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I do like that theory that you have. You just could be onto something. As many times as I've told these stories, I've never thought that this could be a potential possibility. Thinking like a spirit. What WOULD a spirit do to get someone's attention? Hmmm...

As Jubeele said, I did go to the other cemetery in another entry since I did have the most terrifying experience in the treeless grave site.

But, I do like your theory on the guiding part. Ever since I've encountered my first paranormal spirit, I have felt as if I was supposed to be guided. The only bad thing is that I couldn't tell the difference in the 'good' kind of guide from the 'bad' kind of guide. There was nothing that would distinguish these two urges. Granted I HAVE had a few good urges that led me to some very beautiful experiences, which is why I continued to ghost hunt. I thought no matter how many bad experiences I had, it was all worth it for the 2 or 3 good ones that come following.

In the end however, the bad did win and I had to stop ghost hunting. Which I'm not upset that I did. Just some things aren't worth your own life, no matter how beautiful things may seem.

I do appreciate your theories and outlooks on the possibilities. Very insightful indeed
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

I do appreciate this. As much as I would want to not believe it, even Lorie said the same thing about me almost going into a coma after starting the stages of hypothermia and possibly losing my life there.

I found it incredible indeed also. Very surprising but, I'm thankful I made it okay for sure.

I haven't had my heater checked but, that's an interesting theory you have there. Is it really possible that I could have died in my car as well?

I'm very glad that I gave it all up as well. Nothing good ever really comes out of all of it in the end and I'm glad I realized that before it was too late.

I do appreciate your comments and concerns, thank you (:
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

This experience happened after my entry "The Frightening Unknown". No the urge had a distinctive separation from my desire for pictures. When I got there, I couldn't take pictures anyway because the sun was no longer visible. Yet, instead of turning and going home as I usually would, I was being pulled by the urge to venture through the graveyard even in dangerous temperatures, which was unlike my being to do WILLINGLY.

My psychic still does believe that malevolent spirits did have an attraction towards my energy and purity and wanted these things for themselves. Some were willing to go as far as needed in attempt to get what they want. I do in my heart believe Michael was my savior that day. I remember trying to search for his family on social media so that I could visit and tell them all about what a saving grace their family member was to me, even if they thought I was crazy but, I could never find them.
Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

I haven't done any research on wolves so, your theory could be correct about the coyotes. There is more of a possibility about those instead of wolves I agree.

I do not believe in 'phantom wolves' either. I have never came into contact with animal spirits in all of my days of hunting. It is true I did not see them thank goodness. Whether it be wolves or coyotes. The only reason why I say wolf, is because the howls did not sound none of a coyote. But, I could be wrong. They gave out very odd howls and sounded more like how a wolf would.

The howl in the recording is hard to hear but, can be heard at a higher volume with headphones most definitely.

Hey kpshort73,

Great Story! Like lady-glow, I'm also glad your dad listened and understood your experiences. I know exactly how it feels on the other end. I have a story on here in YGS titled "Terror in Tarawa Terrace". Years after this happened, my experience came up in conversation with my dad. I could tell through his eyes and body language that he really didn't believe my story. And I've got to be honest, it hurt for quite a while.

Thanks for sharing!

Jetson in Christmas Guest
Jessbcr25, I am sorry for your loss. I know all too well the feeling of losing one's father. As you wrote that you hope that your father will prove himself wrong one day... Several years ago my father actually appeared to me and so I have an affinity for your experience.

Briefly my father used to live at 3 East 94th Street in a grand mansion situated on a tree-lined block off Fifth Avenue across from Central Park New York. When I sold his place I walked back one evening to tidy up the remaining boxes which were left by the cleaners and so that everything would be tidy before the new owners took possession. And truthfully to have one last moment in a home I knew well and had played and dreamed in as a child.

As I walked I crossed the street to see an old cadillac approaching and so as I was interested in cars and in particular cadillacs as my father drove a variety of them during his lifetime I was particularly interested to see who was behind the wheel of this '72 Sedan Deville.

To my amazement it was my father wearing his distinctive hankerchief knotted and tied inside around the collar of his shirt. A feature that was in vogue in his day but had been out of style for many many years and which seemed to bother both my mother and me. His passion was sailing and we gathered that this is where he picked up this practice.

Sadly after waiting at the corner for the car and him to drive past me his car disappeared.

But soon a great sense of calm came over me and then I found myself comforted by the thought that there must be car dealerships in heaven.
roylynx in Shadows Cast
Senhora Tweed, Oh I think I know which kind of spider you are talking about! I don't hate, but the only spider I used to be afraid of is the skull backed spider, very spooky in appearance and please don't try to google it many fake pictures and they are quite disgusting.

What's this story about? Ah! Moving Shadows... It could be cost by spiders too, that's what I was going to say O:-)

Manafon1 in Tomten On Holiday?
Yeah, some of those nineteenth century photos, like "Thing" on the bureau, and the Confederate soldier climbing the stairs, are from the period when faked "spirit" photos were all the rage. As photography was such a relatively recent development and most people assumed that "the camera never lies", there were all kinds of unscrupulous folks out there trying to make a buck on grieving people whose husbands, wives and children had died.

Even Mary Todd Lincoln cherished a photo that supposedly depicts a ghostly Abraham Lincoln with his hand on her shoulder. Although most of these shots are crude by modern photography standards, they were taken as proof by many people hoping for evidence that their loved ones still watched over them. Man, some people can be real bastards!
The guy in front of the house, YES I got creeped out at his expression too! The figure in the window could be curtains also. Amusingly that house looks like one from my childhood lol.

I love the bureau with the hand, it's Thing from the Addams Family!
Manafon1 in Tomten On Holiday?
Tweed - I actually hadn't seen that one photo before. It's quite compelling. Of the batch of miscellaneous photos, I have seen all but a couple. Some are really intriguing. The photo of the elderly woman with her husband (who had died ten years earlier) appearing behind her head (almost sprouting from it) I first saw in Fortean Times many years ago. It's a fav of mine because the strange out of proportion quality of the male figure is common to many likely authentic images.

On another note, the photo of the guy standing in front of his house with a spectral image of a man in the front window is also of note. I think the "ghostly" image is either a reflection or a cardboard cutout but take a look at the guy posing in front of the house. I mean, his expression is super creepy and scarier than a lot of the other ghost shots!

Thanks for adding these links. Hey everyone else out there in YGS-land, check out these images and see what you think!
What I mean to say is the link is not working for me... Could you re-post? Thanks


Couple of things...

Most importantly: Wolves in Texas? Let's see... The most common type in Texas was the Red Wolf... Apparently extinct in the wild by 1980... As well as the 'Texas grey wolf' which was a sub-species of the Common Grey Wolf. The next candidate is the Mexican Grey Wolf, however... The last wolves were recorded in Arizona, New Mexico and in Texas in 1970.

