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harry1lynn in Ghost With Lantern
Exceptions are everywhere! And yeah not participating makes the narration less plausible.
I don't know what people want to achieve by writing cooked up fiction!
lady-glow in Ghost With Lantern
Harry1lynn: it is frustrating, isn't it? It makes it hard to believe their stories when people don't seem to care about the opinion of the readers.

One part of me believes that the OP is reading the comments and giggling mischievously... Perhaps we should just stop reading Ayaz's stories until he stops acting like a sissy and participates in the discussion. I know Indian guys are brave... With some exceptions. 🙄
Jubeele: I'm sure that anyone living through a war has experienced events more terrifying than the worst horror story.
It is sad to see that humanity hasn't learned from their mistakes and we keep on tripping on the same stone. 😕
Roylynx: thanks for clarifying, now I get it! 😊
And thanks to Jubeele for her always interesting input in Asian traditions and culture.
harry1lynn in Ghost With Lantern
You are absolutely correct, people need answers and they are commenting but this guy just doesn't seem to care!
notjustme in Pesky Ghosts Part 3
Oh my bad, I re read the story to clarify. This proves I need to read slower... Words word words. Oh hey Canadian any? Lol hope your winter won't be too horrid. Please believe in your faith, it will keep you safer. Believe. Does not matter what the faith is, just believe you have power too. Things live and feed off our fears. It worked for me, I hope it does for you too love.
notjustme in Pesky Ghosts Part 3
I am just wondering, why would the entity feel the need to put a chair in front of the closet to lock a cat... 🤔
Hello there. I too, come from a place where some people believe that entities use the energy of certain trees, in Vietnam, it is the banana tree. Maybe you are right about it being unhappy about not having her Tree any more. I would advise not to go "hunting" or looking for it. Just from my own knowledge, such things are normally not a good entity and can cause harm if they wish. Hmm, I think I should submit some of those stories one day. My relatives have told me stories similar to yours. They say the only way to get rid of it is if lightening strikes the tree... But who knows. What I do know is, I always say if things do not bother me, I shall not bother it. Just my friendly advice 😜 thanks for sharing!
MyStory15: thanks for the update, I was wondering how things are going for you.

In my opinion, the changes to your body may be normal given your age... I could swear some teenagers go to bed one night like kids and wake up the next morning looking all grown up.

As for the button falling off of your shirt and the zipper coming down, are you sure they were properly secured? Even some new clothes are not strongly made and can cause unexpected wardrobe malfunctions.

Have you got in touch with rookdygin? Have you been able to perform his cleansing/shielding method? Have you approached anyone else asking for help?
If so, have you noticed any change in the frequency and intensity of the events?

It is important that you learn to focus on other things in order to remove some of your attention away from this entity.

If you are afraid of ending up alone, would it be possible for you to go back to Romania and live with one of your relatives?

Could you provide the links to the pages where you have read the information you are talking about?

Wishing you the best.
Also, the blackouts could personally be caused by the fact that I do, time to time have days of no sleeping. Luna cleared some of it up for me, she says hi to everyone by the way. She also wanted to add somethings to the story,

She is a spirit that attached itself to me at birth because my mother asked her to be my guardian and ensure my safety throughout my life. The others are just friendly spirits that I befriended when I was an infant. And the memory loss was do to head trauma when my brother dropped me by accident causing me to have to be rushed to the hospital (was about 8 months old) and my health is perfectly fine just I need to lay off the chocolate for a long time.

Shes like a mother sometimes.
Melda, its okay if you use this section to get ahold of someone, also I do have a knack for writing being one for fantasy- this is a true story and the black outs have stopped since I can speak with them freely now. I am more concerned that I have a demonic entity stalking me at night.

No new incident today just spent time with Rinoa cuz halloween and birthday.

Also please keep the comments helpful and friendly. I would personally appreciate it. I am a first time poster on here. And I would rather my experience be a pleasant one. Now I'm going to passout from the death by chocolate kitkat and m&m chocolate cake I bought Rinoa
I forgot to mention one more thing... I noticed that everyone is leaving me. For example my step dad's work is too far from home so that's why he comes only in weekend. Recently my mom found a job in another town and she will also come home only in weekends. For the past 2 weeks I've been living with my little step brother alone for an entire week (except for weekends of course) but for some. Personal reasons he wants to go to live back with his mom and now... That means I will be living alone... And I'm scared, is this it's plan? To isolate me from the rest?...Im afraid of what will happen if I will be by myself... My mom doesn't really want to leave me like this and said that she will figure something out... I hope she does.
On more thing. A few nights ago, I dreamed that I was kissing a little baby on the cheek. I do this a lot to my 2 year old cousin and I thought I was dreaming about him but I'm not exactly sure.
Hello everyone, thanks for your comments and sorry for not answering to them, I was really busy with school.
First of all let me tell you what happened this week. On monday I went to school and the first lesson was fine, but everything started at the second one... I was taking out my books when I heared something small falling to the ground like someone threw it. I looked around but saw nothing. During the lesson I noticed that it actually was one of my chest buttons of my shirt... And because of that button missing... You could see my bra and all... I'm not entering in the details.
After that I went to see my class playing football when I felt my pants getting lighter and lighter... I went to check to the bathroom since I couldn't see cause my jacket was covering my hips. When I checked... They were unzipped... But that's impossible to get unzipped on their own.
Anyway, one more thing I noticed is that everyone was telling me before that I'm childish and that even on outside I look like a 13 year old, but now all of the sudden all of them tell me that I look older like 16-17 and that I became sexy and my body is curvy. Nobody told me that before lol but now all do. I read on the internet that when an incubus is attached to you, you may look older and stuff, is this my case too?
Thanks for your time.
EmmalineTexas in Experiences At My Aunt's
Val, I followed another comment to your story and it's wonderful. Thank you. Did your Aunt have any idea who the little boy might have been? I also wonder who was insistent about warning your Uncle. I can't just imagine them trying and trying until they finally had to kill the truck engine to get their point across. It seems like you're very psychic; did your daughter also inherit it? It runs all through my family, but especially the women.
Cups, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween.
Val, your stories are riveting! Needless to say I am getting very little done on this Halloween day... Your accounts have me absolutely captivated. This is a wonderful, heart-warming story. Thank you! ❤
babygoatpuller in Hotel Divinus - Debrecen
jeffinaustx- This was a good read. Thanks for sharing. I think I'd have probably said, thanks but I'm warm and don't need the duvet. But if you want to be helpful, fix the dang a/c! 😆

