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MysteryResearch in Mistakes Were Made
Hi NightlyEclipse,

I agree with the other posters about getting rid of the board, however you choose to do it. I personally don't think there's a wrong way. You mentioned in your comments that you're already planning on getting your house cleansed.

The thought did occur that one of your friend's friends might have been moving the planchette, and might have left another board, as a prank. Did these friends have the disposable income that they might have bought a second board as a (not funny) joke?

Take care,

An incubus is a spirit/entity in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. The 'sexual activity' generates a type of energy that these types of spirits/entitles thrive on.

This never seems 'negitive' at first. These spirits are protective, helpful, supportive... But only if it helps them get what they are after. They are single minded... Driven and will do whatever they need to in order to keep the 'energy source' they have attached to.

For the human in this 'relationship', a dependency develops and that is just what the spirit/entity wants to happen... Dependency equals addiction, addiction equals wanting more, wanting more means isolating oneself, isolating oneself means cutting off friends and family until finally the human is worn out and can no longer provide the energy level required to sustain the spirit/entity...once this happens the spirit/entity moves on leaving behind a wrecked individual...

But you asked about "does their act have impact (visual impact) on human body?"

It has been my experience... I have encountered two succubi and one incubus... And what I observed each time was like a cycle of addiction... The denial was there..."Oh no they would never harm me." To..."Oh, we do not have 'relations' that often." Then as time went by the individual in question would begin to look tired, call out from work... Become sick more often... They would isolate themselves so that they could spend all their time with this 'spirit/entity'. Then once the spirit/entity was done with them there was the withdraw symptoms. One friend of mine was unable to 'recover' from his experience with a succubus and he took his own life (I have actually detailed that on an older experience here on YGS (Not one of mine), feel free to look it up, as I still find it painful that I and his Family and friend could not help him.) The other two individuals recovered... But it took a long time.


Manafon1 in Ghost Buildings
Hi tigerfeet - I found your account of great interest. There are many well documented cases in psychical literature that detail people witnessing apparitional structures. These can be as elaborate as the Versailles reports you referenced and full manor houses with outbuildings and stone fences, to small houses, temples and so on.

The cottage and the terrace houses you saw fit in with these reports perfectly. One theory is that such structures are part of a more elaborate "apparitional drama"' in which the consciousness of a deceased person is thinking about a location that was important to them in life and you, who are probably more sensitive than the average person, pick up on and actually briefly become a part of the "drama" and "see" the structures the consciousness is thinking of and, in conjunction with your own subconscious, create the image. That you were the only person who saw the cottage on your school trip is interesting. Often anyone who is a part of a theoretical apparitional drama are, in essence, sucked into it themselves as it is dramatically appropriate that they should be. It seems, as I suggested earlier, that you are just particularly sensitive to picking up on this specific phenomenon.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with "ghost buildings".
Oh yeah... Halloween is around the corner! πŸ™„

Memory loss is always a good explanation for things that make no sense.
Hi majarlika: interesting experience. My guess is that Joe had an astral projection or out of body experience during the time of his fever and what you saw was his spirit.

Thanks for sharing.
The title of your post "Strange Occrances/Spirit talking through text" goes no more strange when you already decleared that you were in contact of 4 spirits who were also giving you essences of the coming time. Having said that if they have such abilities then they can make you text too inadvertently.
Unfortunately I have to say by drooping mike "I am out" from another teenage story.
Small note, the closer I look at the picture the more I think it looks like dust bits. I'm going to consider it irrelevant.
NightlyEclipse in Childhood Ghosts
[at] Jubeele I did do a lot more research, I checked out the local library and went back as far as I could with newspapers. They didn't have a lot there, but there was an article that mentioned a revolt by the train line. The old train line was taken out years ago, but it ran right behind my old house. There was only one mention of it, but I'll keep looking.

My grandpa doesn't like to bring it up, but when he does he never mentioned First Nations. My grandpa also doesn't remember a lot of things anymore. His mind is slowly going, unfortunately. I'll mention it next time I see him and see what he says. The dreams happen spontaneously. Sometimes they'll have it 2-3 times per year, sometimes 1-none.

I can't believe I didn't type this. I thought I did but I didn't. He looked like the man in black. Western-style clothing. As for the voice thing, I do have a small theory. My dad never knew his dad, but there's a good chance he was First Nation. If there was a revolt, and people were killing FN's, maybe they were telling me to get out because I had some FN in me? Who knows. Or they're just mad because they didn't want me there.
sushantkar in Can It Be An Incubus?
Hi Mr.Rook, just asking out of curiosity, thus this entities are always of same nature and does their act have impact (visual impact) on human body?


Now that I have that off of my chest... 😲

If I understand the timeline correctly this has been happening for 1.5 to 2 years? If that is correct I move on with the following points...

1) Put your pendant back on... Refresh the Basil... But put it back on.

2) A Feather and some Sage: IE; Smudging... Gather some sage twigs, bunch them together in a tight bundle and light it. Then blow it out and spread the smoke around your room using the Feather as a 'fan'...heck the whole house if you can... As you do so talk about casting out all negative energies/spirits. You can do this in conjunction with a Cleansing/Shielding method I have on my profile.

3) Do you feel your Grandmother was accurate with her Tarot Reading? Why or Why Not?

4) Succubi/Incubi are a type of spirit/entity that attach themselves to an individual and draw out a certain type of energy from their chosen host. You being younger suggests to me (MY OPINION) that this spirit/entity is grooming you so that when you are 'old enough' his 'actions' will become aggressively more sexual in nature... Right now it just 'touches' of a sexual nature coupled with... If you do not do as I want/need you to do I will hurt those you 'love'...or 'If you 'give' me what I want I will 'hurt' so and so for you...

Does that sound about right?

