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I have been a member a long time... Most of the time keeping up but sometimes not and this most have posted during one of those 'not so much' times.

Some things struck me build up... Not even a hint of other ' smaller' experiences other than the OP's grandmother saying there was a weird feeling JUST where the OP saw this 'shadow figure'.

Second...the power went out... Came back on and then the OP saw this figure... Called her mother who said they would be home in a couple of minutes... Then showed up TWO HOURS LATER... If my kid had called and described a possible person in the house... 8 or 18 if my child called with that kind of message I would be there ASAP...

Another thing... Power out... Possible person in the house... Voice saying 'GET OUT'...I would have been outside and when my parents had not shown up fairly quickly I would have called the police...

Maybe its just me... Maybe its the newest post from the OP inviting one and all to visit their 'blog' and read a 'NEW STORY' every week.

Thanks but no thank you... Its a bit much for me. So it is my opinion that this STORY is BS Blankie worthy... Just my opinion.


The link to my photos on Photobucket states "sorry the page does not exist" but if you hit the "Getting Started" icon on that page it will take you to the photos. So you can see them even though the page says you can't. It's a bit tricky but it does work.
The photos mentioned in my story, "Incidents At South York Street", have been put up on Photobucket and can be found at the following link--
When I was a child, I read a series of novels about the ghosts of twins and their dog who solved mysteries. In one of the novels, they contacted a living child via his computer. The g key was broken, so after the kid realized they were two ghosts who were twins, they typed out "and a host do too". (Random comment, I know, but I always thought that was a really cute little exchange.) I always secretly wished a spirit would contact me via my computer.

Tawa, I hope you don't mind me being nosey, but why do you think about this Andrea so often? Is it because you see her as a role model, do you have a crush? I ask in part because, well, given how many stories on this site seem to go, it seems that spirits are drawn to the more sensitive people rather than their own families sometimes. Also, my instinct tells me that when you feel love for someone, that in itself forms a spiritual bond between you. Or perhaps that bond already existed, and that's why you feel what you feel. Personally, you can't really "see" a person without loving them. That statement will only make sense to those who've seen... But. Every soul is beautiful and impossible not to love if you actually know it. </ramblings>

Sidenote: My facebook opens up on my newsfeed. And as a matter of fact, it doesn't allow me to see my timeline at all unless I actually right-click my own name and open in a new tab. Probably my browser apps messing with the trackers.
Triskaideka in The Porcelain Doll
Also, if I had broken into and entered a house wherein a woman had been beaten to death with a hammer, I would NOT be inclined to store any souvenirs from that house near any toolboxes. *shudder*
Triskaideka in The Porcelain Doll
What bothers me is I never found any records of someone committing suicide in that house. Just the records of the murder. And discovered that his mother had been married at least twice. Yes, she had been widowed, so yes, his father had died. I just couldn't find any records supporting the claim he'd committed suicide. However, families do sometimes cover up such things. I have seen obits for friends' family members who committed suicide, and those obits saying only that the person passed away. Then there's the fact I can't find an obit for his mother, which says to me the family wasn't very close to them. Plus since she and her son had abused her niece so, she probably completely alienated her blood relatives, and they didn't feel much inclined to honor her in death. Mrrrr. Curse you, Ohio, for keeping so many records on lockdown.
Youngbee, please take a moment to read our commenting guidelines. We don't take kindly to spamming round these parts.
Triskaideka in I'm Going To Kill You
I read part 2 before reading part 1. Had no intention of logging in or commenting on anything this morning. Y'all know I like to relax and read ghost stories before I go to bed. Well, I found this story anything but relaxing. My hackles are raised. I feel generally fearful and concerned. Val, I'm so sorry you lost someone so wonderful, especially in such a frightful way. I'm not even sure how to digest this. Not sure how you managed to. It's just unfathomable!

The investigator in me would really like to dig into this further. If it's okay with you, I'll sent you an email to inquire a little bit. (I could look into the history of the house for you in ways gov't employees can't.)

