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MsColeman in Taps
I'm currently doing an Internet show and would like to interview you about your supernatural experience! For more details please contact me at Aminacoleman44 [at] I'm currently in the DC, MD, VA areas! All show will be aired on YouTube and other major websites!
First of all I wish to thank you all for reading and sharing your views.
Hello Miracle and Enlora, as both of you said, I tried to convience myself that it was all imaginary, but couldn't. In Kerala it is commony some one commit suiside on their personal issues. I thought the same until I had a discussion with my mom.

Now, Mr. Rook, thanks for posting your comment. In Kerala, if some one report at Police that I witnessed it, I will have to spend my whole vacation behind it. Even they can block my travel back to Dubai. Normally no one takes such risk. I did the same.

Best regards,
Adithyan aadiz.
I'm eager to know too now haha.

What about his wife? Talk to her about doing some digging!
Haha we were a counting on you Elnora, fashionably late to the party. Well that's what we thought. My mum has long black hair, but she always wears it up... How could a hair reflect in the camera like that and glow when the photo wasn't taken with a flash... That's when we just sort of went ALRIGHT THATS IT. I just get a headache looking at it.
zom in Flash
yes... It is that elnoraemily. But what about the flash I experienced?
Thanks, rookdygin. I'll definitely look into protection rituals. And that's a weird case of deja vu you're having there! Odd indeed.

sushantkar in A Fatherly Ghost
Hi Searching_Stars! Nice story. I too agreed with Chan123495 that it might be someone from your relations who might have come to visit you on that.

With regards
Yeah, dolls are creepy. My mom bought be a porcelain doll when I was little. She had blond hair, blue eyes, wore a white dress, and held a small bible between her porcelain hands. I kept her because it was a gift from my mom, but she remained in the closet where I never saw her. Dolls freak me out, clowns not so much (unless it is Pennywise).

My word of advise would be to not focus on the doll or what it does. It would seem that the more attention you give paranormal activity, the more present it becomes. I'm not an expert, just insight from what I have read.

Para-Hunter-Anne33 - (just a side note) I think it is awesome were able to gain insight from the Warrens. I probably would have geeked out a little because they are truly amazing and very professional. Plus I would love to hear stories of their actual accounts first hand.
Buthaya and Rach,

You two have had this exact discussion before on another experience about 3 months ago...RIGHT?

While I know you have not I have to ask just to reassure myself it is a real case of De ja Vue. I swear to (Insert Deity, Individual or Object of your choice here) that I have read the exchange about home protection between the two of you before.

That being said I have a home Cleansing/Protection method posted on my profile... And Rach should you choose to use it any good or netural energies/spirits should remain behind (unless the method shows them how to cross over.) So you can still conduct your investigation to gather any and all information you wish. Be careful, even a netural or good entiy can get 'upset' and 'strike out' at whoever they are

Keep us posted.


Hi thedudebraski! I was gifted a stuffed teddy once when I was a kid. It always gives be odd fillings whenever my mother kept it near to me at bedtime. I still not able to figured out the reasons behind it, but still now I hate stuffed toys and dolls.
Though, thanks of sharing your experience and welcome to YGS.

With best regards
sushantkar in A Tall Black Figure
Hi Searching_Stars! That must be a spine shivering experience!. Gotta agree with elnoraemily that demons and evils spirits won't look at you curiously & smile.

With regards
I frogot to tell you why I had to do protections. That is because after few months this shdow person became little bit scary. I felt like I am a stranger on my own house. After the protections are in place I feel peace in my house. Shadow guy no more. But from time to time I can hear voices, sounds Or sometimes see people.
Hello SomethingFishy! Welcome to YGS, I would also echo the same. Had you seen him again?

With regards
sushantkar in Dover Demon
Although, this topic is totally new form me and I haven't heard anything about that creature before; but I don't think that it has any connection to the Paranormal or supernatural entities.
Though, the above written points are only my perception.

With regards
buthaya - Wow! That is freaky. I'll definitely take your advice and do some protection methods. The thing is though, I want to keep experiencing this in hopes that one day I'll be able to see the entire being. I'm so interested in the paranormal that I'm kind of trying to 'experiment' with it. Not by doing a ouija board but by documenting it to see if it might have a pattern or something. I want to try and debunk it if I can or just let it happen.

Your story is very similar to what I experienced in my house. When ever I stayed in my house I always saw this person standing in a corner, watching me. He looked like a well bult guy. He hide or move really fast when I try to look at him directly. But I can see him watching me corner of my eyes everytime. Sometimes he just leave and soon as he disappear I can hear footsteps upstairs. After few times I did not bother to go and investigate because I know I closed every window and door in there and I am the only one in the house. I saw him mostly on day time and few times at night. My advise to you is to do some protections to your house. I did it in my house and keep doing it once for every year. Because I can hear and see things when it getting closer to end of one year period.
Thank you all for commenting.
Hi, Aggers. Yes, after his brother passed I started seeing these shadows. I've never properly seen things like this before he died. I've felt and heard things but never saw things. It's just odd how it appears in somewhat different forms. I also forgot to mention that the first time I saw the shadow in the hallway, it had a green aura like what I saw out the front of my house the day he died. After that, it has been changing colour? Very strange. Also, I've never seen this shadow in places other than my hallway/laundry.

