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MandyyNicole in Did Dad Call?
Is it at all possible that your father called her name in his sleep? It would explain the reason for the voice not responding after that...
That doesn't account for the rest of it though... Do you see the white or black figure always in the same spot? They, and the bangles, have potential to be residual. I suppose the voice calling your sister could have been as well. Do you know if the house has any history, other than your great grandpa building it? If there's no other history I would really place my bets within the realm of a residual "haunting".
Your grammar was also very nice. Shy
WOOO PIG! Lol Sorry figure d I'd give a bump and give a hoop on this game. But seriously;...
GypsysHeart in The Portrait Studio
It had just started since I started working there. Spirits have always been attracted to me.
SilverWolf77 in Did Dad Call?
I swear, hearing the voices of your family when it's not actually their voices at all is one of the creepiest things ever.
Not sure what to tell you about your friend'a voice, I just realized I forgot that one. My best guess would be residual, if you yell back and forth frequently; or, most likely, it could have been a trick of the ears. I hate when that happens to me and I ask what someone wanted, yet nobody ever called for me. Crying
I don't suppose anyone else happened to hear it too?
Lol bjj, I thought the same thing. I assume that's not what the op meant though...? I should hope, anyway!

The cat sounds like it was being a cat, totally normal. I've had cats do the same thing in the middle of the night...annoying, but normal.

The candle may have been unbalanced and if you happened to have the tv up loud, it may have wiggled its way off the dresser due to vibrations from the sound... Video games can get loud sometimes! (Just throwing out possible explanations, not trying to discount your story)

The orange ball could have been any number of things, but my go-to thought was maybe you saw a flare?

Did anyone ever check to see if there was an actual human woman screaming?! If it was repeated it could be domestic abuse, a rabbit, inconsiderate neighbors, or if you want to take a paranormal route, probably something residual... But i'm concerned that nobody checked it out...?

What makes everyone "know" the building is haunted? Any history to corroborate any experience (ie, the screaming)?

With all of that being said, I have no doubt that apartment buildings can be a host to all sorts of weird happenings, considering how many people are living/have lived there and all the energy and emotions left behind by previous, and even current, tenants.
MandyyNicole in Lady With The Baby
So did the lady and the baby and the rocking chair just disappear, or...? I find it odd that you saw this, apparently felt her fear, and yet it didn't put you off from grabbing the bikes, you mention grabbing them so casually...
Did you ever tell anyone what you saw? Your parents? Your sister? Where was she when this happened? Did she see it?
MandyyNicole in A Day Of Fear
I'm with badjuujuu. Either that, or the parents did actually play a joke on you. Parents can play a really good dumb game when they want to! It's definitely something I would do to a teenager, lol.
HappySpirit in Cheeky Ghost
Is this the article about the student who died?
If so, he was obviously a caring individual, as he went back into the fire, thinking his buddy was still trapped, and died there. If the phenomenon with the light was caused by his spirit, he may have been trying to get your attention. Hopefully, someone has helped him transition.
Thank you for all your comments:)
[at] seafordMuse I never knew that about the light frequences, that's very interesting.
[at] rookdydin No I don't think any students have passed away as the accommodation was nearly brand new but the campus is on what looks like would have been an estate for a wealthy person in the past so maybe there is some history there, I must see if I can find anything. With regards to the figure in the corridor, it was almost instantly that the corridor was checked as one of the girls was at her cupboard near the door at the time so she definitely would have seen if anyone had left even if it was just the door closing over.
I am no longer at uni, this was about 5 years ago now so I wouldn't be able to get any photos or things like that unfortunately.
I will definitely keep you's up to date if I find anything online about the history though.
howwilliknow in My Memories
I thought it was very interesting and look forward to more of your tales. But could you elaborate on the shaman part because I didn't quite understand what you meant, but that's probably just me:)
BadJuuJuu in A Day Of Fear
To be honest, I think you guys just psyched yourselves out. Power of suggestion can really play games with perception.
OK, I'm confused. This all went down while you were living in the apartment as a baby? Playing video games, hanging out on the stairs, going to other apartments... As a baby?
BadJuuJuu in Hello Woods
I think the first experience was just an animal of some type. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, woods all around. Dogs, coyotes, you name it, it was running across the roads. Being that it was your first trip out to that house and area, I think maybe you were nervous (understandably so) and reacted a little more strongly than you might have during the day or if you were more familiar with the area. I don't know how much time you've spent in the sticks, but always keep an extra close watch on country roads at night. No one wants to hit a cute little bunny, but hitting something big can really mangle a car and injure you.
The second experience sounds like someone trying hard to get your attention. Is this the same house you mentioned before? It could be that whatever is there is trying a more direct approach. Sometimes when an entity feels ignored, they start ramping up their attempts to be noticed until they get extremely annoying. As long as they aren't doing anything harmful, I usually just talk to them a little. Seems to appease them, and make them less inclined to do really annoying things.
I am so sorry that you have experienced the heartbreak of loosing your brother. I also feel for your parents. If either yourself or they feel that they need help with dealing with his suicide, you might look and see if there is a local SOS (Survivors of suicide) chapter in your area. Sometimes, talking with others who have had the same experience helps.
I lost my son, right after he turned 20 to suicide, and I've lost 3 of my siblings, as well as my parents, so I may have an inkling to how you feel. There's no magic number for how long before the pain will ease. It's different for everyone, and for every experience. Grief carries its own calendar, and even with the passing of years, there will be times when it will feel as if it just happened, and at others as if it's some part of a shrouded dream. But, as you say, life goes on.
I would love to see that picture. I would suggest that you print it out and keep a copy in a safe place. Too often I hear of folks loosing all their pics when a phone dies. To me, that picture sounds like a real keeper, something you'll want to be able to show your kids and grand-kids.
illumi_zoldyck in White Dog And Little Boy
ramble - i'm more curious and amazed when I saw the dog. The same dog appeared to saved me, and that time, it talked, but it was angry because my dead grandma asked me if I want to go with her, I said yes out of the blue, i'm not dreaming but I'm out of my body, I saw lots of spirits and a huge black door. I was ab0ut to enter when the dog appeared and chase me out, he said that I don't belong there and I need to go back before it's too late.

