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Hello Again on 2012-03-20

My grandad's second anniversary was today but I only found out after a number of things happened to me and some of my family today. While I was working in the creche earlier today, I felt something touch off the back of my head like a gentle tap of someone's hand as I was bending down to pick up ...

Since They Passed Away 2 on 2010-08-25

Not much has happened since the last time I posted a story on here other than hearing footsteps and knocking on doors in our apartment. This morning shortly after I woke up I was lying in bed facing the wall with my back to the room and felt someone poke my shoulder. I thought my mum was home fr...

Since They Passed Away on 2010-07-06

My granny and granddad died around April 2010 within 3 weeks of each other. My granddad died around the end of March and my granny died 20 days later. 2 weeks after my granddad died (a week before my granny died); I woke up to footsteps beside my bed. Thinking it was my mum in my room I asked wha...

Not A Skeptic Anymore on 2010-07-06

My best friend (I'll just call her Laura) always came up with an excuse for everything that happened to me or my family. In the end I wished something would happen to make her believe me. A week or two ago she was staying in my place overnight. That evening we were sitting on my floor watching vi...

Old Family Experiences on 2010-07-06

These are some experiences my granny and her family had years ago when she was young. My granny told me these only a few months before she died. Haunted House on Moore Street Around the time of the 1916 Uprising my granny's mum (my great granny who lived here for a while) used to live in a hou...

Haunted Country House on 2009-07-06

My granny's nephew bought an old house in the country - it was a barn converted into a house. His wife heard their baby crying one night went up and found the blankets off the baby. Came back downstairs then heard a baby crying again a few minutes later. She went back up and found that their baby...

Is It My Great Granny? on 2009-04-13

My friend posted the last story as Flamex. We live in separate countries so before anyone comments, I don't think anything could be following both of us or anything like that. All the events that took place happened in my granny's and granddad's house last year. Here is my story. My great gran...

Ghost Or Sixth Sense? on 2009-03-11

It was strange, but I only passed it off as my own fault. But now that I think about it, even when asleep there is no way I'd be able to do that. I was sitting in the basement, just hanging out surfing the web on my laptop. I had music playing, but even though I was listening to music it sounded ...

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Date: 2012-03-31
I found out the other day that my workplace is supposedly haunted and the touch on my head could've been that. I'll write another story about that soon
Date: 2010-10-19
And lately like the day before my birthday I smelled my granny's Christmas pudding again. One minute there's no smell in my room and the next a really strong smell of her Christmas puddings as if there's one cooking in an oven right beside me but this always happens whenever I'm not even thinking about my grandparents.

I had to go to the doctor during the summer because I got bells palsy and he randomly came out with "I think you're psychic".

Just last week I went to him because I had a bad cold and he forgot what he said to me before. While me and my mum were chatting to him he tells me again that he thinks I'm psychic and said I'm more in tune with everything than everyone else. He can just sense that about me and said I can see hear and smell things that others can't so we told him I smell my granny's Christmas pudding now and again and he said it's her checking up on me and all. I found out that my doctor actually studied shamanism and he's clairvoyant that day aswell. So interesting trip to the doctor lol but does anyone think that aswell? That it could be my granny checking up on me when I smell pudding?

One thing I've been wondering, my doctor does hypnotism and stuff but told me if I want to be able to contact my granny or see her again he can do a seance and stuff because he studied shamanism and stuff.

Should I go for it or not? I'm kind of worried it could let something bad into my life. I've heard when you use a ouija board or do anything at all like that 99% of the time you let something bad into your life:s what do you think?
Date: 2010-09-12
Maybe. Somehow it doesn't feel like it's a child I'm not sure how to explain it and sometimes it feels like there's something nice there that only wants to watch me and is curious about me or something, but sometimes I feel like something else is here, something dark that doesn't want me here. I don't know how to explain it 😕
Date: 2010-07-14
Thanks for the comments:) and I guess there was something there but I've no clue what it was.

I had another experience lately.
I don't know if I mentioned it in any of my posts yet - The other week I had a hairband sticking out from just under my bed when I sat down on the comp. After a while I went to plug the laptop in as it was about to die and the hairband was on my bed in front of me underneath the charger. I didn't touch it and I was on my own at the time. I didn't feel threatened or anything so I thought that could be my grandparents 'cause they were always really neat and tidy.

Could it be my granny or grandad saying goodbye or something else (like something I might have invited in by wishing something would happen to make my friend believe me) or both?
Whereabouts in Dublin did this happen? I might be going into town tomorrow and want to check it out now:P:)
Date: 2009-07-16
Update on this story:

Three days ago, my cousin saw the same black shape looking through the sitting room door. I never told him about what I saw walking upstairs. When I asked him about what he saw he described it as the same thing that I saw. He just sat in the chair in the kitchen bored then looked out at the sitting room for no reason, saw that shape, blinked and it was gone.

A little while later that day, one of my cousins' walkie talkies made two noises as if someone clicked the speaker on twice and maybe breathed into it. None of us were near either walkie talkie.
We all jumped when it went off but got excited after the shock wore off and wanted more to happen but unfortunately nothing else happened until later that night or Tuesday night.
Around this time last week, I heard a young boy's voice in the corner of the kitchen. I thought it might be the tv in the sitting room because the volume was up really high and if I heard voices from the tv, it would be in that corner. My granny told me it was the tv, the next day she told my mum she lied so I wouldn't get scared and bug her. When my cousins were here on Monday and the walkie talkie incident happened, she told them I heard the tv so they wouldn't freak out because they're only 10.

Any idea what's going on? Do you think I actually heard a young boy's voice in the corner? Could it be my great grandparents? I've thought these things could be my great grandparents because lately I realised that I saw the shape of a man when I was on my own, the things I mentioned in this comment happened when my youngest cousins (twins) were here, and my other three cousins were here when their dog started running around the sitting room barking at something we couldn't see walking through there it seemed. My great grandparents died before my cousins and I were born.

My great granny died just two years before I was born so could it be them coming to see us now because they died before we were born? Could they be coming back now and again to check on us?

Please please please comment and give me your opinions. I can't figure out what's going on
Date: 2009-07-06
I think it could have been a friendly spirit kind of like a mother because of what happened to the baby. Or else the boy's "friend" could have been the spirit of a young child or something as they heard a baby crying but it wasn't their baby as their baby was asleep at the time.
Date: 2009-03-12
Thank you for commenting, first off. Really appreciate it. And in response to your questions: Yes, sometimes, more recently, I have felt as if there is someone behind me, looking over my shoulder. If I did something to upset a spirit then I'm completely oblivious to it. I deeply respect spirits and lost souls. Anyways, thanks for the comment and the advice! Always helps.:3
~The one from the stories~