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danioh in Korean Haunting
Hi, Brandy

I'd like to get your permission to post your story on Have you heard of Yongsan Legacy project? The project is to archive interesting stories and the people's traces at Yongsan Garrison since the US base is moving to Pyungtaek in 2017. We have a dedicated section for paranormal experiences on the base since we've heard of so many stories.

If you can elaborate on your story or if you have any other stories other than ghost stories, we'd like to hear from you.

Please visit We're non-profit organization passionate about preserving the legacy of the base for the future generations. Please help us reach out to people who spent time on Yongsan Garrison.

KT432177 in The Library Ghost
Well hello there Phoenix! I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I love the fact that we are both teens who love the paranormal, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one! I can promise you that although my interest level in the paranormal is super high, I always proceed with a level of safety. If I'm investigating a place, I'll never ask a question to provoke a spirit, I know some people might but it scares me too much! I'm always kind to spirits and thank them for communicating, and I'm also aware that bad spirits can disguise themselves as good ones to trick us. If this happens then I always leave immediately, I'll never continue an investigation if I feel too threatened! Thank you for your concern, it's nice to find someone my age who believes in the things I do! I will be careful with any encounter that may arise in the future.

KT432177 Smile
Fergie in The Last Duet
Val, another delightful, but heart-wrenching submission from you. Happy

You know that your mother was there, singing along with you, don't you? Your sisters saw it, even if your eyes were closed and you missed it. You must have had a very special place in her heart.

I never realised that you had Irish blood in you, or maybe I have just forgotten. Small wonder that you are fey. Wink

Thank you for submitting another account from you eventful life. You are a strong woman and I have much admiration and respect for you my friend. Love
Wow great story. It's very sad a small girl lost her life. May be her soul rest in peace.

Thanks for sharing!
Dkashyap: welcome to YGS.

Your experience is intriguing and fascinating though, in my opinion, it is difficult to say if you encounter a spirit, much less a demon.

Is your cousin aware of anyone else having a similar experience? Does he know of a possible reason for paranormal activity in the area?

Just an idea, do you think it possible that some person threw something at you while hiding nearby?
Animals are sensitive to spirits and to strangers too, specially when protecting their family. Besides, the living are always more dangerous than the dead. Serious

Anyway, I'm glad nothing worse happened to you.

Thanks for sharing.
Melda in The Last Duet
Valkricry - What a heart warming, indescribably beautiful story. I don't doubt for a minute that your mother had a special connection with you, despite your being one of eight children. Not that she loved you more but just that connection.

I read your story of ending up on the street, an account which really moved me. I wasn't a member when I read your accounts but nevertheless read them all.

However I believe that your father must have loved your mother very much to ask you to sing to her one last time. Perhaps he was even regretting the heartache he caused you but too stubborn to admit it.

Although you play it down Val, I think you must have a beautiful voice. It doesn't have to be soprano to be beautiful!

There probably was not a dry eye at that funeral. I would probably have used up a bunch of tissues if I had been there. I cry at good events and at sad ones.

You truly are one amazing woman.

Regards, Melda
Meghana23 in Under The Table
Thanks for sharing.

It's a scary story. Did you ever experienced anything rather than this?

I am very anxiety to know about the things happened there.
zzsgranny in The Last Duet
Awe Val. Of course she was right there with you, urging your voice to sound as much like hers as possible. What a truly touching and heartfelt account. Love Love Love
Thank you, Biblio, for making me laugh, at the half-way, more or less, point of Lent. Laugh
RCRuskin in The Last Duet

I really have nothing to say, but maybe see my next submission when it gets posted. (If it does.:)
ThePhoenixIsHere in The Library Ghost
Hello there! We have something in common! We are both teenage girls who are intrigued by the paranormal! I really like your story, but I have something to warn you about. You say that you love the paranormal, and you want things to keep happening, right? Well, I was the same way, but I learned that you must be careful and learn to not think about the paranormal so much. What I mean by that is you must not pay attention and think about the paranormal so much. I am a strong believer in the fact that the more you take interest in the paranormal, the more you expose yourself to the paranormal, including ghosts, spirits and DEMONS. Now I am not saying to demolish all your interests for the paranormal; that's something even I can't do! I am just saying to just be careful with your interests. Have a good rest of the day, and I can't wait to read more of your stories!
lady-glow in Under The Table
Welcome to YGS.

Gsbluez: Did you or your grandparents ever have an encounter with the white lady and/or the dwendes? Did you experience any kind of disturbances suggesting the presence of any of these entities?

I imagine how terrifying it was for you to feel the poking on your leg but, do you think it possible that a flying bug or a misplaced object touched you and you assumed it to be a paranormal entity?
Did your grandfather hear the sound? What did he say about it?

This is just my opinion, but I think that the " dark monstrous entity with a black skin all over and with a red eye..." was only the product of your active imagination and your fear for the dark.

Thanks for sharing.
Seraphina in The Last Duet
Thank you for another beautiful story, Val!
Blessings, Seraphina
ozuckky in The Last Duet
How beautiful! I love your stories, Val. As Manafon said, your accounts are well written, you should put it all together in a book, it would be a great seller!
Bibliothecarius in Was It My Best Friend?

I'm very glad to have been of some help.

I've always enjoyed reading Luke's books ("Luke" & "Acts of the Apostles") in the King James translation. I find that particular passage to be interesting from a supernatural perspective and informative from a very human one. As Yeshua Ben Yosef speaks to his friends, I can't imagine that he's doing it with the same thoughtful, measured tone of "The Sermon on the Mount" to a crowd of thousands; I hope he was reassuring, sincere, and humorous: "Look, it's me! I said I'd be back! The crucifixion's over; why are you acting like cowards NOW? Fine, I'll eat the fish and you can make your own breakfasts..."