(More Opinion Here)

These types of spirits/entities 'groom' their chosen host the same way 'sexual predators' groom their victims... Then when they 'feel' comfortable they 'strike' get what they want and continue to do so because they 'shame' the individual into doing 'it' again. Then once the individual con not 'supply' them with what they need, they move on.

Think back... Just before these things started... Did you 'pray' or 'say something out loud' like 'Please help me find...? OR 'please help (INSERT NAME OF CHOICE HERE) get better.) Did you do this without it being a DIRECT PRAYER to Heavenly Father or his SON Jesus Christ? (Its a focus thing)

If you were not focused then 'anything' could have 'answered'. It's 'taste' will mature as you do... Until you have nothing to offer it any longer. It will then depart, just as suddenly as it came... No questions asked... And the 'host' is left as a burnt out, 'need' something to take the edge off, individual.

If you did not 'ask' for 'help' then perhaps it came into the Household via an object... If so do you remember any antiques being brought into the home just before these visits need not be an antique... Just something owned by another individual other than someone in your household.

I am rambling... Please ask any questions you may have... If you feel this is too 'open of a forum' or that the details are to personal for the general YGS readers please e-mail me via the address on my profile.


NightlyEclipse in Mistakes Were Made
[at] lady-glow It was, and they didn't unfortunately. I quite like those donuts as well. Liz mostly experiences them when she's home alone. Her parent's don't believe in ghosts, so even if it got really bad I doubt anything would be done. Yeah, it was a pretty stupid idea. Keep in mind I was 100% against it from the start. As for Liz's parents and the OB? Mom was irritated, dad just shrugged and said that we did it for laughs. The only reason I have it at home is that Liz absolutely refused to have it in her house again, and I figured I could find a safe way to get rid of it. Was it stupid? Definitely. Really not one of my brighter moments. And yes, this did happen after the necklace incident. I'm hoping to get the house cleansed next week.

[at] Jubeele I'll try that. Thank you very much!

[at] Sushantkar Fair enough, no offense taken. I know they weren't that bad, but to me it seemed to continuously pile up, making it pretty spooky to me.
Sushantkar, I just saw your comment about Mr. Rook thanks, I will try to talk to him
Dear sushantkar,

Nobody believes me. I tried to talk to my mom but she believes that Its just me.
I have a step dad that doesn't believe in paranormal and we don't even get along that well, same goes for my step brother.
My grandma doesn't believe its a bad thing since the tarot card reading said its a good entety... I think the only way to solve this problem is by myself since nobody believes me.
As I said before in my story, I had a dream where I was talking to my step brother and I was telling him that I was with my ex and stuff. We usually don't talk, especially about private stuff like this. He wasn't acting like my brother though, he seemed more open and talkative. He said " Oh, believe me, I know that from a VERY long time" he put the accent on "very" and had a smile on hiw face which looked like a smirk. I fel bad vibes from it and I freaked out, then I woke up.
Also not long ago I had a dream where I was holdong hands with a man and we were shopping. I couldn't see his face though. I don't know how to describe it, it was all blurry.
I try to find out what it is, cause when I will know exactly what I'm dealing with, then probably it will be more easier for me to take action.
Thanks for your time,

sushantkar in Can It Be An Incubus?
Also one more thing, you can communicate with Mr.Rook, you may address your current situation with him on this site. He had helped me dealing with an entity a year ago and let me tell you his prithisions are really effective.
sushantkar in Can It Be An Incubus?
Frequent communication and begging it to not harm anyone may lead to more complicated results. Talk to your elders in your family as what it seems that it is highly unlikely latching on your head. More you not inform to your family the more it lure you into isolation.
Don't let this situation go acute. All your precautions are seems like temporary, find a permanent solution.

Feel free to write.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the advice, I will try everything you told me in the comments.

I wated to tell one more thing about my experience that I forgot to mention.
As I said before, since I started wearing my pendant nothing strange happened but now it started again. I noticed that this started since I was dating my ex. Before, everything was fine but after we got together I felt the touches again and whispers.
I also started to wake up very tired. I searched on the internet and there was said that an incubus can make love to you in your sleep and then erase the memories of it, so when you wake up in the morning you don't remember a thing. Can that be possible in my case?
Bt the way, yes he is listening to me but not always. When I tried to make him stop hurting the people I love, I got to beg for that... And also promise it to let me touch me however it wants in echange for that... Then it finally stopped hurting someone. That may be a dumb decision to make but I'm the type of person that would sacrifice herself for the ones I love.
One more thing... I'm not experienced with such things so... If anyone could tell me what this entety is I would appreciate that. I am confused cause It touches me and says I'm his, but in the same time I don't remember having any sex dreams.

Thank you again for the advice, I will keep posting if anything happens.

Bibliothecarius in Game Cam Photos
Greetings, ggrdn1250, welcome to YGS and thanks for sharing these photos with us.

I have no idea what is in the first photograph; there does seem to be a humanoid shape on the right.

In the second photograph, though, there appears to be a lot of sunlight hitting the parked buggy. I suspect that the sunlight is reflecting off of the buggy into the camera lens; the convex lens inverts the light so the reflection appears to be upside-down when compared with the brightly-lit sections of the buggy. This would account for the peculiar diamond shaped head on the oddly-flattened and very short stature of the phenomenon.

Dreyk, when you return to Vladivostok, be sure to keep us updated. I'm interested to know if those "giant mutant rats" are still there... Wouldn't it be peculiar if the new tenants turn out to be "tone-deaf" to the noises?