I'm no expert on ghosts and have long been a skeptic, but it occurs to me that if a ghost were incredibly hateful toward someone of a particular race, that person's presence in their home would be maddening, and that in itself may have caused the charge. Anger-fueled energies. And once the perceived interloper was gone, the energies dissipated. I worry that the spirit still lingers, and that this could happen again. Sad

Ugh. I feel so unsettled. *hugs* Thank you for sharing this with us, Val.
If you like this story check out my blog ill be adding more stories on there every week =) and if you have any stories feel free to message me on twitter so that we can hopefully put yours there to.
If you like this story check out my blog ill be adding more stories on there every week =) and if you have any stories feel free to message me on twitter so that we can hopefully put yours there to.
Just read both stories and have to say they will stick with me for a lifetime. Thanks so much for sharing them and I am ever so sorry for your loss.
Anjoubelle in Haunted Paradise
You described something quite horrible! Ghosts do not like being sweared at and strong perfume at night is an attraction. Plus long hair left loose. Most likely you walked back from somewhere and it tagged along. Fiji is one of the most haunted places on earth.
Anjoubelle in Calls By The River
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I have recently finished my college degrees therefore have not been able to contribute to my page. However I do so love hearing about similar cultural beliefs and practices. I have more stories I will be sharing soon
hi, narcissa very neat and interesting story I really enjoyed it... Hey you've mentioned "Poite" ceremony Is is the ceremony where the sacred janeu is worn by Brahmins?

hi, narcissa Thanks for your story This death bird is also found in my village just like you said it indicates death.

According to my dadi... The Birds is locally called as "Muhchiraya bird" and they came in pair and one say "Khanna khod" the second says "tuuu"

The "khanna khod" resembles to dig a grave which leads some bad omen to that particular home and someone from family dies.

My dadi says they are big bird some how looks like owl.
Hi, Sushantkar I am glad to share one story about that 'Death bird' Luckily I found it on YGS... Please have a look in this...


I think you'll find it interesting...

Hi in south india we sometimes believe if a soul is seen after death by others especially by most of the family members and if the spirit does good things and nor harm or just help you out in time of need. We think its good spirit and we believe that soul due to its very good karmas have elevated its soul to higher level, kind of lime transforming from ordinary to a a wee bit extraordinary being and these beings continue to live longer and only guide and help others and never do any harm. Such spirits are considered as home spirits and one amoung family members and people create a small alter or they just offer prayers to them and offer food of their likes and burn incense. These beings are happy that we gave due respect to them and guide when needed. They also come in dreams or like above show themselves to these people and will tell I will be your guardian. Mostly very young children who passed away and some adults who did lot of good things etc stay as kind of demi gods or transformed beings and I guess tbey might not fall under ghost as ghosts do bad things.
Thank you for that BMK!

Yeah, definitely come down and check out the many natural wonders of Hawaii!

If you do come down to Honolulu, maybe I could show you a few haunted sites! I'm taking small groups of friends to different outdoors haunted locations to interact with the area. Its good fun!

Unfortunately there aren't any places that allow that type recreation indoors unless you know someone.
MyleneAunzo in A Woman And A Child
Siguro yung nakaraan at yung present hours nagmeet up. Tsaka di mo dapat nakita yun.

We have our world and theirs. Times do meetup if the balance were diturb.
4d, thank you, I'm sure Hank, as well as myself appreciates it. Smile
ifi and notjust - This is true, somethings are just better left alone, or to one's self. I like to think, that even back then, IF they had brought it up, or asked me, I'd have the guts to tell them. But, to broach the subject myself? Obviously not.
Notjust - silly girl - in no way are you ever an intrusion.
Swims Smile I almost missed your comment! Sorry about that. Thanks Smile
Nyehahaha it was a creepy / good story.

I was a bit frightened but when it comes to the point where the punching thing entered I'd just laugh. And it was funny.
I can't help but to just laugh.

God Bless.
buffpanda87 in I Have A Double
I understamd that this may have been just a case of sleep walking but I never sleep walk before. Also I grew up in California and I have been gone for at least 9-10 years when this happened. I also visited her multiple times and have gotten drunk and did the same thing before but there was nothing happened like this one. All I'm saying is, this was just weird.
Yup, right indeed.

Though we can't see these entity doesn't mean they don't exist.
As far as I know the reason why ghost/ spririt's were covered with something or was just dark blank because they were shy. We'll tha'ts what my mother said.
While those spirits who are courageous enough to show they're face were some kind of evil or desperate to have answers or they aren't aware that they already died.

God Bless.
MyleneAunzo in A Sad Goodbye
I guessed your friend leo remembered you before he do the suicide thing.

