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Arwen1957 in Mr Hyde In The Snow
Perhaps it was an unfortunate soul from a bygone time, that happened to step through a hole in time. Giving your Father a glimpse of him. In the era your Father thinks he came from anyone that was not right physically or mentally was hidden away and kept secret. The figure could have lived a hidden life and it is possible that few knew of his existence. Maybe he was in that time a secret no one spoke of. That would explain the o knowledge of someone looking like that
hi valkricry,
I think that was poorly described by me, I'm sorry. What I meant by lifting my head was actually stretching my neck to look towards the door while lying on my back. I guess an easier way to put is that if I was standing on my feet, that position would have allowed me to look up.

I don't think I sensed anything from it, but it was very determined in it's movements.

I did'nt hear a word of what was said. And I'm as torn about that as you are.

Thank you for your comment
Heya! I'm not sure if the famous call center you're refering to here in Baguio is the one I'm currently at. But anyway, the story is really similar since I have experienced that same thing its just that there are no voices. My friend has been promoted to admin and now working in the monitoring area. He mentioned that while browsing and checking the cams (CCTV) on all department floors, there was this little boy in the managers office playing with the seat. Turning it around. It was about day time and everybody is out (we work at nigh). Also one experience is that I was calling-in sick and I called too early and expecting a voice mail, but when it rang a woman answered it saying, "Hello?! Sino to?!" ("Hello? Who is this?") which is not supposed to be the reponse of the voice message. Also, it should be like "Hello, workforce how can I help you" something like that response. Now, I was talking to her and she keeps on repeating herself and on the background I hear children laughing. So, when I can't get anywhere, I hung up. Then I called back right after I hung up and got an answering machine.
odysa, quiet a scary tale! I am a tad confused though. You say you were laying on your back with your head towards the door, but then you lifted your head, while still laying down to see who was coming. You mean you rolled onto your stomach to do this? How you kept from leaping to your feet is beyond me! I know I would have. Serious Just out of fright if nothing else.
Yet... There seems nothing malevolent here. I must ask, aside from the natural fear one would feel at something that shouldn't be, what did you sense from the thing itself? The head in lap, and whispering seem almost as meant to be tender/comforting to me. Perhaps it was telling you that you were being watched over? I don't know. And I am torn about the whispering... If you had heard, what were the words - ones of comfort or of threat? Might be best that you didn't hear, but it would shed light on what you experienced.
Hey, Ari -
Dear Watson, please check out the story titled " The Guardians Island". It's...ummm...interesting Wink
Actually, I have heard of astral projection stones (crystals). In theory placing of a crystal to its corresponding chakra heightens the energy of that place, thus helping you achieve astral projection. They can be bought online and at many new-age stores. I'm sure many of you already know that for centuries many have believed in the 'power' or healing benefits attributed to various crystals,gems, and stones. Now, I could sit here and rattle off which crystals are considered 'best' to aid with astral projection, however, I think it would be beneficial for the OP to tell us which ones they used.
I hope you never have to go through it again thank you for replying.
All ways remember entity's from the shadow world feed on fear.
Have faith believe in yourself.
I wish you a safe and happy future Smile
Hi, MyeverynightEncounter! You're story is very scary. WTH! I'm really sorry that you're experiencing this. I hope someone on this site can help you. Sad

All I can say is for you to pray and believe in yourself. Have faith!

Stay safe. Hope you'll be fine. Happy
hey sheetal, I am from Dadar and I think that you also had some experience of such scary dreams.
But the day I returned to my home in Dadar I had a scary experience. When I slept at night I had hundreds of dreams continuously of people who had really miserable deaths and after each dream I use to get awake and was not able to move from my bed. And I was sweating badly.
To make something CLEAR,
MY intentions weren't to take credit for, Rook's, Work or Knowledge!
Only to pass on info that seemed helpful,
My HUMBLE APOLOGIES for caring for people other than myself, Weather I know them or not!
I will give ALL sources in Future.
hi Grace2020 I think that the things you wrote are probably right. She needed some help I have also tried to communicate late night the same day but she was not there
Anushkasabre, I liked your comment. Accoording to me she was a kind of every other modern girl wearing earphones holding a phone
Sorry guys for late reply, well according to the comments, ishan and ashley5, I wished to know abut her and I tried to see her the next day after this incident at the same place at the same time but she was not there and as my vacation was over I had to return home. And I am kind of new to that locality so I didn't tried to ask anyone but I will try next time
Frankly, I had never heard of the Astral projection stones but since this site has stories from several different cultures I let it go.

