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About the accident, was it a premonition? I do believe a lot of us have psychic powers. Its just that as we grow older we pollute our minds with negative energy negating our own aura. However, I definitely see your kiddo here is gifted. I wish her best of health and peace. Keep Sharing.
Maelstrom in Under The Bed

I am curious. If you are an atheist, then why wear a blessed cross?
Wow that's just so interesting. Here in Hinduism, we do believe in past lives and reincarnation so I most certainly believe in what your little one says. Anyways thanks for sharing this precious gem here. Hope to hear more about her stories. God bless u n your daughter.
MarvinScott: Hi there! First up I honestly do wish to thank you for the awesome work you do. It's not an easy job. It ain't for the weak-hearted. Having lost my father and having done his embalming myself here in India, I can only relate to what you are saying. The tray flying out does not seem normal. It's almost as if there was someone there who didn't wish for you guys to discuss what had happened. And it manifested with the tray being hauled from its place. Well, Unbelievable how things that we don't think are possible or could even exist have a way to change our beliefs sometimes. Anyway Peace! Keep up the Gods Work!
Hi, and thanks for reading and offering comments on my experiences!
Yes, Sarah has had many, many other experiences, some of which I have witnessed with her and others that I believe without a doubt happened to her.
As for what I have written about in these particular stories, I'm fairly certain she remembers them perfectly, but we've never actually discussed them in detail now that she's a teenager. I think maybe they've fallen out of significance compared to what has happened to her since these incidents.
I will absolutely continue to share these stories and I'm so grateful I have found this wonderful place and wonderful people willing to listen and give me a new perspective on things such as these experiences.
Other stories will be written and posted soon, and I love receiving any feedback from others, so thanks again!
Ok, hi guys and thanks for reading about my experiences! As for the first story, about the black thing we saw sitting beside the road, I did consider many explanations but still came up empty-handed.
First was the fact that if it was a person in a costume, it was either a child or an abnormally short person. Also add in the fact that others have also seen it, and from what I have heard many locals still continue to see it.
As for the dog-like thing my aunt and I spotted, it is perfectly plausible that it was a poor deformed animal (remember, we live in a rural area with a ton of wildlife), but I think what made me mark it in my memory like I have is because it was so fast, and it apparently had no fear of the car whatsoever.
Please let me know more opinions after reading this post, I'm absolutely open to any suggestions on the identity of these creatures, and thank you so much!
lady-glow, I am not really sure how the hands switched but it did cause a little tachycardia! LOL. I had a sense of malevolence at the time rather than benevolence, it certainly wasn't benign. I would assume that in rigid you are referring to rigor mortis. That is a post mortem change that happens within the first few hours, but I have never had one relax on request, in fact, it has to be manually broken up before the embalming process. Elderly, sick and the weak are not as fixed as the young, healthy and strong. Rigor in these cases is very hard to remove and requires a lot of strength. However it must be done to pose the decedent properly. Thanks for reading.
Fergie in Horsing Around
Jubeele, I loved this account.

I am so glad you never suffered any damage; you are luckier than I. I think my guardian angel was AWOL the times I came off our horse. A broken arm the first time, then two fractured ribs (at the back) with two vertebrae displaced.

You were so lucky to have a caring spirit guide and protect you. May it continue to do so. ❤
L_Melb, sometimes something will happen that will almost make your heart skip a few beats, but most time we just ignore it. For instance, when I left yesterday evening I was sure to turn off all the lights in and lock the prep room door. I was the last one out. Upon arrival this morning the first thing I noticed was the prep room door unlocked and standing wide open. I was also the first to arrive this morning. No big deal, I just walked in, checked everything out and re-secured the door. I do not know how it got open and there were no new arrivals last night. Other times I too feel the hair stand on end. Thanks for reading.
The8Ms, Thanks for you kind words. It is also a great feeling when the family comes up and hugs you after the service. Being able to make this difficult time in someones life easier is the reward itself. Thanks for reading.
ajonverge in Almost Drowned
Thanks be to your uncle who pulled you to the surface. And I'm glad you are alright. I have had a drowning incident myself that I posted recently. You kno I feel somehow for people who cannot swim, it can definitely be a hard bargain. There something about water that tends to pull you under the surface and unless you have learnt to swim, it could end up badly. Paranormal or not. We would never know in this scenario. But such experiences certainly open a window in ohr mind to that possibility.
Oh man. You said your mom checked under the bed and didn't find you first. And then she did. Thats really strange. You said that you have been visiting your grandparents home until your teenage years. Have you felt something strange after that incident in the subsequent years. Anyway, glad you were back. Peace.
Glad you enjoyed "Doctor Sleep". It was a HEA (Happily-Ever-After), which I always prefer.

I read up on Karna - oh poor man. He was the more skilled Archer, but destined to fail. Why do people have to go to war? *sigh* And that's part of the message too. The tragic waste of life when there are good people on both sides.

Take care of yourself, Ajay. Now, what shall I read tonight? 😜
Hi Rey, for some reason many closets seem to hold more than just clothing. I tend to air mine periodically to clear away the musty shadows, so to speak. 😉

Maybe the doorway to the closet somehow frames a portal? Also, could there be items left behind by past occupants of the apartment that are still holding some residual energy? Just speculating on the possibilities...

The account by The8Ms also relates to a closet (as well as a root cellar). In this instance, the problem seems to emanate from the land itself. Perhaps some earth spirit made manifest by the negative energy from the present property owners? Or was it the closet all along? 🤔
MrRiggs - I wanted to clarify that when I referred to a vagueness in your answers that didn't include your description of the presence you encountered. The cloud-like mass you saw concealing the entity's face is something that has been reported and has a parallel in psychical lirerature. For instance when a deceased loved one, say a son, comes to visit a mother after their death they are sometimes seemingly framed in a cloud-like matter. On occasion it also includes the shoulders and part of the torso as well.

Perhaps what you witnessed was a similar phenomenon.
MrRiggs - Thanks for responding and for clarifying that there were two encounters and what you meant by destroying your enemies. It wasn't at all clear what you meant in your earlier comment. As I wrote previously, and I don't think I was off base, your life is filled much drama and I can add intrigue.

Sadly the vagueness of your answers regarding any sort of details makes a continued discussion here on YGS impossible. Since it seems it is your complete desire to return to the place you found yourself during your NDE again, it might be best to not feel, "a personal satisfaction and savoring", in visiting your enemies grave. Doesn't that seem like an attitude that will get you another verbal reaming once back on "the other side"?

