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Your grandmother probably took care of things after you asked about the lady and sent her packing so she couldn't scare you again.

If you still suffer from asthma, or anyone else on here. An old remedy if you don't have your inhaler or if it isn't helping is breathing in the steam from a cup of coffee, preferably black so it will stay warm longer. The caffeine will open up your airways.


Another great story from you. You're daughter has some sense of humor. At least she went into that surgery with a good healthy attitude that everything was going to be okay. Laugh

Hi brittnicole;

How off putting having someone make eye contact & seem to be coming your way. I kind of wonder if it was perhaps as lady-glow suggested a man inside the dumpster making him look taller, or maybe he was tall to begin with & now seems really tall!

Sadly I have seen my share of homeless persons wearing loads of clothing even on the hottest of days because they unfortunately have no where to stow it.

One other thought, many homeless souls die on the street. Perhaps this was a spirit of a deceased man that wasn't quite aware of their passing and was doing their daily routine.

Creepy none-the-less. BTW - did the dogs react?
Maybe you caught this 'thing' in the middle of a 'jump' to a different dimension or something (the funky vibrating energy, the partial features). Walked in during a "Beam me up, Scotty" situation maybe.
I've read this a few times, wondering what was the point of them waking you up, whispering, then moving your blanket - so strange!

You start wondering not only what are they, but why are they messing with your blanket. Were they unable to transport it to wherever they came from so left it on their way? Or did they leave it there on purpose, etc. Brings up more questions than can ever be answered, definately.
Someone might have been hauting the area or a dead person might have passed by for a visit! Confused isn't that why they put the Coran om? Maybe someone died recently...
I know this post is a bit older, but I saw the title in the feed of recently commented on and was drawn in though your story was all the more interesting. I have never heard of anything like that happing and I am simply amazed and bewildered all at the same time. Thanks for sharing, going to my favorites.
MysteryResearch in Little Boy With Red Hair
Hi Chelscp11,

This is a great story, thank you for sharing it.

I think there are many possible explanations for what you saw, and I personally think sweetsunshine1800 is on to something, that it was a harmless spirit, and the experiences you had, seeing a spirit then having an out of body experience, were somehow connected.

But I couldn't help but wonder whether there might be an alternate, unpleasant explanation. You mentioned the house had a creep vibe. Was this caused by the house, or was someone in the household creepy, and possibly untrustworthy? There is a club drug called ketamine that apparently has been known to produce out of body experiences. Was there anyone else in the house with you and your friend that night who you didn't know well or trust? Any unattended beverages? This is probably way out of left field, but just a question to consider.

I am sure you will get some answers to what happened. Are you still in touch with your friend? Maybe she could shed some light on the matter.
shelbyloree in What Are They?
The grey skin and hair, along with the sharp features reminded me of those descriptions of hybrids, the genetic crossing of human/grey alien reported by abductees.
PriyankaMenon in The Night I Met Maria
yoyomma very nice story I like it. I mean an angel came to save you. Very few are lucky to have an angel to save you and you are one of them. Those around you were baffled the way you recovered fast.
Hi Spiritwaiting, Wish-Not, Allicatt, L_Melb, Manafon1, sweetsunshine1800, Seraphina, chelscp11, Tweed and BeagleMom!

Sorry I'm just now reading comments on this story. I've had my grand daughters with me so I've only had a few minutes at a time to get online.

I want to thank all of you for reading my story and for your wonderful comments. I'm glad yall enjoyed it.

Manafon1- I'm especially interested in your comment about collective telepathic transmission.

Tweed- I did not do any research on Maria until about 15 years later. I was too busy being a mom and being in awe of what happened. So far I haven't found anything on Maria. You would think someone else would have ran their mouth at some time. As for E she's my most 'colorful' child. She's been a hoot and a holler every day of her life.

When she was 13 she had spinal surgery for scoliosis. At the time she had been teaching herself to play guitar. The night before the surgery she wanted to play me a song, the first one she had learned. It was Bob Dylan's 'Knockin On Heaven's Door'. She thought it was appropriate. Haha

Again thank you all!
What? This so ridiculous " Ouija board for a 7 years old as a gift " Scared The Ouija board was already known as the << Help to communicate with the others >>

