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Roylynx only history of school is that its well over 145years old but only been on the current site for 120. Not sure of any deaths at the school might try to find some info.
Wow, how bizarre! I will say, it sounds like an encounter my husband had with a gopher snake-type in our yard last year, which coincidentally took place next to our shed. He was cutting back weeds and brush and came around the back corner of the shed, and a snake about 2 1/2 ft long jumped up in the air towards him, a little more than waist height (he's 6ft tall), and he instinctually swung at it with his machete and unfortunately killed it. We didn't realize a snake that size was living there, as they aren't common in our region, but we think all the brush-clearing destroyed its habitat, and since then we've had a huge problem with moles in our yard.
Granted, I didn't see it myself, but when he pointed out where it leapt from and how he swung at it, plus the blood on the siding, that thing jumped about 3ft.
Hi Pilotpaul--Really enjoyed your account. I have read many case studies where people have reported hearing everything from battles that had taken place decades to centuries earlier, sounds of invisible WW2 bombers flying overhead (and sometimes crashing) and some reports that are quite close to what you and your wife experienced. Another member just posted an account of the sound of a possible paranormal nocturnal lawnmower.

As the house you were staying in had been used as a hospital in WW1, it seems very likely that you were hearing a replay of tense moments that transpired there long ago. Neat stuff! Being kept awake all night isn't fun but it seems you and your wife were privy to hearing some bustling hospital activity from decades earlier. Thanks for sharing your account and welcome to YGS!
Tweed--Your latest account was a great read. If there is a paranormal cause of the nighttime lawnmower you hear and the hammering your husband hears, I'm not sure what it would be. However, around ten years ago my wife were living in another town and there was a wacky guy who did indeed mow his lawn ONLY after dark. The neighborhood we lived in was an otherwise quiet community with tree lined avenues and many houses dating back to the later 1800s. It was otherwise generally peaceful at night.

My wife and I saw this guy on multiple occasions mowing his lawn in the evening after dark. We always used to comment to each other, "What do you think his neighbors think" and "What a wacko." If I hadn't seen this guy on my regular night route home, I would have questioned hearing a lawnmower at night. I don't know if you have an iconoclastic late night lawnmower man (or woman) or if the lawnmower/ hammering is paranormal but I thought I would let you know there is at least one lawnmowing person letting their freak flag fly in northern Illinois Kidding .
Guess what... I asked the spirit in my Ouija board if it knew the meaning of "Lie leech foardat jo binne fun" and it said it means "leech lying, that job is no fun". Does that make sense? Laugh Laugh Laugh

"...I decided to hold a seance, to try to actually talk to the ghost. I was really scared to do it alone, so I convinced my buddy Connor to help me..."
"Apparently Connor didn't know what we were doing, so he yelled, "Get out, foul spirit!"..."

Do you mean you invited Connor to help but he didn't have a clue what he would be doing? Was he aware of the 'disturbances' taking place in your house?
Who in their right mind would start texting just when the real action was in its peak? Skeptical

I assume you draw the alphabet on the surface of the coffee table, otherwise I wouldn't understand how you got an answer to your questions... Although I need you to explain how it was possible to get the little "^" over the word fun.

With the due respect, but your story is all over the place and looks like a parody of the show 'Ghost Adventures"

Thanks for sharing, I hope the activity in your place ends with this story. Laugh
Enlightened1959 in My Sister's Gift
Wow! Applerose! I favorited your name and will be watching for more of your experiences to come!

Thank you for sharing... Happy
For starters, I didn't intend to summon a dark spirit. It wasn't until after we started to talking to it that I sensed and felt it's engery. Secondly, I put it down to my imagination because at the time, I was skeptical. I know the human mind can play tricks. So I wasn't sure if it had actually happened, until my sister confirmed it. And I didn't freak out after the ouija board, I know what had happened. I just wanted to post my experience on the board

Wow! OK reading this and your updates,I'm Interested!

It's seems this shadow man is having a lot of fun messing with your sleep. Now he's showing himself to your husband.
And moving things!

For him to run to the bathroom and then peek back out is very interesting.

He's definitely showing signs of intelligence.

Do you think he could possibly be your late husband? Possibly checking in on you. The power cords may have sat too long and he was adjusting them for safety issues.

Maybe the lights correlate with the power cords in some way. Could it be that he was waking you to try to tell you about that.

I'm just simply putting these together, because the shadow man doesn't seem to want to hurt or spook either of you, and he doesn't want to be seen. He seems to be quite the busy body though!

Please keep us updated!
Thanks for sharing
babygoatpuller in And So It Goes On
How do you know the activity continued if you didn't ask your fiance's best friend anything GhostlyGirl? What kind of activity continued?
babygoatpuller in My Sister's Gift
This was a good read Applerose and it's great to have you back! I've read all of your accounts and look forward to reading more. Smile
ashar123 in And So It Goes On
An interesting account and with an interesting title.

Thanks for sharing! Smile
I don't want to sound dismissive but, given that you were out and about in the dark, looking at your cell phone screens, what you saw could have simply been a normal negative afterimage generated by the photoreceptors in your eyes attempting to readjust to the darkness after exposure to your bright cell phone screen. These images can appear to be different colors, white or shadows - they can take on shapes based on the shape of the light source or bright objects on the screen and they can appear to move as your eyes move.
I'd rule this out as an echo if the author had only been there once - however, they state that they have been to this facility numerous times, certainly they would have noticed if there was a pronounced echo in the alley.
Hmm... Did a little research, no actually remembered something from some old reports describing a species of spider called the Skull Spider, they tempt to look like a human skull and some people are spooked by its appearance.

