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I totaly agree with you becouse once I also feel same things when I was sleeping in other room alone it was totaly dark I feel that some one is sitting next to I start feeling cold that thing was trying to put hand on me I was not able to shot also but I start takeing name of hanuman g as I start taking name everything became normal I got strangth to shout & open lights everyone got scared they run from there rooms to see what happen. When I ask everyone that did anyone come near they all said no no one come all were sleeping I was so scared that I decied not to sleep in that place again but we are still in that home but I never feel that again.
So heart touching, its true some time I also had notice my real mother around me or sitting next to me touching my head or touching my hair, even I also feel that my real mom wake me up when am in tenssion or drunk. I can feel your feelings for your grandma
MaybeADreamer in Hooded Shadow Person
Hi DandK,

I think I have been touched by a shadow person. In my story "shadow abduction" I was grabbed and pulled by one.

Although I don't know what it's all about, I'm sure we will all be ok and if we are meant to work it out we most likely will.

Do not worry about it, relax. Worrying only gives it a reason to come back.
Miracles51031 in Help Me Understand
pureindian - please keep in mind our site represents many different beliefs. Not everyone believes the way you do.
Pureindian in Help Me Understand
Too be very frank accourding to holy books it is said only those people can see deaths of there relatives or anyone eles is a biggest punisment from god. Becouse nobody want to see someone who are close to them died when they are still alive. Its biggest punisment of god you should beg infront of god to forgave you for your mistake what you did by knowing or by unkonwing Den only you will get releff from such kind of vision. I hope it will surly help you out.
I don't think its some kind of paranormal activity becouse if it would be then surely it would have happen with other or with you again but it didn't happened again that's means. It was just your thought that some one did maybe just becouse of this balance you fallen down & you got strach on your back that's it.
Pureindian in Are You Awake, Baby?
It could be yourboyfrend family member who wants to tell you somethng or eles it can be someone who wants somethng from you
Mannerizms in Help Me Understand
Hello Porsha,

I am sorry that when your friend passed it hit the hardest. It is always difficult when someone passes; as for this gift you are given, if you can find someone who can work with you on it. In time you can have a bit of control what you feel. It has took me a long time to be able to handle my gift. Especially in teenage years, the difficult part of it is that there are a lot of hormones and it tends to make it that much more difficult to handle.

I found meditation can help a LOT. But if not having this is something that you want you close off this is also possible. Look for shaman's in your local area that can help.

Blessed be and stay safe! Love
lady-glow in Help Me Understand
RedBlackRosemama: not meaning to pry but, do you know the cause of your friend's death? Was he sick or was his death an accident?
Some illnesses and metabolic disorders produce bad odors in a sick person. It is possible that your experience was not so much a premonition but only your sense of smell perceiving a symptom of your friend's disease.

Porscha: death is an inevitable part of life, although scary, your experiences are proof that our loved ones are still around after "dieing".

Thanks for sharing.
RedBlackRosemama in Help Me Understand
Sorry for your lost of your friend and I knew the feeling I have same problem about feeling of death not of death just smell death before person died my good friend I visit his house I was going to spend the night but I smell something it's smell like death then few weeks later he died.
Seraphina in Help Me Understand
Hi, Porsha. Quite a few people on this site have had experiences similar to yours. (So have I.) It can be scary or at least unnerving, but it's not as unusual as one might think. Maybe some others on YGS will share their stories with you.

I'm no expert. My own impression--for what it's worth--is that you can weaken the "signal" by ignoring it, but you can't make it completely go away. If you give this some thought, you might conclude that your ability is a gift.

I think it's a gift. You should use it for your own benefit. Maybe you can save people Happy
Gabethebabe in A Blue Light
I am truly stumped! But one night my girlfriend and I were watching a movie in our apt. (We are on the first floor. We have a big window facing the street so car lights hit our window all the time but hardly any light seeps in our apt. With the blinds closed.) our couch is backed up against the window and leaving little room between the wall to our right and the couch. We had no electonics near that corner. But a bright LED had filled that dark corner. I was focused on the movie directly in front of me, so this light was bright enough to draw my attention away from the movie. It stayed lit for a total of 4sec. I was scared and slowly turned my head toward the light, bc I knew that kind of light was unfamiliar. The light dissipated slowly before my eyesight could reach it. I looked to my left where my girlfriend was sitting and her face said it all. "What the hell was that?" I jumped off the couch and literally flipped the couch to see what could have possibly made such a scene. Nothing. I quickly ran outside on the patio to see if anyone was there. Nobody. There was nothing in our apt. That we could have used to try and reenact this event. Nothing was bright enough. My initial thought was that my ps4 controller had randomly turned on. Nope. But we don't own any device that could have caused this bright light.
I found this site and your post while searching for stories of Pets after death. Interesting too that your Yabba died on August 30th. This August 30th I lost my kitty Buttercup. She was about 10 months old and I had found her in the woods. I took her in just 4 months earlier. That night my mother and I were watching TV and heard a meow. It was not other cat. I immediately KNEW it was her. The next night we were watching TV when I hear rattling under the TV Stand, I reach in to find one of her toys. Then the third night I felt her jump up on the couch beside me. Although I knew each of those things happened I was finding it hard to believe she was really there. But reading your story and the comments helps. I have not felt her since, but that is ok, she needs to move on. Hopefully I can too.
Hi Porsha:

So sorry for the loss of your friend. Having that talent is quite a gift. I hope you can learn to be at peace with it someday.
shelbyloree in Help Me Understand
Having so much death around you, maybe it's not such a bad thing having a warning system like that. It's more of prepping mechanism rather than a curse.
I agree with OCGril as well. The way that this story is formatted is more descriptive than it is informitive. Instead of presenting information that gives it credibility or describing events that could have caused it, it built up more of a sci fi scene that you would hear about on Syfy's "Paranormal witness"

I'll back up everything you have said! I am a natural redhead too (best regards to your doubtless lovely redheaded wife) and I've done my own research too. Sometimes it is rather difficult to convince doctors regarding the problems with anesthesia and pain killers etc - we can also tolerate a higher level of pain... But once it gets over that threshold... Man oh man it takes a lot to turn it down again! In terms of ability to experience the paranormal - I don't class myself a psychic or even all that sensitive but I have had quite a few experiences and tend to be highly intuitive - however, I am in agreement that it's not necessarily a factor of hair color. Have you or your wife ever read 'The Roots of Desire' by Marion Roach - if not, I highly recommend it! It's a must-read for redheads and deals with a lot of the same information you mentioned plus the folk history of redheads in society.

