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lady-glow in Rakandhar
chelseylobo: that is an interesting and reassuring belief of the people of Goa.

My skeptic and, sometimes, cynical self would go and check the street in the middle of the night trying to see if this Rakandhar is not an old man on the flesh and blood walking with the help of a cane and roaming the streets of the neighborhood. Surprised

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in The Slave House
mamachong: slavery in the USA was abolished in 1865; the nice lady you are talking about would had lived under the injustice of segregation that ended in 1964.
But whatever the name we call it this kind of oppression of a given group of people over other human beings is wrong and should stop... Unfortunately humanity is slow learning the lessons from its past. Serious
[at] samtillie,
I posted one other story. It is on my page. In reference to other experiences, I will try to submit some later on. Smile
Yes I've been to a doctor. I was even baccuracted and given medication, but it did nothing for this. I don't remember what specific medication I took, but it had to do with alleviating my stress and a anxiety, and auditory hallucinations. This is seriously something doing things inside my body, I think its a demon. I just want an actually solution to this. I've been tormented in my sleep and have so far gotten a dream every single time I go to sleep, which is basically either evil or randomn and annoying. I'm hearing sounds in my ears all the time (not tinnitus) and I'm not sure how to describe it. Its basically different noises in my ears, like something leaving and then coming back in my head, and voices disagreeing or saying words in my ears. I can also feel pressure in my head when I've concentrated or mentally tried to push something out of it, so it feels like there's something inside my head as well. I think it a demon, and want to get rid of this thing whatever it is but so far have found no way that actually works. I actually bought a service from someone claiming they can remove spirits and other stuff from people at a distance, but he scammed me. I've searched online so much for a solution, and found this: he basically is going though something similair. All I can really think this of for what this is is a demon.
HarlowMortis in Sister And Winged Being
Similar expirience happened to me. I had a miscarriage when I was sixteen, not until later on when I was older did I start expirienceing the spirit of my unborn child. So glad you got to meet your siblings:)
zzsgranny in Grandmother's Ghost
BlackMurderknot: It all comes down to that little thing called "faith". No one has ever seen God and lived to tell about it either, and yet millions of people around the globe still believe in His existence. Why? Because they have faith.
Well there are many individuals who say they can do it at will. I have experienced it few times in my life, however I have NEVER been able to enter that state consciously, I have only realized it within the dream (s) itself.

Astral Travel is something I can do 'at will', however if you ask me to teach you all I can tell you is HOW I achieve it... Different people do it different ways.


I'm not sure about that mate, I would do some research on the building, and see if anything has happened there. I would continue to be alert as well... Just in case it is just a stalker
Yeah, I would do what JeunaBella and BadJuuJuu recommended, you can't be too careful
Hello there,

I'm sorry things have been so difficult for you; it sounds terrifying. I just wanted to add that the nature of God or the transcendent or whatever you want to call it is not dependent on someone's holy book. Presumably you've seen other things in the Bible too, about when to make your burnt offerings and when someone ought to be stoned to death? Those things rightly have no relevance to modern society. God is the source of love, and therefore could never be inflicting this on you as some kind of punishment. I hope you find the help you need, and wish you all the best.
And you could try creating positive energy from inside your body to your surroundings. What I meant is you should think positively, control your emotions, think about the good stuff and try to calm down (I know some people with these issues and when they start to panic or think negative, things will become worst). Try to talk with someone who can make you feel safe to get rid of your fear. Many people tend to get scared until their breaking point that caused them to experience trauma, feeling of being hunted and panic if something unusual and extremely unusual happens with them BUT it's up to us and what our mind believe. Have faith and belief in yourself, control it with your mind and do not let your fear control you.

If you have been pronounced physically healthy by the experts then you should at least give my advice a try. Perhaps you can buy some therapeutic candles and lit them in your room. But if you need traditional remedies, here are my grannys tips.
1) Put some salts on your windows, doors and mirrors as my granny claims these are the entities entrance to our world. Mountain salt or rock salt is a good option.
2) Wash your feet before you go to bed and make sure your bed is clean and during the day let the sunlight through your room if it is possible.
3) Take some red onions and put them on your bed, preferably at the feet of your bed.