Going into a place that's known to be haunted can really take a lot of the fear factor out of it. You handle yourself well and have a great attitude about the whole thing.

I think I'd be more inclined to ask the hotel staff more questions about the hauntings. Maybe they can give you some info as to who or why it's so haunted.

Thanks again for sharing.
If I were you, I should have died due to heart attack... 😨
By the way when did this happened? Is you & your friends OK now? 😐 God bless you
I'm 4 years late and most likely nobody will read this but I have very long black hair and the spirit of someone covered in burns has been attached to me for a long time. I can leave my body too and have sometimes seen myself wearing white dresses while out of my body. But I live way too far away from you. This is one hell of a coincindense.
What you believe in is the most powerful weapon in the world against any entity that means you ill. If you believe that pendant will protect you - then it will serve its purpose.

Christianity isn't the only religion out there with answers for you. If you happen to be Christian, that's fine and that's where you should start but don't feel like that's all there is if you don't find the help you need there or if you simply prefer to go somewhere else. Its all about what you personally believe In and what resonates most for YOU.

Above all, the most important thing you need to believe in is you. You've got this and you are 100% strong enough to do what needs to be done. This predator, whatever it is, wants to make you isolated and miserable - don't let it ❤ Join new clubs to meet new people, take a class after school at a community center or take up a sport, volunteer at a soup kitchen - anything that gets you active and involved with people in a positive way. And don't forget to take care of yourself - take extra time to do little things that make you feel happy and happy with yourself (from reading a book to painting your toes 😁 - anything you can think of to spoil yourself a little). These little things may sound silly but -in addition to seeking out help from a secular or non secular professional- they should help and certainly can't hurt.

Anno - a bit of respect for beliefs other than your own is truly the least you could do.
Jubeele in Knock On Window
I felt like doing a bit of research, so I Googled "Hokitika history", "crime", "murder" etc. If you want to look for older tales, you can look into any disputes involving claim jumping, gold rush, hotel robberies. I've also found these links; interesting reading if you want a 'feel' for the history of the place:

The Westlands look very pretty, like so many places in NZ. My husband and I honeymooned in NZ nineteen years ago. We hired a car, got a road map and compass, and drove all over both islands for two and half weeks. Never made it to Hokitika though - we might include that in our itinerary for the next time. 😉
sheld999 in Knock On Window
Jubeele couldn't find much info but the town was 1864 and it was big in gold miner. Hard to find what was around in area from olden days.

Will try to find more details
Anyone caring to join Jubeele for some Halloween fun:
I'm off to play in Trapeauze Manor everyone. I need to find the coffee in that spooky kitchen before the Witch's curse turns me into a toad... Happy Halloween!
Dear lady-glow, I'm really pleased you enjoyed my Grandpa's account! About the monsoon drain, I had the teeniest little chill when you brought up the possibility. Who knows, you may just be right...?

I've wondered if that was the same drain my father was talking about when Penang fell in Dec 1941 (Singapore was taken in Feb 1942). Dad was walking home from school when the bombs fell around him. The only shelter was a nearby storm drain, where the sewer rats were as big as cats. But they were just as frightened as the small boy hiding there among them...

Sometimes, real life events terrify me far more than a ghostly encounter. 😨
Happy Halloween everyone and be careful not to fall into a diabetic coma after all those candies 🎃 👻 🍬
I do not know what you have against lady-glow, but I have noticed that when you post you seem to target her, in a most childish antagonistic way. I am going to tell you in no uncertain terms to stop it, NOW. You can disagree with someone's advice without being disrespectful.
lady-glow - Can you give me some ideas for a good ghost story? I'm suffering from writer's block at the moment.

SilentAngel - I apologise for using your space.

Regards, Melda
Awww thanks, Jubeele. I need more characters, so...
Jubeele: nice read.
Perhaps the little boy died while playing by the raging waters of a bygone monsoon and what your grandfather saw was his residual energy.

Thanks for sharing this lovely written experience. ❤
Lawitlnam: have you read the part where the OP says he suffers from memory loss and even has blacked out?

"It is hard to recall when Phoenix and Osiris joined due to recent memory loss..."

"... I see no issues because the blackouts only occure when they decide to talk but its not affecting anything from working and only occures when I am at home laying down..."