Fort Phantom Hill is in Jones County Texas, near Abilene which is West of Fort Worth.

So unless you were 'stalked' by a pack of Phantom Wolves... Well let's just say I am not sold on the animals you heard as being wolves... Nor that they were 'ghosts'.

Is there a chance they could have been Coyotes?

Additionally, you only HEARD these animals, never 'SAW' them is there a chance that they were actually, physically there?

Do you still have the recordings of the howls from that night, if so could you post a link to them? Would love to hear them.


Manafon, I've been looking up ghosts on film again. (Seem to be doing this a lot lately) I just found this, you're probably already aware of this photo, but if not I reckon it'd interest you:


The rest of the article is random pics:
Tweed in Shadows Cast
Roylynx I think the dream catchers are symbolically modeled on spider webs, at least I've always assumed they are. Dream catchers are great.

My dislike for spiders is a little unfair, it's confined to one species in Oz called 'the white tip'. It's a black spider with a speck of white on it's rear end. It doesn't build a web, instead it roams around at night. Their bite is pretty serious. One of the houses I grew up in had a few cracks in the walls. During summer we were squishing a white tip about every third night or so. But they seem to get into every home, cracks or no cracks.

I always try to encourage Aussies to leave another spider known as the 'insey wincey' (that's it's nickname, it's really a Daddy Long Legs) They look like they'd do nothing but they literally eat all the nasty spiders, even large huntsmen (tarantula), and they can't bite humans or pets. Their fangs aren't big enough to pierce our skin. Not many Australians believe this and they squish them. But if you're in Oz and you have a lot of daddy long legs, you won't have much trouble with the dreaded white tips.

I think Miracles likes spiders too. She said something about not being afraid of catching them once. I'm not that brave!

Death In Paradise is a British show set in the Caribbean. It's a detective mystery drama/comedy thing. It used to be on before something I watched. So I'd watch the end of it, which always seemed to have a lizard in this dude's house.
Did this happen, BEFORE your submission "The Frightening Unknown", or did it happen later?

It does sound as if 'Michael' may have 'saved' your life... But are you sure your urge to visit this cemetery was prompted by a 'spirit/entity'? Or did you just follow your 'desire' to take pictures in this location and got so 'caught up' you did not realize how much time had passed?

If, IF, If a 'malevolent' spirit was involved perhaps it picked a grave marker ('Michael's') so far away from the parking area 'by choice' and 'Michael' felt your 'distress' and returned just to help you.


roylynx in Shadows Cast
Senhora Tweed, I personally love spiders poisonous or not they are like luck charms for me, I don't know if it is related but I use to collect dream catchers, they look like spider webs!:-D

We have geckos all around every houses, even in cities! We often see those skin colored ugly geckos not those lovely colorful ones sold in the pet shops, Henrique my cat love to chase them around and we would always see fallen tails around our house...yuck! X- (

I never heard of the Show, maybe just in Australia?


Welcome back, sounds as if you have your hands full.

It's nice to hear that 'Jim's' Father is actually helping with what is going on in his life rather than not believing what he is going through.

As far as your Wife's Guardian incorporating some of your shielding into its 'form'...My guess is that it has done this to help your Wife feel comfortable with it. A 'familiar feel' so to speak... Kinda like an 'old t-shirt/flannel shirt that reminds her of you and makes her 'feel' safe while you are gone.

Question: Did she know/have a Guardian BEFORE she met you?



I think you were very lucky that whatever happened at the mausoleum spurred you into action.

I'm no doctor but I was a trained lifesaver and I suspect that at the mausoleum you were exhibiting early stages of hypothermia and (as you stated) your mind was in shut down mode, leading to coma.

The incredible thing is that you appeared to stumble from the pan and into the fire.

Your car shut up tight, engine running, heater at max, you sleep for a long time and wake up with a headache? Ever had your car's heater checked for leaks of carbon monoxide?

I've got this feeling that you somehow escaped a Near Fatal Encounter twice.

I'm glad you've given up the ghost hunting.

Tweed in Shadows Cast
Roylynx LOL, that would be so cool having a gecko in your room. Unlike Australia every summer finding some stupid spider, erugh.
Do you have a TV show there called Death In Paradise? There's a little resident wild lizard named Harry who lives with the main character. It's an animated lizard, but it more or less steals the show. 😊
Pardon the interruption here. Hi Rook, I think Gh0stHunter went to the other cemetery in "A Near Fatal Encounter".

"Since I had experienced the most terrifying and traumatizing experience of my life late at night in the cemetery that was treeless, I thought I'd go and visit the one full of trees after work."

Hope this helps. 😳

Sorry its taken me awhile to get back with you...

You "...honestly believe the urge was originally towards the the one full of trees."

So its possible that this individual/spirit/entity that you saw in on the treeless side MAY have simply been there to 'keep you on task/track?'

What I mean is... If the urge was to be on the Tree filled side of this cemetery... And you resisted its possible that 'wherever/whomever' 'prompted' you to go out there was 'miffed' that you chose to go to the wrong side of the road. It is a possibility, that whatever chased you was not malevolent nor 'security' in any way but simply a spirit trying to guide you towards 'something'.

Is that a possibility? Was there something you were researching or maybe just something going on in your life that 'could' have led to this 'urge' to visit a cemetery? (Genealogy, research on another property...anything?)


Jubeele in Christmas Guest
Hi Jessbcr25, so glad you decided to chat with us. I just had another thought about your grand-uncle. What if he had suffered from Parkinson's disease? This affects the central nervous system that controls body movements. For instance, people who have this condition often have hands that shake uncontrollably.

Like lady-glow, I don't sense he meant you any harm and that he just wanted to say "hello" to his grand-niece. The giant ears were definitely his way of making sure you noticed him. 😲
MrRiggs, I had idyllic visions of Manderlay, cruising down the Yangon River at sunset, watching the majestic elephants walk to the shimmering water. I've been to Thailand, but never ventured into Burma. A house made entirely of teak wood? Such luxury - that merchant was very wealthy indeed.

Grandma's house had all the same gruesome rumours. We were sure there were many deaths there, which in turn meant a number of restless spirits. The Cairnhill place sure was a "crowded" house.

The house in Rangoon sounded like a perfect venue for a Halloween haunt. Very imaginative use of materials for props too. It's a bit wicked of me, but I had a few chuckles at the girls petrified by your successful exhibit. So you played the mad doctor? Could that be the infamous Dr DK who could only be banished by the use of a toothbrush?

(If you wish to know why this mystical toothbrush keeps cropping up, please read the comments for the story: "The Bloody Girl").

