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Very Beautiful story! That's the presence of comfort and supportiveness, rather than hate or for the motive of scaring the people.
Midnight_Flower in Castle Leslie Haunting
I agree with Manafon1 regarding the wall of water possibly being mist. I've never heard of something like that happening but hey seeing is believing.

I can imagine you were terrified when you seen those things in your room. At least the entity didn't cause any real trouble. Seems like it was just observing you.

The vivid dreams may or may not be connected to the haunting. I personally get very intense vivid dreams when sleeping in a new place.

The view sounds absolutely beautiful. I would love to visit Ireland someday. Best of wishes to you and your wife. Thanks for sharing this story.
Melodie31293-Thank you for sharing your story, I also feel I have someone who has always been there watching over me, it's nice to know they are there. I did find your Mother's response strange though, if I had seen a tall man in my 15 year old daughter's room, I would be asking, "Who was in your room, I just seen a man!" Did she hear voices when she was about to walk in?
Thanks for sharing
Messing with Ouija board is like messing with your death. I m glad that no one is hurt. But have you ever discussed your experience with your parents I mean have you confessed that you and your friends have used Ouija board without telling them. Thanks for sharing your experience it was scary and I hope you don't experience this again.
"...When those tenants moved out they told my grandma that they saw demons in the backyard..."

Do you mean the neighbors used to mow the lawn at odd hours to keep the demons away? Confused
RANDYM--I think the reincarnation case you are thinking of was of a kid who remembered a "past life" where the submarine he was on was sunk in WW2 and he drowned. He subsequently went on to meet, as an adult, the family of the young man who died in the sinking of the sub and revealed bits of personal information he wouldn't have otherwise known, including that of another young man who drowned with him.

You might be thinking of another case but this was a rather famous one and has been featured on tv shows like Unsolved Mysteries. Again though, I feel this guy might just have been sensitive to picking up messages from the deceased person. If a person is particularly sensitive I see no reason they wouldn't able to receive even extremely complex and involved messages from a spirit. Perhaps these people who believe they are remembering past lives actually have mediumistic abilities that they are misinterpreting as past life memories.

As for needing to be in a physical form to learn certain lessons, since the spirit is eternal (theoretically), I don't see how or why time would come in to play and it would be necessary to return to human form. Man, lots of thought provoking ideas Randy! Cool stuff.
Great to hear from you too

Thanks and may I say I always enjoy your well thought out comments as well.

As to why only a select few seem to "remember" I really have no idea.
I think that for the most part we are really not suppose to remember but in a non perfect world I can only guess sometimes memories of previous lives slip through.

There are just many cases were reincarnation seems the only plausible reason for some people having the memories they do.
I am thinking of a case that I'll have to look back on and let you know what it is but I do remember it was about a boy of about 5 years old who began constantly telling his parents about being trapped in a crashing plane in WW2. He knew the name and type of plane. When his dad tried to debunk the idea of reincarnation by pointing out that the type of plane the child was referring to was not used in the Pacific theater he learned that for some strange reason the planes used by this particular squadron were in fact what his son spoke of. The boy knew his name from the previous life, the squadron, his best friend and other very personal details. All later verified as accurate.
Its the stories of young children like this I find the most fascinating because for the most part it more unlikely they have had the time and ability to gather this type of personal and detailed information. It just seems that reincarnation is the most plausible explanation.

Also may I add another idea.
Its been suggested that compared to life in the spirit world that a life on earth is very difficult and that while we can and do learn in the spirit world we may do so at a much slower pace. That living a human life is the only way we can learn some of what we must learn in order to move on to whatever our next place may be. We simply must have some of the experiences that living a human life
Provides and there is way too much to learn that 1 lifetime will suffice.

To me it is such an interesting concept and I can completely understand your point of view.
As for me, when I started thinking of myself not as Randy who is going to always be Randy but instead a spirit who is Randy during this day at "earth school" until I return to the spirit world and see the complete me it started to make a lot of sense.

Then again, sometimes when I think about it I just sit in a total stupor.

Thank Manofan for your thoughts

Confused Confused
RANDYM--I always look forward to your input. Of course I agree that there is no time, as a human understands it, on "the other side". I have discussed this many times on this site while commenting on other accounts. Indeed, your comment that a spirit could wait decades, in human time, before returning to bodily form is cogent. That is, of course, a possibility. I am open minded concerning reincarnation and appreciate the ideas you and Bokonon have put forward.

That said, I firmly believe that many (I certainly have no reason to say all) who die remain permanently in the spirit world. I agree that the time we spend in human form is a step in a journey of continual growth. Unlike those that fully embrace the concept of reincarnation, I don't think a person needs to return over and over to a human body to work through spiritual issues. These can be, I believe, attained in the spirit. It makes sense for the soul to experience flesh but I see no reason to come back, conceivably, hundreds of times.

You bring up a great point about those that die as infants, for example, needing to return to human form to learn. I can see that. I can also see the possibility that a person who feels they need to overcome a fear or weakness particular to human life, might want to return to face and learn from their experience. By the same course and reason, I can also see continuing on a path of "higher learning" without the need to have bones, muscle, organs and so on.

Your ideas on this subject are fascinating and I will ponder them further. Just one more thing, if reincarnation is supposed to be a continuing learning process, why are only a select few aware that they have lived previous lives? To my mind, moving from this human form to a spirit form is an unbroken chain. When it gets right down to it, we are speculating but I have to firmly state that I have never felt that there would be a need (except for the reasons I stated above) to have to return to Earth over and over to work out, what are after all, matters of the spirit or soul.

When it gets right down to it, as I stated in earlier comments, I just flat out find the idea of reincarnation depressing. Moving ever forward through stages of the spirit makes sense to me but dealing with "the flesh" for eons just doesn't float my proverbial boat.

First and foremost I would like to welcome you to YGS
I am glad you found us and a place full of warm and nonjudgmental folks with whom you can share your experiences without fear of ridicule
Also may I add I loved your story. So well written I could see it all in my minds eye.

Now I would like to jump into the reincarnation discussion
There was a time when I thought the whole idea of reincarnation was a bunch of hogwash. Then as I began to study it and reading a lot about Dr. Ian Stevenson and his many year study of the subject I began to question my beliefs.

Manofan I may be misreading your ideas and please correct me if I'm wrong. It seems you are saying that one reason you may doubt the whole idea is because of the time frame of people being visited by spirits decades after their death. In other words they are still in the spirit world. True, but we must remember that there is no time as we know it on the other side. I think that many people feel that if a person is going to reincarnate that they die and come right back, thus they wouldn't be in the spirit world. However, a person could be in the spirit world for decades (to us the living) or more before they are ready to return. So to us it may appear that a person stays there but in reality they just haven't gotten back here yet.

My way of thinking on it is this.
We are spirits that leave the spirit world and come to earth in human form to live and learn. Just as a child couldn't learn all he or she needed to graduate by attending class for one day or one semester, we can't learn all we need to move on in one lifetime.
A person who lives a lifetime of being spoiled rich would have no concept of being homeless and vice versa. It takes being both to understand. A child who dies at age 2 hasn't had the chances to learn all it needs. You get my point.

We tend to think of ourselves by the limits of which we know ourselves at the present time. I tend to think we are so much more and the truth of ourselves is veiled from us while we are here. It would have to be. Its all we can do to handle one human life in the present at a time. We could't get through the day if we had to also deal with all of the emotions,guilt's,etc. Of previous lives.

I think when we die we return to the spirit world from which we truly belong. We reflect, we learn more, we grow and then, when the time is right and we are ready and have the desire, we return for another human life built upon things our spirit must work on to grow more until it reaches a point where it has learned and advanced enough that living a human life is no longer necessary.
Just like school, we graduate to the next level. Our days of "earth school" are over.

