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I favorited this, one because of the creep factor. The second reason, and the reason for posting my comment is how extraordinary I find this all. Please let me preface by saying I mean nothing malicious or offensive.

Initially when reading the story, I thought how strange and creepy and what an event this must have been for Airboy to remember this from 3 years old. Not that memories are unheard of at that age, but just all the detail he was able to remember of it. Again, creep factor in the details. Then to read the comments about how others have seen electrocution victims with yellow eyes, how the skin on the hands and head would be the first to go, etc... Lends even more creditbility to this account, for me. That's not to say the poster wasn't being truthful in his account. I don't mean that at all. Just that the level of detail is probably historically accurate with what a tight rope walker who fell victim to his stunt would look like, fascinates me. Also, I've always been fascinated by children being able to see things that adults cannot, which piqued my interest further still.

Thanks for sharing, Airboy!

Love and light,
PB n Jilly
Akclone - 30 minutes is nothing to a persistent animal.

Take a hypothetical situation. If you ran for protection to a tall tree and seated yourself right at the top in order to escape an animal which cannot climb a tree, it would quite happily sit under that tree for hours waiting for you to descend.

A ghost? No, I don't believe it would hang around for hours. I think even 30 minutes is stretching it. Anything is possible but I have never, ever had a paranormal experience which lasted for 30 minutes. However, I'm only speaking for myself.

Regards, Melda
MaybeADreamer in My Friend Bill
Hi GZ7

What a fabulous well written story. Its nice to think that Bill got to say his goodbyes even if you missed him.

Thanks for submitting for us all to read - I hope you get some closure on this now ๐Ÿ˜

Kind Regards
MaybeADreamer in I Think I Punched A Ghost
Hi Brady

Sounds like a very scary encounter for you. I can't offer any advice as I am not sure what the figures were. Possible SP/dream? It sounds very similar to one of my encounters (Shadow Abduction - on my profile). I believe they are curious entities (spirits or ETs?) who just like to mess with us when they think we are asleep. Unfortunately some of us wake and find it scary but they seem to disappear quick enough. Thanks for writing in, its nice to know i'm not the only one!

Kind Regards

๐Ÿ˜จ ๐Ÿ˜จ
Cateesha - I was intending to reply to Caylo as well but now that we have contact with you personally, I think it's better that I simply suggest this to you. I know I should have done so in my previous comment.

You don't have to carry out any cleansing rituals or blessings in your home on your own. Should you prefer to contact a priest (whichever denomination you prefer) or a psychic/medium (check those out first for authenticity) you won't be alone.

Now that your husband has admitted that he is hearing voices, perhaps the two of you can agree to try Rookdygin's cleansing ritual. As long as you believe in what you are doing, I don't believe there is anything to be afraid of.

Regards, Melda
Cateesha - Welcome to YGS.

Firstly, I'm very happy to hear that you made an appointment with your doctor.

I understand that some of the comments might be hugely confusing to you. I know that I am responsible for some of the confusion because of comments I made and the responses thereto. I apologise to you and Caylo for that. The point being made was that every person has the right to his/her belief systems.

Try to move on from those comments and concentrate on whatever pertains to your particular experiences.

I look forward to receiving a response from you, whenever you feel comfortable to share.

Regards, Melda
Anno_Domini in Girly Voices

I'm with lady-glow, as you mentioned also that your imagination started acting up. It's interesting that your "Kichkandi" in Nepal is very similar to the "pontianak" or "kuntilanak" in Southeast Asia (where I live).
hawkseye12002 in My Friend Bill
I was glued to the screen while reading this! It's beautifully written and made me feel like I was nearby, witnessing this as it happened.

I'm sorry for the loss of your best friend. Hopefully by sharing this account you'll find some peace.
Anno_Domini in Female Spirit Guardian
Hi allforlaughter thanks for posting your story.

In my opinion this is an entity that wants to make contact with you. I know there are those with differing opinions here but this is mine. Any form of "spiritual" entity seeks to distract you from the fulfilling life you can have otherwise. If you allow it to continue to pester you, there will come a time when you won't be able to be rid of it even if you wanted to. Best to reject its advances and seek help from a pastor or priest at your local church.

I know most churches do not mention the work of these spirits much, but their pastors would have some experience in dealing with them. Will be praying for you.
Thank you sis for posting this... I am honestly scared to do anything. I got off the phone with my dr today and I have an appointment tomorrow to see her. There are so many comments I don't even know where to start to be honest.
I just got of the phone with C and think I've successfully talked her into creating a profile on this site so she can answer question more accurately than I. Its just a matter of her actually getting on the site to do it. She's afraid to talk about it because she said she feels like she's going crazy. Her husband said he's been hearing voices. She's trying to get him to seek professional help but he is as stubborn if not more than an ass. She said she is going to go to the Dr about the "seizures". C said these fits are different from the ones she used to have because she is fully alert and aware of everything as they are occurring and when she used to have seizures she was only aware when started to happen but would blackout right after they started. She's also afraid to try any cleansing or blessings because she feels that by fully acknowledging it will feed into it and that she feels she isn't as experienced in this field to try on her own
Ahoy Lady,

Honestly, I never really thought about why nobody's ever donated any of those things to science. However, I can only guess and those guesses open up whole new avenues that'd give way to even more avenues to truths best left unseen lest I go mad from the revelations.

Folklore-wise, aswang are ghouls who would steal into a fresh grave and dig up the corpse to eat.

Now, if we go with hard science, shooting one dead and presenting it to a scientist to dissect might lead to messy, uncomfortable truths. That there are families and villages sometimes suspected of being aswang makes this even more uncomfortable... And goes right into conspiracy theory territory. How could a bunch of cannibals exist in this country without anyone finding out?