I laughed about the Tertoye milk. It sounds like buttermilk. That's the sour liquid left behind after churning butter out of cream. I use it in pancakes or cakes <yum> πŸ˜†
sushantkar in Can It Be An Incubus?
I am here with LG, self believe and strength is the key ingredients to fight such entities. Although, I don't have any knowledge on Incubus or Suscubus... So I think it is just like some kind of a poltergeists sort of a thing that can have physical effects even it doesn't have any solid appearance.
I would suggest you to add one more thing (as all the possible steps has been forthputted by LG) to do meditation, specifically in the early morning hours, try to increase your focus. This will definitely help you fighting with this entity. Also you can take pranic healing (if this is available there) this will help you healing you both physically and emotionally. It will also restore your imbalance ora emanitating from your body which is making you vanarable against such entity.

Hi NightlyEclipse, I also felt a little concerned when you made a comment about the OB in your closet ("Childhood Ghosts"). It's just as well you didn't participate in the OB session, but it's not good that you're now saddled with the responsibility of safely discarding it.

About 'boomerang' OBs, one theory is that it could be a poltergeist playing tricks on you, moving things around. If Liz and the others are all in their teens like you, that could have attracted a form of poltergeist activity. It might also explain the objects playing 'hide-n-seek' at your home.

" does not mean you have a possessed board. It means you have a spirit around you who found a prime opportunity to spook you. The best way to deal with this is to announce out loud that, hey, the board has to go..."

A thorough cleansing ritual as suggested by lady-glow - before and after - is an excellent precaution. Plus a regular maintenance regime for good measure!

So be Safe and take Care. 😘
EmmalineTexas in Best Hug Ever
Hi Faith,
Please don't apologize for a beautifully written and moving story. I know the hole in your heart from having a parent who can never really be there for you or even to show you honest emotion. I'm so glad that your Grandfather who you admire so much was able to reach out to you and give you that total love and acceptance. I hope that you felt that he was proud of you. It's a very hard balancing act of being strong enough to overcome so many disappointments and still keep your heart open. He'd love that. Jubeele has the right idea. Sending you a hug. ❀
Jubeele... The plan right now is to return to Vladivostok in January and stay for at least a few months. One of the very first things I want to do is go back to the apartment and see what happened. I regret I never kept in touch with anyone else who lived there.

Babushka wasn't the only one with some really twisted stories about the area, the entire village had them. A couple kilometers from that village was actually a sister village once upon a time. Most of the population was wiped out during an influenza epidemic, so they simply packed up the survivors and abandoned the town. Depending on who you spoke with, the villagers remembered different names for the town and how it met its end. Most of them simply referred to it as "mert-vaya derev-nya" (the dead village).
Hi Vegan

How strange... When your cousin came to the door, did she see anything at all? Apart from being startled, did the man cause you feel afraid? Was his grin friendly, creepy or sneering etc? Might be worth a try going through family albums to see if he resembled anyone there.

If you can't find any family link and since you're sure you weren't dreaming at the time, it could even be someone having an OBE and dropping by to say "hello" and he left to avoid upsetting you. The white jammies may be hospital attire...?

Thanks for sharing this curious encounter.
The walls were plaster, which generally is a little better at soundproofing than sheet rock. We had a corner unit, so we only shared one wall with our friends' flat and the other wall with the corridor. To answer, YES I very much wish they had asked about it earlier. Looking back though it was probably good for us to move. We ended up finding a much better place.

After speaking to our friends, we never spent the night in that building again.
Jubeele in Best Hug Ever
Hi Faith1990, thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience. It's so good to know that our loved ones are still around somewhere, watching over us.

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with your father. Sometimes, when the scars are deep, healing can take a while. But it seems to me that you also have your grandfather's strength of will, in that you've overcome your own share of obstacles.

So here's a HUG to you too. ❀
hawkseye12002 in Best Hug Ever
This was beautifully written, and you have no reason to apologize for the length of your experience. In my opinion, offering more details makes it a better story.

I'm so happy for you that you had this positive experience. Hopefully, it won't be the last for you.

Well done. 😊
lady-glow in Where Did He Go?
Sushantkar: how interesting! Do you know if anyone else in the bus saw the apparition too?

I don't recall the bus driver and his buddy doing anything unusual though, in Mexico, every bus terminal counts with an altar (usually with an image or statue of the Virgin Mary) where most drivers pay their respects before leaving on a trip.

If anything, the passengers were worried because the bus broke down on a very inconvenient spot within a curve with a narrow shoulder. I remember some of the passengers commenting on the possibility of another vehicle coming out of the curve and crashing on the bus. So no, I don't consider the man to have been very helpful that night.

I still wonder if the driver saw the man, unfortunately, I will never know.

Thanks for reading.
Hello again MyStory.

This is just my opinion, I think that the first you should do is to treat this entity the same way you would treat any annoying guy and tell him to stop bothering you, after all it seems to listen to your requests:

"... I told the spirit to stop hurting the people around me and it stopped."

It is important to ask for help to the people closest to you, I think opening up to your Grandmother and telling her what is going on would be a good idea since she seems to have a extensive knowledge of the paranormal. I do not know if a strong spirit would be able to change a tarot reading on its favor but I'm sure your Grandmother will be willing to protect you.

Based on your narrative I assume you have some religious beliefs (Orthodox?), so asking for the advice/help from a religious leader would be a good idea. Or you could try the cleansing and shielding method of one of the members of the site explained in the following link:

I didn't know about the basil leaves but, if it is working for you, keep on using them. In my opinion, the strength of a person's faith is more important that what they believe in.

Start a journal and record all the details that you consider important, as the day, time and place you feel being touched; and the reaction of the entity, if any, to whatever you do to protect yourself.

I hope this help.

I'm sure some of the more experienced members of the forum will provide you with more advice.

Good luck and keep us posted.

There's a great German course at DW that you can use if you need help with German. There's German language news and live TV on their website too.


There's also a great dictionary at

So now to your story:

I don't know much, but I read these two accounts. I don't think it's something about Christianity though. I don't know exactly why they are said to work.