If you're more to religious type, pray to your god, get blessed and recite your prayers when you feel the attack is going to strike.
ok, I understand... But can people do that? I mean the lucid dreaming?
JeunaBella in A Missing Person
Now when I think back he was a bit blurry at that time. But it was raining and I didn't really care as I thought it is normal. Till this day I am still puzzled as the brief moment I had with him was real. I swear he was so real and the next minutes he was gone. I did research on the ground but nothing much as before the flats was built, it was merely a huge field there.
GeeB1234 in A Missing Person
Seems as if someone really wanted to delay you from getting to work and being involved in that accident! I'm no expert by any means but I believe he was there for a reason, you didn't imagine it and at the time he was very real!
Im sorry too that you had these experiences. It does sound like a residual and intelligent haunt of the old building. However this entity must have had a reason to choose you as a target. Are you quite open to the paranormal? If so this could be a reason as myself I'm quite open to paranormal senses and in haunted places I get feelings I can describe like happiness, anger, sadness etc. However the good news is it hasnt followed you home. Anyway all the best and I hope you don't have anything like this happen again:)
Hello I agree with both Badjuujuu and Fergie, you really need to visit your GP to rule out anything you health wise, physically or emotionally. You mention you have been taking medication, what medication have you been taking? Your symptoms of hearing things and twitches are common, related to certain medical conditions. How long have you been having these symptoms? It would be interesting to know. I think you need to calm down, relax and think logically and visit your GP asap.
Ha! Alan, that is a classic case of sound being imprinted in the 'fabric' of the house. That must have been unnerving and a horrible reminder of the suffering that Mr Rathmore went through. I wonder why the lady of the house was so anxious to deny hearing it, if she clearly had?

Thank you for sharing Alan.
carouselcat this is a pretty scary story! I have had some very creppy experiences myself. One related to such as this but luckily for me not as terryfying. I'm glad that this entity whatever it may have been did finally leave you. As from reading your story its intention was to break you down mentally.
Hi, I don't feel you need to pray for spirits, you can just acknowledge them instead by talking to them in your mind if you like. Living beings cannot be angels, angels are created, maybe as you have said you are in tune. Have you anymore experiences?
Umm, Anon20, I second BJJ. Consult your doctor first. At one stage of my life I had ringing in my ears and what sounded like unintelligible whispers; sometimes the sound of rushing water or wind. At times it felt like worms were crawling under my scalp. It scared the cr [at] p out of me. A visit to my GP proved that all of this was to do with blood pressure. I can now sleep peacefully with no more thudding or other strange noises in my ears.

I hope this helped.
bizzle90 in Holiday Encounter

This is quite a terryfying experience. I'm Surprised also as you mentioned that the house had a homely feel to it. My only question really is have you had any more experiences after returning home I mean the same as what happened to you at in Spain. If not great at that means whatever it was hasnt followed you back. If so I would seek help pretty quick as this does seem like a malevolent presence. Sorry I can't be anymore help.
Have you been to a doctor for a physical? You need to rule out a physical issue with your ears before jumping on the demon/black magic bandwagon. Always, and I mean always rule out any mundane causes for experiences, especially if the causes could be health related.
no, my cousin is a notorious skeptic and devout christian so, if anything odd did happen he wouldn't have told me. He said he prayed a lot.
Yes he did return it to the jungle. The resemblance with your story was he was the only one who heard all the knocking stuff whereas his family didnt. So it was intended for him. His sister who dreamt of someone asking her to return the branch never knew that her brother brought the branch home until the dream happened.
Ghost exists?
Therefore God exists
Study Islam not about muslims because I think most non-muslims are better examples of muslims!
BlackMurderknot in Grandmother's Ghost
I don't believe in purgatory and doesn't not even mentioned in the Bible. How can they say it DOES EXIST if they didn't went to that place yet.

If some was offended by my comment, I'm sorry Serious
BlackMurderknot in Ghosts are Everywhere
So,do you still live in that house? Maybe they don't want you to be alone or some materials used in that house attracted the ghost

Always take care!

