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Koko, I think you should Reasearch the history of your house a bit. I enjoyed reading your story and thanks for sharing it with us,
P.S. I thought spook was a very good name for a cat.
Sam222 in Mystery Man
bigryan02192, it's good to know that it doesn't mean any harm. It's not often I read an experience about a normal ghost that just lurks around and doesn't do much of anything but wander. And those kinds of ghosts you don't really have to be scared of. It's very interesting story, and thank you for sharing.
Oh yeah, I was wondering; has he ever spoken to anyone or does he stay silent?
DandelionQueen- thank. You for getting back to me, and if you do ask your dad, just post an update right here in the comments. And I'm looking forward to that other story you mentioned in the last comment, and the fact that it has to do with a basement makes it scarier. Thanks again. Smile
Hello Rich,

I find your story fascinating and it's gone to my faves. Smile

Please forgive me for my mind is a fog with information overload. (Just read your story and the comments.)

I've never used any such ghost hunting meter so can't speak from experience. But I have heard that they can be tricked by house wiring and household appliances. May I suggest doing a reading of your house, using the meter, to find your home's electrical hot spots. Then, find a place in a room which is least likely to give a false reading and try to talk to your friend there.
I know your ghost has no problem interacting with the meter, but even so the ghost may be having trouble using the meter to give honest answers because it's in an electrical hotspot. Perhaps your fan is making it difficult.
Or your ghost could just be messing with you, as this appears very likely too.

Anyway, just wanted to make that suggestion.

While reading your story and the information you gave in the comments I got the impression this is a demon. Even though it answered "No" to that question. If not a demon, then something of this ilk.
I don't wish to frighten you (I get the impression you're not easily scared anyway and that's why I'm typing this.) But as you mentioned you've had trouble finding answers and people to open up to about this I'd like to make a suggestion. Though it is highly controversial, especially in America.
You mentioned a blue mist/fog/light/shadow (sorry my mind's gone foggy remember?) Anyway you mentioned the colour blue. This is sometimes associated with demon (or the like) activity.
I believe, though not outwardly and openly in public, that demons and the like aren't all bad. They are temperamental, protective, can be overly sensitive. All this can lead to some nasty experiences. I strongly feel that communication and well set boundaries are the key to your relationship with this entity (whatever it is).
You have been very wise and successful in setting clear boundaries thus far and I'm very impressed by your actions and attitude.

This odd sleeping behaviour has clearly had a positive impact on your physical health in the past. I'm very moved by your story and do hope that you continue to keep us updated on your progress.

Take care.
ashar123 in The Dark Lady
Thank You very much Chin2Raval. I shall try to follow your advice. But I cannot rest my curiosity to know the reason behind these paranormal happenings.

Thanks for reading my story.
Based on my own experiences, I have come to believe that spirits have a way of making you to feel what they want you to feel. I lived in an apartment that was "occupied" by a previous owner, and my experience was similar to your friend's - I was weirdly unfrightened by the often downright spooky things she did. It is interesting that you had a sense of foreboding while the family did not - I wonder if the spirit viewed you as a stranger, someone who didn't belong, and projected those feelings on you for that reason?
Sorry Sir, but I don't think your experience was paranormal. I don't mean to disregard and I am only keeping my opinion. I think the sound of anklet does not necessarily means a paranormal experience.

Sorry if you felt bad.
naughtyghost in My Sleepover Scare
Nice and creepy one... I agree with tweed maybe the 'thing' wanted to join the fun of sleepover...
naughtyghost in Vacation House
Nice story And creepy also... Thank god you didn't saw the man in balcony... Share us more stories... Your stories are scary!... Smile
abhishekmhaske in Terror On The Fort
Dear BadJuuJuu,

I think you got tempered. When I wrote my comment that was the 1st time I visited this site.

And I don't think sharing a same experience on a different page make sense.

Anyways I have not shared my expirience to get comments, otherwise I could have posted a new story.
Its just that we also have got similar kind of expierence on fort.

Mr. Sanju Bhats narration is always been very good, there is no doubt about it. And I don't have any intensions to take readers attensions away.

And also, I don't want to make this discussion as 'Attension seeker'. I hope you also feel the same.


Chin2Raval in The Dark Lady
Hi Ashar, first of all I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, it maybe some connections with Islam. But remember one thing sometimes its great to don't know anything. You have your rights for your answers but right now just pray to god and ask him for Peace. Just focus on your life cause right now its not your age to deal with this 'THINGS'. Hope you got my point. And yes your story was amazing.

