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Thank you for reading and commenting. My Christmas was good, hope yours was too.
It sounds residual to me. As another comment said, a history of the house may be helpful to you:)

Best wishes!
this is heart warming. Love your story.:) hope you had a happy christmas!
...And you had been drinking, what makes me wonder how much of what you remember was real or just your imagination. Serious
They should be same family members who might have died in same incident in the house.
Was the house built or your family shifted on there?
I would say by how you described feeling and seeing it that it was not a negative spirit. Especially if your mother simply asked it to leave and it went away nicely.
Have you done any research on your family?
I think the question still stands- how do you notice arm hair in the darkness? While you admit exaggeration, that part is still a bit hard to believe. This is a true story site, one where honesty is applauded. Don't try to make the story sound more impressive or scary.

Also, a fridge filled with food after years would have been like opening a time bomb of horrible scents. I find it odd that the smell of decay and the horrifying appearance of years of rot has no mention, but arm hair does. I once broke into an abandoned house in a remote part of my state and there were plates with food on them, cabinets full of rotting food, but the stench because of it in that part of the house Made us run away. I feel like that as well maybe was just placed in this story for atmospheric effect.

I would also hope the house was not trying to be sold with rotted out stairs, because that house should be labeled as condemned. If the conditions are that unsafe, you basically have to sell the land.

While I really liked your writing style, please don't embellish. That's not what this place is for. Honesty is the best policy.
Your own gut reactions to both of these encounters speak volumes about the nature of the experience. This spirit sounds more like it was curious or maybe even watching over you. You did not feel anything negitive during these encounters and your reaction was relaxed UNTIL your brain realized what was happening... You then got scared because you thought things like that were 'completely bogus'.

Our gut feeings about a spirit or entity, in my opinion, can tell us so much about its nature or intent. In many cases something dark and evil will manifest as something desirable but no matter how pretty it makes itself the energy it gives off will be negitive.

Being sensitive to spirits can follow bloodlines or we can learn how to do it. If you are interested in learning more you could start by talking to your Mom and or visiting a metaphysical store. Even research things on your own. Do not forget you can even ask questions here.


Than you, ifi. I hope everyone had a fantabulous Christmas!
ifihadyoux in The Hacienda
Aw Elnora how sweet of you to think of me Shy [think of me, think of me fondly when we've said goooodddbyyyyeeeee] Laugh

And same to you swimsinfire... By the way I love your screen name!
LMFAO VALK, that was the best thing I have ever read on this site. What an absolute sweetheart Love Love Love
ifihadyoux in Black Hooded Ghost
To add onto the Rook train, I always refer to Rook's profile for a cleansing ritual where others have had success in doing it.:]
Without more information I can't really say if it was evil or not. Interesting that your family has a gift, have you tried discovering more about it?
Hi ailly,
I am a muslim and a Pakistani as well.
If its an entity then it sounds to be harmless
And wants itself to be known.
Wish you all the best!

[at] Lady-glow The only access to the house is up a set of stairs that is missing most of its steps and was deemed unsafe to live in. I doubt most real estate agents, especially the ones in my area, would risk their lives trying to get into a house that is a decent storm away from falling off its stumps.

[at] glow and PoliexterLy It might sound silly but I have trouble sleeping without a light on, and always have. There was a torch/lantern on at the time. I may have exaggerated about 'every hair' but his arm hairs were going mental (and because they're so thick and coarse, they kind of stand out).
yes, rookdygins' methods are very good to use. Try them and believe in what you are doing. That is important. When you do the cleansing do not leave any member of your family alone. Just in case. We don't do that in my country. Because some spirits like to go out with a bang.
I grew up in a haunted house. There were many sounds and stuff happened there. It was scary, but the sounds is something I got used to. You will too if you grew up like that. But it is scary.

I understand what you saying. More I think about it, more it seems like paranormal. Before this I have no idea about something like this possible. It never happened to me before. Sleep paralysis does makes scene if I try to look at this from a logical point of view. But that does not explain the sounds. In the story I said I want to believe this as sleep paralysis. But deep down I know that is not the case.

