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JessicaWishon1989's pictureMy life is true.
My stories are real.
I tell it like it is.
I am Jessica.

Bringing you the ghostly stories of my past. And will write them as they happen.

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Thank God We Left When We Did on 2012-08-27

My husband and I were married April 2012, and are expecting our first child, a boy, next month, September 2012. Just to brush up on my life, thought I would share that! Oh yeah, and this story is long, but this story is true, and if you like true stories, then please continue to read! Around June...

Birthday At Rotary Park on 2012-03-27

The year was 2009. It was October 5Th, My 20Th birthday. My boyfriend (at the time) was at work, and I was at his parents house. His step-mom and I had a fun day shopping and dining out. Autumn made the scenery so beautiful that day in South East Michigan. The night was slowly approaching. Lori and ...

Ben Strike's Again on 2012-01-25

If you have read my Previous stories, You can see that I have one gifted baby brother. Ben, has been encountering things of other realms since well... Birth! It's been awhile since I wrote a story. But my ex and I are no longer together. I am with my current husband to be, Charles. And we live ...

Ben's Friend Camilla on 2009-01-26

In a previous story, I wrote about my baby brother seeing and feeling things of the paranormal! The story titled, the woman's voice, and my step dad's brother Henry. Just to recap my baby Brother, Benjamin saw a figure in my doorway at my old house when he was 2 years old. Mistaking the figure fo...

Unexplained Encounters on 2009-01-19

This story is kind of long, but in my opinion, it's well worth the read. Seemingly, I have read a lot of stories that may be like this one. Over the last few months, I have moved to Michigan with my husband, I have been really interested in finding more out about the paranormal. It all started w...

The Woman's Voice And My Step-dad's Brother Henry on 2009-01-14

My name is Jessica. I am now 19 years old, and this is my first story. My mom and dad divorced, but were separated, when I was about 4 years old. My mom met my stepdad when I was 3 and was moving in with him by my 5th birthday. We moved into a brand new house, we were the first owners. Just to...

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Miracles51031: I was going to make that room my sons room because, It is attached to our bedroom. I could literally be asleep at night and wake up and look over about 5 feet and be looking at my son. It is an additional room that was added onto the house. Attached by a door way to master bedroom, where my husband and I slept. The second bedroom to the house was 3 rooms away, including a family room, living room and bathroom. I would have to get up, walk through the entire house just to get to that room. Plus the second bedroom is where my husband kept all his computers. He used it as his office. And after the "cleansing" of the house back in December, we never really had any other bad experiences in that room anyways. So I thought the room was safe. Even my brother said the room was safe, but he was apparently mistaken himself. I do not understand that house. I do not understand that room. But every time I go there, I always can't wait to leave. My husband still goes these maybe once or two times a week. But he has told me that he is going to take the rest of his computers and inventory from the house and store them in a storage shed or at his Booth at the local flea mkt. He has an inside booth with a storage unit behind it.

Night_Vampire: Thank You! I am glad you enjoy my stories. I only post true accounts, so when more stories make present to me, I will surely post them. I could ask my family members about their paranormal experiences and write about them. My grandmother, whom is a bible hugging, do good, church going, not going to believe unless I see with my own two eyes, kind of woman actually has a lot of stories of her own from back when my mom was just a kid. I'd love to ask my grandpa again about his encounters, But he passed away back in April 2011. Boy he had some great stories!

Sywren: I do not know of anyone who wishes ill upon me. Or anyone whom has died that would want to do harm to me or my child. I have had 3 miscarriages over a 4 year period. My ex fiance, of 2 1/2 years lost 3 pregnancies. One at 6 weeks, one at 9 weeks and I knew about the third one for just a week before I lost it. It could be possible that those baby's souls could be jealous. But then again I don't believe in that sort of thing. I believe if a child dies in the womb, no matter how far along you are... It just goes straight to Heaven and becomes angels. But as far as I know, every body that I know are very happy that Charles and I are about to have a baby. Wish he would come already, lol... I'm about done being pregnant.