God Bless and Take Care!
wow really scary story. A similar experience happened to one of my office mates: while he was using the sink in a MALE restroom, he looked at the mirror he saw a young girl wearing a white dress in the cubicle behind him.
summerafternoon12 in A Ghost Sleeps Inside Me
oops I mean May will be 3 years. It started heavily in May of 2012. I've actually started keeping a journal and just a few times a month writing down what happens. It can't hurt to see if there is any kind of pattern going on.
summerafternoon12 in A Ghost Sleeps Inside Me
Sooo weird! YES I know what you mean! I know it's there. It's still around. But the feelings are fainter.
Maybe it is a cycle. I kind of miss it though. As much as it was annoying me before, I miss it when it's gone. *smacks head* I was a normal person before all this started happening, lol. For me, May will be 4 years that it started full force.

Because it's not around as much I guess I've started falling asleep with my arm stretched out. And I have woken up to what feels like something holding my hand. And I'll still feel the light vibrations. Just everything less intense.

I so wish I could find a person who could say, "Oh yeah, this is what's happening" and then tell me exactly what it is. Keep posting here every so often and keep me updated. Happy
MitoTakatori in Vacation House
[at] iambec, haha. Thanks for the answer. Well, whether you are a HE or a SHE, or even in between, your stories are really the ones that give me a scare. Happy
iambec in Vacation House
Mito Takatori. I am a HE... I think? Lol just kidding I'm a girl Smile I definitely have a lot more stories but I need to find the time to carefully write them.
Wow! Another scary story from 'that' dorm. I have read most stories by the author of the story you referenced. Please share more stories and welcome to YGS!
MitoTakatori in Vacation House
Another thing, I have read all your stories, and can't tell whether you are a He or She. Can you clarify? And the way you tell all those stories really amuses me. Please share more ghost stories. Thanks!
MitoTakatori in Vacation House
Oh. I see. I thought that it was located in Manila. I had some stories to tell too, but never got the time to write them here. Thanks for the reply and for sharing your experiences!
iambec in Vacation House
Mito Takatori. Hi! I'd rather not mention the exact name of the University since one of my stories took place in it, but it is somewhere in Pampanga. I don't go there anymore though I went back to California. Thank for reading, it really is creepy knowing that there's something in my house. Although I am aware that there a numerous spirits there but only a few like to "play around" sometimes lol Smile
MitoTakatori in Vacation House
By the way, on of your stories, you mentioned you have studied at a university here in the Philippines. May I ask what university? Thanks!
MitoTakatori in Vacation House
Hi. Those are really creepy experiences! Even though the accounts are not directly experienced by you, just knowing that there are scary stuff in your own house is sure to be creepy!
I liked this story, I hope to hear more! And I'm sorry about your parents. I hope everything turns out alright. Love
This could either be something paranormal or just sleep paralysis. Usually sleep paralysis is something like when your mind wakes up before your body leaving you paralyzed, and your dreams are being projected into your surroundings when you open your eyes. I have been suffering the same thing since I was 5 years old. As a child until about 14 y.o. I never saw anything, I just couldn't move, talk, etc. Around 15 y.o. I started seeing things such as shadows pulling on my blanket, or surrounding my bed, one time there was a bearded man right in front of my face when I opened my eyes. I can't count the number of times I have experienced it, but honestly it has probably happened about more than a hundred times (not kidding) throughout my life. Most of the time it happens 4-5 times in a row when I sleep or nap. If it is something paranormal a friend of mine told me to try putting a glass of water somewhere near. I've never tried this since I haven't had an experience in a while, but give it a try Smile
valkricry in Drawing In Ashes
You say this has been going on for the past 20 years? Think back, did something happen around the time you first noticed something was going on? It could provide a clue as to what you are dealing with. You might have picked up something from a yard sale/thrift store, or been given a gift, experienced a loss.
Like the others, I too would like to see the picture.

I find it a little sad that you were too afraid of the spirit's appearance and voice to help. Spirits often present themselves as they were upon their death, which may often be disturbing to see or hear. Diseases, trauma, and age can disfigure. Apparently, he is not aware that he already passed on but has not crossed over. If you could learn to get over your fear, kindly inform them that they have already died, (and learn how to help them to cross over into the light) you could be of real assistance to lost, confused, or earth-bound souls. But all of this processing and learning take time. You obviously have a gift that perhaps in time you may choose to develop and make use of.
ashar123 in The Dark Lady
Thank you very much Tweed for taking out time to read my story. Its really delighting to share my experience with others. All thanks to YGS!
Gayatrishiva- I did state we kept asking them questions trying to connect them to us or the house or even the 'woman'. And I don't really think the theory of them trying to get the house is feasible, only because my grandparents are basically 2 of the town's 4 realators. So they most likely would've spotted a con happening. And considering the house is still up for sale lol.