Having no photos in my album of Grandma's house, I've found a photo online that remind me a little of the foyer tiles:

We thoroughly enjoyed having you at our party. You're welcome back any time. Wasn't it wonderful and amazing how people kept dropping by and coming back? Next time, get yourself a swag tent and stay until the end.

Thank you for reading. 😊
Welcome to YGS.

Kpshort73: that sounds like a very interesting place. I'm glad your father listen to his children experiences and shared his own.
Did you find out who the voices belonged to?

Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience.
lady-glow in Christmas Guest
Jessbcr25 - Did you ever have a chance to see a picture of this relative? If so, were his ears as large as you remember?
I wonder if he made his ears look larger trying to send a message like "Please, listen to me!" or something in that line and you, being the wee little kid you were, got scared of his unusual appearance.

Anyway, it seems like he just was having a good time with the family and never meant any harm to you. And, who knows, perhaps one day your own child will get to see your departed father during a family reunion.

It appears we have something in common. Right around New Year's Day of the year 2000 I moved into a 100 year old house in Rangoon, Burma. It is located on a lake and has a compound large enough to hold a dozen homes from the British colonial period. The house was built entirely of teak wood and originally owned by a very wealthy Chinese merchant. It was a wonderful place to reside. Large, with many windows and exterior doors, it is a bright and airy residence.

The house was taken over by the Japanese during the war. There were several stories circulating about its wartime use. The most credible seemed to be that it was used as the noncommissioned officers' mess hall during the day, and served as their club at night.

The Burmese were very fearful of the house and claimed it was haunted. The rumor circulated that local girls were raped and murdered there, which is entirely possible. Another supposed use was as a facility for interrogation and torture of prisoners. A third tale was that it was a headquarters for military intelligence. The local Burmese wanted nothing to do with the house.

Well lit by the sun and friendly, the house made a delightful home. No stone throwing please, but there was not a hint of haunting to be had.

That said, it was easy to maximize its use as a haunted house on Halloween. A large number of people joined in and multiple rooms were converted to chambers of horror. I portrayed a lab-coated mad doctor who was actively draining the blood from one of my household staff (Indian/Sri Lankin). She volunteered for 5 dollars.

I committed a gleeful mix of butchery, to include removal of internal organs and embalming. My victim was a 15 year old female displayed on a table, partially covered with towels. A plastic drain line appeared to carry blood (liquid red jello mix) from her arm into a white 5 gallon bucket. The jello mix in the bucket bubbled and frothed, spilling onto the floor, due to the addition of dry ice.

Understanding the Burmese to be very superstitious, and fearful of my house, the results were beyond expectations. The visitors were guided room to room to the various exhibits. At my station the concept and gore became too much. Three Burmese ladies, ages 18-20, became so petrified with fear that they were unable to move. They had to be physically removed to the outside, where they jabbered with those waiting in line to get in.

After 2 1/2 years it was time to move on. I was able to get the autopsy victim into the U.S. She successfully completed college with a degree in Civil Engineering and is now married. Having endured a difficult childhood, she has shared her good fortune by adopting a Burmese orphanage. She is there now overseeing her project.

Like many others here on YGS, I have been enjoying the stories of your grandmothers house. This bit of nothing came to mind and I thought I would pass it on.

Heck of a party, by the way. Thank you for the invitation, though I do apologize. I think I was first to arrive and I know that is considered bad form. Apparently no harm done. If I get another invitation I'm bringing a sleeping bag. Your gathering seemed to go on for days.
Jessbcr25 in Christmas Guest
Thank you everyone for the comments. Took awhile to see where this was posted. His ears were so abnormally large they took up more than half the size of his head. So big you couldn't forget if you tried.
That's a good point, Manafon - I guess I just had the fear of the gods drilled into me by my previous job that if we were caught anything that we didn't have a scrip for, we'd be fired. I wouldn't doubt anyone now who suggested it was an empty threat.
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

I find it fascinating as well. Large number of graves with the same last name. Makes me wonder about the family tree.

That's tragic! Poor woman gave her own life trying to give more but ending up losing them all? Horrible. Poor thing):

I indeed have had the urge to go during the day a couple of times. When I did, I would take pictures in between the trees and things. Nature pictures. There has been a couple of times however, that I believe to have come in contact into a few spirits.

From personal experience, I do believe that I am more sensitive and effective at night. Though I have a friend who is more sensitive during the day. She's had more luck than I did coming into contact with spirits during the day but, I had to stop taking her during my night investigations because my physic believed she was a type of repellent to the 'night monsters' as she put it. Not a bad thing. If anything it was more of a good thing but, I was hardly getting results anymore. So, I had to substitute her with my best friend, according to her energy. As weird as that sounds lol
And thank you for letting me create this monument for my departed friend. Everytime I read my story I feel that it is ok, Okay to have experienced this and ok for sharing.

I read your post. I read the words, the lines, between the lines and "heard" your point of view.

There is no doubt in my mind that you experienced divine intervention. I will believe that as long as I draw breath.

My experience left me with some key takeaways.

Paramount in my mind is Divine justice. While there is Divine love in overflowing abundance, there is also Divine wrath, which I experienced. The trump card seems to be Divine justice perfectly applied.

While our world overflows with injustice now, that will be corrected.

Complex to explain but administered with the ultimate fairness.

There was much to my experience, which had multiple phases. Part of what I was shown was general, part specific to me. At one point I realized that the only way this could be happening to me was that I had to be dead. I was not ready to be dead and I wanted to go back. I was told yes, you can go back, but now, about you.

I was moved to a different place and went through what the criminal justice system refers to as pre-trial examination and arraignment. Much was done there.

Here is the point. Before I was permitted to leave I was told 3 times to write about what I experienced. Each time I was asked "Do you understand? Each time I affirmed that I did. Then I was told that it was important to write about what I was going through.

You felt a tug, Maggie. Perhaps a push. You felt, it appears, compelled to write. Why? Because it is important. Just as you appear to suspect, someone, perhaps a lot of someones, need to hear what you have to say.

Sorry, Maggie, no green terrace. I did see some stunning things though.


Regarding emergency supplies- I had a styrofoam cooler to keep liquids in to protect from freezing.

Maggie, I feel your pain on forgetting to take the kit after restocking. Yes, I did that too-once.
I'm so sorry for the issues with your son, but good to know you were able to make decisions your way, a way that made sense to you. Blessed be.
Thank you all for reading and adding comments. It made me cry to read your pains/losses/fears. And I'm also happy at the same point, we are not alone, and we somehow know our friends/family/loved ones surely are at a good place.
My daughter sometimes takes me by the hand (when we are hiking or just downtown) and says look mama look. And points something out. I cann't see a thing strange, so I ask her to go there and point and mostly she that says something like, ooh gone. Even in a pitch dark car, she did this.
Maybe because after 5 days of her birth she was on the etch of dying herself (born at 32+5 weeks. Maybe that made her more sensitive?

