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Sounds interesting Darkangel. I think it's very common for hauntings in motels and hotels... In fact anywhere lots of people pass through...theatres, cinemas even cruise ships ect. You should write it up!
nosidaM in Papa?
dreamer01- That is crazy! I have heard that people that sleepwalk do all sorts of things. My husbands brother used to get a slice of bread, go out the front door and stand on the end of their deck and take one bite out of the bread, always in the middle then drop it and walk back inside! He is a weird one though haha Laugh

Tweed- Hahaha! Not a worry, I got what you meant Smile
Bibliothecarius in Autonomous Toy Creatures
Glad to have been of some help, Tweed.

I know there used to be an online encyclopedia of mythical/supernatural creatures, because several students used it as a resource for Cryptid presentations in my Folklore Elective 2 or 3 years ago... Can't seem to find it now, and this computer is being alarmingly uncooperative this evening. Probably something to do with my working damnfool 12+ hour shifts...

I'll try again tomorrow, if I get the chance.

Bibliothecarius in Homolovi
Greetings, Shelbyloree:

I have a question about chronology within your story. You were clearly in a rush to get to a refreshing shower after a long day of sweeping; you stated, "I looked at that hunk of black, thought oooh, that's bad! Stepped over it and grabbed my stuff for the showers. On the way back down the hall, I noticed it was gone. Thought nothing of it..." Now, if I know there's going to be a scramble to get to one of the showers while there's still hot water, I'd set up everything I needed to grab in a large tote bag (or something) before I left. How much time did you spend gathering your things? Was it a moment, a few minutes, or a little while longer? How many other people in the dorm could have interfered with the pottery shard, picked it up, etc., before you returned to the hallway?

Additional thoughts: Was there anyone in the dorm who displayed any animosity toward you, and -perhaps- would have been willing to risk stealing an artifact to set you up? Though you stated that only the anthropologist had the key to your dorm, WHERE or FROM WHOM did he get the key? It's entirely possible that a second key existed, but the anthropologist was not informed.

Take Care,
Haunting_Marie13 in Strange Occurrence
[at] Darklord no one is going to email you that stuff. That's personal and not okay.
hi fc,
have you considered having a professional pest controller thoroughly checking out your attic and roof space?
personally I think it best most of the time to exhaust all the more practical and scientific avenues before jumping on the ghosty / paranormal bandwagon,but, sometimes things just happen that no human can account for logically (dr. Spock) Smile
Tweed in Papa?
Ooh you meant you wondered if you were sleepwalking! Nosida in my comment I was assuming your Dad was sleepwalking, not you. Anyway, silly mix up, but I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. Smile
Moonkeeper in Phantom House?
That is highly intriguing, maybe it's someone's dream house that hasn't been built yet. Whatever the case may be it would be awesome to see.
Tweed in Homolovi
Shelbylore, thanks for the extra info.

That's some nasty underhandedness which, it saddens me, isn't hard to believe.
I had a sneaky suspicion there was something very unjust going on behind that piece of pottery. Like you, I thought of a potential sabotage/setup. I'd say Mr Hothead who demanded answers from you all was probably *hoping* against all hope it was one of the students. Stupid guy. Wonder what how he's doing today haha.
Rook, I suggested that the reflective surfaces be purified as well because of a past experience that ocuured when I was 9 I believe, that involved a spirit with evil intent that had targeted me. I told my parents and my great grandmother whom was supposivley a white witch/ Indian said that spirits not only come through windows and main entrances of the house but can get through reflective surfaces in the house mainly mirrors and she instructed my mother to sage any of the reflective surfaces in my room and in the house. And then suggested a cleansing in my room because I was the only one being affected by it. Needless to say, it worked. So I was in hopes it would work in this case as well. Happy I realize now my mistake in salting the earth and apologize, it was something I didn't take into account.
Love and light to you,
I honestly wish I was this good of a writer. I have so many stories of the paranormal I want to share on here! Great imagery! Great everything! Very nicely put together! Happy
(Climbing up on my soap box, clearing my throat...)

Oh for crying out loud... THERE IS NO WITCHING HOUR!

Please take it from an OLD WITCH... The time is not midnight nor 3am... It is NOT A THING.

There are times where we may sense things more keenly, there are situations that make us more alert... Being in a strange place, being in the dark, being alone are examples of these times.

While it is true that Covens will have 'set times' to conduct rituals, such as certian times of the year... Special days and such... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE WITCHING HOUR!

Thank you.

(Climbs off soap box)



Hmmmm...burning a Ouija Board does not make the session any MORE CLOSED than closing the session PROPERLY. Secondly while salt works good for forming barriers at doors, windows and around furniture when you begin to 'salt the land' the salt will poison the ground and nothing will grow... A very negitive effect in the long run.

