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Greetings, Mack.

I should apologize that I'm only halfway through reading the comments and replies, but this idea was nagging at me, so I'm typing it now before it escapes.

I know that you have had one horrific-sounding episode of attack *similar* to sleep-paralysis, but that narrative clearly implicates your freaky roommate and his magical practices. However, there are several sleep disorders and events that can occur that are similar to the sleep-paralysis phenomenon.

Now, as your parents sent you to a summer camp, you were familiar with the sort of routines and activities that are available. Obviously, some camps are organized around very specific activities, such as kayaking trips or tennis camps, while others present a variety of activities within a clear boundary. The key element for every one of these camps is that the campers must be kept busy and enjoy the activities. In teaching, we call this "tire the little b*st*rds out" or "Physical Education." If you were returning to your cabin in the evening, then there's a good chance you may have been pretty tired; that's the mental condition necessary fof a "hypnagogic hallucination" to occur. You've done research on sleep paralysis, so I'll presume that you know what this is, and that anyone else who is curious will look it up for themselves. (Spent the day clearing dead wood from overgrown fir trees, and typing with blisters is surprisingly awkward, despite having applied lotion and adhesive bandages.) This is one potential cause as you were immersed in a memory with sensory data, but you were certain that you had *not* been transported to the other camp.

Ok, I'm now going to post this before I read your exchange with Randy about Genetic Memories. Before I do, I'll just mention that Jung considered the possibility that all human minds were able to draw from the "collective unconscious."


(Doesn't Christmas land in the middle of the Summer in NZ? How do they schedule summer camps around that and New Year?),
ms_st0308 in Pop
Hi Melda, I've been reading your stories this weekend, and this one stood out to me as I believe I have had visits in dreams from two friends who have passed away. I also have family who have had "visits" in the form of animals.

In my case, these two friends died very suddenly and unexpectedly. In both cases, I had several dreams about them but with each of them I had what I'd like to call a closing dream. It was as if they had come back to let me know they were okay and I didn't have to mourn any longer. And I have not had a dream about either one since.

Before my great grandmother died several years ago, she had always told my grandmother to watch for a cardinal after her death. In the months following her death my grandmother saw a cardinal at her window almost daily. My mother and I also had seen a cardinal in the same place in my mother's yard for a few months as well.

I believe very strongly that we do get these visits when they are needed most, and if we're willing to be open to their visits.
Hi Katswhiskers

Nice to see someone else from South Africa here finally after all these years haha.

Now your story

About your hamster. In my opinion it could have been killed by anything, going from energetic to completely isolated in a day, could mean that it might have been bitten by a venomous spider, couldn't it?

But it could also be related to the presence, and probably is mort likely. I'm just trying to put the logical explanations out there.

This specific entity seems pretty scary to me. Like, it bashed the wall causing the paintings to shake? It sounds very dangerous to me.

I would suggest moving, if that's possible, otherwise you could cleanse your house by hiring a professional. Or you might as well just do it yourselves.

One of the members here on has a cleansing you could use. His username is rookdygin, but the people here know him as rook.
I myself have used it, and can personally vouch for its effectiveness.

Wish I could've done more to help.

All the Best
Hi Elnora, it's been a while, like 2 years Laugh

Glad to hear that you're doing well.

About your story though, it's pretty interesting, and I would probably have the same reaction as you.

And I want to join the shadow person club too Laugh

And I would also like to hear about the new things that happened to you concerning the paranormal you mentioned here in the comments.

All the best
I agree, it's actually a really good feeling to think that we were watched over and protected
While I'm not a complete skeptic, I always try and look for the logical explanation first, but this time I really couldn't find any and the thing that kept coming back to me was the feeling I had of safety calm and protection. I am indeed very grateful for the timely intervention!
pokemon_trainer in Another Warning Of Caution
Hi spiritwaiting,

I was wondering, similarly to Melda, if the negative energy caused by this mother could be affecting the spiritual energy in the house, but I believe that perhaps there must also be something more behind it.

I think it's great that your meditation was able to lessen the darkness you experienced. I think that this darkness could have actually been caused by the negativity shown by the mother, so I assume that if any other negativity occurs, you will be able to diminish it reasonably well. I believe your mental strength as a result of your meditation will protect you from harm.

Best wishes,

Greetings Bytheriver

Thanks for sharing this experience. I find it refreshing to hear about positive spiritual encounters.

My opinion on what you've experienced is this:

A deceased loved one, or possibly a resident spirit who cares about you, demonstrated that it's possible to feel euphoric sensations without the use of drugs.

There may have been an element of healing occurring as well. I have heard from several sources as well as from my own personal experience that some drugs can open up "doors" to spirit and often they are not "nice" doors and these open doors can attract spirits who were hopeless addicts when they passed over, and still desire the effects of the drugs.

When people are using drugs and in the extreme cases of addiction, it's difficult for guides and loved ones in spirit to make contact as the user has surrounded themselves in an atmosphere of heaviness and ill health.

Obviously this is all guessing, but maybe since you were "clean" it was possible / more easy for a caring benevolent soul to make contact and give you some real love and healing?


pokemon_trainer in Kids Stuff
Hi czamantha,

After reading your story, a few questions arose. Were there any haunted/affected objects that you brought with you when you moved house? I ask this in case a spirit or entity has attached itself to the object and that is why you have since experienced paranormal activity at your new house.

Has your daughter managed to give you any descriptions of the ghost she sees? I think it may help you to identify the type of entity you are dealing with, and whether it is friendly, harmful, playful, etc.

I agree with you when you say that you think the spirit has befriended your daughter and is not out to harm her. I believe that if it wanted to hurt her, it would have done so before now. I think it seems quite protective of her, and this may suggest (but not necessarily) that the spirit could be that of a mother or father, or that of another child? Of course these are just suggestions and I may be entirely wrong!

I suggest that you keep regularly talking to your daughter about the spirit, especially as she becomes more articulate with age. If your daughter was able to befriend the spirit, then you should be able to as well with any luck!

Best wishes,

pokemon_trainer in Old Man Of The Cave
Hello valkricry,

This is an amazing story.

I'm very intrigued by the man's ability to read your brother's mind, I've never come across an account like that and it's quite amazing. I like reading about experiences in which spirits are friendly or harmless, because it makes me feel less afraid of the supernatural/paranormal.

I found this story heart-warming, thank you for posting - the way you told your brother's story was very engaging too!

Best wishes,

Isn't it wonderful when these miracles happen? Because they do; I have no doubt.

So relieved for you, Angelkiss! I must admit as I was reading your account, my heart began to sink. But it popped up again!

It seems you chose the perfect screen name here.

Manafon, wow! That's all I can say.
Hello Meela22,

After reading your story, I believe that the negativity in your house and within your family relationships could have a lot to do with your experiences. Your room was your safe place, and I find that significant in the fact that the footsteps you heard stopped outside your door, perhaps suggesting that unless you were in sleep-paralysis, they could not enter your safe place.