[at] Jubeele
My little girl never said anything again, no lego dropped anymore. When she sees the picture of my friend (it is standing on a shelf), she points sometimes and says lego lady. That is all she does atm (ooh and getting happy when I ask her to go to the toilet;) )
Hello Txcowby8... Yes I have to say that what is familiar about the illustration which you provided is the tightly packed feeling of the houses/buildings which we struggled in our car to navigate... That being the twists and turns to get to our destination. It was only arriving at the seaside that the town development opened up and it was then that we felt as if we could breathe and this allowed us to park the car and walk back to the hotel. Overall driving in the town made us instantly feel that it was unfriendly to cars. It was therefore very striking in the morning when we awoke to see a busy thoroughfare of cars and traffic of all sorts which seemed not to exist the night before.
roylynx in Shadows Cast
Oh, how did I miss this story!?

Well, as always, I do have a similar experience, but veeery different and has got some bordom.
When I was small I came back from school quite late (9-ish) since I was in a junior swimming team. I needed to do my homework under my bedside lamp just not to wake my still a little baby sister. I had to go to the toilet and at my old house the toilet was outside of the house. I left my lamp on and its night time and so my curtains are closed, from the outside I could see the light from the lamp shining through the curtain.
On my way back to the house I saw from the light of my lamp there is a huge unknown mouth of some sort of creature going "chump, chump", I thought my sister was in trouble and so I rushed up my room shouting for help.
My parents woke up and thought there was a robber, they open the door of my room, everything was peaceful and my sister was sleeping sweet... I told my parents that from the outside I saw a shadow of a huge creature. My father went close to my lamp and pointed at a tiny gecko and asked if that is the huge creature that I saw. LOL

That was my little story, but I do know of and have information about shadow person, spiritual ones of course, most have no harm, and so I think you don't have to worry too much, it could be a case like mine here lol

Happy New Year Tweed!

What a terrible time for that family to have lost both their sons within a five months span!

I find it fascinating trying to imagine the history behind groups of graves, one day during a relative's funeral there're these five graves together, belonging to a family that passed away in the same day, my guess is in a car accident.

One time walking with my family through a trail in a mountain, we came across an old pioneer's cemetery and took a break reading the tombstones, there were three or four graves containing the remains of women and babies whom died in the same day, I suppose during childbirth.

Still, I prefer going to cemeteries during visiting hours! 😆

Do you ever feel 'the urge' calling you during the day? Do you think the outcome of your investigations would be different if you were there during daylight?
I was born into a family of sensitives, though men seem to be favored by 'the gift' and, according to their experience, spirits in cemeteries are active at any given time or, at least, if a spirit wants to make contact with them, it will do it regardless of the time of the day.
MaggieMay_Not in Choices Of Life And Death
valkricry - Thank you very much. And I love the gadget you describe. I am going to have to find one.
Tweed in Shadows Cast
Augusta, no need to apologise that was one heck of a musing. 😊

Actually there are a few out there concepts discussed by paranormal enthusiasts. I used to chat to a paranormal investigator on MSN over ten years ago now (geesh, it's been that long!) He used to say that very thing about the style of apparitions.
I really dig your heat wave theory, the heater was a factor both times. Heat is a source of energy... Wow think you may be onto something there.
If someone reports a similar shadow on here I'll sure be asking about the presence of a heat source now!
There is a bit of a discrepancy between your 15thC setting and your identification of tartans with specific clans. Tartans were not used as clan identifiers until the mid 18thC. Yes, plaid existed and was a pattern used in the creation of woolen (and other) textiles but it was just a pattern like polka dots or leopard until the mid-18thC. Here is a link to more information:

Kindly_refrain - I worked at CW for a decade. It truly is a wonderful place and I love it dearly. The palace kitchens are a lovely place - always warm, inviting and smelling like a special kind of heaven. Little known fact: kitchens were often separate buildings from the main house in those days but not because of fire risk - the separation was chiefly preferred to keep the heat, smell and mess of the kitchen out of the fine houses. If you would like more information on specific cooks who worked for various colonial governors (as the palace burned in 1781 and the Capitol was moved, you only have to cover the colonial period) please write to the folks of the food ways staff (you can find their contact info if you click through the museum's web page) - they are awesome people with a wealth of information they would be more than happy to share! Also included in the historic food ways section of the website are various modern 'translations' of 18thC recipes - perhaps attempting to cook a few might help bring back memories.

I am a firm believer both in past lives and what I can only describe as 'currents in the blood' (that inexplicable pull towards one's genetic ancestry and traits going far beyond the merely physical that seem carried in the blood). You may well have tapped into something here but beware how the mind can blend in influences from the modern world around it and your own desires. I say keep up the research but always keep a foot in the present and a pinch of skepticism in your pocket... And maybe start shopping around for a good price on some plane tickets:)
Tweed - I understand. I tend to have similar reactions to yours as in "nice chatting to you but please don't flatter me". I do however also have a tendency to express my feelings but there is nothing patronising about it. If I didn't like you I'd zip my lip or, worst case scenario, drop a hint in that direction ❤

Regards, Melda
Something you might want to consider for your emergency kit is a hand cranked/solar powered flashlight radio. Mine includes a USB output/ charger for mobile phones. No worries about batteries 😊

Maggie, I'm not ignoring your story, but rather, I believe, as you yourself said, it needed to be told. Someone out there needs to hear it.
Hi Augusta - I just read your comment about how Dusty wouldn't have taken any drug that might have meant losing his job to drug testing. The drugs scanned for in standard workplace drug tests are THC, cocaine, PCP and opiates. Some companies expand that to include things like methadone, benzodiazepines, oxycodone and Ecstasy.

The drug that was found in Dusty's system was Clonidine, which is a drug prescribed for high blood pressure and wouldn't be something tested for, whether he had a prescription for it or had it given to him by an unknown third party. Just thought I'd chime in. One thing is for sure, Dusty's story is truly tragic!
Biblio, so that corner of the school literally had your name on it, ha! That likely explains how I 'knew' it had to do with you. There were four possible situations, yours was the fifth. Except I had no idea what your situation was, just that the location 'felt' like you, in an obvious beacon kind of way, yeah no wonder lol.