About the island you said:

"Tracey googled what she had seen and heard and the only thing similar to our story was a story about a little girl who went there and went a few times to look for some boy and ended up dying under the water fall."

Which lead me to believe that you had the name or some ideal of a location for the island.

This is one story that I should have seen as a BS because of the discrepancys.

Valkricry - I did catch that as well but after the posting I made. Trust you instincts is what I tell my kids and I didn't do that with this one.
Oops...shoulda thought 'bout that meself & put me query here Laugh

Don't sweat o'r it though Wink Only at your leisure Shy

Hi there hope you are well,
The cat is the key to your story animals can sense things.
The cat being scared or tence for no apparent reason is what you should take note of.
BUT I highly recommend you don't keep asking for a sign. You may start aggravating things to happen or invite something else in.
Don't use an ouija board in the house ether, you may get something that isn't what it's saying it is and you've opened the way for it to stay.
Or worse attach it's self to one of you.
Stay safe take care.
Sheetal, no I never discussed anything with my coworkers at the prison and never heard anyone mention any odd experiences. Now at my current job I've heard them talk about how they think certain rooms are haunted but I have never experienced anything thankfully (knock on wood). I wouldn't be surprised if many others at the prison experienced thing but kept quiet about it out of fear of being mocked.
Hi mate I am so sorry you are going through this, and for the loss of your Brother, My condolences to you and your family.
If you are guilty of something, Or even If you feel guilty for something you could not have changed really.
Make amends apologise to the living and the departed, It helps as simple as it sounds, A clear conscience go's A long way my friend.
Get ALL the people you know that Beleive you family and friends to all come over at the same time,
Get them to have ONE thought together, telling these shades you belong to them they can't have you, and all chant it together.
I am 39 years old,
When I was 13 my Bother who was 18 died in a car crash.
A couple of years later I was visited by, A red eyed entity, That froze me with fear when I seen it, It physically tapped me on the hand 3 time, I felt it, before it left me alone that night.
I haven't seen that entity again.
But after that I have had shadows or shades around me ever since.
I deal with the chill of them around me all the time even now they watch me, Smiling at me at your story.
I can only tell you how I deal with them.
But I have had years with them around me and they still catch me out at times.
They FEED on your FEAR YOU must NOT FEED THEM.
Think of fear as a jolt of electricity, A Shock.
It hits you but with humans US most people feel the jolt and hold it, we tense up and it clouds our thoughts, creating more Fear.
When I get hit with Fear I have learnt to let it ground out go strait through me as soon as I feel it.
As soon as I do I draw on MY inner strength, (My Chi if you like) But I know NOT to get angry, That is Food to them as well.
Self belief is MY key,
I you's my Chi which I see coming from my heart, (My Faith in myself) I surround my self in it and it radiates that they should Fear ME.
At that moment I am of one mind one thought,
I Fear NO man woman child or beast In this world or any other, and I accept my fate, What ever that may be.
My only thought is There coming with me,
I will destroy you,
About what ever it is, then I visualize in my minds eye,
Still looking at them ripping them apart, and feeding on there own fear of ME.
Once I do that I know (FOR ME) the only thing I have to Fear is Fear it's self, We create our own Fear.
As I said this is How, (I Deal with them).
I don't know if this helps you, but I will be thinking of you.
Stay safe take care BE Strong have Faith Believe in YOURSELF God Bless.
BadJuuJuu in Mr Hyde In The Snow
Yep Sonya, Dr. Hyde is indeed a fictional character.
Illuminati, as young as your father was at the time, and it being dark, it's possible his imagination filled in a few blanks on a shape he couldn't see very well in the dark. Really tough to call a one time sighting, at night, from a distance, by a very young child paranormal. Sorry, but I really think he just saw a neighbor.
pretty interesting. I'm just guessing the figure didn't mean any harm maybe it was just drawn to you.
Sorry about that I sent a message about it to the contact us link, My PC went haywire on me, I didn't think it went through so I submitted it again.
sand33p - could be that the woman you saw, after the 10 minutes or so it took you, had enough time to be out of sight when you arrived.

