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Argette - Hi. Forgive me but may I ask how can EMF affect someone's feeling? Like what you said, "A high EMF could have made you feel uneasy." Can you please explain how could that be possible? I apologize, I don't know much about it. Lol. Thanks.
Miracles51031 in Devil's Nest
mimerkki - I understand it upsetting you, because it also upset me. The loss of babies always does. I won't pretend to know what the healthcare system was like for them back then, because I have no idea. Maybe they had none Confused

Not everyone believes in curses so they're not going to pay any attention to the tales that are told, even when things start going wrong. There is always a logical, even if it is heartbreaking, explanation for everything. Perhaps there was a medical condition that resulted in the babies being stillborn. There are several things than can contribute to this. And then there are people who want a baby so badly they will endure loss after loss, praying each time the woman is pregnant for a healthy baby.

I could go on, but I'll quit since this isn't my story anyway LOL But thanks for answering my question Smile
Hi Carenna - How old were you when this happened? I'm a little confused over "...but we were visiting my parent's friends (April and Lane) that they had met on xbox, weird I know. But they have been friends for a very long time."- because it says you are a young adult so I'm going to assume your parents are around at least early 40's. Not saying people in their 40's can't play xbox, but xbox isn't that old and if they have been friends for a long time... You see why I'm confused? Lol sorry please clarify for a better understanding. Thank you
Swimsinfire in The Unexpected Guest
Very sweet story. These family ones are so comforting, aren't they? Thanks much.
This is such a good story. I'm with Notjustme, I could live with water pouring. Interesting about the voice by the clock. Do you think he's still wanting to speak his mind? Thanks for the story.
This post made me remember my own (stupid) ouija experiementations when I was a teenager. At least it seems that not much harm was caused to the writer of this story and her friends...

Why the story made me think of my own "ouija" experiments, was because finnish kids made their boards themselves back then (boards are not sold here and it was before you could print one from the internet) and used a glass as a planchette. It would be interesting to collect different cultural beliefs and habits of teenagers worldwide conserning ouija. On the other hand, nowadays knowledge moves so incredibly fast, that many cultural variations may cease to exist: (Ok, and now I lost the subject entirely again.
Swimsinfire in Lucky Necklace
Well, absolute agreement with checking out the physical causes first. But I had a symilar expierience with a necklace; same choking, mine would sting around my neck and give me a migrain. But yours was OK at first. So I think Bad JJ's advice with the salt is a good idea. You never know. Holding y'al to the light.
mimerkki in Devil's Nest
To Miracles: The story affected me so much, I didn't even explain myself. Sorry. If I was thinking at all, I was thinking along the lines of: Wish they had done something sooner, noticed sooner that something needed to be done differently, and spared themselves, if possible, from much suffering.

Since english is not my first language, I always struggle to express myself, and sometimes I get lazy and wish, that people would simply read my mind. Smile
hey did you cleansed the glass before using? is said that you should always cleansed the glass by holding it above burning white candle in order to avoid atracting demonic energy
misschichibi in Part 1- Confusion
Miracles51031- I already have the 2nd part but it seems like this site is temporarily closed.

I do agree, Miracles51031. Technicalities isn't a part of these experiences, is it?

P.S: Kindly read it with all your might [maybe, I might bring confusion again to everyone] and don't just read between the lines. Thank you! Love
This doesn't sound dangerous but what you should first establish is whether it is a negative or positive energy. Secondly I would suggest doing some research into your house or your family history to find out if any young children have passed away. It might help you feel less frightened around the spirit.:-)
nice story! I can imagine how freaked out you have been after seeing the charger suspended in the air. I think you should consult a Ojha or a expert and try to get rid of it... Take care
P.S - You are lucky that your parents are so understanding, generally parents don't believe such things until they themselves experience it.
Miracles51031 in Part 1- Confusion
Maybe it's the language difference, but this might be a story that needs to be read again. The first time I read it, it took me a minute to figure out what mischichibi was saying. Then I read it again and now I understand.

Mischichibi - you came to our site looking for answers as to whether or not you have a gift. So far, from what you have shared with us, I'm leaning toward yes, you do. Since this is Part 1, I believe you might be intending to share Part 2 with us? Perhaps this will give us additional information and we'll have more to go on.

