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Hi Mandee, thanks for sharing your experiences, I've just come from your vase one. I'm glad you kept the vase by the way, it sounds like it 'wants' to be kept with you.😊

The dolls facing the wall reminded me of being little and afraid of dolls. I would ask that they be removed from the room and whatnot before sleep. But I never had an issue with soft animals or dinosaur models lol. I wonder if there was a child involved in those dolls about facing. Perhaps the whistler is an adult who turned them around on behalf of a child.

Sounds like a pretty cool, interesting house too. Thanks for sharing.
Why couldn't the growling noises just be animals? - a house that old is bound to have many non-paranormal things living inside it. The house also likely had old electrical systems and was susceptible to drafts - which would explain the light bulbs and slamming doors.

I really want to believe that there's more to this world than meets the eye but these types of stories make it harder and harder.
This is why I'm skeptical of paranormal stories. All of this could have been easily documented - the light bulb burning out instantly, the hair standing on end, the footsteps in the hall, the cracks in the wall - but it never was documented. Why? Faulty electrical wiring could explain the light bulb and hair standing on end - so why rush to assume it was a ghost?

Also, what are really the chances of living in three haunted houses in your life? At some point you need to consider that it may be YOU and not the houses.
Hi August - oh wow <blush> 😳. Thanks so much for your kind words! I do admire your crisp writing style and the insight you bring to your comments. If I do embark on this epic enterprise, I'd probably need someone with your keen perception and research skills to cross-check my references, and review my drafts.

My older sister has also told me that Grandma was often heard talking to herself (or someone else?) in her room. Aunt Maggie has mentioned more than once seeing Grandma and Aunt Elsie in the garden at night. It is a lovely thought that gentle spirits reached out in sympathy to them. May they rest in peace.

I remember you asking in my account "Shadow Man on Cairnhill Road" about the origin of the name "Cairnhill". I've found that it's named after a plantation owner, Charles Carnie. The area was once known as "Carnie's Hill" (see excerpt below). But I think the idea of a hill with rows of burial cairns or markers seems more appropriate under the circumstances.

"The name Cairnhill is a derivation of the name of the man who built the first house in that area, Charles Carnie, in 1848. He was the owner of a nutmeg plantation on a hill near the Orchard Road area, and the hill on which he built his house became known as Carnie's Hill. In 1884, the house was demolished to make way for a bank, and after that a number of big mansions and Peranakan shophouses were built, some of which still exist."
I'm sure a house with such a long and interesting history was bound to have many secrets.
Did any of your other children report seeing any of the ghosts.

Thanks for sharing this intriguing experience.
lady-glow in Top Hat Man
I don't get it.

Why was Alfredo living/studying at the school for the deaf if, according to several statements in your narrative, he ISN'T deaf?

"...apologized for not having the brain of an elephant (for real that's what he SAID)..."
"While Brianna, Aaron, and Alfredo started TALKING about old times..."
"... Alfredo explained to all of us of how Erik had a girlfriend and that he hands paper roses out to anyone he grows fond of..."

Why were you embarrassed when "realized that I was an idiot for thinking they heard me and face palmed myself..." Even if they didn't hear your voice they would have recognized the universal sign for "hello" when you waved your hand, wouldn't they? Besides, many deaf people are able to lip-read what speaking people say to them and it's possible that's the reason why they're looking at you.

Same question about Erik "... We were communicating by typing into our phones and showing each other..." I mean, it was nice that you two were able to hold a conversation but, I'm puzzled about him not lip-reading what you were telling him.

"...when they clensed the house with that powerful priest..." - Cleansing the house with a POWERFUL PRIEST...? Ha ha, reading this made me think about the adds of Mister Clean!:D

Also, I'm puzzled because, according to the Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (SWCID) regulations for dorm living:

"Students taking nine or more hours are required to live in college residence halls unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

21 years of age or older

Refer to the following link for whole article:

But Erik was 23 and had a room in the dorm.

I'd appreciate any information, if you know it, about 'not impaired speaking' Alfredo, and 23 y/o Erik living in campus.

<3 cats. They do visit after passing. Just read my story about my cat (s)
There is no sense living in fear or ignorance of experiences effecting your life. If there is an entity in your home, you might want to know about it. Is it your father? Only investigation will tell. Do a bit of research on your home and the surrounding property -library, internet, public records, long time residents- to see if you can find any leads there. Then perhaps try a cleansing- there is a well respected method provided by a member here (rookdygin) and many from various faiths to be found on the internet. I would recommend doing a bit of research on various methods and their reasonings so you will feel more informed and confident - belief in yourself is everything. In theory, cleansings only get rid of negative spirits so if what you are dealing with is something bad, that should take care of it. If it is your father, in theory, he wouldn't be effected. Then, I don't see any reason why you couldn't have a bit of a talk.

Of course, some members here have had just as much success eschewing the cleansing process and simply having a sit down talk with the entities in their homes. Some meditate first, others don't. Some speak aloud, others in their head. They often lay down ground rules for example "I know you are here and that is fine but this is my home now and I'm not going anywhere so its my rules here. No scaring me or the pets...etc"

Above all, I don't think you need to make any decision out of a place of apprehension or fear. Knowledge is power.
Here here on the book odea! Add me to the list!:)

You write so beautifully! I have always been enamored of old buildings and houses and the house on Cairnhill sounds absolutely enchanting!

I wonder if it actually was A-bo and Aunt Elsie out in the gardens with the spirits. Perhaps they spoke to them or had some sort of regular interaction with them... Perhaps it was a way of showing honor and female solidarity in a way.
KatelynC, Thanks for your comment! Sorry for the late reply.
I think I kind of missed it during my trip.

You do "hang out" with spirits? Are they always around? Hmm...

You should take a video of your dog acting strangely around the vase. Also a video of the yorkie howling at it - it would be interesting to see that. It's possible the odor of the urn was irritating the dogs - their sense of smell far exceeds ours. All in all it's most likely just an ugly, stinky vase and probably not haunted:)
Jubeele in Biter
Emma, when I first read this, my very first thought was that the entity had evil designs on your son's life energy. That was the reason why I was so freaked out. I hadn't wanted to say anything about it at the time, since it was all in the past. I should've known that your mother lioness instincts were already alert to the danger! ❤

Em and LuciaJacinta - the number 4 doesn't always have to mean bad luck. The Chinese also believe when 4 is combined with an auspicious number like 8, it becomes 48, pronounced as "forty-eight", which changes the way it sounds. So 48 is considered lucky, meaning "determined to proper" (success from working hard etc). 😁
I did have some supportive family members including my wife Maggie of which made it easier for me to cope with never the less it does hurt when they make those emotional statements not fully understanding the suffering of the individual and what you go through when making the right decision in their best interest based on your love for them and not on the fear of not letting go.

It were the palliative care nurses who told me they see this all the time, the main carer is the one who copes all the backlash and blame for that choice of which is difficult one to make. I was blessed enough to see and talk to my mother from the afterlife so for me it wasn't as tough as what you endured and thank you for your kind thoughts about my own sitiuation.