Thanks for reading guys... This is my first story.
rookdygin in Black Hooded Ghost
BJJ and others have made good points but if you truely feel the need to do a cleansing please check my profile... I have posted a cleansing and shielding method, please feel free to use it and please keep us posted.



This is one of those times I wish there was a book of STANDARD DEFINITIONS for research into not only the paranormal but extraterestrial beings...

A being from the spirit realm could be considered an alien to the physical world while an actual extraterestrial would have a physical body but by definition can be called alien as well.

I wonder if its possible... Or if someone has already done it... Developed a standard definitions book for both of these fields? If standard definitions could be agreed upon then maybe research into both could be taken more seriously.


Ghosthunterdemon in Debby
It feels like the ghost Debby was all alone and needed someone to communicate with although most sprits won't have enough power or more to say energy to speak or to show herself to the whole family or even tell you how she was feeling lighten up it won't haunt you unless you interact with it. Really it wants attention wants to be known by someone anyone and will go out its power to get what it wants
I've never heard of someone saying that they've actually SEEN every hair on someone stand up. Plus... If it was dark, how could you have seen that major detail?
Your story almost sounds like it's planned out so it's hard for me to take it seriously. Skeptical
I have trouble believing the part about the fridge being still full of food after at least five years if "... The house and land were passed on to the local council, who tried to sell it several time without success..."
Really? What self-respected Realtor would show a house without doing at least a little bit of cleaning? -No wonder the house didn't sell! Skeptical

And then: "... I saw every hair on his body stand up as he mumbled "F**k off..."
OMG! -Is your friend a cat that got all puffy out of fear? Or was he completely naked? Laugh Laugh
No wonder the ghost wanted you both out of her house ASAP.

But you are a very good writer, that I can not deny.
Ghost_adventures_fan in The Glowing Fire Eyes

I can see were you're coming from but this "alien" could not be a physical being at all, because this is from another plannet, our laws of Physics don't apply to it and it could possibly feed on Negative Emotions, although slim.
snowflakes211 in Blood And Salt
Salty blood. Maybe he was referring to his tears of blood as tears are salty. Either this kid was in pain and wanted to let you know or some evil entity took form of a kid to play with your mind. Can't be sure but it was interesting. Let us know if he reappears although I hope he doesn't
sabrina8153 in Black Hooded Ghost
I can try a cleansing. How do I do that and who do I ask? I know it follows me, I have moved 3 times since each event happened. I hope nothing happens to my daughter. She is my world and I want her to have to best. Thank you everyone! It helps me out a lot!
I just read, then re-read your story. I believe you have some bad mojo in your area. I suggest you get a medium out there (a real one, not a DIY ouiji) they will be able to help assess the situation. You need to get a handle on this soon, it will not get better.
This maybe associated with the land. Have you researched it?
I am very sorry about your grams. Do you pray with her? That might help, being a united front with the protection of the almighty divine light. Don't just pray for the sickness to go away, but for her and you all to be protected.
I believe that within the realms (for lack of better word) there are rules, asking God to step in and stop this kind of thing is one of them (IMHO).
Good luck
If you are worried then do a cleansing. In my country, many believe the dogs actually see ghosts. I can not say it is true. But even I have seen dogs acting very strange sometimes. So thre is a chance that spirit might still be there. But I have to tell you there is no permenet solution for getting rid of ghosts. Even if you do a cleansing or a blessing (I think blessing is waste of time) you have to do that again at least once every ten months or a year.
I acually lived the way you fear your daughter might have to live with. And it's not nice. So I wish her nornal and very happy chilhood. It was not nice to see people around your bed, watching you and not answering when asked who they are.
buthaya in Work Stories 2
Closed rooms without any use, if there was no lights too it's very inviting for a spirit.
I enjoyed this story due to kind nature and open way that you communicated with the spirits. Smile
Tangential comment: Am I the only one who reads ghost stories before bed? They actually relax me.
Triskaideka in My Grandmother's House
This site yells at me for liking too many comments made by the same person. Stop writing so many things that make sense! Wink
Triskaideka in Twins
And now I've found an excellent videogame recommendation. Thanks, guys! Happy I love this site.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and voice the opposite of the others: Ask your parents if you had a twin. It's not uncommon for one to survive to term while the other doesn't. In fact, I have a dear friend who is of a set of triplets, and one of his brothers nearly died in utero, multiple times. (Apparently one brother was stealing all the nutrients, starving him out.) Lots of medical intervention was required.

