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Hi Sam,

Pink Floyd are great, I love them too.
Thanks for the link. Yeup those are the devices I was thinking of. From what I understand they have an automatic trim which boosts when the input signal is low and it's this which picks up any paranormal sounds, within the static white noise.
My question was more rhetorical regarding whether or not it would help. I'm more interested in these devices for other ghosts. Not this one. I wouldn't risk undoing my efforts by communicating with it. Which is what I would be doing if I whipped out one of those devices in its honour.
I already have many recordings I could enhance. However these recordings are made with professional microphones and not made for paranormal reasons. I have thought of going through some of the dead air on some recordings to see if anything is 'there'.
There is one which does have an already audible 'something' on it. I'll have a fiddle with it and see if it's something. I'll have to find it first. If I find something noteworthy I'll upload it and post a link. But I'm definitely not going to record/communicate with this horrible thing intentionally. Especially since I'm sure I glimpsed it.
Actually I've been meaning to enhance some recordings for a good while, out of curiosity. But alas I am lazy and would rather be listening to music than enhancing a bunch of silence.
Be wary of healers many are frauds. Often times the best advice we can get is free. That's very rude that she's not responding to you.
Tweed, your welcome, and yeah that's fine it really doesn't make a differences if you post it all in one. (Except that it's long. Lol).
Yeah featuring does remind me of rap music too, but I think it's quite a fine word for what you were using it for. Hahaha. Wasn't sure you would know who she was cause I wasn't sure how different music is in UK or if they listen to lots of music from over here. (I like some music from over there (pink Floyd fan)).
Your question about the recording device, well um if you just a recording device (which is good for many things) (kind of rectangular shape) I don't see what harm could be done, and will anything show up? Know one will know that until you listen to the recording. You can also learn things from what is said on the recording (if anything is), and these things you learn may help, or they may be usless (probably not). And I wouldn't think it would give it a reason to scare you, but that's my opinion.
I was thinking you were talking about one of these which are cheap:
(Sorry long URL)
Unless you want a more expensive one specifically made for the paranormal.
I'm feeling better now. My dog avoided me all morning and was giving me weird looks like he recognized me but didn't. Wherever I went, he went the other way. Suddenly, he went upstairs with me to go to the bathroom.

For the past two weeks I have been having this burning sensation. Typically I get it while trying to sleep but sometimes during the day too. It has never been on my back though like last night.

I was in contact with a healer who I thought would help, but she only told me about my love life. Now she won't reapond to me. I'm not sure where to find anyone else.
Rarrkel, the car thing does sound a bit ridiculous but I do believe because ridiculous things happen. Smile it reminds me of Stephen king's christened and Maximum Overdrive. But I can't seem to come up with explaination for this, and it was a good thing you heard that unexplained voice.
Gigismum, do you mind sharing what the psychic said? I enjoyed reading your story and thank you for sharing. Smile
The only thing I have to say is that, that is a horrible way to die. Thanks for sharing your story. Smile
aww Jeesh, that really sucks you're afraid to go inside. Sad

If nothing seems to work you may be dealing with some annoyed nature spirits. These are entities which protect the land. If this is the case the activity won't be directed at you, but more them releasing anger and coming to terms with their land being tampered with. In this instance unfortunately you have to wait for it to pass. This *might* be part of what's happening. But since it's been a year since their home was tampered with this doesn't seem likely.

Apart from the burning sensation, is there anything else which happened last night? If it was purely emotional and physical it could be that you're sensing the energy around you and reacting emphatically. If you're already suffering from anxiety this will feel even worse still.

I find incense helps calm the home. Just don't leave it burning while you're out or sleeping. It's good you've been using sage and frankincense.
I don't know about reading from the bible making it worse. I guess that's possible. If so whatever it is might be retaliating about you getting rid of it. I suggest following your gut instincts; if they're telling you to read from the Bible then do that, if they're telling not to, then do that.

If you can't get another blessing done right away, and if you're comfortable with this, you could try phoning some other churches.
I know what it's like to be afraid of something in your home I'm just sorry I don't have anything more helpful to suggest.
Thanks for your speedy response, Tweed.

The woman spirit (possibly the former owner) is not what bothers me. When I re-read my entry I realized that I did not give the whole story. I tried posting a new story but all postings are down until Monday: (

I spoke to my neighbor but he was busy and didn't have time to listen to my recording. He told me to try EVP and then encouraged me to contact the local catholic church for a house blessing. I intend to do that.

I am sitting outside because I am too afraid to go in. Last night I had some bad experiences and I began reading from Psalms when I felt like my whole body was on fire. This is not the first time that my insides felt like they were being burned, but I am very concerned that reading from the Bible would create such a reaction.
More doom and gloom.

Gadzooks, no one said anything about a demon and this isn't a horror movie. Everyone has different views here. Celtic seems like a together person who's pretty comfortable with what's happened. No need to break out an exorcism.
Gigismum, I'm absolutely appalled at the stupid city taking the tree like that! Then for this to ruin the roses as well. Well this makes things a lot more clearer. I'm also shocked at the doctor bills, I just can't fathom the American health system!

In light of these details it seems the woman is restless about the changes to what was once her home. I feel sorry for her, the poor dear. Any cleansing or blessing will likely have a calming effect. But if a ghost's intentions are good, or at least neutral, you may find simply coexisting with her will be the most peaceful solution for you both.
Gadzooks, read the story again they are completely different cats with next to no similarities. Also Garrus interacts with Penguin. SpazCat has seen them both individually. Honestly, projecting one identity onto another being is just selfish.
Miracles I know what you mean. I'm optimistic there's enough good ghosts and entities out there who take care of such victims in the hereafter. Smile
Gadzooks296 in Are You Still Here?
Garrus might be Penguin. I have studied the rebirth process for many years and Garrus might be Penguin in another body. Because of all the similarities this is all the information I can give to you. If you notice any more similarities please contact me at mondragond [at]
Sometimes Demons attach themselves to people and make them feel bad thoughts. The reason Demons do this is because they need a human host so they can be on this side of the world. The way I like to think of this, is that humans are the anchor to our side of the world. I would highly recommend for you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are not afraid of the demon. Then you should tell yourself that the demon will no longer live in you.
Miracles51031 in The Ballerina Girl
Tweed - thanks, that makes me feel better Smile Children and abuse, death, etc really gets to me. Bad. Sometimes it's hard to get the images out of my soul Sad
aww Miracles I highly doubt she's reliving anything.
To my mind this is either:
1) Some sort of poltergeist.
2) Mike had a vision or psychic experience but did not see exactly what happened, only the overall message of what happened.

Reason I believe this is because the details of what Mike saw don't add up.
Let's break it down:

"She then stopped suddenly in a way like she was punched in the stomach and was thrown back quite a bit and I saw bright red starting to blossom from her stomach. She then keeled over and fell to her knees and then she disappeared in front of my eyes. "

For a child to be shot at close range by any gun, including a pistol, would result in them being thrown back.
Bright red starts to blossom from her stomach. Given that she's wearing a, presumably tight, leotard and that the force from a gun shot throwing one back is not enough time for blood to pool around the entry wound this scenario is highly unlikely.
She then keels over and falls to her knees. Another unlikely scenario. Any child, or adult for that matter, shot at close range with enough force to throw them back a way will have lost all balance control. Plus she is shot from the front. We know this because she's thrown backwards. She would not have fallen to her knees. Most likely furniture or walls would have broken her throw back and she would have collapsed violently into something.
In real time a close range gun shot to the stomach plays out in half a second. Real blink and you miss it stuff.
What Mike saw was a symbolic performance, not an actual death.
Hi everyone, thanks for the responses!
I have seen a doctor for my conditions and nothing is wrong with me - no problems with my ears or eyes. The pains in my chest have gone away and I feel that I caused the panic attacks myself. Really, I am done with doctors because every time I go, and am certain something is wrong with me, they tell me I am fine and charge me $100.

