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uh-oh-spaghettio in White Outlines
Hi so sorry I didn't see these as I forgot my account details!
It's gotten a lot worse! I just posted another story today but it's on a different account!
If you happen to come across a story by
it's me and can you please help!
Thank you so much for actually responding, I'm so much more afraid than I was and I've tried certain things to cleanse but it either got worse or stayed exactly the same...
I should point out that I stopped seeing those men... I never got a bad vibe from them it was always neutral, I'm more scared because of whatever else is following me now... I haven't so much seen anything else but enough has happened to terrify me...
BadJuuJuu in Lights In The Dark
I have a crackpot theory on this, but I'm not sure if I can find my words enough to make sense lol.
To me, it sounds like you may be seeing high energy points. The way you mention seeing it around dogs' noses, cats' ears, people's hands and eyes, those seem to be intense sensory points. Dogs pretty much live in their own noses lol, everything comes down to scent. I recently read an article stating that dogs can identify prostrate cancer 98% of the time by sniffing a urine sample. They direct a lot of energy to their noses. Cats, crazy sharp hearing, a lot of their energy gets directed there. Humans rely more on sight and touch. We perceive the world in a much more visual way than our beastie companions. I think you may be seeing areas where energy naturally intersects.
That's my theory on part of it at least, that you're picking up on personal energy channels/intersection points. I think it's probably a similar thing with seeing these points of light in trees, grass, these lights are attached to the point the trees and grass draws in sunlight, a high energy point for the plants. If you could see the roots, I bet it would be a pretty dazzling show.
If you can perceive energy in this way, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to think you could pick up personal energy, when someone is thinking about you for example. The lights you see just before someone calls you that you mentioned make me think that.
I wouldn't get too concerned about colors of the lights. Yellow representing anger, meh. Some shades maybe, other shades are just so darn cheerful. I would interpret the colors on a case by case basis, not so much as color, but by how the individual light feels.
I hope that made some sense.
Hmmmm definitely sounds creepy. Like others have said, there is a chance you invited in something with the "spell" that hasn't left. I agree to make sure whatever is down there won't hurt you. But at the very least, it doesn't seem malevolent.
Cman710 in Haunted Basement
That's a freaky encounter! I'd probably be very spooked too. Even if it was just a nail that'd be enough to get me.
Wow, that's a crazy encounter! At least it was a friendly kitty I figure. But still crazy.
tanya771007 in The Man In Black Suit
This morning I found a lot of blood on the floor. Of course I panicked because I thought that one of the cats hurt herself/himself.After I examined every single inch of their bodies I made sure it wasn't them who got hurt-no bites or scratches, and actually they never fight.
Then I woke my husband up to ask him what happened at night thinking that he cut himself.
He didn't know what I was talking about.
The stains, like big drops of blood, dry already, were going from the kitchen all way through the corridor and ending up right at the place where I saw the man.
Today a priest came to bless the house, I showed him the blood stains, he had no comments and looked at me as I'm insane...
I don't know what to think anymore...
Please, if somebody is aware of the history of Hull,Quebec,l would appreciate your help. We need to figure out what had happened in this house.
Thank you for your comments!
elnoraemily in Ouija Is Not A Game
The best advice for that is to avoid it.
If you believe that they work and in spirits, there are other ways to attempt to get a hold of them that are more worthy of your time.

A lot of people try to be safe with that board and, as you can see by browsing this site, that is not a guarantee of safety.
Grimoires in Ouija Is Not A Game
Please forgive if this is not the correct place to ask... But as it rather relates... Could someone please share the proper protected ceremony and method by which to use the Ouija? Or instruct please on where to find such answers for safety and precaution. Please please, pretty please. This info would be sooo very useful and helpful. Cheers.
rookdygin in Ouija Is Not A Game

What makes you say that? Only 'not the good ones'?

In many years of experiences I have never seen, nor heard of just 'bad/evil...or even DEMONS ONLY being the ONLY type of spirit that can communicate through a Ouija Board.

I am curious where you got your information from, thanks in advance.


Pebbles_Keeper in Walls
Hi depitong.
Thank you for sharing your experience.
I am trying to think of a reason for the bang on the wall.
Has your apartment got others above and below? Could it be a neighbour banging?
The picture spinning is strange and it sounds as though your parents are aware too, or at least believe you.