MrMcGillicutty in My Invisible Friend
Wow, ok, thank you.

When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to talk to a spirit via ouija board that told us its name was Fir. The spirit was very friendly and accurate and I came to the point where when I used the board, I would automatically ask for that spirit directly. I always just assumed that it was a foreign name, and doubted that I would ever know its origin. The spirit never told us where it was from, or else we never asked.

I have Irish ancestry... All kind of things are racing through my head now about who I may have been talking to all that time!
I completely spaced the picture, sorry!

I never really thought of her as a protector, but if she is an owner of the house, that would be an interesting theory. I like that, actually.

I am trying to get my dad to do some digging into his house's history. I would love to see if he could even get a picture of the owner and see if it's her. So far, he is content just letting her do her thing. I'd like to get an actual name for her.
Apparently, I missed my summons!

I'm here.


My theory would be that it could be a hair. Does the person who took it have long hair?

What is odd though is how it appears to be in movement. Most people stand still while taking a picture. The texture around the strand is also strange. It looks like clouds. There should not be clouds in a tunnel. I do sort of see a face, but I cannot tell if that is pareidolia kicking in or an actual shape.

That does not explain the reflection in the right hand corner, though. That is a weird one.

I'll be over here staring at this for a while.
valkricry in The Shack
Sam, no worries I have thought of my dad in much baser terms at times. Granny and the other mods would have made me wash my keyboard out with soap if I had even attempted to type out my thoughts about him at the time of this event! Laugh Oh, yeah very, very bad words.
Searching_Stars in Cemetery Scare
I wouldn't think I imagined a death rattle like what that ghost made. And if you recall, I said the shadows had white faces with black orbs for faces and mouthes. That's how I saw them. I should have re-added that detail about the ghost on the truck cause it seems to (yes) be confusing. And I can agree with your reflection theory and your usually inaudible ghost/white noise. It seems very likely it was the cause why my mother and sister didn't see/hear it.
valkricry in Cemetery Scare
So mom DID notice! (Funny how one little detail can change things, isn't it?) I do have a theory on why she may not have seen it though: you state that you "saw a black shadow press itself to my window. Its eyes were like black orbs and its mouth opened wide like a snake's would, sending out a shivering death rattle (something like what Kayoto from "The Grudge" made) ". Now I admit at first I didn't understand how on earth you could see details like eyes and mouth in a SHADOW, especially in the dark. Nor how Mom didn't hear the scream it made. Then I really thought about it. You'll need to either verify or correct me, because I could be way off. I'm thinking that the eyes and mouth were darker 'shadow' then the rest of it? Plastered against your window, it was probably only an inch or so from your face. Mom sitting in the driver's seat (truck right?) would be two or so feet away from it. Even in dim interior car light, we cast a slight reflection in glass, and being a non-believer if Mom noticed at all she probably assumed it was part of your reflection.
Now, the sound, that's trickier to explain. A sound like that, assuming it was as loud as in the movie 'Grudge', would surely have elicited some response from the others in your group. That leaves us with two choices, that I can see. 1) you imagined it, or 2) the sound was inaudible to them.
I'm sure you've seen shows like Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures, where they state they picked something up on a recording that they did not hear with the human ear. There are certain people who can hear on this level. For some it's an occasional thing. Something to do with atmosphere and magnetic fields, coupled with their energy level. Rarer are those who can hear 'voices from beyond' all the time, though they do exist. Often they're called mediums. Perhaps you experienced something in this vein.
I know you're a skeptic, but maybe the woman was looking after him? The banging noises might've been them fighting?
I know that for a spirit to be seen with a naked eye they must be really powerful. All spirits are, is energy. So the lady must have A LOT, hence making her more powerful.
If it was her home, surely she would want peace and throw that things butt to the street!

(P.s, I need another photographers opinion on the photo I've posted in my latest story, help a sister out? We tried figuring it out with no luck!)
I have not heard him talk about the dark one in a while, actually. I think it's been a few months since that one came around. Sometimes, though, he doesn't tell anyone because he thinks if he talks about to too much, he gets nervous and it shows up more.

That is a good point about trying anything. Maybe I should suggest that he branches out a bit.
My family and I aren't Catholics either, but when you're desperate you will try anything haha.
I forgot to ask, did the activity of the dark energy decrease since the woman appeared?

He is Baptist, not Catholic, so I am not actually certain the sort of blessing that he used. He doesn't believe in Holy Water and such.

I will ask him that sort of blessing he did.
Blessing should have worked, I'm weirded out that it didn't. Did he do it correctly? Sign of the cross with holy water on each corner of the home?

