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I knew that this peepel tree ghost is just a myth. But as your mom saw I don't know. Not sure, maybe she was really dreaming as know one else saw it. Lets consider that as a dream or nightmare.
I can't give you any tips because I'm not experienced with being a psychic, except for, be careful. I'm lucky I encountered a benign spirit. There are still plenty of other evil spirits and demons out there desiring attention. I have a good feeling she found the light. Things have changed, it's a little indescribable, in my house and in my life. Like a strange tense feeling is just gone. Like before it felt like something was pulling at my soul. Now everything is at peace.
This is real, I believe that it was a sprit or demon. I say this because I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. Except I was around 8 when it happened to me. Confused I thought it was one of my family members until I actually got up to see everyone was asleep... I feel like it happened more than once, I cannot remember. But I know this was a ghost because the same week my brother saw someone standing by his door by the garage and he found broken pots in the garage. And it couldn't be an intruder because my brother saw a little girl. We don't have little girls in my family except me, except he said the girl looked around 5 and had black hair. And I don't. So the shadow thing I saw looked in at me through my doorway and I just stared back not knowing what it was.
When I've had trouble finding a sage bundle, I've substituted dragon's blood incense or sandalwood. The dragon's blood seems better (to me at least) than the sandalwood. You can also get sage essential oil, mix it with water in a mist bottle and spray the solution around. I've never tried using the sage from the spice section, I think it's a different type of sage than is used for cleansing. I would try an incense first, then move to essential oil if the incense doesn't seem to work for you.
BadJuuJuu- I have a question about the smudging, I have been doing smudging recently because of some things I seen, My question is with sage does it have to be in stick form for it to work, I have some that was given to me and about to run out. Can I use the sage from the spices section and it be just effective? This is just until I can get some smudge sticks from somewhere in this State.
I agree with Badjuujuu I think sage works well and woud be benefical if you tried it. I'm sorry you are going through something so terrifying! Do you pray or anything of the sort that may help to, a lot of people swear praying helps.
Thanks valkicry! You make a good point and you explained it well. Thank you.:)
BadJuuJuu in The Dark Lady 2
Ashar, feel free to repost that last comment without the profanity. There is a link to the comments guidelines at the bottom of the page.
ashar123 (guest) in The Dark Lady 2
Shiz98 and Ankit the song is "'Ye Tune My Kiya'' from the movie ''Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara!''

Please reply if you conclude anything. I will be waiting for your response. Smile
I agree with RebelRaider. This sounds very much like residual activity rather than an intelligent haunt. Harmless, but startling to hear. Smile
Lol not sure I'd want to stay there again, either.
In all honesty, it almost sounds to me that the ghostly residents were a little exasperated by living visitors. They may have wondered who you were, what you were all doing there, and how the heck to get yall to leave. I imagine I would be fairly annoyed to have people show up at my house unannounced and hang out, I don't think a ghost would feel too different.
It sounds like an incredibly interesting place though. So many people having had similar experiences lends credibility. Very cool story.
BadJuuJuu in Earrings
I think its natural when you've had a bad scare to be nervous about any sign of unexplained activity. Even something benign can be a bit intimidating if you've gotten used to negative interactions. As cool as this particular experience is, I can see how it would be upsetting.
Thanks for sharing such an interesting experience, and if you'd like to share other experiences in the future I think we'd all love to read them. Smile
Some of this sounds, to me, as if it could be related to a sleep disorder. If at all possible, I would recommend getting a sleep study done as quickly as possible. It's easy to underestimate how important a decent night's sleep is to one's overall health.
I am not disregarding your experiences mind you. Paranormal problems and normal problems occur side by side. It's a question of figuring out what's being caused by a normal, mundane problem and what isn't. So, make sure that your physical health is fine and not causing you trouble. From there, it's a little easier to pinpoint a possible paranormal cause and deal with it accordingly.
Research into the property is always a good idea. It won't do anything to stop paranormal activity, but it might make the activity make more sense. It's always nice when things make sense.
As to the sage, I swear by it. I do regular smoke cleansings and it helps keep the energy clear and drive out negative energy. It's good to repeat any cleansing method you choose every so often. People who are sensitive attract all sorts of stuff, and regular cleansings will help to keep the unpleasant things out.
Hi Sushant, really feeling sad for your Mamaji, But yes, I do agree with Gayatrishiva there, As the soul does not intend to fear anyone in your family. But since it was an accidental death, He should have got re-birth by now. May be because of the strong attachment, He is still there. Some Geeta-path may free the soul I believe!
Whoops, thanks for replying back so quick. Smile I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner.

