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No WishNot, I'm sure it's only one week and we don't get new stories at the weekends, so it's only 5 days and given the time of year, everyone's busy, so the mods probably are too! There are thousands of old stories I haven't read yet, so I resort to those if I'm having withdrawal symptoms! Happy
Is it me? Or has it been weeks since we have had new stories?...
This caught my attention for two reasons... The place and what she saw. I know people from a small town about an hour from Lloydminister. When they were kids during the seventies they saw a strange looking man running behind a train and a BIG TAIL slipped out from under his coat. He was trying to tuck it back in as he ran after the train. They ran home in fear and their grandmother would not talk about it.
Bibliothecarius in The Unseen Force
Greetings, Sayan.

First, a sincere tip of my hat to SDS for his measured intervention and his negotiating skills.
SDS is a very astute and calm member of this group.

I'm sure neither Rook nor I meant any offence; I'm pleased to see in your response that you were not upset, rather that you were affronted. I realize that cultural norms can result in people communicating at cross-purposes. In both England and the US, a "receptionist" literally manages the appointments for a business by receiving (that is "greeting and welcoming") customers/clients/patients, answering the telephone calls, taking bill payments, and scheduling appointments; there are some businesses within each shopping mall which need to have such a person employed when the store is open. In a restaurant or cafe, the individual may be called the "host" or "hostess" in the United States, whereas in Britain, the position would be called the "Headwaiter" or the "Maître D" (from the French term "Maître d'hôtel," meaning -really- "host.") If there is a part of a mall which has people answering questions for the general public, that's the "information desk" or "guest services" station. The confusion came about because of the imprecision in the sentence indicating that the mall (the entire shopping mall) had a receptionist (that is, one person behind a desk) assisting everyone who entered!

It is not that your narrative of the supernatural aspects of the events was at all suspicious; as you've described the events, they seemed quite plausible (though a supernatural over-reaction to someone napping at work, and an understandable over-reaction to being shoved by an unseen entity). Under these circumstances, I was wondering if the mall was a recent construction, or if it had been recently refurbished. If so, I'd consider the possibility that the construction site manager or the foreman had passed away, and was lingering at the jobsite because (in his mind) it would be "unfinished work." Shoving someone who's asleep is more the action of a manual laborer or a demanding supervisor than it is the action of a receptionist's boss.

So you are aware, Sayan, there are plenty of English-language translations of modern Indian Literature, and there are several Indian writers, such as Amitav Ghosh and Avarind Adiga, who write in English. (To the best of my recollection, there is no mention of receptionists in the mall in "The White Tiger," but it has been about 6 years since I read it.) Any cultural ignorance you encounter may not be bigoted or offensive, merely curious because we have so much more to learn.

Growing up in Leicester, England, my neighbours were Dilesh and Kamla, my friends in high school were Prassad, Assam, Mohammed, and Keith (that's a Hindu, two muslims, a Roman Catholic, and I was raised Protestant). Still, I find myself learning new things EVERY DAY, even when my background should have made me more aware than I am of other cultures. Please, in future, consider our questions to be an attempt on our part to fill in the gaps so we can avoid misunderstandings.

Be well,
this is a heart toching story... Thanx for sharing this story.
RCRuskin, I guess you and your brother's experience proved the old saying about being careful about what you wish for.
I don't think I would ever have the nerve to work in a place that has decades of negative energy stored up. You are braver than me. Sad
I agree with Rook and RedWolf about checking the EMF levels. It's scary what really high levels can do.

A coworker and his family moved into a beautiful old home he inherited. They were having experiences similar to what you've had and were about to move. Someone suggested checking the EMF level. It was much too high. My friend had an electrician to fix the wiring. No more weird things after that.

Please talk to your mom about having it checked.
I agree with Rook have your home inspected for high E.M.F. Levels and also are you near those terrible towers with all the wiring. It has been proven that it you live too close to those towers you can get sick. I have a transformer on the edge of my property and when it starts humming loudly and I'm close to it I get a terrible headache. This is because we don't have natural gas lines in my area and it's summer and everyone is using a lot of power running A.C.s doing laundry etc.
The shadow man in the hospital gown is probably your grandfather. He probably didn't cross over at the time because he wanted to check on his family.
I just read your story and I'm in tears. I called my older sister last night and found out that my mother's brother died the night before. I am ashamed that I haven't visited but they live on the second floor of their house and the staircase is rather steep for me. Also I didn't want my Uncle to see me in the condition I'm in,it's bad enough when strangers look at you with pity, worse when your own family does.
I'm terrified of going through more surgery and haven't quit smoking yet but Monday is my deadline to quit then in March I will probably go under the invited hopefully they can take out all of the Titanium and leave it out then after I'm healed from that they are going to operate on my neck. I was put in the I.C.U. After my first back fusion because of my blood
Pressure was too high.
I just keep getting premonitions things aren't going to go right and dreams of nothing but
Something going wrong but that is probably the fear doing that.
Jerry, I really enjoyed your story. I think he appeared to you mainly because you both are similar. As you stated most of your family was seperated as he was being raised by his grandfather. Trying to find a meaning to his life he "joined" the military. As for people doubting him joining the military without being caught, it was fairly common. Women joined undetected to help and make a difference even if it meant hiding their identity amongst men.
Thanks for the lovely story, I hope you will soon get a happy ending. You never know a relative might google his last name and come accross your story. Happy
I think that if you have created some sort of thought form then its quite possible that it has attached itself to you. It seems to be fond of you and wants to cause harm to those who upset you. Thanks for sharing your story!
rookdygin in Dwarf's Curse
Why don't you CHECK the Profile... Just under the experience title it says...