And honestly, as far as the stooped back is concerned, age has nothing to do with it. She could have had a bad back and just couldn't stand upright at the time you saw her. This I know from personal experience.
Dacom, in the future submit your stories once. There is no need to submit the same story under different titles. I've deleted the copy of this. Have a nice day.
Ari - I moved this over to your story to not detract from the o/p's story any more than we have LOL

Age brackets? Well, that's something we have mulled over many times and I'm still not sure we (anyone involved in the discussions) have exactly figured it out Wink I'll look and see if I can find the thread of one of the conversations that might explain it. I'll let you know if I do Smile
Hello Dacom,
Thanks for your comment. What you said is absolutely correct. Moreover, the feeling of our loved ones around us when they are gone isn't scary, it feels being blessed by them. I will share some more experiences which I had of late. Until then take care and thanks for reading. Smile
Hi hope you are all well,
Thank you all for your input,
And yes, I have learnt and tort my self to deal will with most situations, and Shield myself.
I have done Martial Arts for most of my life and have focused on chi training for that reason. Smile
Anabelle in Who Are You?
Sheetal-I would sometimes tell my mother about my experiences, but she never believed me. Her usual response was, "You're dreaming!" This would be her explanation even when I was wide awake at the time. My dad travelled a lot for work, so he usually wasn't home to tell. I did talk to him about some experiences that happened later, and he was rather receptive. My sister and I experienced some things together, but even so we really haven't ever talked about it. My brother and I were never very close, so we never talked about much at all. I've talked about my experiences to some friends, but overall I just hate getting that look, the, I thought you were normal, but clearly you are a wack-job, look. I tend to keep quiet about these things now, even when it comes to my family.
Dear Miracles, sds, rook,

Plagiarism makes Ari mad Mad Hope Dacom acknowledge next time Serious

Thank you Miracles for looking out, and sds for supporting. He has shared it somewhere else too. If he doesn't repeat it, then let's give him the benefit of doubt. Providing he doesn't do it again.
Rook said it is rude not to credit the source, but that is if done once. Twice done, it is considered intentional.

Thank you all for being there.


PS- A question that keeps messing with me head; what are the age brackets here on YGS to be considered a young adult, a middle-aged adult & a senior adult? Any idea/me curious Confused
Dr. Hyde an Dr. Jekyll is just a story right? Well I don't know though, sorry I can not help you. Sad
Miracles51031 in Very Scared And Need Help
sds - it appears Dacom saw my comment and took it seriously because after that, I haven't seen him sharing Rook's Cleansing Recipe.

Thanks Smile
Well this is Moth man like everyone say. Many people had see'n it and I don't know if its harmless or not. But it see'ms like it is harmless though. Just Google Moth man and then you will know more about him. Smile
Miracles, I appreciate your point of view and concur with your views. Because yesterday when I was reading another story, Dacom has suggested Rook's cleansing to someone else too. I think it was before you advised him. I hope he does change his ways in future.

Thank you very much for the response.

Regards and respects to you.

ShrimpLuke: welcome to YGS.
It is possible that the voice you heard, or believe hearing, was a product of your lack of sleep.
Does your mother talk on her sleep?
Did you check if someone was on the street? Perhaps what you heard was somebody talking outside.
You say your mother is sensitive to the paranormal, -has she ever heard your grandmother's voice before or after you?

Thanks for sharing.
sheetal in Who Are You?
Hi anabelle I've read your previous story and find that you've many experience in that house. I just want to ask did you ever discussed it with your family?
It sounds a bit like whatever it is is attached to her significantly she sounds a little like she's possessed I hate to suggest this but have you considered an exorcism? On the house and on her? That may get rid of it once and for all.
Hi, Anabelle I am agree with the other posters here... And I find this story sweet... Thanks for sharing Happy
it could be the voice of the grandmother you never met but there is also the possibility that it's not. Ghosts can be very knowledgeable.
Troyarn-thanks for reading my story. I think just the fact that it wasn't a good neighborhood to begin with and people realizing it was abandoned was what led to the arson.
Illuminati322 in Creepy Squeaking Sound
It sounded tortured and tormented, like it was feigning misery to mock me.
Thank you for your comment!
To answer, I was around 14 back then. And I don't remember the temperature as that was 16 years ago, but it was hot and humid enough my clothes were sticking to me with sweat.
I'm very sure that was not human... It was too tall and there was no back light to mention. 3 meters is almost 10 feet I think and I haven't seen a human that tall yet.
MandyyNicole in Creepy Squeaking Sound
Oh I know, I was just relating all the crazy noises animals can make. But a rubbery squeak... That has me puzzled. As I said, animals can make some weird noises so there's still that possibility... But a squeaky toy sound is not anything i've ever heard, and i've had rats, mice, and guinea pigs as pets. I'm stumped!
Illuminati322 in Creepy Squeaking Sound