It doesn't sound malevolent. More like something is trying to get your attention.
If anything else happens acknowledge it but ask it to please stop frightening you!
Best wishes xx.
jazzeyjay, the reason your story is so long is because you add a lot of information that's not necessary. For example people don't need to know a picture of what your house looks like, or that when you need to go to the bathroom you had to do #1 and #2. You make yourself sound like a child when you use those terms. And another thing is that when the stove turned on you could of turned it off first before you went to hide. Your house could of burnt down by you leaving the stove on and it's just a common sense thing to do, even when you're scared. Confused
I wonder why things so often seem to like watching us while we sleep. I mean, how interesting can that really be?
WeScorchedTheSky in Ouija Is Not A Game
Just one thing- the spirits of deceased people cannot come back to earth and communicate through an Ouija Board. Only the other spirits can do this, and not the good ones
WeScorchedTheSky in Through The Ouija Board
Can I recommend a book to you? Maybe read "The Ishbane Conspiracy", by Randy Alcorn. It's is honestly an eye opening book, and gives us an insight into the spiritual world. Just a recommendation, thanks for sharing your experience.
I doubt I was all that tired at the time, as I usually consider 2 am pretty early for me. I definitely touched the cat. I didn't really think anything about it at that moment except I wondered why this cat was in the store and whether or not the attendant knew about it. It was only when it disappeared so suddenly that I wondered if something 'wierd' hadn't just happened. I was standing up to get out of this lady's way, looked up, then back down before my legs were even all the way straight, with my hand still out and everything, when the cat suddenly wasn't there anymore. It only took a second, and I stood there for a minute kind of dazed, looking around for it as the lady walked by. The thing about it was that the disappearance was so silent. That particular Cvs has low pile carpeting, and I'm familiar with the sound a cat's claws make in carpeting when it bolts. Still, it's possible it could have been a real cat that slipped in from outside, or maybe even belonged to someone who worked at the store while the manager was away. (Mice will play, and all that.) If it ever happens again, I'll be sure to ask about it next time!
I kept thinking about Swim's comment asking if the lights ever look like a waterfall, because I'd never thought of that before and usually these are just little round baubles that don't seem to move. But the lights I mentioned I saw around our hands weren't exactly stationary like all the others. Since I'm used to thinking of them as singular events, they appeared to me as hundred of tiny white lights all over and sort of around our hands. But since they moved with our hands, they appeared to shimmer and I guess you might say that it's the same sort of appearance that light has on water. It's never really occurred to me to go out and 'practice' seeing these lights, but now I wonder if I could teach myself to see them for longer intervals of time and maybe see what Swim's son is talking about.

I've since learned how to see the little shimmers on myself whenever I want (in low lighting), but I included that instance in the story because it was neat that Bob was able to witness them, as well.
If a ghost cat can assume a solid form for those who see it, perhaps it also assume solidity for those kind enough to pet it.

I have a friend who once lived in an old house and she swears she saw a solid cat sneaking around the baseboard and around corners. I have no reason not to believe her.

So yes, I think it could have been a ghost cat. Or a real one...
Like Miracles, I have floaters, lots of them, and have had them since my mid-20s. But I don't regularly see lights. You have a gift, but darned if I know what it might be.

Thank you for sharing this amazing story!
Great story! Hmm now we try and figure out what it all meant. That you experienced an "apport" of water was pretty neat. Wonder where it was transported to! Maybe the kitty had been drowned in the water or locked in the closet and passed from lack of water and food. Maybe just his way of letting you know what happened. Guessing lol. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you all for the feedback. It's refreshing to hear that there are others out there who have witnessed what I'm talking about, though I'm not able to see the lights continuously for longer than a second, so they never appear to move like a waterfall. They always remain stationary in my field of vision, even when I move my head or my eyes. I don't believe they are floaters due to the nature of my experiences, and also because I believe I DO have a floater or two which look nothing like these little lights.

The only times I specifically recall feeling a little spooked by these lights were the times I mentioned with the large one, and also when I would see the light I recognized as Fred's color after we broke up just because I was a little scared of HIM. I didn't really know what was going on when I first started seeing them to ask myself if I should be afraid, and they're kind of pretty when you see them in trees and things. There have been instances where I've encountered a bunch of actual, glowing insects somewhere and will sit there for a minute or two before I realize it's not these little lights of thought/intention.
elnoraemily in Boy At The Cemetery
I would say to get the date off the headstone and do a Google search of deaths in your area on that date. Make sure you use your county or even city when running the search. It is possible he died of natural causes and may not have a had a public accident, making the results of the search harder to find.

Either way, he seems like no threat. Maybe take some flowers to his grave as well next time and let him know that you saw him.
I've heard lots of different reasons for the salt- some people say that the demon/spirit has to stop the count the salt before they cross it, which has always seemed a little silly to me. I am not sure of the origin of that.

What I hear most often is that salt stands for purity and the impure cannot cross it. Salt is a symbol for life.