Your father might have something to do with what's happening to you because he uses often the Tarots Cards! Maybe any loved ones are trying to communicate with you? Smile
Cutepotatoe in The Disappearing Doll
Your story reminds me of ANNABELLE! Your dolls might have been haunted just like her. Did you ask your mum where she bought them? Skeptical
You're so lucky! Even tho its tough you're a gifted person! Love
I personnally think it would be a great idea if you talk about it with them! Hiding things will make your fear even worse Confused Confused and please give me your instagram I would love to check your pics have you posted yet? The one in the haunted house Wink
Your story reminds me of when I put my keys or something else down. When I go to retrieve the item it isn't there. But I know the culprit is my father in-law and when I tell him to put it back I will find it a few inches to a few feet from where I put it.
roylynx in Knocker-upper
Shelbyloree; Wow, you've just told me most of the things that I have researched!
Thank you anyway.
You I knew about the "vibe" thing. I have researched about the "travelers" as well earlier and found that some of them will "act" like they were the ghost related to that specific place.
Yes, as most of people would wonder, why would any spirit do a job that they hated continuously? Well, here is one of the theories that some people would say.
I got to get back there soon! Cheers!

shelbyloree in Knocker-upper
Probably pieces of the town, sure. Maybe when you stop in (or move to) a different town, the 'vibe' you get from it may be you reading a surface energy of its past energy imprints. You know when you're driving through a town and think 'ew, creepy!' or 'oh this place is great!' type thing.

Sort of like when geologists go to the canyon and can read all the different layers of rock and dirt to know the earth's history - energy imprints are similar, layers upon layers of energy within a given area.

I don't necessarily think the whole town is constantly stuck in a specific time period and haunting the living now, instead maybe some of the energy imprints are just stronger than others, so stick out like the knocking window.

Why? I don't know, I imagine that's a question to be answered by folks in the quantum physics field. (Or someone else along those lines.)
Reminded me of Mists of Avalon - crossing parallel planes of existence and then coming back again (clearing in one, no clearing in the other).

Fictional story, but folklore is rampant with these 'places apart' when weird spiritual things happen. People disappear into other realms and meet fairies or sprites or Giants or what have you.

Walking in the woods in the middle of a snowstorm sounds like the perfect time to jump to a different plane of existence. The creature turned you back before you went too far.
I appreciate all of you insight into my experience. Thank you.
The Bible, if carefully read, actually tells us that there are more than just 'demons'. It also WARNS us not to 'trifle' with them. Here are two good examples:

1 John 4:1

1 Samuel 28:6-20

I tend to think of it like this, is my spirit/soul a 'demon'? Personally I do not think so. Heavenly Father did not create mortal bodies to house 'demons' he created 'vessels' where Heavenly Spirits could go and have a physical experience. Just my opinion though.

Let us also keep in mind this is a site to share our Ghost experiences and not a Religious web site... Please send any questions to the e-mail on my profile. Wink


Gina Fowler as I said, I don't really remember in detail what happened but her name, her face and the situation around it. And until my grandmother got sick, she used to visit my great-grandmother's grave and she'd sometimes take me there but I don't know if she ever took me with her to the moment the story happened (I was 4 or 5 so I don't have many memories prior to that).
which part of the UK are you in GuineaPig as there has been similar reports sent to me from folk in the UK.

Maybe the reason you loathe this man is because you are picking up signals that given the chance he would make a pass at you. He may be jealous of his brother. The sentence,"he's super sweet and wil do anything for me" is very telling. You're intuition is working,it's time for brother to go.

Also, my family is very religious so they have never been into anythung supernatural. In fact, I grew up believing that there was only demons and no such thing of spirts. That's according to my grandma and other family members, based on the bible.
Thank you for your intrest in my story. To awnswer your question, no. Before this incident, I had no paranormal experiences. I was not into quiji boreds, tarot or anything of the supernatural. I hadn't even watched shows containing storys of the paranormal. It is safe to say I was a skeptic. However after this, I did all of the above. I also started having a lot of experience that I believe to be real. I can't wait to share them. Waiting on some to be aproved. The next one has a picture that I would love your opinion on. It should be approved in the next week or so. If you have anymore questions please let me know. I am more then willing to share my experiences.
(Sorry for being late in my response.)
Well there is this person who died angry or sad due to family problems. The person was a relative and owed something to my mother that I think was really important to her since. I even had a dream in which the man visited me and my mother. He told my mother that she would get her things back, she does not need to worry.
It can be this man,maybe. But why so voilent?
Manafon1, thank you for your kind words and for the reference details. I'm ready to start a new book, so the timing is perfect for this.
DandK--I enjoyed reading your thoughtful responses on your recent account. I believe that the positive reading you have had of the "Boo hoo hoo" event says much of your own intelligence and personality.

If you are interested in reading the full case study I referenced in my initial comment, it can be found in the book "A Gallery of Ghosts: An Anthology of Reported Experience" by Andrew MacKenzie published by Taplinger in 1973. The chapter is titled, "Did Harry Price Return?" by John Bjorkem. The book can be found easily online for very reasonable prices.
About my dad's ghostly encounter while I've been away... He experienced the door opening on my bedroom. This is the door that I watched open and close itself while I was laying in bed.