Griff84 - yes it was nice of them to wait until we were finished, but damn did it creep the Hell out of me, and my wife and I have seen plenty of otherworldly stuff. But these people were right there, flesh and bone, alive, which made it unsettling.
Oh, also, Sam 222 - you asked if I ever saw her again. Well, my parents still live there, but I've not seen her since, and we never really discussed it again. I can't imagine that my dad would mention it, though, even if he had. The impression I got at the time was that he'd seen her more than once, so who knows? Maybe it's a regular thing! I think I'll ask him next time I'm over there. Personally I can only think of one other ghostly encounter that I ever had in that house, and that was in the dreaded basement (oooh, that basement), when I was very young. Perhaps I will post that story another time.:)
Thanks for your feedback everyone, glad you enjoyed reading about my experience!

Sam - although I have had a number of experiences I am a natural born skeptic, so until my father's surprise confirmation, I too assumed I was imagining things. My dad never talks about or shows any interest in anything paranormal, so it was quite unexpected! I do think, though, that my touch of "sensitivity" - or whatever it is - comes from him. In my last post ("Ghostly Voice"), I mention another shared experience he and I had while flying on a plane together (although that time, only I heard the voice).

Tweed - perhaps you are right that on some level I did know; after all, I was sure enough that I'd seen someone that I spoke aloud to "it" (that kind of freaked me out, actually). Also, re. The name... If you could see my garden, you'd know how apropos it is!:)
Apsihelhely, hello and welcome.

Oh dear. Well I will share with you my opinion on this. It runs thusly;

I feel it's a shame you presently have vowed never to talk to spirits again, as you clearly have a knack for it. If I were you I would nurture this ability. After all you are drawn to it and fascinated by it.

Your cousin sounds wise and has given you great advice.
I would also advise you to listen to your gut feelings.
Being afraid by the man from the hospital is completely natural. But consider the possibility you are more afraid of your own ability and the disbelief that comes with it. If you persist with your ability the fear will get easier to deal with.

May I suggest picking the times you communicate with ghosts - ie to begin with not in the middle of the night. Perhaps during daylight when it's less scary.
I'm suggesting this because I have a gut feeling of my own that you will, one day, eventually do this again.

I really love your story and thanks for sharing it. Smile
PinkChick in Imitating My Voice
[at] RedWolf I'm jealous. I wish I could experience something paranormal for once. I'd want to feel the chills too. Haha lol. I wan't to share my own story here soon if I can experience someday.
PinkChick in Imitating My Voice
[at] Jemiance hey there. Yep I've heard and read that dopplegangers can be a pain and dangerous under circumstances eapecially if you yourself would come face to face with your doppleganger. Some said you'd die if that happened but I don't know if that's true
PinkChick in Imitating My Voice
JaniBoy I am from Cagayan de Oro city by the way:) and you are from? I wish I could experience it myself though IF I'M NOT ALONE IN OUR HOME. Haha. I'm too scared to imagine those things happening if I was alone.
Tweed in The Dark Lady
Hi Ashar,

Your story is very interesting.

Some might interpret the lady in the burka as a kind of inner calling. You, being already drawn to Islam, and she appearing to you in an encouraging sense.

Or perhaps she's been with you since childhood. Perhaps you pick up on her beliefs because they are aligned with your own way of thinking.

She definitely sounds like a positive presence in your life.

Great story, thanks for sharing it.
Whoah Zombie, the way you remembered it sounds just as scary as when it actually happened!
That must have sucked that everyone fell asleep before you did. Had a feeling you were going to say that actually. Wink

It sounds to me that whoever that was might have been a child. Someone who wanted to join in the fun of a sleep over.

By the way welcome!
Holy mother Hubbard, this seriously scared me just by reading it! Even though I've never seen him; I don't like that boy and that man either. This story has put a picture of the little boy in my mind that freaks me out. I'm glad you moved out of that place. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
bon3yardsx - I just want to say that I simply loved your story and I am looking forward to more. Thank you for sharing with us. Smile
Huh, that's pretty weird. They sound like extra terrestrials to me, but whether you beilieve them or not is toaptally up to you, I don't have much of an opinion on ex.terr... It could just as well be something paranormal. How many of these creatures did you see?
Is it possible that you could have hallucinated these creatures?
Sam222 in Camera
TWDSPNlife - Did this person/ thing that you saw look like anybody in particular? Did it have any distinct features that you can remember? I'm just trying to get a better picture. Thanks for sharing you story
shafishaik in Drawing In Ashes is behaving like kid, simply touching your hair, drawing with ash, and knocking the door, all these thing generally being done by kids.