On soul groups? I tried to find the book I read online about 8 months ago but can't remember the name of it... I have read about soul groups from a few different authors over the last 10 years and if you search on youtube often you can snag a good link that may make some sense for you I'll keep looking.

The book was written by a past life regression specialist who was able to receive information he's patients gave him in between lives from the other side. Basically we come here for tough lessons and sometimes we come an have a comfortable life but we shouldn't quit and stick on the path however sometimes even suicides are apart of an exit strategy according to the author but not in your case I believe... Our soul group will work hard at keeping us on coarse and in your case they just pulled you out of your body because you did wobble of coarse for a moment or two...

It's quite possible these people you meet are people you know from a past life, they can be spouses, friends, children and even strangers that seem to turn up out of the blue for that fleeting moment as you stated... Johnnie is fine, he probably has the soul of a warrior spirit because often it takes a very wise soul to enter into a body of someone who suffers from a young age... There are even lessons in Johnnie's life that are so precious and valuable to those soul groups in advancing their groups to higher planes and ultimately according to this book that is what we are all doing, evolving our spirit to higher levels of consciousness... If you are a white light, in a white room with white windows how do you know what darkness is like until you experience it for yourself.

Regards Daz
Biblio - Thanks so much for your comment. I think I understand it. Wow. So you're saying that my subconscious mind was aware of the time overlap and the fact that I was literally in two places at one time? I'm going back to my Time Slips for Dummies handbook and will definitely read about the cases that you cite. Will try post a more literate reply when I've read them. Thank you...fascinating. You're amazing!
MaggieMay_Not in Choices Of Life And Death
AussieDaz - Oh my soul - my dear heart - Your MOTHER. I feel your pain and loss. Just the thought of your pain makes my throat tighten and my eyes sting with tears. I understand as much as anyone can, and please know that your kind words for me make me admire you that much more.

I have never considered the idea of a 'soul group.' Do you have a website or something that explains it more? I am asking for a specific reason - well several actually. You see, All my life I've met people I've 'known.' But I've never met them before - and They KNOW me. Sometimes we stay in touch, sometimes it's a fleeting meeting. Example - I was about 14 when I saw a man on a train. I knew he was 15 years older than I and I knew he was alone...lonely. He was glancing at me out the corner of his eye. I was caught by him - I knew him... I knew how he'd smile and laugh, I knew he loved to ride horses and hated peppermint. I wanted to go sit by his side and hold his hand. I knew exactly how his voice would sound. I nerved myself up to change seats to speak to him, and as if he knew, he turned and smiled at me and shook his head. It was the saddest smile I've ever seen. Deep inside I felt the knowledge bloom that I couldn't - not this time - and I felt a tug of sadness, tinged longing, along with knowledge that there would be another time. As I was visiting family in another state, it didn't make sense at the time, but... A soul group... I wonder if that would explain it.

My experiences with my son did make me strong, it actually gave me a very... Pragmatic? Attitude. I've truly had the worst any mother can face (in my opinion) and it has made me face the world unflinchingly. Something unpleasant needs doing? Get it done, it will hurt worse to let it linger. It has helped when my now adult children made choices that at one time I would have considered irreparable. Now, my thoughts are, as long as they are safe and happy, they are not hurting anyone, then I will accept everything about them, and only be glad that they are alive and healthy. I'm sure my kids would tell you I was overprotective. My credo when they were growing up was - I'd rather say I'm sorry for being over protective than stand over another of my children's grave.
Maggie, I understand that feeling when family members accuse you of murder when making choices about the suffering of our loved ones the same happened to me in relation to my mother and that decision to let her go after 8 months of suffering with cancer. You made the right choice and let me tel you, you are not alone many people go through it on a daily basis where family members disagree with tough choices. Although your account was extremely more difficult than the average being so young and directly blasted with emotional blackmail and blame that must of really hurt. I believe we belong to a soul group and often some of that group hang back and watch over us. You are right Maggie, it wasn't your time to go and the soul group you belong to basically pulled you out into an ethereal body state in that Motel to give you a peaceful moment and reunion with your son to encourage you in my view... To battle on and fulfil your life mission... You have had some tough lesson mate and I can gather by your tone now it has strengthened you up inside... Thank you for sharing your account I don't often comment here any more but your story did pull on the heart strings enough to offer you some support.

Regards Daz
Our warmest well-wishes to everyone caught up in the dreadful nor'easter conditions. 🌨️ We'd like to send you some excess heat from our Aussie summer. It's 40°C (104°F) in Sydney today and even hotter out west (113°F). Bushfire season is on us now.

Be Safe and Well, everyone.
EmmalineTexas in Biter
Hi LuciaJacinta -Thanks so much for reading my story and commenting. I think that Biter did come upstairs. My son said that he crept up the stairs at night but he didn't go very far into the house. My son had never been allowed downstairs because John had his wheelchair and power bed down there. When we first moved in, there was a small incident when we went shopping. My son got too close to the wheelchair and John reversed it and ran it into Marc's foot. I know it hurt and it terrified both of them - so Marc kept well away from Mr. John's things. The stairs were also pretty steep. John used a walkway from the patio that circled around to the front of the house. To answer your other question; I think it wanted to attach to my son. John wasn't in the best health. He had limited use of his chest muscles and tended to get pneumonia and bronchitis very easily. My psychic abilities aren't the best but I have enough to know that this 'thing' wanted to hedge it's bets and have a healthy person to latch on to. I think there might be more of these things out there. You're absolutely right in my opinion. As for the number 4 - in Chinese, it sounds like the word for death and is considered very bad luck. I'm so sorry that the story scared you. There are things out there that are good and those that are evil. Scary thought.

Thanks again
[at] discurninguser Thanks for reading my story. I agree, ajonverge was too quick and wrong to judge my story as something ordinary and not supernatural. It was indeed a scary experience for me. Thanks for the support! 😁 😁
[at] priya Yes it could have been either. Good thing is it didn't harm you. Thanks for reading my story.
LuciaJacinta in Biter
This story is one of the most terrifying to me accounts I've read on here. It bothered me for weeks until I had to join on here and comment. I was wondering though why the biter only stayed downstairs? Did you ever sense it came upstairs? I wonder what would have happened if your son would have went down to play with him, as if biter wanted to harm him in some way?...did your son ever go downstairs at all?

And then Jetsons account it just makes me think if there is a specific entity of this description seen in multiple places/times and wonder if others have seen him?

Reading over the comments, I never knew that about the number 4. My house now has a 4, as well as the last several addresses I had contained 4s. I thought it was 6s that were bad luck. Never knew about the 4.
Pardon me while I hijack this thread briefly. I just got an email from Jubeele who heard about the nasty winter storm in my area. Yes, I had hurricane force winds (70+ miles per hour) with sub 0 air temperatures since Thursday.

I'm low on some supplies, but still alive, and not frozen to my chair. According to the National Weather Service, the worst of this storm should end in 17 hours.