Elnoraemily- the boy looked so wet and muddy and bloated, I saw the water dripped on it's hair.

If your in Texas I will be cooking one up for Thanksgiving... Along with a Turkey...stuffing...mashed potatoes... Fresh green beans and of course any snacks that we prepare to nibble on before dinner is ready.




Welcome to YGS. You have related some intresting experiences. First I will say I agree with Seaford Muse. Seeing the shadow in the red light had more to do with the spirits energy frequency than its mood.

Second, odds are the spirit in you UNI Housing is not the same as the one you have experienced at home... You said it yourself... It felt different... In cases of paranormal experiences I have found that our gut feelings about the spirit entity are correct... There is fear of course... But that fear is based on the fact we do not understand what we are experiencing and not anything the spirit or entity really 'feels' like.

Time for some research... Has a student passed. Away in your corridor? Start a Journal... Have as many of your friends that are willing to start one as well. Strange events should be recorded so they can be investigated and compared... Remember EVERYTHING NATURAL AND MEDICAL (this means drugs alcohol as well) have to ruled out before the paranormal can be considered.

I do want to ask this... You mentioned that a number of people saw a person walk past the kitchen door and when someone checked no one was there... How many people saw this? How long after they passed was the corridor checked? Just because no one heard a door close does not mean one did not... We sometimes do not hear sounds we are familiar with... Especially if are attention is focused on other things... Just a possibility that needs to be considered.

So, Journals...Research...PicturesEVP's if your up for attempting them. Please keep us posted and should you feel the need to shield yourself of cleans the Rooms please look on my profile I have a method posted there which may help, it has helped other members.


Hi I know how it feels to be surprised by a realistic looking ghost. I very much enjoyed your story, it's probably my favourite on this entire site:)
I think it's impressive you could make it so long. I'll be working on a story for ages and it only turns into a little paragraph! I really enjoyed your narration and look forward to more of your stories.
howwilliknow in Evil Shadow Figure
you say you felt as though your mother was knew more then she was letting on? Did she ever explain why or did you ever discuss that night with them again? Great story by the way.
First of all, I am so very sorry for your immense loss. I lost my mother a little over a year ago and I miss her more with each passing day.