The high fives are very amusing.
I'm intrigued by its interest in the cabinets and placing a bath mat on you. Wonder if it was looking for extra blankets in that cabinet then one day decided to go with the bath mat instead. Maybe there's something about your body temperature it wants to regulate.
Perhaps it doesn't want to use the quilt your mother made for you out of respect.
Did you high five the ghost after waking up with the bath mat? If so did you feel it any stronger than usual?

On an unrelated note that chair is freakin awesome!
Well, I'm a few years late to the party, but this one heck of an intriguing experience. Recently anything at all related to fairies has become fascinating to me, so I'm cruising through older stories. Smile
thanks sushantkar, Sheetal,mtjr,and pagal ladka, (I know you are not what your name suggests). No I did not stay there more than a month after the incident as I got a job in another city.
Bibliothecarius in Paranoid?
Hi, Ambo.

Depending upon the length of the hallways in your school, the composition of the walls (concrete breeze-block, plaster & paint, ceramic tiles, sheet-metal locker doors), the floor surface covering, and what is underneath the floor (poured concrete & rebar, a basement, other floors of the building), your "being followed" sensation MAY have been caused by echoes. Sound travels in waves, and will reflect (and refract) off of a variety of surfaces. When walking in an empty hallway or corridor, individuals tend to walk close to the middle; this causes slightly different sounds to enter your left and right ears, as the distance from you to the walls is almost certainly unequal. Add the peculiar absorbing quality of acoustic-tile "drop ceilings," and you've only got uneven echoes from behind and below -NOT from above. As most people would only use the halls when it is time to go to class, your brain automatically registers "this is odd" because your subconscious is expecting other people in the hallway, even though you know they're in class. The echoing of your own footsteps, then, becomes a source for your brain to latch on to, and -as part of it is expecting someone else-it presumes that there must be someone else. Walking very close to -or sidling along- the walls will reduce the inconsistency of sounds, because your brain isn't receiving slightly-contradictory information from your ears and eyes.
I would hazard a guess that you've got particularly good hearing, as most people only experience sensations like this when deprived of light, also. You may be accustomed to relying on your hearing slightly more than most people, thereby setting the stage for being creeped out by odd auditory information. Please look into sound waves (particularly the Doppler effect, resonance, and echoes), and into how we process what we hear.
This is not ta definitive answer, I know, but it may explain why a frightened kid was made more frightened by a combination of factors which had not been identified as ordinary events.

