmness, I do believe what E.Lynx, is aksing is just that you have an open mind to all things. There are all faiths and beliefs here. No one wants to feel like there being forced to see things one way or the other. What if I was to have beliefs in Pastafarianism. Would you not think that it was somewhat out of line if I was to Say that it was the only way things could have happened? No one is saying to change your way or beliefs just to please leave room on the forums for all not just one
Dearest E.Lynx,
I apologize if being religious is offensive to you or any other members.
I would have thought on a forum specifically setup to discuss the topic of Ghosts, Spirits and Demons, that belief in God would have been a prerequisite for those who believe in Ghosts etc.
Particularly when God is who everyone turns to for help, when in a difficult or often frightening experience.
However, in order to conform with the political correctness of the forum, I will endeavor to tone down my reference to your and my ultimate creator, if you or other members feel uncomfortable when I mention his name.
elusiveproof in Nola Experiences
I get where you're comin from. I'm not one of those. I learn from people with more experience. I try so hard to debunk things because I know if I can't, I've added to my arsenal. I'm always looking for that proof and always learning new ways to find it. Now I'm rambling...
I read your submissions. They're incredible, even though you haven't always thought so.:) I found it very intriguing that your sensitivity seemed to just turn on after that first experience. It's given me something new to look into. I wish you the best and no more brushes with evil/angry energy. I look forward to future submissions.
Hello and welcome to YGS.

First the bathroom door opening...
Was your A/C or heat on?
If its a central heat and air, the vents could have caused a suction, from the air turning on, and the door being closed.
Happens in my home often.

I agree with Wish-Not...
I would put at least one hidden camera somewhere in your apartment with a good view of the living room and hallway.

There is a possibility the apartment manager, could be coming in.I've also had that sort of trouble in the past.

Now onto the silhouette.
When you pull up and the lights hit the window, and you see what looks like a person standing directly behind them.
Does this happen everytime?
Or just occasionally?
If it happens everytime, it could very well be the way the lights reflect off of the shades,blinds,or curtains, and or something that you have placed behind them.

Not saying at all this isn't a haunting of some sort, but there could be other explanations for these occurences.

Thanks for sharing
Chewbaby76: this forum doesn't include the interpretation of dreams and I don't intend to give any meaning to your dream.
I think there is not enough information to consider it paranormal in nature.
Did you play any video games that could have influenced what you dreamed that night? Perhaps you read a book or watched a movie or even had a conversation about spooky themes that, later, reflected in your dream?

It would be a good idea to start a journal of your dreams and see if this is a recurring dream; otherwise don't worry about any weird dream and have a good night sleep.
Hi kindle! Wonderfully narated story. My condolence for the loss of your mom may her soul rest in peace.

Hello, well last night I had the weirdest dream it was dark outside I was in a familiar place. Then all of a sudden I see this black fallen Angel with a white face and black everything else. It had hitten the ground already. But still alive and flaying about with it was an old police radio boom box style with all the works and handcuffs. I asked it if it was OK then it was gone as fast as I saw it. So I'm wondering it possibly means, any feedback would be awesome thanks
Calmness, sorry I need to interrupt but can you not be too religious?
"There is only one God, everything else is mythology..."
"People are free to believe in what they want..."
There are consistencies according to what you are talking about from the above.

I think DandK was just asking to be more specific.


There is only one God, everything else is mythology, and minformation to keep people from following the one true God, and that is not something I say lightly, it is as I have been told.
People are free to believe in what they want, it is all about personal choice, and of course indoctrination, based on place of birth, parents, family and friends etc...
But it is every souls duty to find the true path, and that means questioning everything until you find the truth.
Tweed, obrigado! That kind of cards lol
I was thinking of these


My little nephew used to love the show lol

I was a nerd too perhaps but I would rather play Sonic the Hedgehog on my old Game Gear by Saga not cards or toys lol

Love from São Paulo

Hey guys... I am back after a long break:)

It was first story, I read after I am back as title sounded interesting but I am very very disappointed: (

After reading the story, my expression was like 'WTF! Am I reading ghost story or watching Batman vs Superman movie...'. This story is absurd and totally weird.

I am not interested in God or Holy stuff but have little knowledge about it and according to it, I have few questions-

1) What happened after 7 years?
2) Why demon or whatever that bad thing stopped your friend from pissing on holy book?
3) How can your friend piss in his own basement?
4) If your friend was doing such things and you were not involved in such things, then why that thing threatened to see you after 7 years?

Waiting for your reply...