I was recording on my tablet. I have decided to have my neighbor listen to it since he has lived next door for a good 40 or so years. He told me a woman lived in my house for maybe 50 years. She had a son who died at 19 in a car accident. She planted roses and a tree in our yard and last summer we had to get rid of the tree due to city ordinance because it was getting too big and was in the power lines. The city was who came to take the tree down, we had no communication about it. They showed up, ripped up the tree and threw it on the ground. This killed the roses which were planted in her son's honor.

As for the footsteps, the first time they just made a creak in the floor and that's when I saw the first shadow. The other footsteps have been just normal footsteps like someone is casually walking through the house. No alarms there. The last shadow I saw seemed like it was running away. My daughter was coming down the stairs and the shadow darted away from the stairs and towards a window, or maybe the corner of the house.

The house blessing was almost two weeks ago. I did not feel anything immediately, but the next day as I was trying to take a nap I heard pounding from inside my closet. That is when I realized I did not cleanse my closet. Thank you for the idea of Rook's house blessing. I am doing another one today and with sage (the last was with frankincense).

Tweed as 'hit it on the head' when it comes to the house and your dogs reactions to whatever is 'visiting' you.

As far as the necklace goes there are a few things you can try... Bury it in rock salt (plain rock salt, no additives') and let is sit there for at least a week. This should help draw and negitive energy out of it. You could also bury it in the ground... Leave it for 2 weeks to a month and let Mother Nature 'clear away' any negitive energy that may be attached. You could research different cleansing rituals (candle, crystal... Combinations of the two... Or other types) and see if any of them appeal to you... Heck you could even 'donate' it to your local goodwill, but to do so without a cleansing may 'come back' on you.

Just a few ideas... Please ask any questions you may have and thanks for sharing...

Let this serve as a warning... If the building is marked 'No Trasspassing'; 'Condemed'...soon to be demolished... Take heed and do not go in... You nver know what may come home with you...

Question for the O/P...are you 100% sure you had put the necklace DOWN and LET IT GO before the door SLAMED shut? Is there any chance you still had it in your hand and 'reflexivly' closed you hand on it, then dropped it in your pocket? Just a thought.


Miracles51031 in The Ballerina Girl
Dear Lord, we can only hope that she isn't reliving it Sad Makes my heart break to think that could be a possibility.
rookdygin in The Ballerina Girl
I guess something like that is possible... Its an intreasting theory to say the least. Even it it is 'spliced residual memories' let us hope that it is a true residual and the little girl is not 'stuck' repeating the happiest and worst moments of her life becasue she does not understand she is dead.


Miracles51031 in The Ballerina Girl
Exactly! Shew, sometimes I have way too many thoughts in my head for a single one to make it through coherently Laugh
rookdygin in The Ballerina Girl
Ah...I see something like 'Happiest Moment' being getting costume for first recital... Showing it off, overlapping with the worst moment... Wearing same costume and being shot. (Sorry about being 'blunt'). Is that what you are trying to describe?


Miracles51031 in The Ballerina Girl
rook - the outfit I can understand. If she was truly practicing to be a ballerina or even if it was a just a dress-up costume, I can see her wanting to wear it all the time.

Since I don't know exactly how residual hauntings begin, I was thinking that maybe two different events were the most memorable in her mind and that's why she's replaying them. I didn't necessarily mean a time slip per se, but more of two different days maybe that are spliced together to be one. Is that the same thing? Confused

Still don't think I'm getting in words what my mind is trying to say.
rookdygin in The Ballerina Girl

I understand what you are getting at, its the fact that the girls 'costume' does not change... At least the way the O/P has related this it 'sounds' as if a single horrorific moment in time was captured.

A time slip, at least the way I understand them, conveys more details... One does not simply 'watch' it but can interact with-in it... The Gardens of Versailles have stories of time slips... There are even a few on this site... Couples while traveling in a forign country stop and stay at what they think is a 'theme' hotel... Only to return the next year and descover that no such hotel has exsisted (sp?) in that town for decades or even longer... Then there is my own experience... Is 'time slipish'...

Who knows, you may be right... Either way its a tragic story to be sure.


Thank you so much for the nice comments:) I really miss the forest where I grew up!
Miracles51031 in The Ballerina Girl
rook - that was one of two scenarios that played out in my mind. I also considered a time difference in the two incidents.

I'll try and explain it to where it might make sense. One day (time) she was dancing, happy, and then another day she was shot (if that is what happened). But the two incidents play out in what appears to back-to-back Confused
rookdygin in The Ballerina Girl
I had one other thought concerning the little girl dancing... It may have been her way of 'shutting out' or distracting herself from Mom and Dad and all the fighting.

Again, I hope she has 'crossed over' and is at peace.


Miracles51031 in Negative Entity Help
SDS - thank you for adding a valid example to my suggestion. As you know, it helps to have someone say they or someone they know had an experience just like it.
Hi Gigismum,

I agree with Miracles and SDS about seeking a medical opinion on your physical symptoms. I have experienced buzzing and it was connected to an ear issue and not anything paranormal.

My reaction to reading the footsteps and shadow sighting directly after the psychic call was that this entity was listening to your phone call. Then decided it was a perfect time to let itself be known. It may have been wanting to contact you prior to this.
What was the recording device you were using which captured the old woman's voice? Was it a TV recording device, or a musical recording set up? This might be important to shed some light on why the voice was captured.
It also sounds like this activity is giving you panic attacks. They're no fun, I know. But your anxiety may be exasperating the activity into something negative, when it may not be. Anxiety can cloud judgement. I'm not saying you've no reason to be concerned. Only that it's a possibility to consider. It's also another reason to see a doctor.

When did you do the house blessing? Did you experience anything directly after the house blessing? If so the presence is likely a positive one. That said if it's making you uncomfortable you have the right to live in peace and quiet. Ask it not to frighten you.
The lady saying "oooohhh goodbye dear", and this is just something that sprang to mind, maybe she was leaving you to do what you were doing. Like "Oh I see your busy, goodbye dear." If you talk to yourself she may be talking back to you without you knowing.

What did the footsteps sound like, decisive, clumsy, competent, cautious? What was the impression you got from this shadow and its footsteps?
It may be a separate ghost to the old lady, if she is with you.

Regardless of anything paranormal I urge you to see a doctor, don't ignore physical symptoms just because of possible paranormal activity.