I also have a question... You suggested that all reflective areas be saged why is that? The last time I heard of something like that was in the movie MIRRORS... Can you please elaborate on why you suggested that?


dreamer01 in Papa?
hi nosida, maybe it was the spirit of someone that loved that beach spot and had died there and were just visiting.
on the other hand sleep walking is possible as I followed one of my step brothers through the bush one night. His eyes were closed and he never answered to anything I said. He walked around trees, stepped over branches, had a pee then went back to the tent. He remembered nothing of it the next day. Smile
Hyde, thank you for the extra information. I look forward to reading your other experiences.
Just because a spirit looks evil, dosent make it so. Though you can't ever be to careful use precaution but don't be afraid.
Wow, OK first off you have to close a session while using a spirit or as known Ouija board. Secondly after the session is closed if you want complete closure from the session you burn the board not break it and throw the pieces away in your home. Thirdly the users during the session you and your aunt need to purify the house with sage all the doors, windows and reflective surfaces in the house I know it sounds cliche but it is an opening. Salt the land and the doors and windows. This is not something that you can do half hearted its all about intent.
dreamer01 in Homolovi
shelbyloree, very much enjoyed your story, what a freaky dream, I could just see it all happening.
yeah, burying bodies is a waste of good earth. I am donating my empty shell to the med students to learn anatomy. Sounds more of a productive thing to do.
thanks again for sharing, dreamer Smile
Based on my own experience I can say that what you are experiencing is very real, as for "witching hour" being at 3:00am I have to disagree. It is said that it occurs at 12am. Maybe 3:00am-4:00am is your hour of awakening. Alot of people who are sensitive or gifted have certain times during the day or night that their gifts are more keen. As to why you may see things more then. It was a very interesting story and I wish you the the best in your experiences. Also know that being sensitive can be controlled and while we can't always help what we see, we don't have to give them the attention they want. You have to decide what is best to be involved with and when to turn away.
Foxglove in Homolovi
This was really interesting. I've always thought that archaeology is prime territory for psychic impressions from newly unearthed sites (indeed the earliest excavation programmes at Catalhoyuk actually included dream diaries! There may be other examples of that "holistic" approach too tho I haven't researched)

My background is European archaeology and I am VERY uncomfortable with the way excavation (and lab/storage as you mention) is conducted in the US by largely non-native anthropology depts/companies. Basically still a holdover from imperialism and cultural genocide in my opinion with very little respect for the spiritual life of the existing tribes let alone the pre-columbian ancestors. So frankly no wonder you sensed some upset.

The Hopi are fantastic. The only overtly "psychic dream" I have possibly ever had was actually to do with Kachinas after a visit to the Southwest where I was fairly heavily immersed in the local nature. There is definitely something "out there"!
dreamer01 in Strange Occurrence
my intuition tells me you did it yourself in your sleep. Maybe keep a dream diary. It could give you clues as to what may be making you do this. The night cam is a great idea.

Peace, dreamer Smile
razorback95 in Strange Occurrence
Hello, first off let me just say that I think any one would be a little freaked by this. But one possible explanation could be a kind of "sleep walk" I highly doubt this is the work of an incubus. Or even a spirit for that matter but I completely agree with setting up a night can cam! Thank you! Happy Happy
nosidaM in Papa?
Hi All Smile

Yes a very strange encounter. I have asked my mum if he had ever done anything like this before and she said no, not that she is aware of. I don't know if I will ever get the answer to this one! Never happened again though.
Thank you for all your comments Love
Darkangel73 in A Very Rude Awakening
This story reminds me of an experience I had living in an old motel, before I got my first apartment... I know it scared me out of my mind, looking back at it now I think I know what happened to the lady who appeared to me that night. Nice to know that I am not the only one who had something happen while staying in a motel.
lady-glow in Strange Occurrence
Moonlight: that's puzzling. Serious
Have you considered to set a video cam during the night? That way you could record what is making you do the full moon (no pun intended).

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Kid Scares
Nameless: welcome to YGS.
You say your family was at a friend's place, would it be possible that Mr Brightredeyes was your parent's friend snooping in the room?
Do you still keep in touch with that family? Could you ask the homeowners if they have seen this guy in their place?

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Papa?
Nosida: it seems to me like the one who could had been sleepwalking is your father.
Do you know if he has done it before or after that camping trip? It would be a good idea to ask your mother if she has seen him acting that way.

Thanks for sharing.
I think it's not the incense and sage on its own, they are just biological substances. I think it is connected to the fact that you believe it brings protection and connect them with Lord that way. Can you get anything else, like holy water?
Macknorton in Strange Occurrence
Thanks for sharing, I agree with Tweed and Miracles; I would consider other possibilities before assuming a supernatural occurrence.

If, as others have already posted here, you have had no other paranormal experiences then there's probably a far less sinister explanation!

msforgetmenott in The Big Old Tray
Yes Shelby,
It seems a long time ago now. I hope he is stilled and at peace... Home at last.
Makes you think about the careless people that took items from various places, perhaps wrongfully as a souvenir or item to remember the place by.
msforgetmenott in The Big Old Tray
Hi There babygoatpuller!
Fate kept the beadwork work in your hands for a reason, I am glad you took that move, Indian art is so remarkable and needs to be preserved. Often times the elements have been harsh, damaging these items.
Tribe information is hard to find in the North East, harder yet to make a connection. I have finally given up trying to find where on the North East coast would my Grandmother have come from. I spoke to many relatives and all claim to have seen her picture (late 1800s) where she wore full dress. An Uncle said Nova Scotia but when there, I found many different tribes, but no birth records during her time, he thought the Mi'maq Tribe, but it remains a mystery.
I do hope someone can know what the tray was, other than meaningful.
I am sorry he (it) scared me so much then, were he (it) here now I might have handled it differently. Perhaps I am over thinking it.
I still love your name,
shelbyloree in The Big Old Tray
No, I've never heard of the Dybbuk box until I watched some weird show on it. It just came to mind as I was reading this. Not big on movies, and I definately avoid the junk Hollywood cranks out.

I would imagine the computer would be an odd thing if one was unfamiliar with it. At least you sent it on it's merry way and you've had no more problems with unwanted shadowy visitors.
shelbyloree in Homolovi
Yeah, it was horrible, especially for a 16 year old! I kept thinking I could have been more productive at mom's house planting flowers and pulling up the concrete/flagstone mess in the backyard.