My father, to this day, does not know my mother miscarried once before she became pregnant with me. Some people are very good at keeping secrets.
Triskaideka in Sounds In The Night
You are a brave person. I would have noped out of there real fast. I don't have nice dreams when there's a lot of thumping of doors going on. I get too paranoid about intruders. And if I convince myself it's safe, what if there is finally an intruder and I've trained myself to stop paying attention? Nope.
I agree with Elnora about the potential stalking. I see that as a huge red flag, especially since as a roommate's friend but not your friend, he was so keen on you staying, and noted your sadness. He may have been *interested* in his roommate's bi friend and was about to use your vulnerability and drunkenness as his "in". Just a thought.
Triskaideka in The Ghost Was Thirsty
Wow, this is really cool! I'd be curious to see the videos. I like how you handled the situations.
Triskaideka in Iron Bridge
Wow. Very interesting story, and well-written! Now I really want to visit that cemetery. It sounds absolutely beautiful and peaceful.
Triskaideka in Unseen But Felt
While I do see the feasibility that there is a haunting, I'm concerned about this shaking that you feel. I've only ever felt that way when I've been sick from the flu or if I'm really hungover. And I did experience the kitty paw-kneading in my sleep before as well. I'd say don't rule out possible medical causes, as well. Drink plenty of water, and consider perhaps a medical exam along with some sort of home blessing.
*raises hand* Hi, ~1/16 Native American strawberry blond with blue eyes checking in. (I'm part Cherokee, Comanche, and Arapaho.)
The multiple stories, however, are a red flag for me. And... Tying your hair to a doll. That sounds rather unsafe, if the story is true.
I'm sitting here trying to understand why on earth your Mawmaw would stick you and your sister in a room where she had such an experience. However, you wondered why you may have woken up angry. Apparently it was only the one time, so I offer you this: sometimes the emotions we feel in dreams can leak out into our reality. You may have dreamed that you were very angry about something/or at someone, on waking the dream evaporated but the emotion stayed. It happens to folks now and then.
The 'spirit' that your Uncle claims to have seen as Jessica, and you saw as Mawmaw, was probably not a shapeshifter. Maybe a mimic. However, like elnora, I find it odd that it did not want to interact with you. On the upside, it doesn't seem to be trying to do any harm either.
elnora, ifi, and babyG were quite blue,
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Merry Christmas!
It's probably much like when people hear glass breaking and find nothing broken, or doors banging that were locked up tight, dogs running across the floor when no dogs are around, the cannons firing at Gettysburg when...well, you get the idea. With residuals, the mechanical sounds can be included along with voices and feelings.

Enjoyed reading your account.
babygoatpuller in Iron Bridge
I really enjoyed this Elrond. Very well written and I also felt right there with you. And Griff. And Wish-Not.

I'm so looking forward to reading more from you. Don't make us wait too long! Happy
Good story there, your theory on ghosts being electromagnetic is sound, just make sure your cars battery doesn't get too drained from other entitys.

I've found that older cars just have a knack for occasional odd feelings, like other old objects, they probably attract spirits that're more familiar with them.
At Johnny:

Perhaps so, if the runway hasn't been used much I'd check for any signs of that accident where you get a bad feeling, look for plane bits, or marks in the dirt.

Sounds like a flight tried to make an emergency landing.