By: xxxxxx Click on that name and IF the individual filled out their profile you can find their name and maybe even a contact address.

(Hint, Check the comments... The 'experience' may not be as good as you hope... Just saying...)


iamkent0818 in Dwarf's Curse
Hello! This is Kent of I-Juander GMA NewsTV 11! I would like to know who is the author of this story because I would like to feature this in our show ASAP? Please contact me 09278223972 or iamkentugalde [at] Thank you.
In response to someone's question, I have worked at this facility for over twenty years. Now my position rotates from unit to unit, with varying shifts, AMs, PMs and NOCs we call them. There is one long, dark hallway that has to be monitored all night by a single staff member between Units 10 and 12, that is one of the weirdest places, old flickering, amber lights and worn, yellowed linoleum... Kind of the stereo-typical 'mental hospital' looking place you see on movie sets!
Just wanted to mention that "The Puppet People" is one of my very, very, very favorite stories on this site. Also "Posing As God"...brr...
Oh, and recently did see something similar run into my closet, but darker, and very distinct. Very spooky, I said a quick prayer and banished it... I hope!
I am not uncomfortable with shadows or shadow people per se, just tired of endless stories of shadow stuff, only find them a bit tedious, unless there is some cool, weird aspect to the story, like lizard-shaped or the shadow speaks or something. Thanks for all the cool comments everyone!
SpottedCat in A Bad Demon?
There are non human shadow entities. I saw one myself three nights ago, hovering over me as I prayed. And though I have only been seeing entities since March or April of this year (also spying on my prayers, it would seem) the recent one was the first shadowy entity. Mine was also black but in the form of an angel about 1/2 my size, so very different in that regard. I hope yours was as they say- just curious. Mine also filled me with dread, so I can certainly sympatize with that. Bless you and I hope your health improves.:)
Thanks for the positive feedback, babygoatpuller! I am back and hopefully will be quicker to respond to anyone out there. As for stories, I do have a few more I'm planning on posting. Hope you enjoy them. Have a great weekend!
You know what, if you enjoy them, go ahead and watch them lol! You sound like a very smart person, I'm sure you will know when you have had too much lol. I'm glad nothing else has happened, I think we all at one time or another have a paranormal experience, there are so many spirits around us co habituating with us, it seems it would be impossible for something not to try and contact us lol, and if only one thing has happened, I think you are safe. I don't mind the stuff that goes on anymore so no worries... It is a trickle now compared to what it was. Only one thing in two years lol!
Scared I have had a very similar expiriance! You can read about it on my page if you want t know. But that truly if frightinging Scared
babygoatpuller in Keepers Of The Lodge
Troyarn- I was so happy to see you back! I agree with everyone else. You're writing skills are exceptional and I do hope you've come with some more great stories for us. Are you still in Boznia?
troyarn in Dormitory Ghost
This troyarn and I couldn't get on your email for some reason so am letting you know this way that I've finally responded to your post on my story, "Keepers of the Lodge". If you have anymore questions just let me know. Thanks and have a great holiday season!
Thanks for enjoying my story and believing it (I'm a sceptic myself). I apologize for how long it's taken me to respond, but I've not been on the computer for some time. I hope I can clear a few things up for you concerning my story.
First, we left the city of Sarajevo and headed quite a few miles away to a small village by train. There, we walked some miles to a place where a U-Haul type truck was waiting for us. It took us several more miles to the base of a mountain. From there, we hiked up (from what I was told) seven kilometers and because of the heavy snow, it took about four hours (sometimes the snow came to my waist and I'm six feet tall. Also, there were no roads open to this place).
Our "home" for that time was situated about 200 to 300 yards above another small village that was only used in the spring to herd sheep. In the winter it was deserted.
As for the "man" down in the village that looked up and waved at me, he could have seen me. While we had no electricity in the place, the main room, from which I saw him through a window, was lit up by flashlights, candles, and the stove. It wasn't well lit, but he may have seen my shape staring out into the night. I do, however, believe you are correct when you said he might have "sensed" me since he was looking the other way, toward the village, then suddenly turned and seemed to look up then waved. Like I said, it freaked me out so bad I hid along the wall (that sounds lame, but wait until it happens to you).
In mountaineering, if you're going somewhere, you first have to make sure the people who own the place know you're coming so they can prepare. After mentioning the man down at the village to everyone, the girls who ran the place said no one else was supposed to be there. Was this just some guy doing his own hiking? That could be true. But remember... This was an isolated area and there was a brutal storm raging. The next day some of our group went down to the village for another look and saw no one there (they were mostly just taking photos of the village and of course the snow would have covered any tracks). All I know is that this person wasn't supposed to be where he was.
Now, concerning the lady with the candle; as I mentioned, it's custom to let everyone who runs these places where we stay know that we're coming so they can prepare food and lodging. When we got there, we met the men who worked there, the others who had stopped in, and then the two girls who ran the kitchen came out to introduce themselves.
I never met or saw the lady with the candle except when she came into that bathroom. Please remember that it's not like America. It was a large bathroom and the "toilets" were holes in the floor you flush. Both men and women went to the same place and I was not used to this.
The lady was older, but not elderly. I was in my thirties, so I'd say she was mid-fifties (that's not old!). She was shorter than me, but I can't tell you how tall. She wasn't heavy but not thin... Somewhere in between, and she had grey, black hair tied in a bun on her head. She wore an apron and older clothes, but then again so do many cooks and servers here. And she was completely there... Not transparent or anything. Also, there was no noise at all. As for her entrance, I was about to enter a stall when I saw the glow of the candle come so stopped. She just smiled and sat the candle down and left. I never saw her again.
I'm getting long winded here so I'll close. I hope this answers some of your questions. If you have more, please write and I'll do the same quicker than I have here. Hope you enjoy the holidays and hope to hear back from you soon!
Thank you again for your welcomed comments regarding our Thanksgiving Holiday celebration. Those that are celebrating same, I send my best wishes. And to say, you too may have also noticed how holiday celebrations have morphed so drastically, (thanks to big store greed for wanting more and more of the good old American $$) that such actually no longer resembles what started the event in the first place. For example here it is Thanksgiving but I have personally been noticing Christmas trees and blinking colored lights and targeted tv commercials and music, and what have become other Christmas related items, in stores as early as the day after Halloween. Thanksgiving Day has almost but disappeared in all that, again because the stores must have figured out where more of the $$ really is. I like all the holidays and celebrate each in my own way, regardless. Today is a family day regardless of what the powers to be would foster upon us. Now that may have sounded a tad bitter but not my intention, I just wanted to say thank you, and check in and see what you folks are saying about ghost and related matters.