If I would put my situation on leo I would think that if I'll do this my friend would be sad but the pain of being betrayed was just too much that I had to escape and the reason why you were able to see him, its his way of saying sorry.

I would pray for leo.

God Bless.
Maybe they are stylish doppelgangers.

They don't want to miss the trend so they are copying on what you guys were wearing.

God Bless.
I've seen a santelmo/ santilmo before. I was just 6-8 y/o and I'm not kind of scared with them because my mother know something on how to keep them away from us, human. Simply lit the matches and throw it to where the fireball is. She said santelmo were spirit who seeks for justice so basically speaking if this world/ government can't give it to them then they'll seek the justice by themselves.

Hahhah such an awakening to our society today, I guess ahahhahaha

So grant them their right, justice! And if not they'll hunt you nyeahhaha

God Blesss.
MyleneAunzo in A Night To Remember
My mother told us that if we heard a sound that the creature (aswang) making all you need to do is tumagilid sa pghiga at hindi patihaya. She told us that if you'll do it the creature will be having a hard time looking for your internal organs and then this cfeature will then fly away is if it sees no victim at all.
Mylene - just a heads up, this story is from 2010 so the author might not get your comment. Also you could have submitted that story as your own =)
God I had my encounter with ghost as well. It was late december our old neighbor died, I guess he was on his 80's.

They're having lamay next door, It was saturday night and I slept at the couch thing. It was 3:35 am I think I had a nightmare though the feeling was for real I was shouting, shouting and scream my lungs off... Ate! Ate! But seems likes no ones hearing me then I remembered my cousin's advised na kung babangungutin ka you have to move your ankle since that's the only part of your body that you can move and I did that, it work. Nagising ako na hingal na hingal I've noticed there's a white cloth floating above me then it disappear after a a second or two. I then saw a reflection of a guy with a black hood, can't see his face due to the hood. I'm praying saying " gabayan mo po ako jesu kristo" but I am having a hard time delivering my prayer like my tongue was paralyzed Instead of jesu kristo I am delivering " Jose Cristo" and I was shocked with the words I've delivered. And that neighbor of ours who died named" Jose ".

I guess totoo yung kasabihan na pag di mo dinalaw ang patay ikaw yung dadalawin.

My bad that I didn't do that though it would just take 15 steps to go to the venue.

God Bless Anyone.
Hi Buthaya, I could also try getting a cleansing. It is the same for me it just dissapears when I look directly at it.
Yup, I'm not reading any more of your stories until I get home or I'm going to have to close shop to hide and cry. Love Nikky, I wish you all the best always.
DAH! One of those days where i'm going through my list of favourite posters and stories. Came across this one...Nikky, I just want to give you the biggest hug for the longest time, for being you... The wonderful you and your family. I know this is old, but I hope you and everyone is doing very well and I send you my love, and you and Varu are in my prayers.

I also agree with Jav, some posters should have a tissue box emoticon next to their names Love
notjustme in She Is Stll With Me
Buthaya - I apologize for using your thread to speak to Jules, she has no stories up at the moment so I wasn't able to comment on her threads... Forgive me? Love Smile

Jules - I do hope you submit some soon Shy
notjustme in She Is Stll With Me
Very interesting Jules. I too believe in past lives and I get what you're saying. Try searching up Delores Cannon. She has all the answers to your questions. She is a hypnotist that gets people to relive their past lives though hypnosis, she has tons of books. Her theory is we are all here for lessons, and even though some of us are done our own, we come might have volunteered to come back to help others around us finish their's. According to her theory, people in our lives today has been in our previous ones too, just roles could have been reversed in some ways. Example, your mother now, could have been your daughter last life.
notjustme in She Is Stll With Me
Buthaya - ahh! Don't say that that! Because I've recently just started meditating and my biggest fear is what I might start seeing Crying I want to connect with my mother, mainly that's why I want to do it. Also, to better my mind and body.

I guess I will just have to deal with it when the time comes, should I see anything I don't wish to...I'm curious, did you start seeing them after meditation?
It could have been your spirit guide, it could also have been somebody who lived on or around the land a long time ago, or... It could have been a mother from a past life or relative. I saw a young girl around me for a period of time. I only had small boys. I realized from past life dreams and premonitions, that she was my child from a past life. Somehow she had followed me... As I had died fairly young in that life. I had also captured her in pictures from my camera. Her father in that life, was also somebody I know in this life. I still don't know why or how the circumstances happened in that life, but I know it has not been resolved and I have prayed for her to find peace.
ifihadyoux in Taps, Tinks And Toots
Well maybe try talking to it? Maybe that's why it keeps messing with you because it wants communication with you? I think it could be worth a shot. But I completely get you.
ifihadyoux- You know, as much as it has done over the last four years to prove to us that it is actually there, I still feel kind of funny talking to it. I find the act strange. Does that make any sense?