ThePhoenixIsHere in Ghost In The Backwater
Kanna is the sweetest GS I have ever heard of! And yes, all animals, including dogs, are sensitive to the paranormal, meaning that they can see ghosts.
By the way, I liked your story and I got even more carried away with my first one as well! XD
RCRuskin, I honestly have no idea what he was trying to tell me unfortunately, but he looked happy so that makes me happy as well Happy
Oddly, it didn't post my whole comment for some reason.
Biblio, the bible verse you speak of I never looked at it that way, that makes total sense! That has definitely made me see it from a different perspective! I also enjoy reading your stories as well!
Thank you everyone for your condolences, it means a lot!
Argette in The Last Duet
Beautiful, Valkricry, just stunning. Gave me gooseflesh. I'm Irish, too, on my mother's side, and I can tell you that the Irish reputation for being fey - having supernatural powers - is spot on.

I cannot fool my mother. She always knows.

I believe everything happened just as you describe it. Your mother chose you for a reason. And she WAS there.

How you could sing that particular song without breaking down is amazing to me.
Manafon1 in The Last Duet
valkricry--This was another exceedingly well written and moving piece. It really seems like another chapter in a book. Your accounts are filled with subtle personal details that make them breathe and come alive. You really should write a memoir.

It certainly seems like your Mother's spirit was singing along with you that day and if your sisters said they saw her, then it must have been so! What a comforting and moving farewell from your Mom. It seems possible that all that practice wasn't just for you but for her as well. So she could, in spirit, join her daughter in song.
whitelightlady in Was It My Best Friend?
Hi Sarah, First, I want to say I'm sorry for your loss. I believe he came to visit you in your dreams to reassure you that he is ok and the cologne is the true proof it was him. He may have been blue because he was there in spirit and the blue is his "aura". You can google info on aura colors and there meaning. Blue usually represents sadness, however, it doesn't mean he is sad. You've been sad since his passing, which is of course normal and he doesn't want you to be. The next time he visits you in your dreams, his aura might be another color. I truly enjoyed your story, and in no way was that a demon. I've had dreams of loved ones who have passed and in a couple of occasions I was afraid to look at they're face. I told it to go away and it did. I believe that was a demon. Especially when I woke up and for no reason my cell phone was bright red.
shelbyloree in Apology And Farewell
It sounds like Dr RV struggled with dealing with stress. I don't think he liked yelling at anyone from the sounds of it but he kept it bottled up until he popped. It was probably something he had been working to control for a long time, but occasionally would resurface.

He probably felt terrible because he knew how stressful your job had been (all hours/no breaks) and he knew the yelling was uncalled for. His stress at finding a replacement was peanuts compared to the work and he knew it. I think he was mostly frustrated with himself here.

Sometimes we can pick the wrong battle with the wrong person at the wrong time and yeah, it can haunt us. I remember yelling at a boy friend's friend once and felt guilty about it for years. I still remember my dad walking up my grandma's basement stairs and thinking I should say I love you, but I didn't. That still bothers me too.

Oh and while all of my deceased relatives have visited each of us at some time or other, my dad still hasn't noticed. He thinks he is being ignored or passed over, but he isn't. Hello! Grandma's perfume is basically walking down the hall... You don't smell it? I guess for him they are GONE.

Eh, don't worry about the creepers. Talk about weird! Stalking someone on a ghost forum under different names just because? That's sad. If you're online that much maybe play a video game or something, lol! Or start a Japanese Soap Opera, that'll distract you! Ha!
Bibliothecarius in Apology And Farewell

In England, we sometimes show our appreciation and admiration for someone with a single word, spoken aloud, usually with a slow nod of the head:


Lady Glow, I've been concerned about MackNorton for a while because of some serious earthquakes they had a few months back. He was very active on YGS right before the quake, but nothing since after the news broke. I left him a note on one of his early submissions but never heard back. I've been meaning to email him because of this, I'll do it now.

Jeesh, sorry to bring the mood down everyone. Shy

I'll be checking out the origins of the mighty bus later! Smile
Bibliothecarius in Was It My Best Friend?
Greetings, Sarah, and Welcome to YGS.

I think I can safely state that the regulars here don't mind if "they aren't anything too serious," we're all interested in your honest experiences. When I joined a few years ago, it was because Wish-Not's tale of "Taps, Tinks And Toots." I wanted to let him know how his quirky ghost's activities made me laugh aloud, then to offer a suggestion or two.

From reading YGS narratives & comments, you may know that I'm agnostic; I have no specific religious conviction, but I have no wish to give offense, either. I felt sad, for a moment, that you suspected that your friend may have been a demon in disguise. You smelled his cologne, his behavior was consistent with his actions while alive, but your reaction was, "I freaked out because I was raised Baptist and am still religious and I've always been taught that once you die you are gone and not coming back." Please, continue to worship the almighty in the Baptist church, and instruct your children in your faith, too. However, it is dangerous to rely purely upon a religion's man-made dogma & rules as the only guide to interpreting events. Rely upon your faith, your Bible, and your religious leaders' counsel; pray for guidance and for discernment; avoid actions specifically prohibited by the Bible; these are all objectively GOOD standards of behavior. Never forget that the Protestant churches began with critical thinking based upon the straightforward idea, "Hey, where did these weird rules come from? God didn't mention them in the book..." The moral teachings of Jesus are admirable, but the dogmatism of ANY religion may be a well-intentioned, thoroughly-reasoned, justifiable statement based upon a human error. It is good to be a member of your faith who asks questions. If you like the answers, that's great; it's important that you think for yourself and ask the questions in the first place.