Sometimes it's hard to express to others exactly what we experienced so they can understand. Especially when there are so many different cultures represented here. We all have a tendency to think that the person telling their story is from the same place we are which, a lot of times, isn't the case. Even when sharing some of my experiences with friends, it's hard to put it in writing so they understand what I'm talking about Confused

Thanks for sharing this with us Smile
Thank you for your comment, I'm not sure how much I want these senses to develop but if get enough confidence I will try those websites. That's a very good question ^.^ And to be honest if she did come back as a shadow or faded spirit I wouldn't know what to do with her, I'd hope that she would be protective, but until I know for certain I'll continue understanding my abilities. Thank you for your comment:-)
misschichibi in Part 1- Confusion
Surya- I apologize for the confusion. That's why it's the title of my story, I am confused as well Happy .I wish it's not true and I am just creating stories.

Otteer - Yeah, I just realized that[confirmation]. I am surrounded by people like that and I am wondering why.

*Thank you for reactions!
Gargoyle in Devil's Nest
What a very sad and horrifying story. I don't know if I believe in demons but there was certainly something evil in that house. I too wonder why they didn't leave sooner, unless it was lack of money and they couldn't afford to move?
I think I may have left much sooner.
I wish the lady, her son and you well for the future and hope that the public park has no evil entity in it.

just saying maybe they are upset because they never got to meet your daughter?
Pay no mind to Mr. Hogwash... He seems to be a bit confused... Giving advice here about swearing and cursing a spirit away... And then telling other posters to Pray to God as that is the only chance they have.

Some folks have offered good advice here... And many members can vouch for the Cleansing Method I have posted on my profile... Heck there are even a couple of experiences that include it and the results of using it.

It's important to Debunk First... Keep a journal, it will help you remember details and weed out real world events from possibly paranormal ones.

Thanks for sharing, please keep us posted.
The shadows in the door may have had natural causes, like a coat rack, or something that created a human-looking shadow.

The shadows moving in the hallway could be light from a passing car.

A high EMF could have made you feel uneasy.

If those are similar explanations are ruled out, you have an very interesting situation. I'd do more research as Lady-Glow suggests.
hi! I just want to ask if there is a possibility you could have bnen sleep walking? Smile
I agree that some of it does not sound like residual, especially with the electrical manipulation of the computer and the "pop" sound your son described. My son's uncle, who can see energy of dead people often describes the sound and feeling of a loud "pop" when someone departs this world (dies). Makes sense that it could happen when one enters it.
The hallway running and shadow could be residual, same with the laughter. Could it be possible that your mom and friend saw some one the same age and height as you, and just assumed it was you? Possibly the child your son saw in his room. If not, wowser! Thank you so much for sharing!
Carenna: welcome to YGS.
Have you or your parents ever asked April and Lane if they have had any paranormal experiences in their house aside from April seeing the three shadows?
I think they are the ones that could answer your question to the full extent.

Thanks for sharing. Smile
lady-glow in Dad Came To Help Me
tanscaredofghosts- I'm sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing such a touching story with us.
I agree with the previous posters, your father loved and still loves you very much and will be always looking after you.
HarrieHogwash: you need to fix that 'crystal ball' of yours, it's making you look like a fool. Serious

Divergentbosom: I hope you can post the picture soon.
I also have to agree with the idea that it does not sound residual, simply due to the fact it's "playing" with toys. I always feel horrible for child spirits, it's so sad they are stuck here alone. Personally, I would not try contacting it, unless you are prepared (and okay with) the possibility of activity picking up. I like the idea of a journal too... I think mimerkki is right on with all those thoughts/suggestions.
If it is bothering you knowing you're coexisting with a "ghost", try a smudging/cleansing (those are always good to do anyway, in my opinion).
Oh gosh, I definitely do not want a spirit/entity here, not a chance!
It may seem as if I do but I really do not, there's nothing I want less. I will be trying your cleansing method but I don't know if it has just been attracted because this isn't the first house this has happened in, it just gets worse with every new house, and I've lived in quite a few...

However I do trust and value your opinion! So thank you for your advice.