Now if, in your opinion, these symptoms are normal in a healthy person, there's not much I can do about... That's your opinion and your choice to believe.

In MY opinion, it is important for SilentAngel to ensure that there's not an underlying health issue causing him those problems. Clear? 😉

Happy Halloween... Witch!
Now I understand why my mother's fortune teller who doesn't even know me called me a clairvoyant and wants me to come in for aid in furthering my abilities. But I rather keep my vision the way it is, I feel if I can see them better it will lead me to a great deal of harm.
Hi interested in the information, please reply, and share it...
Update: new incident,

During my walk home today Luna actually spoke aloud and not through text it took me by surprise but she sounded pleasent and her tone was extremely worried saying "what ever you do, do not look behind you, something is following." It was nightfall at the time. After she said that I had noticed another spiritual presence other than luna's (she is the only one that tags along with me on walks) I felt as if the second spirit meant a great deal of harm. So I heeded her heads up and made it home safely but I did look back once I got in the house and saw a cloud of a kind of black smoke with a gaping hole in the shape of a smile. I am greatful I listened to luna.
Hi Jazzy. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Can I ask during that time, did you have a strong faith? I know you mentioned you were raised to be aware of the supernatural. But even so, some people do not have a solid faith. I ask this because from my own experience, I feel what has always kept me safe is my solid faith. My faith in my protectors (family, friends, spirit guides) and I always tell my friends who is going through some stuff to believe, and have faith. I don't care if your faith is an Avocado LOL 😂 but I truly believe if you just KNOW inside you are stronger than this, then it will fear you back. On another note, I do believe babies (new souls) do attract other souls and sometimes entities. Many people will go through their whole life with no supernatural then once they are pregnant, they start experiencing. I think as you grew stronger, whatever it was got weaker. ❤
Lady-glow, your stories are made up, as well. Who are you to tell someone to see a doctor? If you don't believe someone else's story, be quiet and continue making up your future ghost stories. 😜
Val, I think that in our worrying about the future, trying to do so much that we sometimes forget to simply enjoy the moment and cherish the people we love.

This is one of the few memories I know of Grandpa and I'm glad I could share it with everyone on YGS. In writing this, I was also reminded that we've got less time than we think to build bridges and mend fences. So give someone dear to you a hug today!

Hey Val, many thanks for being there for us too. Big HUG to you.❤
Btw I always keep an open mind and all your advice is appreciated, I just don't have time to reply to each person in detail right now.
Love your stories! I read all of them! You did a brave move from Cali to Russia must be amazing!
I know I'm late but I wanted to thank you all for trying to help and for your advice.
I'd like to let you know that I wrote the post a month before it was published, and more things have changed since then, but not for the worse.
I don't know if anyone will still read this comment. I want to say that I believe he's most likely not "grooming" me for his own purposes, as he spends too much time and energy warning me for things that turn out to be true, reassuring ne about good things that happen, giving useful advice, even instantly calming me down when I panic in serious situations (a feeling like instant xanax), but expects nothing in return, and insists that thanking him is not neccessary.

[at] funeralmass, what you're saying is very interesting and makes sense, but for some reason I never believed in demons. I'm *mostly* convinced that he's human now, for many reasons.

One thing that bugged me is that one day I had "flashes" of him as a child, and that same night I dreamt I was getting married and he was waiting for me in child form along with a little girl. I didn't recognize him until I heard his voice in my mind telling me "these are your children" and I suddenly broke down in tears.
(I don't feel like writing another post atm but I need some opinions on that)
Faith1990 in Best Hug Ever
Hi DestinyGirl--Thanks for sharing your lovely story with me! Family visits are my favorite kind of stories. I think there must be a special bond between grandfathers and granddaughters. Obviously I didn't have the chance to meet mine in person, but I love the bond we share anyway. I am happy for you that your grandfather provided comfort to you when you needed it. Does he still visit you? I know the story you told was from events a while ago, but perhaps he still pops in to say hello to you every now and then. 😊
Jubeele--Sorry I missed your earlier comment. I do not recall the name of the chant. I wish I did! I really enjoyed it. It didn't occur to me that it could have been a prayer for protection. That is a comforting thought. I really appreciate your thoughts and others that have connected the chant to the voices. At the time, I thought they were two separate things, but it is possible that all of the various elements that night are connected. So glad I shared this story with all of you! 😊
Hi Emmaline--thanks for reading this story! I have heard (within my family) that a few distant ancestors may have been part native american, but I don't know for certain. However, I like your theory! I was definitely deep into the rhythm of the chanting. I always find it deeply relaxing when I listen to it. So perhaps I did "tune in" to the land/spirits that directed me that night. It was one amazing experience! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊
Jubeele, seeing as the child was bare bottomed, I doubt your Grandpa would have mistaken a girl for a boy. The boy's disappearing probably registered right after his initial outburst. No wonder he refused to discuss it further. It may have served no better purpose then to upset the kids. Then depending on Grandpa's beliefs, he may have wondered if he was loosing it.
I agree with you about not taking anyone for granted. Everyone's days are numbered.
Sherf1butch in A White Phantom Dog
When I was a kid I had a similar experience. I want to say I was 6 or 7, and I had already been worrying my parents because I use to see things like spiders and snakes behind the television and couches and they looked so real to me. I would call for my mother to look at it and there was nothing there. For this reason they had me sleeping in their bed with them. They were sleeping and I was still up staring at the doorway, a white wolf with red eyes pop it's head around the doorway and looked directly at me. I was scared to death and covered my head with the blankets thinking to myself I'm imagining this it's not there. As I had the covers over my head I felt the wolf climb onto the bed and atop the covers. I could see it's nails poke through the covers as it walked right over and then nothing. I waited under those covers for what felt like an hour but was actually a couple of minutes and poked my head out. Nothing was there and that was it. I always remember seeing the nails poke through the covers and how scared I was. I've never told a soul about that until now. I don't remember if there was a birth or if anything of significance happened after that but I don't believe so. Don't know what made me look this up now, maybe because I watching stranger things lol
Vegan93 in The Stench
Did you ever think that since you removed the old clothing maybe it could be the spirits that passed away become upset?
Jubeele, Wow! What an information!😲
So, do you mean that it is somewhat like a South East Asian thing around?
I know that Taoism is though I am not really sure how their traditions or customs are, they seemed very mysterious... Well, thank you for the information I will do a research regarding on Taoism.