I've also heard that is it is energetically pure and disturbs the negative energy of an evil spirit.

Really, I think that it depends on your own person beliefs.
As a lucky recipient of a night time ghost cat visit I can relate to you feeling unsure of what you have seen lol! Sounds like you were just "about" to pet it but didn't get a chance because of the woman heading at you? Awesome experience, thanks for sharing!
Can you tell me why you say salt keeps a spirit at bay? I don't get how a spiritual being would be affected by a physical thing like salt. The ones I've seen scare me a bit, although I know how to get rid of them. I just want to know why people say salt keeps them at bay.
WeScorchedTheSky in Lights In The Dark
That is seriously cool. I gotta say, I kind of envy you. But it would probably scare the living day lights outta me. Honestly though, that's completely awesome
I'm about a year late and haven't been on this site even longer. I must say, interesting account. Old Chicago was pretty much dead by 86' (I would have been 2) but I remember my parents talking about the place (assuming this was the one in Bolingbrook)
Hello ladyglow... Yeah there might be some kerosene over his hand, which he used to burn. But I had the same question that time. But he told me that his hand caught fire after he stepped back and while he was watching the fire burn. Skeptical
No erizzy, he put the fire off at once. But the hairs in his hand were only burnt. Surprised Scared
It seems I keep finding older posts to comment on today! I would like to say this, though. I agree with you in being very careful with naming anything that doesn't have an explanation or anything that does cause fear as demonic/satanic/demon/devil... I think sometimes we can give way too much credit to Satan and demons, which in my opinion, may in some way give power to those "individuals", if you will. I believe there is evil in the world around us, but not all evil is straight from the pits of hell. I have had some difficult personal experiences recently, which I may write about later, but I have looked for a physical explanation instead of strictly paranormal. My grandmother, however, immediately told me it was the work of the devil and that is was Satan himself who was after me. Sorry this is so long, and I'm not sure if anyone will even read this now, but in this recent incident, I have to disagree with her. I believe that I would only be giving power to something more evil if I were to speak out loud that this was the "work of the devil." Basically, I think I've been having panic attacks, just to clear up the mystery of my comment. Kidding Very scary what I have experienced during these attacks, which is why I mentioned possibly writing about them in the future. Maybe someone else has more insight into what I was feeling/experiencing than I do.
MelLundquist in Forgotten Cemetery
I'm interested in hearing the EVP's as I have near heard any before and I really into this how would you share the EVP's?
MelLundquist in Boy At The Cemetery
The chances are that boy you saw is he boy that is buried there. Ghost are known to hang out around their graves so it very likely that boy is the ghost of the boy buried there. If you want to do more research on it you could go the historical society in your town depending on how old the grave is or see if the library has old newspaper obituaries on file.
Nectarvore - Very interesting. I actually found your story and read it. I'm in agreement with you, there were a few things about our paralysis that leads me to believe that it was something other than sleep paralysis. I had just agreed with elnoraemily below that it was a possible explanation, but I'm not totally sold that science has an answer for those experiences.
Miracles51031 in Lights In The Dark
matsaw - I have floaters, diagnosed by my eye doctor, and they are nothing at all like what Izzy is describing. I realize all people are different and I'm guessing floaters could be also.
notjustme in Lights In The Dark
Matsaw - Thank you for your explanation of floaters and I do agree with you that half the time people who claim to see orbs are looking at floaters. I too see them all the time, and I know they are floaters and not orbs.

But in this story, I believe the author is indeed seeing orbs. Floaters don't have colour to them, or at least the ones I see don't. They just look like dancing black lines and I can even follow them because they tend to drift from one side to another. Orbs though have colour to them and would go in any direction they please, unlike floaters they just seem to drift wherever the eye fluids wash it. This is just my opinion.

Respects and God bless Love
This is typical poltergeist activityI think it is safe to say that it is poltergeist heres the definition I found:
A ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.
I've have seen these same types of light since I was a child and I'm sorry to say that it's nothing paranormal. This is the explanation that I have found and I believe it to by spot on. They are called floaters.

What Causes Floaters?
The inside of the eye is filled with a clear, gel-like substance called the vitreous. The vitreous helps maintain the shape of the eye and allows light to pass through to the retina. The retina is a thin, light-sensitive tissue that covers the inside back portion of the eye and works like the film in a camera. Floaters are small clumps of gel that form in the vitreous. Although they appear to be in front of the eye, they are actually floating in the vitreous and are seen as shadows by the retina.