Those are my beliefs.

Sorry to be so long but I think this is a fascinating subject and
One that really effects us all
Very interesting! I have never heard of something quite like that happening to anyone before... It's too good a coincidence to just be a coincidence I think, if you have another dream like it log it down somewhere and anything that might happen that could be related to your very odd 'dream' if it even was a dream! I'm quite new to this site and paranormal in general, so I'm not too sure what to suggest it was or what to do other than record (if any) future events. I will probably post some of my few experiences at some point.
Ann4shadow in A Special Bond
Dear Geetha, I have read everyone of your stories and I really think you are a very special person. I doubt if you will ever read this message because it was so many years ago that you were on here... But just in case... I felt the need to let you know that your stories really helped me and they mean a lot to me. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful life! I hope you add more stories someday...
Twilight1011 in Something Dark
That's really interesting to know about him. I don't know why I never thought to look up on him lol. From what I was told though, where they actually shoot the sets at, is in Canada. And I think that's also where Jared (Sam) lives as well. I want to say Jensen too. It blew my mind to find out that Jared was really married, and had kids with, the demon Ruby. It's nice to know just how close they are now. Before the series, they didn't know each other, and now their very close, and Jensen was even Jared's best man, in his wedding. Eric kripke definitely has one awesome imagination though. I dread when the show comes to an end. At least they went far past the season they thought they wouldn't (season 4 or 5 I think). Definitely a show that makes you think about! Also, I learned that Jared's middle name is the same first name as my middle son, Tristan Happy
I would also like to add that although, I added my post as a consideration as to the likelihood of reincarnation as part of human life, I do not have the answer as to whether; one reincarnates, moves on to a spiritual plane which is eternal or something else.

On an additional point, I do feel it has a lot to do with the person. As a Pisces, according to Linda Goodman, I am supposed to have lived each star sign in a complete life cycle and be on my last life as I have attained "my" lesson and "graduated" spiritually. However, I am honestly one of the most naive people and have much to learn in life! In addition, this debate leads on to the philosophy that people/spirits are existing on different levels of consciousness and have been, throughout time. Meaning, it is a natural course for some people/spirits to reincarnate, some to move on to a spiritual plane, others to experience circumstances which have not yet been clarified (ghosts et cetera) and other idealogies and elements, theories of contingency/ies.
Wish-Not--There could very well be a choice! I guess my digression on apparitions was to simply point out that reincarnation doesn't seem to be something that everyone goes through. As Bokonon suggested, maybe some spirits resist moving on after death. My problem with that thought is that I have had, I guess one could call them "positive answers", from my deceased parents that they are together and happy. Not "traumatized and emotionally unable to move on", which was an idea Bokonon had about why some people encounter what are known as ghosts.

Certainly I hope there is an option on what happens after we die. I really want to emphasize that my opinions are just that. I have come to have them by reading a lot of books on paranormal subjects. I have also had a number of paranormal experiences that have reinforced my beliefs. Clearly Bokonon and others have had experiences that they feel reinforce their beliefs. There very well could be a number of "after-life" possibilities.

I do like the idea Wish-Not, that our personal mindset (as you put it) could determine which direction we head after kicking the bucket. My digressions were in response to Bokonon stating that reincarnation is an "absolute fact of human reality." I just don't think it is. As YGS is a site dedicated to the subject of ghosts, I just wanted to speak up in their defense Happy . This has been a great discussion everyone!
Hello there! Good thing nothing happened to you! I remember my aunt use to warned us about this summoning a spirit. Here in the Philippines we call it spirit of the glass game. They actually played it before when she was in college and the worst thing happened is that one of her roommate got possessed by an evil spirit and we're gone totally crazy. That's why even if I am curious about how this thing work I just couldn't do it. Thanks for sharing by the way.
Good ideas, Manafon. Yeah, I do think that if reincarnation exists then it must be a choice or a process my tiny primate brain will never understand. Because there are apparitions that show themselves or are seen over time... Such as families moving into houses and encountering the same entity. The world is a mystery novel.
Manafon1- I guess in my ramblings I missed my mark. Laugh I do that a lot too.

What if there is no "norm". What if both or all options are possible? Why would one not work with the other?

What if it was determined on our own personal mind set which direction we head after our demise?

I know, there is a bunch of "what if's", but I believe (personally) that there are many options. Certainly more than I was raised to believe.

Rambling again, sorry
Bokonon and everyone else following this thread--There is one more aspect I feel is worth addressing when considering whether reincarnation or moving on to a "spiritual realm" occurs after physical death. If reincarnation was the norm (as Bokonon feels is the case), I don't feel there would be the thousands of well documented cases of veridical (or truth telling) apparitions that have been reported down the years.

Ghosts of loved ones appear time and again in well attested case studies to impart messages as simple as,"I love you", or, "We will be together again one day", to incredibly complex cases involving ghosts who visit a person to impart information (on where an item of importance is for instance) and on occasion request a task be carried out (the well documented case of Mrs. Goodeve which can be found in Andrew Mackenzie's book Hauntings and Apparitions is a great example) which are indicative of spirits intent on communicating messages from "somewhere else".

If reincarnation is what normally occurs after death, there would be far fewer cases of these veridical types of apparitions. It's important to note too that although many such messages from spirits happen very soon after the person has died, there are also a huge number of well attested cases in psychical literature that show that the spirits of loved ones can visit a living person even decades after their death to provide a comforting word or to pass on information it considers important. If these well documented cases are to be believed, it suggests the spirits of the deceased are existing "on the other side" and not being instantaneously reincarnated.

Of course, reincarnation may occur. I have no way of being positive it doesn't but the vast number of reports of ghosts visiting the living to convey simple to complex messages after death suggests to me that the spirit, or soul, moves on to another realm and not another physical body.
So, 5 years later... I'd love to know what happened and if you got rid of him?
To Everyone on YGS addressing the topic of past-lives or reincarnation... Wow, it actually sounds quite intimidating when you put it that way, um, I would definitely like to share my thoughts, too!

I was raised Catholic and never had any reason to believe that I had lived a previous life or in reincarnation; no memory imprints, dreams or strange feelings, or anything really substantial which would make me feel that reincarnation may be a factual, occurring or re-occurring, component or circumstance of human life. When I first heard of reincarnation, I absolutely believed it to be preposterous, complete nonsense! I didn't understand how people had even come to believe in such an absurd belief?!

However, I had a near death experience in my mid-twenties which drastically changed my point of view. Initially, I experienced what many experience when first dying which is an uncomfortable, sortof, unreal, confusing blackness or darkness. Subsequently, I flew up and out of my body. Now, I could not see my physical body while taking this journey, nor did I make an effort to check; do I still have arms or legs? I just flew up and while doing so, I felt an absolute bliss and peace which correlated with a feeling of eternal joy. I was resuscitated or 'brought-back' before I got to meet any person, spirit or saintly being.

I do remember, at this point, pondering heavily on the likelihood of what would have happened next. The thing that seemed 'most' likely to happen, would be re-incarnation! Not immediately, I do not know what process would happen in between; would I meet a spirit or saint first? Would they discuss my life as it was on earth? I don't know... But, being in that form, that form or 'ball' of energy... And, thinking about the emotions that accompanied the journey at-hand, made me think, it would be most likely, I would fly into a tree or baby or what ever! And, "my" cycle of life would re-begin.
Bokonon- I am going to take the middle road on this subject. This is why I find this conversation so fascinating.