Since as someone in your house has practiced black magic, that probably explains why you're experiencing paranormal things to begin with. Since as some entities feed of negative energy, the negativity within your household probably allowed the entity to become strong enough to come to you in 3D form.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Thank you for your lovely words.
And no, no-one seemed to mention the fact my son suddenly being on the opposite side of me! One lady said she actually closed her eyes as she was sure we were about to be killed! And everyone else seemed to be watching the car... The " don't want to look but can't look away " kind of thing!

Hopefully yes we will be around for a long time yet! Thank you Love
Wow that was a very scary account!
And the more I think on it... The more I do think it was intervention from a guardian angel for you and for me
In my case it was probably my maternal grandmother or grandfather I think. But either way... Thank goodness that we both appear to have had someone there at the right time.
Miracles51031 in I Need My Mommy
Again, MAS, thanks for reading and commenting. My kids are my life and experience a lot of the things when I did so it's only right to include them ❤
MAS - this still frequently happens with my son and me. And yes, I miss Cyndi terribly. No matter how many years pass, you never stop missing someone you love.

Thanks for reading and commenting ☺
MAS - thank you for reading. My daughter has since moved out but when she was still at home, she never experienced the scratches again.

Between the time of this story and now, we moved twice and she had two new beds. I don't think that has any bearing on what my daughter experienced but thought I should mention it.
Miracles51031 in I Need My Mommy 2
Augusta - 😁sometimes lines have to be drawn, don't they? I guess in my mind if I refer to him as her dad, I really didn't marry him and spend those years in a horrible marriage 😉 It's all about perception... And what helps us sleep at night🤔

I do admit, however, that those years in that house (I Need My Mommy 1 and 2) were some of the scariest, paranormally and normally, I have endured. I wish I had been as... Mmmm... Knowledgeable (?) about ghosts then as I have become since. Maybe I would have learned so much more about the little girl (s).

Thank you for reading them and finding humor 😁
valkricry in Old Man Of The Cave
Sorry for the delay, guys. Been dealing with some of the more mundane aspects of life.
BeautInside, thanks so much for reading.

Tweed, ya I have to agree with you there. Sometimes I think our surname should have been Bizarre!😜
If I had to pick one word to describe Kev it would be hippy. Very laid back and mellow guy. He called himself a pagan. Played a bamboo flute and the Pan pipes. Without worldly distractions, I imagine he could have easily slipped into a 'zone', like you suggest.

Sara, thanks for reading. Caves are totally cool. Of course caves like this one shouldn't be confused with caverns. Some of those can be truly spectacular. I've been to some famous ones like the Mammoth Caves, Mark Twain Caves (use to be called McDowell's Cave) and the Ohio Caverns. Came out blinking in the sunlight and in awe!
bytheriver - As far as I am aware when one experiences "euphoria" it is a sense of extreme well-being, happiness and excitement. Is that what you felt at the time?

The lady sitting at the end of your bed might have lived in your flat before, or could simply have been passing through. She could also be a relative who passed years ago, just dropping in to say hi and checking on how you were managing your addiction Smile

I cannot really speculate as to who this apparition was but those are just some thoughts.

Regards, Melda
Angelkiss - I don't doubt for an instant that a guardian spirit saved you and your son that day.

How your son ended up on your right hand side when you didn't move him there is a head-scratcher. I take it none of the witnesses had an explanation for that? Then again, stranger things have happened!

It would seem that you and your son have many things to accomplish on this earth before your time runs out Smile

Manafon - I definitely wouldn't put your experience down to pure luck either!

Regards, Melda
Angelkiss--It does seem very possible that you and your son had a guardian angel watching out for you that day. Guardian angels, I feel, are often deceased loved ones intervening on our behalf.

About four years ago I was driving on a very busy four lane roadway. Two lanes in each direction and no median. Traffic was quite heavy but was moving at around 50mph. Suddenly a woman blasts out of a side street immediately in front of me, attempting to cross the two lanes going in one direction to get to the other, opposite lanes. I was in the outside lane and instinctively knew this woman was going to hit me and probably flip my car. I reacted with reflexes I didn't know I had (and maybe didn't as you'll see) and quickly turned into oncoming traffic and then back into my lane.

This was done in an instant and the screeching of tires was immense. At the next stoplight a car with a couple in it rolled down their window asking if I was okay and telling me how there didn't seem that there was any way I could have avoided what looked like an inevitable major accident.

That's just it. I instantly felt that someone intervened and guided my actions. It actually felt like someone else was steering the car. I remember a telephone worker who was on the side of the road giving me a huge "thumbs up" right after the near accident and he had a look on his face like, "I don't know how that guy just did that."

Although your case and mine could both have been sheer luck, if you feel like there was a helpful intervention, there very could have been! Thanks for sharing your account. I'm very glad you and your son were unscathed. I know that feeling you had right after the incident. It's a, "How did we just fool death" thing. It just might have been a deceased loved one watching out for you and your boy. I feel my intervention was my Mom watching out for me.
Hi, bytheriver.

Bastet may have beaten me to my question, answering it before I asked. Smile How would you compare the feeling of euphoria you describe relative to any of your 'highs'?

Also, congratulations on working to be sober, and prayers and positive thoughts towards you that you stay such. Love
Dear Bytheriver, I loved your story! I think I get what you mean by the sudden euphoric feelings. I experienced something similar few times; It felt like heat inside (but more a spiritual heat, not a bodily temperature, if that makes sense), like your soul is expanding... It is not quite like any feeling you can get from all types of *highs*. I felt it in a very unlikely situation - in my office, while finishing work (and I was going through unpleasant life situation too at this time). I assumed this could be my Spirit Guides contacting (but there was no visuals). I also was doing some guided Spirit Guide meditations before bedtime few days before - but I didn't assume they worked, as I'm not good with meditations, visualizations and such. But Guides probably doesn't need your meditation to contact you Happy !
AugustaM in I Need My Mommy 2
Hi Miracles! I know this is an older story but somehow various comments led me around to the first and now I am working my way through all three - really a fascinating collection of experiences! My comment isn't on the paranormal aspect - its just that, while reading through, one of your phrasings tickled me because it reminded me so much of my own mom and a little squabble we have over and over lol! You say 'my daughter's father' - my mother does the same thing! And, given that they split when I was 11 and he disowned me when I was 21, I always tell her - no mom, I didn't pick that winner, it was all you so make that 'my ex' when you refer to him lol. Its never a 'real' argument just funny but seeing another mom doing the same thing made me giggle!
MaybeADreamer in Old Man Of The Cave
Hey Val cool story.

I would love to hang in a cave for a bit, natural beauty is the best. Sounds like Kevin was a chilled kind of guy.

