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Possible Incubus Pregnancy? on 2010-08-17

It has been quite a while since I last posted anything on this site. While I have been occasionally looking at various postings over the last several months, I have been extremely busy with events in my own life. One of these events was extremely spiritual in nature, and so I thought I would share t...

Spiritual And Electric Incubus Encounter on 2009-01-27

I'm new to this site, but I've been fascinated by what I've been reading. I'm a happily married 41 year old woman with a teenage daughter. My husband and I are very Spiritual people, and so happenings in the unseen world are very common to us. I have a few experiences I would like to share with you....

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Oh you are really playing with fire here! Don't continue with this relationship. The more I have read about these creatures, the worse it gets. You could very easily get pregnant from one of these demons. I think I might have briefly become pregnant during an experience I had several years ago.

I totally agree with bldfalcon. If you want to experience a sexual release, then just masturbate. Quite a good many women do it, and you wouldn't be the first. Atleast you wouldn't be exposing yourself to this kind of darkness. I fear for your well-being. What might be enjoyable now will be painful later on... Trust me.
Thanks for all the words of support.

I wanted to clarify something: I've had a couple of people on this site and others ask me if the fluids were real or imagined, or possibly only from me. Let me tell you for the record that my ENTIRE pelvic region (including my pubic hair, etc) was quite soaked with what appeared to smell like seminal fluid. I especially came to this knowledge when I sat on the toilet shortly after the experience.

So, in the end, I definitely feel that I was inseminated, (just not impregnated) by this demon creature. As I stated in the experience, I could literally feel a warm fluid go into me right around the time of this creature's "climax". It was defintiely a vivid experience for me.

Thanks again for your wonderful posts.
First of all, thanks for all the kinds words. It is really refreshing to be able to talk about my experiences. Let me first answer a few questions:

Hobbyholly - Thanks for your concern about my health. I've been to my local Woman's Health Center (OB/GYN) several times since this experience and the msle doctor (Ugh!) said I was looking "real good" down there as I stood in those sturrups! Please...! You know the drill, ladies! Anyway, I'm fine I guess. Of course, I've never told anyone (doctors, etc.) about my supernatural experiences. I've only come out with it on this site in fact, so I'm glad to be sharing this with you all. *Hugs*

DA - You know, its actually kind of strange you'd say that about the pipes. The house is from the early 1970s -- and my neighbors told me about plumbing problems in the past with our street. It just really sounded like a man urinating in the toilet. I mean, at the exact timing and all? It just was so freaky. Anyway, that was nearly ten years ago now and I have only had one major plumbing problem with that bathroom and that was with the facet leaking! Otherwise nothing like that happened again.

Brenda - Welcome to the site. Thanks for your kind words. Well, to answer your question about having an orgasm. Well... I want all of you to know that I was not trying to specifically gratify this creature at all nor did I intend to bring it to orgasm. It just sort of happened (as most things do in sex). I was very curious and I can vividly remember that the thrusting felt good. I mean, I wasn't looking specifically for an end result on my part. I just began to thrst my hips and the entity responded. Again, just the connection that I shared with it in terms of the thursting in itsekf was extremely pleasurable. Also, I was very relaxed about everything during that time. I guess, as I think about it some more, I would probably have that orgasm! LOL.:) *SMILE* but nothing was intended, that's for sure.

Blank - I had another experience similar to the one I talked about that was ice cold! So, yes, I am also familiar with the cold nature. I guess what makes this particular experience more memorable was the warmth (and the peace I felt).

Thanks again for all of your warm responses.