And now back to ghost stories.:)
You have a talent for radio and most importantly a talent for the written word. Wonderful narrative.
Hi Jetson

It's wonderful how you brought us back to France with your vivid description. It reminded me of the time I spent there a few years ago; those old cobbled stone streets and the rich sense of history. Do you think you were caught up in some time eddy and slipped temporarily into a wrinkle in time? I thought you were admirably composed despite your sense of unease. If I were to be caught up in any strange event, I'd certainly want you around to help keep everyone calm.

I'm glad you didn't remain in that dust-covered room from the past. Who knows what else might have happened? I kept expecting someone looking like Vincent Price to emerge from the shadows and address you in sepulchral tones: "Good evening". Have you ever read "A Terribly Strange Bed", an old classic written by Wilkie Collins in 1856, involving a visitor to Paris who had a nasty encounter with a strangely constructed bed? <shiver>

On another interesting slant, someone has posted an account of seeing "Ghost Buildings":

I really enjoyed reading about your Victorian building in your comments on Emma's account, "Biter".
But I'd love even more to see your account in its entirety. Can you please copy and post those experiences again and publish it under your name? I hate seeing it 'buried' among all the other comments. It deserves attention all by itself! 😊
valkricry in Witch Hunt
Did you actually see this book? Because, I have to tell you, it sounds like Aaron was spinning a yarn, or repeating an urban legend.
First of all, there is NO documentation that anyone in America was ever burnt as a witch. (Notice, I didn't say no one was ever burnt at the stake, because that did happen in places like Germany, but even most of Europe preferred hanging.) If, this was an isolated case that somehow escaped any historical mention, then how did the author learn of it?
Although a pregnant witch may suffer the noose, she would not have been burnt. Indeed, generally the execution was normally delayed until after she gave birth.
They were buried not within the confines of the local cemetery, however outside on the perimeter, or perhaps, placed in a family plot on their own property. Certainly not in the center of the site.
In the 1800s, when a woman died in childbirth and the babe stillborn, the child was placed in the arms of the mother and they were buried in the same casket. Next to her headstone would be a smaller one representing the babe. The same held true for a pregnant woman. One casket, two headstones.
I'd certainly be interested in the name of this cemetery, or even the title of that book.
msforgetmenott in Witch Hunt
Umm, generally I do my best to be quiet, but here are facts about Salem, as I do not live far from where the horrible colonial witchcraft events took place. NO ONE WAS BURNED AT THE STAKE IN SALEM MA.
Hung, yes, stoned yes, but not burned.

I know that Bathsheba Spooner of Brookfield Ma was hung while pregnant, as in her time her sin was so great. Perhaps others as well, but not BURNED. Look her up!

In New England, when wandering about an old cemetery, often found is a gated area, where family members are buried together. This was done as several plots were made, the fencing and gate surrounded the plot, showing the claim of family plot with a foot or two outside and around the fencing, often a small seat for the visitors is just aside the gate. Unfortunately, the size of the plot was often measured in the amount of dollars that went into the offered basket or how close the pews that family sat to the front.

On the other hand, a person believed to be odd or different, or even thought to be practicing spells, or have committed a sin or crime, will be buried in back corners or just outside the cemetery fencing. I read of an instances (a child) involving disfiguring birth marks, possibly mentally challenged, having been placed in the back with headstone turned.

Just facts, sad facts
Hi Gh0stHunter, I've listened to it again on my mobile phone, using my regular Sony headset. But it still sounds owlish to my ears. I think we need to consult a naturalist like David Attenborough!

I also think Hawkseye and Rook (birds too! 😉) may be on to something about Nathan's behaviour on that night. My BS radar went quietly "ping" as well.

Have you tried ghost hunting with other people to see if the group dynamics affected the outcomes? Just curious. 🤔
Not knowing if you believe in God, so here is my take. Whether it's a ghost or maybe your inner voice, the healing will come when you forgive the person that abused you. Some say forgive and forget, as humans, we rarely forget the wrongs done to us. I found a lot of peace when I said to myself, I have nothing to lose by forgiving, and just did it. The memories are there and remind me of the places and things that I do not want to experience again. As RCRuskin mentioned, if you can, go see a pastor, rabbi, someone, do it.

God bless you.
Welcome Skattebol to YGS. I enjoyed reading your account because I'm partial to happy endings. It's nice to think that the spirit of that old man was finally able to move on and be reunited with his wife. Having peace restored at your home is a good thing for all of you too.

I'm curious as to how your gift works. How did you know it was an old man when no one could see anyone or anything? 😲

Thank you for sharing this with us. I look forward to reading about the other haunted houses you've experienced. 😊
Hi Mandee, thanks for reminding us to be aware that used objects and antiques all carry their own history. Not everyone may be as sensitive to these echoes, but our furkids will often let us know when we've brought something "extra" home with us. 😟

Some years ago, I bought a small yellow-patterned Chinese ginger jar dating from the late 1800s, Qing dynasty, Guangxu period. I had recurring nightmares around that time too. Now that I think about it, the nightmares seem to stop after I did a general spring clean of the glass cabinet where I displayed it. Hmm, it could be a coincidence...?

Maybe you can give the vase a little prayer, cleansing and general blessing, and then see if your dog feels happier around it. 😊
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Could you please provide the name of that book? I'd love to read it!

" did indeed say that they had burned the baby as well..."

"So, my guess is, either these people were absolute monsters or, she was one of those women who don't show if they're pregnant so, they had no idea of possibly knowing. Still, it's a horrible thing."

Are you suggesting they performed a postmortem c-section on the mother's burned body? Is that even possible considering all the damage caused by the fire not only to the skin, the muscles, tissues and organs of the mother? It's possible that there wasn't any of the baby's body left. After all, don't criminals set fire to people and crime scenes in an effort to conceal any evidence?

"... He had done some research and sites have said that back in the 1800's a mother was burned at the stake for the assumption that she was a witch and had gotten caught practicing witchcraft. Her baby was burned as well for IT was considered a witch too. Thus, explaining the baby tombstone next to the normal sized one."

"After doing thorough research about the site, it surprised me to see that there had ONCE been a rare report on the same mysterious crying coming from not the void but, from the graveyard itself..."

Could you provide the links, articles or any other source to this information? I find it really frustrating when I cannot find something in the net!

You are talking about Phantom Hill Cemetery, aren't you?
Do you remember the names recorded on the headstones? I found the following list of (some of the?) people buried in that cemetery, but don't see any two persons buried on the same date, as I would expect the mother and child would be.


Do you think it possible that something else was making those sounds? Perhaps the wind blowing through the scarce vegetation, or an animal calling during the night. After all, you guys just said "Paranormal!" and ran out of the place without taking the time to look for other possible source/s of the sound.

I'll appreciate your feedback.
MrRiggs in My Cat Visiting

You can get my take on this topic by reading "MrRiggs Walks" by MrRiggs.

YGS also lists stories by category. If you check the list you will find a substantial number regarding animals.

I hope you find comfort in what you discover.


My brother adopted quite a few 'strays' and they all sauntered into our lives by the back garden, just as you described.

When it was time to say goodbye to my favorite, I was devastated. My wife pointed out to me that we had probably extended her life by 5 to 10 years, which eased the pain a bit.

