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para_nez in Turned Around
Thanks for sharing your story!
I believe that as we grow over time, people tend to stop believing in this type of experience or are more likely to shrug it off as nothing. But I truly believe that children have a more open mind and are more susceptible to the paranormal because of their innocence. That could be perhaps why the entity focused on your toothbrush? Do you remember any other inanimate objects moving on their own?
Again, Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading the story about the motion light Smile
I may suggest since the issue seems to have been one time and focused on an electrical item, you may have been on the same frequency as a neighbor and the signals got mixed up.

I remember mom had a monitor for my brother and you could always pick up voices from the neighbors who had the same monitor (brand/frequency).

I think a spiritual source would be more active, but who knows?
Sanchez_92 in Turned Around

Definitely! And the only thing that took over was the fear and the fact that I wanted to show my parents I was telling the truth about my experience.
Sanchez_92 in Turned Around

Happy Halloween to you as well,

I don't really pay much mind to it anymore, but when I do arrive home from work behind the door my dad has a light that turns on when it detects movement. At time I get out of bed to go use the restroom and I find it on when no one is even near it. That's another story though.

Sanchez_92 in Turned Around

Yes, and you know as a child you get curious and just end up more frighten about the situation. We don't really have an understanding on ghost also because when we do experience things like that we tend to share then and end up not being believed in.

Thank you for reading my experience I really appreciate it.

PSA - just so our newer members are aware, and as a reminder to our older members who may have forgotten or don't know, we (mods) stand by each other's decision. If you get a story returned, please do not send it via email to another mod hoping for a different opinion.
Seems like he wanted to see if you could help find the source of what he had already experienced. I see things often, and hear things with no source, but I much prefer seeing things to hearing them and being able to find it. Drives me mad. Perhaps the music is from a time where there was something different on the land. A home with a passion for parties. A club with many guests who have yet to leave. Or maybe it was someone trying to give you something to do on an otherwise boring night.:)
Perhaps it was someone there to take your mother home, and they came across in a way that wouldn't be odd (entirely black, yes. In the garden? No). Was there anything about it that seemed familiar to you?
Loganberry in The Burns' Ranch
I have experienced things like this my entire life, and I must say, this is a well written account and I enjoyed it. No matter how good of a story teller someone is, you can always separate those that are real, from those that are just testing the story telling waters. I believe this happened. I know this was posted several years back, but I read it and loved it.
Thanks, Red and Tweed! I'm still reading the "how to..." instructions lol. Just remember there is a learning curve to this, or so I've heard. But, I'll try.
I have had this happen to me a few times, but it turned out to just be noise from someone watching tv on low, and the sound carried. You say "I am afraid if this continues it will result to anger and bad moods towards my husband who does not experience this. I would like to get an understanding of what may be causing this experience." Have you felt that the presence was evil? Why would it affect you that way?
Loganberry in Stop Touching Me
Sounds like maybe your sister was just out to get you in trouble. I did that a time or two when I was little as well. As far as the knife goes, what exactly happened there? You say "a knife was drawn out of the cabinet when I was on the other side of the room", as in out of an actual cabinet with a door/drawer front, or a knife block?
Loganberry in Turned Around
I would have thought of the battery first ad well, but as a child, I'm sure the creep factor was more than enough for you to think about. What an odd event.
Oh wow, nice one Val! Happy Happy

Realise I'm about a day late but this is right now new news to me.

Right in time for Halloween. Bonus points for bravery! Wink
Hey there, mour. That's a very freaky experience and I hope you won't have to deal with that for long. Do you still work there? And do you have a relationship with God? If so, try saying the Lord's Prayer as soon as you begin your shift each day and talk to God (amongst yourself) all throughout the day and thank Him for His Protection. Also, if you still have it, pleeeeeaaaase post the picture. It's pure torture and tease when folks on here say they have pictures but never post them lol. Thank you for posting your experience.
Congratulations and thanks for becoming a moderator. I remember awhile back when BadJuuJuu left we offered our services. I wish I could have offered them now but I can't sit for long periods anymore, especially not in a computer chair.

I'll bake a couple of banana cakes to help celebrate.

There are still many mysteries here on Earth that not a few scientists failed or are still trying to fathom. Many turn to their beliefs to answer their questions yet still have doubts in their hearts and minds. We may or may not find all the answers to the mysteries in this world that even death might or might couldn't answer as no one yet came back to life after being dead. And though some have high views on spirituality, yet they still fail to connect it with The One who created us all. This comment does not force anybody to believe in whatever I believe, but you, the ones who have seen these all, must have in your hearts the true realization of the words "spirituality" and "life after death".
nanalette in Turned Around
Happy Halloween Sanchez_92, One question. Do you still have things move around you or have you ever noticed anything since the toothbrush incident? I am curious. Happy
Thank you for your kind words, Valkricry & Radish54. It was hard to lose her but also a relief because she had been so sick. Sometimes I think she pops in for a brief moment. Love

Still super curious about that figure!

Thanks again.
Ah a Costume Party...I'll pass that along to Puff Wink . I'm pretty sure we can run that jukebox of yours through the Miss Demeanor's sound system.


micasa in Turned Around
Yeah, it's weird to have something like this happen. I believe you experienced it just how you said you had. Gives me the creeps just thinking about it. Surprised
It's never easy loosing a parent, no matter our age. Hugs to you.
Since we're almost to Halloween, maybe that should be our theme? As for music, I happen to have an old jukebox chocked full of ghastly tunes: http://trespauzemanor.com/Ghastly%20Tunes.html Maybe Puff can blast it through the speakers?

