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Thanks a lot jennilou:) really sweet of you:)

Elnor and rynne I don't know how I managed to miss seeing your comment- I guess I got too engrossed reading other stories... It's possible... I don't really know. May explain why it happens more among the less literate village people, though there have been stories among others as well. It is definitely a possibility... Not sure how to confirm it though.
Usually you make me cry... Today you gave me chills! Oh my god! So scary! I can't imagine how you dealt with that! Thanks to your granny and Kelly that you got up in time! Love your granny already:)) ) ) thanks for sharing this story... The links just totally validated everything, though as rook said- it really wasn't needed.
And totally second what sds said- even in india, we have to wash our feet and directly go take a bath once we come home after a funeral.
Once again lovely story:) take care!
Swimsinfire in Little Girl Lost
That is such an amazing story. Do you suppose he'd been following your mother around all the time, like we've read in other stories? Man that gives you a warm feeling.
elnoraemily, good point re. Spiritual views and mental illnesses.
Swimsinfire in Picton Tunnel
Fun story. The differences in stories is interesting because people interpret what they see according to their understanding. Sooo... Sounds real to me.
That was one of the best things I've read on here! Strong mesage too. Thank you for an awesome story.
Another good Spiritwaiting story. Yup Rook's always works for me too. Hope all goes better.
Swimsinfire in The Doll
What everybody said. I understand that what people believe on this site seems like a joke to people who don't believe this way, and everyone's entitled to that. Heck, we laugh at ourselves sometimes! Hey sometime we need to make a movie about a guy who trols around ghost conversations and meets a real ghost.
Jennilou - don't feel foolish. I would guess at least 80% of us on this site have done the same thing: believed a story to be true when it wasn't and given advice based on our personal lives, shared personal information and then found out the story was just that... A story.

The one thing that I can think of to come of sharing your experience is someone else could benefit from it. Always think of it that way. It could be someone who isn't even a member, who just reads the stories and feels like no one understands, that they have no one to talk to but one day they pop on site and there is your advice, or mine, or someone else's and it is exactly what they needed to read that day.

I do admit when people submit stories that are made up, or plagiarized and they get published and we don't realize it until too late it does tick me off but I have to remind myself of what I told you and then it makes me feel a little better Smile
Thanks for replying sheetal. It means a lot to me! Cool and awesome! Smile
[at] Khili, I've read both of your stories and I've found them both fascinating!

You are now on my favourites! Lol

Best wishes,

Jennilou Happy
Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I've posted on my story, but I can now update you.

The reason I was so upset about him dying (aside from the obvious) is because of how he died.

I can now tell you that he was murdered (stabbed to death). So his death was very sudden. I couldn't tell you this before as the trial for his murder was still on going.

I hope this answers any questions you may have.

Best wishes,

[at] lornadixon, I meant do a bit of research on your town/city. For example, the city near where I live predates the Romans. You could find out something that you never thought of. Or maybe even just give you an idea of what you're dealing with.

Best wishes

Jennilou Smile
[at] miracles, sorry didn't realise. I was wondering why he would refer to himself as a cutter, when the last thing you want is people making fun of you for doing it, let alone making comments like this about yourself.

I feel a bit foolish now tbh. Telling people I was a "cutter" when I was younger isn't something I generally do unless I think someone needs help. (I do this so people know I understand what it's like). The fact that this story could be false really upsets me!

Self harm is very private, and in most cases people are ashamed of it. They don't want others to know!

If this story is false he should be ashamed of himself!

Btw, sorry for the late reply, I've been rather busy.

Thanks for the heads up Miracles.

Best wishes

Jennilou87 in Picton Tunnel
Great story! I kind of know what you're talking about by being touched. I had a similar experience happen to me. I love ghost tours too. Not only do you get a feel for a place, but get a real history lesson about real people!

Do you think you will ever go on another one?