Additionally, remember that when he was resurrected, Yeshua Ben Yosef (later called "Jesus") told his **friends** over breakfast, "Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have." (Luke 24:39, K.J.V.). Jesus asks his friends whether or not he is a ghost; he does not deny the existence of ghosts, but he points out facts that demonstrate *HE* is not one.

Sincere Best Wishes,
ThePhoenixIsHere in Was It My Best Friend?
I am very sorry for your loss, but I'm certain that it was your friend that came to visit you! If you didn't feel any negative feelings like discomfort and anguish, then it probably wasn't a demon. Smile
Here's a link to the story Miracle's is talking about:

Sure seems like it's where it all started.
Miracles51031 in Apology And Farewell
Lady-glow - check out my story "And They Came". You'll have to wade through the comments but I think this is where it originates.
Miracles51031 in Apology And Farewell
Lady-glow - it seems like the Miss Demeanor has been around forever lol. Actually it has only been probably within the last 4 or 5 years. If I can't find the original story it started up on, maybe rook (Puff Byram) remembers.
Blink & Darrell

I think that you both are describing lucid dreaming. This means you are between sleeping and wakefulness. Your mind is awake but your body just can't catch up so you dream and think it is real.

I have had this happen to me more than once. I am capable of movement. The first time I was in the hospital because of back surgery. I dreamed that I was being chased by ogres & dragons and felt like I had a weapon on my right arm and ripped my I.V. Out. The nurses were NOT happy about THAT. The other time I dreamed that I was being chased by bad men for something I had and they wanted. Though I don't know what, but I got chased to the edge of a very high cliff. I decided to jump and when I hit the ground I woke completely. Dispelling the theory that if you fall from a high space and you hit the ground you will die. I know that this was Lucid dreaming because I heard things going on in the house and I get a bad headache when my body finally decides to catch up to my brain.

You were lucky that you had a nice ghost, one that saved your familys' lives at least once.

In my opinion your friend the psychic should have helped her move on. Every spirit should be able to cross over, some just need help.

I enjoyed your story.
One thing I forgot to mention and am curious if anyone else knows anything about, is when I am paralyzed my entire body vibrates like its being shocked. There is no pain but it has the sensation of being shocked. Just like touching an electric fence without the pain. Has anyone else experienced this?
Blink, Your advice is exactly what I did a year and a half ago. I had a life changing event that placed me into A very close relationship with God. I became spiritually strong and my faith unwavering. This is the longest time I have ever gone without an"attack"I honestly feel that I will never get one again. I didn't mention this in my last post because I'm unsure about the rules here regarding the talk of religion, preaching etc...
Guys, all your comments are so sweet! Thank you very much! Love
It is encouraging to know that only a minority consider me a grumpy, nitpicking, troublemaker looking to discredit every story I read.

RANDYM: your explanation about the "life review" is scarier that only being shown the wrights and wrongs we did during our life...well, I guess the wrights would be OK... But to feel the pain caused to other by our mistakes is more than enough a reason to think twice about my future actions.
Thanks for reading my story.

Tweed: say hi to MackNorton for me. I really miss his comments.

Miracles: yes, YGS has changed.
Do you know who and when organized the first pic-nick and the origins of the BS blanket and "the bus"? The first time I came across them I had no idea what was going on but I joined the ride because it look like lots of fun. Smile
I am sorry for your loss.

And it certainly makes sense you would smell his cologne in your sleep. While dreams, at least the ones that are remembered, are visual, we actually dream with all our senses. Blind people relate dreams of sounds and smells, for instance.

The thing with the clocks doesn't persuade me of much, but the other things do. Whatever this was, it had the personality of your friend.

So what would he want to tell you?
Elina_ghostly in Fariya Palace
Hi Fariya well you should go to a famous shrine (dargah) I too had the same but we started going to visit a shrine and felt secure we too have four sacred nails dug in four corners of our house. You may consult with peer or saints or Sufis if possible. And pray to god
Take care may God save you Happy
That is really an interesting story! The part about the clocks is just way too coincidental! There's no way all the clocks would stop like that! Thanks for sharing.
Elina_ghostly in He Saw Her
Actually it is not the dress but called as "BURQA" to cover the body when women are out of the house and cover them as so also called "parda" from strangers and mens. By the way it was a creepy experience " her soul rest in peace "
Take care
This is now on my favorite list! Spent most of the day reading comments, lol!

I have a theory - maybe this is a shadow person 'learning' you and changing on its own terms. It's not human but appears like one, it doesn't move like it's from this demension, and it stated it wasn't anything else. (Human, you, etc)

You can exist within the same space, but you do not join. It has experimented with mimicry (work ghost), and seems to have recently attracted others of 'its' kind.

I feel you are kind of like the lab rat, maybe you came on its scope via your out of body experiments over time, I don't know. Its latest description sounds like a grey alien, though the figures behind it appear as shadow people.

I think it's synchronizing with your biorhythms, which is why you're more aware of it now than you were a few years ago. It's learning and so are you, kind of like when Jane Goodall hung out with the apes for years on end. It's a very close examination in very close proximity. It's seeing change, so are you.

I think it's a 'different kind' of shadow person - maybe a rogue scientist who is doing its own thing and experimenting with stuff (i.e. You). You are a good one to hang around - solitary, accepting of unusual occurrences, addressing it as it is, etc.

Anyway, that's my impression of the thing, but who knows? Like people reporting strange side effects from abductions, I suspect your side effect (while good for you, yeah!) may be accidental, not intentional anyway.