I, too, believe that their spirits live on in a dimension that we are still very unaware of. Last New Year's Eve (just a few weeks after her passing), I was feeling extremely sad and begged her to give me a sign. I begain taking pictures of my children as they played with sparklers as they rang in the New Year. It wasn't until the next day, when I looked at my pictures on my laptop that I saw my mother's image (very clearly) next to my youngest child. She was smiling, I feel like she was telling me that she was "okay." I would be happy to share this picture with you, as well.

Time, family and good friends will help you through this hardship. I wish you the best.

(( (Hugs)) )
Great story and comments. 13 isn't my lucky number, but I do know that most Friday the 13th's are actually pretty good to me.
It's interesting how different numbers are bad in various cultures. I remember years ago going to a pizza joint and they would give you a receipt with a number on it, calling out the number when your order was ready. My number that day happened to be 666.
The teen behind the counter asked if I wanted a different receipt but I said no.
The pizza was great and I'm pretty sure getting that certain number had nothing to do with any ills I've had since then.
MandyyNicole in My Big Brother Lives On
Oh I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. My heart goes out to you.

I hope you are able to post the picture. I'm glad you have at least some closure in that form. Sending you and your family lots of love and light. Love
This story really touched a place in my heart. I lost a friend of mine last October. It came as a complete shock to everyone who knew him as well. I am glad you found some peace in your situation. I can't imagine what it must feel like to lose your sibling, and I am so sorry for your loss. I know there will always be questions as to why this happened, and it is still very hard, some days more than others. But be assured that your brother loved you and your parents very much. I believe he was giving you that reassurance and letting you know he was safe and at peace.
elnoraemily in The Doctor's Dungeon
We can trade off days. Or go every other week, or something.

DragonLuvrD in Warning From My Cat
Your cat acts kind of like my kitty, and familiar. I've talked to other pagans, and I've been told the desire to be with their person during ritual, the following from room to room and the like is normal, for a familiar. So, congratulations on finding yours! Or should I say, Congratulations kitty for finding your pagan! Lol

As for some of the other things like being highly sensitive, well, some cats, like people are like that. I'd be more worried if he reacted violently to the spirit.

And for the spirit itself, boundaries. Shield yourself, let out know you don't mind it there, but it can't do certain things. If it continues doing them, you'll have it go home. Banishing spells might be helpful to learn just on case but I think you will have more luck if you tell your ghost to just go home, because well, they're dead and probably have family there.

That spirit could have also been sent by someone. With some not so nice intentions, be on your guard. If things get serious, get help. Don't mess with things like them, you can make a situation go from bad to worse. But if it's being helpful, thank it, but be firm about those boundries. Merry Meet, and good luck!
ifihadyoux in The Doctor's Dungeon
NOW I NEED A COFFEE ASSISTANT... Fair* not far haha Crying Crying Crying Why is the rum always gone?
ifihadyoux in The Doctor's Dungeon
hey I wanted to be BJJ's coffee assistant:[ That's not far elnora!
I did a little research on aswangs and found it very fascinating. It looks like it branches to cover a sort of werewolf to a vampiric witch type creature.

When you say soaked in water for a long time, do you mean he just looked wet or that he looked bloated/deformed?
I have a question for you. Were you afraid of the dog or just curious? It could possibly be a spirit guide/animal. Some people describe seeing an animal before experiencing the paranormal. They help channel and guide sensitives.
elnoraemily in Evil Shadow Figure
I am curious if they moved because of the presence in the house or if they moved for different reasons?
Keep in mind also that, just as spirits can be heard at different sound frequencies... They can be seen at different light frequencies. I don't think it meant anything angry at all... It was just the light frequency at which it could appear to you.
A reliable coffee assistant?!? You're hired! Now if only that teleportation technology would hurry up...
elnoraemily in The Doctor's Dungeon
BJJ, the second teleportation gets fully invented, I volunteer to be your coffee assistant.

