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elnoraemily in Cemetery Scare
I have seen nothing that is mean or disrespectful in this thread. In fact, I see apologizes for having doubts and requests for more information.
There have been many faked stories on this site and people want to be sure the poster is being truthful. That is one of the goals of this site- to be truthful. If no one had doubts, any story could get through and the entire point of the site would disappear. If anyone was out of line, a moderator would help out.

I completely disagree with your view on graves. It is a person's final resting place. Making into your personal playground is disrespectful to the family and the person who passed.
OhioMan in Cemetery Scare
notjustme - I'm all for open discussion and I wouldn't expect everyone to agree with my perspective, which was absolutely not the point of my post. I expressed my opinion in the open discussion that I didn't see visiting the graveyard for the purpose of photographs to be disrespectful.

As I mentioned before, however, I do find it disrespectful to the poster to question the honesty of the story. Some of the comments verge on mean-spirited or attacking, which really reflects on the person commenting. This isn't a political or religious forum, after all. Some stories may even be made up, but until the day we can detect lies without fail, it's just not appropriate. This is the sole reason I have never posted after many years of reading stories.
I'm sorry for bringing it up again miracles but I just read the post from para-hunter-anne33 and I have to say it's not a smart thing to look for a book by demonologists and learn more about demons. I think by looking for information on demons would only provoke them to come into your life. It would be so much safer if you left that stuff alone. Demons are scary and you wouldn't ever want to be harassed by one.
notjustme in Cemetery Scare
Ohioman - This is an open discussion for those who wish to participate, and all opinions are welcomed. As far as what anyone has written here, I don't see how anyone was trying to deliberately be rude. Everyone was just simply expressing their opinion and beliefs towards the story, which is allowed. Not every story on here is going to get the feedback the writer expects, but if they chose to put it on here and are allowing comments to be made, then everyone has the right to say what they believe and not just what they think the writer WANTS to hear.

Just because people have their own opinions, doesn't make it wrong. And just because not everyone agrees, doesn't make anyone a bad person either. Afterall, "If everyone is thinking the same thing, then nobody's thinking at all"
Well it's good that you're not easily offended, so unlike me:P Have you tried telling your grandmother? Maybe if she knew she'd get rid of it and you wouldn't have to be so nervous to sleep over with that clown doll. There's a very good chance the doll is possessed. So if I were you I'd tell her to get rid of the creepy thing before it hurts her or you or anyone else who spends the night there.
OhioMan in Cemetery Scare
I have been a lurker for years, and have never commented but I had to chime in on this. Disrespectful to assign a visit to a cemetery? Are you kidding me? Gravestone rubbings anyone? I have seen entire art classes at cemeteries and had assignments to do gravestone rubbings in school. One of our local cemeteries is promoted as a bird watching hotspot. I have also found it disturbing when reading comments when someone starts to doubt the veracity of the poster. Unless you have a special truth magic, knock it off. It only reflects badly on you. Not everyone writes beautifully, and sometimes the sequence is jumbled, but their stories are just as fun to read.

And by the way, I have always been welcomed to graveyards by the guardian spirits, ghosts or whatever dwells there.
Samdew - We can be skeptics and question things in a nice manner.

The rain stopped while she was trapped in the "past", after she came back to reality everything went back to normal. I think that's what she meant.
Accounts like this always gets my attention. I believe your story and have saved it as a favourite. Guess because that day was so filled with emotions that it left an imprint. Fascinating!
Raftingirl in Cemetery Scare
The assignment may have been weird, but I myself have taken pictures in a graveyard. I never saw a ghost, and it wasn't at night.

It was a beautiful cemetery in Inverness, Scotland. My mother-in-law (a staunch Baptist from Scotland) was showing me around and actually agreed to accompany me.

Yes I took pictures, and there are lots of things that graves can tell you - especially when you make note of the dates and do your research later. There was one particular year that came up a lot, and I wanted to know more, especially because there were so many young souls that had been buried there.