For myself personally, I have had no experience with reincarnation. However, I am not one to discount it for that reason. I have had to deal with individuals that discredit my experiences only for the reason they have never had an encounter or their believes told them it "isn't" possible. They will rationalize what they don't know.

I was raised by bible thumpers who used the good book when it suited their agenda. As I grew older I began to question certain things. Well that went over like "a turd in the punch bowl" Laugh

As a "Middle age adult" I try to remain open to the things I don't know or understand. There are so many layers of existents that I don't want mine restricted by a box. Does that make since?

Anyways, I'm rambling again. I do that a lot Laugh
However, there sure is a whole lot of smoke without the possibility of a fire.

Loved your story as well! Have a great weekend Smile
I read your profile Tweed when I first got on YGS and it was magical. I am open minded to all kinds of things existing and not existing but reincarnation is the one thing I am really really not comfortable with unless it's a choice (in which case I opt out... I'm not really one for participation). I do not like the idea of finally dying and then having to be thrown into the circus of life again. NOPE. I don't like the roll of dice chance I could be a child with malaria in my next life or a rat stuck in someone's tantalizing cheese trap seeing my way out again for more tortures of life:/ I'd rather just chill with the ghost homies.
wish-not - I thought that might be the case LOL Although my Facebook account has decided not to notify me of new comments Laugh
Miracles- I just find these conversations fascinating. With other media outlets one can "click" on an option that notifies you when something is added.

In this case, I can easily find it from my profile page from my comment Smile
wish-not - huh? Laugh I'm confused. Are you having trouble seeing the comments on this story? Or are you suggesting the admin add something that will notify you/us that there are new comments?
haha Wish Not, that really made me laugh!

Bokonon, I'd also like to thank you for explaining your beliefs.
I feel the same as Manafon regarding reincarnation. I even have a pretty sarcastic (in a nice way) spiel about it on my profile.
I guess the biggest problem I have with reincarnation is that it's final, 'the second death'. I was raised to believe in it, but I never liked it because it felt connected to low self esteem. Eg: 'I play piano because I did so in a previous life' (ah, no I can play this piece because I practice all the time and have no social life - haha true!)

Also, growing up around a woman with multiple personality disorder informed my opinion that memory is nonlinear. You could ask her alters (the ones who were sociable at least) and they'd go on about their own childhood, some even had parents. I feel psychiatric disorders are an extreme manifestation of the normal human experience. In that we all have those 'memories' or those 'alters' but, unless we've had a traumatic past which lead to our developing mind fracturing, we, 'normal' 'sane' people merged these parts of ourselves into one. I'm not suggesting you have a psychiatric disorder lol, but that everyone is capable of tapping into that emotional realm of perception, as certain psychiatric disorders express our human extremities. I hope that makes sense!

Taking notes Wish Not? Lol Laugh
Bokonon - I enjoyed reading your experience. As I was reading it, I was left with the same impression as Biblio: the entity mistook you for someone of a lower class (blah!) who dared enter the front door of their home, unannounced and uninvited. I mean, seriously, how dare you! Smile Anyway, that was the thought that ran through my mind. Once you were off their property, you were no longer worth their attention and were not considered a threat.

I want to add my experience with reincarnation, if you don't mind. A few years ago, I enrolled in an Akashic Records class. One of our homework assignments was to see if we could find out who we were in a former life and how it applied to our current life. I did. And it explained so much about why I am the way I am.

I am not prejudiced, racist, sexist or any other "ist". I am obsessive compulsive and had no idea why. To me, everything has its place and needs to be returned there. All of this was revealed by taking a trip into the past. I found out in one lifetime I was a male black slave. It explained so much to me. After a second trip into the Akashic Records, I realized I didn't need to know anymore. At least not at that point. Maybe in a few years I'll take the course again Confused
Bokonon--We will just have to agree to disagree. I respect your conviction. I really have to state though that my experiences with family members and friends who have passed on does not support reincarnation. Can I be sure it doesn't happen? Absolutely not. There are many compelling stories, yours included, that provide a lot of food for thought. Equally, as the existence of YGS can attest to, there are a lot of well reported cases (mostly of the personal experience variety) which suggests that the soul moves to what could be described as a "spiritual realm" after physical death.

As I wrote in my first comment to you, if there is a choice I choose not to come back. At least not as another person. As a ghost maybe Kidding .
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Manafon1 - no, they were not psychic impressions of other people.

I was shown quite clearly who I had been, people in my past families and places I had lived. I was shown the progression of all those lives from one to another and how that progression ended at this one with the 'me' I am now.

I was shown that someone in my current family (my maternal Grandmother) had been my child about 6 lives ago. She and I had always been particularly close when I was a child and when I was shown we had been closely related in that previous life, our special relationship made complete sense to me.

You may indeed be at the end of your cycle.
Miracles51031 in Something Dark
Twilight - one thing I am so happy to be able to say is Eric Kripke is from Ohio Laugh , which explains why so many of the episodes take place, or at least reference, Ohio.

I have often wondered, and even mentioned it on one of val's stories, where some of the lore comes from. Yesterday I Googled and found that he has always been fascinated by the paranormal and studied different cultures, their beliefs, fears, etc. (I'm totally paraphrasing here LOL.) I often wondered if there was some traumatic paranormal encounter in his background but apparently it all comes from research, and probably a wild and creepy imagination Laugh

But this remains one of my all-time favorite series Love I really like that Sam and Dean learn, or are taught, that some of their life-long beliefs are proven wrong.
Bokonon--Thank you for your thoughtful explanation of why your belief in reincarnation is so powerful. I now understand why you have such a deep and personal conviction.

As I wrote in my initial comment to you, I am not on board with the concept of reincarnation. I have had paranormal experiences throughout my life that, for me, have suggested nothing other than the spirit moving on to another realm.

I have never experienced anything like you describe, so it has not informed my opinion. It seems in your belief in reincarnation that the human soul does, at some point, leave this world. I just have a profound conviction that when I die I will not be returning in another human body. Maybe that just means my "human cycle" is complete.

Do you think it possible that some of what you believe to be your past lives were instead psychic impressions you were able to pick up from other spirits? I have often thought that what many assume to be visions of their own past lives are psychic impressions/messages that are sent by spirits and picked up by particularly sensitive people.

I can tell your belief in reincarnation is profound. At the end of the day I guess we will find the answer at the end. I just have an equally passionate conviction I will be moving on from this world when my time is up. Thanks for sharing your perspective.
Manafon1, to say it would be a long story to tell why I am convinced of reincarnation is an understatement. To type it all out would amount to a novelette. And frankly, it's just so powerful and personal for me, I don't care to share details in a public forum.

The summary is that from the age of 10 - 12, I had a large number of powerful experiences/flashbacks to multiple previous lives. These were intense and smacked of absolute credibility. They were the most powerful, influential experiences in my life.

And just FYI, these occurred before I had heard of reincarnation. It wasn't a concept to me until 'the evidence' was displayed to me very clearly and personally. I remember at one point I saw a reference to reincarnation sometime a couple of years after my own experiences and thought, "Oh! So this is something other people know about!"

Let's just say to have those experiences and then get up every day, be a normal kid, ride my bike to 5th grade, etc. Made for an interesting, thoughtful childhood.

Some of the things I learned in these experiences: to be racist or sexist is to be ignorant. I was various 'races' in various lives and both genders. Our bodies are just temporary vehicles of consciousness that we 'wear' like clothing for each lifetime. Our human essences (souls?) are inhabitants of these temporary bodies and are essentially all the same stuff as everybody else.

Whether you 'wear' a male or female or black or brown or white body is basically a coin flip. We're all human beings.

