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That's still really strange, something or someone was defiantly on the other side of that door!

On a good note, at least you was brave enough to open the door and have a look around. 😁
jeffinaustx. How utterly facinating yet deeply chilling. Have you ever done any investigating into the Hotel? I also don't scare easily, but I can tell you that if my duvet covered did that to me I would run, call me chicken if you must. Love your writing style.
Hi SilentAngel, in my opinion, and from my experiences, these so-called "ghosts" are nothing more than demons. They might tell you they're guardian angels, spirits, whatever, heck they might even give you a forewarning to my message but best to stay away from them. They like to "infest" in groups, and continuing to interact with them will encourage more of them to join the merry party. You will find that they like to mix truth and lies, and you won't be able to tell one from the other. Do you think it's a coincidence that all of them "forgot" their names?

If I were you I'd visit a pastor or priest of my nearest church (not cult 😆) and seek help and advise from them. Please see my YGS profile for my views on this.
dilip506 in Ghost With Lantern
If the man is found innocent also, in such cases, his respect in society vanishes. Especially in the village areas of India. People do suspect him and keep him away. But things are diff in cities. People do think and behave in more mature way. Since this happened in 80s, the maturity level of people would be different compared to these days. Yes, even if he was found innocent, the society might have banished him. His wife might not have trust in him.
Bibliothecarius in The Ghost Car Of Highway 58
Just watched an adaptation of this story by "Beyond Creepy" on Youtube ( As I was listening, I began to wonder why the story was so damn familiar.
It was published there on Oct 15, 2016.

(Andrea22 has not been active on YGS since 2013, but I thought I'd mention it.)

As I like to be reasonable, the video DOES include a spoken & visible credit to YGS, quotations from Andrea and Sacul were *also* specified. I didn't see a direct *link* to the story, but I am busy tidying up the basement and may have missed it.

I had the same thought as lady-glow. It is unusual that a woman's allegation was taken seriously against a man of a respectable standing, particularly during the 1980s and in certain societies. There must be more to this story than meets the eye.

Ayaz, please talk to us... See I haven't even made any corny analogies about cricket this time!
Hi Nevym, welcome to YGS. One of my neighbours (a good friend of ours) is from Montenegro - he says it's a most beautiful place.

My first thought when I read your account was that all the disturbances reminded me of pranks. The lost-found shirt, the noises in your bedroom, the fallen books etc - nothing was actually damaged. There's also the gathering of teenagers together... Could it be an attention-seeking poltergeist?

But then again, there's the fear level to consider. Was it more a startled "this-is-some-weird-stuff" or a full-on terror "danger-run-for-the-hills" fear? What was the underlying intent you sensed behind these activities?

Another thing to consider: was there any unresolved family issues relating to your great-grandmother? Don't mean to get too personal - just think about it for yourself. Also, is there any significance to the time 1:55pm?

In any event (many members here will suggest this as well), ask if your grandparents will permit a cleansing ritual of some kind. There are many ways available. If they're not on board with the idea, you can just do your own bedroom so you can at least have a sanctuary at home. Rook's method, which has been used by many, can also be found on his profile.

Without knowing more details, that is all I have for you. Be well.
Unexplained in Ghost Buildings
Your excellent story reminds me of this one:

lady-glow in Ghost With Lantern
Not meaning any offence and not wanting to have a biased opinion about this story, I would like to ask to the Indian members of the forum the following questions:

Given the work in progress in which women rights are in India, would the facts of this story be plausible during the last quarter of the previous century?

Would a woman's word have had any weight against the word of a man as highly regarded as Mr. Jamnadas? Did the court call for the testimony of any witnesses?
Or, am I misreading the narrative and his reputation got tarnished even after he was found not guilty?

"He trialed court case and win that case. But since than, his retirement date passed over and his honor and prestige among people was badly harmed. Due to that fake case, his retired life was totally dishonored and very sad full... Most of his colleagues and relatives had broken relations with him. Even his wife had not trust him..."

I imagine such a case would have attracted some attention from the press, could any one provide a link to the records of that year?

Any idea as why Mr. Jamnadas would haunt the entrance to the post office with his lantern if that wasn't a normal pattern to his daily life? Did he live close to the post office?

I'm aware that the OP won't even bother reading the comments to their story but, I want to put their story to some good use and, hopefully, find some truth to this experience.

majarlika012 in Heavenly Scent
I also have the same experience. I submitted it but hasn't been approved for posting yet. A scent that is relaxing.
majarlika012 in Another Restroom Story
Was there any back story regarding that haunted restroom in your school?
majarlika012 in Call Center
I am not sure but I think I have read a story same as this before. You know, the elevator opening at some floors then showing it's already full. And yes, I think it was because of a mechanical issue, faulty sensor.
lady-glow in Father Knows Best
MM_N: beautiful and interesting story.
Just curious, does the pendant represent a religious symbol?

Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow in Sinister
Welcome to YGS.

The skin on my belly got itchy at the thought of having a thread tied around during pregnancy, specially in the last trimester when the skin is sore and full of stretch marks, that would had been enough for your sister to feel uncomfortable while wearing the amulet; but after knowing its origins I completely agree with you that it should be avoided. There's no doubt it had some negative energy attached. Creepy, very creepy!

Glad to know your sister didn't wear it again.