I am 100% sure it is there but I feel awkward speaking to it. It has not been a daily thing, stuff happening (other than the satellite thing), so maybe it's kind of lingering back? Ugh, I don't know.
ifihadyoux in Taps, Tinks And Toots
Maybe you should tell your jester not to mess with your television because it's rude and then your jester won't be able to watch television either!
I'd say the same as Val, and Notjustme.

You need to understand fully that YOU are the one in control over your domain.

No one should ever fear being in their home when there is no one around.

I would really consider doing a blessing of your home. It doesn't hurt to do it, and at least you'll build confidence in yourself, and feel more in charge of the situation.

I believe Rook (don't remember user full name) details a house cleansing. I've done it, and it worked amazingly.
Just a quick update. Our jester has choose not to do anything with the penny experiment. Curiously we started having issues with our satellite system. I realize they commonly do however it lasted for days, the same thing, but when the satellite person came to fix it, nothing was wrong. The issue was gone and they could not find anything wrong. Morning of day 5, yesterday, it had the issue. 2:45 in the afternoon it was gone.

I'm the first to say it would be a stretch to call it paranormal but it is curious. I know blah, blah, blah, rambling again.

I will let you all know IF there is a change with the pennies.
Tawa, thanks for the apology, but don't worry about it. On this site, we can get a bit finicky and cynical about stories. Sometimes, it can come off as though we are being rude. No worries:D
I meant to say *old pain to stir up*...geez lol not stir up paint Laugh Laugh Laugh
Val - Sorry to intrude, but I also agree with ifi that it's been very long now and that it's probably better left unsaid. Even knowing so, nothing will change, and possibly avoid some old paint o stir up. Also, what if they want to go investigate, even though Hank can watch over them now, that wouldn't be so good of an idea. Just my 2 cents.
Respects to you Love
elnoraemily in The Psychic
I think Tweed raises some fantastic points here. Was there any way that the story of what happened on the road had been shared on social media?
Thanks for the links:D That is very interesting!

I agree. With pretty much everything that notjustme has said so far.
ifihadyoux in The Psychic
I can get skeptical too Tweed about psychics because there are so many fakes and bad publicity about them. Psychics are also a touchy subject because they come in contradiction to major faiths. However, I believe some do have a special gift. The ones that are more likely than not fake are the ones that tell you you're going to die and that they are the only ones that can cure you,etc. But without anyone being their other than the O/P no one can know for sure.
Personally Valk I feel some things are best left unsaid. I would have done the same.
Fergie, to be honest, I really debated with myself whether to tell his brother/family or not. The timing never seemed quite right to divulge such a thing. Plus we didn't hang out together. It would have been paramount to arranging a meeting with an acquaintance to tell them you believe their house is haunted. Back then, I simply wouldn't have the nerve. Not too sure I would now, unless asked Laugh .
Looks real story, heart touching. This happen a lots of time.
Hi, AngeLeeS very neat story and (at) notjustme thanks for link as I am also unaware from Ghost month... Quite an interesting... I am agree with notjustme...

God bless you dear,
Gosh Val, I posted a comment to you a couple of days ago. I came to see if you had replied, but my comment was gone. Strange... Maybe I just forgot to press the post button.

Anyway, the gist of my post was: I don't blame you for your disinclination to go back to Hank's house. Not after your previous experience there. If it were me, I probably would have had to take a change of undies with. Wink

Did you ever let Hank's brother know the house was haunted, or any of your thoughts pertaining to the death?

To my mind, Hank was definitely hanging around to look out for you guys.

Thank you for another emotion evoking submission.
Tweed in The Psychic
Maria I would be so shocked if I found myself across the road like that. It would have been pretty unnerving, in a good way. Smile

Psychic wise I'm skeptical. Not so skeptical that I don't believe in psychics or psychic experiences, because I do believe. But not easily.
The psychic could still have been a fraud.

