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call me Hazz
United Kingdom
im from the bottom end of the uk, norfolk (the part that sticks out like a butt if scotland was the head).

Thats as personal as I like to get because I ended up getting a real nut job pretending to be one of the entities from my previous story last time.

As for my home history, there are roman (we think, my dad's a bit of a history buff) wall ruins running about 6-7ft under my garden and the house itself was bombed and rebuilt during WW2. It was at least built in the 1920's. There is a large manor house behind my home used as a bolt hole by the bishop of my home city during a big treasure scandal some 150 odd years ago. Also there is a plane crash site from WW2 a little way up the road from mine on the industrial estate where there has been numerous ghost sitings and my dog refuses to walk anywhere near.
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Am I Crazy? on 2009-03-24

Have you ever had the feeling of being watched? That extreme paranoia that makes you jump at every noise and flip your head round whenever a shadow passes the corner of your eye. Well I never used to have it, especially not in my childhood home. Unfortunately, I'm plagued with it now. If you've r...

The Rings on 2009-03-10

This isn't too exciting but it means a lot to me, It starts with the death of my Grandma in November; it was a long and hard struggle with cancer that really shook my family to the core. My sister and me being especially close to her, even though there is 3 years between us, she treated us like t...

Figure At The End Of The Road on 2009-02-23

I'm back and with my strangest submission yet, (and things have been getting pretty strange lately). This one, however, happened away from my house. It was Saturday evening and after work I had arranged to visit a friend's house as she was having a little get together. It's quite a walk away but ...

Don't Forget Alfie on 2009-02-16

For once I have a quick one and funnily enough this is one I actually don't want to try and rationalize. I want it to be what I think it is. It was around 7 o'clock this evening (16.02.09). Due to a long day we decided to quickly walk the dog then head straight upstairs to watch a movie and just ...

Is Ignorance Bliss? on 2009-02-10

For the last couple of months I have been submitting my personal encounters here. Even as I read through them I can see patterns of when they seem to occur. Usually being when I'm home alone I was in the kitchen cleaning at around 5pm (getting darkish), my boyfriend was at a friends and the dog wa...

Gaze Burning Through Me on 2009-02-03

Now, as usual, I will treat even my own story with a level of skepticism. This literally just happened to me last night and I'm a little on edge so I thought id share it before I forget the details or completely brush it off as something else. At about 12. 30am I turned my computer of (it's in my...

Heavy Smell Of Tobacco on 2009-01-12

Don't judge but I'm quite a heavy smoker, please before you jump to conclusions this story has no "smoky entities" in it. I was round a friend's house quite late one night; it must have been well past midnight. My friend's windowsill is large enough to comfortably sit on and it's a tall sliding ...

Bedroom Fright on 2008-11-04

This is my second experience at my house. It's strange because as I said in my last story I've lived here all my life and haven't experienced anything until about a year ago. I know this seems such a typical "I was drifting off to sleep/just woke up/was really tired etc" but I still can't shake ...

Mysterious Events At Home I Just Can't Explain on 2008-11-04

This is a long one so bear with me. I'd love some outsider perspective. I have included some of my house history at the end. This happened to me earlier this evening so it's still playing fresh in my mind. I have written it down to try and talk my mind into coming up with an explanation but I jus...

Something Black and Oppressive on 2008-01-28

This is a story I have been told by my dad, I know he would never lie to me or even exaggerate. These stories have also been backed up by my mum. Before my sister and I were born my parents had a small house in Attleborough, Norfolk that was opposite the zoo in which they were both employed. My b...

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Date: 2009-11-20
i live in norfolk and can definatly vouch for stories of this place. Its the same around the Mile Cross area of Norwich, it was heavily bombed during the war and my dad has experienced a time slip on the industrial estate there whilst walking the dog.
Great story, thanks for sharing 😊
for some reason I didn't hear Demon, I heard the name steven lol. Might just be my crappy speakers
Thanks for posting
Date: 2009-03-27
just a quick question, have you posted this before? A lot of it seems really familiar to me.
Date: 2009-03-27
Really interesting theory, I suppose that really makes sense.

HobbyHolly, I've got exactly the same filthy habit 😉

Avenged90, I have tried but it doesn't seem like anything has happened. I don't think its intelligent because what's happened so far it hasnt interacted with me at all

MusicXisXmyXlife22, thanks for commenting

Arithod, I'm not sure I like the sound of seeing dead people! 😉
Date: 2009-03-27
Thanks for all your comments guys,
Incense is one thing that we frequently smell around the house that neither of us burn because my boyfiend doesn't like it.
Date: 2009-03-21
very good story, and incredibly well written.
I don't doubt at all what you saw and heard but working in a coroners lab you get to see and hear about some pretty horrific stuff am I right?