Also spiders can travel through air depending on their body weight, the skull spider are one of those species with rather light body weight. Talking about the misty foggy look, in darkness human eyes are not really accurate at all; blurriness sometime confuses us, bring a torch or and LED light next time. Shining glowing sights might just be reflexes of the patterns on the spider or any creatures around, conclusion just from my questions, done lol

OK, noow reading other comments too, there is a possibility that you might be encountering a shape shifter, they usually mimic objects or sometimes even human. Yes they can zoom around and reappear in different locations as some reports have said. Do you know of any history of dead men around your school's location?

Blessing from São Paulo
spiritwaiting in Disappearing Apparition

This was very interesting to read. The way you describe the incident and your confusion, it helped to visualize what happened to you.

I can completely understand the longing for something like that to happen again, that's what tends to happen when we realize we've just encountered the paranormal.

Terrifying and exciting all in the same breath!

To me I would just guess it was, a residual haunting. Not an intelligent one as it didn't acknowledge you.

And you so happened to be in that relaxed state, that within those perfect conditions you saw what you did.

Great read by the way

Thanks for sharing
habtx in Silent Street
Hi bibliothecarius,
They didn't check maybe because handprints are not a proof of a ghost. It could be of anyone (me, my dad, my friend).
The car was purchased brand new.
My dad also forgot his cell in car. Thats why I smiled.
Nothing strange related with that car has happened before.
I hope this clear your doubts.
Tweed now you mentioned about white duck. (off topic reply here)

I receny seen a wild white duck here in my hometown. Nothing sprital tho.

Hi uvpeople the color was between a soild bright shining white like the keypad on phone to a snow white reflecting off the sun white
Hi tweed

Was off the screen as we were both looing away from phones as we not looking all the time on screen.

It just happened so fast I was looking in the direction waiting for my mate who was few steps behind me. As I was looking away from him I saw it from corner of eye and as I turned that's when I saw whole thing

Thinking about it still gives me hives. Like my memory plays it in slow motion.

Its like on those ghost hunting shows thry sometimes witness a fast movment of a orb or white mist/fog like object going fast pass the screen.

I was last there sunday (4th decemeber) nothing happened but I do get the being watch vibe from that particular area tho
Hi roylynx

No bats here in my part of the country. There was no lights on the closest light was a head lamp.

No footprints on the area (tiles and small patch of grass and dirt) or the shingle on the stop bank.

To give a more description it was close to my shining glowing sighting but wasn't as much glowing more of misty/fog white but in a shape of something that me and my friend witness
Hi there no alarm on gate as we used it many times after.

Police werent there as here in my area security companies go and turn it off.

Unlikely for school to show me footage sorry
Enlightened1959 in The Thing By My Shed
Hello Curly,

This is wild! This thing apparently has some intelligence. Odd, very very odd! It definitely seems to be of an "alien" nature. Have you read about "Spheres and rods"? This is what your story immediately reminded me of. I have watched films of these things on youtube in the past; the only thing is, they move extremely fast, so fast that they often can't be seen unless the film is slowed way down. No matter what it is, it is extremely strange!

Thanks for sharing!
Pokemon is so, so, so, so, sooo lame. Mafia, Hitman, Max Payne, HL, Portal, now there's some games. Freakin oldschool.

Sheld, I must ask, did this creature appear on the screen, or in the environment, like off screen, or both? Pokemon players have a habit of getting in the way out in public because they have little concept of what's going on around them, apart from what's on the screen. If you and your mate are anything like the the wackos I've encountered, only noticing what's on the screen, maybe this creature you both encountered was a graphics glitch.

If not, and you both saw it in the *real* environment, nice one, and congrats on looking up from the screen! Kidding

As a side note a most intriguing discussion took place recently on your Glowing Figure encounter. Woot.
Hi Curly,

Just a thought... If you had any way to set-up a security camera in that area for awhile, you MIGHT be able to get a better idea what you're dealing with. It might take some effort and also spending a little money to do this but it may prove fruitful if you are very determined to solve this. GREAT STORY and I loved reading it! Blessings to you!
Bad Cat,

Wow! Coincidence I think not!

Just so happens your nightmares started, and hallucinations if you will.
When you moved into the room.

That is terrifying, you tried telling your family and no one believed you.

Thanks for sharing
I have to say something has changed. I always have so much going on that isn't in my world. I know it is pretty busy. Constant moving or shuffling that I sense. It has gone very still. Ever since I posted my story on here and made comments. I only sense one being and It isn't her. It is male. I feel him watching as I am posting this. No fear. Just curious.
Dear BGP, how delightful to find another one of your submissions. I know I am late to this party, as usual, but I have been incommunicado for a while.

Your experience is most peculiar! Confused If I were in your shoes, I would have been doubting my eyesight and/or sanity. Sadly, I have no clue as to what might have happened, though I see many other posters have some brilliant theories.

I just wanted to let you know that I read, and enjoyed your narrative. I am so glad your hubby got his specs back, even if it was under the strangest circumstances.

Be well my friend, and enjoy the "Silly Season".
Love as always.
Yes, probably that was your grandmother letting you know she was there. What a nice reminder. I've had some experience with fragrance events. They can be quite sweet, no pun intended.

Welcome to YGS!
AW, I'd be interested in an update. I have a kitchen thing that repeats itself. Baking aromas at pre-dawn hours: cinnamon toast, coffee cake, cookies, etc. It runs in cycles, usually manifests itself around seasonal changes. It also tends to occur when we are working on some DIY project in our 120-year-old house.