Are you using the name 'God' to imply the ultimate creator (or perhaps even creating group) that could fall under many religious points of view?
Well, apparently, God created all creatures, and even the mosquitoes have a reason to be here, so he knows, each and everything that happens, to each and every one of his creations.
Animals are provided for us, for food, for transport, for comfort and to test our kindness and patience towards them.
So you can be assured that they are taken care of, it is only human behavior that has a detrimental effect on any particular animal or a creatures well being.
Calmness, I hadn't made that connection before. It makes sense. Though I like to hope that the animals are being watched over as well.
As you said yourself, your Grandmother waa a religious person, and the extreme situation of seeing the animal in distress, may well have caused the dog to be saved through her request for God's help in that instant.
I wasn't there but, it is very likely the two things are related.
Hi Darkness, I've really enjoyed reading your experiences. Smile

This completely creeped me out! Was that hand fully solid? Either way creepy, glad you didn't follow it!
Calmness, I asked you this about animals for a specific reason. I think I saw an angel or angel baby when I was a small child, but it helped a dog. We were on the highway, my grandmother was driving, and my mom was passenger, and I was a small toddler standing on the seat between them. I looked up in the sky through the front window and saw what I remember thinking was an angel. But it was small and the best way I can describe it now was that it looked like a puff of cloud and light in the sky. I instinctively knew it was an angel, and as soon as I saw it, I pointed to it with excitement and told my mom and grandmother "Look, there's an angel!" Then it was gone.

My mom and grandmother didn't look up and thus missed it, which disappointed me, and I turned and watched a dog run off the road into the median.

My mom and grandmother had a much different experience than me though. They tell me (because I didn't see what they saw since I was looking at the angel) that they saw a small dog run onto the highway and then watched as the dog went totally under the tire and get flipped around in the wheelwell of a truck in front of them. As that was happening, I was pointing in the sky and yelling about seeing an angel. The dog was ejected from the wheel and got up and ran into the median and kept running like nothing happened. My grandmother was so upset that she had to pull over and couldn't drive. My grandmother was a religious person and the fact that her 3 year old granddaughter saw an angel and that dog ran away from that had a profound impact on her, and my mom.

I do believe in these angels because of this experience.

And if anyone is wondering about remembering things at that age, I'm one of those people with a good memory of my entire life. I remember being an infant and having feelings instead of words, and crying in extreme frustration when I couldn't make myself understood. I vividly remember my first Christmas, birthday, third birthday party and who came and what presents they brought, etc.
Hemie, does your bathroom have louvre windows? I'm wondering if the door may have been blown open, with the latch half closed giving the impression the handle was turned.

My thoughts are the same as Wish Not, change those locks.
Tweed, I was not inferring that all animals have human souls, merely that it can happen.
An animals character, is its own, and sometimes, more pleasing than a lot of humans.

You would call it a Cherub, although that's just another man made term.
Paranoid_believer in A Night I Will Never Forget!
Am sorry but you failed to mention what happened seven years later after that night considering the time should have elapsed by now or did you miss that? Also, the dialogue in your story seems like plot convenience to me!
Honestly, I don't think God would posess a human in a demon-like manner, study your bible and you won't see anything of that sort. Lastly, why would your friend who was curious to know what had really happened immediately after gaining consciousness later ask you never to tell him what happened? I hope the fence isn't filled yet bcos i'm joining the others on it!
DandK--I wrote that spirits don't have the encumbrance of time based mostly on the duration of many reported hauntings. There have been single hauntings that have been reported over multiple human lifetimes. Of course, until we actually find ourselves on "the other side" it is impossible to have any definite answers on that subject.

Your thoughts that their time is forward and backward could very well be true. It is just as possible that their experience has nothing to do with our concerns over time. Time seems so tied to deadlines and the finite nature of biological life that, in my conception, is an encumbrance that is shed after the body dies. I like to think of it that way at least.
Calmness isn't what you're referring to a Cherub?
Find it hard to believe an angelic being would explain animal intelligence by way of human soul intervention. Could not an animal be intelligent and possess learned communicative traits with other species (like humans) of their own accord? Humans are animals as well.
Dear DandK,
Sorry to say that I haven't actually seen that, but I do know that they only follow God's command and that they cannot interfere with bad souls.
Apparently it is up to the individual to make life's choices and it is all down to free will.
For the Good souls, they can both influence in the form of conscience, and also in extreme situations, they can enter the body of a good soul to save someone or help someone or something.
It could be the case that a passer-by would intervene to save an animal, but having been influenced by an Angel.
There is also the case of souls remaining here on earth after they have passed, and that in order not to leave, enter into the body of an animal, perhaps this is why many people think their dogs and cats have a human character.
I am sorry if my rantings sound a little off the wall, but I can only tell it, as it was explained to me. And believe me when I say, it took me years to accept it.
I asked so many questions, and didn't always like the answers I got.
But one thing which is important to note, and that is that an Angel can never tell you the future, they are simply not allowed to do so, because only God can decide on your future.
As far as remembering the first time I saw her, it was 2002, and she is responsible for me and others.
She insists on me telling you that she is not a bird, and doesn't have wings, as depicted in all the artwork and pictures, created by humans.
I think that will do for now, all the best, God Bless!
MysticFrance in Aswang In Davao
I believe you. I had an experience too when I was pregnant.