And I've got some of my special double chocolate brownies!
For you Val... Puff says you can pick the music and theme... Then everyone just needs to show up with a pot luck dish...Puff's just topped off the liquid refreshments so there should be enough for everybody. Let's Celebrate our new Mod... Heck let's show them all how much we appreciate the job they do for us here at YGS...

Respectfully Laugh ,

Thank you, thank you *curtsey* Just hope I don't fall on my face Kidding
Ohhh - a special tour just for me, Rook? WOOT-Wooot!
brighteyez in The Darkness
shelbyloree Thank you for writing, he actually has not said anything about it since, and me and my fiance moved out of there house into our own house.
Congrats Val. Laugh

Shall we break out the Miss Demeanor for a Party Tour?


Ah, errrr...Ummmm, Its a lot to take in. Hummmm...

Based on 'age' I would venture to say most of this activity was poltergeist in nature, however scratches on people or 'whoops upside the head moments' (could something have been thrown on the bus and it happened to hit your friend on the back of the head?) do not usually occur during these events...Let's take them one at a time...

Move in day closet: Not enough information to rule out natural causes.

Next: DVD gets hot in DVD Player... A bad fan motor MAY have caused this to happen... The fact you provided... It was hot enough to burn you... Seems possibly exaggerated to me, but I was not there so I can not say one way or the other...Questions: Did the DVD player work normally after this experience and just how was the DVD ruined after running it under water (or was it scorched/melted from the heat)?

First day of School events: This is going to sound weird but check for seismic activity in your area of New York on that day... It MAY have been a 'mild' earthquake... As far as 'scratch marks' on the plates... Can you describe them... Most plates after a certain amount of use will have 'discolored' marks that appear to be scratches... Were the ones you saw actual deep scratches... As in ruined plates, or just 'surface marks'? Your friends 'head injury' I've already 'touched on'.

Current Moment (now 15 years old): A few days ago... You wake up about 0ne in the morning with dry mouth and see a Black shape/figure moving back and forth, back and forth, not making any noise... It then suddenly runs into your room, giggles and vanishes as it nears your window... And you go right back to sleep? No water for the dry mouth, no checking to see what just 'happened'? About 4 hours later you once again 'wake up' and 'see' a figure in the hall near your bathroom, it looks like..."No face, no features, no anything, they were all black." Causing you to hide under your covers... When you do peek out, this 'figure' is now standing "right in front of me..." and it reaches out and scratches you... Then bolts for the living room after which your sister woke up, went to get water and found a scratch on her chest, one that 'matched yours'.

Are you one hundred and ten percent (110%) sure this was not a very vivid dream?

You go on the say...

"We could've afford to move so we still live here. "

First I have to do this...

'We CAN NOT afford to move so we still live here...'

I would think that even with the 'means' to move it would not have happened in 'just a few days'.

And Last, but not least...

"Skip to today"...Tug O' War with your closet door... Any chance the wood may have expanded due to high levels of humidity?

I am not sure WHAT, if anything, is really happening in your home... Much of it COULD be poltergeist in nature however the actual 'progression' of 'Haunting' seems, well seems off to me.

Do you/did you keep a journal, one that documents all these events? Perhaps with more details from that opinions can be formed as to what's happening, as it is it's kind of hard to offer advice on what may not be an actual haunting.

I'm going to wait out on the fence with this one... The O/P provides details, but they seem to be the wrong ones... The change in the bus schedule for instance.

So, no offence... It may be just the way you 'presented' your experiences but something 'feels' off about this... If you feel the need to try something because you are convinced something is truly happening in your home feel free to use the Cleansing and Shielding Method I have posted on my profile.

Respectfully (from the back 40),

Bibliothecarius in Revolutionary War Soldier
Greetings, Ash.

I found your narrative interesting, primarily because you were the only witness to the presence outside. The "3 point hat" is often referred to as a "tricorne" ("three-cornered") or a "cocked hat." The word "tricorne" apparently was a disparaging term once the hats had become unfashionable.

As for the X on the uniform, here are 3 links to American military uniforms of the Revolutionary era:
4th Connecticut Regiment of Infantry Continental Line: http://www.srcalifornia.com/uniforms/p5f.jpg
2nd New Hampshire Regiment of Infantry, 1777: http://www.srcalifornia.com/uniforms/p14f.jpg
4th Independent Co of Maryland State Troops, 1776: http://www.srcalifornia.com/uniforms/p11f.jpg

The majority of troops wore either a single baldric or crossed baldrics. About a century later, crossed bandoliers carrying ammunition became an effective part of military attire, though not part of the dress uniform.

Depending upon the regiment & rank, British Soldiers also wore crossed white baldrics.

Just trying to be helpful.
Sanchez_92 in Turned Around

The toothbrush button had to be pressed with plenty of force in order for it to functioning. That's why I did not understand why the position of it would change when no one was around. I was young I did not really think of that and my parents at first just thought I was crazy and when they actually saw and believed me the first thing that came to their mind was just to throw it away.
That sounds like an interesting house to clean, I don't know how easily I could have cleaned the room with the mummified baby. That would be so overwhelming and disturbing. Though it sounds like one of the spirits there was ready to dance. An outfit laid out and old dance music sounds like a ball in the making. Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it and congratulations on becoming a Mod.

Best of luck and have fun.

Everyone please welcome our new Moderator: Valkricry. Welcome Val. And thank you for your help and support. Love
Hey Ash7,

I can definitely say that others have witnessed both. I've never saw the red light like that but I have saw the white figures but only a few times wearing clothes. Though never a soldier in that sort of uniform. If you don't mind me asking where was the x located the sleeve, back or on the front? Do you remember if the X was a certain color or did the whole uniform just appear in the same white apparition of the rest of the uniform. I've never heard of uniform having an X on them so that's a interesting point in itself. He most likely was just passing thru, or maybe he was keeping watch from your balcony out of instinct like it was his post. I could be completely wrong but it would make sense considering a balcony would give a large scope of the surrounding and a slight advantage if he was a long range shooter almost like a sniper or a look out. Just a few thoughts.