Back to the story with my apologies to the author if it seems we have drifted off topic. I don't doubt your account at all - it was very straight forward and concisely related. I wonder if the red hair might actually have quite a lot to do with the experience - not that redheads have special powers (though folk tales in ages gone by have made such claims) but actually quite the opposite... Redheads are often victims of horrid taunting, teasing and bullying because of their red hair - we are called ugly, freaks, carrot tops, told we don't have souls (take the US reaction to South Park's wildly irresponsible idea of 'National Kick a Ginger Day' as an example) etc. Perhaps, whoever this little boy was, he was accustomed to bullying and ostracism - it might have hurt his feelings when you turned away. Perhaps the emotional reaction he had when he witnessed someone turning away from him again created enough energy to draw you in where he made you *look* at him to see that he wasn't a monster, just a little boy.

I don't know, I'm a redhead, my brother is a redhead and my first love and now best friend are all redheads - so maybe I am just biased towards redheads and quick to read my partiality into my own interpretations.
AugustaM in Fairies... Maybe?
This is beautiful and I am both glad you posted it and glad it got through (thanks Miracles). I've never really stopped believing in fairies etc and I've always believed that when it comes to gods and fairies, the more belief in them there is, the more real they are.
Hello ishan, thanks for sharing your experience. But did anyone else have such an experience or encounter? Did you ask any of your friends or did you share it with your classmates?

Please do respond. By the way, where did this happen? You need not mention the name of the school. But just the city or town where you had your experience. Just a curiosity.

Regards and respects to you.

Hi MoonlightJannet, thanks for sharing your experience. Welcome to YGS. Mystery Research might be right in one aspect. The words that you have heard might have been due to a vivid dream that might have been caused by your fears. I just said might and did not discard your account. Just a theory.

You said in your narrative that you feel that there are two spirits in your house and that one is good and the other is not so good or so bad but bad.

Fine. Please do keep a journal of events. Secondly, be bold. Don't be scared. The negative entities feed off your energy.

And please do some cleansing of the house. It should be done on a regular basis for some days to ward off negative entities or energies. There is an excellent cleansing method explained in the profile page of Rookdygin, one of the experienced posters in this site. Please do try. It has worked for many and it will work for you. Thank Rook after you have driven away the negative entity.

Regards and respects to you.

winterset in Seriously Bad Dream
I find this story very intriguing. Very believable and very well written. It struck a familiar chord with me. Thank you and well done!
Bibliothecarius in Little Boy With Red Hair

The **biological** senses of redheads are slightly different from everyone else: they are more sensitive to feeling cold; they are more resistant to anaesthetics; and they are more tolerant of the itching/stinging sensation caused by capsaicin (in chilis, peppers, etc.). There is recent science data (over the last decade or so) backing up these assertions.

The reason is they have the gene to be redheads, which is the "original" hair color of human beings. Basically, if you look at the human genome, first we developed cell walls, then basic nutrient consumption, then a nerve bundle (a bit like the notochord), then red hair. It's seriously the 4th thing that human beings ever had, well before newer biological innovations like eyes, fingernails, and legs. The rest of us, though, mutated away from red hair, carrying it as a recessive gene; however, when a gene mutates, it often carries unexpected side effects in what we think of as "separate" systems in our bodies.

My wife, a natural copper-red, and I cannot agree on a temperature that is "comfortable" because I over-heat too quickly (my body runs a full degree below "normal") while she's still trying to warm up. That is why we were interested in the scientific/medical publications... Which were released AFTER she had her wisdom teeth removed, only to discover -upon reviving from the anaesthetic- that the pain killers which were supposed to help had absolutely no effect upon her.

On the other hand, she has very little sensitivity to the supernatural. She's grown to trust my peculiar "gifts" such as they are (precognition, prophetic dreaming, a weird sensory-field thing, and post-cognitive sight are the most frequent, but I'm a seriously undisciplined intuitive). She has never had, to the best of my knowledge, a genuine supernatural experience.

There are clearly identifiable traits which accompany red hair, but they are ALL physiological; parapsychological phenomena happen to all manner of people, irrespective of race, age, gender, belief, tradition, occupation, or knowledge.

Now, because you've read this on the internet, I'd recommend that you double-check the data I've presented, just to make certain that I've not tried to mislead you. That way, you'll discover corroboration of my statements.

Miracles51031 in Little Boy With Red Hair
H2olily - as Lady-Glow said, not everything you read on the internet is true. I'm not a ginger;)
PriyankaMenon in Grandpa, Is That You?
Maggie dear
Time and again it has proved your grandparents are determined to be with you forever. They want to take care of you especially.

You are special dear.

It makes me sad to lose them in such a way. You read my story and yeah you were true it's similar to mine.

By the way why your uncle had accident in such a way? Was it a ghostly prank or what? Its terrifying dear.
I basically agree with a lot of what's already been put out there as potential theories but when it comes to the question of 'is it good' vs 'is it bad' - I don't think the significance of the three knocks has as much to do with the verdict as the fact that it scratched you rather badly. That seems aggressive to me. And whereas toddlers do the darndest things and manage to get themselves into the most unimaginable spots - if it was, in fact, the entity that put your son up there, that wasn't an action done with a mind towards the safety of the child. I don't think this thing is good but I don't think it's truly evil either and certainly not overly powerful - it seems like a mischievous little thing out to get its own kicks and lash out in petty ways when it gets frustrated. You seem to have kept a level head about things - not given it any negative energy to feed on - my suggestion would be to carry on as you have but if you get tired of it, try Rook's cleansing method:)
REALLY?...then, why is Superman dark a haired guy? Confused
I'm sure sensitive people come in all colours of skin.

Remember, just because something is in the internet doesn't mean it is true.
Hello I was wondering if you were aware that you can make your own holy water, you can find out how on u-tube. There are lots of little tips you can learn on the tube. You can learn how to do your own cleansing amongst other things. I sleep with a bible und my pillow and have learnt the prayer to st Michael the ark angel. But anyway good luck love and I hope you stay safe.
I just read a meme online that mentioned that historically gingers are believed to supernatural qualities, if not actually powers.
[at] HumzaShl: I did not really see her face that well, as I have said in my story, I leaned closer to see her more clearly but she suddenly hid away from my view. The only thing that was clear to me is that she had long hair and was wearing something red. She might be in grade one to three judging from her height while kneeling because she was definitely not a toddler nor a 4th to 6th grader either. That's all I really noticed about her.