Calmness, do you remember the first time you saw an angel baby? Have you ever seen one save an animal from being accidentally killed or grossly injured?

I've wondered about the difference in time constraints between this realm and the spirit realm. I've gotten the impression that it's not so much that time has no meaning to them as it is that their time is forward and backward, whereas ours is pointwise only going forward. They still have the same time experience, but they can go to another time in a way similar to how we can travel by car to another location. This means also that the whole concept of traveling in spatial dimensions is different for them and would be totally foreign to us. I need to think about that more!
Kindly_refrain, I know what you mean about not liking the idea of being in a foggy state in the next realm. I have recently had thoughts about trying to find ways to 'keep myself' awake and in touch with my reality when I die. I have wondered if us sleepwalking folk are more prone to becoming residuals when we pass on. I'm hoping that if I can prepare myself mentally that I will recognise the situation when it arises.

I know that my late husband wasn't in a fog. He was desperately trying to get my attention when he died. I know this as much as I know my own existence. I am hoping that if he can somehow reach me after I pass that he'll help out!
Somebody had asked about the shadow figure's movements.

I spoke with my daughter this evening and she tells me that the figure did always move in the same direction. It was from the bedroom - across the hall - then to the stairwell. I think I had the direction backwards, not that it changes things substantially.
Hi Manafon1, don't apologize, it is all interesting. The discussion going on here hasn't even slipped into general gab as it sometimes can. It has all been honest discussion on what we all would like to understand better.

Thanks. I think I will chase down the books you mention.
Rook--Thanks for sharing that link. I do remember that story after reading it again. I used to love the books of Charles Berlitz. As intriguing as the story of the two couples staying at an inn that seemed to have come from many decades earlier is, it comes from one of Berlitz's many books collecting odd stories of the unexplained that were marketed first and foremost as entertainment. Stuff like, "The Bermuda Triangle", "The Mystery of Atlantis" and "World of Incredible But True". This story is interesting but does have two problems that someone brings up at the end of the link.

Those issues are why didn't the hotel employees find the clothes and car of these time travelers bizarre or at least mention them. A modern car would have certainly freaked out French small town citizens pre 1905. A TV movie was made of their incident and one can't help but wonder if their story (only related three years after it supposedly took place) was fabrication, ala The Amityville Horror, constructed to garner some interest with hopes to sell the idea. It certainly is a fun story but seems to have some big holes. Still, I do feel time slips are a possibility. Sorry to have digressed in your comment section kindly refrain. I will put any further off topic comments under one of my stories.

I bet you are correct... Time Slip seems to fit what I am thinking of...

"20th-Century Guests Stay in 19th-Century Hotel

From "World of Strange Phenomena" by Charles Berlitz, published 1988 by Wynwood Press."


Is a good example of what I mean.


I liked your story, and wanted to tell you about a possible explanation, you may have seen the old paintings of little Angel babies with wings, hovering around humans.
Well I have some Small understanding of these things, and have had regular contact with what I believe to be an Angel (Baby Girl), she is both extremely cute and fun, but also extremely serious when talking about God and other matters.
She spent a lot of time educating me in matters of faith and explanations of the afterlife and spirits and Angels.
I do not talk about this to anybody, for fear of being labeled a wackjob, but I thought a snippet of her explanation might give you a better understanding of your experience.
Baby Angels usually work in groups and they visit the poor, the sick, the needy, and those that have been marked as good souls, but may have started down a wrong path.
I have no idea of your personal situation, as regards children or intentions in that direction, but I was told that Angel babies that are assigned to parents on earth are assigned their parents up to 2 years before they are due to be born, this supposedly is allow them to study them and get to know them better, before they are born.
I know from my own experience, that they play with your hair. Sit on your head, pull your ears, and sometimes when you misbehave, they can nip quite effectively.
But the overriding factor is the feeling of well being and happiness when they are near.
I strongly believe that this was what happened in your case.
Anyway, all the best and God Bless!
Smile Smile
Rook--I should add to my last comment that in the case of the Petit Trianon "time slip" case, all the main structures were still standing (with several modifications) from the earlier time depicted in the time slip. Whereas in the type of case where you describe a building that is no longer standing where people claim to have spent time, it's obviously no longer a physical structure. In other words, the theory of an elaborate appararitional drama could be what occurred at Versailles but not in the vanishing inn scenario. An apparitional drama, in other words, just can't explain someone staying in a hotel long vanished where it could explain multiple apparitional people interacting amidst period furnishings in a structure that is still standing. The building in the former case would seem to provide the perfect amount of the physical where a human being could physically move around in while telepathically receiving the apparitional drama that completes the picture.