It spooked him quite a bit, but it's not an event that I consider to be a big deal in the grand scheme of events at my house.
Shelbyloree, I have thought the same thing, and have spent some time trying to figure out what it could be. I have no clue.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I do keep my late husband's ashes in this bedroom with me.

Red, I've thought about asking whatever it is to leave, but if it is my late husband, I don't want him to go. Plus, it's his house too, and I feel he has a right to be here.

Thank you everyone else that I haven't called out by name. I appreciate you reading my account and have thought about what all of you have said.
Noirheart, that is a very interesting experience you had. Did that voice also make you stop and turn around your thoughts as well?

I'm leaning towards thinking it may have been a guardian angel in your case perhaps saying it to you that way because they knew it would be high impact.
Manafon1, thank you for the reference and interesting account. I have always wondered about thought communication, so I will read this!

In a way, I wonder if this spirit was actually being sympathetic and helpful, as a person that knows me really well would probably behave to me.

When they said it to me, I did snap out of my funk because it startled me. After that, I started to look inward and ask myself what I was gaining with the negative talk. Why didn't I try a different approach and think positive thoughts whenever I found myself being negative? I used the memory of the voice saying boo boo boo as a reminder. It's turned into a really positive experience. I think about it often.
DandK in The Mist

I encountered a mist once with my boyfriend. We were hugging in a hospital parking lot at night, right after his mom passed away.

The mist formed out of nowhere, in August in the desert of southern Nevada. It enveloped us and I was filled with peace and I knew it was his mom saying goodbye to us. I watched as the mist left us and went up in the air by the parking lot light and dispersed.

I can still picture it to this day, some 30 years later.
SinAngel in The Mist
Hello properperspective, Questions: -

1. Do you or your girlfriend have a history of using tarot cards, Ouija boards, grimoires, meditations, or any other occultic/esoteric methods and means? My ex girl friend was only into Dancing and music. As far as I ever saw she didn't dabble into anything that you mentioned, pretty down to earth type of girl, as for me I wasn't into any of those thing's you listed, though I have meditated since I was very young I was a bundle of energy growing up. So it helped me focus, the only ouija board I ever saw was at a halloween party we gave, we had all types of prop's for the party. But that was it.

2. Did you and/or your friend tamper with any of the above? At the halloween party we all joked around with the things, but all in fun nothing serious.

3. Are any members of your or her family involved in any of the aforementioned activities, or have a history of doing so? My ex girl friend's family were of roman catholic and christian upbringing, I never saw nor heard of anything strange about them. My parents and family are the same. I have a uncle who is a freemason and has a amazing collection of book's when he would go to europe, I would house watch and stay at his home, and browse through his collection, but that is all. Hope this help's and thank you...
SinAngel in The Mist
Hello OCGirl, to answer your question and I know it may seem strange, but we didn't discuss it at all, we went on with our day as if nothing had ever happened to us. Let me clarify something for you, though we didn't discuss with each other our experience, I had full recollection of what had happened that morning to us. But for some reason, we just never brought it up as a topic of conversation. A year ago she became a christian pastor, and in one of our conversation's dealing with spirituality and faith, she paused and looked into my eye's and asked me "Do you still see it, the Mist?"...i simply said,'yes I Do'
It definitely sounds like a residual haunt. I doubt it's her presence you're feeling sometimes. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
A bit weird the house was blessed twice, is that normal for the area?
shelbyloree in An Elf Tale
These accounts are wild! And so many... The account's creature matches the old accounts of green clothes, and residing in hideaway places, like the attic.

Seems like they're always trying to lure people away, for what purpose though? So scary! Although the folks who are blessed with babies after a good encounter is neat.

I had a weird 'dream' too - dreamed I sat up in bed and hundreds of little elves in boots and pointed hats came out of the little door to the attic (my side) and danced around my bed, poking me with needles and singing. Yelled for my sister, saw she was sitting up staring at me and the elves.

Brushed it off as one of those weird things, except the minute my sister woke up the next morning she recounted her 'dream' and described the exact same 'dream' I had, elves dancing around my bed and me sitting up screaming.

I stopped telling her leprechauns would come for her at night if she didn't sleep, since apparently they DID. Still wonder what that was all about. That weirdness never repeated though, thank goodness.

You account sounds upsetting, maybe that was the intention, maybe it appeared to cause confusion and ill will in the house. Might have been there long before the house was even built, was ticked off, so destroyed any happiness (like a marriage or a child's innocence) it came across.
Did it change your mind? An experience like that one would be real enough to suggest the contrary to someone's belief.
properperspective in The Mist
Hello SinAngel,
To help further my research, would you be able to answer some questions which I will pose to you here, where are: -

However, there are some questions which need to be answered.