Thanks for sharing.
Faith - Thanks for a wonderful story. It made me wonder enough to ask you something. Are you by any chance part native American? I know that chanting can be a form of prayer or accessing the divine energy, depending on how you look at it. It's just possible that you tapped into the chi of the area (for lack of a better term) and the land spoke to you to tell you about the deer. If you were in an Alpha state you would have been very receptive. Great story, I loved it. ❤
majarlika012 in Grandmom Still Cares
Wow. That was a nice story. But, not to ruin your belief though, don't you think it is much appropriate to thank God instead? Because I believe it was Him who forbade you to go to that country.

However, it is good that you did not go. Everything works for good:)
EmmalineTexas in Father Knows Best
MaggieMay - Thank you for such a great story. I'm the child of a Vietnam Vet and I completely understand answering with a Yes, Sir or No, Sir. It's interesting that he always wanted to pay respects in a graveyard. Something tells me he had a gift that he didn't talk about and when he knew you had it too, it scared him to death. ❤
DestinyGirl in Best Hug Ever
Thank you for sharing your story. It touched me deeply and personally. My maternal grandfather passed away when I was 19 years old. I am the youngest granddaughter on that side of the family, and I always had a special bond with my grandpa. I was crushed when he passed away because he had always been so vibrant with such a strong personality, and he could make me giggle as a little girl like no one else.

One night, a few months after his passing, my family had gone to visit my grandmother and other extended family. As the youngster in the house, I was assigned to sleep on the couch in the living room. This was the room where my grandfather had passed away. Before going to sleep, I was thinking about what might happen during the night, and I made myself rather nervous.

In the middle of the night I woke up suddenly and was immediately terrified to open my eyes. I just knew if I opened them I would see something that would scare me terribly. I laid there whimpering for a few minutes, and then a sudden calm came over me. I realized that anything in that room was a manifestation of my grandpa, and that he wouldn't do anything to hurt me or purposely frighten me.

It was then that I felt that same warmth - loving, positive, peaceful. I let it envelop me for a moment and opened my eyes. I didn't see anything but the dark room. The warmth stayed with me until I fell back to sleep, and I slept very soundly for the rest of the night.

I'm glad you got to experience something so calm and loving with your grandfather - I hope you can always look back to that feeling and find comfort whenever you need to.

At the time it was really frustrating. I had never heard of a doppelganger or any such thing.
I know I could not convince this teacher it wasn't me. I thought she was out to get me or something.
Its the same as being accused of something you know you didn't do.

Have a good day
majarlika012 in Were You Really Absent?
[at] Randy: Oooohhh! How does it feel having someone who look like you and there were witnesses that they saw you, well in fact you're in a different location? 😕 I forgot to ask my classmate so I am asking you hehehe
babygoatpuller in Father Knows Best
Wow MaggieMay! Just WOW! This was such a great read. I could almost feel your father's fear the way you've written this. No telling what would have happened if he hadn't finally caught up to you. He obviously knew it wasn't anything good.

Did he ever elaborate on what the outcome could have/would have been had he not found you? I've heard/read about Rose Hill Cemetery. None of it was good. Could you please talk to your brother and ask him if you could share his story here?

Thanks for sharing. Going to my favs.
sushantkar in Ghost With Lantern
Ok... Publishing a story and avoiding answering the counter questions /comments is like dropping a dumb bomb and escape.
Author is not serious about anyone's concerns so obviously writing about it is also a waste of time.
😨 😁
babygoatpuller in Phantom Phone Ringing
Jubeele already gave my suggestion lilpeach, but she does that a lot. 😆

A few years back I was hearing a low level rumbling noise, especially when it was quiet. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and nobody else could hear it. I finally went to my ENT and he said it's tinnitus. It's annoying as all hell but I'm used to it now and I know it's not some phantom tractor. Ringing is a classical sign.
You might want to do a simple old form if cleansing yourself. It involves cleaning anything out of your space that doesn't bring you joy (I.e. Items like those moving boxes), opening up all the windows and sweeping out all the corners.

A new form of caffeine might help too. Everything from sodas to teas and coffees to chocolate has caffeine in it. Sure, on its own - as in pure caffeine tablets - yes, it tastes bitter but the taste is difficult to discern in foods and beverages containing average amounts. Vitamin B is also a good one for energy.

Seems like more than anything else, you need to take control of the situation. Get rid of the OB. Perform cleansings yourself. Clean out your space so nothing can hang on. Lay down ground rules with any entities that remain and get some rest. 😁
Aaru275, Most likely yes and it is very sad. Since posting this I have thought a lot more about what actually took her life. It's a really messed up situation all around.
Aaru275 in Where Did He Go?
I think it was the ghost of someone who died there while crossing the road.
Aaru275 in The Sacrifice
Guys I don't have enough idea about it myself. The story has been told to me by my grandma. I asked her about banshee and she said she is an unholy spirit that brings death with her. If she gets attached with someone, the person will either lose his life or someone from his family will certainly die. Lilwolf this is what my grandma told me. Hope I am clear enough and sorry if I failed to explain it.
Aaru275 in Mango Tree
Thanks Jubeele. I still love mangoes but I try to avoid that garden when I visit my cousins.
That spooky. I feel sad for the post master. He should have been given benefit of doubt. People are very judgemental.
Well when we are weak like depression or doing drugs etc. We are an easy target for Satan and demons to prey on. One of my friends had an experience with a Demon when she was addicted to drugs. She's sober now. I now have depression and anxiety and sadness and anger because of bad spirits in my apt. The feed off of anything negative.
Wow! Fascinating story!
So do you know how the post master looked like? Did he have any lantern?
Short stories like this needs many details so I am sorry that some of my comments maybe off the topic. I also want to know that if you knew about the "rumors" before the night you use the road?

