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Sanguirina in Woman At The Cemetery
Matrix899 - What a pleasurable read! I must confess that I am unable to think of any explanations for this 'woman' you saw, however... Might it be possible that you did not go through with your plan of looking at her face when you passed her, as you might unconsciously have thought it to be impolite? Perhaps that is what stopped you?

As for my own encounter, the old mans feet did move. They were however the only movement he made. He never lifted his face (His head was bent forwards alittle as he kept his eyes firmly on the road) and he kept his hands at his back the entire time. It must be mentioned that I did not look back at him more than a few times, so he might have moved when I wasn't looking.
Thank you for reading my story! And again, I really enjoyed yours!
sushantkar in Garden Of The Gods
Hello Val, No Dewali is not like New year but we celebrate it with lots of firecrackers and sweet.
Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.
Hence happy Dewali again.

Regards. ❀
Jubeele in Where Did He Go?
Lady-glow, I just remembered where I read about disappearing people travelling on buses. It was a comment from Tweed: "My Mum has a theory that ghosts travel on buses then get out of buses only to disappear behind trees." It was on another account about a disappearing person too: http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=24058. Hmmm... Wonder if yours changed his mind when the bus broke down! 😊
Hi ProjectGrenade, I enjoyed reading your well-written account. I'm glad you had such a positive influence in your school life. Mr Phil's spirit will surely continue to enrich all the lives that he touched. I do believe there are souls who linger briefly to say goodbye to those they love most before moving on.

Whatever the reason, it was a good experience to cherish. 😊
Hi Lotus29, it's so sad about that young man. I hope he did heed you and moved on to be at peace. How frightening for your son at the time though.

I've been spending a lot of time near the Newtown area recently. When I leave for home late in the night, I've sometimes thought that the shadows seem a bit "heavier" in feel after dark. The area has a strong weight of history behind it.

Thank you for a most interesting read. You've given me something to think about the next time I'm in the area...😰
Hey nik I also agree with allesgute154 and sheetal. I am also a resident of india hence I can surely say that this might be an act of 'chakva'. But chakva not only happens in konkan but also in many parts of india. Chakva not only means that an evil spirit kills people... But sometimes spirits which tend to help you are also found. There are also many stories were people have got chakva and the spirit has helped them.
Anyways it was really nice story 😊
You are a teenager and you go to office, are you doing internship with any company or are you working as a full time employee? I don't know why but I felt this part quite hard to digest.
It is really scary. There is a school in our place which is also built on the burial ground.
Really strange incident, I am agree with Sanchez_92 his theory looks applicable.
'Chakva'also come in mind after reading this story. It was really great that guruji was with you.
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
Thank you, Sushant. Is your Diwali like our New Year? We wish each other much the same then. May those wishes also hold true for you.
Oh my god this is such a beautiful story except the lady ghost. Dogs are the most precious animal, I almost felt tears when I read that some of them died in car accident. People drive like a blind. Our government should impose stricter law on these people. Thank god your beautiful canine friends were with you.
One my friends has the same experience while travelling in night, not on the route you have mentioned. They saw a lady in pure white with big hair asking for lift. They all saw her but luckily driver drove fast. You were lucky that you didn't met with any accident. Scary story indeed!
sheetal in Hello!
It's scary, did you tried to contact any priest and know the reason behind this? You shouldn't ignore this.
Black magic is really terrible, I am glad she is okay now. Thanks for sharing:)
Hi eloisa, Thanks for replying. It is really creepy but I know many of the old places get accumulated with the spirit. However I suggest that you all shouldn't go in the washroom alone.
Dear Anam, It is just because of tiredness. If we get dreams then it shows that our mind is restless However I am not denying the paranormal activity involving in this experience because my mom also sees such kind of dreams. Any one else experienced the same in your home?
Black magic can be harmful, thank god you are not hurt. Did you get to know that who was the responsible for the black magic? Quite scary and creepy story
You really owe to your dog, backwater picture is very beautiful. I guess you can ask your cousin to get some information about this incident. Thanks for sharing
Like others I also want to know who was the girl actually. But I know searching answer for this may be hard. Overall I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.
Hi sheetal!

I think it was just me who experienced that kind of scary moment. But I heard some stories from the other students who came to use that restroom during the night that they can hear flushing of toilets even without using them, or someone came inside the restroom while you're inside of the one cubicle then after you come out, you can see no one. That was really scary!