Questions: -

1. Do you or your girlfriend have a history of using tarot cards, Ouija boards, grimoires, meditations, or any other occultic/esoteric methods and means?

2. Did you and/or your friend tamper with any of the above?

3. Are any members of your or her family involved in any of the aforementioned activities, or have a history of doing so?

I thank you if you can further the results of my ongoing research.
properperspective in Little Boy With Red Hair
Hello chelscp11,
I am a paranormal researcher, so I am interested in your case.
Ok. From my peripheral understanding of what may have taken place here, it would seem as though the entity which you saw in this circumstance was presenting itself in a form that was palatable to you to accept.

It is obvious to me that this entity knew you were returning, and so it was ready to reveal itself to you.

However, there are some questions which need to be answered.

Questions: -

1. Do you have a history of using tarot cards, Ouija boards, grimoires, meditations, or any other occultic/esoteric methods and means?

2. Did you and/or your friend tamper with any of the above in the garage?

3. Are any members of your family involved in any of the aforementioned activities, or have a history of doing so?

I thank you if you can further the results of my research.
properperspective in I Saw A Full-length Ghost
Hello DavidEasterling,
I am a paranormal researcher, and I have a strange request to ask of you. I would like to know if the apparition which you was looking at was genuinely 3 dimensional or could it have been 2 dimensional when it presented its actions to you?
Hii... ARCHANA... I also saw black figure in my room (I'm not sure whether it is real or not) I ' m from Kerala too. My mother tongue is malayalam. I'm basically from Ernakulam... Ipo engane und ARCHANA? Sughamalle? Where do you live now? Tell me the place where you saw this place? Enik Archanaye help cheyan pattum ennu thonunu... Correct ayitulla place parayu... (district & city /village)
Straight to my Faves with this one! I must say your tale is a wonderful one! God Bless!

Love Mother of Beagles
Tweed I know what he mean by nose sound like nose block which I had that why I am scare to sleep at night due to nose feeling like close up with stuffy sinus problem it's scary.
I remember hooded figure you might read my old account my daddy's death and hooded figure.
The first owners had five children but one that died. A child would explain a lot of things that were going on. I'm not sure how old he/she was when they died.
OCGirl in The Mist
Hello SinAngel:

Thank you for sharing your story. Personally I've never experienced or heard of anything like that. Sounds scary. I'm curious though, why did you not talk about it right after it happened, but did so many years later?
chaoscontroler: I have a question as well, if you can remember. When you spoke to your Great-Grandmother, did she seem to know who you were? Also, had you ever visited her grave?
GinaFowler in The Disappearing Doll
Tweed - Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing the link to Miracles51031 story. I completely understand why that story came to mind.

Miracles51031 - Enjoyed reading about your soap mystery! Surely not one that's easily explained and doesn't make it any less of a mystery just because someone could actually break the soap! The 'freaky' part was why one piece was on the floor and the other remained in the same position...that's usually what the 'close minded' and 'ghost don't exist' people can't simply explain away!
GinaFowler in Hiccups
Truly loved reading this, Sanchez! Are you sure it was hiccupping? Could she have actually been crying instead? You know if you cry so hard you'll get the little skips in your breath and make a 'jagged' sound. It's possible that the 4-year old had experiences with the doll as well and maybe had mentioned them to Mom. Her smile might have meant that she had heard something similar from her own daughter but had simply dismissed it as the wild imagination of a four year old... And then a nine year old.
GinaFowler in The Disappearing Doll
BeagleMom: Your story is truly fascinating! I so enjoy reading other people's tales of paranormal and unexplained things... Most people will look at you like you're losing your mind when you share something like this. It's so nice to find a 'group' that not only believes what you say but can also share their freaky experiences as well. By the way, so glad that the pendant wasn't lost... Just transferred to a crazy place for a pendant to have 'wondered'.;)
GinaFowler in The Disappearing Doll
[at] yomomma: Thank you! So glad that you found it interesting. I'll soon post another one and hopefully it will up within a few weeks or so.
Sometimes, if you have heart palpitations, you will get cold and lose consciousness and your muscles can spasm. I wonder if something like that happened to you?