I had the feeling one of the Hopi snuck in and dropped it off to get the anthropologist in trouble and to shut it down. That was my thought, although I had no proof either way. I have heard the Smithsonian has some really funky stuff going on too because of the stuff they insist on keeping.

It bothered me to no end that in our university classroom in the basement of the anthro building there were boxes stacked to the ceiling filled with bones the anthropologists refused to give back to the tribes. I kept thinking what is this?! You go and steal bodies, shove them in boxes that are kept in a wet basement and basically hold them for ransom at a price the tribes can't afford. This is not "science." Grrr!

The basement flooded a few times at the university, by the way, and the bones were all ruined. So instead of returning them, they built an entirely new anthro building to hold them.

And this is why I'm being cremated. Sad
Auladant in Lady On The Window
Hi Sweettooth,

Tweed pointed me you your post. I just a posted a scary experience something like that. Can you tell me if there is any bodies of water located near you by chance? (rivers/laes/etc...)

My story if you want to read it.

No,we were lucky enough that when we bought the house it just needed cosmetic work and a little updating, but we never had to tear down walls or anything. At the point of my first visual experience we had been living in the house for about 8 months, but prior to that particular experience I didn't mention that I would hear the typical noises such as walking around upstairs when I would be downstairs and like most people I chalked it up to the house settling. I had other visual experiences as time went on, but will post them at another time, thanks for reading.
The Cabins Description: I'm describing this as if I just walked in and stopped. If you look right you'll see a kitchen in the furthest corner diagonally. Just a fridge, stove, sink, and to the right of that is a bathroom. Looking forward is the main wall with a window, left of that is stairs leading upstairs. Looking left there is a window somewhat behind me, and in the left a couch, chair, few lamps, and a tv. All this is under the upstairs. Going upstairs is all open. Just a bed in the corner to the right and a window to the left. You can look down stairs by leaning over the ledge. The entire thing is basically open.

I hope that helps with the description Shrush and Sheetal. And yes, the grudge is the first thing I thought of looking at it. That movie scared me as well and I passed it off after everyone teased me for seeing what I described. Is Kayako a legend, myth, or just a really scary movie?

Tweed, like you said, I am not sure why no one else saw what I could or took it seriously. It was a little strange how they passed it off as other things. Even when it was close, that's how I saw it. I'm not sure if they just didn't want to see it or if that's what they actually saw. Which leaves me seeing it in the water, and Aaron seeing in the window. Even after explaining it and pointing out the details they just stared and then kept passing it off like there is no way it could be that.

Besides the water thing and the beginning of the foot steps everything was fine and nothing weird.

I won't leave a address but i'm trying to get pictures from Aaron.

Tweed ill read the story you posted but if anyone has anything else related or ideas let me know.
Holy crap! That was something! Imagining an eye staring at me as I wake up abruptly in the middle of the night will scare the living crap out of me, leave alone encountering something like that.

It indeed resembles something like Kayako from the movie Grudge! Mad
msforgetmenott in The Big Old Tray
I am wondering if you are a watcher of movies as you mention the Dybbuk box.
The Dybbuk goes back to the 16th Century and is Jewish Folklore, there is no truth in those movies.
This was a metal tray, far from amateur, considering the design and factoring in the valuable metals and size.
My impression was that he (it) had no clue what the internet was, and was puzzled or even scared in seeing the pictures made small in the square box.
I remain that: this tray has religious meaning, and somehow was used in that way. He (it) did not speak English so it would be doubtful he would understand what was written on the EBay site.
It is fine for you to state your ideas. I posted this event to gather opinions.
babygoatpuller in The Big Old Tray
I have to agree with Val and Tweed on this Jan. You seem to have been the vessel to carry this piece home. There's just too much coincidence and timing here to ignore the obvious.

I've been selling on eBay for about 20 years. Had one piece of Native American beadwork from the Gros Ventre tribe in Montana that I just couldn't seem to get sold. It actually sold 3 times but was never paid for. The last time I listed it, I was contacted by a gentleman that asked so many questions about the piece that I got fed up and told him if he wanted it to just bid on it.

Just as I hit the send button I happened to glance up at the screen and saw who he was. It was none other than Joe Horsecapture who was a curator for the Minneapolis Museum of Natural History and a Gros Ventre member. He wanted the piece to add to their collection in the Gros Ventre area as they had so few pieces for it.

Needless to say, I yanked the listing and donated it to the museum.

There have been a few pieces that my sweetie has brought home and as soon as I see them, I tell him to get it out of my house NOW!

I'm thinking your gut was correct on this one but that shadow overrode your gut and you did the right thing.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Captivating as always! Smile
holdyourbreath in The Blonde Doll
This is a creepy experience! Did you know dolls were originally created to "house" the dead... Glad I didn't really like dolls growing up!
lawluck - what I'm going to say doesn't mean I don't believe your experience. I'm just offering some personal experience.