And yay, I have wanted to see these pictures for months!
Picture. If the PICTURE isn't attached to the story...
Where's my coffee assistant?
If the story isn't attached to the story when originally submitted, we can't attach it later. What you can do is upload it to a photo sharing site, photobucket works well, and put the link to the picture in a comment.
I have the picture. I have tried to post it a couple of times but it has not come through. I don't know if the sight has the function to post pics?

Any advice?
elnoraemily in Gasping For Air
I agree with everything Wish-Not said.

Please be careful. Climbing rotting stairs can be extremely dangerous, even if you are trying to be cautious. If you go somewhere like that again, take safety equipment and first aid, as well as letting someone know where you are going, in case you are injured and cannot get out. Be careful on bottom floors as well, as you can fall into a basement. (I have some pretty intense motherly instincts).

Do you happen to have those recordings? You can upload to YouTube and post them in the comments so we can also see.
Ha your welcome, I always think with things like this the simpler the better, that way, it is easier to rule out possible issues / causes.

Keep us updates if you manage to set something up and if anything happens.
This one got me teary eyed. I am very sorry for your loss.

It does make sense, seeming how at the time your thoughts were that it felt like his pain, that the energy you felt was connected to your brother.

I agree with BJJ.
"I think a lot of military bases have some sort of residual energy around them." I am in total agreement with you on that. I have quite a few veteran friends who have lots of stories from their times on different bases.

This was a really interesting encounter; thank you for sharing it!
Griff- That's an awesome idea. Guess it doesn't have to be anything elaborate. I'll have to come up with something. However, I'm not very electrical savvy. But wouldn't that be cool. Hmmmm you have my mind going.

Thanks for reading and the wise thought.
LBR, I am very sorry for your loss. <3

Looking forward to seeing the picture.
I am a bit confused as to whether you meant bicycle or motorcycle. I am guessing motorcycle?

Sorry, my mind takes things too literally and can confuse how I take in information sometimes.
Molly- Welcome to YGS. This is a very good place to find some answers. Has worked for me many times.

So, I think the dark figure walking past the kitchen might be a residual type haunt. Meaning it's like on a loop replaying over and over. Non-intelligent. Non-interactive.

Now that one that showed up with the giraffe mask is totally different. That would be one that does interact and would be considered an intelligent being. To me it seems as if they want to be included in what was going on at the time. I'm sure it wanted to part of the group.

Now that last one I'm going to let someone else elaborate. Could be the same one with the mask or that had been in your room. There are too many options to be specific for me on that.

Great story! Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Wish-Not, I can't believe the cheek of your visitor / visitors, like you already said, its so 'in your face' its almost unbelievable.

I'm glad they have laid off playing with the fire alarm, like you said that is uncool. It is almost as it who ever it is is just looking for buttons to press, it would be interesting if you could set up a trigger object, perhaps a little door bell circuit or something... Just out of interest and curiosity.

Anyways, thanks for sharing another interesting story. Smile
howwilliknow in Is It Haunted?
That's a great and interesting story. It's very well written. I'm afraid I have no clue on what it could have been except to ask if you and your sister were teenagers when this was going on. Best wishes.
howwilliknow in Warning From My Cat
Good story and I like your name it made me smile:) best wishes.
howwilliknow in Doppelganger Cats?
I read a good way of knowing when your asleep is to create something you know is not real and train your brain to put it in every dream you have, for example having more fingers then you should.

This is easier then it sounds just constantly think of having more fingers then you should in your dream or what ever you want. Mines a fictional character.

If I see them then i'm dreaming. Eventually (hopefully) if you keep the exercise up it should start to work. Hope that helps.

Your probably already doing it with the pinching.:)
I live in Al jazeert Al hamrah. Some of my relatives who lived here couple of years ago had experienced paranormal activities here.
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in Evil Shadow Figure
Wow, that sounds horrible Spookie1! It's interesting that you and your parents moved out after - was it because of the shadow man? Or was the move imminent anyway?

Have you ever asked them whether they'd experienced anything before? I know how parents love to brush things off as just the imagination but sometimes it's the best thing to say to a child, otherwise it can add fuel to the flames.

