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Writing, amateur filmmaking.
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Ghost Through Time on 2009-01-05

It is still the clearest memory I have and if I concentrate on the details, I still get in a little state of shock. I must have been 3 years old when it happened. My mother was an actress; we lived in Hungary, maybe Veszprém at that time. (I'm not sure, we moved three times, before I got 4). ...

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Date: 2009-01-15
No, not really. And my Grandmother passed away, when I was 16. I saw a dark silhouette in the room a few days after that, when I woke up at night. And after my grandfather died too, I heard the sound of his cigarette lighter in the other room. (he was a big smoker). But the woman I saw as a child, looked like my mother, just maybe that 6 years older. I wish, I could return to that place, but I don't remember where it was, and the family pretty much died since that. If it was in that Veszprém flat... Than it's creepy, 'cause the windows are too high, it's impossible to see the pedestrians from there, or to look in.