BadJuuJuu: Thank you for the kind words on our upcoming arrival. And yes it is true, Sometimes you just know. As weird as it is for me to say now, I wouldn't have said this then... But I thank God the roof caved in when it did. I think that was someone or something looking out for me. Telling me to get out now before this baby came. Because I swear I would never be able to live with myself if My baby had gotten hurt by anything that could've happened in that house. I believe it was a sign from someone telling me that now was the time to leave. Because if the roof never would have gave, we would still be living there!

27flowers: Yes, it is very strange... Very alarming! It's weird how these things make their way into an location! I wonder why and how those bee's got in there. They were just regular honey bees. Not wasps or anything. And how did they all die in such short time? They weren't there in the morning, and by the time our friend got home they were all dead. It's very strange. That is a question that may forever go unanswered!

JayGamer: yes! We do need to get from that place. My husband and closing up shop from there. Relocating all his computers and software and every thing that is his to his other location. Our friend is already planning on moving out, hopefully by the end of this week. We are done with that place. Since I have posted this story, more things have happened. Mostly home repair problems. Our friend shuts all the breakers off before he leaves for work to save on electricity. Only leaving the one to the kitchen on for the refrigerator. Because my husband still is running somewhat of a business out of that place, he pays half the electric bill. But the electric bill is in my name So I make it very clear how I don't want my credit messed up because they can't afford the bill, you do have to remember that we also have the bills at our new apartment. So that is why they do this. But our friend is moving out, Not quite sure why. He just came to us one day and said, hey I found another place to live... I'll be moving out by such and such date. So we're like ok, cool... Means I can cut electric and get my deposit back. LOL
Hi Jay,
We actually did a cleansing Back in December. It was calm and quiet until about ehh, maybe march. But when we thought the "spirit" was back... It wasn't nearly as bad as before. So we mainly just lived with it. And every knock or bang we heard... My husband and I would just say, yupp, the prankster must be back. But it wasn't until after we had found this apartment and moved our bed over, did things start to get (violent) so to speak. No one believes me about the toaster oven. My husband and I were clearly not near it, thinking of using it or planning to use it. I wouldn't prepare not one more meal in that house. And besides, why would we need it when we just had come back from a big Chinese dinner?

Charles' friend, the landlord of the place, actually got in my face and told me... If I were going to talk about ghost stuff again... To just get out of his house. But when the swarm of Bee's all came in and died within that amount of time span... Even He did not have a valid explanation. He is the kind to believe if you let the paranormal into your home or into your mind... Then your asking for it. And no I am not asking for any of it. It just sorta happens.

Anyways, to say the least... My son is Due September 20, and I am just thankful to God that we got out of that house when we did. Because if my son were in that room and that Bee stuff were to happen again. I know my son would have died from it! And I would have died myself. Knowing that as a parent, I didn't give my child the best safe haven possible. But I don't have to worry about that, thank the Lord!
Date: 2012-08-27
Once I had saved a short story I had written for this site. The upload page was down, So I wrote the story and saved it in my documents. When the submit page was back up, I went in and tried looking for my story... But I could not find it. I am lucky to have married a computer technician/ Programmer.

Apparently one day, when I was cleaning my computer up, I accidently gave my computer the go ahead to delete my saved story. I was very upset because I had took a long time writing this story. Thankfully, My husband knew exactly what to do to restore the document. He specializes in computers, Data destruction and restoration, are just 2 of the several things he can do. And By the way we are living, I would say he does a pretty good job at it. So, No matter what is saved or even stored or ever been looked at on any flash drive, once it's been plugged into the computer, You might as well have just saved it to your hard drive. Nothing goes away. Not really anyways. Everything can be restored... That I believe. I would have to ask him.