For instance these days fraud psychics use facebook etc for details about peoples lives, they later relay in a 'reading'.
All a fraudster needs is a name (be that the name of the person who booked the reading) and the fraudster has all he/she needs to investigate the rest.
One trick fraudsters LOVE pulling is on people who don't go to the reading. They LOVE proving they 'know' people who didn't attend. Makes them appear more powerful to the victims.
I use the word victim because it's loss and pain that usually drives people into a fraudsters deceit.

I REALLY don't want to take away from your experience with what happened on that road. That was, I'm sure, a real experience.
But did you share that online? Could it have been trackable to a sham psychic?
I hate to rain on you and your families parade about the psychic. I am not saying I *think* this person is deceiving you. Because for all I know they are the genuine article.
But at the same time I want you to be aware of online sharing and just how easy it is to manipulate details to innocent grieving victims in exchange for their money.
Take care.
Wwwow Val, that was poetic. I agree with Rooks sumary. And it's good to hear another story about our loved ones looking out for us. Sounds like a great spirited guy. Thakyou for sharing this story.
elnoraemily, thank you. No, my mom have no idea about her. I do not plan to tell her. Not many kids go to their mom and tell her he is a soldier who died in an ambush and do military drills correctly to prove it. I do not remember doing that but my mom told me I did some wired stuff that time. So I don't want her to know. That way she do not have to worry.
thank you notjustme. I thought that too. I looked up about spirit guides and what I learned made perfect scene. I also can hear footsteps behind me. I heard that last night too. Now that I learned about spirit guide, I think that's her following me. I say this because one day I met a guy and out of the blue he said to me " do you hear someone coming behind you and every time you try to look no one is behind you?" when I said yes he told me this " don't worry about it. That person is to protect you, some people born like you have a guardian always behind you". I never saw that man again.

I did meditate for a while and I stopped it because I started to see ghosts everywhere I go. But I am going to start again. I can see ghost and I am going to use that ability to do something good if I can.

Thank you all for reading my story.

I agree with Tweed about not being a friendly man. I've heard that red eyes are negative.

Thanks for your account, 4d.
zzsgranny--thanks! I sent the photos by responding to the email I received when my story was published. Hopefully this is what you meant. The two links to Martin on the page were for the Your Ghost Stories website and The Eclectic Store, so I assume I was just supposed to send the photos as a response to the acceptance email. Fingers crossed this works!
Wow! Just amazing! I would love to know without a shadow of doubt that a close relative is looking out for me Love

I thought this story was very endearing, and made me think of my baby girl... If I were to be a guardian, and I had a choice, it would be hers. I think I'd enjoy it as much as your uncle enjoys looking over you.

Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more of your experiences, Happy
It may not be the same entity fom your youth, but maybe just how you and your brother "see".

You guys both probably tune into the same frequency... Interesting story. Thank you for sharing it- 4d
To add to the story, AngeLee, another guess I have is Evelyn was just a wandering spirit who enjoyed playing with you and your brother because you could see her. I believe young children has their third eye open so it's easier to commute with them. Maybe she just needed someone there, and has now moved on to either a different place or different children.
I adore Hong Kong. I was there several years ago for school.

I am confused. What is a Ghost month?
Also, can you please tell about your mom's experience with Evelyn?
notjustme in The Psychic
Beautiful story. Almost made me cry too! I'm very happy for you that your uncle is watching you and still loving you from elsewhere.
Hi AngeLeeS - Neat story, and thanks for sharing.

Like you, I grew up with all the Chinese superstition related to ghost month, umbrellas, singing while eating dinner, hitting our chop sticks on the bowls, etc. As I grew up and experienced things for myself, I have come to the theory that ghost month beliefs are half/half. First, I no longer believe spirits need food or money in the afterlife, so the theory of them being "hungry" is out the window for me now. I truly believe that some smart person made all that up to promote the day so the market and incense industry can make more money in July. Just like Christmas, Valentine's day, etc, So many people make a really big deal in July, buying paper houses, paper cars, paper servants, and paper money to burn for their loved ones who has passed. They also pray at home with lots of fruits and sweets, and burn a lot of incense.
Do we really need a day to tell us when to be kind to others? When to buy a gift for your partner? And when to remember your dead ones? I personally don't think so.
Why I am saying this is because your family seems to think you did something to invite Evelyn when she came to "eat". I highly doubt a random stranger would attach themselves to you just because your family was doing offerings on the side of the road. I'm not saying Evelyn isn't real or didn't happen, but I also know Chinese elders are VERY superstitious and could work themselves up over small things. Also, you have no recollection of her but your family says they have... My guess is she died somewhere on your street, and that's why she still lingers there, and your family can see her sometimes. Young children will often point to nothing and talk. Sometimes it is a spirit but sometimes it's just children being children.