Thank you for sharing that personal info on yourself. Pure Scottish, I like that. I like your whiskey and your candy (butterscotch just happens to be one of my favorites - ha) -- I'm being silly aren't I. Sorry, couldn't help myself. I was surprised to hear you have 2 daughters (1/2 & 1/2 you say) and a husband named Jerry -- good name! I've never been to Scotland but my oldest daughter, Heather, a few years ago decided that's where she wanted to go so she volunteered as an Au Pair and off she went for nearly a year. Took care of two little Scottish girls. Loved it there she says.

Sitting at our table to-day will be three of my seven grandchildren and a son in law with Sioux Indian bloodlines. Can't get any more Thanksgiving spirited than that around this household. Thought you might appreciate me saying that considering your own Native American heritage.

Well, I'd better get myself busy, things to do. Rainy here to-day.
earthangel67 in The Local Church
Hi Tweed, I finally read your post today. I've been rather busy with work, so have been absent myself for a little while. I also avoid the Halloween antics. I've never liked it, even as a kid. To me it's an excuse for thankless kids to get sweets for free, that frankly most don't deserve. Certainly where I live! I sound like a grumpy old fart Smile

I'm not a religious person either. Something I battled with growing up, as it just didn't sit right with me. I don't really know how I would define myself, other than just being me. I believe there is a higher power, but not in the form of an old chap sat on his throne in heaven, casting down his will, good or bad. I believe there is a universal energy, that all can harness and when you are at peace with the earth and you can tune in to that energy, then you have found your inner god.

I also love old churches, simply for the unique architecture and their odd vibes and my local church certainly fit the bill. I actually got married in it. Perhaps not the best of plans as 2.5 years later that was all over bar the shouting.

Looking back, I don't believe that any of the encounters were evil, that's just a projection of our own fear of the unknown. I still have many encounters, but it's no different to me than passing a friend on the street.

Midsomer Murders! What a village to live in. There are so many deaths, I'm surprised there are any residents left to continue the show Laugh I don't watch it myself, I'm more of a Walking Dead/The Flash type person myself. If you wanted to have a look at the village I lived in, you can google "Dundry Hill". There are loads of pics of the area and the church.

Good to converse with you again Smile
Hi Sakie,
I can feel empathy for you as I too have been undergoing the same since last 15 years. I have narrated my experience in my story that I have shared in which evil spirits were sent to destroy my family. Everyday new spirits are sent to attack me and my mother. But fortunately we no longer are afraid and have learnt to fight them with our spiritual powers. Still sometimes when the power of the evil spirit is greater than ours we suffer physically as well as mentally. But I know how you feel and what you went through. Please let me know if you need any help and guidance.
I am not pro but can sense spirits and also drive them off from the person they have possed

Well dreamer, I agree with you. It is just like a piece from a Horror movie and could not believe this stuff.

With Regards and respects,

Hi Sakie, welcome to YGS. I just want to ask you, do you have any physical condition? Did you experience anything weird in your childhood days and heard anything about your aunt doing such things like contacting a tantrik or mantrik to do something harmful to someone through paranormal entities. I am just asking. Because sometimes, the brain plays in different ways and it is not just that it has to come out immediately after some incident. It might come out a long time later and would manifest as if we are possessed. It only requires a trigger, that is all and the trigger could be anything like seeing a horror movie or reading a paranormal book or article etc.

But, I will tell you, it is not so easy for any spirit to have possess you or anyone for that matter. It is quite difficult and it should be a real malevolent spirit to do so. So, my feeling is that if you still have any such feeling of seeing anything related to a shadow or something, better you do consult a psychoanalyst before turning to paranormal.

I don't say that it is not paranormal but my feeling is that we better we eliminate other causes before turning to paranormal. So please don't get offended.

Regards and respects to you.