Best wishes Jennilou Smile
Notjustme - he's 3 now, so some of the things he says could just be an active imagination. But there are other things that he says that he shouldn't even know about. For instance, he's talked about a basement before. I'm in Texas, we don't have basements here! Anyone remember when Pee Wee was told he could find his bike in the basement of the Alamo? Lol 80's movie reference, but I had to throw it in;)
Oh my god snow queen, you made me cry like a baby! I can't even imagine how sad it must have been watching your best friends float away like that. I am extremely sorry for your loss. Really am... But I think it's beautiful that they come to visit you regularly, and that your family adopted her little brother so... It's lovely that you can smell and your boyfriend can see them! Beautiful account... Thank you so much for sharing:)
Notjustme - thank you for reading and commenting! Ren is a pretty cool name though!
Firstly let me say how awfully sweet it was of you geetha didi... To bunk a semester and live and work in, and experience such a bad time, for 4 months no less! It must have been emotionally and physically taxing. Hats off to you guys! Someday, aside from the paranormal, would love to hear the other things you experienced while there, and how they changed you. About the story, amazing as usual. You made the little girl very happy:) thanks for that! I think it's beautiful how all of you got that dream simultaneously. Her way of saying thank you and bye to you all:)
spiritwaiting in Little Girl Lost
Valkricry,All I can say is wow! This was an amazing story of a kindly old spirit helping out and to me sounds like he was sort of welcoming your family to town. I truly enjoyed this mystery.
[at] Wish-Not, lol yes I need a good cleansing, and the tune Lol I gotcha. You made me laugh. Thanks for that. Laugh
That's very interesting Trio! Maybe one day he will tell you more about that... Looking forward to hear more.
oh ok! Haha none the less, great account! And thanks for sharing it.
Hilarious! Those darn misbehaving punctuation marks!
"You will do as I say!" Hehe
Miracles51031 in Play Date With Grandpa
Trio - you did LOL I fight with that... And capital letter all the time. Even though I know better and know I'm going to lose that battle, I still try to make it do what I want Laugh
Thank you Miracles51031! That makes me feel better! I saw it there and I was sure I took it out! Lol
Miracles51031 in Play Date With Grandpa
Umm...okay. Apparently I am being taught a lesson. I shall leave this alone Shy
Miracles51031 in Play Date With Grandpa
Well, that just made me look stupid, didn't it? Let's try that again.

If you type your story in word and then copy/paste it in the submission's page, it puts these freaking " " before an apostrophe, without the quotation marks LOL
Miracles51031 in Play Date With Grandpa
Oh, and let's not forget this one. If you type your story in word and then copy/paste it in the submission's page, it puts these freaking before an apostrophe. Don't know whether or not you've noticed and wondered, but that's what has happened. Most of us mods have figured it out and delete them, but some of us haven't and sometimes they still get left in.
Miracles51031 in Play Date With Grandpa
Trio - I don't think that was your mistake. I think whatever software the site uses does this. I've noticed it before when editing. That and when you use... The first letter after the... Capitalizes LOL no matter what you do Laugh Talk about frustrating Laugh
Oh gosh! I can see how that would be confusing! I thought I had deleted that space between grandchild and (ren). It was meant to suggest grandchild and grandchildren but that space in there makes it seem like my daughter's name is Ren. I may have just made it more confusing... But hey, that's STILL a pretty big coincidence don't you think?:)
It's true that it can be a touchy subject, but I was not offended by any means! Your comment was interesting. As a matter of fact, my son has said things similar to what you mentioned. He also talks about when he was a "man" or when he was a "dad". Thank you guys for reading and commenting!
Khili180 in A Special Bond
Wow! I'm actually sitting here crying! Such a Wonderful story! What a lovely person you are geetha didi! To care so much for the two of them, then to go through all that crazy paper work, and to care for the little things... Just wow! And to think your family and you kept john at your home while he couldn't find one is so touching:)) ) )
I totally love the way you got that signal in church to contact Maria, and then inspite of the hurdles, managed to do it... I'm sure Patrick and and john and Maria will thank you eternally! Though I wish Maria had chosen to stand up earlier, I think it's extremely sweet of her to take john now! Glad to hear you're in touch with them! Another of your lovely stories that goes to my favourites! Thank you for sharing:) take care!
No problem. I have very little patience with comments that could hurt someone if they take it seriously. Some people are so scared when they find our site they'll try almost anything.
Thank you, BadJuuJuu:)

I was definitely worried about something thinking that was all based in reality when it comes to physical illness or even mental illness.