I think if it's done with respect and not thrill seeking, there is no harm. Contrary to what some may think - that ghosts reside in a cemetery - I think highly unlikely.

Just my humble opinion though. I hope the poems were respectful in any case, and thanks for sharing:)
Okay - I think we've fully covered Annabelle so can we get back on track with advice/comments about thedude's story? Smile

And, yes, I'm just as guilty of causing the distraction as everyone else LOL I'm just trying to bring us back on track. Thank you Smile
Para-Hunter-Anne - Thanks I go to the library a lot il see if they have it.
notjustme in Cemetery Scare
I don't want to say this was a fake story but at the same time, I find it very hard to believe.

Like the other members say, I find it hard to imagine a teacher would assign such an assignment, as the cemetery is a very private place for people to grieve, or just be at peace. I know, because I am one of those people that can hang out in one for a long time to reflect or just be alone.

Then the part that your sister claimed she saw white faced things with black holes for eyes and mouth- now I can't speak for your sister, but for almost everyone that I know, would have ran as fast as their legs could carry them after seeing something like that in a cemetery at night time!

"Suddenly I saw a black shadow dart out from behind a grave and vanish. More appeared as we went on, darting just out of the reach of the headlights, still enough to see them but not enough to make out any features." - This could have been animals. I say this also because I believe entities need living energy to help them manifest themselves as well. As for cemeteries there are not much living energy so I doubt what you saw were anything paranormal.

As for the shadow that pressed against your window incident, did your mom feel the cold? And again with something like this, I would have screamed as loud as my lungs could take me, let alone have the ability to consider my mom's feelings.

There are definitely lots about this encounter that comes into question. However, that is just my 2 cents. Only you will know for sure what you saw. Thanks for sharing.
For Sam222: If you want the original TRUE telling account of Annabelle, either buy, or borrow a copy from a library called The Demonologist: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the world famous exorcism team. By author Gerald Brittle. There is a complete word for word chapter about "Annabelle"-- taken straight from the Truly REAL actual Case files of the Warrens. And the actual REAL annabelle doll was not just an ordinary raggedy Ann Doll--- It was/is a STUFFED Rag doll that is hefty and is 4 feet tall (by usa measurements) -- basically the size and weight of a typical 4 year old Child. And This info for all who are interested in learning the TRUTH about Spirits Possessing dolls?,... Mr. Ed Warren himself offered in many interviews the factual statement that "...No, the DOLL was NOT possessed. Spirits don't possess things: spirits possess PEOPLE," Ed informed the three people. He went on to explain, "Instead, the spirit simply moved and MANIPULATED the doll around and gave it the illusion of being alive." (Brittle; pp 50-51) (1980). It's an interesting book. However, I also have had actual real contact with the warrens and their investigation team. As I obtained 1st hand knowledge from them concerning a Research Thesis on how Spirits (both human and INhuman) possess people and are able to convince the person it's just a sub-persona (Alter Personality) and can Drive the possessed individual to begin suffering from the creation of Eating Disorders. The whole team, as well as the Warrens, were very helpful and generous with their ability to share their vast years of knowledge and experiences for my research paper. Sorry this is long, But needed to let you know this other reference material is out there in the world-- just in case you wanted to know more about the subject. Hope this all helps you understand a bit better. Stay safe in Spirit, S.L.M.
The ghost who follow behind us or stand stationary at a place is considered evil. But the ghost I would rather call it paranormal entity who keeps walking in front of us shows us the path to keep safe from any mishappening. I also once had a similar experiance and was told about it by many brahmins and priests the same thing. So in the second case there was nothing to worry. But yes they are frightening.
mrmonty in Dover Demon
What my brother and I saw was mostly likely a wild animal, the area is quite wooded. (in fact a wolverine was killed over in the dump after it had killed a couple dogs). Anyone who knows about wolverines would know they are extremely rare in this area, the last one spotted in the Northeast was 17 years ago, I think. I only heard of the Dover Demon a few years back and there were supposedly people who had more detailed and longer encounters with the thing.
Yeaaah, nope. I hate dolls. Having to sleep near one, especially the one you described... Just a big fat NOPE. My great grandma had a doll that sat in a chair in the living room, when I spent the night i'd feel like it watched me so eventually I started putting it in another room lol.