Actually my school is really haunted. Every part of the school has so many entities living here. I can't tell them here because it's not my own story but if others would give me the permission to tell them, I would definitely share them to all of you. This school is the biggest university here in Central Luzon as part of the Philippines.

Thanks for reading sheetal.

AugustaM, I never really thought about it, I honestly couldn't think of a way to help her. It is rare that I am ever on that side of town but it isn't a far trip. Just not sure if I would see her again but who knows I might. This may sound really harsh or weird but I always just thought that once a person dies the deal is done. What you get is your fate, but the more I am reading on this site the more my eyes are being opened. Thanks for the advice.
JazzyBaby in Soldier Shadow Girl
I had a similar experience during basic training. My battle and I had guard duty from 2 am to 4 am. The room was dark and had to use our flashlights as we would walk around to make sure every female was in their bunks and no one had snuck out. My battle and I were kind of already spooked because we were talking about the scary movies we couldn't wait to watch when we graduated. About an hour into our shift we were walking side by side in the bay counting the bunks and personnel who were sleeping to report to our Drill Sergeant, when both our flashlights started flickering and just turned off. We ran to the bay room door where there was a red light, took a breath, calmed down, and went back to finish counting... When our shift was about to end, which was around 3 am, we had to do another count... As we were walking through with out flashlights, one of the girls sat up in her sleep, like eyes closed and everything... She sat there for a minute and we just stared at her. Her jaw dropped and laid back down, sound asleep. We would talk about what happened and laugh it off, because we were all lack of sleep and stuff.
Fort Jackson and every military post that I've been to, just seems creepy.
majarlika012 in The Running Boy
Ohhh! I am also from RTU (Graduated Batch 2011). You mentioned 3rd floor? Of what building? ITC or ITB?
sushantkar in Scary Hummmm Noises
Maybe the humming sound was coming from some sort of capacitors... It doesn't sound paranormal though... Atleast...
Thanks for sharing.

Hey emmaline, I really loved your story ❀...that's so nice that the man you saw was so kind and polite... Really nice story ❀
Hey smigo, I also agree with rook, sushant and l_melb, and also as you said that suddenly the broom leaning on the wall fell... So there might be couple of rats in that house as it was abandoned and the knock sound can also because of the rats (might be figgiting near the door) and as you both got scared hearing the sound and seeing the broom falling down... And also considering that you both had few beers... Maybe you had hallucination of seeing the figure... (just my opinion) 😊
Sid 😊
When I was 21, I ran away to San Francisco to elope with my first boyfriend. The whole thing was both terribly romantic and absolutely heart breaking as we decided at the last minute not to go through with it. That's been a decade ago now but still to this day whenever I hear 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco,' I feel like throwing a rock at the speakers!

When you described the man... Flannel shirt, work pants, boots, pipe, old way of speaking, 25 or so... You could have been describing that boy I ran away with down to the last brush stroke. We took a walk down where you were several times while I was there. Too bad we never ran into your fellow - he might have met a kindred spirit... Though since we did not meet him, I hope it was because his wife and daughter finally arrived. ❀
Emmeline, I know the spot! We were at the south tower though. I also bought some Ghirardelli chocolates. I walked partway onto the bridge and looked down at the water below. It was a looong way down...Night-time, back at the hotel, I remember looking across the bay as the fog bank slowly rolled in to blanket over the city lights. It was a mysterious and marvelous sight.

What a fascinating encounter. It's interesting that your date smelt the pipe smoke and felt the freezing cold. But I wonder why he was convinced you'd disappear? Could it be he was just projecting his fear of the unknown? You obviously didn't feel threatened at all. I think the spirit showed himself to you alone because he could sense you were a sympathetic person and would be open to a friendly encounter. Same as your meeting with the angel - such a blessing.