Going with pure mysticism, the aswang would revert to its "normal" skin when dead so the poor mortician would still be wondering why you shot up a perfectly healthy person. This, then, makes one wonder if the dude sitting in the nearby cubicle during the nightshift is one of them with a day job... Which leads one to wonder why people haven't been disappearing en masse during their days off, or why there're lots of homeless people still about.

Going with the even divide between the two... The physics just don't add up.

Personally, I think the myths and folklore in the Philippines are there to justify the unexplainable and to instill a necessary fear for the younger generations to survive. That's not to say that I don't believe in them (I read up on this stuff for a reason); but sometimes, when faced with the unknown, the only thing we can all rely on is faith that things will be alright in the end if we're willing to work on it.

That being said, death by having your liver ripped out by a ghoul is not a nice way to go, so I'm hoping the OP was spinning yarns and is in perfectly good health.

In a Lovecraft mood,
Jasnel24: wouldn't it be a better idea to donate a dead answag to science? Just imagine how much it could be learned from studying one of these mysterious shape-shifters or, at least, one half of one.๐Ÿ˜ฒ

Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything from the OP for over seven years... We can only hope that his weapons were stronger than the aswangs. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Hi seventeen... It was a nice story. I would agree on you on your experience with the " Aswang ". I'm from cebu but grew up in Leyte and both sides of my family are open to this. I would agree that these creatures can be wounded by just a regular bullet. There are even spells that can make them fall down to the ground. It's already been proven and tested by my uncle's. However, just a warning. Please do not attempt to challenge them. You don't know what they are capable of. You might kill one but they will hunt your whole family in return. So if you really wanted to kill one, make sure to burn them right away or throw them to cliff to make sure that they can't trace their kind...
Tangela01--What are referred to as doppelgรคngers (the paranormal variety) are apparitions of the living. Your husband seems to have unconsciously projected an apparition of himself to you. It's a wild phenomenon but there is nothing sinister about it and it isn't a harbinger of evil. There are many well documented cases of apparitions of the living.

You state in your account, "I can go on and on about theses spirit encounters but I'll keep this story short until the next one". Really the more detail you provide the better it is for those reading your account. Information and thoroughness are what help the YGS community ascertain exactly what you experienced and allows for suggestions based on every detail you can remember. The time to provide valuable information should start with the initial account.
Wow interesting one.
Seeing a doppelganger of someone sure is worrying, most of outsider legends (stories told by people other than the person experiencing), have stories that they were evil being of the actual person. Very little was actually experienced by the teller. Thanks for sharing!

HADDI in Girly Voices
Thank you Lady glow.

- It may have been two girls or maybe some people but it was alreay dark for children to play outside on a hilly slope. Dont you think! And I was really scared to look up:D
Anno_Domini, I will agree that the "smoke" was some mist from the fountain, yes, further more you could have said that the man slipped his steps and tripped over to the fountain too lol

Thanks for your comment!

roylynx in You Cheater!
Oh, Good observation senhora lady-glow!
I am guessing something more complicated had happened... But let's don't get too personal here lol

Las penas con pan, son buenas... Haha!

Miracles51031 in My Husband's Doppleganger
Tangela01 - I need to explain why I changed the title of your story. It was a little misleading because there is no indication in your story that the spirit you saw was Satan.
Miracles51031 in Ha-ha Very Funny, Josh
Ann4Shadow - I noticed in two of your comments you mentioned your son died December 21, 2017. I just wanted to bring that to your attention ๐Ÿ˜Š
I have to say, I am in agreement with the others here who have recommended seeing a doctor. This situation sounds medical to me - seizures or even small strokes. Since your mom seems to have the smudging well in hand, might as well cover all your bases. And, since stress and negativity will exacerbate problems both physical/emotional and paranormal, some time should perhaps be invested in strengthening your sister's marriage- couple's therapy or something along those lines.

I also completely agree with Melda regarding the proselytizing. I think the big difference is the lack of respect for the efficacy of other religions. Other commenters tend to suggest the OP handle the situation through their own belief system - hence the cleansing method most commonly recommended is religion-neutral.
Ivory you are right I have read the similar story but I have read it and SMS
Dear val,
This story means a great deal to me. I really love your writing anyway but this story touched my heart like no other. I lost my youngest son Dec. 21, 2017 from a heroin overdose. I did not know what to think would happen to him in death. I was devastated about it. His life had not been what I would have wished for him.
Since his passing I have felt him with me at many moments. I believe he has played some gentle pranks on me and I feel him when I am watching tv on the couch. (I have had many health issues so I'm on the couch a lot) He and I used to watch tv together and he would always make me laugh.
Still, I was not sure if any of that was real or if it was wishful thinking...
My younger brother goes to a spiritualist and right after Pat died my brother went to the spiritualist and "spoke" with Pat. Pat said many things but he also said he was free now and was with family.
Still skeptical... I went to a psychic. I was told Pat was on the couch with me when I was watching tv. He said Pat saw me release a balloon into the sky the night of his funeral. He also said Pat wanted me to have his green notebook. I had no idea how to find this because he was all over the place before he died. At last I told my brother in California this and he was like "I have his green notebook in my garage in a box of his things. I just saw it the other day".
My brother sent it to me but I have not had the courage to read it yet.
Anyway, your story and the gentle way your son interacted with you really touched my heart. Thank you Val.
Be Well

Daniel266jz in The Next Door Neighbor
[at] unexplained Yes we would always talk about since then but we slowly faded away at the thought of it as we got older. I guess it was just such a crazy experience we decided to forget it. Yet I know we both think about it constantly.
Allforlaughter, that's an interesting story. I have no idea what it is. Have you ruled out you subconscious influencing your mental interpretation of events?
It was very likely an animal. There is no data to indicate otherwise, and this is a common experience with animals.
Caylo28, your sister sounds like she is experiencing seizures again. It doesn't matter that she hasn't had one in years and is not on meds anymore. They can start up again due to many triggers, including stress, hormones, etc. They can also bring about feelings of dread, deja vu, sorrow, etc.