None the less - I'm glad your parents moved. I don't think I'd ever sleep again!
Hi, carol9510hotmailcom Welcome to YGS... As per your description it seems entity was look like 'Ghost Rider' (As you mention that he was on bike). Did you ever talked about this incident with your elders? Did any one from your locality witness the same?

Hope to get answers soon. Thanks for sharing. Happy
howwilliknow in When I Was Eight
sds, my grandparents do infact still live there.
It's a very small town in QLD Australia, rich in history I imagine as my grandparents house is at least a hundred years old.
I'll try do some research, for some reason it just never occurred to try before.

I didn't tell anyone because I was a "imaginative" child and had no good friends I could confide in.

Ifihadyoux, I can't remember the exact number of trees lol, it was just a sparse scattering of trees leading to a horse paddock. I'm not very good with descriptions sorry. It was completely flat ground with no cars to hide behind. I hope that helps.
howwilliknow in When I Was Eight
I'm so sorry for not answering earlier I did't have internet access i'm sothankful for every one who commented
jerryhend1 in Evil Shadow Figure
Hello Spookie, I really liked reading your tail, as one who has literally ran into a shadow person, you can read it if you like its tidal "in your face" but back to your tail, I believe shadow entities are of the human origin, not demonic, just bad/evil humans and that can go a long way. Where yours had red eyes mine had none. I also believe they can get physical if they so choose, i.e. You being pushed into your closet and I agree it sounds like it was leading up to its big show.
even the highest quality technology can be... Unpredictable at times. But taking lakotawinyans advice angles going back with an old Polaroid could be great idea. I may even try it myself.
sushantkar in Gasping For Air
Hi skeletonsRIOT! As said by wish-not, you could get injured easily and no one could help you either because no body could speculate that you two were in that abandoned house.
Coming back to your experience, when you go to such places, you actually hone your senses unknowingly that you are going to see for what you have came for (or I may not be right). This leads to hallucination.
See, experiencing and encountering with paranormal or supernatural entities is rarest of the rarest cases.
People could consider themselves lucky on encountering with paranormal entity and after experiencing unlucky but not every abandoned house or place is haunted.
I am not doubting on your experience but I am only seeing the other possibilities.

sushantkar in Evil Shadow Figure
Hello spookie1! I think you have seen that object in your nightmare. The laughing sound which your parents heard was not of that object but it was of yours. I think your physical body acted according to what you had seen in your dreams.

Thank you all for your kind comments. When my roommate & I discussed this, we considered the possibility that my brother had visited via a type of astral projection while sleeping. It is true that I was the closest to him of all our family members. I had invited him to visit me. His physical body never made it to the northwest, but I am thinking that a part of him did...
jynnantonnix in Doppelganger Cats?
I've never experienced this, but the theory of a random imprint of paths they generally take sounds reasonable. Alternately, even if you did the things you generally do (like pinching yourself) to determine whether something might be a dream isn't foolproof. There's a dream I have on occasion... Not often, but often enough that I'd classify it as recurring (maybe once a year or so in the past six or seven years). It always really bothers me as I am dreaming it, and every time I go through all sorts of things within the dream which convince me that THIS time it is actually true. But every time, I awaken to the knowledge (because in this case it's something verifiable as opposed to a phantom cat presence) that it was just another iteration of what MIGHT happen someday.

Not that these things are really at all related except to show that pinching yourself in a dream might just mean that you dreamed of pinching yourself.
jynnantonnix in Am I Really Sleeping?
I had something really similar happen once. I actually posted this recently in answer to the story "spirits in the bedroom", but it went unnoticed as the original post was not quite new. It was definitely one of the weirdest and most "real" seeming creepy experience I've ever had, but as it was so easily explained away by mundane means, I didn't think it warranted its own post. In any case, here's a restatement of what happened:

"Dreams can be incredibly real. I hope it's ok if I share something here as it's somewhat on topic. If I thought there was any chance it was paranormal I'd write a story about it, but it's just not.

Some years ago, I came down with a really vicious stomach bug. Not pretty. I couldn't keep anything down at all, and was completely wiped out from constantly vomiting up nothing by the next day.

We happened to be fairly good friends with a doctor and his wife who lived next door (military housing), and I finally called her to see whether her husband could recommend some medication or course of action, and he was kind enough to write me out a prescription and bring it over on his lunch break.