C and S
Harrie, please understand that not everyone has the same beliefs as you. I agree with you that it helps if you pray but please try to keep an open mind.
C and S,

Depending on how long the energy has built up in your home it is possible that a spirit was attracted in... So keeping in mind that Like attracts Like I still suggest my Cleansing and Shielding Method. The sooner you can 'change the air' in the Home the easier it will be to deal with any spirits that may have 'stopped by' they may even leave because the energy that attracted them in is no longer present.

There is something else... And I do not say this to be offensive... There is a chance a spirit has been attracted because subconsciously you really wanted a spirit/entity involved. I do not know for sure... But either way a good Cleansing and Shielding... And it does not have to be mine... Would be a GOOD thing to do.


HazMan_III in Terrified Of The Dark
Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on my story. I, of course, also have my reservations concerning the event, and I'll do my best to address them (and yours) here.

First off, mimerkki, I was also questioning whether or not I would be able to draw anything that makes sense at that age. Children are still at the very early stages of developing manual dexterity in their hands. Secondly, even as adults, people still struggle with drawing things accurately, though I suppose accurate is a relative term in this case.

What I state above, however is very generalized. I've come across many very young children, some even younger than I was at the time of this story, who can communicate better than a lot of teenagers. My mother said I could carry on a conversation with an adult at that age, but I think children are always brilliant in their parents eyes. Take that one with a grain of salt.

I would, however, say that I'm artistically oriented and fairly dexterous. I would spend quite a bit of time drawing as a child. I can't vouch for how good I was because that'd be a biased view. I'd like to think I would be able to draw what was mentioned in the story, but since I have no recollection of the event or those immediately following it, it's hard to say.

Mschichibi, I believe you're saying my mother suggested the idea of an alien to me, but when she told me the story, she didn't mention the word alien, nor did she say she helped me draw. She handed me a piece of paper and a pencil and asked me to draw what I had seen. She also seemed visibly bothered by what happened, even decades later. Sorry if this reply seemed a bit aggressive.

Surya, I had also given that some thought. But consider that there wouldn't be any glare on the glass coming from inside the room as all the lights in the immediate area (at least indoors) were off. There were homes next door that usually had lights on in the evening that might have illuminated the area where I allegedly saw this thing, but again, I don't exactly remember the setting on that night. Also take into consideration that this is an urban area, so it's never really dark like it would be out in the country. I do believe that it is entirely possible that I might have perceived what I saw as something other than what it actually was.

Miracles, that is very interesting. If in fact what your son captured was an alien, it may be one of the few legitimate pictures in existence. I would love to see it sometime. Yes, I also lament that there is no way to know for sure. I wish my mother had saved the picture, but I think she got rid of it. Convenient, I suppose. What I saw and what I drew may not have been an alien, but I'm certain my mother is convinced it was.

I think it's pertinent, so I'll mention a few things. A lot of friends I know claim to have seen strange things in the sky around here. One says he even caught it on tape. Once as I was walking home I passed my old middle school and overheard an officer and a man talking about what may have been a possible UFO sighting during the day. There's also been some unexplainable booms in the sky at night, but they're infrequent. Aliens or none, I can with certainty say that the city itself is a very strange place.
Thank you for relating your experience. From what I'm getting your companion saw the apparition of a little boy and you heard it while she saw it? Nice confirmation! I loved the description of the woods, its like I was there... I dearly love the forest. Thank you for sharing!
If you saw her, then she was there. Maybe she was your guardian, maybe just a spirit who attached to you because she/he/it felt there was a need. That you feel things, sense things, is most likely tied with the ability you had as a child. I operate by sensing also, I feel things... Usually emotions, on living, and the departed. Not so often anymore though. I think I'm sensing the energy field, as for some reason I can feel incoming calls on phones, and it is an all over body buzz (vibration if you will.) Oddly, it dosnt happen all the time.
I have also heard things, such as phantom footsteps, glimpsed one spirit, all I believe residual. So you may be picking up on vibrations or energy fields. Who knows if it is your Lady, if you want her to return, what would you do with her if she did? If its an interest in paranormal only, you may be disappointed as I think she was there for a purpose and that purpose is most likely served.
There are many sites you can visit that can help you develop your senses, I personally don't want anymore development lol. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Miracles51031 in Devil's Nest
mimerkki - I'm sorry but what message, exactly, do you think they should have gotten sooner?
Miracles51031 in Terrified Of The Dark
mimerkki - different people see different things. Just like ghosts in pictures. I can be looking at the same picture that zzsgranny is looking at and she immediately can identify what someone sees as a ghost. Me? Ha! Granny has pointed it out different ways and I still see nothing lol

Since I don't know what HazMan saw, I can't say. All I would be doing is guessing and basing it purely on the picture my son took and that would be wrong. What HazMan saw could be so totally different, even though it may sound similar.
elnoraemily in Sleep Paralysis? Maybe
Rhej, If this continues, I would advise you to see a sleep specialist. They may be able to help.