And I had no idea there's a movie coming out about the annabell doll. I am so excited right now.
elnoraemily in Orbs And Smells
MandyyNicole, I didn't catch that. That is fantastic advice! Happy
MandyyNicole in Orbs And Smells
Actually, the fact that you randomly smelled/tasted worries me. Smelling/tasting randomly like that can indicate a seizure, one you may not realize you had if not for the smell. You might want to see a doctor, especially if it happens again. Just to be safe.
I'm not sure what to tell you about the orbs though, I have a video of what I suspect is an orb, if you look at my story about it the link to the video is in the comments. May yours look something similar.
Thank you for your feedback. When I say I'm sensitive to the paranormal, it's because every female in my family is sensitive in different ways. My little sister can only hear a spirit, My mom can only see them, and normally, I can sense their intent and their energy, I guess, since I can almost always tell when their near. Very few times do I catch a glimpse of something that's not there, but I do see them sometimes. And I will do some research about animal guides and their meaning.:)
Random and interesting article of what a wolf spirit guide means:

Manjit_singh in Rakandhar
This is known in diffrent names at different places some places as rakshandars but majorly known as gramdevta. I too have heard many things about them.
I agree with Femaelstrom, I too think it is your spirit guide. I have heard of a few people who are able to see animal spirits that has led me to believe so. I have a cousin with Native Indian blood in her and she often sees animal spirits. Not saying only Native blood can see, but it does seem that it helps.

Elnoraemily has her point too, but in this story's case I feel it's your spirit guide.
cheyenne24 in Paranormal Window
[at] Eve28... Really? Hmm. Can you tell me more about your experience?
Me too LOL. The link you provided is definitely an interesting read.
Elnoraemily & miracles51031. -
Gee thanks that Did help answer my question, seriously thanks that was interesting to look at. I'll have to watch the movies. So they just used a different KIND of doll to make it more moderne and probably scarier, and it was probably easier to make the movie with.

Sorry thedudebraski for having a conversation not about your story on you comment spot. There should be another spot on this site for questionsto other users on there profile page or something
, and probably private and other things that might not have to do with the stories
Raftingirl in Dover Demon
Loved your account.

I too used to live close to the city dump, and there are lots of creatures attracted to that smell. I recall once seeing a small bear, probably skinny from the winter hibernation stand up on its hind legs and sniff the air in my direction. I was always told not to try and run from a bear - they can out run you. At some point, I think it got spooked, because it took off lightening fast, for which I'm thankful.

I have to agree with elnoraemily - it was most likely wildlife of some kind, but creepy none-the-less when there are myths associated with your area.

Thanks for sharing!
No problem:P
I giggled quite a bit when I realized we had both posted those links at the same time.
elnora - now that was funny Laugh Thanks for providing the link for Sam222 Smile
Sam222 - I hate answering for other people, but here is a link that may answer your question to Yinzer.

Annabell is based on a true story (allegedly true).

The doll in the actual, real world story is a large raggedy Ann doll. They changed it to something more frightening for the movie.

Spockie in Dover Demon
Just FYI, I used to have a Siberian Husky dog named, Mercy who had one blue eye. At night, the blue eye would glow red, so it is possible for an animal's eyes to glow red without it being a supernatural thing.
Yinzer- what do you mean just a raggedy Anne doll it wasn't in the commercials
Animals seen by some but not others COULD be manifesting as a spirit guide/totem. Since the other dog sensed it, I think it's spiritual. The fact the aggressive dog wasn't angry is a sign that the spirit is benevolent, and the other dog wasn't threatened.

Can I guess that you have Native American blood in you? I would contact a shaman or elder to ask them THEIR opinion. And... Next time it's walking next to you, STAY with it. It's trying to protect you... As it did from your Mom's BF.