Anything like this happening for you? Remodeling, etc?
Always-Wondering in Phantom Sounds In The Kitchen
Hi Argette,

Yes, just once recently. I didn't hear any of the sounds like I did that night. Of course, I have the new dog now. I think he would detect anything before I did.

I don't know if pets can be good guards against unwanted visitors, both alive and dead, but he barks at people who walk up to the door.

The old dog had to be let go primarily because of her nipping. She nipped my son once as he was trying to hop a short fence in our backyard. Six weeks later she nipped him again, causing him to bleed. That was the main reason we let her go to the other family.

As far as I know, they had a large property that she roamed around on. She was also a runner. She ran away one day and was picked up by someone who brought her to animal control. If pets can come back, I guess maybe it could have been her. If I ever hear the sounds again, I will force myself to look.
Have you tried sleeping on the sofa again, just to see if you hear the sound again?
Hi Always-Wondering--Yes, a pet's spirit could definitely return and make the sounds you heard. That possibility is even more compelling as you mentioned your old dog liked to munch up leftovers from the floor. My wife and I had a cat who had to be put down, because of cancer, return for a brief visit. He was a black cat but when he appeared to us a couple of weeks after he was euthanized, he was, essentially, a cat shaped figure that was semi transparent and gave off a slight reddish glow.

He appeared on the top of the back of a chair he used enjoy sleeping on, jumped off of it and then up onto a low table that had our stereo and tv on it. The figure then disappeared behind the tv. It seemed to have been a farewell of sorts. Sounds like there is a possibility that your deceased pup might have stopped back at the family's house it preferred. The idea that the dog was potentially put down because the new owners didn't want it any longer really sucks though. Too many people think of pets as disposable items. That's both depressing and infuriating.
Always-Wondering in Phantom Sounds In The Kitchen
Hi Manafon,

For some reason. I felt compelled not to look. I'm not really sure why. But I know it was nobody in my family, as they would have to walk past me to get back down the hall.

There have been a few other occasions in my life where I've heard unexplained sounds. But nothing quite like that. We have since added a dog to our family. He sleeps in the kitchen. I imagine he would detect the presence of anything out of the ordinary, as he often barks at people when they come to the front door.

Although, now that we're talking about this. I don't know if pets can return to places they once lived in. We had another dog earlier in the year. We gave her to another family, as she barked too often and had a bad habit of nipping visitors. She was IDed and micro chipped.

One day we received a call that she had gotten loose. We were called because her micro chip had our info. I told the animal control facility that she was no longer our dog and that I would notify her new owners. But basically a note from the facility said she would be put up for adoption or put to sleep, if she was never picked up. I don't think she was claimed by the new family. If she had been put to sleep, do you think it's possible a pet's spirit could return, causing phantom sounds? She often ate left overs if they fell on the ground. I'm just wondering now, because I never considered that until now.
Always-Wondering--You didn't write in your account if there is more than one entrance to your kitchen. If there is, it really would seem likely that one of your kids, or your wife, was getting a secret nocturnal snack. When people get a midnight snack, quite often they don't want anyone to know. I know you stated that the bags of chips for the party remained unopened on the kitchen counter when you did finally investigate but were there other already opened bags in a pantry or cupboard?

I'm just throwing out some possibilities. It's too bad you just didn't take a quick peek around the corner. Of course, it could have been a residual chip chomping ghost. What are often referred to as residual ghosts are often seen doing very mundane things, so eating chips could fall into that category. Without looking to see who the midnight chip chomper was, this will remain a mystery.
As lady-glow said, there is very little information in this story. I don't know if this is the situation but sometime when flying creatures fly through in dim lights we see illusions. Is there any chance that it could be some kind of bat? I know of some reports explaining how people mistaken fox bats as UMA or zooming spirits.

Since the observation of two of you in the story is very different from each other is hard for us to imagine how the "ghost" looked like. Oh, were there foot prints just in case it was not flying?

Best luck from São Paulo
Always-Wondering in Phantom Sounds In The Kitchen
Hi lady-glow,

I don't know. But that was a weird one. I avoided telling my family about it because I was going to be going out of town soon with my kids. My wife was going to be home alone for a few days. She doesn't really like it when I talk about strange occurrences like that. I guess it makes her uncomfortable.
Is there a chance for you to check (ask about, watch) the security video for that night?
Would it be possible that they decided to install an alarm on the school's gate too?
Do you know if the police filed any report over the alarm going off that night at the school?

There's not enough information in your story as to know what you saw, specially since your friend saw something different.

Thanks for sharing.
Curly_1Lack in The Thing By My Shed
Thanks for your coments,ashar123!I love this site and the interesting input I'm getting! Happy
I wonder if ghosts get fat from having midnight snacks! Serious

Thanks for sharing.
Your grandmother was probably there checking in on you all Angel. And yes, smells are very attributable spirit interaction.

Shortly after my mother died, I was still very saddened by losing her and wanted some kind of sign. I quietly stood in the kitchen and asked for the smell of jasmine. It was a favorite of hers and mine. And while for the most part, I do have a green thumb, I can't grow jasmine, mint or Boston ferns! Normally 3 of the easiest plants to grow.

As I was standing there, I got a very brief whiff of jasmine and knew that she was with me at that moment and she was there to comfort me.
Miracles51031; My problem solved! Thank you!
I am feeling sorry to you guys that you need to cope with all sorts of stories like this one here!
I wish I could help even a little.

Yes maybe she was your grandmother. Just wanted to make you all realize that she is still there for you all. Happy

Thanks for sharing! Smile
Well can't say its paranormal or a snake. If its paranormal then surely its going to be rarest of the rare experience but still there is a possibility that it could be a rattle snake.