But to want to know the date from which document was created, I can ask him how to restore that from a flash drive. Because I believe whether or not you deleted it from the flash drive, It can still be found on your computers hard drive. I will check back at your story to see what anybody else says. But I myself am not too computer savvy. I know the basics... But once upon a time I thought, that once you deleted something even from your recycling bin, that it was gone for good. I was sadly mistaken!
He is 3. He is too young for mental issues. Mental issues are created through Life experiences. No one is born Mental. Or at least I don't think so! He could be like my baby brother who is now 12. But Ben has been seeing and hearing, feeling and talking to these "things" since he could talk. Ben might even have seen them since Birth, But we didn't know until he could tell us, a little after 2nd birthday. Ben still sees and communicates with the dead on a regular basis. He is what is known as a psychic medium. And boy have I gotten a lot of answers to a lot of questions with the help of Ben. Your son might be frightened because He does not know what they are. You can clearly tell that he knows the difference between real and not real. But he doesn't know what to make of these "not real" beings. So to speak. He knows what a real person looks like, and these "birdies" appearing to him may not be people at all. If anything, I would fear that the "not so nice" side of the paranormal have come in to contact with your son. The same thing has happened to Ben, when Ben was about 4 or maybe 5. He would complain of seeing scary things. And when the complaints of the scary things came around, Ben's attitude sort of (changed) He would be very bad. And throw fits and not listen to our parents. He was be a very bad child as far as behavior. But never acted this way in public. Only at home, where we assume the bad people would come and stay. Anyways... If this persists, you might assume your son has the gift. But it may go away after all, toddlers and youngsters are susceptible to these things. That we all know! Good luck. Also, if this never changes or gets more common or worse as he gets older, You may have to accept the same thing our family had to, the fact that Ben has a gift is a given. And we've had to learn to always handle it. And be supportive for Ben as these things never went away. And like I said he is 12 years old now. And too young to be considered an innocent youngster.
Date: 2012-04-03
Casper: I was born and raised in Florida. So my definition of cold is anything lower the 55 degrees. It was autumn, not freezing. Not like snow on the ground or anything. It might of been 50 something degrees. And no it couldn't have been a ball because if it were, I would have felt a hard impact on my face. As this ghostly head went right into me. And my ex and Lori were standing behind me, not in front of me! I didn't feel any impact at all except for the cold gust of wind. And I know it was in the shape of a head. It flew at me so fast I couldn't make out any facial features. But it was most certainly something... That looked like a head that flew right into my head. Lori was standing about 5 feet behind me with her flash light. So it wasn't moisture cold or anything. The air was dry, not damp! And when I got out of the car to check the exhaust, I saw no smoke on my side of the car, not from anywhere. Not from the exhaust there was nothing visible on my side of the car until I got back into the drivers seat to reach for my seat belt. And yes my ex was a big scaredy cat!

Harley: I was curious, and was always taught not to run away from my fears. I went to that park that night to try and see something, anything. And I wasn't going until I was satisfied! I grew up with ghosties always being a part of my life. So this was nothing new!
Date: 2012-03-30
evgenija79 and westfire05:
I am 22 years old, I was not around when the murder happened. All I know is what people have told me. I do however have a copy of "A little girl is missing" By Samuel Roen. I have it right here in front of me. And I have read it. So What I have read from this book is pretty much the only viable information I have on this case! All I know is my little brother has seen her. Has spoke with her... Has communicated with her on several occasions. He has not seen her in almost 2 years now. But I still have the memories of our talks about her. I still have the pictures he has drawn about her. And I have reason to believe that her little dog is still with her. I often drive by her house on 16th street, I like to... Because even though the times have changed, that was still the house she lived in. And Ben has had such a powerful connection with her. I have case summaries about her. I have newspaper articles. I have the book, I have the picture. And I will always have what Ben has to say about her! It is sad to know that almost 40 years after her murder she still was on earth. I do believe that through my brother though, she was able to pass. I really hope so... Because the last recall we had with her, Ben told me something that I won't mention here. But I have reason to believe that she is with God now. She was murdered... She maybe just wanted another child to understand her... But one never came along until ben!