So I'd like to repeat what the angel said to you: "You're still beautiful". It shines from the words in your narrative. This story is going into my fav list. Here, I'm sending you a Hug.❀
quite a creepy story. It must have really hard for all of you to cope with this situation. The entity must have died in the sea and I have heard many such stories. There is a pond in my aunt's village where a girl was died accidentally. My aunt and her friends were bathing in the pond when something grabbed one of the girls foot inside the water. One girl caught hold and saved her. My aunt witnessed all this by her own eyes.
sheetal in Strange Night
Quite a creepy experience, I totally understand how freaked out you must have been. It is hard to explain but yes sometimes strange things occurred on the place where nothing bad has happened before. The calls were creepy too. I am glad you both moved out of that place.
Really want to know more about the lady ghost residing there, I have heard people presenting first plate of food to the god but never heard about ghost. However I know there can be some spirit who asks some offering. Are you still in touch with your aunt? You can ask her.
harry1lynn in A Rare Sighting
Thank you sid926, sheetal, sushantkar for your comments. πŸ˜€
hi Aman, first of all you have narrated this story very well. This sounds very scary thank god you are not harmed.
I guess it's a paranoia. Try switching your mind away from this.
Hi Emmaline,
Thanks for answering so quickly and for the extra experience - I will never get used to how strange life is - you're the 4th person I've come across recently to have had skin cancer on the nose. Gladly, all have done well from treatment. Hope you have a good sunscreen and keep yourself covered - here in Australia, the sun is rather nasty and we're always told to be on guard.
Talk about jumping all over the place - from ghosts to skin cancer!
Thanks again! πŸ˜†
sushantkar in A Praying Soul
Midnight, your narrative had made me dit confused... I personally don't believe in third eye concept... Moreover I believe in having a strong consciousness and abilities of feeling or sensing things which had happened or is about to happen through the environment or touching things.
Your classmate have extra sensory ability (3rd eye) was not properly described. It was moreover getting the feeling of having loosing someone... Although only few person have such ability of sensing things but what I have experienced is that this bad feeling do come when the incedient are already happened. Only little of them have the ability of sensing it early.
All my opinion though... Thanks for sharing.

sushantkar in A Rare Sighting
Here I would like to echo the same as forthsaid by L_Melb... Following a hectic schedule and in stressed condition things in a given situation may appear differently.
Love to hear that all is well. Waiting for your next post.

EmmalineTexas in Golden Gate Bridge Ghost
L-Melb I'm so glad that you read and liked my story. Your comments are too kind. Yes, I think that I would have always wondered why that man was there. It was so isolated and he would have had to walk about 3 miles either direction to get off of the bridge. He seemed so old fashioned. He was like talking to someone my father's age although he looked to be about 25. I think we see a lot of things but our conscious mind writes it off. May I share a short story with you? Five years ago I had skin cancer on my nose. I had surgery and it left a very big very purple scar that ran from right between my eyes, down the bridge my nose and into my top lip. It also showed where they had to rebuilt the sides of my nose. I'm not a vain person but I got so tired of being stared at. Mostly kindly, some pitying looks but I dreaded going anywhere. One day I was very low and had to go to the grocery store. As I went in there was a man demonstrating food to my right - very close to the produce section. He was probably late 60's, had bright white hair and the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen. He just had this gentle feeling emanating from him. I put my head down and tried to walk past him but he said "Excuse me, please wait". So I turned around trying to hide my face and he told me "I need to tell you the scars will fade and you are still beautiful". Well, I burst into tears like an idiot and mumbled thank you and took about 10 steps away into the produce section. I felt guilty for being so short with him and spun around to apologize. He was gone. There was no display, there was no man. There was absolutely nowhere he could have disappeared to in under 10 seconds. So, being my graceful self, I blubbed, abandoned my shopping basket and sat in my car until I could get my composure back. I was sent an angel. I will never feel alone again. I'm sure we see only a tiny part of what is real. Thanks for letting me share this story with you. ❀
Hi Vegan, I think more added information would have helped us knowing this entity more better.
My suggestion would be to gather little more intel in this context.

sheetal in A Rare Sighting
Indeed a spooky experience. I am no expert just putting this comment to tell that I enjoyed your story.
I can imagine something like this being quite scary but if you went snooping around the house as you knew it was empty, chances are someone else was thinking of doing the same thing...
sushantkar in Garden Of The Gods
Hello Val, truly your experience had fascinated me. It was good to see that everything gets well at the end. Your narrative had made it so real.
It is festive time is India.
I wish you and your family and all the YGS members a prousporus, sweet and happy DIWALI (Festival of lights).

Hi Emmaline, what a lovely read!
I was wondering if your date hadn't been there, if anything else could have alerted you to having encountered something out of the ordinary?
Had you been alone, do you think you would have taken it for granted that it was simply an ordinary person you'd spoken to?
Makes you wonder what we may miss as we go through life...
Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this 😊
My condolences for your precious loss but at the same time it made very emotional when I realize/felt about the feelings and time you spend with your mommy before her transition to the other side.
Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming experience.
May her soul rest in peace.

