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Like to collect antique oil lamps and rocks & minerals. I foster cats though the Humane Society in our city. I am interested in spirituality.
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Watson's Mill on 2009-02-24

Back on Nov 1st, 2008, there was a public investigation with a local ghost hunter group over at Watson's Mill in Manotik, Ontario. They made their investigation open to the public, so that those who are interested in the paranormal can see what it is that they (and similar groups) do. We bought o...

Haunted Tours Of Ottawa on 2009-01-28

I have been a lurker to this site since the beginning of November, 2008. Only now do I feel comfortable enough to post here. I consider myself to be a skeptical believer in spirits. I believe that they do exist (both good & bad), but I need concrete proof that they are in contact with me. For exampl...

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Date: 2009-03-30
Sorry for the late reply everyone. A family member has been in the hospital for the last 4 weeks.

Thanks:) I tried my best to be as descriptive for you all as possible.

& yes Wanderer, our province indeed have some good hauntings.

Flamewithin, yes, I joined a group shortly there after, but with the family situation I am currently in, I had to back out of it. The short time I was with them, I learned a lot from them.
Date: 2009-02-25
Hi Surya,

Glad you liked it! I looked at the first pic again, & I am not able to see any faces. But that's ok. It's probably because I don't know exactly what to look for. Lol:)

In the 3rd pic, if it's the same spot I think it is, it's just water stains, there is a river at the very bottom under the mill, so there is a lot of condensation... Especially during the summer.
LOL I believe its a quote from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" 😁 In which case, I would gladly accept the offer.
LOL It's no problem.:) We are here to bounce off ideas off of each other until something feels right to you.:)
Hi Allie, & welcome to the site.

Unfortunately, I too cannot relate, as I never quite had the same experiences when I was a child.

I do have to agree with Lazria, that as we tend to grow older, we tend to lose our gifts, because of our experiences in life, being told to "grow up, you don't see anything!", casting aside our faith in ourselves, & relying on logic for our answers, and/ or even becoming cynical in nature.

But with that being said, could it be possible that your abilities are now just changing from what you can see, to something else? Like something very similar to the old saying "where one door closes, another opens"?
My apologies... I forgot about your 2nd to last paragraph. I wonder if it's your Guardian Angel, a relative that has passed on, or the man you wrote about in your first story comforting you? It could also be just simply you drifting back to sleep and having a minor dream at that moment.
I made a typo, sorry about that. Yes = yet (in the paragraph where I was talking about Sleep Paralysis.)
Hi Sarah,

Definitely interesting story you have there.

I don't know much about succubus and incubuses, but the description you gave does not seem to be of their kind. There are others on this site that are far more knowledgeable in this area and they will give you better advice than I ever could.

I wonder though if instead, if you were suffering from Sleep Paralysis/ Night Terrors? You seem to be of the right age to start getting them (I know I had them at your age, & they started going away in my early 20's)

The reason why I think it could be one of these is that your symptoms are very similar.

Sleep Paralysis is just that. Part of your brain is fully awake, yes, the part that controls your muscle co-ordination is still sleeping. Hence the paralysis. As that part of the brain awakes up, the "heaviness" you feel starts going away. The coldness you felt, could be a breeze/ draft, or the sweat drying off of you (we all sweat in our sleep), or it's a combination there of.

The sound you heard of breathing by your ear could have very well, have been the blood rushing in your head as your adrenalin kicked in as you started to get scared (the fight/ flight syndrome)

The child that you saw looking at you, could have very well, been the remnant of a dream you were having, & as your conscious started to become fully awake, she disappeared.

I have no children (my cats are the closest thing to kids), but with your mom waking up at roughly the same time, could just be a mom thing. Moms (& dads) tend to have a very powerful bond with their children & in my opinion, seem to have some type of "awareness" when something is upsetting their children.
Date: 2009-02-18
There are quite a few theories as to why we dream.

On the scientific side, we dream in order to process what we have learnt that day, or in the last few days.

Another theory is that we dream because we are seeking answers to something that's on our mind as we drift off to sleep.

Yet another theory, is that the dream world is the area that's on the cusp of the living & the dead, where both can freely intermingle & talk to one another.

I am sure that there are other theories, but can't remember them at this present moment.

