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I agree with you and I do try to leave them in another room except when my husband is asleep (I keep them in my bedroom), if I am gardening, the best place to meditate, or if my daughter puts my stress level to 10 or more which she does on a regular basis. She doesn't have a job and claims she can't get one even though I've suggested to her that she applies to a school district to become a substitute teachers aide or hall or lunch monitor. That's what I did until I was in a car accident that lead to my last surgery
Yeah, god forbid they examine the more rational explinations first.
Welcome to YGS. I agree with Biblio and Tweed but first you have to go to the source that can help you untangle your younger night terrors, your mom. Ask her about you screaming help me ne is trying to get me. Maybe you can find out who he is. Let your mother know about seeing the shadow person and tell her you need help. First tell this spirit to leave you alone and to get out of your house. Normally spirits will leave because they don't stay where they are not wanted. Do the cleansing/shielding method that is on Rookdygins profile page. Until you get around to doing either of these things ignore,ignore,ignore this shadow person. If you see it just go about what you're doing without giving it a thought. Malevolent spirits gain strength from fear but lose strength if you don't fear it. Sort of like a bully leaving you alone if you stand up to him/her.
You may have to do Rooks cleansing/shielding method more than once, and it wouldn't hurt to talk to a therapist to find out why the heck you are stressed.
Before you go looking for bedbugs,scabies,or chiggers do the cleansing/shielding method Rookdygin has on his profile page. The scratches you are describing may be from a malevolent spirit. Is your garden well kept or over grown and full of weeds? If that is the case it may be a nature spirit and you should go out and start trimming,weeding,and watering.
Gayatrishiva in Rakandhar
Yeah in tamilnadu too its called village protector or guardians and once I had a dream of such guardian protector who guided me to his small temple ie directions etc which I will publish it here soon.
AugustaM in Watching Closely
Just an interesting aside - I heard on some program I was watching on the paranormal (one of the better ones) that stone houses have a higher likelihood of playing host to paranormal activity than houses made of any other material. They offered no explanations as to why - it was merely an observation - but intriguing just the same...
I haven't really ever heard of Shadow People being aggressive like this. And the fact you could move around rules out SP as well.

I don't really know WHAT to tell you.
I had second thoughts about more of what I needed to say after I was finished with my last replies. And I will admit I wasn't entirely clear. I'm not fully reliable on this entity, and I don't remember word for word on the things I thought of after my replies. But by now I'm feeling the best sides of both doubts, about him being positive and negative. I will not say I know for sure what his intentions are, or what he might do if he really isn't who I think he is. I will be doing that ritual again today for sure.

Maybe that reply to ZulaGirl is from my perspective, but for all I know this entity is doing all these things to get me to trust him so I can give him what he wants, just as you said Rook. I'm sorry if I sounded pretty blind when I replied to ZulaGirl about my opinions on him, this next reply is to correct myself because I still have no clue what his true intentions are, and if he is getting me to trust him for a few horrible reasons that leads to what he wants. This is my recent update, hope its more of a sigh of relief since I realized my flaws in my first reply to ZulaGirl.


I know, I'm not trying to make it out to be like that, it's just difficult since my father would stand against it either socially, or angrily. I know it can't be done just twice and that's it, it may not work like that in that case.

I will, and I'll get back to this as often as I can. That's good to know, in case it is what he is, it'll keep me cautious of him since being masked is of an incubi's capability. I don't doubt it 100% in this case, I'll further along the rituals and keep on trying to find out what he is, and try to get it into affect when possible.

Thanks for the help you guys, I know I've said thank you before, but I never understood much about an incubus before, nor knew they existed up until now. And not knowing of them I may have eventually gotten myself into trouble with this entity at sometime, so I appreciate all the help I can get.


Thanks for your understanding, with love especially for me, it almost feels impossible. But I enjoy my life anyway, and I understand what you mean. This entity who has gotten me to fall for him at a certain point, he even understands that I have the right to move on if I did come to love another whose within the living, I mean honestly I'm pretty sure if emotions get intense for him it would be enough for him to be angry, he's never tried hurting me before the few times I have spoken about moving on. Ill assume he'll be sad, but looking from his point of view, its to be expected, cause I am of the living, and he is not. I have doubts of him being harmful in my opinion, only because so far, it looks more like he cares for my happiness, and what I want, he's never stood against me being in love with someone who is alive, and he's never had the obligation to try and stop me.

You are right though, he is a good entity, but it doesn't change the fact that he's in the way of my love life. I don't have any intentions on even wanting to be with him forever, just only until I fall in love again, without him. Now look, I don't want him to go away, even without energy I feel him near me every night, I don't feel physically touched, but I often feel warmth on the back of my neck, and where my back is like a arm is around me. I don't know how to fall in love again, in a sh*** hole like this. I'll definitely give it a go if we move sometime, and if I'm even lucky, it's possible I could fall for someone before we move, but then when we move there's no chance he can come along if we do, it's often usually like that depending on the family circumstances.

I have no intentions with being with him forever, I just want him around for that long in case my love life goes down hill every time. I just don't want to be alone, whether I help him show himself to me, or have energy, or not. Neither of which needs to happen, the unnecessary is never needed, and its not important... Having him around, and along with him knowing me very well, I just want somebody that's there, when I'm alone, even when I do try to fall in love with suitable people. It may seem selfish, I'd just rather have him when I'm alone rather than having nobody when I'm alone.

He is, you probably don't think so but he is, cause that's exactly what he wants, he does want what's best for me. I take no offense if my questions are left unanswered, even after I identify him a little more. He never stands in the way against my decisions, I won't deny that he is in the way somewhat, but he's not choosing to be, it's because I'm making him the center of attention with this energy stuff, and trying to indicate his true intentions. Which I still might go long with just to figure out if he's masked or not. But aside from that, its my fault he's in the way, nothing is really his fault in this situation, even though when dealing with most spirits its possible it may not have no good intentions. Its just not how this one seems, if he were angry of me being with another, he would've hurt me, or my first love a long time ago when he was still here. He hasn't done any harming of the sort against my wishes.

Yes, I understand, I know I am, compared to other people who know what there doing, I sometimes just don't feel that way, only when it comes to music. But other things, its possible I could miss a few things, as long as I don't look close enough. And Ill try to, that candle thing you just mentioned, I don't know if there expensive, in case of power outages, my father might not let me, its usually what we have candles for, but I will ask for one.

I disengage at times, I often get lost into conversations with the person I'm romantically involved with, the one who lives on the other side of the earth. The only time this entity is felt around is in the night, this isn't permanent, like I have mentioned, but considering he cares only for my happiness, and not what he wants, I don't mind it, only until another loved one comes around. If I do wind up together with another person, I may ask him to stop laying next to me, it just hasn't happened yet cause I'm still alone, I know I'm not entirely, but the time I feel alone the most is when I'm going to bed, at times he may not even be off the bed unless I'm asleep. Try not to take him the wrong way, this is why I see him as positive in the first place, because he never keeps my wishes from coming true when I say I want them to, or in the moment when they actually do.

I will for sure, I feed them everyday, and I pet them the chances I get. I'll enjoy being alive until the day I die, even if his entity stays around until then, there won't be any worries of him, cause he will allow me to move on, whether he's sad about it or not. I've figured this out a while ago, which is why I've had doubts about him being an incubus, he maybe happy when I accept him, but still wants what's best for me to.

Thank you. Smile
Why has no one ever seen us in a room together? Hmmm?
Oh, I know: You're an Australian living in England, and I'm a Englishman living in the U.S.; conspiracy theorists confounded by the Atlantic!
Just going to commend your succinct approach, as opposed to my more verbose attempts to diffuse any tension.
I think I prefer "plshelp" to "Lost," too, damn it; I'm always a bit "off" on Mondays. We'll just have to see how she abbreviates her screen-name when she responds.

This isn't what I meant by talking things out. We are concerned for your wellbeing, and once you give us some definitive responses to our initial trouble-shooting, we can explore the paranormal alternatives with you.

Take care,
Hi Sara, wow this is really fascinating/bizarre/odd!

Ok well let's first rule out SP as I don't think you can fall out of bed from this. We can maybe rule in sleep walking, during which you could have heard your husband call out his message as he may have called out in his sleep. Which coincidentally permeated your dream.

That's the only physically plausible explanation I got.

The only other is OBE. Did I read that you'd been trying to do this? Or maybe I'm remembering wrongly. If you have been attempting astral, perhaps these beings were there to help you achieve it. The fact one pointed to you when you were aware of them suggests they may have been trying to locate your husband, (his astral form, if they were the cause of him whizzing past you), and in doing so spotted you under the covers. Well I guess, from that, they weren't aware of your sleeping arrangement or had not visited your home much, if at all.

Gee, I think this is one of those encounters where it has to simmer a bit before it starts making sense!

Was there any build up to this? Apart from quitting and smoking again (no judgement, smoker here). I mean people quit and smoke again every day and no one gets hauled out of bed! So I'm wondering if there was any sort of feeling in the home days before, or something which was just ever so slightly out of the norm but just slight enough to not ping your radar of things to take note of.

Also, I know it's a stupidly obvious question, but do you keep your home filled with good/positive energy? With ye ole cleansing and the like?
Oh man, it seems Biblio and I are playing 'snap' again. Our comments overlapped this time. One of these days people are going to accuse us of being the same damn person.

Plshelp, I do hope you respond and any further information you can provide us will surely help us help you. We are all ears. Smile
Hi there PlsHelp and welcome,

Before anything else I'd like to ask you if you've ever talked to a doctor about what you've experienced. You don't have to answer this if you don't want to. That question was more advice, then a request for an answer. It's very important to first rule out any physical cause for the paranormal activity you've described.

