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Towel Trick on 2013-04-15

Aloha, if would like to go straight to my story please feel free to skip this paragraph and the next paragraph. I'd like to start my experience by giving a little background about myself first. I have been away from YGS for a while now because of family, life, and other busy things, but I wanted to ...

The Bag Of Bread And Flower Pen on 2012-08-07

One March evening, after dinner, my wife and I rested in the living room enjoying a show on T.V. While we sat, from the corner of my eye, I saw a dark shadow moving freely around in the kitchen. So, I turn to my wife and tell her "I just saw some movement in the kitchen, a large shadow by the sink."...

Ghost Hunting In Heiau on 2011-01-25

I have been involved with a group that promotes spiritual awareness for the last year and it has been amazing! I have learned so much during this time about myself and ALL those around me. We take field trips, we do talks, we help people understand, and we seek haunted places in Hawaii. We had re...

The Girl Of My Dreams on 2011-01-18

It has been a while since I have been back to this site. My daughter was born and all of my attention was placed on family! She is indeed a special girl to me and I have loved watching her grow. I wrote a story previously on this site before we, wife and I, knew what we were having and it explains h...

An Ancient Protector on 2009-08-12

I went to an art museum on the island of O'ahu for study one day. I was there with a group of other students in my class at around 8:00am, awaiting the docent to take us on a tour. The morning was cool and the air was filled with excitement. My classmates were grinning in anticipation to see differe...

Living Room Moments 2 on 2009-07-20

My wife and I moved into a new home a few years ago. We were happy that we had our own place to rest with out having our family interrupting us every five seconds to do something. It wasn't our family that we had to worry about bothering us any longer. For the first few months everything was grea...

Living Room Moments on 2009-07-13

My family is very close. When I was young we would spend much time together talking, eating, playing games, singing and dancing, and planning in our living room. I have several stories to share that have occurred right there in my old living room. When my family first moved into this house it was...

Life And Death In A Dream on 2009-06-01

I don't know about you, but I've heard that when you dream, the dream is in black and white. I have very vivid dreams, in color. Some so real I can smell and touch things. They play out like a drama, very clear, very story like. I hardly do dream, but when they happen they are very closely related t...

Singing Ghost on 2009-04-28

I had a job as a parking attendant once, and I wouldn't finish work until around 12:30-1:30am. Nothing unusual would happen at work. Instead it would happen on my drive home. I would be pretty tired by the time my shift was over. I needed to find different things to keep my mind active so I would...

Mynah Healing on 2009-04-22

Last week was very difficult for me. My wife traveled to Hawai'i (Big Island) to compete in the "Merry Monarch" hula festival. When I'm alone I tend to be visited by many unexplainable things, which I first believed was just paranoia. Since I became part of a unity I noticed that many strange things...

My Childhood Home & Voices That Call To Me on 2009-04-15

I remember moving into my, then, new childhood home when I was around 8 years old. I was super thrilled because it was so much bigger than our last home and it even had a front yard and a good sized back yard to play in. The strange thing is that when we moved in I started to hear voices. My gran...

Working With Ghosts on 2009-04-08

I worked as a kind of early morning restock clerk at this supermarket near where I lived. My first day on the job I arrived about 25 minutes early to impress the boss. When I got there it was dark and apparently the only other person working was the security guard at the back entrance. He let me in ...

Dreaming Together Of The Shadow Man on 2009-04-07

Back in 1994 I had begun a relationship with the love of my life. She would hang at my house and I would cruise at hers always during the day. Our parents were pretty trusting of us so they allowed us to spend nights sleeping over each other homes, but not in the same room. The first night she staye...

Not Sleep Paralysis on 2009-02-24

There have been several instances where I and other family members have felt a pressure and inability to move while relaxing. There are three different stories I'd like to share that involved three different people, but the same location. About my family home. The west side of our home was exten...

Matriarch, Still Taking Care on 2009-02-17

It was hard to come to terms with the fact that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My family relied heavily on her, our leader. She struggled a couple of years before being hospitalized. My father stayed by her side the entire time she was there. In May of 2003 the cancer became too much of...

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Date: 2015-01-30
Thank you for that BMK!

Yeah, definitely come down and check out the many natural wonders of Hawaii!

If you do come down to Honolulu, maybe I could show you a few haunted sites! I'm taking small groups of friends to different outdoors haunted locations to interact with the area. Its good fun!

Unfortunately there aren't any places that allow that type recreation indoors unless you know someone.
I'd say the same as Val, and Notjustme.

