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Hi Yomomma;

What a thing to happen in the shower when one is at the most vulnerable times, causing panic, fear & anxiety. Maybe this is what the old guy thought was funny, which in my book is so not funny.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.
Well, I usually tell them in my head too, but this last one was weird - all static feeling and actually talking to me. Scared the wits out of me, so I yelled right back. It was 3am, I was holding a sleeping baby and pretty spooked to be honest.

What I do is at night just visualize my chakras (like reiki) glowing the correct color - red legs, orange belly, yellow lungs, green heart and arms, blue neck, purple forehead. Sometimes I can, sometimes I just fall asleep. But it's a good meditation before bed.

I used to go through every single thing I owned (before kids I was a bit more thorough), read the energy and if it was (or is) 'off' I gave it to charity. The stuff I really loved I would do a deep cleaning, but I take 'let it go' pretty literal. I am especially cautious with second hand and antiques.

The results of this cleaning and purging was (and is), is to create a grounding element for myself, my owns sacred space. That way, when 'something else' visits, I pick it up asap and remove it.

Incense, oils, salts, etc have varying effects. For me, none. Incense burns my eyes and stinks, salt makes a mess, although oils are nice for the smell. I use them like perfume, not to get rid of spirits.

Sunshine, fresh air, and a scrub down with vinegar helps me with that. I always assume the spirits not crossing are grounded somewhere in reality - in a blanket, in the dust on the walls, in a tree in the front yard, etc.

They aren't all bad of course, visiting ancestors, for instance, help out without being weird or creepy. But I'm a firm believer in 'time to move on.' Maybe because I'm a Chinese Rooster and a Taurus, too grounded in reality and very territorial, ha!

I hope this helps, I just keep picturing my poor friend Jill struggling so badly with the same stuff. I never told her what I did, and she kind of got lost in crystals, creepy men and a lot of mumbo jumbo. So stay safe and good luck!
My thought was guardian angel or perhaps a past relative that watches over you. Glad everything turned out alright.

Thanks for sharing
shelbyloree in The Man In The Snow
He didn't walk around the porch or through some mud elsewhere?

In Arizona where the snow would melt in a day (Flagstaff) I would sometimes manage to hop back over my tracks successfully, to not leave more, but I was also 11.

I would think you would have seen him walking back down the street or around the neighborhood knocking on other people's doors, rather than vanishing into thin air.
Hi Dandk,

The thought of the hooded entity gave me goosebumps. I have been undergoing the same experience for the last few years and my early childhood. Like you I am also confused regarding this hooded lady in my life whom I call "The Dark Lady"

Nice to know someone else has also experienced the same as I did but it has never touched me. I think it want to tell you something.

Thanks for sharing!
ashar123 in Be Killed Or Fight
Whatever it was, it was so scary. The situations might have gone even more worse but by the grace of God you all were safe and the baby too. A very creapy experience

Thanks for Sharing!
Shelby- I've been re-reading your stories during the down time here in the office this morning. I wrote re-read because I believe I have read them before. Enjoyed them for a second time.

I guess I didn't comment the first go round because it seemed like everyone covered everything I was going to say or ask. Smile

However, this time I found myself curious over a certain thing. If, and it's a big IF, the items you had decided to "toss" might have carried the attachment to whomever it ended up with. Kind of "passing the haunting on" so to speak.

I bring this up because of our certain situation. We are not sure if "our" haunting is attached to something we have in storage waiting to be passed on to some unsuspecting yard sale buyer or end up back into our new home.

I thought I read where you donated the "tossed" items. Have you ever wondered if someone else ended up with it? Or did I miss read and you put it to the trash. Just curious things that came across my mind as I read your experiences.

SUPER glad things have calmed down for you. Have a great weekend Smile
Hi babygoatpuller and ashar123! Thank you both for reading my story.

Babygoatpuller- E did not ever shower in that shower again. She picked out the new shower, made entirely of clear glass.

Ashar123- after all these years I still can't get his image out of my head
Thanks everyone for your comments! I am now more convinced I didn't swim to the side and some "force" helped us.
Thank you for confirming that, 520!

Your experiences as a result of 'a brush with death' are more straightforward, then, and they may only have been temporary on a personal level (think along the line of catching the 'flu), as the experiences you discuss are all in/around your home, and you've given no indication of anything happening to you elsewhere. That said, if this were a phenomenon limited to you and your children, it would be "case closed." Your husband having the experience, though, clearly troubled your family and your pastor (Rightly so!).

I do hope that your faith and your religious experiences have been a positive bedrock for your life, as an active minister willing to visit your home to do his job sounds like a good sort. My experiences in church were a little hot-or-miss, but we'd moved around a lot. In that context, I hope my earlier post did not seem too weird to you; when I attended a pentecostal church as a kid, people would talk about the things I saw/knew/predicted as "the gift of prophecy," "the gift of wisdom," and would quote "your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" (Acts 2.17). However, when they didn't like what I said (even if it was just as accurate as the previous messages), I'd be warned that I had to "get right with God" or that "Satan was leading me astray" and I had to "stop listening to the voice of the evil one."

The point in the last paragraph of my previous post was that your faith should sustain you and your family, and you should follow your church's teachings for getting rid of an unpleasant, evil, or manipulative spirit. As you stated that the noises have continued, and you've given no indication that the events have followed you to the supermarket or your children's summer activities, then a further round or two of prayers would be the ideal way to get rid of whatever it is. I know that I felt the jittery-tense sensation I get when I feel/know/see something going on and that I should tell the other person, so my typing may have been a flurry of statements which, taken out of context, seemed really odd; however, I thought that encouraging you to follow your faith's practices to evict this unwanted tenant from your family home was of a high degree of importance.