Roy, yellow paper with red writing sounds like a Fu talisman. It's Taoist (Chinese) in origin, where an ideograph either in drawing or writing, represents an intention. It's a means of communication between Heaven, Earth and Man. Qi energy is supposed to be harnessed from the elements and then channeled into the Fu to empower it. It is used to correct imbalance in the metaphysical or physical plane. I've seen such talismans in the more historic parts of Singapore, stuck on the door.
Lady-glow, Understood! LOL
We both live in the same community where there are lots of Asian costumes and things... We both hear lots of "ghostly things" and lots of rumors. She seemed to have had hear the amulet rumor before going to Bangkok with me that's why I said that.

The Amulet is like a piece of thin paper yellowish in color and it was folded in a triangle shape and I guess there are something written in red on the paper as well and it is stuck behind the right corner downward of the picture or frame if you wish so. The picture was staged inside a glass frame and the position of the amulet was right behind the picture so you will have to lift the picture a bit to see the amulet.

Sorry for the confusion.

Cloudy, Wow! You shall be our tour guide during our next trip! We are planning to go again during Christmas time! It was Awesome! Yes, and for me haunted places, to do my own things! (Basically research, taking pictures and perhaps videos and EVPs)

So the amulet thingy is not a Thai custom? I notice there are lots of cultures around! Many Vietnamese and Chinese (Southern China I guess) cultures around, it maybe someone doing something weird in that room then...

The picture is an old view of Saigon River, where there are market boats and fishermen, water painted, I guess or it may just be a printed picture. It was staged with a glass frame.

Oh by the way, the wine was offered by the hotel manager for what had happened, but we decided we had to pay for that and so we got a cheap price? Not sure, we don't drink a lot and that was the only wine we had out of Brazil, I really thought we are in heaven lol

Oh no, Melda, that mental image... I do hope you'll have more than your birthday suit on too. For your son's sake at least, seeing that he's going to be your first "haunting"!

Having lost far too many loved ones, I've learned not to take anyone for granted. In recent years, I've gotten to know Mum better and I'm also closer to my sisters, even though we're all in different countries. Just enough distance not to get on each other's nerves <heehee>. I'm getting a new laptop soon and hopefully I can set up Skype to keep in touch with them. Hooray for technology.

Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it.❤
Thanks for the clarification Villafan. The roundabout is pretty much the way I visualized it. Maybe a bit larger.

Here's what happened. Your friend and his car were squeezed out of the roundabout at the wrong exit (heavy traffic and maybe he was distracted). He's on the wrong road, heading away from school, planning to get back on track as soon as possible, when he sees you on your bike, traveling in the opposite direction, en route to school. He makes a point of acknowledging you, just to make a joke out of your obvious realization that he's heading away from school. According to your timeline he has plenty of time to make it to school in time for his first class and to say hello to you.

"Me? No mate, you must be mistaken." He's either pulling your leg or he was on his way to meet Michelle Pfeifer.
Rex-T - Thanks for spelling that out for me. I suspected it would be something along those lines.

Arthur seems to have been very single-minded 😆

Regards, Melda
Oh Maggie, I'm so saddened to hear of your brother's tragic loss. Yes, it's best to respect his wishes. (Perhaps he would benefit from some form of protection/shielding too?)

When I was a child, after a few episodes of night terrors and other disturbances, my parents would burn frankincense at home for health and protection. They took precautions after I spoke of seeing a shadow man and was suddenly afraid. It's comforting when you're believed by the people closest to you and they see to your protection.

I'm so chuffed at how you described my name. I'm born in the year of the Dragon and my husband would say that he could see fireworks fly whenever I get angry! 😁
Hi Melda, sorry to keep you in suspense!

Edited version of Wikipedia on crosswords mythology is that it signifies the transition between this world and other worlds. In the UK, criminals were buried at the crossroads, being outside the settlement and the convergence of roads would confuse the spirits.

After nearly thirty years of meeting a lot of characters since then, I still believe Mrs. Smith was quite sane and 'easy going'.

As for the fault on her line I'd say that we've got a 50% chance of it being in this world and 50% chance of it being somewhere else, which brings us back to the crossroads. 😁
Jubeele - I really enjoyed reading your story.

