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ms_st0308 in Reassuring Friend
This is one my favorites! Reminds me of a really good friend of mine who passed away in October 2013.
spiritwaiting in The Cat And The Angel
Yes his self confidence has gone up since, the surgery. He has since returned to his normal rambunctious loving self.
He's a Taurus like me so the loving part comes naturally and he used to believe everyone was good until Middle school unfortunately.
It just broke him down a little bit when he realized this.
So now with careful teaching, we are teaching him to be confident in himself as he is special, unique, and beautiful.
And he was born that way for a very special reason.
Thanks again Valkricry
Its really comforting to know there are others that can relate.
Excuse me MIRACLES,
May I ask you a question?

(about this site)
Excuse me MIRACLES,
May I ask you a question?

(aboit this site)
Got that Miracles,
I knew someone will respond to my comment.
So sorry I scolded that guy.!

I didn't mean that his story is not scary or foolish.
I meant I can't believe it's true. There are evidence for that.

When talking about the part I have said about my phone number provision, I said it as a joke...!

Sorry buddy...

Thanks for the advise.
I'm so happy that your son's cause for bullying was easy to repair! Actually, I know it was far from easy and is on-going, but comparatively speaking, repairing a cleft lip is easier than say being bi-polar or something of that ilk. Now, comes the difficult part in repairing the emotional hurt, and teaching him to stand up for himself and others. It's hard to say with one so young, but perhaps this type of hurt will actually be beneficial to those around him in the future.
spiritwaiting in The Seventh Housemate
Hi Science-tastic,
This was an awesome read for me. I absolutely love reading about old creepy turn of the century homes. Most of them have a lot of history Smile .

After reading it seems this could be the original owner, looking over the house. Maybe playfully mocking the everyday noises you and your house mates make throughout the day. Because you bravely asked for it to not breath down your neck, it may have been thinking,"no" Laugh .
I'm sure if you haven't had any bad experiences the 7th housemate is probably fine with you all being there, but take care of the home while you do vacant it.

I agree with others if you feel it isn't necessary to do a cleansing/blessing, don't.Just simply stay respectful, of the home and the space it is giving you.

That makes some sense DandK, to address your question: can we go into the future, my answer to that is yes. Premonitions and precognitions are basically scientific fact and proof that we can... People do see or feel the future before it happens with 100 percent accuracy most of the time, so what's going on with that?... Time is an illusion, our existence is basically structured on movement and space, as Einstein's theory of relativity explains, exceed the speed of light and time will slow down or speed up depending on certain equations... So those of us in the now (present) can align ourselves with events, people and probabilistic future events in accordance with our timeline... Someone on a different timeline may not be able to hone their full physical form of energy into our field, perhaps they are looking in and all we can see is there shadow due to the nature and distance and motion of there timeline? Like we can look into a 2 dimensional television receiving it's own frequency form of energy and see a performance. Perhaps those in the 4th dimension are doing the same and we here in the 3rd dimension are a little clueless to the a one way mirror causality due to the nature of dimensional shifting of energy? The multi verse theory, or better known as string theory, suggest there a billions of universes on different timelines all existing on a wave current of energy, scientifically known as the higgs field... Many questions, some facts and well grounded theories to draw conclusions from... However what makes sense to me may seem silly to others, but at least we are sharing thoughts, a great place to start... Cheers for your thoughts!

Regards Daz
Sorry for your loss, but what is so weird about that mango tree Confused
I've got comments to both Randy and Daz.

First to Daz. Regarding the theory that shadow man can't appear to us in detail if they haven't lived in our physical space, I have some thoughts. I would like to compare our three dimensional spacial existence and our dimension of time to that of a proposed shadow man. You know how in our dimension of time we can only move forward? But we can see past events in our own mind? We can't go to the past, but we can go to the future. Now, picture our physical dimension. We can move in any direction available to us. However, imagine if we couldn't move in one of our physical directions but we could 'see' it, kind of like how we can see a past time. Maybe shadow people exist in that type of environment. Perhaps many dead people live in that environment. They can't reach back into our physical space anymore, but they can see it. Thus they appear, but without our dimensional appearance. I hope I explained what I mean clearly, without sounding totally off the wall.

Randy, was this your house or were you staying with a relative prior to your sister's wedding?

Also, did you feel energetically or emotionally drained when this man stopped?

Thanks and I hope you are feeling better and more like yourself.

Seraphina, you mentioned wanting to hear about things like you talk about in your story, from other people's lives, and I can share some similar but very limited things from mine.

First, I've felt touches before. Very clear, strong hands on my shoulder like someone would do when reassuring you. Someone touching my arm or leg or my cheek. I don't get feelings of who it is though. I like to think it's my late husband (I remarried six years ago).

I've never been able to sense death around someone, like you describe, but I do get a gut feeling when certain bad things are going to happen. I used to think that somehow I was causing those things to happen when I got that feeling, so I tried to ignore it to make it go away. But they happen every time. They are usually small, everyday things.

Thanks for writing your stories. They are comforting to me.

I hope you are well.
jane_lee in A Drug House
I love your story Seraphina... It felt as I was in the house with you while reading your story (goose bumps)... It felt really creepy and depressing... I won't be surprised if you catch anything if pictures were taken that day...I'm glad Duncan decide not to buy the house... Happy
Science-tastic in The Seventh Housemate

The alarm could have been faulty but I still heard the doors slamming. If it was just the alarms, I would have thought less of it. However, the doors of a locked house opening and closing when all of the housemates weren't there is pretty damn weird. We keep our keys on us, and there's no spares that the rental company gave us.

I thought I was pretty respectful in a haha way, but it looks like the entity doesn't have much of a sense of humor... We jam to music down there a lot (dub step, The Gorillaz, rap, 90s grunge rock), so I wonder if it grew tired of our "whipper-snapper" music.

