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The witching hour is midnight, 3a.m. Isn't particularly supernatural
xengxue in My First Attack
I second on the kid story... I want to know more about it. Just filling in space because I needs to be at least 50 characters
since you said your from the Philippines in guessing your Asian pacific. I'm asain and in my culture that could be a deceased realative coming to pay you a visit and checking up on you. As for the shadow that's a bad thing. I would get someone to bless the house or move hopefully its not attach to a family member
Melodie, it's clear your fear of your room was justified and not planted in childhood imagination!

It may not have been malicious, could have been a playful spirit. Seeing as it interacted with a toy.
As Brenttan said the cats probably growled at an unknown presence, regardless of its intentions.

A lot of people here believe shadows are a bad sign. I'm open to shadows being all kinds of things, not always bad.
You did the right thing, as you felt scared, you have the right to feel comfortable in your own space. What they were and their intentions is anyone's guess.

Did you see what either looked like? Could it have been two separate beings you saw or maybe the same one?
Hi Mike,

Glad to hear you're on the right track now. You've clearly been through enough and you deserve happiness.
I read your story about a week ago and was reluctant to comment based on a gut reaction I had about your experience. I feared I'd make a bunch of assumptions and it wouldn't be very helpful. Something keeps nagging me about your story, every time I visit YGS, so I hope this will help you in some way.

Over ten years ago I developed 'panic disorder' which is where someone suffers chronic panic attacks. It more or less means you think you're dying for most of your waking hours. When you're actually perfectly healthy. It sucks. I was like this for 2 weeks straight, then semi functioning thereafter.
I was put onto Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This type of therapy re-wires your thinking. It's all about the way you talk to yourself - self talk, exposure work, breathing techniques. That kind of stuff.
I'd recommend CBT to anyone, even those who don't have anything wrong with them!

During my recovery from this anxiety disorder I learned of a symptom of panic attacks called 'depersonalization'. This is a deep sense of immanent horror accompanied by a perceived loss of control, racing thoughts, extreme fear and a lot of times a sense of 'possession' or being watched.
I'd experienced this many times before while taking drugs. But now I was sober, totally clean and was experiencing it again.
I was never a big drug taker nor was I a big drinker. It was a social thing for me. Even so I believe there are some people who should never touch certain substances because of the negative affects they will have on some individuals. I am one of those people who shouldn't touch mind altering anything.
It's no big loss either. I don't miss it. I'm not one of those 'don't make the same mistakes I made' kind of people. I actually don't have a problem with some recreational substances (within reason). But even so, they ain't for me, and it sounds like you're the same.

My experience with anxiety lead me to a deep belief that we all have within us the ability to feel, unlock, any emotion at will.
I think I can still (if I wanted to) give myself a panic attack and experience depersonalization. But I don't want to. I unlearned how to compulsively feel those horrible emotions. Without denying their existence and relevance.
However terrifying they are all emotion has a place and all emotion exists for a positive reason. All anxiety disorders are intertwined with our fight or flight response. Which all animals have to survive.
Now I apply this knowledge to ALL areas of my life. Not just the bad times.

I believe there is something supernatural about your experience. Knew a woman who channeled an ill willed spirit. From her I got the impression it's surprisingly easy to do. The woman was trying to contact a friend (a living one) via telepathic means and accidentally had something horrible come through! She wasn't going through any tough times when it happened either. But she didn't know about protecting and cleansing and the like.

There is a fine line between anxiety, depression etc and the supernatural. If you're already under stress it's so easy for bad spirits to seep in. You were clearly very vulnerable that night. But don't regret it either. The same part of you which laughed at it is probably the same part of you which chooses to embrace the positive presence your sensing.

Take care, look forward to your other stories!

EDIT: Oh my, I didn't realise how long this response got!
When you got up your hair was braided? I think if you went to bed with your hair any other way it would have gotten questioned.
brenttan in My First Shadow
Hostile spirit presences (in this case not so very hostile or aggressive but just perhaps disturbed by your loud music!) may have made the cats growl but they did you no harm. Or the cats may have just reacted to any presence that was unusual or not particularly loving or friendly. If demons they would have been more evil, virulent and disturbing to you. I have/am covered with the Lord's protection so I feel quite safe and confident. Looks like your faith and words in the Lord's name protected you. Hoping to read your next account soon. Thank you.
Must have been a friendly female ghost who obviously loved little girls. Sounds like it, and she did you no harm, and braiding a little girl's hair is an affectionate action that takes time... Would love to hear you other experiences and accounts. Thank you.
I definitely saw the door handle move, but it was several seconds before I opened the door, so I suppose my aunt could have had time to return to bed, but that seems rather unlikely since she seemed to be sound asleep.She's 95 years old btw. Thanks for the comments.
believer12 in Never Tempt Evil