The little boy probably lived in the vicinity of your grandpa's house at some stage. He was possibly dressed in that manner when he passed, bare butt and all. Please, by all that is holy, let me be fully dressed before I do any haunting 😆

I think it happens to most of us that we don't ask the questions we should when we have the opportunity to do so. There are many things I would love to know about both sets of grandparents but unfortunately when I was young I don't think I was terribly interested. They were there, so what was there to ask? We only think of these things later in life. Actually, my father's parents were no longer alive when I was born but I could have asked my father, or my mother for that matter.

You have a very interesting background 😉

Regards, Melda
Rex-T - Great story, you had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Now this is where I display my ignorance. Sorry but I just HAVE to know. What is the significance of the house being situated at the crossroads? Does that mean that Mrs Smith was indeed a nutcase and it was in fact a technical issue? 😕

Nobody has asked that question so I assume I'm the only one who's read this that doesn't know the answer 😁

Regards, Melda
MariaMason in Best Hug Ever
Beautifully written post. Happy for you that you got positive experience.
MariaMason in Ghost Buildings
This is something scary I have read today. Interesting post!
MaggieMay_Not in Father Knows Best
EmmalineTexas - Thank you for the information. Wiccan? Interesting, I never knew. I am half tempted to ask my dad how he knew it, but... Yeah not going there.

Jubeele - thank you, I like your name, it makes me think of a dark starry sky lit by explosions of red, gold and green fireworks, sparklers glowing in the streaks as children wave them excitedly, and the a cool breeze on a hot summer night.

My brother has given me permission to discuss my memory of the conversation, but nothing else. As it is not a verified, first person account I am not entirely comfortable discussing it. Also, I think He is very smart to not open that door. A young man, my brother's best friend, died because of that incident.
Mannerizms in Paranormal Pregnancy?
Wow! That is VERY intense especially for a new mom! It's good to know that all is well and the little guy is doing great! I think as a mom, we worry about everything that COULD happen, which in my opinion, if you are not currently open could open you to these things. I was especially happy to see that your family was up to help with cleansing!

I hope this finds you and your family well.

Welcome to YGS! ❤

Stay Safe and Blessed be!
AugustaM, It is kind of sad that it got condemned. It is still standing and I personally think that it could be fixed but it would take a lot of Know how and a lot of money mainly to fix the old wiring treat the extreme mold that was apparently in the walls and the damage from the fire but at least it was used for a long time.

I think You are right that the positive energy is more of as you said a gel because when You are first in the house it feels pretty warm and inviting like when You go in someone's house and You know they love each other to the top degree and it just radiates off of them into the atmosphere. That's about how the ground floor feels like.

But when you go upstairs which is where a lot of the boarders we're said to stay and where the most has been modernized. It just kind of feels less inviting You can feel the love there but it's more like a Hodge podged combo of chaos up there. You fell a little joy and a lot of sadness, a lot of anger and a lot of anxiety.

I have tried talking to the guy who bought it one time when I saw him at the library but he said he didn't know much other than rumours and a little about the original owners. He still thinks I'm nuts though. I think he knows more but he won't talk about it. Why else would he get the knowing holy crap how did you know that kind of face when I told him what I heard if he didn't. I may be able to find something in the old newspapers but haven't really looked into it much, it could be interesting.

Hope you enjoyed this,

Jubeele, I think all of it happened for a reason, just not really sure what that reason was. I have had a few run instead with interactive residual spirits it's just always brief. Just like the guy a quick wave asked for a match and when I came back with the lighter he is gone. I personally think that it really just depends on how strong of an anchor the spirit has. It's rare but it can happen. I am seriously torn on who was rocking the bassinet. I think it was the woman upstairs because she mentioned the baby and part of me thinks that it was the older woman the original owner who was doing it. Mainly because one time Jessica told me that it happened again while she was watching her niece again but She saw an older woman standing beside it, It was as You said both sweet and creepy. Especially when we knew there was no logical way that bassinet would be rocking. But when it happened it didn't seem threatening, weird thing is I didn't see anyone when it happened. But all in all it was creepishly awesome. When I look back on it now anyway.

I'm glad You enjoyed this, thanks for reading it, I have a few more to come.
majarlika012 in The Night He Went Away
[at] Sid926 thanks 😁 stories about family is always close to our hearts ❤
Hi Lynx! I could have taken you to a ghostly hot spot in Thailand if I knew you were here haha 😜 I've never heard of putting amulets behind the back of a picture, but amulets are commonly used to ward of evil or bring luck etc, but I don't know why they would hide it, maybe they didn't want it to be seen for some reason. Maybe they were afraid someone would mess with it if seen. What was the picture of, maybe that's relevant? What sort of amulet was it? Our home is filled with them too, but not because of anything bad happened here but for luck and protection, (my husband is quite traditional Thai) we have a small altar with many amulets, on the front of our door, in our car, on necklaces etc. But now where did you find cheap wine in Thailand?! The tax on wine is outrageous!😜

Thanks for your input
I always forget to look and see the part about if the OP will or will not participate. I'm always wondering why put a story on here and then not be willing to discuss? Those make me think that some just want to toss up a story.
I will at least give credit to the OP on this one.
In spite of stating they wouldn't be relying, at least they came back to try and clarify points in their story

Have a great day
Thanks wendyjean for taking the time to read my story and I'm glad that you have connected with my experience. I'm always regaling my wife with memorable instances from my time fixing phones and her encouragement was instrumental in posting this story. 😁
Hey majarlika012 I really loved reading your story. Heart touching 😊 ❤.
I found this story on another Ghost website; "We were at Caleruega for a retreat. I heard a lot of ghost stories about the place but I didn't believe any of it. On our second night, past midnight, we heard a girl screaming so loud as if she was dying. We tried to look for her but we didn't see anyone."