Anyways thanks for sharing! Smile
Welcome to YGS Alisha94

You told you work in a funeral home, maybe the happening has any connection with that place. Do share your other experiences here.

Thanks for sharing!
roylynx - go to your account, then edit profile. There will be a pulldown tab with your favorite posters. There is also a separate one for favorite stories. Click on the pulldown tab, choose whomever you wish to delete as a favorite.
What a shock!
Why are there so many problematic people around?

Can I how can I undo my favorite lists... How sad!

VivekThekote in The House I Feared
Hi Street Fighter your name reminds me of The old video game street fighter or even Superstar Govinda who is Street dancer. It was a chilling story yes we need to tread carefully when we go to these haunted places By the Grace of God Everyone were safe from the haunted ruins but when you visit there get need to carry God lockets or God Photos and essential things also waiting for your next story. God Bless You All
roylynx in The Kumon Thong
Jaderae; Yes I will lol
Atlas Obscura hey? Let me do some research;)

Thank you for replying!

Enlightened- I an glad you enjoyed my stories Smile .
We moved from that house a little over a year ago. It would seem nothing followed us. It's been like a vacation from the paranormal. Nothing has happened at our current location. So it appears they stayed.

However, I had dinner Saturday night at a restaurant just down from the courthouse I work in. It is an older building that was fixed up. Great food, great company and then a spirit showed up and ruined all of it. Sad I will be working on getting this story written. May take a bit. I am still shook up over it. It was just a bad experience for me.
Miracles51031 in My Sister's Gift
Let me know what you find out when you talk to Kelly. I'll be looking forward to your next one Smile
applerose in My Sister's Gift
It is so good to be back... I have missed ya'll.
When Kelly first came back from Mexico... She was so overwhelmed... She stayed sick for most days and she also got very mean, at one time she hurt my feelings to the core that I thought I would never speak to her again... Looking back on it I think she must had had an evil spirit on her. She is now been shielding herself for most of the year and let me tell you it is great to have my old sister back. And as far as I know, Kelly cannot feel pain from the living... She has not indicated if she can, I will ask the next time we speak.
Working on my next story.
Miracles51031 in My Sister's Gift
Applerose - well worth waiting those long 5 years for Love Yes, Kelly has a gift but she's going to have to learn how to shield herself. Unless she is inviting the spirits to show her how they died, if she doesn't shield herself, she can be overwhelmed when caught off guard.

When I first started shielding myself, I felt guilty because I was shutting out spirit communication. After awhile, and talking to many people about it, I realized it's more of self-preservation than being rude.

Imagine standing in a mall where everyone was dead except your sister and her being bombarded by the death symptoms of the spirits there. It's not a good feeling; not that I've been in that exact situation LOL But even two or three at a time can take its toll on her.

Just an off-topic question, can your sister feel pain from a living person?

Welcome back, you were missed Love
The title of your experience grabbed me while scrolling through previous experiences posted here.

Then when I read a little further down and you wrote "Richard fell, broke his neck and died instantly my heart broke and my stomach fell"!

I took a second to gather my thoughts, even though I don't know you or your childhood friends personally it still hurt.

I continued reading and to my amazement it turned out he was OK.

I believe this entity, spirit knew exactly what he/she was doing coming to you at the age you were at that time.
Something very special about you specifically.

And for you to have other experiences that connect are amazing and can't wait to read those also.

This one is going into my favs, Thank you for sharing!

The supreme source/God has ways to show us things we have yet to understand!

Curly_1Lack in The Thing By My Shed
Thanks for your comments!DandK,I have 3 cats that must terrorize snakes because we haven't seen a snake on our property in 7 or 8 years. This thing was round on the ends,too.I thought about your idea,Rich73,but I haven't had a day off in awhile (I work 12 hour shifts). I should have time next week to do further investigation. And Tweed, you and I have exactly the same thoughts on my experience. I hadn't been around the shed in quite a while and whatever it was may have gotten accustomed to no humans being around.Plus,DandK mentioned cats, and there is nothing that would last a day in our yard with them around. They catch anything from bugs to moles to snakes and will toy with them before they finish them off. Whatever this was had no fear of them to be lying out in the open. And Tweed, I bet somebody would have laughed if they saw that thing and I both jump at the same time like we did! Smile
Thanks for reading and responding Augusta and Red.

Im glad that both of you think the entity isn't evil, and besides the uneasy feeling of being watched we have never experienced anything supernatural or anything besides maybe dumb luck on the side of my parents welfare. Not until my girlfriend shared her insight

I do wonder though why it expresses so much interest in me particularly. As my girlfriend describes it that it would stand solely in front of my door and besides my bed.

Does anyone have more insight on what kind of entity actually it is? I've tried looking for more info on it but I've come up empty. It doesn't seem like a guardian angel or anything

Thanks again all

Bibliothecarius in Silent Street
Hello, habtx.

First, permit me to apologize if my comment gave any offense. As I stated in my second comment, "I did not want to call the OP ("Original Poster") a fraud or a liar without first asking if there was a simple explanation." Thank you for providing that explanation.

The part of your narrative I find disturbing and peculiar is that the handprints were on the inside of the car window, but that no members of your family were willing to go to the car to either validate or to explain away your experience. That said, most of the handprints --on any window-- are on the inside, particularly in cars.

I do have a couple of questions, if you don't mind responding to them: Has there ever been any other peculiar behavior in or around that vehicle? Did your parents purchase the car brand new, or was it a previously-owned car? Why would your dad leave his cell phone on the dash board, where any potential thief might see it? Why on earth would your family not investigate the potential threat to you and/or the car, even to help calm your fears?


