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I am a 16 Years Old Japanese girl, studying overseas currently.
Since young, I have the ability to see supernatural things. But parents seldom believe me.

I love to do what normal girls does.
And also, I love to read about supernature things, to understand more about them.

Hope to get to known more friends who are of the same types of me...
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Scary Encounters on 2009-02-25

Since young, I can see those spiritual things. But this is the first time that it freaks me out that much. It's around 2 years ago when I am in Osaka. I share a bedroom with my cousin. We were given a room at the corner of the corridor as it is the last room left in the whole hotel. Normally, when...

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Date: 2009-03-06
No problem... 😊

I think different people have different way of interacting with those things.

Like some of my friends, they can even smell their presence. So yeah...

It's my honour to answer^^
Date: 2009-03-06
Yes... It is a custom of doing in the Asia...
Most of the time, the hotel will not unplug it... Definitely... But the whole thing about the spook is that how can we still watch the TV when it is unplugged? That is the point.

I dun think the lady in the cupboard and the lady combing the hair is of the same being... They have different features... One is half body shown... Whereas another is fully shown...

Normally for us, people who can see, we recieve by our ears... But actually, it is to our mind... We can hear it... But normally people who dun have the ability will not hear it... AT ALL...

I hope this answer your question... If there is still anything that I didn't answer, you can juz put it down here... ^^
Date: 2009-03-05
Thanks for the comment~
Thanks to Tonith and DeviousAngel for the praise.

And to answer whitebuffalo:
I will only knock on the door if I am in hotel or anywhere that is not my house. Because I believe that they are in the third dimension that normal people cannot see them. So as to inform them that I am coming in, so I knocked the door. It is a form of respect to them.

And also... Sometimes, I juz did the thing... But I dun know it would turn out in this way...

Oh... And also... That night, when we are watching the TV, the plug should be on... And then when the guest leave the room, no one should go in, unless, I put a 'please tidy' notice. That is why I got really spooked by it.

But anyway, thanks for commenting... Hope that this answer is alright...

And I am from Japan~