I reckon the ghost may have been watching but got so curious he just had to check him out. Glad the experience has been shared. Fabulous. Thank you

Sara. X
Hi Rookdygin

When my Mum moved next door to my Grandmother, my Grandmother was single, she had never lived with my Grandfather and he had passed away when my Mum was 12 years old, so unfortunately I'd never met him,

I do believe this paranormal activity to be an attachment with me,
I understand you thinking it may have been Psychokinetic outbursts, however having said that doesn't quite relate with all that has happened regarding the paranormal goings on... Ie being pushed downstairs I'm sure was some kind of paranormal force,

On going up the stairs I and my Mum where met with what I can only describe as a see through wall,
we where stopped in our tracks by a force that pushed us down the stairs together, luckily we weren't injured but in shock,

Another reason I don't believe this to be Psychokinetic is other members of my family have been witness to the paranormal goings on aswell as myself, whispering close to our ears, sweets and small change/money being thrown at I and my husband, more than one of us seeing black shadow formations at the same time and something mimicking our voices calling out our names and a host of other poltergeist activity I'm not always present when things have or are happening,

I was in hospital in 2012 having an operation, my daughter heard me shout her name (Gemma) from my bedroom, she momentarily had forgotten I was in hospital,
When she came to her senses she panicked and told my husband to phone the hospital to see if I was okay and to see if my operation was over with,

The Doppelganger happened only four years ago,
I was downstairs with other family members when we heard my Son David who was then aged 19 chatting to someone upstairs but all us other family members where downstairs,
there where no visitors at our house either, I shouted upstairs who you talking to David? He replied I don't know? I saw what I thought was you on your bed and you was chatting with me,
I replied well no I'm downstairs, we where all shocked by this,

Rookdygins, you asked was there any other paranormal happenings before my Mum moved next door to my Grandmother, thinking on this yes only one paranormal event unbeknown to myself being only aged four in the year 1969,
my older brother who was seven years old at the time while we lived in the previous house before moving next door to our Grandmothers... This is what happened to him... He had told our Mum he was met with something halfway up the stairs that wouldn't let him go beyond and it was an invisible force,
This was the same kind of force that had pushed I and my Mum down the stairs.

Thank you for you're reply back Rookdygins

Kind regards Cupcakes1
MAS814 in I Need My Mommy
What I've got so far from your stories, you are loving and caring mother all your previous and also this one revolves around your children. Happy Happy Love
BTW really interesting story
Literally emotional story, Sad to know about your friend. This happens with us in a lot matters words are in our mouth and someone else say same thing, a song start ringing in our mind and after few moments you hear same song from some distance means I don't know why this happen but I myself get this feeling many times. Want to know do you still miss Cyndi?
Happy to know she is not getting anymore scratches. Can you please tell me still everything is fine with her? Means one year is passed since last comment, just curiosity raised that's why asked
kentucky believer - I apologise for my blunder, I should have checked.

However I have now read a few of your stories - very interesting. I certainly won't forget you again!

Regards, Melda

I too have questions about this scratching. I doubt very much that it was demonic. I was picturing a mouse gnawing on the door as you got all worked up thinking a demon has nothing better to than to scratch things in your door.

Hello friends
Sorry I couldn't get back for a bit but life's been hectic the past few days.

As Manifan mentioned we did continue our discussion about this thread via email.
1st off I would like to clarify something
As Manofan correctly brought to my attention I wrote my comments in a way that implied what I was offering was straight up facts. That was not my intention. As I told him when it comes to the subject of the afterlife personal opinion is the best any of us can do. Even though a person having a Near Death Experience can be a great source of information they didn't cross a point of no return so they didn't fully die. Those that cross that line can't return to share what they learned. So in truth I really doubt that we will ever be able to state with 100% certainty whatever takes place. Only when each one has that experience will we know the answer. Therefore I want to be clear that anything that I offer on YGS is my personal opinion. My opinions are formed through a lot of reading of different sources, TV shows, (serious ones, not the Ghost Hunter kind) personal experiences, and my research group. When I start finding strong correlations on a particular idea then I start forming my opinion. That said they are still just my opinion and should only be taken as such

I would like to re visit DNA recording
I think I can see some very good reasons for it
As I stated the idea of recording on DNA one must also consider it working along with the idea of reincarnation. Manofan, I believe you stated that you could see no need for a spirit to need a recording device. I agree. The information may need a place to be stored though so it could be reinserted into the next human life. Since our DNA is a blueprint of who we are physically and who we are physically related to I can see it as a way to carry the information along our physical selves in our life times on earth.

To all.
I truly think one of the hardest parts of trying to understand the paranormal and the way things work on the other side is us being limited to our mortal way of thinking. We are trying to understand rules and concepts that may not be limited to the rules of our 3D world. I'm reminded of how in Quantum Physics an object can actually be in two different places at the same time. For me at least my mind isn't set up to grasp that concept. Or possibly being able to go to a place instantly by just a thought. So often I hear mediums say that we need to free our mind and think outside the box in order to help us see how things we think are impossible are very possible. The hardest thing for me has always been trying to bend the spirit worlds
Way of doing things to fit the mold of how I understand things to work.

Great discussion
Best to all
Myst in Spookville
Melda- You're right, sort of. I see the comment was actually by AugustaM, but the weird part is, I double checked to make sure I was sending to the correct poster. Now I'm wondering what you posted, and where, to make me think of you.
Hello greenmachine. Pinoy here LOL. I kind of understand what you're sharing for I too have experienced it when I was still leaving with my parents in the province.

I also understand the other people who commented that maybe it was a thief because they don't know or they don't have any experience with it. Anyways we're entitled to our own opinion. Thanks for sharing bes!
bugbear808 in Spookville
Just a quick question, and no offense is intended by this, but you stated that the large dark figure in your bedroom was hooded with NO face or hands. If it had no hands, then what did you mean when you said it "played" with your son's feet?
Argette in Seeing Shadows
This remindsme of a story my mother tells about hearing a classic piece of music and seeing a certain landscape over and over again. I'd forgotten about that. These things happen.

I wish I knew why. Or how.
Macknorton in Spookville
Hi Destinygirl

Good theory - I like your thinking, but still, would any one trying to sell that house just leave that kind of thing all over a blackened bedroom wall?

Symbols all over a room designed be it to worship or summon malevolent entities or to repell them; either way it's a BAD look in a house that's on the market. For both the seller AND any potential buyer Laugh


Hi MetallicGirl

Thanks for sharing your story - very interesting.

But I have the same question as Rook, were there actual marks on the door? Or did you hear it? I'd have guessed there were actual marks, because as some of the comments already suggest, "hearing" the shape that nails are scratching, would need a ear very sensitive to sound.

But if you're willing to share, I'd love to hear more of these experiences of yours that came later on.

spookie1 in Seeing Shadows
Argette - Mmm, interesting... I haven't really heard of something called genetic memory, I'll go read up on it a bit, although the term is pretty self-explanatory.