We haven't had any issues since then. I the weird feeling a few nights ago, but it wasn't as potent as it has been in the past. Overall, I intend to ignore it to the best of my ability. If anything else interesting happens, I'll for sure make a post about it. The one thing I think is interesting is that it isn't more active after we have parties when there's tons of energy for it to juice up on or finals week when we have a lovely gumbo of negative emotions. Rather, it picks really random periods where the atmosphere is slower and less emotionally charged.
Thanks Nsbf1986. Can you explain more what you mean by 'for empathy of spirits'?

Also, while we have one guardian angel, but other spirits by our side helping us to do good, is it just the guardian angel that we hear in our heads giving us warnings (which has unquestionably happened to me once) or is it any of the spirits?

Thank you!
Hi nsbf. Thanks for your reply. To clarify my position, I do believe your story it's just that in my opinion I don't believe you were possessed. I believe you believe you were possessed but to me you were probably "attacked" by a very determined and powerful negative spiritual entity.
Some of the other comments here were very insightful in terms of perhaps a collective emotional energy of the 30 or so people who were there, that this entity was drawing on to manifest.
Were you very tired, run down, or sick at the time? This entity may have sensed an opportunity to not only communicate through you but attack you in a weakened state.


spiritwaiting in When I Embodied An Entity
[at] nsbf,
Thank you for answering back. OK great, shielding and protecting yourself is extremely important with these types of gifts.I'm glad your learning. And you definitely will become better and stronger the more you practice Smile

Hello Sds! I am sure going to look it up. Thnks Red for you advice. At the time I was a little naive, like I said. But now I can clearly identify negative energy and pray for shielding. It is working. For example: A couple of weeks ago a spirit followed me to work, he wasn't a demon or something like that, but he was a spirit that needed instruction, I felt he had addictions and was still attached to his addictions. I recognized him as a male spirit of a gypsy. I didn't expel him, but I praid for the spirits of light to instruct him, because I wasn't prepared to do so. I'm still not prepared to do a lot of things because sometimes I'm really afraid. I know I need to help them, but I get afraid. A couple of days ago another male spirit woke me up in the middle of the night, I felt him touching me and he said "please wake up a little". I was very afraid, and I praid for the good spirits to instruct him. I have to learn how to do that myself
stilinskihale in Zozo - The Ouija Meeting
hey lily!

Like lady-glow said, your story seems all too common. Zozo appears friendly and harmless at first but then either gradually becomes more and more malicious or all at once. It/They can be be capable of demonic attacks like physical harm and possession and from what I have figured out, it's not something to play with.

Have you heard anything like growling? Is there a particularly bad odor that can't be gotten rid of in any part of your house? Do people have "bad" feelings when they come into your home?

You said many things have happened since then and that you're saving it for another story; are you ever planning on sharing that?

Because it could confirm a lot about what kind of demon you're actually dealing with; demons don't typically just give their name so readily because if someone knows their name, they can be commanded against. I've heard lots of theories regarding whether or not Zozo could be multiple demons at once or that sometimes demons working with Zozo also use the name Zozo as an alias (as well as Zaza, Mama, etc).

I know I'm also pretty late to comment so I really hope you see this! If you want to talk, my email is on my profile. Happy
Hello Lady-glow! Yes, In Brazil not only the government runs rehab centers. There are private ones, paid for, there are private ones that survive by donations and there are the ones paid by the government. No, there is no training about how to handle these situations. I believe "V" led with the situation in a completely bad way, she was not supposed to yell and curse the name of forsaken things. I really don't what is the right thing to do in cases like this, my major is completely different. But it only takes us common sense to understand that yelling does not solve problems.
Hi Redwolf! This event had never happened to me before. I completely agree with you, and as I said to spiritwaiting above, at the time I lacked experience. Now there is no possibility this could happen anymore with evil entities. In my belief and doctrinal, psychics can allow good spirits to communicate only with the purpose of instruction. I myself have been to some mediunic tables where the superior spirit talks through the medium, but only to teach the word of God.
DanDK. Exactly. Good spirits are around us, but for the purpose of helping, teaching, instructing, and working to make things work. Whenever we are born we have one guardian angel (who is with us for all our lives) this guardian angel is with us for a mission or for empathy of spirits. Besides the guardian angel we have friendly spirits or light spirits that are also by our side helping us and influencing us to do the good. Along with the good also comes the bad, which are the obssessors, that come to influence us to do the bad, for selfish reasons like addictions or for the plane pleasure of doing evil.
Hey Mack! I don't really know where to start to answer your questions but I'll try to be as precise as I can, and hope I can clear your doubts. I agree that this might have not been a possession itself, but I am 100% sure that an inferior spirit had power over my body for a while. This event happened for around 3 hours, although I black out only for about 30 minutes. When I speak about an open field I talk about being vulnerable for reasons as: Too much negative energy around, when the person uses drugs, alcohol, when you allow the spirit to communicate through you (which is what the mediums do).

Now let me explain to you about the vibrations: Spirits don't need low vibrations to embody someone, they just need to have an entrance (above) they don't necessarily manifest on every person, sometimes they just use the energy the person is emanating at the time.

Higher spirits don't come to use people's bodies for any kind of manifestation, only to give instructions and help the incarnates and with the permission of God. Some are so divine that they don't need to be authorized to instructions.

For me to say those things is not only by guess, but since I have accepted myself in this condition, I have studied Allan Kardec a lot and have a long way to go. Here in Brazil there was a great medium called Chico Chavier, I advise you and the readers to study about his instructions, and study the books of Allan KArdec. The book of the spirits and the book of the mediums is very interesting. Heaven and Hell is another great reading.