I agree with all of Emma's comments. Toffee may have come back to check on you and try to let you know that he was ok.

A suggestion, your phone should have a voice recorder. The next time you feel a presence, turn it on and ask who it is, what they want, etc. Then play it back.
To publicways. I can't even remember the word 🤦🏼‍♀️, but it was real is all I can say. Because since I've moved to my new house a year ago now I've had voices here to but in English. One I can say said what's this then. And another was a women's laugh. And another was hello. And to you jubeele, u do have a lot of questions I will start off by saying my husband cousin can see them to but he's mega scared as he said they are in his room and are scary (he's 14) . Yes I do get my abilities form my mom I guess as I've always sensed things since I was young it's only the past few years it's got more intense and interesting. The nail I felt was an finger one, and to your other question:he thinks it's is brother because he feels him around. His English isn't to great but I get the point. When I hear theses voices it's only a quick second I hear them when I'm relaxed before going in to a deep sleep. But I have a lot of stories to post soon I will but all are true:) wouldn't make anything up:) .
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

Wow. If that really is the case, then I was truly blessed that day! Sadly, I do not have that same vehicle anymore. I have a better car now lol thank goodness.

That is interesting! Meant to be read by all. It is pretty beautiful when you really start to think about it isn't it? (:
Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

If you do find a bird that makes that odd howling sound, please let me know. I'd like to see what bird can make such an eerie sound. I would find it fascinating!

The rest of the howls began shortly after we all regrouped after we had heard the first one. If you're asking for a time in general... I would go with roughly 3am.

As for the guesstimate, there could have been 5 or 4. We were panicked and heard multiple. To me it sounded like around 6 animals in the surrounding area.

As many times as I've been there, I have never seen an officer or ranger on or near the grounds. I believe it was the least of they're concerns. Plus the cops here are very very lazy. I do like that theory. At the time however, Nathan did have a warrant for his arrest for burglary in the past. But that is an interesting theory.

Interesting. Maybe in panic he meant to say 'coyote'? Because I will admit my mind is sometimes jumbled in the midst of sheer terror. Then again, I've never heard a coyote make that kind of sound before.

An infected pack does sound cool for a good horror movie lol
Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

Have you listened to it through your phone? I've tried listening to my recordings through my laptop and it just wasn't as effective. As much as I would rather it be an owl with an odd sense of vocals, I do believe it wasn't the case. The howl sounded to odd for it to be.

SO much drama indeed especially that night lol. Lorie said the same thing about our group emitting negative energy as a whole, drawing in even more negativity. I like that you mentioned that!

If that was the case, I'd never want to come into contact with THAT bird lol
Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

As much as I wish that was the case that day...

And yes, he was and still is. We stopped being friends ever since one of my very last ghost hunts.

That is a good lesson to learn early lol

I agree completely. We all learned that day and as bad as things went, I'm glad we learned as early as we did. On one of my most earliest hunts (:

He really did and it surprised me as well when I received his next call asking when I was going on another hunt. The unknown peaked a serious interest in his book lol

Keep it that way it is most definitely for the best! I'm proud of you (:
Gh0stHunter in Witch Hunt

I was told that it could be a trickster trying to get us to quit disturbing the grounds.

Well, knowing this, my assumption is now that they had no idea she was pregnant. I hope.
Gh0stHunter in Witch Hunt

Aaron had managed to find a book at the library about that cemetery and as horrible and odd as it may seem, it did indeed say that they had burned the baby as well. She was apparently a famous 'witch' in that time but, I just saw her as a woman who practiced or was good at, witchcraft. The book failed to reveal HOW she did it however. She only had two full pages in the book sadly. But yes, the baby was burned as well. The baby was still inside her womb.

So, my guess is, either these people were absolute monsters or, she was one of those women who don't show if they're pregnant so, they had no idea of possibly knowing. Still, it's a horrible thing.
alshaad in Trapped

Thank you so much. As of now everything is settled and I try my best not to listen when I find the "urge" to go a place around my home. Actually even though we changed some furnitures after the incident of my father, I will try to change it again. Last December, I found out that an entity had attacked my paternal grand mother years back... Maybe it was trying to come back again but I will not let it destroy everything... Thanks for your support and help. 😁
EmmalineTexas in My Cat Visiting
Hi Laura,

I think that every animal knows when it is really loved and cared for. You made your boy a safe, warm home to live out the rest of his life in. Animals know gratitude and they look after us as much we do them. Does he ever come and check on you still? It sounds like he tried to come and tell you just how much he appreciated the kindness and love that you gave him.

EmmalineTexas in Witch Hunt
Are you sure that the story was true about a witch being burned? I can't imagine a witch being buried in hallowed ground. Outside of the cemetery where you heard crying was a much more likely spot. Sounds like a trickster spirit played on your fears by mimicking a woman. Also, I've never heard of a baby being burned because of witchcraft. They would be considered innocent and given to another family to raise; even in the 16th and 17th century when belief in witchcraft was prevalent.

AugustaM in The Voices I Hear
Since they don't seem to be going away, maybe a bit of cautious experimentation might be in order. First, it would probably be a good idea to do a but not research and have some practice with shielding yourself. There are printed resources as well as online items - also if there are any spiritualist churches in your area, (not speaking as a member, I've just had passing yet intriguing encounters with a few folks who are) they tend to be quite open and could lend guidance. Keep items around you to remind you of that inner strength and confidence whether its crystals, candles, charms, amulets, religious items, pictures of loved ones, special keepsakes... Etc - what the item actually is is far less important than what it means to you. Once you are confident in your own ability to protect yourself - you will be in a better position for any sort of investigation. At that time, if you feel comfortable with doing so, perhaps ask some of the questions that have been nagging you and see what you can learn about your own abilities. Never forget that you are always stronger than you think ❤ trust yourself and do what comes naturally ❤
Manafon1 in The Argument
Augusta - Telekinetic energy, caused by a (commonly) pubescent child, creates what are referred to as poltergeists. Poltergeists however can become semi-autonomous while comitting their mischief and this might be where your confusion between the two is stemming from.

The discussion of telekinesis and poltergeist activity is ongoing within psychical research circles and seems somewhat fluid. That said, most books on poltergeist activity almost always refer to the telekinesis the suspected agent is generating as the the energy behind the poltergeist activity which is usually more complex than an errant telekinetic event. Hope this helps a bit, I'm running out to work!
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Are you sure the baby was burned too? 🤔
I know superstition has a way to make humans forget our humanity but, a baby would have been considered innocent of their mother's sins and spared such a cruel punishment.

Do you have any reference to that history or is it just an oral story.
lady-glow in Witch Hunt
Umm... I find it rather odd that they would have allowed to burie a witch in sacred land. 😕
AugustaM in The Argument
Just a question based on comments here and on other similar accounts involving paranormal activity around teens - is there a difference between telekinesis and a poltergeist?