BlackMurderknot in Ghostly Deeds
Before on the house we rented for 1 month, it was almost midnight when my sister told me to go downstairs to get her cellphone. I saw my brother sleeping in the living room. When I finally got the cp, I saw a black figure of a bald man hurrily rush to the toilet I first I thought it was my brother-in-law but he wasn't bald at all. The figure open the lights on the cr so I ran quickly to go upstairs. When I'm on the staircase, I looked at the toilet and saw nothing and the lights were off. It scared the crap out of me so I went to her room reaching my breath I asked her husband if he went to the toilet an he said no. I went straight to my room and I didn't tell anyone what had happened that night thinking its just my imagination but not. I knew I wasn't imagining at all because I was fully awake that time.
True story about me

I'm sorry this has happened to you. It sounds terrifying.
I'm not suggesting you join a church or anything, but what I would suggest is that you might want to check out what Jesus in the New Testament of the bible has to say about demons and all of that. Again, I'm not terribly religious myself, but it's worth checking out what Jesus has to say about it.
Silene02 in Tower Of London
I was there in 2011. I didn't see any ghost but I can't deny that some spots makes you feel a little uneasy. There is a place that made me uneasy, it was a room where the walls have a lot of antique graffiti, it gave me the chills when I thought of the people imprisoned there. The other spot that made me feel low, and contemplative, it was the traitors door I felt how the shame and sadness of so many people is printed in that place. You can't see anything unusual, but you can clearly feel the mood.
mamachong in The Slave House
When I was really young... Probably the age of three or four?...I knew this lady, I think she grew up into slavery and got freed. I remember enough to know her more than just hazy or questionable memories. Anyway... I remember her cooking chicken and dumplings, at least two or three times. Everytime she went to someone's house, if they had a back door, she would only knock on the back door. Me and my brothers and sisters never could understand why she did that. When we asked my mom about it, my mom said that, that was the way it was for most of her life for that lady, because of slavery. Infact that lady got a kick out of us asking if we could call her grandma. I don't remember much else, and I could be wrong, but I don't think she had a cruel master. She was such a sweet lady.
[at] mamachong: It definitely was, though weirdly as it was going on for so long, I was just growing weary of it before the end. I had wondered whether or not it was the dog returned at the beginning, too- but then I figured she wouldn't be quite so malicious, or attention seeking whichever it was being, plus I think if she did come back, it'd be to trot at my dad's heels.

[at] lady-glow: Well in my case some of the more powerful prayers had no effect!;^^ I had said at least 4 before I reached my guardian angel prayer but it wasn't until then that anything happened. Have to admit, while I was and am extremely glad that my angel intervened, I was pretty upset that it hadn't acted sooner when I had been asking for the clawed thing to go. Maybe it coudln't act until that moment or something, but yeah. While I now do have a very strong belief in angels, I have to admit my faith in religions overall fell by a lot. Confused

& thank you very much! I'm glad too!

[at] JeunaBella: Did he return the branch to the jungle then? That is very strange! Yeah I mean it's why I'm a bit unsure as to whether there were two, possibly represented by the bugs in the dream. The clawed thing I think now looking back on it just wanted attention, but the second one was definitely a lot more sinister and malignant in its intentions, whatever those were. Pretty glad I never had to find out!
I think you were born with a gift of being a medium. Embrace it. It can be a quite powerful gift. I am the 4th generation of being a medium in my family, and I too tried to block it out for the longest time until here recently. My boyfriend has taught me how to channel with the spirits and how to ground myself for when they come around. I hope with whatever you shall do, I hope it works best for you.

As for this... I believe things like this is heritary. My daughter shows signs of the gift as well. Please look more into studying up on the paranormal:)

During Lucid Dreaming the individual is not 'awake' but they have trained themselves to have conscious control over their dream... Making it harder for a spirit to communicate with that individual while they are in that state.


Ah, glad you asked...

Lucid dreaming is a state attained while you sleep in which you maintain control of the dream and what happens in it.

Astral Travel is a conscious effort to project our 'spirit' out of our body and into the Spirit realm (the Astral Plane). During this state our spirit remains connected to our physical body via a 'psychic cord' to use a simple explanation.

The individual performing either of these is fully awake during the time they are doing it... So they are not in a relaxed sleep state.