Thanks for reading my story Happy
could the movement have been shadows? Perhaps due to the roommate moving around outside?

If not, that's spooky!
MoonlightJannet in The Man In The Shadows
Hi Ruggy90,

I keep my bible in my room too! Laugh It's great to hear that you had been experiencing things too. At least I'm not alone. I had started to get back on my feet and start praying a lot more than I used to be doing and when I just brought the bible into my room, that's when the whispering happened. The fact that I started following the light may have triggered this energy and the result of this may have caused this unknown energy to call me "Clever." I may be "Clever" by devoting myself to God but at least I'm closing the doors this spirit may have gotten through. I felt like a man's presence was watching over me in my room Laugh That's when I first started feeling awkward & uncomfortable and told my mother about it. Looking forward to reading your stories too.
MoonlightJannet in The Man In The Shadows
Hi MysteryResearch,

Thank you for the advice, it's exactly what my own mother said to me. The mediums that checked the house advised us to start praying more and reading the holy bible more in order to keep the house attracted to good spirits rather than evil and demonic spirits. We have been told to carry a prayer or a quote from the holy bible and store it in a handmade necklace so that way it could be on/with us at all times. We haven't had the house cleansed or blessed yet but that could be an option to highly consider so all of that fear built up inside could be set free.
Very interesting experience could you maybe describe the girl a bit more anyways,

Thanks for sharing! Happy Surprised
In response to snowflake's comment, pray 'for' Mary, not 'to' her. God and Jesus are the only One's that Christians should pray to. Other faiths will pray to their deity's.
Late on this but I am a practicing shaman and know all Areas of tha craft been doing it for 26 years... If you still need help email me playnino781 [at]
I can tell you what to do just follow tha steps to tha T!
Really later on this but I can't watch tha videos for some reason, look if you ever read this and see my comment please get ahold of me, I practice and know a lot about tha craft or arts, for 26 years and I study shamanism now but still use all other parts of paganism, witchcraft etc and mirrors I know a lot about,I've help many people. If you want to reach me here's my email...playnino781 [at] and if you moved I can bet that things when with you.
For anyone with real issues or need help feel free to contact me, their is NO fee for help.
This is a VERY creepy awesome cool story. It was a good read! Thanks for sharing!
ConfusingxRain in Are You Awake, Baby?
Sounds like something wanted to get your attention there. I hope whatever is bothering you won't scare you more than it already has! Maybe you should also try to find out if there is a possible source for anything supernatural going on there.
Thanks for sharing!
ConfusingxRain in Lights Off Demon
Most parents tell their children that what they see isn't real. Sure, you could have a wild imagination but why would you be that scared? Well, I hope whatever was there with you is gone for good now! Thank you for sharing!
Wish-Not in Ghost Santa
dazram- I know I wish I could go back and undo things I have said and done. That's just apart of maturing like you said.

The important part is that YOU are making amends and that's what I respect.

Keep on keeping on dazram Happy

Even though this is your experience the 'Spirit Guide' topic is not 'part' of the experience you have shared here... Please feel free to e-mail me at the addie provided on my profile and I will do my best to answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can.



Thank you for your answers.

There is a slight chance that as Puberty was concluding for you. There MAY HAVE been some telekinetic outbursts... But that would depend on you... When puberty started and ended for you more to the point.

It also may just be the home was built in an 'active area', something to do with the natural elements of the surrounding landscape. Spirits may have been naturally attracted to that site and some of them may have wanted to make their presence known as they 'passed through'. While history can, and often does, play an important part in a location being haunted it is not ALWAYS the case. The environment may simply be 'conductive' to spirits and something about it attracts them... And may even help them to cross over.

Thanks for sharing.


haha, I just realised they selected they needed help with this experience. Classic. Laugh
Thanks Daz! I honestly never never made the connection before that he did in fact grunt at the same exact time I attempted to push him away. It does begin to make more sense for me now. I appreciate the input! Smile
roccermom85 in A Drug House
Great story! I live in Lansing as well and I bet I have a pretty good idea where this neighborhood may be located! Thanks for sharing. Pretty creepy!
Thanks Willow12 I really appreciate it, I do try to keep my composer during stressful or scary situations, I find it very helpful to hopefully make the right choices during those times!
dazram in Ghost Santa
I feel so bad for my stupid comment. I wish I never Said what I did. I said it Back when I was immature to the spirit world. I wonder what happened to ghostseer (Kat Ryan) I hope she hasn't passed away. If so then RIP love. Love
It's interesting to note the part in your story where you said," my cousin grunted at the same time as you pushed your hand through what appeared to be his astral body", I have experienced something similar without going into detail and I don't think the timing of his grunt was coincidental as like the details in my own account were? I do suspect the astral body is still connected to the physical body just like intangible particles are when they separate them via experiments at a distance but yet somehow defying Newtonian logic, they act like they are still connected as one... Perhaps in a sense, your cousins mind (consciousness) was experiencing some sort of duality of motion which made him flinch in the flesh as you pushed your hand out toward his astral body? Which makes me agree with the others here, what you'd witnessed, was most likely your cousin sleep walking out of body.

Regards Daz
Yes Melb, at the time I was swimming in guilt from walking away wondering if I could have done more however her fate was sealed from the impact of the accident as logic eventually pointed out. I only ponder on the despair of being her parent and hope they took some small amount of relief in knowing it was quick as the pronouncement of her death was declared upon arrival at hospital which was not actually true and it's not something you forget all that easy, I can still see her face now when I shut my eyes and think back. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my story.

Regards daz.
Hello Bigpapa
Welcome to YGS

Being from Lexington, Ky. I have to ask
Cats or Cards?
(Other members may not understand that but I know you will. LOL

Very interesting
For me personally the fact you got 3 knocks means nothing.
I am alive and well and certainly not demonic and I always knock
3 times on someones door. I also think a lot of people do.
I have said before on this site that sometime ago on what I'll
Refer to as "Hollywood Paranormal" a "lead investigator"
(That means he bought the groups T shirts and came up with the groups name)
Stated that 3 of anything is mocking the Holy Trinity and therefore demonic
And it seems to have stuck. Not sure why other than it sounded plausible.