I have a dog. He seems to think it is job to bark at night. At everything. Sometimes he freaking barks all night long, as well as the dogs he's talking to. We live on a dead end, at the end of my parents' property. Many times I've asked my parents if he has kept them up all night with his barking. Rarely do they hear him. There is nothing that prevents them from hearing him except selective hearing LOL. Our homes are only about 100' apart and they don't live in a soundproof home Laugh

Anyway, just a little different perspective on why the neighbors didn't hear it.
Moonlight, I had exactly the same thoughts as Miracles about this. Do you get stressed out around that time of year? Never underestimate the weird crap stress does.
Lawluck, if he had showed himself, outside the window or in the house, do you think you'd be frightened?
Think about it from his perspective. Maybe he was scared you would think he was responsible for what happened. Just another way to look at it. Smile
Interesting encounter, thanks for sharing!
Tweed in Homolovi
Shelbylore, I love the way you tell this story! I kept laughing at how bored you were, it sounded very dull. Don't blame you for still being curious about the pottery though. Your dream too. Bet that wasn't in EarthWatch. Wink
Tweed in Papa?
Hi Nosida,

Sleepwalking is very possible. People can do all kinds of strange things, which include eating. So I don't see why smoking would be much different. Was your Dad under any stress at the time? Sleepwalking is mainly caused by stress.
Jaderae thank you for sharing this. It's always so interesting to learn about different folklores and I very much enjoyed learning from your experience. Your husband is so well informed!
Dogs have an extremely acute sense of smell. Believe it or not the barking dog could probably smell you the second you opened the door. Even if this dog's home was quite a distance across from your door. This probably explains the timing of when he stopped and started barking again.
I do hope all your neighbours are okay and glad you two are! Smile

Thank you for sharing, take care.
shelbyloree in The Big Old Tray
This reminds me of the dybbuk box. Maybe not as negative, but what sounds like the amateur design may be similar. It could have been created with the "man" embedded in it for a specific purpose.

Or maybe just an heirloom and the thing attached to it wanted it back in the family, alerted the family (via staring into the computer), and got back to where it wanted to be.
Hi Auladant,

Jeeesh! Why did the people inside not take anything seriously? Could they not see the face/hair poking out of the water during the daylight when you were outside? Was anyone aware of something even remotely bizarre happening there before?

There was a story on here recently which might interest you. I think she still posts here occasionally, it would be interesting to see if she had water near by where she saw what she did.
Whoohoo just found it!

Holy crap! Please continue to cleanse and protect your room! As for your parents not liking the smell of sage and incense (seriously, how dial tone are they) is there ANYTHING your parents would be open to cleansing/shielding wise? Are they religious? Would they prefer a blessing instead?
It's great you're able to keep it out of your room that night. But I don't like that your bed was shaking. Ideally it would be best to smudge/shield your entire house!
Thank you so much Biblio! Books are forever more reliable than online anything, ever.
I remembered a link in the comments to a story involving a soldier in training. Whilst training he saw a tall sinister being, it was a riveting read. He matched the entity to a likeness of a troll entity in a link supplied in the comments.
Thinking about these toys I went back to find this link hopeful the site would be useful for these toys and guess what, that site? It's gone. The link now redirects you to a flimsy website filled with conspiracies about the Illuminati and freaking cat photos!

Doesn't seem like these guys were traditional Homunculi. I've just done a bit of reading about the Alchemy origins of Homunculi. Fascinating weird stuff all this. The detail about the toys sounding distinctly male to me is in line with this. Perhaps there is something in this, in a more modern context of the traditional Homunculi. The 'male' detail is very intriguing.

Thanks again, this is awesomeo even if it's unrelated to the toy weirdos!
msforgetmenott in Memories And A Pad Of Paper
Hi Sheetal,
I am not a writer or a speaker. I am a 67 year old woman that really wants to put to paper, some events I have had in my life. Thank you for the complement though. When this type of things happen, it becomes easy to pull out the details and type them out. What I am finding pleasurable is that others on this site, have also had events, it is fun to share.
mommybookworm in Oddities
Lady-glow, I'm not sure... I know that some people in my family have had experiences but not to the extent that I have. I'm not quite as open to these things as I was at a younger age. I'm afraid of attracting the wrong type of company if you know what I mean lol.
Thank you for sharing, Entropy, very spooky! Can you describe how he appeared to be distorted? And when you say he glided, does that mean his legs did not move, or did his whole being not make any walking/moving motions?
Quite an interesting story.
While I was searching for more information on 'Doppelganger', I read that they are often distorted as compared to real person.
So, I think that this might be a doppelganger but I could be wrong.
Please correct me if I am wrong
Shrush in Papa?
I have recently submitted my story which is yet to be posted, which has something similar question like yours. But it might be a doppelganger, I think so
Hyde, this story really caught my attention. Your first experience experience in the house was very similar to my first paranormal experience.

I found it interesting that nothing happened until you'd lived there a few years. Had you had any remodeling or major repairs to the house in 2002? Sometimes things are "dormant" until something wakes them up. Major changes to a structure are definitely one way to do that.

It's also possible some item, like antique furniture, had an entity attached to it. Did you bring anything new into the house before you saw the mist?

I hope you'll be sharing more of your experiences.
Bibliothecarius in The Blonde Doll
Greetings, Bethany:

This is not a direct comment on the content of your narrative, merely something I failed to grasp. You refer to your family as "supernatural trash," but I'm having a problem with your diction; is "trash" an Australian term for "devoted fan" or "extreme fan, to the exclusion of all other responsibilities"? In the U.S., I tends to be a pejorative term to describe people with low income or low moral standards. Please clear this up for me before I venture further into the details of your story.

