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Is My School Music Room Haunted Too? 3 on 2009-06-22

I am truly truly sorry for not posting my stories for months, believe me, I really am. It's a bit inconvenient to touch the keyboard in my current condition but Eric helped me out so I'll tell you what happened after I retake the piano lesson in the haunted music room. (I have no choice, I'm in my l...

Is My School Music Room Haunted Too? 2 on 2009-03-17

As you guys requested, I posted more details on my previous story-is my school music room haunted too. I once mentioned, I live near the school, or perhaps I live in a teacher's flat. My school is not an all-music school; it just offered music (piano only) as an extra lesson. We do change periods th...

Whispers In My Old House on 2009-02-10

Here's my second story. Hope that you'll like it. This happened when I was 15 years old or younger. I remember it was evening, which day I cannot remember. It was around 2-3pm. Me and my older sister spent the whole evening sleeping in the room. I was so tired this particular day. As tired as ...

Is My School Music Room Haunted Too? on 2009-02-09

This is my first story. Please forgive me if some mistakes occur. This is real but it's up to you guys to believe it or not. It all happened three months ago, when I was in Form 4 (Malaysia Secondary School standard, or as you could say, I was 16 years old back then). I still remember that day as...

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perhaps its someone you know, and maybe it don't mean any harm to you, but for safety it's better for you to have a priest for some house blessings. Is your house new by the way?
Date: 2010-11-10
perhaps the lady is your father's ex lover. I don't meant to be rude but I want to know, does your parents remarried? Like your current father is your step father? Or maybe the lady broke up with your dad and got frustrated and killed herself. The shadow you saw in your new house kitchen, is it a lady? Then she got vengeful of your mother. What happened to your mom's husband? Luckily your mom boyfriend could help you. May he in peace. And god bless you and your mother.
Date: 2010-11-10
something outside your grandparents house might have come inside I think, and you mean you smelled perfumed or something like flowery smell? It often related to spirit though... Perhaps there are two entities in the house, the old lady didn't hurt you right? The second one might had been the one hurts you. Try ask your grandma if she know anything about the history of the house, and asks for a priest blessing and tried to spread salt all around the house to keep something outside away. Please be save and may god bless. Anne
Date: 2010-11-10
that was interesting experience you have there... I think its from the neither world... Something not from our world might tried to make contact with us with technologies. Its not impossible is it? My teach once told me he receive a strange call from a weird number at 2-3am in the morning. Being a religious person he never pick up the call and it automatically stopped after couple of days. So I suggest you do the same. Never tried to answer it if your phone rang at certain time, especially in the early morning as if you're inviting or opening the portal that connect two realms. Be safe, okay? And please keep us posted. God bless... Anne.
Date: 2010-11-10
whoa... It sounds like a violent spirit of an old lady... Have you checked the history of your grandparents house? How many years has they lived there? Perhaps it tried to warned you guys not to disturb the place once is her home... It might be trying to scared off your parents little by little and trying to make they moved perhaps... Try ask for priest blessings or make some communication with her if you like... Did anything happened to your grandparents other than the glass stab on their foot? Please keep posted. God bless, anne.
what an awesome intuition you have there! You could sense a tiny bit clue of danger and "something" other than you were there. Perhaps you're gifted. That might explains why you're not afraid of the ghost kid but got aware and concerned for the old lady and that violent male ghost. Perhaps you could put your instinct in good use to protect someone you care and yourself. God bless you and stay safe. Best regards, anne.
Date: 2010-11-09
the lady and the spike hair kid might be your other relative... And they come there to visit you before moving on to next world... Its a bit freaky that you can't figure out their face but its kind of sweet at the same time. I got the same experience couple of months ago. I'll tell the story next time. Hope you all the best. Anne
Date: 2010-11-09
owh... Freaky... But interesting as well. Did something happened after that visit? Just want to know.:D
Date: 2010-11-09
oh damn it kind of freaked me out a little to hear "someone" called your name in the late night. I experience the same but not at night, its at late afternoon. Likewise, it sounded the same age as me, and as young and nonchalant voice... Perhaps it someone close 2 us... But who knows? May god bless u. Loved, anne.
darkqueen, zzzgranny, well, yea we Malaysian use Britain english so we spelled "mom" instead of 'mum'. Thx 4 the correction btw. ^^
Date: 2010-01-05
Hi there, it was an awesome and scary experience you had there. ^^ that presence might be your guardian spirit, and if it kisses you on the forehead must means it was someone very dear to you whom just passed away, like shahidamrita said. You don't have to worry about the other menacing spirit that harms you as it is there to protect you. Stay safe and pray a lots, okay? May GOD bless you.
i thank you for all of your caring thought. Perhaps I was indeed delusional. Though I am scared at this moment, I would still took the lesson. Like Riena's sister, me myself love piano the most.