Daz...Yes, the Government, probably Eisenhower at the start, struck a deal with the aliens, which I believe was 'us' in exchange for technology and without knowing the details, perhaps they could take so many per year, I'd guess that part of that deal would have included a condition that we had to be returned safely to our beds. However... While the aliens may have stuck to that for a time, I think they realised that actually, they could do anything they damn well pleased and there wouldn't be a thing we could do about it! Whilst we know that abductees do get returned to their beds, I don't believe they 'all' do! I think the aliens races have their own agendas and 'not all are good'! Think about the thousands of people who go missing every year and are never seen again, dead or alive. It's as though they have disappeared off the face of the earth and perhaps some literally have! Of the abductees who are returned to their beds, many of their lives have been ruined! They constantly live in fear both for themselves and their children who are often abducted too! As for the 'wiping us out', they won't do that, but there is a plan to wipe most of us out and enslave the rest, but that's the Illuminati, so I'm not sure how involved the aliens are in that! If you haven't already, please do watch that film 'THRIVE' that I recommended! Meanwhile, have a lovely Thanksgiving Day and a wonderful visit with your son! Happy
Hello sereneamour, it is quite difficult to comment about your experience. I feel that your mother's dream is not quite related your experience. It might be just because she got scared and that would have made her dream the way she did. But as far as your experience of seeing the shadow is concerned, as I said, it is quite difficult to comment or brand it to anything paranormal as it is your only experience that you narrated.

Regards and respects to you.

Lord, I don't even know what all is wrong with me...but...'Have a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down'...that sounds just about right to me, haha,
Very interesting...I'm not sure if it was your grandmother or not. Has any other activity happen since this incident?
To all of my American friends here I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Also I once told an English friend that England should also celebrate this day. After all they did get rid of a bunch of people that didn't want to be there anyway.
The weirdest non- paranormal (?) thing that has ever happened to me was at a retirement party for the director of the Special Ed. Dept... A lot of people knew I had back problems. This one woman noticed that I was rubbing my back a lot and came over to see if I was okay. She asked how I was and I told her I was getting back surgery but I have an extra vertebrae in my lower back. All our a sudden she was shaking my hand then grasping both of my hands and was telling me what an honor it was to know me. I asked her what she was talking about. In return she asked me if I ever went out at night and stare at the sky and wonder what was out there? I said yes, she asked me a few more questions and said she knew I was highly intelligent. I asked her what was going on. She told me I was a Star Child. I told her that I had never heard of such a thing. She told me that people born with an extra vertebrae had an ancient recessive (alien) gene that only 1 in about a million more or less people shows up in. I was doubtful and thought the woman was a little nuts. I related the story and my youngest son searched on the computer. Wouldn't you know he found a website about it and he said mom the lady wasn't crazy after all, it's all right here. We reviewed it, and sure enough according to the criteria they put forth I am a Star Child.
I still find it hard to believe. Beam me up Scotty fix my back then beam me back down by Christmas. Laugh
ygs_sayan in The Unseen Entity
ohh...thanks a lot for sharing the information... It was a great help... Happy
permramaan- No worries. I didn't feel hurt or offended in any way. I just wanted to know more about what happened and I thank you for your advice or I would have never known the trouble I might get myself into:)

Otter- My friend says so too. She said maybe there was a spirit that wants to disturb me and made me think that it was something related to him (the fairy). Although I was confused at first, but it kind of make sense.

I'm so sorry that you still have to go through these paranormal stuffs. I hope it will stop soon. As for me, nothing had happened after that night. Maybe because I didn't really take it seriously so whatever it was, it might got tired of trying to get my attention

I still can't seem to stop watching horror movies though. I'm addicted to them.
But I'll try reducing them to a minimum.
Thanks for reading my story and I appreciate your advice.
kaykay3313 (guest) in Ouija Boards Aren't Toys
So I talked to my fiance's dad and he said his brother would deny any activity at the time, he also said nothing strange happened to him. Until year's later, he admitted that before sleep he would feel a force holding him down and he couldn't speak to call for help either.
Thank you so much for your story! Scary situation and no wonder you were frightened. Sounds like there was a spirit that wanted to communicate with you and being aware the story was told, and how you reacted to it, used the "Sangilikaruppan" legend as it's basis to communicate with you. I have been poked like that before and I know darned well I was awake. I had no after effects the next day but I didn't think to look at the area that was poked. Fear does funny things to our energy, and it maybe that whatever was messing with you was thrilled you responded to the story and decided to manifest itself with smoke and the "poke".

I did start experiencing a heightened level of activity when I started studying the paranormal, it may be that you are now entering a phase where you are starting to present a frequency that can connect with the other side or, have opened yourself up so to speak. I stopped reading after the poke incident as it scared the crap out of me, and no more physical activity happened to my person, BUT... Stuff continued to happen over my lifetime, stuff that does me no harm but is paranormal none the less... It seemed to shut itself off while I was grieving and stressed and now is slowly returning.