I don't understand you as not believing my story which by the way is completely true. I am thankful for your comments and hope I have helped
Hi!I know I'm kind of late and everything but I was wondering; what kinds of things did you find out and has anything happened since then? I'm really interested by this whole ZoZo thing and I've searching a lot to try and find information from people who've actually experienced it. I'm not sure if you'll see this or not but if you can comment back or even email me (On my profile) that would be so nice

By the way I'm sorry you had to experience that; even if he/it wasn't being aggressive just yet it was still had dangerous potential.

chapulin1234 in My Son's Real Father
Hello DiamondDani - Just in response to your question as to why it took him a while to come visit... My guess is that even dead people need time to process his dead and the way he passed away,
As per your husband, I really hope you both can work this out, Love
Hi spiritwaiting! Well I've had experiences all my life. But when I was younger I denied myself as a medium, and only started to work on that after my twenties because this gift really doesn't go away, so there's nothing you can do about it. At the time the story took place I really didn't know how to recognize low energies and how to shield my self. Now I am learning how to recognize these kinds of frequencies. Even when there is a communication (by mind) I can recognize if it's coming from a guarding spirit or a simple joker. I'll get better in time. I have also learned to protect myself with prayers whenever I feel there is something wrong, and avoid certain places too.
Hi Liza 25. Sorry for the delay. I'm pretty sure it was because of the 30 girls who were shifted. I only felt that sadness feeling when I got divorced. I know it was a very disturbing and agonizing feeling.
AugustaM in A Song Of Passing
It's heart rending that she looked on death with such sadness - it's a good thing you were there to comfort her and ease her passing otherwise, she may have gotten lost along the way - I hope she has found peace 'back home'.
How is it possible for a mumbaikar to not be familiar with urdu. Common its just like hindi. Any hindi speaking person can understand normal urdu. And also that he can be a real man because no one ever saw him before. If it were a ghost someone should have seen him before. And I think if it were a ghost, when you tried to run away, he would have tried to stop you or scare you. Anyways thanks for your story:)
Bibliothecarius in The Seventh Housemate
Mack: point well taken
spiritwaiting in Ha-ha Very Funny, Josh
[at] Valkricry,
Every time I read your experiences with your son, I always end up with a huge smile and warmth in my heart. Love And I instantly think of my Uncle. I believe he has been around lately for one particular reason, and has made his presence known to me for the last couple weeks.
He started showing up a few weeks ago, before my son had his surgery, and I believe he's what my oldest son saw hovering over him during his slumber.
And now his mother, my paternal grandmother has passed suddenly after a long struggle with throat cancer.

Thank you so very very much for sharing these experiences with us. I absolutely love them!

Lots of Love
spiritwaiting in The Cat And The Angel
[at] Redwolf,
Thanks for commenting. When the school contacted me, I was furious, apparently it had been going on for sometime. I believe I got my message through when I talked to this staff member, because my son hasn't had an further problems.
My son is 11 years old, so you can imagine the pain I felt. And what I said to this particular staff member.
His older siblings look after him at school and have told me of other Bully type situations that have gone at the school with other students. One in which my oldest had to protect his best friend.
And something even more devastating happened a few months back, with a boy my sons knew. He was being bullied for a while, and decided to take his own life at the age of 12. The grief I felt through my sons, had me in tears when they walked through the door, before they told me what happened.
The school apparently has bullying policies in place.
We'll see what happens if I have any further incidents.
I will definitely keep everyone updated.

Thank you very kindly Redwolf, for your concern.
It warms my heart to know there are others in the world whom care. Love

Lots of love
Sincerely Spiritwaiting
spiritwaiting in When I Embodied An Entity
Nsbf,I don't mean this to be negative in any way so here's my question. Are you a medium in the beginning stages? What I mean by that is, are you still currently learning what your gifts can do, and how they affect you? If so it would explain a lot. Most mediums with years of experience know to shield/protect themselves, so the negative energy doesn't affect as much as it could. Being an empath myself, I learned the hard way, but learned fast on how to shield myself from absorbing negative energy. For me it's usually low vibrations that warn me before hand. I get subtle warnings that vary for different situations.

Thanks for writing your account it's very interesting.
Hi Science-tastic, I was going to ask whether the alarm got sounded when you heard the doors open and close when you heard the running. Secondly, did you check up if the alarm system was alright? Are there any faults in the system and whether it did work well or has not been at time? And if the alarm system is faulty, then there is a possibility of what Tweed said to be plausible. But I don't think so.

But whatever you have narrated was not harmful or negative as I have read it. So even a cleansing may not be of that help if the entity is not negative or evil. But it is better to speak to it that you need your privacy and that you acknowledge its presence but do it in a respectful manner. Not like the way you did when you were cooking.

Try to maintain a journal of activities that you have experienced and others too.

Please do inform us the developments.

Regards and respects to you.

My father in-law certainly is a riot. He just opened the top damper on my wood burning stove. Things certainly wouldn't be the same if he didn't drop by sometimes. It would be dull.
I am so sorry for what your son has gone through and being siblings they have been hurting also. You do not say how old your son is but you can get a lot of people in a whole lot of trouble if this bullying is on going or was happening 3-5 years ago depending on what your states statute of limitations is.
Federal Anti-Bullying laws have been in effect since shortly after the shooting spree in Columbine, Colorado all those years ago.
If you or your son or anyone in your family has complained to a teacher, guidance councelor,nurse,or any administrator in the past few years, talk to a lawyer to see what can be done. Be honest with the lawyer and tell him/her about EVERYTHING and if there is anything about him on the internet
About him print that out and give it to the lawyer and keep a copy for yourself.
I'm sorry this has been so long and off topic but I figure that it may help spiritwaiting, and
Possibly someone else.