This is what puzzles me though, I can understand hearing voices or feelings, imprints from people that passed. But how do machines leave audible imprints?
babygoatpuller in My Grandmother's House
Happy Holidays everyone and Merry casino... Um Christmas! Yeah, that wasn't subtle. Laugh
ifihadyoux in Black Hooded Ghost
well then maybe you should do a cleansing of the home to protect yourselves just in case there is anything. If you're not comfortable doing so, you can ask a higher up depending upon your religious beliefs and if you have none, a priest would help anyone really.
sabrina8153 in Black Hooded Ghost
Thank you for all your comments. I did not have a dream at all. I distinctively remember. When I turned 13 years old, I have a small toy chihuahua. He is my Best friend dog. He started barking at my bed one time and was so scared to go by my bed. He barked, growled, and whimpered. This happened for three days straight. I prayed and he stopped. I was in the shower and my dog did the same thing at the door. Then when I was 17, my boyfriend (futur fiance) was sleeping in my bed and I slept in my sisters (we still shared a room). My fiance started calling my name. I said "what!". He then jumped out of my bed and said he thought I was laying in his arms beside him. He said it was a black figure thing in his arms. Me and my fiance now live together. At 18 years old now, just a few months ago, I was in the shower again. My dog then proceeded to growl and bark at the door. Nobody was home. I am keeping an eye out on something else. Just so you know, each time something happened, I got the chills and felt just so oddly weird. Like somebody was watching me.
Now I can't vote for elnora again D: Same to you! Can't wait to feast on food and get presents >_>!
elnoraemily in My Grandmother's House
Apparently, we all just get along too well:P

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve! (character limit win)
HAHA I was able to like elnora's because I liked baby's xD win for me!
babygoatpuller in My Grandmother's House
Dang! Now I've reached my limit with you elnora! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (darn character limit!) Laugh
babygoatpuller in My Grandmother's House
I'm having the same problem on BJJ's. It keeps telling me to vote for someone else so I'm voting for you two and Miracles. Lol

As for your uncle Perfecttime, I'm wondering if maybe he's thinking that since he thought he saw his wife and it turned out not to be her, that he mislabeled it as a "shapeshifter" and meant something else.

I'm with elnora on this and think it's probably residual.
same. I up vote them too many times xD I just tend to agree a lot
elnoraemily in My Grandmother's House
Haha, did you reach the like limit for me? I still cannot upvote you and I usually cannot upvote Miracles and BJJ.
ifihadyoux in Black Hooded Ghost
Yeah I wouldn't be too worried about your daughter seeing it. You said so yourself you were in a deep deep deep sleep and when you wake up, you can potentially see things from your dream. Do you even remember what you were dreaming? I don't expect you to, but you could have been having a nightmare. It happens.
I would have just simply liked elnora's comment but it won't let me >_>
Perfecttime687 in Debby
I remember seeing her. I knew I had seen her many times but only once do I remember what she looks like. I remember she had black hair that was almost in a bob. She was older around her 50's, she had a muffin top and a black shirt with a red jacket. [at] Dip1904
elnoraemily in Work Stories 2
If I was Gina, I would not be anywhere near that calm. She just goes with it.

Could there have been any way that people went in that room to clean and no one re-set the room after? Leaving it to be forgotten about?

The swing thing could be explained by a slight breeze. It would not disturb the trees very much, but could disturb the swing enough to create movement. The stopping suddenly is what makes it weird. Did it just abruptly stop swinging?
elnoraemily in Black Hooded Ghost
BJJ essentially said what I was probably going to end up getting to.

Since you said you could not move, it does sound like a case of sleep paralysis, where you dream while awake.

Having not seen it in ten years, I don't see how it could ever effect your daughter in a negative way, either. Dreams when we are younger tend to stay with us. Your brain is not yet formed well enough to separate the dream memories from the waking memories. I can remember quite a few vivid nightmares from my childhood as real memories- even though it's obvious they never happened in reality. That is just how the brain stores that information at that age of development.