1. Https://

"Vade retrΓ², Satanas! Vade retrΓ², in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spirtus Sancti!"

"Go back, Satan! Go back, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

"And scarcely had he pronounced the secret exorcism than a crash as loud as thunder shook the walls of the room; and when the holy man and his astonished companions looked vainly for the figure of the demon-squire, they only saw a heap of smouldering ashes, and they were all obliged to hold their noses to keep out the pestiferous stink of brimstone which nearly smothered them all."

2. Http://

"In naam van onzen Heer Jezus Christus, ga van hier. Doet nimmer meer een mensch kwaad, die Maria, de Moeder Gods dient."

Toen scheidde de duivel, en van hem bleef niets dan stank.

"In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, go from here. Do not any more harm any person, who Mary, the Mother-of-God serves."

Then the devil fell apart, and nothing remained of him than stink" (smell of sulfur or brimstone)

Hi lady-glow,

Thank you for reading my story, I appreciate that you dedicated your time reading it since its kind of long... But anyway yeah, my experiences began when I was still in Romania but they somehow start to happen again. I feel touches on my body and today I felt like someone pulled my hair. By the way I broke up with my boyfriend cause things werent going very nice and I began to be somehow disgusted by him for no reason at all.
Talking about my grandma's tarot reading well... She is pretty accurate cause she is doing this for a long time since she studied astrology and stuff like this. One of my friends that is passionate about paranormal had a theory. She thinks that if the entety is strong enough it can change the tarot card to its own atvantage, I don't know if that's true though, that was only her theory.
I still wear my pandant that kept me protected from that entety but I started to feel the touches again and I'm starting to become scared again. Also my mom saw me sleeping with the pendant as I usually do. Before she was ok with it, she had no problem, but now she is insisting to take it off before bed. Can she be influenced by it.
If you have any advice please help me, I really need it.
(PS: thanks for the compliment about my english, I get that a lot from people πŸ˜…)
Thanks for your time,
lady-glow in Mistakes Were Made
Was "the downtown coffee shop" a Tim Horton's? If they serve sour cream plain donuts you have to let me know their location... It's so hard to find a shop that sells my favorite kind of donuts!

About your story, it is not clear to me if Liz only experiences these disturbances when she is home alone or if her whole family have witnessed those events and if so, what have they done about it?
What did Liz's parents say when you girls were having the OB session?
It was very irresponsible, ignorant and disrespectful to try to make contact with the spirit risking to open a door for something really sinister. And it's hard to believe that anyone would take such a OB home after all it did! That says STUPID with double capitals.

When did this happen? Did it happen before or after you bought the necklace from the thrift shop in your previous story?

My advice: get rid of the OB and cleanse your house with rook's method or any other ritual according to your personal beliefs.
Hi MyStory: your English is great, it's hard to believe it is not your first language.

I got confused reading the following parts of your story:

"My family and I moved to Germany 2 months ago due to my stepfathers work. I'm originally from Romania... And there is where everything began..."

"...A year past and nothing else happened. I started to believe that this was all finally over but I was wrong..."

"... I thought that if I move to another house it will stop but it seems that it followed me."

Does this mean that you began having these experiences while still living in Romania or did they began two months ago when you moved to Germany, as you explain in your narrative?

Do you consider your Grandmother's tarot reading abilities to be accurate? I find it strange that she would 'read' this entity like a protector.

I will appreciate your feedback.
Thank you so much for sharing this story, it was sweet and romantic (even if the date didn't work out after that experience).
Quite a few of the stories I've read recently (I like to go back and read old stories randomly or based on other members favourites) have been of encounters that might just as well have gone by unnoticed, and like Randym I wonder if we sometimes see spirits in crowds without noticing. It makes me want to take time to explore and take notice of my surroundings more, even when in very busy places.
Anyways, I also really liked your other stories and hope that you will share more with us.
Oh.dear sweet Babushka LOL 😁. The old granny reminds me of a movie where an old lady used to tell ghostly tales to the childrens... Who forces her to say.
Fascinating and well drafted story.
Thanks Dreyk for sharing such a buetiful story.

sushantkar in Mistakes Were Made
Ok...I am getting this... Another teenage story. Few teens gathered and started doing some act they called planchette and suddenly they solve all the mistiries which was long holded... Is this all that simple.
Nightly, your day 2,3,4 as per you were odd but it seems to me more normal then your entire stay.
I am not denying your experience but performing planchette and playing with Ouija board (without any supervision) highly or unlikely is very dangerous and it is not that simple as well.
No offense ment.

Hello Emmaline, your story just chilled and freaked me out when I read your date yelling on you saying who the hell you were talking with... 😨. May be that man was died there... May be drowned or accidentally died while building the lighthouse... (co-worker or something like that) wondering still waiting for his family to come and see him.

Thanks for freking me out...

sushantkar in Where Did He Go?
Hello LG, loved to read your experience. Could you remember that before queting the journey did that bus driver do some prayer or anything like that. I have witnessed something uncommon while I was traveling to a nearby city and in-between our destination there was a place called as Bagha nala where our bus driver claims to see an apparition. He stopped the bus little bit before that place, off boarded the bus, placed some offerings, prayed and then on boarded the bus and we headed towards the destination.
I afterwards queried him about that and he replied that that place had lots of accidents in the past and whenever he sees something like what he did see that night, he offer something to the spirit for harmless journey.
I had seen while my travels to the various part of my country that people have developed/accuaried such prithisions, process and believe to keep themselves focused against things which they think is right to keep themselves safe.
Maybe that day your bus driver took that incedent as a bad omen and decided to webb off in middle of the journey.
Do let us know... And thanks for sharing...

Dreyk, I'm sorry to hear that the trouble with the apartment made you move out. Wonder how the next lot of tenants would fare there?