Also on the topic of shields and how your wife's guardian has incorporated some of yours into it's own shield, or into it's own form (not sure which you mean, instinct tells me there's a difference here but I'd not given it much thought before now.) I'd say this is 'normal', however, I'd say in the wrong hands it could be not so great. (again this is instinct, not based on anything I've read)
My guardian has a way of giving my shields an extra boost, only during times I need it. It feels like he puts a hand on my shoulder for a couple of seconds. I don't ask for this, so it doubles as a warning. I'm not sure if he incorporates some of mine, but I've a feeling he probably does during trying times.
My guess is your wife's guardian has incorporated something of yours in a bid to match your unique energy 'finger print'. Could be way off here, but if she's got a massive goodness knows what kind of being chances are it needs an aid in understanding humans. A bit like a sniffer dog needs a target scent. This is merely guesswork. But it sounds like the entity protecting her has no qualms understanding her, but outside her sphere it's point of reference blurs.

Melda, Thanks for the welcome back messages. I do feel the love and it does mean a lot. I don't take praise or thanks well, it's a weakness. Have a hard time expressing gratitude. (Gemini with a capricorn moon, a contradiction in terms. It can make me seem a bit aloof!) 😊
What a terribly sad event with a truly beautiful post script so to speak. Seems like Dusty really loved his neice. Maybe when he appeared pointing to his head, he wanted her to make sure you knew she had seen him and that he was ok or that he was thinking of you. Or maybe there was something he wanted her to remember.

Reading over the comments, maybe it's just my cynical nature but I don't think Dusty's mother's suspicions seem entirely unreasonable. It's an awful thing to think but the pieces do rather fit... Especially given his drug testing at work - that leads me to think that he wouldn't have knowingly taken any substance knowing it could mean his job. But perhaps there is nothing to be gained by your dwelling on such things - either way, it seems very much as though his spirit has found peace.
AugustaM in Shadows Cast
This makes me think of Peter Pan and his Shadow:-) In that story, a shadow was a sentient thing in and of itself, which gets me to thinking... Perhaps the entity you were seeing wasn't casting the shadow but actually was the shadow. This is a 'far out' thought and I have no evidence to back anything up I'm just musing here but maybe there are different classes or orders of ghosts based somehow on how many of their living human traits are left or what senses they can still impact in the living - some are full bodied apparitions (sight/visual), some disembodied voices (hearing), some are but footsteps (hearing and touch if the vibrations can be felt), some a touch, some but a shadow... Maybe it's to do with the energy the entity can gather from its environs (based on either what is available and/or its own capacity) or the age of the spirit (does its energy fade over time or its capacity to gather it weaken). So that's one -rather convoluted and wordy - thought...

On the other hand - maybe ghost shadows are something more akin to the shadows of heat waves. The human eye can't always see air but often air currents do cast shadows. Essentially what you are seeing is energy - maybe this is how spirits cast shadows too?

Sorry for the lengthyness of my thought processes lol Good to see you, Tweed!
Rosebudx, good to hear that things seem to have settled down. Not even the bank is 100% safe though. You now need to watch out for online thieves. I keep my receipts to regularly check my bank statements. This is to make sure that hackers or scammers aren't phishing/skimming from my accounts.

On a side note: I seem to be "lucky" with money. It doesn't always happen, but in times of crisis I tend to get a sudden windfall. Never a big amount, but always just enough to bail me out from the current situation. The coincidence is strange - but I'm not complaining! 😄
MaggieMay_Not in Choices Of Life And Death
RCRuskin - I have added solar chargers for the car battery (I got them from the boat section at Cabelas) and another for my phone. I've added a plug in port inside my glove box so I don't have to get out of the car to use the battery charger. I've also added a GPS beacon as my car doesn't have onboard GPS. Also the hand and foot warmer packets. Extra gloves, stocking caps and extra socks. Also a small air mattress - not to sleep on, but to make a small insulated wall between me and the back of the car. It makes the space to be kept warm smaller. A length of flexible plastic tubing to vent without having to open the window more than a crack also something to wrap around the tubing and seal up the window. I have one of those threshold blocks with a hole cut in it. Trash bags for waste control, a large container of wet wipes, because - ya know stuff happens. An old fashioned radio with batteries, replacement batteries as well, if your car battery dies, you will want to know what's going on. I think that's it. I am still on the fence about a portable CB. My list may seem excessive, but I am out on the continental divide mountain range constantly. I could be stuck for a day or two.
Thats okay toxic, I just posted it so others can just read and comment.
roylynx in Trapped
Hmm... This sure is very unusual. I still think that you should not fear the situation and just need to face it, eventually you will find a solution, time does help. Just be aware not to let the entity take control of your life, be strong and eventually it will understand that it does not belong to where it is. Spirits in my opinion is like little children seeking for some attention. But don't try to make a "deal" with it in any way, this can lead to bigger trouble. Clean the house, change the atmosphere by rearranging your furnitures, do a cleansing of any form, if still nothing will change, find a trusted media, they can at least give you an advice. 😊


Thanks to Google, I see what you mean!

Well, I learnt something new today. Rock on SA Folk dancing.

This is the second time I've read of a link between SA and Sweden.

There's history here.

Enlightened Rex-T
With the big winter storm approaching, nor'easter conditions expected in upstate New York by the end of the week, dad and I discussed our car's emergency kit. The 75 car pileup near Buffalo NY also played into our list.

Roadside flares, first aid kit, multiple blankets, water, rations.

Is there anything we're missing?
Rex-T - I really don't want to confuse you but country and western in SA, when we're talking Volkspele, is a whole different can of beans 😁

Regards, Melda

You and Fergie (2 sweet young lasses) doing SA Country & Western has me intrigued.

The closest I got to Country & Western was the Eagles and Joe Walsh.

Help Manafon, once again, out of my league with Melda and Volkspele?

Also, don"t let Jubeele catch you doing anything shady in the smoking department as the party will get verrry wild.

Manafon and Rex-T - This is the first time I have ever heard of Durban poison. Oh my, what a sweet, sheltered, innocent soul I must be 😁

I reckon I'll stick to the bad habits which I have become accustomed to and forget the rest. Way to go for me!

Regards, Melda
Fergie - I missed your comment! You understand when I say that we sat without electricity for over 24 hours, I'm sure. It's becoming a regular occurrence now. We're just below Menlyn and the amount of building happening around that area is taxing the electricity grid.

Do you know what? If I'd seen you sitting in the shade I'd have pulled you off your feet to do Volkspele for the lot of them. I'm hoping that you could have sung while we went through the Volkspele motions because if I'd had to sing, I'd have been expelled from the property. I doubt whether even Manafon could have come up with our SA brand of "country music" 😁

Will chat to you soon.

Regards, Melda
So good to know that you're still running hot with the guacamole.

Wow. We don't need those chili grenades, we just need a couple of Mexican Mums with their ghost chili's to sort out the bad dudes.

Jubeele has plenty of Boo-milla milkshakes and Roy's mixed his Coconut-Colas. We also got your soda water.

Never give up. Do not be disheartened. It does not matter how many failures, rejections or setbacks you experience. Your goal is just one "Yes." It is that "Yes" that will change the course of your life.