That's AWESOME! If she does return, one way of persuading her to go into the light is to repeatedly explain that whatever she was taught in her life, that God is love and IS forgiveness. Convince her that there is NOTHING to fear. We don't know what sort of belief system she was taught, but I'm thinking it might have been a very strict one that involved going to a very bad place for minor "sins". I think that is why many souls avoid crossing over, for fear of judgement.
You can tell her whatever she thinks she did, God still loves her and wants her, and there are many others there that love her. If possible, also concentrate on asking beings of the Light (guardian angels or whatever you wish to call them) to come and bring the light to her, and take her with them. Envision it. Tell her there is nothing but happiness on the other side, and she can always come back to visit once she has crossed. Sometimes, they need a LOT of convincing after being exposed to one unpleasant or extreme belief system during a short, sad life.
You also could try calling some of the other groups to try to find someone who specializes in helping lost souls cross over. There are some out there who are quite good at it.
I'm so glad that you were able to get this far and hope she has made it over. Please let us know what happens. You are doing a wonderful thing and should feel good that you overcame your discomfort in order to help another, wherever they are.
Angusd, I personally wouldn't leave a recorder going as they'd most probably find it highly entertaining. Might encourage them.
I've found incense very helpful in keeping monkey business at bay. You could suggest they burn some in their home to at least stop it from visiting them too.
Unfortunately the key to stopping is your mother. So the best you can all do is protect yourselves.
Take care.
This is very similar to my real life experience "Shadow in Train" link-
I too saw a shadow like man after a horrible nightmare...
Ghosts are still humans they obviously represent them whether they are full or not, and the person they look like is a human whether they are alive or dead, and I believe that ghosts are the people's souls, and yes I think souls exists, your soul is who you are.
I too heard breathing sounds in my hostel room one night. I thought it might be a dream as I never experienced anything after that. After a few months I heard a girl from my PG complaining to the owner about someone breathing heavily in her bathroom. I was too scared after that...!
Hi Ritwick... In life there are people who have or are made to do wrong things either due to the situation or due to the fact that they were weak enough to fall prey to temptations... Either way they were weak when they should have been strong... Ironically they become stronger while they fall and are yet chained... I think the spirit of Zen is a good one controlled by some evil influence... Though he wants to be under the Sun he is forced to be under the moon... Are you sure it is a defined male or a female... These are just my thoughts... But I think you should respect Zen's wish and stay away from the board
justmeD in Road With Voices
Wow! That is some story... I mean living in dread for the yet unborn child... Prayers are the strongest shield, a mother's love for the child makes it stronger... Yet faith in the Lord is what keeps these evil beings away... I too shall pray for them and I am sure that our prayers would be strong enough for you sis-in-law's and her child's good life...
AngeLees & Sheetal... Thank you... Glad you could relate to the incident and the place... Your words are very kind:)
Thank you so much Ari Happy

This place is very interesting and I finally got a forum where people would really believe me and not just laugh it off
zombie_momma in My Sleepover Scare
It could have been anything really. As a child I would see apparitions/shadows walking through the houses and apartments I lived in. In this particular house I experience more. I had actually heard a little girl laugh in my closet once before and a couple people actually seen her. This particles experience was terrifying!

Thank you guys! Love
great story. Did you continue to stay in that house? Please reply...
Oh Wow I wish I could do that!
Any handy tips as I am part psychic myself?!
Kshaya_SL in I Saw His Father
Sam222: By the term "non-human" I was trying to say not living as a human being. As elnoraemily said just wording... And personally I don't think that ghosts are too human. How can they be? Confused
Transparent form that may have been a small dragon or a Large bear with horns does NOT sound like a Poltergiest or a Demonic shadow... While it is a widely held opinion that demons will be subtle this figure you saw seems more like a nature spirit or perhaps an elemental and NOT something demonic.

As far as poltergiest are concerned there are many theories... I favor this one... Either it is a spirit or entity that has been attracted to the energy a young teenager gives off as they go through purberty... Using the energy to move objects and make noise OR it is excess energy discharging from an individual going through puberty in the form a psychokenitic outbursts that cause noises or make objects move.

Your experience, while frightening, does not sound like it was threatening in anyway. However you may wish to Shield your home. Please look on my profile there is a method posted there that may help.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to YGS.