Love the updates, keep them coming! A bit weird about it disappearing if you don't leave the house though. What's that about I wonder?
Elina_ghostly in The Eerie Silence
This was really creepy experience abhinav. Thanks for sharing Scared
Ainhoa in Unwanted
Hi roylynx and Randy,
I just got to read all the explanations and I wanted to thank you guys.
shelbyloree in My Scary Apartment
I suspect anything built on a graveyard is not going to be a happy place. My dad worked in a building built over a graveyard and they also had footsteps on the roof and odd stuff going on.

I'm sure the landlady knew about the roof, which was why she rented the top floor, instead of living there herself. Wouldn't it make more sense to live on the third level if you have to get to the roof every day?

The bungalow sounds totally creepy! Were the funky windows facing the bungalow?

Tending a shrine yearly makes sense, although I had vampires in mind while reading, ha! Your dad was probably spooked too, but curiousity was winning and he wanted to see inside. Glad he didn't move everyone in!
OMG a Solidperson! LMAO! Now you've turned everything upside down Randy! How will I ever figure anything out if you're going to be throwing a smidgeon of logic into these theories?

Makes good sense to me and I needed the Laugh Thanks!
Aliviashae in The Daycare Ghost
Hi there!
Thank you for reaching out to me and I hope my reply helps you at least a little bit.

Quite honestly, my anxiety is something I believe will always be a part of me. I've only been able to cope with and manage it, not eliminate it completely.

Learning how to respond to what you're feeling, as well as transforming your anxious energy into such that can be useful, makes a world of difference.

There's no off switch, though I have learned how to halt my negative thoughts before I act on them and allow them to really get to me. I still have anxiety attacks, but I had to come to terms with it and understand what triggers them (as well as what doesn't) in order to improve and reduce the occurrence.

It is very likely that you as a person are experiencing a transition in your life, where the spiritual properties and different aspects of your mind and soul are becoming stronger and more apparent. I highly recommend that you research, as there are plenty of people who have also experienced this (even hundreds of centuries ago!)

Whatever you do, don't stress! This is your journey and struggle means progress!

Much light and love,
Aliviashae Smile
Tweed - Thanks for helping me sort that one!

I have encountered the semi-manifested dark shadowy type but they were the "human" ghost species - at least I think they were. I've second guessed myself there at times as the appearances were always fleeting. You know, did I see that or did I not Confused

Your second point coincides with what I have always believed, that the sometimes scary looking shadow person isn't of human origin at all. Don't think I want to encounter any of those. The very idea of them scares the living daylights out of me. I saw enough scary looking things as a kid, thanks very much!

Well at least my question wasn't as stupid as I thought. I hate to come across as a total dingbat Laugh

Phoenix - I hope I haven't annoyed you by using your story for my questions!

Regards, Melda
Melda, my opinion on shadow folks is that 'shadow people' is like an umbrella term for:

1) Regular 'people and animal' ghosts who are 'seen' by individuals as shadows. Sort of like semi-manifested ghosts.

2) The tall, lanky, super dark type which, in my opinion, are another entity entirely. These are the ones that usually scare people. Though in my opinion the fear, or possible intent to scare, is misplaced.

Those be my thoughts. Smile
ThePoenixIsHere - I have never had interactions with shadow people, as a result I can't add much to the comments on this page. In fact I can't add anything! I don't know whether what you saw was a dark figure or a shadow person.

I am rather curious though. Are shadow people actually ghosts in the sense that a deceased human can manifest as a shadow person? I don't mean dark figures... I've seen a few of those... But actual shadow people.

I hope this isn't a stupid question but I was under the impression that they were from a different dimension.

Regards, Melda
Oh dear RANDYM, I nearly had tereré out of my nose!
I have ever not imagined to have a point of view from the "shadow people" LOL

Well ThePhoenixIsHere, as many comments here recommends, you shall not judge them since we do not know them, observe, think, and most of all do not fear Smile

Even though, please do not try to risk communicating with them though unless you have abilities to understand them Wink

Seeing and reading all these, not just yours, I felt that the best solution is to just ignore it and share your encounters with us! Laugh


E.Lynx (tried the emoticons for the first time)
RandyM, I love you! 'Real Human Stories' Laugh

Phoenix, have you read many of the shadow people encounters on here? If not there's loads where someone wakes up finding one standing around watching, usually scaring the crap out of them. So your theory about it's usual habits might be right. Or at least it was there to check your room on that night.
Randy - out of all the theories bounced around by zzsgranny and I, as well as others, I don't think that one crossed our minds. This reminds me of something but I haven't had any coffee yet so I am mentally non-functioning right now. Smile
Summer: Yes, please check back every so often. This is the only way I have to keep in touch with you. You're the only one I know that is going through this.

A few weeks ago, it came into my bed and as usual started to pace back and forth, from my head to my feet. I was able to see it as a dark shadow with my third eye vision. I waited until it got to my head then I punched it in the face and said, "Boo! I see you!". It was a good-natured punch - slow, like what you'd give a friend. It became very still and just stayed at my feet the rest of the day. It seems very bashful, and if I give it any attention it seems to change its behavior.

Like you, I feel a hand touching me when I'm in bed. It's not on the shoulder though. I can feel distinct fingers and palm resting on the side of my head. Sometimes the index and middle fingers will gently stroke the hair on my temple. This happens a couple times a year. From the position of the hand, whoever it belongs to would have to be standing behind me. Meanwhile my regular ghost is pacing back and forth in front of me. That would mean that when this happens, there are two spirits in my room at the same time. They don't seem to interact with each other.