Babushka sounds like a very colourful personality. I suspect she may be "making up stories", as Ludya said, to frighten you. Or maybe exaggerating just a teensy, weensy bit. It can also be her way of welcoming you to the family and to test your mettle, so to speak. My father used to try and intimidate all the young men I brought home. I think my husband was the only one who didn't back down!

Ludya slept well because she probably heard babushka's tales before. Her grandmother has probably tried it on others before you.

This is another entertaining read. Бпасибо - thanks (hope I got that right).😊
So well written Dreyk. I love reading your accounts. Very spooky πŸ¦‡
Eeeeeekkk! Dreyk, your account is so brilliantly scary!

Don't you wish your friend Petra had spoken to you earlier? Then you could've compared notes and worked it out together. But if you and your girlfriend are still living there, you should seriously try Rook's cleansing ritual. It may get you some needed peace and quiet.

My husband and I live in a split-level unit with thin gyprock walls. The common walls are "hollowed-out" to accommodate wiring but the whole effect is like living in a giant sound-box. Sounds get amplified especially at night and we often can't tell where they're coming from. We'd think the people next door are giant possums in disguise and running amok, but then it turns out to be the children in the unit across the hall bouncing a ball on their wooden floor.

Right now, the building next to ours has been demolished and a new apartment block is going up. When the heavy machinery is being used on the construction site, our floor shakes like in an earthquake!

Sure hope it's not some mutant, super-smart and humongous rats living in our walls... 😟
Hi Emmaline; a well told story. I can see the man and smell the smoke. And maybe see your date wanting to just get out of there as fast as possible. It would be interesting to speak to him now, to see how he feels as he looks back on the event from his point of view. It would be a disconcerting experience for anybody that didn't see what you saw.
Your experience is remarkably similar to one that I read here a few years back. The reader wrote (in my recollection) that she had a chance encounter on a Manhattan street with an old school friend. She even mentioned the building that her friend had emerged from. They walked along together and chatted about old times, and as they did so the writer sensed that people were looking at her strangely. They parted company with her old friend writing her phone number on a slip of paper, and suggested that she call and they might get together again. The writer did so shortly afterwards, and discovered to her horror that her old friend had died some time ago, long before the encounter.
The story intrigued me partly because tangible evidence was left behind. The piece of paper with the phone number. I asked the writer what had become of the piece of paper, and she said that she had thrown it out later when cleaning out her purse.
Jubeele in Tour Of Terror
Hi Kaitlin, if you're still there... This is an interesting and well-detailed account. Quite an adventure. Thanks for the photo too - the place certainly looks spooky. I see they've got "evil demon bats" at Aradale too. 😨
Hey Deano, this is a good read. The part I liked most was how you drove back to try and help this woman. Did you ever find time to get some pictures from the cemetery or take rubbings from some headstones?

I enjoyed your addition to the Lady in White legend. I'm going to keep an eye out for her the next time I'm in that neck of the woods!
Hi Wilting, I'm not sure if you're still visiting this site, but the Lady in White legend is usually related to the theme of losing a daughter or betrayal of a husband. Did anything significant happen concerning a girl or woman in your local area? Did you ever see the girl in the white dress again or was it only that once?

I don't see auras myself but I've attached a few links that you can check out regarding the colours you're seeing:

I hope this helps.
Jubeele in Childhood Ghosts
Hi NightlyEclispse, I've read your account again and a few more things have occurred to me.

The man in the western outfit makes me wonder if there could have been a clash between some new settlers and a First Nation village. If there was an "unfortunate" incident, the whole thing could have been quietly swept under the carpet after the land was redeveloped for farms and new homes. Chances are there may be not much direct reference to a burning village. So you may have to look for oblique references, such as what is NOT being said. There could be a vague mention of "resettling" of the locals, an initial resistance to redevelopment, or something like that...

Does your grandfather remember the attire worn by the two armies? Were they warring tribes competing against each other? Or was it between western and First Nation? If there were few survivors among the villagers to remember the event, or they were all later scattered, that could be why there is no mention of it. It would be interesting to record the dates when your grandparents have their "linked" dreams. Do they tend to experience them at particular times of the year? It may provide a lead to some anniversary date of the event.

I also keep thinking about nature spirits or land guardians. The man in the field who frightened you - what did he look like? Could he be a spirit who resented invaders on his land because of what happened in the past? That may also be the reason for the voice in your room telling you to "get out".

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Look forward to hearing more from you. 😊
lady-glow in Where Did He Go?
Jubeele: Tweed's comments are always cool and informative, aren't they?

Sheetal: nice to 'see' you again! Thanks for reading my experience.
lady-glow in Where Did He Go?
Whodat: no problem. Given the way newscasters only seem to talk about the negative events happening not only in Mexico but all over the world, it is easy to assume that dangerous situations are not the exception but the normal of daily life. It isn't a surprise if we tend to expect the worse.

As for the man, I will always wonder where he went during the not even two seconds that I took my eyes off of him.
EmmalineTexas in Golden Gate Bridge Ghost
Jubeele - Thank you so much for that hug! I needed that today. Really lovely of you. ❀ San Francisco is a wonderful place isn't it? Very mysterious energy once the fog rolls down from Mount Tamalpais. Now I'm craving Ghirardelli chocolates though.
AugustaM - I'm so sorry that you had your heart broken in San Francisco. I hope that things are very happy for you now. I can understand wanting to throw a rock through a speaker, definitely. I hope that man has gone on. Would be quite a reunion wouldn't it?
Sid926 - Thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm new and was really hesitant about posting the story. It's not scary and I thought some people would be dismissive of it.
Randy - Thank you so much. I do think that you've hit the nail on the head. When I had my son I was in labor for two days and very ill. A little nurse came in and checked on me constantly. She sat and stroked my hand for hours while my son was flown for emergency treatment from Tyler, Texas to Houston for blood transfusions. The next day I asked about her and she wasn't anyone on duty. They had no idea who I was talking about.