I had that happen to me. It's very weird. I would definitely look into circulation/heart/breathing issues just to rule them out.
Oh dear sorry chaoscontroller
I wanted to write 'its good that you shared "your" story ', but I typed our story instead of your story, I hope you understand. It was typos mistake.
Hi you are welcome, it's nice that you have shared our experience here. It's good. After joining YGS I realised one thing seeing other things or spirits is actually a blessing. It's because we can help some or they can help some. They are sometimes good sometimes they just need to crossever. I and my sister no longer get frightened on seeing them. We became strong after reading YGS.
Hence I request YGS to keep publishing. In other way it let's us know about different cultures. There way to deal with them, their country rules.
Actually that's the only part I remember. My mother and grandmother have the same name and she has a different one. Also I only know her first name but I have no idea of the rest of her name either. Her name, face and our encounter are all I can remember of her.
Hi Spockie! Interesting theory, thanks for reading my story
Okay, moderators are watching and it's time to return the comments to the story. Any additional comments not directed to the o/p or about the o/p's experience will be deleted. If you want to continue with this line of conversation, take it offsite.
Hi Declip,

Unfortunately this happens time and time again on here. People describe haunted photos but don't post them. It's understandable if you don't wish to link everyone to your social media accounts for privacy reasons. But you could always upload the photo to something like photobucket and supply a link for us within the comments.
I deleted a haunted photo over ten years ago because I was scared. I've regretted this ever since. Once every so often I comb through old data discs in hopes I somehow backed this photo up.
Ghosts caught on camera is something very special indeed. So if you can find a way to share the photo we'd be grateful.

I too have been in the living haunted situation, many many times.

I have started to believe the ghosties that reside, wherever they reside wait a little while as to check us out. Then go about their daily routines, whether they care or not that is scares us I have no idea.

In my many experiences with haunted homes that I have lived, the real scary stuff happens a good while after I move in. Usually when I have become comfortable, and used to the bumps and noises that come with the place.

Now as for the person mooching off of ya, if your gut is saying" I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is a reason I don't like this person",then listen to your gut. There is a good reason to never ignore but follow that instinct.

Hope you find a way to flush the couch surfer out!

Tweed in The Dancer
Dear Everyone,

You can't reason with a child. To believe you can is, in itself, childish.

My summation for the aid of forum discord.
I ain't asking no one to Skype me no more. It's a thing of the past neither I am offering anything to anyone. But everytime I login to read a new story someone somewhere has patronized me. Speaking about there is no expert in supernatural, I agree to that. I want to be a part of this community which is why I came here and put whatever is true in my bio but it seems people here cannot comprehend how that can be true because it's either too good to be true or I am bluffing. So I had it edit it. I thought people who are pre exposed to this side of life will understand this. Guess not.

I wouldn't worry about that vibrating feeling in your chest unless it gets worse. Sometimes when I get waken up from a nap I feel like every molecule in my body has to rush back into place.
The dream was probably a pregnancy nightmare. Pregnant women get weird dreams just like weird cravings. I got some bad ones but they didn't worry me I had a sister and a sister in-law also pregnant when I was pregnant with my first and they said they had nightmares too.
Do Rooks cleansing/shielding method and that will rid your house of any malevolent spirits. You may need to do it more than once. The rest of them tell them that it is YOUR house now and you would like them to leave and find the light, OR as I would put it say you are not welcome here now get the heck out of your house. Pray to your deity and teach your daughter those prayers or do them with her.


I will say this as nice as possible. You simply have to stop telling people to Skype you it really is inappropriate. We have teenage girls on this site and it would be REALLY inappropriate for you to tell one of them to Skype you. You can tell them if they would like to e-mail you that is fine.
BUT as Rook said there are NO EXPERTS when it comes to the SUPERNATURAL... Just people looking for answers, now I'm going to add that WE as a COMMUNITY try to help people.

If you see her doing the same thing over and over and she doesn't deviate at all even if you try to distract her then she is a residual haunt. A residual haunt is like a recording (like a hologram for a lack of better words) of a person and they are not aware of you.
As others have suggested try to get the history of your house and property.
(Taking deep breath... Letting it out slowly)


It has more to do with the way you worded your comment to the OP. While individuals do come to YGS seeking answers to what they have experienced making a comment that sounds as if 'you' have the only solution and they need to contact you immediately is not a reply that is taken kindly... There are many different belief systems represnted by the members here and most of the time offers of aid or answers are given like...' In my opinion' or 'It's been my experience' Heck even a 'you may wish to try...' is taken better than a 'contact me now if you want help' statment.

I hope the OP returns and we, as a community, can offer advice and aid that works for them.

There are NO EXPERETS when it comes to the PARANORMAL... Just people looking for answers.


I enjoyed reading your story Gina! Reminds me of a strange occurrence I had about a diamond pendant. I had it on and was shopping for clothes. In and out of dressing rooms, up and down aisles, On the hunt for a nice dress. When I got home, I reached up to my neck chain, and the pendant was GONE! OMG I was so upset! Problem is, the chain was still securely around my neck! The pendants bale was cast into the piece. (White gold, no moving parts). I was so distressed about loosing the pendant because it was a 1st anniversary gift from my hubby, (who was deployed to Guam, he was an AirFforce B52 Pilot). How could it break off of the chain, and leave the chain intact?
I ran to a neighbors house to wail and cry about it, and while I was there, I was fiddling with the hem on my blouse. I could feel something hard stuck within the hem. I had to get a seam ripper to release it (because by then, I knew it was the pendant)! How in heavens name did my pendant pass through the metal of the chain, and lodge itself in a hem of a shirt that was machine hemmed with no gaps in the stitches?
One of those crazy things, like finding a doll in a red dress between the fitted sheet and the mattress!