I had thought telekinesis was paranormal activity generated either intentionally or otherwise by the tumult of the teen years, puberty etc and poltergeist were 'noisy ghosts' - spirits with physical capabilities attracted by the large amounts of energies produced during the teen years. So one is a somewhat rare neurological capability while the other is a spirit - in as much as I have understood; intrinsic vs extrinsic. However, it seems in many discussions here, typically only the term poltergeist is used or the two are used rather interchangeably.

So my question remains - is there actually a difference?
Hey Emmaline. There have been lots of changes here in both the type of business being run as well as remodeling since we took over the building 3 years ago. The previous owner was going to open up a semi truck service shop here but he passed away before he ever got the chance to open for business. The building was then purchased by a large and very popular agricultural equipment company that I feel I shouldn't mention by name on this thread. But we do sales and service of this brand of farm equipment out of this building now. But so far there doesn't really seem to be any sort of pattern to the activity. There are days and sometimes weeks of absolutely no activity then suddenly we have a day or two where things are very active. But I agree that the remodeling of the building may have something to do with it. I like to think the previous owner may be happy that finally someone is making good use of the place he built. Hopefully he's not unhappy that we took over. 😕
Hi Jubeele,

It never entered my mind to ask Marinda's maid of any strange goings on at the house. She is from Zimbabwe, with different cultural beliefs. In any case, I would hate to upset her by talk of spirits in the house - you never know how she may react.

We haven't been to Marinda's house in ages. With the price of petrol these days, we keep our motoring to the bare essentials. But, we will be seeing Marinda on Sunday. Hopefully, I can lead the conversation in that direction. If I do, I will certainly report my findings. 😉
Hello Jubeele. This sort of this has been going on basically since we opened for business 3 years ago. And in that time there have been many changes. For example the previous owner of the building ran an entirely different company from what we are running here currently. Everyone here is new to the company and when we took over the building we did a fair amount of remodeling. I should note that the previous owner had plans of opening a business here but he unfortunately passed away before he was ever able to open up shop.
Sounds like something could be going on. There certainly has been tragedy enough in recent years alone to warrant it, I'd say! If you don't already, perhaps consider keeping a journal of your experiences - it may help you pick out patterns or correlations. A camera to keep an eye on things after hours might be revealing as well.
Thanks Manafon for the hard facts. I've been given an electric toothbrush that I'm still not brave enough to use. It might come in handy if I need a throwing weapon when accosted in the bathroom!
Hi Fergie, thanks for inviting me to read this account. Those lights sound like the ones we have in our unit. I think they're halogen down-lights. I shall now be looking at mine with a wary eye to make sure they keep behaving! 😜

Did Marinda's maid ever see the lights go on and off or hear the the door handle rattling? I'm just wondering if the activities were only meant for Marinda and close friends of the family. Like the others, I think it's most likely Marinda's late husband saying a friendly "hello".

Do keep us updated if anything happens again the next time you're over there. 😘
Melda - I didn't notice that. Too bad because there are some inconsistencies and holes in the account that could use some attention. Oh well.

Jubeele - soft bristles get all the attention but I'm old school when it comes to dispelling "haunts", or "hants" if you're a native of the deep American South from a bygone era, and find that good old fashioned hard bristle toothbrushes scour out the bs and ghostly shenanigans best of all!

I have to agree with Jubeele. I got home from work and your re-post worked 😆 so I was able to listen to it with my sons head set (once he started working he saved up for a NICE BOSE headset...) and my very first though when hearing it was that it was a bird call of some type... I am still hunting down which night bird it may have been, but my first though was 'OWL'.

However that does not 'cover' what everyone heard a short time later...

Here is a question (s) about that...

At what time did it begin to sound like multiple animals?

What was the determining factor in the 'guestimation' that there were 6 'wolves'.

In regards to 'calling the police' Fort Phantom Hill is a location my wife and I have planned to visit and I have never seen any 'normal operating hours' posted, at least not on the web site. I understand that the visitors center is only 'open' during certain hours, but isn't the rest of the site pretty much open 24-7? (When you were hunting you seemed to like this spot... Ever see a police officer or park ranger enforcing Park Hours?) If so the only reason for Nathan to not wanting the Cops or maybe The Game Warden/Animal Control involved is the fact he did not want anyone 'making noises' to get caught out. (Just a thought, Remember he 'invited' himself and arrived a wee bit after you and the other 2.)

Another thing that 'gives me pause' and makes me wonder 'what' Nathan may have been up to... Wolves are PACK animals... If one of them gets sick and rabies is a very good example of this, they do not tend to let the sick animal stick around the rest of the pack... Let alone 'hunt as an infected pack'...

So just a few things...

Thanks for sharing.


Hi MJames77, I hope you decide to read our comments and join in a discussion. It seems to me that you saw a residual haunting. An echo of something from the past. There was no harm to it at all. Thank you for an excellent read.

Melda & Manafon - if you need a new toothbrush, I've been told that extra-soft bristles provide added protection! 😜
Well Gh0stHunter, my family always taught us to be respectful around the spirits and to be careful of what we said. We never know just who or what might be listening. 😨

I think among the lessons learned from that experience was: respect, caution - and duty of care. If Brayden didn't have the right frame of mind for ghost hunting at the time, then for his own safety, he shouldn't have been there with you. I'm glad no further harm happened to him.

Be Safe and Well. 😊
Manafon - I KNOW I should just shut my jib but did you notice that the OP will not be reading the comments? Waste of time for everybody who comments, plus a waste of his time for submitting.

Sorry Val, I know the rules.

Regards Melda
Gh0sthunter - Well Brayden learnt all about it in the worst possible way. I'm surprised he was prepared to join you on future ghost hunts!

I don't do ghost hunting. I feel that I've been hunted by them enough during my long lifetime to satisfy any curiosity I might have. Then again, some famous historical ghosts...

Regards, Melda

Hey, I'm no mechanic either but when you put the facts together, this is one possibility. I believe newer cars are now built to ensure this will not happen but if you're still driving the same car' it wouldn't hurt to get it checked at your next service.

A bit like lady-glow, my favorite aunty would stop at old cemeteries on the way to her holiday destination. She was armed with a note pad and pen, which she would write down any information on grave stones. She admitted this to me once and told me how the town's history would come alive from the dates and stories on the head stones.

Her theory was that it wasn't ghoulish doing this, as the stories on the stones were meant to be read by all.

Of course, she only did this in the daytime and any spirit would realize what a beautiful and caring person she is.

BabaY (guest) in Tribal Spirit
I had a n experience just like this happen to me instead I was asleep and awaken by the feeling that someone was behaving extremely silly while I'm sleeping and mocking. I woke my self up to see a tall black person in tribal charms and clothes doing a dance like you described. And when it noticed I was witching it crouched at the foot of my bed and disappeared. Did you ever find out what it meant or what was going on.
Jessbcr25 in Christmas Guest
His ears were just that large his entire life according to other family members. Never got to see a pic either. And I love that story about how one of you saw your dad in the Cadillac. I hope to see mine any where anytime. I'm ready. I look for him too much. I strongly believe he's protecting me for as much as he can. I pray to him but haven't had any responses yet. But I know he's real. My dad was the sweetest soul around
Gh0stHunter, I've listened to the recording a number of times with the volume at its max. To me, it sounds very much like the hooting call of an owl. 🦉 Whooo? Whooo?

