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Hassan's pictureI'm Indonesian student and also a teacher for Arabic and English language.
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Aulita - Love, Brave, And Nature - Pocong In The Garden on 2009-02-16

Have you read my Aulita story? Well, this is another frightening story from Aulita, and it happened in 2003 - definitely before the funeral event. I want to retell back some facts about Aulita. It's a formal organization in my former boarding school and it had purposes, such as love for nature and b...

Aulita - Love, Nature, Bravery - The Funeral Ground on 2009-02-04

This is the most frightening experience of mine. Every time I remember it, I get so scared. It happened in 2004, when I was a Senior High School student in an Islamic Boarding School in Semarang, Central Java. We had a formal organization called AULITA. It's all about love for nature and bravery. An...

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We always had new ideas every semester. Sometimes we thought that was crazy idea or even stupid, but we still decided to go on.

For you who have read my first story about Aulita, I'm sorry to forget to mention that: 'The place where Fu'ad met this pocong IS THE PLACE where I and Wahid tried to shock the strange candidate'. Remember? I forget to mention this in the story.
Of course it's very disturbing to be followed (or to feel that someone follows) by an unknown one. First, you have to believe that it's just your feelings like I used to do. I do believe it's inhuman. Sometimes I feel it too. Really. But time after time, it's really common and not as scary as the beginnings.

Make sure that it's just your feelings that control your imaginary. Remove it, erase it, (or even enjoy it) you'll enjoy your life.

Hope you to be better.
For DigitalEngine, glad to see you too...I'm also from Jakarta, but I spent half of my life in Semarang... Now I'm in Jakarta

And yes, test like this is very sick. 'Jurit Malam' is a common name in Indonesia (or maybe in Jakarta), but we (Aulita) didn't have any name for this test.

It's not important to be called 'coward' or not in this case, because normally a man will run away from a strange scary being.

Actually I have another story with Aulita and it's my friend's experience. I will write later, as soon as possible.

And yes, funeral here means common cemetery.

Some people don't believe in this story, but that's not a big deal for me. Before that happened, I used to walk alone next to silent funeral. But now, I always feel scared. It's like someone's following me at my back.

Necessary to know that AULITA means Aulad Like Tadabbur Alam or 'guys who love to think about nature'. The program has been removed since 2006.

Through this group, we used to climb mountains in Central Java and make some adventures.

Hope you enjoy the story