Really good points by shelby (ownership of damaged items) and ashar (affected area limited to one domicile in the building).
The latter gets me thinking. Are incidents of a single flat within a block of flats being affected common? That would be extremely localised and would suggest that the entity draws a mental line of demarcation that aligns to a set component of components of the structure. Maybe linked to its own feelings of territory when alive?
Randy's thoughts make sense to me re perception of intrusion.
The reason you were affected and not others may be due to a sensitivity or perhaps due to what the... Other residents take exception to. As an example, I have a very good friend who lived in an... Otherwise occupied house for a time when she was a little girl. The non corporeal occupant was aggressively disposed towards her parents (occasional shoving and objects flying, highly uncomfortable feelings), but around her was very gentle (calming feelings, occasional non aggressive movement of objects and on one occasion pushing her favourite teddy bear towards her when she was frightened and crying one night). It transpired that the prior occupant, an elderly lady, had died there. I'm figuring she saw the adults as intruders but had a kindly affection for young kids.
Hi Abhi,

It appears that, the ghost was released from the lock in the store room by your father-in-law, as the lock was more than just a physical lock and its presence is causing illness. You should get the store room inspected by a psychic or a good priest, before things worsen further. By the way which god/goddess picture was scratched?
Thank you for taking time to give some advice! I really appreciate it.
But will voicing to them really make them go? I've never done it, I've only really communicated to them through thoughts then my voice.
And I have cleansed almost weekly, trying different remedies to either create a force field, or hopefully make them go, but nothing is really working.
But I'll definitely try verbally telling them to go, and cleansing my house and room, especially, soon.
Thanks again
Sorry I forgot to respond. You are right, my husband was not in the car. It was just me and my two kids:)
kentucky_believer in The Man In The Snow
Shlebyloree sadly no, or it may have made more sense; this was a completely different house in a different town, and this man was much larger and obviously younger.
jennie in Candy Man
Yes Bibliothecarius, the timeline is as you wrote, except I didn't think about the dogs not barking until much later. I don't live at that place anymore so its impossible for me to look into it any further, as in how bad were the leaky pipes, how much mould etc. I do know the girls didn't do the first knocks as they would have told me by now (they took great pleasure in letting you know they had fooled you) The second banging could not have been man made, the only explanation that makes sense to me is hallucination
Maybe 'it' caused the accident and then followed you home like B stated.
So you are dealing with ghosts from the 18th century, or its just a very old house?

If they are from the 1700's, the older man would make sense, girls were often married off to their father's friends because they had means, money, land, jobs, etc.

The young girl sounds spoiled, the young man might have been a bit reckless, the old lady sounds confused.

Whatever the case, keep in mind they're dead. They lived their lives and it's time for them to move along. I have had a few friends that see/hear/feel ghosts all the time, I can get a feel for things up to a point too.

It may be difficult to 'mark your territory' since it's your parents' house, but you can still work on clearing the area which takes some practice.

Get your chakras balanced, then literally clean the room while imagining light and energy flowing throughout, and tell the spirits time to go. Go to God or go wherever, either way there's no room for them here.

I had one talking to me one night and I was yelling at the top of my lungs "out out out, my house OUT." He hung around thinking I'd change my mind I guess, but nope. He hit the road when he saw I was serious.

Like that old saying when the bars close - don't care where you go, you can't stay here!

That may work for the three, the old lady has dimentia, you may just tell her her mother is waiting for her in the field or something, time to go meet with her. Etc.

You've been given a gift to help these people who are stuck. Get them gone and passed over or you'll be the one getting stuck. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

You're the Valkyrie.

Hope this helps!
lady-glow in Be Killed Or Fight
Mhannerism: why should it be killed? Wouldn't it be better to trap it and study it's mysteries?
Besides, if the entity's a manananggal or any other person with, according to Filipino beliefs, the ability to shap shift into this entity -what would be the legal implications after killing an unarmed person?

Illumi_zoldyck: are you aware of any case in which one of these creatures has been killed, or hunted down?
Thank you. That is a wonderful theory. That's might explain why my husband never saw anything until towards the end.
What shelbyloree said is very interesting!
Yes, just like old day when phones aren't smart and e-mails are rare,
When shy people communicate they use varieties of methods! Like any experienced teachers will say, classics! Yes, "classics" they are old not fashionable but they always catches our heart.

Love from São Paulo

shelbyloree in The Man In The Snow
Is this the same guy you were having dream of in the bloody shirt and who opened your cupboards?

If so he is acting like he's confused and not sure if he is welcome at the house. He may have died unexpectedly and now isn't sure where to go or what to do.
Using music to communicate to IT could be useful too. For instance the Von Trapp's 'So long, farewell' song from The Sound of Music comes to mind for you. Might aquaint yourself with the lyrics and break out in song when something odd happens.

I had a song stuck in my head when I had a ghost problem, sounds silly but I typed them out here. I assumed the lyrics were to tell me what happened, as soon as I got rid of the ghost the song got out of my head and hasn't come back.

I have yet to find an exact parallel for what's happened with Z and me, I've looked everywhere, but guess it's an odd case. Life being stranger than fiction I suppose.
shelbyloree in Hooded Shadow Person
I looked at your other posts, I'm assuming you are still in the same house you saw the shadow move to the bathroom? Then the flashing of light discussion, etc.?