I think it's a protector. Look online for info on animal totems or spirit guides. It's a strong sign. I think it's a blessing. Remember to look for the POSITIVES... I think you're a very fortunate person. Love
Sam 222 the real annabel doll is just a raggedy anne doll her mother gave to her.
elnoraemily in My Invisible Friend
Don't worry, your punctuation is lovely. It's likely better than my typing.

It's entirely possible that Keenan was just an imaginary friend. I know I had quite a few and I would create little scenarios for each one- what they liked, what they hated, ect.

There are also many theories about children being more accepting and able to see spirits. Did you see a name on the memorial that matched up to your friend? Maybe you could research the memorial and see if anything adds up.
Femaelstrom in A Tall Black Figure
I'm curious if it was surprised at your act of kindness. I'm sure it wasn't a positive energy, but can't say it was demonic. Who knows? No doubt it was pleased at your fear, but since you weren't harmed--aside from the shock and awe ( cliche', I know) --simply chalk it up to an amazing experience.

But be careful next time... LOL Kidding
elnoraemily in Dover Demon
A coyote can run up to about 45 miles an hour (on average), as can many dogs, like Greyhounds. Bobcats, which are fairly common in Massachusetts, are also quite fast.

At night, most animals eyes will reflect different colors, appearing anything from a solid white to red.

I think that you guys most likely saw a dog or coyote. A dog seems more likely to chase a car, but coyotes have been known to pull such stunts as well. Bobcats are more aggressive and like to take down large prey, so that is also a possibility.

Thank you for a unique account!
Sam222 in Dover Demon
Great story thanks for sharing. Good thing there ain't a Dover demon in the Dover I live near. I live in Maine.
Dolls were created initially as a reproduction of the human body... A place that spirits could 'exist' when there was no physical body. I do not doubt that there are a LOT more weirdo dolls in this realm than just the ones we've been exposed to via Hollywood.

Dolls ARE creepy. I think the creepiest ones are the ones the sell as companions... Those silicone dolls, both baby and adult! I had them as a kid and thought nothing about it, but as I got older, I grew out of them... As NORMAL people do.

Try saging the space if you must spend time there.
Satobhisha- I'm sorry I've never seen the conjuring I've heard of it but don't know what it's about. If it has to do with dolls, dolls are definitely scary like the one in this storie. I was shocked to hear the doll had for legs in story!
Well, this is interesting. I am not sure what to make of this story, so I will give my best honest opinion.

Has someone told you that you are sensitive or did you come to that conclusion on your own accord?

What I think you are seeing is a subconscious manifestation of your own fear. Mainly, it is not really there- it's in your head. This has always seemed to happen in moments of unease, which would point to it being mental. Not mental in a bad way, just your subconscious trying to get your attention.

The subconscious is very powerful- why most people are able to know something is wrong long before they get the news or get a nagging feeling right before an important call comes through. Some people are just a little better at feeling those thoughts.

Your brother just got deployed overseas to fight. That would be nerve wracking to anyone and it's little wonder you saw it for weeks. Unfortunately, your feeling was correct. I am sorry for your loss and I thank your brother for his service.
elnoraemily in Cemetery Scare
I am with Griff. It's extremely disrespectful to assign something like that! That teacher really needs to know that their are limits.

I do have to say, most of what you write seems to be characters directly from a movie. I don't mean that to be insulting, I just have not quite made up my mind on them yet.
ifihadyoux in A Tall Black Figure
Oh I would have peed my pants and just passed out from fear right then and there but I do agree that you must have startled it just as much as it startled you! Did you ever see it again?
Wish-Not in Cemetery Scare
Searching_Stars- Well I'm with Griff on this one as well. Very valid questions.
Guess I'm going to set back on this one and wait for some explanations.

