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With being new and all, you might want to look at the comments guidelines. Like you said it takes time to become familiar with new rules. Http://

Just because you have no friends here YET, doesn't mean you never will. It just takes time.
I have no colour blind Sad ...the reason I told you all... I was not aware of this abbreviation thing... Because I am new! And I can see u guys chat through comments here... Laugh
roylynx I don't know with whom you are comparing me... I m new here and I never had any for the comment
Miracles51031 everything has reasons... I am very new here and it takes time to know more... Hope you understand... Thanks for the comment
lady_glow thanks for your comment... And I knw its not a chat room and we are not friends... I have no friends here...
Valkricry, Thank you for those points especially the years. I thought about comparing based on clothing and things of that nature I was just having a hard time with the clothing. Honestly, I never would have thought about the insult being a good point as well. Missouri is known for a lot of war history involvment a few more than others. I appreciate your insight.

Sincerely, Alli
Sometimes the answers lie in dreams. This comment,"I haven't been able to get a lot of research done concerning the history of the land because I don't have a lot of information concerning the little girl. I don't have a first or last name to go by or a year unfortunately and concedering this house has been here for years I don't really know where to begin." Actually you do, and I'll explain why I think so.
First, you know they had chickens (if you are no longer rural enough to have them too, that's clue 1.) So you can look into what years that might have involved.
Too vast an area? Clue 2: Man calls her a 'twit', which is Brit slang, not really in use until 1935. Not really popular in America until the late 40's, early 50's. Probably migrated here with returning troops from the war.
Clue 3: The girl's mode of dress. Peter Pan collar, and ties. Mostly popular between 1930 and 1960. Because of the usage of 'twit' I'd focus late 40s, early 50s until the 60s.
Alli, I'm just going to respond to Tweed for a moment, if you'll pardon me.

Tweed, it has never been wrong to look out for your friends' best interests through caution, questioning, or simple statements of support. (Sent you a more detailed e-mail.)

Shezz - I'm rather surprised to note that I'm the first person to comment!

Sleep paralysis is more than a nightmare simply because it's so real. I have had these experiences on a number of occasions and they scared the living daylights out of me.

On the other hand, I'm on the fence as far as sleep paralysis is concerned in general. (I know that it has been scientifically proven.) I don't believe that SP is always the cause although I accept that in many cases it is.

Many people would place some of my experiences in the sleep paralysis category when I KNOW that that wasn't the case at all!

Well it would seem that you now seem to have been given a break from your scary experiences, so quite possibly it was just sleep paralysis after all. Smile

Regards, Melda
MaybeADreamer in Haunted House Haunts
Sounds like a cool house.

Took some time to read this one but again it's written really well.

Well done for getting it all written Smile
Another cool story, thanks.

And there's nothing wrong with being nocturnal, I just don't understand how morning people do it,
MaybeADreamer in Brisk Walker
Hey Tweed, nice to read another of year stories.
Well written as usual. And an intriguing one.

I can just imagine it myself, I guess it's something you will always wonder.

Thanks for sharing.
Melda, nope, no bad feelings. Smile

!blah blah character maximum.)
Piyuprmr is right. Yup should listen to his/her advice. These type of clowns do have spirits in them. I hope that's good that you keep away from that place anyway. I hope you got rid of it.Well,anyways,that's good that you didn't buy the clown. Ask your mother. Maybe she is hiding something from you about the clown. And I think if you are scared too much, you should stop celebrating Helloween and go to churches. I hope my and piyuprmr advice works.
Hi little_baby_squid.
Really sorry for not replying earlier. Was caught up with things and honestly lost track of this post.

I'm not aware nor too familiar with the concept of these things, like you said, they need to draw energy from someone or someplace, or anything. So I won't be able to comment on that.

And as I mentioned in the story, I was just goofing around at that time, just jumping here and there so if indeed there was this 'drawing' of energy from something around me, I honestly didn't notice.
As for someone, as I already mentioned in my previous comments, as per knowledge, nobody experienced ot atleast didn't share with me. May be they did experience but scared to share it which is natural in my opinion.
Thanks for your comment.

Hi LadyGlow
Regarding to your point that why she appeared scary to others and an angel to her niece.
Maybe her niece was quite young, a small child perhaps, at that time.
In my opinion, small children consider many things to be fairy/ angels.
Something which is scary as hell for older people may not at all be scary for small kids. Maybe. I'm just guessing.

Hi Sheetal.
Honestly, those few days of your life were really terrifying. But what matters is you and your family members are safe, and hopefully remain the same.
Like you said, Ganpati Bappa saved you people.

Ishan Smile
Tweed - I apologise for playing "jokey-joke" on your beautiful account. I sincerely hope I didn't offend you. If I did, that was not the intention Smile

Regards, Melda
Tweed & BeagleMom - Hiding items in your bra is an everyday occurrence in SA, anything from tissues, car keys, cash, specs, to name but a few. Why not a toothbrush? Makes perfect sense to me!

Bear in mind that I live in a third world country! Laugh

Regards, Melda
Tweed - At my age I shouldn't be so naive! It seems I actually misunderstood you once again (no wonder my kids laugh at me) Smile You "youngsters" always seem to be so much more clued up.

I don't believe everything I read or hear but don't expect to have the wool pulled over my eyes. Nevertheless I do normally tend to get a strong sense when something is off! After having read recent comments on the specific event - I don't know what to think.

Go well Captain Planet - I might in the near future be calling on you for assistance regarding some unsavoury beings causing a lot of pollution very close to where I live Scared

Regards, Melda
Hello Tweed, Let me just take a second to say thank you for your honesty concerning all of this. I would much rather You just out right say it then to continue with the captin planet get up even though you do have a good sense of humor. I would like to say that it is not in my intentions to as you said "garnering attention." That is not why I shared this story at all. I shared this experience because I thought it was something that others could take interest in. I have absolutely nothing to gain from spinning a tale about a little ghost girl who has went through horrific things. I couldn't begin to even make up a story so horrid to draw attention that is absolutely wrong in so many ways. Nor am I attempting to be a damsel in distress, I am sorry if this seems far fetch or false and You have every right to question it, I joined this site because I enjoy other peoples accounts and stories even though I don't comment often I hope that later I can some how be of help even if its just a word of comfort or uunderstanding, being able to give someone else advice in a topic I'm strong in, who knows.

Sincerely, Alli Smile
BGP haha sorry you didn't get much done that day! But I'm glad you've had it happen too! It's so weird so many people have experienced this sort of thing. I hope it one day happens to Prof Brian Cox because he keeps saying 'time cannot move backwards', umm yeah, maybe he's right. But it's like Dude, this crap really happens! Laugh

Lol glad you enjoyed my godson. I embraced my inner villain a long time ago, probably why 'the Child' sounds very me. I think you're right about one of the ghosts being confused, that kind of phantom bustling about just doesn't happen at ours otherwise. Smile

Something I've noticed with a lot of the 'fiction' writers on here who are successful in garnering a lot of attention from the forum. Is they leave things open ended. In that they don't show any interest in finding out the history of something, or they have a reason/excuse for not doing so.