I will post another story if anyone is interested in a dark one. I once invited my then boyfriend's friends for dinner. One waltzed right in with a demon in him and it was sneering and snarling. It also stayed behind in a bedroom when the person left. Terrifying. Thank you all again. I love all of your stories on this site and can't wait to read more. ❀
I find this conversation really interesting and amusing. I can not really tell if that is the case because I was never interested in learning about OBE. What I can really tell for sure is that a lot of other strange things, have also, happened to me in the past which are more weird than this story. I hope to see your comments at my next storiew. Thank you for your advice and for making me interested in learning what OBE is. 😁
With respect,
The author
rookdygin in A Shared Experience

What I am suggesting is that you might be 'Astral Projecting' or experiencing 'OBE's' without trying to. Because of this your mind is not at rest... Like you were sleeping... And as a result you wake up tired and at times even your body feels as if it was exerting itself the same way you were in your dreams... Because it was not a dream but and OBE or Astral Projection.

Does that make more sense?


Lots of talk about it might be electrical equipment, and it does vibrate, in the US anyway, at 60 cycles per second. But as I read this, there are two ghostly tales. First is Ayaz's experience which all comments so far have been about.

But the instructor said this has been going on for three years, since a student died. I wish to hear of those narratives. Ah well.
It is really rare for me to feel tired after waking up. I usually feel that way after sleeping for many hours which happens during summer and before you ask, yes I see this kind of dreams during summer. However I truly believe that I feel tired because I sleep a lot and not because of my dreams.
With respect,
The author

I can locate and read your teams web site. ( I do not think that is the true question here... Me thinks the true question here is about the 'Certified Paranormal Researcher' title that the Founder of your team, and other members say they have. So here are my questions...

What is the name of the institution/school/on line certification site that granted these 'Certifications'?

What was the process those who have earned the 'Certification' went through to receive it. (Did they read certain materials, take some courses, take a final test?)

Just a couple of questions...

To me a 'title' like 'Certified Paranormal Researcher' holds about the same amount of water as saying 'Paranormal Expert'. But I am curious to know if there is a 'school' that is granting actual certifications so I can research it myself.



(Puff...get the bus warmed up... 😘 πŸ˜‰)
rookdygin in A Shared Experience

How often do you wake up feeling 'as tired' or perhaps even 'more tired' than when you went to sleep?

I ask because some of what you describe may be 'spontaneous' Astral Projection or OBE's and others may be simply dreams. For me the difference is how I feel once I get out of bed.

So I guess my question just what I stated at first...

"How often do you wake up feeling 'as tired' or perhaps even 'more tired' than when you went to sleep?"

Thanks in advance...


Hello Emmaline

What a lovely experience you had. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think it's so important to note that your encounter shows that interactions with spirits need not be scary at all and serves as a great reminder that ghosts/spirits are not some evil scary being that we should be afraid of. That is Hollywood. Spirits / ghosts are the same as us only they are no longer are confined to a 3-D body.

On another note here is something to think about.
Have you ever wondered as you go about your day and you see people going about theirs, if some of them are spirits? The man you encountered, people walking in a park or on a beach?

Next time you look into a crowd may we all remember that not all of those we see may be living on our side of the veil.

Thank you again for sharing such a wonderful experience and if you have had other encounters I would certainly look forward to reading them

Have a great day
Kindly_refrain in Scary Hummmm Noises
I am not saying that something paranormal did not happen as I was not there to hear the Hmmmmm sound. It is easy to dismiss someone's experience but, especially at this site, I feel the benefit of the doubt should always go to the person that was there.

As the whole topic is beyond most people's credulity zone I like to cut the experiencer some slack.

That being said, among other trades licenses, I am an industrial electrician and I have heard odd humming coming from equipment during electrical anomalies.

Certainly if one phase of an electrical system is lost (in a three phase system) equipment can make the oddest humming noises when trying to restart. Under-voltage restart attempts can also cause humming sounds.

Perhaps the sound was not electrical at all but genuinely supernatural but coincidences with mundane easily explainable occurrences certainly make it difficult to distinguish one from the other.
Since I was about twelve or so I had dreams of a male spirit chasing me, trying hug me sometimes chasing me with the intent of loving me or killing me. He always took on the physical form of other men. Sometimes men I knew sometimes ones I didn't. He only spoke aloud once in one dream. He always talked to me telepathicly so to speak. There are so many dreams with him I can remember in detail. Mainly I knew he was "in love" with me and was coming to get me outside of the dream realm. One of the last dreams I remember of him he was angry with me because he said I married someone else and had children with someone else. I was in my mid twenties. I've only had a handful of short dreams with him since and I'm forty now. He never showed me his real face/being.
Hi Shady.

As an answer to your question, we do girls love to accompany their best friends everywhere. Haha that's just it. You know.