I forget the name of the medication, but it did work, and also left me in a very woozy, half-conscious state. And during this time, over the course of a few hours, every time I closed my eyes, I'd drift off, and start to feel a pair of hands around my ankles, slowly, inexorably pulling me toward the end of the bed and sometimes all the way to the floor and down the hall before I struggled back to wakefulness and found I had not moved. I have never forgotten (and it's been 20 years) just how real and terrifying it felt. And only marginally better than puking up my guts every 5 minutes."
wow that is a brilliant story thanks for sharing your experiences

Didn't see any attachment on this when I was editing. I think it may be a glitch, there was a similar situation not long ago.
The simplest way to show the picture here now would be to upload to a site like photobucket, then post a link to the photo in the comments.
I'm sorry for your loss, and know that no words will really help. Only time truly helps. Be strong, and know that your brother's love will always live in your heart.
Yes, I had troubles too trying to add a picture before. Maybe a MOD will explain how to do so. Can't wait!
I attached photo for posting don't know what happened, I will attempt to add it but am having issues trying to post it. But it really needs to be seen to appreciate it.
Thank you all for your kind words, even reading your comments I still loose it emotionally, you assume that you will get old together as siblings, and I worried often about his future, but who knew there would be no old age or future for him, he was 37.
notjustme in Evil Shadow Figure
i would also suggest you watch the other episodes of spirit science, every episode talks about something else. It's very easy to understand.
notjustme in Evil Shadow Figure
Spookie -

That talks about astral
Wish-Not in Gasping For Air
skeletonsRIOT- Firstly, welcome to YGS. Secondly, let me tell you how fortunate the two of you were not to be injured. I remember what it was like to be young and adventurous however, climbing into an abandoned house is quite dangerous. Speaking structurally and well one never knows who (living) might be in there. Sorry, it's the fatherly/parent thing.

I think you might be on the right track with the sound of the stairs though. It would be hard to comment on what you saw in the picture and heard on the recording without me seeing or hearing.

It must have been something when you saw and heard later. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to everyone,
That is kind of how I felt, there was nothing malicious about it, kind of like I was an outside observer. I think a lot of military bases have some sort of residual energy around them. A lot of very powerful emotions.
Sounds like something very negative is affecting all of you. It may have become exacerbated by your grandma's illness. That itself brings negativity, and any negative "thing" could easily feed off of it wreaking more havoc.
I'm very sorry you are going through this. I'm not sure what other suggestions you want though... If having your house blessed multiple times hasn't worked and you refuse to get a paranormal investigation going because you're afraid of any evidence, i'm not sure what other advice you're seeking here?

I think it would be beneficial for you to try and help the old lady move on though... You say she tries getting your attention, so go ahead and give it to her if you feel she is benevolent.

With the negative shadow thing, has anyone forcefully told it to quit with it's activity? Told it not to bother you if it's going to hang around? I know you said you've blessed your house but I don't know if you've directly addressed the problem-causer...? Taken control of your own space?

I recommend you keep your home as bright as possible, open all the windows (blinds, I realize it's freezing now lol), play happy music (or religious music, whatever), laugh a lot, love a lot, try not to engage in the negativity as hard as that may be. Bring in the positive!

Also, has anyone ever researched the house or the property?
RitaCMW- These stories sadden me. I am sorry for your loss. In a way I do envy the bond that you obviously had with your brother. I am in agreement with BJJ and agree that it may have been done (astral projection) without intending. I believe the bond between the two of you helped make that happen. Undoubtedly you meant a lot to your brother.