He could also try to sprinkle salt in the doorways of each room, beginning from the second floor, furthest room in the corridor, just sprinkle a little whilst telling the spirit to leave. Do it for every doorway until you reach the front door. Please ask him to try it, might just work.
elnoraemily in Taps
It seems like it is playing with you.

I am happy you are getting help with your insomnia and are not on side-effect riddled medications (I was actually going to warn against taken Ambien. That really does cause hallucinations. Not a fun time).
Notsosweetheart96 in Taps
Also I am getting help with my insomnia and it has gotten loads better over the past months I have been working with my doctor with different techniques as medication has bad side affects with me, it's getting better:)
Notsosweetheart96 in Taps
Strange things have happened to my mum too and it happens during the day also not just night. Plus my dog acts very strangely sometimes, growling and crying at nothing and during the night he won't let me or my mum go downstairs without him being by our side the entire time it's very unusual. I thought it was my insomnia to begin with until my mum told me things like this have been going on ever since we moved in!
Aggers in Our Duplex
I agree with rook. I think it must be astral projection... But the wrong dimension! I think you must be entering in to the dream realm, where literally anything could hurt you. If you want to safely astral, then you'd have to go to the dead realm in the solar plexus.
mrmonty in Taps
Hi Notsosweetheart96, is does sound like you might have the spirit of a child there, especially since it reacted to you voice. I would also be worried about your insomnia lie a lot of people here are, lack of sleep can do all sorts of bad things to you both mentally and physically, I do you are getting help with it.
Hello again:)

One question to ask yourself, did you start seeing the shadow after the passing of your boyfriends brother? If yeah then there you go.
Searching_Stars in Cemetery Scare
When I went to my different graveyard I tried not to step on the area where people are buried. I find that disrespectful. I wasn't happy about the assignment either because of what had happened to us with my sister's assignment (different graveyard; middle of the day). I just find graveyards creepy at night because I always feel that there is a collective energy that builds there from the people who died. During the day though it actually is quite peaceful and it really makes you think about life when you see all the graves.
I have had two other, tangible, experiences that I will post in the near future.

elnoraemily in Cemetery Scare
I agree. For me, it's not a discomfort of graveyards, but an aversion to a teacher telling students to go to one for an assignment. I think graveyards should be respected and I find that to be disrespectful.

Spending time there thinking or to visit a loved one is much different.
notjustme in Cemetery Scare
I think there is a misunderstanding from all this. I don't think members thought the graveyard assignment was untrue, but more of had difficulty accepting the fact that there was such an assignment given. I personally do not mind that people take pictures in them and what not. I agree with some members that is how you act while you are in the cemetery.

I think the people that feels most uncomfortable in such place would probably be one that sees a lot of paranormal activities, or and maybe people who have not lost anyone close. I say this because I spent a great deal of time at the cemetery every single day after my ex died, for at least 6 months, and it was the best place for me to be at that time. Some people who have not experienced losing someone close may have never had reason to step foot in a cemetery, so to feel uncomfortable in them is absolutely normal. Also, movies have a huge influence on how people perceives them.

I remember one night I really needed to go to the cemetery and I had a friend drive me. He normally has taken me there during the day and is totally fine with it. But that night as we were cruising in, he shut all the car windows and said "Notjustme, I love you and will take you here any day, but please never again at night!"
Okay Think I need to clarify a couple of things:

Hazel Eyes--- With all due respect, I never said the book Or its author was about Demonologists--- That word was the idea of the author of the book: The Demonologist is simply the TITLE of the book-- that's all.

And for Sam222, You are welcome.
hippiesiren in Cemetery Scare
Just out of curiosity, what is it that makes anyone feel so uncomfortable in graveyards/cemeteries? I ask this because I spend a lot of time in these places just for the peacefulness that I feel at them. However, much like what was said in the story, many of my peers seem to feel frightened and see things that make them uncomfortable.
ifihadyoux in Cemetery Scare
Just wanting to add my two cents here. I've been given assignments to go visit historical marks, and they do tours of graveyards or part of a tour has been graveyards... Some at night, some at day. I feel as long as you're not deliberately disrespecting the dead then they don't mind. I've also taken pictures of tombstones and statues at graveyards but again, did it out of wonder and curiosity, not to mock them. So the situation for assignments can happen, though few and rare in-between.
However I agree that if that thing was on the window I would have screamed bloody murder! No way would I have "considered someone else's feelings" because I would be scared poopless!
the deamon/ghost of the man is the lil girls father. Way before it was a job corps that man and lil girl stayed in the building known as old dorm 4. All I know bout them is that one day that man killd his whole family (drowning that lil girl down at the river near the bridge and then he shot or hung himself in old dorm 4).
What a great story! Very creepy experience indeed.

My husband is a police officer, and he has had a similar experience while searching for a suspect. Maybe I can get him to re-tell me and get it posted here. Thanks again for the post!
notjustme in Taps
Hmm, I wonder if you have a little child spirit there. At least they stopped when you told them to. I would be very annoyed and scared at the same time.