She should first focus on making sure she is healthy by talking to a Dr. Her life and health is most important. Ignoring this possibility could just be denial which could lead to unnecessary unhappiness.
Guys there are some things which I want to clarify with you regarding this experience...
A.beside the scratching... There was no anyother sound... No wing flapping... No growling... No meowing... No barking or hissing... And who ever it was... It did scratching for 30 mins... I m not animal expert here... But if animals can go to that level stealth mode let me know...
B. I m sure that scratching was on the backdoor... Not in the back yard... And my gallery is protected with iron nets... No big animal can cross it... And the intensity of scratching was felt like it was big animal
Hi The_Banker,did the knocking sound like it was being made by striking the structure of the building or an object in your attic?
Rynne...thank you for commenting...
It was longer break... Reading vacation time...
And that night fear got best of me...
Tweed Great account, I was drawn to this story as the Black Swan is our state animal in Western Australia, funny I thought they were only ever seen here, can resonate with being a bit apprehensive by them. I remember being chased by them a few times when I was younger, trying to feed them but getting to close to their young ones haha.
So great to be able to have a connection with animals like that, I myself have been drawn to a big family of Magpies that come to our yard everyday presently.

Thanks for sharing

Hi DankD,

I have experienced knocking on the attic just above my room. Three knocks and then it sounds like a coin is tossed. It happened every other day for 2 whole weeks. It was around afternoon. I have not gotten any explanation yet
lady-glow in You Cheater!
So, B's boyfriend learned about his ex's suicide and went straight to the restaurant to have a snack?!๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Well... At least he had the good sense to cry!

As we say in Mexico, "Las penas con pan, son buenas" (grief with food is not so bad).
Caylo: I'm not a moderator and it is not my intention to be critical of your writing style but, personally, I think it would be a good idea if you could take some time adding as much information as possible to your stories before submitting them.

It is hard to follow what is going on when you provide new important details in every comment instead of mention them from the beginning... I don't know if you realize how confusing this can be, not to mention misguiding, since it makes it look like you are improvising information according to the questions asked by the readers.๐Ÿ˜ก

Why didn't you mention the cousin playing with the OB before? If the entity moved out of the neighbor's place to your sister's, how can you and/or your grandma explain the attacks to your sister if, according to the first part of your story:

"NL lady tells me she knows and that things have been going on in her house such as doors opening and closing when she's the only one home, noises, negativity that affects everyone in the home ect."

So far the only thing in common seems to be the negativity between your sister and her husband.
Do you know how long ago did the cousin drop the egg in the neighbors house? Did the activity began immediately after that incident? Were any of the neighbors having "...realistic dreams that I can't wake up from and it triggers my worst fears and feeds off of my fear and mainly stress..."๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Do you mean the 'negativity' wasn't just following the cousin but was attached/inside her? Did she ever mention what came through the OB and/or any other of the people taking part of the session was affected too? How long did the activity last for from the moment the negativity escaped from the egg (hatched?) to the day they got rid of it?

I hope you are able to answer my questions.
lady-glow in Girly Voices
Welcome to YGS.

HADDI: in my opinion, the only way to know if the two girls talking were real living people or ghosts, would have been to look at them at that moment. They could have been two little girls playing to eat a mud cake or something else. ๐Ÿ˜œ

It seems to me that your imagination got the best of you!
Caylo, thanks for clearing that up for me.๐Ÿ˜Š I thought it was a typo.
Hi Mainlander. Very interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences! The description of the phenomena you saw reminds me of what this person, along with witnesses as well, reported seeing about thirty years ago in Ontario [click on link provided]. It's a similar kind of thing. Http:// Her description begins at around 00:2:15 and is from the website. I've read and heard other people describe similar experiences to yours as well over the years. It's actually more common than you think! So, you're not alone in that.
Valkricry I realized after I submitted the story but I thought maybe I had put the right date but I did in fact mean 08/06
Lady-glow the neighbors only have an idea on where the spirit came from. According to the neighbor her cousin had been playing with the Ouija board with some people. It didn't go very well and the cousin got scared, broke the circle and left before goodbye could be said. The cousin started having "strange things" happening even as she was traveling to TN to visit our neighbor. She took an egg uncooked and in the shell and was rubbing it on herself (this is supposed to pull any negative energy and pull it into the egg. Then you dispose if the egg outside of the home and off the property) She
Accidentally dropped the egg in the kitchen. Therefore releasing whatever into the home.
Melda my sister hasn't been on anti-seizure med in years since she hasn't had any her doctor took her off of them. My Grandma lives in Denver but my mom assisted with the smudging. I'm going to ask my mom tomorrow if my sister even mentioned rooks method because my mom would do it regardless of how my brother in law feels.
Lady-glow my grandma did not know the correct spelling either. My grandmother grew up on a reservation and is well versed in spirits and lore. After the smudging C hasn't been physically attacked but there is still activity in the home.
Anno_Domini in A Ghostly A$$ Kicker
Hi roylynx, I'm just glad that the both of you are safe. Perhaps it would be a good idea to park in an area with more human traffic next time?