Just remember do you ever had a deep relationship with your relatives/friends children may be they died by various reasons.
May be it is your own baby, unfortunately may be you committed for abortion/ baby died in a very small age.

I understood after reading your story, he/she don't want to leave you, it want to be with you always like your children
I was about to say maybe you thought you saw it, because no one can see perfectly in the corner of there eyes because when your looking forward your eyes don't dfocus in the corners. But when I read what was said between you and your dad, I threw that explanation in garbage.
Did you ever see her again?
Ankitresearcher in Spooky Taj
The Mosque that you mentioned. May be Jamali kamali that is counted among top 20 haunted places in india and is famous for jinns and thus named as jinns of Jamali kamali
shafishaik in Scary Experiences
New ghosts everyday means, where it is happening in your home? Or anywhere?
WiniPu4 in Out In The Cold
Hi, Val:

It's good to know that others have seen him, and believe him to be a ghost. Maybe he was injured in an accident and wandered around dazed before he passed. People often carry children around in PJs in cars, whether bringing them home from a sitter, or making a quick trip to the store & having to bring the sleeping child with. If he passed at the hospital which is now closed, he may be reaching out for comfort. It is quite sad that he seems to be trapped between worlds. Perhaps you could try to help him cross over to be where he should be? With the new information, I think maybe there might be a reason you saw him after all.
Griff84 in Mystery Man
hI bigryan020192, interesting encounter. Seems like this is a residual haunting from a previous owner of the house as your grandparents have said.

It would be interesting if you could do a little historical digging into the farms history and see if you can find out who this man is, and also what the ruined cottage was and why it fell into disrepair.

Thanks for sharing Smile
It gave me chills while reading. I am happy you left the house Smile
Hi, Koko.

Usually a more-established individual, even a moderator, gets to say this: "Welcome to YGS!"

Several individual posters on this site have engaged in communication with spirits (EVPs, for example); many of them have stated in various ways, "Do NOT do EVP work, nor ghost hunting, in your own home." I think your fear is quite natural, given the circumstances; as a mother you do need to be cautious about the level of interaction/provocation with entities which either visit or reside in your home. If they have done nothing threatening, I'd recommend letting things be; on the other hand, if they threaten or frighten you or your children, pray for protection and safety (I gather you are a Protestant family), and/or try the cleansing ritual on Rookdygin's page:

Take care and be safe,
Great story, is very entertaining and thank you for sharing Smile
ms_st0308 in Why Now?
Ok I promised an update to everyone. Sorry it has been a while. There has been a lot going on at work, been battling upper respiratory sickness...But, I did make it to my doctor appointment and had bloodwork done, which all came back normal. Needless to say, he seems to think it's most likely anxiety related to the mitral valve prolapse. I'm glad to have a confirmed answer, which I think is what most of us were thinking anyway. I'm just glad I got it checked out and don't have to feel like I'm going crazy. Smile
Miracles51031 in A Possessed Car
The boy - you are entitled to your opinion, but so is everyone else. If I was, as you put it, screwed everytime 666 showed up, well let's just say I wouldn't be here to tell you 666 is just 3 numbers that come after 665 and before 667.
theboy in A Possessed Car
Listen everyone including commentors; the 666 is a demonic number. If it appears in strange occasions, youre screwed. So I suggest you leave that car alone
Ha! I should have known, my dad's from Birmingham and he says 'mom' too. Smile
NeraDama in Drawing In Ashes
Wow, very strange! I've never heard of something like that, I wonder what kind of meaning could it have. Keep us updated!
First thing first, stay as far away of the occult as possible. Try going to church and it would be great to get your house cleansed, but by a very faithful priest, otherwise you could just make that thing angry. Try to get a rosario and sleep with it. Say a prayer in the morning and before bed. These things can get very dangerous if left alone.Also, counselling it's a great idea. Will help you fight with the dark thoughts.
Night_Watcher in Demon Outside My Window
I don't want to say it's not real what you have experienced, but I agree on the bird theory. You could've been scared because you woke up from a nightmare you don't remember and with the wing sound could've been just a bit of paranoia. I want to exclude all explicable before blaming paranormal
Hi Estelle, firstly, welcome to YGS. Smile

Your friend was obviously well aware of the spirit in her house and accordingly, didn't see it as a threat. Some folks welcome spirits into their homes, especially if the spirit is well behaved.