The thing here is that you have said a lot of things in vague and sketchy terms. You desire privacy regarding what you did and, I assume, continue to do. It does seem that the psychic wasn't at all sure who was going to die around you. People have other people within their orbit die with regularity. I am not clear as to why you think this death was attributable to you. There is no need to answer that though.

As I wrote earlier, best of luck to you.
With regards to the question about the closets. My thinking is that it takes entities a certain amount of energy to manifest - any other ambient energy present (from noise to light etc) creates interference requiring more energy for the entity to manifest itself. In my opinion, that explains both the closet thing and the equally as mentioned 3AM thing without attributing any erroneous occult significance to either - closets are typically (at least comparatively) dark and quiet as are the wee hours of the morning creating areas of 'least resistance' for manifesting or mucking about. That's just my thinking on the whole thing anyway - just a thought:-)
ajonverge in Hard Letting Go!
Lady-glow: I agree with your comment about how Time teaches you to live with the pain. Yes I do believe that my fathers "communications" do seem to mean for me to live a better life. But its difficult. Very actually. It almost seems as though I have become my fathers ghost lost in nothingness not him.

Rex-T: Hope you are good buddy. Yes most of the times I do try to be strong and positive but there are these bouts of depression that haunt me every now and then and it all comes crashing down then. I do think I need to try some counselling myself. And I'm sorry about your loss too buddy.

Jubeele: Seems you endured a similar horrible experience yourself. Thats really sad and I wish for no one to have to go through something like this. I'm thankful to know that I'm not alone here with your words of kindness.

This is something that has been hard for me to say to even my closest friends or relatives. But there's something about writing these things down on paper or on this website that gives me a little peace. And I'm grateful to all you fine people who are so supportive. Peace. Take Care
Jubeele: Yes Just finished Doctor Sleep. Thank goodness Dan or Abra emerged unscathed. At one point I was getting a feeling that one of them would die. But they didnt. I'm glad.
Fergie in In Pakuranga
Hi Meldel,

Thank you for reading, and your comment.

My grandson lives in Honeydew, though I haven't been to visit him yet; he only moved there recently. You also live quite close to my daughter in Struben's Valley. Maybe I will see you around sometime?
I have to say I admire your courage!
Having a those hands move and not turning in to a blubbering mess and continuing working there would be way beyond my strength indeed 😐
Meldel in In Pakuranga
Hi Fergie.
Thanks for the very interesting story! I live in Honeydew (Roodepoort), very near to the Wilgeheuwel hospital. 😊
Hi roylynx.
Background of the story: The teenager son came home after school one day to find his mother had committed suicide in the living room of their house. His father found out that his mother was having an affair. The father wanted a divorce and the mother couldn't handle that so she took her own life. The house was then sold to unsuspecting buyers who were awakened by the ghost of the woman during nights. They couldn't find peace in the house and sold it to my sister without warning her of their reason for selling the house. My sister continuously experienced various strange occurrences in the house so she and her husband also sold the house. I feel sorry for whoever stays there now.
ha! I don't see a anything unusual. You're dealing with an older gentleman here that doesn't see that well. What am I supposed to be looking for sir?
publicways in A Few Weird Creatures
Regarding the first story, why couldn't it have been a person in a costume? Most of the time the simplest explanation is the right one.
Manafon1 -

Just caught your remarks about killing. That is a bit unexpected so let me provide you an answer that is considerably less violent.

I had no known enemies at the time of the psychic reading I described previously. When I was told someone close to me would die I was somewhat surprised. My immediate concern was for my children. The reader asked before we started if I wanted to know all, or if I preferred her to keep unpleasant things hidden. I wanted to know and so told her. Now I wanted to know what death she was talking about. So, I asked if the person to die was one of my kids. She did something common in her culture... She rocked her head back, raised her eyebrows and emitted a clicking sound with her tongue. Then she lowered her head and said "Maybe."

It turned out to be someone else.

I worked in a cutthroat occupation that was high risk and high gain/loss. Her prediction turned out to be true. Enemies did develop and an ugly war of sorts began. There was much confrontation and bureaucratic bloodletting. Career casualties developed on both sides. There was considerable hostile give and take between groups. I survived but was considerably tarnished. The other team took one dead, one imprisoned, numerous careers derailed and substantial embarrassment was felt from the personal ranks to the uppermost organizational positions.

I experienced the personal heartfelt satisfaction and savoring of visiting my enemy's grave. War is ugly and casualties take place. I'm glad it was him and not me.

Both sides still exist years after hostilities began, and the conflict continues to a lesser degree. It is an undertaking that lasted not only the length of long careers, but will last as long as the participants live. Residue from this still makes news today. Don't bother asking how or where.

It is no wonder the reader screamed, dropped the coffee cup like a hot coal, paled and then nearly collapsed. At the time it was a mystery. Today, in hindsight, her reading results, and her reaction, are much more clear.

My weapon in this conflict was the written word well presented. That ability worked a little too well and contributed to my spending 40 minutes in another location. A portion of that time was very unpleasant.

None of this has anything to do with ghosts. My interests lie elsewhere. I am looking for answers to questions pertaining to other types of experiences. I have had a few encounters that may fit this forum and don't mind sharing them, especially if is helpful to someone. Lingering here in ghost stories is not a personal priority.
Manafon1 -

Had to step away from this for a bit. Some of these memories, no, these experiences, were somewhat intense. Recalling them includes unpleasant feelings that have left some invisible scars.

When I went through the 40 minute NDE, the being that was wrathfully addressing me had his head (and face) surrounded by a small personal cloud. Sometimes it was nearly white or white. Other times it was thick and darker, like the smoke used in a military smokescreen. In the entire time I was there I never saw his face.

I often think of the biblical phrase "He will make His face to shine upon you." Well, it wasn't shining that day. Or "Blessed be the peacemakers for they shall see God." I had not been taken there to receive glad tidings or best wishes. I was called back, to use a biblical term, to be upbraided. That was certainly accomplished.

In a totally different experience I was confronted by an invisible being. I could feel the presence, which just radiated energy. I wanted one thing, it wanted another. There was conflict. I won the encounter but lost the war and paid a price.