Thanks again:)
Elnora, I deleted that mess. Was afraid someone might take his advice and give themselves brain damage. It's actually the second time I've deleted it.
Bhara, tinnitis. Look into it. And if you post that again, I will delete it again.
This post is two years old and the author has not returned, so I should probably not be doing anything on here, but...


Did you just accuse people who don't follow the scriptures of being child molesters? Kabbalah is not a dark thing, at all. The people who work on Wall Street sold their soul to the devil?

I'm sorry, but can you try to be a bit more open minded here? There a lot of people on here with a lot of different faiths.

I just had to say something about all that.
notjustme - yes, it can be a touchy subject and there have been comments on here that have lead to heated...let's just say discussions (by me as well as others). But what you said shouldn't offend anyone. You voiced your opinion and it wasn't said to provoke an argument or hurt anyone. And you followed that by stating just that. Love
Elnora should start reading comments first! Haha.


Great minds think alike?
Thanks Miracles, because I haven't gone through that myself, I can't say I would know how someone might feel reading my post. It is after all a touchy subject, and I really wouldn't want to hurt anyone with it.
Spockie in The Last Visit
Why did he appear to you and not to your parents? Because sometimes children are more sensitive to the spiritual side of things than adults. Perhaps he could not get through to an adult.
notjustme - I feel pretty qualified to respond to your comment. Having had 5 miscarriages, I was not offended in the least by what you said Smile I actually read your comment three times to see if there was something I was missing Wink , but found nothing at all that upset me.
funny, I haven't been on for a while so I've missed lots of stories. Today when I logged on, your story was the first I clicked, and boy am I glad I did.
oh my goodness you continue to make me want to weep! Ren is the name I have decided to name my future daughter too! And the love you have for your father is exactly how I feel for mine. He is still alive, and I pray he will be when I have my little Ren too. I truly am sorry you lost your dad's physical form, but he's there! Oh you he is!:)

Can I ask where you got the name Ren from? Because I have no recollection of where I got it from, it just one day popped in my head "my daughter will be Ren!"

Love hearing from you, sending you love from Canada- notjustme
P.S. My heart goes out to those who has lost/miscarried any children. Please don't take what I said beneath to offense. I did not mean to offend anyone, if I have. It is just simply my own theory and stuff I've seen from the show.
MidnightPhantom - I'll have a go at your question!:)
From my own experiences and belief, I think all living things have a soul. Our bodies are just shells. So as we come into this world everything is "reset" so we learn from being a baby to old. I don't believe spirits so much as "grow" older, but more of they went back to the soul form, in spirit world. I hope this makes sense to some people. I believe in "soul form" we are "together" again. Therefore, I believe if we lost someone at a very young age, they are back to being a soul without a body, until they chose to reincarnate.

According to a show called "Ghost inside my child" based on real people and their stories about their child remembering their past lives, souls can choose WHEN to reincarnate. As one mother had miscarriage, then she had a child a while later, that child said he remembered the moment before he re-entered this Earth. He said something being afraid the first time so he didn't come yet. That's when the mother thought of her miscarriage. So, according to the show, children we have now could have been ones we miscarried.

All of the above information is based on my own opinions and a show, just thought I'd give my idea because I thought it was pretty interesting. Love Love
elnoraemily - I saw that on Fact or Faked. Thought it was very interesting. The part that bothered me was what you said, the environment was controlled. I don't think what they did disproved what the locals saw. I think there is room for doubt. But I did like that show.

Thanks for sharing that Smile

I lied.

It's in Argentina. It will also start back up when stopped.
There is a swing that does this in Mexico- it may be in South America, but I think it's in Mexico- when the wind is just right. It's at a public park. When the wind cuts around the park, it hits just one of the swings on the set and causes it to move on it's own. The experiment for it was interesting and I think the conditions may have been a bit too controlled, but they pulled off recreating it. My problem with the experiment was that they put the swingset inside of a tent and used a fan that channeled the air towards only one swing, when that does not match the conditions of the actual movement.

Apparently, though, a little boy had died at that park and the locals still believe it's him.