From research I have done over the years, ghost or spirits are human energy and will only take on human forms. Poltergeist are mass black shadows because they are only energy. This you saw, in my opinion is demonic. It, most of the time, likes to feed on the smaller children because they are more perceptive of their presence and they can alter the children sight and become something innocent looking. Like a young boy or girl or an grandfather looking male. Something gentle. They use the children to posses the family as a unit to cause harm. Because you are older you saw the true form of the demon and tried to scare you. You are a threat and if not careful it can follow you and your family anywhere. If you are religious I would advise you to talk to someone from your church or whatever it is for some advice to get rid of the demon as soon as possible. Do not speak to it and never ever use a Ouija board. Do not provoke it, the more you simply ignore it and try to control your fear the better chance you have in getting rid of it. Trying to move may not work. If it has a hold of any of the younger children it may follow you and anger it. So get some help. Good Luck!
marixa310 in My Mother's Anger
it is hard to say what it is. It could be Poltergeist but also could be demonic. Doubt it though. Not enough information to tell what exactly it is. Could just be spirits running a muck. Anger draws spirts because they can use that energy to move things around and make noises. Try leaving a digital voice recorder on when no one is there and see what kind of thing can be heard.
tdmeyer in Billy Was Here
From another story, there was someone who had a little girl attached to her. They went to a neraby paranormal group and was seemed to end up helping the girl cross over. Maybe billy is trying to tell you something? Maybe you can get someone to see what he wants and see if you can see if he will cross over? Good luck, keep us posted on what you do!
Poor little girl, I am glad you got to help her cross over! I hope she is at peace now.
scaredycat15 in Voices Of Girl
The little girl might want a friend she might not know she is dead and you might seem friendly to her. Hey you don't know y'all might become friends Laugh
scaredycat15 in The Voice Calling Andrea
I think she heard about you and talk about you to her Father before he passed and when he did he wanted y'all to know each other. Just a crazy idea
it does stand in irvington the one that he rent and it is a book bumps in the night by alan e. Hunter and thanks for the comment and here is some more information
Scared your story is great please red mine on the website I enjoyed and thought it was scary
notjustme in My Mother's Anger
I agree with BBJ... First thing that sprang into my head was POLTERGEIST! And most people who manifests them are not even aware they are the cause of it. Like BBJ said, hopefully your son and wife can stay away from that. It usually just stays in that house hold so if they stay clear of your mother's house they should be alight, but who knows really.
Nice job there friend! Very touching and glad you were able to hopefully help her soul.
piyuprmr in Ghost On The Roof
As you written
There may be the domestic people who are teasing you as you said different voices
There must me multiple people
Keep buch of your friends with you at night
To chek what is really going on
Paranormal stuff or some kind of mischif.
shiz98 in The Dark Lady 2
can you plzz tell me the name of that song... Maybe we can conclude something from its lyrics... Smile
shiz98 in Shadow In Train
Obviously you may find it hard to believe but not the one who experienced it. My friends say that it maybe a real man sitting on your berth... If he was real how could he disappear so fast... It might be an illusion or something else but not a dream...
elnoraemily in Was That Something?
As I remember it, it seemed to be very quiet and very peaceful.
I don't know I can't find it google earth is being stupid, and I'm not sure why but it's not even labeled on there.
So You've been there, did anything happen, did you see anything because that place is supposed to be haunted.
sheetal in Shadow In Train
hi, shiz98 Welcome to YGS... I am agree with elnoraemily... I don't think it was any ghost...
hi, Omgovind... Really It will going hard for me to sleep tonight... Very scary... Yarr... Scared Scared Scared
Elanoraemily, oh well uh that is intersting, hold on I'm going to run over to this place... (on Google Earth!) LOL.
Hi, Suman... Very scary story indeed... I can understand why you still don't step on the first floor... Thanks for sharing Happy
Hi, justmeD Welcome to YGS... I enjoyed the first part of your story which bring me back to my childhood when we use cloths to make seat on rod of cycle and go to granny's place... Those were the beautiful days of my life... Your story is simply spooky... I can understand your mama refuse you to don't look to them as they can haunt you... It's good nothing more happened to both of you...

And Yes Assam is really beautiful place...
Wow! That's really terrible experience. Your story had chilled my spine with fear. Full marks to your lively narration omgovind. Surely, I have just read a true horror Indian story after a long time. Your way of narration had reminded me of sanjubhat.
Eagerly waiting for your next post.

elnoraemily in Was That Something?
I actually went there as a child on a vacation. My mom was very into making sure we understood the importance of history.
Strange. According to this, the house that stands there now is a replica.