As you can see, two totally different encounters. They were, by the way, separated by almost 20 years. I will write about both. Sharing may be helpful to someone and my carrying it to the grave benefits no one.
Thank you for the job you do handling this part of life with grace and dignity. I'm sure your work provides much comfort to many families and loved ones.
What an amazing daughter you have! My almost 3 year old tends to say a lot of things about when she "used to be a brother" or back when she "was a grandma," but her comments rarely involve specific details or other people, just a very active imagination.

Actually they usually coincide with something someone else is doing that for one reason or another, she is unable to participate in but still wants to stake her claim to. 😆

The situation with your daughter sounds like something quite different than normal toddler flights of fancy. I look forward to hopefully reading more about your daughter and her experiences.

Have a beautiful night!
MrRiggs in A Mother's Kiss
EmmalineTexas -

Your response to the story of my mother's passing is remarkable. I don't know that I have ever read (or heard) of anyone having a conversation with a deceased family member that arrived and sat upon their bed.

I share with you the wish that your final contact had gone better, My mother and I were very different in some ways, and that difference created some distance or, perhaps, intolerance on my behalf. Her last telephone call to me was a day or two before her passing. That call was very strange. Looking back it seemed as though she were saying goodbye. It was, in fact, goodbye. I wasn't keen enough to perceive that. I was pretty short wth her, and a bit angry. Then she was gone.

That experience was more than a little troubling. I could either let it go or let it haunt me. I chose to let it go and never looked back.

Having a bi-polar parent does not make for a perfect family experience. What happened to you at your father's return was part of life in an imperfect world, even where/when the paranormal intersects with the natural. Fathers can get angry, but rest assured, fathers forgive. Your dad has no doubt forgiven you. Don't be too hard on yourself for something you said pre-coffee (or tea).

Yes, I inherited a bit of my mother's psychic ability, as well as a hint of her spirituality. I cannot explain how psychic ability works or control it. It is simply knowledge that arrives or appears without reason. A sixth sense seems the best description I know of. At least half of mine comes through dreams. The rest just shows up uninvited.

No, my mother did not kiss my kids goodbye that we know of. Perhaps she did and they didn't know it as they were asleep.

My mother was a gentle soul with one foot in another world. She was like a lightning rod and transmitter to the paranormal. Life for her was hard and I suspect she is better suited to her present existence.

Thank you for sharing your experience. It was kind of you and comforting.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. Isn't it interesting how an interaction with a deceased person can end up being one of the most life affirming experiences you can have? ❤
It WAS terrifying. I was able to diffuse the situation quite quickly but we put gates up across the driveway entries very soon after that.

Sadly we no longer live there. Our family size outgrew the cute little farmhouse. I miss it but we still have a little farm and have even been able to add a few to our little menagerie of animals who needed a place to live out their days.

I am not a practical farmer at all. I like to think of our farm a little bit like the animated version of Charlotte's Web. LOL That's not to say we haven't raised animals for food but it's the exception around here and I always reserve the right to pardon any animal I see fit. 😆

My husband never felt anything out of the ordinary. He very much believes that spirits and energy from events can influence things here but he is not really sensitive in that way at all. As for the dogs, he never mentioned them acting strangely although that doesn't necessarily mean they didn't... If I was home they were almost always with me but we wouldn't have thought that to be out of the norm either. I very often have a little entourage of tiny humans and animals, it's just how life works around here. LOL

Thank you so much for your comment and have a beautiful evening!
Jubeele in Hard Letting Go!
Dear Ajay, I lost my father almost 14 years ago and I still remember the rawness of the pain. Like your father, he suffered a heart attack and flatlined 3 times on the way to the hospital. He lingered for 3 days before we had to let him go.

But I saw my father in a dream that very night he passed and I've dreamt of him a number of times over the years. I feel that these visits are to provide comfort and reassurance for me. Perhaps the dreams of your father are intended to comfort you too.

I've learned from having my share of loss that there are often no easy answers to such matters. My belief is that our journey through this earthly plane is to develop self-awareness, grow in grace and perhaps help others on the way when we can.

Rex-T has suggested that you seek advice from a trusted professional. If that is not your preference, then maybe a spiritual adviser or priest or religious leader that you're comfortable with. Even a support group supervised by a grief counsellor. But please do not feel you're alone in your grief.

If you feel you need a chat, Ajay, my email for YGS is on my profile page... Be well. ❤
AugustaM -

Read your story as I said I would. It is one of the most striking works I have come across on YGS.

I have no doubt that familial spirits may return to collect a departing soul, carry a message or comfort a loved one. My paternal grandfather called from his deathbed to his apparently nearby deceased wife. He reportedly said "Not yet, Minnie. I'm not ready yet. I'll be along. I'm not ready yet. Give me a little while." When he passed I think she was his escort and guide to the next destination.

The part of your story that is captivating to me is your dream and all that followed. I cannot help but wonder if there actually was a child injured or killed by a horse on the plantation you described. If so, what is (or was) that person's relationship to you? Could it be that you had a previous life that was cut short, and now are experiencing a second opportunity?

Thank you for telling us your story. It certainly fits within the scope of YGS.
Thanks jubeelee.
I will say yes they have. My dad saw them once. My grandma had encounter them few times herself. After my grandpa died, she lives alone in the house. I always comes by myself to kept her company and slept in the same room until she died. I got a bad feeling everytime I was alone in the house.
Well maybe its just a feeling.
Anyway, thanks.
Thanks for the thoughts lady glow.
As the matter of facts, that couldn't had happened. I remembered precisely the layout of the bed because my grandparents kept all the rooms in the house the same way until the house was tore down after they died.
It was in the middle of the room, far away from any door or window, and the bed was quite high than a normal bed like a realy old one as it was selfmade. I remembered cause I used to sleep on them until I reach a teenager.
And I ask my mom why she didn't look first under the bed. She said she already did. After she didn't find me anywhere in the room then she came outside to look. She thought that my brothers were playing pranks on her. She said that I was a cryer when I was baby. If someone even disturb my sleep I would started to cry very loud.
Yes there has been stories of missing kids in the village. Like a paranormal disapearances. Maybe I will tell them later.
Many had happened in the house, near the house, in the village to my parents and also my grandparents.
Anyway, thanks for the read. 😊
Hi Bart, how frightening for your mother to find you missing. Regardless of the cause, I'm relieved that you were found safe and happy, and now able to share that experience with us.

Have you or your family have any encounters with the people from this otherworld village. That's sounds really interesting... 😆
Ah Ajay, I'm so sorry to hear you are still hurting after all this time.

