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Black Dust Falling From Ceiling on 2009-02-11

I myself have never seen a ghost or so I think, at least not the kind of life like apparition everyone claims to have seen. I moved into an apartment in NJ 5 years ago. After one year or so I started to see what appeared to be black dust floating down from the ceiling or like black ink being dri...

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To Rhodes: I do share your opinion on the concept that we are all here to figure out some of our mysteries and experiences and let me just say despite the futile discussions with wolfie, I have enjoyed coming here and being in the presence of true believers and and free thinkers on this board. I personally believe that none of us can say for sure what is truth and what is not. And while I do believe that all of us are at point A, and a debate of from both sides of the argument until there is no more argument is the only way to find the truth or point B if you will. I am terribly sorry wasting this pages time with this but I feel wolf is a child nagging you while your are trying to speak on the telephone trying to give directions to a dear friend. I feel if we address him finally and give him something to distract him rather than ignore him, then the problem will be solved and we can continue not be lost.
But don't leave us Rhodes. I would hate to think I came so late in the game here only to lose some of the best people who are on here because they really care.

Wolfie, I would like to point out on your first comment about your analogy with the the cassette tape. Let me give you another analogy. These experiences are like history. Everyone has their version. I cannot go back in time and tell you I personally saw and witnessed most of what history books have said to be truth. BUT NEITHER CAN YOU! Hence forth you weren't there with white buffalo, me or anyone else. And yes your right, we can't prove we are telling the truth, But then you can't prove we are wrong, and until you can, instead of trying to stand in front of us to stop us from our direction try walking with us. Learn and listen without prejudice. We are all beginners here including you. Stop trying to act like you know the way when you displayed no knowledge yourself. Saying we are wrong does not mean you right.
(forgive me WB) WolfReal: I have come to realize that you seem to be obsessed with proving people disturbed rather than having a run in with a ghost. Which leads me to think that your a man with a mission, which leads me to wonder why this is of utmost importance? We have given our explanation's. Osa has even given you a scientific explanation with brainwaves. We have all given you enough proof that these things are real experiences and yet you seem to still want to IMPOSE your best amateur psychological explanation (even though not proving your own qualification in that field) which leads me to believe if this is something personal. Are you or a family member or pet ill? If so, are you afraid of dying? Is this obsession really just a masked fear of the unknown and an attempt to find peace? I have read your profile it seems you have been on here a month and have had the time and perseverance to become an esteemed poster. Since you've said that we are kids just telling ghost stories, why do you persist? What's in it for you and what do you hope to achieve out of this? It seems as though people have told you that you areb crazy and that you need help and that you are projecting a lot of this onto us because someone told you this at one time or another. You seem to be focusing on a lot of other peoples problems rather than your own. The sad thing is that I have a friend who is an atheist (not the sad part, to each its own) whom I have had these conversations with, its important to note that he is pure scientist nowhere in the middle, but he politly explains why he does not believe and moves on. The fact of the matter is he is too busy living his life working and living his to even talk to people on the internet, yet you find time at all hours of the day,weekdays, weekends, 2 am, etc. And all that time, is spent trying to get people to go in your direction. And let me be the first to admit that me writing this long comment analyzing you kind of points the finger at me as a hypocrite, I am aware of the irony.

I just can't help but wonder if someone is so stubborn in his beliefs, and so determined in his quest, why is he wasting time online trying to find anwers from people whom he claims are unqualified fakes? I think white buffalo mentioned you are beating a dead horse here. You've mentioned to surya that you are at one with yourself and at peace, but if you were sure of yourself and your opinion, again you wouldn't be here searching.

My suggestion is this. If you need scientific, physical proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Google and visit one of the top parapsychologists or go to a renowned haunted house and experience it for yourself. It seems as though you want us to do the work for you to find your answer for you. While we are more than happy to guide you at times, we have our own path to walk. We can't walk yours for you.
Date: 2009-02-16
Perhaps you can state what would be acceptable proof? Furthermore, why do you assume to be the end all expert in what is a real ghost story? The universe is vast,complicated, and diverse. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it didn't happen at all. If you don't have cancer or never did, does that mean that other people haven't? If you are saying that nothing exists unless you also experience it you have a very narrow perception. Not to mention a negative attitude to something like this board that could bring light to situations.
Date: 2009-02-16
I realize that there's a difference wolfie. I never said there wasn't a difference. But the fact is that you claim ghosts aren't real, yet you seem to want everyone to believe only you can have the true experiences. As for the subject change, nobody is changing the subject but you. You seem to afraid of addressing anything in anyone's comments or stories. You assume things that aren't written or implied and twist peoples words. On top of that you cry conspiracy when ever someone starts to get help with their story. Could this be because nobody believed your only story on this board and you are angry? Like I said try the site's sister board for psychic experiences scroll to the top of the page, its in the middle of the banner.

One question, why are you on here if you don't believe in ghosts? If you don't, how can we believe that your stories aren't fiction? Just prove it. And if you can't, then stop asking others to prove what you can't prove yourself.

This is what I and anyone else would expect from an esteemed poster.
Date: 2009-02-16
yes everything can be explained in this experience. A fire in the chimney is not something suspicious at all. It was probably started from a dirty chimney, it happens often. As far as I'm concerned, you have nothing to feel guilty about. As for wolfie... I would research your answers before posting them. You seemed to always want to link a psychological explanation for every story on here. And while that sometimes helps to be the devils advocate, you wind up taking it another direction that isn't helpful. As for your last comment, THIS IS THE REAL GHOST STORIES BOARD! GO TO THE REAL PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES BOARD for your pre cognitive experiences. I would like to also comment on the fact that you like to imply that people are lying here and telling fiction when you make claims of things that seem unreal but claim to be the truth, yet, you spend your time here pointing the false finger at everyone else. Further more, this is not "wolfies board" if you are not happy with people sharing their stories about ghosts here then don't comment here.

People come here to tell thier stories in hopes that they can find answers just like you. Let's try to have mutual respect of other poster's and not automatically assume they are lying. I know your not a liscensed psychologist or para-psychologist so stop assuming the role. People who come here (if I am misrepresenting anyone I am sorry), or least I am speaking of myself have already gone down the logical road of solving these experiences and they don't add up. That's when they come here... To find answers in a place where science has failed them.
wolf real: I know what you are talking about with the slited eyes though. I noticed depending on the house or structure that I am in at the time, that the particles move at a faster or slower rate. Sometimes I see the splotches of color or light but other times, its just fuzz like static on a tv. But that only happens at certain houses. I think its the energy or something but that's not the black stuff that I saw coming from the ceiling. That, indeed was something different with no relation to the glares of the light bulb or something you see when you close your eyes. Besides this would mean that me and the cats have the same problem.
thank you for the insight everyone. Wolf real: I had my eyes checked a while back, everything checked ok. My friend is actually not going along with me on this though, I had told her about this and described to her at first that it looked like dust, SHE was actually the one who said ink into water even though that's what I was also thinking about it. She basically took the words out of my mouth.
to hobby holly: plus if that's the case about what your saying, then maybe what happened to your cat had to do more with his mental health or possibly a cat peed in the room where he was hissing you know? If I am coming off as hostile, I don't mean to, its just that in a former posting of yours, you tried to prove the very thing your trying to disprove in mine and let me just state that I am not looming for attention on this thing, I just thought that maybe someone else saw what me and a friend both see while at opposite ends of the country.
hobby holly: It wasn't anything to do the apartment physically. It happenend there and my current home. So what ever it is, its following me, and my friend. Plus, my cats reaction to the same thing tells me there is nothing wrong in that way about the apartment.