According to your description, the spirit only looked at you; it didn't do anything threatening. Seems to me, this was a guardian of the house and family. Maybe it wondered what You were doing in their home?

Thanks for sharing.
Hi, thanks for your comment. The weirdest thing to me was the non-concerned attitude of my friend about the whole situation! I mean if that were my house, I would have moved! Scared
Bizzjoe- Hey thanks for the reply. Well the voice I heard was definitely a voice. I can only describe it as what a monster would sound like. I have never been literally frozen with fear until that night that's why I didn't run during, I was literally frozen, stuck and couldn't move and I'm sure that's why my sister didn't run either but she never likes to talk about that it left a big mark on her. It also was talking for a minute and its weird it was like once it stopeed talking everything just snapped back like we were in a trance. Really weird! Confused
nichole87 in Mystery Man
Wow that's really cool. I'v never seen a full body apparition. That weird that it looked like your grand dad. Maybe its his doppelganger ghost lol.
Tweed - hi there thank you for your
Comment! I am from birmingham and in Birmingham everyone says 'mom' it's very rare that someone will say mum. None of my friends say mum it's always 'mom'' which is why I get annoyed when it's Mother's Day because all the cards say mum!
bluntforcetrauma in My Haunted Childhood Home
Regularshow: hindi pero tumbok yung bahay namin so may katapat kami na kanto. It looks like a duplex. Check mo no. 31
Its good that you took a right decision of leaving that house. You wrote that the house remained chilled. I have read somewhere that the haunted places always have low temperature.
Tweed in The Psychic
Hello there! Thanks for posting this. I'm really glad to hear it, good psychics are hard to come by. You're so lucky to have found a real one, a real keeper!
Hi there Dreadedcarnage,

I think the lady's attire is a tip off here more than the article about the greengrocer and his wife.
Think about it; cloak with feathers, arthouse cinema circa 1930's, your place next door.
If the ghost lady has a connection to the location, my money's on the cinema.
I also wonder if that cinema was at some point a live theater and she one of the performers. Or an enthusiastic audience member. Going to the cinema or a live show was a big deal with reason to dress formal.

Do you know what she said to your housemate?

If someone was breathing on your neck while you worked it might not be threatening. They might have been reading what you were doing out of curiosity. I have a ghost that does this to me sometimes. Sometimes while reading on this site, which amuses me no end.

You mentioned one of the people you lived with was superstitious. If you had a skull in a particular position which went against a belief this could have prompted a ghost to remove it abruptly. May be a ghost connected to one of your housemates. A relative of theirs perhaps.

Just some ideas to kick around. Cool story:)
As a former military photographer, I can clearly see the man in dark clothing who appears to be sitting on a large root of the tree. I can see the blood on his face; he appears opaque/solid. I can also see a transparent female complete with bonnet and light colored period clothing sitting to his left (our right).
I don't know if you realize, but they do quite a bit of reenacting for the many battles that were fought in the area, even simulating the injured with artificial blood and bandages. Females play roles as well. The female in the photo might have been moving while you snapped. Since there was shade under the tree, your camera could have slowed down to compensate which would make someone in motion appear transparent or ghostlike.
I would prefer to think of it as paranormal, but there might very well be a plausible explanation.
Kind Regards,
Maria123 in The Psychic
Thanks everyone they are all great messages! Tweed I tottaly understand what you are sayin about physics. But my mam recorded him talking to her And he mentioned my dads mam who is Irish, he said she was there that night and I'm 100% sure nothing about my grandma has been on social media regarding her being Irish he said that he couldn't understand her s she was talking fast haha
rookdygin in My Shadow Encounter
First let me say your english is pretty good so no worries there.

Second...shadow figures are hard to 'read' but the best gauge as to its true nature can be our gut feelings about them... So were you scared and unable to move because this 'abnormal situation' simply scared you OR did this shadow figure 'feel' off, bad, mean or harmful?

Third...asking them to move on can work but there is more you can do... Look on my profile there is a Cleansing and Shielding Method posted there please feel free to use it. Thank you for posting and please keep us updated.

One last thing...

Jessicqqq...can you please share with me where you learned that CATS and not Dogs can tell the difference between good and bad spirits? I ask because in my experience BOTH of them can distinguish between the two.