Take care.
Hi SpazCat,

Recently said farewell to my beloved cat of many years and can relate to much of your story. I'm so sorry for your loss, I know how strong a bond with a pet can be.
I grew up with cats and we all felt their ghosts after they'd passed. They seem to adjust pretty quickly to being on the other side too. Cats are ever so clever. So I wouldn't worry about Penguin. Particularly since all your encounters with her have been positive. I say just enjoy her company.
Garrus sounds like a naturally friendly cat and has obviously made friends with Penguin. This sounds like a case of human noticing for the first time something which happens in every single pet owners home every single day of the week. Wink It seems Penguin and Garrus are both teaching you something about their world, a part of it, I believe, is supernatural awareness that we humans so often are dumb to. You're unlocking this awareness and noticing important details about both Garrus and Penguin's behaviour. Congratulations are in order I think!
Miracles, my kudos to you. I was just going to suggest to O/P to consult a doctor. You preceded me. May be that is the experience.

Hi gigismum, to continue from where Miracles left, the hearing of sound like buzzing of a bee or inspect, could be related to the problems in your ears. Please do consult a doctor immediately because recently, may be two months, one of my friends had similar problems and I don't know if you are aware about our country, he was advised wrongly that it related to paranormal and he went from one quack to another before ending up with a doctor and through a minor corrective surgery in his ears, the problem stood resolved.

So, please do consult a doctor and especially about the pain in your chest.

I am happy that you do say prayers quite often. Still why don't you try Rook's cleansing method, if you feel something negative is present. His method can be used quite easily and it works. Please do follow it for a few days and see the result. Give the credits to Rook. The method is available in his profile page.

Regards and respects to you.

Hello again, this is for everyone on this thread:
For some reason y'all seem to have missed the same detail; that is Celtic stated the man on the bed as past tense. She clarified that he no longer does this. Which, along with her feelings toward their encounters, didn't give me cause for concern.

That said SDS raises a wise and valid point about *first* initial gut reactions! Which are equally, and sometimes more, important.
Hi kuriah, this is the second time today that I am advising someone not to claim that whatever you say is 100% true, not a lie and all. It doesn't work in this site. We comment reading your narrative and not based on the claims that are made by the O/P. We share our experiences, try to learn, if possible help others with our experience, suggestions and advise.

And regarding your experience that you felt like some one punched at you and when you opened the eyes you saw the plain wall. You also said that you were having headache. It might be quite possible that because of the headache, you might have just dozed off and since you sleep very close to the wall, I feel that you might have accidentally hit the face on the wall and you might have felt that you have been punched on your face. Just a possibility. But, I might be wrong and it doesn't mean that I don't believe your story.

As far as your narrative is concerned, my opinion is that if you feel the presence whenever you are alone, what is your gut feeling about it. Do you feel if it is positive or negative. That is more important. And you said that you have moved out. Prior to your having the feeling for the first time when the room was closed and you felt that someone was staring you from behind, did you buy anything or brought any new thing, article or something to your room. Some entities might be attached to some articles, things etc. And you said that when you are alone, you feel the presence. Is it in a particular place or room or house or anywhere.

Please do respond.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi Pepsi, sorry to hear you were homeless. Then to have your new home inhabited by an irritated ghost, urgh.

The only thing I can suggest is a cleansing/protecting ritual here's one most of us here use (scroll down page):


Just what were you guys doing in this abandoned building? Were you there in hopes of having a ghost encounter? If so this may be a case of careful what you wish for.
I've read a few stories on here and heard a few from friends who have ventured into abandoned hospitals, asylums etc and many have been followed or watched. It all boils down to peoples' intent. It would seem if you go to such a place hoping to see ghosts, as a thrill, there's a small chance you'll get more than you thought.
The dog going ape is a concern. Animals don't always react negatively when there's a ghost around. Perhaps she's sensing the ghost's fear, anger, sadness, frustration. Or she is sensing the ghost's intent. Perhaps the ghost is giving off negative energy. Or mixed messages.

I'm leaning toward this ghost giving off mixed messages which are confusing your dog. Based on the necklace it sounds like this ghost is mentally unstable. It reminds me of some dementia sufferers who hide and lose jewellery, for some reason jewellery is a common obsession. Also common is giving things away, or buying things to give to people. For some reason giving things to people becomes another obsession for someone under great mental stress and/or illness.
So you can see what I mean by mixed messages. This ghost may not be evil or intend to harm anyone. But it can be troublesome in that you, your mate, and the ghost have very little way of communicating. Which may lead to frustration and the ghost lashing out because it doesn't know how to express itself (See mixed messages/unstable person).
The ghost, if confused, may have thought you could help him or her. Because you were down in an abandoned hospital, so you really can't blame it on that count. Or it could be something horribly negative. But it sounds like the former.

Your mate sleepwalking (what it sounds like) to point at your closet could have been a coincidence and perhaps he followed the sound of the dog in his dream. If this ghost is powerful enough to provoke a person to do this, all the more reason to do a cleansing on you and your home.

I'm sure someone will have a suggestion on what to do with the necklace. I'm unsure what to suggest so I won't for fear of giving wrong advice. I believe it depends on the ghost/situation. There's no absolute one size fits all answer. For now I would keep the necklace safe so as not to irritate whoever is leaving it.
Hello Celticrose1991, first of all welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing. Tweed and RedWolf advised you properly. Because the moment we see the swearing by the O/P that the story is 100%, some of us have their antenna up. I would advise you further. We share our experiences in this site. So don't try to make others believe by such claims.

Coming to your narrative, I would like to state that you are sensitive to paranormal. Other things I agree with Tweed, especially regarding the child, who played with you when you were young.

But, better be careful with the one that sits on your bed regularly. I would keep my fingers crossed. Against Tweed has given another advise in the second post that it is your gut feeling that matters. The first gut feeling you got when you experienced.

I also further suggest you to maintain a journal or a diary of events that are happening, if they are so frequent. It would keep the track of the events as well as give you enough picture to understand what possibly might have happened.

Regards and respects to you.

Doom and gloom!

Celtic, I have no opinion on the intent of the ghost on your bed. But I'll tell you this; what you feel in your gut, your instincts, these are real and to be trusted. As you indicated this ghost doesn't do this any more just go by what you felt while he did. I got the sense from reading your story that you are in tune with your gut instincts and know exactly what I mean.
I've briefly experienced responses in thoughts like you described and this was positive for me too.
Redwolf is right.
Just be carefull, evil spirits can trick you to gain your trust.

Never let your guard down and stay strong! Love
He was facing me with his eyes closed just suspended there like a still picture.
I can't recall exactly what he looked like, although I feel I would have been struck to realize he looked like me. You have a theory I assume?
Welcome to YGS Celticrose.
I agree with Tweed, NEVER claim that your story is 100% true. A lot of other posters may be doubtful of it's authenticity.
Also be sure to remember that everyone on this site has had paranormal experiences. We are here to help people who are having problems so feel free to read other stories and if you think you can help give advice.
I am concerned about the ghost that sits on the bed with you. What you may percieve it as a benign spirit could be. A malevolent spirit waiting to gain your trust to get you to let your gaurd down so it can enter your body. Tell it to leave and that it is no longer welcome in your house. You may have to do a cleansing on your house and especially your room. If you haven't told your parents about this experience please do so immediately
Brooklynnberceuse56 in It Lives In The Closet

You didn't insult me at all:) in fact I appreciate your opinion. I will take your advice and try to upload all my expierences at once. Thank you so much for commenting!
rookdygin in The Ballerina Girl
Lady and Val,

Two things come to mind as to why she may have been dancing...