I am here with Mr. Rook. Few beers can do a lot.

sheetal in Where Did He Go?
simply creepy story, and great narration. Enjoyed reading it.
This is really scary, is any other student experienced the same? Do your school has any past traumatic history?
NightlyEclipse in Childhood Ghosts
[at] Jubeele Unfortunately I donated the few remaining arrowheads I hadn't lost during the move to the local museum. I do work there during the summer, and I occasionally pop by. I'll snap a picture next time I'm there. As for family history, I asked around and while I didn't find anything about a burning village, I did find out some more interesting news.

My grandparents sometimes have conjoining dreams but at different times. If that makes sense. My grandpa will dream that he's standing on top of a hill, part of a chunk of land that they own, and he's watching two armies charging at each other and fighting. My grandma dreams the same thing, except she sees the aftermath of the battle. Bodies, smoke, whatever happens after a battle. They always have them on the same night as well. I found this quite interesting.

The records I could find in our ungodly amount of family history (I spent a solid two days going through all the albums, books, and news clippings. That's a lot of coffee and reading) didn't list a lot of information about First Nations. I did find a few tidbits about how there was a group of First Nations in our general area, and there was also a meeting area where everybody could hunt peacefully a few hours from my old house. Most of the information of First Nations was lost after a lot of local families came from overseas. My best guess is that you're right. I was seeing the past, and there was a mass murder. It's interesting to think about, but pretty scary when the past comes to you.
EmmalineTexas in Golden Gate Bridge Ghost
Whodat - That's hysterical. I had never quite looked at it that way. He knew something happened because he felt it. It took me about an hour to calm him down. I'll bet he still gets the shakes every time he drives across the Golden Gate Bridge! I think of the man with a pipe a lot. I hope that he met up with his family. At the time, I wondered why I couldn't really see his face very well, but I put it down to it being foggy. Life is funny. Thanks so much for your comment. ❀
Lady-glow, I apologize if my comment offended you. I meant nothing bad against Mexico at all. I've never been to MichoacΓ‘n state, but I recently met a lady whose husband is from there and they visit his home frequently with no trouble at all. She told me it is a lovely place. I was just wondering what some guy would be doing out in the middle of nowhere like that running down the road waving instead of just waiting on the shoulder and signaling for the bus to stop. Again I apologize. I meant no disrespect.
Wow what a great story. Thanks so much for sharing that one. I really enjoyed reading it. You had an amazing encounter for sure. I bet your date from that night is still telling folks to this day about that "crazy girl" he took to the bridge years ago.
If you're still active/checking in, then email me at greekgoddesshera13 [at] gmail.com

This happened to me around the time you posted this, and I live in Tucson, AZ. The first time it happened I was watching my niece. The next time, in the past couple months, I was/am living with a friend after moving out and I was home alone.

I want to solve this. You're my only lead. Please, if you see this, contact me. I check my email everyday at 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 8pm. Since I am in Arizona, I am currently in PST. November 5th I will be back in MST, an hour ahead.
Roy, It was a long time ago so I'm over it now lol
Had a few experiences myself so I don't get that scared now, although nothing like that though 😁
lady-glow in Scary Hummmm Noises
Hmmmm hmmmm. I wonder if the engine of one, or more, of those machines was making the noise... Perhaps a fan or some mechanical part shooting off. πŸ€”
With the evidence presented...

Abandoned house in the woods: Check.

At least two friends who have been drinking: Check.

A HIGH Probability that there might be at least one. If not more Homeless individuals using the house as 'camp': Check

Mysterious/Hostile background for the former owners: Check


Mona777, Even if it is scary please do not let fear conquer you:-)

It was really weird. Even though I was really young when it happened, I was scared for days after hearing about it. πŸ˜•
Sushantkar - Your experience sounds incredibly frightening. What happened? And yes, I understand your feeling about child ghosts. It seems that a lot of things masquerade as children. I am relieved that the ones here were just passing through. If it happened all of the time, I would be extremely worried. So sorry that you had an entity (or entities) try to hurt you.

