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I have a life-long interest in the paranormal.

I owned a metaphysical bookstore in the 90's which was quite an experience. I was frequently contacted by radio programs to appear as a guest consultant about paranormal topics.

I practiced yoga from the time I was a small child opon my own instigation. The program, "Lillias Yoga", appeared after Sesame Street and I loved to follow along with her. The practice of yoga, I believe has given me a stong base and a clear head in dealing with, especially "naughty" spirit phenomenon. To know and to firmly stand in one's self, which is what yoga practice imparts, gives one a strong vantage point from which to dispel negative storms.

Life after death fascinates me and always has. I think of it as a country, so to speak, to which we are all bound. If I were to go to any country, I would learn about the place before I left. Also, this "country" houses many dear departed loved ones. I want to know what their life is like, if I can. I do try.

I have studied astrology since I was an adolescent and feng shui in my adult years.

I am particularly fascinated when I find folk traditions that overlap from cultures that had no contact with one another in antiquity (presumably) where these traditions concern beliefs about life after death, cleansing rituals to dispel negative energies, dream interpretation, uses of herbs and etc.
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The Voice In The Hallway on 2010-03-23

My aunt was a very gifted psychic. She and her younger sister, my mother, had seen their share of remarkable things as children in a remote and heavily forested region of the Appalachian mountains and knew that there was more to this world than readily meets the eye. Still, out of a sort of reverenc...

The Cats Knew First on 2010-02-23

Our family home caught fire in 1990. With very few possessions, I moved with two of the cats to a house which belonged to a professor friend of mine. It was my last quarter of undergraduate school, so I basically just studied and slept there. I knew that I would only be there for a couple of months....

Demon Encounter In Tokyo, Japan on 2010-02-22

The year was 1978 and I was 15 years old. My best friend had returned to Japan after spending a year attending our junior high school in the states while her father was a visiting professor at the local university. I missed her terribly after she had gone and was able to persuade my grandfather to s...

My Encounter At Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris on 2010-02-22

I was 14. It was 1978. We were on a student trip to Spain and France. My best friend, a Japanese girl named Chihiro and I were no longer traveling 'together' as it were. I believe she was chasing a boy, and since I had nothing in common with the other suburban American kids on the trip, I was please...