That's the thing. It didn't sound like a dying woman, it sounded like a rubbery squeak. It didn't sound like it was coming from organic vocal cords, it sounded like an inorganic, synthetic sound.
Here's a question for the O/P...

Did your Friend Astral Project or did she have a recurring dream?

The first time you mention the island/waterfall she was Astral Projecting, the next time it's from a dream... That alone has me pulling out the BS BLANKIE... Add the AstralProjection Stones and a GOOGLE search to find out what the images may mean and it's my opinion that this STORY needs to be covered before it starts to stink up the place.

That of course is just my opinion.


PoliexterLy in The Guardians Island
It took me awhile to read this since this story is way too confusing and obviously fake...
Were you and your friend on drugs or something?
I know where your guardian angel is! -He is hiding from all the BS you are doing. Laugh

Where could I buy some "astral projection crystals"? -Do they sell them online? I'm interested on buying some, perhaps that way I could travel to my country without having to pay for the airfare, that is not cheap.
BadJuuJuu in Woman's Cry
I may have gone too far out on a limb lol. I thought a cougar, being a big cat, couldn't sound too different from other big cats. After a little reading, cougar vocal cords are more similar to domestic cats than to other big cats. I have heard cougars, but I've never heard a tiger. So, I apologize for speaking about stuff I know nothing about. Sad
elnoraemily in My Dog Came Back!
Oh Love

This is so sad. I am so very sorry for your pain; losing an animal is a very hard thing to have to go through.

This is sweet, though, that he would come back and let you know that everything is alright. Take your comfort from that- even if you can't see him, he still came to see you.
elnoraemily in Creepy Squeaking Sound
Mice or rats, I would guess, that sadly became something's dinner.
A stumbling stone for me, apparently you do readings on yourself? I find that odd, as most psychics have difficulty reading their own energy. While it isn't impossible to read your own energy, any reader that has done it for a long time, will tell you that you will benefit more by getting a reading from someone other then yourself. I also do not understand the layout that you used. You say you did a 'full reading' (which would have used both major and minor arcana) yet you used only 5 cards. A five card spread is generally used primarily for determining a course of action, hardly considered a 'full' reading, which would be better served by the Celtic Cross or a number of other spreads I can think of. Oh, I just noticed you used Oracle cards, not Tarot. Although the reading your own energy remains true, it does change the spread. Oracle is somewhat bantam weight, more for fun than serious reads. Just like comparing Shakespeare with Dr. Seuss. Ok, that is just my opinion. I guess the biggest difference is that Oracles are meant to be uplifting and tend to be one-sided, neglecting the down-side to a situation or question. So, yeah - wrong deck to turn to in such time as you describe.
MandyyNicole in Creepy Squeaking Sound
It could very well be that you heard an animal. I've heard a rabbit shriek like a dying woman, very unsettling. You wouldn't necessarily need to hear the paw-steps scampering off for it to be a cat killing it's prey either. Cats are quite stealthy little creatures. I think that explanation is most likely. Have you ever heard that noise before? Keep us updated if it happens again!
MandyyNicole in The Guardians Island
Oh my. BJJ is right on. I'm thinking the same thing.
However, if you are not making up stories, and if you really believe this is happening, stop. I think your friend is spinning stories for you... Or has an extremely vivid imagination. I think astral traveling can be done, and remote viewing, buuut... I highly doubt your friend's credibility. I do not think she "went" anywhere other than in her own imagination. All though, I have had an OBE myself and the way you described her breathing after "returning" is very similar to what I experienced. But, it's nothing you can't find descriptions for on google.

And. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely NO. WAY. That an angel would need your assistance. Really think hard about that. That is what sets off my BS meter.
MandyyNicole in The Red Eyed Moth Man
Ahh, an empath. In that case, I do believe you are probably just abnormally sensitive when it comes to paranormal things. I'm guessing the red eyed man passed through and decided to give you a fright just for the heck of it. How rude!
I am slightly empathic as well so I know the frustrations of being around those whose emotions are less than pleasant. Try imagining you are surrounding yourself in a protective white light, one that will bounce emotions of other people off of it before they get to you. If you don't do that already. It can help immensely.
elnoraemily in The Guardians Island
I am agreeing with BadJuuJuu.

In every way.

That is all I have to say to that.
Hi hope you are all well, I am 39 years old now.
To state something I have always had problems sleeping and it can take me up to an hour or two to get to sleep most nights.
I care for my Mum at the moment and she is in the other room and can confem this, on top of the recurring nightmares I've had since being A young boy.
I did not think it was a, (Moth man)
The title was meant to Be,
(The Red eyed Man)
My eyes are vary keen, and I also have hyper sensitive hearing.
I have friends of 20 years that can undoubtedly confirm this fact,
As I have told them of both sides of there phone conversation on regular occasions from rooms away when there not on loud speaker.
And at times tell them who's calling when there phone rings when I can't see the phone.
I have all so found later in life, In my late 20's that I am A low level empath, which annoys the buggery out of me around sad or angry people.
I would like the to state I never asked for this, I got born into A messed up family line and a slap stick of DNA became ME.
For the record, I am going to do my level best to be polite, but sugar coating is not my specialty.
I think one of two scenarios is happening here. Either you and your friend just wanted to tell a story and see if it could get published (my honest belief) or you two are extremely impressionable and have fallen prey to suggestion. Whether you are trolling or not, you need new hobbies.
In an attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt, I will offer this as advice. Drop the paranormal, in all forms. Drop interest in the occult, in all forms. It doesn't sound like either of you are mature enough to separate fact from fantasy, and I think any further pursuit of paranormal or occult topics will do you more harm than good. I don't know if either of you fully comprehend what an angel is, or what it's capable of, but believe me, no angel is weak enough to need you to come rushing in to save it's bacon.
Find. New. Hobbies.
BadJuuJuu in Woman's Cry
Ok, I could be going way out on a limb here, but meh. You say you live next to a large forest, and I know there are tigers in India. Big cats sound like the most horrible woman's scream, we have a few cougars in my neck of the woods, and they sound blood curdling. I'm wondering if the scream you heard could have been a tiger, and the dogs were silent because they didn't want to draw the cat's attention.
Anyhoo, that's what came to mind while reading this.
valkricry in Woman's Cry
Welcome Sudarsan,
I too wonder why your mother shouted when she did. Or am I misreading, and what is meant is she called to you asking why you were still up? (I have done that with my own children.)
It sounds to me as if perhaps you are becoming too focused on this one event. Try and put it out of your mind. Quite often paranormal events are a one time deal. Perhaps you can set the camera to record while you sleep? Or just leave the recorder running, and go to bed. Improper rest can lead to illness, and no one wants that.
MandyyNicole in The Red Eyed Moth Man
It sounds similar to sleep paralysis, but you had never fallen asleep... It could be that you DID fall asleep and didn't realize it, triggering s.p. Or it could have actually happened and been something passing through. I don't think it was anything akin to the moth-man though. From what I've heard, "moth-man" is typically seen by people (usually more than one) when some kind of disaster is about to take place. I also never got the feeling, from what I have read/heard of it, that the "moth-man" was evil.
The shadow people... Have you had an eye exam recently? It could be possible you are seeing "floaters" in your vision, which is pretty normal...or, you're most likely sensitive.

I do have one question though, how old are you? I have you pegged at about 40?
Gotta love how YGS classifies that as "young adult", eh? (:
Hi Stormsouls. Thanks for sharing your story. It is fascinating or should I say I'm fascinated with the people who can read cards and do astral projections.

Thinking about it, I think it is not safe to go to that "Island" hahah. Or maybe I'm just scared. Lol

Take care always. Hope you get answers to your questions. Keep safe. Happy
elnoraemily in Woman's Cry
Your English is lovely. The area you live in sounds quite beautiful.