Anyway, thank you for reading shady. β™₯
I too, had memories of that "Bloody Mary" lol
Definitely not effective during my time. Haha



Yeah. You're right. I don't want to go in a washroom alone especially at night. Haha

Thank you, Sheetal

I'm not quite sure if I understood it correctly, but how can someone help someone else to pee? I know it's kind of out of the place, but please don't mind me.
I would also like to to tell you that I enjoyed reading your story, reminded me of my good old school days when the 'Bloody Mary' was quite the trend. 😁

Sanguirina: You got it! Haha Puthy deleted their first profile, but shortly after created a new one. They're not banned, although they were VERY close.
Hi guys. Unfortunately my friend had not taken any photos that day, so I can not really tell if we saw the same thing although I asked her about the ghosts appearance and we concluded that it look exactly the same.
I never hear sound in my dreams so I can not relly tell if I talked to someoneneither I saw anyone. Ijust had the feeling that I was with some kids.
I have experienced OBE once when I was in elementary school.
I am not really sure if we can be considered close friends. The truth is that I become really attached with people although most of them do not feel the same.
For some reason my dreams can not be influenced by my everyday life. In most of my dreams I see places I have never seen before, I talk with people I do not know and I do some really crazy but interesting things like talking with ancient gods. I know I am really weird but I can not say I do not enjoy this. I truly love my dreams.
The author.
I have searched it properly sir.
I am still standing with my previous statement that there is no such institution that provides such certification sir.
Your so called institution is a gang of self proclaimed peoples who are deceiving peoples with their funcky gadgets sir.
I am not interested in knowing your existence sir because our country is pretty used to with self proclaimed babas and institution like yours and they are well aware how to deal with it.
And as far as aquaring knowledge is concern, let me inform you that I have sufficient and passable knowledge in the revalent field and for that I don't need any colourful and glamorous certification sir.
Enlightened1959 in My Great Grandma Ausenbaugh

Thank you for sharing! I lost both of my parents just 13 months apart from each other. (It's been about 2 years now since my dad passed.) They were the best parents anyone could ever ask for. A few months after my dad passed, my 2 year old grandson (at the time, he is now 4), would start smiling and waving at the ceiling. When we would ask him who or what was he was waving and smiling at, he would say "Papa!".

Just last week I was laying in my bed missing both my parents but my mom for the most part at that time, I was so sad and missing her words of encouragement or just even her presence and suddenly her perfume began to permeate
My entire bedroom. (My mom and dad had bought it while in France one year and I've never smelled anything like it before or after her passing so I KNEW it was my mom that had come to comfort me while I was feeling so so sad and missing her.)

So yes, I think your loved ones can continue to check up on you!

I hope I didn't miss out on anything important here. Can't see this Puthy person so i'm guessing the user has been removed? Hmm.

Zzsgranny- If you ever read this, me and my Norwegian brain have spent the last ten minutes trying to desipher your comment. After trying to speak your comment several times, it is with outmost caution when I say that I believe I have cracked it! Do tell me if did so correctly: 'Wonder when Puthy (a usename I think?) will realise their posts are disappearing as fast as they can post them?' 😁

Sanguirina in Woman At The Cemetery
Matrix899 - What a pleasurable read! I must confess that I am unable to think of any explanations for this 'woman' you saw, however... Might it be possible that you did not go through with your plan of looking at her face when you passed her, as you might unconsciously have thought it to be impolite? Perhaps that is what stopped you?

As for my own encounter, the old mans feet did move. They were however the only movement he made. He never lifted his face (His head was bent forwards alittle as he kept his eyes firmly on the road) and he kept his hands at his back the entire time. It must be mentioned that I did not look back at him more than a few times, so he might have moved when I wasn't looking.
Thank you for reading my story! And again, I really enjoyed yours!
sushantkar in Garden Of The Gods
Hello Val, No Dewali is not like New year but we celebrate it with lots of firecrackers and sweet.
Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana.
Hence happy Dewali again.

Regards. ❀
Jubeele in Where Did He Go?
Lady-glow, I just remembered where I read about disappearing people travelling on buses. It was a comment from Tweed: "My Mum has a theory that ghosts travel on buses then get out of buses only to disappear behind trees." It was on another account about a disappearing person too: Hmmm... Wonder if yours changed his mind when the bus broke down! 😊
Hi ProjectGrenade, I enjoyed reading your well-written account. I'm glad you had such a positive influence in your school life. Mr Phil's spirit will surely continue to enrich all the lives that he touched. I do believe there are souls who linger briefly to say goodbye to those they love most before moving on.

Whatever the reason, it was a good experience to cherish. 😊
Hi Lotus29, it's so sad about that young man. I hope he did heed you and moved on to be at peace. How frightening for your son at the time though.

I've been spending a lot of time near the Newtown area recently. When I leave for home late in the night, I've sometimes thought that the shadows seem a bit "heavier" in feel after dark. The area has a strong weight of history behind it.

Thank you for a most interesting read. You've given me something to think about the next time I'm in the area...😰
Hey nik I also agree with allesgute154 and sheetal. I am also a resident of india hence I can surely say that this might be an act of 'chakva'. But chakva not only happens in konkan but also in many parts of india. Chakva not only means that an evil spirit kills people... But sometimes spirits which tend to help you are also found. There are also many stories were people have got chakva and the spirit has helped them.
Anyways it was really nice story 😊
You are a teenager and you go to office, are you doing internship with any company or are you working as a full time employee? I don't know why but I felt this part quite hard to digest.
It is really scary. There is a school in our place which is also built on the burial ground.
Really strange incident, I am agree with Sanchez_92 his theory looks applicable.
'Chakva'also come in mind after reading this story. It was really great that guruji was with you.
valkricry in Garden Of The Gods
Thank you, Sushant. Is your Diwali like our New Year? We wish each other much the same then. May those wishes also hold true for you.
Oh my god this is such a beautiful story except the lady ghost. Dogs are the most precious animal, I almost felt tears when I read that some of them died in car accident. People drive like a blind. Our government should impose stricter law on these people. Thank god your beautiful canine friends were with you.
One my friends has the same experience while travelling in night, not on the route you have mentioned. They saw a lady in pure white with big hair asking for lift. They all saw her but luckily driver drove fast. You were lucky that you didn't met with any accident. Scary story indeed!
sheetal in Hello!
It's scary, did you tried to contact any priest and know the reason behind this? You shouldn't ignore this.
Black magic is really terrible, I am glad she is okay now. Thanks for sharing:)
Hi eloisa, Thanks for replying. It is really creepy but I know many of the old places get accumulated with the spirit. However I suggest that you all shouldn't go in the washroom alone.
Dear Anam, It is just because of tiredness. If we get dreams then it shows that our mind is restless However I am not denying the paranormal activity involving in this experience because my mom also sees such kind of dreams. Any one else experienced the same in your home?
Black magic can be harmful, thank god you are not hurt. Did you get to know that who was the responsible for the black magic? Quite scary and creepy story
You really owe to your dog, backwater picture is very beautiful. I guess you can ask your cousin to get some information about this incident. Thanks for sharing
Like others I also want to know who was the girl actually. But I know searching answer for this may be hard. Overall I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.
Hi sheetal!

