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I am one who has always been "different" even as a baby. I have been told I would lay in my crib and "talk" to someone or something.

Like many others growing up I had what my mom thought was an imaginary friend until I described her to my mom and the elderly neighbor lady, turns out my "imaginary" friend looked exactly like the little girl who had lived and died in our house 30 years before I was born.

Eventually we moved and I never saw the girl again. I did get a new Friend though, an older Lady who would tell me stories about what things were like when she was growing up. I continue to see her now and then. I found out who she was when I was helping my Grandma clean out a Storage Shed. I found a bunch of old Photo Albums and began looking through them inside was a picture of my Friend. Turns out she was my Grandma B. My Grandpas Mom who died when he was 12.

And that was just the beginning.
Ghost Stories from AmberMoonPriestess

New Place New Ghosts on 2014-10-21

A tiny bit of background first. The whole building is very active, but to me it is kind of expected, like a hospital or nursing home being active. I live with my disabled husband in a building specificaly for seniors and disabled. This means there are a lot of sick and dying people that have ...

The Old Mill In Utah on 2011-11-23

Another story shared with permission. Both my Mother and Aunt worked at the haunted house that used to be held in The Old Mill, they also helped with a movie filmed there, Teen Alien. When they worked in the haunted house they were most often what is referred to as a "plant". The scared girl who get...

The Upstairs Neighbour on 2011-11-21

As I had said previously in some of my earlier comments, and one story, I had a huge change in my Life. I met the Love of my life and moved to New York to live with him. We have lived here together for almost two years now and for all but the last month there has been no upstairs neighbour, at least...

Ghostly Love on 2010-02-10

I met a living ghost that completely changed my life. I play an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) I met and began hanging out regularly with a guy on there, both on and offline. I have been given permission to use his game name, Cedric. Soon after this I started seeing this ghostly figure ...

Black Foot Reservation - Ghostly Campsite on 2009-01-27

I encountered another ghostly campsite while hiking with some friends on the Black Foot reservation by Minnie White Horse Lake, aka Cooper Lake. We had gone to the lake to fish but several of us were not big on fishing so we decided to go hiking instead. Me, my ex husband Shawn, my brother Mikee,...

My Ghost Cat on 2009-01-26

I don't know if this story exactly qualifies and don't know if they will accept it but figured it's a cute story on how some things can be other than what they seem to be. My grandmother and I had been experiencing some rather unusual activity in the apartment. The usual kinds of things you hear ...

The Camp By Dead Horse Point on 2009-01-26

I was hiking around near dead horse point with my ex - husband Shawn and some friends when we got lost. We had wandered off the trail and were just wandering around when it began to get dark. None of us knew which way to go to find the trail again so we kept walking. Just after the sun went down I b...

Grandpa Sees His Mom on 2009-01-26

With permission I am telling these tales of my grandfather (my mom's dad) seeing ghosts. He was 16 years old at the time this one happened. He was sent to the basement to get something, and while he stood at the bottom of the stairs searching the shelf full of jars for the one he wanted he fe...

My Spirit Teacher - Raven Walker on 2009-01-26

All my life I have spent every summer in Montana at the pow-wow. I learned the way of the Warrior but it was the summer I turned 18 that I first learned of the Spirit Warriors and met my first teacher. It wasn't until later I discovered my teacher had been dead for almost 200 years. I was sitting...

Alive Because Of Grandma Great Warnings on 2009-01-20

When I was 9 my family and I used to live in a house on 600 s and 1200 w in Salt Lake City. Me and my best friend used to walk home from school together every day. We always took the shortcut down an alley. It was a long overgrown alley with lots of bushes and hidden spots. It was pretty dark ev...

Moony And Crookshanks Meet Brat-brat on 2009-01-20

We had a number of cats after Brat-Brat but I never bonded with any of them until I was 23 when I got Moony and Crookshanks. They were pure white twin brothers; the only difference being them was their eyes. Moony's were blue and Crookshanks were gold. They were only a week old when I first got them...

Brat-brat on 2009-01-20

When I was 10 years old I rescued a little black kitten from drowning. My best friend's cat, a papered Siamese, who had kittens and one came out black so her dad was going to get rid of it. I told him I wanted it and he said fine have it. I walked home with the kitten tucked into the front of my ...

Great Grandma's Goodbye on 2009-01-20

I probably should have posted this story first but oh well. The first ghostly experience I actually remember having happened a week before my 8th birthday. My great grandma had been sick and in the hospital for awhile. She passed away a week before I turned 8. My mom and grandma didn't tell me ri...

Trouble In An Abandoned House 2 on 2009-01-20

Finally the Finish to Trouble in an abandoned house. Sorry it took so long to post it but the site was overloaded with submissions. But enough chatter on to the story. About a week after my first visit I returned to the abandoned house, probably at one of the worst times I could have undertaken t...

Trouble In An Abandoned House on 2009-01-13

I was living with some friends on 500 South and 400 West in downtown Salt Lake City during the summer of 1996 when we heard stories about an odd house on 900 South and about 1100 East. Me, my Boyfriend Shawn and our 2 friends Shane and Tina decided to go check the house out. I knew right away somet...

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Date: 2014-11-01
Hi Griff, We have been wandering around taking some Pictures nothing just yet. Audio recordings are a bit harder. Outside of our place it gets harder to tell what is contamination from another apartment. Even in the apartment we get sounds from other People. Especially when it is warm and windows are open. We are talking about going out late at night and trying after everyone else is asleep though.
Am going crazy I so have wanted to post what has been happening to me here! This place is a hotbed of activity! Everything from Residual stuff to A small human shaped shadow crawling around the walls and ceiling and Giggling at me then Hissing at the Cat! The submissions page is still closed sadly.