I find it a stretch that someone with medium skills, who has helped ghosts before, would not be making this girl's identity a priority, name known or not.

Biblio and I have something of an online friendship outside this forum. I hope he doesn't get too angry at what I'm about to say.
I've noticed Biblio, and Rook for that matter, can't resist helping a dame in need. It's a typical male urge, and a very honourable one at that. But unfortunately some people can be overwhelmed by their desire to 'fix' a situation, and to help in general, that they don't see the wood from the trees. This appears to have developed within the comments of your narrative.

I hope you aren't a time waster because I hate watching good people being taken advantage of. But, as I'm sure you're aware, I have been watching this thread, like Mack, and I think you're either totally honest, or you've developed your deceptive skills as a YGS re-offender. Your syntax is all over the place, and I unfortunately think it's the latter. I also found your EVP session very fanciful, it prompted me to email an experienced member to question if it was indeed possible. Their response about your EVP session was very similar to Mack's.

Please use this site for honest interactions only. Or find another site which supports role playing.
msforgetmenott in A Walk In The Woods
Hi PrestonJ,
I am playing catch up, and just read this telling of your woods. I grew up on and still own a large acreage in New England.
The picture of your trail shows these trees are young, my guess is someone has cared for and logged the land over the years. The trail also requires maintenance, to look this groomed.
I have no answers about what you have seen or experienced.
As my land has been family owned for several generations, the old timers cleared and cared for the land. Unless needed for stone walls or cellar foundations, walkways and fireplaces, the rock would be piled at the edge of a cleared field, I know of three such piles, that are large enough they can be seen from google-earth, showing a grey spot.
Over the years, I believe there are more piles covered by nature, as our trees are much larger then yours, but it was once a cleared sheep pasture and apple orchards.
People have come and taken much rock, yet there is always more. I think that could explain your stone pile.
It does not explain all the events you have had, only the rock pile.
cultural ambassador was used as it seemed like a ridiculous title to me Laugh
Glad others saw how "wrong" it is!
bugbear808 in A Walk In The Woods
Hi there! Loved this story so much back when I read it the first time. I was hoping maybe your friends made the planned April weekend trip to your woods? (armed with go-pros perhaps?!) Dying for an update! Hope all is well in the meantime! Best wishes to you and yours! Smile Love
Allicatt- Concerning your point of not knowing where to start looking,

" I don't have a first or last name to go by or a year unfortunately and concedering this house has been here for years I don't really know where to begin.",

In Arkansas, one would come to my office. I work in the Circuit Clerks office. We keep the land records. One can go all the way back to the 1820's to find out who owned a piece of property. The Assessor's office can aid in getting names for the past few owner's. From there you would have to spend time researching the index books.

Just thought I would throw that in there for you. We are here to help, any way we can.

Been following this thread, fascinating story!
Sorry Tweed,

I just had to tell Melda how much she cracked me up! Bra, indeed!

Mother of Beagles
babygoatpuller in Clunker And Scrambled Hours
Love "the child" reference. For some reason, it sounds like you. Lol. Maybe boyo was confusing your ghosts. As in, "what is that thing doing here?".

I had a "time slip" happen to me a few months back. I had an appt. With the dog groomer for my Rosie at 10:30. I was up at 8:30, did a few chores and sat here reading on YGS until about 10:20. I looked at 3 different clocks as I was heading out and all of them said 10:20 give or take a minute or so, including my computer clock.

I cranked up the radio in the car and the guy says it's 10:23. When I got to the groomer's, Janine looks at me and says, "Oh, you're early". I asked her what time it was and she says it's 9:30! I told her "no way!". She showed me her phone clock, the clock in the back room and said, "way".

I get in my car and the clock says 9:30. I get home and all the clocks are at around 9:40. I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out if I lost or gained an hour and unlike you, did not get a lot done. Laugh

Thanks for the laughs Tweed!
Hello Mack Smile

Thank you for all of your questions and I do apologize for the delay in response. I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

Your first question why at first Maggie could see her clearly and I could only see her in shadow form. My best explanation is this, while I do have psychic abilities I am by no means an expert. I have noticed through the years that a lot of times I can either see, hear or feel them clearly if I am fully focusing and open to the spirit. A good example would be if I am solely trying to see them then normally I have a harder time hearing them clearly and vice versa. I can almost always feel spirits around me or in my home but I can rarely see and hear a spirit clearly at the same time unless I completely open myself to them. When I was younger that was not the case at all but unfortunately over the years that has changed. For what reason I can't really exsplain. I also believe that at the time the little girl didn't trust me She probably trusted Maggie because she is a child reaching out to another and while I don't believe that she can effect my perception I do believe that in a sense she was trying to hide from me because the little girl has had horrible history with adults in general.

When I said that I rarely have difficulties seeing spirits which I rarely do its because of all my senses I rely on sight the most and usually that is how I first notice that something is around that normally isnt. I hope that makes sense.

Leading to the night that I used my EVP recorder, the night that I set up the Evp recorder I had opened myself up completely to the little girl and while it took her a while to approach the little horse I got her while I was in the room and even longer for her to actually talk to me I was leaning more on trying to hear her that night. She wasn't strictly talking to the recorder but more to me. Later when I went back and actually listened to my Evp recording it was a lot as you said. Only a few words were actually understandable and the rest static. I was able to make out " mine " (when she was referring to the horse) and " Girl" (when I asked her name the first time) .

I rarely rely strictly on equipment because it isn't fully reliable or just my gifts because as I said above they are not as sharp as they use to be, which is my own fault but true none the less. I always like to have a form of confirmation being it another person or equipment when I am trying to help a spirit in some way or another.

Leading to your final three points concerning why I shared this experience here, research and psychics/ Mediums. I originally shared this here not looking for help but rather because one I have posted a few exsperiences before and got interesting insight on things that happened when I was a child and a teenager one that was happening when I shared it and I got some good advice. Secondly because I thought that some of the users may find it interesting I honestly didn't know if the little girl was going to come back or not but she did and I was asked to share anything new that may have happened later on concerning this so I did and in the end I did end up looking for advice because I am having a difficult time helping her pass on. Some spirits its easier to help lead to passing than others.

I haven't been able to get a lot of research done concerning the history of the land because I don't have a lot of information concerning the little girl. I don't have a first or last name to go by or a year unfortunately and concedering this house has been here for years I don't really know where to begin. As for the psychic or medium coming into my home I'm just not comfortable with that there are just to many fakes and allowing someone I don't know into my home is not something I am ok with. Nor can I really afford something like that either. I hope that I have answered all of your questions and that it helps bring some clarity. If you have anymore please feel free to ask.

Sincerely, Alli
Miracles51031 in The Girl In The Potrait
I'm going to leave this comment by WowAngel because the other comments would not make sense. But I did delete WowAngel's other text talk comment and will delete any additional.