Just want to weigh in, as you mentioned there's no story you could find and there's no urban legend that you've heard of (being a resident of that area), so maybe your co-worker was just having you on. Also, it is very common for fountains (can't say the particular one that you were at for sure) to have mists when the moving water strikes the pool below, so the "cloud of smoke" might just be the wind blowing the mist.
Forgive me, but I just realized your story was received on 2017-08-11, but within it you state: "She hasn't done it yet as all of this happened last night (10/06)." Unless I've missed something, we're in August the 8th month, with 10 being October. Just a bit confused on that. When did this happen again?
This is in reference to the window in my previous post on June 20th. For the last couple months I've been hearing a light tap on this window when I lie down to go to sleep. At first I figured it was just the house settling, but then I realized that the tapping always corresponded to the start of the paranormal activity. It sounds like someone lightly tapping once on the glass with a fingernail. When I wake up and start moving around, the ghost (s) will leave me, and I'll hearing the tapping on the window again. It's almost like the ghosts "hang out" in this window while I'm awake. I really don't know what to make of it.

This morning I drifted off to sleep, and my regular ghost was already with me. I woke up but only mentally. My body was paralyzed. My third eye vision was working very well, and I looked around the room. I heard a tap from the window, and right then one of the tall shadow ghosts walks right out of the window as if it was a door. It was about seven feet tall, and it walked right over to me and loomed over me. I was so scared! It then lifted into the air and lunged at me over and over. I didn't feel a thing though. My usual ghost was maybe somehow shielding me from it. I was able to go back to sleep without further any further incidents.

I just want to post this while it's fresh in my mind.
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
babygoatpuller - there are so many things that I try not to see or hear about and the details of Paul's death is one of the biggest. I guess I was so worried about how he died, that maybe it influenced my emotions about his death ๐Ÿ˜• The relief he gave me by letting me know he was okay and he was happy is almost therapeutic. I can watch his movies now and enjoy them without breaking down into tears just thinking about them. He did something so wonderful for me โค

I'm glad you felt that with your mom, thank you โค
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
sherm784 - you are welcome and thank you for sharing yours. I may not ever have shared this if it hadn't been for reading your experience.

I also think it is very interesting that he appeared to me, a woman who felt a connection to him but never met him.

As a side note, I can't watch Eight Below. I made it through that movie once, and as much as I loved it, I will never be able to watch it again. That movie was so freaking sad ๐Ÿ˜ญ

It's amazing how many people love the FF movies! ๐Ÿ˜
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
Spiritual_Paganist - thank you for your comments ๐Ÿ˜Š Because I know there are so many of Paul's fans that are heartbroken over his death, I posted my dream on Facebook, hoping I could help someone else. I don't know if I did or not, but I wanted others to know what Paul told me and how that message made me feel.

Funny thing is I never dreamed about him before this, so I agree with you that it wasn't due to my obsession (sounds almost stalkerish) ๐Ÿ˜†
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
PBandJilly - I love your profile name ๐Ÿ˜† Yes, you explained it very well, thank you! And I am glad you experienced it with both grandfathers โค I've only once before felt something similar, but it didn't compare to the peace I was given. But that peace was meant for someone else, and this time was for me โค
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
Zaruje - I could accept your explanation if Paul's visit had happened the year after his death, or even two years. But it was three years and at this point, although I was still grieving, it wasn't consuming me every day.

And I do believe he is in a better place. His aura was bright white, almost like he was glowing. I don't see auras in real life (wish I could) but Paul's was unmistakable.

Thank you to the little bit of knowledge I have of auras, and with the help of Google to make sure I was right, white auras mean: "Reflects other energy. A pure state of light. Often represents a new, not yet designated energy in the aura.Spiritual, etheric and non-physical qualities, transcendent, higher dimensions. Purity and truth; angelic qualities... These colors are important and are a good sign."
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
Melda - yes I do believe in reincarnation (story for another site LOL), much to my family's dismay ๐Ÿ˜‰

I like your thought that maybe we knew each other in a different lifetime. It could explain why my heart hurt like it did. Thank you for that โค

And don't worry about the comment to Sherm on here. I don't mind at all ๐Ÿ˜Š
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
ladycastlemaine - thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š I needed the peace he gave me. I know to a lot of people my reaction to his death is ridiculous considering I didn't personally know him but it's something I cannot explain. But I do like your in tune and beacon explanation.

Please, if you haven't, submit your story. I would love to read it โค
Miracles51031 in I'm Sorry I Died
Finally catching up:

Val - I like signs too. Big blaring ones with flashing lights ๐Ÿ’ฅ Your brother sounds so much like some of my family LOL Ghost could walk right up and smack 'em in the face and they'd say it was a bug ๐Ÿ˜† It's really a shame, though, that your brother missed out on something so wonderful โค
Miracles - Sorry, the comment I made to Sherm was actually meant to go to her story.

A bit of confusion there, I've been following the comments on your submission and hers. Damn, I was of the opinion that at my age my mind was more agile than my body - now I'm left wondering...

Regards, Melda
Sherm - I got a bit confused between your and Miracles' submissions. The comment I posted on hers was actually supposed to be posted here ๐Ÿ™„

With all the comments about celebrities I've been reading the comments on both your submissions, so forgive me for posting on her thread when it was actually meant to be on yours. Have a peep there and you'll see what I had to say - not that it's terribly important but, whatever...

Regards, Melda
babygoatpuller in I'm Sorry I Died

I know that feeling of peace and happiness well. I had it with the dream about my mom. It gives you such a feeling of absolute conviction about knowing that they are alright and dispels any doubts about their well being.

Paul Walker not only let you know that he was sorry that he died, but imparted to you that he was also in a good place.

It's something that you carry with you always and makes you happy thinking about it. ๐Ÿ˜Š
WOW, a down vote on a positive comment to the OP? I should have stayed off of this site today ๐Ÿ˜†

Sorry Anno, I reckon it must have come from you because I didn't say anything inappropriate to the OP. That will "learn" me to stop doling out unwanted advice and sympathy to people who don't want it.