I notice near the end of your submission you had a lot of questions that seem to be addressed by this current submission. - how do they leave - being one of them. It was probably time to go, so it woke you up so you could watch.

Verification of the reality of the shadow and its leaving is given by your mom, someone who doesn't let her imagination run. That's in case you wanted to dismiss the whole thing as imagination or a dream.

Sounds like they've been around a while, but are starting to interact on a conscious level.

The irritability after you remember lights is probably because you're up all night from them, so can't get your sleep. Everyone's grouchy after a late night up with things popping in and out of the room, it's normal.
Bibliothecarius in Posession By Nightmare?
Thanks, Val; I really needed to hear that.

My scars are from emotional manipulation, and I had to suppress a lot of who I am in order to endure everything: opinions, emotions, intuition, & precognition were all locked away. Your advice is right on target with my therapist's advice, too. I'm trying to avoid over-sharing, but I have a supportive wife, an established career, and role models who've shown me through their examples that it is possible to extirpate even the deepest ingrained patterns.

Good thinking. Out of the house and away from all that, thank goodness!

Interesting about your grandma, maybe even if no one else believes you, you can use your premonitions as a mental prep for the days, weeks, years ahead of you. Your deja vu can act as a validation you are on the correct life path.
The translucent door sounds like a residual haunt. There could be other reasons besides the paranormal for the scratches and the illnesses.

It's possible that what's happening in the apartment is connected to a previous building once on the site. Researching the land is the first place to start to get answers.

If your MIL's sister is interested in getting answers, she could put video cameras or audio recorders in the bedroom your FIL slept in and the room where the pictures were scratched. That might give her an idea what's going on in the apartment.
babygoatpuller in Let Me Out Of The Shower
Holy crap yomamma! Definitely going to re-think taking a shower today! Laugh Did E take another shower in your bathroom after that? Can't say I'd blame her if she didn't.

Great read, as are all of your accounts!
Manafon1 in My Friend Billy
Hi RedWolf--So sorry about the loss of your friend. I was very interested to read that he just knew his end was near. A few years back I wrote an article for a music magazine that looked at the life and career of singer songwriter Gary Farr. I interviewed a lot of people for the article including his wife who shared a bit of information that ties in with your account of Billy. To quote my article (yikes I'm quoting myself) "For six months before his death, Gary became obsessed with the time 3:33 and came to believe it was the time he would die. Suffering from an infection in his lungs that weakened his already enlarged heart, Gary "passed away in his sleep, the way he always wanted to go..." states Irma (his wife). It was right around 3:33 in the morning, on July 29th 1994, He was 49 years old."

It does seem there are people, like your friend Billy, who can sense, or have a precognition of their impending death. What I find particularly interesting is that most people who do know their time is short resign themselves to the knowledge without fear. Thanks for sharing your account.
Demons are fallen angels, and contrary to popular belief, they do not have horns jutting out of their heads and a long pointed tail, or leathery wings attached to their backs. Demons can assume the form of a Heavenly Angel to deceive you and me. They flee at the mention of the name Of Jesus Christ, should you put your faith in the Son of God. If not, then they follow you. Never barter your soul to the Devil or commune with spirits or demons, that is a sin in the eyes of God. I will step down from my soapbox now.
The skinny man. Omg! Scared I am scared to hell. The message could have been a natural incident. But this haunted shower is really creepy.

Thanks for sharing!
The experience is creapy as well as mysterious too.

Thanks for sharing! Smile
A creapy experience. An opaque door being transparent and a woman looking into it is really creapy. I think you should find the history of the flat rather than the place on which its built because if it was so then the whole apartment would have been haunted.

Thanks for sharing!
I enjoyed your childhood memories. Its going to my favorite. You write so well that I can see your house though it sounds very scary. Smile

Thanks for sharing and do share your other experiences here!
Your home seems to have got infested with bad spirits which are getting powerful as days pass. The accident, and toaster throwing incident should ring alarm bells. You have to take action now before anybody is hurt.

Play this in your house on loud volume.


If played once the spirits would leave and cannot re-enter for 3 days, if played for 40 consecutive days, the spirits would leave forever.
Mhannerism in Be Killed Or Fight
Hello, illumi_zoldyck

So they still exist up to this day. Did this account took place in Visayas? If so, can you tell me the name of the province? I'm really fascinated (more like curious) by these kind of stories. Sad that you weren't able to kill it, but hey, your aunt was safe. Thank God!
Ghostchaser76 in The Man In The Snow
Wow Kentucky_believer I too live in Kentucky and have had lots of strange things happen... I seen a man walking on the side of the road one night who looked like my dad and when I stopped and turned around he was gone and when I got home my dad was in bed sleeping so I know it wasn't my dad
Mimi81 in Mr. Karl
OCGirl, Mr. Karl definitely sounds like a jerk. I'm glad you were able to get him to stop.
Temilicious in My Friend Billy
hi Red,

Sorry about your friend. I too believe people just know when they're 'close to the ground' as Val put it. I had a similar incident with my mom, 'til this day we're all convinced she knew she was leaving us. She was always level headed and never raised her voice, but day before she passed on she shouted at me; "what are you going to do when I am gone. I've tried to raise you to be independent."

I sometimes feel our stories have two endings, the one predetermined for us, and the one that's a result of our life choices... But they both lead to the same red traffic light when it's time for us to stop (Hope that makes sense).
RedWolf in My Friend Billy

You should post your story soon. I'm sure it will make a fasinating read.