Fear can give you hallucinations you know, sometime you will need to have a very clear mind. I know that some encounters a real, but most of these real encounters are just "fear", you know how people talk about demons and angels or bad spirits and good spirits? I know your case is different, but like judging a person, who are we to judge a stranger if they are good or bad without knowing anything about that person? Same goes with spirits, who are we to judge an unknown spirit who they are, without knowing them? Try not to fear them, believe most spirits do no harm just do not tease them in any way or make them angry, they are a "person" after all.

lady-glow in Ghost With Lantern
You WON'T be reading the comments... This is your FOURTH submission... Do you realize people deserve answers to their questions? 😠

Disappointing... So disappointing.😤
Tambrius, from what I can ascertain, it sounds very much like the entity Azazel (spelled in some cultures as Azael). He is one of the seven (I think) demonic Gatekeepers and is not evil or harmful, in fact, he can be quite beneficial to those he takes a liking to (and he seems to like you). The mood swings may be due to him feeling disrespected (demons should always be approached with respect) or that demons have emotions and feelings (differently than we do, but similar also, if that makes any sense).

What you are experiencing sounds like a kind of spiritual enmeshing and bonding. Your descriptions of sudden flashes of thoughts which you're aware come from somewhere else, the hearing of his thoughts (eventually, you will pick up and read each others' thoughts more and more and they will be clearer, though it sounds as if they are clear already), his taking on a more pleasing form, etc... All point to this. Demons generally have to be called in some way, even if it's sub-consciously. Perhaps you said, did, or concentrated on something which got his attention, or perhaps you are particularly attuned to him in some way and he sensed a need to bond with you and teach you (he enjoys teaching mankind). His seeming upset about trivial things (he can be a perfectionist sometimes about certain things), his ambiguity of answers to questions you pose, his sarcastic sense of humor, strong opinions, etc... All sound like classic Azazel traits.

You have nothing to fear of him. You are quite fortunate to have the favor and like of a major demon. Be respectful in your dealings with him, don't be afraid. He has much he can show and teach you, a lot of good things. Many people seek their entire lives for this kind of close connection to a power such as him. I could go on and on, but hope this answers some questions and helps you understand him better. Keep us posted, I'm very excited for you.
Faith1990 in Best Hug Ever
Hi Notjustme--I think it's wonderful that you feel such a strong connection to your mom. Although I felt the same kind of connection to my grandfather, there were times I wondered how it was possible because I never met him. Is it genetics or maybe their ability to influence us as they watch over us? Either way, I am thankful for the comfort he brings, as I am sure you feel the same way about your mom. We are blessed! Thank you for your lovely comments!
lady-glow in Mistakes Were Made
"Don't do it...! Please don't do it...! I told you NOT TO DO IT...! But, this is the right way to do it." 😕

Does it make sense? 😜
I think she still shows up at that place looking for people who can listen to her. It's too sad though. I feel bad for her. 😟
I'd still like to give the benefit of the doubt. I do so hate to be...disappointed. Please don't waste goodwill - there's precious little of it to go round in this world.

(Should the Bus be on its way, then Fruity Tanglin will bring along a batch of freshly-fried 'pot-stickers' and her special dipping sauce).
rookdygin in Mistakes Were Made
I find it very curious that an individual who wanted NOTHING to do with using a Ouija Board (1: "Keep in mind I am 100% against Ouija boards." 2: "I backed out. No way am I touching that board." 3: "Keep in mind I was 100% against it from the start.") had the presence of mind to request those using it do this...

"Yes, it did occur to me that they might be faking it during the first few questions. That's why I made them move their fingers on the planchette while it was moving."

(Just saying... Just wondering...Puff)

Be that as it may, IF contact was truly made then I must agree... That the Contacted Spirit took an opportunity to scare a roomful of individuals.

You mention the session was closed, this is good, however has there been any escalation of activity at your friends house OR has there been any at your house that seems to be related to the Board being there?

Cleansings/Shielding's are good ANYTIME... So I will not hurt to preform either or both... I would suggest that it not be done ONLY at your house, but your friends home as well. Not to mention the homes of anyone who was there that night, never hurts to be too cautious.


EmmalineTexas in Golden Gate Bridge Ghost
Sushantkar - Sorry to freak you out! Makes you wonder what's out there doesn't it? Thanks so much for your comment and for liking my story. I've wondered about it for years.
Limey - Wow, that's interesting. Was it a time shift or did her friend not know she had passed? So many questions there. I'll have to go back and find that story. It sounds fascinating. Thanks for your comment!
Cloudy - Thank you so much for your comment and liking my story. I know when I go to Galveston, which had a hurricane that killed probably thousands, I sometimes feel suffocated. As if there are people everywhere, even when I'm standing all alone.
Faith - Hi neighbor! You are too sweet, so I know that you have that balance all figured out. You should be very proud of yourself. Scars aren't for sissies are they? You've got grit. Your comments are too kind and thank you for liking my story. I don't know about fan club LOL. I do the ADHD, forgot to proof, accidentally hit print shuffle. You're an editor, I'm a writer. Somehow I think we've got some parallels working here. By the way, before anyone gets upset, I write non-fiction. I really look forward to reading more of your stories. Keep them coming! Thanks again.
Eloisa, don't worry about it. The Aussie slang for toilet is "dunny". Rhyming slang - dunny-doo, rhymes with loo!