On that thought, do you know of any well documented cases of someone actually staying in an inn, or eating at a restaurant only to find out later it has been gone for years? Many of these types of stories seem to fall more in line with urban legend. High in entertainment value but low on evidence.
Good read Linzell. I've often heard that when time is short and someone's about to pass on they often see, hear and talk to friend's and/or family that have passed on.

As soon as I read that she had looked over and saw Mavis and started to talk to her about the old guy, I was thinking, "uh-oh. She's not got a lot of time left". Then you confirmed it when you said she died a week later.

I must say, for a 15 year old, you were quite the grown up! Smile
Rook--That is an interesting conjecture! I suppose that could be what happens in reported "time slip" cases like that which supposedly occurred at the Versailles Petit Trianon. I remember reading somewhere (I think it was a book by Andrew Mackenzie) that the hypothetical "apparitional drama" could theoretically encompass a massive scene, involving buildings, multiple figures and so on. Of course as these figures and structures would be telepathically created there wouldn't be any actual physicality to it all. Then again an instance like the hypothetical inn you bring up where people stay only to find out later it closed years before could indeed be a case of an actual time slip or a temporary slip into an alternate dimension.

Those types of cases have always driven me nuts. Because unless they did either slip back in time or to an alternate dimension, where exactly were they sleeping, eating and everything else!

I wonder if this theory would cover the shared experiences of those who were on vacation, found that 'quaint' little old fashioned Inn and completely enjoyed there stay... Only to discover at some later point in time that Inn they stayed at had closed 60-100 years before their visit. You know the experiences I'm referring to (no names come immediately to mind)?

The real issue with that however becomes... If they did not sleep at the 'Inn' where did they sleep?


EvelynHeart47 in Disappearing Mediumship
Warm thank you's to yomomma and RedWolf. Being affirmed of what I should do has helped a ton! I've been working on introducing meditation into my daily routine, just baby steps, but I can tell that I'm getting better at trusting my intuition and know that I'm already more open than before (of course I still need to work on it but there's progress:D)
Red, haha I appreciate you sharing about the falling asleep issue. I've read about it, but you're the first who has commented on my story that it has actually happened.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has commented and advised me! I am forever grateful and wish you all the best ^_^
Many thanks for the lovely comments all. It was an unforgettable moment for me. I come from a family who believes unerringly in the afterlife, I've always wanted to find the proof for myself however, and as few and far between as they are, I felt privileged to witness this, it really was the turning point for me!:)
MyLiliMarlene in He Leaned Thru My Dad!
Hi Mack and Red. It was not my sister's voice. She was 11. It was an adult's voice. I think that we see ghosts in a telepathic way. Each person sees or doesn't see them according to their abilities.

The question about what feeling did I get from the experience? Well for one, I certainly over-reacted. I don't think he meant to harm a hair on my body. But it was overall that he was just curious about me and was trying to look at me while I was asleep and not noticing. I didn't get warmth or cold. Just curiosity. Like he was looking at a rock or something... Weird...
Rook--The apparitional drama as postulated by G.N.M. Tyrrell was specifically used as his theoretical construct to explain, specifically, "shared" apparitional experiences where more than one person perceives an apparition while awake.

The process itself takes place below the level of consciousness, so maybe that is where your thought that the person isn't awake when he/she perceives the vision comes from. Two excellent books that look at the apparitional drama with case study examples (always concerning people while awake) are Tyrrell's books, "Apparitions" and "Science and Psychical Phenomena". Both are excellent and can be found easily on amazon.