If you are worried, I would do a blessing that goes with your faith and stay positive. If you worry too much about it, you could misinterpret things and stress out when you don't need to.
Jam91191 in Black Hooded Ghost
If you couldn't move that could be sleep paralysis. Nut if you could and was just scared then I could have been an entity but as BADJUUJUU said if it was an entity there would have been many more occurrences in the 10 years

Hope this helps

RebelRaider in The Ghost Was Thirsty
The 360 & Perisoce are devices with different colored LED lights that light up depending how much energy is around it. Living people usually can only make one or two lights light up with there hands on it. To make them fully light up it takes a considerable amount of energy.

Glade you guys find it interesting Happy
BadJuuJuu in Work Stories 2
I love how everyone seems to just take the events in stride. I also love that there are multiple witnesses, and that yall can validate and support each other. It sounds like an interesting workplace, with great coworkers.
BadJuuJuu in Black Hooded Ghost
Ok, just trying to get my mind wrapped around this.
This was a one time sighting, ten years ago, and has not happened again? In all honesty, I would write this off as a nightmare, albeit a vivid one, and stop worrying about it. If it were an actual entity, I think it would have made itself known multiple times over the course of ten years. I don't think you or your daughter have anything to be afraid of.
elnoraemily in Black Hooded Ghost
Were you physically unable to move or were you scared to move?

There is actually a point to that question lol
elnoraemily in My Grandmother's House
I think this may be a residual haunting, mostly because of the fact that they seem to ignore everyone there. They are just repeating a pattern of movement through the house. The angry energy could be a energy signature that you are picking up, something left over from past events.

It could be some sort of doppelganger, a spirit trying to get your attention by looking like someone that you know, but since it does not seem to want to talk, that doesn't seem to make sense.

The only shapeshifter-type thing I am really familiar with are the Native American Skinwalkers and that doesn't apply here.
elnoraemily in The Man With The Mask
The dude, Guy Fawkes was a British revolutionary in the early 1600s. The movie V for Vendetta was based off of him.

I appreciate your rebuttal. I hope you know that we are not trying to shoot down what you experienced, but to give other options and our own opinions instead, which can be heard to do when it's all based on just reading.

I was thinking as I was reading that he was a little off. If he is messing with a Ouija board, keeping your distance is probably a good idea. Even though I am a skeptic, there are some things that I don't mess with and that board is one of them.

I think, maybe, since this experience unnerved you and so does he, a self-blessing would probably be a nice idea, even if it just secures some mental security about it.

Also, be careful. If he has been wandering near your house and near you, make sure that you don't actually have a stalker. If he is a little "off" and always seems to pop up near you, please be careful and take all the precautions that you can in that circumstance.

I can definitely empathize on a personal level with what you were going through before this experience and I hope that acceptance and happiness come to you from all directions in your life.
Hi Sadkins
I have had a similar experience a year back and took the help of a pastor. He advised me to say 3 decades of rosaries a day, and my mom said 5 decades a day for a month. After a month passed he advised us to bless the house with holy water and burn incense and say a rosary together. From that day onwards I was released. Offering masses for souls (if you are a roman catholic) is beneficial... According to the pastor he traced the problem of attacks to a family member who died young drowning... He said the dead young have unfulfilled wishes, and that's why they trouble or torture us< for prayers maybe? I don't know... My advise to you is say a rosary today< if you don't know how to recite it... Just google rosary prayers... And I assure from my personal experience it won't come near you! Because evil and god can't stay in the same room together.
Elrond in Iron Bridge
Elnord made me laugh! Maybe that's my black sheep alter ego Happy . Thanks for the kind comment.
Hi, Buthaya... Really a creepy incidents you have experienced... Oh God! How you manage to stay there after listening that unexplainable noise. You've mentioned about sleep paralysis. I want to say something.

As per my knowledge there is a thin line between sleep paralysis and paranormal activity. My mom also experienced a paranormal activity where one of ghost living in my mouse tried to tangle mom's neck. So this is paranormal and recently I also experienced neck tangle but that was sleep paralysis.

Do you know the history of that land?