What have the people around you experienced? Is it in any way similar to what you've had happen to you?

Look forward to your response. Hopefully the lovely members here can find some answers for you.
Take care.
Gayatrishiva in Shadow Abduction?
Looks like real shadow people and the fact that your hubby also dreamt the same thing means you both have seen the shadows in astral.
Greetings, Lost.

Welcome to YGS, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We tend to discuss ideas and questions a bit while we try to rule out "normal" explanations first. I do hope you don't mind if I play "Bad Cop" in a reassuringly quiet and British manner? I'm even drinking tea...

Do these events happen at particular 'crisis' moments in your life, such as when your family moves house, takes a long trip, has a financial setback, or suffers a loss? Do they coincide with schoolwork that seems overwhelming and insane? Don't just respond; take a few minutes to see if you can remember what else was happening peripherally to the 'haunting' phenomena. If you discover that a lot of other normal but upsetting "stuff" was piling up in your life, it could be that what you are experiencing now is a learned trauma-response to profound stress.

You'll notice I've not tried to dismiss any of your claims, as I have no idea what provoked your night terrors (my little brother used to get them, so my parents did try to find a medical cause) when you were young. You may very well have been -or continue to be- a particularly susceptible victim of a creepy ghost. My concern is that your mind is behaving normally and you MAY be repeating old patterns when you get stressed out. (Stress is often why drunks drink, gamblers lose their savings, and peiple's brains do all kinds of crazy stuff. Even doing "Fun" activities can cause stress, especially when they require planning, travelling, depending on other people/vehicles/weather/hotels...)

Doing the math, you're about 14?/15? (Not even going to discuss hormones: don't panic) Right at that traumatic point when you're looking at course selection for Sophomore year, all the adults you know ask what you want to do for the next 60 years of your life, and all you can think of is there's a movie being released in 8 days, then there's the concert the next week, and maybe your parents will let you go to the bonfire at the beach if you show how good, helpful, and mature you can be...

If there is a correlation to stressors, you need to sit down with a guidance counsellor, therapist, or social worker. To unload your stress through confidential conversations; this will help you to clear your head and to focus upon dealing with the important stuff in life first. Now, if there is no correlation to outside factors, you'll need to take a very different approach, which I'm certain the YGS community will provide (meaningful glances at Rook, Miracles, Tweed, Hecate, etc.). If you honestly can't tell if there is or not, start keeping a journal to chronicle each experience: it may be easier to do if you keep the journal with just a few key words in the same place you keep your social calendar or homework assignments.

You're welcome. Try not to dwell on it going forward. You paid whatever you needed to pay by being as sick as you got afterwards. It sounds to me as if you are one of those people who, for whatever reason, just kind of falls into these experiences.

I think this means you need to be careful going forward and take measures to protect yourself. One measure I would recommend is taking a salt bath once a week or so for a month or two, and then once a month after that.

It is very simple. Just draw a bath, soak, and have a bowl of table salt nearby. Then, stand up, rub the salt all over, and rinse. Not only is this a strong protective measure, but it will make your skin soft like butter and glow with health. Best wishes to you!

I can say nothing else but 'I feel your pain'. I am sorry for the huge loss and hope the memories help you get through each day my fried! I am sure he has found the rainbow bridge and is wagging his happy tail and will surely have plenty of friends.
Hi Kshaya_SL, I can not tell you if these are or are not 'paranormal', but I would strongly lean to the latter, especially if you have done little to find another cause.

I would suggest cleaning the room thoroughly (I'm sure its very clean already, I am by no means calling you dirty Wink ). Maybe try sleeping at a different location, see if it still occurs. Do you have any animals? Could this be a cause? Also, you say you sleep very open to the garden, could some sort of insect be the cause, I know ants can be very aggressive?

Please keep us updated, and thanks for sharing Smile
Fergie, I will echo what everyone has already said, sorry to hear about the loss of your faithful friend. Although it could just be wishful thinking with regards to hearing him, I certainly prefer to think he is still on watch by your side.

I has a similar experience a few years ago, we lost an old friend 'Ben' a German Shepherd / Labrador cross, very sad. He used to come into my room in the morning and stand under my outstretched arm forcing me to tickle him... Well after he has passed, this continued for a short time, almost to help me come to terms.

Anyways, thanks for sharing Smile
I am 29, this is the first time I have tried to research this man. He was in my room, when I was rather ill. I believe that he may have something to do with my life contract. Just something I have heard, that makes somewhat sense. It happened to me at the age of 20. It took me years to believe that he was real. The only reason I remember him, is because I was awaken from my trance from a friend who barged into my room. Since she did not see the man, she rushed me to the hospital for examination. I was ill, yet I survived. I may do a hypnosis for the real answers.
Hi Fergie,
I have been a bit busy as of late and not reading one of my favourite sites.
Dear Zeus, I have read all the adventures and I am sincerely sorry to know he has passed. Yet has he really passed? Perhaps lingered on to help you adjust. Dogs have strong loyalty being ever faithful. I believe they are with us for a reason. Fergie I often think of you all and wish you honest happiness for the future. Kindest regards J
worst-nightmare in Terrifying Experience
[at]ZulaGirl, well, I did experience the time slippage part which you mentioned, but I thought that it was my inner feeling and not a reality, since it goes against the laws of physics, I didn't mention it here. If that screaming in front of me gave her some peace then I am relieved now because I really feel bad for her. I do have 3 of my own experience with the paranormal and dozens which I have heard from my close relatives and friends. Thanks for reading my incident and your valuable input.
I don't remember the street number but it is a white duplex on Clay Street near the new CVS store and last time I drove by that side was empty again and for rent
In the place the first:

A Cleansing is NEVER a 'one shot deal'...they have to be repeated to ensure they are 'working'...kinda like sweeping a hard wood floor... Sweep it good on a Monday and by Wendsday it has to be swept again becasue of the dust.

I the place the second:

Yes, Incubi and other entites and spirits CAN appear as what ever they desire... White Light... Blue Light... Red Light...Green...whatever...its our 'gut feelings' concerning them that can help us determin thier true nature. Having said that when it comes to Incubi and Succubi these feelings can get muddled in our 'desire' to feel Loved and Wanted... Be that simple comforting intimate touches and lite kisses... To out right passionate 'sexual' encounters... The degree of which is determined by the 'entities' needs... Light kisses and comforting intamate touches generate a certian type of energy, just as pasionate sex generates another type.

Another issue is this 'entity' truly does not understand that its 'needs' end up being negitive to its host (YOU)...which means the Cleansing and Shielding will take even more time to truly effect IT.

Please continue to keep us posted.


I respect your openness, Kya; truly, I do. It is not easy to open up about matters so personal, even with the slim veil of anonymity that the Internet affords. I understand your feelings of loneliness. It hurts my heart. In a world of so many, no one should have to feel alone and isolated (unless that is how they want it).

I do not believe, from what you have written, that that is what you want. I hope you might find the following advice helpful. I respect that you are brave enough to confess that since living people have left you feeling so alone that you have taken an interest in another type of relationship. This isnot as uncommon as some might imagine. It is uncommon to have the courage to admit it.

I wish for you to consider that this spirit is a hindrance, rather than a help, to your (totally natural) want for companionship. This hole in your life is ripped open so large that this entity has found a way in. Think of it as a hole being filled by death rather than life. In time, continuing down this road will leave you feeling further unfulfilled, confused, and in possible peril. I do not want this for you or anyone.

You may believe this entity is a guardian. It is not for me to say that it is not. However, a true guardian would want what is best for you. What is best for you is to focus on life and living things. Please heed my warning that many among the 'troublesome' will invade someone's life under this guise. Like a frog put in cold water and slowly boiled, you will not feel the rising temps until it is too late. I am concerned that your answers tend further towards, rather than away from, this entity.

Rook and I have gotten into it a bit over ritual. I have read rook's description of his ritual and (it will come as no surprise) that he is knowledgeable and the premise is sound. However, I never advocate ritual for anyone who may be inexperienced. Ritual is a process of opening that should (ideally for experienced and inexperienced persons alike) only be conducted under or with the mentorship (or companionship) of a kind, good-willed, and knowledgeable other. Alone, it is too risky, sometimes even for those who have years of experience and expertise. The world is a big, wide place full of many things, both good and evil.

Here is my advice for you: please try to emotionally disengage from this path you are on. The entity's reaction to this will clue you in to its true intent. If you ever feel afraid, sprinkle salt as barriers (doorways, bed, etc. Wherever you feel most afraid and vulnerable. Listen to these signals) while saying prayers for protection.

Although I do not recommend ritual, here is a small and innocuous one that may help. Using rook's recommendation for a white candle, each night around dusk, light it and say a prayer for love (human romantic love). Close your eyes and put your heart into it. Before you go to bed, douse the candle and say a prayer for general love (God, friends, family) and the protection imparted by this love. Believe the words; feel them in your heart.

During the daytime, prepare your life for life. Clean the house and make it presentable as if your true love were to come and see it. Not all in one day, but slowly, happily, and with purpose. Grow plants and stick them in every available corner. Stuff your home to bursting with living things (if you have cats who like to dig in plant pots just place some open pine cones on the soil. Cats don't like the feel of those on their tender paws).