Elnoraemily has a good point about seeing a doctor about your condition. Whether the incident was hallucinations or the paranormal, I hope you are still getting help with the insomnia.

Besides you, has anyone else in the family experienced this?
notjustme in Cemetery Scare
Searching_stars - Thank you for the reply. Like Val said, whether it was disrespectful or not depends on what's going on and timing. I hope you understand no one was trying to bully you here, many stories can have pages of comments just because not everyone agrees on things and that's okay. That's the beauty of life. Thanks for clearing up some things for us, much appreciated.
elnoraemily in Running Shadow Person
Definitely does not seem threatening, I agree.
I wonder if it even knows that you are there.
Very interesting, thank you for sharing.
Hi I don't know if this will help or if anyone else has commented this but pure salt in the corners of your room and round your bed the ward of evil spirits also crystals are suppose to suck in and ward off evil spirits, I don't know if this will help any but it's worth a try, also there are some websites on evil spirit protection and warding off hope this helps
elnoraemily in Taps
Have you gone to see a doctor for your insomnia?

I am a bit worried that you could have been experiencing hallucinations from a lack of sleep, especially if it's chronic insomnia. Sleep deprivation has serious side effects, even if you manage to get 2-3 hours a sleep a night.
Wish-Not in Taps
Notsosweetheart96- LOL that's funny stuff AND yes, they will do it just for their amusement. We have them doing that kind of things all the time. I know that it can be irritating but some of the things can be kind of cool. But you have to put your foot down at some point and let them know.
Great share.
Hello greg84ae! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. After that incident, have you ever experience paranormal activity.

With best regards
Rachness- Those shadow "things" are curious critters for sure. Hope your correct on thinking it's boy friends brother.

Thanks for sharing.
Dear lord, if your brother was grinding his teeth that badly, does he have any left? That made my jaw hurt to read. I'm weird about teeth.

This is a very strange experience. My only explanation for it would be a piping issue or pressure in a pipe building in the floor between the stories.

Did this only happen once?

It almost sounds like it nearly gave you an anxiety attack- the rapid heart beat, the cold/hot feelings, ect. Very happy that you are okay.
Searching_Stars in Fall Down The Stairs
[elnoraemily] It is entirely possible about the fainting thing. I don't have a thing in my family and I honestly have never fainted before. I hadn't had a lot to eat and drink that day so it is possible. But whatever caught me I do remember. It was a very warm presence. Even in half unconciousness I can remember that. And none of my family was even in the area when it happened. My mother came running from upstairs when she heard the sound of me hitting the ground.
Searching_Stars in A Fatherly Ghost
Could have been the electric work giving me the me the creepy feeling while I lived down there but I don't think it gave me hallucinations. That ghost was the only one I encountered while I lived down there except for one on the stairs in my other story.
ifihadyoux in Taps
I am sorry but LOL! That was super funny! But I agree that would be rally irritating and at least they stopped after you asked/yelled at them too! Looking forward to reading more of your stories.
Searching_Stars in Cemetery Scare
You all kind of claim to have doubts about my story. Well, about the whole cemetery assignment thing. It is true. I still have a copy of the poems I wrote in my senior year of high school when I had to do this same assignment (thought I visited a different graveyard in the middle of the day).

As to your comments about the shadows being animals, it could be entirely true. They were very vague and fuzzy and my sister could have been seeing white on fur of animals for faces. She was very creeped out by it though. And I know you all say we should have left but she just shrugged it off because she had procrastinated until the night before to do the assignment and she HAD to get it done or she would fail it.

Now as to the ghost against my window. Yes, my mother noticed the temperature drop. She does not believe in ghosts and maybe that is why she did not see it. I honestly don't know. The reason I held in my scream is because every time I told my mother about the paranormal experiences she would think I was dreaming and wondering if I needed to go see a doctor (she thought I was having hallucinations). I didn't want to encourage her on.
Searching_Stars in A Tall Black Figure
Thank you all for believing me. For some reason I wasn't really terrified about the whole thing until I could see its eyes.

To answer your question [elnoraemily], my sister had worn a long black nightdress to bed that night (I remember it because I got it after she moved out of the house). And her hair was long and blonde. For some reason it didn't occur to me that the hair didn't match. I just thought it was shadows making her hair black.

And to answer your question [ifihadyoux], no, I haven't seen it since that night. I've seen a black figure that looked like it in weird places but it has never stayed for very long again.
greg84ae- That was a creepy experience. Loved the detail to your story. I had a complete visual through out the whole story.

Isn't that odd about the current owner though. Everyone deals with the paranormal in their own way. Even IF they deny their own feelings.

Great story. Hope you have more. Thanks for sharing.
sushantkar in Taps
Hi Notsosweetheart96! Must be a very weird experience. Good to see that he heard you and didn't disturb you after your reaction.
You have mentioned that you are used to the unusual things, let me ask you that are you experiencing such thing before insomnia or after it.
Thanks for sharing your experience and I also welcome you in YGS.