Have you thought that I could be stress induced/psychosomatic reaction as a result of your job? Just a thought

Again, great story and thanks for sharing 😊
seems to me whatever is in you home is a pervert!
Tell it to keep its eyes off your woman or you will instill the wrath of god!
its good that your keeping your mind as open as possible to what it could be, this definatly gives you a greater chance of solving it.

The scientist in me wants to put it down to stress induced sleep paralysis, but on a much higher level. One where you are more concious and awake but still in a lucid state so your subconcious is controlling what you think is going on around you.

On the other hand, the paranormal fan in me thinks it can't hurt to explore the slightly more strange. Have you tried meditation before sleeping or even seeing a doctor about this?

Thanks for sharing, take care ❤
Date: 2009-03-19
not to freak you out but it seems to me that something is really focusing on you. It could be anything really, do you and your brother look similar or do you now look similar to him when he was 16?
Perhaps its some sort of lost mother pining for her son. Not to sound like a parrot but have you checked the house history?
your ending paragraph really made me laugh but blimey, what a spooky story!
Have your children got any imaginary or invisible friends? Sounds cliche but its something that happens a lot in haunted homes with kids around
But very cool story, thanks for sharing
wow, how strange. I'm not an expert but doesn't being able to move your legs, especially thrash them about, rule out sleep paralysis? I've heard that's a way to bring yourself out of it, to concentrate on moving your toes or something.
Have you looked into the history of your home at all?
Date: 2009-03-19
I agree wholeheartedly, especially about the over the top "irrational religious zeal" I am very much a person who believes that you can have faith in anything but don't try to push it upon me.

And again HobbyHolly, I things get running smoothly on this site again soon 😉
Date: 2009-03-19
i always love your stories HobbyHolly and really appreciate all of your comments and feedback on mine, I'm sure many other users here feel exactly the same way. I'm with you on what you said in the begining though, it does feel different here. No offence to the mature younger posters but it does seem a lot of what's posted nowadays is very exaggerated pre-teen "bloody mary/haunted school/playing with ouija in cemetary/bad slasher film" type stories popping up more and more. I hope we don't lose you and you continue to make your presence known around the site, you are by far one of my favourite and valued posters.

Your story was incredibly sweet and I'm so sorry you lost two such important people to you, my opinion is, what's the harm in really believing it was him? Trust in what you believe

i love the way you've told your story, injected it with a bit of humour 😉

I once started snoozing and sorta was dreaming when something happened in it that made me jump and land, smack, on my face on the floor. But I guess you'd know if it was something like that. When you fell could it have been possible that you pulled the cable out?

Also, if it was spirit it was very rude of him to pull your clock out THEN wake you up. They could have just left you to it... Cheek of it 😜
Date: 2009-03-15
i personally have never used a board but have most definatly been tempted to. I'm still curious about them but have certianly been put off them from most of these stories!

I was wondering, do you think you could have psychic ability? Just a thought in case (psychosymatically of course, I'm most definatly not accusing you of moving the planchette deliberatly) that could be the reason you got correct predicted answers?

As iv said, iv never tried a ouija board so I honestly can't give an opinion on if they work or not 😉

Sorry for the essay comment, thanks for sharing your story/s. Take care ❤
wow, really freaky.
I don't really know what to say!

This isn't meant to sound disbelieving but have you been to a doctor since? I think ruling out any sort of fit or seizure might be an idea, especially because you burnt up and your pupils dialated
Take care
And thanks for sharing
Date: 2009-03-14
thanks for the comments guys,

I pretty much agree with all of you... Not sure about the artifacts of evil, let's hope not 😜

Thanks again:)
im truly very sorry for your loss. I'm glad you got to talk in his last days and I'm sure it was his spirit your dad sensed. Sometimes death is the ultimate freedom I guess.
Thanks for sharing,
Take care ❤
Date: 2009-03-03
freaky. Did anyone else mention anything when the footage was reviewed like "who's that?" perhaps try and see if anyone recognizes her. It could just turn out to be a misunderstanding
interesting. Well my guesses are it was either a very powerful dream or perhaps it was the awakening to your sensitivity. You must have always been as a child otherwise you wouldn't have been so paranoid about having doors shut or lights off.
I'm glad you weren't scared, have you seen anything the same or similar since?