Love Mother of Beagles
It is not for you to tell people what to do and what not to. And you hope the moderators are watching? I really hope that the moderators are watching because despite me and rook are now ok few others seems to have a problem. Is this what you want a fight? Can we not get along?
alexandrapr369 in An Elf Tale
I made this account like 3 months ago just to reply to this story because I had a nightmare about this the very day I made the account. In between not remembering the story name and having a hard time deciding if it was worth sharing or not I never found the right words to reply until now. Sorry for the lengthy comment ahead.

I've known this site for quite a while but only visit it occasionally when there's nothing left to do (that's why I never had an account). This story is one I may have read at least twice in the past maybe because I find it believable and scary on the different outcomes this could have take. Never the less this story is not something that I'm thinking about every day of my life, is now stored in the back of my head. I found it super random that I had a nightmare about the elf-like creature in this story.

In the dream my husband and I were looking apartments to move out (sill looking Crying ), an agent was showing us one that awfully looked (perhaps it was Laugh ) the same one we're living in now. I go ahead and check the bathroom, is all the same except the wall has an opening like the 'door' you describe here; like a vertical version maybe? As soon as I notice this oddity I also notice the creature just poking out a little bit. He would be the same description as in here except I was almost looking at a silhouette, since everything got darker at that point in my dream.

Everything was like a cheap jump scare in a movie, once I see him I wake up but it was not the last time I would see at least his figure. When I woke up with a jump the first thing I do is turn to face my husband which was happily sleeping in his stomach. His long hair was covering his head and face only his quite long ears poking out making him look exactly like the silhouette I just saw in dreamland. All this happened too fast I thought I was seeing an apparition of the aforementioned elf so I screamed and pushed my poor husband. Of course he woke up very startled as well...

Never in my life I had woken up screaming and kicking but this image made it (I guess that I was still seeing the image in real life was a factor) and I had way more worse nightmares than this. But believe me this dream and now this story are things that I will never forget; I even bought a dreamcatcher after this.
I noticed when I would become pregnant the 'weird' stuff would magnify. Don't know if it was from hormones or what, but it was frustrating.

I specifically remember with the 3rd (2nd baby) I had this horrible dream of this shadow thing with black stuff coming off it (think bad guy in a video game type) over my bed and trying to get at my stomach. That was the only time I screamed out loud and woke up waving my arms, and yep, terrified.

Didn't go back to sleep that night. Or that week actually. I had 'salted' the windows as my friend suggested (had shadow people myself) and that was the result. I vacuumed up the salt and the spooks seemed to go back to the far side of the room where they usually were.

I think if there are shadowy people to start with, adding poor sleep and pregnancy hormones may make things a bit more intense.

I'm sure you'll be right as rain - my second pregnancy ended at 8 weeks, I was constantly freezing cold (think sweats, blankets, and 80F and still shivering) and I had a very bad feeling about it. Dreams were always of blood, never shadows or anything like that. Probably TMI here, but I think you can rest easy on that front - the previous comments of curses, witchcraft, demons, all BS and very ignorant comments.

The 3rd, with the weird dream, perfectly fine, healthy and wonderful, so no worries there. Having a good meditate and imagine yourself and kids in bubbles of happy bright light, then expand that to your house and yard is good to do, pregnant or not. I finally got rid of the shadows, oddly enough, after cutting down the trees in the front yard. But before that, nightly meditation when everyone else was zonked out helped.

And as a side note, please DO NOT EVER add people you don't know on Skype, that is extremely dangerous! I'm having a real problem with that individual's comments, I wish the moderators would watch that specific poster a bit closer.

Good luck with your baby and many blessings!
Hi GinaFowler! I enjoyed reading your story. Very interesting. Can't wait to read the next one.
As usual, pics described are not posted. Would be great to see them.
I am wondering if the ice cream truck memory is actually an implanated cover memory for what really happened... Perhaps a UFO abduction experience? Just a thought.
roylynx in Knocker-upper
Shelbyloree; I see, so you think the whole town would be like a video recorder of that period? I got to do lots of research next time I am there.

shelbyloree in Knocker-upper
I honestly don't know, reading it reminds me of this story in my Enchanted World Ghost book.

A woman spent the night at the Pass of Killiecrankie and battles played out before her eyes, it was like a recording or an energy imprint. Scared her, obviously, but she wasn't injured or anything.