Thank you for sharing this with us,

val - welcome aboard and hold onto your hat Laugh Advice, let's see: yeah, got none LOL Sanity went completely out the window when you signed up for this Wink We got your back, val, and thanks Love
Bibliothecarius in Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist?

Absorbing some of the local folklore, beliefs, and traditions is perfectly normal when living in a new country. There are fancy terms like "acculturation" to describe this, but I've always considered it good manners to try to learn about the land you are living in for as long as you are there. (I know a great deal more about the American Revolution and the war of 1812 than many Americans do, even if "my" side lost both of them! Wink )

I was not seeking any sort of political correctness from anyone when I asked my question; I wanted to be sure I'd understood you correctly. I hadn't. While the death of an infant is among the most tragic events anyone can experience, this means the individual entity was *not* a demonic imp, a young shadow person, etc.

[Odd side-note: My family are English because my grandfather's grandfather was stationed in South Africa (I think the Boer war) and he married a local woman. The whole Apartheid thing was responsible for their moving back to England. Ignorant racists may be found anywhere; there's no reason to accuse anyone of racism based on an ambiguous word choice.]


P.S.: Yay, Val!
Val, I believe congratulations are in order; I see you too are a mod now. Good luck!

Val, jealousy and envy play a large part in many people's lives - I think this may be the case here. My brother and his wife were earning top dollar and paid their maid accordingly. Her quarters were also pretty luxurious, according to normal African standards of the time. In my personal opinion, the tokoloshe was sent in an effort to scare the living daylights out of her so that another maid may take her place.

Thanks for your comment and compliment. Happy
Greetings, Biblio; I think this was one of the most disturbing accounts I have ever narrated on this site.

I wrote this account almost verbatim to my brother's words as he spoke. I apologize if they are not politically correct; I hope I haven't offended some folks. My brother was referring to an African baby. These visions halted with the advent of my (now ex) sister-in-law's miscarriage. Scary, but true.

The question in my title was more my brother's than mine. Although my brother and I are fairly educated after the European fashion, I know that the African nations of our country still believe strongly in the tokoloshe. Perhaps we have become somewhat indoctrinated, to the extent that we too may consider it's existence. Confused

Thank you for your comment and information. Happy
Micasa, thank you for reading and your compliment.
I agree, if it was me experiencing this, I would also get the hell out of there as soon as possible. Scared
Thank you for your comment. Smile
I don't want to sound unfeeling here because I believe you are truly experiencing exactly what you say you are. Therefore, the only sane advice I have for you is to move out. You said it yourself, the best two nights of sleep you have had in the past six months were when you went away for the weekend.
Good luck dear.
Not sure what you saw, might well have been a jinn. However a connection with Hindu neighbors would be odd, as jinn are an Arabian, later Islamic tradition. Anyway, very interesting that you were able to study it for a long period.

Condolences on the loss of your Mother.
Hi Jess,
This is a really fascinating story! When I was visiting DC, 20 years ago, we stayed in the Foggy Bottom, that name alone made me feel creepy! I looked out of our hotel window to see a dark figure sneaking around down in the street. I immediately thought of shadow people! (We were on the top floor of the Guest Quarter Sweets.) Next day in the lobby I heard the clerk tell a guest that a man in a black leotard and hood was caught trying to break into cars parked on the street! I was sure I had an encounter with a shadow man! Lol!

Love Mother of Beagles

Have you and your husband tried switching sides on the bed? See if he hears what you do when he sleeps in your spot, and if you are noise-free on his. Also, if that doesn't work or just results in him being bothered, consider moving the bed itself to a different spot in the room - maybe even try putting it in a different room given the size and layout of your house - and see what happens.

Those seem the most efficient ways of either ruling out or hopefully alleviating an environmental cause such as the transmitted noise Biblio suggested.

Good luck!
Hello Luzma:

My heart goes out to you. Since you slept in another location & you weren't bothered I would think it's something in your house. Maybe something explainable like noise coming in from a nearby home, etc. I have to agree with the other commenters to try a cleansing, blessing, etc.

Thanks for your story.
Ladydarke- Val
No trouble with the accounts this time, thank-you for the help you guys.:)
While I can't explain the how or why of your disappearing music, it sounds as if I may have had a similiar experience with music. Our's was a tin-penny whistle music, heard early morn. No matter which way you walked towards it, it would then seem to come from else where. It can drive you crazy! I know it's of no real help, but at least you know you aren't alone.
Well...dang! I'm with Biblio that this doesn't sound like a poltergeist, but as you called it a tokoloshe. I wonder why it flung the maid?
Great account!
Kya, I wanted to add that if you have more than one person in the house using a gmail account on the same computer, Google/Gmail does allow switching between multiple accounts, so that you wouldn't even have to sign your stepmom or anyone else out of theirs.

Here's a written tutorial on that:


Here's a video tutorial on the same thing, because some people just find videos easier to follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YN9DhBPY8w

Here's a video tutorial on just plain signing out of gmail:


An easy way is that if your stepmom uses say Internet Explorer as her browser, and does gmail on there... She won't be logged in at all on a different browser. So if you went to gmail.com on Foxfire or Chrome - any other browser she is not using - you would get a blank log in page for gmail, not her account. Foxfire, and Chrome are free. If you only have one browser on your computer, you can download another browser using the one you have. If your stepmom is not using Chrome and you plan on using gmail, I recommend choosing Chrome as it is the browser Google made and works best with their stuff. Here are safe links for downloading the browsers:



Also, if you have a smart phone, you can download the gmail app on there and not have to worry about anyone else being logged in. Whichever method you use, you will have to create an account if you don't have one, with your own unique username and password, which you can then use to log into gmail on any device and any browser.