Oh the drama! I was drowning in testosterone reading about Brayden and Nathan. All that angst, hormones and conflicted emotions. Not to mention the raging waves of negativity that must have been emanating from your group. I don't think you were exactly inconspicuous to the spirit world that night.

Hmmm, maybe some entity pounced on all that simmering energy and augmented a bird-call to play a trick on you. Why? To scare you off, of course. After all, you were disturbing the peace. 😜
hawkseye12002 in Loveless Fanged Terror
"As I was just getting ready to, however, Nathan starts to freak everyone out by saying, "We might be too late guys" and pulls out his freaking pocket knife, making Kaitlyn gasp."

When I got to this point in the story, I said to myself, "A-HA!". Your friend suggested the ghost hunt so he could get her out there (and the other two of you, accidently) and have his friends howl at them so he could show his bravery and be her "hero", therefore cementing his position as the alpha male between her two suitors.

This was my take on it, I guess anybody could take a recording of wolves or coyotes and play it in the area if this was a pre-arranged deal made to made him look like the knight in shining armor in her eyes.

In my eyes, he just looks like a douche. Sorry.

I do like that theory that you have. You just could be onto something. As many times as I've told these stories, I've never thought that this could be a potential possibility. Thinking like a spirit. What WOULD a spirit do to get someone's attention? Hmmm...

As Jubeele said, I did go to the other cemetery in another entry since I did have the most terrifying experience in the treeless grave site.

But, I do like your theory on the guiding part. Ever since I've encountered my first paranormal spirit, I have felt as if I was supposed to be guided. The only bad thing is that I couldn't tell the difference in the 'good' kind of guide from the 'bad' kind of guide. There was nothing that would distinguish these two urges. Granted I HAVE had a few good urges that led me to some very beautiful experiences, which is why I continued to ghost hunt. I thought no matter how many bad experiences I had, it was all worth it for the 2 or 3 good ones that come following.

In the end however, the bad did win and I had to stop ghost hunting. Which I'm not upset that I did. Just some things aren't worth your own life, no matter how beautiful things may seem.

I do appreciate your theories and outlooks on the possibilities. Very insightful indeed
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

I do appreciate this. As much as I would want to not believe it, even Lorie said the same thing about me almost going into a coma after starting the stages of hypothermia and possibly losing my life there.

I found it incredible indeed also. Very surprising but, I'm thankful I made it okay for sure.

I haven't had my heater checked but, that's an interesting theory you have there. Is it really possible that I could have died in my car as well?

I'm very glad that I gave it all up as well. Nothing good ever really comes out of all of it in the end and I'm glad I realized that before it was too late.

I do appreciate your comments and concerns, thank you (:
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

This experience happened after my entry "The Frightening Unknown". No the urge had a distinctive separation from my desire for pictures. When I got there, I couldn't take pictures anyway because the sun was no longer visible. Yet, instead of turning and going home as I usually would, I was being pulled by the urge to venture through the graveyard even in dangerous temperatures, which was unlike my being to do WILLINGLY.

My psychic still does believe that malevolent spirits did have an attraction towards my energy and purity and wanted these things for themselves. Some were willing to go as far as needed in attempt to get what they want. I do in my heart believe Michael was my savior that day. I remember trying to search for his family on social media so that I could visit and tell them all about what a saving grace their family member was to me, even if they thought I was crazy but, I could never find them.
Gh0stHunter in Loveless Fanged Terror

I haven't done any research on wolves so, your theory could be correct about the coyotes. There is more of a possibility about those instead of wolves I agree.

I do not believe in 'phantom wolves' either. I have never came into contact with animal spirits in all of my days of hunting. It is true I did not see them thank goodness. Whether it be wolves or coyotes. The only reason why I say wolf, is because the howls did not sound none of a coyote. But, I could be wrong. They gave out very odd howls and sounded more like how a wolf would.

The howl in the recording is hard to hear but, can be heard at a higher volume with headphones most definitely.

Hey kpshort73,

Great Story! Like lady-glow, I'm also glad your dad listened and understood your experiences. I know exactly how it feels on the other end. I have a story on here in YGS titled "Terror in Tarawa Terrace". Years after this happened, my experience came up in conversation with my dad. I could tell through his eyes and body language that he really didn't believe my story. And I've got to be honest, it hurt for quite a while.

Thanks for sharing!

Jetson in Christmas Guest
Jessbcr25, I am sorry for your loss. I know all too well the feeling of losing one's father. As you wrote that you hope that your father will prove himself wrong one day... Several years ago my father actually appeared to me and so I have an affinity for your experience.

Briefly my father used to live at 3 East 94th Street in a grand mansion situated on a tree-lined block off Fifth Avenue across from Central Park New York. When I sold his place I walked back one evening to tidy up the remaining boxes which were left by the cleaners and so that everything would be tidy before the new owners took possession. And truthfully to have one last moment in a home I knew well and had played and dreamed in as a child.

As I walked I crossed the street to see an old cadillac approaching and so as I was interested in cars and in particular cadillacs as my father drove a variety of them during his lifetime I was particularly interested to see who was behind the wheel of this '72 Sedan Deville.

To my amazement it was my father wearing his distinctive hankerchief knotted and tied inside around the collar of his shirt. A feature that was in vogue in his day but had been out of style for many many years and which seemed to bother both my mother and me. His passion was sailing and we gathered that this is where he picked up this practice.

Sadly after waiting at the corner for the car and him to drive past me his car disappeared.

But soon a great sense of calm came over me and then I found myself comforted by the thought that there must be car dealerships in heaven.
roylynx in Shadows Cast
Senhora Tweed, Oh I think I know which kind of spider you are talking about! I don't hate, but the only spider I used to be afraid of is the skull backed spider, very spooky in appearance and please don't try to google it many fake pictures and they are quite disgusting.

What's this story about? Ah! Moving Shadows... It could be cost by spiders too, that's what I was going to say O:-)

Manafon1 in Tomten On Holiday?
Yeah, some of those nineteenth century photos, like "Thing" on the bureau, and the Confederate soldier climbing the stairs, are from the period when faked "spirit" photos were all the rage. As photography was such a relatively recent development and most people assumed that "the camera never lies", there were all kinds of unscrupulous folks out there trying to make a buck on grieving people whose husbands, wives and children had died.

Even Mary Todd Lincoln cherished a photo that supposedly depicts a ghostly Abraham Lincoln with his hand on her shoulder. Although most of these shots are crude by modern photography standards, they were taken as proof by many people hoping for evidence that their loved ones still watched over them. Man, some people can be real bastards!
The guy in front of the house, YES I got creeped out at his expression too! The figure in the window could be curtains also. Amusingly that house looks like one from my childhood lol.