As far as 'moving on' is concerned, I know that's going to happen for me, so probably all of us. I was shown quite clearly that this current life is my last turn on the human wheel. I was not, however, given the knowledge of what is coming afterward.

As far as ghosts/paranormal entities are concerned (like the one I encountered!) my thought on that -- which could of course be wrong -- is simply that some people are so traumatized and or emotionally unable to move on, that they somehow resist 'recycling' and hang around as disembodied life-forces for long, long times. Just a theory on my part.

So -- when I was 10 - 12 I was given the knowledge and certainty of reincarnation. Then 8 years later, I 'met' the column of smoke in the Pilgrimage house. Two very powerful and very different experiences. I've had no similar experiences in the rest of my life. I just know that -- ghosts/entities are very real. I would no more touch a Ouija board than a live cobra. If you open a door - well, you don't know what will come through it.

I also know I've been here before -- and since I'm probably not special -- that's probably the common, human experience.
Hello Biblio - I am truly honoured to receive your comment on my story and writing style. No, I am not going to apologise for apologising too much in my two stories!
I am very aware that you are an English teacher and librarian. I have been reading this site for a few years and feel as though I know some of the regulars.
Regards, Melda
Oh! I thought you were disappointed by the lameness of the haunting! LOL! If MY house had been split up into apartments and decorated so horribly I would haunt it myself!

Thank you for reading my tale! When I googled the address just a few weeks ago, I noticed that it looks nice these days. It is painted a blue grey, in the 60's it was yellow with black trim! YUK!

Mother of Beagles
Greetings, Melda, and welcome to YGS.

You write in a clear, honest manner; you focus upon relevant details while excluding unnecessary description; and, most importantly, you are specific about your doubts in your recollection of events. I do have a minor critique (if you'll permit me to be an English teacher for a moment), which is that the flow of your account is interrupted by unnecessary apologies. You've got a great writing style, so be faithful to your current approach in recounting your experiences and write as many sentences as you need to tell your story clearly; we'll read it!

Looking forward to more of your experiences,
Orangepulp123 in Breathing
Gosh Evelien! I felt goosebumps upon reading this part "After a few minutes later the breathing was so close it felt like it was above my face." I can't imagine myself being in your shoes I might gone crazy if I was! Good thing nothing happened to you. I have experiences before that I just totally ignore coz in our culture if you just ignore them they couldn't get hold of you if you do then you gave them the power to overcome you. But this one hell no! God bless to you and your family... Please share again if something very unusual happen. Take care!
Twilight1011 in Something Dark
Wow! Just read what tweed posted (the kid who claims his family are "hunters"), and wow lol. These fans are going overboard! He really wants someone to believe that he's telling the truth though. I notice he wrote that a lot in other people's comment's. I just highly doubt that his life is just like supernatural. I bet his mom was also killed by the yellow eyed demon too Laugh
Twilight1011 in Something Dark
I'm so happy to hear from you Happy . No I haven't read that until now. All I can say is omg lol. He really felt VERY confident about that comment Laugh . I believe there is some truth to this show, but as you said, I wouldn't recommend digging up someone's grave, and burning their bones lol. Makes you wonder just how far this "Sam Winchester" has actually gone into character. I'd only hope he's not out there traveling in stolen vehicles, using fake credit cards etc. As well as digging up, and burning bodies lol. Not sure if any of the stores around you had this AMAZING deal around Christmas, but I found season 11 (which I'm sure you know cost over $30), for like $10! I couldn't believe it lol. I paid more for other seasons that were older. The only ones we need now is 5 & 9. Hopefully when 12 comes out, it'll have a special on it's price around Christmas too. I've also noticed a lot of comments on here, where people bring up their show. I love it. Glad to find another that's in love with it too!
Rajine, this was a very intriguing and spooky story! I find it so sad that they never found out what happened to her son, very sad indeed. Maybe, he was trying to give a clue about what happened to him? Or, maybe it was a residual haunting?

I do hope your Uncle was okay, in the end. Please do share more experience if you have?

Thank-you for sharing this with us!
HiddenWriter, this is a fascinating and frightening story! I can only imagine how scary it is to be told that when you were a child, you made a promise to love someone or "partner" with someone later in life. I think, a big reason and what made a huge difference to the situation is that you do not recollect this person or the promise. It means, you made that promise when you were too young and "innocent" to fully understand what arrangement was being made which makes it incredibly unfair, and that is not allowed.

Thank Goodness you were able to find the right help and sort the problem out, although I do hope you manage to sort out the issue with seeing your previous house.

An awesome experience to share, very personal, emotional and individual; thank-you for sharing with us. Best luck in your future.
Jazzisepic in Table Tipping
Hey Kindly,
I liked this story a lot. I looked at the pictures and I cannot believe what I saw! Must of been creepy being there in person!
Jazzisepic in Voices In The Factory
Hello Kindly,
Good story. I sometimes hear voices in my house I live in and sometimes I hear my baby sister taking to someone who is not there!
Jazzisepic in The Moving Chair

Nice story. Love a good story about stuff moving!
Maybe a ghost lived in your home and moved it.
Hi Kindly Refrain,
Its me again sorry I have been a bit inactive for a few months things going on in my life. Loved your story, I agree with you that your mother would want your brother their when she died.
It's something I think my mum would do if she was going to die.

Hope all is well, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year.

Yours Jazz
Miracles51031 in Something Dark
Tweed - did you miss this one? Wink Personal opinion, but I think Mazahir and SamWinchester are either the same person or brothers.


Some speculative reading material for the discerning Supernatural fan:

Oh yeah. Wink

Disclaimer: Never actually watched this show. Though am rather partial to a spot of Medium. But for a good old fashioned fictional ghost story show I recommend Marchlands. Mini series following the history of a haunted house through the perspective of three families who lived in it at different times spanning three generations. Told with nonlinear time sequences. Very cool. No explosions or hunky guys, however, *yawn* Kidding
Valkricy, I totally agree that it's possible a sibling could've been the real suspect of who put the board back together (though they say it wasn't). It would make a lot more sense, as it would take the spirit a lot of energy to do so. Unfortunately this is a second hand account, and I was recalling the information given to me about the event (I won't be posting stories like this in the future, only my personal experiences). Currently, Aby is no longer terrified (so she says) and can sleep at night, and doesn't pay much attention to it. She understands at this point that the activity so far is harmless, and she knows now that she has more control over the situation than she thought. She has become more religious since this occurred and feels better having crosses in the house. However, nobody was willing to make another board and reopen the session in order to say goodbye correctly, and the activity is still taking place (doors opening and closing, shadows, knocking). We are planning on blessing the house.
Miracles51031 in Something Dark
Twilight - absolutely! I'm at work right now but will try and get back to this when I can. I still need to buy Seasons 9-11, and 12 when it's available Wink
Oh my... This is sad... Was your uncle OK anyway?
It is very interesting that even after the person is gone his/her spirit would still do whatever that he/she liked.