Date: 2012-03-28
Yeah. It was the scariest night of my life. I have never ever seen anything take any ghostly form. And the head flew at me so fast, I couldn't make out facial features or anything, I couldn't tell you if it were male or female. All I could tell you that it was a head, a little brighter then the forest behind it. So it wasn't glowing or anything, It was probably the same color my skin would have been that night under the dark sky and no noticeable moon. It didn't scream or make any noise. The only thing I heard was the sound of gusting wind. But by far my creepiest experience EVER!

If I were in any kind of right mind, I would have left Rotary park after we all ran back to the car. That's what I usually would have done. But, for some reason... That I can't recall, I felt as though I needed to stay a bit longer. Those screams, that head, The wind gushing at me... Made me feel like it was trying to communicate with me or something. And that is why we went there that night, afterall!

So I don't know. I no longer live in Michigan, I live back in Florida now. But I went to Rotary park several times during the day after that. My ex and I went there one day to walk the nature trails. And they have signs and posted colors around so you don't get lost, So we followed the signs. Low and behold though, We were lost. I would say we were lost in those woods for about 2-2 1/2 hours. We stopped seeing people. We thought if we would follow the other people, we'd find our way back. Well somehow, the people got away from us. We ended up on the other side of the mile wide wooded trail on 6 mile Road, I believe the road was. Rotary park was on 5 Mile Road and Merriman. As you can presume, the mile road's are a mile apart.

So we came out of the trail on 6 mile and Merriman. We had to walk all the way back in the park. This time we walked around. Not through it. So we were walking on the mail road, MiddleBelt. After we walked from 6 mile to 5 mile. We had to walk another 2-3 miles down 5 mile road. Then a half mile from the park entrance to our car. Needless to say, the legend of the Park didn't help us that day. The little girls, In white dresses who were murdered there... Are supposed to help trail walkers if they get lost. Maybe they remembered me or something... But we Got no help from no one... And we were very exhausted!
Crap. I agree with IsandHu. I think I'm some how going to be thinking of yours and the last post I read on here! Not a good thing to do 11:59pm. Knowing you're getting sleep and probably going to head for Bed Soon anyways... Just Crap!
Date: 2012-03-27
I have recorded myself asleep. I did so as a self study, to see what I was doing during the night to cause my hard, groggy and sometimes painful mornings.

I have done this on 3 occasions. And all three, my fiance magically relocates himself to the middle of the bed, inching closer to me. I like my space when I am falling asleep... I usually don't like to be touched or messed with. Turns out, even my subconscious doesn't like this either. So every time he would inch closer to me, I'd inch further away. On one occasion (not recorded) I even fell out of the bed during a very vivid dream. I thought that I was being pushed in my dream, and it seemed so real that I actually fell out of bed.

Anyways, the recorded sleep sessions showed me, rising up in the middle of the night. I do not recall ever doing this, So I take it I would rise in discomfort and try to reposition myself.

My mom has told me of accounts of sleepwalking when I was a toddler, maybe 3 or so. I was rise out of my bed and walk into the living room while she was still up watching t.v or doing whatever. She would have the feeling of someone watching her and turn to where she felt the presence was. It would always be me.

The first couple times that I scared her, she shouted my name, "Jessie... Go back to bed!" I would fall to the floor and start to cry. Mom said I always seemed to be confused. She would comfort me until I was asleep again and carry me to bed. At that time, my older brother and I shared a bedroom. If I were 3, he was 4 going on 5... Or depending on which month of the year it was, as we are 18 months apart. My mom tells me of accounts my brother and I had of talking to each other. One night, he I were talking. To mom, it sounded like we were still awake. Being so young, we were always made to turn in early around 7:30-8 o'clock. So, mom would go in our bedroom to surprise us, to let us know she knew we were still awake. She'd flip on the light, "GO TO SL..." She'd look at us, and we were both still asleep. This happened on several occasions. And one night, mom finally was able to see us talking while we were still fast asleep.