Hi Nsbf, thanks for sharing. I feel that you were influenced by totally negative emotions of the girls, who were present on that night. I don't think that you were possessed. I feel that those negative energies might have had the influence on you. I would suggest you to protect yourself through Shielding. Red has suggested you to look in the profile page of Rookdygin. It is very simple and useful. Please do visit the profile page of Rook.

But there was a warning before hand to you right that something was asking you to pray. Perhaps it was your antenna that went up when you were initially hit by the negative feelings and emotions.

Regards and respects to you.

Mack: Laugh That's why I use commas sometimes in inappropriate places. Sometimes I write like I speak and commas are where I would be taking a breath Laugh Laugh !

I know it sounds strange, but there are a lot of empaths on this site and you can kind of tell when attitudes suddenly change. Seems, at least to me, that everybody's picking up others' bad moods LOL
[at] zzsgranny - your comment re empaths difficulty in having to deal with the livings lines up well with a book by a famous New Zealand (well he's very famous here ok?) medium / empaths called Kelvin Cruikshank. He spoke of before a show he'd have to almost cover himself under his jacket as he walked to the stage because he was so attuned and sensitive to everyone around him that it was almost totally overwhelming.
Wow that was a long sentence... Apologies to anyone reading that out loud who may have actually passed out through lack of oxygen.
Sorry, I forgot to say that I copy-pasted the paragraph in my last comment from your previous story: "Who/What was Outside". Smile
Val: this is such a lovely story! Bitter sweet, or, should I say sweet and sour, -just to be attuned with the Chinese New Year?

Thanks for sharing!
Macknorton in The Seventh Housemate
Biblio - the cerebellum awash in alcohol may be why there's 7 billion of us Smile
Nsbf: thanks for sharing this interesting story. I find the comments from the previous posters very informative and useful to understand what mediums go through during their experiences.

I have a question about the place where you had both of these experiences. It is not about anything paranormal, but I couldn't help but to feel curious about the following statement:

"...The owner of the place, a woman, let's call her "V" was extremely angry and arrived at the place shouting, saying all kinds of bad words, and even calling the names of demons because she was unbearably angry with the situation..."

Do you mean that, in your country, these rehab centers are run privately instead of by the government?
What kind of training does the 'owner' of such institutions has to take in order to manage one?

I'll appreciate your answer.
Hello everyone, I need to apologize for replying so late. Long story short, school has been extremely hectic. I will try to respond to all of you, and to be honest I am so pleased with your posts. It makes me very happy to see that I have people with theories of what could be going on.
Hi Nsbf1986 very interesting story... I don't know much about mediums and my understanding about mediums is the same as Mack.

I also have to agree with Red that being a medium does not make him/her more vulnerable to being possessed. I have witness a woman in my village being possessed during a funeral and a couple of my friends during college and all of them not a medium.

In my opinion, maybe you have pick up the negative feelings of all the 30 new girls at once since you said they were rebellious, yelled a lot and did not want to be there and being sensitive lead you to feel possessed.
Bibliothecarius in The Seventh Housemate
Hey, Science-tastic:

Yet another good story from you! Honestly, I'm going to echo only one of Tweed's points: "Definitely follow your gut." The human hindbrain is vestigial, as you stated, but it is intact -not atrophied- for a reason: Self-Preservation. The cerebellum, the more-evolved part of the hindbrain, is responsible for (amongst other things) alertness, including the instinctive reaction to threats, danger, or discomfort in the environment. Human beings have continued to rely upon subconscious feelings or intuitions throughout history, so we have never become independent of the information it provides. (Honestly, our species has a bad habit of seeing a plethora of options, then pressing the button marked "stupid." I think that the cerebellum alone may be the reason there are over 7 billion of us roaming about the planet.) When your instinct says "bad idea" for goodness' sake, don't let anyone talk you out of it! I think you, your housemates, and this entity may have negotiated a mutually-awkward but workable stalemate.

Just a thought: if you're all going to be out of town (say, spring break), you may want to talk about the house being empty for a specific length of time with the knowledge that the entity is listening. If there will be people in the house, you may wish to speak aloud to negotiate some parameters: "there will only be three of us for the next week, and we'll need the common areas between 7pm and 11, but you'er free to use them the rest of the time." Perhaps, and this is a long shot, your attempts to state your intentions specifically for the benefit of the entity will earn you a measure of peace & respect.

Science-tastic, this is a case where I would set up a dvr and try to capture some of this activity. Perhaps on another holiday when most of your roommates will be gone again. If this seventh roommate is actively moving about you may capture something interesting.

I'd need something like this to solidify my previous experience because I'd always wonder if maybe I was a little more drunk than I thought (or all the other many seeds of doubt that would creep into my mind).
Nsbf: From what I understand of mediums, typically they are what is commonly known as "empaths". I believe it is this ability to feel and sense emotions and physical experiences of others (beyond the "norm" [I don't like using that term lol]) that greatly impacts the ability to communicate, etc., with spirits/ghosts/entities.

Not only does being an empath give one an advantage in spirit communication, it can be a real pain in a$$ when dealing with the living as well. These new inmates most likely came with a lot of extremely negative emotions just oozing out. I think it's possible that you picked up on all of this. The biggest clue to this theory is the point where you were saying, "I don't want to be here! This is not my place! I don't belong here! I belong in the streets!"

Although, since I wasn't there to witness your experience, I can't say for certain that it wasn't an entity of some kind, I'm leaning toward an episode brought on by being bombarded with negative emotions. I agree with RedWolf's advice.
I am a psychic medium and I never got possessed, I have never given a spirit permission to enter my body. To do so in my belief would leave me open to let a malevolent spirit in and make it much harder to get rid of.
I don't feel it's necessary to allow a spirit to enter a body to communicate with a medium or anybody else. You say you have no memory of what happened this time, have you ever had no memory of what happened before? If so you really need to stop letting spirits use you as a vessel.