I got a look at the regular ghost's eyes the other day. I had gotten into bed and had drifted off to sleep. I was on the left side of my bed facing the center of the bed. When the ghost is physically near me, that's when I snap awake and my third eye vision comes on. It appeared out of thin air in the middle of the room then walked through the bed from the right side toward me. It then stood over me and looked down on me. This time, instead of seeing it as a black shadow, I saw it in a much lighter shade of grey. This made its eyes stand out. They were human size and shape but completely black. The ghost was about four feet tall. It didn't have any hair or clothing. I couldn't even tell if it was male or female. It was just standing over me looking me over. Here's the kicker though. There were two other spirits in the corner of the room. They were tall, black, thin shadows standing close to each other and watching me. I would estimate them to be about six feet tall and human-shaped. I could recognize a head, arms, torso, and legs, but they were were distorted, like what you'd see in a modern art painting. My third eye vision only lasts about 10 to 15 seconds then fades away. I drifted off to sleep then had the most profound and terrifying night terror to date. I snapped awake but only mentally. I was pulled underground into a void that had a bright bronze background. There was no sense of up or down so I was completely disorientated. I saw about half a dozen spirits similar to the two that were standing in the corner of my room. They were swarming me. One jumped on my back, and I felt its arms clutch around my chest and its legs gripping me around my lower extremities. I tried yelling, but couldn't get anything out. I panicked and woke up with a gasp. When I woke up, my usual ghost was standing near me, and everything was calm.

Well, it appears the mystery has deepened a little.
You know, what if all of these shadow figures are just as afraid of us. Who knows what we look like to them? Since they don't appear to have eyes that function they way ours do in our 3-D world they could perceive us as some really scary folks. Wonder what kind, if any, of
Research they have done on us. Legends about us? How bout this
The OP said he left when the OP came in pursuit. He must have been frightened of the OP and wanting to get away. Maybe they have legends of us being harmful just like we have tales of the Ouji. We living humans always set the scenario up where we are the good guys and all of these evil things are out to get us. Just imagine a day in Shadowland where some little shadow kids are playing in the gloom and a human Gothic looking person strolls by. Just wonder if they would get on a shadow version of Your True Human Stories and tell about how they had an encounter with a white skinned, nose studded, black haired Solidperson and it scared them so bad they almost lit up.

OK friends, I promise to not ever have a second pot of coffee again

Love you guys
[at] Wish-Not: It does. There was a haunting in my mom's home and it ignored her and only bothered everyone else because the second she realized it was there, she asked it to please not make itself known to her because it was scaring her and it listened. The only time after that that she saw it personally was when she was in the process of moving out, so maybe it just wanted to say goodbye.
shelbyloree in Unwanted
The aunt was the first witness/victim of the moving objects - was she or her child possibly the center of its attention? Did her child's father pass away or have anything to do with her or the child? Could the active be generated by him or his side of the family I mean, an upset deceased relative or something along those lines. I don't know, but I do get the feeling there are a few missing pieces here.

I wouldn't put much faith in the dog - I've had weird stuff happen RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOG, and he just sat there. Not even a bark, I mean come on, ha!
pagankitty321 in 12 Years Of Fear
To be honest my mom would not let me see the book and I was too afraid to look at it anyway. She left the book and the alter in the crawl space. We haven't lived in the house for 6 years and the home has been vacant all this time. I drive by it sometimes, and I don't like the feelings and memories it brings back.
My 2 younger siblings live with their father's family. I have moved out of my other home now because it still happened there. Before I moved into my newest home, I prayed and had my fellow church members pray that whatever plagued me would leave ne alone. I have been in my new apartment for 6 months without anything happening.
shelbyloree in Activity In The Garage
Am late to the party (browsing stories), and noticed no one asked about any unusual objects brought into the room, since the building is new.

Did things start after a certain possession appeared? Or after a late night of messing around with ghost summoning (like ouiji board or similar)? Could be a cause.

Sorry to hear about the cat, was it rabies or something like that?

Yes, people can be haunted, my friend Jill was constantly attracting stuff because she could see them (like the 6th sense movie). My husband seems to attract too, but neither consciously go out of their way to do so. Not sure why my husband does, although I assume most visits are relatives or something along those lines. There seems to be a lot of activity around him, but I've gotten used to it.

This morning, for example, I heard the garage door open and close a lot. I thought it was my husband going out for a smoke, but I checked and he was fast asleep. Went back to the living room and it started again. I just ignored it since it wasn't a burglar or anything like that. The dog wasn't happy though, ha!

My vote is there's a possession in that attic room you brought in with the problem. Hope it's better now!
For what it's worth, and no I did not go to State College, just submitted a query for the weather. The results were for LaGuardia airport, not Times Square, and showed no warmup in the temperature. In addition, the readings were only hourly, so anything that happened for less than 60 minutes would not have shown.
Hexotericka in Apology And Farewell
You are very welcome, lady-glow. I honestly believe that we need more people like you on this site to expose some of the more questionable stories on here.
The reactions of these people just lend credence to the fact that they have been caught out and they are trying to defend their fictional stories.
Hey there!