Open yourself to caring for your pets and the people in your life. Hopefully soon you may wish to volunteer for a cause you believe in or join a group with similar interests. Get outside and exercise. Even if it is just a walk. Fill your lungs with fresh air. Feel your body being alive. Savor that feeling and remember it when you feel blue. Leave no room for deaths to intercede. I wish you all the best, dear Kya.
I guess I would have to say, I used to trust him. Only cause he barely carries energy anymore. I used to have feelings before, and don't now, because I don't know him anymore. He is no family member, if he was I would know. It's possible he was the little boy from my Yucaipa house story, and with that much history going back from when I was twelve years old, I'm trying to test him, not knowing if he has history with me, or not. He may have been partly a childhood ghost that used to be there, but I know I can never know that without a professionals help.

As I've mentioned to Rook, I do have another to admire that only lives on the other side of the world, but here I have nobody other than this entity that has been around, or has followed me around for years. I wish to establish a relationship with it only because looking for a man to fall for in this place never does me any good cause no matter what I'm always screwed over, even by and old friend I have history with, unless I move to better place, in a better neighborhood, trying to not be single down here will be useless, its possible to keep on trying if I want to keep getting myself hurt. Him and I aren't even friends anymore, and I used to go to middle school with him. So honestly, with the years, and possibly history, I'm giving this option a chance only because it feels like my only option for the meantime, and I will have to say it may not be permanent since its possible I could meet this person I like that lives very far from me. And I don't just like him, its not love Ill have to say, but I know it could be possible if meeting up with him is. What has me trusting him is that we talk everyday, he has nothing to hide, whatever I say to him, whether its a book of paragraphs, or shorter, he replies to it all, and that kind of person is very hard to find especially out here in this place. I don't care much to see into the future, I have tarot cards if I feel bored, but I'm not even sure if the readings are accurate at times, and even if it is, the readings are different every time. I'm not much a fortune teller, nor do I care for them, or what this apparition might do or tell me if I find out he has good intentions. I definitely don't want to communicate with troublesome entities, and I honestly wouldn't care to communicate with the dead at all if I were happy with another who I'd consider more than a friend. This entity has gotten me to seen him as more than a friend on a certain level, for at least a few years, and even over the years he seemed mysterious to me. Even so, Rook and you might think I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt all the way, but I would be if I were trying to figure these unanswered questions out on my own through the internet without his opinions of wisdom, or any other person who has opinions the same as him. For people whom I seen as more than a friend, including the dead attaching themselves to me... Ill never be wrapped around anyone's finger, even though its been years worth of time. And the last time I was wrapped around a mans finger, was when I didn't understand the consequences that I would face, I didn't expect him to leave at first, but he did, because he allowed to let the wrong person wrap himself around her finger, and now that I have been there, and done that, I wouldn't be crying again, I mean I guess I would if I knew this entity were to leave for good. But my crying wouldn't be as harsh like from the first time this happened, cause leaving sometimes is apart of life, and fate. Its to be expected, if its supposed to happen. I just don't know if it is supposed to happen in this case until I figure him out more after I do more of this ritual.

I know that, and that's honestly why I'm not jumping into what I am asking for. I just want to figure out what he is, whether he's positive or not, once I figure it out through more of these rituals, he'll get kicked to the curb, or he will stay. But only if I'm very sure if he's positive. And I appreciate the help.

I hope I haven't left out anything unanswered, if so ask the questions that have been left unanswered. And I will answer them to the best of my ability.


I don't mean it that way, I don't know if he even has good intentions for me, or if he even loves me, and that's why I'm trying to test him, to figure this out.

The fact is, the only time I have ever fallen for anyone was in my freshman year of high school. I have had only one boyfriend after my first love, and I didn't even fall for him. After this entity showed himself to me, he may have been the only one to have gotten my heart, and its slipping away somewhat. I again, am not giving him what he wants right away, I'm going to figure him out first with this ritual you suggested for me. And I don't want to give him energy just to touch him, nothing sexual will even happen right away that Ill even do only cause I'd rather see his face, or possibly get a hug if possible. And the reason I'm not jumping into it right away, is because I don't know what he will do with that energy.

It's not that I feel he is the only one that loves, I again am not sure if he does. He's just the only guy around since my first love left, and he has been around for years since I have been single. I'm still single, and don't worry I'm not crying a river about it, its just damn near impossible cause it hard to trust anybody. I have a history of dating men who care only for themselves, and being a player, on top of hiding it, and who knows? I know it be better to love someone in reality, but someone I actually consider a soul mate who doesn't seem fake himself whatsoever is on the other side of the world. Believe it or not, him and I talk everyday, and about actual opinions about politics, and things going on around the world that can't be stopped. *anything aside from political views in general* I just don't have anyone like that here, and this entity, its not like I trust him with everything... I just don't have anybody else, other than this other guy that lives on the other side of the world. Him and I talk about 'trying to meet" but both of us know very well that its possible we might not. And in case its still impossible to get through to douche bags in this ridiculous place as well, it just feels he's my only option for the moment, meantime, whatever. My apologies if you think I'm starting to get in denial, I just want to figure him out, and go from there.

He got me to know him here and there with as much energy as he can use at first after my loved one left. Never asked for anything in return, it's been a while since he had any energy at all, so I'm trying to test him and see if anything else happens when I do this ritual a few times more. You probably think I'm getting wrapped around his finger already when I'm not noticing, but truly I am not. There isn't any other guy around that even knows me, and considering hes seen me for at least more than five years, and has shown himself to me over the three to four years since my first love left, I'm just trying to figure out this unnecessary option, I know you think I probably shouldn't go along with this anymore, and kick him to the curb right away. But, what has me skeptical about him being an incubus, is that father can identify if an entity is positive or not, he's told me before that the entities under our roof aren't harmful, on top of doing at least a couple, or a few things to keep any demon out of the house.

I'm not giving him the benefit of the doubt, believe me. And I'm not sure if your right cause if it was truly negative it would've been kicked to the curb the first day I did this ritual. Don't get me wrong, its possible you could be right... But all lights were on everywhere in the house, I let there be as much light as I could, and especially in shadowy areas. He didn't show himself to me in the dark, and considering he's not asking anything in return, or have asked anything from me, I'm a bit skeptical about him being negative, but I'm not doubting your opinions either. I going to keep on testing him, because I'm still unsure what he is or feels for me, I'm sure how I feel about him, but that's not even the point I'm trying to make. It doesn't matter how much I care about him, what matters is the truth, if his intentions really aren't bad, or are. I will always be taking everyone's words and opinions into consideration, so try not to think this entity has gotten to me when I've said many times, even he can't get me wrapped around his finger, incubus... Or not.

My father used to have a job in an Indian tribe dealing with spirits, helping them move on I guess, the good type of entities. And that's honestly why I believe him, when he tells me "Every entity under our roof, won't hurt anyone" he in fact spoke of them like they would protect us if they chose to, one family member of ours is an angel, my grandmother. She comes around every now and then to knock on my fathers door, he can see her shadow in the doorway at night, and she does that to check and see if her family is alright. I mean, I honestly think, if she, or my father knew this "incubus" you assume to be would have his a** kicked by her, and thrown out by my father. That would be the case in the first place if incubus is how he was identified. But again, I'm not sure if the incubus knows how to mask itself to look, or seem positive.

I have another question, can any incubus be any color? Light or dark? I named this entity Light, because he seemed like an angelic entity to me over the years, and I want to know that even for years with a incubus, is it possible there disguised as an angelic creature? If you understood me well, I'd tell him to leave in a heart beat if I were sure he was capable of hurting me, or wanting to hurt me, I just don't know yet since I'm unsure if there capable of masking themselves, even in my fathers eyes.


ha! Karma points? More like Drama points!

Biblio and Miracles so glad I'm not the only one who does this! When I first joined I was FOREVER hitting the wrong button. Don't know why but the red button always looked positive to me. Confused These days I consciously note which button I'm pressing *wait for it* to change to '+' just to be sure, then I relax.
Yeup you can still change a blundered point, I think there's a few seconds to reverse it or something. I know this because I have a silly habit of pausing a game, returning to desktop, selecting an opened browser by grabbing the middle of an opened web page. If YGS is open I sometimes inadvertently click on a drama point whilst selecting said browser. It's thanks to YGS, and the drama points of it all, that I now select opened browsers by the actual top browser frame and NOT the middle of a webpage. Which is a good habit to get into anyway.

So I feel both your pain! Laugh
My apologies, but that's the thing though, I don't even know if he is, I didn't exactly know comments would be making my confessions apart of the story. I'm just trying to be clear, but Ill try not to be too clear further along while answering or asking questions. I understand why your telling me this, and Ill take it into consideration. It may have been unnecessary to say that part, the thought just didn't occur to me since I didn't know what his relationship really is to me in the first place. Ill have second thoughts if the term boyfriend/soulmate comes to mind, if I knew right away that the comments would count for the story, I would've deleted them.


Bibliothecarius in Followed By Knocking
Thanks, Miracles!
When I returned to the narrative after leaving the message for Tweed, my downvote had disappeared, so I upvoted it. Now my rant makes even less sense, but I'm guessing that both you and Tweed have become accustomed to my peculiar trains of thought by now...

Thanks again,
Miracles51031 in Followed By Knocking
Biblio - we (mods) can't change the points but I've done the same many times before and was able to change it. (Before and after being a mod.) Anyway, I clicked on the negative again and it took away the -pt and then I clicked on the positive and it gave the point. Don't know if that works anymore but it has worked for me several times. (I'm notorious for hitting the wrong button, especially on my phone LOL)
Bibliothecarius in Followed By Knocking
Aaaargh! I tried to upvote your last comment as an expression if appreciation, and it downvoted you instead! Sorry! (Damn chubby fingertips!).
Can a Mod undo a downvote?
(I think I downvoted Miracles by accident, once, too.)
I'll go back to not screwing up websites any time now.

Of course, all I was trying to do was say "you're welcome!"