Use whatever terms you're comfortable with. There is NOTHING wrong with using another word that means the same thing. Diversity adds colour. I love the variety. Stops the dreaded stagnation of "group-think". If we all expressed ourselves exactly the same way, how boring it would be!

Melda - how are you? Nice to hear from you! ❤
alsoabeliever in Pokes In The Night
I experienced a finger poke to my mid-back while spending a night at the Hotel Rio Vista in Winthrop WA. Like one of the writers above, it was slow (five seconds) and methodical. I felt the pressure of the finger press down into my mid back between my shoulders. I wore a camisole and could not feel if the finger was cold or warm. The feeling was distinctive and unmistakable. I felt the sharpness of a pointing finger from an adult person, and I felt the curvature of a short finger nail. I do not remember feeling pain from the touch, but I do remember the configuration of the finger as it was touching me.
Hi Jubeele and Melda...

I'll just see to it the next story I will share, I will use terms that are more appropriate and easy for all of you to understand. I don't just understand that such a word will be a big deal to some.

Anyways, thank you guys for appreciating my story and for reading it.

I personally find nothing offensive about the word "toilet". It's called a number of things but a toilet is, after all, just a toilet!

Regards, Melda
Hello Majarlika

I too had a similar experience in high school
I was rarely sick but had to stay home one day with a bad virus

When I returned the next day I got into an argument with my algebra teacher
She wasn't going to let me do makeup work because she absolutely swore she saw me the day before in the hall not 10 feet from her and thought I skipped the class
Only after physically walking with me to the office and verifying with them that my mother had phoned me in sick did she change her mind. She was really convinced she had seen me the day before

Strange world we live in

echosmithrocks in Scary Hummmm Noises
Heyy... Ayaz, you did mention "ITI surrounding area was full of slums and full of thieves and looters." so I'm like... It's just a couple getting it on in that room! Maybe you just mistook the sounds of pleasure for sounds of death instead!
Anno_Domini in The Roar At The Window
Hi Sid926 I agree with Rook it was probably a dream / nightmare that you woke up to.
lady-glow in Knock On Window
The mysterious knocker's substance seemed to be compact and solid enough as to make the noise of a "...knock of a fist and one of kind of of a pint hitting the table after sculling back a nice cold beer."

... More like a solid body than an ethereal being... I wonder what you would had seen if you dared to look through the window. 🤔

As it is, it's hard to say if you had a paranormal encounter or if you just let your imagination get the best of you. Just my opinion. 😊
Jubeele in Knock On Window
Just realized I misspelt your name the last time (sorry about that). With the pub being old, it could hold some interesting history should you wish to research into it. But if you can find no further info, your experience may just be one of those little mysteries that make life interesting.

Be well. 😊
Hey Eloisa, I found another word for "toilet" - the "powder room"! It's fine - we all got there in the end. Thanks for your story. 😆
notjustme in My Dad Returned!
Oh who is chopping onions in here... ❤ I always get super emotional to do with family loss. This brought me tears of joy. I am glad you and your son both got to share that experience, how wonderful of him and it sure shows his spirit with the beep beep. God bless.
notjustme in Car Troubles
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Beaglemom. I do check back here and there. I love looking for new comments. Hmmm I think ygs needs notifications soon. I have since moved on from Derek but he will of course always be around to lend me a helping hand I believe.
Hi Myst!

Thank you for that. Nobody's perfect. I hope everyone would understand. I'll make sure next time it won't happen.

Hey Anno_Domini,
I don't think that's possible, since after the light disappears there's nobody, and nothing in its place.
Eloisa28: I had no problem understanding what you meant. I have learned a lot of new things on this site, some just from reading, others from asking questions. I love the variety, differing opinions, and new ways of looking at things on YGS.
sheld999 in Knock On Window
Jubeele. Hotel is new building. But the pub is old. Its the old square 2 story pub type building. On a corner. Not sure if pub was around same time as old prison. Its very hard to explain sorry
Hi Macknorton, this is absolutely fascinating. Einsten's Theory of Relativity: so is time actually linear, or can the future influence the past? Does this explain the feelings of déjà vu we all get from time to time?

I used to know someone who taught quantum physics at college. He folded up a paper napkin and smoothed it out again to show how time can be diced, sliced and rearranged. Time was all relative and it was all a matter of perspective (he described it a whole lot better).

I believe the primal hindbrain stores knowledge our ancestors learned thousands of years ago. Our instinctive fears of heights, fire and deep water; knowing that anything that tastes bitter is usually to be avoided and foods of certain colours are not palatable. It's interesting how certain animals, insects, reptiles instantly frighten and repel so many people.

In much the same way, perhaps paranormal abilities were once the norm. But in the course of evolving generations, this has been discarded in favour of "reason" and "logic"... We use the phrases "gut instinct", "sixth sense" - maybe these are just ancient abilities fallen into disuse along the way?

Thanks for a very thought-provoking narrative.
Hi lilpeachyghost, it's certainly strange. Is the sound high-pitched or like bell tones? Do you find it more obvious at night when background noise quietens down, or is it intermittent throughout the day and night?