I am sure there are others who can explain it in more detail, but togas the 'nuts and bolts' answer. I hope it helps.


[at] rain,chelseylobo,jellopixel,
I appreciate your responses. The children were not forgotten by my mother, but until recently, she had not felt the need for me to know about them. I am not sure how praying for spirits works because that is never something I have actually done. Any advice?
hippiesiren in It Likes My Singing
[at] Jake, I have tried to talk to them about it, however, they do not stay in the dormitory very often. Even when they are around, they have said they have never noticed anything. Of course, they are more social than I am, so they would not notice any out of place sounds.
rookdygin: indeed I have a question. What are Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming?
Maybe it doesn't like you guys living there as it might have been its house previously or it was attached to the place. When you moved in you guys sure did some arrangements or organising your stuff according to your preference right? It might get disturbed with all that and then the new guests, ect. My aunt is having the same story to tell (even until this day). My aunt is a baker and she owns a small bakery store in town. My aunt used to bring the leftover cake or pie to her house. She would actually placed them in a tight container and just put it on the kitchen table when she got home. After she was done refreshing herself and went to the kitchen she will find the container on the other side of the kitchen, the lid was opened and the cake or pie was being smashed? She doesn't have any pet and all the windows and doors were closed. Her plates were broken as well but she never heard any loud noise as to explain it. It only happenes if my aunt brings pineapple cake, pie or tart. Happened several times until my aunt stop bringing any pineapple related flavour to her home-kitchen particularly.
[a] carouselcat
Your story reminds me of my friend. He went jungle trekking in 2010 and during the trail he found a branch shaped like snake with obvious features so he took it home. Since then every night his front door was being knocked like 10 times but no one was there. It was going on for roughly 1 mnth when his sister dreamt of someone asking her to return their belonging and it was full of anger. My friend returned the branch and the knocking stopped. And yes evil entity does feed on our negative emotion like when we're scared, anger and sadness. The fact that 'it' went after you every night is terrifying enough as it made its movements visible to you but not to others. And it went through the hassle searching the room for you. Glad it was over for you.:-)
I have a similar experience with your friend lady-glow. My neighbour had also become really distraught living in her house due to the negative vibe and presence she felt whenever she was at home. She is a homemaker so basically she was alone for 8-9 hours per working day. She went to get holy water one day and she sprinkled her home, in fact every single room and lawn with it and the very next day her house was burnt completely. But what seems odd was the house was semi detached with another house but only her house was damaged beyond repair. They said the holy water purified the evil being there. Just sharing thou.

It is a belief of mine that spirits communicate with us via our dreams because it's easier than 'crossing over' into the physical realm for them. When we dream our 'consciousness' opens up and we are 'closer' to the veil and so spirits do not have to use as much energy to communicate with us.

PLEASE do not confuse this with Astral Travel or Lucid Dreaming as they are not alike... Both of those take conscious effort... While sleeping and being 'open' take no effort of any sort on our part.

Please ask any questions you might have.


nice story [at] hippiesiren, I agree with [at] chelseylobo and [at] jellopixel it was your unborn siblings, if they were lost accidentally your family needs to remember them by offering some prayers, especially you because you were next to them, and maybe you were bothered by them,,, so that they will not feel that they were outcaste from the family,

rookdygin in Do Not Watch

Thank you for understanding why we ask some of the questions we do. There are many people here with lots of experiences and while we may not have ALL the answers we try to figure something out based on our own... And of course we all bring our unique perspectives to the 'table' so you get the advantage of multiple answers for a single question.

Of course I will read your next submission... Lets see if we can refine what your Family may have experienced during this period in time. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, knowledge is power and if you do not ask, then you can not learn.


Try and communicate with her, ask her why she is still there. As I think she still has a emotional connection. Try and communicate with her.
I agree with sheetal, it will be worth asking if your room mates have experienced anything similar.
And seeing as it doesn't seem to want to harm you, I think there is no reason for concern.
But be warned just as it can stay and become (hate to use the word, but lacking the vocabulary for another) "friend", it can easily become a negative spirit.