WowAngel, if you are too lazy to type out your words in the correct format, please find another forum that doesn't mind text talk.
BeagleMom - I'd love to have you along for company! (Shh - whisper: We'll have to be particularly nice to Tweed to get her to persuade her friends to allow us to spend time on the property. I'm even prepared to delete my remark regarding Masterchef.)

One thing I have to mention. It is of extreme importance to me that we spend time on the croquet lawn with the "other" inhabitants of the home, so please keep your toothbrush hidden in your bra.

Regards, Melda
Tweed - You had me laughing there, you really do have a way with words! Sorry, but Aus Masterchef gets an A+ from me Laugh . Will pass a self-satisfied grin your way when a contestant chops a chook, or bursts into tears, whatever Kidding

Regards, Melda
The Master Chef dweebs are cultural ambassadors, seriously? Erugh, sorry ladies, I think those kinds of shows are one long excuse for product placement. Plus they're so nasty, I really don't get why they're popular. It's like a modern day gladiator event, make every day people squirm in front of an audience.

BeagleMom, thanks for telling me about your pooches! It's got me thinking. It's possible their dogs are smelling animals on the roof or in trees over the roof. This might explain why they go in and outside while barking, they're trying to locate the direction, which might be directly above them. That's a strong possibility, thanks!

Roylynx, sorry to hear about your chair lol! But I'm glad you enjoyed reading. Smile

Aww shucks Val, glad you enjoyed it too! You would really love their place. I'd also love to visit that place you used to visit where the ghosties put the chairs up! Laugh
Heart! Love


I hope the paint you're using is biodegradable Mack, large amounts were needed to cover every corner of the last room. Never fear, I have brought some along! It's magic paint, all the colours of the rainbow, to match the horse of course!

My sentient senses tell me there's trouble a-brewing at the old sawmill. I must go where I am needed. So long for now YGS and remember...


This tomb is going into my Favorites! Lord knows I usually can't stick with a long read here at YGS but your story captivated me and sent shivers down my spine. Not just the footsteps, the duck, or the feeling you got on the grounds. The house itself is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of delights!

I had a thought, when reading about the dogs going off, when just before, they were asleep. My old Beagle Penny was amazing. She would be snug in her bed, snoring even! Then be instantly awake and baying like one of the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Turns out that her sense of smell was at work. In our bedroom (where her bed was) we have french doors. Out the doors in the back yard, we have a koi pond, a hill behind it and a block wall at the top of the hill which runs the whole length of the property. You know Beagles have good noses, (but when they are out cold?) My Hubby happened to be on the back deck stargazing when he noticed an opossum running along the back wall. All he could see was its silhouette, but there was no doubt that he saw it. Simultaneous to the opossum using the wall as a highway, Penny was instantly awake and howling up a storm! Could it be those dogs in the Kitchen smelled something in the yard? Penny would wake us up with that blood curdling yelp with great regularity, we must have had lots of opossums! Just a thought!

I must say I will buy a ticket to be next to Melda on her week long investigative jaunt! What a delightful time we would have! I will leave the dog at home, but will pack a toothbrush, just in case!

Mother of Beagles
I'm also in middle school year eight. (in Australia its high school). And I'm pretty darn certain that my tuck shop toilets are haunted it's kind of like a big room and I always get an eerie feeling.
Lollipopspace in Tell Her...i'm Coming
That's sooo sad for you and your family the fact that your grandfather came to collect her when she died made me so sad I'm very sorry for your loss

Was pondering your response while driving home this evening. Do what any sensible person does: apologize for having upset her, and let her accept your apology when she's ready. State that you're sad that you upset her, and you're sorry because you didn't mean to.

I'll now get out of the way so you can address Mack's questions/concerns.

Hi Allicatt

I've been following this thread and just read you last couple of posts. I have some points that have confused me somewhat so if you are able to clarify, in order for us to assist you, that would be great!

You wrote: "...How could Maggie see her well enough to know that the child was a girl but I couldn't. I've rarely had difficulties seeing spirits but yet this one was mostly hiding from me, why? The more I tried to focus on the shadow the less I could see..."

I'm no expert on how or why spirits appear themselves to people, but I'm baffled as to how the spirit of a young child would be able to "mostly" show herself to you in shadow form at will. What's the point? I always look at motive - why (and how) would she do that? How does she know how psychic you are? She can't control what your perceptions are, surely?

Also you wrote: "...I opened the door the rest of the way to find her sitting on her bed staring at her floor giggling she turned to me still laughing and said "Look girl " I walked around to the other side of her bed and only saw a small shadow sitting there..."

This also baffling to me (don't take it personally - I'm often baffled as I'm a simple man) as how this spirit could be showing herself fully (I assume) to your daughter (who clearly wasn't afraid) whilst simultaneously revealing herself only as a shadow to you. Now, not everybody can "see" spirit, in fact I would say it's a minority who can, and for the vast majority of that minority, the spirit chooses to appear to people, much to the shock and surprise of those people.

You wrote: " I've rarely had difficulties seeing spirits but yet this one was mostly hiding from me..."

In my experience there are very few people who have no trouble seeing spirits, unless they are consciously "opening up" and raising their vibration and consciousness to interact with spirit in the higher vibrations. If you rarely have difficulties in seeing spirits then you must be one of a rare breed who is a very advanced, well-trained psychic / medium.

If that's the case, then logically that leads me onto the next baffling aspect of your recent EVP post. Personally, I can't fathom why would the spirit of a child decide to appear fully to you (and you must have well developed psychic abilities to maintain and hold this image) but then for some unknown reason (s) the spirit chooses to communicate through an entirely different "wave-length" or medium when she's appearing to you and interacting. That would take an incredible amount of skill and effort, I would imagine, on the spirits part to pull that off. It almost seems like an incredibly convoluted and unnecessary method of spirit-to-human communication.

Personally, I have never heard of this kind of dual-communication, maybe other members / readers have? And also my experience with EVP's are that, at best, the static and noise is extremely hard to discern what is being said, if any words are being said at all. It often requires multiple replays to ascertain what the noises are. The image you create is one of you sitting there with your EVP and clearly communicating with this spirit as if you are texting, or on the phone, just doesn't fit with what I know about the unreliability and confusion that comes with EVP's or mediumship in general.

And finally, it does seem unusual that you have come to this site to further try and understand what is occurring, and have spent a lot of time writing and reading replies, yet you haven't carried out any actual research into the area in terms of finding out the child's identity / circumstances as several members have suggested.

And I absolutely think that getting a reputable medium / psychic in to your home would be a fantastic idea, as they could help further gain information on the identity and more importantly, assist this spirit to rest / pass over.
Yet you don't want to do that either. That is a tad frustrating to those willing to spend their time and energy to assist you on this site.

These are only my opinions and merely questions of a searching mind.