That was all directed towards solving the major hurdles you were bogged down in last time! I apologize if things have changed and you don't need to worry about dealing with multiple accounts or a shared computer now. My intention is just to forestall potential frustration.
FluffyCloud in Was It A Spirit?
Hi roylinx,

About everything you said about " not being interested" in what other said, well, I gotta say I did the "Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method " and that helped me (by the way, many thanks to Tweed and a big hug ^^, thank you so much) . I waited for like a few days, and I'm feeling so much better. I didn't said anything because I waited patiently for the effect, and then, I planned to tell you guys about my progress. I feel more free now, and more comfortable (also, thanks for your help Biblio, I followed your advices and I'm good now ^^ a hug for you too).
I don't feel completely safe yet, because at night I kind of get a little scared... (I just feel a presence around me... And when I remember my last experiences... They just give me a shiver) anyway, I started to hear voices (trying to communicate with whatever is following me, and In my mind I heard whispers and then a man's voice, It was talking with me like in a sarcastic way, and he was laughing. I don't really remember what it said, but it was something perverted) , and I didn't expect him to answer, but it kind of did so... At first I thought that maybe is my imagination, but I clearly heard a voice. Sometimes, I feel something touching me... It doesn't happen often like before, but when I lie in bed, I feel tickles on my neck and legs.
By the way, the guy who was in the hospital, came today to school and surprisingly he behaved very politely around me (not in a perverted way or in a sarcastic way like before) and he was very friendly and actually, we had a nice chat.
Thanks for all your help guys, if something else happens I will let you know.

Thanks again and a big hug,
Sure, Kya! I gather you still don't use email and have no familiarity with it, otherwise you wouldn't be asking lol. I'll provide instructions from that stance and just apologize in advance if I'm being too basic and telling you things you already know.

I remember you were using Outlook, and you were having some trouble sending mail from Outlook to gmail I believe? I think you ended up making a gmail account, but couldn't get it to log out of your stepmom's mail account and into yours? Regardless of which one you're using, let's start off assuming it's going to be simple!

Rook has an email account through gmail, but you can email from any email service to any email service, like from live.com to gmail.com or yahoo.com to live.com, or gmail to yahoo, or to any address with a school or business designation. They all talk to each other, it's fine! So if you currently have an email address of any sort, you can use that.

First, go to Rook's profile page here: http://www.yourghoststories.com/user-profile.php?user=8155

You can always get there by clicking on his name on any of his comments too. Copy his email address from his page, open your mail program, and paste it in. If you're using that gmail account you made before, you can type "gmail' into the search bar on any browser and get the log in page. You can make a new mail account for free too if you don't already have one of your own. If you don't remember your password from before, make another new account since it's free: here's a tutorial page on setting up a gmail account: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/gmail/setting-up-a-gmail-account/full/

Once you get that done, in gmail you click the "compose" and a new box will pop up. Paste Rook's address into the top field on that compose box labelled "To." The next field is "Subject." Type "YGS need help" on that line so that Rook knows its from this site and not spam. Type your letter in the big open space. When you're done, click the blue "send" button at the bottom left and Bob's your uncle!

If you're still having the conflict with logging out of someone else's gmail account in order to get into your own, just try another service. Here's a tutorial for yahoo:


And here's one for live:


Let me know if you have problems.
FluffyCloud in Was It A Spirit?
Hi roylinx,

About everything you said about " not being interested" in what other said, well, I gotta say I did the "Rook's Cleansing and Shielding Method " and that helped me (by the way, many thanks to Tweed and a big hug ^^, thank you so much) . I waited for like a few days, and I'm feeling so much better. I didn't said anything because I waited patiently for the effect, and then, I planned to tell you guys about my progress. I feel more free now, and more confortable (also, thanks for your help Biblio, I followed your advices and I'm good now ^^ a hug for you too).
I don't feel compltly safe yet, because at night I kind of get a little scared... (I just feel a presence around me... And when I remember my last experiences... They just give me a shiver) anyway, I started to hear voices (trying to communicate with whatever is following me, and In my mind I heard whispers and then a man's voice, It was talking with me like in a sarcastic way, and he was laughing. I don't really remember what it said, but it was something perverted) , and I didn't expect him to answer, but it kind of did so... At first I thought that maybe is my imagination, but I clearly heard a voice. Sometimes, I feel something touching me... It doesn't happen often like before, but when I lie in bed, I feel tickles on my neck and legs.
By the way, the guy who was in the hospital, came today to school and surprisingly he behaved very politely around me (not in a perverted way or in a sarcastic way like before) and he was very friendly and actually, we had a nice chat.
Thanks for all your help guys, if something else happens I will let you know.

Thanks again and a big hug,
Bibliothecarius in Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist?
Greetings, Fergie; that was a disturbing and captivating narrative!

I do have one question, though. When you wrote, "she would view the apparition of a black baby/toddler in the passageway outside the same bedroom," did you mean the word 'black' to describe the ethnicity of the baby (i.e.: dark-skinned), or to describe a complete absence of features (as in a 'shadow person')? The first of these options would be tragic, but the second option would be dangerous.

Speculative note: The second option may also indicate that the entity was seeking to possess the unborn infant. I'm just predicating this idea upon your consequent statement that, "This happened multiple times, just prior to a miscarriage" but no mention of the entity reappearing after that point. Miscarriages are tragic, too --I'm never going to think otherwise-- but I would have been more concerned if the events occurred until the baby was born, or if the entity continued to be visible *after* your sister-in-law's miscarriage.