Your brother and his wife also experienced the same?


feefoo222 in Jolted Awake Twice
Welcome to YGS. Its surely a creepy experience.
1) Did you make out any details of the black thing above you?
Like eyes or nose...
2) Before you slept, did you noticed something unusual?

it is as amazing piece of info, would truly make us enlightened into believing the positive spirituality more strongly.
There's an old dirt runway not far from where I live that was used as a refuelling station for USAF planes coming back from missions over New Guinea. Quite often you can hear the very distictive roar of a Packard-Merlin engine, even though there hasn't been a plane on the runway in more than 60 years. There's also certain parts of the runway where you just feel something bad. There was a crash there in bad weather in 1943, where 8 airmen died. Might be a similar sort of deal?
feefoo222 in Iron Bridge
It was Elrond
I am again very sorry

feefoo222 in Iron Bridge
Welcome to YGS Elnord,
I must say... A GREAT STORY...
Looking forward...

Dip1904 in Debby
hmm, this opens up possibilities of poltergeist activities or a specific spirit in action or a demon that is following you. Any recent update on your facts? [at] perfecttime687
thedudebraski in The Man With The Mask
thats pretty interesting, and what is a guy fawkes hat, have no idea
rookdygin in Ouija
I can see it now...

A large, horned demon with red firey eyes manifests on a tv screen... In one hand he holds a Ouija Board, in his other the Planchette (the pointer). Be looks directly at anyone looking at the tv screen and says..."My name is ZoZo, I'm a demon... Got Ouija?"

Sorry had to get that image out of my head. ZoZo is a recent phenomenon that has worked its way into Ouija Mythology. Yes there is evidence, based on literature, that speaks of a demon or evil spirit whose name either sounds like or can. Be shortened to ZoZo... I have a problem with that...

It has been my experience that when you know a spirits TRUE NAME it gives an individual certain power or control over it. So if ZoZo was a real demon it would never use its real name... Nor nicknames that may lead humans to figure out its true name.


Swimsinfire in The Hacienda
Well, I'm glad you have better work. Happy Yule to everyon, and to all a good 5 day week-end!
lady-glow in Ouija
Shadow_moon1: in case you wonder why your comment generated such a reaction, I would suggest for you to read all the Zozo stories in this forum... And don't forget to read the comments, you'll sure get a good laugh.

Yeah, 'playing' with a WB is not a good idea, but being afraid of Zozo is plain stupid. Laugh Laugh
elnoraemily in Ouija
I just almost died because of the response to that comment, Wish-Not.

Literally, I was trying to drink water and laughing does not mix with that.

Oh lordy lord.

I'm fine. I promise.


Right. Comment. Logical comment.

I agree with what newhunter pointed out. Have you been experiencing activity or have you just had a few noises that are not much? It is a bit strange that you would find it scary at first and then it's not big deal a while later.
elnoraemily in The Hacienda
Haha, ifihadyoux, I was actually thinking of you when I put Solstice:P

I am an atheist, so I just get people things because 'tis the season. It works out nicely in the end:P

Wow. The site just almost didn't let me post this because I used the word "tis". I will never let the grammar/spelling gods does again.
ifihadyoux in The Hacienda
Same to you all as well! I mainly celebrate Yule/Solstice and my family does Christmas but you know, yolo. And yeah true, just annoying~~~:]
Wish-Not in The Hacienda
I'll jump in there and wish the same to everyone! Thanks elnora, and ifihadyoux, has to be better than NOT having one. Blessings to you!
elnoraemily in The Hacienda
I'll use this time to wish a Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Saturnalia/Kwanza/Yule/a few days without work to everyone.

This was a really interesting experience, thanks for sharing!
Elrond in Iron Bridge
I think you are correct about the time bubble feeling in old cemeteries. It must be that they are often so undisturbed. Thank you for reading my story. I am so glad you are familiar with that grand old place.
ifihadyoux in Twins
ifihadyoux in The Hacienda
I am slightly jealous that you have a 5 day weekend wish not >:| I have to work tomorrow a half day and return back on friday. -_- I hate my job
jynnantonnix in Twins
My first thought was one of reincarnation, but that wouldn't make sense because if the soul was in a new body, it wouldn't also be speaking from the beyond at the same time. Which is kind of too bad, because I've always been kind of fascinated by reincarnation stories.