Greetings & welcome, 520.

Miracles is right about people reporting supernatural activity after they've had a brush with death. However, I did not get the impression your husband was in the car when you had the accident: just you and your kids.

It is a very good idea, spiritually speaking, to get your pastor and a "prayer team" (if I'm remembering the nomenclature correctly) in to bless the house, etc. If you have experienced the same noises since that time, though, you need *more* prayers and blessings for your home. I'm not going to tell you that the prayers didn't work when they clearly have diminished the supernatural activity, but I am going to caution you that exorcising an unwanted presence is usually a more prolonged activity --or more repetitive activity-- than most people realize. Prayer is an enduring activity, which requires a steadfast dedication of purpose on the part of the individual; you need to pray for your home to be cleared and to be protected because of your children's wellbeing. If you've had interactive, potentially malicious ("I... Saw my son sitting in a corner with a grin") doppelgängers within the home, I strongly recommend that your prayers be reinforced by the prayers of faithful friends. They don't need to visit, they just need to be serious in their prayers (I believe "prayer warriors" is the term).

Before I get censured for being all religious in my reply to you, Anonymous520, I'm simply responding to your actions within the narrative and my understanding of your religious stance. I'm an agnostic, so I'm not advocating for any one religion over another; I'm advocating that you keep doing what you've already done to make certain that it leaves.

I'm Very, Very Sorry that I have to write this next paragraph. I really hate it when people leap to conclusions and make alarmist statements, but for the last month or so, my intuitive sight has been doing weird things: YOU opened the front door and SOMEONE said, "Why, thank you." You let it in over the threshold while you were dazed. Pray: NOW! You, your husband, your kids, your friends, your pastor: PRAY. It "rode" in on your trauma; that's how you wound up in the hospital. You need the prayer as much as the house does. I don't think it's a spiritual attachment of any kind, but it grinned at you because it used you to get in there without your knowing it. I think you've got some sort of "trickster" who is deliberately hiding, but making the noises so your fear will give it strength.

PLEASE pray, and let us know about your progress.

My Most Sincere Good Wishes to you and your family,
Red, yes definitely. It's all part of the plan.
I'm going to post sometime about something that happened to me along these lines that makes me believe this so strongly.
RedWolf in My Friend Billy

I am so used to my deceased father in-law messing with my electronics. Billy never crossed my mind until I felt something on my shoulder, my son confirmed that there was an electric feeling. I just said okay Billy I'll leave the story alone for now.
More to come in another story.

Bibliothecarius in Candy Man

Since Rook posted about his findings (he is a very good researcher; we often approach problems from opposite directions and find ourselves in agreement) I've been looking into mist and fog formation, in case I'd misunderstood. Rook's points are well-made, and clearly explained, but I still cannot find evidence of mists forming within a house, because the need for a steady airflow against a cold surface most often occurs with a window, so it appears as condensation (*literally* it is moisture which has condensed into droplets on the cooler surface). You'll have noticed this process if you've ever boiled water near a cold window. "Curse the 'dew point'" indeed!

He states, "Leaky pipes lead to a moist environment... Add a wee bit of warmth and you get Mold... Some types of mold can lead to hallucinations... Either visual or a audio..." and he is absolutely right. Look up "ergot poisoning symptoms" or "mold spore poisoning symptoms" in Google, and the first thing to pop up is the American Association of Poison Control Centers' 1-800 phone number! ANYWHERE that damp is not a good environment for human beings to breathe for an extended period. Mold may indeed have been a factor in your experiences.

Would you make sure I'm clear about the timeline of events, here: you expected a prank, and when the "punchline" of the prank manifested, the girls told you they hadn't done *that.* However, the second set of "explosive" bangs occurred when you were all holding hands and telling it that it was not welcome, you then ran outside crying, which is when you discovered that the dogs hadn't reacted to any of the events you've mentioned?

Lunahenry in My Friend Billy
Hi Redwolf,

Regarding your first paragraph: It seems you tried to tell this story previously but was inexplicitly sabotaged many times. It's a simply and sweet story. Is there a reason why Billy did not want you to tell this story?
Hi everyone, I've read your comments, even the negative ones. I definitely know how to use a Ouija board properly, but as I stated in the story I was only 14 years of age when this took place in 2008 and wasn't thinking logically, mostly just out of fear.

To answer a few of your questions:

1. No one from my family lives in that house now. We sold it in 2009 and moved away from it. The person who bought it from us sold it a few years later and now I do not know who currently resides there. I do not even live in that city anymore, I live 3 hours away from it.

2. Yes, we did Google how to use it properly. I am very well aware that you must say Goodbye but I think due to us being spooked, we just didn't do it for some reason. We did however, say Goodbye the first session.

3. I have contacted mediums before, as I am very interested in Paranormal. I have also done quite a few Ouija sessions since 2008, none of them negative.

Thank you for your comments! Love
Hi Mda61:

I enjoyed your story. That must have really hard to grow up frightened all the time like that. When you heard "welcome home" was it a voice you ever heard before? Regarding the lady & the car, that almost sounds residual. Maybe the lady had lived in the area or that house. With the big hoop skirt it makes me think of square dancing. Maybe going dancing was a favorite activity.

Thanks for sharing
kentucky_believer in The Man In The Snow
Miracles51031 Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience with me! I hope you someday get an explination.
RedWolf in My Friend Billy

Yes he was psychic. When I asked him how he knew he was going to die he said he just did. He never said that he had a prediction though.