Scared Crying
This is super super freaking...
It is similar to Grudge movie which I watched when I was 8 and it gave me nightmares for whole month. I never keep any closets open even until now after seeing that movie.
When I was reading the story, it reminded me of 3 things from movie:-
1) Kayako appears in water of wash basin
2) Old women sees Kayako while sleeping
3) Kayako staring by one eye through door

And also would like to see pictures of cabin if you have any
Miracles51031 in What Was In The Water?
sheetal - we just went through this for the umpteenth time about not providing locations of experiences. And why would you be familiar with this cabin when the o/p has indicated it took place in Ohio and you live in India?

Please, Auladant, do not provide a link or physical address to this cabin. An example of what the cabin looks like would be fine, just not the location.
Miracles51031 in Strange Occurrence
Before comments get headed in the incubus direction, keep in mind we will delete any comments that are even remotely graphic. We do not accept stories of a sexual nature, nor do we accept the comments. I was going to reject this based on incubus/succubus category; however, I think there could be other possibilities.

Moonlightdancing - the only thing I can think of is you could be doing this in your sleep, subconsciously. The dates of the events could be completely coincidental. Are these the only experiences you have had that you believe to be paranormal?
Auladant... This is super scary story Scared Scared Scared resonate with Kayako in the Grudge movie... Hey could you please provide some link of cabin, how it looks like?... As I am not familiar with this
sheetal in Papa?
Hello, Nosida... I've read somewhere that sometime you can see the spirit of living one... As I am not an expert let see what other members would say?
Bibliothecarius in Autonomous Toy Creatures

Homunculi (nominative singular: Homunculus, meaning "tiny man") are miniature representations of people. Allegedly, they're grown in flasks by alchemists (my interest in Newton is why I was looking into Alchemy), a bit like a small Frankenstein's monster created in an artificial womb. They're designed to hold spirits or entities to perform work for the alchemist who created them. This theoretical alchemical process was inspired by the biological principle that male reproductive cells each contained a tiny human being -a homunculus- which couldn't grow until it was contained in a suitable egg (biologically, the female cell; alchemically, a substitute container which would give the homunculus neither a soul nor free will).

The term has been broadened over time to include other, manufactured hominids, such as dolls, etc., especially those used in magical rituals (poppets).

I've got several books on mythical entities, but I don't know of a comprehensive online database, yet. Give me time to get to my Library, and I'll have a look around.

Deathdrive in My Unwanted Follower
Okay so I had to make an account to comment on this. My boyfriend had this dream when he was younger about these dog creatures that stand up and you can only see them out of the corner of your eyes they are black and ragged and very spooky. He said it was one of the creepiest things he has ever dreamed about and it felt really real. When he told me about it I was sure I knew about such a creature. When he was describing them I ask if they were thin and looked raggedy and he said yes exactly. I thought they were called night walkers but when I looked up such a thing it didn't exist. But I some how knew exactly what he was talking about like I had seen it before.
lilmorenah in Sounds That Bothered
Hi lady-glow:
Thanks for reading.

Yeah... That's a very big house.
Yes. There is someone cleaning the upper floor but that's every two weeks. Critters? I am not sure of that.
That wouldn't be possible, because the house is bungalow. I can't even hear sounds coming from outside if I am in. Even a car horned long, you can't hear inside.
I told them once, but they don't believe me. Even our Nannie don't believe on that. They always say I am making my self frighten.
After asking once I never attempt to ask her again...
Well ginaleo I hope you have found this to be a very supportive if not a bit overly inquisitive community. Lol
And were only a few commenters in... And I hope you are feeling quite welcome as I never formally welcomed you to the website being the first responder as it were. Lol
Sorry about that. So welcome to YGS officially though a bit belatedly.

As you might see... There are not that many doubters creepers nor even trollers lurking too far outside the spooky tales of your fellow tellers of true to life experiences in these forums... And that has kept me around for a bit myself.

Once again thank you for being so open, honest, and real. It makes me so happy when someone comes here who has had these kinds of experiences and makes the choice to tell their own stories. Not of course that you suffered through them... I believe it is a process... For the better I would hope. For you as much as for some others who may have come here because of a very real recent occurrence in their own lives.
This forum... Though I drift in and out myself pretty infrequently has helped me to sort out a few of my darkest memories and I have yet to tell all my own really dark tales... But helping others find an answer when I can has been a cathartic experience of my own.

I am really glad to see that you are in a place to feel like it is time to bring forward some of these dark repressed events to hopefully help you sort some of it out.
Nobody asks for these kind of events to take place in their lives.
I am truly touched and saddened to hear about your brother.
And the bad that was inflicted on you and your family in general.

This is a great place to share by the way. At least as long as there are those like Tweed and Biblio in this community. Many warriors of the light to be found around here I assure you.

You know in the end it is us searching for the reason and answers that brings us to a place like this to begin with. Where we can share and validate the real events that somehow can be so hard sometimes for our own selves to believe actually took place.

I hope you continue sharing here Gina and it can help you. Maybe you'll find you helped out a few others on the way as well.

Peace and Light
Tweed in Chalk Man
Aww shucks Redwolf! I do love writing and am pursuing this. I love getting through to others through my words. Smile
Tweed in Chalk Man
Sheetal, glad you enjoyed it!

