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Strange Sexual Dreams At Night on 2009-03-24

I am new here and my English is not the best. I am confused about something and maybe you can help me. My husband and I moved into our apartment a few weeks after moving in I started to have strange dreams. The dreams only occur when my husband is on nightshifts and I have to sleep on my own. ...

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Hello Christ_our_Lord,

Well the whole situation is a little confusing to me. On one hand I ask myself if this really happen to me on the other hand everything feels so real to me and I am enjoying it.
hello byluyster,

Well things between my husband and me are good but I miss him when he is not here. And when he is on business trips like now I am alone. We do not have any children by now becasue we want to wait a little.
hello lucas1245,

Well I have to admit, that I start to miss it when I lay in bed and these beings do not come to me. What mental distress do you mean?
Hello Tonith,

Thank you for your opinion. Well I was never been abused as a child nor as an adult. I was raised catholic but I started questioning all the theories of the church when I was a teenager and I started to made my own mind about religion. I have to agree that it only happens when my husband is not with me and I am alone but it feels so real to me.
Well my cat is not allowed to come into the bedroom. But sometimes in the evening when I am laying on the couch and I start to get the feeling of being watched, my cat get up and leaves the room then.
Hello xXelliemayXx,

Thank you for the welcome. I got my cat long before these spirits came to me andlong before we moved into this apartment. So I do not see and connection between my cat and the spirits.
Hello Mattrius,

Yes I ahve a sweet little nice cat of 9 months now. But what does my cat has to do with it?
oh I see ok, now I understand what it means. Thanks for the help. Never thought I find people on the internet which are so helpful and understanding.
Hello kwghost,

Thanks for the reply. So you can not help me here? Sorry I am german. What do you mean with that?

Hello Succubussed,

Thanks for the fast answer... You really think it is an incubus? I never heard of this before. I was raised religious and I am catholic.
I do not know if I have the strength to say stop to them - not by now. The feelings they give me are very, very intensitiv. I never felt anything like this before.

I am just signing in to your forum and hope we can chat there a little.