Fergie, just ask, like you did. I still call on my Dad, the subject of one of my stories here. Mostly, I ask my guides. I know I have several, the only named one is Ezekiel, another of my stories. Even yesterday, when doing healing on a friend with heart problems, I asked them all to help. When I assumed her most recent problems were her heart, and focused there, my hand started buzzing/tingling on one side. I felt a slight pressure to move from the heart chakra to the solar plexus. That is where her issue was. Sometimes I can tell by the way the energy feels. This time, I got a nudge. Just ask, Fergie. They want to help. Be specific. Love
Triskaideka in A Boy And His Dog
Awwwwwwwww this is so adorable! Happy Thank you for sharing. I hope Faiffy sticks around for years to come.
Triskaideka in The Creepy Experience
I love reading YGS before bed, and even I have been influenced by the stories here. I totally had a dream that I'd woken up and turned my head to look at the door which leads to my personal bathroom. I saw a very tall, dark figure in the doorway. A shadow figure I knew was staring straight at me. I was startled awake and thought, "Jeez, I didn't think the site would have this effect on me." First scary and spooky dream I've had in over a decade. (I've had scary dreams, and I've had spooky dreams, but not often scary *and* spooky dreams. I usually enjoy the spooky ones, and the scary ones involve things like showing up to school naked.)
Triskaideka in Ghost Hunt
Aaaaaaaaaaugh tissue warning! D: I'm so sorry for your friend. Her beautiful son sacrificed himself to save his brother. What a wonderful little boy. The event was the most recent, and you are so connected to the people involved, it's no wonder it had such a profound effect on you. You're a good friend. I hope that you can get advice from other empaths and psychics so that one day you may want to get out in the field again. You can help a lot of people with your gift. Thank you for sharing your story. Love
I've been well, Fergie. Thanks for asking! Just been pretty busy these past few months. I realized I hadn't been here in a while and now I'm back to binging on relaxing ghost stories before bed.:)
Lol, Hecate0, you just reminded me of an incident that happened last November. I was making a special dress for my granddaughter for Christmas. I came to a particularly finicky part and was stumped. I called out (aloud, I think) to my deceased daughter (and mother of my granddaughter) to help me. She was a qualified designer/dressmaker. Soon my fingers were getting the hang of it, and the dress turned out okay.

Hmm... This spirit guide thingy is intriguing!

Thank you Hecate0! Love
Cool, this is this getting responses. Not a whole lot has changed since my last post although it has been sqeezing my entire body harder and harder lately. When I wake up, I feel like I'm wearing a full-body latex suit that's a couple sizes too small. The pressure is very uniform, from head to toe, and from inside out. It's hard to describe. It's difficult to breathe, and my heart feels squished and struggles to beat. By moving my body just a little, the ghost releases its grip on me. I said, "hey buddy, you need to cool it with the squeezing or you're going to kill me!" I had to ask it a couple times, but it finally stopped squeezing me so hard. I have no idea why it's doing this to me.

I'm seeing with my forehead more often now, usually several times a week. I can see the ghost perfectly this way. It was very unsettling to see this long black shape slithering across the top of the bed then engulfing me, but I suppose I'm getting used to it.

Crookshanks: I think you're dead-on about the stuff being put on me. Everything it has put on me or tried to put on me is soft and meant to cover me up. It could very well be that it is "cold" when in my body and wants to warm up although I thought spirits don't get cold though.

Tweed: I believe this is more of a yearly cycle instead of a lunar cycle. We'll have to see next March and April.

Summerafternoon12: I'm like you in that I don't get out of bed right away. I like to think for a few minutes. I lie on my back with my feet flat on the bed and knees pointed up. The ghost is in its small ball form at this point and will ride up my shins like a ramp and sit on my kneecaps. I can't see it, but it feels like a very light ball of static electricity.
Tweed in Ghost Hunt
Lynev, thanks so much for sharing that info!

You just answered what I've been wondering for a very long time. With all my empath friends who go through great emotional turmoil with their abilities. I often times find myself thinking and saying: "There must be a better way". What you describe is pure proof it *is* possible. I'll no doubt open up a little more to my own empath experiences going forward because of what you've shared. I'll also change my wondering to declaration: "There is a better way". Smile
Red, just a suggestion on quitting. Try putting your cigarettes in another room so they're not as accessible. I do this and it's helped me cut down considerably. Often times we light up out of habit or suggestion ie; seeing a pack of cigs lying around makes us reach for them.
Anyway just a suggestion. I'm not anti smoking nor pro smoking, each to their own is my motto. Everyone knows it ain't good for us. But if you're no longer enjoying it and the doctors need you stop so they can help you, well, seems like the universe is trying to tell you something. Wink
Hi Des

I'm relieved you and your family do not live in that apartment anymore. Your story is just creepy and ghosts can be involved with something disappearing but then reappearing on another part of the house (I never had an experience like this only heard about it)

But do consider Tweed's advice it might not be paranormal. This happened four years ago and only you by good observance can tell if this experience is indeed extraordinary or supernatural.

I hope an expert will give you his or her insight regarding this. Anyways this is one scary story I read in this site so far.
I am curious what you mean by 'trust' this apparition? Do you think it is a deceased family member? Do you hope to communicate with it? If so, why? Do you wish to use its energy to scry (see into the future)? Or do you believe you want to establish a relationship? If so, why? Because you are curious? Because it is forbidden? Because you wish to feel 'special' by establishing communication with the dead or the 'troublesome'?

Perhaps you will not wish to answer these questions to me in full view of the board. I get that. And it hardly matters. I am only here to help; so, if nothing else, ask them of yourself before proceeding down a potentially dangerous path.

There are plenty of living entities (and almost infinite means) that you may communicate with while you are alive. Being alive is a gift. Special is defined by being an individual, especially a happy one with healthy relationships. Do not attempt to break bread with the dead; it will only bring you fear and sorrow.
The psychic groups that invited me too join are the type that get paid by someone for their sevices or go out to places and charge people for readings. Although the extra money would come in handy NO psychic is 100% correct. People where I live (Long Island) love psychic readings and will pay a lot of money for a good psychic.
Like I said in another post John Edwards, Theresa Caputo, and Kim Russo are all from Long Island and I teased it must be in the water. But you notice that they all have leading questions so they can figure what to say next. That is what I meant about being ''that'' psychic.

And we are right back to why I 'HAVE NOT' shared with you any types of 'energy exchange'.

You keep saying you only want to see him... So you can feel and understand what 'HE' wants... And Thats just what 'HE' wants... YOUR ENERGY.

Things may not be sexual in nature at this time, HADES it may never develop into that kind of a relationship... But the fact is 'HE' wants your energy and your saying 'HE' is the only one that loves you.

This spirit is already dividing you from your family... Isolating you so you will provide 'IT' with what 'IT' needs, which seems to be energy from you.

It's time to break ties with this 'THING' before it truly begins to effect you... Both mentally and physically.

I am known for being blunt... So here is my FINAL OPINION...

This 'entity' is an Incubus... And while they are know as a 'sexual demon' they need not always be. All they really require is a host to drain energy from... And right now you are this entities host. Please find a way to 'kick it' to the curb.


That is interesting info Ivycloud, though for now I don't think I will want to REALLY communicate with these type of beings. If I will encounter one once again, (though I am considering rook's suggestion the thing I saw might be a physical manifestation of my emotions, I need to research about this thing further or ask him, either way) I guess I will not hesitate sharing it here, depends actually...

Miracle... Its ok, but I hope Ivycloud will post her own story... Still learning about these beings myself if they are evil or not... Good day to both
As a first step, you could try calmly but firmly saying that you do not want to be touched or disturbed, and your bedroom is off limits. Some people have reported success with this method of setting limits and maintaining personal boundaries. If that doesn't work, there are many cleansing methods available, most of which involve letting in light and airing and sweeping out all the nooks and crannies. The most important thing isn't the ritual itself, which can vary, but to do it with purpose and confidence. I hope you find some peace of mind.
Kya - I am going to remind you again to keep your comments and stories away from anything sexual. Admitting he is your boyfriend/soul mate can very likely head the storyline and/or comments in that direction. We are paying very close attention to your stories, and anything that will turn this story or any of your others into a sexual one will be deleted.
Ivycloud - if you haven't already, please submit your children's experiences as a story. We try to keep conversations aimed at the original poster's story and not derail it with conversations from someone else. Submitting your own will/should have our members directing their comments/thoughts to you and what you are asking.

The Submissions Page is closed until at least Monday, but do consider submitting your own story.
Please excuse my spelling mistake (prior rior). I did not catch it soon enough, but just meant to say 'prior' Smile .
Sometimes when something terrible and evil is happening, time can stand still for a moment. This is more often perceived to happen (and has for most of us), in moments of extreme contentment; for instance, when gazing into the eyes of a lover. Although losing track of time is not the same as a momentary standstill where fate will hang in the balance (sometimes prior rior to a horrible outcome). It is almost as if time (or the will behind it) wishes to give a mortal one more chance to not proceed down an evil path and rend the fabric of many lives.

It sounds like you may have inadvertently stepped into such a bubble. The area you mentioned may act as a magnet (or vortex) for sadness and evil where time may fluctuate more easily and frequently. Perhaps you saw her spirit (not quite aware of its sudden departure from its corporeal body) flee and be drawn to the vortex, not quite of its own will, but in a moment of extreme trauma and confusion.

It sounds to me as if you just happened to step out on the porch at the wrong moment. Or perhaps the right one. Perhaps this newly incorporeal spirit was unknowingly appeased and able to pass on knowing that someone had heard her anger, anguish, distress, and suffering. In this way, you may have inadvertently provided a service to someone you never knew. And maybe even provided a moment of catharsis that prevented a new, terrible, and sad haunting.