It could have been a spirit trying to get your attention.
In the spirit world, just as in our physical world, some are better at some things and not so good at others. Some can do better making "knocks", others
By talking, some by sending scents, some by communicating through your dreams.
It is very difficult for them to get our attention and use what works best for them.

If it were me I wouldn't worry too much about it but keep us informed if
Things pick up.

Best to you
NawabBoxer in Married To A Ghost
I think you get know details of your story and tells us in details your story is very interesting and people want to know more about this.
roylynx in Following Ghost?
Oh my!
Sorry to interrupt but elysiamarie that photo there! My grandfather once had a similar photo taken by his old Olympia Camera with Kodak Films. Well back in the 90's he was back to his once "home" (Japan). He was in a temple (no, different than a shrine), where there where old statues of little monks they call "O-jizou sama", he was taking pictures in a wood (my grandfather loved trees) and in one of those pictures that he took a "shaky" one appeared and he can see a screaming man clearly. Yes, I saw that picture to me it's a blurry picture with a shadowy unclear figure of a man. (no, sorry I don't have that photo with me anymore)

Talking about a "shaky photo", you will find everything a blur in those, but in this picture that you shared, it showed a sharp "shape" of that girl you are talking about! This in my opinion could be an active spirit.

Blessing from São Paulo

elysiamarie in Following Ghost?
Also, can anyone give me directions on how to take that photo down? I would like it to be private. I shouldn't have posted it.
elysiamarie in Following Ghost?
[at] Ari
To this day, there is no confirmation of anything with this photo. I guess it is like that with every "ghost photo" to this day right? Hundreds of them. And we can't confirm a single one, otherwise ghosts would be known as a forsure thing.
The photo and subsequent photos did have a real effect on our family at the time. My step daughter had to be hospitalized for about a year approx 5 months after this post for mental health issues. She was only eight at the time. My relationship did not survive. I have been on a completely different path for three years now. Hence why I have not been active for many years.
I believe (my opinion) whatever was around at this time attacked my step daughter mentally (and then later physically while in hospital)

It is my opinion that the photo is "real", and so were the others given the events that followed. If it is just a blurry picture, and that's what all the pictures (that I still have today, as they were that meaningful to me) then perhaps it was my psyche warning me of something that was happening.
Regardless, I wanted to give some sort of conclusion to this event, in case it could be of aid to someone having a similar experience.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, my advice is to NOT post your story/picture. Instead, look for someone who seems to be more open to discuss it with.
I feel a lot of the reason I ignored everything was because I was called "shady" on this site, and I ended up having to defend myself more than getting any help, which is why I came here to begin with.

Find a professional, and get to the bottom of things should you have some goings on. My mistake was ignoring everything.
Thanks so much for your comments Tweed and Allicatt

[at] Tweed:

The red shirt or whatever she was wearing was not part of our dress code. My Alma mater's school uniform was actually a blue and white, so it was really a stand out.

"I don't believe in souls being trapped but I believe demons exist" was your last comment in your story. I don't understand this statement. Have you seen a Demon but not a ghost?

I grew up in a haunted house with a spirit that didn't like me in the basement. He wasn't a Demon but at times it could be malevolent at times. I also believe in duality, you can't have good without bad on the other side.

As far as the O.B. Goes you can't "play" with an O.B. By yourself. You will just be pushing the planchette to answers you want.

I enjoyed your article. Thank you for sharing. If that were me I would have freaked out and left right then and there and never look back. I thnk you are very brave
3 knocks in the spirit world is ungodly and evil
For some reason, it wants to get your attention.
It probably put your son on top of the table to protect
Him from any harm of anything in the child's reach
It is contacting you for some reason.
roylynx in Oh...excuse Me!
Reading this story back, I nearly forgotten about Miracles51031's Tuttle guy. I have heard a few stories about shadow-men and such "beings". Some said they interact with the living and some said they lived in their own world. There is a theory of "them" living in the same "space" but in different era of the time. Like some of my relatives told me, in old tribal places even if it is built modern, the spirits there is there since they are bounded to the land and not the people there. I somehow believe in that theory since we as a person somehow would be "addicted" to a particular place, it could be somewhere nearby or it could be far overseas, everyone's spirit is from different places no matter what our nationality now is. Well I could be wrong but I do have a place that I would need to go at least once a year and I have feelings against that place fortunate for me it's not too far away from where I live, but it's hard to travel there. Well, it's just my thoughts.

There is another theory; it is that the "shadow-men" have their own thoughts since they were once a living being, yes, just like many comments here, but eventually they would go back to where they belong, again my thoughts.

Love from São Paulo

Miracles51031 in Oh...excuse Me!
I meant to add my daughter always saw hers in broad daylight. Once on a school bus, one in town, once with me while we were on our way home. By the time she got my attention, he was gone.
Miracles51031 in Oh...excuse Me!
DandK - some of us have been trying to figure out what the Shadow Men are and why they are here. In my opinion, based on my experiences, my Tuttle guy isn't a Shadow Man. I believe he was at one time living. He interacts with my kids and me. The Shadow Man I experienced didn't act as if he knew I was even there.

My daughter experienced one several times after her father's death. He never interacted with her, just put in an appearance.
Hi Sweetsunshine,
I think your right, I believe there were a number of spirits in the house. Over the years I heard a young child's voice laughing in the house and the outline of a man walk past my room. Although, who knows who it actually was.

Rook, I was 16 years when we moved in, which would have made my sisters be 22 and 23 at the time. I did some background research of the area and of course it's rich with indigenous history, however, there was nothing specific to explain the occourances. Although, what strikes me as odd, was the previous owner (and builder of the house) ended up moving a few suburbs away and built a similar home. They only had this home for a few years. Mmmm!
I've had objects move in front of my face as well. It's very scary! It's the opposite with my boyfriend and I. I am the one who sees/feels/hears supernatural things. It's not a consistent thing for me, but when it does happen I get really scared. I don't think I'll ever get used to things like that and I am 26. I've also had things touch me (and even seen the hand that did it, it was just a hand!) So I understand how you're feeling. If you're religious, praying helps. Smile
The part that got to me was that whole sentence whispered into your ear! I've never had that happen, but I've had something breathe heavily in my ear. Whenever I do feel unwanted presences I pray as well. It seems to help me a bit, but I'm a big baby! I hope they seem to leave you alone, but that presence seems very intimidated by you. Why else would he feel the need to say those things to you? I would keep praying, and I would have your room or your entire house blessed. At my old house there was a negative presence in my room that wanted to be mean to me, and my mom's friend went in there and prayed for God to bless my room and that seemed to help with him coming into my room. I also kept my bible open at all times in my room. There was a woman presence that stayed in my room but she seemed to just watch over me. It sounds creepy, but I think she helped keep the scary man out of my room. Happy
Update: I'm becoming convinced that I have a standard, innocent, ghost/shadow man/haunting.