I would suggest that you put it out of your mind and not focus on it, because that will cause you to become nervous and negative.

If you are feeling bothered or your friends keep getting bothered, I would do a blessing of some sort.
Hi makulit. It must be a "kapre". Lol
Old folks in the Philippines said that it is a supernatural being that is really big with red eyes and usually smoking.

Where did it happened? I'm from cavite. Happy
Anabelle in Who Are You?
This was the second story that I have submitted to this site; both stories happened in the same house. There were many strange things that happened in that house, and I plan to get them written out and submitted soon. I am not entirely sure that it was just a simple, someone died here and stuck around type of thing, though. The things that happened to me here were different than what I would experience later once we moved as a family, and once I moved out on my own. It was never just some farmer walking into a wall, or objects moving on their own. It always felt like something was screwing with me. That type of atmosphereis something that I never felt again, despite having had many other paranormal experiences throughout my life.
Oceanblue, on the up side at least you didn't experience anything super negative. But a prison hospital must certainly carry a double whammy when it comes to paranormal events. And if you happen to be either empathetic or sensitive, it must really play on one. Sounds like you made a wise choice to leave.
Micsoccer14 in Life Of A Sensitive
First of all, DO NOT EVER use a ouija board! They open up the doors to very negative spirits. They're dangerous, please don't mess with them. Please be careful around them...
Really interesting story! A prison is definitely full of negative energy just from the people within it themselves. It's not an easy place to work and I am glad that you are somewhere better now!
Hi Pebbles!
No offense taken. You could well be on to something. Growing up - well let's just say our relationship was less than idealistic. My story on here, Posession By Nightmare? Touches on it.
As Miracles' said, when I first found the missing piece, I didn't make the connection with my dad (or anyone else, for that matter.) I was just "wth?", so he might have decided to take things a step further. Perhaps, because on many levels I grew up without him there for me, he's just saying, 'but I'm here now,' and trying to be the Dad he should/couldn't have been.
Be nice if there is truth to that theory, I know there are somethings I'd like a 'do over' for! Smile
Micsoccer14 in Family Encounters
It sounds like your dad decided to stick around and look out for the family. While some events can shake you up a bit, I think they're very friendly events. You said the aftershave event happened right after he passed, it may have been you and your mom subconsciously trying to hold on to a memory of him. Or it could be your dad saying he's alright.
Micsoccer14 in Life As A Sensitive
I'll definitely do that, I just have to get the photos off of my old phone. It could take a day or two, given that my semester starts tomorrow.
Stormsouls in The Guardians Island
Hi Revajane, we don't know what the island is, however, there is an island near us to do with spirits and holiness, we didn't think of that... Thanks again Happy
elnoraemily in Who Are You?
Was this the only experience in the house or have you had others?
My story isn't as creepy... My dad had cancer and was in the hospital. The night before he passed away, our dog that we'd had for years howled all night long. You couldn't calm her at all. The next morning we get to the hospital to find that my dad had taken a bad turn, he passed later that day. She never howled like that before or after.
Hi makulit hope all is well,
Interesting story It would have scared most kids to see someone so close I think.
Could It have been a neighbor or someone walking home or traveling past the place that stop for a rest and a smoke before moving on maybe?
Stay safe all the best.
Hi Odysa hope you are well,
May I ask how old you were when this happened and the Temperature? You didn't say.
Please don't take me wrong, I am a believer!
Just to ask covering all aspects, are you shore it was not a human intruder, light behind someone would make quite a large shadow, I have to ask sorry.
That is a large figure you seen.
I have seen shades around me for a long time now,
But none that size.
It was for the best that you didn't listen to the words it said!
But It dose make me wonder what it was saying to you, With your head physically lifted into it lap just like you liked your sister to do!
The weirdest part of your story is it made sounds, Coming to the room and Leaving!
I have not known of A shadow to EVER be herd coming or going, except seeing A Blind-shutter sway or something light like that.
I hope you are well and safe and wish you all the protections that I can will to you.
The house is relatively old and when we moved in, our neighbours told us about the previous tenants. Nothing out of the ordinary and I haven't experienced anything other than this. We also knew the previous owner and he said nothing happened in this house. Although we did find a cross engraved in the backyard tree when we first moved in. It looked as if it was scratched in by kids. The tree got cut down a few months ago so I don't think it'd be anything to do with that.

