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'My name is Christa and I am 34 years old. I'm from the Netherlands. Thirteen years of marriage with my husband and mother to a daughter of 9 years old. I'm not a medium or psychic, I'm just a little sensetiv. Sometimes I'm capeble of picking something up, but never all at once. It's seeing or hearing or feeling. Sometimes crazy dreams, especially during my teenage years I had a lot of paranormal activity around me.
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Little Boy In Baby Blue Pyjamas on 2009-04-22

I come from the Netherlands where people don't believe in ghosts. Only a few do so, that is why I'm glad that I found this site. My experiences started last year in October last year. It started early morning whilst waking up. I was sitting on the edge of the bed trying to wake up (I was still sl...

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No, my husband didn,t. He doesn, t even believe in ghosts and he doesn, t want me to talk about it to our daughter (she a 9 year old). But she is experiencing a lot too, so we talk about it when he is not there.
As for the history: the boy looked pretty recent, as if it died in the eighties, maybe seventies. At that time no child has died in there, nor in my family. I have also known some of the former owners. None of them lost a child...