Thanks for the story, and, you may want to lay off the movies and such until you are ready for what they may open up in you.
Alexthecat, may be the person whom you mention, might have lived in that house. And as far I investigated, ghosts will not be able to do much new. They always be in the past/memories, the life they lived. And hence the place gets haunted when they are not ready to leave it. They keep doing the same things that they remember and will disturb you when you disturb them.
I am sorry if I have hurt you but I just want to let you know the truth.
Daz...I'd love to answer your post now, but it's past my bedtime, so I'll answer it in the morning if that's ok as I've a few points to make! Good night all... Sweet dreams! Happy
I live in England with my English husband Jerry, but I'm Scottish through and through! My two daughters are half and hawf! Happy
Caz, some of those questions and points are good ones, why don't these E.T's just kidnap these oil tyrants and environmental rapist and educate them about the environment instead of picking on ordinary people probing their bodies and raping their minds with subliminal suggestions and fear... Hmmm my answer to that?...when I was 13, along with a classroom of pupils our science teacher made us cut open a rat and pull out it's organs just for the exercise of learning, at least these E.T's put us back in our bed in one piece. We humans are so egotistical and selfish in nature, we can't stand the thought of there being another intelligent species out there in our galaxy that far superior and advanced to us, that they would view us like rats themselves and what? We somehow have a right to object to these abductions all because it's unfair and not the best of british, "hah" the hypocrisy in that, what am I eating for dinner tonight... There are no laws among these E.T. Races that stop them from experimenting on humans except I'm sure they do not want to wipe us out... Apparently our government's are in on these abductions for the exchange of technology and that would be right wouldn't it? And kidnapping one of these oil tyrants would be like kidnapping a member of ISIS... The ideology will still be there, you can't change the coarse of a river by picking on one dumb fish among a river of many... The change in the world, has to come from the mass consciousness of it's people and our attitude towards many aspects of our civilization. Starting point for mine is to view ourselves as earthlings, not as Australian, American,black,white or blue,Christian, Muslim or what ever... Disclosure on E.T.s and setting up these free energy devices in country's like Africa might just change the flow of a river... Building more bombs and nonsensical wars demonstrates how immature we are... Anyway these discussion have been interesting, have a happy thanks giving day, my son is in the states ATM and I'm on holidays soon and look forward to meeting up with him... Take care all!

Regards Daz

Regards Daz
Caz. So "sweet" (ha) of you saying that. Seriously thank you. Can I ask where you live by country?
babygoatpuller in The Furballs And I
Yes, they were triplets. I think something in the groundwater here was making my critters super fertile. We had a lot of triplets and I had one ewe that dropped 6 lambs one day! Of course it had to be out in the second pasture on a stormy day and I had to go out and haul all of them back to the barn. Didn't help that the ewe was a schizo. She did her best to keep me away from her babies but eventually warmed up to me when I started bottle feeding half of them. Laugh

We keep posting about the 'mind stuff' because everything normal, natural and NON-PARANORMAL must be ruled out before we can consider ANYONES EXPERIENCE paranormal. It's not just you, its everyone's experiences, so please do not take it personally. The only way to forward paranormal investigation as a search for solid fact is if we, as investigators, prove we are not jumping at every shadow and calling it a ghost. Science MUST be applied.

Thanks for sharing... And do not freak out... Yes you experienced something... Just what is still TO BE DETERMINED.


PS...Jerry, also meant to say I've been watching Bill Hicks and enjoying him very much, so thanks for that!
Jerry...Wishing you and your family a lovely Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! Happy
Great way for me to start out my day, coming first here to this YGS site and then based upon what I see here I'm off to YouTube to watch a video or two. This morning I watched a video of, again as you suggested, Jim Sparks, never heard of him before this. Some of the other people who spoke, yes I have heard of and have in some cases heard related and detailed accounts from.

Listening to Jim Sparks I hear mention of my own similar experiences. This is not going to sound very well thought out, or an intelligent response, but -- Wow!

Reptilian aliens, telepathy, paralysis, abductions (the last subject is something I haven't discussed with anyone, ever but do have some vague memory of myself -- not exactly as clear as Jim Sparks recounts but some similarities nevertheless). I would love to go into more details right now but have to get my day started as things need to be taken care of around the home here as preparations await for family gathering here tomorrow, I.e., our annual Thanksgiving Holiday. BBQ and outdoor kitchen awaits my elbow grease, cleaning, among other tasks already assigned to me.

Got to get back with this, and I will, as soon as possible. Later.

One more thing, yes that name John Titor, time travele, that's right. I had some things not quite right but that's the guy I read about. Don't know much about it but additional research awaits. It may not go anywhere, it seems what I do know it may be a hoax, maybe not. But thanks for helping with that.
Daz...This is the first thing I've read re Jim Sparks and I thought you may find it of interest! I'm a bit shocked, but without knowing anything else about the man, this letter rings true! Http://
valkricry in The Furballs And I
Allesgute - first off big hugs, you aren't alone. It does my heart good to hear folks like you and Biblio have found support in this life, and are moving forwards.
Some people are just toxic to our mental (sometimes physical too) well being, and I applaud your decision to sever ties with your father. That doesn't mean you can't/haven't forgiven him, you just recognize that in his case he will just keep polluting your environment with negativity, and who needs that?
Daz...If we can go 'walkabout' during our sleep state and interact with dead relatives, who knows what's possible? Wink I'm off to hunt down Jim Sparks! Happy
valkricry in The Furballs And I
Thanks for commenting!

babygoatpuller, 'trip boys' - do you mean triplets? Or does that mean something else? I'm sorry to hear that Jasmine has gone too.
Use an adblocker [at] rookdygin. And [at] otteer The lion is the only thing I had in England when I experienced the hauntings.

[at] everyone. I don't know why are you posting about the brain related stuff but it IS an entity showing itself in a familiar form. Not a hallucination.

Thanks for showing your concern and interest in my story.