This comment is not about your story but about your last comment. Can I ask once you realised and worked through your emotions did your anxiety stop? I ask as I've just recently realised that I can feel energy and what others are feeling. I have real bad anxiety and I'm trying to work through this. I just don't know how to switch it off. I think I may be some sort of empath/healer type, people seem drawn to me when it comes to their problems. Anyway I'm rambling, apologies

Love and light
Please tell me, 'for the record', you realize that Slender Man is a work of fiction that managed to gain a 'cult' like following...Please...


babygoatpuller in Apology And Farewell
Count me in with the rest of your supporters lady-glow. You seem to have a keen insight into the "troll activity". It's most assuring to me and I can't tell you how much it's appreciated! Love
shelbyloree in The Silent Room
I can pick up some coke and sprite but someone needs to bring some pledge for all this flipping dust...
Miracles51031 in Apology And Farewell
lady-glow - you are welcome. Sometimes the drama on this site is more than I can handle, as Tweed can verify. Shy

We try very hard to keep comments from becoming a nuisance or distraction. And believe me, I fully understand wanting/needing to strike back. I went through a situation on here before becoming a mod and, in hindsight, wonder why the comments weren't deleted or stopped. No offense intended toward any mod during that time. Attention by our members on the drama defeats the purpose of this site: help.

Okay, enough rambling from me.
Ladyglow - sorry the nasties have focused on you! There's no reason for it but if nasties were reasonable, then they likely wouldn't be so nasty. Clearly, you have far more friends here than silly detractors Love I too look forward to your comments and stories.
roylynx in Unwanted
Miracles51031; Oh I was going to add up! LOL
Yes, yes, some breeds need lots of space to move around, so, the possibility is not 0. That's what I meant. Cheers!

Miracles51031 in Unwanted
Roylynx - I have had dogs my entire life and all but one were outside dogs. Some breeds, like mine, will try to get free even though they love us. They are herders by nature and need to run.
Miracles51031 in Unwanted
I deleted the last comment by lawitlnam because all of her comments were addressed to lady-glow in a tone intended to stir up unneeded and unnecessary drama.
Zaruge- Hi! I was actually thinking about slenderman when I was writing this, LOL! Don't worry, this does not bother me, because I doubt that the spirit was evil. If it was, I'm sure that it would have come back to try to harm me. Also, when it happened, I forgot about it the next day, LOL! XD
Don't worry about it:)
AugustaM in The Nursing Lady
The author mentioned that the liquid in the teacup was orange - that could have been laudanum - depending on how it was prepared, it could have a hue that ran the gambit from rusty yellow to orange to red. In its heyday, it was touted as a cure for everything from menstrual cramps to cancer.
roylynx in Unwanted
Randym; Wow, thanks for the information, ectoplasm, might be the theory you are onto (correct me if I am wrong), yes, Like many people around almost 70% of what I know of came from TV but maybe just 2% of them from Hollywood? 28% is actually shamanism from my grandmother's tribe. Therefore, they are not properly examined, so new information for me:)

Fergie; I thought since their dog was a "family dog" it would not have tried to escape even if it was not an "outside dog", but yes, possibility is no 0. Good question!

Cheers and peace on earth!

Oh cool, thanks Biblio! I thought when I asked after the other experiences I'd have already read them. But 09 is before my time so odds are I haven't. Glad I asked!
Wish-Not in The Silent Room
nachos, chili dip, sandwiches, well isn't this turning into a pick-a-nick! Who was in charge of the suds? Confused
Lady Glow, no problems! Smile

For what it's worth the comment which was removed felt/sounded more exasperated, in my opinion, not really a personal attack on you. It seemed like this member had or still has the wrong end of the stick and has taken you out of context.

I was unaware there was a familiar 'new' member giving you a hard time. If you ever feel boxed in or singled out by anyone, that's never, ever a good sign. You should always speak up either publicly on YGS or privately by email. At best these things are a simple misunderstanding but at worst they're designed to hurt. You should never feel harassed or put up with any abuse. There's safety in numbers and pretty much everyone here has your back. Smile
I often can't upvote you (like now) because I do it so often lol. Also MackNorton, who visits YGS every now and then, said in an email to me once how much he loves your posts. He said you always make him laugh when you're dealing with trolls. I feel the same, there's sooo many times I've sat shaking my head at something, read one of your comments and cracked up for a few minutes! Pretty sure, actually make that 100% certain any troll would be extremely jealous of your humour and sharp insight. But that's their problem. Wink
I just want to add another note of support for Lady Glow. She has from the beginning shown herself to be insightful and direct. No games, no manipulation.

I try not to get involved in spats here, so I'm not even sure if this is the right thread for this post. But here goes!
RANDYM in The Silent Room
Wait fer me

You don't need a pulley just use that noose
I'm sure its dangling around somewhere
Greetings Lady-Glow

Thank you for sharing your experience.

I have done extensive readings on Near Death Experiences
And got some information from other sources

It seems that we all go through a "life review"
The thing is nobody really judges us. We judge our self.
It seems during these life reviews that we don't just sit and watch how we hurt others, we actually feel the pain and hurt we caused another person as though we were the one hurt by our actions.
Thus we are our harshest critic. You know what I mean. When we learn and truly understand something by experience as opposed to having it explained to us. We really and I mean really understand
It then.
I often don't think that we comprehend how our actions, even small ones can really have a huge impact on those we direct our actions to. I know I am very guilty. Perhaps during this altered state
The good doctor got a chance to really feel how his barking made you feel. Then if he learned and you forgave then you both came away a little better person.

Also, as long as I'm typing to you let me send a big huge THANK YOU
For keeping a watchful eye on fake stories. I love this site and come here several times a day but one thing I hates is people coming to a site that is meant to relate TRUE encounters only to read something that was written because someone fancies themselves
A writer and want to test out their writing skills and get their name up in lights. I want to read about true encounters, however mundane they may be and not campfire stories told to see if the reader will wet them self. I can only read so many stories about
"red eyes" and "I'm sure it was a demon"
Anywho, I'm rattling Just want to thank you for catching things I never notice because it can be easy to pull the wool over my eyes and your services are much needed and much appreciated by me.