I think that's exactly what happened 😁 I'll write more about the incidents in that house, I think she got angry and started annoying us back lol. Thanks for your comment:)
sushantkar in The Helping Ghost
I think that the OP had tried to pertain like Jhon Wick (The Man the Myth the Legend) but eventually failed in every aspects and had end up pisssed off.
😜 😁
rookdygin in A Shared Experience
Interesting...Interesting indeed.

Sushantkar has a valid point.

This may simply be a coincidence... However I have some questions that may, just may help determine if it was truly a dream or if something more was going on.


Ask to see pictures of the friends she was with that night, do you recognize them from your dream? Along these same lines... Did you call out to anybody in the dream, if so what name did you call out and does it match any of her friends that were there with her that night?

Have you ever experienced an OBE (Out of Body Experience)? If so, how often? Or if a 'one time thing' was it similar to this 'dream'?

Is 'C' a close enough friend that they may have been 'thinking' I wish Sayuri was here with us?

What had you been watching just before going to sleep? Could it have influenced your dreams?

Your English is very good, just not enough details to say if this was truly paranormal or not. Thanks for sharing.


Hello Emmaline, very frightening experience you had. I personally don't like child ghosts. They are very natorious and eirre. Once I had experienced ghost child's near an abundant mortuary. It was almost a near death experience for me. Hopefully you are doing fine now.
Thanks for sharing.

The meat theory seems to me bit logicless. We all are made with flesh and bone then why once should avoid meat in their refrigerator. A special worship or cleansing could be tried first.

AugustaM in The Street Walker
As there is still part of her left - sending a few positive vibes her direction couldn't hurt. I wonder if she is out there wandering more because of her own sense of shame and guilt than any cosmic (call it what you will...divine, heavenly, etc) judgement - ie that if someone could get her to forgive and accept herself perhaps she could be crossed over. It just seems sad for a woman to wander alone like that just for having been a prostitute - worse still when one considers the likely violent tragedy of her demise. If it isn't something the OP feels comfortable doing then I hope someone crosses her path that can help her find her way to the other side and peace.
Mona777, No problem! You can call me anything as long as I know that you are talking to me lol

Hmm... Eerie... The dream part is scary for me...

loneybone in Who Is With Me?
Jubeele Thanks so much for your kind words, I definitely feel that god is with me and because of it I am being strong. I no longer let my brother treat me they way he use to and slowly I am changing into a more stronger person and learning to stand up for my self. I definitely know someone is with me and I always thank the lord before going to bed I'm sure he might have something to do with it.

Just this weekend I went to visit my dad because his wife passed away except she was an awful mean person while alive and my dad was never really there for me at all but I went for moral support it had been a while since her passing but I wanted to show him that he could count on me. Well when I went to see him, there was many people I paid my respects and went over to his house. All my time there he never spoke to me but once just to say he didn't like my weight. It really hurt my feelings a lot because he takes care of another girl like it's his daughter since birth but to me he has never wanted me so I went and I cried for a good minute in his bathroom when I felt I big gush if wind just pass me my hair even moved and I suddenly stopped crying all together and I got a good feeling like I knew things were going to change and everything was going to be just fine.
Those are the reasons I am staying strong and not discourage my self. And as far saying Hi and making friends with my crush well wish me luck on that one I am extremely shy with those things and I end up panicking last minute but I hope it works out.
Aw, gee Tweed <blush>. Coming from you, wow... Ta muchly!

It's been years since I've been up to the Dandenongs. Is the "Puffin' Billy" train still operating? Blue Mts in NSW are so named from the bluish haze from the gum trees shading the horizon. Beautiful places both - love mountains and trees.

So pleased you enjoyed my accounts. Thanks for your welcome! 😘
Sorry to all the readers for the disapointment. I really regret about not having the photos. But also thanks for reading the story and for your opinion on the story 😊
Sid 😊
Hey shady4u thanks for the opinion 😊
Yes, I agree I should have thought before posting the story as now I don't have the photos. Genuinly sorry for the dissapointment!
Sid 😊
Hey shady4u thanks for your opinion 😊
I also agree with your opinion that only with this story it can't be proved that this incident is a paranormal activity but yes whatever I experienced that night I still don't have a clear answer on it.
Anyways once again thanks for the opinion 😊
Hi Jubeele, I've really enjoyed reading your narratives. You tell them so well. 😊

I've always been confused by the Blue Mountains in Australia because where I'm from, Melb, there's the Dandenong Ranges or 'the Nong' as it's often called lol, together with the Dandenong mountains, or 'Dandenongs'. Anyway locals often call the Dandenongs the Blue Mountains because of the low clouds producing a blue hue. I didn't find out the Blue Mountains were separate until I was in my 20's!