With best regards
Rachness in Taps
Damn, that's freaky! I'd be pretty annoyed too if I were you. I probably would have let the taps run, haha! There goes the water bill!
Sam222 in The Shack
Wow, I really enjoyed reading your story. I'm very sorry for how you were treated. Your dad is such a F*****g D***. Sorry for calling your dad that but that's just what he seems like from reading this story. I know how you feel I have a pretty me dad. He's done some mean things that I don't like to talk about. But still love. And I'm sure you still love your father too.
And your story was very descriptive, I could see how the shack looked in my mind, and its creepy, I could see myself inside the shack like you were and in my head I could almost feel the feeling you had when you where in there. You are great writer thanks for sharing your story:D.
Holy cow, this is one of the best stories I've read on this site, and I do believe it100% true. I don't consider much of a "ghost" story but it's definitely pretty scary and it belongs on site. No doubt. I mean this site is called "You GHOST Stories" but there are plenty of good stories on this site that are true scary and not ghost. But this is an amazing story. This hut must have been a religious maniac. >> (No offense to those of you who are religious, I do respect peoples religions, I'm not religious but I do believe most things in the bible.) <<. If you can't post your pictures because of what you explained in an early comment, I understand. But if your half way decent at drawing could you draw that narrow opening, the wooden door, the inside of the room, and maybe a quick drawing of the boiler room because am really intersted in this storie and I would be really interested in seeing what it looks like. Also is there any place on the internet I could find a newspaper article on this event like you described in the story, came out a few weeks after you reported it.?
- Thanks:D
A tsunami hit Thailand on December 26, 2006. So there's a high chance that what you experienced was true.
Cerberus7 in The Old Hotel
Hi XSmoky.
Wow... The way you wrote this is like a check list of the exact feelings I have gone through with my chasing ghost experiences.
Mine mostly took place a number of times through my childhood years at my Grandmothers house in a hallway. But the feeling of the distance doubling and for me it was like time seemed to slow even though I know I was moving as fast as I could. But the pressure and fear of going to die if you turned or weren't quick enough. What really resonates with me especially is the feeling of immediate comfort after a certain point as if someone was saying "There, there it's gone now."...Weird.
You know I've been wanting to comment on this one for almost a week now but I was having internet issues. Replies would not post. So tonight it works fine and I've written this thing at least five times the last few nights... Never the same way of course! LOL
Well tonight I got to thinking something different... Something I've considered at least a few times before in my own case and now the fact you say your Grandfather has passed away clicked with me. Maybe your Grandfather had something to do with the comforting feeling. I never met my Grandfather but I have thought maybe he was helping protect me through the attacks. Being your Grandpa patrolled the same halls maybe he was watching your back that night... Just a thought.
What do you think?
Thanks for sharing your story.
Hope to hear more.
Hi Randall
I really enjoyed reading this one as I have had a very similar experience. Made me shudder.
The weight of the presence and the sigh are significant to me.
My experience was one of the most tangible fear filled moments of my life. I was lying down flat on my back and a similar thing happened but the presence laid right on top of me with a sigh and a weight that sank me down into the bed. I also was awake but lying with my eyes shut.
This is a tale that I have yet to tell here.
Just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing that and I don't believe that it was sleep paralysis at all. I'm sure you know it wasn't.
It does make me wonder why this sort of psychic attack would occur at all...
The *Sigh* especially...
I guess I once had something of a doppelganger-like experience. When I was about 6 or 7, my mother was in the room with me as I was taking a nap and she said that she saw me get up out of my body and walk around, and then lay down again, in my body, even though I was laying there the whole time. Kind of eerie.

Maybe you left feelings of pain at your boyfriends house?

Otherwise all I could imagine it is is an entity with a lot of power stealing your appearance and identity for -?
buthaya in 111
I believe you. To someone else it sounds like a good story to tell yor friend. I have seen some crazy things that hard to believe. In fact in my own house I saw a black cat like animal. It is too big for a normal cat and it dissapeared too quickly. At firt I Thought it was a simple trick of my mind. But I saw it too many times dissaper. A shadow like man standing and watchig me, sounds of someone digging the ground outside my bedroom dispite changing my bedroom many times. I have seen many things in my house and outside. So I believe you.
From time to time I get a strong six sense type feeling about a situation, usually not over the computer but by reading this I get the impression that the doll itself isn't haunted but whatever spirit is there knows that you think the dolls creepy and is feeding off of that and is moving it to scare you and get your attention. The spirit may not even be evil or a demon if nothing else has happened?. But I get a feeling that its a spirit, I don't know why I want to say a lonely spirit who's merely playing around and goofing around with the doll trying to scare you... I don't know if she is a negative spirit or not but maybe she is because she's trying to scare you... I might just sound like a nutcase but that's what I am going to say I think is happening.
Sabrina_the_teenage_witch in The Creepy Doll In My Grandmothers Basement
hazeleyes, I don't know. I knew someone once who had a possessed doll and tried to get rid of it, but it only angered the spirit and the doll kept returning to her room. Eventually they had to smash its porcelain face in the presence of a psychic who cleansed the house of any lingering energy. After that, they were able to dispose of the doll. I'm not saying it'll be like that, but if it's a particularly strong spirit, I'd say its possible. Just so you know, no one was ever hurt by the doll, but the psychic said it was feeding from their fear.
Argette in Cemetery Scare
I think it would be a fun assignment. I have to admit that it is most likely not meant to occur at night. For me the threat of darkness coming is as scary at pitch black.