Poltergeist phenomena, to answer the question in your title, most often are projected by a stressed individual who is living or working in the environment where the activity is taking place. The events you've presented here are NOT consistent with poltergeist phenomena. This may have been a malicious manifestation, an angry spirit, etc., but not a poltergeist.

Oh another question... Weather conditions... Was it humid? Raining? Cloudy? If I learned anything from my 20 years of Naval service weather conditions can 'play heck' with electronic signals... Either causing very limited to 'zero' range all the way up to 'how in the world did we hear that, those ships are hundreds of miles away'.

Biblio makes some really great points. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.


You were in a highly emotional state at the time so I think you may have seen a deceased neighbor.
I've seen "shadow" people before but I don't know that I would call them that. The house I grew up in had one. At least when I looked at him he was all black but seemed to be wearing a t-shirt and jeans. My aunt saw him and he looked just like a regular person. I saw my grandmother as a shadow person. What I am saying is perhaps these shadow people can't materialize yet as anything but a shadow person. Or it could be something with the person seeing them.
I wouldn't fear him as he may not know he is dead. That or he doesn't know how to move on yet.
Bibliothecarius in Humming In Baby Monitor
Greetings, Janny, and welcome to YGS.

My first thought was along the same lines as Rook's question; however, your statement, "the monitor never showed any signs of technical issues prior to that incident or after" is intriguing. A one-time bout of interference with the light sensor could have been anything, but for it to be accompanied by a female voice humming a tune is peculiar.

Did your mother's experience suggest that this was a maternal humming, such as may be used to settle a baby to sleep, or did it seem like the sort of distracted humming that accompanies mundane tasks like dusting or ironing? My instincts lead me to agree that there was a supernatural presence for the two phenomena to be synchronized in this way, but if your home is/was haunted by a caring, maternal figure, surely she would have lingered for a few weeks or months to watch over the baby, not just between mid-afternoon and dinner. Her apparent departure strikes me as even more strange than her initial visit; do you have any idea if she was forced to move on, or if she simply left?

I enjoyed reading your account, especially as you put some effort into ruling out more likely causes before you submitted the story.

Greetings, Luz;

When moving into a new home, there are a thousand tiny details about the structure you don't notice until much later; additionally, it always takes a few weeks to get used to the noises of the house and the neighborhood.

The rather frantic pace of your narrative suggests you're stressed because of the unpleasant experiences, but I'm going to ask a few questions along the line Rook suggested,"everything natural or normal (and med related) must be ruled out," then one or two about your faith.

1) Is there a ventilation duct or grate in the wall or the floor on your side of the bed?
2) Is there another house nearby, where someone watching television may be creating the sounds which are traveling a short distance to your home?
3) Can you identify anything which the female or male voices said when you heard them?
4) Have you tried praying, reading the Bible, and using the Holy Water *before* you go to bed, to see if that makes a difference? This may allow you to sleep well without being woken up by unwanted voices/noises.
5) Have you had a Priest perform a blessing on your new residence? Sometimes, all it takes to clear out unpleasantness is a serious and devoted minister engaging in sincere prayer to make your house into a happy home.
6) Have the events become worse or more noticeable since you stopped taking your Restless Leg Syndrome medication? It may be that you need to return to the helpful medication to get a good night's sleep when the voices are no longer bothering you.

Just a few thoughts to consider.


In case you check back on this thread I wanted to leave you this link from a new submission:


This may not be the same kind of entity we're discussing here, but the person describes those red lasers and a white figure.
Hi Ash,

Boy do I hope you check in and reply, a few of us have only just now been discussing this very thing. The short answer is YES many other folk have encountered white glowing figures. However, yours is the first I've heard of that wore clothes.
Others have also encountered a red laser type thing before seeing a white glowing figure.
Here are some links which may interest you:





In the comments of the last link there's a discussion about red lasers and whatnot.

Very interesting, thanks heaps for sharing. Smile
Hi there LuzR,

Another thought about medications. Since moving have you introduced something new into your diet? Perhaps a product stocked by your new local shops? If this is the case, perhaps it's not agreeing with you or your meds. Just a thought.

Lady Glow and Rook are right, a cleansing is always a good idea.
Ok, First question is this...

How far away are other homes in the area (or is this an apartment situation)? If any are close, modern 'lot' sizes, then is there a neighbor that also has a newborn-2 year old? I ask because those monitors, even the 'expensive' ones seem to pick up on lots of interference and or signals from other monitors.

I am not saying this is what happened in this case, but it has to be ruled out.


lady-glow in Turned Around
Hi Sanchez. With the toothbrush being a mechanical object I wouldn't discard the possibility that it kept on moving slightly after you had turned it off. After all it is not like you would find it in a different place than where you had left it.

Personally, I would have tried to remove the battery and see if it still would turn around... But it is too late for that, isn't it?

Im looking forward to read more of your experiences.

Thanks for sharing.
You mentioned a long term use of a medication and that your Doctor recommended you stop taking it...

A) Did he recommend another medication?

B) How long ago did you stop taking it?

While it is possible that you are more sensitive than your Husband everything natural or normal (and med related) must be ruled out.

Meds can be funny things... No side effects for years then suddenly a small change in our metabolism/physiology and things start going 'sideways'. Continue to work with your Doctor (s) and if it helps bring you piece of mind preform a Cleansing for the home.


rookdygin in A Spirit
It sounds as if a spirit was 'happy' with the job you were doing. I wonder if this spirit was attached to the home OR if it may have been attached to some of the items you were handling.

Odd question... Other than "...smelling a very strong woman's perfume...", is there anything else you can remember about that smell... Was it floral? If so what kind? Was it more like a 'heavy soap' smell? The smallest details, if you remember them, could help place this spirit in a 'time period'... (1940's perfumes/soaps compared to more 'modern' smells...