I've felt uncomfortable in (I think) the same area of the Close you were describing. Not actually in the "doll room" per se but in an area adjacent to it, if memory serves. Definitely a bad haunt if even I was able to pick up on it! (psychic powers not my forte). I didn't experience anything unusual in the other levels.
RedWolf in My Friend Billy

Thank you for reading my story and putting it into your favs. Your right losing someone can be hell.

RedWolf in My Friend Billy

Thank you for reading my story. I was upset for a few days. First I was stunned that it came true. Then I just felt a deep sadness for a few days.

RedWolf in My Friend Billy
Thank you Dan.

You have to admit that some people make the wrong decisions and walk down the wrong path. Some people can get back to the right path but some don't. The people who don't end up in jail or a lot worse,

jennie in Candy Man
The first banging sounded like someone knocking loudly on a door, the second one was like explosions (there was three knocks both times, not four). I was expecting nothing more than the first knocking as this was what would normally happen, ie something strange would take place but nothing after that. I was on edge but not overly scared until the second banging. I can't speak for the girls but they appeared worried.
Anonymous - there is a theory that when someone has a near death experience it opens them up to the paranormal. Maybe this is what happened to your and your children.
I would also like to add, while we saw doppelgänger of my husband, son and daughter. We never saw one of me. Yet I was the one who ended up being real sick and ended up in the hospital the following week.
babygoatpuller in Whistling In My Room
Shelly- Could be a bird. Don't know what kind of birds you have around there but mockingbirds come to mind right off the bat. I hear them late at night and they can sound just like someone whistling.
Artisanlady, well, it's hard to say which books works, as I did some more researches some people says that reading a children's book and sometimes reading Shakespeare could work. Feel free to try it yourself!

Love from São Paulo

Hey, Myst. I actually do talk to them. Not the malevolent presences. One of the malevolent entities is a rogue cupid (at least that's what I've been told). He watches me sleep sometimes.
I did check with others and no one feels anything at all... They think its just me who is paranoid but even until date when I visit I sense a presence... I have been sensitive to paranormal since I was a kid... I dream about bad things which happen beforehand... But I scares me... I dreamt of my Grandma's death the way everyone was in the room 6 months in advance and when it happened it was the sense of deja-vu...I am trying to stay away from all this as I believe that the more you think about it the more it comes to you... I avoid these thoughts but every time I am back home that strange creepy feeling just engulfs my strength and I am left with nothing but a fear which only I know!
Sanchez_92 in Was I Awake?

Ooh habla espanol! Genial!

Muchos Saludos,

Shelbyloree, it is comforting to know someone else has experienced something similar, thank you for that. And Roylynx, I would love any books you could recommend on spirits & music, as I encounter this communication a lot!
Wish-Not in Mr. Karl
OCGirl- Oh wow did our "guest" respond Laugh Ours was a button pusher most of the time. Hence the smoke alarm response. I have written at least six stories of their (not sure how many there actually were) antics. Some of them include "Active time", "Sophie's Story", "Indoor Activities" Laugh Laugh and let's not forget "Taps, Tinks, and Toots" It is a quite unusual and funny one. It's last response was an unfortunate on for me personally. It occurred as we were almost completely packed to move from the location. "It/They" obviously didn't like the idea of us leaving. "Exit Wounds" was the last response I received from "It/Them".

Sorry my response was so long. Glad you were able to calm Mr. Karl down. Looking forward to your next share.
Shelbyloree, I wondered also at the time about a relative or some connection, but couldn't come up with anything. Most everyone in the family has passed on.

