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Aunt Does White Magic on 2009-03-10

Here is another story I would like to share. I have an Aunt who has this weird belief. She does cleansing with chicken blood as well as lots of other rituals. I believe she calls it white magic. They wear these colorful beaded necklaces you are not allowed to touch. She also has all these saints...

The Spirits Ring on 2009-03-02

This is something that happened when I was younger. I have confirmed with my parents it truly happened. I can remember us kids upstairs in the loft playing, we could hear our uncles yelling, cheering as they watched the soccer game. While we were playing we heard three knocks on the door, no one ...

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Date: 2009-05-14
You obviously have a gift to be able to connect with the dead. Were you scared? You mentioned she looked desperate to communicate with you. Why did you not ask her what she needed you to do to help her go to the light? Good story it just makes me sad that this lost spirit is desperatly reaching out for help and has found none. May her soal rest in piece soon.
Date: 2009-05-12
zoajet I am not sure what a skin walker is however I have heard of demons that would take form of someone you know to play with your mind and do harm on to you. I have also heard that bad spirits are not only in homes but can be trapped in things, objects like the piano for instance. I am not sure if you ever experience hauntings that began when one brought a piece of old furniture or antic item into their home but I have. So my question to the publisher was have they done research on the home or found out where the piano came from. They mentioned the piano would play on its own music form the 1800's so that could be a clue don't you think?
Date: 2009-05-12
You have a gift and when you are dealing with dreams it can be hard because some are like puzzles. You only get bits and pieces of things that make it really hard solve. Do not beat yourself. Learn more about your gift and you will be able to be more in control. Good luck and take care.
Date: 2009-05-12
Creepy...obviously it was a bad entity who could take form of anyone to confuse you and play with your emotions. Depression was a sign of it being a bad entity. I am glad all of you moved out. Did you ever research the history of that house? Or where did the piano come from? Maybe the entity was attached to the piano.
Date: 2009-05-12
Good story... I am sure the dark shadow was an angry spirit. Maybe it was angry because your friend may have a special gift she may not be aware just yet. He obsiously didn't want to leave. The entity might of been afraid she would make it leave with her gift. Did she ever pick up on that entity or followed back with you and your friends to tell you what it was?
Date: 2009-05-12
Wow! I am not sure how you are going to take this but I have heard of him before from my mother. Also from a friends mom who saw him in Texas.
I will have to post that story which would be interesting. He is the devil his appearance has always been the most handsome man you would ever see perfect to the T. Always with black hair and a long trench coat. When you look into his eyes its like your are hymatized and your desire to be with him becomes stronger. One of the things my mother noticed about him when she encounter his appearance was that she glance down to his feet and they were not human feet they were more like the halves of a deer or something of that nature.
Be careful because once you give yourself to him he will take you. He can't force himself on you, I guess from the stories you have to except him once you do you are his forever. Be careful I always thought it was tales but I have heard of so many woman tell the story of this man appearance they have all describe him the same way you just did isn't that scary? Be safe love to hear this come up once again.
Date: 2009-05-12
No, you are not crazy. Now that you are aware of it try to work on your emotions. Learn to deal with things and experiences make you stronger. You are not alone I believe that our society has made it harder for teenagers to deal with presure coming from every direction. You are very young learn to except who you are, love yourself once you do that everything else will come easy. No one is perfect in this world and remember we are all very unique you have a big purpose in this life just as I do. You may not know your purpose right now and that is okay it will come to you. Your first step right now is to learn to love you for who you are the depression will work itself out. At least once you work with yourself esteem your mom can determine if you need to see someone for your depression. Be strong kiddo and everyday look at yourself in the mirror and love you... Friends come and go when you find a true friend cherish that friend forever I am sure you will find that friend. Always remeber the most important thing everyday you wake up is to thank you Lord above and to love yourself and have strength for what life will bring to you.
Date: 2009-05-12
You should do some research to find out if a little girl died there. She wants you to find something out that is why she makes all the noise. She wants help of some sort look into it fast. Maybe she is giving you warning of something. I heard that when a small spirit is trapped sometimes a bad spirit clings to them to do some harm. Good luck tell us what you find out.
Date: 2009-05-12
For you to be talking about it today tells me your family survived the ordeal. Thank you for sharing because I am sure there is people out there that have experienced or are experiencing the same thing. We were raised Catholic. One of the things my mother always taught us is to always have your house blessed before moving into it. You have better chances of knowing what you are in for if there is anything there.