Sleep paralysis is not enjoyable and I am very sorry that you are experiencing it. Your body sticks you between consciousness and dreaming and takes away your control.

It sounds like you are experiencing anxiety before bed- extreme sleepiness then having to jolt up and hurriedly do something. I have that, as well, and it is not fun. I would suggest playing soothing music and maybe trying meditation, if you are into that. A nice bath calm help calm your body as well.
The body will not some natural calming down/jolting before bed. But if it is disruptive, there may be something you can do to manage it naturally.

I'm not discounting any paranormal beliefs that you have that tie into this, but I would make sure that anxiety and sleep disturbances are managed naturally if they can be.

Let us know how you are doing, pretty please, and best wishes.

elnoraemily in Sleep Paralysis? Maybe
H, Comment guidelines.

Please read them.

Telling someone that your God is there only chance is not very helpful.

Neither is inspiring paranoia.
mimerkki in Devil's Nest
I wonder, why they stayed in a house so long. It must be horrendous to lose so many children and one would expect people to "get the message" sooner.
thedivergentbosombuddies in A Terrifying Visitor
[at] lady-glow I do see the point you're making about my story not having much detail. I do live in a terraced house, so it may have been my neighbours, but it does not explain the blue blurs on the photo. I will find a way to post the photo for you all to see. Maisie is also a fairly relaxed person and has never been sick out of excitement or nervousness before.
Thank you for your time.
Jlobeats12 in Big Blue
Thank you, I understand what you mean, I look forward to more stories from you:-)
I found your story a little confusing. Sorry maybe it is because you have used past and present tense. Whilst I have no doubt you all experienced what you did, I find this a wee tad unbelievable. Confused
Interesting story but I do have to agree with mimerkki.

Eyes can play tricks in the dark so maybe your eyes were playing trick on you.
HarrieHogwash in Sleep Paralysis? Maybe
This is perhaps an evil entity that is trying to take over your body and use you for evil things in the world, resist this vile creature, and read the bible before sleeping. I would also put a ring of salt around your bed and pray to god all mighty before retiring, he's your last chance.
This is a dream of mine, but this still goes loosely within the subject. I work as a nurse, so I see dead and dying often. Once in a while there are old ladies, who really don't give up living in spite of their poor health and high age, and who fight the death with tooth and nail (women are tough Wink ). I once saw a dream of dark clad warriors, both men and women, dressed in fantastical black armours, who had come to take this old lady with them. In my dream she ran from them but darn, if my angels of death look that good, I am certainly not goingto put up any fight Laugh
Miracles: How can it be either an alien or nothing? Confused and what do YOU think it is?
sushantkar in Devil's Nest
Hello to ERizzy, pearlangel & elnoraemily! Ms Chhatopadhya has grown old now but both she and his son is okay. Though, we have very little communication with Chhatopadhya family as she was friend of my grandmother and currently she is in Bilaspur. Happy
Miracles51031 in Terrified Of The Dark
HazMan - what you have described sounds like something my little boy took a picture of when he was around 6. I've had many people look at it, some are friends on this site, and some are people who are very interested in aliens.

There is no way I can tell you what you saw and what my son took a picture of are similar, but the people who study aliens are convinced my son took a picture of an alien Serious And then there are others who say it is nothing Laugh
We do accept pictures. If you want to put a picture along with a story, it has to be emailed to the site as an attachment. A lot of folks just upload the picture to a photo sharing site such as photobucket, and share the link to the pic in either the story or comments. Either way works.
I think lady-glow has some very valid points that should be considered before you guys freak yourselves out anymore. Sometimes the most odd things turn out to have the most incredibly dull explanations, so it's always a good idea to try to debunk an experience.
mschichibi (guest) in Terrified Of The Dark
Hi HazMan_III!