Enjoyed this experience, thanks for sharing.


Jorell0329 in Was It A Spirit?
Im making a guess here but I think that "faceless shadow" you saw is an illusion made by "sleep paralysis", I'm not really sure, try searching it and see if you meet any of the symptoms.
Oh yes, I'm glad to hear from you to hun. My esteem was going down hill, and I made myself look like a jerk, so I took a break. After the ritual I did there wasn't much contact from any spirits, and now that it's been a year, maybe two... The spiritual scenarios are going sky-high, but only with one spirit.
In which case, I won't be able to post many stories about, cause it's going to sound fictional, but I'm okay with that.
It's personal I don't want to hash it out here. And that's no problem, I won't keep bugging here then when I figure out how to email rook.

I can't remember how to email him. The supernatural events have been too intense, not so much I don't want to deal with them, just want to talk about it, I just need instructions on how email him on Google, I've forgotten.
WOW! She was thrown face first into the brick wall!? No matter the cleansing, nothing could ever keep me in that house any longer than it would take to find another.
Excellent telling, by the way. Had me rivetted the whole way. Surprised
Welcome to YGS.
If the spirit of the previous tenant is really there, she doesn't seem to have any evil intention towards you, perhaps she is only trying to get your attention and be noticed.
You could acknowledge her presence and ask her to let you sleep and move on to the light. Perhaps she's not aware of her passing.

Performing a cleansing would be a good idea.

Thanks for sharing.
MysteryResearch in Friend's Late Husband?
To TheSkeptic and others, I agree that it does seem there was an allergic reaction to something.

To MissE, In my opinion, the other phenomena were more complicated, and I think were related to the difficult circumstances, and feelings of rejection, anger and fear. Your friend was grieving, suffering from emotional distress, possibly PTSD, from witnessing the suicide of her spouse. When she moved in with her brother, this put him into a support role, which can be stressful. Maybe his time and emotional energy was a bit stretched. Depending on how he handled this you may have felt either put in the middle, or pushed away, by your friend or by your boyfriend. I think the things you witnessed were somehow created or drawn in by all this. It is hard to say without more details, but maybe the phenomena you experienced were telling you it was time to take a step back from the situation.

Sounds like you were allergic to some of things in that house. The rest of it sounds like just an imagination and panic attacks followed by sleep paralysis. Best of luck!
Sorry sounds like just a bit of clumsiness on your part or possibly a mild seizure in the brain that effects our coordination. Thankfully it hasn't happened again to you.
The mods have their emails on their profiles. Like Ladydarke I'm not quite sure what type of help you're seeking.
TheSkeptic in Lights Off Demon
Typical sleep paralysis explains the breathing on your bed and the shadow figure seems to be an over active imagination. Sometimes too many electrical devices in the house can cause these "paranormal" activities.
TheSkeptic in Stop Touching Me
Sounds like nothing more than overactive imaginations. I wouldn't worry
TheSkeptic in Was It A Spirit?
Sounds like sleep paralysis in which you wake up in the middle of the night seeing "entities" and feel paralyzed. Quite normal, I recommend googling and reading up more about it. Nothing paranormal here.
TheSkeptic in Entity On The Stairs
Perhaps someone broke in (door was left unlocked when your parents left) and saw you were home and took off running. Call the cops if this ever happens as thinking it was a "ghost" when its really an intruder is a dangerous conception.
TheSkeptic in Help Me Understand
Sometimes the human mind perceives what it wants to see as real. The brain is an interesting and very complex organ and as a skeptic always like to give a different perspective. As the scientific theory of occams razor explains "the most simplex explanation is the most common". In this case I think its your mind playing tricks on you. I do wish you the best of luck regardless.
TheSkeptic in Shadow Late At Night
Were the drapes/curtains closed at the time? With the kitchen light on its possible a car/person was passing by and that's the shadow you saw. The sound could have just been your imagination.
TheSkeptic in Do We Have A Ghost?
Sounds like a series of annoying coincidences. Call your Cable or satellite company and tell them. Could be a problem with your TV as well. Occams razor is the scientific term for the simplest explanation is the most likely and in this instance a series of bad coincidences is the most likely explanation.
I wouldn't worry too much, sounds nothing more than a dream or recurring nightmare. Do you have any electrical devices or bad wiring in your home?
Hi. I don't know whether you are still on this site; but I live in Austin and was wondering which neighborhood of Austin this took place in.
Hey Kya! Nice to hear from you again. >^.^<

If your important thing is help with uploading stories or pictures or whatnot, maybe try emailing those questions to a mod?

If the important thing is help with a supernatural situation and its pretty intense to keep dealing with while waiting for the story to be published, why not trying emailing Rook directly? He's generous with his time when people are having emergencies and should be able to help.

Hope all is well with you!
roylynx in Was It A Spirit?
FluffyCloud, have you find these in the same site? As I have been reading the comments and your very well reply, I was wondering if you really are having a spiritual attachment. No, I don't mean I don't believe you; it is just that by only reading all the helpful comments, you seemed not to be interested. I mean no harsh on you but I guess most of the people here will have an explanation, for every reply and new questions you have. Reading the following, it kind of made me think that you have done your research, only in a particular site or book.

I wanted to answer and do some more researches for your case, but looking at all these comments, I have a feeling that you have to be more open minded. There are information all over the internet, good or bad, there will be some answer that you want, that is just my guess.

Best of all from São Paulo

Sheld's shiny description makes me think of 'mica'. Which, If I remember rightly, is a mineral and also a good insulator and conductor of electricity.
It gets used in anything from cosmetics to car paint to add shine (think metallic or pearly finishes).