The appearance of floaters may cause concern, especially if they develop suddenly. However, they are usually of little importance. As people get older, the vitreous shrinks and often separates from the retina. By the age of 50 years the vitreous has separated from the retina in about 50% of all people. As the vitreous detaches, it causes floaters. At first the floaters may be quite annoying, but the brain gradually learns to ignore them, and after several months they are hardly noticed.

Normal Eye
It is a "familiar spirit". Your friend was right go back to her and ask for help, I am sure that she can get you the right help. Do not delay.
Another ghost cat incident. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser! It could go either way. Cats can move pretty fast, then again the ghost cats all seem to be pranksters. Fun story.
elnoraemily in Lights In The Dark
This is fascinating! Thanks for the fantastic amount of detail and history you gave as well- I love learning about things I've never heard of before and this is the perfect example.

The idea of the energy of the lights being tangible is intriguing. I can only assume that these are some sort of auras/chakras like Swims mentioned because all other ideas don't fit at all.

You definitely have an amazing ability of sort sort. Stunning story- the firefly metaphor beings very happy and heartwarming thoughts.

I also have to echo a previous question and ask if you fear them at all, other than the creepiness you mentioned?

Best wishes to you and I hope all is well!
Swimsinfire in Lights In The Dark
Izzy, seriously you have some kind of gift. Admitedly, at first I thought this was one of THOSE stories until you mentioned where you saw these lights. My son has this same ability and told me the same thing, and has learned it's everybody's individual energy. Every once in a while, like you say, when I'm not trying and just accepting I can do the same since he taught me. Does it sometimes look like a waterfall of little lights out of trees and some people? It's really normal for people like you who can do this. People have gifts for a reason, you know. Might be good to check it out. The emotion associated with yellow I think is anger, but maybe some of our posters more familiar with chakras would have better info. Very cool.
I know this post is several months old, but it reminds me of my experience with my dog. I had to have her put to sleep December 2013, a few weeks before Christmas due to ruptured discs and paralysis. It was very sad and very difficult for me, but I had dreams about her for several weeks afterwards. They were mostly bad dreams about the days leading up to her death and almost like I was replaying everything that had happened and everything that she and I had gone through during those last few weeks. Finally, one night, I had a good dream. I think she was letting me know she was safe and happy, and finally, healthy. I still get very upset thinking about that time, but I agree with the others that pets can visit us. I think that sometimes we can love so intensely that people or pets we have lost need to let us know it's ok.
elnoraemily in Cruising With The Boys
Amazing account, even though it's very sad.

Good job with the research on the car itself and figuring out what happened to those teens.

I'm very impressed that you are okay with having them drive along with you, as long as they don't mess with the car. That's brave and quite commendable.

Thank you for posting information in regards to the crash in question, as well! My only question is that your account says that 5 passed and the links state only two? Or did they pass later while in the hospital?

Best wishes to you

Thank you for explaining the genetic fever hallucinations!
Very interesting
notjustme in Lights In The Dark
IzzyC - Interesting experiences. I find it really cool you can "feel" these lights. I have a feeling the big one you see a lot is a guardian or a family member (I hope anyway).
Do you ever feel scared?
The rest of them, I like to think as other souls that you can see the aura of. Either way, super neat!
Wish-Not in The Big One
elnoraemily- Thanks for the well being wishes. I felt like I was kind of rambling in my writing. Just reliving that night left me wiped out.

Problem free not so much. But nothing to that degree. We currently have a little mischief guest. Sunday it threw a potted banana plant off the deck. But they have been worst.

Appreciate your time and comments. Glad you found YGS helpful as well.
elnoraemily in House Wight?
I am not pagan and am not near as well versed as I should be, but I am agreeing with BadJuuJuu and Nectavore.

That is a fascinating experience and quite unique.

Good luck with the renovations, stay safe and best wishes.
He's heard her walk down the stairs (apparently, a very clear sound of shoes and weight on the steps). He was sitting on the sofa with his cats and they would not stop staring in the direction of the stairs behind him. He just did not turn around and went about his business.
He is just assuming that was her, because the negative feeling associated with the other entity was not there.

He is a bit concerned/humored by what else is going to pop out when they really start tearing down the walls and hopefully I will be able to convince him to put up some cameras. We'll see:)
elnoraemily in Walls
From a non-paranormal perspective- Is it possible that a pipe clanged inside the wall (from trapped air or such) or that someone threw something at the house? The clock falling and picture doing bizarre things would have been from the vibrations from the sound. Old houses can make some very strange things happen that are not necessarily paranormal.

From a paranormal perspective, my personal feeling is that it's not a demon or demonic, but more poltergeist-y.

Hopefully you and your family are alright and happy.