She didn't cause any harm to your family, and neither you or your brother remembers anything about her, so I wouldn't search up on her so much. To be honest, I think your family worked your mind up so much about her that now you are very fascinated by the "idea" of Evelyn. Our minds will sometimes trick us into believing what we want to.

Again, I don't mean to sound skeptic, I believe what you say, but I don't think it's as extreme as you would like to believe. Just all my opinion on the story. Thank you.

P.s. Sorry if my words are all jumbled, I'm trying to type as fast as I can so I can go eat my lunch. So hungry Crying
Hi everyone, me again. I've got an apology to make to Elnoraemily. I didn't mean to be so stroppy to you in my other comment. At the time I was worked up over something and I shouldn't have commented at all because I wasn't thinking straight. I now see that everything you said in all your comments were all true and valid points and it was me who was wrong. Please forgive me Elnoraemily and know I have learned valuable lessons from this and it won't happen again. This apology also goes to anyone else I offended. Hopefully this will help put things right,

This really sounds like high EMF to me. There is a theater in my town that you can literally feel the energy in. It's creepy. People do hallucinate and feel watched. I forget what they tested it at, but it was very, very high.

High EMF's essentially get in the way of how your brain processes information. Your brain works on electrical energy and the high EMF can disrupt it. In high levels, this can lead to feelings of fear, being watched, panic and even hallucinations.

That, at least by the description of how the room feels, is my theory.
It would be interesting to find out if anything happened to your middle school to see if the little girl can be explained. I was going to suggest doing some electrical checking in the bathroom but once you said you saw the reflection, that quickly left my mind. However it is known to arise feeling uncomfortable, cold, and seeing things. High EMF levels is what I am referring to.
Do you know if anyone else saw the girl after that? I know your friend said she had something similar so that's why I am asking.
ifihadyoux in The Psychic
Welcome to YGS! Haha woah! That's a pretty cool experience and sounds like you got an actual psychic as opposed to a fake one. Wonderfully sweet your uncle is looking out for you.
In the e-mail you received when your story was published is a link to send the pics to Martin so he can put them with the story. Happy
elnoraemily in In The Darkness
I am happy to hear that you were honest with your psychologist- few people tend to be fully honest out of fear of being judged, at least at first. It's good that you got a fully checkup, from cognitive testing to actual MRI's.

I would also agree that a cleansing seems to be the best choice.
Tweed in The Dancer
Mandy, wow, glad you enjoyed it!

I do know the name of the people who lived there for many years before us. I've tried to do some research on it in the past to little, be that no success. But in doing this the motivation was the house, not the dancer. I'll direct my attention to her and try again.
There were holes in the walls that had been repaired before we moved in. From what I remember the guy who lived there directly before us, (I don't know his name), I remember mum said something about him being in a drunken rage when he punched the walls.
Not that I think there's a connection there. But that's the extent of my knowledge of the history of the place thus far.
I've always had the feeling she's a big sister figure too. It's rather nice.

Biblio, thank you for such a beautifully written response.

As for story telling I think it comes from reading a lot. That and a fondness for perspective. (Or a pedantic drive to correct written word.)
Of course she was trying to show me how she felt. I see clearly now how obvious this is. I had a moment after I submitted the story where this suddenly dawned on me. It seems, regarding the sofa cushion night, that I've been stuck in that 'everything's about me' teenage mindset.
I'm onto her language of dance and movement. There's a few ghosts I communicate with in various ways. They've all got their own unique language.
The last time I cranked up the 90's music and danced around was a few hours ago. Always have music in my day, through decent speakers. (Prefer speakers to headphones.) I never lost my joy to the some of the responsibilities of adulthood, never will.
As a side note while reading your response my subconscious picked up the capital 'A' after ellipsis. But mainly because it was the word 'and'. My dad and English teacher both instilled in me that one does never start a sentence with 'and'. So when you pointed it out it was quite the mind bender!