In my 60 years on this earth I've endured my father, oldest brother and mother passing. I will not say that 'I know how you feel'. You're the only one who truly knows. I commend your courage for posting this experience for us to read, something I could never do.

Lady-glow has 'said it all' in a lot less words than I could.

You know I still remember a quote from a confident guy not too long ago - "If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger".

Keep believing that Ajay but remember that it is a sign of courage (not weakness) to seek advice from a trusted professional if you're feeling down.

Ever heard of Sasquatch? Chupacabra? Etc...
These "monkey men" are commonly seen all over the world by thousands of people.
L_Melb - Thank you - and yes I'd always thought Empaths were for the living. However, the line between life and death... Some religions believe in a rapid burial to put the soul to rest quickly, while others believe the body should be left in state for up to three days to give the spirit time to adjust. I can't really say which is right or wrong. I can say that recent deaths <week are much stronger. Some longer than that can be strong but not many. A lingering sense stays, and to be honest, I can't think of a single time that has been longer than two years to receive an impression.
Destinygirl - No apologies necessary. I am not even sure this counts as a ghost story so there is no real 'off topic' here. I'm glad the comments helped. I've found them a great comfort as well. It can be disconcerting to know someone you just met broke their arm when they were ten, or dream about a blown up awning, address numbers swinging from the force of an explosion, only to see the exact on the news a few months later... Finding out it was a gas leak explosion. Worse for me was when I was in the military and dreamed of a midair collision... I know the planes, new the numbers, KNEW what would happen, and all I could do was watch... So yes... Talking about this stuff HELPS. Don't hesitate to ask if you are worried or upset. My hubby is... Skeptical supportive and let's me talk to him freely. I hope you have someone like that in your life.

Halloween... Time for creepy decorations and spooky pranks.
While reading your description of the black creature I couldn't help but to think about the following video:


It's obvious that some people will go out of their way to scare everybody else. I wouldn't discard the possibility of one of the neighbours goofing around with a remote controlled toy.

As for the long eared chihuahua, it could have been an animal with a deformity. Do you know of any other sightings of this creature reported in the area?

I enjoyed reading your submission, thanks for sharing.
rookdygin -Thank you for the kind comments. Sometimes people don't get why I don't go graveside or near the beloved because I death and don't explain (Crazy stigma - I usually say I don't do well with leave it at that) and that has caused some harsh comments, but I will take that over possibly having a panic attack because I cannot breathe, or breaking down from all of the emotional overload. Worse is the horrible sucking void that I have encountered a couple times, when a child (ages 4-5) close to me passes. It is an emptiness that I swear pulls at my very soul. It feels like I'm being drawn into a sucking whirlpool of ice, buffeted by icy winds. It's as if whatever soul had been there left so quickly, it left a void that is trying to be filled by anything, anyone. Okay break out the 'crazy' stamp and hit me with it. That's just what it feels like to me. Thankfully it has only happened twice, once with my son and once with a first cousin. Ah shoot, I do ramble. THANK YOU! I guess that does leave the question, does anyone else share this gift? And how do you work with it?

Bart43 Thank you, and you know, outside of playing the 'game' with my husband, I've found that sometimes, just once in a great while, I'll say something to someone at the funeral/meal that seems insignificant or unconscious to me, but has a profound impact on someone else. I don't believe I am passing on messages so much as reminding them of something they already knew. For example, once, at the funeral of a young family member who died unexpectedly from cancer everyone believed she was winning, there was a sense of melancholy, loss, and yearning in the air around me, One of the other people there was going into meltdown because she had been put in charge of the music and she couldn't find anything she considered appropriate. I felt... Something... And in my minds eye I remembered them both dancing to the Macarena just a year before... It was out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying. The people around me froze, but the girl freaking out looked at me with a look of amazement, then said Yah... Oh Yeah... And the dance song filled the air. I swear, all of the loss and yearning vanished and the room felt lighter. I could BREATHE again. And the somber, loss and yearning changed to joy as everyone seemed to remember she LOVED TO DANCE and SHE HAD TOLD THEM TO BE HAPPY FOR HER WHEN SHE DIED. Again, it wasn't really mediumship, it was just knowing and sharing what the feelings were and what I thought would lighten them. I hope this explains things.
Wow! It seems like your workplace is full of surprises.
The case of the lady makes me wonder if her own spirit was the one switching her hands, or if there's another energy 'playing' with the body.

I have been told that when a person has died and the body is already rigid, they will relax if asked to do so. I have never had a chance to see if this is true or not and, as curious as I feel about trying it, I'm in no rush to find out.

Thanks for sharing.
BART43 - interesting read. To tell you the truth, I think the first place your mother should have checked was under the bed, babies can be very mobile and it is possible that you rolled over, got tangled in the curtain, and later landed softly on the ground. Or perhaps she pushed you towards the curtain in her sleep and she didn't remember doing it.

Do you know of any other cases of disappearing/reappearing babies in the house or in the community? If not, it's more likely that this was a very scary situation but not a paranormal one.

Thanks for sharing.
Yes it is a built in closet! And I would also like to know if there are any connections also. Thanks for reading!
Welcome to YGS.

Mandee - both your stories about Sarah are fascinating!
Does she still see auras and spirits or has she lost these abilities with age?

There's a book about children remembering past lives, "Return to Life" by Jim B. Tucker.

According to his research on the field of children with past life memories, they forget about them around the age of six or seven. I'm glad to know you didn't deny your daughter's experiences trying to convince her that she was imagining things.

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Hard Letting Go!
Hi ajonverge.
I'm sorry for your losses. It is said that time heals almost everything, but the truth is that "time doesn't heal anything... It just teaches us how to live with the pain."

Have you tried any counseling or looked for medical help? As hard as it is to accept the passing of a loved one, it is important to move on and live our life to the fullest.

Personally, I think that your Father has already let you know that he is fine the first time you saw him, and in your dreams he is just reminding you that he is still around in a spiritual way. Do you think he likes to see you unhappy and depressed? I'm sure that he only wishes the best for you and the best way to honour his memory is by enjoying your life and your time in this plane.