Please believe in yourself and don't fear, nothing can harm you if you are strong.
You can always pray when you feel uneasy, visit a doctor who can understand what you have been going through.
Make some friends who are lively and positive, try to be happy all the time, find happiness in small things, don't give evil a chance to creep back into your life.
MikeArcAngel in Your Soul Is Mine
I'm not going to say your story is fake or legit. The apparition itself could and probably is very real. Even though points of your story send up red flags to me I still can relate because of a few of my own experiences. A short while ago I had a frightening encounter with a demon and I still am dealing with a few after effects. Just the fact that your husband claims to have seen it is enough proof at least to himself. Showing faith towards god can help tremendously during events like these as well as prevent them from happening in the first place. Once you have complete faith in god, nothing can break it. I bid you good day:)
Very interesting experiences. Did you actually see the bathroom door handle go down or just hear the sound of it? If you just heard the sound, that experience could be residual energy. I have experienced that phenomenon many times, and it is fascinating although usually pretty mundane stuff (like I would be in the basement at home and hear very distinctly the sound of the door opening, footsteps on the stairs and then the sound of the dryer door opening and closing, but no one was there). As for the 3 women, I suppose that could have been a dream, although I often wonder if all dreams aren't actually supernatural experiences (in that they come from outside our minds, rather than being wholly self-generated). As for the voice in your ear, that would terrify me and I commend you for being able to remain in the house. I think I would have got a hotel, but could likely have returned for breakfast or lunch the next day in the safety of daylight.
What part of Malaysia are you from? My husband is from Muar. I'm so glad you listened to the advice, wherever it came from.
Gayatrishiva in Lights And Sounds
Yes notjustme I too agree with your theory as I too felt exactly the same thing when I read where his aunty saw the shadow at the same time.
Gayatrishiva in Lights And Sounds
The circular light which you saw could be explained in meditation as I am yoga therapist and teach meditation. Usually for people who see spirits and sense or see paranormal stuffs have their third eye open and seeing lights and orbs are due to this and behind the head there is place which response to light which is cave of brahma where one can see lights and sparks by their eyes closed. You are like antenna for the whole galaxy and when we tune in we can see the unseen.
CanYouKeepASecret in Lady In The White Dress
HellenaLightfoot, I never did felt frightened by her. I only felt very surprised and feeling very confused on why she was there. I was only 6 years old at the time too, but my gramma (she past away before I was born) used to visit me all the time, too.
CanYouKeepASecret in Lady In The White Dress
ifihadyoux, thank you. I never did see her again. I moved away from that house when I was 7 years old about. The only emotion I had was being very confused on what was going on.
I experienced something similar when I was 17 years old. I was spending the night at my longtime neighbors house, like I'd done countless times before. But this time I awoke and saw two glowing figures, about 4 inches tall, playing on a dirt road in a picture. They glowed brightly and had no features. You could see their arms, legs, head, and they were kicking a can back and forth to each other. They froze when they saw me, then my neighbors two dogs started barking at them and they panicked and ran up the road in the picture.

I was shocked to discover the dogs could also see them! I've never seen anything like this before or since. I am now 55 years old and still remember it very clearly. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
So on a whim, I decided to google 'black demon white eyes' and I found this story. The reason being, sometime around 1984-85, I had a similar experience encountering such an entity which haunted me for a significant portion of my childhood. Of course, with time, the memory's impact has faded, so I guess you can say I've largely gotten over it.

Anyhow, I was about 4 years old at the time, and it was a typical Saturday morning. I suppose the vividness of the memory has helped me remember some of the surrounding details, such as what day it was, what Saturday morning cartoons I had been watching etc. I remember my mother returning from errands, and putting me to bed for my nap time. At some point, I awoke, to see a fully black, humanoid being, with pure white eyes, standing at the foot of my bed. Per memory, it had human like proportions. It didn't speak, and just gazed into me. All I remember is being paralyzed with fear.

I do not remember if I spoke to my parents about this right away. I did bring it up to my parents, friends, and other family at various points in my childhood, and in adulthood I've even told my wife this story. As you can imagine, everyone chalks it up to a dream. But the impact of the experience, and recollection of it as something that happened while awake will always be with me.

Up through my teens I dealt with a fear that I'd at some point encounter this being again. Hasn't happened yet, thankfully, and its been just over 30 years now.
That must have been scary. But as the others said I don't think he was there to harm you. Looking forward to hear more stories from you.
crookshanks in My First Attack
Kira, before you are sure that this experience was purely paranormal, please go see your doctor to see if it was a seizure or another medical condition. I'm epileptic and sometimes during a seizure (at least the parts I am able to remember of it), I always feel terrified and when I 'wake up' from the seizure, if it was a particularly bad one, my body feels extremely heavy and I always 'wake up' on my back if it is this kind of seizure and I'm unable to move because of the pressure for a few minutes.