To this day, put my brother and I in the same room, asleep. We'll still talk to each other. My parents are divorced. So every other weekend we'd go to our dad's house. And we shared a room there until they moved to West Virginia. So until I was 13... He might of been 14 going on 15. We were only there two nights every 2 weeks, and my dad only had a 2 bedroom house, so this was the only option... Even at our teenage years. My dad was a correctional officer. So he'd have to get up really early for work. And he'd hear my brother and I talking. He too would walk in our room to find us fast asleep. My brother and I would be so intune with each other, One would ask a question, the other would answer. Our uncle said sometimes we asked and answered math questions in our sleep. Anyways... Point in me sharing this relates to my recorded sleep sessions.

In my recordings, I have gotten up... Walked out of the bedroom, then back in the bedroom. And I have recollection of this what so ever! In the other two recordings, I didn't do any of this. I would talk in my sleep as well.

Sometimes I wonder if ever, I start talking in my sleep, If my brother whom lives 38 miles away from me talks to me in his sleep! I wonder, even against our lengthy distance if my brother and I still communicate in our sleep toward each other. He and I are very close, as most of things that happened to us in life, happened to both of us. Our mom and dad's divorce. Our ghostly encounters... Growing up together, he was and still is my best friend!

Anyways, point being... Just because you record one night... Doesn't mean you'll get the same answer for every night that you fall asleep!
Date: 2012-03-27
I too Have my own story of a beautiful reunion. I do believe It is in my January 2012 story that you can read, if you'd like! We reunited a 12-13 year old daughter with her mom and dad. They couldn't be together after almost 60 years. The daughter was afraid to go in the house, as the evil man kept her away. Knowing if she came in the house, she and her parents would be reunited back together and they could finally pass. The evil kept the parents away from their daughter, and their daughter away from them! Beautiful story, Almost brought tears to my eyes. ❤
Date: 2012-03-27
There are many explanations one could give. But, when You sleep... An array of amazing things happen. And all we know of are dreams. And more than the half the time, as soon as the dreamer awakes, the dream is nearly forgotten. Only remembering bits and pieces of the dream! But that is just one thing that happens when we sleep.

Have you ever seen the swirly colored images behind your eyelids just as you're falling asleep? I see this all the time. That your mind preparing for rest, Preparing for the best time of the 24 hour span. Our sleep is miraculous. Chemicals are released into our body. Have you ever woke up with achy muscles? 9 times out of ten, People will assume that their aches and pains are coming from the mattress they sleep on. However, only about 5 times out 10, is this the case. When you drift into slumber, Your Body becomes Paralyzed. LITERALLY! Paralysis happens when you have no control over your body. It doesn't always mean that you can not move. When you sleep, your right and realist mind sleeps too. Your brain and it's chemicals take over. Allowing you to dream. Allowing you to do whatever it is you do during sleep. The only way to know what we really do, is if we recorded ourselves sleeping. I am not trying to say that you have experienced isn't supernatural... I am just trying to weigh out options. If you know without a doubt that you were 100% alert and awake during this time, this may be different. You, Climbing half way on Curt's bed, is nothing more then what happens when sleep happens. That's why people sleep walk, or talk in their sleep. Some people sleep with their eyes wide open. Do I think you were possessed? NO! Do I think this could be ruled out by a logical explanation? YES! Though I may not have all the information or the answer you or I are looking for... I do think that what happened to you that night is nothing more then sleep Paralysis. The thrashing and kicking... You said yourself that the punches and hurt you were receiving were done by your own hands. You did say the screams you were hearing were done by your own mouth. Then how do you not know for a fact that what you were feeling was nothing more then your body reacting to what happened while you were sleeping. We dream every night, Our sub-conscience dreams. And even sometimes while we are dreaming... Our conscience doesn't see the dream. That is why you hear people say they don't dream or they don't remember their dreams, Or you hear people saying oh they haven't dreamt in a while. Truth is... Everybody dreams, every night!
Date: 2012-03-27
Yes... The story seems far-fetched! But in Vidya's Defense. There are many self-acclaimed "witches" out there. And not calling you one By a long shot. But I know of one in particular that once sent my inner goose just a squawking. She started talking about Bogart's and Brownies and tree spirits and elf's and fairies! I was like... HAHA no way woman, I am a realist and these things just don't happen in the "real world!"