You need to understand fully that YOU are the one in control over your domain.

No one should ever fear being in their home when there is no one around.

I would really consider doing a blessing of your home. It doesn't hurt to do it, and at least you'll build confidence in yourself, and feel more in charge of the situation.

I believe Rook (don't remember user full name) details a house cleansing. I've done it, and it worked amazingly.
I agree with Tweed about not being a friendly man. I've heard that red eyes are negative.

Thanks for your account, 4d.
Date: 2015-01-29
Wow! Just amazing! I would love to know without a shadow of doubt that a close relative is looking out for me ❤

I thought this story was very endearing, and made me think of my baby girl... If I were to be a guardian, and I had a choice, it would be hers. I think I'd enjoy it as much as your uncle enjoys looking over you.

Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more of your experiences, 😁
Date: 2015-01-29
It may not be the same entity fom your youth, but maybe just how you and your brother "see".

You guys both probably tune into the same frequency... Interesting story. Thank you for sharing it- 4d
Date: 2015-01-28
I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, your retelling of Sam made me feel so connected to him. He seemed like a very nice man.

I can't believe that happened! I had to reread his accident to fully accept he had passed.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience... This story is bringing me to pray over his soul.

God bless- 4d
Date: 2015-01-27
Very interesting story. I would advise that next time someone decides to go looking for spirits, to go about the right way and not B&E... Haha, thanks for sharing!
Date: 2015-01-23
I really enjoyed your story, thank you so much for sharing it with us, mahalo! ❤
Date: 2015-01-07
Thank you for sharing your experience, dwmb!

Very interesting, and unique story... Awesome!
Date: 2014-04-16
Great story, thanks for the goose bumps! 😆

Hope to see more experiences from you if you have any more!

Aloha - 4d
Great experiences, thanks for sharing them!

I wanted to just put out there, the I-pod probably wasn't flat, as you say, at all. It seems that the energy is drawn out of battery powered appliances when a ghost materializes, and it could have caused the player to freeze for a moment, and when the entity left, the energy was restored and played as if she were just listening to it.

What ever it is, it wanted both of your attention.
Date: 2013-05-01
Haha, this story made me laugh out loud! It reminds me of what happened to a group of my friends one evening at Makapu'u! 😆 They still won't freely discuss that night when we hang together. Mahalo for this story - 4d 😊
Aloha KiwiGal,

Yeah, my mother would tell me the same thing. I believe it's just a Polynesian superstition, because I would hear the same thing from all my friends, Samoan to Tahitian, saying they don't whistle at night. Never heard this from my inlaws or friends from the "states" though... I should ask my cousins if they avoid whistling at night too.

Great story, thanks for sharing. Aloha - 4d ❤
Date: 2013-05-01
Wow, amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it 😁 What ever that Buddah was used for sure had interest in you 😭 Mahalo - 4d
Date: 2013-04-30

I will try to see what I can do about the sound file. 😐


Yeah, I always appreciate a lot of what the folks at Y.G.S. Says. Rookdygin is one I always seem to agree with! ❤


This has been happening a lot in our kitchen... But it always has. Not everyday mind you, but enough that if you lived here you'd know there was something amiss... 😨 Thanks for sharing, aloha - 4d
Date: 2013-04-30

It does more of a grunt toward the end of the video can't really make out words... Glitches about 3 seconds before I turn it off. 😕


Haha, yeah could be 😆


No, just the sound is definetly male...


I just wish it happened while I was filming her rather than a few seconds after! It's incredibly frustrating. It must be intelligent if it always eludes my recorders. 😊
Date: 2013-04-26

Great experiences! You are very brave to stick around to listen to those freaky noises 😆

Mahalo - 4d
Aloha StormJM,

Thank you for posting your experiences! Your frustration with your husband sounds the same as what my wife and I experienced living in our last residence. Stay strong and patient with each other. When people are sensitive/empathetic to others/spirits, they get irritable with the ones they feel should understand them best, and huge arguements arise in which hurtful things get said to the ones you love most.

Have the place blessed or hopefully someone here at YGS can assist you with a cleansing! Good luck - 4d 😁
Great story ShadowHawk! Bouncing flame head is creepy, but I'm creeped out by the raisin bran mascot too, so that doesn't say much 😆

And thanks for your response Val. I agree totally about place histories. You never know what really happened before records were kept, or residential area's were built.

Mahalo - 4d
Date: 2013-04-25
I'm glad you found peace and shared your experience here, Mahalo - 4d 😁