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It does sound like a really good story to post, I'd like to see it,
Buthaya (your welcome).

Being watched by something that does not belong in this world is sometimes scary but it also could be exciting because they are focusing on you the whole time.

You guys are awesome at helping me, thanks a lot.
Rookdygin: Interesting thoughts there. My reason to agree with you comes from the fact that many witnesses have claimed to have seen the light change to a red color when they cuss at it, indicating anger. Personally I have never seen it change colors, but if what they say is true then that would indicate that the light expresses feelings of some sort. So the man's spirit being manifested as the light he was carrying at the supposed time of death seems rather plausible in that case.

Btw, when I posted my first experience (s) the legend behind this light was included. Feel free to check it out in my profile!
Lack of sleep seems legit as you appear to have been up all night Kidding

I'm assuming you saw a GP so, based on my experiences with GP's in this country, I'd like to just say that if it seems like there is something more, don't be afraid to push for more or get a second opinion. It could just be things coming to a head for you, but you will know best so go with your instinct. If it doesn't feel right, tell your doctor; They are obliged to refer you to a specialist or for tests if there is the slightest reason to suspect anything.
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Ohhh alright I get it now. That's extremely fascinating. Considering this guy is from NJ it seems, do you think he could be on record? Is it possible for him not to be?

It's been thought about for years it is still unexplained why spirits need to draw energy but it does seem every spirit needs to drain to show itself. This is the reason you can catch them on thermal camara and EMF detectors.
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Haha thank you so much EmilyWilcox!
I am glad I helped your family out. It's amazing what sharing a story on the internet can do.

[at] Goggzy, so do all spirits drain energy as a necessity or is that usually those with ill intent? Also I feel like I ask you too many questions haha. Are there resources out there to learn more about this kind of phenomenon or is this just knowledge you've gained along the way with being a paranormal investigator and whatnot? Because I'd love to actually learn more about the paranormal but am not sure where to go for that.

The heavy fealing could be from the spirit draining the energy out of the air.
EmilyWilcox in Stalker Clad In Black
Thanks George and no he hasn't.

Blackcat I can't tell you how thankful I am for your bravery without you I still wouldn't know what happened.
Doc reckons tension and lack if sleep. So guess it's indirectly related:)
flowersgrowback in Galloping Ghost
Oh, it was a beautiful house. We pulled up the carpet to get to the original hardwood and it was so nice. Unfortunately, after my mother remarried, my family wound up living elsewhere. But I've driven by our old house thousand times since then (my best friend still lives in our old neighborhood) and it always seemed to sell and then go back up just several months later. We left it in amazing condition, so I can only imagine some people don't like active haunts (imagine that!). But the newest owners have had it for a year or so, so either they accepted the spooky like we did or the ghosts are gone for whatever reason. I hope it's the former!
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Most of the time I have been sympathetic and open to the existence of the ghost in my life when I was in New Jersey. I actually remember that the last day we were going to move out finally (we drove all the way to FL as both mom and I are afraid of flying) I said out loud goodbye. Thinking the haunts would stay with the place. Once we got down here it didn't show at first but eventually started to and the only way I was able to confirm was quite recently actually. It was definitely more confirmed with the dreams.

Lately I've been conflicted as part of me doesn't want to push it away as it hasn't actually been violent with me but at the same time feel it needs to move on anyway even if it was the kindest ghost on the planet. I have a boyfriend, I'm heading to college soon, will end up moving out. Basically I'm growing up and it should understand up to this point that it can't keep following me unless it has darker intentions it has not made me aware of or it has no plan and is simply sticking around for the comfort. I'm still doing the cleansing though because this place has started feeling heavy. Whether it leaves or not, I just want this place to go back to feeling more homey and not spooky in certain rooms.:/
I'd get rid of everything associated with the shady ex... Just seems like she at very least had ill intentions. If the grandmother was true and you are a beacon (jury's still out but it's an idea anyway) might as well not have anything hanging about that could amplify that effect. And maybe start collecting and surrounding yourself with things that have positive energy to you - everything from hanging a picture of a loved one in your room to family heirlooms to an image of something you believe in to crystals - whatever makes you feel good, like smiling when you look at it. It's not scientific but surrounding yourself with positive energy certainly couldn't hurt:)
No worries, Tweed - I am notorious for my abominable spelling!:)
AugustaM in Galloping Ghost
Great galloping ghosts! The house certainly DID have a past! A paranoid Peter Piper! The poor woman!

Sad history aside, the house does sound visually fantastic, (I'm a MidCentury addict)!
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
[at] Goggzy I'll try to communicate more clearly out loud and see if I can get answers.

[at] Mazzmarach I'll give a description of myself to make this clearer. So the guy is definitely 19th century style and I'm a big history nerd, especially with the 19th century. It actually inspires the way I like to dress a little bit in a modern way. Long pretty dresses, ballet flats, the works. I am black and white biracial but extremely white passing I suppose as I have a beige-y complexion, finer wavy-curly hair that's kind of long, and my features: roman nose, brown eyes, heart shaped face. I am not giving a picture as I think me being a teen means I should keep some form of myself hidden on here:P For what I wore before the dream, I was wearing my favorite long pale pink tank that looks kind of gown-ish. So if he likes me because I remind him of a past love, then I suppose she's small with brown wavy hair and brown eyes.

[at] EmilyWilcox, you're welcome. ^^ Never knew something like that would happen.

[at] Tweed, I have actually said that before haha. I was really angry after a day of school and it tried to contact me. Apparently, that didn't make it want to leave.
RedBlackRosemama in What Came Towards Us?
Sound like a hellhound (Devil dog) to me my ex friend has experience about that.
BlackCat, when I was a teenager, and a few times as an adult, I've had similar ghost problems. 'Similar' because I never let it escalate. A good old fashioned 'F' word, followed by an 'off' works a charm. Or, to quote Homer Simpson:

"I'm not gay, but I'll learn."