You make a good point, but even if it were genetic memory, why would other people feel like they're being watched in his house, or why would the cat just suddenly have a "change" in personality?

Gives me something to think about.

Paul - I think your story is interesting, and I would like to help you but I don't know much about the subject.

Hi Metallicgirl

Thanks for sharing. Personally that scratching, by itself and not in the context of these other experiences, could have been anything. At that time had you and your brother been watching scary movies or something? I ask because those movies can put your mind into a particular state whereby normal everyday noises and events (such as scratching) can suddenly seem "paranormal".
And there are no limits to the human imagination.

I find the other events far more compelling. How old is your brother? Is he psychic? If he's seeing these spirits, is it a recent thing? And your sister claims to have seen a ghost too? What about your parents? Have they experienced anything along these lines, or just you children?

I do wonder whether there possibly an aspect of collective (mass) hysteria here, whereby one event or one individual triggers a state of fear and panic and then nearby sympathetic people also claim to have experienced the same kind of thing.

If you could elaborate on those ghost sightings in the detail that you described the "circular" scratching (I assumed the hint was a pentagram etc) that would help the reader better understand your experiences and therefore possibly empathise with you more.


Wreck72--Genetic memory is indeed a fascinating thing and your Monarch butterfly example shows how incredible it is. I am aware of the ongoing research into this but genetic memory is not what Randy was suggesting. Genetic memory, "is a memory present at birth that exists in the absence of sensory experience, and is incorporated into the genome over long spans of time. It is based on the idea that common experience of a species become incorporated into its genetic code, not by a Lamarckian process (which is closer to what you seem to be suggesting) that encodes specific memories but a by a much vaguer tendency to encode a readiness to respond in certain ways to certain stimuli."

This "vague tendency to encode a readiness to respond in certain ways" is not the same thing as having every single memory of our lives and those of our ancestors stored on our DNA. Check out Lamarckian theory to see something closer to what came up earlier in the comments to this account. That theory has been widely discredited in the scientific community but does still have its followers.

So, I am with you on Genetic Memory. It just doesn't have any bearing on Mack's account that I can see.
Mack--There doesn't need to be a motive. Many paranormal experiences, for instance the husband and wife in this account, happen to be in the vicinity of a location an "agent", or in other words the consciousness of a deceased person, is focused on. To quote good old Tyrrell again, "the bystanders, if there are any, are drawn into the apparitional drama because it is dramatcally necessary that they should be. The theme or motif of the drama requires it. The idea in the agent's mind, which started the whole process going, was the quite vague or general idea of being in the place where Mr. X, his friend or relative, is. But IF the agent really were in that place, and IF there were other persons present, then he would have to be perceptible to these other persons as well as to X.

So (to bring up two earlier mentioned terms Tyrrell uses) if the Producer and Stage Carpenter know their job, it will be arranged that the apparition is perceptible by all the persons present." He further writes, " it must be remembered that so far as these 'mid-level' constituents are concerned there is supposed to be no sharp line between one personality and another. If the theme or motif requires it, the apparitional drama can be arranged cooperatively by the mid-level constituents of several different people. The result will be a collective apparition."

So in Jetson's case he and his wife just happened to be in the right place at the right time. There was no motive per se, it was just dramatically necessary that they be drawn into the "apparitional drama" because they happened to be there.

I dig this theory and hope the above quotes help explain it a bit more in depth.
Manafon1 - So I wrote this up once then didn't post it because I didn't feel it was that relative to the story but I saw that you mentioned on the other story you couldn't find any info about it so I thought I would mention Genetic Memory is a long standing theory at this point and is still researched to this day. It started based on Monarch butterfly migration patterns because they migrate the bird where groups fly back and forth from the same locations each year unlike birds though the die off each migration so generation 1 flies from point A to point B then reproduces and dies but Gen. 2 still flies back to point A and Gen. 3 back to point B. This is how research into genetic memory became a thing. The more recent theories do in fact believe that these memories can stretch back thousands of years. These theories are put forward by actual Doctors not just the internet if anyone wants to look into them just search "genetic memory".
Hi Manafon

This thread is very interesting for sure, and this point you have shared I have a comment:

"However your case reminds me much more of a retrocognitive hallucinatory experience in which people are caught up in a collective "apparitional drama" in which potentially multiple telepathic "themes or motifs" are sent by, in your case, the consciousness of the dead to you and your wife's minds."

However, for me, the big question is motive. Why would this extremely complex, elaborate and undoubtably technically difficult task be performed on random people. What would be the motive?

I'd like to read more on Tyrrell as he sounds fascinating but that's the initial thought that struck me on reading your post.


Melda, I have had experiences and have posted several of them, here. Argette, the door was not stuck, the lock was turned. It is not loose and takes a bit of effort to turn, and I know I didn't lock it. I felt like I was paranoid, but after posting it the curtains have stopped moving the way they were and I could never close the door in a way that would cause the lock to turn on it's own.
Rook, Ladyglow, and babygoatpuller, the only possible explanation I can think of is if MetallicGirl heard the sound move around on the door. Not an easy feat to hear it move around such a relatively small space, imo.
Jetson--Your account is a truly intriguing one. Randy and I continued a conversation inspired by your case, and similar types of experiences, via email. I wanted to keep the conversation on YGS but Randy is involved with a research group that desires privacy. Although Randy suggests that all our memories and those our ancestors are recorded on our DNA, there is no such theory that I have been able to find. Is it a possibility? Yes. However your case reminds me much more of a retrocognitive hallucinatory experience in which people are caught up in a collective "apparitional drama" in which potentially multiple telepathic "themes or motifs" are sent by, in your case, the consciousness of the dead to you and your wife's minds.

More specifically, G.N.M. Tyrrell postulated that the message being sent, "may have great emotional intensity, but it's intellectual content is very general indeed. Before the apparition can occur (which, by the way, can be as elaborately detailed as your example Jetson) this general theme or motif must somehow be specified and made concrete. It must be worked out in detail. And then, further, details must be actually presented to the percipient's consciousness in the form of a determinate and highly complicated visual hallucination, so arranged that it will fit in with the visible scene which the percipient is aware of at the time."

Tyrrell goes on to state that the original sent message, in your case the old inn and its occupants, is an impression which provides only the general outline of the plot. As he states, "to work out the details we must postulate some further entity or factor that Tyrrell calls 'The Producer'. But even the task of presenting it still remains. This task is assigned to 'the Stage Carpenter'. The Stage Carpenter's function is to bring into existence just those hallucinatory precepts which the Producer's plan requires."

The Producer that is referred to here would be the initial message sent that you and your wife's minds completed. Tyrrell writes, "The Producer and the Stage Carpenter may be thought of as psychological constituents of the percipient's personality, constituents of it which operate in a quasi-autonomous manner below the level of consciousness." So, in other words, you and your wife would have unconsciously helped create the entire scene, or drama, you were caught up in.