- Michelle I also found a picture.
Thanks Augusta and aisyah for bringing attention to this older account from terranimga. It's a most compelling read.

For the past four years, I have spent a lot of time waiting in hospitals for my husband to undergo yet another procedure for his chronic illness. The most harrowing was in July this year when he underwent a lifesaving transplant. I was there so often with him in the intensive care unit that the nurses had me help with his care on occasion when they were short-staffed. It takes a rare person of courage and compassion to be a nurse. The doctors make the life-and-death decisions, but the nurses are the ones who pick up the pieces.

It was quite surreal and eerie in the wards when the lights were dimmed during the night shift. Once, the patient in the next bed to my husband didn't make it through the night. The air that night was thick with sadness and a pervading quiet despair. Yet I also felt this sense of release from suffering too. I don't know if I was picking up impressions from the patient himself or the nursing staff at the time.

Over the years, I've spent many hours in the visitors' lounge talking to other long-term patients and off-duty nurses. Wouldn't it be strange if some of them were also ghostly "visitors"?
Lilwolf, what if you'd listened to your gut and waited for the rain to ease? You wouldn't be there at the same time as the truck for it to hit your car. Your friend Jessica wouldn't have asked you to spend the night and then you wouldn't have been there to see anything at her house!

Is it a case of being at the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time? My mind is spinning at the possibilities. But I think it was inevitable you'd have come across those apparitions when you visited her. I also thought it unusual that a residual haunting could also be 'interactive'. Unless there were different events at play? Do you think the female voice was the same spirit who rocked the bassinet? That was kind of sweet, but spooky too.

Thanks for another interesting account.

Thanks for responding to my question.

The title states "woman at the cemetery", but in thinking back, I cannot say for certain it was a woman.

I thought this was a "woman" because of the hair which was tied at the back. When I think about the hair, it now reminds me of the wigs worn by men in eighteenth century Europe, as seen in the movie Armadeus.

I don't think the thought of being impolite kept me from looking at her face as planned; there seemed to have been a moment of brief 'blackout" as I passed her. This is the best way I can think of to describe what happened.

It is interesting to compare the observations of the movement of the two apparitions.

I think I read somewhere that the average person is a very unreliable observer, and typically seem to be so caught up in the emotions of the moment, that the awareness of the need to observe details is simply not there at the time.

I remember that when I saw "the woman at the cemetery", my mind was struggling to comprehend what it is that I was seeing, and I looked at the image from head to feet, taking in the details as my mind tried to understand what I was seeing. I think that is why I remember so much detail, because I was trying to understand what I was seeing.

I make these comments about observing because, since my experience, I have wondered just how reliable the descriptions of spirits, ghosts, apparitions are. I have not come across too many descriptions of the way an apparition moved. Most of the descriptions of the movements I remember, seem to describe a sliding or floating sort of movement.

The "woman at the cemetery" did not move any limbs, there was absolutely no movement, but the apparition progressed along the cemetery road as if seen in a strobe light; one moment here, another moment there.

I had hoped that more readers who witnessed a spirit or apparition would have joined in the conversation to offer some insight into what is the typical manner of movement for a ghost.

PS: something strange occurred with this sighting. After writing down the experience, my memory seemed to have been stimulated, and I remembered details I did not remember at the time of writing the experience. About two weeks after writing the experience and posting it to this site, I remembered that I did actually see her face.

After I passed the "woman", the strangeness of her appearance made me stop the bike and dismount. At the same moment, she turned around to make the right turn back into the cemetery, and I got a look at the face and shoes.

The face did not look real, but looked artificial... Like a mask. The nose was straight and very pointed, and the color seemed overdone.

Wait. Wait!?... I'm getting confused.

From your answer to my previous comment:

"I think she will do that in every room she go once she hear any rumors. Rumor about this amulet thingy made her became curious and so she found this picture in our room and looked behind..."

And from your narrative:

"I looked at it and it seemed to me that it looked like an amulet. I told her that it may be something cultural in Thailand to put an amulet behind a picture.

"você tem certeza?" (Are you sure?) She asked. I told her that I will ask the front desk what that was about. We chatted through the night and got readied for the next day.

The next day, I ask one of the hotel staff if there..."

Please correct me if I'm wrong but, the narrative suggests that your friend FIRST found the amulet and then you asked at the front desk until the NEXT day. What do you mean by her checking the back of the picture after hearing the rumors about the amulet's location? Was she aware of this custom before arriving to the hotel/Thailand? 😕

Could you describe the amulet to more detail? How was it attached to the picture/frame? Did she checked the pictures in the other room?
It's odd that the pictures in the hotel weren't screwed to the wall since most hotels usually secure any paintings not only to prevent theft but to avoid any art from landing on the head of any unsuspecting guest.

Sorry for all the questions but, by now, I know you know how curious I am... Perhaps as curious as your friend or, more?😜

Yeah, at first I kind of hesitated but in the end I had to lol 😆
jubilee, I don't know about any complaints...
Well, perhaps not only that room... Some other room where you know something else had happened? You know since it's an old hotel so there is lots of rumors bad ones and good ones... But most bad rumors 🙄
lilpeachyghost in Phantom Phone Ringing
Thanks for replying everyone, I just want to clear some things up.