Intent, intent, intent is the key. It really is that simple.

Yes it is has your dad been in touch yet. This would have been better in the right story though.
Errr...Did this just turn into The Twilight Zone?

Ummm wha? Confused
EmilyWilcox in Stalker Clad In Black
George is this the girl who found my great grandfather. And thank you.
WintersAzazel in Motel 6 And Anna

Whoops, just realized I missed a question.

I do not know if my mother knew the detective while we still lived in Florida.
RedBlackRosemama in The Singing Girl
The little house on the praire show is my favorite. Anyway could be resident spirit she may not know she passed away.
WintersAzazel in Motel 6 And Anna

Hi and you're welcome! And you're always welcome to ask questions.

I, myself, am not certain as to why Anna only chose then to reach out to me. Maybe I had been subconsciously blocking her out, and it was only when I had moved into that room full of spiritual activity that she was able to maintain contact? As I was very adept at ignoring my 'gifts' before then, and was the master of the phrase: "It was just my imagination."

As for why I felt the need for another opinion, as I've stated, I am not very used to actually using my 'gifts' and tend to second guess myself. A LOT. Anna terrified me at first, and it took time for me to become as comfortable with her as I eventually did. So, as I didn't trust my own intuition, I reached out for help.

As for the sketch reading, I too think it was amazing! I didn't know if it would count as a photo reading, though I have a theory that maybe they were picking up on my energy when I drew it? Like, when I drew it Anna was at the forefront of my mind, her image was crystal clear in my head, and maybe they picked up on THAT when they did the reading? Smile
PunkysMama in Sisters In Europe
Hello LunaEclipse,

Sounds like a great trip! Laugh As far as the shadow person goes it's nice to think that it was in fact someone escorting you ladies to the train station! What a gentleman.

And as far as someone sitting on the edge of your bed... I don't know if I would have reacted so calmly lol Especially considering it felt so real you even pulled your feet up! Crying

Good read though and very well written! Thanks for sharing!
flowersgrowback in Galloping Ghost THE barred in home* the bedroom that eventually became mine.*

Sorry you guys! My last comment wasn't very clear. I typed it out pretty fast at work.

This has been ongoing and we do believe what has happened is Blackcat looks like a dead lover.

Because of blackcat we actually had names and solved a missing persons case we only had a photo of one person (the missing person named Charles Wilcox) there is still 75 names that are likely but with no photos of this person it will be impossible to find out if it's them.
AugustaM, that should've said, sorry I typed your name wrong in that comment.
Hi Spiritwaiting,

Think I read in one of your recent stories that you'd recently moved into the place you're in now, that right?
I'd assume these ghosts have come with the house, or the area. I really love what AugustM said about the girl with your daughter, I was struggling for a motive for that until I read AugustM's comment, definitely seems to fit!

I don't know how long you've been at the place, but I've noticed with moves the energy gets disrupted. In a way it's like a home gets a default cleanse as new people move in. Then, the energy or vibes, I guess, settle again. If there was some particularly strong willed ghosts there before you moved in, maybe their vibes/energy have strengthened over the weeks/months and they're now able to communicate their presence.

Keep the place cleansed and shielded, even if you don't get a bad feeling from them. I've got a sneaky feeling they'll become a nuisance given the chance. They might not mean harm, but hey you've got to have peace in your own home. Good fences make good neighbours, can also apply to ghosties.

Interesting developments. Bravo for not running for the hills. It's refreshing to read experiences from those who also reside in the ghostie loony bin. Laugh
2nd1st - I don't know that I can explain how I did it, but I'll tell you the situations and maybe that might help Confused

The first time I did it was out of self-defense. My first ex-husband didn't like when I would tell him I knew things I couldn't possibly know. He told me to stop telling him stuff because people would think I was crazy. I can't exactly explain how I did it, but it was like mentally closing a door. The worst part about that is I know there are things that happened but I can't recall them. I keep a Journal and there are huge gaps during that time period because I shut everything out.

The second time was because I was afraid. I had a new baby and because I had opened that door again, I was worried something would happen to him. Unreasonable fear based on other things, but a real fear nonetheless. So I decided I wasn't going to have anything to do with this life, at least while my kids were little. And for a while I didn't acknowledge anything. To me they were just unexplained things, but nothing paranormal. (Denial LOL)

And then I realized I missed this part of me. It was like only part of me was alive. So I opened that door back up and haven't closed it since then.

I'll think about this more over the next couple of days and see if there is anything more I can add. If so, I'll let you know. I know this wasn't really helpful, and that I gave way too much information that you really don't need or want, but this is the best way I can explain it.
This was so heart warming Love I loved this, it made me smile, it's cute how you spoke to him and how the tape reappeared Love
Miracles, could you explain how please?
It would be most helpful
flowersgrowback in Galloping Ghost
SDS, I suppose I should've been clear. I didn't want to stay there for the remainder of the day. Only once did an experience deter me from sleeping in my bedroom for a night, and it wasn't that particular experience. As far as I remember, I didn't notice any changes to the "feel" of the room after that.

AugustaM, before the home was built (1959), the land was just lot of trees with a stream/small river running through. My backyard sloped and would've backed up to the stream/small river that was gone (I think through man made means) by the time my family moved in (1997).

The only owners before us were a couple who built the house. They'd wanted to "size down" after their children left home by building the 2,500 square foot home with three bedrooms and a massive kitchen/bar made for entertainment (what an era the sixties!). Eventually the woman became sick and the man seemed to be losing it over the circumstance. He barred the windows and caged in the front porch, believing his wife may leave to have an affair when he wasn't home- not that she even was able to do such a thing in her condition. Eventually, she died of her illness (I don't know what it was) in a barred in home in the bedroom that eventually mine.