These are my thoughts. I hope they are helpful to you. All in all, I believe we are all in service to the greater good, whether we know it or not Shy . Tell me, have you had any experiences since?
I am interested in trying to understand shadow people as 3 of my kids see them and an older brother. My first born who is now 27 saw them but I was afraid to question him back then. Now my 15 year old son sees them at home at night and he even hears whispering. Due to issues of anxiety he has been in therapy for a couple of months. He told his therapist about what keeps him up at night and distracts him. He disclosed he has seen them since kindergarten. He was then sent for a psych evaluation which came back he wasn't psychotic. My 13 year old daughter see's her shadow girl during the day mostly at school. This shadow girl as she believes it is even waves to her. Once she looks away and then back to where the figure was its gone.

I am worried as I read that shadow people are not particularly a positive thing. My motherly instinct was to tell my younger kids shadow people are not good nor are they bad but, they just are. Any thoughts or comments.
Oh, and Fergie, you are doing fine. Just call. Your ancestors, all positive, a specific guide to help with a specific thing. Say it. Be specific. Be grateful. Then watch what happens. Happy
Hi Fergie,

Thanks for your note. Sorry your internet was down. I have always felt very grateful to have the help I have at so many points in my life. Yet, still I forget to call on them. In fact, I come onto these sites to help remind myself. Thank you for finding my story today. I needed this.

I have been studying and learning about this stuff for most of my adult life. And still I am a student. I love this site for all of the different perspectives and knowledge bases. And I am still glad for you about the Zeus sightings. Smile Love
Right? Smile I loved those opinions, it actually got me to understand more about the situation actually.

Seriously, I'm looking forward to more opinions and questions from ladydarke. Smile

Well, he hasn't requested anything, if he has I would've mentioned that. It's just something I wanted to do on my own, cause he's the only loved one I have right now, and he lives with me, so I have been pretty close with him over the years he's been capable of using energy for me to see, or feel him. He never asked for anything in return, this is just something I want to do even if its not necessary, I don't have any other boyfriend, or soul mate, I don't know how he is, like how he really feels about me yet considering I need to do more to figure him out.

It will for sure, and thanks, I'm sure I can work things out, I'm only hoping it won't end badly.

You to. Smile
Ladydarke made it easier to be more specific about my intentions for for what I'm trying to do. Even though I trust him, my father has always been over protective over me, even with this spirit. He'd never allow him to be in this house again if this entity ever raped me, or tried to have sex with me. I remember hearing from my mother "Your father would know if he'd ever try" so even my father is cautious of him. Which is probably why Light hasn't gotten very far when he'd have enough energy for me. I'll keep on trying the ritual if possible. As far as I remember hearing from my mother, my father would either yell at me about it if I said the truth, or he would say its stupid, which is to be expected. So even if I'm uncomfortable with him not knowing what I do, I will ask my mother what days would be possible to perform this ritual again.

I did, and I have. It's not really to just let him do what he wants with me, he's the only loved one I have got, that I have come to love for years, more than my first love, it's most likely to just get to know him better. I'm usually hard to get, as close as I feel to this spirit, or even to other guys in general. So even if I love another, I'm cautious know matter what, being cautious about many things is what I was raised through, and these are situations I came to understand.

Rook-"Followed by placing a shield around herself." is that involved with the ritual itself? The couple times its happened, it does feel that way. I just wanted to ask anyway to see if there is an easy to shield myself in the meantime before I'm given the right day to do this ritual again.

Your welcome, and sorry about the bs, I didn't think to be more specific before until ladydarke gave me very good opinions about the situation. Smile


Sorry I missed this post of yours. I was without internet for quite a period of time. Sad

What a lovely, positive experience you had. It must be great to have such helpful guides. I am still a novice at all this, so don't even have a clue how to seek out my guides. Often, if I am in a predicament, I will mentally call out to past loved ones for their help. Is it something like that, that I have to do? Confused
Regarding the possibility of seeing a headless ghost - it is far from uncommon. Just in the UK alone, there are plenty of sightings of headless apparitions:

Just for reference, this site gives a fairly nice list:

This is a very cool 'community'. I am very grateful for everyone's affability. The genuineness is very affirming. Too many 'aff' words. Laugh
WOW! WiniPu4, had me in tears, too. That is a very powerful description of your experience with your border collie. Thank you for describing it. Your skills/abilities/gifts (whatever you call them) are, for want of a better word, advanced. That is a very cool experience, all the way around, the closeness between you two, and the light. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.
Hi, Red:

Why do you think becoming a developed psychic means having to charge for your services? I live close to the Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, FL. Although most of the ministers do earn their living from readings, I recall one very gifted female minister that NEVER accepted money despite all her training and schooling to become a certified Spiritualist minister/medium.
I would never consider taking money either for something I feel I was given to help others, but I cannot begrudge those who must make a living.
It's unusual that you & I both have titanium back screws (6-4" screws L3-5 for me), horrific frequent migraines, (and possibly more!) in common. And, I've been hooked on that darn gum for ages... No judging here! With all the pain, and seriously ill people in my life, I don't even recall the stories I read yesterday or most of my own comments. I have to save the ones with my comments to favs in order to remember to check back! Illness & pain definitely have an impact on our memory and moods. You can repeat anything you want and I'll definitely never remember any of it long-term.:)
My condolences on your furbaby's illness. Mine is my life. I just had to spend a BUNDLE on a root canal for her, after she broke her upper 4th molar last week. Ouch! I think most of us know how it feels when the crap hits the fan, and it does all seem to happen at once, doesn't it?
My prayers are with you, your family, and your furbaby.

WiniPu4 in Mango Tree

I love aku and hecate's ideas about blessing the tree in an effort to release her spirit, and make the spot filled with love, life, and joy. Maybe there is a spiritual or religious person in the area experienced in helping souls to move on and doing blessings?
She is obviously still miserable in death, but this should be performed by someone skilled as it sounds like her soul has morphed into something even more malicious. Wouldn't it be nice to free her and make it safe for all the nearby children?

WiniPu4, You give me great hope that all is as I wish on the other side. As I was saying goodbye to Zeus, I was telling him to find Angel on the other side, and to wait for me there.
Oh gosh, I am typing through a blur of tears!

You have had amazing experiences Wini. Thank you for giving so much hope. Love
WiniPu4 in Shadowy Entity

These are some of us out here that are of the belief that lucid dreaming, OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), and astral traveling; while perhaps having varying definitions, are essentially similar. I have been having them my entire life, and usually say protective prayers before sleep to eliminate negative experiences since I do partake in the belief that we are; in fact, communicating with other beings. After making this a part of my routine, the negative experiences have ceased and I have had truly amazing experiences that others might define as visitations to astral planes, or heavenly worlds.
I started researching these experiences, and think perhaps you may have had an out-of-body experience with a lower astral being caught in a negative cycle (meaning a deceased person caught in a negative cycle who has not "crossed over").
You could do blessings/shielding rituals, prayers, or ceremonies at your home depending upon your faith. You could expand it to include your home, yourself, your loved ones, and whoever else you wish. Just know that if there is a resistant entity, it may take several times initially to fully work. You don't want to chase away your guardian angels or protective souls, so that must be made clear. After that, they should be maintained periodically, depending upon your needs.
There is an experienced member here named Rookdygin who has a generic home cleansing/blessing/shielding that many here attest to. There are detailed instructions under "About me":


Or, you can always consult members of your faith or research a blessing consistent with your religious views on the web to perform yourself.

Kind Regards,
Hello, Fergie:

I have NO doubt that Zeus is with your daughter. I often see a dark blur where our little 18 y/o female Border Collie would sit at the top of our tall stairs, and is usually accompanied by noises and a flashing spark (or two) nearby which I believe is my mother-in-law, or her brother (my hubby's uncle) that had our furbaby before we did. Before she passed, I made it clear to them that they were to keep an eye on her until my arrival. I also guided her to them while she passed. As I sat with her body afterwards, there was a large flash of light in between her body and me. I knew it was her departing and saying goodbye. I have a very strong faith that our loved ones (regardless of species) are all part of our "spirit group" and interact regularly on the other side of life.
Many Blessings,
Bibliothecarius in Conservative Ghost, Or?
Whoops! As much as I love th US's history, I didn't mean to post it twice in the same message Confused
Sorry, Larkin.

This is the cutest story ever!
Thank you so much for sharing your delightful encounter with "Faiffy".


There are theories that rainy weather has a higher concentration of negative ions which make it easier for spirits to come through.
Have you asked around to find out if there were any deaths within your family, extended family, friends, or even neighbors during that time frame?
Do you know if that particular date (or thereabout) is significant to any loved ones; in other words, is it a birthday or death anniversary to anyone in spirit?
Also, if there was an illness in your family at the time maybe an ancestor was simply showing support.
They tend to gather around us during difficult times. Sometimes what we find frightening is simply them wanting to make it obvious to us that they are here and it is not our imagination. I am saying this because what you experienced does not sound malicious or harmful. After decades, I find I am no longer frightened by objects moving or "appearances", since I know I am protected and have a strong faith. In the future, if you find that you are open to spirit, you can find ways to protect yourself with your faith and after some time may no longer be frightened.