The details of the Indiana house are at the bottom of the article.
Hi, Gaurav I am very sorry you've to suffer such unfortunate event... I am glad you are safe now... Please keep Hanuman chalisa near to you and start reading it every night... And Yes I've tried rook's method it's really effective... You should give it try...

Stay safe and blessed... Happy Love
Well why does the webpage that I went to say this:

"We had the opportunity to investigate one of the houses located on the property associated with the infamous Dr. H.H. Holmes, who murdered a young boy in a rented house in Irvington, which no longer stands."

Is it an error?
Wow that looks like a really nice hotel though, and you live in New Mexico (I'm assuming because that's what it says up Top) have you ever heared of Montezuma Castle?
The house in Indiana is still standing. The castle in Chicago was burned down to hide the crimes.
shiz98 in Shadow In Train
[at] elnoraemily I'm sure it wasn't a dream as the nightmare I saw was something else and I remember opening my eyes after that... And I wasn't frozen at all... It couldn't be an illusion as the shadowy face and hat were showing movements...
Mtjr, very intersting story, but - I looked this place up and I read that this house no longer stands. So I'm now confused.

elnoraemily in Was That Something?
I've been wanting to go to the really haunted places around the country, but work and such get in the way. There are some old asylums I would love to check out:D

My city claims to be very haunted, but most it is a touristy thing:/ They do ghost walks in our Old Town every month or so and several of the restaurants in that section claim to be haunted. Not very interesting, sadly, unless you are from out of town.

There is a "haunted" hotel I want to spend a weekend at that is conveniently located across the street from my favorite bar:P It was an old TB hospital in the 1900s, then a mental hospital, then stood empty for a decade or so, then became a hotel. Lots of history. This:
The outside facade is the same as it was when it was built and the rooms are the same, as well, just gutted and updated. Gorgeous place. They have random artifacts left over. I have a friend who claims to have seen a little girl appear there.
Im glad you enjoyed it. I hope another part won't be coming. Itll be nice to sleep easier now.
Elanoraemily, well maybe it was something! I can't believe that if you wanted to see something ghostly you wouldn't just go on a ghost tour or something long before now. I think it would be better to see something elsewhere than in your own. Thanks for sharing your story. And again its great to see you back, there aren't a whole lot of people on YGS that sign up and stay. (There is a lot of one time posters).
And yes I also agree with BJJ, and I also have a grandfather that is not blood relation, but he has been quite a grandfather to me. The real definition of family is the ones that are there for you and those around you and that care about you.
wellmpacheco in Is My Apartment Haunted?
Hello Susan, searchin' for haunted stories, just found yours, I thought your case is very similar with mine, I mean the moment I am living right now in my apartment, specially when I am alone in here.Definitely, I have been so afraid, many times, when I am in shower, I feel like there was somebody else there with me... Later on I will publish mine. Smile
PerfectInsanity, well this may have been your grandfather, but it also could have been that something has followed you from the graveyard.
Aahhh! That's some heavy duty initiative and massive proactive awesomeness!
Peachesop big time well done! Thanks for so much for the update.
So glad this is turning around for the better and I know it's been said before but you are BRAVE and naturally sensitive. Great qualities to have and nurture. LOVE your attitude!
This here story is soo going to faves.
Elanoraemily, yes that is a great way to put, because once your a human your always a human (dead or alive) you just change, and sometimes in ways that are hard to understand. Thanks for your input on that I was wondering what other people would think of that.
Peachesop - I have to hand it to the paranormal group to be able to respond as quickly as they did. Hopefully you were able to cross her over and you won't have to submit another part to her story Smile
elnoraemily in I Saw His Father
Typically, I consider non-human to have never been human. I think what they meant is non-living. Just wording.