Mack, with respect to your comment about spirits needing to lower their vibrational energy level in order to interact with us, and that being why some of our encounters are viewed negatively, I have one experience to describe.

I had a boyfriend in the mid 1980's that I had been dating for almost two years when his mom had a bad asthma attack one night and stopped breathing. At the hospital an hour later, she passed. My boyfriend and his father hugged and cried and shortly afterwards I walked him to his car while his father stayed and made arrangements. The parking lot was dark and quiet, with a light near my boyfriend's car. He was crying and we stood under the light and hugged. As we were hugging he told me how much he loved his mom, and right then, we were surrounded my mist. This was summer in the desert and it was hot. I'd never experienced a mist anywhere before. The mist surrounded us and I felt it on or in me, unlike anything I can describe. It seemed to lift me, as if it was interacting with me and making me lighter. I felt peace and joy. I looked up at the lamp and I could see the mist moving through the light scattering. I knew it was his mother saying goodbye to us, and I'll never forget this feeling.

Therefore, when people talk about spirits being around us but at a different vibrational level, I can relate to that completely. Just like this interaction made me feel lighter, like a higher vibrational level being passed through me and left me happy, I can see how a lower energy level spirit can do the opposite. I can also see why they'd want to interact with us, beings at a higher vibrational level than them in order to feel better themselves.
spiritwaiting in The Cat And The Angel
[at] Valkricry,
Thank you deeply for your concern. He is currently seeing a counselor to help him. It was mainly due to being bullied in school for his cleft lip. His whole life I have been sharing with him how beautiful he is the way he is. And I agree sometimes our love we give unconditionaly isn't enough.
We have just recently had surgery to fix the cleft lip and his personality has already changed dramatically. I'm proud of him for being such a soldier when I carried that guilt for not being able to protect him in such a time of need. His siblings go to the same school and watch out for him, and they we're hurt, only because they didn't understand why 5of our family members have
Tried and two succeeded.

My son and I being one of them. So I do have a deeper understanding with his hurt.

And in the midst of all of that we have all begun counseling to help us understand more.

Again Valkricry Love
Lots of love, and hope your son reaches out more. Its always comforting to know they're around.

SINCERELY Spiritwaiting Smile
Hi NSB. Intriguing... My understanding of mediums (which isn't much, let's be clear on that) is that it is a (usually) conscious effort on the medium to communicate with spirits.

My understanding is that spirit is generally of a much higher/finer vibration than the vibration of "matter" (atoms) which is what our bodies and other "stuff" is made from. That's why we aren't usually aware of the spirit realm which is all around us. Our clumsy senses just don't pick it up.

I understand that mediums have to get themselves into a state of extreme heightened awareness or sensitivity (vibration) in order to communicate with spirit.

My understanding is also that usually spirits have to lower their vibration somewhat in order to communicate with us. (Ideally we'd all meet halfway!) This may explain why many ghost experiences average people have are negative because these negative / troublesome earthbound souls are sluggish and earthy in their vibration and can materialize / interact with us more easily (I'm only throwing this out there for discussion people)

Now I know even less (believe it or not!) about possession, but based on what I understand (or believe to be true), it would take some time in order for your own spirit that is animating your body to be "pushed out" or worn down to the point that you lost control. Rook has a similar opinion on this point I believe?

You mention you had an "open field"; can you elaborate please on what you mean by that? Also, how long was your night manager putting water (I assume holy water) and praying over you until the experience passed?

I appreciate that their are mediums who apparently go into a deep trance and they willingly, with assistance from guides, allow spirits to speak through them, but what you have described is not that kind of experience.

Please don't think I am saying I don't believe your account. What I am saying, and I agree with Red, is that in my opinion you weren't "possessed" but you may have been influenced by a strong and negative spirit. However, the way you describe it, I can't really say that it was as even a strong influence, or temporary hi-jacking. I honestly can't rationally make sense of that experience. But very interesting read. Thank you. Smile


I am so sorry to hear that your son tried to end his life. I hope he is receiving all the counseling, therapy, and support he needs. Don't be afraid to get some for yourself or his siblings either. I don't think many understand how even an attempt can effect those who love you. My son knew he was loved, our last words on this plane were "I love you"...and it took me a long time to assuage myself of the guilt I carried. I had done everything I could, but I could not save him from himself... Sometimes parental/family love is not enough, I guess. The hole of despair they've fallen into is just too deep. My main concern for you and your family is the wee seeds of guilt (perhaps even anger in his siblings) his attempt may have sewn. A good counselor or therapist can help give you more tools to work with to go past this.
Special prayer said for you and yours.
You're right, Red. My son does visit every now and then. In fact He was here over Christmas. (See Ha-ha Very Funny, Josh
Your FIL sounds like a riot! Laugh
Lunahenry, and Helena123,
Thank you for the lovely compliments! Shy I still miss my son very much. I don't think it's something you ever 'get over', but you do learn to cope with it.
Now that my daughter is grown, my ex and I rarely speak or see each other, which is probably for the best. For a while, he tried to intimidate me into giving her up, but bless her heart, she'd have none of that talk. Smile
I've only seen this once before my dead pit bull walks around with my baby sister after she died they say he protects her
I've only seen this once before my dead pit bull walks around with my baby sister after she died they say he protects her
Science-tastic in The Seventh Housemate

No, those are actually interesting suggestions! My only thing is that I didn't hear anyone enter, and even if they had been in the house, they must have never left because the alarm didn't go off until the whole running through the house incident. In fact, the walking sounds were weird to me because they stopped, and I didn't hear anyone leave. It seemed to go from the back of the house into the living room/ foyer and just randomly stop. Even if they had turned the alarm off, I still would have heard the door close because our doors are really easily heard throughout the house. However, I'll never rule out the possible!
Were you on any sort of drugs when having your account? DMT or LSD just to mention a couple are powerful enough to create physical illusions such as the one you'd described. A friend of mine who took LSD many years ago, claimed he got chased down the street by a man with a knife, when witnesses said no one was in pursuit. Even without drugs sometimes these accounts can occur if you are telling the truth... Funny thing about them, the person always lives to tell the story which offers you the clue qs to who's the one creating them.