For more details of this brilliant theory please check out Tyrrell's important book "Apparitions" which can be found quite cheaply online. Cases very similar to yours have been reported many times at Versailles. Much like your case people there have spoken to and interacted with what were ghosts but of a telepathic nature. Eleanor Jourdain and Anne Moberly in their famous book "An Adventure" described a visit to Versailles in 1901 when they became caught up in an apparitional drama that had them seeing the grounds and the people as they were during the time of Marie Antoinette, circa 1770. They communicated with "people" there but Jourdain reported that two men they spoke to answered a question concerning directions, "in a seemingly casual and mechanical way."

This seems to suggest that although people can theoretically communicate with the hallucinatory people, or apparitions, they encounter, they are able to answer because it's a logical element which functions to complete the drama. Do you recall anything odd or "off" about anyone you spoke to that night?

This is kind of heavy stuff but what I think you and your wife encountered was a very compelling apparitional drama. I personally don't believe that what you and your wife saw had anything to do with memories stored on your DNA. Also pointing in the apparitional drama direction is that it is almost always reported by two people and sometimes even four. Cool stuff Jetson. Wish I could have experienced what you did!
Hi MetallicGirl,

I find your story very interesting. I imagine that it was very frightening for you to hear those noises without an explanation at the time.

I'd be interested to hear in more detail your experiences with seeing figures of spirits; will you be posting more of your experiences?

Best wishes,

pokemon_trainer in Still With Us
Hi makenna04,

I'm sorry for your loss.

I think it's wonderful that your cousin found a way to show you that she's watching over you. Thank you for sharing your story, it was very heart-warming!

Best wishes,

LOL at lady-glow! Thanks for doing that. I have way too much time on my hands and didn't want to waste a second of it doing that. Laugh
Argette in Seeing Shadows
My first thought is genetic memory discussed recently in another post. Do you have a family connection to someone in LA in the 1930s?

Is your reoccurring dream from a movie you have seen? A book?

Things like this happen. If it were me, I'd keep digging.

But I l love your account and it's going into my faves. Thank you!
Jetson - Thanks for responding.

Obviously I don't know what your ex had to say about the experience but I do accept your take on it.

My daughter-in-law and her family do not believe in the supernatural at all. So coming from them, I totally believe their experience, as I do yours!

Regards, Melda
Rookdygin: good question. I have spent the last five minutes tracing different geometric shapes on my door with my fingernails and all of them sound the same... Serious

Anyway, I have better things to do.
Agree with Melda here. I think sometimes we want something "supernatural" to happen.

Atmospheric conditions may cause doors to stick. Sometimes, we are preoccupied and don't try hard enough to open, or we are in a hurry and turn the wrong way. I can't tell you how many times something like this has happened to me.

I'm not demeaning your account or discrediting your experience. After all, the mind can play tricks on us.
Hello Melda... Thanks for your comment and story. I have to say that what you dughter-in-law, her sister and parents experienced was very similar to what I encountered all those years ago in France.

As time has passed I have to say I am no closer to understanding what happened to us but recently reading Randy's comments I wonder if we are not 'programmed' in some way to re-experience occurences that have occured in our past given the right situation or circumstance.

Another thought I have is perhaps my ex and I were lulled into sort of a hypnotic 'trance' where we woke the next morning not having ever set foot in a 'ghostly hotel' but merely thought we did.

The later though is hard for me to comprehend as we both had very independent actions on that evening, from worrying about our luggage to where to park the car and as we stepped inside the hotel we both had separate impressions. Impressions that we talked at length about for many weeks and months after.

As you say... These experiences are all so strange or what!
lady-glow in The Knocks
Did these events happen before or after your previous experience?

I don't understand why your sister had to apologise, was it because of the argument you both had before or because she was not the one knocking on the bathroom door? Confused

Anyway, I hope you had a good time after that incident.
DestinyGirl in Spookville
I am a crazy cat lady, and I call my cats (5 and almost 7) "kittens."

I am far from an expert and would never pretend to be, but one thing I thought of was could the symbols on the wall have been some type of protection? Instead of summoning something dark and evil, maybe the previous owners put them there to repel (and it didn't work.)
kentucky believer - I think you just might be freaking yourself out with ghost stories.

Have you ever had supernatural experiences before? Besides that, have you ever wished that you could have experiences such as those that you saw on True Ghost Stories?

I have had (and probably most people on the YGS site) many supernatural events in my life and reading or watching ghost stories do not affect me at all. I find many of them very interesting because I can often relate to them.

So having said that, I would be interested to know how these ghost stories affect you and whether you have had any other paranormal experiences.

Also, if you are obsessed with these stories, don't forget the power of the brain!

Regards, Melda
"To describe it, this was not mere scratching. It sounded as if a sharp fingernail was tracing out a symbol, perhaps one with a circle, I distinctly remember a circle, it was near the bottom of the door but it seemed very detailed because the scratching went on for a long time."

Ah...Ummm... Confused

Do you mean you saw the mark after hearing the scratching or do you literally mean 'it sounded like a circle was being scratched into the bottom corner of the bedroom door'? If that's the case how were you able to tell what shape was being 'scratched' just by the sound you heard?



You have just mentioned some details that COULD have a LARGE bearing on why/when your experiences began.

I refer to two quotes from your comment to pokemon-trainer...

"In 1971 my mum decided to move next door to my Grandmother, this is when the poltergeist activity started,..."


"When I and my mum where pushed down the stairs when I was aged 10 I think whatever it is poltergeist / the attachment... That is with me it's intentions where towards my mum,
She and her partners over time where very abusive towards me, my mum regularly saying I was meant to be an abortion,
This I believe could be the reason why I have an attachment that remains with me until the present day,..."

Had there been ANY experiences BEFORE moving in beside your Grandmother?

Was your Grandfather still alive at the time of this move?

With these extra details I think your experiences may come in one of two forms... Either an attachment (your Grandfather watching over/Protecting you/Letting you know he is around... Did he like skittles?) or Psychokinetic Outbursts from you as a form of 'protection' or outlet of built up frustration/anger/sadness for the way you were being treated.

You even mention a Doppelganger of yourself... So much of this points to 'you' being the possible source of so many of these experiences... Did the majority of them happen during times of 'stress' for you? Maybe you were simply worried about something/someone, or something was happening 'to' you?

I am not trying to pry into your personal life, just trying to figure out if there was a trigger that set 'you' off or who the attachment is and when it took place.