I love the bureau with the hand, it's Thing from the Addams Family!
Manafon1 in Tomten On Holiday?
Tweed - I actually hadn't seen that one photo before. It's quite compelling. Of the batch of miscellaneous photos, I have seen all but a couple. Some are really intriguing. The photo of the elderly woman with her husband (who had died ten years earlier) appearing behind her head (almost sprouting from it) I first saw in Fortean Times many years ago. It's a fav of mine because the strange out of proportion quality of the male figure is common to many likely authentic images.

On another note, the photo of the guy standing in front of his house with a spectral image of a man in the front window is also of note. I think the "ghostly" image is either a reflection or a cardboard cutout but take a look at the guy posing in front of the house. I mean, his expression is super creepy and scarier than a lot of the other ghost shots!

Thanks for adding these links. Hey everyone else out there in YGS-land, check out these images and see what you think!
What I mean to say is the link is not working for me... Could you re-post? Thanks


Couple of things...

Most importantly: Wolves in Texas? Let's see... The most common type in Texas was the Red Wolf... Apparently extinct in the wild by 1980... As well as the 'Texas grey wolf' which was a sub-species of the Common Grey Wolf. The next candidate is the Mexican Grey Wolf, however... The last wolves were recorded in Arizona, New Mexico and in Texas in 1970.

Fort Phantom Hill is in Jones County Texas, near Abilene which is West of Fort Worth.

So unless you were 'stalked' by a pack of Phantom Wolves... Well let's just say I am not sold on the animals you heard as being wolves... Nor that they were 'ghosts'.

Is there a chance they could have been Coyotes?

Additionally, you only HEARD these animals, never 'SAW' them is there a chance that they were actually, physically there?

Do you still have the recordings of the howls from that night, if so could you post a link to them? Would love to hear them.


Manafon, I've been looking up ghosts on film again. (Seem to be doing this a lot lately) I just found this, you're probably already aware of this photo, but if not I reckon it'd interest you:


The rest of the article is random pics:
Tweed in Shadows Cast
Roylynx I think the dream catchers are symbolically modeled on spider webs, at least I've always assumed they are. Dream catchers are great.

My dislike for spiders is a little unfair, it's confined to one species in Oz called 'the white tip'. It's a black spider with a speck of white on it's rear end. It doesn't build a web, instead it roams around at night. Their bite is pretty serious. One of the houses I grew up in had a few cracks in the walls. During summer we were squishing a white tip about every third night or so. But they seem to get into every home, cracks or no cracks.

I always try to encourage Aussies to leave another spider known as the 'insey wincey' (that's it's nickname, it's really a Daddy Long Legs) They look like they'd do nothing but they literally eat all the nasty spiders, even large huntsmen (tarantula), and they can't bite humans or pets. Their fangs aren't big enough to pierce our skin. Not many Australians believe this and they squish them. But if you're in Oz and you have a lot of daddy long legs, you won't have much trouble with the dreaded white tips.

I think Miracles likes spiders too. She said something about not being afraid of catching them once. I'm not that brave!

Death In Paradise is a British show set in the Caribbean. It's a detective mystery drama/comedy thing. It used to be on before something I watched. So I'd watch the end of it, which always seemed to have a lizard in this dude's house.
Did this happen, BEFORE your submission "The Frightening Unknown", or did it happen later?

It does sound as if 'Michael' may have 'saved' your life... But are you sure your urge to visit this cemetery was prompted by a 'spirit/entity'? Or did you just follow your 'desire' to take pictures in this location and got so 'caught up' you did not realize how much time had passed?

If, IF, If a 'malevolent' spirit was involved perhaps it picked a grave marker ('Michael's') so far away from the parking area 'by choice' and 'Michael' felt your 'distress' and returned just to help you.


roylynx in Shadows Cast
Senhora Tweed, I personally love spiders poisonous or not they are like luck charms for me, I don't know if it is related but I use to collect dream catchers, they look like spider webs!:-D

We have geckos all around every houses, even in cities! We often see those skin colored ugly geckos not those lovely colorful ones sold in the pet shops, Henrique my cat love to chase them around and we would always see fallen tails around our house...yuck! X- (

I never heard of the Show, maybe just in Australia?


Welcome back, sounds as if you have your hands full.

It's nice to hear that 'Jim's' Father is actually helping with what is going on in his life rather than not believing what he is going through.

As far as your Wife's Guardian incorporating some of your shielding into its 'form'...My guess is that it has done this to help your Wife feel comfortable with it. A 'familiar feel' so to speak... Kinda like an 'old t-shirt/flannel shirt that reminds her of you and makes her 'feel' safe while you are gone.

Question: Did she know/have a Guardian BEFORE she met you?



I think you were very lucky that whatever happened at the mausoleum spurred you into action.

I'm no doctor but I was a trained lifesaver and I suspect that at the mausoleum you were exhibiting early stages of hypothermia and (as you stated) your mind was in shut down mode, leading to coma.

The incredible thing is that you appeared to stumble from the pan and into the fire.

Your car shut up tight, engine running, heater at max, you sleep for a long time and wake up with a headache? Ever had your car's heater checked for leaks of carbon monoxide?

I've got this feeling that you somehow escaped a Near Fatal Encounter twice.

I'm glad you've given up the ghost hunting.

Tweed in Shadows Cast
Roylynx LOL, that would be so cool having a gecko in your room. Unlike Australia every summer finding some stupid spider, erugh.
Do you have a TV show there called Death In Paradise? There's a little resident wild lizard named Harry who lives with the main character. It's an animated lizard, but it more or less steals the show. 😊
Pardon the interruption here. Hi Rook, I think Gh0stHunter went to the other cemetery in "A Near Fatal Encounter".

"Since I had experienced the most terrifying and traumatizing experience of my life late at night in the cemetery that was treeless, I thought I'd go and visit the one full of trees after work."

Hope this helps. 😳

Sorry its taken me awhile to get back with you...

You "...honestly believe the urge was originally towards the the one full of trees."

So its possible that this individual/spirit/entity that you saw in on the treeless side MAY have simply been there to 'keep you on task/track?'

What I mean is... If the urge was to be on the Tree filled side of this cemetery... And you resisted its possible that 'wherever/whomever' 'prompted' you to go out there was 'miffed' that you chose to go to the wrong side of the road. It is a possibility, that whatever chased you was not malevolent nor 'security' in any way but simply a spirit trying to guide you towards 'something'.

Is that a possibility? Was there something you were researching or maybe just something going on in your life that 'could' have led to this 'urge' to visit a cemetery? (Genealogy, research on another property...anything?)


Jubeele in Christmas Guest
Hi Jessbcr25, so glad you decided to chat with us. I just had another thought about your grand-uncle. What if he had suffered from Parkinson's disease? This affects the central nervous system that controls body movements. For instance, people who have this condition often have hands that shake uncontrollably.

Like lady-glow, I don't sense he meant you any harm and that he just wanted to say "hello" to his grand-niece. The giant ears were definitely his way of making sure you noticed him. 😲
MrRiggs, I had idyllic visions of Manderlay, cruising down the Yangon River at sunset, watching the majestic elephants walk to the shimmering water. I've been to Thailand, but never ventured into Burma. A house made entirely of teak wood? Such luxury - that merchant was very wealthy indeed.