I think it was just me who experienced that kind of scary moment. But I heard some stories from the other students who came to use that restroom during the night that they can hear flushing of toilets even without using them, or someone came inside the restroom while you're inside of the one cubicle then after you come out, you can see no one. That was really scary!

Actually my school is really haunted. Every part of the school has so many entities living here. I can't tell them here because it's not my own story but if others would give me the permission to tell them, I would definitely share them to all of you. This school is the biggest university here in Central Luzon as part of the Philippines.

Thanks for reading sheetal.

AugustaM, I never really thought about it, I honestly couldn't think of a way to help her. It is rare that I am ever on that side of town but it isn't a far trip. Just not sure if I would see her again but who knows I might. This may sound really harsh or weird but I always just thought that once a person dies the deal is done. What you get is your fate, but the more I am reading on this site the more my eyes are being opened. Thanks for the advice.
JazzyBaby in Soldier Shadow Girl
I had a similar experience during basic training. My battle and I had guard duty from 2 am to 4 am. The room was dark and had to use our flashlights as we would walk around to make sure every female was in their bunks and no one had snuck out. My battle and I were kind of already spooked because we were talking about the scary movies we couldn't wait to watch when we graduated. About an hour into our shift we were walking side by side in the bay counting the bunks and personnel who were sleeping to report to our Drill Sergeant, when both our flashlights started flickering and just turned off. We ran to the bay room door where there was a red light, took a breath, calmed down, and went back to finish counting... When our shift was about to end, which was around 3 am, we had to do another count... As we were walking through with out flashlights, one of the girls sat up in her sleep, like eyes closed and everything... She sat there for a minute and we just stared at her. Her jaw dropped and laid back down, sound asleep. We would talk about what happened and laugh it off, because we were all lack of sleep and stuff.
Fort Jackson and every military post that I've been to, just seems creepy.
majarlika012 in The Running Boy
Ohhh! I am also from RTU (Graduated Batch 2011). You mentioned 3rd floor? Of what building? ITC or ITB?
sushantkar in Scary Hummmm Noises
Maybe the humming sound was coming from some sort of capacitors... It doesn't sound paranormal though... Atleast...
Thanks for sharing.

Hey emmaline, I really loved your story ❀...that's so nice that the man you saw was so kind and polite... Really nice story ❀
Hey smigo, I also agree with rook, sushant and l_melb, and also as you said that suddenly the broom leaning on the wall fell... So there might be couple of rats in that house as it was abandoned and the knock sound can also because of the rats (might be figgiting near the door) and as you both got scared hearing the sound and seeing the broom falling down... And also considering that you both had few beers... Maybe you had hallucination of seeing the figure... (just my opinion) 😊
Sid 😊
When I was 21, I ran away to San Francisco to elope with my first boyfriend. The whole thing was both terribly romantic and absolutely heart breaking as we decided at the last minute not to go through with it. That's been a decade ago now but still to this day whenever I hear 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco,' I feel like throwing a rock at the speakers!

When you described the man... Flannel shirt, work pants, boots, pipe, old way of speaking, 25 or so... You could have been describing that boy I ran away with down to the last brush stroke. We took a walk down where you were several times while I was there. Too bad we never ran into your fellow - he might have met a kindred spirit... Though since we did not meet him, I hope it was because his wife and daughter finally arrived. ❀
Emmeline, I know the spot! We were at the south tower though. I also bought some Ghirardelli chocolates. I walked partway onto the bridge and looked down at the water below. It was a looong way down...Night-time, back at the hotel, I remember looking across the bay as the fog bank slowly rolled in to blanket over the city lights. It was a mysterious and marvelous sight.

What a fascinating encounter. It's interesting that your date smelt the pipe smoke and felt the freezing cold. But I wonder why he was convinced you'd disappear? Could it be he was just projecting his fear of the unknown? You obviously didn't feel threatened at all. I think the spirit showed himself to you alone because he could sense you were a sympathetic person and would be open to a friendly encounter. Same as your meeting with the angel - such a blessing.

So I'd like to repeat what the angel said to you: "You're still beautiful". It shines from the words in your narrative. This story is going into my fav list. Here, I'm sending you a Hug.❀
quite a creepy story. It must have really hard for all of you to cope with this situation. The entity must have died in the sea and I have heard many such stories. There is a pond in my aunt's village where a girl was died accidentally. My aunt and her friends were bathing in the pond when something grabbed one of the girls foot inside the water. One girl caught hold and saved her. My aunt witnessed all this by her own eyes.
sheetal in Strange Night
Quite a creepy experience, I totally understand how freaked out you must have been. It is hard to explain but yes sometimes strange things occurred on the place where nothing bad has happened before. The calls were creepy too. I am glad you both moved out of that place.
Really want to know more about the lady ghost residing there, I have heard people presenting first plate of food to the god but never heard about ghost. However I know there can be some spirit who asks some offering. Are you still in touch with your aunt? You can ask her.
harry1lynn in A Rare Sighting
Thank you sid926, sheetal, sushantkar for your comments. πŸ˜€
hi Aman, first of all you have narrated this story very well. This sounds very scary thank god you are not harmed.
I guess it's a paranoia. Try switching your mind away from this.

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