Thanks Melda Happy
Seeing as you love that programme, I feel less antsy for having to sit through the ads for "season returns May 1st"
Little did I know, they're cultural ambassadors! Happy
Thanks Tweed, all I needed to know!
Having spent more time with my aging parents lately, I have seen how much work a "typical" suburban block with veggie garden can be (also why I know I can't do it when they're gone!)
Never been crazy about physical activity Confused
The red line says it all! Thanks, L
Bibliothecarius in Clunker And Scrambled Hours

(Sorry it's off-topic: "Midnight" & "Beast Below" were 6 &7, but I limited it to 5!)

Ear-fatigue makes a lot of sense; we get a similar phenomenon grading essays. Eventually, it ALL looks like gibberish if we don't stop for a while.

Bibliothecarius in The Girl In The Potrait

Thanks for making me feel old! Kidding I had to look up "Asl?" on because a few towns over is the American School for the Deaf, and "American Sign Language" ("A.S.L.") is an elective we've offered to our students, often taught by one of their staff.

I was trying to figure out how in the hell SIGN LANGUAGE would be of use on a TYPED FEED. It's not like YGS has Skype or Facetime on it.

Alli- I wish I could help you through this but I lack experience and knowledge. I really do hope that you are able to help this beautiful soul, who fell victim to such inhuman atrocities, and give her the closure and peace she so much needs and deserves.
There are wiser users that might give you some advice on how to help this defenseless little soul (at least I hope so)...

Blessings. Love
Dir Al

I psnly thnk tht WowAngel is jst anthr acc. Of the OP

LV frm SP
Oh, Tweed. Glad my lil haunted house gave ya a kick in the britches to write this! Oh, my word! I absolutely love it!
lady-glow - TXT talk only attracts the intellectually lazy crowd? I honestly don't know on which side of the spectrum I fall. I don't reply to these over the top things. Why? I don't understand them and am not prepared to spend hours trying to understand! Maybe I'm "stoopid".

Regards, Melda
Tweed: my eyes hurt after looking at all those red lines under the misspelled words!
I wonder if WowAngel is color blind... Otherwise I can't understand their blatant disregard for the built in dictionary. Confused
HAHAHAHA Lady Glow I love you!

Dang I n33d more chrctz 50 cent rulz.
WowAngel: aj_star is not going to answr u r qstn, but if u r 2 qros jst google 4 "Multiple Murders and mysterious deaths in Havali" I'm sure something show come... IF this story"s true.

Oh, I c u r 2 favs are the stories by aj_star... R u 2 friends? Perhaps u r A, B or C?... Nah, if that's the case, you wouldn't ask for the location of the story! Laugh Laugh

You should stop by the "Comments Guidelines" and give it a read, specially the following point:

"This is not a chat room, so avoid abbreviations and SMS language ("u" instead of "you", "n" for "and", "coz" for "because" etc) as it is juvenile and unreadable. We want to have mature conversations about the delicate topic of ghosts, using TXT talk only attracts the intellectually lazy crowd...'
Aliviashae, you put down your thoughts about the incident very well. Thank-you for doing so because it cleared up some things for me.

As a fellow anxiety-suferee, I thought I could help put things into a perspective which was more in line with normal then the paranormal.

Anxiety is an unpredictable illness and chronic, at it's worst which means it is something that one suffers with daily and it includes multiple side-effects, reactions and secondary psychological components, ranging from mild to severe.

I remember, on one occasion having an anxiety attack while driving and one of the posters on the side of the road started melting and swirling into different colours. For the longest time afterwards, I wondered what created such a bizarre occurrence and if, in any way at all, it could have been paranormal. This episode was mainly psychological which was strange, I can't describe it very well but my mind was racing, thoughts like "why are there so many cars around me, are they here to do something to me?" "I have to pull over otherwise I am going to crash but I might still crash any way". Again, this episode seemed to play more on my mind while suffering the rapid heart beat and inability to breathe.

Other episodes seemed to somehow intensify my emotions while suffering the paranoia and fear.

I am, just, trying to point out that anxiety is a difficult illness to work out and understand. You cannot make "blanket" rules for all anxiety sufferers. It is not precise, identical or clear-cut (perfect & specific).

All that I am saying is that it is a possibility that you were suffering anxiety as a person who does so.

Thank-you for sharing your story and I empathize greatly with what you've been through. I hope, over time, it will improve, (as mine did and I am very fortunate).
cn we sp33k in l337 now or sumfin? Kewl dat goez whel wid da stori 2. 1time me an da crew sawz bigft yo.

What is this really going to let me post like a chav?! Oh excitement!

So dis is ma 1st stori itz 100% tru. Soz 4 da long post yo. Asl? Ne hawt chicks here want to facetym?

Ok, now I'm done. Sorry for behaving like an imbecile. But gosh it makes me laugh! Laugh
Tweed in Brisk Walker
BGP, all I've got to say is far out I LOVE your ideas! Smile I did get a good look at his face but his voice I wouldn't know again. I'm remembering his voice was faint, like a shy 'hi' or 'hey'. But I don't know, maybe my mind is just filling in the blanks. "Habitual iteration" - love that!
The story and the comments r totally different...aj_star your story was grt... But where did it occur? And whn? Confused
Bibilo, Unfortunately that seems to be the case and I feel as if I'm standing on a rickety bridge above a long fall when it comes to her. As ridiculous or dangerous as this may sound I feel as if I am responsible for her. I'm just not sure how to handle it from here, as You said it probably is rage that is keeping her sentient and I am very lucky that she walked away and didn't lash out.

As hard as it may be I think my next best step is trying to help her pass on. Though before I can even begin to do that I have to rebuild the trust that I just tattered. To go from seeing her tiny smile first time ever back to angry and blank in one night is heartwrenching.

Hopefully I can think of the best way of helping her pass on peacefully so she dosent have to live with all that anger and hurt anymore.

Beautinside, She definitely has been through a lot more than any person especially child should ever have to endure. I have dreamed more about what she has went through and seeing that there are younger users on this site I won't be going into detail. I can say she has seen just about every form of abuse there is. Physical, emotional, sexual... Its just beyond brutal. If anyone deserves peace and happiness its this precious little girl.

Sincerely, Alli
Argette in Tall Man
How did I miss this the first time around?

Fascinating account. Thanks to Tweed for sharing the link.
babygoatpuller in Brisk Walker
As usual, a fascinating account. I'm going to go out on a limb here and call this "habitual iteration". You see this guy walking home one day and see him again once or twice a week or once a month. He becomes familiar, you get on with your busy life and don't notice anything unusual about him or connect any dots.

You had a few "yeah but" moments but it seems the monotony of seeing him made these fleeting moments and you carried on. Even the interaction you had with him saying "hi" back and then disappearing didn't seem to connect. All very mundane. Maybe HE was trying to make the not-so-normal seem normal to you. Did you ever get a good look at his face? Do you remember the sound of his voice?

You said, "Depended on if you were looking out the window at the right time." Maybe you were looking at the right times. I get the feeling you were supposed to see him. Might explain the odd time that you did see him with your mum, looking at the stars.