God Bless!
Jerry, check out Jim Sparks on youtube, this guy has made it passed my B.S radar at this point, I think he's the real deal, he has been abducted for about the last 20 years and talks about meeting a time traveller in a bar and guess what mate, that conversation took place via telepathy. He has also travelled into the future which leads me to ask this one question. Is having a precognitive dream a form of time travel? If we have three states of mind, the physical, the subconscious mind and our eternal higher self, is it possible when we dream, we lower our consciousness unknowingly into the fabric of the universe where there is no space or time and our higher self can access the domino analogy? If it's not time travel then what the heck is it? We don't seem to ask these questions enough do we at this point of time in our history!
ygs_sayan in The Unseen Force
ohh... You know what, I'm not offended or irked #sds/'s just that you people's comments did make me a bit deplorable at that moment...that's all... Anyway, if any of you guys ask for clarifications or anything related to the story, I would surely be there to do that... Thanking you~ ygs_sayan Happy
beautifulSoul in Laughing Birds
hey everyone thank you for the comments and some of you asked if I know the legend well I kind of know now but at the time I didn't but a lot of people in my area have had similar experiences like my cousin he was walking home from a friends house that stayed two blocks down from where he lived it was around two in the morning he said and he heard someone whistle thinking it was his friend calling him he whistled back next thing you know he said he saw something flying over him what look like a big bird with an ugly face he started running and it started following him he ran inside his house lock the door and even his mother heard the bird whistle outside his window they said it stayed there until about six in the morning and they would see it every now and then they said it lasted for a couple months after that they had know issues know more but yes I stay in an area where a lot of things like this do happen and for those of you who asked where exactly I'm at I'm in Tamaulipas Mexico
beautifulSoul in Attacked By The Dead
thank you everyone that commented. And thank you for your advice.
Hi ygs_sayan, I am also from India. I feel that you need not get offended or irked by the questions people ask about the narratives. I have gone through such phase. We have to answer them to explain things that are prevalent in our country. And people like Rook are quite experienced posters and they do need some clarity about the experience and encounter. So that they will be in a position to suggest or advise or comment further. I am not defending them. But, what I want to say is that we do write our experiences and it is for the people, who read our narrative, to either accept it or not or comment it, in our favour or otherwise.

About your experience, even I do want to have some explanation. I do know that it is in a restaurant, where you guys have been taking your dinner when you heard the scream. I was just asking you if there were others from the Mall like people from other shops and establishments nearby because you said the scream was so loud that you guys were shaken. And if so, what was their reaction. Please do respond and we are asking only for clarification.

Regards and respects to you.

I just wanted to say I hope you get over your recent breakup soon. Look at it this way, half the people your age are guys... Whole lot of fish, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, you've got to feel it before you gain experience, which is the only thing that helps you weather this sort of thing better. Be assured though, there will be others who will love you just as much or more. All the best.

I believe you mean John Titor.

Look up Coast to Coast (late night radio show) and search the site... Many interesting shows... Be careful it can get adictting.


rookdygin in The Unseen Force

Please calm down and excuse our ingnorance... Well at least those of us who are not from nor visit India... As we do not understand some of the things that happen there. We were simply trying to understand the job description you provided. So yes... Do they have receptionist in the Malls in India is a fair question... Heck even with your added details I am not sure what you mean... Unless it is something like a Host of Hostess position... Someone that greets you and shows you to a seat.

I found your experience plausible... So please take a deep breath when it comes to questions as people try to understand your culture.


ygs_sayan in The Unseen Force
Moreover, I do NOT feel anything unexplained, misunderstood, unbelievable or unacceptable regarding the story, especially after I have been done with clearing off the doubts, misconceptions, and confusions prementioned & this is to ALL...
With regards~ ygs_sayan...
ygs_sayan in The Unseen Force
[at] to everyone... 'a receptionist at a mall, do they really have those in India?'...what do you people mean by that?!... India may not said as 'developed' but it IS a 'developing' country...& here we do have malls where there are receptionists too... Also for you people's kind information, the receptionist I'm talking 'bout is that of the cafeteria and not that of the mall as a whole...& true to say, I did mention that 'we' checked the CCTV logs and by that I meant me, my friends and few others including the security too present at the site at that very moment... It's also to be noted that I did write the story in short maybe skipping too many a points which I should have mentioned actually in the text... Anyway sorry for the inconvenience...
[at] sds... As I said before, my grandmother was inexplicable to such things. Yes she was very religious and also totally believed in spirits and supernatural activities as well... However she never did tell me anything particular about any lady or anything relating to that encounter at night... She never meant to play with possessions and supernatural powers & that's what she taught me too...& truly saying, never did I ever speak to anyone regarding the incident specifically... It was just my elder sis with whom I may have talked once or twice 'bout this while she is just indifferent to these things...
[at] sds... For your kind information yes I'm 18 now...& for yes of course as far as my concern one being 18 is supposed to be an young adult or 'just' an adult...& that's what is clearly mentioned in my profile... Anyway thanks to you for commenting... Happy
I must apologize for jesting with a subject I seriously do believe either is, or will be, therefore it must be now possible. If it will be then is (as in right now) can be traveled to (from a date in the future when this time travel became possible) and not only -- is -- but was (as might be any date in the past).

A few months back, I saw on the Internet a story of a person who wrote on one of the many forums that he was a visitor from the future. There was big fadoo about this guy who claimed that he was a lower ranking military enlisted guy who was basically made, directed to time travel. That he went back and visited with himself and his father and mother. That he was looking for something related to an early computer chip that was no longer made that it had some major significance for his time. As I recall he claimed time travel was perfected but basically limited to about 30 years in either direction.