My mother didn't tell me any of that until after I had moved away to go to college. Apparently she and my father knew at the time they purchased the house but never wanted to frighten me or my younger brother.
Mazzmarach in Stalker Clad In Black

I hate to interrupt, but this is just a thought regarding this stalker. He likes you, he's angry that you don't remember him, and the first thing he did to you was scare you awake through a dream; do you think there is a possibility that you remind him of a long-dead loved one who broke his heart? What were you wearing and doing before that first dream? I understand that you might not remember, but this is the vibe I get from this particular stalker of yours.

Go with God,
Sounds like a job for Rook's cleansing ritual. It also sounds like we need to know more about the property's history.

Also could be trying to show itself to you (do you remember me) this would make sense as well this is a case which is weird as it's romantic and aggressive (if both are the same spirit).
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Ah okay. So showing itself you mean manifesting itself through dreams and speaking to me and touching me? That makes sense.
OOPS my father in-law is at it again and I'm on the P.C. He thought it would be funny to put my regards in a second time and I didn't notice until I posted. I got some bad news the other day and he has been trying to cheer me up.
PunkysMama in How It All Began
Hello GhastlyGloria,

Sounds to me like you may have quite a few stories to tell. I look forward to reading them! You're an excellent story teller. I couldn't imagine having my baby girl being spoken to and played with by unseen forces. It doesn't sound like what happened to you as a baby was anything obscene but I know that it would be tough not being able to see or hear what your daughter was communicating with. At least in your mother's case, through family she was familiar with the paranormal so it wouldn't be so unbelievable! I look forward to more of your stories. Smile

There is no reason a cleansing should not work and if it doesn't it's nothing to do with you or the ghost.

I feel a need to tell you the flickering lights might be it draining the power to show itself to you.

What you could do is maybe record overnight and see what you might find out, this could help it to leave you alone.
It could be that a nature spirit living in that tree didn't take kindly to the "incantation" you used and let you know by tipping the tree house without any intent to harm anyone.

It could also be that it was happy to have children playing it it until you used the incantation. You would have better off saying "powers that be please be bring my cousin back to me".

In the future please don't use the words evil,satan,devil when doing an "incantation". Also if you are doing an incantation for say I wish to the devil I had gotten that promotion instead of Max. You must be mindful of the return by 3 times. Because if Max knew or suspected that you did this if he says please return this problem back to sender by 3. You may end up messing up at work so bad you may end up unemployed.

I have at least one sister that is very jealous that my life turned out better than anyone expected. Even though I have severe back problems. When things start going sideways I ask that the the problems be sent back to sender multiplied by 3. Guess who ends up with more problems than she already had. You got it,it's the sister who is most jealous and would do something like that.


Kindly Refrain,

Without wishing to sound too much like a hippy, your incantation may have just 'worked'. Maybe not in the context of your game, but it influenced what happened. All successful spell casting relies on energy and intent. Since you guys were having fun and had been for some time, I'd say enough of the right energy was created to influence what happened. Gosh, maybe you guys performed a super extreme fort cleansing without meaning to! Laugh
Sounds like something paranormal was going on that day.

Thanks for sharing.
Miracles51031 in The Strange Entity
FallenAngel - I hit publish too quickly. I understand why your aunt did why she did. In the middle of a nasty divorce years ago, my ex-husband filed for full custody of our daughter. If we hadn't been granted joint custody, I would have done anything to get my daughter back. I cannot tell you, in complete honesty, that I wouldn't have resorted to drastic measures if I had lost her.
Miracles51031 in The Strange Entity
I want to preface my comment to FallenAngel13 with a word of caution to the rest of our members.

As y'all know, our site represents many cultures, beliefs, religions, etc. The o/p is basing her theories on her beliefs. Do not be disrespectful to her or her beliefs as she was not disrespectful in her story.

Any comment that I feel is being disrespectful, no matter how cleverly phrased, will be deleted.

Thank you.

FallenAngel - I will not try to persuade you that the figure you saw is that of a deceased woman, even though that is what I think. My first story shared on this site expresses concern over something experienced by my son. I no longer feel the same way I did when I submitted my experience. Time, and talking to friends on here, helped me see that maybe things aren't the way I feared them to be.

I don't know very much about black magic except to respect it, and the person using it. I do hope that if the figure is the result of black magic used by your aunt, nothing else happens as a result.

Welcome to YGS and thank you for sharing this with us. By the way, you don't have to divulge any details of the custody battle. That, to me, is personal to your aunt and should only be shared if she gives permission.
Miracles51031 in Mom Hears Voices
Thanks, Manafon. Sometimes when my kids ask me why and I can't provide them with an explanation based on experience, I go with my gut. Not that my gut is always right LOL, it's just what makes the most sense to me at the time.
Manafon1 in Mom Hears Voices
Loneybone and Miracles--I have heard disembodied voices clearly and crisply, yet without being able to understand the words being spoken. When I was around five, I clearly heard a man and woman arguing quite distinctly (while everyone else in the house was asleep) every night for around six months. Their voices were distinct and of a normal speaking volume but seemed muffled somehow. Distant yet close.

When my wife and I heard a disembodied voice coming from between my wife's head and her pillow, again it was crisp but neither one of us could understand what was said. Seems to be a common trait. Like you stated Miracles, "maybe it's enough for them that we hear them" I like that.
I found this comment interesting,

"It does seem quite unbelievable that a lantern could have a spirit form. Yet, there it is. I still don't quite understand what it truly is though. The legend has it that it was a man that got killed in the area while holding his lantern."