Ringing in the ears, especially if you're the only one hearing it, could be due to a medical condition called "tinnitus". It happens when there's damage to the inner ear. You may wish to see a doctor to check it out, just in case.

Or, you may indeed have developed a mystical antenna to some phantom radio station - do you suppose they take requests? Just kidding. 😜

(p.s. I like the cute "spirit kitty" on your profile 😊)
Jubeele in Ode To Trees
Tweed, your experience really speaks to me. Thanks so much for sharing it. My ideal place to live would be on a mountain, surrounded by trees. My husband and I exchanged our vows under an enormous ancient Port Jackson fig (Ficus rubiginosa). That tree was one of the most beautiful living beings I ever saw; I always felt that its presence blessed our wedding.

When I worked in the city in Sydney, I loved to walk by Hyde Park where my three favourite "friends" lived, a trio of Moreton Bay figs (Ficus macrophylla). They must be each over a hundred years old. I would say "good morning" or "good evening" to them every day and they gave me such a sense of peace. If I could, I'd happily grab my laptop and stayed with them all day. Just hold all my calls.

My father's clan name (surname) means "poplar" in English. Part of the character forming the word is also the Chinese word for "tree". The year I was born also has "Wood" as its element - that could be why I love the written word and prefer the company of books (Kindle doesn't do it for me).

Interestingly enough, Mum still talks to her mini-forest of pot plants. I've often heard her watering them, crooning: "Drink, drink, drink; be fruitful and multiply!"

Hey, I think tree2 in your photobucket link gave me the flirty Eye! Ok, maybe a sort of squint...
notjustme in The Stench
Loved all your stories. Saved in favs. I do not have much to add. Imprint of blood theory crossed my mind, demons possibly crossed my mind, but I lean most towards what Emma said. I need to look that up myself. Chinese people often have a "kitchen god" statue in an alter by the kitchen. Might be similar to that... Have some googling to do...
Hello! First I must know,...Binx, Hocus Pocus? Hehe and second, thanks for sharing. I believe you felt the energy of a spirit. Who, I do not know. Passing spirit, residual maybe. I had a similar experience in a hotel room before. Like you I just started to feel a deep to the core heartache and starting crying uncontrollably. Has anything else ever happened in that house?
notjustme in Best Hug Ever
This story touched me lots, I guess bc I can relate. I do not know how to explain it but I feel the same with my mother who has passed away 22 years ago. As I grew up I felt I knew her more and more. I felt I knew which part of me (character, traits, temperament, likes, etc) came from her. Anyway... Thanks for sharing!
Saved to favs. ❤ I agree with your theory on wife and daughter. What a funny/lovely/sad sorta experience. Hope to hear more soon.
sheetal in The Move
very scary and entertaining story, with time, premises get haunted and as you said it's an old building. I think you must have really freaked out after watching the mess in your home. Thanks for sharing.
I agree with ladyglow. That fascinates me so... I do believe it had to do with his fever also.
This is really creepy, and I love your narration. Really thinking that what is the reason behind those noises?
Could someone have ben testing an LED floodlight? Perhaps that's a possibility you saw someone testing an LED floodlitght'?
Anno_Domini in Can It Be An Incubus?
Hi MyStory15, what I'm going to say is my opinion, your friend is right, demons can and do influence the outcomes of some tarrot readings. Their world is as complex (or perhaps more so) than ours, but I believe that they have 1 main aim -- to prevent you from knowing God well. Your "incubus" is just another demon conforming to the pattern of what we think an incubus should do (jealous "spirit"). The pendant is of no use, the demon may stay away for a while to make you believe that it is beneficial.

I think the best way to get rid of it would be to seek help from your local Christian church (Most Germans have a functional grasp of English). The pastors may have some experience in dealing with these demons or should be able to at least refer you to someone who can. I would say stay away from psychics or spiritual healers because, well you're just getting more of the same. Please look at my profile for more of my thoughts on this.

I'm really sorry for that. Thank you for correcting me. I said I was sorry for using that term in my comments. If you read that, there's no need for you to comment. But I do understand. Really. But can just other people understand that I am from the Philippines that is not very fluent in your languages? At least I did my best to make this story easy to read by others. Just appreciate it. That's all.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Well appreciated!

Dreyk--Wow, your experiences are intense! I am so relieved you got the heck out of that place. A person can only take so much. I imagine you felt a bit terrified after your friends/former neighbors told you that they thought the sounds were coming from your apartment. That would have chilled me to the bone. I hope the home you moved into next was peaceful. Thanks for sharing! Love your stories.
majarlika012 in Jun Jun
Now I am curious as to what company you are with. There are so many buildings in Ortigas. But where?
Jubeele in Knock On Window
Hi Seld999

Thanks for responding to our comments. This is like trying to fit pieces of a puzzle together.

So, no trees; bird - maybe, maybe not? Hmm, unusually warm day in winter - thermal expansion and contraction of the glass or window frame etc? Not sure about this, being no scientific expert on the properties of glass and other materials. But my stairs at home will sometimes suddenly creak loudly in protest in the evening after a warm day, as if someone very heavy (apart from me) has stepped on it.

Do you suppose there's any history connecting the prison asylum with the hotel? Escaped prisoner shot while hiding out in the hotel grounds? That could be interesting...

