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juz want to no more ghost stories
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The Malyan Speaking Ghost? on 2009-01-26

I'm 14 this year but I've encountered a ghost twice in my previous home in Malaysia. (we have since migrated to Australia). The first time I encountered a ghost was when I was seven. I had just come back from school and was walking up to my room. I opened the door and as I stepped in, the door s...

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Date: 2009-04-05
wow...wat a story... I believe I'm a little late to coming to this story by nonetheless its an extremely GOOD one... Who would think that they would find a body at the wall? Well... Good on the cat and serves the culpit right to be caught... Your english is good and as far as I can tell... Its impressive... Oh and do you speak chinese?
[at] surya well... I haven't learned much as I'm still 14 but yea thanks for the advise I hope to learn more... But it IS possible if they want to hide it so the owner can't use it to scare them away
hello my friend I can see that you are going through a very tight process I can't help much though but to wish you good luck in escaping that ghost who might attack you... Who knows? One day you might just run out of supplies to burn and it may come back... One advise it to keep the stuff that you burn at seperate places and some in case of emergencies as the ghost might take the supplies and hide it somewhere else

Lol I can't help you much here though but just listen to succubes I think he might be right
o.o that's quite an experience you hav... Jangan risau la kak awak peri panggil kawanmu read some of those sacred words in case the ghost might want to twist your hand during the exam or somethin but I do wish you continue with the lessons (im malaysian too lol but chinese =P)
Date: 2009-03-16
lmao thanks for sharin your story with us, wow that would have been painful to have been knocked hard on the forehead in the middle of the night... Any other encounters you have? (I always sleep on my side as my head is round =P so I dun get knocks on the head) 😊
Date: 2009-03-13
o.o thanks for sharing your story with us ghost freaks =P well, now we know that some force or someone in another world is trying hard not to make you suicide as you may know suicide is a grave sin and shouldn't be done... I hope you get help about the yellow light and may you stop trying to suicide
Date: 2009-03-13
hey thanks for sharing your experience with us and I should tell you that rumor says is you see your own doppelganger you would be having an omen of death soon... I hope you manage to escape that... Good luck
this comment might be a little late but I hope you get it... The ghost well for that my friend ii have to say that there ARE good humans and bad ones... So why can't there be good ghosts and bad ones? As they may seem friendly, don't believe in them too much... When they actualy do something (for instance harming you), try and go learn some prayers and hope they will go away... If they don't...i think your only hope is to make your parents believe you and that they can get a monk to come to your house to 'get rid' of this ghosts
k thanks for sharing... And you're at the right place for believers as ever member in this site believes in ghosts and some has personal experiences with them... So don't be ashamed to pour yourself out
ok...thanks for sharing your story with us...i'd like to say that is it your spiritual bodyguard (who protected you) and then you left and went to your friends house but he was left in the house? Mayb that's why he said you left him or mayb because of a past connection? Geez... I can't think...
hey thanks for sharing your story with us and I'd like to add to this: ghosts often visit their family in their dreams and tell them stuff they've been longing to tell... The reason they do it in a dream is because not everyone can see the ghost with the naked eye and it would be spooky if the ghost would write messages on the floor board or something... Anywayz about you grandma I'm glad she came back to visit you guys, if you could tell that it was her through her perfume, I wouldn't be at all surprised... And as for how she ended up going into your dream... Well I'll just say that it is a strong will of her or you to see her and they come in your dream. =P hope this helps a bit
well done for sharing your story with the public...well, the part where the girl's face change into the 'animal' was sort of freaky, I wouldn't want to see it anymore if I were you and I'd most probably burn that t-shirt
Date: 2009-03-11
yo, thanks for sharing your story with us... I must say that just for quite a short period there has been a lot of activity going on in your house... Mind that you have some research about the house done 😕
Date: 2009-03-11
wow...nice thanks for sharing your story with us... And mind I ask does your aunt (or your whole family) like drinking cold water?
Date: 2009-03-11
well...firstly, thanks for sharing you story with us... And secondly mind telling us the colour the orbs are? Cause there might be something going to happen in that room soon and the orbs came to worn you...
Date: 2009-03-11
wow...thanks for sharing your story with us... Can I ask you when the incubus had sex with you did its penis felt cold? Cause they said that an incubus has an unnaturally cold penis... Sounds crazy but yea... And let's hope that they can't eject sperm or else there would be a incubus baby in your body now... Haha 😜
Date: 2009-03-11
o.o thanks for sharing your story with us... Please be quick about wwriting to us another story...well...the door knocking part... It aint that spooky... It would only be spooky when your bro opened the door and some stranger was at it... That time I might laugh my head off 😜
nice of you sharing your experience with us... I must say that your grandfather is DEFITNITELY still in your house... So why dun you go and try communicate with him... Or maybe go sleep in your bro's room so you can hear the BANG BANG BANG
Date: 2009-03-11
nice of you to share your experience with us and yea... You know in my opinion what I think about the cat? I think that your aunt made a cat out of her dark magic and she went INTO the catt and tried making you suffer... Seems almost impossible but its possible anywayz 😉