How terrifying for your friends! I urge you to listen to what Rook had to say.
You might also suggest to Aby talk to her priest/minister/elder about what she is feeling, assuming she has some religious affiliation. Fear, especially in someone so young truly feeds on itself. Let's suppose there was someone else in the house (another sibling perhaps) that decided to play a prank on the girls by putting that Ouija back together. I'm not saying that is what happened, just giving you a scenario. So, the girls are totally freaked out, but Aby can't let go of her fear. Every movie, and story she's heard about Ouijas starts playing in her mind, and her fear causes her to believe it's happening. Her mind starts to generate even more fear. Understand?
Now, let's say everything happened as it looked, no prank involved and Aby is suffering all these terrible things. Rook's advise will help, and so will counseling from an adult she trusts.
Just to reassure you (and others) rambling and lengthy posts are not always one and the same. A rambling post is lengthy and confused or inconsequential.
Synonyms:long-winded, verbose, wordy, prolix; digressive, maundering, roundabout, circuitous, tortuous, circumlocutory; disconnected, disjointed, incoherent
Yours made total sense.
You're still fairly new here, so you may not be familiar with this 'rule', taken from the Comments Guidelines:
"... It's fine to share what your religion has to offer as a possible explanation, but everyone has their own, they certainly don't come here to be converted, so please, don't push it on others as irrefutable fact."
The taps on the shoulder... When my mother was going through her terminal illness, she use to tell me, "After I'm gone, if you feel someone pat you on the back, and no one's there, don't be afraid. It's just me saying hi." Maybe, that's what was happening here? The spirit letting you know they were there, and wanting to know what you wanted?
Hi Andy,

Far out thanks for sharing. You endured one of my fears, being tapped on the shoulder by a ghost! Stupid fear, don't know why I have it. I've felt pressure on my shoulder and arm and that didn't bother me. But a hard tap does, ridiculous I know. I don't know if I could take being tapped frequently like that, eek!

You've helped justify my not entering our own 'ghost room' sometimes. Just feels 'occupied' every now and then, but not in a nasty/scary way.

About your Christmas moment I wonder if the atmosphere in the house, while you were telling everyone about your decision to sleep in a tent lol, I wonder if the high fear factor had something to do with the power outage.
My husband and I had a similar experience. He's a horror fanatic and doesn't scare easily when it comes to fiction. Neither do I. When we first got together I told him the only film to ever truly scare me is The Woman In Black, 1989 BBC made for TV film. Not the crappy recent remake, that didn't exist back then. You're middle aged and from the UK so I assume you know the original. Anyway, as per the usual, we watch cool stuff with the lights off. Right at the pivotal point during *that scene*, yes *THAT* one, the power went off. Talk about suffer in your undies. The surrounding houses and street lights remained on. We think our combined fear might have had something to do with it. Not really a ghost, husband joked that we'd summoned her lol, but we think something was going on with our emotional output and the electricity supply. That sounds bonkers now that I've typed it. I don't know, but it's interesting. Your Christmas moment has really got me thinking about this, glad you included it.

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed this.
I would suggest stick with what works. Acquaint yourself with the gospel and accept Jesus as your saviour. The Holy Spirit He will give you will deter these attacks, as you've seen with your mom. Doesn't make sense to keep looking for shamans / mediums.
H2olily in Heritage Home
Check out The F St Apartment, Eureka, CA story on here by Beagle Mom. It's almost identical to your story. Hope things are better for you now.
Twilight1011 in Still Afraid Of The Dark
But to the OP, I wouldn't feel embarrassed about being afraid of the dark still. I'm almost 30, and I'm still afraid of the dark. Like you, it was a fear that started when I was younger. At first my theory was, to sleep in the dark, because if something was really there, then I don't want to see it. But after so many frightening experiences, I felt that I hated not seeing if something was there. Luckily with my husband by my side at night, I can sleep in the dark again, but that took a few years before I was able to. It didn't help that my husband hates any kind of light on, when he goes to bed, so with so many years of him dealing with my fear, I felt it only fair for me to try and see if I could sleep in the dark again. As for your child, what I told myself before I had kids was, if they ever come to me in fear of seeing something (which with my oldest, did happen allot), I wouldn't just brush it off, and tell them it was nothing. Knowing that there is other thing's out there. I try to be honest to my kids when it comes to stuff like that, but not scaring them over it. Hopefully thing's have gotten easier for you by now. Best wishes to you.
Thanks Val and Miracles. I know that those comments were not directed at me Miracles. Still the post was long and as Val said lengthy comments are, at times, irritable. That's why I said. Thanks for the understanding.

Regards and respects to you both.

Twilight1011 in Still Afraid Of The Dark
Sorry but just have to say this to miracles, I absolutely LOVE the show "Supernatural"! Me and my husband are huge fans! We almost have every season now. Except for 2 (not meaning season 2, but 2 more seasons). But I've wanted to bring up some thing's with that show, that I've came to realize, has a lot of truth to it. It makes you wonder who exactly Eric Kripke really is. But not trying to take up this OP's thread. So if we could talk more about the show, and the thing's in it that seem to have a lot of truth to it, under one of my stories I've told, I'd really love to hear from you, as well as any other's that would like to talk more about it Happy
Have you been to a doctor? I would suggest for you to read some material related to "wet dreams" and see if this fits your experiences.
It would be a good idea to start a journal and record when you have these dreams and check if they follow a pattern within your hormonal cycle.

Be wary of shamans and witch doctors that may be just taking advantage of your fears to make an easy buck.

Good luck and thanks for sharing.
Thanks, great account. I think the entity you saw was evil, perceived the goodness in you, dangerous to itself and wanted you gone. I don't think you lied to your girlfriend, you really felt ill.
H2olily in Interweb Stories
The reason I don't read the ouija stories on here is because of the possibility of spiritual oppression. Who knows what portal was opened? Creepy stuff happens, let's not open ourselves up to it by messing with boards or even reading about them.
Excellent account, thank you. My family lives in NorCal so I enjoyed. Even the descriptions of the rooms were interesting, green linoleum and shag carpeting were de rigeur in the late 60s, early 70s when I was a kid. Disappearing cookbooks, that is unacceptable. Explainable as pranks or gaslighting, but not likely...
GypsyDancer2005 in I Heard Him Clear As Day!
I agree with Rookdygin. We were never told spirits and demons didn't exist.

My family has had several experiences involving loved ones that have passed away, as well as darker entities.

I'm not certain where you got that information.
Wow! At least this poor woman now knows that her son is deceased.

While I can't mimic a convincing American accent, I'm thinking of the actor Sam Elliott putting his forefinger to the brim of his stetson and saying, "Thank you, kindly, ma'am."

Rookdygin, Ah yes, I thought of Water Babies too but I thought it was nothing like what the OP had described. I got some information that was from ages before the famous lake UMA, the Loch Ness Monster become famous, it is the giant lake crabs, known to be ages old and humongous, many men (mostly fishermen?) had told such stories and were said to be attacked be them... And when "Nessie" became famous, such stories tempt to be lost:-s might be one of those, legends are legends after all stories?

Anyhow, there are many possibilities for such things... And... Perhaps it will be better if there will be evidence like a photo or some "left overs", if it is possible to collect of course. I am not sure what kind of wild life could there be in that location but it worth doing a research. Thank you for sharing!

Oh SDS, like val said, your comments are fine and always appreciated and respected. I should have been a little more clear whom I was referring to but didn't want it to seem as if I was singling certain people out even though I was.

At the time of my warning about the comments, I was speaking specifically to Legion777 and KikiGirl.
Oops! I'm sorry, folks. I meant to write "THE earlier comment" in my last post.
Hi, Biblio,
Thank you for investing so much time and thought into this response. What a careful, well developed explanation of your earlier comment! You even provided sources for further reading. (To be expected, of course, from a writer whose nom de plume is Biblio;)
Now I have a better understanding of the point you were making, and can see how it might be applicable to these types of experiences. (I do have a rudimentary familiarity with the principles of physics you've identified, although I'm definitely no scientist. The whole timespace idea is so cool!)
Maybe YGS should create a single place to gather outstanding posts like yours that are especially well informed and clearly written. (Just off the top of my head, I can remember posts by you, Rook, zz granny, Miracles, Tweed, Valkyrie... That deserve to be highlighted.) It's a shame to keep them buried in the comments, when they could continue helping everyone.
Sorry BeagleMom. I was referring to the description of the old Victorian. I love the style of them and wasn't even imagining it had been renovated. Hence the "aw heck".