A Bogart is a closet spirit. One that is angry. Bogart's Form when "Brownies" get angry! A Brownie is literally the helper of the house. Ever noticed anything shiny that has gone missing? Or have you ever left any sweetie treat out and it not be there the next morning? I thought this woman who was telling me this was trippin' or something! That is until she came in and Cleaned my house of any bad spirits! She took a sage sponging stick to clean my house... Including every nook and cranny! Including my cupboards! In our Kitchen we have a cupboard that we never use... In fact there is about a foot in between this cupboard and our refrigerator. This is why we never use it, because it is pretty much a wasted space. A 4 foot long cabinet door I guess you could use as a small pantry if you wanted to. However, Our trash Bin sits in between this cupboard and Our fridge. So it is pretty much sealed, with the trash bin wedged between it and the refrigerator! So when she was cleaning our house, we walked behind her with a voice and video recorder just to see if we could "get anything" No sooner did she open that cabinet door did her sage stick burst in flames at the tip. The smoke was gone and replaced with Flame. She said, HMM... BOGART!

After the cleaning the was done, I asked her what she meant by "BOGART?" She explained! Later we opened that cabinet door and saw a half eaten, Moldy Hershey's kiss. And we also found my roommates chrome colored house key. Amongst other shiny things. So I believe the whole Bogart, Brownie theory! Because how ever would that stuff have gotten in that cabinet, if no one ever went in there... And no one ever used it for anything? As for tree spirits. This woman told me, when ever you say to a tree, "Oh wow, took at THAT tree... I wish I could just take it home with me." And Bam, a tree spirit has clung to you. The only way to get the tree spirit off of you is by actually taking it home and hugging a tree. So I tried this theory out. Going to a number of trees over a course of a few days, and saying it. All taking it home and hugging one tree. Afterwards, I took a picture of the tree in my back yard, low and behold the number of so called "tree Spirits" I "took home" with me, were seen in orbs around the tree I hugged. I did this with 5 different trees that I found in parks or such. When I snapped the picture, there were 5 orbs in it! Weird huh?
But... Being's this IS A GHOST WEBSITE... Maybe we should all just stop talking about what really is. Natural things can be explained... Hell 20% of pregnancies end in Miscarriage. And 3% end in still birth after 24 weeks. Anywho, to say the lease... I did enjoy reading your story Vidya... Though I don't use intellect all the time, So It was a bit hard for me to interpret... The only thing I could have done with out is the whole... "DEMON, TROUBLE CHILD PREGNANCY THING" Because I a christian realist... I believe God puts all Children on earth, or in mother's wombs. I don't believe they come from elsewhere. God put them there, But it is the parents who is influenced... So the child itself becomes influenced as well... I don't believe in Stories like the films "The Omen" or "Rosemary's baby" The good Lord givith, the Good Lord Taketh away
I am not going to read all comments after mine... But I will respond to this...

Vidya... You say,
""I really do not understand as to how people don't understand with "there is a soul waiting to incarnate and standing by the mother" linking that to "there is no soul"... Yes there may be no soul in the womb of the mother who is not meant to give birth, but there are always souls around the mother, everywhere... When the one is born, the other one is waiting in the spirit world.""

First it seemed to me that You were saying that every child that is NOT born 9 months after conception, has no soul. I am truly trying to understand what you're trying to say! Because to me it still sounds like you are saying every Still born or miscarriage that is expelled from the mothers body had no soul! ALL THE DEAD BABIES HAVEN'T ANY SOULS! It really did sound like you were saying that the one perfect soul looks for the one perfect fetus to share life with. And when a baby isn't right, or is delivered via miscarriage, that that baby's soul leaves the human fetus and stays around to look for that perfect baby! In other words... It sounded like for me... My 3 miscarriages each had the same soul... The soul didn't like the baby, IN METAPHORIC TERMS (just to shorten this explanation) So the baby was expelled and the soul was left behind, and the same soul still inhabits my growing child that is in my uterus now! Anyways, to say the lease... That is what it sounded like! I am not saying that Is what it is, That is just how I took it, Because that is how my mind made sense of it!