I wonder what those little kids were seeing.
You don't have to wish for anything different miracles... I'm sure you brought up both Jerrica and Dalton beautifully... And I'm sure they're great just the way they are! Don't worry she'll tell you when and if she feels there is something that she needs to:) always a pleasure reading your stories:) thank you! And take care:)
Wowww! Loved this story! Amazing how it all fits! Even the mark on the forhead! And the lady choosing a traditional method to leave! I find it sweet she waved at you! And once again, amazingggg description! I could actually picture everything! So lucky you got to witness something so marvellous! Loved this story! Definitely one of my favourites:)) ) take care!
Khili180 - this is one of my favorite experiences and every now and then I still go by, just to see if there is anything unusual. But that was the only time I witnessed anything that I would swear was a ghost Laugh

Thanks for reading and commenting Smile
Khili180 - it's amazing how my kids are so different but I think that probably has to do with the way I've raised them. I didn't know as much about this life when Jerrica was little as I do now. I wish I did, but I can't change that.

The cds, I think, were the beginning of the helpfulness. Or at least me noticing it.

And I think, even now, if I saw a face in a picture it'd freak me out LOL At the time Jerrica handled it great Smile Not so sure how she'd do now though Wink
Miracles51031 in I Need My Mommy 3
Khili180 - thanks for going back and reviving this experience. It really is one that touches me deeply. Every so often, when I'm updating my Journal, I'll go back and read this just because this little girl touched my heart Love

As for Jerrica... If she remembers anything, she's still keeping it to herself. It's over 15 years later and she still doesn't say anything about it if there is a memory. I don't press her about it. I figure if she remembers and wants to talk about it, she'll do it in her time.
babygoatpuller - I had to laugh when I got to the part where the footsteps entered your room. Not because it was funny. Good grief, no! But because it brought back a memory and I knew exactly how you felt. For whatever insane reason, it sparked that ridiculous emotion of you either laugh or cry. I chose laughter Laugh Wink

I can't remember whether or not you keep a journal, but if you don't I strongly encourage it. Thanks for sharing this with us. I hate saying I enjoy reading things like this, but I did Confused
I thought, when you have a pure mind and body (keeps protecting you) as your aura changed with your thought. As you mentioned you went for movie with girl friend may be this is the reason. I have same experience, My old company where I used to work at night there is a place where (sofa set) we used to sleep. But whoever try to sleep there experience the same incident. But that not happen to me, once night I thought I was not pure with body and I slept there and this happen to me also. When the entity came to me I heard his voice.
Khili180 in Little Girl Lost
Hehehe! Typical moms! Always so "politically correct" huh! I liked her reply though!
Woah so you HAVE had scary experiences as well! From your accounts and whatever I've understood so far, it always looked like you've had only pleasant ones! Hehe would love to hear about them too someday! Take care:)
Geetha didi I really loved both the stories... And I've read few more of your stories, all of which I love! "I managed to scare my doc" is already in my favs. Firstly let me tell you how amazing I think it is that even though you have lived outside india, first Sri Lanka and now Canada, you are so rooted in our culture. Reading your stories is always a pleasure because of the way you describe our culture in them! The cow worship, the family system, the fields, the big joint families, lord ganpati, the vibhuti and holy thread- absolutely everything... Nobody can describe it better than you. I know this story was put up much earlier but I'm new and I just saw it. Loved it. So sorry what your granny had to go through. And I guess I understand that feeling of knowing something bad will happen. I won't say I have those powers too but Atleast when it comes to my maternal grandad, I get some feeling. Each time he has fallen seriously ill, right since I was a kid, I knew something bad was going to happen. Even though I'm sitting in Mumbai and he's in delhi, a good 1500 Kms away... Anyway I must say you are really lucky to have such great women in your family and now you are one too:) about raja, well I know exactly how it feels... As I mentioned in my story, my uncle is like that. It's terrible that people treat them badly, but Atleast people like you and cosmogal exist who love and care for them. Cosmogal I loved loved loved your comment. That was extremely sweet of you and your husband.
Thank you again geetha didi, for a lovely story. And I'm going to be reading your other stories now, so please don't get annoyed by the late comments. I'm apologising in advance. Take care:)
dreamergal72 in The Doll
I am with elnoraemily and other posts Pentagrams are not like devil warship or evil they are a five signs and a symbols also. I have a few friends are pagan and wiccan they teach me some. I am baptist though, I am sure there spirits all over even some of us either can or can't see but I know its there. Okay few things like wash machines, phone etc you name it we all get problem which everyday (phone) lol and look at me I always lose stuff and empear (sorry for the spelling) when ever I clean up. My question what you doing here if you still don't believe in paranormal which made scratch my head lol. I loves dolls by the way and dolls don't bother me if its old.
anu_belieber in Staircase Doll
I never really liked dolls since when I was little because I always thought they were creepy... And now after reading your story I hate them even more!
Thanks god that she looking out for you and your daughter to safe you from same fate. I am glad you are safe. I am from Louisiana too.
Hello, Opdep6 I am so sorry for your loss, I too lost my father to heart attack in young age mid 40's while during high school. I know it's hard to lose a parent which it's not easy. My father does smoke and you could read is that my daddy smoking. Plus for right now my step dad have lung cancer which he did smoke and quit for good but not easy. By the way I live in Louisiana too. Smile
rookdygin in The Doll
Funny I should read this just after seeing an advertisement for a horror movie called Annabelle... Are we working our way up to a months worth of 'doll' STORIES...