Dad, being mean drunk came home and was making her dance and being late at night its what started the fight that night


The young girl was dancing... Trying to distract her angry, drunk father in an attempt to keep him from hurting her mother.

Either way I hope she has moved on and what the O/P saw was a true residual haunting.

Thanks for sharing this experience with us.


your doing a good thing... That's awesome, but what are you going to do if like peachesop said, just be careful just in case man
BrokenTree in Are You Still Here?
Sorry to hear of your loss. I know how painful it is. Perhaps Penquin is influencing him or teaching him. I don't want to say posses since that sounds a bit much. I would just enjoy him and love him as he is. Also cats communicate a lot with their eyes. One is to quickly look at you and then look to the left. You should reciprocate in kind. It's a happy greeting. Cats are the only animals that can meet a humans stare. And again- a meow and a purr together is called a purrdert.
valkricry in The Ballerina Girl
Like Tweed and lady-glow, I'm at a total loss as to why the child would be dancing during a fight. It just feels to me as if your (then) girlfriend had some facts mixed up. Or perhaps some element is missing.
Putting that aside, it does sound residual. However what makes you think that the father would still be there?
lady-glow in The Ballerina Girl
Just like Tweed I do not understand why the little girl would be dancing if her parents were fighting. Serious

What makes you think the father could be haunting the house? Are you sure he has died?
Do you know if your ex girlfriend ever saw the little ballerina or had any other supernatural experience in her house?
Other than surprise, did you feel any changes in the energy of the room? Did your girlfriend feel anything?

Have you tried researching if the story of the murder really happened?
Thanks Sacul. I appreciate your input. I have noticed the slow blinking before. That's not the only behavioral change my younger went through. He now exhibits the near same mannerisms as my passed cat.

He's still himself, has his own personality, but now he seems to have adopted some of my passed cat's personality.

Thank you for the sympathy as well.
good-ghosts in My Baby Saw Something?
Hi vaishtn
Thanks for the comment. Sorry for your loss too. But I am sure the spirits stay close to their loved ones, as does your aunt and they watch over you. When I am stressed out and feeling low I would always dream of my grandmother. And I wake up happy and fine. As if she says don't worry I am there.
Hi Mike,

I agree with Missmegge about residual haunts. The little girl is somewhere totally unaware of what you encountered.
I'm very miffed about the twirling however. Based on residual hauntings being 'playbacks and feedback loops', if a fight ensued why the heck was she dancing?
Maybe what you saw was down to poltergeist activity.
Mace, I'm a little envious the forests sound incredible! With all the activity people report over generations it sounds like a magical place.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful encounter! You know what's more amazing about the little man you saw? Your dad's arms! They must be made out of steal, surely his arms would have had the circulation cut off, damn that's near superhuman!

I agree with Faith your English is fine!

Perhaps the man you saw was of the Tomten ilk. Based on his appearance and your location. Many people remembering from childhood describe a devilish appearance. Or maybe he was a little devil. Whatever he was he sounds respectful and for your hunting dog not to attack is even more curious. She must have known he wasn't a threat.

Cboodhoo has just left one of the best comments in recent memory, couldn't agree more! All the world's mysteries will not be solved by everyone living with a smartphone glued to their hand and social media fads distracting from every original thought, question and even paranormal encounter. Society's pretty unbalanced in that arena unfortunately. Here's hoping it's a phase.
Awesome story! I live in southern Sweden with my "sambo" (though I am from the US) I love the forests here! There is something about them that is so mysterious and other-worldly that I have no doubt in my mind that something like this would happen!
Hi Celticrose, and welcome to YGS.

Your experiences aren't going to be judged or disbelieved around here. There are many people who've seen those shadow entities with the red eyes and all other experiences you mentioned. I hope you continue to share them with us.
About the most criticism you're likely to get is looking for physical explanations, which most of us do here. Because it's important to cover all bases. For example the young girl you were playing with who later walked into the wall. This could have been a vivid dream. Not saying it was, but that's the kind of thing which is encouraged to question. So we can debunk thus sort the physical from the paranormal.
Also starting a story off with references to it being 100% true will probably go down a treat with some of the more established members. Because statements like these are so often followed by very fanciful nonsense encounters!

The skeletal being you saw through the window when you were a kid sounds like a nature spirit. It sounds to me like a troll. (Some are very tall, lanky and darkly mysterious in appearance). I also think this because you describe him as seeming surprised you could see him. Nature spirits are very secretive and young children are more prone to seeing them than adults.
What was your garden like at this house? Or if you didn't have a garden, was there a garden or public garden/nature reserve near you? Or even a grave yard or pet buried near by? Trolls can be protectors of sacred sites such as these or anything else they feel is sacred. You're very lucky to have seen him!
Sam and Biblio thanks to you both for everything. I'm not the kind of person to reply to everyone using separate posts, tried that once, annoyed the heck out of me. So this'll be one big reply addressing both of your responses. With an 'Update' at the bottom.

I'll try to answer your questions.

In the first dream the knowledge of T being close by, outside of the room somewhere, was a past tense awareness. Meaning that in the dream I had knowledge of his presence before entering the room. It felt like he was watching this room via something akin to video link, without physically being in the room.
Funnily enough I struggled to find another word for 'featuring'. Featuring reminded me of rap music collaborations or cameo appearances in shows. But it's a word everyone knows and understands so it went in.
Lol Yes I know who Lady Gaga is and that is quite amusing.

I've looked into those electronic dicta-phone recording devices, the ones used by ghost hunters. I saw these used on a documentary a few years ago and was intrigued. I want to use one of these for other nice ghosts, but for this particular ghost/entity/whatever it is I fear it would encourage it. That said there are times, when I feel scared, that I wonder if I hit record on one of these devices, during these moments, if anything would show up on the audio. But would that help me in any way or just give it a new way to scare me? I really don't want to take that risk.

I love what you say about our gut being one of our senses. One of the lesser celebrated senses I feel.

The thuds on the house are something I keep thinking about lately. It slipped my mind completely because I was in the midst of grief about the cat who passed a couple days after the thud night. I really don't know what to make of it. It's so bizarre that I can't believe it was paranormal. Okay I'm 50/50 about it. But if it was paranormal and connected to this 'thing', well that's nothing short of shocking. When I look at it in a supernatural light the thuds on the house become a direct retaliation to it being kept out of Mum's house by my guardian during that time. That's my impression of it, if it was paranormal and connected to this. Urgh some of the details suggest it was paranormal. Here's hoping it never happens again.

Firstly, I burst out laughing at Moses imploring everyone not to be a prat! It sounds like we have similar views on religion.
Don't worry about late replies, I'm the queen of late replies. I only check my email about once a week.
Sorry if this is inflaming your OCD. I suffer from it myself from time to time. Used to have it quite severe. So I sympathise, it ain't fun.
I know exactly what you mean about a piece missing. It drives me nuts sometimes. It's like something is right there staring me in the face but I don't get it yet.
Also don't worry about panicking me. I'm not superstitious and don't scare too easily.