This is all conjecture here. I like Manafon's thought process. "A mere piece of the larger thought process the ghost is having that we human's can't comprehend".

Thanks for sharing Tweed. You always seem to bring out the critical thinking in your accounts. Smile
Wow, guess what, I was trying to lean back to my chair while reading this story and the chair's "back" has broken off... Coincident? Anyway, that would not be anything as surprising as your stories are! I love this house there!

Thanks for sharing!

Love from São Paulo
Ohooohhh LadyCastlemain, we're in Watford! Surprised Do you mean they returned to Hertford? That's one mother of a coincidence, when did this happen to them?
Biblio, I've never seen anyone so excited about 'war' before. Confused

1 Eighth
2 Fourth
3 Fifth
4 Third
5 Tenth

1 The Beast Below
2 The Empty Child
3 Blink
4 Girl in the Fireplace
5 Midnight

(I hope this made sense to you!) He says 'Yes, no but war has to be in there somewhere.' He also said Matt Smith is his least favourite Doctor.

Ya'll are nerds. Kidding
Hi Allicatt,

I don't have much to add. But that little girl must've lived such a sad life. On top of that, looks like she wasn't even given a name, this is heart breaking...
Truly hope she can find some confort in you and your little girl.
Wish you and your family (soon to grow bigger) the best! Love
BeautInside in Brisk Walker
Hi Argette,

I'm feeling the same way too! Actually this is why I enjoy YGS so much, I just keep learning! Happy

Argette in Brisk Walker
Honestly, I'm finding this one so fascinating! Now I've got to read up on the Cheltenham Ghost.

Tweed, I will also check that link out! Thanks.

The conversations here are becoming more engrossing and I'm learning so much from them. I've got to thank everyone because I'm really pretty ignorant about such things. I feel as though I don't add much to the conversations, but I am enjoying them so much. Thanks, YGS.
Very strange indeed... Thanks for sharing.

I am not sure but it seems like just a random spirit.

Children, especially babies sometimes bring along with them a spirit which might relate to their before life.

Some religion believes in a cycle being like birth, death, re-birth, in those religion our body dies but not our spirits, we borrow a body in order to live a new life, sometime bounds between the before life of a new born is so strong that the pair will not separate... Em... For example. Before re-birth the person lived with a very good friend or like husbands and wives, they love each other very much until death. The spirit of the husband has re-birth into another person's child the wife's spirit follows the child for a while... You know that sort of thing.

Oh,oh, yes, I meant it might have been a spirit brought by the child, for him it might just be a random spirit but the spirits might mean no harm. Wink

Dr. Who? Who? Kidding
I am not familiar with Dr. Who, but I can tell you how bad Mighty Morphine Power Rangers used to be during the early 90's... Lol Laugh

Blessing from São Paulo
Tweed - Thanks for the reply. Well if I have managed to live with a "guy" in my house for a number of years (other than my husband) who isn't scary at all, I understand why your friends are totally at ease Smile

Regarding "chook". I'm sure many people outside of Australia are very well aware that it's a chicken. If I'm wrong I'm sure everybody will bounce me around. I got to know this through Masterchef Australia, which just has to be one of my favourite programmes. When it shows on TV in SA, I don't miss an episode! Best cooking show on the planet, together with My Kitchen Rules.

Regards, Melda
rookdygin in Why Me?!
To bad you will only read and NOT COMMENT, but here goes nothing.


Second: The presence you feel may be an effect of the MEDS. STAY ON YOUR MEDS.

Third: You mention siblings, how old were they when the 'pots and pans' were making noise? If either one of them was 12-18 years of age those noises may, JUST MAY, have been a Poltergeist. Once again I must say STAY ON YOUR MEDS.

Forth: IN MY EXPERIENCE (opinion here folks) Very young children, especially those under the age of 8 years old are NOT the target of Possession.../ their bodies and minds are not that developed AND they are considered innocent and a/the Higher Power (s) (God, Heavenly Father, Gaia, Mother Earth, Odin, Zeus... Name Him/Them what you will) keeps a stronger protective presence around them than those who have learned the difference between Good and Evil (my Church teaches that at age 8 an individual becomes accountable for there own's as good an age as any other...) So prior to that age a child is innocent and pure and therefore hard for any spirit to 'take' over.

Well, that's my 4 cent's worth. I can not stress this enough... STAY ON YOUR MEDS. But extra precautions can never hurt so please try this... Go WAY HEAVY on the SHIELDING part...

Recipe for a Home Cleansing/Shielding... (allow for two or 3 days to complete)

Day one: Open all curtains window and doors with screens installed, let fresh air and sunshine into the home. Have all closets, cabinets and other 'dark spaces' open so that as much natural light as possible can enter those spaces. After 2-3 hours take a broom and 'sweep' out each room (this is symbolic and you do not have to really sweep) focus your thoughts on sweeping (pushing) out all negative energies / entities /thoughts. Close home up after completing each room of your home... Please do not forget your garage if you have one. (Optional) Light incense (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) and let aroma fill the home, and/or play a tape that contains your favorite Church/Positive, Upbeat (songs that give you good thoughts) songs before you begin sweeping.

Day two (or three): Once again open all curtains, windows and doors. Take a White candle (Optional) to the center most point of the home, sit on the floor and place candle in front of you. Light the candle (visualize a white ball of light) and then focus on the flame... Visualize the flame (white light) filled with positive thoughts, energy. (Say a prayer at this time if you so desire... Ask for cleansing positive energy to fill the candles flame/white light). Hold this 'image' in your mind and then visualize the flame (light) slowly expanding outward, visualize it filling the room your in, every corner and 'dark space'. Continue to visualize it's outer edges pushing away (burning away) any and all negative energies/entities out and away from each room in your home. Once you have visualized this flame (light) filling your entire home, picture it expanding to your property lines. Hold this image in your mind for a few moments then visualize 'anchoring' this flame (light) where you are sitting which is the center most point of your home. Once you have done this. Take a deep breath, relax a few moments and then blow out the candle. (If you didn't use a candle just let yourself relax a moment or two.) "

Now you can create a shield for yourself using the 'home shield' technique but instead of focusing on your home visualize the 'flame' simply surrounding you instead of your home... Best time to do this is after a nice shower using a rosemary scented soap (rosemary is good for purification and protection.)


ladycastlemaine in Clunker And Scrambled Hours
That is creepy, I have no answers or ideas. A similar thing happened to my cousin though - he and his mother had driven to Worcester from Hertford (takes 2.5 hours from his home), and he arrived for 10am. They went for a tour around his uni, then to some talks etc, which took until 1pm, then they left. They got home, taking the 2.5 hrs... And all the clocks in their house said 1:30. Impossible, and it freaked them out.
Oh God, Alli! She's HORRIFICALLY traumatized.

[Sidenote: book title," A Child Called 'It'"]

He didn't tell her what her name was. Abuse through not only physical violence but also through cultivated dependency upon him and his power over her.