This Inn sounds awesome, and so trusting. I'd be suspicious of people racking the nicknacks if I ran that joint. I don't like that I'd be wary of folk that way, but I would! Maybe the presence in that room protects it.

The differing light you experienced made me wonder if you'd seen the shade of light from a bygone time. Perhaps the time of the ghost you felt comforted by.

Very interesting and cool experience! Thanks for sharing. I feel like a bit of an idiot for saying this but I feel like welcoming you to the site. Well, a belated welcome at least!
Tweed in It's A Fox!
Hi Jubeele, thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed them.

I love the idea of wombats running around, they're one of my Dad's fave animals. 😊 But it's deffo foxes. They've both seen them trotting about at night. Apparently one scurries effortlessly across the top of the fence, regular wooden fence that is! That sounds supernatural in itself lol, really speaks to foxes adaptability. They're marvelous creatures.

As for my Dad and Stepmum's beliefs. It's so difficult explaining to people who've never met them, just how unique their mindset is. My Stepmum doesn't believe because she says she doesn't want there to be anything, no afterlife, no heaven, no spirit world, she wants there to be nothing. Go figure, I really don't get that. But I think you're onto something about her being a little timid at least about the subject. She's adamant she's never had a supernatural experience, but I think she's afraid of the concept of it, overall. Perhaps the idea of ghosts wandering about freaks her out and is too much for her.

My Dad I really can't work out. I think it's one of those things where he enjoys giving religious and/or spiritual people a hard time. He enjoys confrontation. No wonder politics and religion/spirituality are his most verbose topics. πŸ˜†

Thanks again for your input, I read your profile and I've always been amused by those gross out teddy bears. I think they're the ones you mean, like the living dead dolls?, anyway I dig them.

I'm going to read your experiences. I've been away from this site for way too long!
Hi Sushantkar, I totally agree with your knowledge of navagraha. People have told me not to roam near that tree after 11 at night because of spirits. As you said that its used to satisfy Saturn, I have seen some people also doing some kind of prayer with deeyas near that tree. Localities tell that they were doing a kind of black magic and really it was true. If you were here, you'll see, especially at full moon nights, ladies with a lemon, red powder and diyas with some more things, sat there and do some kind of prayer. And then next day you'll find lemons with red powder on it.
May be those spirits have stucked in some time loop.
Very heartbreaking incedient.
Thanks for sharing.

Hi Aaru275. Yeah that place really gave chills to me and I still cannot forget how scary it was.
Thanks for reading my story...
Strange but why these spirits wants to repeat the same incident when that little girl already died...
May be that driver must have tired & its a hallucination
I cried so badly. This is such a heartbreaking account. I wish I had the specialty that you have, but God is great; he knows I'm too emotional. My prayers for the little boy, as I have 3 daughters and 1 little boy myself... So I feel the pain somehow. Hurts so so much. ❀
aisyah1987 in Figures In My Life
Oh dear... Please seek help. DO NOT keep this to yourself, dear. It might manifest itself. Speak to someone whom you can trust. Spiritually, religiously... Whomever is able to take you seriously. Once the spirit is able physically harm you, he will take over. Many prayers for you, my love. ❀
Hey CaRm1516 your story is very much interesting 😊.
By the way can you submit the photo in which you saw the small boy. If you have the photo please do share it 😊
You two must have been making too much noise. When I was a kid my mom would say we were "making enough noise to wake the dead" or something like that. I bet that's what you did. That little girl's spirit just wanted to Rest In Peace and you and your cousin were talking and laughing in the middle of the night. 😜
sushantkar in A Shared Experience
Hi Satguru! I think you see lots of ghost vedios and somehow few of them had inadvertently stored in your mind. Also you have friends who have hobbies of getting places which might be harmful without the supervisions of any expert (I am assuming they all are teens as like you).
Their fascinating stories may have hit that memory from your vedios and you have inadvertently wanted to link it with your friends findings.
This is although my opinion and I might be completely wrong (no offense ment).
Thanks for sharing.

I wasn't really scared of this story until I read ladyglow's comment...
Sid, with all due respect, you should've reconsidered posting this story here if you don't have the photos. It impacts your story largely in a negative way.