T recently told me he started to see what looked like bloody meat on the side corners of walls and on furniture around his house. He said it was hard to touch like it was baked on. But it would always disappear by the time someone came home. This reminded me that I'd seen exactly the same thing at Mum's place. Before the cat died, there was something like blood/meat under the linen-press door, which is where the cat bed was. I saw the cat sniff or lick it. I assumed it was pet food that had somehow ended up there. I got the paper towel and wiped at it but it was hard and wouldn't come off. So I moved the cat and his bedding away, assuming it was rancid cat food that I didn't want him consuming. When Mum got back I asked her what it was, she had no idea, I showed her but it was gone. I thought the cat must have had a cheeky snack and ate it. But now with what T said about bloody meat around his house, I think that's what I experienced too. Urgh the fact it was down at the cat bed, in a place where he'd definitely lick at it, urgh makes me wince.

Next time I talk to T I'm going more in depth into our histories to see if we can find a common denominator. I agree there must be one. Also I will really drill him about how the heck he got rid of it. So far we've only been comparing notes on crap that's happened to the both of us.

I agree also that this is going to take a lot of effort and support. I have a support network around me. A few of our friends are Christians, they've suggested keeping a bible open in the bedroom, which we've done. We're not religious but what the heck, it certainly can't hurt. A few of our friends are Wiccans. One Wiccan couple are coming over this weekend. We're going to try a... Erugh now I can't remember what it's called. How irritating. Well it's a spell or ceremony of some kind.

Bit of an update on this since my last post:
My mood is pretty good and I don't feel scared or threatened as much as I have been. I feel like a weight has lifted. That said I won't bury my head in the sand either. But it's nice to feel closer to normal again. The bouts of fatigue are lingering still. I'm having a bad day today with fatigue. But I'm also having a lot of good days, without fatigue. On to the...

The other night I woke up to the raspy, loud whisper voice it said:
"____, look at me"
With the underscore being a big swear word. Personally I'm not offended by this word and hubby and I are potty mouths. So it wasn't a shock to hear it. I wasn't happy with *it* using the word however. What's most interesting about this is that I wasn't the least bit afraid! Also my husband was asleep beside me, which is a first for this thing. Though I'm sure it was aware he was asleep. When it woke me up I instinctively looked to where the voice came from, in front of me, to the side of the bed. I realised what was going on, and what I'd just heard, rolled over to face hubby and went back to sleep. I vaguely remember giving it the finger as I did this. Though I may have just thought about it, not sure if I flipped it the bird or not.

The other update is something I saw. This was about a week before it woke me up. I'm not sure what I saw but I think it was this thing, based on what I felt in my gut.
You know when you know someone's looking at you? Well I had that and looked to see this very peculiar human-esque being with cracked and deeply wrinkled skin, the colour of an old carrot. It had very, very thick black eyebrows and very small eyes. Its hair was shortish and black also. There was something very creepy about the eyebrows. They looked like gigantic hairy caterpillars. The eyes were so small they looked like pin pricks. It was very grotesque, but not in an endearing way, the way some nature spirits look. It was looking straight at me. I guess it looked calm in mood. But jeesh did it look psychotic. I love me some grotesque looking entities but THIS was something else all together. I can't shake the feeling I saw 'it'. But I still live in hope that what I saw was some kind of nature spirit which I occasionally see. But they're always outside.
The visual wasn't a solid manifestation, more like the strength of a reflection in a window. But there was no window. With about 4 meters distance between us. I saw it for maybe 2 seconds, if that.
cboodhoo in Not Only Folklore?
Thank you for this story. We live in the age of science where many hold the position that if it cannot be touched, seen, weighed and measured, it does not exist; as if we can actually see a sub-atomic particle. I feel strongly that ancient peoples did not simply make up those folklore tales in moments of idleness. There is still much that we do not understand about the world and existence, many of today's mysteries will be solved in the future, it is just a question of how long will it take to solve some mysteries.
Cloudre in Presences
Thanks a lot [at] ahmedhasan and [at] sushankar I am glad you got back to me.
I know exactly what you mean, I have been seeing things all my life. They scare me too sometimes thanks for sharing
Bibliothecarius in Nature Spirit? Elemental?

I honestly have no idea why you were worried about your writing style. Your narrative was clear, detailed, and organized. You gave us a sense of the landscape through unfolding details, with special attention to the awareness of scale and scope. I do hope that someone praised your creative writing abilities when you were in high school; creative writing is not just writing fiction, it's the ability to employ unique diction to keep the reader interested in factual accounts, too.

I've met trees like him. Horse Chestnut and Oaks, mostly, but a few Maples, too. Eartholders who have endured the centuries with dignity while preserving the sense of place. (Perhaps I'm missing something, but I only occasionally get a sense of caution/mistrust from evergreens. I may be a deciduous person...?) These trees are not arrogant but reassuringly protective of their landscapes.

It's lovely to start the day with such a positive, charming mental image. Thanks.

missmeggelizabeth in The Ballerina Girl
Such a sad story, and it's even more terrible that now a residual imprint is playing this death scene over and over again.
I would say that it is replaying an event that the spirit has moved on but the energy of the death hasn't. The girl will be safe now, it would just be the house that is holding on to that energy. There wouldn't have been anything you could have done.
The father on the other hand, if he still haunts the property, that will be because he can't move on the better place so if he did move on it would be to a sort of 'hell'. Meaning the better option is the stay in this world.
So sad for what had happened and that you witnessed this, Thankyou for sharing
migelito23 in The Ballerina Girl
Sad story about this little girl dancing and then got shot
By his own dad. I hope god forgives that man for killing his
Own daughter, its real sad for this little girl to endup like that.
Thanks for sharing your story...
faith1986 in Not Only Folklore?
I love this story! And there was no "rusty English" you explained perfectly! I don't know what it could have been and I am positive there are at least a few people here that will have some ideas, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed it and I thank you for sharing! If you have more stories, as it seems you have had at least a couple experiences by what you said about being able to share them easily, I would be very interested in reading them and I hope you will share them with us when you have the time. Thanks:-)
Slow blinking is one proven way you can communicate with a cat. Fast or long stares is interpreted as play/aggression (anyone that has been swatted in the eye by their kitten can attest to this). Slow blinks indicates a desire to nurse or general comfort.

I've nothing to offer regarding a "less than normal" or guessing, but I can sympathize with your loss and am really glad you found another unconditional friend.

Dont forget the eye trick- it works wonders;) Love
This same type of thing used to happen to me, almost every night. There was always at least one "presence" in the room- sometimes visible/sometimes not. The "dread" and fear was the only thing I could count on. The clinical term is sleep paralysis, and you describe a pretty severe attack, IME.

I suggest getting a sleep study (Dr. Huang is near you). After all- a little normal in our para can never hurt. Good luck Love
Bibliothecarius in Followed By Knocking

Sorry for the delay in response, it's the mad rush toward end-of-term exams (Americans call them "Finals" which sounds far more daunting to my mind) and I'm in almost complete chaos. When I mentioned "a patient entity," it was merely a descriptive term. Skipping over residual hauntings, it seems many spiritual interactions (with all manner of intelligent entities and hauntings) fall into a few clear categories: protective, peacefully coexisting, parasitic, resentful, etc. Patience is a trait common to the first two of these, as there is a nurturing bond or willingness to cooperate in the intent of the entity. The other hauntings typically are characterized by the immediacy of the entity's need to provoke a reaction from the individual/individuals experiencing the haunting. Resentful spirits either feel ignored, leading to their becoming frustrated & angry, or dislike the idea of others taking over "their" property; the parasitic entities provoke fear (oft-alleged to be a source of energy, though I have some doubts on this score); elementals and fae who choose to be seen or to interact with human beings do so as a warning, as the opening gambit in a psychological/supernatural deceit (game, trap, trick, whatever), or out of sheer whimsy (your profile indicates some fae experience, so I'm sure you know what I mean about the impulsivity: like cats, their verbs are always in the present tense). For a haunting 1) to stalk T then you, with a decade's separation, on three different continents, 2) to be determined to limit the number of witnesses who can corroborate events, 3) to demonstrate all the hallmarks of a certain and determined patience, without the need for immediate escalation, it sounds to me as though you're dealing with something very old, very powerful, and almost certainly inhuman.