Something came to mind when I read your post. I had never considered this before. You, in a way, have just changed my life. I now understand that each attempt and failure helps to steer you in the direction you are supposed to go. Each setback points you toward your true destination. When the time is right you will arrive where you are supposed to be.

Than you for your guidance. Everything just fell into place.

So do not quit trying to reach your goal. Better yourself while you reach for your destination or dream. What helped me was improving my educational qualifications, which helped open doors.

Life contains many surprises. There is no telling what awaits you in your future. Never underestimate yourself and dare to dream. Have courage and heart, have a dream.

I'm available to you at anytime if you have questions.

lady-glow in Horsing Around
Rex-T: I'm still here, haven't said anything because it's not polite to talk with a full mouth. 😜

Tabasco sauce?... Mexican mothers feed their children baby bottles filled with Tabasco sauce, now I use it instead of eye drops.😂

I love this party! ❤
Biblio - Am I ever pleased to see you back, both you and Tweed 😊 I don't think the two of you realise how much you have been missed.

What an incredible experience you and Jim have shared. Firstly I have to commend you for caring enough about your students to realise when they are experiencing problems which might seem insurmountable to them. The majority of the teachers I knew, which were mostly nuns, thought that when a child was acting in a strange manner the only way to deal with that child was to try to shock them into reality by being as mean as possible and inflicting some form of punishment to try to bring them back to normality. I wish you'd been around when I was a kid!

You don't mention whether you think that the Victorian style lady/ladies are residual. My first impression is that they probably are but the knock on the door is confusing, unless the knock is part of the residual experience. What is your opinion on that? I know you have one!

I have seen orbs on a number of occasions, normally grey/white but on the last occasions, in my home, they were orange. I describe that in my most recent submission "His name is Vic" and no I am not forcing your hand to read it, simply responding to the orb theory. Apparently orange orbs mean protection, caring and a few other good things - I can't remember them all offhand.

I have never heard of "threshold orbs that appear to drip from the ceiling" and would love to know the significance of these orbs.

I am very happy that Jim now has a support system, which people in his unusual situation truly need. Such a pity that so many people are close-minded and won't even deign to consider that maybe, just maybe, they're wrong in their belief system and that other beings do in fact share our world.

Regards, Melda
This is absolutely incredible! My guess is that your guides gave you the assurance you needed at that moment! I feel my heart warms at reading this story, i'm glad everything went well. I wish someday I will have much experience in life like you do.

I'm currently experiencing a lot of setbacks, sometimes I kind of lose hope, but i'll try even harder. We're are not alone and guidance will be granted in time of need, hehe.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story ❤
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

Always nice to get someone who can relate to my experience! Especially with the 'urges'. They are very pulling and hard to understand so, it's always nice to get someone who can relate.

I did try and do research that day but, I've only found his Facebook account and no one had posted on his wall for awhile. It was pretty much disconnected. Sadly, that's as far as researching him went.

I did however, go back and visit later on that month and gave my condolences with a friend.

Thank you for commenting (:
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

I appreciate it! You both are very kind. Lorie believes that I did draw an attraction to such entities also. Because I was pure and innocent.

I agree completely. Risky entertainment indeed!

I'm glad my story peaked your interests! I always try and get my readers to feel what I felt that night. Or as close as I can anyway. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

Always nice to hear from you (:
Gh0stHunter in Top Hat Man

I feel you there! The only sign language I know is the alphabet and I'm way too slow at it lol so, to spare my own embarrassment, I never used them lol.

Oh my goodness THANK YOU! I mean as much as him and I are still friends, when he said that to me, I knew he was that "bluntly rude" type lol. I wanted to hit him too trust me!

We were young and dumb. Sadly, back then, given just the right amount of persuasion, I was easily influenced due to peer pressure. I'm not like that anymore thank goodness. I'm also not an alcoholic because of that night. I hate the sight and smell of rumchata because of what happened. It makes me want to vomit just seeing a bottle of it lol. As far as I know, I have no idea if I had gotten a bit of alcohol poisoning that night. That is a good point!

Lorie did say that being under the influence makes you more sensitive to things like that. Which is scary to think about. It makes you vulnerable and open. Just like how I was that night.

As for the actions of Alfredo, he was acting on impulse and out of fright. He was afraid of me because I was talking about seeing his dead grandmother in the same bathtub she drowned in. As mad as I was, in the end, I don't blame him. He was just afraid is all and didn't know how else to act being under the influence and all. When we went out to eat he did give me an apology. Many actually lol. I do like your point though. As bad as things went that night, I did remain safe so thank goodness (:

Lorie described the grandmother as a type of guardian over her property as well as her guests. She had fallen asleep in the tub one night while everyone was out of the house. Which is another reason I don't blame Alfredo fully about his actions. The whole family blames themselves for her death. None of them were there. She was asleep when they left. They had no idea they would be coming home to what they came home to. So I empathize on Alfredo's level somewhat. I understand.

Before the family moved in, there is a history of a suicide but, not of a man but, of a woman. So, the mystery of the top hat man remains at large. I believe that the grandmother was trying to protect me that night from harm. Which I thank her for, because she did. Even under the influence, she kept me on that patio, where it was safe when I wanted to run instead. Who knows what would have happened if I stepped on level grounds with the top hat man. Scary thought.

I do stay away from the rumchata for sure haha. The most grossest thing ever haha!

Thank you for commenting!
MaggieMay_Not in Choices Of Life And Death
Myst, the sad part is it wasn't a short trip - 5 hour drive. Even sadder is that I HAVE a go kit that includes everything including a portable kitchen sink. I took it out of the car to update some things and forgot to put it back in THAT MORNING. God bless my old brain...
Hi!I do sincerely believe in your story. I know the urge and strong feeling to go to an unknown place and I can undertsand. I suggest that maybe you could research on him more maybe it would explain more or just simply let some flowers on his tomb...
Your new post is very helpful.

I did not read deeply enough into your first post as I focused on dog scratching sounds. I should have caught your additional input. My apologies.

May I suggest that go to the top of the YGS page (this page will do). Look slightly right of center at the top of the page. Locate "Other Related Topics" and click. Now, locate and click on "Psychics & Mediums."

Your focus should be on Mediums. Poke around a bit and you will see why I am suggesting this to you. You may be a natural Medium. Simply put, an antenna for receiving the kinds of input you have described.

I am not a learned person about ghosts. I came here seeking information as you are now. Some people have been very helpful and succeeding at putting my mind at ease. There is an entire sub-section on pets, and their return after death appears to be recognized, if not somewhat common.

As an untutored person regarding ghosts, I'm going to take a topical risk and say that ghostly phenomenon may happen to anyone. In other words, if a ghost wants to appear to you, or let you know it's around, it will.