I agree with Randy.
The ground, the dirt, the area your home sits on has been occupied by so many others.
So it's definitely a possibility your home could have a few resident spirits lurking around.

The mysterious cat could be attracted to your home, because of your furry family members. And you don't seem to shoo it away, which may give it comfort and feel at home.

Sounds like a beautiful feline!

Now the feelings of pain when you know there's a presence around, it could be you are feeling the pain of one of the spirits.

I would try a cleansing and shield protection, as to help those spirits move on, and your home to become truly yours.

Thanks for sharing
Very ironic! Car bed in the former garage where someone's car smashed them!

I'm really intrigued by the floating man above your bed, facing upwards. Are you implying it is the ghost of the person smashed by their car? Same body positioning, etc.
Curly, I think your first instinct about a snake is almost certainly what it was. I've seen rattle snakes jump like that (popping sounds too). I had two cats that used to tease the rattlesnakes that wandered into my backyard. They'd surround the snake and the snake would jump at one while the other attacked from behind. This was typically in the morning.

I think you should be careful when you go by that shed in morning and evening. Don't be scared, just make a bunch of noise and it will get scared off. They don't like interacting with people and won't bother you if it doesn't feel threatened.

I couldn't agree more.
I have seen people with my own eyes that are wanting to experience something so bad that they see every shadow and hear every sound as paranormal.
And you are right.
There is a reason for a veil. Once death occurs, that is a sign that a person's time on earth is over and they are meant to move on to their next step.
Reaching the other side of life is a journey. But its the journey we all take that we learn and grow. That is why we're here.

[at] Randym, even people that are sensitive to the other side seem to have experiences few and far between or the experience at hand is something minor like seeing an apparition, hearing someone call their name, or stuff happening as a child (an age when one is close to the veil as some would say). I am generally skeptical of stories on here that are over the top and extreme or sounds like it came out of a hollywood movie. I consider my mother a little sensitive (for lack of a better word) but she's only had a handful of experiences in her 60 years of life. Definitely not a Jennifer Love Hewitt Ghost Whisperer!:P I do believe that some people who have never had ghost experiences find it fascinating and may desperately make up stories because it feels exciting, not so much out of malicious intent just wanting to feel good. The veil between life and death is a good thing and it seems some people really want to cut a hole in it because they watch way too much Supernatural.
Argette in My Sister's Gift
I've seen this sort of thing in action, so I find your account highly believable. In this case, which I mentioned in passing in another comment section, the gifted person felt chest pain before warning me, via my late father, that "something" was coming. About six weeks later my young husband had a heart attack.

Not the same as your story, but an example of gifted, sensitive people feeling the pain of others.

Thank you for posting, Applerose, and good to have you back.
Tweed - don't forget the many aliases that have been used on our site Wink
I wish I had your detective skills
Great job.

It also bother me greatly when people come to a site like this to try out their writing skills. I guess it is a cry for attention. What they really want is praise.

Sorry ahead of time if I offend anyone but one thing I look out for is when someone starts off by saying "I've had a whole bunch of paranormal experiences." Now I realize that some on here are sensitive to the other side and I am not in anyway referring to
Those members. I say that because most people are NOT sensitive to
The paranormal and the fact is that true paranormal experiences are
Rare. Most people never have one in their lifetime, at least not that they know of.

Well, that is enough grumbling out of me for one day.
I think I will hit the couch and see if I can have a episode of
Sleep paralysis and try and get in touch with my high self.
Hope he,me,it. Is having a better day.
Sorry folks, I'm from Kentucky and sometimes I think I am my own cousin.


Take care everyone
Minxiekitten in My First Ghost Hunt
Hello fellow UK citizen!:3 This southern fort, does it happen to be on a hill that overlooks the Solent, by any chance? Asking partly because I always get excited to see fellow Brits, partly because I'm always curious as to local "haunts", and partly because the fort/museum on the hill tends to kick my own sensitivities into high gear. Haven't done a ghost walk through there, but just wandering the tunnels with my other half was enough to make me go "Erk!"
Bibliothecarius in The Mysterious Dog
Greetings, Mayank.

I think I can elucidate the causes for this residual haunting.

I can tell you from personal experience that dogs, when they cannot communicate their serious malady or incurable ailment to the family, are capable of committing suicide by running into traffic.

In my case, our Police-trained German Shepherd began acting uncharacteristically on Wednesday afternoon, such as sitting on the sofa (where she KNEW she had not been allowed to sit for the previous 5 years) and whining softly. Her behavior became more peculiar on Thursday, so parents resolved to take her to the veterinarian on Saturday morning; we only had one car and Dad needed to get to work before the vet opened on Friday, and would return home after the vet had closed.

That Friday evening, as my brother and I watched a David Attenborough documentary on Humpbacked Whales, dad walked her to the grassy lot at the bottom corner of our street and let her off of her short leash ("lead" in the U.K.) while he smoked a cigarette. The dog relieved herself, turned to look at my dad over her shoulder, ignored his command to return (she'd never disobeyed before), and deliberately ran in front of a car. She died instantly.

Dad was devastated. There were flashing Police car lights in the street; the Student Driver who had been operating the vehicle was very emotional (sobbing "I couldn't stop! I didn't have time to stop!") though no-one blamed her at all; Mum came home from shopping for presents with her brother and burst into tears; Grandma -who lived two blocks away- sat with dad and tried to comfort him (I take after my grandma; "comforting" isn't her strongest skill).