His name and what became of this has escaped me. Anyone have any input to this?
You know I became really interested in time travel when I was around 13, and why I remember that is because I had this illusion one day while walking down the street that I saw myself there, waiting for me, knowing I had come back from the future and wanted to speak with myself. And as I got closer there I was sitting in this big black car, top hat and gloves, and seeing myself like that scarred me away and I never got around to talking to myself. I said I would always remember I was 13 when this happened, because that is what I was, 13.

Now if you believe that...
-- aussiedaz -- I don't believe you had even one misspelled word in all that.
Hola! Yo vivo en Tijuana, tambien me han pasado cosas de esa manera!
Guys, I have a theory on time travel and how these E.T's move through the universe if you're interested... When you do your homework and study the double slit experiment, intangible particles and consciousness, you come to the understanding that matter is basically an illusion of the mind and there is no such thing as time only motion... Now imagine a row of domino's stacked up in single file, going all the way back in time of which we understand it, to the big bang (14 billion years ago). Can you imagine that first domino falling onto the next one and creating motion? That motion is the present time and reality for who ever exist with in it, even though we are moving forward in motion, the domino's of yesterday are still standing there in static motion and the domino's of tomorrow are ready to fall, can you imagine that? Ok here's where it gets crazy, as soon as we expanded our technology and consciousness enough for time travel to be possible a new probabilistic future was given birth too, we created another motion of domino's falling and a new reality way out in front of our own motion of time about 50, 000 years ahead... So now we have two present civilizations existing in motion separated by about 50, 000 years if you can imagine that, what we work out and master in this future reality, is the means to lower our consciousness under the domino's right into the fabric of the universe and resurface any where we want to along the row of domino's via my own analogy and in accordance with intangible particles, where two particles can interact simultaneously anywhere in our universe with out the need of space or time... These E.T's are most likely our ancestors from the future on a different timeline.

Regards Daz.
Thanks for sharing. I also experienced a very similar "attack" many years ago. I was wide awake and paralysed as something unseen but very foul / unfriendly forced itself on top of me.

I had also experienced nothing like that in the house I had lived in for a couple of years. It was random and very unsettling. My feeling was it was trying to scare me but ultimately couldn't hurt me.

CreepyBattenberg in Roommates Who Don't Pay Rent
Hi again RC, thank you for your consideration. Here is the link for my latest episode of Scary True Tales. You will find links to other content on my channel there.
Para-Hunter-Anne33 in Bloody Mary
Have to say, I actually like the origin story that Rook summarized. I've heard many Mary stories, but never rook's version. If you think about it, the story concerning the eyes and dying in front of the mirror-- as well as Mary's spirit wanting to take revenge on the girls who did the prank all tie in to make the story very much believable. And FYI...I've done previous research for a college paper once and learned that in the entire world, every country has its own version of Bloody Mary. That was interesting to discover.
Jerry...Yes, I've watched them more than once myself! I know about his father and I thought there was some connection to the Phil.Ex. This particular article was saying how some of the men on board were partially 'melded into the ship' when it reappeared and some of those were still alive! Others could not be seen, yet could be heard! Sad
Yes everyone, I follow exactly what you are saying in this regard. Can't say that about many other things but in this case -- exactly.

Good Caz, I may watch it all again myself. I did stay up last night and rewatched the videos of Philip Schneider again. Not sure how many times that is now. It's okay, never enough. By the way his father was a German U- Boat Captain.
Bibliothecarius in The Unseen Force
Ohhh, I'd thought the receptionist was for a specific storefront business within the mall, near the coffeeshop: appointments, phones, etc.
Now it makes even less sense...
triden07 in I Am Ok
Hi Red
Thank you so much. She was on ceasure medication, and it's one of the things that nearly killed her mother. Because the night after her death her mom said she was looking for answers. And she suddenly knew to go look in her closet. She found the box of epilim, which should have been halfway empty, still sealed at the back of her underwear drawer. We don't know why she decided not to take her meds, but the ceasure she had in the early hours of Wednesday 15 December 1999 was so intense that she suffered a stroke. To cap it off, her 11-year old sister was the one who found her.
I wrote about her, in "SHE DID NOT WANT US TO SLEEP". I fully believe she knew she was going to die, she had made peace with it, even taking the time to tell her brother "I know we fight a lot, but you're my brother and I love you" over a game of monopoly days before she passed away.
On 4 December she spent the whole afternoon with me, and we had a ball. We listened to SHAFT - Macho Mambo/SWAY over and over that day. Right up to today I can not listen to it. The memories attached to it are too overwhelming. Though I have not tried listening to the song since she gave me her message.
Jerry, you can count me in on the voters list and though I've never saw an alien, I have had several really good UFO sightings, but for now, I'm busy watching the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure on YouTube! Thanks Daz! Happy
It's a tough one to answer Rook, but I think amnesty to all of those involved is a starting place, we have to let them off the hook because we need them to come forward and bring to light the technology they have and the only way to do that is by guaranteeing them they'll walk's going to hurt a lot of people because some bad stuff has gone down and all of us have been lied to for so many years... But that old saying the truth will set you free, the president and mainstream media need to be unshackled to do the the necessary P.R work, we are resilient we humans, we will adapt and move forward.

Regards Daz
I have some questions. You said that it happened in 2006 when you were 9 years old and you remembered the date also. Then now you would be 18 years, then how it is mentioned that you are a young adult. Some confusion in the year. Please do clarify.

As far as the encounter is concerned, it is quite difficult to say because it was the only sighting you have come across. Did you happen to ask your grandma if that lady resembled someone, who died and from your family like your great grandmother or someone, whom she knew. If you had passed out and your grandma suffered a stroke, definitely you must have shared the experience with others. What was their reaction and did anybody in the family had such encounter or experience or sighting? If so, please do share.