I really enjoyed reading your sad experience and wish you the best.❤

Thanks for sharing.
Myst: I agree I have never watched a movie which was more satisfying than the book.
Jubeele: Arjuna would most probably be the favorite character for anyone but. Try to read more about Karna if you could. Hes the abandoned child and the eldest of the Pandavas but also, the one, fighting against them. A true warrior by skill and a pure human by character and the greatest Archer. Surpassing Arjunas abilities. But was cursed that his skills would desert him when he would need them the most. Hes perhaps one character in Mahabharata who has my deepest sympathies. Imagine a person sacrificing everything n having to fight against his/her own blood out of owing stuff to others. Thats just heartbreaking. This guy Karna he lived and died for others. Also if you are interested, the best tv adaptation is an old tv series which is available on youtube by B R CHOPRA. It may not be very superior in vfx since its old but it had an integral story of each and every character in the saga.
Jubeele: I have missed a few days reading. But I got to the part where Danny and Abra are now not strangers. Not that I can say they ever were. But, now the story is getting into its climax. Shall check out Dean Koontz later too. Thanks. Take Care.
I don't get the impression that Cyclone is trying to fool anyone. He seems like a young man taken too soon who has found a purpose looking after a new young family. He may not have gone with his parents because he knows they have to move on and be happy again. He may not have crossed over because he isn't ready yet. He seems to be happy where he is right now - I say let him enjoy this time on earth. I think he'll know when it's his time to cross over- my guess would be when your children are grown.
Faulty knick-knack or Homma? I think in situations like this one no one can really judge but the people that experienced it and its up to their gut feeling. If you truly got the feeling of your grandmother's presence in these events, then I think that's exactly what was going on ❤ Sounds like she was quite a lady and it is wonderful that you were all able to share this experience ❤
Sad to hear of the disintegrating plantation house - those old buildings are so beautiful - and the little girl as well. Too bad performing a proper search of the property for the body would be difficult - you would need access to GPR to even make it feasible. In situations where a child has been killed (accidentally or otherwise) the bodies are often concealed at the home somewhere on property. Maybe on a calm (brave) day when the noises start up, you could meditate and ask her where she is - maybe call your friend over and ask her to do it with you - finding her might be the only way her soul will find peace.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
AugustaM in You Hear Them Too?
I have the same problem with my phone and only at night at my apartment. I figure it could be because the Wi-Fi reception is the worst in that room and a phone can run its charge down constantly looking for a signal. The same could be true for your phone in a room packed with boxes. Maybe we should both experiment with leaving our phones in airplane mode over night to see if the batteries still run down, try leaving it elsewhere in the house over night, leave it in that room all day etc... I have also had quite a bit of paranormal activity in my apt (given that its nearly 100 years old and overlooks a late 19thC mass grave, its hardly surprising) - so if the nocturnal battery drain can't be explained by the physical then there are plenty of paranormal options;)
Hi Manafon1,

I was skimming over some older posts and came across 'Ouija Board' and 'Parker Brothers' which set off a string of memories of my (rather naive) early adolescent years.

I quickly realized that putting this into a comments post was not the right thing to do, so I'll submit my experience and see what happens.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Hmm... So is there any historical evidence? Like background of the house, people or neighbors around, death, things like that.

Thanks Fergie for the info on the types of fragrant incense. Can we use aromatherapy oils for the same purpose, I wonder? I've also put sprigs of lavender or rosemary in the linen drawer.

Haha, the Bear Rabble. I think there must be now over a 100 of those assorted furry layabouts at my place. I've written a few funny teddy bear adventures based on them for my nephew and niece when they were little. They've all got stories to tell, but I don't think YGS is the right forum. These days, my bears make themselves useful modelling the jumpers and bags I knit for them. 😁
Hi Fergie.
I recall reading about your uncle's experience. Spooky! 😨
Hi roylynx.
The strange haunting began shortly after the renovations were completed. It carried on until they sold up a few years later.
Why couldn't it have been a normal human trying to scare you? The nails could have been part of a costume. When scared, your brain works strangely - the long nails may just have been a distorted memory. It's MUCH more likely it was a person and not some supernatural creature
I am really no expert (I mean it, NOT expert!) however could this be a form of empathic ability?
I have always thought of those who see themselves as empaths having abilities that are triggered by the living - but as I said earlier, I am NO expert and of course I may have misunderstood (hence off on the wrong track?)
The way you describe being aware of details no one has told you of those who have passed, made me think of empaths and as we have some who visit here, I would find their view interesting.
I imagine I really need someone to tell me if empaths only relate to the living or are there "various" forms?
Fergie in In Pakuranga
Hi there Val,

Thanks for your impressions, that would make sense to me. Two young, evil, pranksters out to scare the living crap out of another youth. It would definitely fit the bill.

Hmm, they also thought the footsteps on the stairs was residual. Strange how they were always going up, but in Nicky's home, the shadow/steps are always coming down. To each his own, eh?

True, nobody was hurt this time, unlike George's experience here in SA - where he saw the domestic worker bashed into the wall.

Thank you for your comments Val, it is appreciated. ❤
What is it about closets?
Am I right in assuming it is a "built in" kind of thing or is it a movable piece of furniture?

These spaces and strange things are a recurring "theme" I've noticed and if anyone might have a theory that may help reyoflight or fix my curiosity that would be great.
Also if anyone could say anything on whether closets/wardrobes which are part of a property rather than furniture seems to have any relevance I know I for one would be most thankful!
Jubeele, "Of all of the five senses which we humans are blessed with, the sense of smell is perhaps the most spontaneous. It is also the most strongly connected of the senses to the areas of the brain that process memory, meaning that even the smallest whiff of a smell that you had previously connected to a certain place can bring you back to that place in mere moments. The sense of smell is directly wired to your brain, unlike the other senses, meaning that the link between smells and brain response is very rapid and quite ancient and primordial in nature." Just a small excerpt from Mr Google.

"Frankincense - Frankincense promotes calm and peace. It's commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety. However it is also useful in ending conflicts and arguments, reestablishing a friendship that has ended due to conflicts (as opposed to neglect), bringing peace and resolution to enemies, and bringing peace and resolution to warring factions. It also alleviates the tension of a tense situation. In all instances, the purpose of frankincense is to end any conflict or tension and bring about a state of peace and calm. Because of its nature frankincense is often used as both a general incense for religious rituals and as an aid for meditation. Frankincense is also believed to have many healing properties, and these are related to relieving conflicts and stresses within ones body which lead to illness.
Rose - Rose is associative with love, sex, and desire. It's a good incense to burn to deities that are associated with love, like Venus and Aphrodite. It's also a good incense for love spells, spells concerned with inciting desire like lures and glamours, and spells that are meant to bring forth your desires.

