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Paranormal Haunting And Evp Spirit Voice Recording on 2009-03-05

For several months our seven year old neighbor girl has been saying that a man has been coming into her room at night. The man has communicated with her. He seems obsessed that he doesn't like the light. She said he has been shot in the head. There is no particular time that he visits her, although ...

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I really don't think the spirit is speaking English.

It sounds more like maybe latin or Native tongue. Perhaps somebody who has studied language would know.

But if were in English it sounds to me like "Go away or go...?" The last part I am not sure if he is saying into the light or hide. Or something else.
The recording was made on a simple handheld digital voice recorder from Walmart. The house is over a hundred years old and we believe there could be an Indian burial ground nearby.
We are also looking into whether someone was shot and killed on the property.

The family is just a single mom with two kids. The mother has been very scared for her children and has been having them stay at the grandparents when possible.
my grandfather appeared to my dad in much the same way just a few days after he died. It really freaked my dad out. It was like he came back one last time to say goodbye before he crossed over.