I can't explain this one. I haven't seen (or felt) anything since, which is a bit odd since I usually feel something touching me often as I'm doing things around the house. I have heard things, but I've submitted that as a separate story a week or so ago.
Miracles51031 in Hooded Shadow Person
SPiNX - apology accepted Smile We try to keep the rules the same for everyone.
Sorry... New to sharing stuff and new to this site I do apologize Confused
Miracles51031 in Hooded Shadow Person
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Cloaked hooded figure! Pointy nose or almost like a abstract pointed jaw... I had a lucid dream encounter. I became lucid in my dream (laying down sideways on a couch) I began floating slightly in a fetal position in mid air floating around a corner inside a house. Beyond the corner I reach a room where I see "it" to put it into visual perspective (around 3 ft tall floating in the air with a the flowing cloaked hood, classic ghostly blackish tone to it. No bottom to him, it, just floating there showing off basically) what I mean is I was lucid floating around but then stopped beyond my control. The little creepy dude had me "hooked" you could say... I began to struggle to breath to the point of suffocation... All while staring him down. And that's when I wake up. My nose was a little stopped?...not much to say for rational explanation beyond that. I am not afraid of supernatural phenomenon... But this one time... I had fear in my dream of having something intervene... Or rather sabotage my lucid dream to the point of limbo. I woke up with curiosity as my true mature mental state is clear. I find it interesting... It's like it showed off to me that I can be afraid beyond self control... But it was a cheap shot... And I know it was not a creation of my own self through simply dreaming. I never had an encounter like it before... In other words... Someone wanted to prove something to me or just "Fnck" with me since I was going through a lot of personal transitions of my mental health having to do with anxiety and such... I was lucid Dreaming... Not awake... I'm not sure why but whatever it is clearly wants attention for reputation beyond its realm of counciousnes or frequency... Ghost stuff... It's complicated.
To clarify I did not get a great look into the hooded figures' face but some strange tiny bone hands and something slightly poked out from the head it was a a strange head bobbing notion in my dream kind of like motion of the ocean feel whil being manipulated and force choked... Very strange... Your story encouraged me to give this feedback of my random experience. It's very emotional. Tough to pull yourself out that hole and explain it to yourself sometimes... Let alone share it with others. I respect everyone intently for sharing their stories. Thank you.
Cloaked hooded figure! Pointy nose or almost like a abstract pointed jaw... I had a lucid dream encounter. I became lucid in my dream (laying down sideways on a couch) I began floating slightly in a fetal position in mid air floating around a corner inside a house. Beyond the corner I reach a room where I see "it" to put it into visual perspective (around 3 ft tall floating in the air with a the flowing cloaked hood, classic ghostly blackish tone to it. No bottom to him, it, just floating there showing off basically) what I mean is I was lucid floating around but then stopped beyond my control. The little creepy dude had me "hooked" you could say... I began to struggle to breath to the point of suffocation... All while staring him down. And that's when I wake up. My nose was a little stopped?...not much to say for rational explanation beyond that. I am not afraid of supernatural phenomenon... But this one time... I had fear in my dream of having something intervene... Or rather sabotage my lucid dream to the point of limbo. I woke up with curiosity as my true mature mental state is clear. I find it interesting... It's like it showed off to me that I can be afraid beyond self control... But it was a cheap shot... And I know it was not a creation of my own self through simply dreaming. I never had an encounter like it before... In other words... Someone wanted to prove something to me or just "Fnck" with me since I was going through a lot of personal transitions of my mental health having to do with anxiety and such... I was lucid Dreaming... Not awake... I'm not sure why but whatever it is clearly wants attention for reputation beyond its realm of counciousnes or frequency... Ghost stuff... It's complicated.
Whoa. That was an intense story Kentucky_believer. Too bad that scary incident happened, the described house and backyard sounds beautiful. I suppose some ghosts do not want to let go of where they used to live, sadly. They had blood covering their shirt, so perhaps they were killed or committed suicide? It so the former, then perhaps their life being taken away so swiftly and unexpectedly would make them feel anger, sorrow, and grief. So, like Randym said, they see generally happy people in their house enjoying a safe life. That could set someone off, who's holding a grudge. Someone should do a little research on that house, it sounds interesting. Thank you for sharing:)
I totally get about exorcising our parents from our heads. I guess it holds true for anyone who had a powerful influence over us, you just can't always silence those voices. Of course the positive ones aren't a problem, it's those negative ones. They're just plain evil, undermining us, and tripping us up. It's like a double whammy when it's a parent, we're pretty much brainwashed into believing they're demigods of a sort. If they said so, it must be so. *Rolls eyes.* Even when we're older and know better, it's been ingrained in our psyche. Unfortunately, as adults we don't always get the validation we need at those times when the voices rear their ugly whispers and it seems they might have been right. That's when you need ammo to shut them up, and remind yourself that they are wrong. It isn't always easy, and I guess it depends on what negative seeds they sowed, but if you can have something tangible it helps. Sometimes all you've got is telling yourself ILAC (I am lovable and capable), and that you are so much better than they said. Heck even if they aren't physically here, you can still tell them, stand up to them, tell them to take their toxic negativity and - well you get the idea. You'd be surprised how much that can help.
RedWolf in My Friend Billy

I think you are right about him being close to the earth. He was so sincere when he told me he knew he was going to die soon. When I asked him how he knew and he said he just did. I knew he wasn't telling me this to blow me off because he was always happy to see me.

Hi Wish-Not, valkricry and Punkysmama! Thank you all for reading my story. Yes it was creepy, one of the creepiest things I've ever endured. Remodeling the bathroom seems to have done the trick. The shower was the house's original shower, it took days to remove it, it was made of concrete with tiles over it. No doubt it could have withstood an EF 5 tornado. We've remodeled bathrooms before and never have we ever came across something like this.

Punkysmama I left out the fact that I was shaking like a leaf as I finished my shower and how as soon as I saw "Him" I ran out of the bathroom. Serious

Wish-Not I'm sorry your daughters don't live closer too. I know you must miss them horribly. My youngest is still at home and the oldest just bought the house next door to me. Of course both of my sons live in different towns (still not too far away).

Valkricry Yep definitely pervy. We wondered if perhaps it was a not so funny teenage prank. Guess we'll never know.

Welcome to YGS from a Fellow Ky person (Lexington)

It is possible that you are bit sensitive and they revealed themselves to you once they realized you could see them.

As for why they were there.
Once a person dies and crosses over they can return to any place they can remember from when they were alive. So I would offer this way of looking at it.
When we are alive, one of the most important things we can identify with is our home. Its our place of personal safety and our sanctuary. Where we really can be ourselves. You get my point.
Imagine that once on the other side you wish to "visit" earth
The number one place that you may feel safe and find comfort is in your old home. Your memories of it a crystal clear. So you go there. Once there you find some strangers living there, sleeping in the beds, eating in the kitchen. Having a good time, etc.
I'm sure you would be shocked and may want them out.
It really wouldn't be much different than if you came home from work tomorrow and found a family has taken up residence in your home. How would you feel? Would you try and scare them out?
How many times have we heard people say they have heard the phrase
"Get Out! Perhaps those you saw still consider it their place and you are a stranger who doesn't belong.

I could be wrong about all of this but its just food for thought.

Please share more if your willing

Have a great day and a better tomorrow
Greetings, Natters.