Quite the prolific writer as well.
Thanks for sharing
Sam222 in Haunted Toy Box
Hmmm...Haunted toy box. That's pretty cool if you ask me. Thanks for sharing this very intersting story
Wow. Nice story. I used to have two imaginary freinds (George and cookie) but they never spoke to. (I used to say George died because he got hit at my bus stop. Lol.) story, for some reason I wish I had an imaginary freind that talked to but not. Thanks for sharing your story it was very interesting
valkricry in The Shack
Is your twin still this side of the veil?
Twins share an unique bond. My oldest sisters are twins. When they were small, I'm told they shared their own language. Even though one has passed on, the remaining one claims she visits quite often. I guess, if you're a twin you're never really alone!
Hi SomethingFishy, welcome to YGS.

I loved this, I remember when I was younger in the school plays etc. There were rumours of ghosts in the theatre. I remember the scared, exited feeling of being there, although we never experienced anything that can't be explained in the cold light of day.

I wonder if the boy was just playing with you, having a bit of fun. And when you left you acknowledged him, and he just simply came to say hi. Its nice that he came in and gave you a little smile, and I hope you get / got (not sure if you are still there) the chance to see him again.

Thanks for sharing Smile
The story seems like Anabelle! & Sam 222 Anabelle is not good as The Conjuring
Griff84 in Cemetery Scare
Hi Searching_Stars, I find a few things from your account a little odd. Firstly, the assignment itself, quite disrespectful I feel, to encourage students to go and take pictures in graveyards...weird, but that is not yours or your sisters fault. I find it quite odd that your sister would make hard work for herself by visiting the graveyard at night, with the obviously elevated creepiness, and lack of light, would it not have been easier in the day?

I am no expert, but I believe its believed graveyards are sacred and are often protected by guardian spirits, and these are what your could have encountered. If I am wrong, someone here will be able to correct me. The image I get from your description of the 'shadows' are those of the little demon things in the film 'ghost'.

I must admit I am a little on the fence with this one, but thanks for sharing Smile
Hi Searching_Stars. I was thinking the exact same things as elnoraemily when reading this. The obvious question to ask is have you experienced similar before or since? Also, it could be worth asking the question to see if there is a history of faintness in your family.

Perhaps the fact that you were running up and down the stairs with heavy shopping bags didn't help the situation either.

Thanks for sharing Smile
Hi! Good day. This is Patty from GMA News and Public Affairs. Can I ask your contact number or email? Thank you.
Nice story, really touching, I have never read this type of story.
Chan123495 in A Fatherly Ghost
this story you have shared is a very good one but you said it was like one of you're family memebers if it wasn't you're dad it can be one of you're uncles or you're grandfather who loved you a lot and the spirit has come to check on you check on that
jadewri91 in Haunted Watch
It's been a while since I wrote what happened about the watch and often look back to find out if anybody has come across the watch or anything similar, I've also read though the comments. And I know I haven't gone in a lot of detail because it's not often I do much writing in all honestly I'm not very good at writing! I got given this watch in leeds in a night club called oceana now called prizm I believe. I will never forget what happened or how I felt. I have recently moved house and I am now 23, after I got rid of the watch I had no problems. I still wonder why I got given it and where it is now. We did get it valued and it was worth nothing. I think looking back it was probably stolen, I don't think it was anything bad just something that wanted to be noticed. Still gives me chills of how the atmosphere changed in that room from light to very dark and eerie. I hope that if it was stolen it's got back to where it needed to be. I was a lot younger then and I just wanted it gone and was scared, I think if I got it now I would have tried to find out a lot more as I'm quite interested in spirits instead of in fear of them. I appreciate all your comments.
Thank you for shareing and I would like to share another theory that has been floating around for quite a hile it is to do ith past life conections showing a physical form of present people let me explain the idea is that when you lived in a past life you look just like you would today just have different points to tell you apart when that life ends you are reborn but the imprint of that persons life is also stuck in a loop some people have had a similar thigs were there seem to be two of them.
So the idea is your past life and your present life have intersected this gave form to the let's say residual energie of sed life but as you are the dominant life the energie took the look and clotheing of you to be able to be recognised.
As for the sad or gloomy feeling it could support this theory more as in a past life that vertion of you could have sufferd something terrible leaving this scar in the energie adding to the form being upset.
About your boyfriend only seeing it it may be that as past life theory goes you may have met him in a past life and had a similar relationship with him as these entitys meet there is a fermiliarity ith the 2 whitch makes her feel safe meaning she would be more inclined for him to see her/ you it is realy fasinating and thank you for sharing and thank you for reading:)
Dudebraski: welcome to YGS.
You say you were fifteen when you saw the doll had moved to a different place during the storm, well perhaps what made it move was all that overload of energy that people in their teen years have, in other words, it was you who moved the doll with the power of your mind.
Good story, thanks for sharing.
I had the same thing happen with me when I read it was with McDonald's toys I too had that happen one was with an alladen doll and then a small Barbie it was just strange not scary. Because you know when your little you really don't think of things being strange.
elnoraemily in A Fatherly Ghost
I do agree with MrMonty that electric fields cause creepy, depressive feelings and hallucinations. Because of all the wiring that runs between the basement and upper floors of a house, basement levels are typically very high. If they are high enough, they will interfere with the electric signals your brain naturally sends.