Of course, following Tyrrell's general theory, the same type of telepathic interaction would take place in the "visitation dream". The only difference with this apparitional drama would be that the percipient is asleep. What makes waking apparitional dramas so fascinating is that multiple people, simultaneously, can theoretically percieve the same vision in real time. Of course there are also reports of people having dreams that upon later investigation happened at around the same time but there is really something to be said about the simultaneous perception of an apparition by two or more people at the same time with only very minor discrepancies.
Wish-Not in Nola Experiences
elusiveproof- No harm done, all is well. I intended no strong voice in my words. I guess I was kind of jesting as I was typing my response. I can understand that someone would need hard, 100% proof to know that it has happened to them.

What I find it curious that there are folks that just will not believe. My son-in-law is one of them. I ask him if he thinks I make up all of our experiences, he says "no, it's I never seen anything". I am one not to exaggerate details when explaining our times. And there is another thing, "our" experiences. The majority have been shared with two or more. Yet until it happens to him, it does not exist.

Anyways, here I go rambling. I'm a rambler.

I have always been under the impression that the '"apparitional drama", was 'triggered' by an individual spirit but viewed by the 'haunted individual' in their dreams and not as something visually witnessed while awake.

Are there many cases for study where the 'event' happened while the individual was fully awake and where can I find them?


Kindly refrain--As one psychical researcher (G.N.M. Tyrrell) puts it, what is telepathically transmitted by the deceased mind can only be a pretty vague and general idea, what he himself calls a theme or motif. "The original telepathic impression provides only the general outline of the plot. To work out the details, we must postulate some further factor which Tyrrell calls 'The Producer'. But even when the apparitional drama has been worked out in detail, the task of presenting it still remains. This task is assigned to another... Factor which Tyrrell (the researcher) calls 'the stage carpenter'. The Stage Carpenter's function is to bring into existence just those hallucinatory precepts which the Producer requires."

Tyrrell then further states, "The Producer and Stage Carpenter may be thought of as psychological constituents of the percipient's personality, constituents of it which operate in a quasi-autonomous manner below the level of consciousness."

So, yes, the person perceiving the apparitional drama does indeed (at least their subconscious) have a say in how the scene is presented. That said, as this is all taking place in the subconscious there will be much more uniformity in the drama itself, if multiple people perceive it, than if our minds were consciously making choices like, "I prefer red draperies to Venetian blinds" or "I think it would be cooler to perceive a Corvette than a LeCar". It really is fascinating stuff.
I just read your account, I don't know if you come here anymore but... Great story.

I just told my wife and she really liked it as well. I read your other story also. Please write the other parts.
PunkysMama, you may be right about what a ghost knows.

Maybe we need practice being a ghost, for a while, to do our haunting "correctly".

Even Patrick Swayze in the movie, GHOST, needed to hone his skills.
Hi EvelynHeart! I think I understand where you're coming from. My 'visits' (like Miracles51031) slowed down when I became a grandmother. I think because I focused all my attention on my twin grand daughters, I was less aware of happenings around me. Now after finding this site and writing my stories down, I feel as if I've sort of awaken again. Meditation works wonders. When you open yourself up you become more aware. Good luck!
Manafon1, I like you latest post very much.

So... If I am to paraphrase. The script is already created by the "writer" but I have the artistic license to produce the play on my stage with my own set of props.

Correct me if I am way off base here.
spiritwaiting, thank you for your sympathy, we have just passed the anniversary of her death and while the sting is out of it, it does make me reflect on my mother and her passing more at these times.

My mom would allow very little talk of ghostly matters either. It did depend on "rank" though. Her sister and my father's brother each had an experience that she allowed them to tell her. She even told us of them when we were young adults. If we, as her children, showed too much interest in these matters, however, we were shut down. Possibly this was for our protection.
Hi kindly refrain--Another theory put forward by several psychical researchers is that of the "apparitional drama". It's another theory I bring up a lot on this site. It explains "hauntings that contain many beings at one time" as a telepathic message sent from the mind of the deceased to the mid-level constituents of the recipients subconscious. There, in conjunction with the "thought form" sent by the deceased, an "apparitional drama" is created. Whatever is dramatically appropriate to the message of this telepathic message then becomes a part of the vision.

With this theory, if other people, animals, inanimate objects (anything really) are appropriate to the intended message being sent, the mid-level constituents of the living persons subconscious, along with the message sent from the deceased persons mind, work collectively to create the vision "seen".

Multiple people can theoretically also be drawn into the apparitional drama because it would be considered dramatically appropriate. This nicely explains how multiple people can experience even elaborate apparitional scenes. I will now step off the podium Kidding .
Calamity, that's a very nice compliment.