Having had an underwater adrenaline rush, I can tell you firsthand that you don't *lose* details from the experience; they are etched into your brain with amazing precision. You've asked if it is possible that, "I swam to the side myself out of sheer panic and managed to drag him with me?" Yes, that is possible, but you'd remember each moment as time seemed to slow down and you began to make decisions and to take actions to rescue your brother. You wouldn't have been compelled to turn around and thank someone because you'd remember having accomplished this on your own. That's what adrenaline DOES; it focuses your brain and boosts your metabolism. You felt "pushed" either because the pool had a tidal flow which serendipitously saved you, or because someone --seen or unseen-- pushed you.

lady-glow in Was I Awake?
Sanchez: gracias por el link, la informacion en el video es muy interesante.

Chavez Wink
OCGirl in My Friend Billy
Hi RedWolf:

How creepy and sad. How did he know he was going to die? Was your friend a psychic? Very sad. Thanks for sharing.
OCGirl in Mr. Karl
Thanks for your comments, Wish-Not & Mimi81.

Wish-not, I agree, make me angry, I have problem no problem calling you out, dead or alive! Did your "guest" ever respond to you in some fashion?

Mimi81 - It's really hard to say. We never had that occur before with the pets, weird stuff that they reacted to (barking or hissing), but not the pets being frightened. Really it was kind of a jerk move on his part. Maybe he was angry or upset that there was a change. Fortunately after my conversation with him it stopped.
rookdygin in Candy Man
Interesting point about the dogs... Pretty sure they would have heard the sound of pipes banging...

As far as the 'group audio hallucination' goes... That depends... Was everyone anticipating the response to come in the form of knocking/banging? I am not really so sure... However if everyone was 'on edge' because of the first sound then everyone's senses were heightened when the next sound happened and this may have caused it to sound... Exaggerated is a good word... So everyone got scared.

Can you remember just what each 'bang' sounded like? The first one? The last 3? If you remember the sound it made is (was) there ANYTHING in the house that could have made those two different noises?

Just a thought.


Miracles51031 in The Man In The Snow
kentucky_believer - I had a similar experience only mine was boot prints (like cowboy boots) heading up the steps. None going back down the steps, nor did they go up on the porch. They were wet from the dew, not snow like yours. I have never been able to explain that or figure it out.

I shared this just to let you know I believe you Smile
Manafon1 in Candy Man
Jennie--It is possible that after hearing the first single banging sound you and the teenage girls had, in essence, created an atmosphere of "expectation" and subsequently imagined the three further knockings. This is something that is always considered by psychical researchers when investigating a potentially haunted location. Expectation shouldn't be underestimated.

If all three of you were keyed up and one of you imagined they heard something and then said, "what was that weird banging sound", it could follow that because of the expectation something was about to happen that the other two people would also "hear" the banging. It's something to consider.
jennie in Candy Man
I was making toast before the event, no water. And the white mist didn't happen before the 'Candy man' event. Like I said before, I am very happy to have a non paranormal explanation I think all of that has to be ruled out first. I find the mould comment very interesting, would a group hallucination be possible? As in the first knocking was just the pipes but then we all were expecting something scary. The dogs in the backyard didn't hear anything as they were not barking.
nolasara in Was I Awake?
I have experienced sleep paralysis before. Mostly when I was in my teens. It was very frightening, but it does have a scientifically explained cause. Thank you for sharing!
RedWolf in Totally Confused

It sounds like a one time experiece. Not that it wasn't scary but I don't think your house is haunted.
I think your husband had the "you were dreaming" response because as you said things like this scare him. If it happens again do a cleansing/shielding on your house. Rookdygin has such a method on his profile page that many members have used with great success.

Wishing you all the best.

I think you hit the nail on the head. My first thought was that a dearly departed relative did not approve of the living arrangement. So they were showing their disapproval at the mothers house. I did not want to write that because I didn't want to come off as a biotch. Thank you for opening the door for me to say what I really think.


Thank you for sharing...

I must admit though I am not 'picking up' on a 'personal grudge'...all the experiences sound more like 'pranks' times malicious, but not malevolent in any way.

Your relationship with your boyfriend 'may have been effected' just as much from the stress of him 'not believing you' as well or coupled with the stress of being in school.

So let's look at it this way... You move into your boyfriends Mothers home... Right I get that... Now think about that for a moment... Then ask yourself... Any departed family members who would want to 'punk' him or more to the point his girlfriend?

It may be the way you have related these experiences, I just do not get a 'Grudge/Malevolent' feel from them, seems more like practical jokes to me. Just my opinion however.


Hello Natters,

How interesting! It is common for people to say that water being an energy source (especially running water) can cause an increase in paranormal activity... But this seems very cool that you got a little help from the other side.

I myself have never been comfortable swimming in a pool by myself! It doesn't matter if it is the middle of the day in the sun. I always get the feeling that I am being watched or that I will go under the water and see something there...

Perhaps there are water spirits watching over us. Love

Thank you for sharing.
PunkysMama in Tall Man
Hello Yomomma,

Very peculiar account! Sometimes we never find the "reason" behind these occurrences. It seems we can only be grateful to have experienced something many people will probably never experience. The fact that it has some cognition makes it all the more interesting beings that he made eye contact. Hmmm... Very cool. Love your stories.

Thanks for sharing. Laugh
Hello Yomomma,

I must echo the previous comments; super creepy. I don't know if I would have remained as calm in the shower as you did. I don't know why it seems that the bathroom/shower/bathtub is one of those extra creepy places.