Oddly enough I *think* mica also occurs in the animal kingdom. But I can't find anything online to back that up. I'm remembering a wildlife documentary from a few years back which mentioned the presence of mica in duck feathers, among other bird species. In ducks mica is responsible for the purple and/or green feathers within duck markings.
Following this reasoning, and mica's electrical applications, perhaps the shiny dude Sheld described was partly comprised of this material, or otherwise somehow utilising it or something similar to 'mica', their version of it perhaps.

Just some thoughts. The shiny detail really intrigued me back when I first read this.
Bibliothecarius in A Glowing White Figure

While I am far from proficient in automotive engineering and maintenance, I have a basic grasp of some of the essential components' functions within the motor.
1) The spark plug ignites the fuel/oxygen mix within the cylinder, driving the piston which is attached to the cam shaft.
2) A cam is an ellipse, such that the axis is encompassed by the thickest arc, but the piston is attached to a projecting smaller arc (picture a cross-section of a boiled egg: the yolk is the axis which rotates in a perfect circle, the rest of the egg appears to spin in a lopsided manner) .
3) As the cam rotates, the other cams on the shaft are forced into position for their spark plugs to ignite the gasoline/air mixture in their cylinders.
4) The pistons going up and down provide rotary motion to the camshaft, which (through linkages, the differential, etc.) provides the power for your car to move.
5) On older cars, there was a dynamo in the engine, off to one side of the drive shaft, which --essentially-- used the motor's own power to spin a magnetic field and keep the battery charged; more modern cars use alternators (they alternate the electrical current, whereas dynamos produce only direct current). I'm really stretching the limit of my mechanical engineering knowledge, here, so IF I'm in error, someone will correct me.
6) The point to all of this is that the engine is not only using fossil fuels and brief bursts of electricity to power the engine while supplying power to the lights, but that it also contains a system to syphon off a minuscule amount of energy to power a device that redistributes power through the system without interrupting the steady energy flow.
THAT would be of interest to anyone drawn to power sources and electrical fields.
If our radiation outputs are somehow interfering with or harming them, maybe the crazy amounts that nuclear weapons put out when they detonate was ESPECIALLY noticeable. The UFO phenomena really got into full swing shortly after those things started going off. Maybe they're connected? Cars just have an inbuilt radio receiver, they don't transmit usually, but once they started to take notice of us, I can imagine cars would be interesting even if there aren't a lot of electrical components. They have simple light in the headlights but those are everywhere. Most lights aren't moving around so much.
Found your account real interesting. I have had a few experiences in my life and one kind of similar to your own in a way. When I was a child I had a toy phone like a house phone (1980s style) which was just a toy made of plastic etc with no parts of a real phone being just a toy. One time I was playing with it and messing around with the receiver at my ear pretending I was having a conversation etc. I don't really care if folk believe this or not but 100 percent truth a voice spoke through the phone and it sounded really deep and evil. I dropped that phone and ran to my mother in the kitchen. She also recalls this clearly and said I was in a state of alarm and fear That phone got thrown in the bin as I didn't want to go near it again and wanted it out the house. Thought I would share this with you as I'm sure if it is possible to get communication through a toy fake phone I'm sure a proper phone would be much easier to be used/manipulated by a ghost or spirit.
Hey there. Interesting read and account you have given. Just thought I'd mention something about the ouija board. Although I have never done this I used to go visit my gran at weekends when I was a boy and she used to use the ouija board a lot on her own. I would sit and watch her at times with the board and on numerous occasion the glass moves itself to various letters etc Any time I have been offered to participate in this type of thing I decline due to seeing that this type of thing does actually work if done properly As I say I seen my gran use the ouija board tons of times. Be very wary of using this type of thing I wouldn't go near one even if someone offered money etc to do so.
Scotsguy in Help Me Understand
Hi porsha. Found your account very interesting and unusual and not seen or read much of this. Anyway I know it must seem hard to deal with this at times but sounds to me like you have a gift of some sort. Due to the nature of this I personally wouldn't feel fear or frightened of the appearances as I think the gift you have will protect you as well.
Scotsguy in Lights Off Demon
Hi there. Very interesting your post. I was wondering if you can remember if this thing had a face at all? I only ask as myself have had an experience which years later I've been told was a demon which I thoroughly believe This was a fully visible thing I seen for a good bit of time and reason I ask as this had no face and it was just like a pallid mix of white/grey outline of like a face but no features whatsoever I could see. Be great if you could let me know. Thanks
Quite an interesting read. I have had a few experiences with ghosts/spirits though I've just joined I cannot post at the moment my own story which was very real. Anyway I feel that maybe they were just trying to show themselves a little for some reason, though sounds like they intended no harm to you. I have personally seen two ghosts in full view Plain as day like looking at a person (though clearly different). My second one was last year in may 2015. Only myself and my mother stay in the house which is around 130 years old. I was getting organised to go too work and went to open the door to our front room to get something when I had an urge to stop just as I put my hand on the handle and I looked to my left into the kitchen. Plain as day a ghost was standing in the kitchen almost like it was leaning against a wall and after two or three seconds it just moved and walked across the kitchen out of my view (as a wall is on the right). To say I was stunned was an understatement I walked straight into the kitchen right away but no one or nothing was around. This ghost/spirit was totally in a black colour but not like clothing or naked skin, it is hard to describe how it appeared. At this time I was awaiting news for something going on with my business and later that day I received great news that I was hoping for. Coincidental I know but I think it showed itself maybe to say good news was coming. I've never seen it again but if I wake up in the early hours for the toilet I'm always fully aware and looking around just incase I see it again. Also I felt no fear from this spirit at all with no feeling or indication of any bad intent from it. Just thought I would share this with you
-To anyone! Preferably mods.