As an agnostic, I don't believe in the idea of fallen angels; that's all based on a mistranslation in the writings of the prophet Isaiah, muddling up the supernova of a morning star (a 'Shining Herald' to announce the dawn, bright enough to be seen just before sunrise) with the name of one of the angels, Lucifer (meaning 'Light Bringer' as in the angel who reminds God of the details of mankind's sins -shedding light upon them- like a prosecuting barrister). That said, there is plenty of room for the existence of paranormal entities who have chosen to be beneficent/good and for those who have chosen to be selfish/evil. Just because the English translation of the Latin adaptation of the Greek mistranslation of the Aramaic version of an archaic Hebrew prophet is flawed, it doesn't mean that the general idea is entirely wrong. The English version of the Bible doesn't even get the 10 commandments right ("Thou shalt not steal" is a very literal translation, but the verb in Hebrew is only used to describe kidnapping, i.e.: "to steal a child.") However, Moses is one of my heroes from history because he came down the mountain with 10 pretty damn good rules which treated everyone equally! It was the inception of Egalitarianism; ten rules, that's it, no exceptions, and most of them boil down to "don't be a complete prat."...and I'm rambling. Back to the topic...

I know you're aware of the utility of cleansing rituals, but my concern is akin to soaps which kill "99% of bacteria," leaving one to wonder exactly how close to invulnerable is the remaining 1%, and will it now thrive because the other 99% are no longer in the way. I fear you're going to need a lot of support to shift this entity, let alone exorcise it; it may even retaliate if you try to evict it by yourself. Now, please don't go into a panic over my prognostications; as I've said before, I tend to look at a given situation and seriously ask "what IS the worst that could happen, and how am I going to deal with that?" In this case, I think you need to get more data out of T about how his interactions with it ended. You may not like what he tells you, but the information that was lacking initially has yet to be uncovered. Something vital is still missing. There's part of the puzzle which either is rooted in a personal past trauma (shared/similar trauma in T's past?) or there's something unique in both you and T which attracted the attention of this thing... Which makes me wonder where it was in the decade between these two incidents. Something here is bothering me, like an itch behind the eyes. Something which has kicked my OCD into overdrive because I'm not seeing it and I suspect that it's going to be connected to how you're going to get rid of this sinister presence.
I've seen something similar when I was a teenager with a friend and they saw it to. They flew around my friends lounge room when we were sleeping on the foldout bed. I won't go into detail about it as I am thinking of writing it into a story on here.
Saheed10: interesting story!
It is a little disappointing that the ladies would trough that entity to the street where it could find its way to harm somebody else.

You mention your mother being a psychic but nevertheless she wasn't aware of the evil spirit eating her?
Did she ever communicate with the little girl ghost in the house of your previous story?

Did the ladies tell your mom the possible origin of this spirit? -perhaps some one was jealous of her success and "le hizo mal de ojo"?

Anyway, I'm glad to know that your family's situation improved after that day.
Toranlakshmee in Missing Money
Now, you may call me crazy but I have the solution for all of your problems!
Good old fashioned garlic, before you get all skeptical TRY IT.
Just place a few cloves of garlic into your wallet, it's that simple. Try to keep it as 'natural' as possible, meaning, don't peel it or cut off any growing bits you may see just leave it the way it is and watch the magic of money staying where you leave it.
Old South Indian trick.;) we go through missing money ALL THE TIME... BUT NOT ANYMORE!;)
P.s. You're welcome:) xoxxo
Tweed, yup that's about how long it took me. Lol.
Yes I know who Mackenzie Crook is, I don't care much for him as an actor, but I have seen the office (but I hate that show) and I have seen the Pirates of the Caribbean. It's interesting how you have dreams with him in it, (very random but some dreams just are that; random).
* (note: I'm writing theses comments as I read).
Dream #1:
Interesting, I can picture that, the table in the middle of a dim lit room is like what's on cartoons sometimes or some movies.
And you said " T wasn't there but waiting some where in another room", so was it one of those things in dream you just know like it was knowledge that was just already there?
Wasn't much of an ending, but kind of weird.

Dream #2
Yeah I guess that was very quick, I could just about perfectly see that in my head.
And I probably would've woken up too!
Do you have any idea what the meaning of this might be? Cause I'm not sure.

Side comment- I thought it was very funny how you said "featuring" in a dream. It made me laugh because I have had quite a few "features" in my dreams, quite odd ones too, for instance; one of them was lady gaga, not sure if you know who that is, but if you did you'd probably find that funny.

Tweed is there anyway possible you could get a recording of these noises and things by audio or even video?
I'd be interested to hear it.

I also like badjuujuu's opinion very much. And also, miracles is right about the gut thing; never ignore it. I'd consider it one of our sense, because we defiantly have more than just five senses, I don't care what all these "smart" "professional" scientists and doctors, and etc say.
The second paragraph in bibliothecarius's comment, I'd say is important, I agree with it, and I think these questions need to be answered, but unfortunately you won't always have the answers and that is okay.

I read the update, and holy cow! What could have made a thud (that loud!) on the Roof?!?!? I mean unless you've got birds flying around outside the size of donkeys where you live (lol). Then I have no clue. And obviously nothing came from the sky, because if it had then It would have been going so fast it would have gone through your roof.

And yeah, your right about what you said in that other comment; stay away from *those* boards. Because 99% of the time they don't invite guardians, they invite *those* other things.

Thanks for getting back to me tweed! Happy
Zephyrin, wow that is one scary story! I don't know much about curses, but it makes sense as an explaination, the pieces fit.
Salesa, off course, post your other experiences I would love to read them. Smile
Miracles51031 in Negative Entity Help
gigismum - this is solely my opinion, but I don't think the call to the psychic is what brought the entity (ies) into your home. I think the call may have made you a bit more aware of things that were already there. Not that the psychic said or did anything to make you aware, just that perhaps simply the fact you were talking to a psychic opened you up a little.

I also think you should consult your doctor and make sure these physical sensations aren't something that need addressed. It's always best to seek medical advice before automatically assuming it is paranormal.
I don't suppose it could be possible that the parking brake wasn't on or fully deployed and the car rolled a few feet down the driveway, ran out of momentum or encountered an obstacle and stopped?
Oh yeah. Reoccurring dreams are nothing to shrug off. Some GP's in Europe ask their patients about their dreams. The mind is very powerful indeed.
Hi, Trischa:

I know how irritating it can be to have an OBE but only discover the fact afterwards! ("I did it!...damn, why didn't I do something more interesting to remember?").

WinPu: REM sleep is a high percentage of Delta waves in the brain. The 'in between' which Trischa describes is the beginning of the higher-frequency Theta wave dominance in the brain's activity.