Just wondering.


Wish-not - I have a few more, seems like they mostly center around the kids. I have always experienced things, maybe I'm more open to it than other people? People have told me before that the house isn't haunted, I am lol. My son has also shared things with me, but they aren't so warm and fuzzy and I'm not sure if I can word it delicately enough for others to read. Thanks for commenting!
Beautiful. Very true words. Perhaps that is why she was there to save you from the same fate she suffered.
valkricry in More Weird Stuff
bbydoll, I don't think I've ever heard of anything messing with sage before.
Perhaps your husband could molly-bolt the towel cabinet to the wall? That would keep it in its place. But the trash...hmmm. Are you sure some nocturnal animal isn't getting in and rooting around? I'm thinking on the order of a raccoon. Some can get really brazen. I know money is probably tight, but you should look around in hidden corners for evidence of such things - like droppings, chewed up paper, etc. IF you do find some, you might want to call in animal control to capture it. (I think they're free, but not 100% sure.)
Your feeling of frustration concerns me a bit. Is it coming FROM you, or do you think you are picking up someone else's feeling? Something you might try, (it's helped me) is when you lie down, tell yourself that tomorrow is going to be a good day. Negativity may flow around, over, or under you, but it can not touch you. The key is to BELIEVE it. I generally notice an improvement within 24 hours, but it might take you a bit longer. Just keep at it.
valkricry in Little Girl Lost
Quote of my mother, when I was old enough to ask her if SHE believed in ghosts: "I won't say they exist, but I won't say they don't - in case one is listening and decides to prove they do." When ever a door would mysteriously open, she'd say, "Kind spirits, welcome - the rest of you STAY OUT!"
To be honest, I do not remember a time when I was not aware of spirits, but prior to Jamie, making himself known to me, they are dim wisps of memory (maybe even childhood fantasy?) I prefer talking about the nice ones (and they DO outnumber the not so nice) but one day, maybe, I'll tell about the ones that scared me. Maybe.
valkricry in Little Girl Lost
Arwen, Thank you for reading and commenting.

Elnora, I know, I have to laugh to. It's very odd to question yourself about a 'memory' you have. (That's probably as clear as mud.) Like I said, I doubt I actually 'remember' any of it, except for having heard the tale so often down through the years. Do I really remember following that bunny, or did my mind fill it in, because that's what I had told my mom? I honestly don't know, and I'd rather say so than risk a lie.;)
valkricry in The Doll
Dear Digitalfilmghost13,
My sincere advise to you, is leave the supernatural alone. From your account, I do not believe you could handle any real occurrence of it. I'm sorry, but nothing you said falls into the category of 'strange' as in unexplainable, let alone 'scary'.
If you desire to make any film that is believable, even if it is pure fiction, you need to do research. For instance are you sure the 'rusted' brass 'pentagram' was not a pentacle? There is a difference. Not to mention that brass does not rust. It tarnishes, and can be polished clean again. Unattended to it develops a patina (color) of usually green, but it can be red - over decades.
If, your intent was for using this doll as a voodoo prop - there is just too much wrong there. Your description falls seriously short of what one would be. Button eyes...seriously?
I will not allow myself to start in on your 'curse'... Let me just say your short would never be taken seriously by anyone with even the smallest knowledge of the occult or paranormal.
elnoraemily in The Doll
I am going to break this down because I am obsessive and I nitpick.