While the hallucinations typically are not vivid, they can be.

I don't think getting up was a dumb reaction. It's perfectly logical to assume that it was your father and react happily.
mrmonty in A Fatherly Ghost
Well, if it was a spirit it seemed to be a kind one, but the one thing I noted with your story was you said you where down in the basement, where there is usually electric fields from the wiring in the house. These fields can give you a creepy or tingling feeling and in some cases hallucinations-just a possible explanation.
wolfhunterxx - I agree with some of the others. Many of the sounds you heard could have been an animal or animals. Did you check in the attic if there was one? Also rats can be prone to make both of the sounds you described, especially if in the walls.

Otherwise it sounds like it was creepy. Luckily no one pinched your patrol car:) Stay safe!
elnoraemily in Fall Down The Stairs
To me, this one sounds more like a medical issue. As someone who has blood sugar issues, I know the feeling of fainting and this is perfect description of it. I also would advise you to not trust your eyes after having passed out, especially if that involves hitting your head.

I love your stories, but I think this one may be a case of being overheated/low blood sugar or even vertigo.
Wish-Not in A Fatherly Ghost
Searching_Stars- Well you sure have a habit of investigating what would have scared the poop out of most! Gee Wezzz! I'm willing to bet these entities are asking each other "WTH?" lol
You were much braver than I young lady!
Great story. Thanks for sharing!
All I have to say is that is screwed up. I have no clue what that was but, I know I would have peed my pants
Hmmm that's pretty weird aren't cows sacred in India? (Not that that has anything to do with the storie)
Anyway, I have never heard of a cow like this, this is very weird, and interesting, thanks for sharing the storie. I'm not sure how to explain it though.
This story gave me the chills! Yikes! I hope this being doesn't return to your house.
Wish-not-- thanks. I just submitted one of my experiences not sure when it will be posted. Hopefully soon.

To whom may concern:
Those who think my storie is crazy and fiction, I understand that and I didn't really want to believe either because I love animals and I don't like to think about animals like this story does because it's horrible. I would never make up Astoria like this about animals because I love them and it would be cruel. I would never take the time to write storie like this that would be fake, because it puts images in my head I don't like to see. I had many cats that have died, disappeared and had to be put down for the most horrible things. I have three cats today. And it also puts and image of one of the most horrify things I ever witnessed: When I was 9 I watched my dog get hit by a gas truck will waiting for the school bus, and as he got hit he made the most terrible noise ever. And my last dog had seizure and died 3 years ago. I'm sorry, I don't want to talk about this anymore.
Thanks for the honest opinions though I appreciate it. Happy
Hey you guys is that movie Annabelle any good, and how scary is it I like scary movies.
And do they sell replicas of the Annabelle doll?
I don't like dolls like that but if I got one I would keep it in my room.
Wow, um interesting story. Really scary. Seriously. I have never had a paranormal experience with a doll but I don't like them at all there just creepy. Except for in the movies they are awesome (like chucky). Maybe it's a poltergeist possessed doll that's trying to scare you just for the hell of it, otherwise I'm not sure.