Best wishes. Happy
IzzyC - I've experienced the curious cat incident many times in my own home. Felt it rub up against me, thinking it was my cat, looked down, Rex wasn't there LOL Talk about a WTH moment Laugh

I was thinking maybe the woman walking down the aisle belonged to the cat (since cats don't belong to us lowly humans Wink ). Maybe the cat had recently passed, or maybe not recently Confused . Anyway, that's my theory. Thanks for sharing this with us.

(I like orange sherbert too so I understand the late night trip to CVS LOL)
thanks for the comments guys... I finally had the time to go back here. Well, I got used to everything. And yes I'm safe (or am I?), I'm currently being disturb by an entity but I know God is watching over me. Hope you guys are safe too.
It's possible that the cat jumped behind something or bolted, however unlikely it is to happen in matter of seconds. Seeming how you were petting it, it was obviously a solid figure.
It could have been a cat that wandered in after someone. A few lost dogs have wandered into stores in my neighborhood. If it is a weighted automatic door, they would not have been able to get in by themselves, but slipping in after people is possible.

When is the last time you had slept? Just ruling out any sort of tired mind creating images.

Ghost animals are definitely not unheard of; it actually happened to my sister when we were kids (we shared a room and she saw a cat we did not have, but I never saw it).

Definitely a bizarre encounter!

Best wishes
elnoraemily in The Big One
I have been waiting for this story, and I am very happy that it was posted. Your accounts are written extremely well.

I was going to suggest something wrong with the piping, but the fact that it keeps getting louder and louder is different from that sort of problems. Leaving for your own mental well being was an excellent idea- no matter what, if you don't feel comfortable somewhere, leaving that place is always the best.
I would have left after that sort of experience as well.

I'm happy that you found a place to vent your experiences and talk with others who can help.

Best wishes to you and I hope your future remains problem free <3
Wish-Not in The Big One
mimerkki- I just wish I didn't show as much fear as I did. Valkricry mentioned on an other story "just a handful..." that there were possible two different ghost there and the playful one tried to help to some degree. That's something that I have been thinking about. I do know that the last one intended nothing but meanness. And I was ill equipped to deal with it. Hind sight, I would have done Rooks cleansing and got rid of the darn thing.
Thanks for your time to read and comments. All are valued.
Aysen100, thank you very much for your explanation of the duwende!

Best wishes and hope all is well with your family now <3
mimerkki in The Big One
I am very happy, that you found your way here in YGS, (and that I found my way here). Thank you for your story. I don't think you could have handled that experience differently then, so it is not even right to blame yourself. The way you told the story gave me the impression, that the spirit in your house was seriously after you (or anyone trying to live in the house). It would not have been a good idea to confront it without help anyway.
Wish-Not in The Big One
lady-glow Thank you for the kind words. The visits now have not been anywhere as intense as then. Mostly just a quick visit and they are gone. I think lol!

I was seriously worried that I had something mean attached to me. However I soon learned and felt that I was fortunate that I did not. Thanks again for your comments.
Wish-Not in The Big One
valkricry- I guess the issues that I live with now from that experience is I didn't handle it very well. I should have stood up to it. But at that point in my life I didn't know. It definitely was not the plumbing.

That experience is what brought me to YGS. I needed answers. And happily I did find a lot of answers here just from reading the comments from other stories. I do appreciate this site. Thanks for the comment!
Miracles51031 in The Crescent Hotel
Karleepig - I didn't mean to offend you or discourage you from posting Sad I also didn't get your email. I checked my incoming and junk folders Confused

There are a lot of our members, myself included, who just like sharing our experiences with others. There are a group of us who met on this site, became friends, and then met in person when we went on a ghost tour of Mansfield Prison in Ohio. We submitted our individual experiences, not because we wanted or needed advice or help, but because we had a great time and wanted to share what we experienced with others. And also so those who may have been toying with the idea of visiting Mansfield would know it is definitely worth the trip.

Again, if I offended you in any way, I do apologize but I was only trying to do what I am supposed to as a mod of this site. I do think your experience is worthy of its own submission, for what my opinion is worth.