Now you go have yourself a wonderful day and a better tomorrow

Fergie in Unwanted
MickyB, as I read your submission, the first thing that popped into my mind was 'poltergeist'. But as I read further, I tend to agree roylynx; it seems more than that. Confused

I must ask, was it only at night when your dog tjanked and barked? Was your dog always an 'outside' dog, or was this a new thing for him? The scratches on his stomach may have been from efforts to escape.
As the strange goings on (according to you) happened only in the day time, I don't see the correlation with your dog at night. Please correct me if I am wrong.

BTW, welcome to YGS.
Tweed and Hexotericka: thank you guys, your words of support mean a lot to me.

(Un) fortunately, I wasn't able to read LawitInam's comment before it got removed though, given the history of their open dislike for me, it is easy to imagine both its form and content.

On the last few days I have been the target for the animosity of a certain "new" member whose comments have a very well known signature written all over them.
The anger and the resentment, the short temper and the explosive reactions for no apparent reason are all too familiar as to make me think that Donut is still around trying to cause trouble.

Mods: I'll try my best to avoid following his game and thank you before hand for the hard work you put into running the site. Love
lady-glow in The Silent Room
Biblio: perhaps we should attach a pulley to the beam in the Quonset hut and use it to handle that delicious chilly dip with the proper care?

I'm bringing a few loaves of bread to prepare some sandwiches out of this huge Swiss cheese!
Greetings, Hazibby.
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Like Tweed, I wanted to know if you recall anything the whispers said to you.

Tweed: Hazibby's sister, Beejette, posted the story "Figures On The Plantation" in July of 2009: She also posted a link to a Website about the house:

Bibliothecarius in The Silent Room
Greetings, Rajazel.

Perhaps I'm missing an important fact about the environment in Indiana, but I've been having trouble with the logic of your statement, "graffiti had been sprayed all over the walls, part of the roof was missing, and there was dust everywhere." What kind of dust settles in a room exposed to the elements through a hole in the roof? Is Indiana a particularly dusty state, with dust drifts piling up against walls? I had thought that the "Dust Bowl" states were farther west, almost a century ago.

On the subject of walls, Quonset huts are corrugated metal buildings with a semi-circular profile; how are you distinguishing the spray-painted "walls" from "the roof" when they are the same curved surface? Did you mean the end walls?

This brings me to my last question: You wrote that "he was found hanging from a beam inside the hut." As quonset huts were designed to maximize the available interior space, the weight of the structure is distributed evenly in much the same manner as a barrel-vaulted ceiling or a Romanesque arch. How in the world was a beam installed without compromising the structure, so he could tie a noose around it and hang himself?

Give me a moment to join you all on the fence; it's not easy to carry my stepladder and my chili dip without making a mess.

RANDYM in Unwanted

Thanks for your kind words

I remember what it was I meant to add after reading Roylynx's
Comment about humidity. Spirits do not effect humidity. But
When the humidity is high it can be a better time for them to
Interact with our side.
I think some investigation group members may have some data to
Confirm that they have better luck picking up more evidence when
The humidity is high or above normal for a given place.
If there are any members of investigation groups on YGS they may have some input on this if they recorded the humidity levels at
The time of their investigations. If not it is something they
May want to consider recording the next time on a investigation.

It may be because humidity is the amount of water in a column of air. With water being a good conductor of electricity it could then make sense as to why high humidity can bring about more
Spirit interaction. I have heard many many people say they felt an electrical sensation of
Sorts when being near a spirit. I think I have had it happen to myself.

So spirit giving off an electrical field that is well conducted by high humidity.

Dang, we need a mathematical formula for that. Like a E=Mc squared kind of thingy

Straight from YGS a formula for checking out the strength of a spirit

Randy Laugh
DirtCreature in Unwanted
[at] Randym, I wish I could upvote your comment a hundred times. Too much "information" on the paranormal that people absorb comes from Hollywood movies. I can't watch paranormal movies because they are generally just too silly and over the top.
RANDYM in Unwanted

Hello and I realize you ask Roylynx "how do spirits gain energy"

If I may

Spirits do NOT gain energy. They do not "drain batteries" for energy.
That is "Hollywood Paranormal" in other words massive misinformation
To get people to oooh and awe and hopefully get ratings.

Spirits ARE energy, they do things not to gain energy but because they have learned how to do something. Some spirits are better at talking and making themselves heard by the living. Some are better at using energy to move objects or make noises. Just as with us living people, those on the other side of death are better at some things than they are at other things. And some of them are better at manipulation energy than others. Everything they do when it comes to interacting with our world is about how they manipulate energy to accomplish a certain task.

Someone mentioned water. A lot of people think that electricity is attracted to water. It isn't. Water is just a very good conductor of electricity. I think that being near water can help, the living, to experience these ghostly manipulations.

Spirits were around doing there things and being experienced long before batteries, TV's and all sorts of electronics. The draining of batteries for example is just a by product effect of a spirit being nearby.

Have a great day

roylynx in Unwanted
Ainhoa; Good question, how do spirits gain more energy? Well, there are many believes since I am a "grandma's boy" I will explain by her culture, in her tribe people believe that everything is linked since most of our body is made of water (yes, science says so too), it is believed that we will return to be part of the mother of waters, from this, I have heard of a theory saying that when spirits are active, the humidity around too would be oddly high, therefore I believe that spirits gain their energy somehow from water. No one actually knows how really...

When my friend says "the spirit is lack of experience" the possibility is that it is a spirit from a dead person recently and not those century old famous spirits haunting in famous "haunted spots". Sorry for lack of explanation.

shelbyloree in The Haunted Bed Frames
Ran across this thread again - how funny to see a comment directed to me. One can love junk as well as an antique, not debated.