Melda in Spookville
Myst - Sorry but I'm a bit puzzled. I didn't comment on this account. I think your comment was meant for somebody else. Perhaps AugustaM? Confused

Regards, Melda
Myst in Spookville
Melda- No, you're not the only one. My 10 yo husky/shepard/dobie was still "puppy"- even at 125 lbs.
AugustaM in Ghosts In A Prison
I think tinonline has it with the Abbey - there was a great deal of religious violence in the UK prior to the target date of 1700. Between Cromwell and Queen Mary, things got ugly and nuns and monks were not necessarily spared in the violence. Not to mention the fact that not every soul that takes to the cloth is necessarily a good one - the spectral monks that frightened the OP's father may have been bad eggs in life and put to death because of it.
AugustaM in Spookville
I agree with Mack, Azrael and L_Melb - there's something about the sum total of this account that simply doesn't fully settle with me. It reads very much like an episode of 'The Haunting'.

However, one thing I -as an animal nut- can say for sure, Mack, is that it is possible to tell when even a puppy is acting unusually- whether he/she is sad, anxious scared or not feeling well. Same with a cat. They all have very distinct emotions and ways of showing them if you know what to look for. And I wonder too just what age the OP meant by 'puppy' - whether a dog is 15 years old or 15 weeks old... I still tend to refer to them as 'puppies' and I can't be the only one... At least that's what I tell myself to justify my antics over my animals Love
tinonline in Ghosts In A Prison

I might be able to assist here.

This occurrence took place in Reading Prison. The prison, a Victorian building was built on top of an earlier gaol. I doubt the earlier building in the 1700's carried out executions here as there were gibbets and executions places on the edges of town specifically for that purpose.

However the Victorian building (opened 1844) did executed on prem and there are graves along one of the walls. The prison's hanging or execution room is locked and 'not available'. The prison is no longer in use. There are accounts and records of the executions here. But I don't believe this is relevant.

What is interesting, is that the location of the prison is on top of Reading Abbey ruins - on top of the old hospitum or if not directly, very close to it. Depends upon which sources you read.

I wonder if those monks were either patients of, or workers at, the Abbey hospital. Remember blood letting was a common cure and therapy at the time. The Abbey was desolated by Henry VIII.
Ravishingroxy in My Possessed Lover!
I have been to chotanikara and have seen many a people getting cured there in 3 days. It's amazing!
I think you should - after all, it is almost August 17th! Look forward to the update.
lookingforamiracle in Something Odd With My Baby
Hi BeautInside!

Your post is already couple months old but I was just going through it and wanted to comment since my parents had a similar experience with my sister.
We are from India and this happened when she was about 7 months old, they took her to a nearby park in the evening I guess. And she was quite healthy and fit but she suddenly started crying. And this crying and sleeping in between and then crying again went on for couple of days and she was completely refusing milk and formula and everything. They took her to doctors also but nothing worked, she reached a point where she was so weak that my parents couldn't hear her crying even clearly or may she became too weak to cry also.
Then one of my father's cousin told him about some religious man they call maulana (priest in urdu), and my parents took my sister to him.
He took my sister in his hand and was reciting some prayers all along and then he gave my mom a taveez (prayers or paragraphs from quran written on paper) and asked my mom to dip the paper in water and to bathe my sister with that water and my mom did exactly the same after coming back home.
As soon as she started pouring water on my sister, my sister started reacting to it a little, by the time she was done bathing her, she started crying a little and then my mom gave her milk and she started drinking. It took her a while to gain her strength and be normal again.
I am only sharing it as I was told by my parents, since I am younger to her I was not even born then.

You take care of your baby girl.

Hi pokemon_trainer,

Yes it has been a very terrifying experience for I and my family,
I'm intrigued by all that has happened and is still ongoing, although we have become complacent to the paranormal activity that would have most people quaking in their shoes,

Plenty of my friends have said I would be out of you're house if that was me! Asked them how do you get away from something that follows you? Being (The Attachment)

My husband was a sceptic when I met him, he changed his opinion with time when he realized there was no rational explanation for what was and is still ongoing,

I no longer have the little toy black boots, strange thing is on both occasions and year's apart they appeared in my Daughters bedroom, that made me feel uneasy,
I made sure I threw them out on both occasions on bin collection day, I had the creepiest doomed kind of feeling when they had returned for a second time,

I agree pokemon_trainer I have an attachment that is trying to communicate in some kind of way, seems to become worse with imminent trouble on the way,

In 1971 my mum decided to move next door to my Grandmother, this is when the poltergeist activity started, I and my three brothers where all sharing a double bed, the flooring in the bedroom was wooden floor boards, we heard what can only be described as if an old person was shuffling around the bedroom wearing slippers, well that's what us kids perceived it to sound like,

When I and my mum where pushed down the stairs when I was aged 10 I think whatever it is poltergeist / the attachment... That is with me it's intentions where towards my mum,
She and her partners over time where very abusive towards me, my mum regularly saying I was meant to be an abortion,
This I believe could be the reason why I have an attachment that remains with me until the present day,

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my post

Kind regards Cupcakes1
nalchen in Seven Of Us
Mack - There is every reason for me to believe that you probably are one of the best after that comment. Happy

Great attempt but I feel Hommie probably is busy writing his next episode now. Mad
Macknorton in Seven Of Us
Melda - my tactic is to antagonise him into commenting Wink
I don't like my chances, however...
All good Melda - the topic and conversation will flow where it will flow
Jetson - I posted a comment on your submission of what you experienced in France. Have added your very interesting story to my faves!

I apologise for going off topic on your account Mack Smile

Regards, Melda
MAS814 in The Djinn
Literally want to read more stories from you. Are you still encountering stuff like that?
Melda in Seven Of Us
Mack - I would be careful if I were you. Hommie might have connections. For your own safety, keep an eye out for little green men! I'll be doing the same Kidding

Regards, Melda
Zaruje in The Djinn
First of all stop worshipping false gods. And stop practicing "magic". I know we all have the liberty to choose our religion and faith but it just seems off and annoys me that some author share their experience about this and that without knowing it's their fault why they experiencing it.
Sorry to be rude but I think it's common sense that whenever you dwell longer to the dark side, things will surely happen
Macknorton in Mystery Caller
Hi Yourstrulie

Thanks for this brief but poignant account. Your experience resonated with me because when my Grandmother passed away (about 20 years ago now) of whom I was quite fond of, I was very sad.

A few weeks later, I had one of those extremely vivid dreams that I can still recall as if it happened yesterday. The dream was very brief, but it was my Grandmother standing in a field and I was about 20 feet away. She was looking directly at me over her left shoulder and smiling. The all-encompassing feeling of the dream was that she was telling me two things; The first was "I'm ok" and the other was "I'm still around; don't worry".

She was leaning on a crutch, which I don't really understand the symbolism of that, as she died of emphysema, but possibly she was "recovering" from something else (or that) when she contacted me. And I absolutely believe to this day that she contacted me, or we contacted each other. I don't recall ever dreaming about her prior to that, nor since.