Sorry but I had to say that just in case. However if it wasn't caused by a medical condition and was paranormal then tell the spirit that you don't like what it does to you and tell it to leave the cabin. I look forward to your other stories Smile
A few years ago I decided to renovate an old Victorian row house as a flip opportunity with some of my friends who were in the trades. One Saturday my friend showed up with his nephew who he had to 'watch' as his sister was busy. To occupy him we let him play in the enclosed backyard and we left the backdoor open so he could come in and check on us and we could check on him as we were doing our renovation work. At one point we were all ready to go and so we collected my friend's nephew and as we were putting his jacket on he started to say "look! LOOK?... Look at that face!"... Of course we looked but there was nothing there but not only could he see 'a face' but he could tell us in great detail how it looked and what it was doing. The face supposedly was 'smiling' at us which gave me and my friend the shivers but seemed to make the little boy laugh with excitement. So as your title suggests sometimes 'kids do say the scariest things'.
notjustme in Lights And Sounds
What I'm saying is some people claimed "I was laying in bed when I suddenly saw shadow go by the wall" - what if, WHAT IF! This was a family member who has just walked into the dream world? Not saying it's always them, could be other entities too, but I find that pretty cool to pick at.
notjustme in Lights And Sounds
This story opened something for me. And I'm very glad you shared it. The part where you said you saw your aunt sleeping and she saw a shadow person...BINGO!

There are countless amount of stories on here with shadow people and now we can add another theory. So what I'm thinking is, as we dream we are traveling with our souls.
There is no 100% scientific explanation for dreams, and this is what I like to believe. So as you were soul traveling, your aunt caught your soul shadow. This is amazing to me! You were not clear because you were not in full body form (or shell, as I like to call it) and your aunt was in between sleeps. Most people who have gone through sleep paralysis would agree that most of the time it happens when they are just about to fall asleep but not quite yet asleep, or most relaxed. Just wanted to share my thoughts... Again amazing! Learned something new Laugh
Welcome to YGS. Did you ever see her again? I would assume that since you lived across the street to the old church, there is more than likely a graveyard in close proximity. She could have been just as curious about you as you of her. Did you get any emotions or gut feelings from the encounter?
HellenaLightfoot in Lady In The White Dress
I find this story touching on multiple levels, but I think the most prominent is that she didn't seem to frighten you. I agree with Sam 222, do a little research. Check out the graveyard next to the church: if you are able to pinpoint the time-period of the clothes the woman was wearing, then you can narrow down your search of headstones. If you can approximate her age that should help too.

Really a sweet story and written prettily: you remember so much detail!
ifihadyoux in My First Attack
I too would like to know if you found anything out. Apparently cabins have a habit of being haunted or something paranormal or even just weird happening on the grounds, so I would investigate any legends you stories you do hear.
The only thing I would suggest is could you possibly have had a mini seizure?
Sorry about what you had to go through as a child, that must have been real hard on you. Glad you live in New England now, its such a beautiful place.
It's so weird How both of these experiences have to do with cats.
Well I have never heard of someone who passed away taking the form of an animal, but I Guess it could happen, why not? And yes, usually shadow creatures are always seen through peripheral vision and sometimes glimpses. And it's so weird how it changes shape, so I guess you could call it a shapeshifter. If you or your boyfriend see it again you should keep track of your encounters then post them, and maybe you and us readers can learn more about the cat.
Chin2Raval in Lights And Sounds
Hi Emi22, Welcome to YGS. Ok let's discuss the things you have benn passed through.

You said The dream that you saw you are staring at your aunty, and at the same time next day your aunty told you that she woke up by seeing a black figure. Sometimes, we are doing things in actually but we think its dream. Even I have been through it. Maybe your are actually sleep walking but it feels like dream. Maybe she showed you, and due to darkness she can't clearly see you. Believe me as I said, I have been through it.

Next thing is that your Pet refuse to enter the room but barks at it. And all those Orbs.

See if the orbs are there then there must be some energy is around.

Emi22, you need to perform a cleansing of your house. No matter it's true or not but see if you think something is weird, There is no problem to take a positive step. Have Faith in God. Believe in God. Everything is going to be alright.

God Bless You Dear!

Thank You.

