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Other than the fact that I've had many encounters (most good thank God!) I'm pretty normal after that. I've been told by others like me they can sense that I see, hear, and dream, and boy are they right! I can tell when there's something wrong with a place, whether it be it "haunted" or just a negative vibe I get, I'm not sure how to explain it, but I've had experiences where a place's energy is so negative, I stay depressed the entire day just by entering. Although some consider this foolish, it's what I've grown up with (props to my mother) and it will stay with me dare I say forever.
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Who Is He? on 2009-03-10

The story I'm about to tell you happened while I was around three, and is completely true, no exaggerations added. I was 12 days old when my mom's grandfather died. I say this because based on current experiences; I suspect it was my mother's grandfather. Anyways, one day (according to my mother) I ...

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Date: 2009-03-13
Personally, I've never been attacked. I really don't know what to tell you either, to say what you did was wrong isn't going to prevent any further attack. This is a really sticky situation.
Do you have a religion?
I suggest praying before you go to bed.
Research ways you can protect yourself is the best I can truly give.
There are certain "baths" (sounds silly I know, but they help, and there's nothing evil or malevolent about them, they're actually pretty simple) I've done before to ward off things like these, but it's precautionary, and I don't know if they'll help you in anyway.
You can comment me asking about it if nothing else works. Good luck! 😊
Date: 2009-03-13
Also, I don't know why it stands in the doorway, but I might add that every night, I pace through our living room listening to music, sometimes I clean or just think, (for some reason I think better when I pace) and I can literally feel him staring at me, he visits very regularly.
I've gone to this psychic before (no at all fake, I can tell 😊) and she tells me I have a spirit named "Jose" by my side, and that she kept seeing a red car. Once she asked my mom who this "Jose" was, my mom answered that he was her cousin who died years before I was born. In a car crash, if I might add. So maybe it's not my mother's grandfather, but her cousin instead, whoever it is, I am positive it's a male, he visits every night, and he's not evil.
Date: 2009-03-13
Thank you all for your comments! 😊 And to answer some of your questions, No, I didn't feel fear exactly, but I was spooked since it was soo much alike what I had experienced! As for the doorway, I have no idea why I always have the impression it's there, but I always tend to look in directions others don't. And somethign else that baffles me is why was she able to see it, and I wasn't being that I've been able to see things like these for ages!