But that 's not really important. Val, as she usually does, makes a good point about the temperature...
valkricry in My Invisible Friend
Curious, did you look to see if perhaps the name Keenan was on that monument?

Pssst MrMcGillicutty, in this case 'fir' means man.
valkricry in Cemetery Scare
Perhaps disrespect, like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don't think the teacher meant for the students to do the assignment at night. But, that is when the OP and his family went.
Cemeteries have always been thought of as sacred or hallowed ground. Yet in Victorian times, it was not uncommon to picnic in the graveyard, especially the large park like ones. They did not see this as disrespectful but a chance for the living to reconnect with the dead. As for taking pictures, personally I don't find that 'bad' either. Although, in today's digital world, I'm mildly surprised they weren't told to simply 'find' a picture on the internet. Although the absence of atmosphere would definitely effect the poems themselves.
Anyway, my take on the story...
The only thing I am having a problem with is the lack of emotion you and your sister had upon seeing these things. I'm with notjustme on that. To at least jump when startled is normal. You say the temperature in the truck dropped to the point you saw your breath, yet apparently your mom neither felt it, nor saw her own breath? Now to me that's rather odd. But then again maybe you left something out? Very curious...
MrMcGillicutty in My Invisible Friend
I have a question for you - You say you think it may have been the "ghost of a little fir."

What's a fir?

I've heard the term before, but only from one unusual place, and I thought it was a name that was being given to me - I didn't realize it had some other meaning and bells are going off in my head as a read that. Is it a Gaelic term? From the context, I assume it means a small child, but I don't want to make that assumption.
EVERY WORD IS TRUE! Hi I'm not a local black but I'm a Indigenous traditional owner from that very area you camped That bunyip YOU disturbed is a guardian over my great grandparents waterhole, you are extremely lucky to be alive!, white people have been taken from our lagoon & NEVER seen again, My Father was born on the river bed in wiangree kyogle, the reason our guardian Bunyip is there is because of white people poisoning the river, so in order to keep our water hole free from poison God gave us Supernatural power to conjure up (if you wish) a Bunyip, which you've eye witnessed, tell hey from the Sandy ' s next time your that way lol checkout old newspaper clippings it's all true, you can't make this stuff up peeps lmao glad to hear He's still vigilent inthe area
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Am I the only one who thinks that assignment would be awesome?! I think it's really creative. I love cemeteries, I find a lot of beauty in them. I don't think there's anything disrespectful about the assignment at all, it's getting kids out there and using their imagination... And I would totally go at night as well, for the creep factor as well as more artistic/creepy photos. But that's just me. I wouldn't have an issue with someone using my grave for that.
I agree with the idea it could have just been regular shadows plus the hype of being in a graveyard...however, I'm kind of on the fence until the o/p responds. I find it odd the first thing you thought upon seeing a horrifying thing a your window was to act natural. Pretty sure ANY natural reaction would be to jump back and lock doors, maybe scream in terror...idk...i wasn't there though.
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Thanks, Hazel.

Searching_Stars, we would love to hear your input on our questions. I promise no one is attacking you.
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Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. There's a lot of comments I disagree with but I try my best to be open-minded and if I do go out of line I immediately apologize.
But that's enough about me. I've read everyone's comments for this post and the only one I find being "disrespectful" and "mean-spirited" is you. Like Elnora said no one has broken the comment guidelines. People have a right to their own opinions and you might disagree but you don't have to put someone down for thinking differently. If everyone had the same beliefs and opinions this world would be very boring.
And I didn't see any comments about politics and religion so no one as far as I can tell is getting religious or political, so enough already.
The OP is looking for help and advice on his/her situation so stop making yourself the center of attention. It's not about you so let's get back to trying to help the poster.
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Ohioman - When you submit a story it gives you the option to disable any comments, that way you won't have to hear anyone's opinion.
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Is the assignment disrespectful? Maybe. It certainly is weird. As teenagers, most of us would probably overreact to an assignment in such a venue. And taking a cemetery photo as night isn't the greatest idea, although it could be fun, in a scary way.

My first thought is that the shadows the OP saw were the headlights bouncing off the headstones. I can't explain the shadow at the car window.

There's just something off here.
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I am really having a hard time understanding why you are so put off with people expressing doubts. No one here has broken the comment guidelines and no one here is bullying anyone.