Too young to experience that thing. Young children can only draw what they have seen, through watching television shows, reading books or just by observing other people's actions. I think your mom knows about that but you just made it confirmed.

Thanks for your article. I am curious that you still were willing to stay in that house post the experience. I have a couple of questions and would be great if you can answer:

1) Its been more than a year now. Are you still saying in the place?

2) Can you provide the details of where this property is located?

Thank you,
thedivergentbosombuddies in A Terrifying Visitor
[at] rookdygin thank you for your assistance. This is the second time something weird has happened when we have been together, and the third time it has happened to me personally. I am not aware of anything untoward happening in her house. I will post other stories on what happened in those incidents. The journal keeping is quite a good idea, we may consider it. Thanks for your review Smile

A two year old can very rarely draw anything that makes sense, closer to three, kids can draw heads and sticks as legs. On the other hand, if you were a talented drawer and serious about representing somethin you saw, I believe kids can, like aduls, surpass themselves. There is no way to "prove", that you saw something paranormal. What you saw could have been anything from an elemental to human to some animal. I guess your mom had to trust her gut feeling about this.
I don't know anything about computers, but I have heard many people say, that a writer can download the picture in a photobucked (what ever it is), and then post a link to it here in comments.
It does not sound like a residual haunting to me, mainly because the spirit seems to interact with the writer a bit. It does not sound scary either. I have always wondered, why children stay behind, and not go forward. The obvious reason would be, that they were somehow scared or hurt before their death and too confused to move on. Or that they still felt like they had something to do. When thinking about it, the reasons might be pretty much same for everybody, even for animals:) It's just my opinion, but if I were you, I might keep up a journal about what happens, how the cat reacts etc. That way you might be able to pick up more things about your visitor, in order to determine what to do, if anything. It would also help to keep an eye on the situation, to detect early, if something goes awry.
Try to contact with the spirit... There maybe any bad history of your house! Good luck! Contact a occulist...& did the spirit ever tried to harm you & your child?
I only think it is a spirit because of the feelings I get, but last night I saw something standing in my lounge room, at about 12, I've always gotten the feeling of being watched from where I saw it... I also kept feeling my leg being grabbed, heard footsteps right outside my door when nobody was awake (my bedroom door stays open) and some other things went on... I don't know but I definitely feel like it's getting stronger...

C and S
mschichibi (guest) in Is It A Gift?
Miracles51031- Thank you so much! By the way, I also wrote another story to support some of details. I hope you can help put those pieces. Love
Jewelz23 - when I read stories like yours, it just absolutely makes my mind race in a very terrifying way, only because I would be really scared in those situations lol but thank you for sharing. I have never been through that before but it sounds like a residential haunting (based in reading here and it doesn't sound like you feel threatened, sorry if i'm wrong Shy . I hope someone on here can help you and the child-spirit. My best wishes.
Ah there you, have you found some tales doubt worthy?
PS: 50-50 is a brand of biscuit here which I find nom-nom Shy
valkricry in Attack By Ghost
Dear susantkar,
As has been said, there are many discrepancies in your story. Now, some of them could simply be because you are not writing in your first language. English is hard and American even harder. (Ask anyone from the UK, we yanks do not speak 'English' lol).
As Surya pointed out, you may have fainted from hunger and experienced some form of sleep paralysis.
Or, even a virus (you did mention a slight fever).
I do not think your dog's passing 'unnatural'. You said he had been ill for 3 months and under a doctor's care... Add into that a dog ages 7 years for every one of ours. Since it was 12 years since the incident he would have been 84+ people years. That, my friend is very long for a dog. I know it hurts to have lost him, but it was not because of paranormal circumstances, I don't think. Unless there is more to it then what you said. Just know he went feeling loved, and no creature, not even man can ask for more than that.
Dear sds,
Thank you for using my experience as a reference Happy
It feels good to be useful and I am grateful to you. As you might know, I am a greenhorn when it comes to matters pertaining to the paranormal, and I have not been of much use to anybody in that sense Sad