Yours could be the same, since the knocker didn't pay attention to 'it's Sunday,' and kept right on knocking, so probably not interactive. I think if it was an ornery kid running around annoying people, I'd suspect the knocking would be accompanied by giggles or talking.

If the houses and buildings are all from the 'knocker' time, the actions may very well be an imprint. If you took the window out and put it elsewhere, who knows? It might still knock.
shelbyloree in The Kumon Thong
Yes, the European tribes, later countries, have been slaughtering each other for centuries and haven't been very nice to their own either.

You'll recall that last attempt at exterminating each other which resulted in a total world war. Second time in a hundred years they did that. Now kept under constant watch, they've calmed down a tad.

Anyway, even if it wasn't an intentional haunting, it's sad the living would chose to keep a ghost, happy as it may be, instead of getting it gone.
SinAngel in The Mist
Hello Sanchez_92,I don't Know why the mist enveloped us within it. It would be a disservice I think on my part, to other's who may have had a similar experience and are trying to come to term's with their own personal experience's, if I begin to speculate on what I think may have been the cause of the event. The truth is I Dont know. I was very calm and relaxed, I was not afraid at all. There was something familiar about what was happening to us. And for some reason I was compelled, to reassure my girlfriend and to tell her to not be afraid. One of the thing's that I left out from my posting, is that a few hour's had passed before I regained consciousness. We never spoke about it at all, we went on as if nothing had happened that morning. Thank you for your comment sanchez_92
shelbyloree in New Orleans Nightmare
Seems like an awfully big house for only three people. I wonder if there was a live in nurse?

If the child passed away, they could be confused as to why other people are in their house, and the fear is intentional.
The smirking on the stairs was creepy, maybe she wanted to scare you since you saw and talked to her.

Sounds like a bad lady anyway, glad she stayed with the property and it was a one time thing. And good thing you're grandma found you asap!
roylynx in Knocker-upper
Shelbyloree; So, you think it is a haunt? I think I should keep this story as a "future use". But really, I want to visit again and find out what that was perhaps I have to interview the man next door, since he knew what was going on.

RedWolf; Thank you! Indeed, any encounter is a haunt. Interesting explanation for the haunting bride, I have got so many more to learn!

Love from São Paulo

Hi OCGirl

Thank you for reading my stories, and I will update if anything happens

Thank you for the comment


Yes it could be but it was the first and only time it had ever happened

Thanks for the comment

hi RedWolf
Yes it did feel like granny, I think she was leting me know that she is still there

Thanks for the comment

shelbyloree in Red Eyes In The Closet
Oh my bad about the layout, I thought the foot of her bed was directly in line with her closet door in the death position so she could look into her closet to see 'it' on the dresser.

Had a room like that once - I was in the death position with the door to the hallway, my sister was in the death position with the door to the closet - nights were chaos to say the least. Hated that house.

I like the 'counting to sleep' theory, although it seems to have backfired badly. Sleep is a 'no,' but thanks anyway.
How could you say that leaving your body is not possible... Are you all knowing? There are a lot of things that we don't know or understand. I've had some pretty amazing stuff happen to me that would probably get me sent to a loony bin if I told anyone because people are so closed minded and they are scared of what they do not know. You would be surprised what things are possible when the mind is completely opened up! Some people open their mind naturally without even realizing it and some people have to work hard to open their mind up and see everything around you.
No problem - life is mysterious, despite our many attempts at explaining everything away.

I always recall the East Indian tale of the 5 blind men touching an elephant. It referenced the 5 different religions of India and how each had a part of the whole, but no one could understand the entire elephant and how the parts related to one another.

Sometimes the parts (or experiences) just don't connect or add up immediately, or at all, and you have to chalk it down to 'well that was weird,' and be ok with that. Easier said than done, I know. Something is going on but it will have to stay a mystery for the moment.
I've had a similar thing happen to me except I didn't talk to the lady and she growled at me when she got in my face. I also saw her 4 times total not just once. I'm also a sensitive.
babygoatpuller in Red Eyes In The Closet
Yeah Tweed, SP is a snoozer for me too. Lol

I'd read about this creepy little thing on here before, which for some odd reason made me think of you. Laugh I think it's because your explanations for these type of things are so intriguing.
lol Goatpuller, I was going to reply to this but the general consensus of SP made me doze off! Surprised

Raygen, yeah this could be SP, but who said that can't be paranormal sometimes? When I read this I thought it was more than SP alone. The only motive I could think of was counting sheep to help you sleep. (!)
I can imagine how freaking terrifying it must have been, whilst the actions seem so innocuous and random. Maybe you literally woke up to a game of hide and seek, who knows.