You always feel like someone will be standing in front of your face when you are rinsing shampoo out of your hair and your eyes must briefly be closed. Or opening the medicine cabinet and then closing it and thinking for sure there will be someone in the mirror standing behind you.

Or maybe that's just me... Lol

Thank you for a good read. Laugh
I agree with the other posters. Paranormal world is 'real' this sounds sometimes very fascinating but in reality is very scary thing for all of us. And even sometimes its very easy to blame ghosts for everything that goes wrong and make the things interesting. Why would your grandfather whistle? Of course the tapping can be a paranormal experience but the whistling can have an alternate explanation.

Sorry, if I sounded rude.

Thanks for sharing!
Sanchez_92 in Was I Awake?

Definitely! The video is explaining how sleep paralysis is or feels but it's just an explanatory of it. If it were really someone experiencing it I think I would get really scared because all you would hear is humming noises fighting against who knows what the person is imagining, Kind of like an exorcism.

My apologies I forgot to mention the video is in Spanish.


I will definitely go read you experience right away. That's amazing how your Cats rescued you though. I would not have been too scared if someone or something I was close too helped me out of that situation.
rookdygin in Candy Man

Sounds like the girls were trying to 'prank you' and that on the second attempt you decided to 'play along'...

"Then the youngest came into the kitchen, where I was, and asked me to say candy man into the mirror. I wouldn't so she said "Just say it once." I was aware that the eldest daughter was in the adjoining hallway so I knew one of their tricks was about to happen. So to make them happy I said candy man into the mirror once."

Or did I read that wrong... Anyway here are a few questions and a possibility or two...

What were you doing in the Kitchen at this time? If you were doing something in the sink, something that involved H20? If so is the house on a public water system or on a well? If public is it kept in a water tower?

Sorry about all the 'H2O questions but if an air bubble (s) developed in the water line then there is a chance you could have experienced a 'water hammer' effect which caused the thumping you heard... Just a 'bad timing' thing.

You mentioned in your comment that the home was...

" This was a badly built house with pipe leakage under the house so that could explain other things that happened there."

Leaky pipes lead to a moist environment... Add a wee bit of warmth and you get Mold... Some types of mold can lead to hallucinations... Either visual or a audio... And if the temperature difference is enough possible a 'fog or mist' could form in the home... Curse the 'dew point'.

I am not saying this is what you, and others experienced in the home, however, as it has been pointed out, ALL natural explanations have to be considered.


Hi Shelly,

I used to hear whistling from time to time. Turned out to be the neighbour's clothesline swaying in the breeze! Laugh But it sounded just like whistling. Another possibility to consider is pipes, they can make the darnedest noises.

Just thought I'd offer some other explanations, there could be a 'boring' reason for what you hear. I like Shelbyloree's suggestions too.
Manafon1 in Candy Man
Hi Jennie--I wanted to agree with Biblio's comment. I certainly wouldn't have been offering up possible alternative explanations to your account had you mentioned the white mist preceding other "ghostly events". That said, you do mention in the same comment that, "This was a badly built house with pipe leakage under the house". This could explain at least some of the sounds you heard.

Your added information does lead one to believe that the bangings heard in conjunction with your use of the words "Candy Man" and the subsequent bangs after the three of you told the unseen presence that it wasn't welcome, that something paranormal was probably taking place.
Bibliothecarius in Candy Man

I think you got quite a few responses immediately, Jennie, because it read like you were giving precise details in an honest and straightforward manner. As far as I can tell, we ALL believe your description of the events.

I am going to provide a gentle critique, here (if you'll permit me), about your response in which you mention "preceded by a white mist in the kitchen." In journalism, putting a vital fact in paragraph two or three is called "burying the lead," as in "this information should be in the first paragraph, leading people to read the article." Now, this mist apparently did not occur during the "Candy Man" events, but a passing mention of it would have given us more pause for thought before supplying "normal" explanations.

Mists do not form naturally WITHIN houses. (This is an OVERSIMPLIFIED explanation.) Mists may form outside and enter through an open door or window, but mists need damp ground or water to form as the cooling of air produces moisture droplets BUT the damp surface beneath does not absorb the moisture immediately, so it starts to collect while suspended in the air.

If we'd had that mist information first, perhaps fewer of us would have tried to debunk your narrative. I admitted that "I cannot account for the banging noise's return, nor its intensity, during the prayer to expel it." Sometimes, --and I know this from first-hand experiences-- the most frustrating thing is to have an experience which could be explained/debunked, despite your knowing that the sensible explanation doesn't quite fit the experience.

Thanks for the clarification, and I'm going to agree with Valkricry's initial response.

ashar123 in Backseat Driver
Welcome to YGS,

A creapy experience. It can be a possibility that that particular section of the road might have been haunted. Something wrong would have happened such as a severe accident. I think you should find out the history of that place.

Thanks for Sharing and do share your other experiences as well.

One more thing, you shouldn't call yourself and your family as superstitious because you believe on something that really exists. Wink
Quite short experience. The possibility of it being merely an illusion cannot be ruled out simply. If it happens again, it may have something to do with the paranormal.

Thanks for Sharing! Smile
ashar123 in My Friend Billy
The story is an instant fav. I enjoyed your account and really felt sorry for your friend Billy. Losing someone close can be hell.

And to the question of EB. As per Hindu traditions everything that happens here is predetermined and only few people are able to understand that almighty design.

Thanks for sharing! Smile

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