Many Blessings,
WiniPu4 in Ghost Hunt
Hi, Teri:

I wholeheartedly agree with the others as far as doing some sort prayer, meditation, or ritual for protection on a regular basis since you quite obviously are an empath. It took me many years to learn why I was "feeling" these sensations. I initially started using creative visualization with prayer, envisioning a white beam of light spilling down around me and solidifying like an egg. I asked my guides, guardian angels, ancestors, or whoever are there on my behalf to intercede and accomplish this so I could interpret it without physical pain or severe symptoms. Now I do shielding daily, usually before sleep and also when needed. When I do happen to feel anxious, most often I know who it is right away. I often know when a loved one is sad, depressed, lonely, or ill. Like the others, I have learned to manage and utilize it.
I know there are those who are frightened by this sort of phenomena and choose to block it out, but I now view this as a gift and have learned to embrace what I have been given. If you choose to, you can also learn to use your skill for good without allowing it to consume you. It does take patience, consistency, and practice; but with some effort a lot of good can be accomplished without a toll on your health. There are many of us here who identify with everything you have experienced, and are here for encouragement. I do wish you all the best.

rook - I know a couple of years ago Martin broke it down for us but I honestly cannot remember.
Give that Ladydrake a medal! Surprised

Hi Kya,

I followed your stories and comments during the week and intended to reply on the weekend (now) when I had more time. Well, here I am and, well, Ladydrake has said EXACTLY the same thing I was going to say. Laugh

I was also going to offer the suggestion of a prosthetic to your Salad Fingers visitor. Bravo Ladydrake took it to town once more (!), love that. Smile

I'm glad you're keeping an open mind with this ghost. I hope you will keep us posted on how you get on with him going forward. I share Rook's concerns about energy. Personally I've never heard of a ghost requesting someone's energy before, well not for good reasons anyway. It does seem a bit 'off' to me. That said, I've come out of a horrible paranormal presence which left me exhausted. I'm no doubt seeing your encounter through my own wary filter. Point is, this is your experience and only you can know for sure what you feel toward this ghost and his true intentions. Glad you're keeping an open mind all the same. It can take a long time to work out a ghost's true intentions, your patience will serve you well. Best to you!

Take care.
Howdy folks,

No, the clock was a wedding gift for my friend when he got married. Like it was brand new at the time.

I've heard other stories about his house. Supposedly a friend of his and his girlfriend were staying the night upstairs and in the morning they complained about the lights in the hall flicking on and off all night. Each time they stayed it happened. I live up there now and don't have any issues. /shrug

As for haunting laws? I don't think it's silly at all. If a house has a history of a haunting, as a buying you should have every right to known.
Did your friend buy this at a garage/yard sale? Just a thought because if he did the previous owner had problems with spirits maybe he sold things that he/she thought might be the problem. Just a thought.
Just for a laugh, In New York there is an old law on the books saying that you must tell potential buyers that your house is haunted (if it is). If you don't tell the potential buyer finds out from neighbors the contract can be canceled and the potential buyer gets their down payment back. When I heard about this I googled it and sure enough it was still on the books about about 5 years ago. Now isn't that a silly law?
worst-nightmare in Terrifying Experience
[at]ZulaGirl, According to, Most north indian brides wear red because it signifies fertility and prosperity. It's just a traditional color. Many women are now wearing other colors or color combinations for their weddings.
South indians wear different colors, like kerala (white and gold).
You know how POWs will come back from war but there may be a piece of them that never leaves the place they were held? Or soldiers who leave a piece of themselves on the battlefield and may never be able to feel whole or function as well in society again?

The death state is like this, but all-consuming. The consciousness no longer has any distinction from the trauma of the death of the corporeal body. I guess it might be like having an out-of-body dreamscape nightmare that rolls on without any beginning or end, irrespective of time.
Is there any significance in wearing a red saree during a wedding ceremony?
Miracles & Rook
Thanks for understanding. I know what you are talking about Miracles I do the same thing with my moods. I think that I scare the young ghosts I have when I'm like that. Rook I'm allergic to adhesives. The reaction may be as simple as an outline where the bandage/patch was and have too use goo gone to get rid of the left over adhesive to skin ripping off. So I will have to try the gum if I can't quit by the end of the month. I don't even enjoy it anymore.
Thanks again for understanding.
And the qupie doll goes to ladydrake!

Many, many thanks for 'cutting through the BS'.


My 'hackles' are still raised... You keep stating... In many different ways... That you want to 'energize' this entity so you can 'see him'...or because you want to 'interact better' with him...

Please do not give it what it wants... Keep performing the cleansing... Even if it's in your own room...

Oh, for the record Larkin... Yes I did suggest that an individual who is a self described young adult... Use a Cleansing method... It didn't matter which one, mine happened to be chosen. (Reaching out to one of the mods here... How are the age groups broken down?) I suggested it because as I read Kya's experiences 'alarm bell's sounded in my mind, something did not feel right... So I suggested something that would change the atmosphere (energy) with in the home... And look what happened even though the steps to the method were altered the change was enough to cause somthing to happen.

I stand by my suggestion... And actually urge Kya to do A cleansing of some sort as often as possible on as much of her home as possible... And even on herself... Followed by placing a shield around herself.


Thank you for the updates... I am going to read all of your comments tomorrow.



Huzah! Huzah! Huzah!

Loving the in-depth history and valid points made during your surmation (sp?). So many people have never taken the time to look beyond what is taught AS HISTORY in our schools today.

Anyway...I do agree with you... If a former owner is 'hanging around' and was a Union sympathizer... It MAY explain what happened to the clock... I hope Larkin does a bit of research and keeps us updated to their findings.


Makes sense, that is what it looks like.

That also makes sense if it were the opposite, although I would have to talk positively about him to my father a lot if I actually knew if he is really who he says he is. If his picture is really him. Even if he gained my full trust, my father would have to gain his full trust to after this guy will have gotten to me by heart.

Of course, its to be expected from seeing only a picture from someone I had just met. When it comes to just pictures, and what a guy claims he says he is, for people like that, its not easy getting me wrapped around his finger.

It does, I would be straight forward in telling her my opinion of what I think of him, and what might be best for her to do.

As for the energy with this boy who had taken a new form, I don't intend to jump into it. I do trust him, and he has been by my side the whole time we've lived here, but again, as much as I trust him, I'm still not easy to simply be wrapped around a finger, if I feel that I need to find out more in order to know for sure that its definitely okay to help him gain energy, I would.

Definitely, that is how most men may turn out to be lying about who they are to different women, and as you assumed, he could be a criminal of any sort for all she knows.

There's no need to worry about that, I again am in no rush on trying to give him energy. I can't deny that I trust him, but the advice your giving, it seems like advice anyway, Ill be keeping it in mind and in my best interest for my own protection for the meantime. Even if I know well enough that he is positive, and remained here during and after the ritual, there might be more I need to know before I just go for it, and I'm a patient person, hopefully he is to if his feelings for me are real.

Ive done it more than once, and Ill do it again sometime when both my parents actually know of it. My mother does know, but I never know when to tell my father about these things cause I like to avoid being yelled at, I'm one of those people who like to keep the piece, rather than being around, or being involved in arguments. You might be right, but I gotta say, the time I saw him before he showed himself to me during the ritual, I saw him only as a stream of light in a mirror before I recently saw him, and the reflection was fuzzy, like he wasn't well put together. So I don't even know if he took a different form before the ritual. Since the first time I really witnessed him, like he was there as a normal human being, it was probably three years ago. My point being, he was definitely a boy when I was in high school, but after that I don't know, there has been a short amount of years that I couldn't even see him in detail since the first time he showed himself to me after a loved one left. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in denial, and I definitely agree with you. I'm not one to rush things, just in case things end badly, or in betrayal anyway even if he is a positive entity. Wink

Well don't be, and don't worry about that, I take no offense as long as you don't sound harsh with every word you send under my story like some people. -Lark
And I agree with Hecate, I would also vote positively for you more than a few times if I could. You truly do have good ways with words, I very much admire, and appreciate your opinions, especially since these opinions are partly for my well being. You might've expected a different reply since you did butt in, but you butted in respectfully, and I appreciate respect. I'm honestly thankful, really, even if you expected a different reply.


Bibliothecarius in Conservative Ghost, Or?
Greetings, Larkin.

I did not suspect you of racism (though, there are probably narrow-minded people in Wisconsin, just like everywhere else). Wisconsin sent over 91, 000 men to fight for the Union; I suspected you've got a deceased patriot who felt disrespected by a Confederate timepiece.

Just a thought.


Just so we're being VERY clear, the South seceded in protest against "Big Government" on the Federal level interfering with each state's right to pass its own laws ("These United States," in which 'State' means 'Country'). That's the way the U.S was set up after being run by a monarchy that was thousands of miles and months of travel away. In fact, the very first state to threaten to secede from the union was Massachusetts.

The South's economy was based upon slavery & a multitude of human rights abuses, so the North used Slavery as political spin; England, who'd lost 2 wars to America (the first because England was winning a war with France, though Spain was involved in complicating the action, and put Cornwallis in charge of a bunch of Hessian mercenaries to deal with the problem; the second because the King had agreed to American demands BEFORE Americans started shooting, then -after Brits torched the White House, a freak hurricane swept through D.C., separating cannons from caissons -which broke horses' legs and people's ribs, and the debris of the caissons and wagons became shrapnel. The muddy streets were churned and flooded, so no-one could get out of the way. Yes, the War of 1812 was won by a hurricane, was resolved before the first shot was fired, had a fort built 2 miles North of the border to keep Tory Canadians out, and the most decisive battle was led by a psychopath named Andrew Jackson whose invasion of the port of New Orleans was AFTER the peace treaties from before the war had been approved by both sides. In England, this is what is known as "a c*ckup.") The potential for a British to return and correct Americans' spelling of 'neighbour,' 'colour,' and 'honour,' Lincoln knew that England had outlawed slavery and speculating in the slave trade about 20 years earlier, so no matter how badly the British wanted the South's cotton for their factories, they couldn't be seen to support a slave-holding nation against one with theoretically-free people of any race.