Nice story.
Kshaya_SL, thank you for sharing this story, but I think the term you used; "non-human" isn't the right thing to say because ghosts/ apparitions are still human right? Or is this a debatable question?
Axear22, if you need to get proof of her somehow, that may be hard, it's too bad that your word isn't enough proof, (if your trying to prove it to someone). Try a thermal camera maybe that will work. And if you use an Ouija board just be careful and make sure you close it correctly.
SomnyBurnz, the tall dark figure you saw was probably a shadow person, you can usually feel their presence when they are near for some reason.
After reading your third experience I came up with an idea; when this is expected to happen again, just leave your window open and see what happens, then tell us what hapened.
That sent a bug shiver through my body when reading this. Thanks for sharing. Have you ever been back? Or have you ever know any one who has also been there and seen things?
I am a bad former Hoosier. I totally forget that his final residence was in Indiana. I always think of Chicago.

Onto the actual story, cats are just cats. The color of them does not make them more susceptible to the paranormal. I think that what you are seeing might actually be something residual, a pattern. Seeming how they keep popping up and going nowhere, that is an option.
Or, they could be a real family of feral cats that have stayed together and live in the area. Cats can squeeze into tiny places and jump fairly high, so they can escape areas that look closed off with ease.
Bibliothecarius in Old Lady Under The Bird Cage
Hi, Terranigma.

I do enjoy reading your experiences, as they are both descriptive and well-paced. I understand your initial fears when confronted with paranormal entities (especially a fire-eyed stalker and a wriggling snake-man), but you should feel fortunate/blessed that the deceased appear to you as clearly as the living. It must come as an unpleasant surprise sometimes, but you are able to identify exactly what you see. Your friends or family may react oddly when you see spirits, but you can describe what you SAW. For those of us who can only interact with unseen spirits, we seem downright peculiar when we're trying to locate the source of pressure, cold, sound, touch, scent, or inexplicable certainty of data; I can tell you from experience that trying to find the spiritual source without calling attention to the fact we sense it just makes us look downright batty.

Please, continue to regale us with your narratives.

shiz98 in Shadow In Train
yes I felt weight on the edge of my berth but no sensation of hot or cold... Confused
Suman_4141, wow I've never heard of people using Ouija boards at school. But if a teacher had caught you, that would have been big trouble.
BadJuuJuu in My Mother's Anger
Ugh, I can relate to this.
I don't know if you're familiar with poltergeists, but that's what this sounds like to me. The gist of a poltergeist is that an individual (usually a teenager but anyone with an excessive amount of emotional tension) can cause physical manifestations such as loud noises and/or moving objects. It's a particularly annoying type of activity.
Your mother's emotions could be lashing out independent of her will. Usually poltergeist activity happens around the host, but a person's emotions seep into a home's environment. Her residual emotions inside the house could be strong enough to cause manifestations even when she's not there to fuel the energy. And when she's home and in a bad mood, it would naturally be even more severe. Just as an example, my husband and I had to live next door to my mother for a while. She would get mad at us and physical manifestations would take place in our home, mostly along the lines of cabinet doors flying open and hitting my husband, or him being slapped by an invisible presence. It sucked.
I hope your son and his wife are able to move soon. In the meantime, they can try to fill their home with as much positive, loving energy as possible and try to ignore the sounds next door. Poltergeist activity doesn't stop until the host works through their emotional turmoil, and let's just be honest here, some people revel in emotional turmoil.
I wish I had something a little more hopeful to say.
Sam222 in Demon Doll
You could sell it, if you get rid of it, it will take her off your mind, and maybe your nightmares will stop, because the doll may be causing your nightmares directly.
Spooky221, did you happen to have any windows open at the time?
elnoraemily in My Mother's Anger
I think it could literally be her anger causing this. Excess energy causing havoc. Has she or your father noticed anything or is it just when they are not there?
SeriouslyConfused, wow I can't believe your mom lied to you that just so you would clean up your act, that's like saying "you better be good or you will get nothing for Christmas" lol. But anyway, that must've been really scary for you, it makes me wonder why he had appeared in a blue tuxedo and showed red eyes. And now that he is coming back, you have got to do something like cleanse you pr home or try leaving a bible open (it doesn't matter if your religous or not).
Littlemiss, a few of the things that happened I'm not so sure a bout, but most of what you explain towards the end of your story was probably a shadow person, your description fits it. Good thing you moved out of the house. If anything like this happens with you again (like seeing the shadow people), just leave a bible open in the room (s) it happnes in. You don't have to be religous for this to work, it worked for me, I actually started on the first book in the bible left it open and flipped to the next one everyday, after I went through the the whole thing I just left it open on random pages: and there it still sits where I first left it. (This is the first time I've told someone how I removed the shadow figures from my home, I did a couple other things along with the bible thing, but I think that this is what really did the work).
As babygoatpuller said, welcome to shadow people club.
Maybe it was a visitor from beyond...
Firstly, Assam is a beautiful place.