The rest of it was very intriguing and I can't wait to hear more. Smile
Ok, wait a moment. I am sorry you went through this without ANY seeming support from your Parents however, being a Card Carrying, Priesthood Holding, ACTIVE MEMBER of the same Faith May I refer you to the following:

(Mods: Sorry I do not mean to be 'Preachy' or 'to religious' but I feel this needs to be 'put out there...)

Green4Life Please refer to these... I understand everyone has their own view on the afterlife, however here are some Church Teachings you may not have seen/heard of...

Gospel Principals Ch 41: "Heavenly Father prepared a plan for our salvation. As part of this plan, He sent us from His presence to live on earth and receive mortal bodies of flesh and blood. Eventually our mortal bodies will die, and our spirits will go to the spirit world. The spirit world is a place of waiting, working, learning, and, for the righteous, resting from care and sorrow. Our spirits will live there until we are ready for our resurrection. Then our mortal bodies will once more unite with our spirits, and we will receive the degree of glory we have prepared for..."


Latter-day prophets have said that the spirits of those who have died are not far from us. President Ezra Taft Benson said: "Sometimes the veil between this life and the life beyond becomes very thin. Our loved ones who have passed on are not far from us" (in Conference Report, Apr. 1971, 18; or Ensign, June 1971, 33). President Brigham Young taught that the postmortal spirit world is on the earth, around us (see Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Brigham Young [1997], 279).

I am not sure why or how your Parents came to 'feel/beleive' the way they do or why they taught this...

"I was born in a Mormon family, ghosts and demons are not spoken of in my religion, I grew up believing these type of things cannot exist in our world because our soul immediately leaves the earth and does not stay. My religion says that spirits cannot stay on earth and there fore they cannot exist."

There are many more references... Just go to the Church web site and search 'Spirit World'. I think you will be surprised with what you find.

Please ask any questions you may have. I will do my best to answer them.


Rook (25 Year Active Member and Priesthood Holder LDS...)
Melda in Breathing
Hi Evelien - thanks for replying. I understand that horrible feeling. I too had ghosts scaring me half to death when I was a child. At times it also seemed to me as though it was the entire night! However I was plagued by a few entities, not only one and it seemed as though they were taking turns to make sure that I knew they were there.
Keep well - Melda
___ambitious__ in One Person At 2 Places
Hey Samshay! I m glad you shared your experience with as. This was scary and tricky. Hope you find an explanation for this incident. Smile Smile
Your post is fine. The comments we're concerned over and will be deleting are those that are; rambling, incoherent, run-on sentences, contain numerous copy/pastes from other sites or other nonsense that makes it practically impossible to decipher what is being said.
In other words, a comment may be as long or short (well there is that irksome character length to deal with) as you need it to be, but it must make sense, and use punctuation.
...Savannah told me that no incidents had occurred after the ceremony and people thanked us for being a part of it... I am sorry maybe I missed something, but who is Savannah.
Zaruje in Room 607
Hello sds. Thank ypu fpr ypur comment. All I know is that those types of building have a complex plumbing or pipeline layout. I was also intrigued by the fact that my colleagues also experienced the same events. Maybe it is in the pipeline or maybe there's really something there, I don't really know. What I know for sure is that I will never forget my experience in that hotel.
Hello andyf75,
Welcome to YGS and sharing your experience. It was really a very good read.
Just one question... Did your great grandmother said anything else about the man standing behind the neighbor?
Like how he looked or was she feeling secured or was she feared after seeing that man?

Well, after all what creeps the most was of the ghost mistaken you by the Most haunted show.
That ghost thought it was you who was asking those questions.

Thanks and Regards
I had felt ghosts and I think I felt it touch me I I get contacted in dreams and I saw shadows I think a ghost was there. I tried to ignore the creepy stuff and moved on go on with your life occupy yourself I guess is what I did when it happened.
Evelien2001 in Breathing
Twilight1011 and JamTalkingGhosts, I would like to answer your questions after all. First I'm sorry that you had the same experience. And second: my mother was trying to calm me down and not making me more scared than I already was. And what do you mean when asking me if my sences was reacting to the darkness? And Melda it seemend like an hour, but I have had other times when ghosts would 'hang out' in my room when I was a child. And that felt like the entire night.
Dear Mods,

Pardon me for the long post and I felt that what Rook advised me sometime ago, would be beneficial to others. If it is too lengthy and out of context, please delete or edit my comment.

Regards to respects to all you Mods.

Hi Aliviashae, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing the experience of your friend. Whatever I was going to suggest, my friend and one of the best members of YGS, Rook, has already advised you, in his own inimitable way.

Please do follow his advise. Further, ask your friend to use his Cleansing method, before reopening the Session and after it is closed. Let them cleanse the house properly. Ask your friend to do all the stuff he stated, NOT ALONE, but with someone.

I have told more than one hundred times in this site, please do not use the Ouija Board. Especially if you do not know the rules. I had bad experiences, my friends had their share of experiences, which were not at all good.

Rook has advised me a long time ago as to how to use the Ouija Board, if at all, we intend to use it, as he rightly said that it is a tool.

For the information of all, as bad experiences are being highlighted every now and then by so many of the members of the site, I am posting it. It is the advise given by Rook. Please be benefited if you have to use the Ouija Board.

Thank Rook, as it is really useful.

"Precautions while using Ouija Boards
1st: Ouija is NOT a GAME! Do not treat it as such, nor sit down to use one with an individual who treats it that way. Likewise do not use it with anyone who deliberately wishes to contact 'a demon' or any negative type entity.
2nd: Clear the Board, this can be done any number of ways. Some people repeatedly move the planchette (pointer) back and forth between the yes and the no until it 'feels clean'. I personally have a 1x1 (1 foot by 1 foot) Silver Silk Handkerchief that I use to wipe of the board. As I do so I concentrate my thoughts on 'wiping' the board clean of any negative energies that may be attached to it. I then exit the room and shake the handkerchief off outside the house.
3rd: (Applies only if using candles) Place 2 or 4 candles (or more in EVEN number increments) around the board. Color's represent different things, choose ones that represent Purity, Protection, Safety...ect.
(Here are some good options: Light Blue: Harmony in the Home, Healing, Psychic Awareness and Safe Journey. Brown: Earth, Concentration, Overcoming Uncertainty, Steadiness. White: Grounding, Protection, Purification, Purity, Spirituality.
(Here is a good link for more...

Point is choose colors that will help draw in positive energy / protect you as you use the board.

4th: Cleans and Shield yourself and the others using the board with you. NEVER USE THE BOARD ALONE!

5th: Open the session with a 'Blessing or Prayer' for Protection (Blessing for you Wiccan / Non-Christian Types and a Prayer for the Christians who wish to 'tempt fate').

6th: BE RESPECTFUL of any Spirits you may contact. Do not treat them as a 'know it all' answering machine... Ask them their name, ask them their age... Keep in mind that if a spirit says they are 8/9/10 years old that is how long they have been separated from their physical body... Not the age when they crossed over. Ask them how old they were when they crossed over. If answered this will let you know if you are communicating with an adult/teen/child. After 'getting to know' whom you've contacted then begin asking your questions... Again do not 'play around' and ask silly questions, be respectful and serious. Do not let the Board 'tell you things' without asking any questions... There is a good chance this is a Malevolent Spirit trying to show off (See Step 7).