Thanks again to you both.
Are you absolutely sure it wasn't some of your neighbors having a romantic encounter?
Hello Katie, please don't fear, you are not alone, always remember if there is evil so there is good and God. You don't have to be religious to believe in God, just think that nothing can harm you or your children. Be strong and face the fear and let it know that you are not going to give up.
If it knows that you are feeling scared then it would start feeding on you fear and make your life more miserable.
Fight for yourself and start cleansing the house and let it know that you would not allow it to ruin your life.
Be calm never panic and don't let anything disturb the peace of you mind.
your narrations are always cool and spooky and heart touching
Bibliothecarius in The Dancer

First, let me state that you have a gift for storytelling; you describe enough details for clarity, then move on with your narratve.

The only point in your story which I failed to grasp immediately was the direction of the Dancer's legs on your couch. You corrected that in the next sentence, which was helpful in re-orienting my mental image AND in revealing why she was agitated; you surprised her!

Think about this for a moment: a spirit with enough strength of will to rummage around the kitchen every night, to read through the liner notes of a cd you'd kept hidden from view, to interfere with digital displays, to cause the floor to vibrate as she danced, to open the wicker basket containing a baby doll... And she shook a sofa cushion at you? Certainly, it would have been terrifying to a young teen in the dark, but imagine for a moment trying to describe that scenario if you'd woken up a cousin taking a nap in your living room ("It was at that point, officer, that she brandished the sofa cushion in a menacing manner"). I don't think she was trying to scare you; she was trying to tell you how she felt.

Your Dancer was either a professional or a serious enthusiast; dancers communicate their feelings through movement, not words. Because of her ability to follow you away from the house, and to draw from your shared memories to manifest the idea of the cushion, I'd say you've got a vigilant guardian who was seriously frighted by your emotionally-abusive boyfriend.

For once, I don't see the harm in trying to communicate with a spirit; however, it would be irresponsible to suggest any method of communication than the one with which she feels comfortable. When was the last time you blasted 90s-era music and danced around the house? Even if you're dusting or ironing, you could get a dock for your iPod so your Dancer can hear it, too.


(I've corrected the capital 'A' after the three-dot ellipsis, but the software continues to ignore my substitution of the correct lower-case 'a.' Apparently, it can't differentiate between three- and four-dot ellipses. Spirits are much more cooperative than computer programs.)
Hi Jiggly, first of all welcome to YGS. Elnora and others are right. Your English is quite good. Better than mine and mind you, English is not my first language too. I have written an experience like yours but the only difference is if keeps on coming like a girl crying. You can read it in this link

But if you happen to hear the sound again, try to note the time and if necessary, try to maintain a journal. You can ask your girl friend, if she had any experience like yours or your neighbours in the apartment. Try to do some investigation. It would throw some more light.

Thanks for sharing.

Regards and respects to you.

Jiggly, isn't it possible what you heard was actually the sound of someone weeping carried on the wind? Sound can travel quite far when conditions are right.
If this was a one time thing, I really wouldn't worry much over it.
Hi, Sushant Sure I'll try to find out what is exactly there... Did you personally visit that place?
MandyyNicole in The Dancer
Tweed, this was an awesome story.
Creepy yet sweet, and it is going straight to my favorites. Thanks for sharing with us!

Do you happen to know any history of the house or who the dancer could be? I would suggest looking into it, see what you can fimd out about her, if anything.

She seems kind of like an older sister figure to me; she definitely seems quite fond of you, with the way she danced with you and tried to warn you about your ex.
I love that you played some Madonna as a thank you.
phenonw in Haunted Camelot
It is Really Great that your mom believed you. So Many parents don't!
demonshauntme, you have Nothing to be sorry about!
You have it correct.
Glad your here.
So back to the story. It was Very good, well written, enjoyed it very much. The demon/bad spirit (what ever you want to call it) come in with the use of the O board.
Am glad you are away from it. I suggest you Never go back there.
Please write some more, you did a great job.
Thanks everyone really appreciate your inputs.

I really hope you guys are right for my own sake because I really don't want to be living in an apartment that is haunted.

But to be honest, it sounded nothing like a normal human or even two adults having intimate moments could ever sound like. It was a wailing, like someone in pain or someone who is crying with deep sorrow. The reason I am leaning towards not attributing the sound to my neighbors is mainly because I have never even heard anyone talking loudly from the other rooms during my time in this apartment. Normally, we all leave the balcony doors and windows closed because living at a high floor, it gets pretty windy the whole time. And It sounded like it was coming from the wind rather than the other rooms. But then again, I could be wrong.