I agree that a 'lantern' having a spirit form is unlikely I pose this question,

Could the spirit be so focused on what it was doing 'with' the lantern when they passed the 'shape' or 'form' of their manifestation is that of a lantern's light? Think about all the 'Haunted Train Track' experiences out there, so many of them report seeing the light of a lantern and the facts of the area support that a 'switchman' or 'engineer' with a lantern was trying to prevent an accident or was checking the tracks when killed? I guess what I am saying is basically this... Does the 'focus' of the spirit 'shape' its physical manifestation when it has the energy to do so?

I remember the O/P sharing their experience with this light, however I do not recall if the 'legend' of 'who/what' it may be was included. If not could you fill us in?


Wish-Not in The "friend"
nonamejane- Wow, using your own words, that was "chilling". Very well written as well. I understand that this type of "entity" prey on the young. I call it this type because I am not knowledgeable enough to call it what some might think it is. Either way it's chilling. Those poor kids, it breaks my heart to know that each had to deal with it.

Great share, welcome to YGS
Hi notadaddysgirl - I'm glad you liked my story. Thanks for the comment!

Hi Tweed - Thanks for reading my story. To me this was the most amazing example of the paranormal I can ever hope to see. My sister and I like to annoy each other with our cell phone calls.
As far as noticing the cowboy appear, suddenly he was just there. I first noticed him when I returned to my place in line. My sister noticed him when I asked who he was. My husband who never saw him thinks he appeared while I was at the car checking on the kids. My brother-in-law said he turned around after taking the pail from my husband and the guy was just there. Here's something interesting even my brother-in-law, who was very close to the guy, can not remember seeing his face.
Thanks for the comment.

Hi 2nd1st - Thanks for reading my story. From my position on the ground he looked solid, maybe not quite as solid as my brother-in-law but perhaps that was just the sleet coming down. I heard him speak once. My sister says she heard him speak once. My husband says he spoke a few times but it was the same thing repeated. His voice had a flat tone. My husband describes it as being robotic.
I remember seeing what looked like him taking the pail and pouring the water into the chimney. Now my brother-in-law says it's a blur in his mind. He says he knows the guy was there, he knows the guy wanted to help, he assumes the cowboy did just that. Thanks for the comment.
Miracles51031 in Mom Hears Voices
Glad you commented on this story, Tweed. I had intended to yesterday but completely forgot.

Loneybone - for years, and I do mean years, I would hear women's and children's voices. They would get louder, as if they were getting closer, but I could never understand what they were saying.

After I stopped hearing the women and children, I started hearing men's voices. Same situation. I could very clearly hear them, but when they got loud enough I should be able to make out what they were saying, I couldn't understand anything. They weren't talking in a foreign (to me) language, but they were just indecipherable.

My kids and I also experience single voices like this. Clear/crisp voice that we should be able to understand but we can't. I sometimes think they just don't want us to know what they're saying. Not for any bad reason, but maybe because we just don't need to know. Maybe it's enough for them that we hear them.
Hi Lonelybone,

First to answer your question, err no, or not that detailed at least. The most I get is a brief sentence if I'm lucky. How often does this happen to her? Also could you find out how old the train was? Did it sound like an old steam engine or a modern train? Were the voices in English, did they have an accent, male, female or both? Does she have any theories on what this means?

Very intriguing stuff, thanks for sharing.
Miracles51031 in The Dancer
Tweed - we can't see what stories are in queue. We don't even know what story, or who submitted it, is up next. It's always a surprise when we click on the story to edit it Laugh

If you are concerned that it didn't make it, send Martin an email. I believe Administration has the ability to see stories in queue that mods don't.
Tweed--Glass can be made by heating sand (at super high temps) until it becomes "liquid sand". Maybe that's where your thought glass is made of water comes from? That said, as much glass is made from sand, and thinking about nature as un unbroken chain, glass could be considered connected to people and by extension their spirits. There's a touch of my inner hippy coming out Happy .
Tweed in The Dancer
Hey Mods,

I submitted two separate experiences yesterday and I only got email confirmation that one was received.

Because I'd already typed them in word, I sent them both to YGS quite fast. The first one went through as normal, with the default email confirmation. The second submission gave me a site message that said to wait 10 minutes before submitting a second experience to prevent spam. So I waited about half an hour and then submitted the second one, all appeared to go through fine. However, I never received email confirmation that the second one was received.

Do you have any way of letting me know if you have 2 separate submissions from me pending in the list?
2nd1st that ghost could also be trying to alert you, in a clumsy way, to your physical ailments.
Manafon, wow I didn't know so much study was done around a water theory, that's really cool! What you said about modern plumbing got me thinking, isn't glass essentially water? Everyone's got glass.

WishNot the vulnerability aspect makes sense too. People get scared in bed a lot, that's another place we're vulnerable.

Yomomma, did anyone notice the cowboy appear? Obviously everyone was in the moment and frantic but I wonder how do ghosts appear like this without anyone noticing it. Like they somehow know when to appear without anyone receiving confirmation they're a ghost. Hope that makes sense!
Wish-Not--That is a definite possibility. Much like people having "expectation" in supposedly haunted locales, a bathroom is a place where a person is extremely vulnerable and this could indeed cause a nervous type of person (for example) to believe they had a paranormal experience in the bathroom.

Of course the number of reports of ghostly activity in bathrooms (I read of one recently that dates from around 1900) does suggest, at least some of these reports, are valid.
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
I have the same headphones! Haha that's awesome. I am going to try that.