Night before last, I woke up to some extension cords and a power strip moving against my dresser and treadmill. It was loud and lasted for about 5-6 seconds. I was startled because I couldn't imagine how those cords, having been resting peacefully on the floor behind the furniture for the past couple of years, should decide to move.

I turned on the bedside light, looked around, saw nothing out of place, and decided to go back to sleep. I kept the light on so as to discourage 'my' shadow man from showing up, if he was the one responsible.

After a little while I felt comfortable and turned off the light so I could sleep better. About 10 seconds later, objects in my nightstand drawer shifted around, making a small racket.

That was the last insult to my sleep and I was a bit angry, so I loudly said "oh, come on! Let me get some sleep!". I kept the light off and just tried to get back to sleep, which I did. My husband didn't wake up due to my muttering.

Now, here's the part that gets me. The next evening my husband and I were talking about the previous night's sleep, and I tell him about these two things. He asks me what time that was. When I tell him, he said that about 15 minutes earlier he woke up for no reason and saw the shadow shaped like a man. He says it looked like it saw him looking at it and turned and started to run off. Then he fell back to sleep. If I remember right, this is only the second time my husband has told me he's seen this guy. My husband normally has no experiences.
Thanks Miracles. I'm working on the theory that shadow men use the energy from light to form in our dimension. This means they wouldn't be able to appear in a brightly lit room because of saturation with too much energy.

I haven't come across a case yet where someone witnesses a full shadow man in a brightly lit area, but I'll keep looking.
ShadowFire that is the most helpful information I've recieved thank you so much for the help and I'll be sure to keep my emotions in check around the cabinet. I thankfully haven't had any more expierences related to it, so you may be right and it may have been triggered by my worrying about my dad.
Hi Kentucky_Believer, I am a full practicing witch that has had many years of experience with hauntings and hope what I share can help you during your search for answers. From my observations of Inanimate objects and possible hauntings of them I have noticed that there can be several explanations for an object to be haunted.

1) Impression Hauntings: This strange phenomenon is not really a conscious ghost but is usually left over energy from a person who is now deceased. Impression energy can also be given off by the living, say for example you are happy, or sad or angry, and you use the door knob to enter or exit a room, as you make contact with the door handle you are leaving some of your energy thoughts that can attach itself on the door and over time that energy can build up on the object. An Empath or Psychic person can usually detect this energy when they touch an object that a person left behind. This impression that you place on an object by your touch tends to build up over time so since this cabinet probably had a lot of emotional energy that has been built up in it for some time now it can be powerful enough for a person to detect it's energy.

2) Loop Apparition: Is the same concept as an Impression Haunting, but instead of just energy being left behind an object or place, an image of the ghostly person may appear instead. These Ghostly images are not conscious ghosts but more like a DVR recorder that was stuck on repeat and play of what the person was doing before they died. You said that you saw a shadowy figure that darted across the basement. Did this happen only 1 time or does it continually repeat itself? If this Ghostly apparition continues the same repeating pattern every time you see it then it probably is not a conscious ghost but a left over energy source of an event that occurred during a critical part of a person's life. Check to see how the Ghost is running? Does it always run from left to right? Does it always run to the same direction? If so I would suspect it could be an energy source as opposed to a conscious ghost.

3) Earth Bound Spirits: are actual conscious ghosts and in my personal observations of the dearly departed some people were not ready to leave this Earth. Maybe they felt that their life was cut short through illness, tragedy, or murder, or had regrets that they did not finish an important task before they died. Some may have died peacefully in their sleep or are unaware that they passed on to the other side, but instead of ascending to the next realm completely away from our planet, they stay very close to our Earth and become Earth Bound Spirits. Most Earth Bound Spirits will stay close to the area they are familiar with, but in the case of a treasured possession like a cabinet, filled with personal belongings of theirs it is very likely that they would want to stay as close to the cabinet as they can. I think the key to helping you solve your mystery lies with the shadowy figure. Try to observe that figure if you can to see how it behaves, if it continually follows a predictable pattern then it is probably a non conscious loop pattern energy source that appears to be a ghost, if it is unpredictable and moves different ways it is probably a conscious entity that you can interact with, hopefully you can help each other out so the spirit can move on when it is ready to fully cross over to the other side.

Hopefully you will have more contact with this shadowy figure but if you only saw it one time then I would probably assume that it is an actual conscious ghost haunting your area.

4) Malevolent Spirit: are usually non human spirits that are focused on causing harm to living Human Beings and is something you should use caution against. I would like to note that although extremely rare, malevolent spirits can also come from evil deceased humans as well. In most cases Malevolent spirits would more than likely attach itself to a toy or doll than an adult object because it would be easier for them to have contact with a child as opposed to an adult, but they can use adult objects to infest an adult it really depends on the motive of the spirit as to how it will attach itself to an object.

In any case I would use extreme caution if you decide to investigate this strange phenomenon on your own. Listen to your instincts, it is perfectly alright to have some concern or fear about the situation you are in. If this were to happen to me I would get a journal to record the times of any unusual activity that happens around the cabinet and a brief description of what happened to see if a pattern is forming.

Before I would touch anything in the cabinet I would try to get a reading of my feelings about the cabinet and any objects that are inside of it. It's natural to feel uneasy but if you feel like there is an evil presence in the cabinet I would have it removed from the premises immediately.

If you have a security camera it would be great to have a feed set up to record any unusual circumstances around the cabinet, if not that is ok, just try to be observant as much as you can when an abnormal event occurs in your presence and if it is possible leave a thermometer near the cabinet to record the temperature of the area during a normal and any strange event that occurs to see if there are noticeable temperature abnormalities.

Get as much research as you can on the cabinets history, where did it come from? Who owned it? Is there anyway you can contact the descendants of the original owner of the cabinet?