But honestly, how could a bug make that much of a racket? It'd have to be a huge bug! It's hard for me to imagine. It would of had to be moving around crazily and frantically just one the one spot to be making that much noise.

Phoenix83 in Old Ranch House
Interesting theory Anabelle. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your thoughts.
Your story is fascinating.

Is the Island close to you? If it is I think you and Tracy might want to make a day trip.

Make sure you use all the protection you have available.

PS: For some reason I think you may want to take some Holy water with you.
Hi, Oceanblue Nice story... I can understand your decision to not work at prison hospitals. Prison is the place where you'll find the more negative energy and that energy forces you to think negatively. I am glad that you changed the job.

Have you ever discussed this incident with your colleagues? Curious to know... Confused
Hi, sds thanks for your reply... Our customs are really amazing and sometime meaningful. Happy
Hi, Dacom Thanks for your comment... You're right and I am totally agree with you.

Regards, Happy
It's not that uncommon in places that have had violent deaths.
Or deaths of people in great despair or pain to linger and repeat the event over and over again.
The Dangerous ones have been known at times to try to Lead others to there doom as well.
Beware in places like theres.
Be well stay safe bless the and your friend.
BadJuuJuu in My Dog Came Back!
I am sorry for your loss. Animals are an important part of life. They teach us patience, compassion, and above all unconditional love.
Love is eternal, although physical life is only temporary. I believe that the animals we've been blessed to share time with will find a way to let us know that they are alright, that although they've passed, their life continues, as does their love. It sounds like he wanted you to know he has found his way in the afterlife, and not to worry about him.
We had a beautiful dog, who passed. Our surviving dog was pretty lonely, so we adopted a dog for him. Having her join the household, although it was for Riley's state of mind, helped our grief a great deal. She couldn't replace our lost dog, but she filled the emptiness with a new joy. When you find yourself recovered from grief enough to consider a new dog, I think you should visit shelters until you find the companion that is right for you.
That's just my thoughts, and I truly hope you recover from your grief soon. Your dog sounds like he was a beautiful soul, and I know he would want only happiness for you.
Hi Flora12 hope you are well.
I think you answered your own question!
I have lost quite a few friends and relatives over the years, A lot when I was younger.
I believe I seen quite a few of them One last time before they crossed over.
I think She must have cared about you A lot.
For a spirit to have the power to Manifest is no easy thing.
Hold to that thought of her saying good by,
It's the true meaning of immortality, which is not living forever, It's being remember forever.
I hope I have helped in some small way,
Stay safe take care. Smile
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The best way to share your pictures would be to upload them to a photo sharing site, like photobucket. From there just copy/paste a link to your pics in the comments here.
Hope to see the pictures soon, they sound fascinating. And I think it's cute your great grandmother popped in to give you a lesson in manners. Laugh
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Rook - you're welcome Smile

Rook and sds - not only was it rude, but to me it's no different than someone plagiarizing a story from our site, or any other, and submitting it as their own. Rook, I know you know this LOL, but to make my point your Home Cleansing/Shielding Recipe says " (sandalwood or Dragons-blood works well for me) " which indicates ownership. Not everyone (especially new members) would know this is not Dacom's personal method of cleansing a home.

Like I said, this is no different than if Dacom had submitted a story that s/he copied that someone else had already submitted and had been published.
Hello Singha2014, Thank you very much for your compliments. Should we add spice to real experiences. I don't think so. And in real life situations especially in paranormal aspects, it is always matter of fact and 95% of the times, it won't even be dramatic like in movies.

Regards and respects to you.

btw, this s.h.i.t them evil spirits do to us, this is spiritual warfare, as a political representation of their rebellion against heaven. Its a high-level kind of war, but the principles of sun-tzu's "art of war" still very much applies. I think you will relate to this, you're a soldier.
hi dirtydishsoap.

I suppose there just are malicious souls out there who just love to bring as much harm to the world as they can, before it ends. Just as there are bad people living, when they die they don't automatically become good people.

These evil souls don't seek to gain anything. They want only to maximize misery where they can, because they have already lost everything (they already know they're going to hell). They don't want profit, they want you to lose as well alongside them.