Love and Regards.
krissy_moon in Vanishing Rings
I'm sure she'l return it if you ask for it nicely. Give it a shot! Like Femaelstrom said: noting ventured, nothing gained. And I too was thinking that if you do find the mother-hoard... **JACKPOT**! Laugh
krissy_moon in Sathyamangalam Forests
This story was posted long ago, but I can't help but comment. My grandfather was a police officer who has seen many strange things at ungodly hours while on duty. One such incident that has been told by him to his children, then passed on to his grandchildren and great grand children is the story of the floating "fireballs". During his time people used to use those handmade torches from wood and twigs to show the way during night. One day my granddad was walking home from work so early in the morning that it was still dark out with only the moonlight showing the way. At that point of time in Kerala, there were huge fields of paddy and wheat and neighbors were located miles away from each other. When he was crossing a paddy field, on man made interlinked mud bridges or "varambu" as we call it, he saw a couple of these fire balls, blazing with light, bobbing their way towards him on the same path. He thought it was people carrying these handmade torches. But as they got near, my granddad noticed that these fireballs were not attached to anything and they were just floating along. Surprising thing is he called out, "who's there?"and he heard a distinct male voice saying "move out of the path and don't look back". Now my grandfather is a brave man, had won several awards for bravery during his stint in the police force, but he was shaken up and so did as he was told and walked straight home.
My granddad was a man of great integrity so I know for a fact that he wouldn't fabricate what he saw and experienced that day. I think you saw something similar.
krissy_moon in My First Attack
Totally hooked at "...there's a kid latched onto me". **cliffhanger** Would like to hear more about your experiences!:)
Thank you all for reading. I don't whether she's a grandmother or just a kind old lady that somehow attached to me. But what I know is, she's a good spirit.
Sam222: I can be a bit slow on the uptake,haha. I think she must be pretty annoyed by me.
Thank you all for the positive comments! The movie I was talking about was "Deliver us from Evil" Awesome Movie BTW!
O.o that is fair creepy. And you regularly wake up to this things? Makes me glad I have both feet pretty much firmly planted to the ground. Would hate being woken up by spirits at 3am regardless of their intent...I'd probably be like 'get lost wee ghostie' XD Now the question is... Did you feel in your soul that he was evil? Or was it your typical fear reaction due to being confronted with the unknown in the middle of the night? After all just simple fear can make the most innocent of beings into the big bad wolf.
Tweed: I don't think it's attached to me as at age 11 I had had no pet cats and the only person close to me to die was my great grandma...

As to having traits of the cat... I guess I could seeing as how I love them... However I've always felt more Wolfish.

Femaelstrom: it would indeed be a miracle to have only positive placements in foster are which sadly was not my luck. It being an imp did cross my mind but for some reason I feel more as if it was connected to my boyfriend or me in life. Also I have thought of writing professionally:p however I get as far as the outline and then my mind goes blank. I have a notebook of fleshed out story ideas but I can't even get past the first paragraph writing them >.< Also how would one find a native shaman? Are they in the yellow pages?

RitaCMW: while I agree its attached to my boyfriend I do not think its an animal spirit. My boyfriend has only had fish, mice, hamsters, and a guinea pig his whole life. I don't think any of those would come back to check on him and if they did I don't honk they would choose a form of a cat or koala-like being.

I believe that once we cross over and become all spirit we can choose how those that are aware can perceive us. That is why I think that it is a human spirit checking up on my boyfriend... It just feels that way to me.
I'm so glad that you're all giving me great opinions it feels good to open up and have people support my experience and give me good information. Here's the link to the news article about the mine shaft -
Hi Vermontvampyre, I feel this is related to a haunting or a spirit guide. Maybe it was the spirit of an animal somehow connected to your boyfriend who was checking you out for future suitability. I don't mean predicting the future, but I believe spirits are outside of time as we know it.
notjustme in Just Curious

Did any of these guys look like the horn dude?
notjustme in Vanishing Rings
I would try just kindly tell her that you acknowledge her there and please kindly return the rings. Some spirits just wants to be acknowledged. The spirits don't sound harmful so whether a cleanse is needed, I'm not so sure. I believe we can co-exist with many entities out there as long as there is a mutual understanding.
I can imagine the fear you must have felt. Did you really feel that deep down the man was evil? If yes then he probably was. I believe in following your intuition as most times its right.
And you could try reading more on the mines, maybe there was some accident or something... Local old newspapers could shed more light and who knows you might come across more information.
As for the time 3am being witching hour, I think its really the negativity people give that hour that makes it "bad" also like you mentioned. Its when we are most relaxed and susceptible to experience the paranormal but one can't say these days lol. Wish you the best... Be safe
Hi MeltyCat. Wow this sucks.

I hope it's not a case of a living person doing this. Have you considered any possible ways a person could enter your house, as you said it was converted to a flat. Is there a way someone could gain entry from an adjoining wall/door or anything?

If it's a ghost my immediate reaction based on the details you give is that it's a woman who had suffered from dementia. Not a darn clue why a ghost would still suffer from this horrible affliction. But for the living dementia sufferers often feel they've lost something. For reasons way beyond me they often have an obsession with jewelry and/or bins. Unfortunately if this is the case the rings could be anywhere. I would definitely check up the street for them. If it's a case of mental illness in a ghost she might have left them near by. This is also common in dementia. Same with the giggling. Also check your bins she might have put them in or near them.