And now I need to apologize to JustanotherTori for taking up so much of your story Smile
The specific parallels... In summery? My mother, father and I heard a gunshot by our back door that didn't set our kelpies off. The dogs did not respond to the noise... Like the sound was encapsulated specifically to include us but exclude the dogs. Secondly, the odd behaviour of animals acting as if under threat... When there was no rational reason. Thirdly, the activity centring around one room and one child... In our case, my brother... I think it was as simple as he was unknowingly given the most haunted bedroom. Poor little bloke. Haha. There's a few other specifics but I'm taking up space on this thread:)
Yes, Kings of String, mines called Old House In The Forest. Forewarned though, it's not a patch on your story haha:) ... The silent force field bit was the part that intrigued me... About five years ago, I had a night paralysis episode... And as sinister as the experience was, I know night paralysis can be explained rationally. The part that can't was me screaming my ex lads name... After I could move again, as Loud as I could, three times. I was too afraid to move. Screaming was all I was game for. In the very next room, he couldn't hear me. It's just impossible. A few sharers of stories on this site describe similar experiences. Where they made sound, but weren't heard. There's something in that.
Nectarvore in House Wight?
I have a friend who is a Pagan priest and I saw something very similar at his home. In my peripheral, a shadow the size of a mouse, not scurrying, but moving like light. Along the skirting board, from about halfway across the room to the doorway. I told him and he was very interested... He said he'd seen something similar. It must transcend being native to Australia then, haha, this particular species of fey. It most definitely sounds fey... Yeah, I think you're probably not far off with the idea of it being a domestic spirit or elemental of some kind:) I sense faerie beings are similar to animals in their coexistence with human beings... Some will always be wild, some are dangerous, some like us and choose to align themselves by living close by:) sweet:) There are taboos about thanking domestic spirits. They prefer to be shown thanks than spoken it, should they do something worthy of your gratitude.
kingofstrings92 in Unexplainable Experience
Since you commented on my story, I'll return the favor:] Lol.

We have multiple abandoned hospitals here where I live, and a couple of abandoned asylums as well, each of which are reportedly haunted (especially the legendary Torrance State Hospital, which is right down the road here, known for its demonic activity). It's really cool you got the chance to explore one.

The fact you caught growling on film likely suggests something dark was with you that evening. While it would be easy to cast it off as an animal, the fact you yourself heard nothing + no other animal sounds (such as pattering of paws/scraping of claws) were heard adds some credence to this.

I don't want to bring another dark entity home with me, or otherwise I'd go ghost hunting in one of the many hospitals around here, especially Torrance. We'll see what comes of my ghost hunt at the Jean Bonnet Tavern, which I'll have a story up about soon as well.

Good stuff, though!
Oh, to revisist elnoraemily's comment real quick about the faulty wiring: I guess I sorta read-over your sentence of the wiring causing the garage door to go crazy. I should probably mention my garage door is not electric. It's a heavy, manual-open garage door with a lock. Something out-of-this-world (or realm, whichever you'd prefer) was causing that activity that day.
Nectarvore - Have you posted a story about your house? I'd be interested in knowing some of the parallels.

As always, I appreciate each of your interests in my story. It's nice to have intelligent discussion about these events. Most of my friends have heard the story and are too scared to talk about it further or explore it in any way, so this is a nice change-of-pace.
lady-glow in The Big One
Ay caramba, que miedo!
Wish-Not: that was intense, I hope whatever it was went down the drain never to come back. Serious
Thanks for sharing this frightening experience with us.
maika_otsukanerawrrr in Haunted Basement
I had an encounter not exactly like that in my distant aunt's house before. My cousin told me it was an incubus because it happened when I was sleeping. Told her I was awake. But could you take a moment and read my story? Couldn't really figure out what just happened. By the way, did you get your house blessed or something?
valkricry in The Big One
Oh, Wish-Not...I do not blame you for feeling scared witless at all. At first (and I'm sure some will suggest it) I thought perhaps air in the pipes. I have a lot of experience with rogue plumbing and never -ever have I heard of it going down the drain. Then too there is that gosh-awful feeling you had... And seeing the compression of something sitting on your bed! Its obvious that you still have 'issues' with what you experienced, I could feel your fear as I read. I don't blame you for not going back there.
Just read both of your stories. They are both certainly strange and interesting occurrences. But seeing as they haven't offered you any harm, there is that. Still if it becomes too much to handle, I would consider getting the house blessed.
Wow, this is CRAZY. I can't even begin to imagine how terrified I would be if this happened to me. Kinda makes me glad I haven't gotten my license yet.
Huh, somewhat disappointed no one had anything to say on this yet. LOL
rookdygin in The Scary
That would be Monday...

Are we going to have an end of month 'shindig' for all the B-days in July? The Bus is ready and can handle anything... Just say the word... And Puff will heat up the hot tub, fire up the grill and ensure the speakers sizzle with Party requests...

Or perhaps I will submit another experience... But I am not sure how Ghostly it is... But it does involve my Shielding technique...Hummmm? What to do... What to do?