Thanks for sharing
notjustme in Close The Door
Bikky - That is a very bitter/sweet story. So wonderful to hear he is still with you girls, a little heartbreaking that he is no longer there in physical form, but he will live through your memories. God bless.
And sorry for your loss... I also know what it feels like to lose a sibling Sad
notjustme in Close The Door
Paranormalnicole - I don't know if there's a school for that but there's this! Pretty cool if I do say so myself. It's basically Hogwarts!
Astral projection sounds really awesome Laugh Do you guys know how can I do it? Happy It sounds fun Happy
I don't know if you believe in astral projection, but I do. I think people sometimes do it without even realizing in their sleep. The late hour, combined with your feeling that it was how your brother must feel, makes me suspect he traveled to you in his dreams. Maybe he was just lonely, or perhaps hoping to find understanding of his emotional state. Either way, I think he projected himself into your home and his presence was intense enough to be noticed by you and your roommate.
What Wish-Not said. Smile
This sounds like a residual event to me as well.
Miracles51031 in Is Thirteen My Number?
Because this subject interests me, I found this link and thought it interesting enough to share Laugh

Not much I can say other than a lot of UFO sightings and ghost sightings happen when it is very cold.
Miracles51031 in The Field
FollowTheWhiteRabbit - I cannot imagine what you experienced, and I hope I never do. Reading the article was enough to make my heart hurt and want to vomit Sad
I once lived in a flat that should have been number 13 but was given number 15 instead lol. My next door neighbours lived at number 11. The flats went up in 2s but in odd numbers if that makes sense. Weird.

I consider #13 my luck number too Triskaideka, I was born on the 13th day of the month so it's never really bothered me and Friday 13th is what I call my good luck day. It's all about your state of mind.

But Sabbywhiteer is correct when the say that some hotels don't have a 13th floor for that reason. I've seen a program on TV in New Orleans, and they have stairs that lead to ceilings, doors that lead to nowhere and no 13th floor. It's supposed to confuse bad spirits. I think it's quite a good insight to human nature and old mythology and legends
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in The Field
Okay, so it was a lot easier than expected to find an article on it.

This is not what I read originally as it was published in 2006 a year or 2 after I had the experience, however, what's said about the 1996 attack matches the information I read up on before.

Glad he's been bought to justice now, I didn't know this before.

Nightwish13 in Doppelganger Cats?
pickabiggerweapon: yes it definitely made me wonder. I wouldn't of been so surprised if they were cats that had passed on before the experience. But while they are still alive is definitely odd. And yes I think that too. After all if our human loved ones can come back to visit us why not our animal loved ones.
Nightwish13 in Doppelganger Cats?
sushantkar: yes I definitely didn't confuse which cat was which... Also I wasn't saying they were doppelganger cats was just saying it's something they could have been.

Elnoraemily: my cats rarely got on my nightstand so that one was out. And as for the first one yes they sometimes used to get on my bed but they wouldn't just stand there. Besides I haven't seen anything that clear before or since those two experiences dealing with the cats. I'm not necesarily dismissing your viewpoint. I'm just saying that if it was the energy imprint I would see it a lot more often just as clearly.

GypsysHeart: at least I'm not the only one. Lol. And it is annoying when you see them at the corner of your eyes and everything because you never know if it's just your eyes playing tricks or something really there.
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in The Field
Hi Everyone! Thank you for your comments and feedback!:)

Just to clarify, I don't have any anxiety issues - well, no more than anyone else you know? This occasion was my first panic attack and there has been another occasion, again where I've felt something 'un-worldly' so to speak. However, I'll explain that one another day...

Lady-Glow, I'll do my best to find the links/info on the incident - it was a long time ago now but I'll do some digging!
pickabiggerweapon in Doppelganger Cats?
Very interesting! I've had so many cats over the years, but I've never had these experiences with cats that were alive. After my cat Pumpkin passed about 8 years ago I would often feel her paws climbing on my bed and settling down when there was nothing there. I think we tend to love our animals so much they might even be drawn back to us after they pass.
FollowTheWhiteRabbit in The Portrait Studio
Love this story! Totally agree with Dip1904 too, you handled this very well! There are not many people who would be able to keep their calm in a situation like that.:)

Can I ask, as you said, your manager mentioned that it's been happening more and more lately - do you think the activity is stronger because of your presence? Has she always seen shadows about the studio or is it only since you've started?
LBReyes - Sorry for your loss. Your story is one I can relate to, and I can feel the love you have for your brother. Even though it was and still is a tough time, as you mention the cemetery scene, I felt very peaceful as I used to often spend time in them too when I lost my ex. It sounds like he is in a good place now. All the best wishes to you.