Maybe some spirits think that when they pass away the only way to contact their loved ones is by telephone or something? Particularly if they are unaware that they have died and if the spirit plane they are in is very similar to Earths (such as the astral plane by all accounts) then there may be telephones around the place. Who really knows but it's all intriguing stuff.

Thanks for sharing, and in my opinion, don't be sad - our loved ones, even in "death", are always wanting to be near us, loving and supporting us, as they were when they were "alive".


Macknorton in Spookville
Hi Jeani

Thanks for sharing this experience.

Are you able to please add some information? What did this "man" look like that disappeared down the hallway? Height, clothes style, ethnicity, build? It would have been great if you and your son had compared notes; that would have verified what you both think you saw. (As a side note; that part reminds me of, what I think is the one of best scenes of 'The Sixth Sense" when the young chap is in the toilet and that woman silently glides past him down the hallway... I was truly chilled by that scene... But I digress...)
You could also then (if you were interested enough) to do some research on the house, past owners etc, which may uncover "who" you saw.

Interesting about the puppy; I've never heard reports of puppies appearing to sense spirits. Usually when mature dogs "see" the "bad" ones, they growl and bark, but puppies don't really growl much do they? (Any puppy lovers / experts out there?) Probably because they are too busy tearing around, barking at everything, chewing stuff they shouldn't be and generally just full of energy, and seem to be random balls of chaos and play.

It's usually the older dogs who have more of a set routine, and the owners who understand that dog's particular behavior / nuances, also would recognize when the animal is not acting as it normally would. For example, not going into the part of the house that it USUALLY goes into, or barking / growling in a way that it USUALLY wouldn't. A dog behaving differently is MUCH easier to recognize when we are very familiar with it's standard behavior patterns. My rambling point is; that to me, that puppies behavior, by itself, doesn't really suggest anything supernatural going on. I mean, if we based a cat's reluctance / refusal to go into a particular part of a house, or was meowing all the time, you's just think that was a cat being a cat... Or "could someone feed that bloody thing!"

The "strange symbols and figures" on Lee's bedroom walls. Are you able to please elaborate on what they looked like? I assume you would have had a good look at them if they were all over the walls, and you were potentially going to buy the house? You are intimating (I assume) that these symbols and patterns were some kind of devil-worship-type thing going on? And that therefore, the people who previously lived there were devil-worshippers? Therefore they were possibly responsible for the malevolent entity you and your son experienced? I'm just trying to join the dots here...

Following on from that, I've now bought, lived in and sold two houses and personally, in order to get the BEST price possible, I make sure the house is looking great. I'm surprised the previous owners didn't throw a lick of paint in there themselves to spruce up the room, and to allay any potential buyers thinking; "Oh oh Bob - it kind of looks like someone was praying to the Prince Of Darkness in THIS room...I'm not so sure about this house anymore..."

Maybe it's just me but if it WAS Satanic stuff all over blackened bedroom walls, then well done for them selling it AS IS, but shame on them for being so lazy, and potentially losing the sale. Ok, I'm rambling, I know... Please forgive my self-indulgent theorizing, but I've also just had a really GOOD coffee...

The "long fingernails". Were you 100% sure it was long fingernails, and that the sound was scraping on the door. It wasn't that puppy was it? I've had puppies before and they get into everything, ALL the time. They have claws and it may have been trying to get to those necklace thingies? Just a theory. I'm full of them. Have you noticed? Laugh

The "Grim Reaper" fog scene. That certainly is a frightening image; and not that unusual, as many seemingly sober people attest they have witnessed a "tall' dark, hooded figure in their bedroom" but to me, it's also bordering on a typical horror movie scene, honestly no offence intended; it's just what I'M seeing in my mind's eye. And in all my years and years of studying hauntings and spiritualism and poltergeists etc, I've never heard or read of that kind of "fog" in a room, that rolls away (cue cheap special effects where they reverse the billowing fog machine) with the downward disappearing specter, except for in some horror / supernatural movies. Maybe other people have?

I'm NOT suggesting some of this didn't happen Jeani, but there are aspects, as I hope you can honestly appreciate, that DO resemble your standard horror flick. And that does need to be at least acknowledged... And this is just MY opinion. What do I know, right?

It's a shame you and your son don't ever, (or also haven't ever?) talk (ed) about those experiences, because they are VERY rare and I'm sure you both would have needed to try and make sense of what you saw and experienced, and only the pair of you would be able to fully understand what you had both been through. It would be like your own little support group, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Your submission / experience really got my brain going, which really got my fingers going, and I LOVE writing.


L_Melb in Spookville
Thanks for your thoughts Argette, I don't want to be unfair and having had only one situation I can't explain, personally, it helps to have the view of others Happy
Argette in Spookville
L_Melb, I had the same feeling.

Plus, the age thing seems off.

Sorry, Jeani. I could be way off.
L_Melb in Seven Of Us
What do you really feel Mack? Kidding
I don't think you're alone in your wish!
Thank you, Randy. I had never thought of it that way. I know I'm more open to experiences than most people I know, but I never thought about how my own energy influenced anything - and it makes sense!

Thank you for that perspective!
Macknorton in Seven Of Us
Here's hoping Hommie will develop serious writers block in the coming days / weeks / months to spare us from any more of these appallingly badly executed pieces of paranormal cliche'-ridden and cheese-laden fiction.

Was that too strong...? Smile
lady-glow in Seven Of Us
thegreenmachine: any one can make their life to look exciting with a keyboard and a little imagination. Laugh
lady-glow in Seven Of Us
Melda: Thanks for the positive karma point, even if it is gone... What really matters to me is the fun we're having commenting on these stories... But I guess not every one is able to see the humor of some comments. Laugh

I consider this to be a warming up period for the flooding of dubious and over-the -top stories that we will be reading once school is over! Crying

Get ready!
The following links show some interesting examples of people meeting their doppelganger.




Yourstrulie: if you ever get to see your lookalike walking on the street, I hope you won't freak out expecting for something horrible to happen to you.

Thanks for sharing.
Hello Destinygirl

Let me give you a totally different thought.
Have you ever considered that since it only happened to you
That it was you giving off an energy that caused these things
To happen?
Perhaps the first encounter was mechanical but it scared you
Enough to feel a little frightened when going into the restroom
The next time. Thus that fear caused you own energy to make the
Next events occur.
In the cases of poltergeist the person from which the energy
Come from doesn't realize they are the cause.

Just a thought to consider

Thanks for sharing
pokemon_trainer in Staying Home Alone
Hello Lollipopspace,

I imagine that must have been frightening for you.

As people have already posted, you should always look for the most logical solution first before assuming the supernatural/paranormal are to blame. For example, if a door was to slam shut by itself, I would think of logical reasons why such as drafts, open windows, etc.

In your case with the painting, I would be thinking things along the line of; did the fixings break or move out of place?; is it possible that over time the painting had been gradually slipping from its fixings and then fallen suddenly?; could the cat have knocked it?; could your brother have knocked it?; had the panel on the back of the painting warped and loosened the fixings?