This is by far the best experience I've read on this site. I'm sorry you had to start over but I hope it was for the best. I'm glad your son doesn't remember either, probably best from him too.
Jessicqqqq in My Shadow Encounter
Dogs and cats can see ghosts and spirits but only cats can tell the difference between a good and a bad one so the fact that the cat got scared isn't a good sigh. It's hard to ignore it, I would know, so try distracting your brain by being on your phone and not talking about it.
Jessicqqqq in Grandma's Visitor
Using a Ouija isn't the only way to call someone so be careful! Even meditating and astral projecting can too because of the scenery you're bringing in and if you don't protect yourself it'll bring the wrong thing in!
I believe it's your grand mother and probably a cat too. I think she's just watching over you guys.
This is for Lifeofbrian. You are correct the escalators are not supposed to be running at that time. But they were. Sorry its not a ghost story, its a true event, as inaccurate you may think it is. Thats fine, because what I tell is true, and what happened was how I felt it.
If you do attempt a house cleansing, many attest that they should be done periodically.
It may differ in individual cases, but I'm sure there probably are standards if you care to do some online research. Or, you can contact Rookdygin as I'm sure he probably knows. It is a good thing that the entities have not bothered you much in the many years you have lived there, or tried to harm you. But they do sound VERY creepy, to say the least. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable with them in my house. Being raised Catholic, I would probably enlist the help of a priest knowledgeable in hauntings. But that's just me. If you are from a Christian background, the St. Michael prayer can't hurt. There are also cleansing rituals that are often used in conjunction with it.
I don't know if your still having this happen to you. But I use to have sleep paralysis and I use to have bad dreams about this demon and people becoming posed. I Finley had enough and started to fight back in my dreams I would call out to Jesus to help and at first in my dreams I could not get the word Jesus out I couldn't speak it but I tried really hard and did it. You have to gain control over it don't let it scared you. You are strong and it has no right to invade your well being fight back. When I use to get sleep paralysis I could feel something there with me I could hear it talking but I learned to not give in wake yourself up you can do it just keep teling your self to get up to roll over to look at what is there because you are in control not it it has no right to keep you still its your body you have to claim it once you learn do not fear it and that you have Controll over your dream it won't be able to mess with you anymore it took me awhile to get over fear in realize I am strong I'm in charge in Jesus is with me you're not alone
Hi there Sia and welcome, though sorry for the circumstances.

There is a member of this site 'Rook' Rookdygin who has a brilliant home cleansing method on his profile. Here's the link:

I have recently had some very unwanted trouble and can attest that Rook's method REALLY works! Many others will tell you the same. So please do check it out.

I haven't had much in the way of shadow experiences but have read about many on this site. Including red eyes, this seems to be a common entity. No idea what they are or if they are good, bad, or indifferent. Whatever their bag if you're driven to your wits end and want them gone do look into cleansing rituals. Rook's is a good and thorough one.

Please let us know how you get on with this. It's perhaps a blessing your husband saw what he did because now you're in it together, instead of just one of you experiencing. This is actually a good sign.
It leads me to wonder about the context of what your husband saw. The disappearing act, if your husband thought it to be a 'threatening' disappearance or a reaction to 'surprise'. Kind of like:
"here we are having a jolly old chat in this couples house la de dah. Oh crap, there's the husband! Quick hide!"

I think Griff raises some great points. There are details in your accounts that indicate it might not be as negative as you would think. Smile
I live in the area. There is no street by this name. Did it change names or is it a private street?
Wilsonamanda, I just want to hug you and your son.

Your story REALLY struck a chord with me as I am experiencing some very similar things right now and am actively getting rid of it. (seriously can't believe how similar your account is to mine, I'm very shocked right now)

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this story as it has confirmed for me that ignoring and succumbing to that extreme fatigue is the worst thing to do. My god I know what you mean about that.

I am so, so glad that you and your son are doing well now. Also I'm sorry you had to move out like that.

I would also like to know how your friend is going?

On the topic of sharing this experience, like you, I was afraid to open up about it. But recently opened up to some friends and have had an amazingly positive outcome. It's so important you don't feel alone. Because you aren't.:)
I'm an optimist and believe that whatever the heck was going on isn't forever. It simply can't be. You're not doomed for a life of torment. Also isolation is something they no doubt use to gain power. Don't let them have it. The fear of retaliation is, I think, exactly what they want - isolation. Don't let them have it.

I got the sense that the 'boy' spirit wasn't that bad BUT to heck with him. (a shame perhaps) Yet you can't have that man around you no matter what.