The flicking in the back was many years before the events of this account took place. That being said, they both have the basement stairwell in common and who says a ghost won't hang around for a long time. I agree that certainly the back flick (if supernatural) was not a residual phenomenon.

My sister's house did indeed have events it did not have prior to this so again, I agree with you, not residual.
Manafon1, of course I don't mind your input. This is an open forum and I am very interested in what insights other's may have.

I also believe that time is not the same type of constraint on the other side. This does make the idea you put forward, about the nature of residual hauntings, on better footing than my "time zombie" one.

If they are "ideas" and not individuals stuck in a loop it also can speak to residual hauntings that contain many beings at the same time. As I said in another post, I just don't buy the, "traumatic imprint" on inanimate objects, idea.
It's okay! It's okay! It's okay! Hehehehe all those sorry's required multiple it's okays! Didn't even notice your typo initially haha! Laugh

And to comment on what you said, I wonder if he knew that she was seeing him/ hearing him? And though he may have known in life that she would have been very afraid maybe he thought doing the things that he regularly did, she may have come to know and accept that it was him there... I don't know if they know how much or how little of them is perceived to us on the living side.

I haven't read all the comments on the account yet so forgive me if we have already decided as a group what this truly could have been! Shy

I can understand your mother, and her beliefs.

My great grandmother was a God fearing woman, with very close and hard beliefs. As long as I can remember she never talked about ghosts, hauntings etc.
She wouldn't allow it.
Even though she did have a spirit in and around her home.

My deepest condolences for the loss of your Mother.
Thats one of the hardest losses one can have in our lifetime.

Hope to read more of your experiences.

The votey thing's at it again. 2nd1st that happens all the time, think it resets itself after a day or so. It annoys everyone. Laugh

I also figured a sleepwalking type trance in ghosts would be temporary, same as in the physical realm.
spiritwaiting in New Home New Spirits
A little update on this.
I found an article on a death for around the area of my home. Matter of fact for the exact street I live on.

In 2014 a lady whom was well known and loved to this area was struck by a car while walking to her morning bus ride.

She would ride the bus to run errands. During her time in the area, she would read books to the younger children, bake them goodies, and watch over them as they played.

She wrote a bunch of childrens books and were in the works for publishing.

They believe as she was walking along the side of the street her cane somehow became stuck in something and as she was trying to remove it, a car struck her from the back.

She was wearing black clothing that morning, which could have been a factor in the accident.

I believe this to be the "Nun" walking around the home. She was a good woman, during her life here, and she probably still watches over the kids.
spiritwaiting in Grey Sock
Red, Laugh
Lol after I read this, it reminded me of those mysterious disappearing socks! Amongst other things that either go missing come back or are put in another spot they usually wouldn't go.

I know its my uncle at work here! Hes a huge prankster and gets his kicks out doing all this.

One sock lol I know, because I am ocd over matching everything.
Socks,shirts etc, drives my family nuts! And me nuts when I can't find the matching other.

Ha! Gotta love those family members still pranking us from the otherside! Really reminds me of the "dont take life to seriously" quote.
Hehe lighter side of things.

2nd1st - the site only allows us to vote for the same member a certain number of times. I still haven't figure out how many Laugh Once you have voted for other members, I believe the voting privilege is reinstated.
Tweed, the website is letting me up vote you again. Must be a timer.

I am finding the sleepwalking comparison to repetitive behaviour by non corporeal beings fascinating. It seems a logical comparison. Sleepwalkers will change a pattern when interacted with and so it seems will some non corporeal entities.
Apparently conscious efforts such as the flicking are not contradictory here: just because someone sleep walks doesn't mean that they don't spend much of their time awake.
Kindly Refrain I love what you said here:
"Biblically there are specific prohibitions in interactions with ghosts but this very prohibition acknowledges that ghosts exist."
Both insightful and amusing!

DandK, that sleepwalking insight was very interesting. It does seem there are similarities here.

I agree with Calamity also, that this might not have been residual after all. Or maybe a bit of both.
hahah "The idea behind Love Letter is that the players around the table are suitors to the princess. The individuals represented on the cards have various levels of connection to the princess;"

It's Super Mario Bros!
Roylynx I'm not sure what your nephew has, but it sounds like nerd cards to me lol.
These are role play based board/card games, often with a 'quest' storyline and medieval themes. Some are simply cards, while others include a board, dice, and other objects. There are loads of different role play games available, this is an example of one
This is an example of a card based game

Yeup, nerd cards Wink
RedWolf in Grey Sock
Seems as if you have a ghost that has good taste in socks but why return only one? Maybe it has only one leg and will return the other 3 after he has used them? Your husband better put a lock on that closet door so he doesn't lose any more socks. Laugh The great sock heist.I'm sorry but this is too funny, now you're going to have to yell at the ghosts to put socks back.
spiritwaiting in Grey Sock

FIL and the socks.
Which may and seems a lot like the disappearing brand new pair of Tommy Hilfiger socks my husband just bought.