Regards Daz
Hiii nsbf1986

Scary story though. Do you think your possession has something to do with those 30 shifted girls who came that night?

Do you ever felt this feeling of sadness before that day?

It was chapulin1234. And the next day it felt like I had been run over by a car. Obssessors is the name of these entities. They use the human energy to feed on their addictions.
Hi Nsbf1986 - Must have been a terrifying experience!, poor girls, it makes you wander what is that forces people to do bad things, Glad Moises was able to help you.
[at] Oatcake Re:
' old psychiatric hospital that had been converted into apartments. Our apartment had been the dance hall (my dad used to live upstairs and had a picture of the hall in the 1800s, it was like something out of The Shining haha). It was a really old Victorian building and it's the safest I have ever felt in a property, no hint of paranormal at all. It's just so odd isn't it how some old buildings can feel safe yet newer ones have so much activity.'

That's fascinating! I would love to see the old pictures of that building! But I know how you mean - I grew up in a house that couldn't have been older than the 1960s and experienced several paranormal events there. Now, however, I live in an apartment building that went up in 1929 right next door to a mass grave from a yellow fever epidemic in1855 - literally, my kitchen, dining room and bedroom windows overlook it... And it's really quite a lovely little park to look at. And, in spite of there being 500 individuals interred beneath my windows, no place I have ever lived in has ever felt more calm, stable or full of light.
[at] Macknorton:
'And finally, wouldn't you want to let your friend know that there was seriously messed up sh*t going on in the kitchen as a bit of a "heads-up" next time she's in there fixing a late night jam sandwich?'

Ha ha ha ha ha this made me laugh out loud! Way to hit the nail on the head!
chapulin1234 in The Seventh Housemate
Hi Science-tastic, very nice narrative and yes, I agree, if it just wants his space and doesn't bother you, then no point in stirring things up, best of luck with your studies:)
spiritwaiting in Scary Kid Experiences
Chria29,interesting. I haven't known as far as my experiences with shadow figures/people,to be bad. I know they linger, and are scary to those who aren't used their presence. But I will say everyone's experiences are different. Thanks for writing your account. Very interesting Smile
Hello RedWolf! Actually being a medium opens up your fields of energy. That is why on mediunic sessions only mediums work so the spirit can communicate through them. Possession is any kind of forced being in your body. I agree with you, it came in on an inmate and it found in me the must easy way of communication.
BloodEman in Staircase Figure
Hello Kenny...
I got some information from a website that proves your ghost wasn't a evil one.


Above link is the one of that web page. However it provides a bit information but I read another article on such things and it says that humans are somehow able to feel the nature (evil or kind) of the spirit.
So nothing to worry about because I think the spirit you saw is not a evil one.
Anyway,a spirit doesn't have anything to do except for watching,scaring,possessing humans.

It has been near a month from the day you saw it. So I want to know did anything else happen after that expirience.

Nothing to be scare of if it hasn't shown itself to you again. Perhaps if it was an evil spirit it won't run away from you when you were going towards it. Wish you a life without such encounters.


Ghoster, your story was heartwarming. He really wanted to go home before going to the otherside. Love
I suddenly remember our cat named 'Kyuting' (Cute+thing) who suddenly didn't come home. Crying
My Mom and I would often dream of him weeks after he became missing. Sad
Hi Science-tastic, great to read another experience from you, very much enjoyed your first one.

How I love super really ridiculously old creepy houses, your place sounds like a dream to me. That probably sounds sarcastic, it's not!
Definitely follow your gut about waking sleeping giants. You seem in touch with the general vibe of the place and of your seventh housemate. If things start getting beyond the joke, however, give 'em the flick. But I think it's likely some old resident with old fashioned values who doesn't take kindly to y'alls lifestyle, oh well. Give them a good dose of culture.

Err... I hate to even suggest this but could the person you heard entering with the dog have been your landlord or a former tenant who still has keys? I really hope not. I really hate to even suggest it, but in the event someone living is up to no good, better to know about it than not. Also do you keep spare keys, or any house keys, next to the door? I cringe when keys are hanging near peoples doors because if ever a nasty pasty drops by (as can happen with parties) well, yeah.

Sorry to suggest all that, best to be on the safe side though.
Oh yeah and don't walk home late at night in a rough neighbourhood, goodness!

Man do I sound like a jolly plod.
Beinng a medium does not make you more suseptible to being possessed than anyone else. In fact being a medium should warn you of spirits especially malevolent spirits. You should also make sure you are protected. Check out Rookdygins profile page for cleansing/shielding.
I don't think ou were possessed per se as it was not a demon it's more like your body as hi-jacked for a little while. Have there been any deaths of any girls like this in your facility? The only other way I can think of this spirit getting ino your clinic is it came in on an inmate
I saw the same green orb oval dancing on my wall followed by 2 bright tourches lights shinning in my face.
...thank you for responding Miracles51031 and I will or should have some of my stories up by tomorrow... It is just from my experiences I just thought they are all evil are there actually good ones? So well I might be wrong I guess me being an empath makes it difficult to see different views do you think that the bad ones are just attracted to me? Well anyhow thank you so much Miracles51031! Be sure to read my stories or experiences! Happy
Xakie: Please do share your experiences, as many of us have particular interest in shadow people. But, I'd like to ask you to do so by submitting your accounts to the site. Please read and follow the submissions guidelines (you can find them by clicking the link at the bottom of the page). Bear in mind that too many spelling and/or punctuation errors will get your story returned, unpublished.
Hai chria29... Your story remind me of the same figure I saw when I was about 10 or 11... The same skeleton figure... Did anything happen in your family after the sighting?...the reason I ask is because one week after I saw the skeleton, we got news one of my relative has pass away... I always saw the skeleton figure as a sign something sad going to happen as every time I saw the skeleton we will get news someone in our family (close or distant) or friends pass away or sick... I agree with miracle they are not evil...