By the way, Anno_Domini, you didn't get any down votes from me ๐Ÿ˜Š

Nevertheless, I'm working on assumptions. No hard feelings.

Regards, Melda
Oh wow, comments already? LOL
Thank you all for reading this story! Let's pray for the entity and let it rest in peace.

Melda, Well haha, we placed some white roses on the edge of the fountain, whether or not if there was a boy sacrificed for his bravery, we did that to thank for whatever the entity was for helping us. No, worries that man is in his worst situation.

Lady-glow, Indeed! That man is in prison now, we knew from the neighbor that he had been stealing drinks from a shop nearby, the shopkeeper (whom was an old man) called the police, and so there were street police nearby right after the man fell into the fountain. I am guessing, the police would still be wondering for the drink thief until today if he did not fall into the fountain "coincidently", that's how disappointing the situation could be. Really, the Police need to straighten up a bit!

Argette, Thanks for your comment! Sure, anything can happen.

Love from Sรฃo Paulo
Jazolinlea in That Voice
So just a thought. You said "My ex was angry with me (as he always was) " I am wondering if some how in his sleep he was projecting his anger somehow? Was the third time while he was sleeping as well? Just a thought not really an answer.
Anno_Domini - I have no double standards and I don't believe you have either.

Quite honestly I personally don't mind what you want to post. The difference is I don't state with absolute authority that the Christian religion is the only route to follow. Don't tell me that you don't do that because we both know you do.

I felt bad for you about all the negative votes you were getting but okay, not another word from me on that subject.

Perhaps read the guidelines sometime.

Regards, Melda
zzsgranny- I left a message with the admin that posted story. I've been off the grid over the weekend. I'll have to check and see. I'm hoping they see the error. Or, I actually believe I will remove myself from that group. Wrong is wrong.
Sherm - Well there you have a very broad spectrum of opinions, taking your experience and Miracles's experience into account.

I totally believe that what you experienced actually happened. Was it Chester? I don't know. What you experienced and what she experienced is very different. Hers was a dream, yours was a voice.

I'm inclined to stick with my original opinion. However, you are the one who experienced it, so go with your gut feeling.

Regards, Melda
Melda, with respect, you are being overly sensitive to what I post. I make it clear that that is my opinion, just as you regularly advocate cleansings, I am not asking anyone to convert. Why is it you can offer your advice and I can't? Is it because yours is better? It sure smacks of double standards -- others are free to do what you are asking me not to do.

Rookdygin... Thank you for the respect & up vote. I, as with everyone else, have only good intentions to try and offer some help or a solution.
sherm784 in I'm Sorry I Died
What's interesting is that you never had any connection to Paul in life, just one of the millions of us who love those movies.
sherm784 in I'm Sorry I Died
Thanks very much for sharing. It means a lot to know that my stories can encourage others to share. So much I want to learn from you guys!
Caylo28: According to your previous story, the neighbors were able to get rid of whatever it was in their house and now this entity is at your sister's house. Wouldn't it make sense to ask the neighbors what they did? I'm sure they will understand and wouldn't judge her.

...and the neighbors, too, would be able to tell the entity's name and nature.๐Ÿ˜

If, like it's been assumed by the previous posters, you are talking about Santeria, I'm afraid your grandma got the wrong concept, since no religion would attack anyone!๐Ÿ˜
Well, since looking it up by spelling produced no results when others tried it, I took a different approach and tried looking through lists of demons for phonemes that approach this pronunciation.

I got nothing.

In addition to the advice already offered, I can only offer this, and it is based on my personal experience from what seemed like an attempt at possession: visualize Christ's cross as vividly as you can, focus on it.

Please note: while I am Christian, I understand there are folks who are not. I can only give advice on my experience.
sherm784 in My Friend Bill
THANK YOU for sharing. This is a wonderfully written, poignant story and I'd love to hear more about your adventures as a serviceman.

Keep writing! Scot
Rook - For the first time, ever, I am going to disagree with you. Being the respected member that you are (including my huge respect for you) I don't care how many downers I get on this.

Firstly, let me make it very clear that I did not give Anno_Domini a down-vote on his comment.

The impression that I get is that when he quotes scripture and verse it is not only an opinion intended for the OP but, taking a number of Anno_Domini's responses in the past into account, in general, it impacts on all readers as a message that what he is trying to get across is THIS IS HOW IT IS. I can add more to that subject but will refrain from doing so as I don't want to make too big an issue of it and it won't help the OP in any way.

I am a believer in ego. Ego is not always arrogance. "I" is very important in every person's life and we all have the right to live according to our belief system. If you don't believe in your own ideals you might as well not exist.

Anno is entitled to an opinion, as are the rest of us, but the purpose of this site is not to guide souls to our preferred destiny. Having said that, I too am Christian.

I was compelled to reply to your comment Rook, although it may not be well received.

Regards, Melda
HADDI in Death Parade
In the Nepalese culture it's called "RAKHE BHOOT".
People used to see them in Graveyards, fields, hill slopes,etc. According to scientific reasons -it cannot travel distances.
But I've know people who saw it come from the hills and disappear into the river.
First to Anno_Domini,

I have actually given you an up vote for your comment here. It reads as if this is YOUR OPINION and not preachy at all... The Biblical quote is a wee bit over the top, it however supports your point of view.

So please keep letting your comments and opinions be known, just ensure it's understood they are your opinions and not 'everyone's Gospel Truth'.

In this case Santeria IS Animalistic... However at it's CORE it is a religion practiced originally in Cuba in which Yoruba deities are identified with Roman Catholic saints.

