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My Girlfriend's Oma In Pictures? on 2009-01-28

A couple days ago my girlfriend hosted a party for her 17th birthday at her house. It was a lot of fun and many pictures were taken by her dad who is a photographer. When he got the pictures developed, there were three pictures that freaked us all out. The pictures show my girlfriend blowing out ...

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Hey Mike, thanks for the feedback.

I'm glad you believe that that is my girlfriend's Oma. (By the way, Oma means grandma in German. My girlfriend's grandma immigrated from Germany so that's why everyone called her that.)

I agree with you that she needs to be there to watch over everyone right now. Their family is going through a really tough time right now and they definitely need help and I feel that if my girlfriend and her mom opened up to it, she could help them.

My girlfriend could most definitely be a medium - things happen to her all the time. However, she is terrified of ghosts and she always makes it clear she doesn't want contact with them. (She yells out "go away" at night before she goes to sleep so she can make sure nothings going to happen to her.)

I, on the other hand, am not as afraid as her. It does make me nervous but I am a little more open to contacting spirits and I definitely feel a presence in that house.

PS - I am well aware of the dangers of Ouija boards. Thanks for warning me though!