His bullying caused her dissociative thinking. His manipulations DELIBERATELY PROGRAMMED her into believing herself to be an object, not an individual person.

You're very fortunate that she chose to walk away for a little while at that point. My guess --and it is a guess-- is the force holding her together as an intelligent haunting is pure frustrated rage. She must like you, as you're deliberately nice to her, and your daughter plays with her, and you've given her a present. [Odd thought for future reference: If it ever comes up again as a topic of conversation, ask her what name she'd have liked to have.] She walked away because you were right up against the boundary, but you were provoking her *accidentally,* not on purpose. She will cool down a little, over time (her perception of it, not necessarily yours), and she will return to play with her present if it is set up prominently and explicitly for her alone. You can tell her how much you appreciate her being kind to your daughter, and how lovely it is to enjoy being happy and kind, but she'll have SERIOUS trust issues for as long as she remains as a sentient spirit.

BeautInside in Haunted House Haunts
Tweed- I know that the duck thing was more of a playful nature. But my baby girl has a small rubber duck and I just keep thinking about it lol I will never be the same Laugh Now seriously the "haunted" duck idea is fading away already, but that just kept popping on my mind during the morning, I am a scaredy cat Shy

In my country people don't keep such na open mind about the supernatural... Although some of them might have exprienced something paranormal they will avoid talking about it. As I live in an area where most houses have about 30 years old or less- and they still belong to the original owners, I don't think there are many hauntings. But it didn't keep me from having a few mysterious things happening to me.
We have the Gothic style also in our architecture but it is more common in churches than houses. The Victorian style (being the influence of Queen Victoria of England, if I'm not wrong), we can't find it here. But find it fascinating and would love to visit a Victorian house someday. Smile
AugustaM, Thank you for reading and your comment, You bring up a lot of valid points. While I am not comfortable bringing a psychic or a medium into my home mainly because there are so many phonies and other spiritual hazards that can come with it. You have brought a lot of good research points to my attention.

I haven't really had the chance to look into the actual property history here because I have been busy getting things settled with Maggie and getting ready for my baby who is going to be here sooner than we thought but after things calm down a bit I do plan on seeing what I can find and letting everyone know.

I also do have an update for those who have been following. A few nights ago I was thinking of a way that I could better communicate with the little girl since she wouldn't talk directly with or to me. So I decided to get out my EVP reader and see if I would have any better luck. So I told her that it was a game and that she could tell me anything she wanted with it and nobody else in the house would know.

I set it down in the livingroom next to her pony and waited for anything after about an hour of watching the bars spike and fall between trying to occupy myself with a book I finally got my first word.


I smiled as I watched the horse fall over on its side looked over and saw her running her tiny fingers through the yarn rainbow mane.


Yes, I replied the horse is just for you. You can play with her anytime you want.



I thought she meant was Maggie going to play with her horse, so I told her no that Maggie wouldn't take it.


She can play with You tommrow she is sleeping.

For the first time ever I saw the tinest smile on her face it took everything in me not to tear up. I wanted to know more about her and had the top underlying question her name. I didn't want to chance ruining such a special moment so I tried to approach it carefully.

Can I ask you a question?

There was a long pause and I finally saw yes come across my screen.

Whats your name?

Another long pause followed by the word


I stopped confused wondering if I worded my question in a way she understood.

I know Your a girl sweetie but what's your name what do people call you?

She looked at me hard her eyes once again emotionless and her lips a firm angry line.


After that she stood up and walked out through the wall leading into Maggies room. I went to the door and looked in but she was no where to be found. I hope that I will get the chance to talk with her again but next time I will be more careful. I just hope everything isn't undone.
BeautInside in Brisk Walker
Thank you Manafon1, it's much clear now! Smile

Really thought that a residual ghost didn't show any form of intelligence, and it was only repeating a routine of what it used to do while living.
But it certainly makes sense that if they weren't tried with any form of contact they just kept repeating the same process. Maybe some of them focus so much on what they used to do that won't even noticed anyone around...

Yeah, completely agree with you when you say the paranormal is a wacky and wonderful world. Just like to add "very complex too". Happy
Manafon1 in Brisk Walker
BeautInside--There are indeed ghosts that are residual in the literal sense, repeating an action or a part of a conversation for example, that somehow become saturated in the atmosphere of a location. However, as Tweed's account (if it indeed was a ghost) and the Cheltenham Ghost nicely illustrate, is that what many might simply dismiss as "residual" might be something far more complex than initially assumed.

Were it not for an incredibly proactive young woman in the Cheltenham case (Rosina Despard) who actively tried to engage the ghost she repeatedly saw, or Tweed greeting the guy she saw, most would assume that those apparitions were unthinking residual entities. Engaging what many would call residual ghosts shows that there is more going on than simple black and white tags allow.

So, to make everything more difficult and unclearly cut than many like things to be, there are what are referred to as residual ghosts that are just that and others that seem to have an intelligence directing their actions Crying . The wacky, wonderful world of the paranormal Happy .
Argette, I'm of the belief that hauntings can happen anywhere. But I must agree there's something about some places that seem to foster the right conditions for particularly active outcomes. Smile

Mack, if those walls could talk. Wink

Aww thanks Spiritwaiting, glad ya like it!

L, funny you should bring up the amount of work, I asked about this because they never seem to do much to it. Just fiddly things here and there. Well, this is where I learned a cool gardening trick. Planting stuff close together (with compatible plants) not only looks awesome, but also rules out the need for much maintenance. They have a fancy underground watering system for the lawns which lessons the work. The grass is maintained with a high cut, so it's kept longish. Turns out cool lush gardens don't need much work!
I have no idea if 'chook' is used in other countries. But it comes up on YGS underlined in red, indicating the answer is no. Laugh

Melda, they're not bothered in the slightest by their ghostly visitors. I guess the ghosts drop in because they like to, heck I would! I've never been bothered by these events and I've never heard of a negative paranormal experience in their home. I may have been spooked, and as a child scared by the duck of it all, but I never felt truly scared if that makes sense.

BeautInside, if it helps I strongly doubt the duck thing was negative. It was sort of like a Punch and Judy moment. At least that's the impression I have of it as an adult. You and Melda have both expressed trepidation about living in a place like this. I'd like to point out that these events are condensed here. Realistically they span decades. Most of the time nothing remotely paranormal happens. But when it does it's nothing to worry about.:) <--- (ran up the smiley quota!)
BeautInside in Brisk Walker
If the man in the suit was indeed a ghost and followed the same routine, which is characteristic of a residual hauntings, but still aknowledged you and didn't ignored you like it supposedely would if it was actually residual (please correct me if I am wrong). Could it be that he didn't noticed his own death and just kept going as nothing had happened? I've heard/read that when somebody dies suddenly or tragically they may not realise immediately they're dead and instead of crossing over they linger around. Could this be it?