Here's the point: our dog was determined to end her pain. It turned out to be an internal cancer, if I recall correctly (my family had a total of 9 dogs on 2 continents in 20 years --usually 2 or more at the same time). She expended all the effort of her last moments of life to stop the pain. Residual hauntings are often "recordings" of people going about their business, despite the fact they've died; some residual hauntings appear to be formed by the **intensity of purpose** in the last minutes of life. If the dog you witnessed had been focused upon ending its pain, the way my dog was, there is a chance that the dog -sadly- is so focused upon ending that pain that it doesn't acknowledge that both life and pain have ended.

I know this is not a happy response to your narrative, Mayank, but I hope this has helped to ease your mind as to *why* this occurred. I'm fortunate, in retrospect, that my dog did not become a residual haunt at the end of the street of my parents' first house; I think that would have been too much for us to handle.

Minxiekitten in The Warning Burn
Good grief, this doesn't sound at all pleasant to have experienced! I'm agreeing with previous posters who feel the burns were a warning. I definitely don't doubt your strength and ability at evil-rump-punting, but might I suggest seeing if you can get someone to work alongside you? Safety in numbers and all. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, please keep us updated!
VivekThekote in The Guiding Structures
Hi Kiyana, It was a nice story you had a very chilling experience. May be that very place will still be there to guide people who lost their way. Can you please tell the exact location where it was. God Bless All.
Shame this appears to be fraudulent, though very entertainingly written.

Random aside: "Whovian" is used very frequently here in the UK, which is much nicer than "Who-er"!
Unicron, Thank you for the kind comment, I'm glad you enjoy my accounts. Smile
Weird! I don't have any idea. I've found that animals tend to be creatures of habit and will come to the same place to eat or to rest. You might try staying completely away from that area for a few days, then see if it comes back. That way, you can take a photo of it from a distance.
I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was a regular sunny day there were no clouds in the sky (I remember this because before I went to play we were on the balcony looking at the balloons at the used car lot across the street) My mom also remembers it being a normal sunny day also...
Hi Alisha,

Your experience reminds me of what happens when people are stuck in form of spiritual war fare. It can happen when we are in a depressed state. Something similar happened to me when I was younger. I felt like there was a presence in my room sometimes. One time I heard whispering. Another time I felt like there was pressure on my chest, like something was trying to get control of me. It was creepy. But I managed to see it for what it was and got it to stop.

I think an evil spirit was messing with you. In my case, praying helped and the harassment ended.
Hello Mayank

I'm just going to toss this idea out.

Residual haunt

In other words, an action that has taken place in a particular environment in the past is played over and over again.
Perhaps when the conditions were right you just happen to come along
And became part of that event that had happened.
You may have interacted with any residual energy left behind from when the dog was actually struck originally.

Then again, I may be having a Stephen Hawking moment and not doing a very good job of it. Confused

Best to you
Hello Angel and welcome to YGS

Thank you for sharing your story about your Grandmother.

As Manafon1 stated, smell is the one of the most common ways a spirit can interact with the living.
I currently live in my parents old house and the one I grew up in.
My father had his own bathroom on the lower level and whenever he would shave and shower the bathroom and a small area right next to the bathroom would have a very distinct smell. He used Old Spice and the air would smell like wet mildewed Old Spice. You would just have to smell it because its hard to describe.
My wife and our daughters moved in shortly after he passed.
For about the first year after we moved in that smell would suddenly fill the air when I was in the area. Very Very strong with no mistaking it. It would last about 30 seconds and fade away quickly.
Its been several years since it last happened.

Once on the other side of death sending the memory of a smell that was associated with them is one of the easiest things they can learn.
I think that is why it is such a common way for them to let us know they are around.

Thanks again and hope to hear more from you
Unicron1000 in I'm Going To Kill You
Sorry but I forgot to say this in my last comment but I am very sorry for your loss. Sad
Hi! I absolutely love and enjoy reading your stories! They are all very intresting! Smile
Tweed, thanks for that! The creepypasta bio is very likely the same person. They both make the same writing mistakes (e.g. The use of 'a' when they should use 'an' is a pet peeve of mine).

I guess they're crying for help.
Enlightened1959 in Taps, Tinks And Toots

After reading your first story, I was hooked! I decided to read all of them and I'm more than half way through... I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat when reading your stories! I don't know if you get on YGS anymore but just in case you do, thanks for sharing your experiences! I swear as I sit and read them, I often feel someone or something behind me and hear weird noises. Is your ghost a traveling ghost? Lol
Anyway, thanks so much for sharing!

BTW, I have experienced a lot of different things much like you have and that's why I like this website.
Thank all of you so much, I've constantly just felt like I'm teetering on the edge of insanity because I have no proof if any of the things that have ever happened to me is real or if I'm going insane.
Welcome to YGS.

It is possible that some negative entity was trying to take advantage of your state of mind, although the fact that you didn't feel like being in danger makes me wonder if there were two entities by your side; one positive and comforting, almost maternal, trying to protect you of a negative one (not necessarily a demon).

Did you have any medical problem/s before? Did you have a medical check up to ensure that your illness wasn't caused by a natural reason (infection, chemical/hormonal unbalance, etc)?
Did you experience anything else during the time you were sick?

I'm looking forward to read more of your experiences.

Thanks for sharing.
"... It was like the shadow used the suns power to manifest itself. I was on the ground..."
Considering that the sun light we see has to travel for over 146 million kilometers and over 8 minutes before reaching planet earth... I find it highly improbable that the shadow'd use the sun's energy to manifest.

Do your mother or you remember anything else that could have caused this brightness?

Thanks for sharing.
It was already a sunny day, so I mean that the sun got 10 times brighter, literally. It was like the shadow used the suns power to manifest itself. I was on the ground, I'm glad you liked it there will definitely be more.:)
Bibliothecarius in The Bbc Studio's Are Haunted
Biblio, grumbling, here.