7th: Close the Board. When you are done, or you feel something 'negative' may have made contact with you tell the spirit Goodbye and move the planchette (pointer) to the word Goodbye. You my feel a 'good spirit' moving it that way anyway... Resistance is an indication of something not so nice attempting to communicate. Once the session is closed again 'Clear the Board' again with however you have decided to 'Clear' your board.

8th: DO NOT USE THE BOARD ALL THE TIME... Even with all these precautions we are HUMAN and can be mislead or make a mistake. Again this is not a 'PARTY GAME' nor a way to 'SHOW OFF' to your friends.


1st: Ouija is NOT a GAME! Do not treat it as such, nor sit down to use one with an individual who treats it that way. Likewise do not use it with anyone who deliberately wishes to contact 'a demon' or any negative type entity.

2nd: Clear the Board, this can be done any number of ways. Some people repeatedly move the planchette (pointer) back and forth between the yes and the no until it 'feels clean'. I personally have a 1x1 (1 foot by 1 foot) Silver Silk Handkerchief that I use to wipe of the board. As I do so I concentrate my thoughts on 'wiping' the board clean of any negative energies that may be attached to it. I then exit the room and shake the handkerchief off outside the house.

3rd: (Applies only if using candles) Place 2 or 4 candles (or more in EVEN number increments) around the board. Color's represent different things, choose ones that represent Purity, Protection, Safety...ect.

(Here are some good options: Light Blue: Harmony in the Home, Healing, Psychic Awareness and Safe Journey. Brown: Earth, Concentration, Overcoming Uncertainty, Steadiness. White: Grounding, Protection, Purification, Purity, Spirituality.

(Here is a good link for more...

Point is choose colors that will help draw in positive energy / protect you as you use the board.

4th: Cleans and Shield yourself and the others using hte board with you. NEVER USE THE BOARD ALONE!

5th: Open the session with a 'Blessing or Prayer' for Protection (Blessing for you Wiccan / Non-Christian Types and a Prayer for the Christians who wish to 'tempt fate').

6th: BE RESPECTFUL of any Spirits you may contact. Do not treat them as a 'know it all' answering machine... Ask them their name, ask them their age... Keep in mind that if a spirit says they are 8/9/10 years old that is how long they have been separated from their physical body... Not the age when they crossed over. Ask them how old they were when they crossed over. If answered this will let you know if you are communicating with an adult/teen/child. After 'getting to know' whom you've contacted then begin asking your questions... Again do not 'play around' and ask silly questions, be respectful and serious. Do not let the Board 'tell you things' without asking any questions... There is a good chance this is a Malevolent Spirit trying to show off (See Step 7).

7th: Close the Board. When you are done, or you feel something 'negative' may have made contact with you tell the spirit Goodbye and move the planchette (pointer) to the word Goodbye. You my feel a 'good spirit' moving it that way anyway... Resistance is an indication of something not so nice attempting to communicate. Once the session is closed again 'Clear the Board' again with however you have decided to 'Clear' your board.

8th: DO NOT USE THE BOARD ALL THE TIME... Even with all these precautions we are HUMAN and can be mislead or make a mistake. Again this is not a 'PARTY GAME' nor a way to 'SHOW OFF' to your friends.

Please ask any questions you may have... These are very basic 'rules'.


Regards to respects to you, Aliviashae, and to Rook.

sds in Room 607
Hi Zaruje, thanks for sharing your experience and for answering the query of lady-glow. I want to ask one more question. You said that you were staying on the 6th floor and your colleagues on 4th floor. Well, the rooms in which you people stayed were one on top of the other, like the pipeline to the rooms would be the same. Just asked. But, really spooky.

Regards and respects you.

BitterSweet78801 in Hello!
Hello Ashar,
Wow. I can't believe I had a similar experience. My niece came to visit last summer July time-frame. I fell asleep down stairs several different times. The room creeps me out a bit. At exactly three o'clock in the morning my monitor would light up. It usually lights up when you scroll the mouse pad, but not when I sleep in there. So now I have to disconnect the computer, before I sleep in there. Well the part that reminds me of you... Is that I felt a presence in my room while I was asleep. When I opened my eyes, the chair moved slightly. But no one was sitting there. I could't man up to sleep in the room again and slept on the couch with the kids.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Also, I am glad you liked the story, "My Love". Hope you have a great night.
Greetings, Seraphina:

Sorry I'm a little late to contribute to this fascinating topic; I'm still catching up after a grueling three weeks at school.

While wholeheartedly endorsing RC's "Quantum Mechanics" statement (and avoiding any lengthy explanations why) *, I'm politely going to disagree with RC's assessment of the emotional phenomenon. From your description, I thought that the heavy wave of anger was Todd's residual emotional state impressed upon the location, rather than something external which was affecting him. My reasoning for this is that Todd's angry/rebellious attitude manifested in other locations (and with other teachers). Something location-specific would have been limited in the effect it could have on him. On the other hand, people can generate an "atmosphere" in a room without even trying. (Think of all the times you've wandered into a room in which two family members are not speaking to each other; you can tell if they're furious with each other and harboring silent resentment or if they're in the room together but happen to be pursuing different interests, such as a mystery novel and today's crossword.) Sometimes, the tension generated by people lingers in the space for a while; I think you got caught up in the wake of his anger for a moment, just as any empath would.

Seeing what is happening in the future (precognition) cannot change the future events. Saying "I wish I had..." is very, very human, but seeing the future is like watching a robbery through binoculars. Sure, you can call the police and describe what you're seeing, but you can't clean the lenses to erase the holdup. My precogs are mostly when I'm asleep; my dreams always seem real to me --no matter how absurd they are-- while I am dreaming. Precognitive events, though, come with a crystal clarity of thought and vision (without my glasses on!), my first thought is metacognitive awareness,"This is not a dream, therefore it is a precognitive experience," and I know that what I am seeing WILL happen, so I must pay attention to the details in order to plan for --even mitigate-- any future pain. Because you've seen it, you know it, or you feel it, there has to be a CAUSAL EVENT generating the information you are receiving. Our brains are incredibly complex electrochemical engines that work on multiple levels; we are used to experiencing time as a sequence, but on the quantum (subatomic) level, there's no valid reason for time to work in only one direction -so it doesn't. Effects (or results) can precede their cause (seeming to go against the normal chronology) because we're observing them from our frame of reference which has always worked for us. Time is less like driving along a highway (one direction, different rates of speed) and more like walking into the garden from the kitchen; just because you're outside, the inside of the house hasn't stopped being there, and you can look back through the window to check. That's what happens with precognition (you looked through the window) and empathy (walking past someone else's window), and --in my increasingly-regular experience-- post-cognition (looking at a house that's two centuries old and remembering the installation of the windows while it was being built), which occurs when I'm wide awake.

You can develop your talent, Seraphina, by trusting yourself to trust the information. The more you accept the information, the easier it is to pick up the more subtle nuances of mood/tone. You don't have to tell the other person what you've seen (that can freak people out), but you can ask them how they are, and phrase your concerns in the form of harmless questions: "you looked very far away when I walked in; is everything alright?"

As for movies, sometimes the soundtracks of *actual* movies and tv shows happen in my head as I'm reading stories and posts. For example, every time Kikigirl posts something, I can hear a line from the pilot episode of a late-90s sci-fi program, Babylon 5, in which an alien assassin (& psychic) confronts the Commander and tells him in shocked horror, "There's a hole in your mind!" (He'd had a traumatic confrontation erased from his memory.) That's *every time* I read one of her posts, an echoing soundtrack happens; I have no clue why. Post-cognitive ideas hit me in emotional waves, sounds, textures, tastes, adrenaline-fuels thoughts, and pain, all accompanied by my own spine-tingling dread (I'd always thought "spine-tingling" was a metaphor until they started, now I know what that feels like from my thighs, solar plexus, shoulder blades, neck, and temples, and it is **not** pleasant). -If you'd like to read what happened, you can follow the progression of my comments to Winter's Azazel in "Motel 6 and Anna" ( for one of the first major "breakthrough" moments I had with post-cognition.