Take care of yourself and your son and thank you for sharing. You're not alone, but not because of this bad experience. Stay positive and don't bottle it in!
WiniPu4 in Ghostly Voice
I think we all have guardians, spirit guides, ancestors, guardian angels, or whatever else we might call them around at all times. Some are more active than others. Since she is probably with you most of the time, she cares about what is important to you. The last two warnings went unheeded so she may have wanted to give you proof that you they are indeed real and you should take them seriously. She probably wants you to know that she is around, she cares about everything that happens to you, and she is making an effort to help you avoid things that would be upsetting. You might never learn exactly who she is in this lifetime, unless someone intuitive tells you.
All you really need to know is that someone on the other side loves you enough to intervene.
Warm Regards,
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I forgot to say I haven't found any snakes/pests in the sunroom. The part that baffles me is how both times the ashtray was standing straight up. If it was a snake or animal I would think it would have been tipped over?
tking11 in Drawing In Ashes
BrokenTree, I will try using something to see if it happens again. I did upload a picture, I will try doing it again. I only have 1 because the second time I was pretty freaked out. Femaelstrom/Bibliothecarius, We have a German shepherd. She is 90lbs and when you see my picture you will realize a dog couldn't have done it. I do not feel threatened, though it feels aggressive at times. The Christmas tree actually happened 2 years in a row. We actually had a joke in my house that our ghost didn't like the holiday very much! Whatever it was seemed very unhappy because when the tree hit my carpeted floor it broke almost all the ornaments that were on the tree. It has only started to bother me lately. Its the hair touching that gets to me. It has become so often if my kids see me swatting my head (I always check to make sure it isn't a bug) they laugh and say its trying to get your attention mom! The etch-a-sketch is a great idea too!
I'm sorry, but I don't think its paranormal. Neways thanks for sharing. Cheers.
Hi Bon, welcome.

It sounds like your mother had a pretty serious break down. This could account for her not looking/sounding/being herself. Her behaviour leading up to that night would also indicate this. I'm sorry to hear about all that. It sounded very heavy.
I got the sense while reading that your home and family growing up had a fair share of stressful times. I believe that some ghosts like to feed off negativity. That said, I wouldn't want to lay the blame entirely on external forces or entities.

Just because I'm curious, I noticed you used the American spelling of 'mom' in place of your location's preferred spelling. I'm curious as to why?

Thanks for sharing, take care.
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TWD, Hi, welcome and WOW!

Imagine if you'd got THAT footage for your project, ha!

As Wish-Not says if you want to share more of your experiences this will likely shed some light.

Granted it makes sense ghosts visit places of significance to them. Heck, I would.
That said, I would be open to the possibility that it's not connected to the house. For no particular reason other than everyone always blames house history. But there are stacks of other possibilities too. Keep an open mind.

Question that springs to mind - what is in the laundry, a back door perhaps? If so he could have been leaving or passing through.

That's so cool the camera detected him!
I really believe love ones can give you warning signs in your dreams. I have experienced the warning for years and I listen to them. Your mother will still do everything she can to protect you. If you can remember in your dreams ask more questions about your warnings. I know sometimes you have no clue dreams are warnings until you think it over. Do you have deja vu ever?
Hi Black Fox,

Firstly I think you have a natural knack for sensing 'what's up' as you mentioned speaking about the soldiers from days gone.
I too thought of the couch making noises on its own. But then I remembered you used the words 'slide off'. If it's a ghost perhaps they were watching movies with you on that day and chose to slide off so as not to make a sound. Well that didn't work! Also I don't understand why they'd have to make physical contact with a couch to do this, I mean who really understands that anyway.
Just wanted to throw a positive spin on that experience. It's natural to freak out, but not always needed.

As for that weird noise, thought of plumbing too. Would have also assumed animals in the walls/ceiling. But as it was a newly built home that seems unlikely. If it was a ghost I wonder what it was trying to say.

In answer to your title I'd say any place could be haunted.

Btw the rope on the tree really creeped me out. Confused
Estelle, I would have ran back to bed too!

As the ghost was sitting around in a dark house it's possible it was a former owner or resident who just likes being there.
It could also be a guardian/guide of someone living there. Perhaps this ghost is connected to your friend's daughter and looks after her.
Thanks for the reply bon3yardsx, I must say you are a very brave person and have faith, everything would be fine, I hope your mother becomes herself again, you can seek help from someone who knows about spirits and can help your mother.
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Hi, Tking.

Do you have any pets? I have trouble believing some of the things my cats accomplish when they think I'm not watching them! I'm trying to eliminate possibilities, here. (Are there small snakes near the sunroom? They may be basking in the ashtray after they've removed the butts. You'd need a camcorder or webcam to test this theory.)