Date: 2009-05-12
Maybe she wants to show you where her body is so her family can have piece. Like zoajet mentioned she might have been kidnapped or maybe she was hiking and had an accident and no one ever found her body. You should go back with a group of friends and find out what she wants to be discovered so she can rest. The flash light could have been her running and her ghost is replaying her last event. She might have been running from someone who caught her and killed her.
Date: 2009-05-11
Why do we question the unknown so much. Is it because we are afraid to know there is something else after death or is it simply because we do not understand nor have answers that is more frightening. This is a great picture and I do believe it was a spirit. Thank you for taking time to post and share your experience. I also believe we will never really get answers about the other side but we will come to an understanding.
I am a big believer of God however even my pastor say the Quija is nothing to under estimate. I is like a portal door to the unknown and bad spirits can be dangerous. When Heather was playing with it if she used it alone she might have opened a dangerous door to a bad spirit. She was at your home when you burned it you might have not known that you were releasing the spirit at your home. Have your house blessed and pray for the strength to send the bad spirit back. Don't be afraid as they feed off your fear. I wish you the best.
Date: 2009-05-06
You have to be strong it is easier said then done I know. However she showed herself you to and wanted you to help your mom be strong and by her telling you to tell mommy not to cry anymore is a good sign that she is okay on the other side. I pray for your family and may God give you the strength through these hard times to pull through as a family.
Date: 2009-05-01
Well gilie you are right ghost can't hurt you unless they are evil entities. Thank you for posting your stories. You're right because that location has had numurous deaths incidents it seems some of the spirits are either trapped or angry of maybe undone business. Maybe they were ready to go just yet and don't want to go to the light. Your statement with regards to the door of the unknown is so true. I believe science is what keeps us proctect of the unbelievable however once we as people experience and acknowledge it there is when we can get in danger with evil enteties because they feed of our carma of fear. I believe our fear give them more strength so instead of being scared find out how we can help them cross over to the light.
My mother went through the same experience with her brother who she was very close to. If your mother was really hurting from your aunt Rie's death I believe that your aunt was there to show her she was okay and happy and not to worry anymore. She was there to give your mother piece and reassurance that she is no longer suffering.
Date: 2009-03-30
I believe in God and just like there is a God there is also the devil and his evil ways. I also believe that we have trapped spirits who died to soon or just don't know they are dead. There is the spirits that don't bother you or harm you and the one's that do get violent and harm you. You have a gift and if you are not scared or bothered by them you will be just fine. As for getting into different religions to big of a subject and we should just respect everyone's views. In other words to reason to be mad at anyone for what they believe we are all responsible for our own destiny and when we die we all find out the truth of it all.
Date: 2009-03-10
No we really haven't talked to her because of the weird experience of my father's passing it has been really weird and kind of of scary. I have stayed away from her for now until I can understand more of what effects she can have on the living with her practices she does. In the past she had mentioned to us that when we try to communicate with a spirit we should always wear all white and wear a beautiful red scarf because that is the only way they will see us. So when my father passed away after we buried him my sister's and I stayed together at one of their homes to mourn and support each other of our loss. We talked about that night over and over and realized she was wearing all white and a red scarf and going back to her reactions and how she behaved that night and we were all kind of of freaked out. She had tried to drag us (my siblings) into her practice belief and two of my siblings tried it for a while but were freak out and stopped. I myself never cared for it nor was I ever afraid of it until all of this started to happen. She claims to be phsychic and can see spirits. She also tells us tales of her encounter with the devil. So she is a little out there if you ask me.
Date: 2009-03-10
Her it was suppose to be her she kept screaming. Once we buried my father I was talking to my sisters and we were all kind of freaked out on how she reacted.
Date: 2009-03-10
Great story! If it was a school maybe there was an accident with the little boy and you could go to the local library and do research on any deaths that would have occured in your property. The lady in white might just be your gardian angel. I myself have a lady in white that will make her appearance known to others while I am sleeping. I too feel safe so I just assume it is my gardian angel. Good luck!
Date: 2009-03-10
I enjoyed your story. I am glad your husband cleared your path of any wrong doing that was put on you and your family. Black Majik is very real and dangerous because it will take over you. Wow the black cat found dead was amazing maybe the black Majik died with it. Good luck and keep strong with your family matters.