Thank you.
Oh, my... I seem to have missed you again, Ari...
50/50 is something to put in coffee (yuck, prefer mine black) NOT something to get enough characters to send a post! Lol
Silver_Nighthowl in Cat Reincarnation
If you don't mind me asking what were the 'strange' things Oliver used to do? Could you please explain them?
Sceptic-Ari in Encounter With Unknown
Dear SushantKar,
Please clarify this doubt of mine;
In your story 'Attack by Ghost', you stated,"On December 28th 1997, the time would have been in between 3:30 to 4:00pm (approximate), I had just returned from my college." So even if it was your 1st year in college, you had to be around 16-18 years old.Right?
In this story of yours, you summarize by saying,"when I am 28 years old currently".
Thus, if I am not wrong, you are saying that you have aged only about 10-12 years in the past 16-17 years period! Or am I gravely mistaken/misinformed?
Do I owe you an apology?

Do reply.
Ashlynn1014 in First Time Ouija Board
I want to thank you all for worrying, my family has had a lot of experiences witht the paranormal and iv done a lot of research, also I made the board.
I understand what using the ouija board can open up.
My cousin and sister hasent wanted to do it and I respect that, I'll wait until I'm older and do it again with proper knowlage about the paranormal.
Also, if things were going bad, I woukdent have up and just left the situation, I don't know what I'd do but I guess that's why I'll wait until I'm older and do a lot a lot of research before I try again.
Thank you so much for commenting and being concerned.
lovebugs16 in The Unexpected Guest
"ate" doesn't literally mean "sister". We also use this term to address stranger women in the Philippines as a simplest sign of respect:)
ophelia1023 in Amazing Flaming Light
Wow, this article gave me goosebumps; the heavenly-good-kind of goosebumps. I'm a freelancer in terms of religious beliefs. I mean, I believe in a Higher Being but I do not box myself in any religion. Your experience is... Beautiful. Let it be your stronghold, your well of hope during challenging times. Thank you for sharing.
[at] Miracles51031. Thank you for sharing good insights. I did not include it in the story anymore but yes, I did ask Anne about it. Right after the incident, I asked her if she was joking with me. I guess it's a natural reaction for someone who doubts incidents like these. Thought I believe in the supernaturals, I also believe that it's rare and can have numerous possibilities and explanations. To cut our long conversation short, Anne did not know what I was talking about. As for the other people in the dorm... I was not really a sociable person so I did not know many of them.

Somehow, I feel regretful that I couldn't share any more details about the event to you. It really happened the way I retold the story. Too abrupt for me to have more clues. I couldn't even answer [at] lovebugs16's question about how the people in the picture looked like. For one, I'm bad at memorizing people's faces; what more when I've only seen it in a short time. I couldn't help but say that if I were chosen to deliver that message, that being surely made a very bad choice for a messenger.

As for your comment about the Latin words, I didn't know and still don't know anyone who could speak Latin or is related to it in any way. I guess my aloof behavior is taking its toll. LOL

I really appreciate your insights. Thank you very much.
C and S,

Please do not get wrapped up in all this...'it's got to be a spirit of some type' hype.

A spirit may have been attracted to the energy with-in your home... But if you change that then it will go away. Stay safe... Stay positive and keep us posted.


There is not enough info in your story to decide if what you experienced was paranormal.

"...We had come upstairs to investigate after hearing several loud banging noises, footsteps and a faint male voice..." -How far away is your house from the nearest neighbors? It is possible that the noises you heard came from some other house or from the street.
As for 'the shadow' being taller than you, it means nothing since the shape and size of a shadow depends on the position of an object to a source of light.
I wouldn't be surprised if Maisie made herself sick out of excitement and nervousness.

I'm not much of a cyber expert, but I know it is possible to post pictures in YGS, and am sure some of the other members will tell you the steps to follow.
Can you say Poltergeist? I knew you could...

2 girls... 12 to 13 years in age.

Voices...footsteps and a possible male voice.

My opinion is that this MAY be the beginning of a Poltergeist event for one... Or both of you. Your Friend and yourself are at an age when your bodies start changing... This produces energy and this energy can either 'burst' out of the individual causing events like these OR it can attract a spirit that enjoys the type of energy being produced and it uses it to manifest.

The shadow...MAY...have been a spirit or a trick of he light... I am not sure as I was not there to see it. The 'wavy lines' in the picture could be anything from Camera Shake to 'energy waves' being generated by your bodies.

Both of you should start a Journal... One just for recording 'odd' events... Then you can track them... Do they only happen when you are together... Or more in your home... Or hers?