Xakie... Since you said you have had three incidents please share with us your experienced with the shadow figures...
shellzy in Face Of Evil
I really enjoyed reading this story and the responses and theories behind it. I can only imagine the terror you must have felt as a child seeing this. The fact that it has resonated with you all these years later tells me that it was a very real and horrifying experience for you. It's also very interesting that others have experienced face morphing as well. I guess it gives us reminders that not everything on the surface is what it seems. Thanks for sharing. Smile
Just a general question to all on this thread, does a monkey or a child have 6 toes or was this a hemingway child ghost? Laugh

Seriously, I'm very curious about these footprints, was there every any sort of idea as to what could have made them that was not of the paranormal nature?

I am curious, the figure you saw, how tall would you estimate it to be? I ask as I have had experiences with the 'Hat Man' mentioned by Helena, but in many of my experiences, when he's about, so too are his minions, these wee little shadowers which range from 2-4 feet in height and can move extremely fast when they choose to. I did not always see the little guys with the big fellow with the hat, nor did I only see the little guys only when the big fellow was about, and actually, the bit about the crouching and such, that Mac questioned, brought me instantly back to many previous encounters of the little guys.

Also, SDS mentioned there was likely no significance to the 0300 hours; however for me 0300 is almost always the precise moment when some sort of strangeness shakes me from sleep, and I mean 0300, not 0259 or 0301, which has often baffled me as to what the significance may be, so your reference coupled with SDS's comment just add to my curiosity!

I would be curious too, to know what you meant by you have never been the same, is that because you have had to confront the paranormal? Or do you believe there was some sort of physical consequence to your encounter?

Great story, thank you for sharing.

I must say it's been a little while since I have been on YGS and this is one of the first stories I have read for quite some time. I wasn't sure if I was reading a story or watching a series of movies such as Amityville Horror crossed with The Grudge crossed with The Ring crossed with Poltergeist. Yikes...:)
L_Melb in Broken Mirrors
Hi buttongrass
I don't know if you're still following this, but something you wrote got my attention.
Most likely it is a coincidence, but I was wondering what part of Australia this took place in and the approx time frame?
Thanks for sharing,
Miracles51031 in Scary Kid Experiences
Xakie - because the ones I've seen have not given any indication they even cared I was there. They did not emit any bad energy nor did they try and scare me to death. I am not the only one who has experienced benign Shadow Men. There are many stories on here that say the same.
valkricry in The Furballs And I
Thank you for reading and commenting. At the time, I really did feel that the dogs would get 'physical' with Mr. Creepy if the need arose. I know it sounds crazy, being as they weren't my dogs, but...
...So question Miracles51031 what makes you think there not all evil I really want to know why what has happened to you to make you think That...? Confused
...Shadow people are very much so evil. They will deceive you into thinking otherwise. I have had three incidents with shadow people. They are lost ones but lost for a reason. They project other emotions like sorrow to get you to feel empathy to them like I stated before they are lost because of an act they committed and it is never a good act. Sort of like spirits bound to a place however these shadow people are those who refuse to accept what they have done and are trapped. They will try anything to get others to experience there pain they want to see you suffer like them not anything else to consume you. Please for the good of all yourselves refrain from as much contact with them as possible. The reason I know this is I have had three encounters where the shadow people attached to me and I feel for the fake emotions they put out and it took me 8 years to get rid of the first one STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE DANGEROUS! Okay and I do know this is right I am an empath so that was how I found out just how evil they were yeah the fake emotions tricked me but once you get through all that its nothing but evil please for your own safety stay away from them so I am going to give you my opinion Miracles51031 yes they are and not trying to start anything but can you show me or tell me any incidents that prove otherwise cause I would be so interested as to know why you think that... And there is a difference between visitors and shadow people...
NinjaPirateAssasin in The Watching Little Girl
DandK, I'm afraid that Stephanie has long since moved out of the house and I no longer know the current owners. So staying in the place is no longer an option. Confused

Sydney told me she had mentioned the girl to the family, but none of them had ever seen her and thought she was messing around with them. From the sounds of it, she only mentioned the girl once or twice and never did it again.

Sydney only told me she had seen her standing outside of multiple rooms, and would sometimes see her at a window when outside of the house. But she was clearly freaked out by her and didn't want to go into specifics. (I think, and still think, that she's under the impression that talking about her too much might bring her around.)