Secondly, I totally get how unknown entities venture on those isolated roads. Have experienced it.

Thirdly, good, you didn't look at them. It is believed that these entities could attach themselves to the one who looks at them.
batchiebones in The Brotherly Love
To Minipu4, elnoraemily, Faith1986, and Mitotakatori,

Thank you all guys for letting me share this experience. It took me almost 7 years to impart my thoughts. My mom and I are still recuperating until now. I even sought professional help before because I really felt lost...Again, thank you. God bless everyone... Love
Waking up to an unknown face staring at your face is like a nightmare right in front of your eyes...Scary! How was the ghost of the man associated to the house?

Personally I do not think idols could help banish spirits but if cursed objects could exist then maybe blessed idols could help. Good luck.
AngeLeeS in Shadow In Train
Well, it would have been scary at that moment, especially after a nightmare.

But because, you just saw the shadow of the man from underneath your blanket, so maybe it was a shadow of something else which you imagined as a man. That happens sometimes. Did you feel any weight on the edge of your berth? Or some weird cold-hot sensation?
AngeLeeS in Road With Voices
Thank you Lynev. I am constantly praying for them and my sister-in-law has spoken to her mother and they are working on a blessing. I understand the fear of being haunted.
Jean, I hope so.
It sure might have been scary to see such a figure. I know how it feels. And according to my experience and research, sometimes the apparitions seem to be taller than normal as they are floating. And moreover, because it was shapeless, so we never know what parts were figments of our own imagination and what was in fact in front of the eyes.

Nonetheless, pray and see for other paranormal signs.
BadJuuJuu in An Attached Spirit
Ari, please ignore gold phoenix. He's just a troll, and his comments never last long.

I KNEW your parents must have known something in order to move out that quickly. Sounds like they wanted to minimize & deny it so you wouldn't be so scared and that perhaps you would forget about it since you were so young. I think they did what most parents would do in order to protect their child and to ensure that you were not traumatized.
Good story!

Kind Regards,
No disrespect intended, but an insect shadow THAT large?
That sounds like reaching just a "wee" bit too far. The truth is, most of us do not know what many of these beings are or where they come from. I personally don't believe the polarized "Heaven of Hell" theory. I think there's a lot out there that science has YET to explain at least at this point on the timeline. They used to think that the plague was from evil entities, until discovering the germ theory; i.e., bacteria and viruses.
I know there are some on this site that are knowledgeable regarding the descriptions of various entities. Theories, anyone?
Kind Regards,
lisapeasley in Childhood Terror
It sounds like a very scary situation. A lot of it sounds paranormal and the doll thing maybe it was aware of the fear of the doll and used that against you. I keep wondering if I'm a haunted person because my name has been called by a male voice several times when there was no males present. It is a very frightful thing to live through. May God keep you safe
They could have been a coincident. What matters is they felt real to you. Have you had more issues or is he at peace now?
WiniPu4 in Doctor Grandad
A very heart-warming, nice story. It's always nice to hear about ancestors reaching out from the other side of life to help in our struggles, especially helping to save the life a a much-loved baby. You can rest assured that your grandad will always be there looking out for you, and should feel very special and grateful that he chose to let you know that we transcend death.
You are very fortunate.
What a creepy story. Hopefully you will never see this "thing" again.