When I first read your account, "The Raven" immediately came to mind. It's one of the scariest works of literature I ever read; you should listen to it being read on YouTube. Makes me shiver every time: haunted man, dead woman, creepy talking bird...
Hey, I just read your post. Hmmm, are you aware that AC units have this built in program turning off by itself when they reached a certain temperature? That is why it turned off even if no actually turned it off:) Maybe it already reached the set point (best temperature) for a period of time so to avoid malfunctions on the unit, the unit turned itself off:)
majarlika012 in Yet Another Lost Soul
I, too, am a bit skeptical on the reason why you saw that man. It may be your imagination working since you were sick. When we have high fever, we tend to hallucinate. But, yeah, I was not in your shoes so, I can't really tell.:)
Im okay and my health is okay, I see no issues because the blackouts only occure when they decide to talk but its not affecting anything from working and only occures when I am at home laying down. It feels that they are cautious about where an when I am.
Enlightened1959 in Freaky Friday The 13th

Thanks for sharing your experience! I wonder what that was all about? I have had similar experiences myself.

Years ago my husband worked the 10pm to 6am shift at a prison (which he retired from), anyway one night I was home alone and this eerie feeling came over me. I had gone upstairs to send him a message at work. I was sitting at the computer sending him a message when I had a very uncomfortable feeling come over me... I got up to turn the light on because I was feeling like something was watching me. (There was enough light from the computer and desk lamp but I felt uncomfortable so I turned the light on.) This light switch could be turned on from upstairs and downstairs. Anyway, I turned the light on and about 5 minutes later the light shut off. I got back up and turned it back on and it wouldn't come on! I became very afraid and tried calling my husband because at that point, I thought someone could be in the house. I sat on the bed in the guest room and suddenly the light came back on. That house always gave me the creeps because I would hear knocks on the walls.

Anyway, thanks for sharing.
majarlika012 in Were You Really Absent?
I have heard other scary stories from that school before. I may share them here soon;)
sheld999 in Knock On Window
Also it was a oddly warm night dispite being winter with snow on the alps
sheld999 in Knock On Window
Jubeele: nope no trees around and nearest tree will be roughly 300-400meters up the road. And no winds

Lady-glow too loud to be a bug/moth the loudness would been between a knock of a fist and one of kind of of a pint hitting the table after sculling back a nice cold beer.

Little fact of town is its by the west coast of the ocean. And its had god history of mining and also up on hill is a old asylm / prison
Jubeele in Knock On Window
Just had to share this from "The Raven":

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
"Surely," said I, "surely that is something at my window lattice;
Let me see, then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore -
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore; -
'Tis the wind and nothing more!"
- Edgar Allan Poe

Couldn't resist.
It seemed to fit
- J -

Quoth the Raven "Nevermore."

I've got little pumpkin-shaped chocolates for the neighbours' little ones when they come tap-tappin' at my door. Happy Halloween, everyone! 🎃
NBA777 in Fly High
To Mystic France,

What you d is true. Mannangals are true and you should be extra careful when you're pregnant again.
NBA777 in Fly High
To Mystic France,

The origin of aswang can be found worldwide in some of the ancient legends and myths, although they are called different names in many cultures. The origin of aswang / mannanagal goes back to the Biblical times of Adam and Eve. It was said that Adam had a first wife named Lilith before Eve was created. Lilith was created by God like Adam (from the ground). She was very beautiful and seductive -a femme fatale- and Adam loved her so. But Lilith considered herself equal to Adam and did not want to submit to him (the world's first feminist!). And so their marriage soon became troubled.

Adam complained about Lilith to God. And so God told Adam to divorce her and He would create Adam a new wife. This time Eve was created from Adam's rib (not the ground) and she was submissive to Adam.

Rejected by Adam and pregnant with his child, Lilith vowed revenge by killing /eating all of Eve's babies so the couple would remain childless. Lilith hoped that Adam would (when childless) then go back to her and leave Eve behind. But the couple remained together and protected their first off-springs (Cain and Able). Because of her hatred Lilith was transformed into the first aswang/mannangal and so were her descendants.

Although occasionally Lilith is able to transform back into a beautiful woman to seduce new husbands her normal state / figure is that of an ugly aswang. And so over the years Lilith's descendants have also hunted pregnant women since then.
To iambec,

...the Aswang/Tik-Tik/Kikik (there are many names for it), a night flying creature with bird and bat-like features, glowing eyes, and giant wings... Etc.

What you encountered was a "manannangal". A witch-like creature that is able to detach/separate herself into two - an upper body with bat wings that can fly and a lower torso that is left at home while it is flying.

Since the aswang/mananngal is a shape-shifter it can take any form it wishes, like a big bird/bat, a large black cat or dog etc. The manannangal is a descendant of Lilith, Adams first wife before Eve in the Bible.

You can google "Lilith" and get more info on her. Anyway, Thank God for your two housemaids they protected you from harm.
Hello the green machine.

I just posted a similar experience like yours today. You'd probably read it next week. Anyway I believe you when you say it was not a cat. Cat noises are all too familiar with us it is unlikely not to recognize them when they happen. Just thank God you're safe.
Sid926 in Noise Annoyance
Hey dreyk just a curiosity. I read all of your stories. Just want to ask that have you asked about the history of the flat to the manager or any other resident living in that building. Now that you have left that apartment no issues... But just a curiosity that did you tried to know about the history of that flat or the tenants living there previously.
Once again really great stories 😁
I would place your experience under the category of "unexplained." First of all bats or birds do not attack or mutilate cats. Cats often do the attacking. Second no animal can open a closed or locked window - normally. Or maybe the window was left opened.