If a cleansing doesn't work what exactly does that mean? Does that mean it's strong (it flickers my lights so o.o) or just simply not bad?
Under Elisabeth bed and the mirror the ex used is in the shed wanted to be clear also from what my friend told me her grandmother seems to think I'm some kind of beckon for dark energy she says its repressed emotions and some kind of ability I got

Headphones will definitely work that's what we use in reviewing (to be precise we use skullcandy). The one problem with reviewing is the boredom for us we do it to help people so its not to bad.
The necklace was directly under her bed and the mirror she used is in the shed outside
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Would headphones help with that? Probably a dumb question. But especially when it comes to listening to anything, my headphones are definitely pretty strong when it comes to hearing videos that have really low volume.

If you are wanting to find what he wants a EVP (digital voice recorder) can help with this. I have actually used my phone a few times although it makes it harder to pick out anything without speakers.
2nd1st, considering we are all ghosts within majority of water, some tissue, minerals, and a few electrical currents which make up our physical shells. Then perhaps this majority material, water, is a clue. Don't know what it's a clue to, but it's intriguing that our bodies are water and ghosts seem to have far more control around water. I've always felt that ghosts and the living aren't much different. Strip away superstition and, it's been said on here a lot; as in life, so in death, as seems the case with this cowboy.

If water helps ghost manifestations, I'm sure the other elements would too. Get ready to roll your eyes, with witchcraft, energy healing and various other things of this nature, the elements play a huge part in spells, energy transference etc. We live on Earth, among the elements, but we forget we are water, an element and a bunch of other natural materials. Ghost matter, physical matter, I don't think it's that dissimilar. Perhaps ghost matter particles are finer, smaller in every way possible. Thus largely go unnoticed by our physical senses. If this is true, living in a world of finer molecules and trying to communicate with the physical realm, one might need a bit of help from physical counterparts, like elements, to perhaps bind to the finer particles so ghostie can be detected and interact with the physical realm for a bit.
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Oh alright. That's actually really cool. School for me is almost over so that will most likely give me time to do shielding and cleansing... I wonder if I can on my own attempt to further communicate with it to see exactly what it wants. Though I am not sure how to go about that. I've never really been open about my ghost experiences until I joined this site. I wonder if anyone on here has way to "amplify" I guess is the word. Or if I should just do a cleansing.
Not to run a muck, a muck, a muck with the water/bathroom discussion, there is also the "causation" that most if not all feel vulnerable in the bathroom. Most occasions are a private matter not shared with anyone. Much less a spirit. Is this why a lot of activity happens? Our on vulnerability is preyed on?

Just a question to consider.
Sure, as you say, there may be more visually dramatic stories on this site but yours really gave me chills! I'd have been terrified! But what an awesome house that sounds like - it must have been beautiful!
Tweed--I forgot to add to my last post on this subject that a number of psychical researchers use the proximity of underground streams, for instance, as an alternative for a paranormal explanation. In other words, they state that sounds that could be construed as voices, footsteps, moans and so on are caused by the subterranean water. The thought is that once these sounds are heard and the location gains a reputation for being haunted, it creates "expectation" and then "apparitions" are seen.

Following this line of reasoning, a normal shadow or light is instantly registered as paranormal and further feeds expectation for others to perpetuate. Of course most well documented cases are far too detailed to be explained this way but certainly it could explain some.

I have never heard of someone dying from Ghost Attacks, Demonic Entities can kill but you don't have to worry about that.

My possession was not any form of aggression as I wanted to know how he died and he showed me.

We have had equipment destroyed, people attacked etc. Due to the spirit not wanting us there. Just like someone poking you to get your attention they poke harder until you pay attention.

I should say when I got pushed up stairs we (as a team) believe it was being protective, as the room I was going into had someone who broke into the house in it (we made an arrest which stopped the investigation).
Hi Spiritwaiting,
Sounds hectic over by your place at the moment, a lot of goings on Laugh

First thing I thought when you mentioned the migraines, I've been told that if a spirit is trying to communicate with you and doesn't really know how, it often manifests as a head ache. If you have several spirits, all trying to chit chat with you at the same time... Could very well turn into a migraine, just a thought.

The being pushed out your body part, I had something similar happen. Its horrible and exhausting! You wake up feeling like you've just fought a heavy battle, I liken it to what I think medieval knights must have felt, lugging all that armour around.

Sounds to me like the little girl was jealous of your daughter. As she was getting snuggle time with you. I agree with Punkysmamma, ground rules required asap! If she gets strong and nasty, she may get more aggressive with your children, fighting for your attention.

I suggest shielding, for you, your home and your children. Rook's one is simple and effective, well it works for me and others on the site. You can find it on his profile.

Stay true to you and keep your boundaries up, is the best advice I can give. You may be unwillingly dropping your shield, while attempting to communicate/understand?

Hope it works out, sending peace, light and love your way Love
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Whoa that's pretty intense. Also good. I don't ever want to be an easier target because of that.

As long as no one has died from ghost attacks. Sad

Ghosts can be pretty angry, Jesus.
Kudos to you for not letting such events frighten you - I don't know that I'd be so tough in similar circumstances!

I get the feeling that their may be two spirits involved here - granted this is just supposition based on gut feeling - one being older and stronger, more malevolent and somewhat controlling of the other, the little girl. I think he was there first and keeps her tied there - it's a control thing. So then the footsteps and heaviness would be the older spirit and the activity involving the children would be the little girl. It seems like the little girl more than wants your attention but wants a mother - demonstrated by her tricking your daughter out of her place just to steal it herself. Maybe it was her (possibly with the help of the older spirit) trying to pull/push you out of your body so you could be with her, her mother. Your waking up exhausted in the mornings could be a result of her having attempted similar stunts during the night with less success. Her messing with the kids may be out of jealousy.