I keep his socks in the hallway closet, easier for me to grab them for him when he gets up at 4 am for work.
I have that closet as his, own personal clothes closet.
He bought a package of 2 pairs. I unwrapped and put them on the shelf, ready to grab and go.
A couple days later, on a Monday, I go in as I have matched the outfit with these particular socks.
The socks are nowhere.

I tear the house up, even rethinking "well maybe I didn't put them up there".

To this day I have only found 1 sock the other 3 are still missing. Lol

That one sock by the way was on top of the dryer, untouched still brandnew.

Spirits and the socks lol
I agree with Miracles. You have to meditate. I know you have a lot going on, if I'm correct finals are over or almost over for you and have to start applying to Colleges, and you are either working or looking for a job, and you want to hang out with friends. You have to put aside time every night to meditate. Since meditation is a relaxation exercise you may fall asleep but that's okay because a few people on here say that they too have fallen asleep while trying to meditate, I am one of them. Always remember to shield yourself before meditating.

Your grandson is very lucky to have you as a grandmother. But you too have to make time before you go to sleep to meditate to get your balance just right for your health.

RedWolf in Grey Sock
It seems my FIL is still punking my MIL because she asked me the other day if it's him moving things around on the counter while she is asleep or out. I asked her who else she thought it could be.
RedWolf in Grey Sock
I am glad you are well, just busy. I was getting worried that you were ill. I'm sure other members were wondering also. I wouldn't want anything to happen to either you or Miracles.
God showed him. He probably said, "I don't exist huh? I'll show you I exist!
Sorry for the late replies everyone. The internet has been down at my house but it's finally up and running again.

[at] rookdygin
My home has never been tested for EMF levels. Aside from my brother, no one really believes in the paranormal so I'm not sure how I'd go about a conversation like that.
The half brother who played with Ouija boards is a different brother from the one who saw the green hand. At the time my brother and I were 4 and 5 years old, respectively, my half-brother was around 18 and was active with Satanic things and Ouija boards. This is when we saw the green hand.
My half brother has told me he felt a lot of the same things in the house before he moved out. My brother and half brother both have said they see a "shadow person" darting around in different parts of the house and in windows. I see similar things out of the corner of my eye.
My boyfriend has stayed the night in our guest room in the upstairs part of the house in the hallway I hate. He asked me this morning if I had come into his room overnight because he heard someone whispering in the room. He's not a believer in paranormal things.


A few more things have occurred recently.
I'm having this issue where I know for a fact I did not close my bedroom door but when I go upstairs it's closed. At first I thought maybe my brother was doing it but it's happened when he's not home. When my parents and brother are gone, the only other person at home is my grandmother but she's in a wheelchair and would not be able to go upstairs to close my door. I know it's not my dogs accidentally shutting themselves in there because they aren't shut in my room when I open the door back up. I now always make a mental note to myself to remember whether or not I've shut my door just to be sure I'm not going insane.
My dogs are acting weirder around the house too. I heard one of them going crazy in my room the other day and he was staring at the wall and barking violently. He kept backing up like someone was walking toward him. This was very out of character for him.

What a wonderful account. I have very little to add that hasn't already been said, except maybe that I don't believe it to be a residual haunting necessarily. The simple act of flicking your back as you went down the stairs to the basement shows a purposeful intelligence. Now, I am open to the idea that more than one type of haunting could be occurring, so perhaps some of the phenomena were (was?) residual. However, if you are foreshadowing a move of the haunt to your sister's house next door, that would certainly be an intelligent spirit.

In any case, I enjoy your writing so much, and this post in particular, that this account is going into my favorites.

Calamity Happy
Calamity in Aimless Drive
Hey ulvenNixie,

I think after I made sure the doors were locked (never trust unsolicited advice from a disembodied radio voice Laugh ) I would have hauled it out of there! I think there is probably a logical explanation for what happened but what an odd sentence to hear.