Karleepig in The Crescent Hotel
To Marjie:

I emailed you earlier today. I am not really posting on this site for either a positive or negative response. I just wanted to share my true experiences with the public. I do not even want my name involved. I think sharing a complete account of my experience was the right thing to do. I doubt I will ever try to post anything ever again. Thanks, Karen
Miracles51031 in The Scary
BJJ - thank you, and yes, please! No chocolate but I'll take pie Laugh or peanut butter Wink
Miracles51031 in The Scary
Rook - thank you and don't you have on coming up soon yourself? Wink
Hey all,

Thanks for the feedback and sharing of experiences. I will attempt to outline Part II when I have the time, and start writing it shortly after.
BadJuuJuu in The Scary
Woot! Happy Birthday! I'll bring the cake and ice cream. Nothing chocolate, though.
Laugh Love Laugh
rookdygin in The Scary

So shall I have Puff break out the Party Bus Wink .

Many happy returns on your special day.


Miracles51031 in The Scary
Thanks, val, and they are much appreciated Smile Darn, even birthday welcomes have that dreadful character limit lol Wink
valkricry in The Scary
Birthday wishes,Miracles! I wouldn't have known except for Fergie's post, but didn't want to be left out of a chance to wish you oodles of happiness.
I don't think people who died on a road would in general want others to get into an accident. More likely they appear randomly, people get startled and scared and there is a risk for another accident. Probably there are also ghosts on the road trying to actively prevent people getting into accidents.
Miracles51031 in The Scary
Fergie - thank you so much for remembering. I've been thinking about you and your family also, hoping you'll be sitting around talking about Angel and sharing memories to help keep them fresh for Shenay Love
I did not know until I read your post 'notjustme' that green orbs suggest healing! Wonderful experience (I do indeed believe all living things big and small have a soul). Thanks for sharing also learned something new.
ms_st0308 in All My Life
I know this post is old, but I couldn't help but comment. My family has had similar experiences with what I think they believed were demons/satanic as well. I wrote a story about it previously, but this has happened to both my great-uncle and my mom. Each incident involved something entering their bedrooms and trying to "attack" them. For my great-uncle, he felt that this this was after his newborn baby. My mom felt that it was after her and it actually physically touched her. Both of them have a very strong beliefs in God and both have said that they could only pray and ask for God's help before this thing left them alone. They have both said they felt that it was evil and had evil intent for them.
randomassociate in The Man Crossing The Street
Thanks for the positive comments guys. This is a favorite story of mine that I tell to anyone that would listen. I am still in disbelief that it actually happened. Just two nights ago while driving home from picking up my boy friend with my father, we spoke about this. This is a road that I travel quite often and though I have never seen it again, I actually wish I did! I have also been told by my father that you must not stop when you see these things in the road. Most times it is the spirit of someone who died on that very road and they may try to make you get into an accident.
I don't want of freak you out or be judgemental but is there any possibility that you could have a mild mental illness? I recently studied schizophrenia at school in psychology and a lot of the symptoms of it are displayed by you. Please don't take my word for it, I could be completely wrong! But have you considered speaking to a doctor about this?
I second you aysen. Most of those folklores are not documented but were being told by elders. This might be an experience that is being passed to the young ones. I am from the Philippines as well and I've heard stories like. I think they use their magic or spell to humans. They are said that dwarves/elves are powerful and anything is possible if they want to. It's like they can make our life fruitful or miserable and it's up to them. Most likely they are the black dwarves or elves if they chose to posses or make your life miserable. As a kid I was told that they live in anthill, trees, forest or any isolated area and if we damaged any of those something bad might happen to the one responsible, and that's what I believe until now. As here in the Philippines we have white and black dwarves/elves. Am not sure if this is just a belief or someone had experienced it. But per miracles51031 there might be details that are left out, we can never tell."experience" is the only living witness.
Fergie in The Scary
Happy Birthday Miracles! Smile May you have a day filled with love and smiles - and get spoiled rotten.
I wish you abundant health and happiness,

Much love,
ms_st0308 in Shadow Kangaroo
My dad and his brothers swear they saw an elephant in town when they were kids. They ran back home, which wasn't far, got their parents and older sister and went back to see the elephant. It took probably about five minutes or less, but no elephant when they got back. This was somewhere in south central Alabama? I'll have to ask him again where they were living at the time.
Val - Yes it's true, I often felt her love and comfort. I knew she was comfortable. I had a boy beardie too, but he's a basket-case and no way will he sit on my shoulder calmly hahaha. On summer days I used to sit out there with her in the grass and let her be bewildered by the big, big world!
I can't but feel because I buried her and even gave her a mini funeral with two little girls (lol because they enjoyed picking flowers from our garden) to place at the "grave" was her way of saying "thanks human! I'm good now!"
This is kind of scary. But at least you have company everytime you drive or travel alone. But if that happens to me I will freak out. You are so brave you can tolerate that kind of activity. But like what you have said as long as they don't mess with your lights it's fine with you. Don't you think they need help for them to see the light?
lornadixon95 in The Shadow Of The Family
Hi jennilou, I have never looked at the past of my home but from what I hear it isn't very old, maybe 70 years at most and I have lived here all of my life and my nana has lived here for over 35 years. I don't know who previously owned the house or if they have encounted any experience like we have.