Sandalwood - Sandalwood is fire and water associative along with being seen as the divine wood. Because of this Sandalwood is a good incense to burn for any deity, and it's also a good incense to use to purify or sanctify an area.

Vanilla - Vanilla is air associative, and it's a good general incense to burn to represent the element of air. Specifically vanilla associates with mental thought, intelligence, and all abilities conferred by these things. The incense is a good choice to burn for deities that are typically looked upon as being concerned with intelligence, like Hermes or Thoth.

Dragon's Blood - Dragon's blood is used for banishing, protection, sexuality, love, and in healing spells involving bleeding."

Dragon's Blood is the one I used to keep at the ready when Shenay had the feeling of being watched by something scary. It worked!

What? No more Teddy bears? Is your army that large? 😉
What a delightful read after having been away from the site for a period of time (distracted by books with paper pages - what will they think of next? 😜)

I see how one could argue about malfunctions and all kinds of rational angles. However, I have to admit it is a lovely thought that she was using that trinket to be remembered.
One has to admit, if your grandmother did have anything to do with it, she had great timing!
MrRiggs in A Mother's Kiss
AugustaM -

Thank you for taking time to read this story, as well as your kind remarks.

In response to your questions, I saw my mother in a dream. She appeared fit and well, as well as mentally alert and sharp. She was strictly business when we met and warned me several times to "watch the phone." A day, perhaps two passed, then an early morning telephone call. My sister was dead.

The house was immediately sold and I have not been back. That part of my life is over.

Yes, I will read your story. I will be delighted to.

It seems the more we look the more we learn. And I have learned the dead are not as dead as we tend to believe. Death does not seem to be a finality. Instead, it appears to a be a fleshless state of being.

PandaSkittles in Hey Dad
I think it might be your sister... Trying to communicate but if so... You should try and communicate back. Or ignore it up to you
I'm getting mixed up between DarkAngel91 and DarkAngelex91, I mean DarkAngelx91. Sorry, I'm just confused... 😕

The mystery is: who is this trickster?

The story is well-written though. 😜
I heard of the monkey king, but never of the monkey man. Maybe the Beast just wanted to scare you away, and it didn't like the idea of cheating in hide and seek. 😕
Hi sheetal, it was interesting to read about your rituals and practices. My mother's flat is built on a hill that used to be a cemetery. I've had night terrors as a child and was sometimes frightened for no reason during the day or night. Much of that stopped when my parents began burning frankincense, then had a priest bless the place.

I hope the cleansing worked and you are all no longer bothered by bad spirits. Wishing you and your family wellness and peace. 😊
Mainindianhu in The Unsolved Question
That kind of things are also called chalava... Which confuess anyone by taking same face, same figure or by confusing by road view like it happened with you guys
Mainindianhu in The Unsolved Question
Waaaaooo great your guru ji very correct thing to protect you, your friends & family from such thing... Yes its correct dose thing exist some are harmfull & some are harmless don't kind of that it was but you all are very lucky that time guru ji was with you & nothing went worng you guys... Great job guru ji even u should keep hanuman ji idol in your locket & in your car as well for forther safty
Mainindianhu in The Roar At The Window
Hiii,Bro don't worry just simply do onething as you are indian u should know that remedies start chantting Lord Hanuman ji name... As u said u woke up once soon I should tell u had weird dream which made you wake up at once. It happness mostly 😁 😊
Mainindianhu in My Dog's Growling
As everyone kowns that dogs, cats & horse are only animal in world who can see dose things which we human can't see... As you already mention that your cute sweet dog was barking and growling in wired way like she never did it before. That simply means that she had see some weird thing that made her behave like that Becouse if you point out on rat then dogs don't barke on them they usally try to caught them. But you mention barking and growling That confirm that there was some thing which should not supposed to be at your home... Kindly call good priest who can bless your entire home with positive wibes & blessing
Mainindianhu in Horrid Haunted Home
Hiii, I Read your story and I want to say onething very clearly is that its totally up to you that you want to get out of it if yes. Then simply you have to do only one thing is that you just have to put one indian god picture framed on those place where you seen those things happning. Trust us it will really infect you will surly feel that everything is under control indian god name is Hanuman ji you have worhship him atleast once in a day. If you don't want to do this or don't trust it then you have to change your home
Jubeele, there was *never* any talk of spirits, or anything supernatural in my Gran's house where I lived until I was 12. There was TONS of love in my Gran's house. Folks also say they can 'feel' the love when they walk into our present home. Maybe that is where my protection comes from?

My Dad's youngest brother, Norman, (the black sheep of the family) started 'indoctrinating' me with ghost stories etc when I was 10 or thereabouts. At that time, they were just that - stories.

Valkricry, (our mod) had a similar problem when she was trying to research a family (?) member. She also had to wait until the time was "right", if I remember correctly. Try explaining why you wish to do this, and 'asking permission' of your Grandmother, or other persons involved, maybe that would help.
Fergie, I'm intrigued about the light that you saw. Please let me know if you do remember what it was. The closest thing to it I can think of is the phosphorous light from glow-worms. But not as luminescent.

The room was very similar to the photo 1 or 2 in the photo gallery:

I do hope you get the chance to come our way again. The Blue Mountains in Sydney is a most beautiful place. 😊
MrRiggs - Hope you are still planning on participating in answering questions because another point could use some clarification. In one of your earlier responses to me you stated, "I did indeed have a confrontational contact with an invisible entity and there was a struggle." However, in a later reply you state, "the contact was face to face and personal, though his face was kept hidden from me for the entire experience."

Were there two entities that you confronted or were there two experiences, one in which the entity was invisible and one in which it was visible but concealing its face? As you have stated that you are open to questions I hope you will answer this one and the ones I asked in my previous comment.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to a continuing discussion.
Fergie, that's an interesting point about the incense. Isn't smell one of the earliest senses we develop as babies? Our sense of smell influences our appetites through our tastebuds. They can also affect our emotions, e.g. I find lavender relaxing, so I use it in my soaps and lotions. Evocative scents, when paired with the power of belief, could be what makes incense effective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I shall also check out the scents you mentioned the next time I'm at the shops.

My husband has imposed a ban on me collecting more teddy bears for now. He says the Bear Rabble union has begun to make demands for more TV rights!
AugustaM in Alex The Trickster
I am on the fence with this account. My questions begin with those brought up previously by the others and grow from there to doubt.