Making up a spell from an old song is not a real spell. It's most likely not going to summon anything. Most rituals/spells are certain words, certain thoughts, a certain set up.

I think it's strange you point out that it is holding a pentagram. Pentagrams are just symbols- and they are not symbols of evil or anything foreboding. They are used in many religions as decorations- the Mormons use them often in their temples.

The washing machine was likely human error (no offensive). You may have missed a step and then got frustrated with it and kept missing said step. Or the coin may not have been accepted automatically and it took a second for the machine to realize that it had been paid.

The phone thing is fairly common. It is most likely a glitch with the company or the phone itself.

With the soap, your clothes could have caught on the bottle or you may have bumped the sink.

The wood piece and the scissors may have seemed weird, but things often turn up in weird places. Our minds just skip over things that we don't expect to be there- like when you are staring right at something and still can't find it. The brain is used to seeing things a certain way and sometimes won't automatically process that something is there, even if you are looking for it. It's literally a mental glitch.

If the doll did not seem menacing and just seemed like a doll, why the push to get rid of it?

"I have done a little experimenting as it seems to derive in part anyway from the energy of the export of certain digital film files from iMac, as crazy as that sounds it seems to be part of this series of events" - Can you explain what you mean by it deriving energy from exported files? And how you experimented with this?

I already pointed out the stopped but is not over contradiction.

I am not sure why you blamed it on the doll. If it kept happening after the doll was gone, why would the doll have any significance?
elnoraemily in The Doll
I noticed what Granny noticed, about how the events stopped but kept going. I would like an explanation of that. It does not seem to fit with the rest of the story.

In the author's defense, I am an atheist and do not necessarily "believe" in the paranormal, I am just open to the idea of it, especially with the father's experiences and my sister's as well. I just have never experienced it and I am a believe it when I see it sort of personality. I think that is what the author was attempting to say, that he is a skeptic and doesn't know what to think.
zzsgranny in The Doll
DFG13: Wait...What? You're a "realist" and don't believe in ghosts, etc., yet here you are. The strange happenings stopped but still continued.

And what did you do "as a joke"?
BadJuuJuu in The Doll
As Wish-Not has pointed out, your story seems contradictory, and yes, confusing.
My opinion, Mr. Aspiring Filmmaker, is that you're testing out B movie plots on us, and I find that insulting. And with that, I'm walking away from this rough draft before I say something genuinely rude.
Spritwaiting- Goodness that's a whole lot of extra stuff. Sounds like you need a good cleansing. There are plenty that folks on here use. I personally use Rooks. Has worked most times. LOL, I like to finish with a little song along the lines of "Gonna wash you guys right out the house, Gonna wash you guys..." well I'm guessing you know the tune. There's a little jingle that goes with that that is quite common.
Good luck!
Thank You all for your comments! (: And apologies for the late response...

Livinit2: Thank you (: We have used the board several time after, two times with my best friend, and the rest with my sister/s. We have always been very careful, taking necessary precautions (if there can be any bullet proof ones), and luckily, nothing bad has happened. I will post more of our Ouija-experiences in the future!

Swimsinfire: That is true, I believe. They can cause grief and terrible things, for what I have heard, if you treat it like a game and do not respect the spirit you are dealing with. We usually make a protective cirle around ourselves and the board nowdays, that should prevent negative energy entering through the board. We didn't thought of that at the time when this story's events happened, nor two of the times that followed; only after that, me and my sister (who are both pagans of sort) decided to start creating one. Plus we always say Goodbye before we take our hands of the board; that should seal it so no spirits can use it as a portal to physical world. And we never leave the pointer on the board; that can work as a portal too, or so they say. Better be safe than sorry, so we do not leave it on the board, nor take our hands of it before saying Goodbye (:

Groovieghoulie: That's a horrid experience! I can understand why you have decided never to use one again, and that is a wise decision! If you have any doubts or fear, you shouldn't use an Ouija-board, for the negative spirits can feed off of that frightened energy...