Your brother's friend Kim could have seen a bat, but it was likely unrelated to the attack on the cat. There's a lot of explaining to do on your story. But then it could have also been a real aswang attack too cuz' these creatures really exists.
Sid926 in The Move
Hey dreyk I read all of your stories and I really loved them. Worth reading 😁
Sid 😊
Hey dreyk seriously your stories are amazing. I have not read all of your stories but this is the second one I read. The first I read was about siberian forest 😊
Love to read about your other new stories if any 😉
lady-glow in Knock On Window
Jubeele has mentioned several possible explanations for the Knocking on that window, I would like to add that perhaps a moth or some other bug could have been crashing on the glass panel or a beautiful maiden was trying to get your attention by throwing pebbles at the window. 😘

Your story reminds me of one day when I heard an insisting tapping noise on the outside wall of the kitchen of my house; there's a corner window that allows a 270° view of the surroundings but I saw nothing.
I was afraid that a serial killer or some other dangerous person was trying to break into my house.

Since I saw nothing, I gather all my courage and went outside holding a baseball bat ready to hit any intruder but there was nobody there, or so I thought, until a little squirrel jumped off the mop I kept leaning against the wall. When I moved the mop I realized that the little critter had been chewing on the strands of the mop leaving it 'bald'! 😁

You see, sometimes the only thing a person needs to kill a dragon is just a bit of courage... Or opening the curtains covering a window.
Jubeele in Knock On Window
What am I saying? July would still be winter... But a bird could still have dropped a seed from a fruit they were munching on in mid-flight. I sometimes get grass growing in my pot plants from seeds dropped from birds flying overhead...
Jubeele in Knock On Window
Hi Sheld999, I hope you're on the mend. The loss of a close friend and the effects from the meds would've knocked you around a fair bit, emotionally and physically.

Are there any tall trees around the hotel? Could the knock be from a falling branch or seed pod/cone? There're trees that do propel winged seeds for propagation. I've experienced that on occasion and it does sound like a rap on the window pane. As July would still be Spring in NZ, maybe a night bird flying overhead could have dropped a twig or discarded a seed?

If you didn't sense anything else or felt threatened in any way, and it wasn't a persistent occurrence, then it's probably nothing to worry about. It's all good. 😊
tigerfeet in Ghost Buildings
Thank you for your kind comments and for you welcome to this group. I have to say that some of the stories on here have really made me think.

AugustaM - I have tried to draw what I see, but unfortunately I have the artistic abilities of the average cabbage! I can just about manage to put the outline of a building on paper - my worry is that my imagination will fill in details I didn't actually 'see' just because my mind is telling me these things should be there - hope that makes sense! Unfortunately, when I was at university I didn't once see a phantom building when on field trips, which is a real shame as I studied at the University of Kent at Canterbury, an area that is full of historical and archeological sites.

Jubeele - to be honest, it's never occurred to me to whip out my mobile phone and take pictures, something I will definitely try when/if it happens again. As far as I'm aware I have no connections with the areas I have seen the ghost buildings in. My father was not from the UK so no connections there, and my mother's family lived in London and only started moving out of the area when I was a young teenager. Before moving to the West Midlands, I'd never been further north than the Oxford area of the UK, so no connection with this area either. A couple of years ago I started a job in a fairly local area and after working there for about 18 months I went out of the back of the building into the rear car park for a crafty cigarette (dreadful habit, I know, and one I no longer indulge in) and saw a large barn that covered a fair section of the car park and also the pavement and road at the side of the car park. Other people were with me, and they saw absolutely nothing - I really wish they had seen it, if only to reassure me that I was seeing this barn. I discovered that the area my office was in was previously farmland, with the main barn approximately where I saw it - hard to compare 100 year old parish records with a modern town - so at least I knew it had been there once.

Manofon1 thank you for your comments. I have suspected for some time that what I am seeing is some kind of residual haunting. I have tried interacting with the buildings (I never see spirits of people or animals with these, but do see plant life) but they seem to be almost like a 3D film. They look solid enough to me, hence my scare on the motorway, but the edges of the buildings sometimes seem slightly out of focus but I can never put my finger on why they look like this. As you guessed I am very sensitive, I've been seeing spirits since I was a very small child. My mother told me that she came into check on me when I was playing alone in my bedroom, and stood outside listening to the conversation I was having with someone - she said she could hear me clearly but whoever I was talking to was, to her, a very low, quite voice that she could hear but not clearly enough to hear what was being said.

I should say that I come from a very long line of female sensitives - my grandmother, my 4 aunts, my mum and now my daughter - have all been sensitives to some degree. One set of my great grandparents were of Romany Gypsy origin, so I assume that is where our gifts/ talents/ curse (depending on how you look at it!) comes from. I see it as a gift, but not always as a convenient one!
Hey Babygoatpuller,
Other than the warmth, there's nothing that I can feel from the light. It doesn't make any noise, or have much effect on the eyes other than a little pain from the brightness.
I'll probably take your suggestion and see a physician, because I don't want this to keep happening. Thanks for commenting.
Phew...<sigh relief>. Good to hear. That Polaroid cam sounds fun. An old-new instant selfie thingy (real technical term)! 😊
If any callous individual tells you that you are crazy when you are merely being honest - walk away- they are narrow minded and incapable of helping. Look online to see what sort of resources are available in your area from community centers and non-religious options to different forms of churches even if you aren't an official member of that faith (many more new-age religions are very helpful- I have found Spiritualists to be very welcoming and willing to listen but there are more types of religions about than one can shake a stick at). A good councillor be they religious or not should not tell you that you are crazy or should not speak of such things (I understand how it feels to have that happen... I had a councillor give me similar 'advice' - the trick is realizing that the fault in that situation is with them not in you and not all of them are like that).