So far everything that you described about the cabinet seems to be ok, Other than the shadowy figure and the uneasy feeling you have about it I am assuming there is nothing else that caused you alarm? Nothing violent occurred like glass breaking? Loud unexplained noises? Foul smells? How about your dreams? Have you had any ghostly visitors in your dream, and hopefully you are not having any nightmares about the cabinet? By the way has anyone else in your family had unusual feelings or experiences with the cabinet, and do you have any indoor pets in the house? If so how are they acting around the cabinet?

Well that is all I can think of for the moment but I certainly hope you are able to find out more information about your situation, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and thanks for allowing me to address my concerns for your story!
I've had a similar experience, and this goes back a long time ago. When I was a child (I was around 4-6 years old when this happened) my brother (who was 5-7 years old at the time) would tell me he saw a 'shadow' man with a hat standing in his closet and that man would stare at him when he would go to bed. After we moved he never saw the 'shadow' man again. I came looking for information because I recently got a visit from this 'shadow' man (or whoever you wish to call him) and I got good rid of him with one sentence and I haven't seen/heard from him since... But what really got me puzzled was that before I got rid of him he spoke to me. We had an actual conversation until he asked me to come closer to him, which I refused to and he got very upset and grabbed me, pulling me to him. When he did I could see every detail of his face, glowing red eyes, an angry frown showing his teeth, his hair a mess and a bit long but not too long. I didn't feel a thing when this happened I didn't even flinch and it was dead quite for what felt like five minutes and I quickly spat out the phrase "Get out of here in the name of Jesus" and he disappeared. I nearly stayed up the whole night in prayer and saying Biblical verses.
For anyone who's looking to get rid of this 'Shadow' man or demon, turn to Jesus. And stand with no fear because no one can hurt you if you have faith in Jesus.
sweetsunshine1800 in Hauntings In New House Part 1
Hello Meghna,

Look so much common we have Wink I also remember only three paras of Hanuman Chalisa and recite it when I'm scared and just run from there Laugh

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,
Hi Sonali,
Honestly, its hard to go alone anywhere after watching a horror movie.
I murmur "HANUMAN CHALISA" (Only 3 para I know)
Kidding and walk fast Laugh
Good to know I have a company to get scared too Laugh

Hi Sonali,
Actually I know its a little difficult to mention this user names
Laugh Laugh
My parents are from Durgapur town.
I was born there, but after six months we shifted to Mumbai.
And its been 17 and half year I'm in Mumbai.
My Uncle lives in Kolkata.
And Ofcause, you can call me Meghna.

Miracles51031 in Oh...excuse Me!
DandK - at that time I probably had a night light on the wall opposite the refrigerator but nothing more. He was darker than my kitchen.
I thought I would make one more comment about the situation I had with my Devil's Backbone experience and life in general if I may?

When I am faced with an unknown factor in my life or find myself in danger I try to look at my encounter in a completely unbiased way. My first goal is to survive but as I am going through the process of what is happening to me I try to keep a mental picture of what is going on so later I can re-examine what was happening to me at the time and if I should make adjustments the next time a similar encounter takes place?

In the case of the entities I witnessed at Canyon Lake area 5, I tried to take into account all the strange things happening around me during the encounter: The deer were nervous not of me but of something that was around me, My gut instinct was telling me that there was a strange and unusual supernatural event/encounter that was about to approach me.

I did not feel in immediate danger from the apparitions that passed by me since I was not the target of why they were there, their objective seemed to gather together to attend a celebration and not to have contact with a human being.

Although these entities seemed "creepy" and strange, I did not necessarily see them as evil creatures, they did seem mischievous like children who get a little too carried away during a Halloween night out running amuck in the street.

I also felt bad like I was imposing on their festival gathering but in all fairness I was in the area first and my objective was to watch a movie under the stars and not to have contact with spiritual beings, I also didn't try to sneak up on them just to be nosey.

To me it just seemed like an unfortunate event where 2 worlds briefly merged into one existence where I was trying to watch my movie and the entities were gathering to have their festival.

I don't understand why there seemed to be a ripple in the Universe where the Spiritual and Physical World merged for a brief few hours at that area, was it the result of a natural phenomenon hiccup or Spiritual Intervention? I don't know?

I'm not sure if these entities were intentionally ignoring me or never knew I was with them as they walked past me since they never acknowledge my presence around them?

There was only 1 entity that did notice me and it mischievously stayed with me throughout the night and followed me to my home 70 miles away.

This strange event was a 1 time occurrence and I haven't seen any of the entities or jester like creature since,

I don't know what to make of this whole situation but I decided in the future that if I find myself in a similar situation I am going to be more forward and vocal to the entities that are passing by me, I will be respectful, politely ask why they are there, and if I am intruding in their space? If so I will leave in peace if not I will stay and will also be honored to attend their function on condition it is a peaceful function and if it is appropriate for me to stay with them during their celebration.

I understand that the risks are high but what a wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity it would be to have contact with spiritual beings to learn why they are there and what they are celebrating? I'm willing to take that risk, I just regret that at the time of the encounter I had with them I was not in the receptive frame of mind I needed to be in order to have meaningful interaction with them. I would have loved to ask them if I could join their celebration if it was appropriate and learn from them why this night was special to them.

Well that is all I have to comment for now, I have thousands of paranormal stories that happened to me throughout my life but this one in particular is what bothered me the most because I feel like I didn't have closure with it.

I don't know if I will be sharing any more stories on this site but I am extremely grateful being able to share this one with you and I'll try to actively comment on the other stories I see on this site from time to time.

I am an ordained minister, an author/writer of my 2008 online published book "A Year And A Day In The Craft" a consultant, and if you will have me as a friend I would honored to be one. All the services I perform as well as my book are completely free of charge and I absolutely refuse any form of payment for the work I help with. It is strictly against my personal beliefs to accept any form of payment so that a person knows I have no ulterior motive to help them for monetary gain, I only help a person out as a friend!

If you are in the vicinity of the Austin/San Antonio area and just want a confirmation of a possible ghostly presence in your area I will be more than honored to investigate your concern completely free of charge. If you are at a distance from my area I can offer online help of what to look for during an investigation and every angle you should take while trying to figure out your unusual phenomenon, well take care and if you need any help feel free to contact me philipsatx [at] or ask a question on this site and I will try to help you here thanks everyone for your time and patience and so grateful to have found you here!
Well put rook, my interpretation is that it was probably because a lot of people back then were getting boards and messing with them without knowing what they were doing.