Definitely cleanse your home too. In the mean time get that partner of yours to keep his rings somewhere out of view!

Hope this stops soon. Take care.
Femaelstrom in Vanishing Rings
Sounds like Granny is a pincher! You might try speaking into the air when you sense she's nearby, and tell her that if she doesn't return ALL your property, you will call the law, and her reputation will be ruined... As well as she'll be punished. I mean, she may not realize she's, nothing ventured, nothing gained. (Don't mention WHAT property, because, who knows how much she's taken over the years... You may end-up with a whole PILE of stuff!)
I bet she didn't take the can opener, as she found out it wasn't silver, so she ditched it. What a conniver!
Hopefully, you'll at least get back what is YOURS, and then just tell her the EA Poe quote, "Nevermore!"
I haven't quite figured out how that works either Believer, I suppose you could just do a short summary as a story for the pictures to be put up
I think, perhaps, it was some sort of impish creature. Because you say it's only around when there is turmoil, it could be the cause. That you don't feel fear or apprehension doesn't mean it's intentions are not negative. It could be just looking for an offbeat form of 'entertainment'.
I would suggest speaking with a Native Shaman to see their opinion.
Your childhood was stressful. I know as I, too, was raised in foster care for around 10 years of my childhood. I wasn't in a facility, but I was shuttled from one home to another, so there's a lot of trauma associated with that.
We attract negativity as a result. No one can experience that kind of turmoil with much positivity, unless, by some miracle, every home you're transferred to is amazingly POSITIVE. Not likely. But you express yourself well in written format. I admire that! Perhaps you might consider writing professionally.
Either way,
Blessings and Good Wishes,
Samzzzy your so lucky to have had a shared experience with someone!
As the lady was dressed in a modern style I'd say she had nothing to do with the old history of the location. Perhaps she has a connection with it in more recent times. Or a connection to one of you.

The snake could have been someones abandoned pet. You know, some idiot thought they could care for a snake, the snake bit someone and they let it go in the park.
(No offense to exotic pet owners. I know a guy with a pet snake and another guy with a pet tarantula. But shame on those who neglect them. If you can't take care of it, surrender it to a care facility!) Disclaimer over and I digress.

The lady was probably there drawing attention to the snake to keep you two safe. The warm touch could have been her leading you away from the snake or maybe showing it to you. Either way she sounds like she was protecting you both. Smile
Wow, wish-not, if you don't already, you should keep a journal, you know just put the date and time, jot down a Few notes about the experiance, and when you type it you can add the details.
Just a Suggestion, if you don't already do that.
Gsnail, jeesh I'd be quaking if I woke up and saw him!
I agree with Lady Glow, that he wasn't there to harm you. I would have still been petrified though and telling myself it was a dream!

What struck me about the sink hole and the old mine is that this man may have been there to warn someone about it. But couldn't get through to them. (the neighbour perhaps) He maybe was able to sense you were sensitive to ghosts and went about enlisting your help. Saw the fright he caused and promptly cancelled his 'request'.

Inclined to believe he really was an old miner from back in the day. As for their spirits being trapped, it's just my opinion, but I find that a bit fanciful. But this is only my opinion, loads of people would probably disagree with me.

If he appeared to be leaning in toward you this could have been to whisper a message to you. Trying not to wake anyone up.

Great story, thanks for sharing it, would love to read the article too!
notjustme in Voices And Visions
Sorry, I should really say "no for me" but I don't know if other religions preach about spirit guides or not because I am not familiar with them. I guess you could say so, because a spirit guide could be anyone of a higher power (in my opinion).
Selkay, holy cow! If that was me I would have probably jumped out of my skin and ran, just ran until my legs were gone. I can't bear to think about what may have happened if you didn't listen, you know usually after someone doesn't listen for a third time bad things happen.
Thanks for sharing this experiance, that was quite a scare! Smile
notjustme in Voices And Visions
MsTruNorth - For me personally, I would say no. I am not a religious person myself but I do believe in a higher power. I just don't really question what it is. I simple believe if we are kind and compassionate towards one another, then I am doing my best. As for spirit guides, I started believing in it after reading Delores Cannon's books (I think) she is a hypnosis that does past life regressions and has published countless books based on that, and through that she does mention them too. As well as watching Spirit Science, and also my own experiences. So I would say there is no base to it Smile Also ever since being exposed to the idea of spirit guides, I did research on it and read people's experiences, and some people that I know personally has connected to their guides through meditation. Hope that answers your question.
Emi22, you described that room completely red in color did you mean it was painted red or it was red but wasn't supposed to be?, because if that is the case that's quite odd. And those lights you saw in the circular formation, could those be orbs? If they are I think that's unusual, I have read story's about orbs and seen photos but never several of them in one fformation. That' shadow you grandmother saw may be a shadow person/figure/being.
Hi Vermont, don't know about it being a relative. If it were happening to me I'd assume it was at least two different ghosts. Maybe I'm ignorant but shape shifting just wouldn't occur to me.
Can't imagine why someone would rearrange to koala bear-ish type form. Was there a significance to someone regarding this?
Seeing as you had experienced a cat meowing years before I would assume the cat, if it's the same one, was connected to you somehow. Or it's another cat. Or both cats were 'in the area' so to speak and you experienced their presence.
It's also possible your sensitive to animal spirits especially of cats. Perhaps you have strong cat traits within your own personality. That might sound nuts, but it might explain why your sensitive to them. Your boyfriend too.
[at] lady-glow
Hi and thanks I'm glad to find this site so I can share my experience.
Well, I researched about the park and it's really old, it's been there since 1870.