I'd thought that the "Dr. Who" spelling was unusual for a fan of the "Dcotor Who" program, which (to the best of my knowledge) has never been referred to as "Dr. Who" by the BBC.

If this is a fraudulent narrative, as Tweed suspects, it would also account for my cousin's failure to relate any supernatural experiences. He's not held back on discussing his "normal" interactions (which means he's met many famous people). He's told me about chatting with Will Smith (very friendly), Dame Judi Dench (sweet and kind), Rihanna (charming), Daniel Craig (decent guy, but not a morning person), John Hannah (who remembered my cousin's name when he met him elsewhere 9 months later!), Ross Noble (he's even funnier in person), Sir Roger Moore, Sir Bruce Forsyth, and he told me about the time Lionel Ritchie asked him to sit in the otherwise-empty studio for a 3-song solo performance to check the sound levels; he's described waiting in the rain for Princess Charlotte to be born; filming London's Fashion Week; filming the Olympics; being sent to the Isle of Wight to film the TT Racing every year for 4 or 5 years straight (they paid him to watch one of his favorite sporting events from an excellent vantage point); he's even described *not* talking when he was recording the Prime Minister for a televised interview from Number 10, Downing Street. Hell, after all that, it does seem odd that he'd neglect to mention dead people wondering about in Broadcast House; that's really more mundane than his everyday job.
prashantkumar in Terrifying Experience
I've been a frequent visitor to the khaadi. Thanks for the story. I visited soldiers high school two days ago. Yeah the place might be horrible at dark
classy_life13 in Allergic To Cats

If you read the other post on my page then you'll know I've had other "situations" happen. The original one is a pretty easy write off to being a hallucination because of me being sick and sleep deprived on top of taking a pain pill. This, THIS was something I can't write off... The voice wasn't too deep or too high it sounded like an average male's voice and honestly I can't give and age or anything else... I don't know if any of this is real or if it's all some giant hallucination because I've worked myself into insanity... Confused
Intresting story. But did the spirit ever haunt the rest of the house or just your room?
Meh. Not surprised about someone lying on here. This is definitely prone to happening on any kind of forum site especially on the internet. I find it sad that someone would go to such great lengths to try and lie to a bunch of people who have done nothing to them. Because that's some sure dedication. Do people who do this feel desperate for attention and being apart of the "group" or nonbelievers getting a kick out of trying to fool someone? Either way, the profile is definitely a red flag (thank you for pointing it out Tweed. You're awesome as always.) if you read it haha.
sweetsunshine1800 in Hauntings In New House Part 2
Hey Ashar,

Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes it really really hurts to lose your parent whom you're so close to Crying Yes you're right about love being immortal. And it feels good that your loved ones care for you even after death Happy

Have a good day (or shall I say Good Night?)

Best wishes and,
Hi Spirit Fairy there is no need to purchase Talisman You can get it from Temples Mosques or Any Other Holy Places it is a God Locket where you can put in your neck. God Bless
Hi Tharani it was a nice story also there are places which is haunted also Your Friend got a Holy Talisman which warded off the spirit as it contained Divine Power. God Bless You All.
Hi Curly,

I have a gut feeling it was something paranormal too!

Far out, I have no idea what this was. Also don't remember hearing of anything like this, at all ever. Whatever it was, I think you were lucky to have the utterly confusing experience.

The time of day this happened, would you normally be working in your yard at that time? If it wasn't your usual yard work time, I wonder if this entity makes a habit of lounging around on the concrete at that time and did't expect you'd be there too.

Cool stuff, kind of comical really. Laugh
Adding this to faves, love those unusual what the heck moments!
Hi Elemental Angel--It does indeed seem like your grandmother was coming to pay all of you a subtle visit. I don't think she necessarily wanted in on your mom's conversation but just to let you all know she was "stopping in".

I experienced something very similar several years ago after my mother in law passed away. In that case the scent was lilac. When a spirit pays a visit one of the most common ways is through scent. Scent and sound are the most common, followed by visual apparitions of various complexity. Just take comfort that you grandmother was thinking of you and your mother!
Losing a parent kills! Crying

The concern for loved ones is beyond the ties of birth and death. The care is immortal. Your mother visiting you gives peace to heart in its own way.

And by the way it was not at all boring. Its a sweet account. Do share your other experiences. We'll be keen to know.

Thanks for sharing! Smile
Hi GhostlyGirl,

Thanks for sharing this. I guess your mother was more concerned with protecting you against this completely bizarre event.
When you say the sun got brighter do you mean this was part of the encounter, as in felt like something which shouldn't have otherwise occurred? Or do you mean as in the sun came from behind a cloud?
Also were you on the ground floor when this happened?

Cool experience, enjoyed it. Smile
Hi Mayank,

I have no idea what type of ghost this would be. But I've noticed many experiences on here from India include apparitions which appear in front of moving cars and bikes, just like what happened to you. The people are always confused and frightened. I only seem to be remember reading about apparitions of people, yours is the fist dog I've heard of. Now I find myself asking the same question, what kind of ghost would do that?

Hope someone who knows more can let us know. Smile

Thanks for sharing.
Tweed--Fantastic work you have done on this story and the author. I did initially respond to this story in the positive but right after posting something hit me that seemed very questionable. The writer claims to work at the BBC and to be a big Doctor Who fan yet states to have only seen "grainy" photos of the first Doctor Who, William Hartnell.