I know she was also very suspicious as boards were commonly used by fakers back then.
Ashraf in Why Only To Me?
Thank you AdelePhytler. Most of the people doesn't understand the unseen. But you are excellent. Add me as your pal.
Hi Mack, I just reread this story. I get chills every time I read it! I hope your are well.
Miracles, were your kitchen lights dim? Did it seem like he was trying to be in a darker spot in the room?
I have worked with, manufactured my own boards and communicated with the dearly departed and non human spiritual entities for many years now, hopefully I can give you some advice of what you can do to protect yourself and your guests from Ouija Boards:

Just to clarify I am a full practicing witch that uses many techniques in regards to using Ouija boards and hope the information I am giving to you is helpful.

I read in you article that you are a teen ager which was about the time I first started using Ouija boards as well. I was a strange and unusual kid and my older sister was deeply into the occult world fascinated by the dearly departed which got me interested in it as well. If you don't mind I would love to cover the top 10 basics things with you involving Ouija Boards and what you should watch out for that I listed below:

(1) As a Witch I would preform a cleansing and smudging ceremony for myself and my guests before conducting an Ouija session. Some Witches also shield themselves from negative energy by creating a thought wave of energy that surrounds their body from harm. Lay people do not necessarily have to do a cleansing ritual or shielding their body before a session, but I strongly advise that all participants must be fully awake, of sound mind, alert, and without fear before the session starts. Also do a spot check in your house, to make sure there is no one sleeping in the area or intoxicated while you are conducting a session.

(2) Please understand that when a person uses or participate in an Ouija board, they are opening a portal to the Spiritual Realm of existence. Once you engage in this type of activity, be advised that your spiritual eyes will begin to open and you will be more receptive to the Supernatural world and these entities will be more attracted to you because of your desire to communicate with them. You may have dreams where the dead will approach you and try to communicate with you in this manner. Dreams are another way you can connect with the dearly departed as well, especially if you also engage in Ouija Sessions, Séances, or allow Channeling to occur during contacts with Spiritual Beings.

(3) Regardless if you are using the Ouija Board for entertainment or serious inquiry assume the responsibility of ending the session if someone becomes scarred, angry, spaced out or if you feel negative energy in the room. Let your gut instinct guide you that if something does not feel right end the session quickly, calmly and keep the mood light regardless of the circumstances that are around you.

(4) Before you begin your session make it perfectly clear that you are not inviting any malicious, malevolent or evil spirits to your area. Stay away from asking questions like: "Are there any Spirits around that want to talk to me/us?" instead concentrate the question in this way "Are there any Peaceful, Loving Spirits that mean no Harm that wishes to communicate with me/us". It is important to specifically state that you only want to talk to peaceful spirits, if there are evil spirits around they can use your non specific request to visit you since you didn't specifically ask for non violent spirits to visit you.

(5) In my personal experience and opinion when you use an Ouija Board it is in the same principle as a séance session. This is a controversial subject that many people have opinions on but for me I believe when you or your guests are moving the sliding window dial around you are channeling the spiritual entity through your hands. If you or any of your guests feel uncomfortable during the session, an unethical spirit maybe trying to attach itself on the person in question and maybe attempting to possess them in the process. Remember that Channeling a spirit is a voluntary temporary process that allows the spirit to have limited control of your body, voice, eyes, movement etc. Possession is when an unethical spiritual entity attempts to take control of your physical body without your consent.

(6) It's good to have a bell, or chime nearby in case you have to end the session quickly. Bells and chimes are very effective in breaking up negative energy and breaking off contact with negative energy immediately.

(7) Make sure your room or area is secure before conducting an Ouija Session, if an unsuspecting person were to walk in and their personal view or religious conviction is against this practice it can bring a flood of negative energy into the room that you will have to deal with as well as having to calm the person that walked in on you or your guests unexpectedly.

(8) This is another controversial subject but I want to let you decide for yourself. In my personal opinion when you use an Ouija board or attempt to contact a spiritual entity you maybe imposing on them during an inopportune time for them to respond to you. As a result they maybe delayed in responding to your request to contact them, well let us say that several hours later they are able to contact you, but it could be a bad time for you, maybe you are getting ready for bed or in the shower or just got some bad news from a friend, they may contact you at that moment. Remember a portal is not a one way street, if you think you have the right to disturb a spiritual entity from your side of the portal, the spiritual entity will feel it has the same right to disturb you from their side of the portal, so therefore it is a good ideal to set boundaries, ask politely for contact, and respect if a spirit wishes to be left alone at the moment.

(9) After your Ouija session is over remember to close your portal when you are done. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate, you can simple say "Goodbye and thanks for the contact, I am closing this door of contact for now, until next time may we all leave in peace!" Think of happy thoughts, be grateful of the experience that you had and stay strong and in control of the wonderful person you are!

(10) My final advice is that having contact with the spiritual world takes a lot of responsibility, maturity, strength, courage and knowledge. I remember when I was a teen ager using my first Ouija board and the fun it was to reach out to the unknown for fun. Over the years though I realized the tremendous amount of responsibility a person should take when reaching out to the Spiritual realm, and if you are serious in reaching out to the spiritual world, do so with love in your heart, have good intentions and understand that although there is so much joy involved in a session, it takes a lot of work in order for your session to be successful and that everyone stay safe and protected while conducting your session.

I hope this advice helps and thanks for allowing me to address this serious subject with you my friend!
Miracles51031 in Oh...excuse Me!
Why_not - I've had many interesting ghosts over my lifetime. Some helpful, some mischievous, a few that scared me. But for the most part, they are very easy to live with.
why_not in Oh...excuse Me!
Well, that's a polite ghost I'd say Smile . Weird how ghosts (some) just watch you do stuff without any intention of scaring anyone. Just there, like 'hi'. Wink
PiNkBeRRy224 in Lights Off Demon
Thanks for sharing but it seems like most adults NEVER believe their kids when they experience it. Disturbing right? Just because it never happened to the parents or they deny it doesn't mean they should ignore it. Some believe that it only happens in movies or its their imagination. Or they just choose not to believe. We're brought up to not to believe in these entities or demons until it actually slaps us in the face.
Thanks Biblio that was a wonderful description and explanation about the history of Witchcraft that I enjoyed reading, thanks for the share!
sweetsunshine1800 in Hauntings In New House Part 1
Hello maggirockz13,

I'm a horror fanatic too. I just love watching or reading what you've mentioned leaving the crime ones as I'm not a fan of crime fictions. But after that it's hard to go to the bathroom Laugh

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,
Actually I forgot to mention, my real name is Sonali and can I call you Meghna Smile
Hello maggirockz13,

I'm born in Kolkata but brought up in different places. I've spent my first 7 years there, currently I'm residing in Mumbai. Well from which part are your parents in West Bengal?