I have written a new story and is yet to be published possibly, but I need to talk about something important immediately. Because I don't know what to do. Sad

Bibliothecarius in Backseat Driver
Thanks for responding, Twitchy.

I didn't want to know where you were exactly (that's weird to ask a stranger over the internet!) so much as to eliminate the potential causes for linguistic confusion. The apparently-synchronized voices speaking the same incomprehensible words is a really strange phenomenon for a message; even in ritual chants this can sound bizarre.

I used to live in Worcester, Massachusetts; when I'd travel to the western border of the city, my car radio would lose the Boston station I was listening to and automatically switch to the nearest frequency, which happened to be a Spanish-language station in Worcester (I only speak English & French). When you stated that you didn't think that "the language is known to man," that just struck me as a strange assertion. I couldn't see why someone would talk in an incomprehensible language. However, you did mention -in both descriptions- the peculiarity of the voice "It sounded like many but it also sounded like one" and "It sounded ancient but modern. I don't know how to describe it. At the same time, it sounded like several voices in one."

While my initial responses were geared toward eliminating potential mundane explanations, there may indeed be a connection or correlation between this multiple/blended voice phenomenon and the new information you've provided about the body-dump sites of a serial killer. I will not speculate as to the cause-and-effect relationship in your experience, as they two may not be related by anything but coincidence. (Some locations are "hotspots" for evil/brutal/sinister activity, others are just places where many things happen and some of those events are horrible.)

I very happy that you looked into the possible explanations I posited before dismissing them out of hand. YOU knew how bizarre the events were, but you ruled out my suggestions by process of elimination **before** telling me my hypotheses were inaccurate.

Uvpeople and Biblio,

That entity playing with the pen was bending over the TV and video machine at one point. Back then this was a betamax with no remote control, the TV also had no remote. But even so, the TV and nearby stereo receive waves and signals, this might have interested it.
Huh, I was just about to say 'that doesn't explain the car fascination' but guess what has an inbuilt radio, cars do lol.

Don't know how red lasers fit into all this though. Can't help but think it's all connected somehow.

Biblio, my aunt isn't a smoker let alone a chain smoker lol. But I was next to a 'coonara' wood heater, the kind with a glass 'window door'. The place always smelt like open fire smoke, but it was never smokey in the house. However, I was right next to it. Maybe the heat and whatever little smoke was emitted into the room made the infrared signal visible, not sure.
Thanks for your input, what you said here: "The light which is not reflected back is of the wavelengths which comprise the color of that surface." Has cleared up something which has long confused me, thanks for that clarification! I never knew if it was the other way around or not. Smile
Thank you, I understand. I'm sure there are plenty of sites dedicated to those experiences. As it is, I am enjoying reading the experiences that have been published here.

Bibliothecarius in A Glowing White Figure
Greetings, uvpeople:

I like that idea. I suppose that our increased use of electromagnetic fields through developing technologies of the last 150 years would have an effect upon such individuals (or upon such "life forms," anyway) so there would be a vested interest in discovering the sources of the fields which are interfering with (perhaps even disturbing or harming) their existence.

This is further speculation based upon your speculation, and I may be pushing the metaphorical boat too far out into the river, but it's consistent with your initial premise.

FluffyCloud in Was It A Spirit?
I read on the internet about symptoms of a spirit attachment, and all things are happening to me:

*Waking up in the early hours after going to sleep and finding it hard to get back to sleep?

*Sensing or seeing presences?

*Having the feeling of nits or fleas in the hair

*Receiving a sharp pin prick feeling over the legs, hands and arms

*Do you have a phantom illness (the doctor says you are ok)

*The thought of having a phantom lover?

*The feeling of something crawling under your skin?

*Horrible nasty thoughts in your mind, possibly hearing voices

*you could have the feeling that something is crawling in your hair?

*Do you have really sudden bad thoughts (you think them) but you know they are not yours

*The feeling of despair and wanting to end your life

*have you had bad dreams with unusual creatures in them

*Does one of your eyes mist over at any time (a bit like they can in the morning)

*If you are a woman do you get irritation around the legs

But still... I don't know the reason yet...
A thought experiment here, let's say these things maybe exist as electromagnetic radiation, they're not physical, they only exist as energy. That kind of 'life' is so alien to us it could go unnoticed easily. We would be equally alien to it. If they do exist, maybe they noticed us first because we've been sending out all kinds of unnatural EM radiation that's as noticeable to them as a mountain is to us. Imagine if you could somehow 'switch' over and exist like they do, nothing physical, just waves of different types of oscillating radiation going to and fro. It'd be really strange and disorienting I think. It might make sense to try to take a similar 'form' to these entities if we wanted to study this alien life in its habitat, rather than look at readouts measuring certain radiation? If they're doing something similar, things emitting radiation in certain forms is familiar and noticeable to them, just like a bit of matter being used by some EM life in their contraptions would be more familiar and understandable to us. The pen, the tv remote both used something they were familiar with to function. Maybe they just notice the red lights on cars traveling in seemingly intelligent patterns all the time all over the place and that's what their interest is. I'm not a scientist so maybe I'm visualizing this totally wrong and making wild assumptions, but it's an interesting possibility.
TwitchyMind in Backseat Driver
Hi Bibliothecarius!

I stated that because what was spoken through my speakers was so intense, so coated. It sounded ancient but modern. I don't know how to describe it. At the same time, it sounded like several voices in one. You really would of had to be there to understand what I heard. These groups of people you name are no where near where I live, or where I had driven. I did the history on this stretch of road and found that many dead bodies were found by one serial killers doing. He dumped their bodies on this road. I'm not comfortable stating exactly where I am from. But regardless this experience I had was evil in every way and I believe it to had been demonic.

Thank you!

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