We switched apartments and the first Hour we were in the new place there was Activity.

None of it surprises me considering where we live and how old the place is.
Date: 2012-10-17
So we finally got married YAY! We said our I Dos on December 30th 2011 😁

I know I have been gone for a bit, Severe health Issues with the hubby ending up in the ICU a couple of times. Things are getting better now so I hope I will have more time to get stories posted. A whole new circus has been invited into the building, One of the neighbors (a Non believer of the worst kind) bought a Ouija board and began "playing" with it. After all its "just a game" because ghosts and demons aren't real.

Unfortunately this invited a many things into the building, some benign, some just annoying, but a couple real nasties a friend and I had to take care of. Am working the stories out on paper before posting because several people prefer to remain anonymous.

It was not Raven himself, it was an ancestor of mine who shared his name. My guardians are very different, more feline than birdlike, except one who is not a Raven. Raven has many different aspects, unfortunately I do not know much about him other than he is extremely curious.

I would suggest looking up Native American myths about Raven, or any other cultures, many are similar.
well kwghost it was on the Blackfoot Reservation, near Cooper Lake, so the history of the area is pretty simple.

After being run off their ancestral lands in other areas the Tribes had to live in the area defined by the reservation borders, all their everyday activities played out in the forests around the Lake so I would think its no more surprising to find a random residual of an everyday activity such as a hunting camp than it would be to find the residual activity of a woman cooking dinner in an old house.

I don't recall the exact amount of time, but it is pretty easy to tell when a fire is not using any fuel. It is a bit hard to describe a fire in writing, but when one is burning bright and hot it constantly needs to be fed, in the whole time we stood there watching and trying to make contact none of the men ever added anything to the fire and the fire never died down.
Date: 2011-11-23

They rent to the elderly and/or disabled. My Fiance is disabled.

I love the area, lots of old houses and buildings, and beautiful graveyards and wooded areas.

My Fiances Mom lives in the old church Rectory and stuff is constantly happening, flickering lights, odd noises, and even apparitions.

Will start posting more stories as fast as I can get permission for some of them, and get the others typed up. My fiance and some of his friends had an awesome experience in Beardslee after it had burned the last time, but before the restorations began, but that's a whole story in itself.
Date: 2011-08-20
Thank you all for the wonderful comments.

Everything is going great!

We are still deeply in love and planning on getting married as soon as finances allow.

Hope to be able to post some more stuff soon, been a bit quiet lately, other than the "neighbor" upstairs but that's a story in itself.
cold spots and odd looking apparitions are generally common signs of ANY ghostly activity not just demonic (rolls eyes) and IF you are catholic and BELIEVE in their ways then JimDs suggestions are great and will work wonderfully BUT if you are not catholic or do not believe they will not work.

No matter how many times you invoke the name of christ if you do not believe in him it won't do any good.

It sounds like you had a very "normal" ghostly experience. Doing some research on former owners could answer many of your questions.
I am sorry for any who have a bad experience with a ouija board but they are not evil. I have had many good experiences with a ouija board, I have owned one for years.
Date: 2010-02-18
as for the Black figure, there are many ways to get rid of evil spirits, burning a black candle dispells negativity, contrary to popular belief, black candles are NOT always signs of evil.

There are also many kinds of inscense that can be used, or if you can convince them there's always your local churchly authority, or look for a local non tarditional religion who might help, as long as they arent satanists or devil worshippers of course 😉

The net can be a wonderous source of information as well, but above all you MUST FULLY BELIEVE in whatever manner you choose to get rid of the entity because if you do not it won't work.
Date: 2010-02-18
once again I will say ouija boards are NOT evil, I have had many experiences with them that have been very fun and enjoyable. If properly used they are no more dangerous than your average kitchen knife, by which I mean it CAN be dangerous if not handled right.

It sounds to me like Joseph is the target of this entity. If he is unwilling to acknowkedge anything is happening there isn't much you or anyone else can do.

After all no matter how many times you tell someone a rock is a rock all they will see is a mouse if that's what they believe they are seeing.

I also would advise not using the board with hum present until things are resolved and even better never with him again.
as long as there are ouija boards there will be people who use/play with them. I personaly have used one many times with no problems. But I was taught how to properly use one right from the begining.

I have had some bad experiences with a board or two.

Personally I think its all about knowledge, the ouija board itself is neither good nor bad, its how its used, just like a kitchen knife, it can be used to cut food for cooking which is good, but it can also be used to kill which is bad, its all in who is using it.
Date: 2010-02-17

Youre welcome, I have played both and I vastly prefer DnD much more realistic graphic wise as well as more fun. At least I think so.

Thank you, I hope to be posting more soon.
Date: 2010-02-16

Actually no it isn't WoW its DnD online.

Not only do you comunicate via keystrokes there but also talk throught their voice chat.
Date: 2010-02-12

I believe its on my profile. If not let me know and I will add it.
Date: 2010-02-12

We both have had similar experiences, knowing the other has been hurt sharing moods among other things.

Many times we know what the other is thinking/feeling our friends tease about sharing a mind:) we speak so often with just a glance.
Date: 2010-02-12

Good to see you as well.

Thanks to all of you for the compliments.
Date: 2010-02-12

Thank you for the compliment. You will be seeing it more and more the fun hasnt stopped since I moved.
thank you for the link galley.

And yes it sounds like it could have been something like their experiences. I have had several very similar incidents happen to me. I have also had some fun experiences here in the new home, for example I live a cpl miles from a place called Beardslee Castle and have had some interesting experiences but those are stories for another time, if you are interested you can find the Castle on the web.