It is definitely possible of this not being the paranormal, but again, who has been able to explain the paranormal anyway? I respect and like your story Sid, thank you for the great read!

Hi Jubeele
It would be amazing if bob popped by for a visit:)
Thankyou for reading my story.

Sorry, my mistake I meant "hallway". Thanks for pointing it out though:)
Hi Roy,

Can I call you Roy? Anyways all your stories are really interesting. My aunt had a similar experience once, although her dead friend came in her dream to take her away. She didn't know that her friend was dead until the next day when she tried calling her and heard the news that she had died a few days prior.
Hey sushantkar thanks for the opinion.
Actually I didn't share those photos with my friend.
I seriously regret now that I didn't try to retrieve my data...! 😟
Anyways thanks for the suggestion 😊
RedWolf, How informative! Yes! That is something that I found in some of the reports and things that I heard from people! We human beings naturally have the ability to interact with spirits but had somehow stopped in some point. That is very helpful!

I am not sure if there is a "third eye" but I do have a feeling that in nature animals do communicate with spirits, somewhat like how they show animals talking to some pixie in some fairytales. Got lots to talk about but I don't think it is about ghosts so I stop here.

Aaru275, Wow! Thanks for reading my stories! Till today I still feel presents of something around the fountain, maybe it is just me being a little sensitive since I hear about the rumor? Not sure but yes, I do believe that something fishy is going on and the spirit is still there.

sushantkar in The Sacrifice
Oh dear 😁 I am with Lady glow here, as per the story peeing under Tamarind trees and perticularly that tree should be flagged by the local authorities that if you pee under this tree at any given time then you may loose someone from your family and even your pets (please no offense ment and also I am not wanting to make a joke out of it)
Just want to say "Instant Karma" in India style.
Oh just to add, as we all know that peepal tree are worshiped because they can satisfy Saturn, and is one of the 9 heavenly objects known as Navagraha in Hindu astrology. As per my knowledge and what my elders said to me that peepal tree in most of the time habitats the "Brahm Daitya"the holy tormentor ghost. The legendary ghost BrahmDaitha are typically classified based on their religion, time & nature of death, place of death and so on and they generally don't harm but it did not mean they cannot. One should always keep distance from them as they are highly unpredictable.
Might be your friend had encountered with Brahmdaitya or may be not.

Hi Ghostyanu! In India, I have heard so many spooky stories associated with Peeple tree from my childhood. In my early teens, the locality where we were residing had a peepal tree which had a celebrity status of being haunted. People leaving there have their own experiences of paranormal sightings. One day while returning from a friends house I had to go pass that tree which just had made me freaked out.
Your story just refreshes the memories of that incedient of my childhood.
Thanks for sharing.

Hello Sid926, While showing the pics to your friends, have you ever shared some of the photos, just asking maybe if you had then you could recollect them.

Sid926 in A Rare Sighting
Interesting story... Would love to hear about your next experience...

Sid926 😁
Jubeele in Childhood Ghosts
NightlyEclipse, when I read your account, I got the impression that you could be "seeing" the past. It may be that the arrowheads and grinding stones carried residual memories of what happened long ago. Do you still have them and can you send a photo? I'm curious to see what they look like.

Have you also looked into the history of your grandparents' property? See if there was any event that happened in the area. It would be interesting to find out.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Jubeele in Mango Tree
Aaru, what a horrible experience for your cousins. I hope they are all fine now.

Mangoes are my favourite fruit (apart from durians). I had an aunt who had four mango trees in her garden in Malacca (W. Malaysia). She had so many fruit that she would leave baskets full of mangoes outside her gate for the neighbours to enjoy. She would also let the children come and pick the fruit themselves. I think you and your cousins would have loved her!

I hope this hasn't put you off mangoes. Just stay away from from that particular tree... Thank you for your story.

P.S. This is for Redwolf or anyone interested in making mango smoothies. You get the best results with soft, very ripe mangoes. Google "mango lassi", it's like a mango milkshake; mango, milk, yogurt, sugar and a dash of cardamom. There's also a Thai green mango salad you can make (Som Tum Mamuang).
Cheers, Jules 😊
Hi Aaru, I rather think so too. I was startled at the time, but didn't feel frightened at all.
I need your help
I have blackamagician on my body from last 4 years the spirit didn't speak at all. I am from Delhi,India.
Can you help me please.

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