I'll be out here on the fence - its the holidays so I brought the eggnog (and you can be sure there's spirits in THAT!)
valkricry in In Pakuranga
Hey Fergie, 😊
Poor George. Of course I don't KNOW, but I get the distinct impression that that house had more than one ghostie. As you were describing the incident with the duvet, I thought of two young guys (around George's 20 years, or a bit younger) arguing over whether to scare him or not (cat fight?). No intent to harm, just scare. Then agreeing to lift the duvet. As far as I've seen, spirits don't alter material, do they? A soft duvet, will remain a soft duvet, so it would take two to lift the entire thing at once.
Of course the footsteps on the stairs could be residual, but from the description, it sounds like an older man. Perhaps tired from hard work, making his way to bed.
Although scary, at least no one was ever hurt. They can be thankful for that!
Fergie, I think that I was more "open" to such happenings as a child. Many of my relatives from my father's side have also spoken of strange experiences. Most of them centre around my grandmother's house in Cairnhill.

One curious thing: I've been trying to write about Grandma's house for the past four months, but every time I try, I've been distracted or my PC locks up. So far, all I've been able to get down is half a dozen paragraphs. Maybe I'm being told the timing isn't right for that part of my family history to be told. 🤔

If you didn't have scary moments as a child and you have no nightmares, then it's a blessing! Do you ever feel that you are somehow "protected"? I believe that when your heart and home are filled with love, that love provides a very special kind of protection. ❤
Oh the archaeologist in me weeps for the loss of the information that could have been gained from the remains in that sand pit - especially since they were found with coins in the same context which would've made dating them so much easier. But its true, archaeology in the 1930s wasn't nearly what it is to day and you can't blame kids for being kids. Often its stories just like these that lead academics to re-examine places like that often to discover that not all information has been lost so there still may be hope:)
Seems as though the likelihood of a response from the OP might be slim at this point but on the topic of paranormal entities causing physical maladies - it is a common theme in accounts from India and some from Malaysia and the Philippines. Here in the West, we are far more likely to hear of scratches or bruises. In either case, these are situations where the paranormal is said to have caused physical harm and if we are to credit each in their context why not when the contexts are reversed?
AugustaM in A Lifetime Entity
I am willing to believe the OP's gut instincts here - if she doesn't get the feeling this thing is evil, I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. And if anyone has any lingering doubts, why not use a cleansing as a test? If the OP wants to prove (to herself - she doesn't have to prove a thing to us) that the entity is good -as most seem to advocate that cleansings get rid of specifically negative entities - then performing a cleansing should have no effect. All in all, it might not be a bad precaution to take just in case.
Hi Jubeele, sorry to hear about your bad turn, but happy that you were comforted by that 'someone' in your time of need.

I am really confused by that shade of light you described. "Silvery-green", you said; I am desperately trying to think what type of lighting would emit that. Crazy as it sounds, I know exactly what you mean by that glow. I have encountered that exact same thing - somewhere, sometime - but I can't for the life of me remember when. 😟 No matter, it helped you get your bearings in the dark.

What a sad story about the young woman. She obviously knew what it was like to feel unwell, therefor sympathized with you, and gave comfort.

I have never visited your adoptive country, only had a stop-over at Sydney airport. I wish we could have gone beyond those walls. The smaller towns sound charming. I am not a big city fan.

Thank you for sharing your well written account. 😊
Jubeele, little wonder you associate frankincense with your father's protection. I often wonder if it is the incense that protects us, or the *power* we give it.
I use vanilla, sandalwood, dragon blood, sage or frankincense, depending on my intent, or 'severity' of the case in hand. Sometimes I just burn white rose, to welcome visitors.

Lol, your 'library days' stood you in good stead. I am sure our local librarian got sick of me too - she even greeted me by name. I was an only child for many years, and books were my only friends.

Thanks you for your kind comment on my posts. It warms my hearth to know that you enjoyed them. I do seem to have gone through a whole gamut of emotions, don't I?
Thank you for reading them.

Aah! But teddy bears are your 'thing', aren't they? ❤

Thanks for the welcome back!
Jubeele, I don't ever remember having night terrors as a child, so have no idea what it is like. I don't even have nightmares now. It must be terribly scary.

I never "saw" or "felt" anything as a child. Either it was due to my strict Methodist upbringing, or I have blocked it all out. Maybe I was a 'late bloomer'?

Incense only on Thursdays? Strange! 😲
Fergie in In Pakuranga
Tweed, I agree with you, how much more of a scare can a person get. If it were me, I am sure I would have dissolved in a puddle of poop! 😨

It's not often I write scary accounts, and thankfully this wasn't my experience. I much prefer my own *mundane* experiences.

Thanks for reading, and your comment, Tweed. Nice to 'see' you again. 😜
Dear Babygoatpuller,

I am so sorry to hear of your tummy troubles; it sounds as if they were quite debilitating. I am happy to hear that they are in the past, and hope you are back to full strength now. Small wonder you didn't see my post. You are forgiven, LOL. 😘

My back is much better, thank you. I can now sit without having excruciating pain.

Yes, definitely yes, Nicky was excited at getting such *personal* messages from Angel. They are few and far between, but when they occur, they have a profound impact on her. Other small incidents, she tends to brush off.

Shenay had an incident this past Wednesday. She went to lie down on her bed (in our house) while I nipped across the road to see my friend. On my return, she was all agog to tell me that there had been someone walking up and down the passage between the lounge and her bedroom. She said the footsteps were soft, as if someone didn't want to disturb her. At one point, she heard the click of a lighter - she thought it was me. A minute or two later, she heard the rattle of my keys in the security gate as I opened it to get back into the house.

LOL, I get your drift with the "light as a feather" comment; never thought about it like that before.

As always, thank you for reading, and your comment. I wasn't chiding you, just somewhat surprised to see you hadn't commented before; you are always so consistent/dependable.

Thanks for the Gothic bats, my friend. I shall send them straight back to you.

❤ ❤
Hi fallenangel, I'm sorry for the loss of your stepmom. It's intriguing that the activity has fallen off since her passing though. I don't think that is a coincidence.

Rook has suggested the use of his cleansing/shielding method 2 years ago on one of your other accounts. It is still a good idea, especially with that ominous-feeling presence in the basement. Your instinct has been telling you for a while that something feels "off" there. Perhaps you should take precautions?

About that frame that broke - did your Dad say whose photo was in it?