The more regularly you use your precognitive ability, the more comfortable you'll feel about knowing extra data. Precognition doesn't have to be a bad thing; you can use your knowledge to make someone's final days/weeks more pleasant by treating them in a way you'll be comfortable with after the events take place. Your behavior is the only thing you can change when heading toward the future which will happen; warning people what will happen does not prevent it from occurring. I tried to avert a problem I dreamed/saw **six MONTHS** in advance, but it still happened as I remembered it would.

Which reminds me, I saw my house --which we bought last summer-- in a dream I had when I was about 13 or 14 years old, living in a different state and sort-of contemplating a move back to Britain. Yellow siding, steep driveway, railing, porch, etc. When the realtor gave us the address & we turned up the driveway, I saw it and I thought "HOME." Sometimes precognition can be a positive reinforcement that you're exactly where you are supposed to be. Wink

Be kind to yourself with your gift, Seraphina, and use it to make the world --and the individual lives in it-- better.


* As I'm typing this, RC hasn't responded to you yet, so I'll suggest you read "Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy," by Kip S. Thorne and "A Brief History of Time" (the illustrated edition) by Dr. Stephen Hawking; they'll give you a grounding in the basics --along with some entertaining anecdotes-- without requiring a PhD to understand the explanations. Both books were written to interest intelligent readers of all walks of life in the realms of theoretical physics.
Bokonon--In a response to BrokenTree you wrote, "I don't 'believe' in reincarnation, I know it's an absolute fact of human reality." You then state, "How I know this so absolutely is way too long a story to type." As a guy who absolutely doesn't believe in reincarnation I think you should take the extra time to explain your firm position.

There are many on YGS who share your conviction. Equally (myself included) there are many who do not. If you are going to make such a bold and assured statement you really have to back it up with SOMETHING.

To me the idea of reincarnation is an unpleasant one. I like to think, and believe from my years of research into paranormal phenomena, that the human spirit moves on to a realm we only have fleeting glimpses of in the form of what are termed as "ghosts" and other associated phenomena. What I have read, and personally experienced, suggests the human soul "moves on". I have had several encounters with the spirits of my Mom and Dad and others I was close to after their deaths and those interactions do not suggest reincarnation.

This is a long (ish) response but it shows I am more than willing to discuss this. Don't let typing a bit keep you from sharing your thoughts. That's what this great site is all about. I love considering new ideas. To end this comment, I would like to add that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I hope there is a choice for the departed. Speaking for myself, I don't want to keep coming back to a planet that is growing more polluted and overpopulated by the hour. I'm up for REALLY moving on.
Zaruje in Room 607
Hellow lady glow. As far as I remember, my colleagues were staying at 4th floor (a room good for two) and I was staying at 6th flr (good for one). That's ironic really cause I am an engineer and just to short it up, the heavy duty brass type faucet wasn't loose enough that any water hammer pressure can open it. It maybe a plumbing fixture problem or a playful spirit who knows? Hehehe but still thank you for your comment
Zaruje in Project X
Thank you melda. Well to tell the truth, our film was forfeited because of the sound bug. So the grade of 75 was a "because they tried grade" haha but still thank you for your comment. That made me feel good
Welcome, Andy, and thanks for posting that account. Well done.

You mentioned a newer part of the house. Do you think the presence you felt and your grandmother saw were related in anyway to the new part of the house? Could work on the addition have brought out entities, or were the new rooms just "new" relative to the old ones?
andyf75: welcome to YGS.

More than responding to the show, I wonder if the ghost was upset at you for not acknowledging him after coming back to stay in 'his' room.

Did your mother ever try to describe to the neighbor the gentleman your great grandmother saw standing behind her? For some reason I think it is possible that he came accompanying the lady and your GGM was just only lucky enough to see him.

It is easy to understand that a house that old would have many stories to tell.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience, you are a very gifted writer.
andyf75--Really enjoyed reading your account of a shoulder tapping ghost. I think you are right, the ghost overheard the question on the tv show and assumed it was you asking if anyone was there.

I have heard disembodied voices on more than one occasion but have to give you major credit to continue to sleep in that room with the shoulder tapping continuing nightly and then escalating to the duvet being pulled off and incoherent whispering in your ear!

Like many people, there is no rhyme or reason with some ghosts. The ghost you were dealing with happily followed you to another room in the house but put its ghost foot down about trudging outside to tap your shoulder in a tent. I have an image in my mind of a ghost looking out your bedroom window at you setting up the tent and saying to itself, "Nah. I like letting Andy knowing I'm around but there's a limit!" Welcome to YGS by the way.
valkricry in The Victorian Doll
You can type the username (OP) into the search box, Right hand side, up near the top. This will generate a semi-list of things they've written, and comments they've made.
Hope that helps.
lady-glow in Room 607
Hello Zaruje:

How far was your colleagues' room from yours? Where there in the same floor?

I understand that this experience could seem spooky but, can you be sure there wasn't a problem with the plumbing installation? Perhaps the water pressure was building up inside the tap making it 'turn on' by itself.

I'm sure an engineer would have no problem thinking about the many physical possibilities for something like this to happen. Wink

Thanks for sharing.
BrokenTree, I don't 'believe' in reincarnation, I know it's an absolute fact of human reality.

How I know this so absolutely is way too long a story to type.

But, your idea that the entity in my story might have known me previously is not something I had considered. Worth pondering.
Twilight1011 in The Victorian Doll
Zzzgranny, thank you for responding! Honestly, y'all seem to be very good about doing that, even though it's under an old post. So I'm very grateful for you being so good at keeping up with questions on this site! But I'm aware that they've deactivated their page, but is there no other way that all their stories they had wrote, be under a certain setting? Or I just have to do what I've been doing, and just be happy when I come across another one of their stories?

Keep in mind the Board is just a Tool. Tool's have their uses and each comes with 'SAFE OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS'.

If the Tool is used according to it's instructions AND all the Safety Precautions are taken before use. Then the Tool preforms properly and can be used Safely.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER... Read books, find teachers and ASK QUESTIONS before doing anything. This applies doubly when it comes to the Paranormal.


It was just a though I had. I am not as knowledgeable about Native America Spirits and Folklore as I would like. Skin walkers and Windigo's I have studied... A bit...

I have read a wee something about what many different tribes called Water Babies... But these were mostly infant sized spirits...

Heck it may have even been a Nymph or an Undine. But the 'shove/push' towards or into the water makes me wonder... Not to mention both of these types of fey tend to 'attack/show affection' towards men.


Rookdygin, thank you so much for the tips and advice. I really appreciate you taking the time to help. I'm aware that they were careless and lacked information on how to use the board correctly, and if it had been me, I wouldn't have used it at all. Unfortunately I wasn't there to stop them. Sad
rookdygin in Death Parade
Orb: Possibly a visual manifestation of spiritual energy, usually in the shape of a circle or ball but sometimes in other forms/shapes.

Fireball: A common spell in Fantasy Games whereby Fire is summoned in the shape of a ball and cast directly towards someone or something... Tends to do a 'LOT' of damage. (Side note: there may, just may be some groups of investigators that use the term 'fireball' when describing an orb.)

Ball Lightning: Natural Phenomenon, Rare but does happen. When Lightning discharges in a ball like shape.



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