In 1881 the citizens of Timisoara raised a statue of the general Scudier that built the park, in sign of gratitude, and every year on the 25 of October, veterans and the military go and pay tribute to the monuments on Romanian Army day, even I was there several times with our high-school to pay tribute.

Well she was dressed in a shirt, shorts and flip-flops (or sandals), maybe she had nothing to do with the cemetary... I don't know.

No, the snake shouldn't have been there, I don't even think that lizards could be, only squirrels (maybe?) and birds. The park is right in the center of Timisoara

Ps:Tnx to google my english is great, haha
Sam222 in My First Attack
The thing about weight being on your chest kind of sounds like sleep paralysis, but it obviously wasn't that because you were clearly awake. I'm not sure what this was, I know that I wouldn't like that to happen to me. Refer to lady-glow's comment/questions, I think she could help you.
believer12 in My Interesting House
Hey Softus, I have some orb pics too coming near my dog and one very close to my father. They are very dense and don't look like a dust orb atall, and both of them are taken on different days and one during night and other at day.
I would would like to post them, but don't know how to do that without a story.
CanYouKeepASecret, try doing some research on your house and see if you can figure out anything about that lady. There must be some reason for her crying, I bet she is crying about something that happened when she was alive. If you can somehow figure out why, or if you find something that may hint to why she was crying, maybe you can help her move on so she doesn't have to lice her afterlife in gloom and sadness. Just a suggestion, thank you for sharing your experiance. Smile
Samzzzy: welcome to YGS.
I find your story fascinating, the fact that you and your friend saw the same girl gives validation to your experience, though I do not think her presence at the park has anything to do with it been previously a cemetery since you describe her apareance as the one of a 'modern' person. Perhaps she's the ghost of a woman who died there or in a nearby place. Have you checked the more recent history of the park?
I do not know about the snake, - are they common in that area?
Tthanks for sharing your experience and, bty, your Inglish is great.
lady-glow in Lights And Sounds
Emi22: welcome to YGS.
Given the age and the stressful situation you were going through, it is hard to tell if some or your experiences're just dreams, though I have to admit the part about your aunt seen a shadow by her bedside seems to be an out of body experience.
Anyway, I'm glad your experiences have made you open and accepting to the existence of a paranormal "world" within the world we live in.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.
Hey Spirit, that's an interesting take on it! Gives me some food for thought:)
Gsnail: welcome to YGS and YES, please share the link to the discovery of those mine shafts.
As for the ghost, I do not think he was evil though, obviously, seen him in the middle of the night would be a frightening experience.
For what you say I think you are sensitive to the paranormal... Is this a gift or a curse? - I do not know the answer but several of the members of this site share that kind of ability and will be more than glad to give some advice to you.

Thanks for sharing your story.
pamzino416 in Bedroom Horror
Thank you for all the response everyone. I always have a bible in my house since I grew up a catholic but now unfortunately I'm an athiest, which is not the best of choices. I'm all well now however, nothing happened since that night. I know what happened to my friend before in quiet a lot of detail. Ill post a story about my friends experience very soon. Thank you again everyone x
Hongriff, yeahmaybe the car was just a coincidence, and yeah you should come visit the united states, I have meat many people who come over here from other countries and they say they love it, you would to.
MikeArcAngel in My First Attack
Hello Kira, I can only imagine the fear you must have felt after being pushed down and held down by something you were not able to see. Don't ever let the unknown get the edge on you. Just think of this "Any fear can make you stronger if you know how to wield it" keep being as strong as you can.:)
Considering the spirit you were speaking of mostly appeared as a white apparition, with no darkness coming from it suggests it isn't harmful. Yet. But like you said you moved from that place a while ago. But the dark shadows can and will lead to scary situations. There are scientific explanations for the shadows but it can also mean something might be trying to influence you. I know this because I was seeing the same thing but got a little too carried away with finding out what it was.
If you are religious pray and bless the house. Also do not, do NOT, demand the thing casting he shadows to leave. This only angers them, it doesn't get rid of them. Black shadows are not a good sign. If you can get a priest to do a blessing on the house you are in.
I wish you good luck and god bless:)
MikeArcAngel in Never Tempt Evil
Thanks for your comment Spirit, and I'm doing a lot better now then I was then. I am currently drug free and hopefully by next year I will be alcohol free.:)
Ramencoat, Going by what you've described I get the sense the lady wasn't residual because she appeared to be aware of you and your family. Kinda looking in on you all.