I just don't want you to be alone - allies are so important even if you have to use Google or medical insurance to get them:-) I have done both - its ok ❤ Just don't forget, you aren't crazy and wanting to know the truth is not a sin - and if anyone ever makes you doubt either of those things, there are plenty if folks here on this site to help remind and reassure you ❤
AugustaM in Ghost Buildings
This is fascinating! I have never heard of it before but I don't doubt you. As an archaeologist, I have wished so many times that I could do just what you can! What a wonder it would be! Have you ever considered attempting to make artists renderings of things you have seen? It would be such a wonderful resource! I wish you could come to the states - how I would love to take you round to places where family homes once stood so I could stand a chance of maybe getting an idea of what they were like.
Emmaline, I just loved this story! I bet the spirit you ran into was grateful for the interaction. I imagine he might have been lonely waiting on his wife and daughter. Perhaps you gave him some much needed validation that spurred him on his way? And I think it is wonderful that you have this "other worldly" support that shows up in your life when you need it. You have to be open to it for it to happen and for that I commend you! ❤ I, too, had skin cancer removed from my face. It was in a spot that lies on the corner of the inner eye next to my nose. The scar ran the from my eyebrow down the side of my eye and nose. Freaked me out and I was concerned about the scarring. Thankfully it did lighten up. I now look at the scar with respect. So grateful a doctor inadvertently found the cancer (I went in for a different issue on another area of my face and he found the spot during the exam). So, not only did you kick cancer's backside, it led you to an affirmation of support from beyond. I hope it made you feel like a million bucks because you ARE beautiful! And, yes, please share more of your experiences! You have quite the fan club here. 😊
Thanks for sharing this story I really liked maybe it could of been his doppelganger I think if he would of had an out of body experience he could remember that or maybe even as a dream if he didn't know it was happening in real life. I know there are many things we simply cannot explain and we can either be lucky to experience them or not so.
babygoatpuller in No One "lives" Next Door

I'm with Jubeele and the others. Your accounts are all fascinating and this one is no exception. Please do share more!

I'm off to the Siberian Forest! 😆
Faith1990 in Best Hug Ever
Hawkseye-Thank you for your kind comments. I worry that I am a too verbose at times (which is typical for me!). I also hope this isn't the last hug from beyond! I certainly want a few more. 😊

Hi Jubeele-Thank you so much for the hug! It "felt" good! Sending hugs back to you! I am constantly surprised by the abilities of those who have passed on. After giving this more thought, I find it interesting that I felt my grandfather's hug now, as I imagine my he has likely done this more than once if he has been with me my whole life. Maybe I passed off previous attempts as hot flashes! LOL Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for sending kindness my way. ❤

Emmaline-Hi neighbor! I am sorry you know this kind of pain, too. No one should have to go through it. It does make you stronger in some ways as you need to put one foot in front of the other and carry on, but keeping your heart open can be a challenge, as you have indicated. And I do feel that my grandfather is proud of me--thank you for bringing that up. In a reading a year or so ago, I was told that he was standing in front of a wall filled with my degrees, career triumphs and personal accomplishments (including my amazing son), saying "Look at all of these!" Ha! In some ways, these accomplishments are a bit of an "up yours" to my father. Not the most mature feeling, I know, but it feels kind of good to flip the bird his way sometimes. 😁 I so appreciate the support you sent my way, especially the HUG! Sending big hugs back to you! ❤ Thank you! PS: LOVE your stories! Please keep them coming!

Hi Augusta-Big thanks to you for sharing your experiences and comments on this website! I have been a fan for some time (we seem to have a similar disposition) and did read your stories. Love them! I am so happy that you feel your grandparents near you, especially considering the issues with your father. I am sorry you went through that. I dare say WHAT A FLIPPING JERK! (and I assume that is an understatement) You are correct - the ability to procreate doesn't mean a person will be a good parent. My father spent years screaming about the injustice of my "alienation" and how he "didn't do anything to deserve this." Made me sick to my stomach. I am beginning to think that the guidance from my grandfather is one of the reasons I had and continue to have the strength to move forward. There have been so many times when I wondered how in the world I was able to keep going and push further ahead. Sometimes that "drive" didn't feel like my own, if that makes sense. Considering you have had similar experiences, have you ever felt this way? The amazing hug I received from my grandfather made his presence so real, which leads me to believe he has been lifting me up for years. I imagine your grandparents have been doing the same for you! Thank you for sharing your own personal experiences. I am inspired by them. ❤
babygoatpuller in Blinding Light In The Rain
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing. It's weird how this only happens when it rains hard. I'm wondering if you aren't having some type of seizure. You said you feel warmth on the back of your neck and you could feel yourself warming up.

Do you remember what happens during the minute that your seeing the blinding light? Do you feel anything else, other than the warming sensation?

You may want to discuss this with your physician and see if their might be an underlying cause for it.

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