I'm glad that your Dad has such a sweet, comforting message from your stepmom. Now that technology has greatly improved in the past few years, perhaps you can send us a copy of the recording of her voice, as well as the earlier one with the footsteps and the clock being hit. This way, your Dad can still keep the original safely intact.

Those recordings do sound fascinating... Thanks for the update. 🤔
Jubeele in Almost Drowned
Hi AngelzRAmongUs, near-drowning is a frightening experience at any age. I had a similiar mishap when I was about your age. My sister and I were playing in my aunt's pool (unsupervised - not a good idea) when I fell off the float. Even though we were in the shallow end, I sank a few times until I managed to grab the handrail at the edge of the pool. I can remember that awful feeling as if something unseen was pulling me down too.

At the time, my aunt lived in Cairnhill, Singapore which is known to have troubled spirits. I'm not sure whether it was a product of my panicked state or something else more sinister. Like you, I shall never really know for sure.

You're welcome to share your other experiences here with us on YGS, as well as on our sister sites. I wish you well. 😊
MrRiggs - As you state you were given a directive to write about your experience, maybe you should consider writing a book. That could then be reviewed and disseminated in a way that would potentially reach people who are searching for an in depth analysis of the type of experience you went through. The comments on YGS and even writing an account on this site, or one of its sister sites, may reach people the world over but not specifically people who are searching for your very specific type of story. I believe Scott Grant is planning on writing a book about his NDE.

You wrote that one of the reasons you are on YGS is to learn if answes exist. I hope you will at least look at the account I mentioned in my last comment to you. I have attempted to engage in a dialogue with you but don't know anyhing about psychics reading futures in Arabic coffee cups. Not sure what to make of you remarking that the psychic told you, "She stated I would destroy all of my enemies. That came true and is still happening." Are you suggesting that this NDE has given you the ability to kill people? Do you mean psychically or by your own hands?

I have to say that I have read extensively on paranormal subjects, investigated haunted locations with two groups and have had many paranormal incidents throughout my life but being the cause of the death of a foreign president is outside of my knowledge. I guess I can just state that I hope you don't now consider me one of your enemies;) There is a lot of drama in your life. Hopefully someone else here on YGS can give you the answer, or answers, you are seeking. Best of luck.
The8Ms, that's terrifying! Having a strange angry man barging onto the place, ranting and raving poses a real-life threat. Especially as he seems to be unstable. I hope you've taken precautions or increased your home security to avoid having further visits from him. 😟

Wonder if he and his family left behind a lot of negative energy, which in turn fueled the manifestation of some troubled spirit?

Did your husband not feel anything strange at the time about the root cellar or the closet in his office? If he wasn't as affected as you were, then your dogs should not be uneasy in the garage when they're with him. This should determine whether or not they were simply picking up on your fear. How are your dogs now after the cleansing and prayers? Animals do have sharper senses about when things are "off". Their sight, smell and hearing detect things that we can't. So I won't totally discount their reaction. It's just one of the factors to consider during such situations.

I'm glad you and your family can now enjoy that lovely farm. Be safe and well. 😊
Manafon1 -

What I have provided is the briefest synopsis of a portion of the experience.

When it was over I lay in my bed, surprised to be alive. I lay in the gloom, weeping softly for 3 days. After I regained my footing and began to get around a bit, I realized something felt odd and out of place. I couldn't really identify what it was. Then it came to me. I had been forgiven my sins.

Would that I were man enough to have maintained that condition.

One of the last things I was told was that if I was to have any hope at all of ever getting back to where I was, that is, where all this took place, I was to write about the experience. It was a directive, not an option.

Many who travel to the other side and return are reluctant to speak, fearing ridicule. For me, the opposite is true. I don't care what people think of me or how irrational this may appear. I cannot keep silent about what happened to me.

Strangely enough, in the time leading up to my NDE, a colleague took a few people involved in what we were doing to a local gifted psychic he knew well. In short, the time came for her to look into my Arabic coffee cup. She looked, screamed in a blood curdling manner and nearly passed out.

That created a scene and she didn't want to talk about what she saw in my cup. She did comment that I didn't think I was lucky, but really was. She said I would destroy all of my enemies. That came true and is still happening. She also said someone near me would die. Three or four days later they were dead. But those things are not what drove her over the edge. She wouldn't say, but she kept glancing my way for the rest of the visit.

About two years later I came across her and one of her sisters in a parking lot. They dropped everything and charged at me, shouting "We told you someone near you would die!" They repeated it several times and were quite agitated.

That person was a newly elected president of a foreign country.

I cannot account for the how or why these things happen. I do not understand the mechanism at work. Part of the reason I am here is to learn if answers exist.
MrRiggs - Thanks for giving some detail of your NDE. What you wrote reminded me of a fascinating back and forth conversation I had with another YGS member by the name of ScottGrant. Please look up his account here on YGS under the title "The Great Samsara". Once there read the comments. Like you Scott is 70 and has led a life that has taken him around the world. He is an author and experienced an NDE when he was severely wounded while serving in the Vietnam War.

Scott Grant looks at his NDE through the lens of Buddhism. In the Tibetan Book of the Dead there is what is described as the "bardo". This is, "a state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth." Reading what you briefly described going through in your unpleasant NDE, the "reaming of a lifetime, as you put it, it seems possible that you were experiencing the "sidpa bardo".

During the period between one's physical lives (as in Buddhism reincarnation is central) "one experiences a variety of phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence of degeneration from, just after death, the clearest experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable, and then proceeding to terrifying hallucinations that often arise from the impulses of one's previous unskillful actions."

This latter bit sounds not dissimilar to the entity you encountered during your NDE who berated you. That is something that would certainly stick with a person. Another, more prosaic possibility, is that as you were suffering from a "severe illness" you might have had terrifying hallucinations brought about by a high fever. In other words, a vivid fever dream. I just suggest this as another possibility.

In the end, what you experienced effected you profoundly.
The previous owner just showed up one day and started letting himself into all the buildings, telling us everything was wrong. Scared the crap out of me! He seemed to kind of feel like he still owned the place. He mostly just wanted to talk about how horrible his family was and how they were so unfair to him. He wasn't super lucid and he was a very angry man.
Thank you, Rook. I'll be mindful of your suggestion and keep a close watch.

I have not kept a journal as I never thought it would be needed. I was just someone who had the occasional experience along psychic lines, then out of body experiences. Ghosts were not a personal interest, just something I blundered into.

The near death thing was in an entirely different league and largely unforgettable.

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