Maybe research the area a little more - the house may have no significant history but the land just might. I don't know what part of Oklahoma you're in but a quick and dirty way to get an idea of what may have happened in your area would be to google 'major events in Oklahoma history' and see if anything turns up anywhere near where you live - that's just a start but it's an easy first step. However, if you don't find anything, don't be discouraged - not every life's drama makes the history books. The 'major events' might give you at least a date range - ie if you can find out when the area was settled and by whom (from what I know of, there are a lot of potential groups to chose from...Spanish, French, many Native American tribes, settlers...). If your daughter could describe what the little girl looked like, that might give you a lead as well...

Sorry to go on! I hope you can dig up some answers:) good luck and all the best!
Tweed--There are a lot of thorough case study examples of credible paranormal incidents occurring in the immediate proximity of water. Whether it's an ocean, lake, river or stream. In many cases the investigator goes to great pains to mention a connection between a subterranean stream, or even a sewer, near the haunted locale. As an extension of the thought that water might have some connection with increasing the possibility of having a paranormal experience, it would make sense that snow and ice could provide the same necessary element (whatever exactly that might be).

Of course many countries in the world have indoor plumbing which, theoretically, brings this potential link in the paranormal chain right to the masses! Maybe this does explain the surprising number of ghostly visitations in bathrooms. Faucets turning on and off, toilets flushing etc.
Hi Redwolf, have to take the opportunity to say I'm a fan of yours. I love your stories and comments Smile

I did not know that quartz attracts or energises spirits?! I use them for cleansing, recharging and protection. LOL, I just realised while typing... Recharging. I think I got it.

Unfortunately, another general side affect of the area I live in. You dig a small hole for planting and BAM, you hit quartz. Almost every time.
Starting to think this area should become a psychic, medium go to town Laugh

Take care Love

Depression can help the spirit feed but does not make you weaker to them than say me.

I have seen possession and people getting physically attacked by ghosts. I have been pushed up stairs had stones thrown at me and quite recently been slightly possessed.
Hi Mhannerism, thank you, that makes sense. In that situation, it was all I could think of. Which may very well have led to me jolting out my own body, as some arbitrary sense of escape. Which in turn, would leave my physical and psychological self vulnerable.

I know we all jump on sleep paralysis, but I really feel that sometimes the cause and effect aren't always the same. From reading a lot of the experiences on here, I have come to wonder, is sleep paralysis sometimes a side affect of an entity? Not necessarily, that they control us in any way, but that it may be some sort of flight or fright reaction we have? Our primal, hard wired reaction to something menacing and unknown for our survival. When I almost stand on a snake, my body freezes, the fright response. I can't move, no matter how hard I try. Which feels very much like sleep paralysis, when totally awake and strolling through a field or my back yard, as of late. I then feel my body release adrenaline, so I can be ready if the snakes moves towards me. Just a theory in progress:)

Thank you, also soooooo glad she's gone from my life! Love

Psychometry! Thank you. That ability has always fascinated me.


I read your previous stories, and I must say you've had quite a rough couple of years. You are either lucky or unlucky; seems like these things just find you, but all things considered, you're doing a good job.

Have you taken a look under Rebecca's bed, and have you checked the corners of the room for other hidden surprises? I think it'd be prudent to let Rebecca sleep in your room until you've performed that cleansing ritual and things have died down.

On a more positive note, I believe we're never given anything we can't handle, and this is not your first rodeo (forgive the analogy). I'm including your family in my prayers.

Go with God,
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Hm. I wonder if ghosts ever communicate with each other for simply being lonely. The same way we look for friends. Kinda like congregating. Feeding makes sense.

I doubt it will truly be aggressive beyond simply giving me a nasty scowl like it did. If it does make a turn for the worst, I'll have to convince my mom... Or maybe he will convince her...

This morning I spoke out loud because lights have been flickering lately when I sense a presence. I said, "that's one way to contact someone. Flickering the lights." And all of a sudden the bulb got brighter. I didn't see that as aggressive though. Then again I'm not a ghost expert ^^

The voices could be residual I suppose but what surprises me is that this new apartment was built in the 1960s or 70s? And the old place was like really old... Like going back about the late 1800s early 1900s or something. Which is why I believe they are residual of past members probably living here and leaving behind imprints. Some people on here have mentioned ghosts staying places even if something has been built on top of it. I'm going to go with residual though and this thing latching on.

I think it's good to mention that I have anxiety and mild depression, which could be what it feeds off of according to other people on this site.
I gotta say I'm no authority but if what the spiteful ex did on her way out was in the way of a curse - from what I understand, many curses require the individual casting to secure something of theirs in the personal space of the intended victim... That item then functions like a wireless router (lol) broadcasting the curse into that space. So, perhaps, the ex worked her curse and hid the necklace somewhere it wouldn't be found to secure the curse to the place. That said, I'd be after getting rid of that necklace - something about deserting it in any given church seems particularly appealing to me. And, as others have suggested, a nice through cleansing/shielding to follow certainly couldn't hurt:)
Hi Mazz, thank you and yes, dreams are much better now. Still some creepy ones now and then, but normal creepy Laugh

No apology required, this site is for all opinions and they all valid and welcome:) The movie you mentioned rings a bell, but I don't believe I've seen it. I used to be a Horror movie fan, but when all this started happening... I kind of stopped watching them. I don't like the images they leave in my imagination. Older movies looked more fake. Nowadays they just too real for me!

I really learned a lot from M. Learned how important and powerful standing your ground is and keeping your Faith in the Light is, even when all seems lost. I'm so very thankful to her!

I have contemplated sleep paralysis. I had only experienced it once before and it didn't freak me out, was more interesting than scary. It felt more like astral traveling, like I had been jolted out of my body and my astral form was squirming around on the floor. Having no real practice, in using that form.