There have been several posters caught (see: Firehouse Ghost) lying about events. This can be found through checking the story itself (plagiarism, ect), or even something as simple as researching someone's claim. There was a girl who claimed her entire school burned down and killed many children and that it was haunted, but a simple search concluded that was not the case. It happens, sadly. When someone voices concern, they are not being mean or bullies. They are simply expressing their opinion and typically asking for a clarification or explanation.

Now, if someone came out and said: "This is stupid and you are a liar" even the people who agreed would shut that person down.
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elnoraemily - Please think beyond this thread. I am talking in general on this site where many mean-spirited comments have appeared over time. "There have been many fake stories on this site." How did you know?

And who said someone made a grave a personal playground? That would be disrespectful but neither I nor anyone else suggested such a thing, unless visiting the marked grave of a formerly living person is making it a playground. Visiting the final resting place allows the dead to live on in the minds of respectful visitors. Why mark the grave, otherwise.

Wow, enough already. I am now thoroughly discouraged from posting my haunted house experiences so someone can tell me how odd the account is or "I don't want to say this was a fake story but at the same time, I find it very hard to believe."
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Great story SomethingFishy! I'm sure the boy remembered your last "exit" and wanted to connect with you. Do you think you'll have the same "fleeing" instinct if you run into him again. If you're still there?
elnoraemily in Cemetery Scare
I have seen nothing that is mean or disrespectful in this thread. In fact, I see apologizes for having doubts and requests for more information.
There have been many faked stories on this site and people want to be sure the poster is being truthful. That is one of the goals of this site- to be truthful. If no one had doubts, any story could get through and the entire point of the site would disappear. If anyone was out of line, a moderator would help out.

I completely disagree with your view on graves. It is a person's final resting place. Making into your personal playground is disrespectful to the family and the person who passed.
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notjustme - I'm all for open discussion and I wouldn't expect everyone to agree with my perspective, which was absolutely not the point of my post. I expressed my opinion in the open discussion that I didn't see visiting the graveyard for the purpose of photographs to be disrespectful.

As I mentioned before, however, I do find it disrespectful to the poster to question the honesty of the story. Some of the comments verge on mean-spirited or attacking, which really reflects on the person commenting. This isn't a political or religious forum, after all. Some stories may even be made up, but until the day we can detect lies without fail, it's just not appropriate. This is the sole reason I have never posted after many years of reading stories.
I'm sorry for bringing it up again miracles but I just read the post from para-hunter-anne33 and I have to say it's not a smart thing to look for a book by demonologists and learn more about demons. I think by looking for information on demons would only provoke them to come into your life. It would be so much safer if you left that stuff alone. Demons are scary and you wouldn't ever want to be harassed by one.
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Ohioman - This is an open discussion for those who wish to participate, and all opinions are welcomed. As far as what anyone has written here, I don't see how anyone was trying to deliberately be rude. Everyone was just simply expressing their opinion and beliefs towards the story, which is allowed. Not every story on here is going to get the feedback the writer expects, but if they chose to put it on here and are allowing comments to be made, then everyone has the right to say what they believe and not just what they think the writer WANTS to hear.

Just because people have their own opinions, doesn't make it wrong. And just because not everyone agrees, doesn't make anyone a bad person either. Afterall, "If everyone is thinking the same thing, then nobody's thinking at all"
Well it's good that you're not easily offended, so unlike me:P Have you tried telling your grandmother? Maybe if she knew she'd get rid of it and you wouldn't have to be so nervous to sleep over with that clown doll. There's a very good chance the doll is possessed. So if I were you I'd tell her to get rid of the creepy thing before it hurts her or you or anyone else who spends the night there.
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I have been a lurker for years, and have never commented but I had to chime in on this. Disrespectful to assign a visit to a cemetery? Are you kidding me? Gravestone rubbings anyone? I have seen entire art classes at cemeteries and had assignments to do gravestone rubbings in school. One of our local cemeteries is promoted as a bird watching hotspot. I have also found it disturbing when reading comments when someone starts to doubt the veracity of the poster. Unless you have a special truth magic, knock it off. It only reflects badly on you. Not everyone writes beautifully, and sometimes the sequence is jumbled, but their stories are just as fun to read.

And by the way, I have always been welcomed to graveyards by the guardian spirits, ghosts or whatever dwells there.
Samdew - We can be skeptics and question things in a nice manner.

The rain stopped while she was trapped in the "past", after she came back to reality everything went back to normal. I think that's what she meant.
Accounts like this always gets my attention. I believe your story and have saved it as a favourite. Guess because that day was so filled with emotions that it left an imprint. Fascinating!
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The assignment may have been weird, but I myself have taken pictures in a graveyard. I never saw a ghost, and it wasn't at night.

It was a beautiful cemetery in Inverness, Scotland. My mother-in-law (a staunch Baptist from Scotland) was showing me around and actually agreed to accompany me.