On another note... Yes you are right. I was in no point in my life at those times of miscarriage to have a Child. The first time I got pregnant, I was just over 18 years old. And there were two fetus' in there. I passed one around midnight and the second one around 3 am that morning. My 2nd Miscarriage I carried it until I was almost 9 weeks. Passed that one early morning, took a ride in an ambulance to the nearest hospital... Lost a lot of blood on that one. I was 19. My 3rd miscarriage I was 20, and Only knew about the baby for 6 days. So I wasn't as nearly effected on that one as the others. My then boyfriend and I fought a lot, it was a very mentally, emotionally and physically abusive relationship. God knew we weren't meant to have a child. Don't get me wrong, I will never get over those losses... But I thank God for Knowing best for me at that point in my life. That's why I am happy that God has bless my to be husband and I with this blessing. Our wedding is in 11 days. April 7th... But anyways, this is a ghost website... I shouldn't be blabbering my personal accounts that have nothing to do with Ghost's! So I apologize, But I am not afraid to tell of my past... And even though I think sometimes it isn't my house that is Haunted, I think it is me... Even now, After I found about the pregnancy I can swear the residual and poltergeist activity have struck up again... But I know about those sort of hauntings so way in hell do they scare me! ❤
I read your story once. Not quite understanding every metaphor or phenomenon. Then I started reading the comments. And I started understanding better. Firstly, I would like express how heartless you were by saying the lost babies never had souls. And I read your comment on how THE ONE PARTICULAR soul that dwelled within the mothers womb was looking for that perfect baby to inhabit. I would like to express to you that each being with a heartbeat, has a soul. The heart starts beating just 2 weeks after conception. Usually before a woman knows she is even pregnant yet. I did take offence to this, Because I am a christian. I do believe in my ways. I do not follow everything in Christianity because I am also a woman of reason and medicine! But I took offence because I myself have had 3 miscarriages. And I know, being a christian that each one of my pregnancies had their own soul and spirit, That I will meet with again when I die and go to heaven to be with them! I am pregnant for the 4th time. So far so good. My baby has a healthy heartbeat and is growing well. And I know this child like the others has it's OWN soul! I am just under 15 weeks. I have never made it past 8 1/2 weeks gestation! I didn't quite understand what you meant by "peeking into the mothers womb to see an evil black demon face" obviously you didn't actually do that. So I take that as a metaphor. I also take it you have probably never been pregnant. Let alone lost an unborn child. If you are a christian as you so claim to be, then why are you so quick to pass judgement? God himself says, Only he can judge people. I try to be open-minded... So I won't be quick to stereotype you as you did this Amish family. But I truly do think that you're being hypocritical with your words. You are wanting this family to open up upon spiritual things and have more of an open mind when doing so. Maybe before you're quick to speak you should think before you do! Your very first sentences say how judgmental you are. That they are probably poor or do not like black people. If you have to use the word probably... Then you do not know this for a fact.

I also would like to comment on the others as well. Though I have my dearest sympathies for Miracles and acuteangels and the others who have also lost. But again I would have to say, not to be so quick in expressing negativity. Though I know it is hard to hold a tongue especially when the words being said can unknowingly put the poster at risk for expressing something he or she doesn't know who or why it'll effect any given person! I was offended by what she said. As I will probably never get over my losses!

But, Vidya_amani... You do have to understand that this is a ghost website... And personal references to real life events that aren't supernatural can be offensive! I pray that you never have to ever lose a child... Born or not... It is a terrible thing to have to go through. I Wish this upon no one. And I pray to you that next time you aren't so quick to get up in someones face/Computer screen! Don't be quick to be harsh. And May the spirit of whomever you worship reside with you!

God bless,
First I'd like to thank you for your service for us! Thank you very much!