This is just my opinion though... Thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted.


I'll have to look into that then, it's getting harder and harder to sleep in this house lately...
Thank you for your help
Wherefore art thou my friend Val?

Why would you even make the stupid decision to go to the gym at three in the morning during a severe thunderstorm in the first place. I agree with elnoraemily. Next time use your common sense.
ophelia1023 - I believe you were given a message, not a doubt in my mind. Did you ever talk to Ann about this? Just my own opinion here, based on my experiences, but for you to have received that message when you did I think it may have been someone Ann may have known. Or possibly someone else in your dorm. I don't think (again just my opinion okay?) you'd have been given a message that was for a random person, someone you may never meet.

As for the three Latin words, maybe those words were said, hoping to mean something to you to help explain something in the message, maybe to help identify who the message was for Confused Sometimes I'm given symbols that my Guides and I've worked out, other times it's words or impressions, smells or sounds, voices or I'm shown words at the same time I hear them. I'm just thinking outloud here, hoping maybe something will spark a thought with you.

I hope you are able to find out who the message was for Smile Thanks for sharing this with us and if you remember any other details, feel free to add them in the comments section.
[at] lovebugs16. That's precisely the point. I didn't and I don't understand any of it as well. I simply retold what had happened in the hopes that someone out there could recognize such photo. The only thing I know is that when I acknowledged those words, that weird incident began. That's why it's a delayed message. I didn't know what to do about it. Whatever happened then only showed me a photo and an "I'm okay." With such limitation, this is the best that I could do.
Miracles51031 in Is It A Gift?
mschichibi - I just wanted to let you know our administrator deleted the duplicate story so all comments will be directed to this story only Smile
Oh yeah and the noise sounds like heavy breathing through the nose.
The noise comes from the right side of the church but not in it, but I probably should have mention the village hall which is quite close by.
Miracles51031 in Big Blue
Jlobeats12 - as always I appreciate when people read my stories and leave comments.

I'm not sure where you heard about my reputation, but I believe you were misinformed. I am no more impressive than any of the rest of our members. We are a great group of unique people who bounce ideas off each other, sometimes tossing thoughts back and forth until something makes sense to us. That's what makes this site a great one. No one is any more special, unique, or impressive than anyone else.

I constantly seek advice and help from my friends. So to rely on me as the person to go to for the good help would be doing you a disservice. You would be missing out on help, advice and general great comments from the rest of our members who are wonderful people. Don't sell them short, because I value them very much. I wouldn't be where I am today without them.
hazeleyes in Lucky Necklace
I'm trying to figure out why the title of your story is called "Lucky Necklace" because all the necklace seems to do is bring you bad luck. It makes you sick when you wear it and made you feel like your energy is being drained. Have you had insomnia and has your dad had a temper before you had the necklace? I just want to know if these things could be involved with the necklace and if so the best advice I can give you is destroy the necklace.
Im glad you were looked after, regardless of who was responsible, you were blessed. If it was security, thank heavens they were paying attention to the cameras. I won't lecture you about the storm. But I want too lol... Hit my family up in the mountains in Colorado and they still have issues 15 years later. And, it was from a strike hundreds of yards away... The charge traveled through the ground and up into their tent, so say the witnesses who were also blasted.
Thanks for sharing!
Bed bugs would not be so nice... They would bite the holy heck out of you. Spiders... Big ones (sorry) do make a flutter feeling when running upon the skin...but...why up the spine and why no bites? I have a sister who had a haunted hat box, don't see why a mattress couldn't be haunted... Interesting story! Thanks for sharing!
We never got a any rashes or marks from it. And it only happened a few times (mattress was new, we had it for about 8years). But we never moved the bed from its position so it might of just been that part of the room?
To: elnoraemily

The limestone and water has something to do with it but I can't prove it at this time. I've tried to debunk the water basin but came up empty, please send you ideals on it and I will try them. If you read "in your face" you can understand my not so freaking out mode with the voice. The elementals have been seen and felt by family members that were visiting at the time. A three foot "blob" roaming about the house. The times I have felt them I could not determine a sex male/female nor did I feel malevolence or a bad smell that is associated with some of there sightings. Again if you have any ideals on this matter please share them.
elnoraemily in Pranked By Old Lady?
I think it's cute and funny that the old lady gave her a taste of her own medicine.

