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I'm in my early 30's. I was looking for new and interesting ghost stories to tell my son one night when on "google" I came across this site. I'm currently married with a 12 year old son and 13 year old stepson. I grew up in the "north" born and raised. I currently live in the south. I've been living in the south for about 6 years and still getting used to it. I am still a northern girl and always will be. I grew up in the 80's a time for "awesome" clothes and hair, and "totally awesome" music. I love Duran/Duran, Baltimora, Rick Springfield basically anything 80's!!! I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a young child. Me and my grandmother would stay up all night watching old scary movies on Saturday nights when I was a young child. We were both intersted in "true-life" mysteries and movies. And our favorite show was even "Unsolved Mysteries". I guess I am alot like her (GOD rest her soul). I love horror movies, mysteries, scary stories, and the scarier they all are, the better!!!
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The Poolside Guardian on 2007-09-20

I know some of you out there have read some of my other stories. As this is my 4th story that I am sharing. I was reading a story on this site and it made me think of something that had happened to me as a child one summer at the local pool. One day I was at the pool having a good time. I must'v...

My Husband's Dead Grandmother and the Hag on 2007-08-10

Do you believe in ghosts and hags? Well my husband does. Although I do believe in ghosts, I don't know about "hags". But my husband is a firm believer after his experience. You may have read my other stories involving encounters after my grandfather died and my son's ghost story. Well this story inv...

My Son's Ghost Story on 2007-07-11

This story is about my son, as you may have read my other story After My Grandfather Died, this is about his grandfather. Well my son's grandfather (on his dad's side) died of a stroke when my son was only 4yrs old. My son was just the "apple of his eye", but it had been a while since they'd seen ea...

After my Grandfather Died on 2007-07-06

This is a true story about after my grandfather died. He died about 4 years ago. He was the first person that I ever really cared about and lost. After he died, I was just looking for some kind of sign that he was at peace and okay. Not long after he died, maybe a few weeks, my grandmother was at th...