Being a Medium means you have increased sensitivity (ies) to some aspects of the paranormal. Said differently, you may hear, see or know what others do not or cannot.

Being psychic is different. For me, it is the appearance of knowledge unsought. I just 'know' things.

I hope this is helpful to you and you find the answers you seek.

We can talk anytime.

Well, I do not have animals on my house walls, because they are not hollow, they're build solid. To those suggesting about rats or mice, that could have happened when I heard those paws at night, but not during daylight. I had a clear view of the zone and sunlight was entering through the glass door, like something invisible was walking. It's a dry, urban zone here where I live, so no wild animals like raccoons or armadillos, nor cats or dogs entering the house.

When these kind of experiences occur, believe me, i'm always finding the "reasonable reason", always trying to explain by mundane causes. I do not rush to paranormal, but then something else happens and I go "ok then"

Those sensations I sometimes get are random, no calendars or patterns. They just come in different ways: a hand touching my back at night when chatting on cellphone, hearing cries of a significant other and when I call them, they're struggling with very deep emotional pain at that moment, awakening sadness when being in certain places or watching certain photos of old eras, I don't know, guys. Maybe I just sound plain crazy to you.

This is not always the same. There are seasons where I don't sense any strange happening, and there are some where I experience a lot of them. Like i'm some kind of antenna.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Lots of love!

P.D. I'll read the "MrRiggsWalks", thank you!
Jubeele in Horsing Around
Mmm, gooey homemade chocolate chip cookies. RC, you should be on Masterchef! 😘
Biblio - Thanks for the fascinating account. I felt an aha of resonance when you mentioned knowing exactly what/where/who an approaching entity was - while not seeing it. In my case, I asked for that ability to be removed. Have you always sensed entities in this way?

The Victorian spirits sound remarkably polite. That would suggest that they are aware and not residual. Sometimes I do think that times overlap so that you're not dealing with 'dead' energy but a compression of energy if you will. Would love to know your thoughts about this.

RCRuskin in Horsing Around
Rex, thanks for the lift. Though, to be honest, I usually need impatient transport...

Joking aside, I love ribs, even put a rack of ribs in my Easter basket last year, and pretty sure I'll do the same this year.

The chocolate chip cookies are done. Get 'em while they're gooey hot!
Hey, everyone! Thanks for the positive feedback, here!

Jubeele: Your questions deserve a lengthier response when I have a moment to be attentive to the details. In the interim, I'd recommend looking at the conversation that Tweed, ladydarke, and I had last year about energy fields and shielding ( as part of the discussion of one of my earlier posts: (A Clash Of Personalities). You may read the story first, as it will provide some context, but I think you could just go to the link & scan down to ladydarke's first comment, dated "1 year ago (2016-10-26)," beginning with "First time commenting on one of your stories." I will give a longer, more direct response to your questions soon.

Tweed: That's my classroom. 😊 I do share it with two other teachers, but the secondary door (legal requirement for fire safety) opens into my office, which has a door that opens into the Library. This means that 90% of the decor is mine. The poster prints of famous and almost-unknown images that I find resonate with me, from the ancient Lascaux Caves cattle to Andrew Wyeth; some of them were carefully removed from old art books I bought at the Goodwill or Salvation Army stores that were falling apart! The funny thing about the classroom is that --when I saw the floor plans-- I told my boss that I'd like that classroom; by the time the building was up, everyone (School Board President through Custodial Staff) was calling it "Mr. Biblio's Room." When the phones were being installed, the tech guys wanted to know what the Room Number was to set up my classroom's extension and they were told "Biblio's Room" because that's what it said on the last draft of the Architect's Blueprint!

Roy: Thanks! Nice to be back.

Myst: Ain't that the truth!

Got to go, but I'll be back later with more info.

Hi Gh0stHunter, I agree with Emma about personal shielding. You seem to be a magnet for such encounters and not all of them are benign. I'm glad that you got yourself cleansed and the priest was able to help you.

I grew up in Singapore with spirts around the home (the place was built over a Chinese cemetary) and at my Grandma's house. So I've never felt the need to go "ghost hunting" because I knew they were always somewhere around. It can be a risky entertainment for sensitive people, as you've obviously found out. My family taught us to be always respectful but wary where the spriits are concerned.

This was a spinechilling read. I had my fingers and toes crossed for you. SO glad you made it through. ❤
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

No, they weren't buried next to each other. His brother's name was "Damien". You would assume they WOULD have been buried next to each other but, my assumption is that his brother was cremated. The only picture that was there was Michael himself. The owner of the tombstone.

No again. I intentionally left out his brother's full information for the fact that he was not a main part of the story. It was his brother Michael. Clearly because of the events that have happened. So, no. As much as I do "skim", again, I intentionally left that part out.
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

I won't deny it. I don't think I did have any protection either. I never asked for it. I've never protected myself during any of my hunts. I was young and dumb and wanted results, without really caring for the consequences.

I like that. A beacon. That's exactly what I thought about myself after being pulled around so often.

You're very sweet. After my days of ghost hunting, I was suggested to a cleansing, which I did. I was saged and later on, protected with the help of a priest. After that, I vowed to give up all hunts for the better of myself.

Thank you (:
Jubeele in Horsing Around
RC, you've a treasure! Please take charge of the BBQ pit where the ribs, pork roast, brisket, smoked fish etc are warming up. We're dining alfresco under the summer sky. The citronella lamps are busy keeping away the mozzies. There's a supply tent set up nearby where you can source for whatever else you need. If you can't reach anything, just get Big T to lend you a helping claw.

I've got an Aussie damper (soda bread) baking on the coals in the camp oven by the side of the pit. Can you also please keep an eye on it?

Come on over and bring Emmaline as Big T-Rex needs some playmates. We've been trying to get Gh0stHunter and Roy to help out but you can be bartender anytime you like.


Sounds like you will need "Patient Transport', so I'll get Big T-Rex to come and get you (although being a dinosaur he doesn't like the cold).

I've got to go offline for a while, go ahead and party (its only day 2) and I'll be back in a few hours.

Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

Crappy drama indeed lol

If that was the case then they have a very impressive way of projecting their howls and made it sound like it was coming from every direction as if we were surrounded. Very impressive. I've never been one to underestimate animals. Especially those who are very self aware and good at their stealth as well as the element of surprise.

It surely would have gone a lot better without the love quarreling that's for sure lol

Thank you! I appreciate it (:
RCRuskin in Horsing Around
I've sprained both ankles and both knees, and let's not get started with my left foot. I'm sure it is plotting my demise by now. I'll just sit over here, enjoy the music and company.

Although, I love cooking and baking. Where's the kitchen?
Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

Oh yes we were safe indeed thank goodness. Very thankful that nothing happened that night.