Hi Miick, thanks for reading.

I'm with you on looking up bed shaking! When it first happened to me I went searching online. Couldn't believe how many people out there experience it. Really quite astonishing.

Your reoccurring dream sounds very scary and atmospheric, especially for a kid.
I believe the best person to interpret dreams is the person who dreams them.
I'm open to the possibility of *some* universal symbolism existing in dreams. But to read:
"A black cat in a dream denotes you will find your soul mate on a rainy day" Yuck, what nonsense!

Your reindeer and hunter scenario could mean anything, only you would know. But if the overall fear in the dream remained the same it sounds like you were distressed by something back then. Or maybe your bed shaker was 'giving' you the dream and it was their fear you felt in the dream.
Or your bed shaker was trying to prevent you from having the dream by shaking the bed. God who knows.
Crying I'm a priest no deals for me lolololololololllo Serious Serious I don't think you shoiuld eathier
I apologise for the late response but am not always logged on.

[at] Christen luckily I've never seen anything like it again.

[at] missmeggelizabeth, I heard from my mum that my aunt was abusive to her then deceased husband who was haunting her and had caused her to abandon their house and move into my great mothers house

[at] pjs1977 my aunt was a churchgoer am not sure about believer lol. The house is really old and was built on an old farm. My sister and cousins who have lived in the house all their lives have they're stories of the haunting in the house.

I'd love to read your other stories, if you're up for sharing them.

Those trellises sound incredible.
We call white birch silver birch over here. I'm a big sucker for them, we have a couple. We want to get some more eventually. A few party poopers have said we're running out of room but nah, mass plantings are where it's at!
Honeysuckle my word am I envious of you right now. A friend of ours has the large monster version and far out am I envious of him too! We've just taken a cutting from his, which is also in bloom, we did this last year without success. We placed it in a glass of water last year and hoped it would root. Apparently powdered milk works for this, I'll have to give that a try. It's probably not the best time to take cuttings whilst they're in bloom, but what the hey, they smell divine.

I wonder that too about C and the nature spirits! Just how many people out there who claim not to believe or notice a thing are really just not talking about it. I suspect there are a few. Wink
Omg what you had was a really bad night paralysis. It was really scary I know I have had
Several of them and they nearly scared the living **** out of me. I had to turn on all the lights in the house when it occurred. It maybe due to an unusual amount of stress in your life. Well it won't kill you but it can really shake you up a bit. Thanks for sharing
hello tweed, firstly thank you for the comment regarding my bed shaking story. Thought I would return the courtesy and have a read of your story. Most interesting, I'm glad to say, I have not experienced the degree of activity you have, nor do I hope too. I hope you can find a way to get some peace from your haunting or whatever it is? I was just going to let you know abit more about the recurring dream I use to have as a kid.
As I mentioned it was about 10 seconds or so, it involved me seeing a small herd of reindeer, calmly grazing in bushland/forest surrounds. Then I would hear I stick snap and suddenly the deer would look up, as if looking for a predator type thing. I would see a hunter holding a gun, taking aim. A gun shot would ring out, then I would see one of the deer fall... The end. Doesn't sound real scary, but I would wake up shaken from the feeling I use to get. More pronouced as a kid no doubt.
I have no idea what it meant!
On top of the sweet aroma the other day, we had the sound of an old radio around noon on yesterday. My husband was working in the back room, which was built around the bulkhead. He is turning it into a workshop. All of a sudden, this noise comes out of nowhere. No radios, no TVS, nothing. And we get the sound of a radio, from the kitchen. Of course, we have a DIY project in progress...
Bibliothecarius in The Family House
Good gracious!

I get better-articulated arguments from my Freshmen than the sad squabbling at the end of this post. Claiming "I THOUGHT" is not enough; thinking entails a rational understanding of the potential for others to react to provocation or for there to be a miscommunication which can be resolved. Zephyrin's initial reaction -not wanting to offend- was the correct response; her later statement about being frightened to contribute IS a point of concern.

The guidelines for posting comments are easily accessible via the link in the short paragraph which appears before the comments ( Each guideline is very clear and is accompanied by reasons to explain its purpose. There do need to be clear perameters for conversation, or this would be an all-out free-for-all (a bit like bringing your clay-pidgeon shotgun to a round of golf... Sure, you can take out the competitors' golfballs from 50 yards, but the greenskeepers and the other golfers are not going to be happy you're violating the rules of the sport).

BJJ is a patient and compassionate moderator who tries to maintain civility of discourse on each thread on this site; please do not mistake a deleted comment or a written correction for a severe reprimand. Whatever Zephyrin's original comment had been about Freemasonry, if BJJ deleted it there's a very good chance it would have provoked angry responses from many others. All that has happened is that Zephyrin has been spared angry counter-arguments and Trischa_D seems to have become upset instead. As a legal immigrant to the U.S., I was under the impression that "Freedom of Speech" was covered by the First Ammendment to the Constitution; when did the entire government of this country begin to object to reasonably-articulated words?
Just curious.

By the way, there are a few errors on the guidelines: in rule 9, the statement '"this is not an english class",' should be "not an English class," with both a capital E and the comma included within the quotation marks; rule 15 states "Each one of them are different..." which is incorrect, as the subject "one" is singular, the object of the preposition 'of' is 'them' -which clarifies where 'one' originated- forming an adjectival phrase, so the verb "are" needs to be replaced with 'is' to conform to the subject-verb agreement required by the standard rules of English grammar; and the introductory sentence "Authors of a story generally appreciate..." implying that several people write each narrative, whereas "Authors generally appreciate" is more concise and reflects the intention of the rules. I know, it's a 3-day weekend, and I'm taking a break from grading essays by reading and correcting grammar on this site!
Eddo in Curly Smoke
Its strange to see a smoke like thing drift across the room staying in a tight uniform shape. Smoke normaly blows about but does not look controled. What we have seen is definately defined and controled. Although it looks like very dense smoke which I couldn't see through, it does not behave like smoke.
Cheers Ed
depitong in On Camera
I am not sure what to believe as it is not the first weird thing that has happened to me, in different houses, things that I cannot explain.
depitong in On Camera
Hello, thank you for your interest in my experience. It was not taking pictures, just flashing, it has not happened since that night, thank God. I am sure it was not lightning and it was not near anything that could have turned it on. To be honest I am too scared to take random pictures at night in the house, just in case I catch something and freak out. It has a battery that charges through usb so I do not actually change it. I just hope it never happens again. I hope I covered all the comments. Have a nice day!
Miracles51031 in A Visiting Shadow
francyne - as you've been told repeatedly, if you don't like the way we do things, take it up with admin. And when you become a mod, you can make decisions you feel necessary to keep the site running as smoothly as possible and try to prevent flights of fancy from turning into reality.

I'd rather piss off every member we have than encourage a kid's claims that he is a member of a long line of monster killers.

We don't need your approval nor your permission to do our jobs. It's been obvious from your first comment that you have an issue with us. Please feel free to find a site were you agree with every decision that is made.

And before you think you're going to turn this into something it isn't, I will delete any comments I feel are disrespectful to anyone.
Hi Francyne,

Rook is spot on. If you read between the lines of all the comments to Mazahir you will see everyone has been respectful and open minded.
The bus is highly amusing but as far as I'm concerned Mazahir seems like a nice guy. As long as he keeps it real there's no harm done.