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not to take away from your story or anything, as I have also heard of the La Llorona, but you sure your uncle didn't drink maybe one "too" many? Thanks for sharing your story.
Date: 2007-11-09
I think I must agree with all the others! And as Shane said, this one is also a "no go" for me also. This surely does sound a little far-fetched.
Date: 2007-11-06
Very good story Kim. This one will also be added to my favorites list. It is very sad. I was wondering are there any newslinks to this story that you could share regarding her murder. This is very tragic. Thanks for sharing your story.
Good story Joanne. I agree with ohiowatha, well-written and pretty chilling. I will be marking this as one of my favorites.
Date: 2007-10-30
Ashley, Thats a very sweet story. Your very lucky to have your grandfather watching over you. You were also lucky to not have to be at shcool until 9 o'clock! Best of luck to you.
hmmm? I'm a little skeptical to the fact that this is actually a real story. Sounds a lot like the stories that have been told over and over in the haunted books that I read to my son! I don't necessarily doubt that it was told to you, but I don't believe that it really happened either. And what I really find hard to "chew" is that even if this did happen to someone your family knew, why would this cab driver just get up and go home (as you say)? Why did he not go home and get help. Like the police ?! Good luck with future stories.
Hey Derek, Good Story. CREEPY! Short, good and to the point! Well told! Glad it didn't happen to me though! Hee, hee!
Date: 2007-10-19
Wow! Good story! That would've freaked me out too. You should definately research this story and find out if it is true. Obviously something happened there for you to have seen this little girl. Even if this particular story isn't true. If you do happen to find out anything let the rest of us readers know about it. Very interesting. I'll be marking this story as one of my favorites.
I have to agree with Shane on this one! Also, this doesn't quite make sense. You said you went to the house and rang the doorbell and then you saw a glowing girl and man? Also, I became confused when you said your name was on the cement. What on earth did that mean? Also, why did you think it was necessary to involve the police?
I agree with Shane. VERY FREAKY STORY! But very good. I can't imagine having seen something like that at that age. But then again were so innocent at that age so it doesn't really dawn on a child what is really happening. But you should definately do some research on the home/land and see what you can find out, then of course let the rest of us know! Thanks for the story! Good luck.
Date: 2007-10-10
I agree with Abby. I do quite hope that this man's body was placed to rest somewhere other than than your family's basement! What a story. How very "LIZZY BORDEN"!
Date: 2007-10-10
wow! Very good story and very well told and very "SIXTH SENSE"! Remember at the end of that movie where the little boy saw the ghost of the dead biker who was killed, standing outside the window of the car. I agree with both Shane and Abby's comments. Thanks for sharing your story with us. That was really kind of sad to be honest! Good luck
Date: 2007-10-06
can't wait to hear more stories regarding this graveyard. Seems like they'll be pretty interesting. Hope you post them soon.
Date: 2007-10-06
Thanks for your storyl. You know my first story on this site was of things that happened after my grandfather had passed away. That was one of the most devastating times in my life. Like you, after he passed I had several dreams about him. It wasn't of anything he was trying to tell me. It was that he was just still there with us. When I wrote my story, I was told that LOVE TRANSCENDS DEATH. Whenever he comes to you in your dreams or otherwise, just pay attention and listen. It may not even be that he says anything. He could also be showing you something. Your very lucky to have him still watching out over you and guiding you. Good luck.
Date: 2007-10-06
Wow. It sounds like a few scenes from "Poltergiests"! Maybe you should have your house blessed. Thanks for the story.
Date: 2007-10-06
ok, I'm a little I guess for lack of better term "bewildered". You said you all saw somebody hanging from this tree. (and then what)? You all left the person there. Or did you all go and get help? Your story jumped from finding this person to you and your husband. It was kind of a cliffhanger from finding the person hanging in the tree. Also how do you know that the people buried there were treated badly in life? That's doesn't really mean that it's why it may feel creepy or as your saying "haunted". Of course all graveyards have a "creepiness" to them day or night.
Thanks for the story. Good luck.
Date: 2007-09-29
Hey PrincessK.
Thanks for sharing your story. That was very interesting. Once again, I've had "experiences" but have never actually seen any apparitions. I believe this would be a very (for lack of better term) "cool" ability to have. But like I always say, I just don't think my heart would be able to handle that situation. Like the people who post their stories and say they "wake up to find a figure at the end of their bed". That would just be unbeliveable to me. I just don't think I could sit there and watch. I'd probably faint! But I would love to be able to have that type of gift. And then possibly be able to "help" them crossover or move on. I used to wish that there was a way that I could somehow "gain" this ability "nurture" it. Then I started thinking, boy I don't think I'd want ghost at the foot of my bed every night, or have them taking showers with me every morning. But it would still be a fabulous gift to have I think. I hope you find the answers you seek and are able to help him. Good Luck
Hey ghosttalker, good story. You know, I've never seen a ghost. At least I don't think so, lol. But my husband has. If you read my stories, I wrote that as a child he saw his grandmother's ghost. He said her body was not completly human but her face was as real as ours. Also my aunt saw my grandfather after he passed away and she said he looked "pretty real"to her. So I assume that ghosts will appear to you the way they want to. Maybe it has something to do with the energy they carry with them. Although I'm definately no expert on the subject. You know I have a set of books on documented "true" hauntings. One of the books that were in there was called "Haunted Schools". It documented true stories on schools that have been haunted by teachers and students. It was very interesting. So I assume the answer is "yes", that schools can be haunted too. I assume any place can be haunted by somebody that it meant so much too in life. Or if it had something to do with their death. I thought that maybe your friends might have left the room before you got back. And maybe it was just "acoustics" from other classrooms that you might have heard. But I guess that wouldn't explain the book flying at you. Whatever happens I wish you luck. Thanks for the story.
Date: 2007-09-28
ahhh...the eighties. What a wonderful time. Especially the RICK SPRINGFIELD part. I still drive down the highway listening to him and all my other favorite 80's music. But this is a very interesting story. What is the history of the farmhouse? How old is it? Maybe being able to find these facts out might speed your answer to you. As somebody may have passed away there. If its pretty old then I'm sure it has some interesting history behind it. I am assuming that the farmhouse is still there.
Date: 2007-09-28
krystal, thanks for sharing your story. It was a very good one. Like I've said before, I have had "experiences", but have never had an apparition appear to me. THANK GOODNESS! I just don't think my heart could handle that! Lol. I don't know what I'd do if that ever happened to me. But Shane is a frequent visitor to this site and he always has great information. Hopefully he will see your story and give you some good advice. I personally don't think it's something to worry about.It's obvious this woman just "loves" her family and still wants to be around them physically. Which to me seems obvious that's why she stays around.