I haven't a clue who this figure was. It was the one and only time I saw it. I feel this was a non-human entity. There are other accounts I've read on here which describe a similar being. All describe a similar feeling too, slight understandable fear, but without feeling threatened.
It was a very positive experience. Smile
RedWolf in Chalk Man
You should think of becoming an author. The way you draw the reader into your stories is amazing. I also read Autonomous Toy Creatures tonight. Most kids would be terrified by the events you so bravely faced in your stories. Just don't forget us ''little'' people when you become a famous author. Okay? Loved both stories. Now I have to read the rest when I get the chance.
sheetal in Chalk Man
Hey Tweed... Just an awesome... Like other said... Me too feel like I was there... When you seen this... But I am amazed who was that chalk man?
Gina, you're very welcome.
I'm not religious but have seen the benefits and positive impact a love of God has through my Christian friends. I've no doubt your prayers are making a big difference.
I wasn't sure if you'd want to read about other accounts at this time. As I'm aware it can take time to get used to talking about these things. I also know it can be comforting and I'm getting this sense from you now. So I'll link you to some recent stories on here which have a similar kind of negative entity.

This one is a very recent story:

These two stories are from the same person:
Part one

Part two

My husband is big on Sage cleansing and I've become a fan of Sage through him.
There's a member on here who has a home cleansing and shielding method on his profile. Many people here use this, myself included. This one is effective done periodically. We do this about once a month on average. Or once a week if we feel the need:

Hope these links are helpful. Smile
ginaleo1979 in The Tall Dark Figure
Yes, I agree, Cerberus asked some great questions. To be honest, a lot of the sexual/physical/emotional abuse started before I was even born. I was the youngest of the family at that time, but even then, the abuse caught up with me too. My home hardly ever was a 'light' place. There was so much anger and sadness going on, it just became a theme. My mother was fanatically religious, but I believe she used religion to yield and project her rage to her children. Any moments of happiness were short lived. I know my mother loved us, but she was a broken woman. My parents seperated when I was young, so my father was never in the home (until now, after their official divorce). According to my mother and sister, when my dad was in the home, he was a huge source of the abuse as well. Throughout the years, my mother had cousins move in and out, even people from the church who needed a temporary place to stay. So there were many people to project energy in the home. I guess the person who was most affected by his childhood was my older brother, who lost himself in meth addiction. He struggled a lot in the home. He claimed voices talking to him, seeing demons and having visions of his own death. My story is just a drop in the bucket compared to what he's been through. What's ironic is that when my mom moved out of the home, my brother later moved in with my dad and became his tormentor. He verbally, physically and emotionally abused my father. A lot of that was drug induced, though. In the end, the reason I still visit my father in the home is because my dad is 79yrs old and can no longer drive. I go and take my two daughters with me, but we stay in the home for a couple of minutes and then take my dad out to eat or run errands. I make it a point to not linger in the home for very long (10min or so at most). Although I must say that since my dad renovated the home, it has felt a bit lighter. But not enough where I'd want to stay!
Hi, miabopia... I am pretty much agree with Macknorton... Even in our culture it is said that when you sleep your spirits wanders and the dream you see is nothing but what your spirit do...
msforgetmenott... I've to learn many things from your writing style (As I am writer) ... Amazing ending Happy Happy ... This is what I want to say... Thanks for sharing:)

Regard and respect,
sheetal in The Blonde Doll
Bethany its a scary story... Just like annabelle movie... I think there was some spirit attached to that doll... After reading so much about haunted dolls... I am afraid to them Scared Scared
sheetal in The Night Visits
This is scary story I am agree with other posters here... Thanks for sharing Happy
sheetal in Burnt Man Soul
Ginikaa... Really a terrible story... I was just thinking how you manage the situation when your husband was possessed... I am glad you are safe and moved out from that place... Lots of love to your family Happy Happy
ginaleo1979 in The Tall Dark Figure
Tweed, thank you, I appreciate your feedback and support. I have never read others experiences with these dark entities. I will definitely have to do some research. You're correct, there is definitely safety and strength in numbers! While I am not fanatically religious, I do believe in God and in his protection. My meditation comes in the form of nightly prayer. In the end, I consider myself to be more spiritual. I definitely believe in cleansings. I make it a point to sage my home when I see fit. But I'm not familiar with protection rituals. Again, something I will have to educate myself on. Once again, thank you for your warm support.
Hi Ang,

In many cultures dog entities are seen as protectors. Even in man's own history here on Earth. With this in mind, I'm wondering if maybe this entity is actually protecting you. If so, perhaps it is angered you rejected it, and before this 'hurt' you were attempting to ignore it.

Another possibility which occurred to me was that the dog was protecting someone else. You mention you became aware of it around 10 years ago. Think back to that time, did you fall out with anyone? Did you or have you betrayed anyone's trust?
These questions are more for your own consideration, I'm not meaning to pry. If this is the case, perhaps attempt to right any wrongs by way of apology, or if this isn't possible some kind of forgiveness ritual which may pertain to your beliefs/culture.

Also, and this may not be something you wish to hear, but could the dog be protecting you? Could this entity be snarling and viscous toward anyone in your life? *Not* snarling at you personally.

Take care and please ask any questions you may have.
msforgetmenott in The Big Old Tray
Tweed, I have pictured this tray set back in a neglected garden, open to four seasons of weather, for years on end. Or perhaps in a dusty garage or barn year onto year with this shadow person waiting... Makes you wonder, who or what else sits and waits, doesn't it.
Yes it is good if he got home. He was very lost.
Yes that is another way to look at it, A Quest, well hopefully he is still and at peace now.
Ah thanks for the suggestions Biblio! I've heard of Golems but not Homunculi, that's a new word to me.

Just a call out here to anyone who may know. What are some good paranormal 'entity' databases? Do any exist online?
What the heck are you talking about? We are here to help people not tell
Tall tales. If you don't have constructive advice to give please don't comment.
Bibliothecarius in Autonomous Toy Creatures
Homunculi? Golems? I'll admit to being perplexed by this, Tweed. Perplexed, but fascinated.