Firstly, I don't have tinnitus, the ringing is not constant and it's not a ringing as in a bell ringing or a high pitched sound in my head. It's very hard to explain but I know 100% that it's outside of my head in the real waking world. I just can't find the source of it. Also, each time I hear it, it's exactly the same. It rings twice and then stops abruptly and I don't hear it again for another few days/weeks or even months.

Secondly, I know for a fact that none of my neighbours have home phones anymore and even if they did, the walls are far too thick for me to be able to hear it ringing especially when we have the tv on and such.

There's no landline/house phone in my house anymore as everyone in my household has a mobile and I know what they all sound like and which ringtone belongs to which phone, and they sound nothing like an old-fashioned cord house phone (the ones you see in movies when they hold the phone between their ear and their shoulder and twirl the cord around their finger or pace up and down but can't move far because it's attached). So even when I hear the old-fashioned phone ringing, there's no landline for me to pick up and "answer".

Maybe the next time I hear it I should try and see if my cat hears it too because it's obvious none of my human family members can.
lady-glow, Well she is a curious person... Really lol

I think she will do that in every room she go once she hear any rumors. Rumor about this amulet thingy made her became curious and so she found this picture in our room and looked behind...

Well I actually asked why she thought of looking at the picture from behind... Well she says because she knew something was wrong... But I think it is only curiousity... No, really she is that kind of person.
Hey Roy, sounds like your time in Thailand was spiced with a little excitement. Many Thais live comfortably with modern technology and follow the old ways at the same time. Amulets are commonly used for luck and protection. There may very well have been "noise" complaints in that room before. Too many spirits and not of the red wine variety either! 😜
"Mabuhay" verge, (excuse me if I got that wrong, I only know a little Tagalog). I also called the senior instructor "Tatang" at the dance studio where I worked many years ago.

My boy cousins used to play tricks on us girls by turning the lights off too. At first I thought when the lights went off that maybe the light bulb shorted out and blew, or there was a sudden electrical power surge. But then you smelled a candle burning and the scent of funeral flowers...

Maybe your Lolo wanted to get your attention, then when he saw you were scared, he sent the fragrance to reassure you. I don't feel any harm was meant. It is still nice to think that he came by to check on his grandchildren. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊
Your friend is a mysterious woman... Any idea what drove her to look behind the picture? Was she checking for bedbugs? 😨
I was thinking that your visitor could be someone in a coma having an OBE and wandering about, and the white pajamas was some type of hospital-issue for long-term patients ("jammies" - Aussie slang).

But your comment about feeling that he was friendly and proud of you makes me think my first impression may be loser to the mark. Could very well be a family member dropping by - you may also share that "sensitivity" with your mom and grandma!
wendyjean in Ghost In The Wire?
Rex-T, you have an amazing story here. As someone who is part-sceptic and the victim of extended hauting in my own house I am impressed with this account. Not only are your descriptions detailed and objective, they are very succinct and believable. I am able to share this story and web site with my friends and I really appreciate your candour. 😊
majarlika012 in The Night He Went Away
[at] sushantkar it was a question to us why the doctors did not diagnosed it earlier. But his pediatrician explained to us that there are pneumonias that do not show symptoms. He was not even coughing. It was detected when it was already severe.
Hello Ygs members.
I stated that I wasn't going to partake in a discussion about the events that happened in my story but on reflection i'll clear up a few points
1 The car was travelling at a crawling speed so I was able to see it and the driver very clearly
2 The vehicle is familiar to me as I have been in it as a passenger on numerous occasions
3 There was no reason for my colleague to pretend that he didn't see me. I've known the person in question for over 13 years.
4 The 'double' appeared to mock me if that makes sense but this wasn't apparent until after I had experienced the incident.
5 This incident occured on the ascent of the Gravelly Hill turn off from the Salford Bridge in Erdington Bham.
The event confuses me to this day. I too have heard of doppelgangers but seeing the vehicle also makes it more perplexing. Can a vehicle be recreated? Why did I see this 'double'? Was it some kind of time travel? I still can't figure it.
majarlika012 in The Night He Went Away
Thank you for your comments. Yes, I know there is no coincidence when it comes to God. One way or another, He speaks to us. Though my family sometimes has what ifs (what if we are still complete? What if my brother is still with us?) We all know that He is in a better place now. We always have him in our hearts. He will always be our angel.
Hi Jubeele,
Yes I agree with you. The change in decor was not what the lady wanted and her way of getting attention was to knock over the dirtbin. Scary!
Sushantkar, Huah? To me obviously! Did you think I saw a female? Lol

Melda, 13 reasons!? I am afraid I cannot do a research for each victims... I tried to look for the old news articles as well pretty famous it was since one of the victims was an American pilot! Well I am not going to be detailed for a certain reason, but well, the hotel was a famous haunted hotel around Thailand.

You might notice it if you are curious enough to search it on the internet but please don't name it.
NightlyEclipse in Pesky Ghosts Part 3
[at] Jubeele So far nothing else has happened. I think I'm okay.
Hi Meldel, someone certainly didn't like that concertina door! Maybe the lady wanted the decor back the way it was. I wonder if the renovations disturbed her and she became more "active" as a result. She probably knocked over the kitchen dirtbin to get some attention. Hopefully someone will be able to cleanse that house and help her move on.