- Jake
Shadow people aren't always classed as demons. Shadow people can be spirits too. Taking the form of silhouette or a dark being. I agree with both BJJ and H1olily, it could be either, there is no sure way in finding out what it is, the chance of it being a spirit or a demon are both equal.

And as BJJ said, I wish there was someone you could talk to and help you seek help.

- Jake
Jane01 in Do Not Watch
freakedoutfreddy: no not the people preparing the body, otherwise I guess nobody would be volunteer to carry out the task...
notjustme and sheetal: thank you very much. I am happy you liked the story... Happy
CornFlakes in Battling For Eggs
Well I'm not sure what he meant when he said that the growl didn't sound dog-like. He could only explain that he had the feeling of someone watching him from that door and the growl, he is still positive that there was nothing near that door. P refuses to talk about it and also gets cranky if asked.

And [at] Lady-glow when girls are in their cycle their mothers don't feed them any kind of non-veg or oily foods just because this particular evil spirit called 'kalu kumaraya' translation- Black Prince would show up at night and harass them sexually. There are so many tales about this spirit, if you search you'll come across some articles related to Sri Lankan unsolved mysteries.
CornFlakes in Battling For Eggs
[at] spiritwaiting: Yes, even after the cleansing and some rituals things only started to get worst. Their foods would rot within a day especially the dairy items even if its unopened. Women in the house knows better about cooking and foods so V's mother believed that something was definately in the house.

V was a non-believer and he would actually laugh at anyone who warns not to eat oily foods after 6pm, so basically that wasn't his mind playing tricks. He would've brushed that off if it wasn't for the light bulb exploding like a bomb. There is no way an animal could reach to that part. And I'm not sure what kind of roof they have.
Sorry shyenne I haven't seen your comment I realized that we mean the same in our comment Shy
Maybe the man that commited suicide in that house owns the cats or he just love cats Confused
So what was the evil place like? What it just a really evil bad vibe or were there also things you could recognise and describe? I agree with H2olily, it was a demon or they have been called shadow people lately. They really try to scare you on purpose. They shine 'darkness'on you and feed you nasty dreams so that you will be scared - then they seriously feed on your fear. Its cliched but cliches come from somewhere. I have had similar dreams caused by a shadow person. They basically distract you with a freaky scary dream - often with some nasty characters in it -or itself- while the actual shadow person is standing beside your bed sucking energy out of you. They are nasty but they don't kill people (but ok, dead men don't tell tales) they use us more like farm animals. I don't know if they are like religions say or if they are more like a kind of interdimensional alien. I'm sure they were never humans before though. They are not and never were human. If you can control your fear they get bored and leave or don't come as often. They are interesting too! I kind of miss seeing it - but at the same time dont. You can strongly sense their gender they feel strongly male but look of non-descript gender.
hii, scary Scared buddy. How you was lived there after happening so much of things? I know your answer but still I want to ask you. Confused
sheetal in Red Chunni
hi senorita... Same here even I also love to read story like this.
First you are a very good narrator... Your experience is just amazing and haunting. Thank god that you ignored them and you are safe.
hi golden_swastika excellent explanation & excellent story. I started reading and it hooked me until the last line. I also heard something like that in my village also. Awesome story...
Thanks jenny sharing us such a wonderful story... Your grandma loves you lot and so she has came to you. You are so lucky that you got the chance to see her one last time. Love
nice story... Is any other roommate of yours experienced something like that? Confused
Id be careful. There are instances that I have heard of where spirits/ghosts/demons would mimic a way someone sounds (voice) or look in order to make it more comfortable around family members, and when family members get use to it around it starts changing, and will be tough to get rid of.

Just keep an eye and ear out cause if its mimicking your voice and such, it may try to disguise what it really is.

CuriousGuy in It Likes My Singing
Interesting story. I never really heard of a ghost clapping before so that is a new one for me lol. Have you ever had an experience while showering or using the bathroom before or after this one?

Also one thing that I would mention is, as long as you don't fell threatened by this spirit, is maybe try to capture some evps to see if they respond to your questions. Or even if while you go out somewhere, just leave a recorder recording to see if there are any sounds that you think shouldnt be there to see if the spirit is doing anything around the place (such as talking, walking etc.) but that's just a suggestion based off what I would do.