No, I didn't! Looking back, I totally should have. But, since Sydney had no luck telling Stephanie and her family about it, I assumed I wouldn't have any luck either and never tried.
Xakie in Dark Cloak
... Hello first off I can relate to your story as from a very young age I was stalked by a similar figure. In fact I have seen many of them before and been followed by them as well. Your encounter with this shadow person is not a good. They feed off of fear it makes them stronger and I speak from experience as my own encounters were very similar. Let me tell you first hand if he keeps following you then you need to get rid of it. This may seem crazy but there is only one way I know of to stop them you have to face them and tell them to "leave you alone" and that you are not afraid of them. This in most cases causes them to vanish. I know it is hard and it can be terrifying I have been followed by three different one all at different times in my life. My first one stuck around for 8 years but I got rid of him the others were not around long. No I did not use exorcism or any of the sort these things are not demons there kind of like lost spirits in a way, but not a good lost. In my opinion at least Helena123 has the right idea in mind they have no right to be there none at all. It has worked for me before so try it please. Remember you are the stronger one you are living they are not anymore. Remember this advice and face it like a boss stay strong and go about it in a safe manner please. Oh and by the way thank you Helena123 your advice is spot on as well! Stay safe...
Xakie in Face Of Evil
...This was very interesting and yes they do target places like this to rattle ones belief (Nor am I religious) but you are very lucky you found out what it was and that fear was just, for that my friend was demon you encountered the embodiment of pure evil, where all collective negative human emotions come together and manifest that at least is what a demon is to me anyhow (Not trying to offend anyone's beliefs) seems you might have a little bit of sixth sense in you my friend stay safe okay?
I used to live in Kingston - I loved it there, but it is a very, very haunted place. I had more ghostly encounters in my few short years living there than in all my time living elsewhere. Although I visited Fort Henry many times, I never had an encounter there, but I always had a feeling that spirits were nearby. I have also heard of others having encounters in that same hallway that you mention - it is apparently a very active spot!
Your story has made me consider something - I've never thought about it or made the connection before but, even though I come from a family of doctors and nurses and therefore spent plenty of time around hospitals as a young child - I've always had a phobia of hospitals and, especially, nursing and retirement homes... I wonder if it's because of all the deaths that regularly occur in those environments leading to a charged energy that I'm picking up on and interpreting as fear.
Hi Kiah,
I think you're right - that final experience was your grandfather saying goodbye because he had realized that his continued presence had begun to scare you and that's not what he wanted. I had a similar experience after my grandparents' passing that should be posted soon - I hope it will be helpful to you:)
Hi, brighteyez

After I commented you, I just told my friend about your story and his suggestion was that the spirit was just a residual one and that it doesn't want to bother you. So I further asked about why he thinks that it is a good spirit just like I thought? And his answer was that he somehow feels it is a good entity. So I thought it won't be enough for tell you.

So I just read some articles in internet and found some information that would help you (maybe). I got them from two sites. But I cannot remember the name of one site but I remembered the other. So I visited that page again and copied the URL.


The above one is the URL I told you about. So I thought the information on this site could help you.

The information on the other site says that we could feel the presence of another energy and we have the ability to realize the nature of the spirit present near you. (if it is evil or kind)

I wish these information I've provided would help you. Smile
brogan_davis in My Paranormal Life
Sorry it took a little bit to respond, our dog has been seen by the vet. They never found anything wrong. I am not quite sure why she does that!: (

A few other occurrences have happened since I posted this "ghost story." I will upload my new experiences soon!
Bibliothecarius in Shapeshifting Ghost

While several of the manifestations do exhibit odd characteristics, it is entirely possible that every behavior you have attributed to the spirit is explained easily by a lack of attention. Your brother's ignoring/avoiding the mirror is -quite possibly- one of the saddest things I've read on YGS. If she wasn't trying to scare him, then she was showing up in the reflection because she was lonely. Dance -as Tweed and I discussed last year- is a language; she had/has a ballerina, too Everything about this spirit's deliberate manifestations -other than the cold spots- is entirely visual in nature. People who dance enjoy dancing, but it's a great feeling when other appreciate the dance and show affection through praise; I keep coming back to the idea that she is a performer who has been denied a stage...

Take care,
Wow! Found a follow up video to haunted mirror story! Read the story and watch the video if you haven't then click this link for the follow up.

Https:// Scared
I just wanted to thank Mystic25 and Peace887 for your comments, I appreciate them very much. I also may have another story coming out, if it gets published, so stay tune! It's called "Baby Cemetery," Its about another unexplained experience I had. My true reasoning behind my posts are to hopefully find out what I am... If I'm sensitive, a medium, or what? Hopefully by posting all my experiences, I can figure that out! Thanks Everyone! Happy
I found a link with one of the singers of this band actually wearing a t shirt w/this image on it. Another had an ad with all the band members looking down at skulls. Sorry, I think you got a picture of that image most likely on someones body wearing the same shirt.UNLESS...dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun... A bad entity decided to mess with your mind and inserted this to rattle you. To many media image connections to the band in my opinion though.

Peace887 (guest) in A Dark Visitor With A Warning
I know this story is older but it got to me so wanted to comment. I was slightly concerned that your visitor would not give their name. If you read this in the future, could I suggest that if he keeps refusing that information but continues visiting that you maybe back away from everything he is encouraging you into. Just a thought, very interesting account.
Peace887 (guest) in What Is Lurking In The Dark
Challenging to decipher whether negative as it has not done anything telling yet. When you and your finance move to your new home hopefully that will be the end of this paranormal encounter but if not, let us know as it would be interesting to get an update on your experiences.
Peace887 (guest) in Did My Soul Visit Hell
Interesting account. Perhaps something is trying to convince you that these images were real with the sole purpose to frighten and threaten you into thinking you visited Hell in the hope you might feel doomed, when you are in actual fact not in anyway, implicated upon by these disturbing visions. Only a thought.
Peace887 (guest) in The Cat Ghost By My Door
I did not realize it was possible to see loved pets also once they had passed simply because I had not heard of it until reading this. Comforting to know Sonic that you and others on this thread, have experienced it and not just human sightings are being reported.
Peace887 (guest) in My Paranormal Life
Hope your dog is okay and that one day you might find out what it meant by 'stop it' as that has me intrigued. Looking forward to you sharing more of your experiences on YGS.