It's interesting that she was witnessed only for a day or so and not since. This might mean she's not connected to the house. But if not I wonder what peaked her interest at that time.

Interesting story!
ghostlover8567 in Haunted By Fire Victim
The last ghost incident was like, wow. But also, I would be like "You love music?".
Well been off the grid for over ten days, whew that was a change. Was doing the Art Show. Turned out cold and frozen. We did pretty good under the conditions. Have lots of catching up on. Reading

Update on house here. Still active. Spent many day time hours home that I usually don't. Pretty cool stuff. Just random though. But fun obvious things.
MsTruNorth in Voices And Visions

Just curious here... What is the basis for the belief in spirit guides? Do they have a basis in any spiritual discipline or tradition?
Thank you Skeptical4menu for your comment. We ask the same question. Who could it be and what does she want? Harmless but disturbing at times. My sisters have their own stories about a "kid" in the house. Sometimes, they actually think that it could be ghost family living with them. I would like to share their stories but it's not mine. Thank you.
Thank you spiritwaiting for your comment. The house was built around 1984. We are the first owner of it. I couldn't remember anything scary when I was a small kid. But as I was growing up, our neighbors will tell some stories about dwarves and other scary stories happening in their houses too. So it could be the area where we live. Other than this I am not quite sure about the history of that area. Thank you.
Reading this, I was listening to the radio and Sarah Barellis was playing too.
spiritwaiting in Never Tempt Evil
Mike,I hope you are doing much better. Keep faith strong in your soul, and mind. From all of my experiences, my fascination and obsession with all paranormal came from childhood. You may need a cleansing from a priest just for extra protection. Knowing your limit, is a great start. Its hard to kick a habit, I know. Evil does have its way of entering your life, through simple means. Just stay positive and strong.
spiritwaiting in My Interesting House
Softus,wow! I agree with notjustme. It seems there may be more than one spirit in the home. Often I've heard where there's a young spirit (child),there's usually another older spirit (adult). Usually protecting or guiding the younger one. Maybe the young spirit, is enjoying the home at times, and the older spirit knows exactly how to get rid of you, as to not get to close. Just my thoughts:) Thanks so much for sharing.
Itoldyaiwastrouble in August Soul Mates
So sorry for your loss. Such a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Made me cry Love God Bless X Love
Ramencoat,it could be she is attached to the home, and is just passing through. Or it could very well be residual and your seeing replays of something that has happened in the house. By any chance, do you know when this house was built? It could have something to do with past events. Thanks for sharing your experience.
spiritwaiting in Coincidence? I Think Not
Thank you miracles;notjustme; and sds. He is a great spirit. I truly believe they take time out of their busy lives up there, to come and see us now and again. Thanks for reading

Sincerely Spiritwaiting
MsTruNorth in Get Up And Leave Now
So glad you left! Could this have been a grandmother on either your mother or father's side? Nice woman.:)
MsTruNorth in Paranormal Experience
I've never seen this passage of the Bible people are referring to. I know there is a warning in Ecclesiates not to speak to the dead (that would also go the other way, that disincarnate spirits are not to speak to us). I think what the verse means--that is mentioned by a couple of posters here--is that the dead whom we experience do not know they are dead ("they know not anything"). They have no memory of dying ("for the memory of them is forgotten"), even though they can no longer share in the activity of the living ("they will no longer have a share in all that is done under the sun").
That was scary! Good story! I wonder who that woman was and why you only saw her for a short time.
Happy Thank you for sharing! Enjoyed reading this. I am curious as WHAT movie the two of you were watching. Lol!
Beautiful! You lost his body but not his presence. You two must have been amazing with eachother for him to stay with you all this time. I wish you the best with your life. And thank you for commenting on my story as well. Smile
Thanks for that Val, very interesting.I'll need to dust off the old bible, but as Lady glow says, it was written a long time ago, and it's hard sometimes separating fact from fiction.
It's amazing sometimes that when I relate my story to friends and family, some think that you've lost it, but some then open up with their own experiences.
Moraskev in Voices And Visions
Hi "notjustme", thanks a lot for commenting and your feedback is great. Even I think that when I was sick I opened myself up to the other side.