Personally, I like all three that I just posted. To me they all make sense in one way or another.

In the end, you will have to decide for yourself, based on what you think the dream was about.

Regardless, I have to agree with Hobby in his last paragraph. You did the right thing by telling your best friend about the dream, & the message you got from it. I think everyone would appreciate being told.
Date: 2009-02-17
I have to agree with some of the people here (although I am at a loss myself). You *could* be experiencing night terrors (was common for me at your age) & sleep walking (my sister, when she was a teen, used to sleep walk - I just talk & hold conversations in my sleep).

More information would definitely be helpful.:)
This is truely a touching story. It brought tears to my eyes, since my father passed away too, from cancer.

I am glad that she was part of your family's healing of the greiving process (if that makes any sence?) & her love for you all has truely no bounds.

In my opinion, you guys are truely blessed.
Hi Sora!

Thank you to responding to my questions. It has helped me a lot to understand your situation. I know exactly what you mean when you use the teeter-totter to communicate with your guests.

I use the same thing, but only with a pendulum & I get "yes" & "no" depending on how it swings. (& no, my hand & arm are not moving - So I have ruled it out that it's me lol)

I do have a question for you though, & it would be interesting to see what the results could be. Have you tried to see what would happen, if Avla & Shelby would sit on the ground in their respective places, & either not touch the teeter-totter, OR have them touch the base of it, thus not interfering with the swinging part?

Yes, I remember reading that comment too, to be cautious. But here is some advice that I have been taught last month in January when I bought my pendant, I hope it might be useful to you. I don't know where your faith lies in, but this will be your key to your protection. All you do is call upon your faith to protect you. For example I say: "By the power of... I call on my Guardian Angel." For you, the "power of..." can be whom ever you believe in, regardless if it's the Earth Goddess, Yahweh, Allah, Jesus, etc. By invoking your faith & asking for your guardian Angel (or the equivalent thereof) you will be protected.

Could it be possible that they are also doing it this way not only for you three to notice, but also not to scare the bejeezes out of you?

You should ask if they are your respective Guardian Angels. Good news, is that there is no such thing as Guardian Angels from Hell. Hell would have no interest in guarding/ protecting you, you know what I mean? & that's what Guardian Angels do, they protect us. & yes, our Guardian Angels are constantly around us (at least that's how I was raised up to believe)

I hope this helps you & I am looking forward to future posts/ stories.
Pilar, Please extend my condolences to you & yours. My thoughts & preyers are going to be with you today.
Date: 2009-02-16
I am looking forward to it.:)

On the 22nd of Feb, I will be with a ghost hunting group & they are going to teach me about EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena). What ever program that they use to help weed out the EVPs I'll let you know.

Hopefully the program is free (& easy to use!), & if not, I hope it's not to expensive. But I will let you know regardless.
That's a very touching story. I am sorry for your loss & offer my condolences to you & your family.

& yes, I have faith that the spirits of our animal pets/ companions live on, much the same way we do when we pass on.

I remember when my dog Marlow died a few years back. She passed away shortly I moved to my current city. I had a dreamed about her, where I was playing with her in a field of tall grass with a shady forest in the back ground. As I was about to wake up, I crossed a wooden walking bridge & waved good bye to her & told her how much I loved her. I woke up, & then got a call from my ex b/f later on that day to tell me that Marlow passed on.

Ever since, every once in a while, I swear I feel something jumping on the bed & walk around on 4 legs. I like to think it's Marlow checking up on me & just saying "hi! I miss you & still think of you."

So you are definitely not alone in this. As a skeptical believer, this is something I firmly believe in. No ifs, or buts about it.

It does make me wonder though, if our animal friends end up being animal guides in the afterlife? It's a pleasing thought for me, that's for sure.
Date: 2009-02-13
Hi Sarah,

I know very little of the psychic abilities, & I am positive that other here will help steer you in the right direction.

I recommend you go to Indigo or Chapters book stores & look up the books there under Spirituality, or New-age sections.

I am trying to find a good book on Animal Guides myself. Lol

I nearly forgot. If you want to try to communicate with your guest, I recommend that you use a voice recorder. When you ask questions, remember to pause for a minute or two. While you may not hear anything, the voice recorder might. Get one with a USB so you can save the recordings on your computer. That way, provided you have the programs for it, you can digitally filter out any back ground noises so that all remains is your voice & your guest.