As for how it got back on the wall, I would think; did your father, mother or brother put it back on the wall and did you consider asking them if they did?

Then regarding your father's reaction to the cracked tile, it is very unusual behaviour to send you to your room without first asking you what happened, who did it, and without also punishing your brother. I guess either this could be a misremembrance of events, your father simply having atypical reactions to household incidents, or him just assuming it was you because something similar has happened in the past, maybe you've broken things before - but again to reiterate, this is unusual and to some extent discredits your story, but in NO WAY am I saying that it isn't true!

Lastly, about the figure you saw in the mirror - did you turn around the very moment you saw it? If so, you could have mistaken something in your room for a figure - it is easily done, I often see a what I hurriedly assume to be a figure in my mirrors, and then turn to think logically "what could it actually have been?" and notice things like jackets hanging on the back of doors, coats hung up, and shadows that do look vaguely like figures. Our minds are meant to jump to conclusions and react quickly to protect us (it's our primal instincts!), and paranoia doesn't help, so maybe this is what it was?

However if it was indeed a figure, then there are two options from there on - a spirit/entity, or a hallucination. I know it's difficult to tell the difference. I guess only you can make that judgement. However, perhaps consider seeing your GP and seeing if it could have been a hallucination? Alternatively, try and think back to the event; were you dehydrated, hungry, tired or anxious? Were you depressed or paranoid? Were you ill, hot, cold or on medication? These are all things that can cause hallucinations.

Best wishes,

rookdygin in Spookville
One other question...

"I hire movers to move everything out. The house sells in a few weeks. I won't even drive by it."

Did the house sell years ago OR do you mean it was on the market for years and is about to sell?


pokemon_trainer in The Tuck Shop Toilets
Hello Lollipopspace,

I think people are struggling to believe your story because of the strength of the paranormal activity you've described. When you are able to upload your video, I will make my personal judgement, but until then I deem it inappropriate for me to say "it's true" or "it's false" despite the fact that I have my doubts.

Also, at the end of the day, so long as YOU know that it's real and accurate, then no one else's opinions should matter.

Best wishes,

pokemon_trainer in The Djinn
Hello aisyah1987,

I'm intrigued by your story. I was wondering, was this a one off paranormal experience or have you seen other apparitions such as the Djinn or others?

I have to agree with the other comments and say that I believe it was sleep paralysis - I have had this before too and I couldn't open my eyes, however I sensed someone standing over me and could hear heavy, angry breathing. So I understand how terrifying it is. However, if it indeed was a Djinn then I would suggest trying to cleanse your room or speak to your uncle and ask him to heal or cleanse your soul (if you believe this would help).

Lastly, I look forwards to reading your future posts!

Best wishes,

Hello Cupcakes1,

I am amazed by the amount of paranormal activity you have experienced throughout your life. It must have been both terrifying and intriguing.

I've got to say, it seems as if the spirit has attached itself to you in particular within your family, as it began in your childhood. I'm not experienced nor knowledgeable in this field of expertise, however the poltergeist activity seems almost as if it is trying to get your attention or just cause havoc, not to hurt you - although the instance where you and your mother were pushed down the stairs when you were a child would indicate otherwise.

I was particularly astounded by the incident regarding the small pair of toy's boots. I would have found that ridiculously terrifying, I commend you on your calm and collected demeanour and way of dealing with it! Did you dispose of them the second time round or did you keep them? I would suggest trying to throw them away or destroy them if you still have them, or get them blessed in case they are attached to a spirit or entity.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Pokémon_trainer Love
Jetson - I read your extremely interesting experience before I joined YGS. At the time I obviously could not respond to it.

My daughter-in-law, her sister and parents experienced something very similar. They were on holiday and looking for a place to spend the night. In SA we can travel very long distances, particularly in those days, without a hotel or motel in sight.

They eventually found a small hotel, virtually in the middle of nowhere. By that time it was quite late, about nine at night. There was no electricity. They assumed that there had been an electrical breakdown for some or other reason. They were shown a room with two beds and left there with a lantern. The four of them had to share two beds. The room apparently was quite clean.

They got up early the next morning and headed to the next town, which apparently was close by, for breakfast and to fill up the car to continue with their journey. They mentioned this strange place to the owner of the cafeteria and he said he had never heard of it.

They found the experience so weird that they asked the owner of the garage about it as well. He had lived in the area all his life and he told them that no such place existed.

So yes, I totally believe your experience! Are these things strange or what? Scared

Regards, Melda
rookdygin in Spookville
Question...which area of Texas did this occur in?

I live in Central Texas and its a rare summer night indeed when I'd open the windows...Spring/Fall and even nice days in the Winter... But summer, Ah, NO. That must have been a beautiful night indeed.


Hello Argette, no worries at all. I'm sincerely greatful though to hear your comments.

As for my experience, I now wonder if what we experienced could have been a 'stored life memory' as Randy alluded to. In fact it was one thought my ex had expressed to me as we had always felt 'drawn' to each other despite our quite different backgrounds.

Another thought expressed here has me thinking could we have been in some way been hypnotized... Having been lulled into a 'sleep' or 'dream state' that we actually didn't wake from until morning.

It is all though something very hard to make sense of and perhaps never will have an answer for.
Elrond in Spookville
Really creepy, great story. I really enjoyed reading it. I don't get a made up vibe at all. The non-sensational aspect of the writing gives it an honest vibe in my opinion. Many have had the experience of the robed figure in the doorway. It's as common as the "Hat Man" shadow figure experiences.
Melda in Seven Of Us
thegreenmachine - Yes his life is indeed very exciting. If you had all those inexplicable experiences would you respond to questions and comments? Just answer that one question.

Regards, Melda
RCRuskin in Extra Roommate
Interesting series of events. I want to think this one over and reread it a couple of times, but one incident strikes me as most interesting: the air conditioning turning off. This seems the least likely to be a haunting since most thermostats will turn off the heat or AC when a target temperature is reached. I don't expect you'll remember what it was set to; it is just what I'm most skeptical of.

Thank you for sharing.
Tweed - Thanks. What Manafon said is pretty much what I thought but didn't want to make an A$$ of myself by commenting on it to the OP, in case I was wrong!

Regards, Melda
DestinyGirl, lol sorry for the yikes! But yeah, it seems a bit inappropriate for an unknown entity to be mucking about in a public restroom, or any restroom. There are encounters on here in bathrooms which indicate the ghost was not meaning to harm/scare anyone. But something about the details of your encounter made me think along the lines of teenage behaviour, or even a bratty child.
As for knowing you don't have your phone on you, ha! Good thought! But I'd guess that would depend on the ghost/s lurking around observing everyone. I don't think pranksters are that thorough somehow. Wink

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