The North won, thanks to a very lucky drunk named Grant; this country became "THE United States;" a deranged actor assassinated the one Northerner who wanted to extend the hand of friendship to the South; the next election was rigged; carpetbaggers headed to the South to exploit both Black and White Americans; and the Remington company restructured its metalworking foundries from producing munitions to typewriters. It also meant that a song composed by an Ohioan staying in a New York City hotel could once again be played in the North without leading to accusations of disloyalty to the Union.

Happy July 4th, my Greetings, Larkin.

I did not suspect you of racism (though, there are probably narrow-minded people in Wisconsin, just like everywhere else). Wisconsin sent over 91, 000 men to fight for the Union; I suspected you've got a deceased patriot who felt disrespected by a Confederate timepiece.

Just a thought.


Just so we're being VERY clear, the South seceded in protest against "Big Government" on the Federal level interfering with each state's right to pass its own laws ("These United States," in which 'State' means 'Country'). That's the way the U.S was set up after being run by a monarchy that was thousands of miles and months of travel away. In fact, the very first state to threaten to secede from the union was Massachusetts.

The South's economy was based upon slavery & a multitude of human rights abuses, so the North used Slavery as political spin; England, who'd lost 2 wars to America (the first because England was winning a war with France, though Spain was involved in complicating the action, and put Cornwallis in charge of a bunch of Hessian mercenaries to deal with the problem; the second because the King had agreed to American demands BEFORE Americans started shooting, then -after Brits torched the White House, a freak hurricane swept through D.C., separating cannons from caissons -which broke horses' legs and people's ribs, and the debris of the caissons and wagons became shrapnel. The muddy streets were churned and flooded, so no-one could get out of the way. Yes, the War of 1812 was won by a hurricane, was resolved before the first shot was fired, had a fort built 2 miles North of the border to keep Tory Canadians out, and the most decisive battle was led by a psychopath named Andrew Jackson whose invasion of the port of New Orleans was AFTER the peace treaties from before the war had been approved by both sides. In England, this is what is known as "a c*ckup.") The potential for a British to return and correct Americans' spelling of 'neighbour,' 'colour,' and 'honour,' Lincoln knew that England had outlawed slavery and speculating in the slave trade about 20 years earlier, so no matter how badly the British wanted the South's cotton for their factories, they couldn't be seen to support a slave-holding nation against one with theoretically-free people of any race.

The North won, thanks to a very lucky drunk named Grant; this country became "THE United States," a deranged actor assassinated the one Northerner who wanted to extend the hand of friendship to the South,

Happy July 4th, my American friends. Though a proud Brit, I really do love living here! Your history is endlessly entertaining.
Ladydarke, if I could vote you up ten times, I would! Spot on!

I read your story, "Angelic," as well as the conversation you were having in the comments with Rook. I understand that you did this ritual as a test to see if this one particular entity was negative or not. The result is that the entity was not banished, but changed form.

I understand why you would conclude that the fact that it could be present at all must mean that it is not negative. However... Coming from outside your conversation with Rooke, and as an impartial observer who doesn't have years of emotional investment with this entity like you do, please allow me to share how the results of your test look to me.

Let's put this in a different perspective, because sometimes a little distance helps to gain clarity. Say for a moment that the unseen entity you were dealing with was instead an unseen person in an internet chat room. They sent you a picture of themselves that looked like a young emo boy, attractive and close to your age. They continue to interact with you as a boy your age, winning your trust and affection, and getting deeper into your good graces. Let's say that instead of asking for energy, he's asking for house keys, since in this case both equal access to you and your life.

Then you do the ritual. Let's say it was the equivalent as if Rook had given you some website that could search out this person's true identity on the internet. What you find out is that this is really a middle-age man who was masquerading as an attractive youth in order to earn your trust and affections.

Doesn't that sound like someone who approached you under false pretenses? What would you tell a female friend who had met a man on the internet, and that man turned out not to be anything like the pictures he was sending or who he was saying he was? Is there any way you would tell her that the best response to uncovering his deception would be for her to give him the keys (energy/access)?

I would think that you would tell your female friend that since the man is not who he deliberately led her to believe, she'd better immediately be cautious. Why did he lie? What else is he hiding? How could he have the best intentions (say a serious long-term relationship) when he knows it's being built on a lie? What was he expecting to happen when she finally found out: Drop her like a hot potato because he never really cared and just wanted steamy online chats? Kidnap her and lock her in his basement where it doesn't matter what she thinks of him? The problem is you don't and can't know: all you know is he lies.

Your friend might not want to believe you and, because she has already come to have feelings for this man, or at least for the man she thought he was. She might even argue that she could forgive the deception. She might feel like dropping the liar is like losing the emo boy she thought he was and that by keeping the older man around she could evade feeling pain and mourning the loss of the emo boy -- even though he never existed. I hope that you, as a friend with her best interest at heart, would stick to your guns and keep pointing out the red flags going up around this guy.

I'm afraid this the exact warning that I have for you. I think that if the first application of Rooke's cleansing stripped away this entity's mask, you should respond by doing it again. Maybe do it every week or couple of weeks. See if the entity keeps losing layers of deception and you finally end up with the truth.

I would not be surprised if Rook replied with a similar warning, but by all means wait until he checks back in. I hope you don't mind that I butted into your conversation. I mean well and I'm worried about your welfare.

*UPDATE* Sorry I forgot I posted this.

I wasn't hearing anything because it was LOUD and incredibly obvious.

It's happened multiple times after.

Nobody, even the Landlord can figure out what would make this noise.

My friend Devone heard it when he was leaning up against my closet door, which is where the noise came from originally. Since then it's been in random places in my room.

My T.V. Was OFF. My room was quiet for almost five minutes, nobody was awake, and it was nearly 4 a.m.

I'm not crazy and I wasn't on drugs. Sober as possible.

I don't know what information I could be leaving out but I'll answer individual questions, because I want to know more about this and if anybody else has experienced this.
Kya1994 in Hovering Ghost
I'm pretty sure he did, maybe he leaned to bit of both, he had no intention to hurt anyone at least, or maybe he's just looking for people to help with his amusement.
With how old his arm felt, it did seem that way, and I did assume so. Smile
Well I don't know about jerk, maybe he was, guys at sometime can be jerks in there own ways depending on the time and place.
I'm trying to get it published, I have submitted it maybe more than three times at least. Last time it was discarded because of the name title, and my recent submission of that one at least has the event described in it, the one describing the crown of my four head rattling. So yes, I'm definitely trying to get it out there. There have just been times when it didn't sound believable, or didn't suit the guidelines to the site. And yes, the seven chakra thing I have learned about, I think the first time that drew my attention to it was this show that anyone of age could watch, even adults could like it. Avatar The Last Air Bender, it was always our family show, and I believe in the end of the second series, at least three or two episodes dealing with the chakras was something the main character had to learn in order to get into this "avatar state" they called it. The producers behind the show did pretty good at making it funny, intriguing, and nearly realistic even though it was a cartoon. This is the second show I came to know where they actually changed clothes, hair, and they even changed through age. Pretty good show, if you haven't seen it, feel free to watch with family, or kids involved in the family, its at least more hysterical for them in the first season. But yeah, I don't know everything about the energy that comes from the seven chakras, you know what the energy's are called from each chakra, but I know of the chakras, and that they can be activated if I listen well to the music that works for it. It keeps me pretty calm, and positive, so I really enjoy it. Smile

Well, its not that it was painful, it is from dread, the second one you assumed. It was tiring out my head, and I think it gave me a headache. I cried, because this demon trying to get into my head seemed scary, scarier than any of my other ghostly encounters, and it needed enough energy to break through, but even so after all of my fathers crying, for all the deaths this demon caused, thankfully it wasn't enough for this demon to get into our heads, it was doing the same with my step mother to. The crying came from the fear of a demon trying to enter my head, what scared the daylights out of me is that he might've succeeded in the moment.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to know what it really felt like, its like something evil trying to get connected to you the same as the loved one related. Like, something is attempting to corrupt the mind, and possibly do something unforgivable if it was trying to gain that chance. I know your curious to know it for real, but its not something good to experience. I have no idea what could've happened if it got through to my head, maybe it would've made me see things, or worse. I don't even want to know what it could've been capable of it got through my door, I'm just glad it didn't have enough for it.

Lol, well I'm glad it got your attention in a positive way. Not everything was descriptive, like where this demon was haunting people, or how my father described it. It is described in the story, just not very detailed, I'm leaving a few things mystery so I can get questions to answer, and a few things to describe if people ask me to. I don't know how much longer it will take for my last three submissions to possibly get published, but I will find out, and hopefully my fifth, or sixth submission of this story will get published since its more about the event, and or what I saw. I'm glad your interested, and I'm looking forward to answering your questions in my next stories. Smile
ladydarke in Hovering Ghost
I think that 'arm #2, articulated right arm from the 16th century' is one of the most ingenious, even if its not the most realistically artistic. It has three fingers so it looks hand-like enough, but the ring finger, arguably the most useless (it can hardly even move on its own) is instead replaced with what looks like a slot to put in various useful attachments. Maybe one for closing buttons, one for holding objects like forks and pens, and so on. Not sure if the thumb is broken off, or if its partially there to look right but also has a slot for more attachments.

Because global communication has been very limited for most of human history, I would imagine there was no central database of prosthesis research that developers could keep improving on. Probably, each person had to pretty much invent their own from scratch using the best technology available to them. So, it's possible that even though the picture shows one from the late 16th century, your guy's was made even hundreds of years earlier or later along much the same design. Regardless, I totally agree it is in no way a modern prosthesis and the ghost is probably from a hundred years ago at the most absolute minimum, so definitely old. True statement that he's likely been around long enough to scare as many people as he wanted!