For the O/P:

As far as this goes...

"If anyone knows the proper spelling to Sendrea or of a spirit or demon that fits this description it well help!"

I second lady-glow, double check the spell with Grandmom... Ask her what she means... Even if I play with the spelling (changing the S to a C) I am not having any luck finding information on something with a 'sound alike/spelled like' word.

Please keep us posted.


HADDI in Blue Skirt
Dear rustedsoul,

Is she still there? Or something has happened? Keep us updated.

Caylo28 - Apologies for the typo regarding your name in my previous post!

Regards, Melda
Anno_Domini - Despite all the requests you have had from a number of members you still persist with trying to convert people to Christianity, like some of the Christian sects that go from door to door with their pamphlets and almost push their way into your home in an attempt to convert you.

You actually admitted in a comment on a submission a short while ago (I don't remember the title) that you realise that you get down-voted because of your continuous harping on Christianity.

You also often give some good advice and I know that your replies to posters come from the heart.

I know I'm not a mod and you can ignore what I've said completely but I have to say this to you because I cringe inwardly every time I see all those negative points that your religious comments attract.

I say this to you with the best of intentions and the greatest respect.

Regards, Melda
Caylo27 - Firstly, I agree with Lady-Glow that your sister should consult a medical practitioner. Does she take any medication for the seizures?

Perhaps, apart from the smudging, your sister could ask your grandmother to assist her with a more in-depth cleansing of her home, for instance Rook's cleansing method which I know has already been suggested.

In your previous submission you stated that your brother-in-law refuses to entertain the thought of having the house blessed or cleansed, so I realise that she would have to do this behind her husband's back and perhaps she isn't comfortable with doing that. I tend to be a bit of a rebel, so I would do it regardless if I believed the end result would be positive.

It's in your sister's hands.

Regards, Melda
Sounds like maybe an animal that got closer to the building because most people were away as you mention and therefore less activity, felt safer to come closer to the building. It is also likely that an animal especially a monkey for example, may have gotten 'lucky' earlier when the backdoor was kept unlocked.

Am curious though--as a medical, student studying sciences, was your curiosity not peaked enough to try and figure out if it was an animal? I would have perhaps asked myself--what will happen if I knocked against on the door?:)

(A question too-- you mentioned that exams were coming up and you opted to study but also holidays were coming up and most in the dorm had gone away. Was it a weekend or a longer break?).

Yes my ghosts (guardians?) certainly watch out for me in the house. I'm a total klutz outside but that is because the cement decks are falling apart and there are a lot of uneven areas I can't count on my cane so I rely on memorizing the cracks. Whoever built it really didn't know what they were doing.

Thanks for the leave in hair product.

Hi Akclone, as someone who has spent my fair share of time out in the forest / jungles, it is pretty common for animals to have intense activity at a spot of time and then moving to another location. The scratching sounds you heard could have been an animal burying / retrieving prey or food from the ground, or even 2 animals fighting.
Spiritual_Paganist in I'm Sorry I Died
this can happen, very rare, paul walker must be really passionate about his fans, and to be able to feel his peaceful energy and vibe shows its possibly a real encounter, he must have been visiting fans who mourned over his death, your lucky to have gotten him, if there are skeptics of this being overactive thinking/ delusion, ways to indicate delusion would be seeing him out of the corner of your eye or a true obsession over him that will affect your concious mental state allowing the subconscious to emerge and play mind games with you. When it comes to the visitation of a entity through a dream or appearing, feeling the energy and have that stay with you indicates its real, when on the other hand if it was over active thinking this would be constant, over and over, again a obsession of your own thoughts from the subconscious emerging to concious.
Sorry for that long rant, just a explination XD
Hi Caylo28, I feel that you should ask your sister to see a pastor or a priest at a church near her regarding the entity (ies) that is/are bothering her. Santeria is basically another practice of animistic beliefs which involve summoning and using spirits/demons to do their bidding. I believe if she accepts Christ, then whatever bothering her will leave her alone.

"You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world." 1 John 4:4 New International Version (NIV)
Spiritual_Paganist in The Voices That Saved My Life
OMS THIS HAPPENED TO ME TOO! But in a different situation, I'm ganna be writing a story on it. It sounds so weird hearing a direct voice from a unknown source xD
Spiritual_Paganist in Unseen Entity In My Room
yes definitely a evil entity, saying the verses was the right thing to do, if it comes back stand up against it, this entity feeds off of fear, individual power and strength is their weakness, if it attacks/ scares any other family members tell them to stand up. The blood and meat, jeesh that's scary af, hope that's passed by, very unpleasant.
Spiritual_Paganist in The Virtual Entity
I think its trying to get your attention, it wants to tell you something, try communicate with it, and because its been with you since you were 5 says a lot that its wanting to say something
Spiritual_Paganist in The Cloak Entity
maybe a past family member, not all ghost/astral forms match the person, it could be somone watching over you mostly, and because you didn't feel any dread or a alarming negitive vibe indicates your completely fine, there is nothing to worry about, recommendation is just stay calm but if things start to change in a bad way please post about it
Spiritual_Paganist in My Kids And The Ghost
Hmm...yes your kids are very young, its not unusual at all for them to learn a word you have never told them before. Most kids at this age are very open to recieving energies, because there bodies are more clear and sensitive. The smell is most likely the case of a negitive entity, not a demon but a negitive entity that has bad vibes with strong radiating energy that can give off a odur. The black dog, have you looked at the house history, has your house had previous owners? It doesn't need to be (old) like 100+ years. Recommendations is get a cleansing done, white energy is very good for this also insense to ward off the spirit, the whit energy will do as a barrier, or use blue fire energy, very good for taking away negitive energy. Hope everything goes well for you
Hi brighteyez,

I've been studying spirits for many years. I've helped people understand why they see and feel certain things while others may not. From reading your posts, it seems like you've been having a lot of these occurrences within the last couple years. My research suggests that some people experience these things because they may be more sensitive to particular parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (specifically UV light).