BlackMurderknot in First Encounter
Scary! Scared I want to know where do you live and I want to see the woman also even though I'm a bit scared because I haven't seen white ladies in my life I just feel them and just saw only one entity (a shadow) in the house we rented in Imus, Cavite and that was the first... Sad I'm very curious about them
bambi - so after you switched rooms, did your cousin experience anything and did things stop for you there? Thanks for sharing your story with us Smile
jane01- thanks for sharing! I love family visitations. I'm sure it was your grandmother just saying goodbye and letting you know she'll be there as your watcher now. God bless!
Yup, it was a demon all right... Saying a prayer for you. In my opinion, these kind of events are a wake-up call to begin a spiritual journey... The place you went was a stronghold of spiritual evil, probably...
MissCharlotte in The Slave House
I believe the restoration work was something that was on and off, nothing continuous. We knew the owner at the time, and we thought we would come by the house, though they did not know we were coming at that time. (Someone else owns the house now, so of course we wouldn't go there now) Yes, the door was unlocked when we went. It seemed the restoration work was coming to an end. I don't know why the door would be unlocked.
As to the other's accounts, I cannot verify if they are true because that is not my story, but there were other stories too that I heard, but I couldn't include everything.
I actually did go back later. Because I was young, I cannot remember my parent's reasoning for going--probably to admire the architecture. My parents probably thought nothing of my reaction since they brought me along. And the second time I did get upset again. I cried on the front porch and got the same feelings all over again. And on that occasion the doors seemed to be locked. Both my parents tried the doors. Then my older brother tried, and they opened. I'm not insinuating anything--that's just what happened.
A friend of mine who had come with us also said he had really bad feelings about the place, and one time he said he couldn't go in the house.
I remember some of us went there for halloween but I refused to get out of the car. I had gotten over my reaction and didn't think too much of it now, but I didn't want to get out. My dad stayed in the car with me.
We were both in the car and ahead of us in the driveway was a white mist that shifted back in fourth in the drive's entrance. We both saw it. It was like a fog, and it moved back and fourth--it could not have been my mind playing tricks because we both saw it.
About slave masters, I believe that most masters would have been cruel. I have read several slave narratives from the 19th century, and the people who wrote their stories attest that the vast majority of masters were horrendously cruel. A slave owner in Kentucky would have been no different. To actually own another human being, someone would have to justify it in themselves that their slaves are not true human beings, and that is something missing in someone's soul. There were some "nice" masters, but those were few. I believe the words of former slaves than the perspective of the owners.
I do not know who built the house, but I have heard that the wife of the builder does haunt it.
freakedoutfreddy in Do Not Watch
Jane01: do the people preparing a body for a funeral get bad luck? Confused
spiritwaiting: thank you... Yeah she was a wonderful person... She took great care of me when she was alive... She was a darling... Love her...

Ghostdancer: since then she appeared only in my dreams but she communicated with me via them, especially when something bad's going to happen. She doesn't tell me directly only via gestures and signs...
Jane01 in Do Not Watch
[at] rouk: thank you for trying to find reasons behind what we experienced. I didn't want to soil the reputation of my great grandma because she was dead despite the pain she caused us, that's why I didn't say how she was when alive but I guess I should tell you. She was not a nice person. But I don't want say more about her in respect for the dead, however vile she might have been. I hope you understand.

But to make you understand more why I am saying it is my great grandma, I will write another story, this time on what my aunt experienced during those times, I hope then you'll understand better...

Do read it when it gets published... But sincerely thank you for taking the pain to find answers for me... I appreciate it...
Very interesting and creepy story. Scared
The belief that prayer ALWAYS protects from bad things is something that has puzzled me for a long time. I have a very religious friend that was going through a rough time at home and one day asked a pastor to bless her house, on a symbolic way the pastor covered the house with The Precious Blood of Jesus... And her house burned to the ground only a week after the blessing!
I'm glad everything turn fine for you, and always remember that you are a very special person and any one saying the opposite is WRONG.
Thanks for sharing.
That must have been very frightening to go thru. At first I wanted to say it was the spirit of your dog visiting you. But the further along that I read, I realised it wasn't your dog. What ever this was diffently wanted your attention and seemed like it was intentially scaring you.
rookdygin in Do Not Watch

Thank you for a reply. We suggest doctors because, well we care and want to make sure everyone is OK. Happy and because ALL natural causes must be ruled out.