Regards and respects to you.

Dear Rook, I agree with what you say. But still the receptionists in malls are uncommon in India. So, that question we have asked. But still we have to wait for O/P to reply to the other questions like why others didn't turn up when they heard the scream or were these guys the only persons in the restaurant etc. Till then, I am keeping my fingures crossed on this one.

Regards and respects to you Rook.

I have to agree... Media and the networks in general have put blinders on the Public... Anything truly newsworthy seems to get buried underneath stories of 'did you see what piece of clothing the Kardashian's lost today?' Either that bit of fluff or no mention of it at all.

Or they cover the stories at Holloween... And make them seem like 'haunted house scares' thus reducing the story as back page filler. Disclouser is needed... The question is how?


rookdygin in The Unseen Force
Oh...I must admit this though... A resepctionist at a Mall? Huh? Do they really have those in India?


rookdygin in The Unseen Force
Hi folks... If the receptionist job description included monitoring CCTV for the building (more of a security position) or if they shared a desk with security who happened to be on rounds at the time. Then its possible the system was already open on a computer at the reception desk... If it was already open it would be easy to access the CCTV logs and review... Especially if the individual attacked wanted to see what happened to them.

As for what happened... If it happened... I would venture to guess a 'Former Supervisor' was not happy this individual was falling asleep on the job.


Dr Greer is a brilliant man Jerry, did you know after he spoke to Clinton they offered him a billion dollars to keep quite?...Here's a man who walked away from his medical profession where he was on about 1.8 million a year to take up the ball in Ufology for about 200, 000 a year... Offered an unbelievable amount of money and knocked it all back, because of the crime on humanity and the need for disclosure... One of your host from 60 minutes wanted to do a story on him and arranged to meet up with him at his house... Dr Greer received a phone call from this host who informed him, they wouldn't let him do the interview... Dr Greer asked, who are they? (reply) You know who they are Dr Greer and this is the big problem Jerry. They have mainstream media that tied up, there is no such thing as free press in the states any more IMO. The Citizens hearing on disclosure should have been a media's delight worth big bucks in advertising... The disclosure movement should have been offered millions in exclusive rights of coverage that should have had millions of Americans interested and watching the hearing. Not a whisper of interest from any of them in the press gallery of Washington of all places...I'll be called a conspiracy theorist, but I know bullshiat when I see it!
Hi ygs_sayan, I have the same questions as dreamer01 and lady-glow asked. Were you guys the only people in the restaurant and even if you were the only ones, what happened to the security personnel, who would be stationed in such Mega Malls.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

allesgute154 in The 'ghostly' Encounter
Somebody fainting after seeing a ghost is understandable. However, somebody suffering from a paralytic attack is unheard of. Also, typhoid is a fully-treatable disease in India and no longer claims fatalities, unless it's not treated well.
allesgute154 in The Unseen Force
Unless you're from law enforcement, it's very difficult to get access to CCTV logs of an establishment. This seems to be a scenario straight from a Hindi Horror TV serial.
allesgute154 in The Furballs And I
Oh Val! When I read about what you've gone through, it gives me a sense of deja vu. Your words 'seeds of self-doubt, and negativity are sewn at an early age, cultivated, and reinforced over a long period of time' are so true. I've suffered these very seeds, which grew into a mammoth tree, over time and made my life miserable, leading me to make wrong choices and it all became a vicious cycle. That was until I met good people and my life is somewhat better now. But those memories of belittlement, that too from your own parent, never go away. Suffice to say that I've severed all ties with my father because I don't want that nastiness coming into my new world. Now my only aim is to be a good parent to my daughter.
Also since you mentioned wearing a tulsi mala, It won't be of use unless it is made siddha, you can make it siddha by basically performing its Pooja everyday. Wash it water and then with milk and again with water. Then use it for chanting. Basically different kinds of beeds are used to chant different dieties. Eg for Shiv you need rudraksha, similarly tulsi need is used for chanting names of Vishnu. Use it everyday so that it get charged with your bhakti and will act has protection
Hi Sheetal,
I would like to suggest to have dhup and lobhan Burt in eve and have the smoke spread across the entire house. Also when you sleep, pray to your kuldevata/Devi for protection. Also have a cup filled with white rock salt kept in each room in corner change after every 15 days.
Also mix camphor and gomutra in water that is used to swipe the floor. Also would ask to read kavach of the deity you worship
Seemed to me most any moon could be a so-called 'witches moon'... What's different about it? Truly not familiar with what that supposedly means. And I suspect I would be, if it was a real thing. Sooooo.
Never heard of a witches' moon before. And I'm kind of a witch, more or less. Since 1990.:)
WillowWaly in The Unseen Force
I agree the story is weird. Really have no clue how lady-glow arrived at her thoughts, though. Links...?
RedWolf in I Am Ok
I wish that you had given mediums a tissue alert also.
When I first read this story I cried and so bad I couldn't write a response. I had tears streaming down my face with a lot of mixed emotions. Mostly happy ones that you finally got the message you had waited so long and needed to hear. Sad ones because because she died so young. Wasn't she on anti-seizure medication like Phenobarbitol? She would have been able to take that until blood work shows it is affecting the liver. Glad ones because you have friends like Elaine, Tim, and your boyfriend.
Wishing you well.
Sakie, I thank you. I appreciate your thoughts re the deal regarding Rahul.