BibliotheObservant, yes I live part of the year in California, my husband is American. By the way had a giggle at your Yank and Brit observations from a couple days ago!
Bibliothecarius in The Tall Dark Figure
Tweed, are you stateside at the moment? It's 4 a.m. In Britain...
lady-glow in Oddities
MBW: welcome to YGS.
It seems to me that you are sensitive to spirits. Do you know if this runs in your family?

I'm looking forwards to more of your postings.

Thanks for sharing.
I'm hoping they do see it and have an answer. I too got the impression the buyer was perhaps of another culture.
I wonder if this shadow figure was willing you to buy it. Because 'it' knew you were receptive to communication. You may have helped this entity in its quest to find the right owner for this tray. Just another way to look at it. Smile
Bibliothecarius in The Tall Dark Figure
Greetings, Gina.

I'm glad that Cerberus typed out -in detail- precisely what I was wondering: is it possible you've confused cause and effect? Perhaps you could ask yourself the following questions, just to see what you remember, what you've blocked or suppressed, and what the timeline of events/escalation was:
1. When did the haunting/discomfort begin versus the illegal/immoral/tragic activities begin?
2. Do you remember a time BEFORE these events when the house felt warm, pleasant, and inviting?
3. Did someone return from an activity, such as a night out, profoundly changed (either for better or for worse)?
4. Who showed the greatest amount of change over time?
5. Who changed the least?
6. Is there something that the non-believers in your family have in common BESIDES not believing in -or at least not witnessing- this apparition?
7. Some of the behaviors you describe tend to be either an escape from reality (drugs/alcohol) or a failed attempt to bring an overwhelming, chaotic universe under control (sexual/physical abuse); which family members fall into these categories, both categories, or victims of a person in these categories? -see who matches up with your response to question #6.
8. If the house bothers you so much, why do you visit your dad there? Couldn't you suggest meeting somewhere else, like a lunchtime get-together in a reasonably-priced restaurant or fast-food shop?

Just a few ideas rattling around in my head as I read your quite disturbing story.

Take care,
Hi Ginaleo,

I was very disturbed to read your experience. Though I am thankful you shared it, as it may help others. There are some other experiences with huge faceless dark shadow type figures like you have described. All of these faceless beings (that I have read at least) speak to the individual who sees them. All have described the same sense of dread. I agree completely that the energy in a home can attract certain things. I'm so sorry for everything you have described.

I think Cerberus has touched on some very valid points, and like him I would hate to give an 'excuse' for horrible actions.

Also I completely sympathise with your fear of conjuring this entity into your life after submitting the story. I faced a similar fear with a story once. But in the end I was glad I talked about it.

Do you practice any meditation and are you familiar with cleansing/shielding methods? Most people here do things like this to keep themselves and their home protected.

Feel free to ask any questions.
Thanks for sharing but so sorry it was difficult. I hope sharing this will bring you comfort. You have safety in numbers, you're definitely not alone.
msforgetmenott in The Big Old Tray
Tweed, I can't even understand why I bought it. I had an electric feeling when I passed by it. I should have known better. Really.
Your tray is not even close, nice though, please read details in Rook's answer. I forgot to say there was a feel when running your fingers over the tray, not smooth but rise and fall with the design. I had a dozen pictures at the time, but was in the habit of deleting after selling. My old computer is gone now anyway. I can not describe it better. I have been on these sites that display such items for years and have not found anything. I have wondered if it was just made by an artist from long ago, not like any other. I have gone to internet connections like National Geo. And museums with no luck. The man who bought it seemed blunt with his words, like he knew little English. He was hard to communicate with, short with words.
Someone from another part of the world might see this on YGS, and have an answer.
Tweed in Chalk Man
Thank you Shrush, that is very kind of you to say! I'm very happy you're able to feel the essence in what I was conveying. It was a magical evening and day. Smile
ginaleo1979 in The Tall Dark Figure
Cerberus7, thank you so much for taking the time to read my experience. When I submitted my story, I didn't really know what to expect. Your comments/observations are definitely appreciated:)
In regards to your question, I really don't know if my family acted on negative forces, causing them to do the ugly things they did. I have thought about it, but it's almost like asking yourself what came first, the chicken or the egg? I can say that the house itself harbors a heaviness, a sense of anxiety and sadness. That may be the residual effect of what many of us went through living in that house, causing a permanent stain on the foundation itself. In the end, I'm thankful that I've been strong-minded enough to work through my childhood trauma. But truth be told, the experience of the dark entity still lurks in the shadows of my mind. A gnawing thought disrupts my life from time to time, wondering if it will ever re-appear. It might sound silly, but I even wondered if sharing my story would give it power to come back. But in the end, I realize that the fear itself is what fuels such negativity and I decide to keep my spirit, mind and body in positive light. This is my armor.
Once again, thank you!
Warm Wishes,
Jan, I'm not sure about that because in both mine and the other OP's experience they seemed confident they wouldn't be seen, or caught in the act, as it were ha! The other reason I lean towards them being some kind of nature spirit is that the one outside ran into some overgrowth. I intend to do more digging on this to see if I can't match the identity of these entities. I'll definitely post anything I find out. Unfortunately the internet has become a bit of a difficult resource for research on supernatural topics. But I'm sure some kind of record will be out there, at least I hope!