CharyWithThePoltergeists: Thank you for commenting (: The spirits, although some has been nastier, haven't done anything bad yet - thank goodness! And the name of the site we used back then is >> - if I remember correctly, that is the site we went through before using the board for the first time:>

WeScorchedTheSky: Thank you for your recommendation, I shall look that book up! (:
When we first went there they didn't state that there were any ghost. I could tell something was there, like I felt watched in many of the rooms. But get that feeling a lot so I didn't think much of it. It wasn't until the second time did I find out that what I was feeling wasn't just my imagination.
[at] Wish-not, First I want to say Thank you for reading and commenting.I've had a lot of smaller things happen and well as my sister. My sister has started seeing a smaller type shadow, walking and lurking inside of her kitchen. And just outside of her livingroom. As well has hearing her cabinets squeak open, when she goes to check they are all open about half an inch. Now my little experiences, are whispering in my ear, vibrations on the end of my bed, and what sounded like my backdoor closing by itself. And thanks again for reading:)
This happened to me quite a few years ago now and it still brings tears to my eyes. It is an amazing and humbling experience to know that your family looks out for you even if they never even dreamed you would be born.
Wish-Not in The Doll
Digitalfilmghost13- Well my take is confused.

The laundry machine and phone occurrences are pretty normal events. Happen everyday to many, many people. The other can have some normal explanation.

What I am confuse about is that you are giving all these occurrences to the procession of the doll. At first you stated that when you got rid of it, it all stopped. But then you said "Strange things continued"?

Lastly, you stated you are a realist and do not believe in the supernatural. So I'm a little confused. Hope you can fill in some points for me.
Beautiful story... Loved it! So glad you got out of that marriage... Thank you for the wonderful story. Take care:)
Wish-not - She only spoke to and appeared "life-like" in my dream state. It was only a silhouette or the blue glow when I was awake. I never saw a full bodied apparition or heard her speak when I was awake. I have also never had any dreams like this before or since then. I truly believe it was her job to take care of me before she could really move on.
Wish-Not in More Weird Stuff
bbydoll- I will echo Miracles thoughts and will add that your run of bad luck can cause tremendous stress levels that some entities use for fuel. Their level of activity will increase. I have personally seen it happen.

I know it is easier said than done but "Don't worry, be happy". Hopefully life will get better and the tough times will soon ease down.

Peace be with you and your family.
bbydoll in More Weird Stuff
i do focus on other things school, sports ect I was talking about stuff that should be on here, not every thing going on with me. But thank you for your advice.
This is a very sweet account with a very strong and sweet message.

Thank you for sharing.
Khili180 in Unwanted Requests
That's great curiosity:) congratulations on the progress! And all the best:) so happy for you:)
Oh my god! I swear to god I would've freaked out crazy by now! Especially at the floating beaten girl... I agree with madgurlee- you are extremely brave... And like BJJ said, please get your place cleansed. You seem to attract too many spirits. Thanks for the story:)
Spiritwaiting- WOW, that's some crazy stuff! I hate it when "things" follow me/us home. Fortunately for us they don't stay very long. Of course I do some cleansings every so often.

Did anything else happen with these visitors?
elnoraemily in Unwanted Requests
I am very happy to hear that!

Good luck with all of it. Hopefully, this will be something you are able to put behind you soon!
Wow! The cd thing was soooooo cool! It's nice you have such helpful beings all around you. And I agree, after seeing you strain hard at the CDs, making them stair like would've been a sure shot way to let you know it was there. Because it knew you had seen them carefully so would notice a change! Plus it helped you count! Awesome!
Shit seeing the person in the frame would've been sooooo scary! I would've screamed my lungs out! Hehe! Your daughter is brave! I wish she'd tell you more though! So good to hear it's not the same with dalton:)
Great story as always... Thank you:)
Nolasara- Thank you for sharing this personal story with us. Proud that you are out of that situation. It's amazing that you had that type of guidance.