Now that we have established a doctor was seen and all that let us theorize as to what this may have been...

You stated that its tradition to NOT watch the body... If someone does then the spirit of the deceased will haunt them. What if this is partially true... What if a spirit is attaching itself to individuals who watched the body being prepared... What if this spirit uses the 'tradition' to instill fear into an individual... Then after some time has passed it moves on to another individual for a fresh 'fix' of 'fear energy'. I suggest this because I do not believe your grandmother would do those things to her a grandchild... May be she would if was was that type of person in life, but that is not the impression I got from your experience.

Again thanks for sharing.


Shady4u in Can I Play Too?
[at] Allesgute154, Royal College does ring a bell! XD Well I can't really disclose the exact location for privacy purposes but if you know the restaurant 'Casadella', the ground is only 5 minutes away. I didn't really think I would find someone so nearby on here. Life's full of surprises, lol. Laugh
Have you seen her again since?
I bet she was a wonderful person especially if she visited you when she passed away I wish my grandmother visited me. So has she reappeared?
Jane01, I love your story. I sympathize with your grief and pain after losing such an important person in your life. When I lost my grandpa i. Hurt for a long time for me. She sounds like she was a wonderful person in life as well as after! Thank you for sharing
no she did not say anything... I guess she knew I would be too scared if she did...
[at] femaelstrom, You make a very good point, We may be intruding the after life as we think they are to us.

This could may well of been Poltergeist with them ripping your clothes and all, But at the time you could have asked a priest to bless your house. Hope this helped Happy
[at] jane01, Thank you for uploading your story it was very touching, And was nice to here she decided to pay you a little visit before she had gone. Your grandmother I'm assuming did not want to startle you so she left you to be, But wanted to make sure she had said her last goodbyes. Did she say anything at
I'm trying to I imagine that if I were dead, and I couldn't communicate effectively, how would I react? Would I get so entirely frustrated that I would exhibit the same reactions as your ghost?

Or --in a twist of irony-- do WE appear as a 'ghost' to dead people? As though we're existing in shadow to THEM, as they do to us...?

Food for thought.
sixthsensechubbs, Any person with any spiritual background, has nothing to do with a spirit or entity latching on. I know people with all types of spiritual backgrounds, whether it be christian, etc, some without any sort of particular belief that have had experiences with hauntings of all kinds.
spiritwaiting in A Haunted Store?
Kaalalilee, Thank you for responding back! You seeing people in the shelves could possibly be spirits just walki ng in and out. Do they seem to notice you being there?
valkricry in The Slave House
Well...many parts of Kentucky are still very rural. I know where my Aunt lived folks didn't bother with locking the doors. *shrug*
MissCharlotte, was that the house built by Robert Baylor? Just off of US 431S? He was married to a woman named Frances, and rumors were she haunted the place. I never heard any stories about the slaves though. But, it wouldn't have been uncommon for them to have been there. Just for the record though, not all slaves were treated badly, and not all 'owners' were monsters. Some were even viewed as 'part of the family' by both sides, and were ferociously loyal to each other.
It's possible that you felt the residual emotions of the past though.
Ok, my opinion is that you didn't encounter a demon of any sort, but an intelligent haunt. An intelligent haunt is when a human ghost is aware of and able to interact with its environment. It sounds like there were at least two ghosts there, and it wouldn't seem odd for them to wonder who is this stranger in our home?
I think maybe encountering the paranormal scared the bejeezus out of you (perfectly normal) and that fear is what triggered the nightmares. Also perfectly normal. It sucks that you didn't have anyone at the time you felt you could talk to about it, maybe talking with someone while you were staying at the house would have helped alleviate the fear. But, I'm glad for you that it hasn't happened since.
Jane01 in Do Not Watch
elnoraemily: this story is about ghost, so I skipped the part on visit to the doctor. To answer your question it's the first place my parents took my sister...
Jane01 in Do Not Watch
i understand everyone's point of view...
[at] Vasrod... To tell you the truth I don't know the answer myself as to why we can't watch the body... But it's a tradition purported for generations and with time people forget why they do all these and they just carry them out... Especially in my country where traditions are becoming less important day by day...