Tweed in Brisk Walker
Argette, sorry I missed your question. I didn't tell anyone about this until recent times. I suppose because I had/have a hard time believing he's a ghost, I don't know. Confused
Amna2 in Trailer #350
Hi flutterofwings,
If you could, can you tell the location of The trailer? Maybe I will find any information on it. Please send the location and place of the trailer.
Tweed in Brisk Walker
WHOOAH WHHAAT?! Manafon, that's fascinating, wow! It's my (possibly bad) habit to look for links between the two. All I can think of is ties to the location. That Cheltenham ghost was one determined woman!
BeautInside, it really was a normal day aside from noticing the time changing. There was nothing to freak out about. Glad you enjoyed this. Haha Bringeth the Child!

Argette, if you think wearing PJ's with messy hair, slouching over equipment for days on end is interesting, then I lead a fascinating life! Lol.
People have been linking sensitivity to creativity for yonks. Personally I think it's a bit of a cop out. There are plenty of creative people who aren't sensitive and vice versa. I don't really know of a definitive link. Perhaps it's a matter of you get out what you put in, like with everything else.

Mack, come now, you've had breakfast at noon. Timing is everything, you should know, you're a drummer! Kidding

Spiritwaiting, everyone I've told this about has a similar conundrum. I guess one explanation is similar looking numbers on digital style or similar positioned hands for analogue clocks being momentarily mistaken. But ruling all that out, it's just completely strange!

Biblio, ha! I always knew nocturnals are underrated, it's great to know there's official study behind it! Happy
The disciplined breaks are a matter of need due to a phenomenon known as 'ear fatigue'. I'm in the 'mixing' process at the moment which involves the laborious task of listening to things over and over again, adjusting levels within the mix and the overall frequencies therein. This is done at a comfortable listening volume, not quiet, but not too loud either. 'Ear fatigue' is a perception issue, whereby if you listen long enough you 'believe' it sounds great, when it actual fact the levels are completely unbalanced. Taking regular breaks during the mix ensures you're hearing with fresh perspective. It also saves a lot of time in the long run. (see lessons learned the hard way)
When I'm writing or rehearsing, on the other hand, I need to force myself to take breaks. The hyper focus cycle you brought up is easy to get caught up in.
I'm unsure who the clunker was/is. But I'm betting whoever walked up to the door before the clock weirdness was my guardian. The footsteps had his 'ways' about them. If he had something to do with this he deserves a medal. I need to have a word with him, you're right.
I'll refer my bloke to your lists. He'll no doubt have an opinion. Wink
Manafon1 in Brisk Walker
Hi Tweed--The Cheltenham Ghost was completely solid in appearance for several years before she slowly became more and more transparent and indistinct towards the end of the Despard family's tenancy of the house. However, in an unusual twist, other people in the immediate vicinity, some decades after the initial reports, began reporting the ghost roaming around the yards and hallways of nearby homes.

These well documented cases continued up until 1979. These newer reports of a fully solid apparition that matched the description of the Cheltenham Ghost were reported from buildings contemporary with the house the ghost had previously been seen in. According to Lilian Despard, a grandchild of Captain Despard, the man who was renting the house with his family during the ghost's most active period, the Captain had the house exorcized by Canon Gardner of All Saints Church. Maybe this inducement is what caused the ghost to move out. In any case the buildings she supposedly haunted afterwards were always within view if the house she was first seen in.

So short answer (too late) is that, like the guy you saw, the Cheltenham Ghost was solid in appearance for several years, then indistinct and then solid again in later appearances. You said the walk you saw the guy take was around 20 minutes. The Cheltenham gal was seen for up to 45 minutes. A tenacious ghost if ever there was one. Although your walker, if indeed a ghost, isn't far behind!

There are a couple of things that concern me about your reply...

The first being about 'this' statement...

"My boyfriend's dad and me had a good relationship."

Has something changed... Either your boyfriend is no longer your boyfriend (at the time of this incident) OR you no longer have a 'good relationship' with his Dad?

Second: Are you 100% sure that what you describe was your first experience with something like S/P? I ask because there are some things you describe that are not typical to S/P.

Third: Is it the 'same' dream... Or are there different 'themes' to each occurrence?

Forth: Were you pregnant at the time of your First experience?


Melda in Brisk Walker
Biblio - I have responded to Tweed's experience and obviously read your comment, which as always is extremely insightful.

I watched every episode of Fawlty Towers and my word, as silly as it was at times I was always in stitches Laugh How clever and funny to add that that to Tweed's experience Laugh

Regards, Melda
Tweed in Brisk Walker
Thanks for the feedback guys. Smile

BeautInside, glad you enjoyed reading. Yeup it's just as customary in Australia to wear business suits for certain professions. So he completely blended in with the bustle of commuters. His hair and clothing style looked late 80's early 90's. So it was current when we first moved in, but then never altered thereafter. But he never looked too dated either.
Residual hauntings are fairly bizarre in that some seem to be 'imprinted memories' which don't change. While others display a form of intelligence. Manafon describes this better than I can in his comment.
I'd like to think if I'd noticed him on a weekend I would've questioned it. Public transport timetables are different on a weekend for example. But I can't say for sure if he ever walked passed on a weekend or not. Good question!

Argette, glad you liked it. If you enjoy this kind of thing, you'll find Yo Momma's encounters of a similar nature intriguing, here's hers:
Haha the aging thing is probably the thing that confuses me the least. I'm so bad at guessing someone's age, so I can understand a regular person not appearing to age. I would only see him from the window, or around town. That day was the only time I saw him up close, with only further brief sightings to compare with. So he didn't appear to age, from a distance at least. He looked between early 30's to mid 40's (told you I was bad at it!)

Manafon, the Cheltenham Ghost! I couldn't remember the name, but I remembered you talking about her as I was typing this up. Was she totally solid, do you know? I guess the biggest problem I have about this guy, actually there are two, one is that he looked so normal, and the other is the distance he covered and time he was possibly 'solid'. I've done the same walk from the station and it took about 20 minutes walking time, half an hour all up including waiting for traffic. But then I don't remember him ever waiting for traffic or crossing a road. Your piece of a larger thought theory is cool!

Lady Glow haha I don't care if it had nothing to do with this, thanks for telling me about your darkly clad parrot walker! I would've loved to have had her walk past when I was a kid.

Mack, the word 'yahoo' needs to make a comeback. I've wondered about OCD for this fellow before too. Glad you enjoyed the paragraphs.

Biblio, I followed your bread example and I'd never thought of it as being a singular event skewed by multiple facets, so thanks! It wasn't until I read your Basil Fawlty moment that I thought of it in a different way. Almost as if the guy was walking himself into a self affirming mantra "No one's dead, nothing to see here". Hope that makes sense.
Also, side note: Able-bodied people who walk slowly are idiots! Drives me up the wall!

Lollipop, this happened in a suburb in Melbourne.