>> Do you have a picture of this doll by any chance, or is it possible for you to get a picture soon, because I'm really interested in what it looks like.
elnoraemily in A Tall Black Figure
Question- if you could see the hair and the long black dress, why would that remind you of your sister?

It seems the description made it strange and out of place before it turned around, which makes it strange that you would think it was your sister.

I don't think demons would look at your curiously and smile. I would have to say not demonic.
notjustme- Thank you. That is what I meant. Sorry. Haven't been watching a whole lot of tv recently because ALL of the political poop.
I actually just saw that last night Happy , already for the second time Serious . I do not like dolls either. Even barbies. I remember I got 2 one Christmas, and they remained in their boxes forever located in the closet. I only went to "check up" on them once in awhile.

LOL Elnoraemily. We are quite alike. Clowns don't affect me one bit, but open closets is no-no
WIsh-not - I think you meant Annabelle?

Thedude- Has anything else creepy happened in that house? I do agree with Elnoraemily about the lighting from the storm. I am not ruling out that it didn't move on it's own too, that's why I was curious if anything else happened?
Searching_Stars- Wow, that gave me goose bumps! I bet "it" was just as surprised as you were when you walked up to it AND TOUCHED IT!
You stated that it actually left vague dusty footprints. Curious that your mother didn't see them. Seems to me that would have some what validated your experience.
As to what it was, well I can't quite be sure. Demonic? My guess in NO. Seems to me IF it was things would have turned out differently.
YGS will give you some options that are plausible.
Thanks for sharing.
elnoraemily in A Strange Incident
Is it possible the cow just went back into the forest?

Since you were running in the opposite direction, it's possible it had time to get away.
Cows can also get pink eye, which is an eye infection that can make eyes appear red.

They also get allergies.

If it was a light brown, it could also have a form of albinism.
notjustme in A Tall Black Figure
That is really terrifying. I believe you saw what you saw, and very glad you were not hurt. I can't imagine the fear you felt as soon as you knew it was not your sister. Thanks for sharing.
thedudebradki- Well let me be the first to tackle a couple things that are bound to come up. First the timing of your story with the new horror movie Abigail will come up. Secondly, the mention of clowns and the new season of American Horror Story is a timing thing as well.
My take is holy cow that must have been terrifying.
You said your mother has seen it moved from time to time. Did she "personally" see it move. Like it was RIGHT in front of her moving or is it the case it was here before she left the room and later it was somewhere else?
Thanks for sharing. Hope there's not any negative.
I hate dolls. My grandmother used to buy me one- one of the realistic porcelain ones- every year. They never did anything, but they are beyond creepy. I also have a problem with open closet doors. Apparently, this story was just meant for me to read. Oddly, I am kind of okay with clowns.


It could have been a trick of the light from the storm or an overactive imagination. Storms and human looked inanimate objects are a horrible combination for most people and the mind can take over. In a case like this, I would have to say anything is possible- but mostly because I am biased against dolls.
This reminds me very much of Annabell with how you describe it.
valkricry in The Shack
Thank you for reading and the wonderful compliment.
logan in The Shack

God, the things you have seen... Or unseen?!

I totally get the twin thing... I have a twin and trust me could not get through a day without. I am glad Jamie gives you strength in whatever way he can and that I am sure means a lot.
elnoraemily in Walking Creepy Sound
Since it's coming from the forest, have you considered it may be a plant blooming? I looked up Indian plants and there a quite a few that are heavily scented on their own. If they are blooming at night, it could be carrying a number of different scents to your house.
indiangirl22 in Walking Creepy Sound
[at] ghosthunter9876 no I am not from goa. I live in state of maharashta.

[at] sheetal no I have not heard that sound again.
indiangirl22 in Walking Creepy Sound
[at] lady-glow
Yes we have neighbours. Sorry but the smell come from forest & most of my neighbours have smelled the same aroma & at the time of incident it was summer season so there was no wind.
Sam222. Thanks for getting back with us. Sorry it has taken me this long to see it. I appreciate your honesty on the details and sharing what you did know. That would have been an odd moment.