So, given that, I would tend to think it might be the friend's idea of a prank, especially seeing that you were rattled by the idea of using the board in the first place. It really wouldn't be hard to manipulate.
I have seen something similar. Only it was a black coat and it had a hood over its head. I published a story about it. It should be up in a few days. Please read and let me know if you have something similar. I am worried my daughter will meet this "thing" one day. Crying
Wish-Not in The Hacienda
sofia- I am sitting and watching the clock as well. Two hours until a five day weekend. Yah!

Your dark figure sounds residual to me. It will keep "replaying" over and over that same procedure. Certainly can creep a person out though!

Thanks for sharing!
elnoraemily in Twins
The game was Beyond Two Souls and it is amazing.


Ahem. Anyhow. Laugh
elnoraemily in Twins
Thank you for the explanation! That cleared a bit up for me.

Do you think that maybe it could have been a friend messing with you? You did mention that one of them never wanted to leave the board and then it asked for you. Do you think its possible that they were trying to trick you using information that they would know about you and then freaked out when you became disturbed by it?
webkinzlid in Twins
I've heard of a game like that, where the boy has a twin who's living in him or something and it eats him alive from the inside. I might be thinking of something else, though.
I appreciate all the feedback. Haha this sure could have been a great venting tool if it were intended for that!

-i know that you are all being sincere but here are some key rebuttals:
1) the boy who was sitting across from me was NOT my friend in any way. He was my friends roomate who literally everyone on campus thought was a little off.
2) Not trying to sound obnoxious or ignorant but I really can handle my liquor. More often than not I barely get drunk only a little buzzed and the only way you would have proof of this is if we had a drink. I'm just saying some was consumed I was not beligerent -i remembered every last detail- no blackouts, in fact I feel like I sobered up when it all happened because I literally was scared for my life, enough for me to start crying. Extra B.S info: I am a very athletic student who really isn't scared by much let alone horror films/shows etc so the "real deal" terrified me.
pumpchick15 in Three Sets Of Hands
Swimsinfire- Sorry that I'm replying late. I thought only relatives protect too, but I guess this ghost has some kind of special connection to me. I'm not sure why. I'm making a follow up story about them though.
ifihadyoux in Twins
Again another Ouija story... But I agree with elnora basically hitting all the nails on the head apart from the scolding.
Would be freaky that you had a twin if that were the case but again, I am assuming it would have come up by now. Kind of like that video game that was super popular about a year ago... Two of us or something like that.
First of I would like to say that I'm sorry for your loss.

Now to the story:
This was a really good story. I wouldn't deny the fact that it could have been ether of them, but did you have any colored lights in your room? Where you really tired? Once aging, not doubting your experience, but just think about those two questions and answer me back. I myself have never seen an orb but I think it would be wicked cool! I have seen mists and shadows never orbs.

Hopefully you can understand this more and find out who was the messenger.

pumpchick15 in Twins
[at] elnoraemily I was a bit confused about that too. But she probably meant because the boy had the same birthday and everything, he was like her twin but no biologically related. Like, my friend and another guy in my class are the same age and have the same birthday and they were born on the same hour so people call them "the twins" even though they aren't related. That's probably what she meant.

In terms of the story I really enjoyed it. I've heard a lot about spirits who enjoy speaking to certain people. Me and My godmother used the board once and the spirit wanted to talk more to her because she was shy. Then after my godmother loosened up, She wanted to talk more to me then to both of us. The child might've just wanted to connect with you because you both were born on the same date. I probably would've been curios and nervous.
Miracles51031 in Twins
webkinzlid - I agree with elnora's assessment on hiding a twin pregnancy. Someone, somewhere over the years would have let something slip.

My home is surrounded by woods on three sides and limbs of all sorts of sizes fall all the time. Young limbs, old limbs. Limbs fall for many reasons.

Either your friends were playing a trick on you, or something else is going on here.