Would you be open to having a quick email or phone discussion on the topic? I might be able to help you better understand what's going on, and maybe you can help me learn more too.

My email is shown in my profile, it's stvn.jaeger [at] Please contact me if you're interested and have time,

Very much looking forward to it,


Could you ask your Grandmother for the proper spelling of that thing?

It sounds like the Lamborghini of paranormal entities that can go from being outside to attacking (possessing?) your sister in almost no time.

In my opinion, the first thing your sister should do is go to the doctor and ask for a medical check up, given her previous history of seizures it's important to know if her condition is not worsening.

What is your grandmother's opinion about this experience? For what you say she seems to be well versed at dealing with the paranormal and you have admitted to have some experience on this field too. What can you tell us about the out-coming of the smudging she performed?

I don't know... I'm looking for a fence to seat on...
valkricry in My Friend Bill
Biblio, you ask " I wondered if any other Battlefield Medics, Medical Corpsmen, even Chaplains, have run into this phenomenon," from my conversations with many who've served in combat, I feel safe to say they have.
Bibliothecarius in My Friend Bill
Groundzero, like Columbo, "there just this one thing that's bothering me..."

With the nuclear detonations occurring regularly, were any steps were taken to "harden" the electronic equipment on the ship? I think it's possible the systems were protected by the ship's metal construction: the unplanned, fortuitous creation Faraday cage. I know that USS Henry County had twin diesel engines (& twin rudders) which were employed rapidly to deal with the starboard list after the first proximal detonation. (The spark plugs in the engines cycle, so there wouldn't have been a continuous electricity flow to interrupt.)

If you're interested, I've looked up one or two details about Operation Dominic:

"April Weather" was the codename for the classified Military Status Report transmissions from the Johnstone Atoll, Hawai'i, and Hobart (Australia) though this latter observation seems to have been included because of the interruption of the frequencies used on the relevant bandwidths. (See

"Chama" was the third device tested at Johnstone.

Starfish Prime, the primary nuclear test, was probably the detonation you saw before getting close to Johnstone. It basically fried all of the measuring equipment present and knocked out 300 streetlights on Hawai'i.

Kingfish, Tightrope, and Tightrope were tests that were added on to the original Fishbowl plan (9th July, 1962) for corroboration of other test results. Also, they apparently tested unorthodox ideas to improve Nuclear Warhead yields, with the attitude "Hell, we're out here dropping bombs anyway..."

Bibliothecarius in My Friend Bill
Greetings, GroundZero; welcome to the YGS conversation.

(A lengthy response follows, but it contains compliments, commentary, questions, speculations, and a suggestion --hopefully a helpful one.)

First: I must compliment you on your writing style; this was a lengthy post to read, but it was worth every second! Your lucid prose and your attention to detail convey the monumental weight of the nuclear proving-ground experience and add fascinating details to a part of American history that is often given short-shrift in history books. As an immigrant who loves teaching American Literature, I would like your permission to include some of the details of your work measuring radiation and watching the aftermath of the detonations to include as historical context in lessons about The Cold War and about the nuclear deterrent, M.A.D.

Second: While the amiable conversation on deck with Bill reiterated many of the moments he shared with you, I'd like to suggest a significant expression with you: "my life flashed before my eyes." Bill's did not. Bill had an hour-long memorial in which he relished and re-lived many of the best moments in his life with you. I have no idea about his time before the Navy, but it seems to me that you were a comrade-in-arms, a pal, and his trusted friend; even if he had a best friend in his civilian life before he enlisted, you were the man who meant the most to him. The Doc knew this, too, hence his trusting you to clear out Bill's locker. I think you showed discretion while performing this painful task (some of a man's possessions should not go home to his parents, siblings, and former sweethearts). Your keeping Bill's poem (and publishing it here!) was a mark of your respect for him and of the significance your friendship.

Third: I was struck by the Doctor's reaction to your insistence that you'd been conversing moments earlier. I wondered if any other Battlefield Medics, Medical Corpsmen, even Chaplains, have run into this phenomenon. The clarity of your description, especially about Bill's "Putting his arm around my shoulder" and cautioning against pursuing his pipe-dream of Australian riches, you interacted with Bill as though he was still a living person with a physical body. It's good that he did not want you to pursue his plan as a memorial to him; he was ensuring that you followed your own future, not the hollow pursuit of a rose-tinted adventure that he had used to comfort himself while serving (I suspect he knew it was a pipe-dream, but did not wish to admit it to himself while he was alive).

--By the way, Argette has also experienced a spectral cinnamon scent in her kitchen, "Sweet Aromas At Night" (, so that specific scent is a rare phenomenon, but not without precedent. Perhaps Bill really loved cinnamon rolls with his coffee? I suppose that they would not have been in abundance on a Naval vessel during active duty.

Fourth: I am saddened that the Navy used you, your friend, and your shipmates as guinea pigs for observing nuclear fallout and for taking readings. My guess is that some "Expert" persuaded a high-ranking committee in the Pentagon that having accurate readings on every single detail of the detonations was vital to understanding what America needed in the event of a Soviet attack; in their heightened paranoia, the crews of the observation fleet were proactively saving millions of American lives threatened by nuclear annihilation. (That heightened paranoia, by the way, *has* saved American lives on multiple occasions; however, the looming threat of World War III did not come to pass.) If anything, I think that the nuclear tests and observations convinced a number of people who had agreed to conduct the experiments that nuclear warheads were an appalling weapon of last resort.

