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I am an english teacher in Beijing, China. I ahve been living here for a few months and stay here with my wife and kid.
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Dead Woman In The Wall on 2009-02-25

This is a story my student told me. It is essentially not a ghost encounter but it's on the same scale of the paranormal and I truly believe it. About myself, I am foreign expat who works and lives in Beijing, China. I have been to many countries around the globe, especially in Asia; I like to visit...

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Date: 2009-02-28
the example with the dog is not bad, they can sense spirits also from a mile away happenend to me in thailand, the dogs were barking at nothing but thin air but of course there is mroe to it.
Date: 2009-02-27
yeah that was what I was thinking, I heard lots of rumours of it and in fact it's it is not the first I heard of this kind but this is the only one I can really confirm to be actually true. In china people are very superstitous, ghosts are big part of their culture but sadly there are too many urban myths floating around that destroy the credibility of most stories. I guess in china 1% of all the stories I have heard are true. This story was the one percent. HOWEVER I had a weird encounter by myself while I lived in Thailand, I will share it in the next few days.