I'm glad you shared. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Hey everyone,
I'm sorry I haven't been on this page in a while.
You've all been really nice about trying to cheer my up in regards to the split with my ex and I thank you for that. It's still hard. Every time I think I've taken a decent step forward, something comes up in regards to my ex that takes me right back down. I found out that he left me for someone else and that he was nothing but a liar the entire relationship. I don't know how someone fakes love for another person as thoroughly as he did. There must be something seriously wrong with him.
I'm finally getting over being sad and angry all the time, at least at him, and I have a lot of steps to make.

My friends have been wonderful through it all. You're all right, they are the best.

Spiritwaiting - You should definitely see the hotel. It's gorgeous, night or day. We drove by it on a different day trip and it was just as awe-inspiring as it was at night.

Aku - I'm sorry that you're having issues figuring out if ghosts will communicate with you through dreams. I hear they can... And I've seen deceased family members in dreams. I'm not sure if they were communicating with me for real or not, but it felt real. I think you just need to ask yourself how the situation felt to you. Also, I hope Tweed was able to give you more help than that.
ulvenNixie in Aimless Drive
Hello Everyone!
Thank you to elfstone810 for finding the radio station! It's awesome that you found it! I will share that with the friends that were on that trip with me. My best friend's fiance really liked it. That DJ's voice is so interesting.

Loneybone - What did the woman's voice say through your amp?
Possum Kingdom is nice, small though... If you go, Breckenridge is close by and it's super cute.

RCRuskin - ^.^ I haven't re-read what I wrote, but I feel like I mentioned that I thought it could have been interference. I've been on long distance trips before though, longer ones than I was on for that trip. I've also gone on trips that were a big circle, like the last one. I know what the radio sounds like when we're moving in range of a different station or out of range of the station we're listening to. The fact that we were headed in a set direction when it happened and the radio didn't do anything else for a while made me think that it could be something more.
Of course it could be something else because there is no way for me to be able to go through every possible scenario in little car, driving through the countryside. I just know that it was an odd sentence with an interesting voice, it was a full sentence, and the fact that nothing else happened with the radio for at least an hour allowed me an opening to "It's possible".

It is possible it wasn't something otherworldly, but it's possible that it was. I thought it was interesting enough to share:D
Hello Rudy,
The story of your friend is somehow is similar to some of mine, the way that it was moving in a circular motion, I got attacked by dogs one time, they didn't bite me but they circulate me and they started to move in a circular motion around me, shadow beings act like that, one time before I slept I felt a shadow being hovering above me also in a circular motion, I even felt heat coming out of it, I also got paralysed I little bit, how can that be harmless, I believe it was just different type since there is a lot of type of shadow beings, (the orb- looking ones, the ones that look like clouds, the hooded figure, the hat man,,)
Their hostility also differs from one another, but that experience that that woman had is not completely harmless since she was paralysis when she saw it, shadow beings can cause sleep paralysis.
Hello rookdygin, yes I did chech where it did go, after I it went and disappeared in the shade behind that cartoon box (which was about less than a meter and a half away, less than four feet) I got up and and went there I put my hand in there, for a moment I thought I will touch something but there was nothing, I quickly pulled my hand back, I returned to my place, I didn't see or feel anything that night, but I was sure about what I saw that I had no doubt that it was a djinn, and it knew that I saw it,that's why it run away. And by the day, I know that this shadow being that I saw didn't take look humanoid but from what I know that shadow beings which I believe to be Djinn (evil djinn,demons) can take any form there is even Hadiths of the Prophet (pbuh) where it is mentioned that demons which I believe those shadow beings are can get as big as house and as small as a fly, I even read a story once about someone who saw a black or a grey (I can't remember exactly but one of those colours) orb flying in the air and then taking the form of humanoid figure and even people seeing shadow animals.
Hello Tweed, about the growling that was a different sighting after a week of constantly feeling being watched I had a sleep paralysis when I was waking up and opening my eyes I saw a very swift (humanoid) shadow passing by like it was circulating around me, it was then then when I heard the growling, it wasn't an animal since with don't have any animals (like dogs), it was from inside the room, it was also coming from one of the side of rooms, and it wasn't the TV like koolruud suggest because the sound of the TV was almost down and the growling was so animalistic and loud to the point that I was knowing in the moment that I was hearing it from exactly where it was coming from, the growling came from my the right side, behind me a little bit while the TV was in front of me, in my left side there was only the wall. I had no doubt that what I just heard was a demonic growl, I also didn't want to mention that I woke up smelling a bad smell like something rotten, something that I usually smell when I feel that they are around.I've read stories about that (shadow beings associated with bad smells)

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