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Date: 2016-04-22
Thanks, Country girl for your reply;-) I hope you find what works for you. My grandfather used to say "You're the doctor, the lawyer and the judge... Make sure you get the best."
Date: 2016-04-18
Kindly_refrain ~ Thank you so much! I'm certainly looking forward to visiting Canada, perhaps in the coming year. It's very kind of you to welcome me. Thanks again for your riveting tales and for the recommendation of Old_dude, your countryman, I believe ~ (though he does not appear to be that old judging by his references to when he was in high school and the like in his very detailed and fascinating accounts.)
Date: 2016-04-18
Kindly_refrain ~ I got chills when I read that about your sister also getting communication via phones/electronics on important family dates, anniversaries.
About more information on the Cherokee. I have stayed by the Ocanaluftee River on your ancestral lands in Cherokee, North Carolina. Ask your grandmother or your grandmother's grandmother to communicate with your, perhaps before sleeping. Watch for signs in your dreams. Pray for a vision. Visit the reservation and see where it leads...
Date: 2016-04-17
I love your story. Grandmother is from Edinburgh but haven't been yet. Well, in my view, modern science and medicine avoid any tinge of paranormal like the plague. Could part of your condition simply be sensitivity to what is really there? I hope not to confuse matters with this suggestion but I think that modern psychiatry has a lot to learn. Not too long ago they were electrocuting and lobotomizing people. Now they seem to like to drug people. Many of the drugs seem to have serious side effects. It just occurs to me that modern psychiatry does not necessarily have all the answers nor the final say. That being said, you must find what works for you and honor that.
What a beautiful story. Thank you. "Dreams have power in my family" ~ I love that. Same here, neighbor -- originally from Mississippi.
Date: 2016-04-17
Ditto, Angelus ~ Old_Dude is an excellent story teller. I'm right there with you.
Date: 2016-04-17
Fascinating, well-written story. Thank you. With the woman who owned the board originally ~ trust me, no one has to DO anything to make a ouija board evil... My guess would be that the board had turned on her as well, hence her proclivity for passing around protective salt. That sounds more like what a 'good' witch would do. Negatively infusing an object is something a 'wicked' witch would do. I have thrown out boards, only to have them re-appear. 'Witchboard' the film is a largely fantastical but in some aspects accurate account of the pitfalls of these things. They are dangerous. I have no trouble believing the story of how it burned. I disposed of one by burning it in the fireplace as a youngster myself ~ only to have a sort of psychic say I should not have done so. From what I can tell, though, that was the end of it my case.
Date: 2016-04-17
Oh, yes ~ from the other side, they do seem to be able to affect electronics, lights, phones and the like. I've heard even of calls... Think about it, how do we 'jump start' a heart, bring a body back to life...electricity...
Date: 2016-04-17
Kindly Refrain ~ thank you for this riveting story and the other about the Olde Angel Inn. I've long promised myself a trip to Canada and these two places may go on the itinerary ~ or at very least you've confirmed my wish to visit Canada and set a remarkable tone for these historic sites. I'm puzzled by who the ghost might have been and their reactions. It seems protective, firstly but it seems odd that the ghost did not understand you were there to repair something. Certainly there were repairmen in homes in the 19th century. Unless the bits you were working on were more modern in nature? I've heard of hauntings where a ghost does not seem to appear in the renovated portion of an old home, for example ~ only in the old portion which was standing when they were alive. Might the ghost not have understood the security system or more updated boiler and just seen someone in 'their' home at night? And thus reacted protectively? With your friend being a bit of a sensitive, my guess would be the 92 year old woman was able to 'paint' something a bit more whimsical from her experience for him while what she presented to you was just her presence, her shoes sans her. My guess is that it was she. Thank you once again for your wonderful accounts. Cheers.
Date: 2015-11-03
The creator knows the number of our days at the outset... This is a belief common to many religions. So nothing we mortals could have done could have changed this one iota. My instinct about your dream is that your mother wanted to let you know that she would not be alone and that they would not be alone either on that other side. This may be why she showed you their places alongside her. I have heard that it is most common for the departed NOT to speak when they appear in dreams. If they do, this can be an urgent warning ~ of something which perhaps CAN be prevented... The Tibetans believe that one is 7 times more psychic after death than they were in life. She was able to see further than we. She showed you for reasons best interpreted by you.
Date: 2015-10-04
I have given this matter years of thought and one possibility which I am not really fond of but which I must admit is that this disembodied, plaintive voice could have originated from the only adolescent on the premises at the! There was certainly plenty of tragedy to come and my aunt was one who always made me feel safe. Perhaps I was the one asking for help... I believe Hanz Holzer's theories on the matter of adolescents and increased paranormal activity. Often with something like a disembodied voice, the adolescent does not yet have the requisite confidence to bring matters up but does have the psychic ability to sense danger. This creates a sort of repression which can get 'physical' ~ moving objects, creating voices and the like. I'm not at all sure that this was the case but the thought did cross my mind recently.
Fascinating. I like your story and your mom must be sensitive to the spirit world. She is probably powerful as well which is why the naughty entities sometimes try to confuse or interfere with her. I was wondering, would you please share the six-word spell of Buddhism with us? I once had a demon encounter in Tokyo (the story is on this site) and repelled it very similarly, first in silence, but with a Hindu prayer. Interesting about the small Japanese child in the forest, too. Thank you for sharing your story! Shei, sheini
Date: 2015-10-04
Dark early, eh? Could this have been during "Hungry Ghost Month" of the Chinese calendar? September? I would burn some sage in the house if it ever happened again and let them know this is your home and they are not welcome. Your will is felt in the spirit realm and they do respond just like human bullies, when you stand up and reclaim your space, by and large.
You have natural abilities. Sleep paralysis describes the symptoms and one possible reason for the symptoms. This description and diagnosis takes as a given at the outset that nothing paranormal in this world is 'real.' Therefore, while we might be able to describe something 'scientifically' we may be ignoring other, just as real if not readily measurable, by current instrumentation, phenomena. I might encourage you to rethink your 'sleep paralysis.' You could simply be close to unseen dimensions by nature and benefit from facing that fact rather than side-stepping it. While you are not religious, and I respect that, it sounds as though you are spiritual, by virtue of your unusual abilities, which you may not yet understand nor be able to control. With an open psyche, like an open door, you need a lock, you need visiting hours or NO visiting hours~ either way, you have to reclaim your right to privacy from things unseen. While you may not be religious, it/they may and they may respond to it. Please investigate something you can stand, Christian, Buddhist, Native American -- learn it and use it. Have prayers of whatever sort you can get behind to say before you retire and to put things in place if they wake you or make you sleep walk. You might want to see my story in Tokyo, here for what worked for me. Rebel yell, brother. Don't let them boss you around. An amulet for protection might be a good idea to wear as well.
An exorcism to dislodge the attached entity in line with her belief system would be the way to go, in my view. Om nahmo bhvagateva sudevaya chanted over and over while sitting with ones feet in a bucket of salt water is one which comes to mind. In any event, I do not know your nor your friend's religious orientation. This is a Hindu chant of course.
Date: 2015-09-13
Hmmm...what comes to mind is the concept from Islam of the 'roueh' or 'spirit double' if you will which is said to be a part of each person. A writer name Bill Bean who has been featured on many television programs about his personal experience with hauntings described seeing the 'roueh' of his own mother while she was yet living. This in a setting of other hauntings going on at the same time and place. Perhaps the roueh of your Aunty was protecting you from the other naughty things about... Of which she was unconsciously aware?
Date: 2015-09-13
Your encounter reminds me of one I had in the Glen Helen of Yellow Springs, Ohio where a Native American spirit spoke to me. This cry seems like a Native American one from your description, perhaps. The spirit who introduced himself to me was named 'Otanowee' and he imparted a chant to me. It was not unlike one from an old Western film I suppose: hey ah y [at] y [at] y [at] y [at] y [at] y [at] , ho ha ya-ya-ya-ya, ah he haya ya-ya-ya-ya-ya ah he ha ya-ya-ya-ya [repeat.] If I could write musical notes, I could add them to this chant. Rise, fall, rise fall rise fall, etc. Basically in terms on intonation. Your lovely corner of the world there may be hospitable to good spirits of all sorts.
Dear Hecate, I'm enjoying reading your story and am looking forward to reading more. You are very thorough, knowledgeable and open to others' input. When you described the sounds which your son made when he tried to rest, like those of an animal, my first thought really was that some degree of possession may be at work. The young lady may not be as she appears as negative entities can appear to be other than they truly are. Have you and your son considered an exorcism in line with your belief system? Wishing you all the very best. God bless.
Date: 2015-08-09
I agree with Rook, Tom. You are at the 'battery' age when your energies can manifest paranormal phenomena of their own accord and/or be tapped into by passing spirits. Being in a situation where too much is heaped upon you can cause resentment at an unconscious level. I'm the eldest as well and that might be my first thought. This time will pass and your younger siblings will look up to you for the rest of your lives, I'll wager. Try to take it easy and do some sort of meditative or prayer based practice so that your energetic, mental and emotional selves are on the same page. Yoga is quite good as well as martial arts. All the best to you.