Very bizarre stuff, thanks for sharing.
Oh and another thing, I think we've all had encounters that have rattled us to the point of phobia from the experience. For me it's shaking cushions. That wasn't an evil ghost either, just frightened the heck out of me. Yours may not have meant to terrify you either.
Sanchez_92 in The Disappearing Doll
Ahhh okay, I understand you now, sorry for the misunderstanding.
babygoatpuller in Red Eyes In The Closet
Hey Tweed! This one sounds like it's right up your alley! LOL

There should be some kind of unwritten rule about closet doors. "No Closet Door Shall Remain Open Before Crawling Into Bed!". Laugh

I don't know what you saw Raygen, perhaps you were having a lucid dream but I don't really like that idea. I don't think it had anything to do with feng shui shelbyloree. She said the foot of the bed was facing the closet, not the bedroom door. Don't know if I'd go along with sleep paralysis either. I think sometimes your fully awake and just scared stiff by the reality around you.

I've read about this thing before on here but can't remember what name it was given. Tweed, and a handful of other posters are much more knowledgeable on these creepy little things.
Miracles51031 in The Disappearing Doll
Tweed - I thought about my soap experience too when I read this. Weird, just weird.
WelcomeToMyLife0223 in Ebay Ouija Board
Since the experiences i've tried to forget but i've noticed changes about myself in general. I have a very strong intuition now. I will sometimes get strong bad feelings, enough to make my stomach turn and make me physically sick, about people after first meeting them. I sensitive to places that have seen death and I tend to see shadows and people out of the corner of my eye that aren't there.

I'v accepted these into daily life and i'm pretty used to them. I still refuse to use Ouija boards. Instead of forgeting i've kind of just accept they exist.

Now I help others in situations like i've had by giving advice. I've even learned protection prayers for my sisters because they currently mess with oujia board investigating the paranormal in the same way I do because of our experiences. Thank you for your comments
Hi Thisweirdasian,

What a confronting encounter, I'm really sorry this happened to you. Sad I'd like to think the lady was fascinated you talked to her and this was her motivation for getting in your face. But something about your extreme reaction tells me she wasn't particularly 'nice'. You felt her, acknowledged her, invited her in, and it seems you were punished for your good manners. Perhaps this woman was mentally unstable.
Whatever the case I'm glad this was a once off.
WelcomeToMyLife0223 in Ebay Ouija Board
Hello.This is the first time i've read any of the comment, I didn't know it had been posted yet. So i'll try to summarize my answers. I did tell my parents about seeing the man, they assumed I imagined it. I wasn't the only family member to have experiences but since I didn't know all the details I didn't include them. I hadn't known about the board until after the first two events, I was told after my youngest sister saw it behind piles and piles of other stuff in the garage. I tend to forget I have things in my hands like pens,forks, and remotes. I just forget I have them.
I am pretty sure a 16 year old can have a out of body experience without trying because I was that 16 year old. I still can recal the fibers in the curtain, and how it looked as if I was seeing through a microscope for a second, when I was going through it. After that, yes it absolutely opened my mind to the afterlife. I started to be able to sense and see ghost. This ability has never gone away. This was the first of many encounters, I can't wait to share and get insight on. Thanks to all who read. I appreciate any and all comments or thoughts.
HAHAHA oh man, Yomomma, I have a dark sense of humour and that last sentence is pure gold! Especially given the tone of the entire narrative was Kodak moment!

On a more constructive note experiences like these are awesome. Have you ever contacted the hospital since then and asked about Maria? Might be a daunting and embarrassing thing to do but from a research point of view this Maria might help crack some mysteries. Like maybe those given the Pitocin treatment all had a Maria moment. You know, data like that can open doors for all kinds of research.

Manafon raises some interesting points. It would be great if open minded members of staff at places like hospitals could keep a collective journal of odd events. Seems like a great environment with the right kind of people to get on board. (health workers are typically detail orientated) The reaction from other staff members indicates some freely shared history about Maria. Fascinating stuff!

Whatever happened it was a truly special moment. I'm exceptionally dumb to pregnancy talk but I got the impression things were 'not great' with this birth, that Maria was 'needed' here. I'm not an especially religious person, but of Maria's presence the saying 'doing God's work' springs to mind. In the non-Hollywood-psychopath context of course. Wink

Thanks as always for sharing.
spiritwaiting in Little Boy With Red Hair

First Thank you for sharing your experience here at YGS.

It could have been the boy you circled while experiencing OBE, was causing this, which could explain why you had no control.

Maybe he wanted someone to talk to even for a brief moment, and because you saw him, he used that as his moment to do so.
I don't think he meant to scare you, or harm you.
Just he needed a small moment to be noticed.

Thanks again for sharing
GinaFowler in The Disappearing Doll
Allicatt: I do plan on sharing some more stories. So glad that you found this one interesting and hopefully my other memories won't disappoint.

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