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The Staircase And The Terrace on 2009-04-07

I have been off for a long time now, but this was due to my exams, and my exams are precisely the reason to which I came to know about the following stuff. We live is a 3 bedroom flat, where the third bedroom is a sort of a penthouse. Due to this, we get the luxury of a private terrace. Due to m...

Ghost Or Intruder? on 2009-03-11

This took place when I was touring Kenya, Africa with my parents. We were in Masai Mara one of the most famous savannahs of Africa. We had lodged in a hotel in the savannah. The layout of the hotel was as follows: - The main building was at a Distance of some 1 km from the lodging cabins. The cabin...

Kali Choudas - Dark Fourteeth on 2009-03-02

This is my first experience I am sharing here; actually this is not my experience, but my cousin's. We have a day in the Hindu calendar called "Kali Chaudas" (Dark Fouteenth). It proceeds the day of our new year. This is comparable to Halloween, minus the trick treat and many times darker. Th...

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Date: 2009-04-08
WOW...thats why people say that pet animals never die for the owner. Love for the master keep them from leaving them, and they always sense it when their owner needs them. Sugar must have been wonderful to stay withyou when you needed her most. Consider yourself lucky to have such a priceless friend.
Touching story,
Hope sugar gets peace,
Date: 2009-04-08
Try something like yoga or meditation to frame your mindset... And if you want to discover more bout him, you can try talking to him, as you say.
Be sure to keep us posted,
hey KimSouthO,
Wel,i don't know much about the history of this flat, but I know that before it was built,i.e.10 years ago, this used to be an unoccupied plot. And as I stay in an expanding city, I am told, that before some 60 years or so, there used to be a sort of forest here. And outside our society, on the other side of a road, there is one cemetery.
Thanks for posting,
Yeah,as dimber says, try to ask your son a bit more about the incident. And you probably should do a bit of research on the house. And I say this, and from personal experiece, you should never think that your kid is imagining things. Children are far more sensitive to the paranormal than adults are.
Great story anyways,
Date: 2009-04-07
Hey core,
Your experiences sre sort of mind-boggling.but I have heard this, and I know its true, that if you see your own lookalike that never existed, it means its a forebringer of great misfortune. Sorry for that. These are even reffered to as the "evil twins".well, I would suggest you sort out ways to get rid of this "jerry",and the best way is to frame your mind against him.
Good luck,
Date: 2009-03-15
Thanx for the comments...
Jaydiie, can tourists staying in a hotel think of helping a ghost? People staying in the rooms are first too doubtful, then too scared to help him. But ya, i never saw it from that perspective... Thanx for pointing that out to me. Now when I come to think of it, I really pity that poor kid. 😭
My guide says he too was some foreign tourist 😢.funny how death meets you at places you would least expect.
ya,but I doubt if a small kid's spirit cn ever be evil... Or it could be a demon which tried to lure you by taking the form of a kid-demons are said to do that... You were brave to go there again
Anyways.take care,
Date: 2009-03-14
student suicide is a tragic trutof the world... And many times, the soul stays back just because of repent for committing suicide... It is most probable that rusty stayed back... I can say this as I am more xperienced in student suicide stuff... As I am a student myself... And also because in india we have at least one student suicide case reported each week... That is because of the unimaginable academic pressure here-due to poverty and unemployment...
Hope rustys soul gets peace,
looks like therez a spirit in that park, but one couldn't be sure if its good or evil... No problrm if you don't visit that place at night
kids are said to be more sensitive to these thingz... Kids and pet animals often indicate when some entity is present there... I have this 3 year old cuzin who keeps on bragging about seeing a man in her room... Noone takes her seriously, but I sometimes think she might really be seeing something... I suggest you purify that house or do somthing to repel the ghosts
Date: 2009-03-14
Oujia boards are meant to contact the paranormal, not to be playthingz... And one shouldnt even try contacting anything with it, as thingz can go really wrong, even resutling in deat somtimes
Date: 2009-03-13
it seems you have an intelligent ghost here and also what looks an evil entity... If not evil, it is certainly a poltergiest... So I would try to get rid of it as soon as possibe, if I were you... So why don't you call an exorcist or priest?
Hope you stay safe. Verleus 😊
Date: 2009-03-13
hey not_scared_anymore,
By "dont tell anyone" he meant his employers... Because if they came to know that he was telling such stuff about their client hotels, then he would lose his job...'and thanks evryone for posting
Date: 2009-03-13
well,this seems like a harmless entity to me... But it could also be a poltergiest. No need to worry too much if you have moved
Do post more about the house! 🤔
Date: 2009-03-13
yep,it might be just an imagination, but one should never take anything for granted. I suggest you keep something religious or so... Jiust incase... And ya, as far as I know, black cats don't ward of spirits, on the contrary, they are said to signify a misfortune or haunting... But as far as I know, this is superstition... Neways thanks for the story! 😊
Date: 2009-03-13
ciel,there was no hall, there were cabins which opened out right into the forest... Thats why we wondered how it could have been a kid.
eyes turning red-but eyes only turn red when an evil entity posesses you... If that ghost was an evil entity, then would he have left you so easily? And if the black family was burnt to death, then how could the man have been an evil entity? I got an impression that this all had something to do with the painting... Do you still live there?
Date: 2009-03-12
yep,as raingirl says, it seems very much like a case of sleep apralysis except the 3:33 thing and the voice. But, as far as I know,3:33 is not a number to signify anything haunted. Have you told about this to anyone? If not, first get a check up and then, if it isn't anything medical science can explain, think about paranormal stuff.
Hope you recover soon,
google images of tantriks as well, they might give you a better idea about them
for knowing about tantriks, google "tantrik"
I will be sharing another experience of mine once the tool gets opened