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Baguio: Ghosts In The House on 2009-06-23

This is my first post though I've been registered here for months. I've had experiences with ghosts since my younger days. What I will share now is what I experienced a couple of weeks ago, and my niece's experience last year. My Experience: My wife and kids are in this new house. About a coup...

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Date: 2012-05-31
hi...was just browsing and I do agree that it was altered. Sorry...

[at] ghostluver: for the first video, if you notice, within the 47 or 48 second time frame, a strange sound can be heard and it was't the kids. Its too hoarse and too deep for a kid's voice. For the second video, the strange sound started at the 6th second. It was again a hoarse voice mumbling something. It wasn't even in any of the local dialects I know that are used here.
[at] JamesRobiscoe: my niece's house used to be a stockroom where we used to put our wood carvings which we used to sell. It was converted to a house when my sister (my niece's mom) got married. The land has been with our family for more than 70 years.

Our house (except for the first video) used to be a haven of ghosts/spirits and people at our house have had several experiences in the past. My sisters attributed it to my grandma's siblings dabbling with the supernatural. I'll post them up as new stories here. But these are the only two times that have really scared us... Hearing a very eerie voice.
Date: 2009-06-16
Baguio is known to have lots of stories and experiences on ghosts and spirits and other supernatural creatures. The most famous is the White Lady who used to stay at the middle of the road in Loakan. She sits by the boulder beside the tree in the middle of the road.
Date: 2009-05-25
[at] TheLightBeforeDawn:
Wow... Kakatakot yan... Marami na nga ako narinig na mga ghost stories sa may Antipolo... Kung ako siguro ikaw makakalimutan ko pangalan ko sa sobrang takot! Wahehe X3... Ingatsz nah lang lagi!
TRANSLATED: Wow...That's scary...I've heard a lot of ghost stories in Antipolo... If I were on your shoes I would've been too scared I could've forgotten my name... (laughs)...Take care always.

[at] Geekonme239 and others, this site is visited by people of different nationalities and could not readily understand OUR native language. Let us be considerate enough to use English so that they too could understand and appreciate what we would like to say. Thanks!
Date: 2009-05-14
this is interesting. Although, before I jump into the conclusion that this was a curse, I would suggest that you get to learn what the causes of their deaths are. Given that that time (60s), medicine wasn't as advanced as now, there could be a kind of sicknesses prevalent that time, or that there could be a sickness that was inherent in the genes. Or probably, an environmental problem specific to your area (house) that could've evolved/developed that could've caused the people within the family to get sick. Just an idea.:)
"Apo, wag na wag kang sasagot, wag na wag kang lilingon. Ganyan talaga anak."

- "grandchild, do not answer, do not look. That's the way it is, child.":)
Date: 2009-04-16
i had the same experience when my grandmother died about 8 years ago. We had to re-structure her bedroom so it would merge with my bedroom and my sister's. Thirty nine days after her death, while I was fixing up my renovated room, the part of my room which used to be my grandmother's room smelt like urine (she was bedridden before she died and would always pee on the bed, on herself, etc.). My relatives told me that tomorrow is her 40th day and that she was just saying goodbye.
maybe something is feeding off of your fear... Something similar to a psychic vampire... Though could be some sort of a demon or elemental. Maybe this being sensed your fear when you were watching PS, and is now feeding on it.
Date: 2009-03-08
hi all. I am really wondering... Why do weird things happen mostly at 3am? When reading ghost stories, they usually dwell on 12mn. But for personal experience, most often it is at 3am.
my mom used to tell me a story like this one. We have a house in the province -- Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. Before reaching our house, you'd have to pass by the cemetery. At night, when you'd pass there (they use a horse drawn carriage that time), they'd hear lots of unintelligible whispering sounds which also makes the horse scared and walk a little faster than normal. I don't know what it is and I wouldn't want to experience the same.:)
Date: 2009-02-23
hi. I am from baguio and I don't think I know this hotel. Maybe you could email me the name of that hotel? (its my username [at] yahoo dot com.) but I know several hotels where creepy things do happen. Had several experiences myself and would be sharing them too.