Shrush, I too have been having thoughts like that lately haha. What if some of our human artistic interpretive toy designs are coming from a subconscious awareness of something 'other' than the physical realm. Smile
Shrush in Chalk Man
I can say only one thing about this story--- Just AWESOME...
I enjoyed this story and felt like I am part of that story and everything is going around me. And the rain storm, just close your eyes and imagine this thing in mind and watch it beauty come to life in your mind. I just love your stories.
Thanks for sharing Smile
Wow, what an experience! Jan, I'm happy the tray found it's way back to somewhere and someone who really seemed to treasure it. Gosh I would love to know the buyer's back story too, and would be searching for answers about this as well!
I imagined it looking a little something like this:
Only far more colourful!

I agree with all others here, trust your gut, Val's spot on about the timing of events. I don't blame you for getting goosebumps about the figure sitting at your computer. I wonder if this mystery shadow figure was somehow able to bring the buyer's attention to this tray. Very interesting and mysterious experience. I hope someone can identify the origins of this tray!
Thanks for sharing!
One thing which always scares me is the dolls and toys which always seem to keep an eye on us. Whenever we look at them, we get the feeling that they are watching back at us. Even though I am a girl, I hated dolls and soft toys for some kind of unknown fear present in my mind.
I know how scary it was for you when you saw the dolls or toys moving just at tender age of 4. Seriously, if I was in your place at that time, I guarantee you that I would have fallen unconscious.
I got chills after reading this story Scared , thanks for sharing it Smile

Wondering if Toy story exists in reality Kidding
msforgetmenott in Autonomous Toy Creatures
Tweed: Is it possible, these what ever they were, had the ability to form in a way that would not frighten you?
You, being young, might have let out an awful scream if they showed the real way they were, so for you they made themselves child friendly, so to speak. Other than that, I do not have a clue.
I am glad I did not see your spider, I have a tremendous fear of them. For me that was the most frightening part, I am glad I do not live in Australia. Oh, how I dislike spiders!
Jan Happy
Bibliothecarius in My Spiritual Follower
Greetings, Ryan.

Please bear with me (I can be a verbose commentator on the stories posted here) because I am not dismissing your narrative, I am pointing out an avenue of potential research for you.

The issue which has been troubling me is the name your niece provided, which -given the evidence you included- is the name of the spirit regularly manifesting near you. You described her as wearing a Victorian-style nightgown and slippers; however, the name "Bonnie" was relatively rare during the Victorian period. "Bonnie," meaning both "pretty" and "handsome," was much more likely to be a nickname or an epithet (e.g.: Bonnie Prince Charlie) until the 20th century. It's entirely possible that this pretty lady was nicknamed "Bonnie" because her given name was innocuous or fairly common (Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Anne are all nice names, but they're hardly unusual). Can you ask members of your extended family about "Bonnie," to see if any of them has useful information?

The second possibility which occurred to me is FAR LESS LIKELY, so don't trouble yourself over this point, but it is worth bearing in mind. Some paranormal entities, including spirits of the dead, have the capacity to appear as they wish to be seen... Rather like an idealized version of themselves, or a totally delusional self-perception. If, for example, the deceased had been a plain woman in life (even disfigured, scarred, burned, etc.), she may be amusing herself in death by not only presenting a much more attractive visage than she had in life, but also getting those capable of communication to call her "Bonnie." If this latter were the case, I'm not 100% certain that you'd sense her intentions clearly, as she would have the capacity to disguise herself mentally, too. This is just a "be careful" idea which occurred to me.

As for invocations, Tweed is spot-on. Spells, summonings, etc., are all about intentions; all of the rituals, incantations, objects, etc., are to focus the mind of the spellcaster on the subject of the spell (sacrifices are used in darker magical rituals to convince whatever is being summoned that the summoner is serious). That said, even a simple summoning spell can act as an invitation if an entity is waiting for you to call it forth -consciously or not- to interact with you; a cleansing ritual to remove only negative energies can't hurt. If you can still see/feel her around you after a cleansing, then you know you're on pretty safe ground (If she's still there and riled up, however, you'll need to consult with a clairvoyant or psychic asap).

I do check social media correspondence pretty regularly (my students think e-mail is something old people do), but I've never even heard of this "Charlie Charlie" thing. I'll have to look that one up.

Take care,

P.S.: Take a minute to reassure your niece that you've seen Bonnie, too. She's going to have a rough time if she stays open to the spiritual side of her awareness, so it can't hurt for her to know that she's got your support. Smile
Tweed in Chalk Man
Thank you! I really enjoyed remembering this, and I think I still have that pen somewhere, haha. Or maybe Mum does, I hope so. Dad's a real character, always making people laugh. Smile
Lady Glow for some reason it was only the vivid part of him going behind the curtain which was truly creepy. For the rest I was merely curious. That said, there was something about them which suggested 'keep your distance'!

BizzJoe, I'm glad you remember that story! I was fortunate to catch it on a whim after someone commented on it, a few months ago. I've been obsessed ever since!

Haha, Manafon in a strange twist the spider is the detail which screamed *dream* to me, more than the toy weirdos! Especially as an adult.
I wonder just how much they looked like toys, I mean I was a kid trying to process what the heck was happening and may have projected a 'comfortable' image on to them. Similarly, the Puppet People OP may have done the same. My Mum had heaps of fairy and goblin type trinkets and books around so I would *like* to think I would have been able to recognise something of this nature. But who knows. The most vivid part of the whole mess is that spider and that pointy noised, gaunt thing slipping behind the curtain. It *must* be a fae/nature spirit type being, but my human reckoning scoffs "You're a toy!" Laugh