Thanks again for your perspective and info Love
Hi PunkysMamma, thank you, I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense though. The area I live in is full of dams, lakes, marshes, streams and loads of underground water. From what I remember, the area was a large marsh/wetland and when they found minerals (not sure which), they drained the land and concentrated all the water for mining purposes. You always a stones throw from water round here. Which is very revitalising, but there's that other thing too Laugh

Wow on your new home! Yay, that its awesome and nothing funny in it and creepy knowing someone died of non-natural causes in the front yard! But hey, when you're drawn to something, its always for a reason;)

I still have my sensitivities, but they kind of turn on and off. I too miss them, when they not there and then creep out when they are. Just got to get a handle and stop being fearful I suppose Love
AugustaM in Galloping Ghost
Hi flowersgrowback (great handle, by the way!) - I like your writing style - well done! What a wild experience! Maybe it was a mischievous spirit passing through... I can see a long ago cattleman or calvaryman passing through, seeing a kid disobeying and lazing about in bed and deciding to put the fear of heck into them lol But since you have experienced other things in that house (can't wait for more stories) maybe there's something tied to the area - do you know the history of the property or neighborhood?
Also Rebecca said the shadow would slowly drag itself from under her bed to beside her bedside table then put what she guessed was a hand over her mouth she also noticed crimson red glows from the head she assume that's its eyes the necklace is brass about the size of of the bottom of a can of air freshener and I did not consult my friends grandmother bout the doll cause back then I didn't know about her
The carpet was replaced 8 months before my grand father died he was fighting with his ex then and kicked her out one month later as for the blade it looke as best I can describe is minatule sword only the guard had the ends pointing upward as for the sensitive woman she's the grandmother of a childhood friend and a supposed demonologist and the necklace has a upside down star with what looks like a small metal goats head in the center

If it is talking to others it might be feeding from other spirits.

The voices could also be residual and nothing to do with the spirit haunting you.

Hopefully it isn't going to be more aggressive in the future.
Red and 2nd1st - Red, I have to disagree with your statement on psychic neutering. Twice in my lifetime I have stepped away from this life; once consciously, the other subconsciously. It can be done.
BlackCatAttack in Stalker Clad In Black
Okay. Thank you. The reason I've always been hesitant about this is because I am still a teenager and living with my mom so I've always tried to avoid having to have help up to the point of investigators. She's not the type to agree to it. The only way she might is if things were extremely serious such as full apparitions in front of her and blood curdling nightmares experienced on her end.

I've heard whispered conversations at night. I wonder if this thing is talking to itself, to me even though I'm trying to sleep, or to others. It's hard to distinguish different voices in whispers though. Because of other minor experiences in this apartment, I wonder if it talks to others...
Interesting observation tweed- a heck if a lot of ghost stories seem to feature bathrooms. Pondering.

My pondering yields nothing. But still an interesting observation and also the conceptual extension to water. Pondering.

My pondering still yields nothing other than the fact that you have pointed out a correlation that had never occurred to me before. The question of course is this a case of correlation vs causation? If so, anyone have an idea around the possible link?

Thinking more? Haven't pools of water and rivers been prominent in a lot of folklore re nature spirit type things etc? Off the top if my head, I think they have. More pondering.

Sorry, I find tweeds observation very interesting.

OP, so I understand the mechanics... The apparition:
1) was visible and appeared solid
2) spoke and was heard
3) physically excepted and operated the bucket if water
Did I get that right?
Yomomma, love this, thanks for sharing!

What Manafon said about the rarity of this type of encounter got me thinking. There's so many ghost stories on here which take place in bathrooms. Wonder if there's a connection to water, perhaps it's conductive, somehow useful for ghost manifestations. Soo, if there's anything in that little theory, what with all that snow and ice everywhere, maybe your cowboy was able to make good use of the environment.

Great read! By the way, as someone who doesn't understand cell phone culture and not fond of being contactable 24/7, my phone is off most of the time. Leaving one phone message is all it takes, *nudge nudge* no need for multiple attempts *wink wink*. If your sister's anything like me, it's not that we don't care to hear from people, it's that we don't want to be disturbed, big difference. Wink
That's all unusual, especially returning things to the way they were before you return. Sounds like mischief afoot. Like a prank I used to play on a colleague who didn't touch type. I would pop out a couple of keys and transpose them with the keys next to them. She would think something was wrong with the keyboard and wander off to get the onsite IT guy. As soon as she was round the corner I word pop them out and switch them back. So all was fine when she came back with the IT guy.

I'm wondering if this is a mischievous spirit essentially playing with you in a good natured way?

How far away was your grandparents room? And how long would pass between leaving the room and returning with your grandfather?
HI flowersgrowback, you narrated it well. Compliments. You said that you did not tell your mother about this experience and you never wanted to be in that home or in that room. Did you mean to say that you did not stay in that home or sleep in that room thereafter? Well, I don't think so. If what I think was correct, what it was like subsequently when you came back from school? Was there any other incident in relation to your experience on that day or night or subsequently?

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Thanks red, but I should reiterate I haven't upset any co workers. I have a great poker face and tremendous behavioural control, although I've felt like forcibly removing limbs I haven't let it on.

Anyhoo I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to discuss mr chest blood pump that has been giving me pains last week or so and will query it then. Come to think of it, that may be a factor. Also noticed I'm oddly pale these days so something odd afoot on terms of blood flow.
Luke, I have quite a few questions but most have already been asked. I do still have a couple more:

1) had the carpet under which the necklace hole been found been replaced about the time of her departure? If not, by what means was it secured to the floor and were there any signs of damage to it

2) the person you took the necklace to who told you not to come back. How did you find the person? Any idea why they would take an aggressive stance towards you, almost like shooting the messenger?

3) Rebecca thought a shadow was smithering her in her sleep. Did she offer any further detail? Such as position of the shadow? In terms of smothering was it just an inability to breathe or did she feel the sensation of physical pressure, if so where? Also, was her voluntary muscular system still fully functional at the time?