I've only been here since the start of the year and only recently did I encounter the bus. (I was so confused when I first read Rook yell something about a 'BUS' to one of the mods. Then had a right old chuckle at what later followed!) But that bus ride, if you go back and read, was totally called for! As the man was acting creepy towards Miracles.

As for this kind of thing getting out of hand if people here don't stop to question when something feels off this site will quickly fill with comments like:

Ripped_Abz says: yo 1time me an ma posse woz in daa woodz rite an so we izz jus chillin out ma m8 Daz woz jus standin dar an we seen bigfoot. Wutup kthnxbi

Cyb0r3Blonde says: hey qt u' so brave asl?

That's the calibre of crap we can look forward to if things don't get get nipped in the bud.

(LOL the site won't let me use 'txt' talk. Had to 'cheat it' to get it through. Well that just says it all!) Laugh
rookdygin in A Visiting Shadow

You concerns are valid and yet here we are commenting on an experience from 3 years ago... And until 2 days ago the 'newest' comment was from 11 months ago... And its offering advice to a 'possible' 15 year old individual to stay grounded in reality, letting them know this is NOT a sight for fan fiction and truly hoping that this individual does not really believe that his life is really like that of a popular TV Show.

Coming from a family of sensitives that use their gifts to help others is one thing. To come from a 'long line' of 'monster hunters' is another.

And while the Miss Demeanor may not be the most mature way of handling things, breaking out the 'bus' is sometimes the only thing that allows individuals to vent theire frustration due to an individual who truly does not follow, or even try to follow, the posting guidlines.

I will 'put the bus up' if mazahir does not post fan fiction or offer advice based on a TV show... Heck I've already told mazahir thanks for teaching me something about the Islamic religion and the use of a certian talisman. This is a wait and watch situation...


Ha Tweed... I wish you could see my little unruly cottage garden. Your hubby sounds like he is a lot like me. I collect plants kind of like an addiction and for some reason in this little place they have taken over. I leave my honeysuckle unruly at the moment as it has grown up and over my 7 ft trellises (I used to build trellises and arbors out of white birch and sell them - Teriland was my business name:) and the vine has taken over my back garden gate too. My son grumbles when he comes home as it is hard for him to get in the gate... But he is not allowed to touch the honesuckle until it is done blooming (even then I am not sure if I will let him haha) My little oasis garden smells heavenly now. Back to "C"s garden I am thinking that since his daughter "M" and I share sensitive abilities we are more likely and lucky to see the beings there... Funny thing about "C" though he is the grumpiest, least sensitive, crabby man I have ever met! He mentions nothing of the land and it's inhabitants but I can't help but wonder if they aren't playing/teasing with him as often as they can... And he just keeps it to himself:) Laugh Thank you all again for the nice encouragment about my writing, I have a few other stories but this is the "cheeriest" one...
The main thing is for us to help you deal with what you went/are still going through. If you have a program like (don't laugh) microsoft office or Libre note, you can write your stories on that then as soon as submit your story opens up you can copy and paste. You might want to write as many experiences as you can each time rather than small snippets because the more you write the more info we have at once the better we can help you.
I apologize if I insulted you with the comment about writing a story about an evil Tooth Fairy. I'm glad you like the movie though. John Fasano was a good man. My husband took his death hard but he did have a chance to see him a month prior to his death.
francyne1031 in A Visiting Shadow
Why is every adult attacking a 15 year old kid? The whole "bus" thing you guys all do is extremely mature also. So it's very ironic, since it's all adults jumping on it. Have to say it's also funny how for certain group on this site this comment guideline goes straight out your "buses" window... We don't mind getting the skeptic's point of view, as long as you are respectful and tolerant.

This happens time and time again. It's really quiet sad. There are a different set of rules the that this group holds itself too. More and older posters are supposed to set an example... Geez guys. This happens over and over again. Just done with seeing it. If you have nothing to say that's for the benefit of the OP then don't clog up the comment section with this crap. It's getting out of hand.

Taking classes is great... Looking forward to your next submission... It may allow some insight to what caused (is causing) those experiences (or any you still may be having).


Brooklynnberceuse56 in It Lives In The Closet

Thank you for reading and there will be more once the website allows more stories to be processed:)

It was very scary, and later the entity did manifest itself, as I will explain more in my later writings, but now I can tell looking back that it was a mischevious spirit, but not too malicious.

My father actually did look up information on the house (we still live here) and there were 3 families that consecutively moved out in the same year, but nothing too out of the ordinary otherwise.
Brooklynnberceuse56 in It Lives In The Closet

I did in fact watch Darkness Falls before (one of the best scary movies of all time) and as I said to Rook, I am sorry if it seems narrative, but this was my life. This was what I went through, I remember every detail because it was so traumatic. I still to this day am afraid of the dark/being alone because of my childhood experience. I seriously thought I would die or be attacked by this thing so I remember it like a near death experience. Thank you for commenting and reading:)
Brooklynnberceuse56 in It Lives In The Closet
I'm sorry If you feel it seems a little narrative. I am taking classes right now to better my writing skills, but everything I had written was 100% true. The reason I finally decided to post on this site (I had an account earlier) was because now I can finally successfully tell my story and my life as a kid living with this stuff around me. I have a really strong memory, especially when it came to the paranormal because it upset me so much. I was so scared as a kid that this thing would kill me that to this day I remember nearly every moment of that terror. You didn't offend me at all with your comment, in fact thank you for taking the time to read and respond:)
Was the boy facing away from you? Did he even remotely look like you?
BrokenTree in Curly Smoke
Your sighting was like a cloud right? My ceilings are 7 feet tall and what I saw was about 2 feet around and 7 feet tall, right up to the ceiling looking just like a column. Since your cat called out a purrdert, perhaps it was your deceased cat. If this column was my dead dog then maybe they show up in different forms such as cloud versus column. I still don't feel as though this was my dog. I am just absolutely amazed that you described it the way you did. I thought that I was the only one that ever saw such a thing. Purrderts to Claude.
Eddo in Curly Smoke
Hi Brokentree
That sounds like you saw the same sort of smoke that I saw. The way you descibe it as curling in on itself. That descibes what saw exactly.

HI! Newbie here! Love the stories! Best wishes! Take care! Love Happy
BrokenTree in Curly Smoke
I had something similar happen at my house. I got up at about 2:15 AM to go to the bathroom. My cat Little Bear came in to see me. I have two cats but Nikki remained in the living room. Little Bear stayed with me until I was done and he left to go in the kitchen. The way my house is set up is that the front of the house is just one big long room. The bathroom is off the dining room but you can also see part of the kitchen. As I was drying my hands, Little Bear came tearing back into the bathroom and then shot through into my bedroom. His tail was all fluffed up. I look up and see a column of something like smoke curling into itself moving from the kitchen into the dining room. It had a soft glow about it and it went from floor to ceiling. I didn't feel anything like fear but I was worried about Little Bear so I charged after him. He went under the bed which is something he never does because his tail stands straight up because part of it is missing. I spent about ten minutes coaxing him out. I went out to check on the smoke column but it was gone. I had a dog who was hit by a car about 10 months before. She was just about a year old. It just didn't feel like her to me. Never could figure it out. And before I forget, when a cat makes a meow and a purr, it's call a purrdert.