All of the activity seems to happen within my brothers bedroom, not so long ago he got up to go to work and I was in my room getting ready for college and I heard a loud thud. My brother came into my room from the bathroom where he had been brushing his teeth and said to me did you go in my room and throw my phone on the floor? I told him I hadn't moved so he put his phone back on his chest of draws and went back into the bathroom to finish brushing his teeth and again I heard another loud thud and the same thing happened again, my brother phone was at the other side of his room on the floor.

He suffers from sleep paralysis almost every night now and has told me that we he gets it he feels like there is an evil presence in his room. Many people claim to have that feeling when they get it but I have never had it. As I said in my story it's just difficult to not think that whatever is in his bedroom has something to do with his sleep paralysis as he has never suffered from it in his entire life until he had experiences with whatever it is that is in his room.

I will keep everyone posted if anything else happens. Sorry for the late replies too guys I've been busy all week and weekend and haven't had chance to get on here.
Skinwalker68 in Cruising With The Boys
I had a 'something' who we nicknamed Lilith live in my jeep for a while. I am an ASE certified mechanic, so believe me it wasn't faulty wiring. She ended up leaving after I drove her back to the cemetery where she latched on and asked her to leave. I think she just wanted to get out for a cruise and see the world.
When I saw the figure in the hallway all I could perceive was a silhouette since the all the lights were off except for a small light coming from the kitchen.
BadJuuJuu in House Wight?
I wouldn't rule out the idea it's the house wight, but it's possible a different elemental spirit popped in. I would leave little gifts for the entity, I usually offer baked goods to elemental spirits. I know some people offer alcohol, or honey, whatever you feel would be appropriate. Always best to be on friendly terms with elementals, whether it's the house spirit or one attached to the land.
hello allesgute154, yea my mum thought the same thing at first, but then she told why this man was very bad to her and mad?
Miracles51031 in Negative Energy
paranormal88 - we strongly discourage giving out information such as addresses due to the privacy of potential current owners. I'm sure you understand. And if that address would happen to be given out, we will delete it Smile
KaalaLilee in Basement Haunting?
Nectarvore- Thank you very much for all the helpful suggestions! I know for a fact that we didn't cast a circle before attempting our spell (lack of knowledge can be nasty), so I will definitely need to look into potential protections. I'm fairly certain that whatever is down there- whether it's a spirit or psychic energy residue- is harmless, but taking a few precautions should it be negative is probably a good idea.
Again, thank you! Happy
Paranormal88 in Negative Energy
Can I know where your house in lebanon is because i'm interested in that subject a lot and i'm searching for houses to investigate
Thank you
There are so many parallels between this house and my childhood home... Except that my story isn't nearly as intense as this... That takes a considerable amount of energy for a spirit to manifest in physical form re the shower curtain... I am astounded that your father didn't sell the place outright... I really do wonder about the likelihood of places of such concentrated energy being completely cleared. The house of Amityville Horror fame was deemed too haunted to be cleared... I was reading about it some time ago... Re whether certain places can ever be reclaimed from a haunting so intensely rooted to a place... There are places here in Australia that I leave well alone, places of Indigenous massacre and decimation that will be haunted, I sense, for many years to come... Beyond the intuitive respect I give to the dead, especially the ones who have not crossed over... I just quietly bless, ask permission to pass and don't hang around... I wonder if your house was built upon compromised ground. It would seem that some places also attract intensely concentrated phenomenon... I wonder if it's ley lines in the earth crossing nearby... My other suggestion was high EMF... But that's already been covered... This story was intriguing from beginning to end and well told. Thank you for sharing it.
It's possible to exorcise not only a person or a house, but an object as well... It's definitely debatable whether a possessed object is better off stored away (perhaps given to priest as opposed to kept in your space...) as opposed to exorcised... Or destroyed ie burning, thrown into running water etc... The priest in that movie, The Conjuring, equates this to a genie being safer in a bottle. I bring this up in response to the comment further down this thread re exorcism of the house... This is often a subject regarding ouija boards... What exactly is safe disposal of a cursed or possessed object...?