Melda thanks for telling me about your supermarket weirdness. Ghosts out in public is something that interests me. I'm not saying one way or the other if that lady was a ghost, but I bet ghosts do things like that daily without anyone noticing!
Hello snowflakes. Strange happening.
Is your sister still living in that rented house? Or they change that weird palace.
spiritwaiting in Why Me?!

Why ask for help, or if you can control what is supposidly going on with you, if you choose not to participate in discussion of what you have posted here?

If you want help, the only way for anyone here to help is to answer some questions, only to know a little more about your situation.

Not implying your experiences arent real or are false, but can't help if we only see this and not answers.

Well I started having sleep paralysis and false awakening a while back. My first experience was being in a dream state and my boyfriend's dad was trying to touch me sexually in the dream it all felt so real. My boyfriend was in bed with me. I woke up out of the dream not being able to move or speak. I tried calling out to my boyfriend but nothing came out.That's when it started. I was in and out type of thing. Like being sucked back into the dream where my bfs dad was trying to touch me sexually and waking up not able to move or speak or cry out. My boyfriend's dad and me had a good relationship. So of course it was disturbing having him touch me like that in a dream that felt so real. In the dream we were in the bed with my boyfriend to like I was in real life. Well that was my first experience. It happens on and off since then.
BeautInside in Why Me?!
Hi Doraannew33,

I see you decided not to participate in the discussion, however you need help...
As lady-glow already mentioned, there are some questions that should be answered in order to help you. Even though I respect your decision, it won't be much of a help for you.
Hope you change your mind.

BeautInside in Haunted House Haunts
Hi Tweed,

Thank you for sharing another amazing experience (s)! And please keep them coming.

I am sticking to Melda, I'd love to visit a place like that but I wouldn't have the courage to live in a house like this. Smile

I'm still thinking about the disappearing duck, hope it won't give me nightmares. Well it's still morning so maybe I'll forget about it until tonight. LOL

Once again, thank you for sharing. This was a very well written account, got to give you credits for that! Happy

Melda in Brisk Walker
Tweed - Whether this guy was residual or human I don't think you will ever know. I must admit it sounds a bit weird.

I also experienced something which I will never be able to explain but this happened in a supermarket. I was pushing my trolley up an aisle and there was a woman inspecting canned goods on a shelf. I went past her and grabbed a can of strawberry jam. I was virtually right next to her and taking the jam off the shelf did not take more than a second. When I looked again this woman had vanished!

Anyway, I don't want to distract attention from your experience but I have often wondered whether some of the people we see on streets, shops, etc are actually human. How do we know? Laugh

Regards, Melda
Tweed - I would pay big time to spend a week in that house. It sounds fascinating, haunted or not. Not that I wouldn't be a little freaked out every now and then but it would be worth it!

The alligator would indeed be a scary thought to a child who doesn't always understand "adult speak".

The duck. A mischievous spirit?

The lady? She belongs there!

As for the gentlemen, well they obviously belong too and it would seem the family has no intention of sending them on their way Smile . It seems they are happy with their co-inhabitants, or am I wrong?

It seems that an entire family, or at least a few of them, decided to remain in their home. I wonder why?

I am interested to know how you were affected by these events. Were you scared out of your mind, just a little disturbed, or in total acceptance of it all?

As I said I would pay to spend a week but living there permanently? I don't think so.

Regards, Melda
Bibliothecarius in Clunker And Scrambled Hours

"Morning People" tend to presume that Nocturnals are in some way lazy; they don't factor in all of their own breaks, mid-afternoon energy slumps, and their own exhaustion after a relatively short day. Several psychological studies over the last few years indicate that Nocturnals take time to get started, but once we've begun, we tend to go full-tilt for 12-to-14 hours, producing better work in greater quantities than Morning People. However, when we do hit our stride, we tend to focus intently on the task and tell ourselves we'll have a snack "in 10 minutes" for 3 hours before getting light-headed enough to break our concentration.

You seem to have developed the discipline to overcome the hyper-focus (congrats on that, b.t.w.) and you work in structured time blocks. I cannot believe that several time-dilation effects, including multiple clocks with consistent retroactive timekeeping issues are attributable to creative focus, especially when you identify specific times to start and to stop each task. Have you asked your guardian if he has noticed anything amiss in this regard? I know they can have some difficulty with the constraints of linear time, but if someone/something was interfering with it either to your benefit or to your detriment, he would notice.


P.S.: Please show your husband these "Top 5" lists, and ask him where he disagrees; I'm always curious...
1. Tenth 2. War 3. Eleventh 4. Fifth 5. Fourth.
1. 'Blink.' 2 & 3. 'The Silence in the Library' & 'The Forest of the Dead.' 4.'The Doctor's Wife.' 5.'The Girl in the Fireplace.'
Long and enjoyable! Sounds like a great house (sounds like a lot of work too!) What a fascinating place - I'd love to get a look at it. I'm curious about the location but have to ask a silly question... Is the term "chook" used in other countries? Thanks for another great read:) L
Ok! I'm slow to join in, but I'm a card carrying toothbrush wielder! Works on the Beagle!


Mother of Beagles
spiritwaiting in Haunted House Haunts

I am in love with this house and I've never been there. The outside is what would probably take my breath away! Moss and trees! Awww! I want to come visit with ya!

I enjoyed every bit of this!

Creepy footsteps, duck toy giggling and disappearing what!? Reflections of people who arent there, and a lady in the bathroom with you.

I can't enough of this, going into my favs right now!

Thanks for sharing this

Interesting you should post something about weird time lapses.

Just within the last two weeks, I to have been dealing with odd clocks etc.

I had looked at my phone one day, it said 11:30 am, I put it down. Look up and my fav soap show had just started (it starts at 11 am exactly every day).

I didn't think much of it, maybe I was just seeing things.
This sort of thing has happened to me quite a few time over the last couple weeks weird but nothing compared to yours!

One time at 3:30 when it was only 2:30,another time at 11:30 when it was only 10:30 pm. Lol I thought maybe I was going a bit crazy.

Im glad to knownits not just me going through this.

Macknorton in Haunted House Haunts
What an incredible house! No wonder joints were smoked there! Laugh
You clearly have many vivid and fond memories of your times there. Thanks for sharing Tweed, you write so well and I enjoyed experiencing those moments with you again in all their intense clarity.


Lollipopspace in Brisk Walker
Dear tweed,
What part of Australia do you live in. Like do you live down south or do you live up north like me.
This is why I don't like public bathrooms you never know what could have happened befor you arrived. Also a similar thing happened to my friend but this was in cairns In a very strange bathroom in the middle of the city.
Macknorton in Why Me?!
Hi Anno_Domini
I appreciate we all have different belief structures, but surely all spirits are part of God, good and evil. Isn't EVERYTHING part of God? Isn't God absolutely everything? How could God exist outside of something? I'm confused by your advice... Are you able to clarify?
Anno_Domini in Why Me?!
If your experiences are real, go to church and learn about a man called Jesus. Accept Him and the Holy Spirit will fill you. What God occupies, spirits cannot.

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