As all the remaining Hartnell era Doc Who episodes are widely available on DVDs released by the BBC it seems highly unlikely this person wouldn't have any idea what Hartnell looked like. Especially as she states she is a "Whovian". That term is actually an American term that was commonly used in the 1980s to denote a Doctor Who fan. Not only that but every photo I have ever seen of Hartnell are crisp images, usually taken by the BBC publicity department. I mean he died in 1975 not 1875. Photographs of a well known actor from the latter part of the last century are of high quality. It would actually be very difficult to find a grainy photo of Hartnell as opposed to a clear one!

I have to admit that the idea of ghosts hanging out at the BBC captured my imagination. I do feel duped now. The spelling and capitalization errors that run through the account should have been a bigger red flag but I was fixed on the idea of the apparition of William Hartnell. Oh well. At any rate, thanks for your investigative endeavors Tweed! It sucks when people come on YGS to see if they can fool its readership.
I don't believe a word of this. Didn't believe a word of the first story.
I hate that good people are being deceived, the community's reaction shows how good natured the people at YGS really are. Give it time, I believe this member will show their true colours, as they've done so before. When it happens, don't let it discourage you.
I believe this is someone who knows exactly how to appeal to certain people.

My husband made the Francois Cevert connection after the first story, he thinks this is building up to a reincarnation type conspiracy saga.
I contacted an old band mate who's worked for BBC London on and off for about 12 years. He'd never heard of this person. Another guy, who has directing and writing credits stretching back to the late 90's, also has never heard of this person.
It's a big place, it's possible not to know someone after many years. But the biggest thing for me is not that these filmy guys haven't heard of her, it's how this entire narrative is constructed. It feels phoney, manipulative, and all too familiar.

I believe this to be the same person, I've copy pasted the text in this link, lest it suddenly disappear from the internets:

"I am 43 years old. Born in France. Grew up in the UK and France. Currently live in London, UK (7mths of the year) and France (5mths of the year). I no longer reside in Australia as of end of August 2016. My real name is CRISTINE. I work in PR (Back in UK full time now to run the family buisness) and as a Photographer in Motorsport (Contracted My FIA) . I also Train and Show/Breed Thoroughbred Horses. I'm recently taken having found my lovely partner Samantha (Artist/Writer/Photographer) who is 39 and from Germany (And also a MAD Creepypasta Fan!) . I have no children but do have many beloved pets (2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 ferrets, a large pond of Koi Fish, A Parrot (An Australian Sulpha Crested Cockatoo Imported 2001 and Female and she loves talking and swearing and thinks she's a phone at times) and 5 Horses) and a much loved 1969 Chevrolet Impala (Black and Imported to UK by myself as a 40th Birthday Gift to Myself in 2013!) that I really love driving and listening to my fav. Hard rock and heavy metal music (not this crap modern wimpy pop shiate). I love anything Horror/Supernatural/Ghosts/Apocolypse/Serial Killers. The scarier the better. Currently I'm a Member and Part Organiser of the Local Amatuer Horror/Supernatural/ Creepypasta Writers Club here in London, UK named The NIGHTOWL SCARE EM GOOD WRITERS CLUB:I'm only just starting out with my writing but I hope to have some who enjoy what I do here in the future. I have had a few of my early creepypasta type stories printed in a Amatuer Horror writers magazine run as a underground horror story and fanzine of all things horror / creepy/ supernatural etc. The magazine is called: Dark Underworld. If your interested in joining it (free to all UK residents (small cost for post anywhere else always Avaidable and happy to send to you anywhere) let me know via email anytime)... And I will also answer any questions reguarding the club and magazine if your interested. Thanks for reading. DiamondCevert (Cristine Vellente) "

Compare with:

"Hello, my name is Samantha Cevert-Hollande. I'm 43. And I work as a Proffesional Photographer and Set Designer for the BBC Television Co. Here in London,UK.
I was born in Germany but adopted at age 2 and brought to live with my wonderful special family here in the UK. My dad Luc (75) is a Artist and Writer. And my now sadly late mother Michelle (passed away 2015 from Breast Cancer) was a Nurse. I have 2 adopted brothers James (47) and Nicolaus (39) and an adopted Sister Rebecca (35) who was born deaf so I know and can sign language.
I'm happily married now (2nd time round) to my wonderful husband Alex. And have 2 sons from my first marriage: D'Arcy (25) and Shane (21).
I'm a Sensitive and a psychic Photo reader. I've been able to see and communicate with spirits since I was 12 (something happened after I had a near fatal car accident. I was in a coma 4 mths and not long after I came too I was able to do and see some things I couldn't before. I was afraid at first but soon realised not to be and see what I have as a gift. And I try to help people where I can and always for free).
I also like reading Tarot Cards, Using Crystals to cleanse homes and help natural chakra healing for people (which I also do and free of charge) and exploring haunted and abandoned places (I have travelled to many places in various countries to do so. My favourite has been to Alcatraz in 2011).
When not working I like painting and sculpting and writing short stories. Hanging out with friends and family. And showing my German Shephard dogs (we have 4: 1 male and 3 Female).

Thanks for reading.
Samantha Cevert-Hollande aka BlackDiamondRattlesnake!"

In the words of Penn and Teller, okay mostly Penn:
"Fool us"
Absolutely loved this, it went into my faves!
I thought I'd let you know, because my roommate is a huge Dr. Who fan, I read him the part about William Hartnell - like 10 times at his request! Lol He was just so excited to hear about that. It lit him up like a child on Christmas morn, and brought him out of his shell for quite a bit. I'd like to thank you for that.
Thanks for reading and commenting. Well... I don't think it was a demon but I do agree that bad/mean spirits do feed off of fear. Between what Hank and I were generating it must have been a regular feeding frenzy for this one.

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