Spirit guide huh? Interesting, I was considering it before. I was at school when I heard the whisper and I was about 18 years old.
Well at that time I would quarrel with my parents sometimes and I didn't do good in school, the people I hung out with at school had a bad influence on me as well. I smoked weed and stuff too so I guess maybe my guide wanted to help me.
lady-glow in My First Attack
Kira: welcome to YGS.
Do you know if there is a history of paranormal activity in that cabin?
Have you ever again suffered that kind of attack?
Have you talk to a doctor about it?
Would it be possible for you to have a medical condition that makes you prone to seizures?
Have any of your relatives experienced any activity in the cabin?

I ask all these questions because it is important to discard any medical condition before considering the paranormal.

Thanks for sharing your story with us
buttongrass in Broken Mirrors
Hi Thank you:) Mum doesn't live there anymore. I have a fair few stories from this house, which I'm looking to share in the future. Thanks for everyone's input and comments, it is really appreciated
I think you're referring to Ecclesiastes 9:5; "For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten." King James Bible. It makes more sense if read along with verses 4 and 6: "...4For whoever is joined with all the living, there is hope; surely a live dog is better than a dead lion. 5For the living know they will die; but the dead do not know anything, nor have they any longer a reward, for their memory is forgotten. 6Indeed their love, their hate and their zeal have already perished, and they will no longer have a share in all that is done under the sun."
In my opinion VermontVampyre, was pretty darn close to the actual meaning.
Skeptical4menu in Haunted By Fire Victim
Good story! It's simple and spooky. I think the little boy was acting up because he was trying to warn you that another fire would occur. Was the wiring in the building faulty?

[at] Sam222, there is a Jonestown, PA too.
Not every unexplained/paranormal entity is bad. This just goes to show there is some good both in our physical world and the spiritual.
I'm glad you chose to listen and leave. She sounds like a mother figure lol with the whole "scolding and almost slapping" know how mums can be.
notjustme - I am living in Hanoi. Are you in Canada right now (I saw in your story "The Dock, Be Water")? And which part of Canada do you live in?

Sam22 - Well I was wondering the same thing.
Also I really want to visit United States!
Thank you all for commenting!

MaybeADreamer - There is only one door and it was locked. However there are many windows in the walls so maybe your theory is right, then my experience is just a misunderstood situation.

Thank you Miracles51031 for saying that!
Thanks for these interesting and helpful comments! My Aunt as it turns out, has had some experiences, such as tapping on her bedroom door at night, so she always sleeps with her bedroom door open, so as not to be awakened by the tapping. Surprised
Alinvan: your experiences're unnerving though they do not seem malicious, - do you know if your aunt has experienced something similar?
I wouldn't worry too much about what the Bible says, after all it is written in it that bats are birds. Confused
It is not like I do not believe in it, but we have to keep in mind that it was written a long time ago when mankind was still ignorant and not open to the knowledge of more modern times.
Thanks for sharing.
valkricry in Never Tempt Evil
Glad to hear things are getting better for you. A statement you made in comments is very telling, " I'm actually kind of thankful that I had to go through with the experience otherwise I wouldn't have started making smarter choices." Perhaps that is the crux of why this is happening. On some level you knew you were making the wrong choices, but for some reason 'lacked' in doing right for yourself. You may or may not have invited 'something' into your life, either way it provided the 'jolt' you needed to start turning yourself around.
Your violent mood swings are a red flag to be sure, and should be checked by a medical doctor, before you inadvertently hurt someone in a fit of rage. These mood swings could be the result of a chemical imbalance in your brain, or even the frustration of things in your life having built up. Only a doctor could tell you for sure. An MD can weed out if there's a medical problem.
Sometimes, it's very difficult to decipher what is part of a child's imagination, and what is part of their reality that we, as adults are no longer privileged to see. I have to agree though, kids can say the scariest things. Thanks for sharing this, I really did enjoy it.
PagalLadka in Home Haunted Home
Sorry for lately participating
Dear Not Just Me. Two months ago when these incident started we bought and second hand refridgerator but now we have sold it and bought a new one still these incidents are taking place.
And thanks everyone for your time:)
Wow, thanks everyone for commenting. I'm really glad that I chose to leave that day. Couldn't be a resident spirit as the building was newly built and previously was a jungle. My spirit guide? To think that I have a grumpy spirit guide make me smile a little.
AlphasSpirit in Bedroom Horror
That was more than a Ghost that scares me a lot just hope that does not happen again
Hey Avenger, I came across this and thought maybe you could skim through it and see if any of these is what you saw that night.