Sorry for the barrage if questions, I'm just really interested in this story.

As for psychometry, I do seem to have some sort of psychic sensitivity but only exprrienced an unusual feeling from an object once. I was very young (no older than five because my grandmother moved out of the house where she showed it to me when I was five). My grandmother (not the same grandmother I have referred to in previous posts) first showed me a family heirloom. An SS officers dress dagger. Her brother brought it back from the war. We keep it in the family as a reminder of the part a number of our earlier family members played in defeating the Nazi regime, something we are all very proud of and thankful for.
At the time, I knew nothing of the war, the Nazis or the horror of the time. But touching that dagger gave me a very deep feeling of what I would now describe as dread and revilement. Next few times I was near it I would get the same so it was shut away.

Later in life when discussing family war history I handled the artefact a number of times and felt nothing unusual. Guessing it was a sensitivity that faded with age. Sorry I'm starting to drift off topic. I guess what I'm saying is that I do believe objects can hold energies that could be paranormal in nature.
Black cat

If shielding or cleansing doesn't work I would get you some help from psychic etc. Until we can find what he wants, your case is still ongoing for my team and we all agree if we eventually need to come over to help we will.
notadaddysgirl in Christmas Eve Cowboy
Another great read Yomomma. Always love the way you wright you draw me right into the story and keep me hooked. Thank you. Love
Sorry val I really didn't see your same advice. I stopped reading posts when I saw he is having anger problems that he suddenly started having.
Red Love

Since nobody else has gone there I have to. You ask: "Does anyone know if it is possible to permanently prevent this kind of thing?" Now the next thing you say makes me glad I wasn't drinking anything. Then you say "To use another analogy, is a psychic neutering possible?" Laugh In a word NO. All you can do is ignore as much as possible.

Now to address your anger problem. First get a check up, blood work and all to rule out anything physically wrong with you. Mention to your doctor all of your anger issues that recently and suddenly came about and it is bothering you. He can check your hormones and your blood pressure. If everything is normal he can either order a C.T. Scan with or with out contrast, or an M.R.I. Again with or with out contrast. He may have to send you to a Neurologist for these tests. Have you been getting headaches, especially at the base of your skull?
Believe me doctors are concerned about sudden onset anything. In the mean time when you feel your anger start to rise try breathing techniques such as consciously slowing your breathing by breathing in through your nose out through your mouth.

Psychic neutering. You made me laugh. Please apologize to co-workers you have upset, just tell them you are going through some things and you are trying to work through them. Anyone asks what's up just tell them it's too personal and private.

I agree with Dee-J. I also have experiences of stuff like that happening. Most recent one a day before I post this comment. I also feel being watched. Sometimes when I walk, I hear footsteps behind me, so when I turn back to look who is behind me to find nobody.

I have to thank you Lucas because I typed a really long comment and then realized this is good story to post. So I going to post it today and hopefully will be posted in this site soon... Happy Shy
Hi spiritwaiting - I'm glad you liked the story. I feel as if it was someone attached to the house perhaps a relative of the family. Only one family ever owned this house. The landlady's grandfather built a part of it and then her father added a few rooms. Thanks for the comment.

Hi Kindly_refrain - an angel, you say, very interesting. We have actually thought about this. Glad you liked the story.

Hi Manafon1 - I guess maybe the fact that he was actually doing something physical made us think he might be a living person. My 10 year old nephew said he saw cowboy boots so he knew someone else was there because his dad only wears tennis shoes. Thanks for reading the story.

Wish-Not - Woo Pig! Glad you liked the story. Thanks for the comment.

Hi Mazzmarach - Thanks for reading the story. My sister did in fact tell the landlady about what the guy was wearing. The landlady said she thought it must be a relative.

Hi roylynx - Thanks for reading the story. Her grandfather was a cattle rancher so it stands to reason there would be cowboys.

The ability to hold an object and get a reading off of it is psychometry an ability I have. I think most if not all psychics do. It's just another tool.


I think the name of the weird looking knife you are talking about is probably an Atheme. Also if the Pentagram or Pentacle is upside down and has a face that kind of looks like a goat that's a Baphomet the symbol used by the Church of Satan. As for her cutting her hand and writing something on a mirror in a different language with her own blood doesn't sound good to me. Two questions. Did she write on the mirror right before she left? In other words while she was packing to leave because your grandfather kicked her out. Also how long after he kicked her out did your grandfather die?

I suggest you go to Rookdygins' profile page and use his cleansing/shielding method. It takes several days to complete and you may have to do it several times to get the desired affect. Before you do this give the necklace your religious leader if you are religious that is, they will know what to do with it. Take a look around the house,attic,basement,property to see if she left anything else around before you get rid of the necklace so you can dispose of it all at once. If you prefer to have the house blessed, do that, BUT keep Rookdygins' cleansing/shielding method in mind. Many members on this site have used it and have said that it works great.

Out of curiosity, what is this necklace made of? You say a pentagram. What material? Size? Is it surrounded by anything such as a ring? A pentagram is pretty vague and stereotypical "evil" [it is really only Christians that really see it as evil, other beliefs don't]. Occult, as like shamanism and paganism, use specific materials to amplify their abilities and their intent.

Anything else beyond a weird looking knife - there are numerous beliefs [shamanism & paganism done properly for example] that use "odd looking knives".

By another language any memory as to what? German? French? Latin? If she was into the darker aspect of the occult - and no, unlike die hard Christian believers the occult doesn't automatically equal satanism - the mirror raises just whom she was attempting to contact for mirrors are conduits just like those "cute" Ouija boards.

I am asking these questions for a reason because though the sensitive kicked you out - given you posted another article nearly a year ago where your mother played around with a voodoo doll... It might not be the pentagram necklace that caused her to freak out, but you.

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