In a way it is very likely they envy you, you still have a chance at going to heaven.

Hope this answers what has been bothering you. The event didn't happen to you, yet it motivated you enough to write something about it. One and one is two.
I know it's a bit late BUT,
Just wondering what were you watching?
The door part is weird, But I have seen doors and blinds move as well with no apparent wind or breeze.
Could you have herd your name in the show by chance?
Don't get me wrong I'm a believer! BUT!
But it's always A good start to look at the logical first Before you look else where.
As you said you have bad eye to start with!
When you lay still for a long time the blood in the body slows down.
So does your heart rate, Sitting or laying odd ways can restrict the blood flow and oxygen to the brain.
Which can make you see the white dots.
As for the sensation like you had a sleeping pill feeling,
You had been lying down you said then jumped up and run for the light switch.
Combining all those things together the blood in the body rushes to the brain unoxygenated Combined with the freight you got, You get what's called,
Dizziness, loss of Breath, Ringing in the ears,
And the feeling of being pulled down.
Most people, I have done it to my self, near collapse, Or they DO.
Lack of oxygen can play tricks on the mind is why I say all this.
You Said "YOU remember getting really sleepy (like YOU Had sleep medicine, right before you pass out) and laying back down".
MY question IS, Did YOU wake up on the floor near the light switch?
OR did you wake up in bed mate?
Just some other things there for you to think about as well mate.
I hope the doc helped mate all the best stay safe.
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I do have the photos, and I will try to attach them to this somehow. I don't think they are tricks of the lighting
Hi Val.
Maybe your dad is trying to make amends with you in some way. By helping to fix the damaged vase he once owned, perhaps in some way he is symbolically trying to fix the damage he caused to your relationship whilst alive.
I don't mean to be presumptious about something so personal, so please don't take offence.
As for the stripped and folded bed linen. Just wow!
Best wishes
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Hi Sudarshan... Welcome to YGS... Darjeeling is beautiful place and I want to see this place once in my lifetime. Coming to your story... You've mentioned the two other experience of your cousins... I think the solution is somewhere hidden in those stories. I would recommend you to talk with the elderly people of your village they must be aware with this happenings. Meanwhile I want to ask Why your mother shouted suddenly did she also experienced the same? Try to talk with your mother. Did you again experienced that voice?

Do not pay much attention at this incident and try to vanish it from your mind.

God Bless You Happy
wow... Seems like we have a similar experience, I have experienced something like this in a sleepover too
VermontVampyre in Life As A Sensitive
Wow! Do you still have the photos? Can you share them with us if so? Could the soldier and boy have been tricks of the lighting or whatnot?
VermontVampyre in The Red Eyed Moth Man
Holy Cheezus Christopho. I think I would have soiled myself right then. It is in my opinion that it was definitely a demon and that it was marking you to be haunted/watched by the shadow beings you see in your room. To what ends I do not know however.
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So did a little researching of Jashinism myself. I can understand why the OP would view a Demon to be his/her guardian spirit. Jashinism is all about slaughter. Anything other then complete destruction is considered a sin. That said I wonder how the OP can please Lord Jashin as in virtually all cultures wanton slaughter is a crime punishable by life in prison if not death?:/ Oh and I'm not calling the OP foolish for their choice of a manga based religion, anymore then I'd call Christians foolish for following what I consider to be an outdated standard for living from 2k+ years ago. To each his or her own... Even if it amuses the stuffings out of us XD
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I have read most of your stories, very good and genuine no artificial added to make it spicy. Original and Excellent.
This isn't exactly the same but several years ago my friends (they're sisters) had an answering machine hooked to their phone. Somehow the answering machine or cordless phone called people that were saved in the phones memory. They had no idea it was happening until the machine would tell them they had a new message... You could hear someone's phone ringing (like you're the one making the call) and then people saying hello. It was strange. My husband and I had matching cell phones that did the same thing. They would call people and record the ringing/answering as voicemails. The calls didn't show up in our call logs but we always had the voicemails.
Sheetal, even I pray that those girls rest in peace.
Thanx for the comments and concern...
God bless you:)
Your story is very interesting. I like the way you describe about where you worked, and I hope to read more interesting stories from you.
Dldr thanks for your reply... I am just praying that those innocent girl must get mukti... As soon as possible... Crying Crying