One question, on the last visit was it in a dream again or while you were awake?

Thanks again for sharing and the encouragement for anyone else in who might be in the same situation to seek help. There are people who care and will help.
Trio- Bravo! Sigh, so nice to read a "feel good" story. What a feeling that must have been. So impressed with your darling daughter. I would imagine you only have more to come.
Thanks for sharing!
My word I think id go insane if all that happened to me! Lol brave. Goof luck with it all.
Curiosity13 in Unwanted Requests
I am happy to say that as of this morning I called the county clerks office and spoke to a Supervisor. I explained the whole situation. I advised them that I know that there was a Will placed on file because my sister saw and watched it being notarized and then saw the county seal copy of the Will. I have also been able to make contact with the Hospice organization that also required her to have a will on file and they are looking through their archives to see if they still have any of her records.

I had another dream last night and I did try to talk to them and tell them what I was doing. This morning the stuffed Raggedy Ann doll that she gave me was laying over on the shelf that she sits on.

I told my husband about what has been going on again and what I had written and he said he will support me in whatever I decide to do and we are planning a 2 week trip in the very near future to try and get this put to rest.

I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support.
Miracles51031 in More Weird Stuff
bbydoll - have you tried focusing more on your family and the non-paranormal side of your life? I don't mean completely shutting off the paranormal, but not giving attention to it. I know BadJuuJuu has given you this advice before on one of your other stories and I think this is excellent advice.

I have an almost 7 month old grandson. He and my daughter live with me. I've noticed since he has been born that I don't pay as much attention to the activity in my home. My housemates (ghosts) have to do something pretty bold in order to get my attention now because my grandson has pretty much all my attention Laugh

Keep a journal if you aren't already doing it. And maybe once every 6 months or so update us with what's going on. See if things die down a little if you aren't paying as close attention to your friends. And give your kids a break about it. If they notice something, they'll tell you.

Just my thoughts Smile
Ok, I woke up way too early and the coffee hasn't kicked in, so I hope I make sense.
Ghosts can sometimes follow the living but I don't believe that's what you're experiencing. The activity you've described differs so much from house to house that it just doesn't seem plausible that it's the same entity. My honest opinion is that you've had incredibly bad luck in houses. It's possible that there is some sensitivity to the paranormal as well.
Sensitivity can run in families, but kids tend to be more open to the paranormal than adults to begin with, and usually grow out of it. Basements can be creepy places, and with a kid's vivid imagination even more so. I would take the basement experiences with a grain of salt.
Since you do seem to move into active house after active house, it would probably be a good idea to learn a basic home cleansing and use it regularly. Sage smoke is my go to method, but look to your belief system first and see if there's anything there that resonates with you. If not, there are about a bajillion different ways to cleanse a home, and with a little research something will click for you. Nothing in your current house sounds malevolent, so be calm and take your time in looking into cleansings.
That's so cute! Though honestly I would've been a little scared! But you seem to have had so many experiences, I'm sure you wouldn't get scared at all:) and I love the way granny put it... It was more of a validation for the kids than for you. It's becomes so much more believable when an adult sees it too!
By the way I had a doubt. But I see darkness asked it already- that what if the kids also just saw the swing move, without any person on it. That would be scarier I believe. A kid sitting and swinging on it would just be "oh he got into our garden"... But seeing it move on it's own would be scarier. I thought that would be a better reason for their mouths and eyes to be wide open like that. But since you already answered this question for darkness, you don't need to... It's just what you felt, right... Anyway another great story miracles. Thank you:)) )
Aawwww I love this story! I know it's from way back but I'm new and I just read it... Totally loved it! Goes straight to my favourites:) thanks for the share... It is awfully sweet when thankfull patients show you their love... Feels wonderful:) love it!
chounojou in The Last Visit
Yeah, never really know why, but I guess that's true...

Your welcome:)
Arwen1957 in Little Girl Lost
Such a touching story it gave me chills. Another guardian in the right place at the right time
Khili180 in I Need My Mommy 3
Oh and by the way, even I feel Jerrica is hiding something for you... Waiting for when she'll be ready, like you said. Maybe she does remember something after all! I may be wrong...