I would listen to your wife. Not all supernatural can be played off as something else. If she says she's been haunted... Just believe her. Your support and service to your family (your wife) is really important. Like you said, You have seen war. But this has scared you. If you yourself have been scared by this. Just assume that it's real! I was having a hard time to get my hubby to be to believe me. I have had my mother and my father both explain to him that this isn't the first time this has happened to me. I am 22 so my childhood years are still so fresh in my mind! Truth is... When a person thinks they are haunted with no belief by their made support (your wife and you) she will usually always get frustrated with you. So even if you don't believe her. Make her feel like you do! I would have to say that your house is haunted, maybe not the house itself. But maybe your wife is, So the only way "they" can let you know they are there... They have to do so by the house. Just support her in all she says. If she seems perfectly sane... Then why question her? Good luck... And again thank you!
Date: 2010-02-23
yeah... I guess that would be true about taps and paranormal state. I guess its not all its about on tv. And it is suppost to be entertainment! But taps still does occasionally private residence!
I dunno, the best bet would be for that guy to contact a local place, and still I havn't heard of a paranormal research group charging large amounts for an investigation! 😜
Date: 2010-02-23
Yes Ryan is very good to me. Its just the odd dreams are getting to me.

But I commend you. Because I wouldnt' know how to deal with that. I have always had a fear of seeing something while I'm wide awake in bed at 3am. I don't know what the 3 O'clock hour has on the spirit realm, but when I awake during the night its anywhere between 3am-3:30 am. I don't know why, But its like I wake quite often during that time.

Maybe you could be suffering from sleep parylsis. Or something, Maybe its just all in your mind, yet I can't hardly see how that could be, beings your wide awake. I dunno. Maybe its night terrors, another aspect of the mind. The human mind has a mind of its own LOL! And somebody once told me that there's no such thing as the spirit world or ghosts or anything to do with it, Its all in my mind. However, I don't believe that, I know there's a spirit realm, seeing and feeling and living through it is my proof! ❤
Okay, this may seem a little odd or whatever, But If you live in the united states... You can try contacting very well known investigators that will not charge you. First is the T.A.P.S- Paranormal group, out of new england in the united states. Or there is another one called Paranormal research society, Or PRS! They both have shows on tv. If you are familiar with them then you know this. Taps in on syfy and prs is on A&E called paranormal state. They are real peolpe doing real investigations. And your problem seems severe enough that would come to you, I know that TAPS is free of charge, they may ask for gas money at the end. But other than that the investigation is free of charge!

On another note. My house is full of mirrors literally, there's a more than one mirror in every single room, including the kitchen over my bar. And sometimes when I'm at my PC, I see something out of the corner of my eye of a reflection of some sort in the mirrors. They have nvr really scared me, But they do get to me every once in a while.

And another thing you can do is look up to see if there is any paranormal research societies in your area. If your religious, most preachers, pastors, fathers or priests will do a house blessing free of charge. In fact its almost baffleing to hear that these things come so expensive. If its a psychic you want, then I can understand the cost. But most paranormal groups have a psychic in their group that tags along on each investigation. It may take a while for the well known paranormal groups on television to come. So I would reccomend a more local group. And if they do cost, its bogus! Because I have nvr heard of a paranormal investigator demanding a fee for an evaluation.

Maybe you can do some evp work on your own, Maybe with your girlfriend, or some other friends. EVP=electronic voice phenomena. You should try it to see if you get anything back.
God Bless
yupp... Thanks very much you have offically scared me of my own apt. LOL!

In the living room, of the apt my fiance ryan and I share, We have a huge mirror on the wall its about 5 ft long and 3 ft wide. I mean its HUGE! And also as soon as you walk into the place to the right is the kitchen and to the left is the bar, And also the walls of the bar is completly covered with mirrors.

In our bathroom we have three mirrors on the wall two of them are medicine cabinets and then there's just a single mirror inbetween the two mirror covered medicine cabinets. Also, our shower has sliding glass doors on them, one of the doors is a MIRROR! Our bedroom has 2 big mirror about 4 feet tall and 2 ft wide hanging on either side of our bed. And on our his and her closets there is a mirror in between the two closet doors! So thanks... Now I'm freaked out of mirrors, and my apt. Is COVERED IN THEM LOL ❤