Ready for some of your experiences.

Ready for someone's. I've been a little TOO lazy to write some more of my own. But I will. Their happening all the time.
I don't quite know what to make of my own dreams sometimes, I once had a dream about a little girl I had never seen in my life, and when I told my mom about her, my mom knew exactly what she looked like, down do her eye and hair color, even the clothes she wore. At first I though my mom was just being funny but I realized she had no way of knowing if she didn't see this girl herself once before. My mom could see them too, so it was really weird. She also had dreams or visitations from her Grandmother, her grandmother used to tell her who will pass away, usually a week or so before it happens. She was never wrong - my mom couldn't cope with it because it was all concerning people she knew and cared about, so my father prayed for her and ever since, she has not had a "visit" from her grandmother again. So yeah, I guess it is completely possible that this can indeed happen - I am still trying to figure it out myself, I think some things are just too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.
You guys are awsm... I mean each of you saw spirits or ghosts...
Rachness in The Shack
I always find myself so lost in your posts. It's so sad to read about your traumatic past and it pains me to have a glimpse of what you went through. I'm sorry to hear about how you were treated. But your posts are amazing and I love a good read like this. Thank you for even sharing your experiences with us. It's hard to open up like you have. This is why you're my favourite author.
Savage_Lettuce in Orbs And Smells
Orbs? Smells? Try thinking about what you ate recently, there may be a connection.
Slenderman has a mouth now! Try using iron or silver in your talismans, demons hate it, it tears at their essence.
HOLY MOLEY MACARONIIIIII! How lucky am I to have stumbled on this story?!? Not only is it one of my ultimate favourites form today on, and also daughter of Zzsgranny?!- (note to self: don't read touching family visitations on YGS while at work because onions happen)

WOW! This hit home for me hardcore! I can't get over how amazing this must have been for you, and even for me! Just as a reader!

So beautiful! And sad not only because you never met him but you were so close to... Crying .

I know this is old, but zzgranny is still around, so I would really like to say God bless you guys and just...SIGH! I loved this, thank you.
viddhesh in The Old Hotel
Hey...i feel the same way when I am alone at my house... I scared a lot... Many way I try to brave my self but at that point its scared me... What shoud I do to for bring brave...
My whole life I have been extremely fascinated by the paranormal. Every time I had a sleep over I would want to watch a scary movie. Especially in asian movies there's always the "woman in white with long black hair", and I can honestly say this has got to be my biggest fear. It's just so eerieee Scared .

I wish you all the best kscott. I hope all the negatives leaves you and only the positive stays Love
DOA-Spirit in The Cow Faced Demon
Not really much I can add in terms of advice other than what's already been posted. Would like to say however that I was pleasently surprised by the turn of events when I logged in today.

I honestly didn't expect to hear from the OP at all, let alone read the apology posted. Still don't understand why you choose that original user name but hey we are but human, everyone makes mistakes.

Hope you get this issue resolved Maji.
Very cool to hear someone else had a similar "side road" sighting. If the poster "hereiam" still checks this site, I'd like to ask him for a better description- as far as clothing, hair, etc.
I swear this sounds like something out of The Conjuring. Sorry, I don't mean it in a mean way. This story is super creepy!
elnoraemily in Flash

While I am sure the OP appreciates your concern, there is nothing linking this to anything demonic. Photophobia can be a sign of a physical disorder or nerve impairment.
thats pretty scary my sister also experienced it I think its the second stage of a demonic activity opression maybe I am not sure Smile Serious
AcroLogic in Flash
thats infestation first thing of a demonic activity that's pretty creepy Confused
valkricry in The Stories
No worries. I doubt that you are the first to think this site is only for their particular country/language nor will you be the last. Wink
abipumpkin in The Stories
When I wrote this I thought this site is only for my country. Sorry. When I write again, I'll keep that it mind. Thank you