And like the others, I am anxious to see this photo. You mentioned it but it has not been up yet. If you are having trouble, I know some people upload it to photobucket, then supply the link.
pickabiggerweapon in Warning From My Cat
Yeah I wasn't like freaked out by it too much, just startled. I have tried to like sit down and just talk to whatever it is saying something along the lines of "I don't have a problem with you being here just respect peoples privacy"
And yeah I can't say for sure he is my familiar but its not the first time he has been around when weird things happen. He will always wake up and follow me to the bathroom or kitchen even at 4 am and we've had some weird things happen then. He's just super attached to me and tends to always be around when this kind of stuff happens. I'm also a pagan, and if I'm say doing a ritual or something with energy he always starts whining at my door to be let in.
Thanks for everyone's thoughts so far!
I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for your story. I too lost my brother just five years ago and each day that gos by I pray for a sign from him so I too know that he is ok and has found peace. You mentioned that you would share the picture that you captured on your iPhone camera, could you share it wit us to see? God bless and many prayers for you ad your family.
Sam222 in Mr. Winfred
Your welcome.
I actually already read "they hate vacuuming" because you mentioned it in a comment. Even though what you saw in that storie wasn't a shadow figure/man but a black mass, I'm pretty sure I've witnessed something like that once maybe twice though I'm not 100% sure. My next storie that contains the shadow thing that I see will probably have pictures I'm going to illustrate what I see and what I remember seeing and include a draw picture of a simple layout of upstairs and if you read the storie when it comes out tell me if any are like anything you've seen.
LBReyes,I am sorry about your brother. I still have tears in my eyes as I write this. I lost my brother 8 days after my daughter was born that was 12 years ago. I agree with Griff84 it will get better and you won't feel like this forever. My thoughts are with you and your family.
mrmonty- I think I'm going to lean toward a residual moment on this one. One can imagine the energy that has been released over the decades in that one particular area.

What a great moment though. Thanks for sharing.
I agree with taking out the batteries to see what happens.

As far as the dream it simply could have been the music started playing and this influenced what you were dreaming about.

Hope this helps.
Wish-Not in Mr. Winfred
Sam222- Thanks for taking time to read my story. But this is the only one that involved this type of thing. He made it obvious to me that he was there but only aloud the brief moments to see him.

I do have a story that involves a black mass though. It's the first story titled "They Don't Like Vacuuming"

Thanks again.
13 has been considered an unlucky number since medieval times. It is based on the date the Knights Templar were destroyed, Friday the 13th.

One reason you may have seen a 13th floor is that our minds are hardwired for patterns. You can take a sentence, jumble the letters in each word and most people will still be able to read it. Your brain has been told since you were little that 13 follows 12 and your brain can cause an illusion to fill in tha gap. As for seeing 13 everywhere it could be simply that you are noticing it more since the # was brought to your attention. Have you ever bought a car or something then suddenly notice how many are on the road?
LBReyes- So sorry for your loss. I'm sure it is confusing and there will always be questions to why. I am glad that you have been reassured of his resting place and know that there is comfort in that.

Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us.
Sam222 in Mr. Winfred
So this is what you meant when you told me you've dealt with theses shadow people before. I am so happy you decide to post another story. This one was interesting, and it's kind of like what I see but in the dark and it disappears like it did to you. I know I don't like shadow people. When I think of them it reminds me of guys in black suits that stalk people, They seem like bad people always watching you from the shadows. I have this theory that spirits take the form they choose and one of the forms is shadow people and that these shadow peole don't like to shadow themselves for more than a split second. Have you got any other stories about shadow people that your going to post.
Hi LBReyes, welcome to YGS.

Thank you for sharing such a personal story. I am sure just composing it was very difficult.

I am very pleased that your brother has let you know he is ok, and hopefully now at peace. It is nice to think that perhaps these beings with him were other members of your family, who he is showing his resting place off too Smile

Having gone through a similar experience to yourself, with my cousin (I can't imagine what it is to loose a sibling) all I can say is the pain will fade over time, and the memories will live on. I'm sure he will be with you always too.

I thank you again for posting, and I felt compelled to comment as it has struck a cord with me.