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,
I got all the way through it Biblio and was totally [inspired/excited/impressed/awed] by the whole of it! Smile
Hi and Welcome to YGS.

This is a great place to go to get advice as many members have years of experience in this area. I really just read everything I can ever since I was little.

Please don't apologize for having a long story. I think it is better to have a longer story with relevant information than a short story with little to no real information.
I found your story interesting.

Thank you. Losing 3 dogs in 1 year time was like a kick in the gut to me. Jethro was a young dog but D and Zim were older but hurt none the less. Now Cali who is 10 but a Newfoundland mix has been mopy like she is mourning.

I am so sorry to hear about your brothers' sudden death. My condolences to you and your family. Since you were so close talk to him and ask him to give you a sign that he is still with you. It may take some time for him to find the right thing that held special meaning to he both of you. OR like my grandfather and father in-law did was move things on me.

Yes it is a bumber when something comes out of my mouth and then it happens. Sometimes it down right sucks.

This is CREEPY! I read this at work and it gave me the chills. I believe in spirits and that we all live amongst one another (living and dead), but we are in different realms.

Bc your cousin grunted right at the same time as you pushed the entity off of you, I think it could have been an "out of body" experience your cousin was having,
I personally think that if things continued to happen and it followed them to their new house, then that "thing" very well could have attached itself to your cousin, esp if maybe he "ignores" it and doesn't let it bother him, I think the entity is more likely to stay around and hang out.

CREEPY part to me is that... It LOOKED LIKE your cousin X_X

That makes me think, this "thing" must have been around and doing things already, and it was mimicking your cousin so YOU wouldn't be scared of it! AND that's why when you told your family they just ignored you, bc they know SOMETHING isn't right and just don't want to admit/face it bc it's against their beliefs.

My mom has always told us to stay strong spiritually because WE are the living and THEY are the dead, and we must stay strong hearted and strong willed, otherwise the "things" around us tend to prey on weaker souls. I totally agree.
Hi SweetSunshine1800,

My Grandpa reaction also made everyone laugh, Laugh ...
Oh, You are also bengali, Wow Surprised So where do you reside? I mean where do you live in West bengal?. Or do your parents belong from WB?

Hello SweetSunshine1800,
Good to know you left that creepy house.
Oh, So you are also scaredy cat like me, Laugh good to know I'm not alone. Kidding .I love watching horror movies and in my family its only me who loves horror movies, crime novels, paranormal stories and all. I can watch alone, but after the movie is over, I'm scared to even switch off the lights and go to bed alone. I'm brave enough to watch but not brave enough to sleep alone after that. Laugh

sweetsunshine1800 in Hauntings In New House Part 1
Hello maggirockz13,

Thank you so much for welcoming me Happy Yeah I know they were scary occurrences, as I'm myself creeped from these even though we left the house for years. And I'm no bravado, I'm literally a scaredy cat Wink

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,
Hello maggirockz13,

Thanks for reading my experience. I think you're right about they having tremendous fear, as the house we're staying in was haunted. And yeah I know memory loss is common in old age Wink The way you're grandpa reacted cracked me up Laugh

By the way I'm a Bengali too Smile

Have a good day!

Best wishes and,
Your Grandmother's way of thinking...

"...she viewed the boards as something that amateurs use and keep getting themselves into trouble with."

Really seems to apply to the 'mass produced' GAME boards. Before this time, those who used boards, or other means of communication, had to create them and unless they were 'scamming' people great care would be taken to make them.

I have mentioned a very good friend of mine who's Family are 'Long Time', 'witches/mediums/seers'...let's just say it runs in the Family, they (she) had a Board that had been hand carved by her Great Grandmother... And it was explained to me that certain 'binding spells and protective barriers had been 'built into' its creation. Obviously this does not happen with the mass produced boards.



Excellent bit of detective work there my friend.
And to the Miracles for having doubts to begin with.

I really hate it when sites like this are used to publish
"made up or copied" stories just for the sake of seeing if
One can get their name up in lights.

Take care all and keep up the great work
MysteryResearch in The Man In The Shadows
Hi MoonlightJannet,

Thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like there is a lot happening here, and it sounds like a really scary experience.

I feel like the voice you heard while sleeping may have been a stress dream, brought on by your understandable fear from the happenings in your home that you described. You had asked for advice, this is what I tell my own teenager: try to get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy balanced diet, and get some exercise. Maybe get a source of white noise at night, like a fan or a noise machine.

The pins and needle sensation, cold feeling, and lack of energy may have a physical explanation. Whatever is causing it could also be contributing to a feeling of anxiety. This may be something to mention to your mom or your doctor during your next checkup. You may be worn down and need more rest.

As for your mom being the target of a black magic attack - based on your account, it does not appear that this is causing what you are seeing. If I'm understanding correctly, the people who have been consulted seem to indicate that they believe your house to be haunted. Did they have advice for how to proceed? You mention you are religious, could a minister or clergy member bless your house?

Wishing you the best,
Mystery Research
Thanks rook, that was a very interesting read.

One of my grandmothers was considered a prominent medium in her day. From what I understand she used a variety of objects to focus, particularly some metal candlesticks and some copper horn type things. She had a crystal ball but I gather it was a tongue in cheek gift from my dad.
From what I understand, she was very anti board. I don't know for sure (she died when I was very young) but I gather she viewed the boards as something that amateurs use and keep getting themselves into trouble with.
maggirockz13 in Grandpa, Is That You?
Hi SweetSunshine1800,
Thank you so much for reading my story.
Sometimes it still brings me creeps when I remember his last visit to me. When he kissed my forehead, I was cold, his kiss was icy cold. My sis saying me grandpa is no more, then I find myself alone in that hall. I shivers me.
He loved me unconditionally, or else he would have never came to visit me for the last time.
Hope he is ok.


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