The difference between junk and an antique is one is found in the trash, by the side of a road, at a goodwill (i.e. Thrown away), and the other is taken care of and in possession of an individual or family since always. That's my interpretation anyway.

Yep, bad vibes can be in anything, you're right. Wonder whatever happened to the OP?
shelbyloree in The Silent Room
Agree, Razor. I'm in Southern Indiana and never heard of any of this. Granted I've only been here 12 years and my husband has been here his entire life so we may have missed!

So silly - although I wouldn't doubt for a minute someone would be extremely annoyed with trespassers. Or a friend walking around? Yep. I bet they had a good laugh.
shelbyloree in A Voice From Beyond?
Twilight - I believe she moved to Canada after her 9th grade, when she was 14, almost 15. The experience happened when (I assume) she was 15/16, after dropping out of school for a bit, not when she was 14.

I'd second gramps' voice, but grandma may have had a visitor you didn't know about too. Maybe the neighbor, maybe a boyfriend, maybe just a friend.

It's not too far fetched, my husband's grandma had a boyfriend for a year before any of us found out, and even then it was a top secret kind of thing. His mom still doesn't know and she's in her mom's house all the time.

Sounds like a very stressful time for everyone.
Wish-Not in The Silent Room
I hope I didn't "narrowly" miss the available space on the fence. Laugh I brought nachos
Ainhoa in Unwanted
roylynx; How do spirits gain more energy? Plus what does "lack of experience" mean? Its an exciting topic actually. Could you give more details?
Hexotericka in Unwanted
I completely agree, Tweed. With the amount of fictional stories popping up on here, people like lady-glow are rather essential to a site like this to get to the bottom of things. LawitInam, in this case it was simply a misunderstanding in language usage that seemed to lead to what seemed to be an inconsistency in the story.
No harm has been done here.
Tweed in Unwanted
LawitInam, Lady Glow is one of the best BS detectors on this site. Unfortunately sometimes honest folk get caught up with the amount of hogwash that gets discredited around here.
I don't think Lady Glow was out of line with her questioning, if I was a newbie I wouldn't take offense to the way she worded her comment. Hexoter seems to have cleared up some language characteristics which were misunderstood. No harm done.
I know it's frustrating but the frustration should be directed more toward the time wasters which are the cause of cynicism. I had the same thoughts as Lady Glow when I read this. But after I read the comments I got more concerned it was a repeat offending intruder and not a ghost. Confused
Greetings to you too Bilbo,
What I had meant to say when I said that "Normally, no one would be aware of being on the brink of falling asleep, because they would just fall asleep and lose memory," people don't remember falling asleep. It's weird how I can easily say it now but not then, LOL. XD
I know that it may not be like that for everyone, but it was like that for me. I should have added that in. Oh well! XD
The reason I say that the thing watched me in my sleep is because it was a theory I had come up with when I was writing about this. I like your theory way better though.
I agree with you when you say that just because it is a shadow it doesn't mean it is evil. It may be, it may not be. We don't know. But I never say the spirit is evil. It could have been a relative that past away.
I might be posting more, so be ready!
-Phoenix Smile
Having been constructed in 1797 - that plantation has had a lot of time to develop countless drafts and settle every which way. It is quite possible that the door just blew shut. Old doors also have a habit of swelling and sticking - being nearly impossible one day and operating just fine the next. Cool that you had closets though and a big one to boot, 18thC houses can be lacking in that department!
AugustaM in The Tooth Fairy
Thank you for drawing attention to this story again, ladycastlemaine-otherwise, I might never have come across it! This is such a lovely account and so wonderful to read. I think both the OP and subsequent commenters really did see fairies - was it the tooth fairy? Who knows! But my vote is definitely a fairy of some sort come to have a look at them. Love . There have been discussions in comments of various stories regarding the possibility of conjuring or summoning paranormal activity by obsessing over it, constantly thinking and speaking of it, fervently believing in it...couldn't that be true of fairies too?
Red wolf- So you can see the shadows of your passed pets? That's kind of cool, but I am sorry for your losses. Sad

Valkricry- It is true that it may not be a nightly visitor. That was just a theory I had for the explanation of this sighting I had.

Both- I never said that this shadow was evil. I it might be, it might not. We will never know. When I said the shadow was a nightly visitor, that was just a theory. This shadow very well could have been there just that night, and it could have been a relative that had passed away. We won't know, so it is up to us to imagine and theorize.

AugustaM in The Silent Room
Ha ha ha ha I did the exact same thing as the rest of you after I read the first paragraph of the story! And came up with the same article as ladyglow! I should've read the comments first. I tried googling every which way and couldn't come up with anything to confirm this account. Granted, not everything is on the internet so, perhaps the OP could provide a bit more information to bolster their account but... Right now, I believe I'll join folks on the fence.

As it stands, nothing that happened sounds necessarily paranormal. Could be that the brother wanted to prank the OP - set them up with a bogus creepy story and drove them out to a location where a buddy or two lay in wait to sneak about, make some noise in the woods and throw a rock or two.
roylynx in Unwanted
Yikes! I can tell from your story that this is not just a simple Poltergeist case.
When spirits harm a living being, that spirit might have too much "energy" as yet, lack of experience, says one of my friend, whom was known to be "gifted".

I am not sure if I know of anyone around me have harmful spirits around, what I have information on right now is that if Poltergeist happens in a certain location it is either that if the area' s geographical magnetic field is high (I will doubt it since less people now believe in this theory) or it is known as Super-ESP Hypothesis, survival after death? Well, look it up and I am sure you will find useful information, I will do a research on harmful spirits and cases too then I might come back;) cheers!


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