Yeah my parents took my sister to various doctors across the country... But nothing could be done... The doctors prescribed inhalation pumps, gave medicines. My mom used the pumps every night but they were of no use...

It's true my sister had frequent asthma attacks when she was younger but none were like that... Normally after each attack she would remember everything... But after the ones I mentioned in the story, she did not remember anything... She said she only remembered the time when she went to sleep... And during the attacks she would look straight ahead as if looking at someone and I asked my mother again about it as I was still small at that time and she confirmed that sometimes when my sis could talk during those attacks she would say that someone was strangling her and one time she said that grandma was strangling her...

And during those hard times, my mom says she was always getting wrong vibes in the house... I also mentioned that she had those attacks at 1 am everynight and after reading your comments I asked my mom about that and she said that that was the time my great grandma died...

Well there could be a rational explanation behind all these as some of you said but after all we went through at that time I can't be so sure... But thank you all for listening to my story and for your sincere comment...
BadJuuJuu in The Slave House
Um, lady-glow, when did you take up mind reading? I wondered those things when I read this yesterday, but was too lazy to type. Laugh
Anyhoo MissCharlotte, I have the same questions as lady-glow and mamachong. Any workmen leaving my house open for any group of strangers to wander into would be fired so fast their heads would spin.
allesgute154 in Can I Play Too?
Hi Shubham, interesting story. Could you tell me where exactly in Mira Road? I'm asking because I used to go to college there. Royal College rings a bell?:)
Very Sweet Story Happy excellent narration. Yes true some of our family members still cares us even after their death. Your story touched my heart. Love
BlackMurderknot in Grandmom Still Cares
Great story! Your grandma loved you so much. I started to miss my Lolas too because they both passed away. Luckily, I still had my two Lolo left
BlackMurderknot in Family Of Third Eyes
My nieces are older than me because I'm only 13 years old Laugh

Okay... That was off topic
BlackMurderknot in Dwarf's Curse
Why does dwarves always so sensitive and overprotective? Even though I don't believe in them, based on the stories I've read they're always like that. Like when you poke them, there's a posibility that they will curse you to die? Uuggghhh Confused
BlackMurderknot in Duwende
But still, I'm not sure if they do exist.

I'm new here so please don't be rude to me Happy
BlackMurderknot in Duwende
You're not alone Ninja-cHick I don't believe to duwendes either because I still haven't seen one. My parents raised me and told me not to believed in such creatures. I didn't mean to offend everyone too. We have different beliefs okay? The only way to make me believe in aswangs or lamanglupa is to see one. I believe in ghosts and demons but not them. But I have to admit that your story was great! Wink
BlackMurderknot in Dorms On Campus
That was scary! I wonder what school it was... Anyway why the heck did that girl commited suicide? If I'm the girl leaving for the sembreak, I would check the cabinet first before locking it Serious
lady-glow in The Slave House
I have the same questions that BJJ, plus one of my own: why would any one assume the "dissappearance" of a cane to be a paranormal fact? -Did the worker ask to the other workers if some one moved the cane to other place? Confused
Hi Otteer... Thank you so much for your analysed comment. Yes it may be true that dream is the easiest state of mind to reach us by paranormal entity.

With lots of respect... Happy
And this is why I believe in guardian spirits, like Tara and them. Bless our relatives every day.! Love
mamachong in The Slave House
I can't imagine the doors would be unlocked. If they are restoring the house then I would think that there would be tools left there for the next day. The other thing... It is concidered trespassing, although I have heard of stranger things, I have a hard time swallowing that your parents would be willing to partake of trespassing and such. I'm not discounting your story but I remain on the fence for now on this one.
Please don't be offended, but you said you know you didn't have sleep pralysis because you've been tested. Well that plainly was not true, so now I ask, what about the "I've gone through many tests," bit? Or the army bit? Or well... You see? Just saying that begs a question, with respect.