And again, thanks everybody!
nillix91 in In The Darkness
Thank you tweed and valkricry. I like the incense idea for sure and I'll try that shielding method, I have considered zen meditation. Maybe if I combine that with some techniques I'll get good results. I have 3 friends that are zen fanatics so I may go to one of thier gatherings.

Valk, yes I did tell the psychologists everything, but they did so many tests from brain scans to mental tests. Everything came out to be normal, like I said I tried to tell them they were wrong but it didn't matter.
I have a ghost in my house, Carl, he likes to turn lights on & off as well as turning faucets on & off. LOL'
He started doing these things when I was 5 or 6 years old. But I started seeing spirits when I was even younger so he didn't bother me.
valkricry in She Is Stll With Me
I think notjust and elnora are right. This certainly sounds like a spirit guide. It's a common belief that we each have a spirit assigned to watch over us and help guide us through life's journey. You are fortunate to be able to recall her so vividly.
valkricry in The Other Family
Zameer. The spirits may not be attached to the house, but the land itself. Do you know if another building had once stood there? Or what the land had been used for/ was? Like had it been part of a farm or a woodland?
Thanks ifihadyoux and BadJuuJuu, I will first try the "contact" link and see what happens. If that doesn't work I will put them up on photo bucket or similar site.
I 2nd BJJ. Unfortunately she is correct and it's not the first time I've seen this happen, however I have seen stories with them in it so there must be a way. I suggest doing what BJJ suggests with contacting the admin or uploading them to a 3rd party site and posting the link.
valkricry in In The Darkness
Now, I am NOT saying you do suffer from a mental illness, but were you forth coming when you talked with the psychologist (s)? It just seems to me that if you told one that you have a 'shadow' telling you to do harmful things, that they'd at least have you in counseling. Now, hear me out on this: counseling is a GOOD thing especially in your situation, because they will help you gather the tools you need to keep resisting him.
We have a poster here named Rookdygin, that has a cleansing/shielding method on his profile. Many on this site have used it and say it gives really good results. Http://
The other thing I can suggest is when Logan starts talking, drown him out. Recite a prayer, or a verse that you feel good about, or sing a song that makes you feel good. You can even do this silently. The trick is to focus your mind away from him.
I hope this is of some help. Keep us posted.
The photos didn't come in with the story, and you're not the first to have this issue. It's beyond my access to attach the pictures, you might try the "contact me" link at the top of the page to get in touch with admin. He's the only one who could do it with the story already published.
I'm sorry.
nillix - A person should never be afraid in their own home. I see you have a story up, and I'm going to go read it now.
lady-glow and Morticia,
Thanks for reading and commenting. Sometimes I do wonder if maybe the bad guy is still around, or if Hank holds him in check. Or maybe they're both at peace now.
Hi ifihadyoux--I did send the photos before the story was posted. I intially received the email confirming the site had received my story, that it was pending publication and if I had any photos that accompanied it to respond to that email and send them as an attachment, which I did. The email with the photos was never returned so I assume someone at Your Ghost Stories received them. If I have to post the pictures to photo bucket I will but hopefully they went to someone on the site who could put them up. Either way I will post them somewhere so readers can see them.
I believe there is a different way to send the pictures but at this moment it is too late to attach it to the story itself. You can upload the pictures to a website such as photo bucket and post the link in the comments for us to view if you would like.
elnoraemily--wow, you dug up a lot of interesting stuff! I will have to take some time to check it all out. Also very cool you found the info on Anna Heinemann. Could that have been Edwin's wife since he died in 1906 (or 1907 as some sources have it)? Edwin was only 44 when when he died so I actually guess it could be. Thanks for all the new research! Notjustme, I did submit both pictures but since that was the first time I did it I am not sure where they are on the site. I sent them as an attachment but am not sure. Maybe someone can tell me if I did something wrong when initially sending them? I will gladly resend them if I need to.

Julie and I always found the strange hauntings in the building incredibly intriguing. We were never scared by any of it, more just interested. WiniPu4--thanks for the nice comments. I agree there was nothing menacing in the building. It was kind of fun to tell people who were visiting some of the paranormal things that happened. Most would say, "I'm glad I don't live here". Thanks for all the input.