Grandma's house had all the same gruesome rumours. We were sure there were many deaths there, which in turn meant a number of restless spirits. The Cairnhill place sure was a "crowded" house.

The house in Rangoon sounded like a perfect venue for a Halloween haunt. Very imaginative use of materials for props too. It's a bit wicked of me, but I had a few chuckles at the girls petrified by your successful exhibit. So you played the mad doctor? Could that be the infamous Dr DK who could only be banished by the use of a toothbrush?

(If you wish to know why this mystical toothbrush keeps cropping up, please read the comments for the story: "The Bloody Girl").

Having no photos in my album of Grandma's house, I've found a photo online that remind me a little of the foyer tiles:

We thoroughly enjoyed having you at our party. You're welcome back any time. Wasn't it wonderful and amazing how people kept dropping by and coming back? Next time, get yourself a swag tent and stay until the end.

Thank you for reading. 😊
Welcome to YGS.

Kpshort73: that sounds like a very interesting place. I'm glad your father listen to his children experiences and shared his own.
Did you find out who the voices belonged to?

Thanks for sharing this fascinating experience.
lady-glow in Christmas Guest
Jessbcr25 - Did you ever have a chance to see a picture of this relative? If so, were his ears as large as you remember?
I wonder if he made his ears look larger trying to send a message like "Please, listen to me!" or something in that line and you, being the wee little kid you were, got scared of his unusual appearance.

Anyway, it seems like he just was having a good time with the family and never meant any harm to you. And, who knows, perhaps one day your own child will get to see your departed father during a family reunion.

It appears we have something in common. Right around New Year's Day of the year 2000 I moved into a 100 year old house in Rangoon, Burma. It is located on a lake and has a compound large enough to hold a dozen homes from the British colonial period. The house was built entirely of teak wood and originally owned by a very wealthy Chinese merchant. It was a wonderful place to reside. Large, with many windows and exterior doors, it is a bright and airy residence.

The house was taken over by the Japanese during the war. There were several stories circulating about its wartime use. The most credible seemed to be that it was used as the noncommissioned officers' mess hall during the day, and served as their club at night.

The Burmese were very fearful of the house and claimed it was haunted. The rumor circulated that local girls were raped and murdered there, which is entirely possible. Another supposed use was as a facility for interrogation and torture of prisoners. A third tale was that it was a headquarters for military intelligence. The local Burmese wanted nothing to do with the house.

Well lit by the sun and friendly, the house made a delightful home. No stone throwing please, but there was not a hint of haunting to be had.

That said, it was easy to maximize its use as a haunted house on Halloween. A large number of people joined in and multiple rooms were converted to chambers of horror. I portrayed a lab-coated mad doctor who was actively draining the blood from one of my household staff (Indian/Sri Lankin). She volunteered for 5 dollars.

I committed a gleeful mix of butchery, to include removal of internal organs and embalming. My victim was a 15 year old female displayed on a table, partially covered with towels. A plastic drain line appeared to carry blood (liquid red jello mix) from her arm into a white 5 gallon bucket. The jello mix in the bucket bubbled and frothed, spilling onto the floor, due to the addition of dry ice.

Understanding the Burmese to be very superstitious, and fearful of my house, the results were beyond expectations. The visitors were guided room to room to the various exhibits. At my station the concept and gore became too much. Three Burmese ladies, ages 18-20, became so petrified with fear that they were unable to move. They had to be physically removed to the outside, where they jabbered with those waiting in line to get in.

After 2 1/2 years it was time to move on. I was able to get the autopsy victim into the U.S. She successfully completed college with a degree in Civil Engineering and is now married. Having endured a difficult childhood, she has shared her good fortune by adopting a Burmese orphanage. She is there now overseeing her project.

Like many others here on YGS, I have been enjoying the stories of your grandmothers house. This bit of nothing came to mind and I thought I would pass it on.

Heck of a party, by the way. Thank you for the invitation, though I do apologize. I think I was first to arrive and I know that is considered bad form. Apparently no harm done. If I get another invitation I'm bringing a sleeping bag. Your gathering seemed to go on for days.
Jessbcr25 in Christmas Guest
Thank you everyone for the comments. Took awhile to see where this was posted. His ears were so abnormally large they took up more than half the size of his head. So big you couldn't forget if you tried.
That's a good point, Manafon - I guess I just had the fear of the gods drilled into me by my previous job that if we were caught anything that we didn't have a scrip for, we'd be fired. I wouldn't doubt anyone now who suggested it was an empty threat.
Gh0stHunter in A Near Fatal Encounter

I find it fascinating as well. Large number of graves with the same last name. Makes me wonder about the family tree.

That's tragic! Poor woman gave her own life trying to give more but ending up losing them all? Horrible. Poor thing):

I indeed have had the urge to go during the day a couple of times. When I did, I would take pictures in between the trees and things. Nature pictures. There has been a couple of times however, that I believe to have come in contact into a few spirits.

From personal experience, I do believe that I am more sensitive and effective at night. Though I have a friend who is more sensitive during the day. She's had more luck than I did coming into contact with spirits during the day but, I had to stop taking her during my night investigations because my physic believed she was a type of repellent to the 'night monsters' as she put it. Not a bad thing. If anything it was more of a good thing but, I was hardly getting results anymore. So, I had to substitute her with my best friend, according to her energy. As weird as that sounds lol
And thank you for letting me create this monument for my departed friend. Everytime I read my story I feel that it is ok, Okay to have experienced this and ok for sharing.

I read your post. I read the words, the lines, between the lines and "heard" your point of view.

There is no doubt in my mind that you experienced divine intervention. I will believe that as long as I draw breath.

My experience left me with some key takeaways.

Paramount in my mind is Divine justice. While there is Divine love in overflowing abundance, there is also Divine wrath, which I experienced. The trump card seems to be Divine justice perfectly applied.

While our world overflows with injustice now, that will be corrected.

Complex to explain but administered with the ultimate fairness.

There was much to my experience, which had multiple phases. Part of what I was shown was general, part specific to me. At one point I realized that the only way this could be happening to me was that I had to be dead. I was not ready to be dead and I wanted to go back. I was told yes, you can go back, but now, about you.

I was moved to a different place and went through what the criminal justice system refers to as pre-trial examination and arraignment. Much was done there.

Here is the point. Before I was permitted to leave I was told 3 times to write about what I experienced. Each time I was asked "Do you understand? Each time I affirmed that I did. Then I was told that it was important to write about what I was going through.

You felt a tug, Maggie. Perhaps a push. You felt, it appears, compelled to write. Why? Because it is important. Just as you appear to suspect, someone, perhaps a lot of someones, need to hear what you have to say.

Sorry, Maggie, no green terrace. I did see some stunning things though.


Regarding emergency supplies- I had a styrofoam cooler to keep liquids in to protect from freezing.

Maggie, I feel your pain on forgetting to take the kit after restocking. Yes, I did that too-once.
I'm so sorry for the issues with your son, but good to know you were able to make decisions your way, a way that made sense to you. Blessed be.

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