Yes I took pictures, and there are lots of things that graves can tell you - especially when you make note of the dates and do your research later. There was one particular year that came up a lot, and I wanted to know more, especially because there were so many young souls that had been buried there.

I think if it's done with respect and not thrill seeking, there is no harm. Contrary to what some may think - that ghosts reside in a cemetery - I think highly unlikely.

Just my humble opinion though. I hope the poems were respectful in any case, and thanks for sharing:)
Okay - I think we've fully covered Annabelle so can we get back on track with advice/comments about thedude's story? Smile

And, yes, I'm just as guilty of causing the distraction as everyone else LOL I'm just trying to bring us back on track. Thank you Smile
Para-Hunter-Anne - Thanks I go to the library a lot il see if they have it.
notjustme in Cemetery Scare
I don't want to say this was a fake story but at the same time, I find it very hard to believe.

Like the other members say, I find it hard to imagine a teacher would assign such an assignment, as the cemetery is a very private place for people to grieve, or just be at peace. I know, because I am one of those people that can hang out in one for a long time to reflect or just be alone.

Then the part that your sister claimed she saw white faced things with black holes for eyes and mouth- now I can't speak for your sister, but for almost everyone that I know, would have ran as fast as their legs could carry them after seeing something like that in a cemetery at night time!

"Suddenly I saw a black shadow dart out from behind a grave and vanish. More appeared as we went on, darting just out of the reach of the headlights, still enough to see them but not enough to make out any features." - This could have been animals. I say this also because I believe entities need living energy to help them manifest themselves as well. As for cemeteries there are not much living energy so I doubt what you saw were anything paranormal.

As for the shadow that pressed against your window incident, did your mom feel the cold? And again with something like this, I would have screamed as loud as my lungs could take me, let alone have the ability to consider my mom's feelings.

There are definitely lots about this encounter that comes into question. However, that is just my 2 cents. Only you will know for sure what you saw. Thanks for sharing.
For Sam222: If you want the original TRUE telling account of Annabelle, either buy, or borrow a copy from a library called The Demonologist: The True Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the world famous exorcism team. By author Gerald Brittle. There is a complete word for word chapter about "Annabelle"-- taken straight from the Truly REAL actual Case files of the Warrens. And the actual REAL annabelle doll was not just an ordinary raggedy Ann Doll--- It was/is a STUFFED Rag doll that is hefty and is 4 feet tall (by usa measurements) -- basically the size and weight of a typical 4 year old Child. And This info for all who are interested in learning the TRUTH about Spirits Possessing dolls?,... Mr. Ed Warren himself offered in many interviews the factual statement that "...No, the DOLL was NOT possessed. Spirits don't possess things: spirits possess PEOPLE," Ed informed the three people. He went on to explain, "Instead, the spirit simply moved and MANIPULATED the doll around and gave it the illusion of being alive." (Brittle; pp 50-51) (1980). It's an interesting book. However, I also have had actual real contact with the warrens and their investigation team. As I obtained 1st hand knowledge from them concerning a Research Thesis on how Spirits (both human and INhuman) possess people and are able to convince the person it's just a sub-persona (Alter Personality) and can Drive the possessed individual to begin suffering from the creation of Eating Disorders. The whole team, as well as the Warrens, were very helpful and generous with their ability to share their vast years of knowledge and experiences for my research paper. Sorry this is long, But needed to let you know this other reference material is out there in the world-- just in case you wanted to know more about the subject. Hope this all helps you understand a bit better. Stay safe in Spirit, S.L.M.
The ghost who follow behind us or stand stationary at a place is considered evil. But the ghost I would rather call it paranormal entity who keeps walking in front of us shows us the path to keep safe from any mishappening. I also once had a similar experiance and was told about it by many brahmins and priests the same thing. So in the second case there was nothing to worry. But yes they are frightening.
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What my brother and I saw was mostly likely a wild animal, the area is quite wooded. (in fact a wolverine was killed over in the dump after it had killed a couple dogs). Anyone who knows about wolverines would know they are extremely rare in this area, the last one spotted in the Northeast was 17 years ago, I think. I only heard of the Dover Demon a few years back and there were supposedly people who had more detailed and longer encounters with the thing.
Yeaaah, nope. I hate dolls. Having to sleep near one, especially the one you described... Just a big fat NOPE. My great grandma had a doll that sat in a chair in the living room, when I spent the night i'd feel like it watched me so eventually I started putting it in another room lol.

And I had no idea there's a movie coming out about the annabell doll. I am so excited right now.
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MandyyNicole, I didn't catch that. That is fantastic advice! Happy
MandyyNicole in Orbs And Smells
Actually, the fact that you randomly smelled/tasted worries me. Smelling/tasting randomly like that can indicate a seizure, one you may not realize you had if not for the smell. You might want to see a doctor, especially if it happens again. Just to be safe.
I'm not sure what to tell you about the orbs though, I have a video of what I suspect is an orb, if you look at my story about it the link to the video is in the comments. May yours look something similar.