I understand what you mean about being scared in the moment even with a positive ghost. Makes perfect sense. And your guy could totally just be sort of a jerk who likes scaring people with his hand; probably was much the same when alive. I think that when people are faced with terrible hardship, such as losing a limb or suffering from illness and whatnot, it either makes them bitter or better: do you think so? Maybe your guy leaned toward bitter.

Will you be posting a story about the entity connected to your father that tried to get in your head? I thought it was interesting how you said the crown of your forehead rattled so much it made you cry. In one of your stories you mentioned listening to third eye music, so I guess you're well aware the sixth of the seven major chakras is on the brow, and is known as the third eye chakra. I know what you mean about feeling it buzz; I understand that sort of sensation is often associated with the third eye chakra opening or activating. I have a Tibetan singing bowl that vibrates at the third eye frequency and it definitely messes with my brow chakra. I've read that evidently some people can find they're doing too much too fast, and it can give headaches or be uncomfortable or even painful. But the rattling you describe sure does sound like someone beating on a door, trying to get in.

I wonder what exactly a rattle in your sixth chakra feels like? I'm picturing an extreme buzzing sensation, like vibrating so quickly that if it were a physical object, like say it was my singing bowl and it went crazy, it would be rocking or rattling against the surface it sat on. I wondered if you cried because it was actually that painful or just from dread or whatnot?

I'd like to read all the details and I hope you decide to post the full story with vivid descriptions. The little sentence you gave was like a movie trailer. >^.^<
Well, my friend was the one who originally bought the clock and he was upset when he found out it was broken.

We rarely have friends over to the house and most of the time we do, the other is home. To be fair my friend spends most of his time outside the house because he hates sitting around.

I actually do have a cat, but he's a munchkin breed and has a hard time just jumping up on the back of the couch. Plus his eyes are crossed really bad, I'm sure it's possible he did it, but I doubt it.

I want to be clear right now, I didn't hang the clock because I am or ever was racist. I just thought it was a neat clock.
Hecate0 in Ghost Hunt
Teriland1, what an update! I am so impressed that you pray before difficult conversations. When balanced, I always at least try to sleep on an issue before talking about it. But I have still overreacted when I later wished I hadn't. Kudos to you.

You delivered the message. It is up to him what he does with it. I think it is VERY cool that his grandfather may have had a turn around after death. Even more cool that he sought YOU out to give the information. You must be "glowing", as I mentioned.

Tweed, (and Teriland1) being an empath... Yep. It's a kicker. I allow myself to stay a little open most of the time since I deal with so many people. This ability has helped me greatly in my teaching. Once I learned how to discern my anxiety (or whatever emotion they are having) from theirs, I learned how to help. I have between 300 and 700 students each semester. I do not interact with them all when I have a class of 450, but many. You can see why my mantra here is stay balanced and protect yourself. Its like taking vitamins. We just need these things. Smile

teriland1 in Ghost Hunt
haha Tweed thank you for not judging my need for a smokey:) And thank you for your support of my stories and writing. It seems to be my main creative outlet now and makes me feel better to get my thoughts out:) Hecate: update on the anxiety! Meditated, asked for help from spirit guides and protection and all be darned - yep it was a dead person. I suppose it was kind of my own "fault" for the contact... The last couple of days I have been getting ready to have a conversation with someone who's political views are polar opposite of mine. He asked to have this discussion to better understand my point of view. I agreed, but told him I needed to pray first before the conversation. (I wanted to come from a place of love and this young man has a tendency to get quite riled up) While praying I asked for guidence on the right words to use with him - to make this converstion an insightful and intelligent one. The anxiety I was feeling turned out to be one of his relatives. I feel it was a grandfather - very religious in life even perhaps a preacher. He gave me two points to touch on when I had the conversation... And he left. I feel like he felt bad for this young man's extreme views currently that he may have tought him some of these things when he was still alive. In death he discovered love and insight about the things he judged in life. I had the conversation, I touched on the points dead grampa asked me to. I did not tell the young man about my grampa visit as...well...i think it would have been way too much for him. The discussion went well. Time will tell if my information helps this young man find some peace in his convictions.
Kya1994 in Hovering Ghost
Yeah, even though that is the point of the you tube character, he is quite disturbing, I barely watch it, and when I do its when I'm in an odd mood to see something weird, but that may happen once a year, or every three years I suppose.
Well he can be scary, not that I'm not scared when he does show himself around, fear is quite common in the moment almost every time even if a positive ghost shows itself around. He probably didn't expect me to compliment him that way, it might be why I haven't seen him since then, he expected me not to like him or something or expected me to have more fear of him, but not really, I can't deny I'm not scared in the moment when the ghost encounters me, but I couldn't deny that he is intriguing in his own way either, mostly because I have this type of acceptance when it comes to different people.
The arm under two, articulated right arm from the early sixteenth century looks about right. He definitely scared my parents, I don't know if it was much of an ice breaker thing, even if its something he used to do back in his day. With how old that arm is, he probably had more than enough time to scare as much people as he wanted, maybe his intentions weren't really to get us to like him, but whether he liked it or not, I liked him anyway. Smile I don't know if he was happy about that, or if he was just confused as to why I would even like him in the first place. I just have an understanding to people who have become different, or has always been different, that includes spirits. If I were scared to a certain extent, its possible I wouldn't have good things to say about the spirit, but truly I have faced worse. A demon has tried getting into my head once, now it was only possible because the demon is connected to my father, the crown of my four head rattled so much, it got me to cry, it was one of my worst spiritual encounters. So considering I have been scared way worse, I come to like spirits as long as there no demon, as scary as any spirit can naturally be. Smile
ladydarke in Hovering Ghost
Glad to hear he didn't look like Salad Fingers 'cause, yeah, disturbing! The voice doesn't help either, but of course being disturbing is the point of the YouTube character. >^.^<

Wonder if your ghost could have been the spirit of someone from the past with a prosthetic hand? I found a link on the history of prosthetic hands: it looks like they had some really lifelike ones and most were made from iron, which fits with what you felt.

Maybe one of the hands on that link will be somewhat similar.

Evidently they had better prosthesis than the pirate hook everybody thinks of when it comes to historical prosthetics, but one expects it would have taken serious money to commission a nice realistic one. They were probably custom-made works of art, I imagine. Maybe poorer people had to have the hooks and whatnot, and your guy had the best device the local blacksmith could rig for him in his price range? It might also be some specific attachment that he used all the time to perform his job, whatever that was.

He might even have been quite accustomed to scaring children/people with the hand for jollies and is still doing it? If you think about it, people from the past were ostracized for disease or disability, so maybe a jumpfright with the hand followed by a joke was the best way to put the white elephant on the table and get everybody laughing with him? Maybe it's what he used to do as a social icebreaker, and he's trying to do the same with your family? I suggest that because you say you're not really scared of him.
RedWolf - no apologies necessary on my part. I suffer from migraines and a bad back. I know how quickly my mood goes from good to gone in a split second. I warn my kids when I am in so much pain that breathing hurts. I have no sense if humor when I'm in pain and snap at everything / everyone. Glad you didn't leave Smile
Triskaideka, How great to hear from you again! Happy How the heck have you been?

Lol, you know I don't give warnings for nothing, eh?
You are probably right... I cried buckets full!

Much love and hugs to you too
Thank you for the tissue warnings. They were necessary. I have little doubt he wanted to console you. Much love and hugs. <3
Larkin, don't sweat the typoed date too much. We've all been there and done that. I have to do lots of paperwork too, and I can't tell you how many times, AFTER I've left work I realize I've put the wrong date on everything that day! Rook asked you answered -case closed.
The clock - well, it's a fallacy that something has to be antique to have something attached to it. Age only increases the chances, from what I understand. By the way, that clock does sound pretty cool.
Were you home alone when this happened, or as Rook suggested, is there a possibility of a human agent?
I was just curious... Besides it gave me time to think...

Other than possible sesmic actvity in your location... Unlikly based on the two very close experiences... We move onto the next question... Could an animal... Possibly a cat... Have 'attacted' this confederate coo coo clock because of its moving parts (just considering natural possibilities first)?

What is the history of the home... The property... The clock itself (I know you said it's not old... But it may have something to do with things).

Let's not forget visitors and your roommate... Is it possible someone else could have physically moved this clock... Considering resent news stories I wonder how 'popular' a confederate themed clock would be... Despite how good the quality of workmanship is.

Just a few thoughts I had.


Hi Ginge!

What you guys did is what we call "Spirit of the Glass", The Spirit of the Glass is actually an improvised version of the Ouija board, which can be described as a do-it-yourself seance game because the goal is to make contact with the spirit world. The only problem with it is a spirit, spirits or something pretending to be a spirit will be trapped in the glass and will not leave unless you end the session properly. I've seen far worse happen to people than what you just experienced so I'm going to ask if you did a couple of things:

1. Did you pray for protection before doing the seance?

2. Did you thank the guardian spirits for their aid and ask them to lead all spirits remaining or whom have gathered back over to the other side and seal that portal when they depart?

If you did well all good and well but if you didn't I fear repercussion are to unfold in the location where you did the seance and also to the people involved in the seance.

Ditto on everything Tweed wrote 100%! Definitely the blessing/shielding ASAP. It may need to be repeated initially to be fully effective, and then periodically after that.

I agree with Maybe. Sometimes a peaceful compromise can happen just by taking.

It may feel stupid but it may get results.