I'm going to echo femaelstrom's talc suggestion (vermin & insects would not be pleasant guests in your sun room), but I'd recommend getting some colorful plastic plates to set on the floor, just as you have done with your ashtray. This is only a guess, but if this is a child sprit which has attached to you because of your maternal role, it may simply wish to leave you some artwork to photograph. If nothing happens with colorful plates (or with paper plates and colorful chalk) you'll be out $5, but you'll have eliminated an entire set of possibilities, so you could focus on researching Seminole history. Several posters have focused upon this indigenous peoples theory, true, but for a single entity or phenomenon to follow you around to several homes, I'd suggest that a child/youth is a potential culprit. It is also more likely to account for behaviors which sound like a temper tantrum: "Why don't I have a present under the tree?" "Why is everyone ignoring me?"

Another thought: Perhaps you could buy a used etch-a-sketch from a charity shop and sticking a nice silver (gender-neutral) gift-wrap bow on it for your artist? It would have the advantage of reducing the sweeping/vacuuming in the sun room!

If you do try any of these suggestions, please photograph the results and post them on a free photosharing site & post the link here so we can see what we're helping you with.

DandelionQueen, (btw I love your name!)

Love it when things are confirmed unexpectedly! You probably made the comment in the car because deep down you knew what you'd seen. Wink

Thanks for sharing this great story.
Hi Shelbs, I love your story and reminds me quite a bit of my own story! We also named our spirit although he/she is a lot more mischievous than yours. And he technically named himself by carving a name into a screw driver that only appears when you need it most and can't find your own.
Hi sia1234, welcome to YGS.

Firstly, these 'entities' seem to be around, but don't seem to touch you other that tickle you, so after over 12 years, this is a good sign. Although understandably it must be scary.

I am in no way an expert, and my advice is purely on a 'what I would do' common sense vein, but I think the shadow and the girl & man are linked, perhaps even one and the same. I would start by cleansing your home, there are members of this site who would be able to help you better than myself with this.

You say you have a daughter, can I ask how old she is? I ask because its believed that adolescent children / teenagers create a lot of energy, and this 'thing' you see could feed off this and get stronger as a result, hopefully not, but I think its something worth knowing.

Anyways, I hope if my ramblings are of no help, then someone more experienced in this situation will be able to help more.

Please keep us updated and you have come to the right place Wink
nice story creepy... Do you every tried to say a prayer on your mind while looking at her? I had same let say almost same experience, its a nightmare but when I saw her looking at me I shout a prayer just like a priest commanding spirit to stay away, hahaha just like that I woke up shouting the name of Jesus... Its a matter of communication to him the creator and us he's creation... Hope it work...peace
hi bon3yardsx... May be you have six sense then... Try to explore more, meet other people who has this ability just like paranormal group/s... Sorry, its just my advise!
DragonLuvrD in Grandma's Visitor
No problem. I didn't know anything about Paganism at first either, but when I looked it up, it clicked. I've done two school projects on Paganism since, aced both.

That cleansing was the only thing I could think of to get it away. I had just gotten a supply of Sage, to I had plenty for a house cleansing. What amused grandma was my cat following, my kitty never followed me like that. Grandma was happy after that thing was gone.:)

I asked my pagan group what it might have been they suggested a wandering dark entity. Since I was new still they doubted I'd be attacked by someone in such a way. I still don't know what it was, but I know I'd cleanse my house again if it returned.
notjustme in Grandma's Visitor
Interesting story and thanks for sharing. I don 't know anything about Paganism, but sounds like you did a good thing by the simple cleanse. I wonder what it was and poor grandma. Glad you guys are alright!
Thank you for sharing your experiences. When I read the part about your mum, I felt so bad for you. I'm no expert on the paranormal or psychological things. But I'm glad your fine now. I hope your mum feels a bit better soon as well. Looking forward to hearing some more stories from you soon. Happy Happy
This is certainly a frightening experience. When you see this and feel frightened say this prayer:

St. Michael the Archangel,
Defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host-by the Divine Power if God- cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

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It sounds like whatever "it" was, is trying to get your attention either that or its extremely photogenic (bad joke).
If you could get some past history on the house that could definitely help.
Well... Just a thought, but a minute is a long time for a voice to be chatting away out of thin air... So I would imagine you and your sister would be asking each other "did you hear that?" during the event, rather than after? And I also would have thought you and your sister would have ran upstairs during, rather than after the event, if as you say it was that scary, and it went on for around a minute... Or maybe it just seemed like a minute, but was only a few seconds?