Hobbyholly - I thank you again for your consideration. Yeah, I would take your advice and and continue my lesson.
-it could be probably a harmless joke told by those student that are bored until they told fiction story.^^
-yup, my mum is a teacher but like she just start teaching 5 years ago, d same year when I enrolled into this school so I don't think she know anything.
-you're mistaken actually, I've never lend my things to my friends. I'm tired of lending things to my friends in my primary years and they lost it. So in my secondary year I never ever thought of let my friend borrowing my stuff.
Kwghost- yeah, thank you for caring. I'm also Chinese but a christian. My friend is scared enough to say something if they in my situation ^^ me myself don't know those words Christian always use like "In the name of-" so I'm quite defenseless when facing those weren't from our world.
Ghost boy-okay, I'll considerate taking the lesson tomorrow because you see, since that event I don't take the lesson for a while to cool down my head.
Tonith-okay, I think I'll spend the weekend (I'm having school break right now) in somewhere cool to calm myself and hopefully when I came back to school I won't be so a chicken anymore.
Date: 2009-02-19
hmm... Your mum a Buddist and your dad is a Cristian, that mean you're a mix Chinese and Indonesian Malay? Forgive me if I'm wrong... Does anthing weird happens other than that? I think they mean no harm to you, they just want to visit their relatives. Don't be afraid at them, just plain ignored them or telling them not to scares you too much. Like you too, I'm afraid whenever my deceased grandpa "visit" us during the ghost festival but now I don't. I know he won't harm me... I like your story and hope that you'll get used to it. And like yourself, I'm a mix from 2 different race (not important anyway)... ^^
Date: 2009-02-15
Hm, I think I did bring something from the old house, its a cute white teddy bear. I found it in a closet in my bedroom but I don't know who's its owner. Its hard to check bout the place's history as my old house are for teachers (my parents were both teachers) and we live there since I was born. Its a two storey flat with four rooms for four family. Back to the teddy bear, since we moved in, I've lost the teddy bear somewhere in the new house. So what should I do? About your burning the bone suggestion, I think I don't have the courage to digg it and burn it. 😢
Date: 2009-02-13
Yeah, I get what you mean. Likewise, I'm worried that I might provoked the thing that still haunts me even to this day and make it more aggressive. But by posting my experience here, I can get some advise on how to deal with it from the users, so don't worry,lol. Let's us both just pray that nothing would happen. And like you, me myself has couples experiences on this thing. I would love to post more of my experiences but what do you know, this site is temporally closed to users who want to summit stories. 😢
poor little girl, the father so are insane! I think the girl were unable to rest in peace, so you should help her. The black shadow thing might b a trouble for you too, he'll try to keep you away from investigating the death of the girl. Try to look for information about your house, if your parents thinking you're joking, then you'll need to do things by yourself. Ask help from people you trust and try to talk to girl on how you can help her if the black shadow were not around. All the best luck.
its quite complicated life you had there,freshbaklava. Perhaps you're the incarnation of the Egyptian lover (if you believe in past life and those reincarnation stuff) that it did even make sex with you. It's risky making sex with the ghost, you know? But its a good thing that it doensn't bothers you anymore since the dream. I think he knows that you doesn't love him anymore as in the past, try to talk to him telling him not to bothers you anymore and tell him that you don't love him anymore, eventhough you don't believe the dream. Perhaps you could find about these dream in the net... Hope that'll help you.
oh my gosh! Did it manage to do it anything to you? Its sure is creepy. The thing perhaps from before. I can't imagine if I faced the same situation as you. Try to talk to the thing and what does it want with you. Telling it doens't belong here and help it to find peace. If the worst case happen, request for a priest help. Hope that'll work.
Date: 2009-02-11
dear blank,
Yeah I'll try to talk to the grown up about these things (if they believe in what I say), and perhaps I can asked the priest to bless me. Thank you for your advise 😊

Dear DA,
Uh, I don't think I've the courage to talk to it. What happen if it is not a friendly spirit? My best friend father died without a reason (he's my next door neighbor) on sat morning, I don't know if it is the work of the "thing" that followed me here. He dies so suddenly, he was very young and healthy and leads a normal life, no one knows why he died.

Yes, my brother found me like that, he was playing board games when it happen and immediately rushed to my room to check on me when he hear I'm crying (I didn't mention in that story because its embarrassing, hehe) . I asked my sister a year later (she transferred to the other school and boarding in a hostel, that evening is the last time she spend times with me), and she says yes she did heard the whispers but she didn't give it much thought because she thinks it perhaps my neighbor,Joyce. But I'm sure it wasn't Joyce, she went hanging out with her friends. Besides I know how her voice sounds like...
Date: 2009-02-10
i think it might be quite dangerous if you continue to stay there, but luckily you're not anymore. Bring your family to the church everyday and learn something that can protect your family, like holy words etc. Remember to do some blessings at your new house for safety too and pray that nothing like that would happen again. All the best from anne_k92. 😊