I am about to disappoint you as I was disappointed in myself for not ever asking for any kind of protection before going on any hunts. I wished that I did when I think back on it because I probably could have prevented so many horrible things that have happened.

I will admit full heartedly that I let jealousy get the best of me that night. Usually I don't care to be proven wrong bu, Brayden was pushing all of the right buttons that night lol but, yes we most defiantly learned a huge lesson.

After that night, Brayden remained respectful as he continued to hunt with me thank goodness.

Thank you for your comment!

Hahaha in this case it would be GHOSTHUNTER!

Thank you so much! I try to be as specific as needed to hit every key point. Thank you for noticing!

Good point. When I think about it, I feel like we would have been had just Kaitlyn and I went back that day only because I was the one who brought Hayden to begin with. I mean if I was a spirit, I totally would be the type to be like "you're the one who brought him so now its your turn" but, that's just me. That's probably home to that spirit and he was threatened in it given him all more reason to attack.

Another reason why I feel like if I went back that night, is because there were warning signs that I continually ignored because I was stubborn and wanted to prove a point to Hayden. I knew in my gut that we all should have just left but, I couldn't stand the thought of not hearing the end of it. Thinking about this, I didn't want to risk going back.

He was most definitely trying to prove a point that night as well as show off his "manly" attitude to try and win Kaitlyn's heart (men...) but, in the end I'd say that we both paid the price that night.

Lessons were most definitely learnt lol

Thank you for your outlook!
I believe your story, but I'm not convinced there's a supernatural explanation for it. Of course, I can't offer you any suitable explanation myself. Regardless, it is interesting.
Jubeele in Horsing Around
Hello Em! About time you showed up. We've been waiting for you. The bar's all yours. Let Emmaline loose to play - she can run around with Big T-Rex.

Thanks for the bourbon. I'll have some on the rocks to go with that brisket. It looks and smells amazing. You must also try some of this gorgeous pork roast with peaches and spices from MrRiggs. He also brought Mint Juleps to go with it. 😘
Jubeele in Horsing Around
Never too late for fun, RC. Pick a spot and pull up a chair. You want to tend bar with Emma or warm up with the Music Man, Mr Manafon (aka Twister)? 😉
EmmalineTexas in A Near Fatal Encounter
Gh0sthunter - It sounds very much like you are sensitive and being pulled in directions that may not be good for you. It bothers me that you don't seem to have any protection. Which leaves you a big beacon that can be easily seen and messed with. I'm sure that Biblio understands when I saw that energy is very seeable to entities. It even shows your mental state, physical well-being and how you are emotionally at the time. Would you mind if I ask that you become shielded? It's just something that I would like to do to help with your permission.

Gh0sthunter - I've learned from experience. When someone decides to challenge a spirit, get your ah hail no shoes on and move out of the way. I hope that you always remember to ask for protection and the gift of insight. They can be invaluable when you're walking into an unknown situation. Always try to be centered and analytical. Just because something happens, it may not be trying to frighten or hurt you. Unless you taunt it of course. Then all bets are off. I hope that Brayden has always had a respectful attitude since that time.

EmmalineTexas in Horsing Around
I forgot to add Tea with Jubeele sounds marvelous. I'll bartend though! I do make a mean virgin espresso martini. Or um... Full tilt boogie if you're inclined. ❤
EmmalineTexas in Horsing Around
I'm late to the party, as usual. I bring you brisket and this: Oh and a really good Kentucky Bourbon. Cheers!
not to sound creepy but it would be awesome to have a ghost like that in my house...
So caring 😊
Party Guests,

What can I say without saying too much?

Fergie and Manafon are on the right track.

The story I was told as follows -

In the 60s and 70s, the SA authorities started spraying noxious plants (hemp) with poison. The plant did not die around Durban but it did change and not for the better.

When I read of posters having psychotic episodes I do wonder if it is the real deal or just an expression. Paranoia is more than an expression.

Good news for me was that I realised I was not Superman.

Anyway, sorry Rook for pinching your soapbox, the Miller's told his tale, 'Turn a Whiter Shade of Pale',

Wow we must be mellow, sitting around the camp fire telling our stories.

Winter in Nebraska=Go Bag. Everything you wished you had, all in one bag. On your way out the door, grab & go. Especially those times you think, "Oh well, it's just a short trip." This helps save your sanity.
"As you can probably guess, discussing with Jim is taking up some of my free time; it's certainly been worth it."
Once a teacher, always a teacher. Welcome back.
Manafon1 in Horsing Around
Melda - I am sure Rex-T will respond but Durban Poison is a very potent marijuana that originates in Durban, South Africa. Rex-T must have had a bad experience with the stuff. What's the story Rex?
GhostHunter: I was able to hear a very faint noise during the 'howling' part of the audio... Had there been a wolf in the proximity of 2 km, it would have sounded one hundred times louder.😐

You guys were safe... You had a Loveless Fangless Terror!

Thanks for sharing.
RCRuskin in Horsing Around
Jubeele mentioned something about a party. Hope I'm not too late. 😁
Fergie in Horsing Around
Hey Melda, cooee, over here in the shade - come sit with me and have a koeksister. Let the men talk about their dagga.

I am just chilling out, watching the dancing and listening to all the 'skelm streke' (naughty antics) coming out. 😉

By the way, your snoek tart was delicious. 😘
Jubeele- Thanks for the link! And that can definitely be a possibility. I've never heard of money suddenly appearing to people like that until I've read Miracles' stories! If what has happened to me is indeed paranormal, I wouldn't be AS upset if the money that was swiped were handed to somebody who needed it more. Then again, I need it as well as I'm trying to save up for a laptop to be able to do schoolwork on and then after that, for a used car. I'm practically a 'broke college student' though I'm not exactly in college yet. 😆 So it still doesn't exactly feel good when I find it disappears.

Also, an update: No more money has been taken since the last incident and after I decided to hide the money in places rather than my wallet/purse. Just recently, I opened up my first bank account and have now put all my paper money in there. So unless there are cyber-ghosties or something that are able to take money from bank accounts, it's all safe! I've also made sure that whenever I got new paper money that I say to not touch it and thank you for not touching the money I already have.
Rex-T - As a Safrican I would love to know what the Durban poison is? Knowing how dreadful sections of Durban have become since I last visited, I am particularly curious. (I am of course assuming you're speaking of Durban South Africa.)

Please, oh please, don't tell me it has anything to do with cricket? 😭

Regards, Melda
Jubeele in Horsing Around
Welcome Mrs Manafon, do make yourself comfortable next to the DJ booth. I'm using my best Qing dynasty teaset just for you. You must also try some of Fergie's honeyed pastries from South Africa.

Mr Manafon, please excuse the scattered CDs. Rex-T was looking for Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme for Melda. 😁

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