Apparently, you don't get to misbehave in her house.

elnoraemily in Devil's Nest
That is awful. That poor woman lost so many children and her husband. I can't imagine her pain.

Do you know anything of how the child is now that it is grown?

Thank you for the history that you explained! That was very helpful.

Do you happen to know where the park is or what it is named?
I think Erizzy and I would be interested in researching if any activity has been reported there.
To: Wish-Not

The limestone is so bad here that you can't dig down three inches without hitting it, forget about putting fence posts in or house cellars. Sorry to hear about your dog, hope its not being too disturbed by your visitors. Of the visitors I get, they only stay a very short time, some are seen others just felt.
To: notjustme

The washbasin was an item that was used on a daily basis way back when, so no real surprise there. When the clock thing happened I really thought it was someone I used to know, but I heard from that person sometime later so for the time being I will tie it to the clock.
elnoraemily in Spirit Guide
I am glad that you overcame your fears. That is not an easy thing for many people to do.

It is very bizarre that your children have seen it.

Have you found any photographs, perhaps uncles or grandfathers, that fit the description of what your family is seeing? It's worth digging into some family history books.
I am questioning why you decided to ride your bike to the gym when there was already a severe storm happening.

Next time, I would advise you to work out at home until the storm passes. Please don't get struck by lightning.

A landlord/manager of the unit/a neighbor with a comm could have seen you out there and opened the gate for you, possibly. If you have a security office, they would have been able to spot you on cameras (it's very annoying if you rely on a guard who falls asleep Sad ).

Either way, someone/thing did something quite sweet by letting you in.
elnoraemily in Lost Souls?
Shared experiences are typically easier to feel validated over than if it was just you seeing it.
If you want a non-paranormal explanation, you and your sister could both be sensitive to electronic fields and having mild hallucinations from it. That would be hard to prove, though, since your experiences were in multiple places and have never happened in the last four years.

"Fear of the unknown stops us from knowledge and growth." I like that. That is a good philosophy to have.

Best wishes
It may have been a heating/cooling vent on the building itself.
Many times they can sound like breathing (they come in bursts).
Pressure valves will also make a noise identical to someone breathing and will often do it rhythmically to slowly release pressure.
Air conditions, swamp coolers and heaters for large buildings can make very, very odd noises and breathing sounds is on the list.

The way you describe that sound moving from the ground to sky, in my mind, would be a pressure valve. You are hearing the pressure building through the pipes and being released safely.
Even a water pipe can make similar and very weird sounds.

There is a vent near my house on an industrial building that sounds exactly like a tropical bird.
It's fairly annoying, actually. I've never heard it during the day, but walk near that building at night, and it is squawking.
pearlangel in Devil's Nest
So sad...
The demon was really strong.
Hope mrs. Chhatopadhya is safe with her baby
What did the noise sound like? And which part of the church had the weird sound?

mschichibi (guest) in Is It A Gift?
notjustme- Yeah, that's why I seek for help. I might clear my minds after knowing it. Skeptical
MODOC in My Vision
ERizzy in Devil's Nest
Man that story is so sad. I'm sorry that happened. The demon is very strong indeed. I wonder what kind of activity goes on in the public park now.

Can it harm you? It depends, it could be either a good spirit, bad spirit, or a demonic spirit. Why don't you try to contact a medium she/he might give you answers of what type of entity it is. The spirit might need help to go to the light. Who knows.

zzsgranny in My Vision
MODOC: I'm sorry, I don't mean any disrespect but I find your story very hard to read. I haven't read it through because it actually hurts my eyes. People with astigmatism have an extremely hard time with this type of, well, type. It can and will create migraines, complete with nausea.

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Again, I mean no disrespect. But we would like for all of our members to be able read the published material so that they can contribute. Knowledge is best when shared.
Miracles - HAHAhaha "ate Jen? Or Jen ate...?" Confused oh thank goodness for our good ol google pal, my pleasure.
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notjustme - LOL when I was editing this, the first time "ate" was used I thought it was the infamous autocorrect doing its thing but when it was used again, I knew it was deliberate so I Googled Laugh

Thanks for sharing that with our members. It saves a lot of huhs? Wink