Fifth: While I have been writing this response, my brain has been turning around the idea of the stress you are feeling during/after each dream. We endure pivotal moments in our lives that shape and change us more abruptly than the gradual adjustments we experience through learning and adapting. Talking with Bill did not change you, but talking with the doctor and the shock of discovering Bill's death DID. You revisit the conversation with Bill because it was a pleasant way to pass the time before eating; I suspect that your dream does not contain the conversation with the doctor. *IF* you are feeling stressed or panicked while dreaming these events, it's because a part of your conscious brain is well-aware of the discrepancy of the feelings you had in that moment and it is dreading the conversations you will have with the Doctor after the conversation ends. Being aware of these irreconcilable states of knowledge (your memory of the original conversation includes one or two hints that there is something different or "off" about Bill's behavior, but as this is now a memory, the confirmation of the uncharacteristic elements of Bill's actions is also a memory that is trying to warn you of the pain that you will experience after the dream conversation ends). Have you ever TRIED to interrupt Bill in the dream? Have you told him he was a great friend and you've missed him? Have you told him about your life AFTER the Navy? Have you told him that it's ok for him to let go, now, and that you will expect to see him in whatever afterlife experience you believe in? I suspect that taking this step --moving the conversation beyond the fixed historical context into the present-- will help *you* to take control, thereby decreasing the repetitions of the dream. It may not happen all at once (as it has been ongoing for a half-century), but introducing one of these elements into the dream may help to shift the pattern from its apparently-inexorable path by breaking the rhythm of the experience. I think it's possible that holding on to that conversation with Bill is your memory not wanting to let him go; the aftermath upon waking is your brain being forced to relive the shock of his death all over again. He was a good friend to you and he sounds like he was a great guy, however, I do not believe that reliving the shock when you wake up is in any way good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Thank you for sharing this with us, groundzero. I applaud your courage in relating it to us and Linda's efforts to help you release some of the stress that exacerbates the medial conditions you mentioned.

Akclone - I only mentioned the bird as an example of the persistence of animals. It is very unlikely that a bird would be scratching at your door at night.

I think the only way you would know what was there that night is if you had physically seen it.

It's amazing how many people experience the breathing sound that you describe. If it only happened once or twice, possibly it was just something that was passing through and then moved on.

Regards, Melda

Your descriptions are very striking, very 'striking' indeed.

"something shimmery, a staticy sparkly, flashing sort of mass passed between us and the TV."


"out of nowhere, appeared that same shimmering sparkling wild flashing mass..."

I can not help but wonder if what you experienced with your daughter AND by yourself as you cleaned was a electrical phenomenon called 'ball lightning'.


Just a thought. Thanks for sharing.


Yes we did have some some other experience in that room... This occurrence was not persistent... After this experience my other room felt this presence in room... On that night me or neither our third roommate were in the room... My friend is not someone who easily scared of something... Well at that night he was sleeping and me and our third roommate were at the library... He heard that someone was breathing really loud... Initially he thought it was may be one of us but then he thought that we were not in the room and door was locked inside the room... He woke up and according to his words the breathing was coming from on the third roommate's bed... He left his bed... Walk around it... To check what was going on and funny thing was that sound actually moving with him where ever he went... After that he left the room... And similer thing happen to me when I was in my last year of college...
Melda...i would really happy to see a bird... But the thing was there was no sounds other then only scratching... No wings flapping... No bird sounds and honestly I don't think there was something that attract nocturnal birds which attract them towarde my room...
Thank you for commenting guys... AugustaM No there was no marks were on the door...
Hello miracles!

It's not that I don't believe your story, it's just that maybe paul appeared in your dream because you were thinking of him more often and your subconscious mind created a paul walker in your dream to ease you up.

Or maybe paul was really trying to connect with you by appearing in your dream. We do hope that Paul Walker is now in a better place.

Thank you for your story!
I love your humour!

If the truth be told, I didn't even cotton on to the incongruous remark made by Shen about Zeus. I was too fixated about her seeing "The Lady". Her expression was so 'matter of fact' at the time - just recounting the number of spirits in our house.

If I had given it any thought, I would have asked Shen how the heck would Zeus have reached the tack to pull it out. It is just above eye height for me. ๐Ÿ˜•
Aah Melda! Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I am happy to be "normal", (as far as this site goes). I have always been thankful that we don't have anything scary living in, or visiting our home. I am proud to announce that there have been strangers in our house that have remarked that they can 'feel the love' in our home - so all is good.

Yes, it seems that Angel has taken to waking Nicky up to give her the message. Good girl! Now there can be *no* confusion.

I am so glad I could give you a non-scary bit to read. Thanks for your sweet comment, Melda. ๐Ÿ˜˜
Tweed, thank you for reading, and your comment.

I agree wholeheartedly, my family has something special, well at least the four of us that are usually mentioned in my narratives. Our other (middle) daughter and her family are not 'believers'. We just have to shut the heck up when they are around, which isn't too often.

I am sending you a Gothic bat, lol. That was such a cute remark. ๐Ÿ˜Š โค
Hey man
When I was 6 or 7
I was sleeping by my mom and dad... Then suddenly I opened my eyes and saw a totally red guy,,, wearing a red helmet (in this case not hood) beside me... It was 3 fit away from me totally laying on bed staring at me... As soon as I saw this red thing I screamed... Then it was gone... My mom and dad was hovering around the bed to find anything whether I saw...
Hey man
Do these red guys have something to do with particular humans?
I saw it once but u twice...
Never saw it again u khow since I was 7...
Who are this red guys?

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