Thanks for sharing Sandy's experience. I hope your sister and her family are safe and happy in their current home.
Roylynx - It might well be that the hotel cleaners were a little lax when it came to washing the bath. That seems to have been your first impression as well. Did you find long hair anywhere else in the room? I'm asking because of the opinion offered by your friends.

The amulet behind the picture is interesting. If it is the custom in Thailand to place an amulet behind a picture in a room where someone passed away, then I would expect it to have been placed there with good intentions. However, there could probably have been a number of reasons for it.

Did you and your friend feel a negative presence in the room?

If 13 people died in the hotel as a result of the fire, then you have at least 13 reasons for a haunting!

Regards, Melda
Hi majarlika012, I'm so sorry for your loss. The passing of a loved one is always so, so difficult.

The night my father passed away, I dreamed he came into the room and smiled at me. I like to think that his spirit came to comfort me and say goodbye. That sweet flower scent could be the spirit of your brother passing through to give his farewell to you.

As for that amazingly comforting Bible verse, I agree with Melda that it's most likely not a coincidence. Be at peace.
Reaper666343 in New House Spook 2
I asked my neighbour and she has no recollection of anything strange in the house. I do keep a journal now. I will use this to update more when I can. I also have been looking for the history of the house and area. So far nothing interesting has come up.
Hi JazzyBaby, how frightening for you - particularly at a time when you're feeling so vulnerable.

Did you ever have any such experiences before this, or was your pregnancy the catalyst for them? When I was going through a very stressful period, I broke out in hives too. The skin is our largest sensory organ and our emotional state can sometimes impact on our physical state. So my initial thought was that the hormonal changes could be partly the cause for anxiety dreams etc.

But then that doesn't explain the rest...

It is interesting to note that when you returned to San Antonio after your vacation, you didn't have any terrifying episodes even though you were next to a cemetery. Perhaps you could look into the history of the barracks where you stayed and find out if there was anything significant about the cross between the walkways. Did you ever speak to anyone else who stayed there in the past?

Glad you and Baby made it safely through that period. Welcome to YGS. 😊
Interesting story.

I consider it unnecessary for the boy- ghost to stay stuck in the barn any longer. After over 400 years it would be nice if someone could help him to cross over or, at least, try to.😐
majarlika012 - This is a very touching story and I offer my sincere condolences.

I hope that in the years since the passing of your brother you have managed to cope with the empty space in your life. His special place in your heart will always be filled, as it should be.

The fragrant scent was probably left by your brother or perhaps a passed loved one who accompanied him on his way. I like to believe that there are loved ones waiting to guide us to the other side.

Your brother's confusion before his death was perhaps due to hallucinations caused by lack of oxygen to the brain. I experienced these hallucinations as well after my lungs collapsed. I am not saying that this is definitely what happened to him but I doubt whether that was anything paranormal. I know that you are not claiming it to be.

Is it coincidence that you happened to open your bible at that specific verse? I don't know but I'm not a great believer in coincidence.

Regards, Melda
Hi Reaper, I've gone back and re-read the first account on your new house. Did you ever get the chance to find out more about the history of the house? Did your neighbour remember if his/her father mentioning if anything odd happening there? What about the family living there previously for 15 years?

It might be useful to keep that journal of yours going with these activities. But so far, the occurrences seem to me more like: "hey, I'm right here". Incidentally, what were you watching on YouTube when you felt the cold spot on your arm? It must be really good to have caught someone/something else's interest too!

Thanks for the update.
Sahajiscool in Sinister
Yes shushant... We are aware of ojhaas... And we strictly avoid them. As far as the matter of that amulet, we also were surprised about its origin and inquired further from my own mom and we were told that it was true. However there is no explanation behind it. Thanks for reading and commenting...😊
Nightly, the part about the oven and locking your cat up was particularly worrying. There comes a point when "pesky" behaviour crosses a line. I'm glad you got the priest in before the disturbances got any worse. Perhaps you should still do a periodic cleansing to make sure they keep away.😐

Wishing you all the best. Be well.
Hello lynx, pretty odd events you experienced while your tour to Thailand. Just confused to read when the hotel staff said that"Have a good day, sir! Have a good day, madam!"...When your friend was "she" then why and to who the hotel staff said "Have a good day sir".
Did the hotel saw something else there?
Its sad to hear of an old building being condemned - especially one with such a sweet story behind its construction. Sadness and violence can happen anywhere and leave scars behind them. I don't get the feeling that there was anything inherently sinister about the house or land just that a tragedy happened there.

Interestingly, some of the most haunted houses I have heard of start out with the sweetest intent - I.e. Built for someone loved by the builder. Maybe that positive energy acts as a beacon or creates an environment where other energies are more likely to stick around... Sort of like a gel culture for growing bacteria in a petri dish... Without the gel, the cultures can't grow - so may be that initial infusion of energy acts as the 'gel' (for lack of a better analogy).

Interesting too that the same event seems (in my appraisal) to have created both a residual (the replay in the hall) and possibly two sentient hauntings (both the husband you met in the hall and the wife who told you to run).

I wonder if old newspapers would have any clues.
RANDYM - My thoughts on this are very similar to yours but I didn't bother to comment as you will note that the OP will not be reading the comments. Frustrating, not so? I would also like him to clear up a few points.

Regards, Melda
My confidence for the loss of your brother. But I was surprise to read that when he was sufferring from sevear pneumonia and if it was diagnosed earlier then why the hospital didn't admit him and do proper treatment?
Obviously death end all the sufferring and I truely believe that he is in better place now.


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