I am just learning about EVPs myself lol. This is all I know for now.

I wish you luck & please keep us posted.
Date: 2009-02-12
Hi Sarah, & welcome to the site!

That is one curious experience you have there.

I do have some questions for you though.

How old is your house? Is there a possibility that a previous owner died there? Is it possible that the land once belonged to someone else way back when? You'll be able to find these answers by going to the city archives & look at the past owners & land deeds. Also, it could be a passed family member, like an uncle, great uncle, grand father, cousin, etc... That just came along to see how the family is doing & was curios to see of any "new" arrivals to the family clan. (Spirits have a total different sense of time than we do from my understanding. What's minutes to us, could be months, years or decades for them - or vice versa)

Also, from what I have been learning, spirits could also be attached to objects. It could either be a heirloom that has been passed down for generations (I have my grandmother's sewing machine which will be 100 years old in 2011 for example), or it could be something that was picked up at a yard sale, or flea market.

Good news is that he's not hostile, & because of that, he might be open to communications with you.
There are thousands of faiths out there, that I am sure one would fit your morals.:)

I recommend checking out the Unitarian churches, IF you are interested in seeking such matters. This faith consists of people from all faiths of the world (you'll see Wiccans, Druids, Hindi, Jews, Christians, etc) all come together in 1 roof, where they share the similarities of all the different faiths.

But you & only you will know what's best for you.

One thing I do know, from what I have been reading, is that negative entities feed off of our fears. That's how they get strong.

Good news is that they can never harm us. They can only threaten & scare us.

You'll know when you are ready to stand up to this spirit bully. & when you do, you'll find the strength with in yourself to defeat it. & by defeating I mean, by standing up to it & saying that you are no longer afraid of it, & tell it to leave you alone & to leave the house.

Hopefully, after a few tries to scare you, it'll leave knowing it has no power over you any more.

You might wan to try smudging the mirror. Smudging is getting some dried sage leaves, tied in a bundle & light the tip on fire. You blow out the flame so that only the cinders & smoke remain. You then pass the smoke over & around the mirror. It's believed by a few faiths, that the sage is a natural cleansing plant & negative energies do not like it.

Well, that's my two cents worth.:)
Hi Sora,

I myself am a skeptical believer.

I remember playing on those teeter-totters when I was a child myself.

When I was a kid, same thing happened to me, with the teeter-totter. Only difference is that the day was windy, & the teeter-totter wasn't well maintained & rusted at the joints. So it tended to stay at that position every once in a while, if the wind blew just right. And only with a firm shove (at kid's strength) were we able to move it again.

But back to your story...

When did you start talking to them? Have you tried recording their voices? Do they live on your friend's property, or on yours? Are they friendly, but just pranksters? Have they done anything else since then?

Thank you for an interesting story!
That is definatly quite an experience!

Unfortunatly, I can only answer two of the four questions you posted.

#1) "the horrifying experience that my niece had inside the ICU room".
Could it be possible that a janitor, or cleaning crew came in & moved everything around, so that they can clean? Then again, one would think that a sleeping person would notice as their bed would move by a living person. So, with out having to see the monitor videos, I would have to rule out the cleaning personel. IF it is a spirit, they may be moving the items around to either get someone to notice them, OR they think that the items are in the wrong spot, from when they (the spirit (s)) used the room while alive & they are simply trying to move them back to the propper possition.

#4) "Why do ghosts appear and vanish very fast? Are they correlated to each other? Is there a message that the spirit world wants to disclose?" It's a fact that hospitals have a high concentration of spirits, both intellegent & residule. Some know that they have passed on, but unwilling (for whatever reason) to move on, while others have no clue that they have died. It requires for them a lot of energy inorder for them to materialize. Which is why most people only catch fleeting moments of them. (I have yet to see one myself)
The intellegent spirits that linger on in our plain of existance tend to (but not always), have unfinished business. Some need to be told that they have died & they they have to move on in their next stage of existance, while others could be looking for something specific. There are those that are looking for someone specific (friend, family member, hospital employee, etc) to let them know that they are no longer in pain or may have another message altogether for them.

I hope that I have added some insite for you.

& please keep us updated!