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Spirit In The Hospital Hallway on 2012-03-07

Ever been walking down the hospital corridors, for no reason you get a feeling someone's there that you can't see? Maybe you feel a unexpected soft breeze, was that the air conditioner or did something just walk by me? It's enough to make a person turn around and look to see if someone is behind...

Baby Crying on 2009-07-21

This just happened to my daughter yesterday evening. She and her husband were sitting in the living room, when they heard a baby crying. Knowing of course there wasn't a baby in the house, she went to the back bedroom to check it out. Naturally there wasn't any more noise to be heard. When she go...

Ghosts At My Aunt's House on 2009-07-13

My friend and I went to visit my aunt. She lives alone in and old 1800's house. As we sat in the sitting room visiting with her, she started talking about strange noises. She said there had been some apparitions also. We really didn't know what to think of this conversation we were having with her...

Apparitions In The Hospital Hallway on 2009-07-08

I work for a company that has employees who sits with certain patients. My patient for that week was a 90 year old woman. She was right in her mind, especially for that age. Well that particular morning, I walked into her room. She was staring at something in the corner. At first she didn't even...

My Father's Ghost 2 on 2009-06-30

My dad has been seen on numerous occasions since he died. Especially around the old home place, where he spent the majority of his live. Matter of fact he died in one of the bedrooms in this old house. This place is located on a lonely old country road, with neighbors about four miles away. My si...

My Baby's Guardian Angel on 2009-06-23

This is a story of what I believe was my baby's guardian angel. We had just celebrated her first birthday a few hours before. After her party I laid her down for an afternoon nap. She had been in her crib for about an hour, when I peeked in to check on her. As I opened her bedroom door, I saw a fig...

Remaining Ghostly Boarder 3 on 2009-05-18

I recently went to see my brother; he took me over to the house that they are tearing down. It was about 6pm when we made it over there. We knew there wouldn't be much time we could stay, due to darkness coming on soon. I was very excited to get there, not knowing what would happen to me. We had...

My Father's Ghost on 2009-04-27

This actually happened to my daughter and her cousin. We were all at the funeral home. My dad had died of a brain aneurysm a couple of days earlier. My daughter and her cousin were sitting out on the swing on the front porch of the funeral home. They were just sitting there talking when they loo...

Remaining Ghostly Boarder 2 on 2009-04-20

You may have to read the first story so you will know what's going on. Recently I talked to one of my brothers that is tearing down this old house. He said after tearing out two old fireplaces and a lot of paneling, they found some old letters and some old newspapers dating back to the 1930's. Whe...

Betty's House on 2009-04-15

My sister and I used to work together cleaning houses. There was this one particular house that we cleaned that had been converted into offices. It was your standard older model grey house with a narrow staircase that led upstairs. We refer to it as Betty's House. Years ago before it was made into o...

Abandoned Graveyard on 2009-04-14

Have you ever been to one of those graveyards that are so far back up in the country where nobody ever goes anymore? Well not far from where I grew up there was this old graveyard. We had to go up a one-lane dirt road surrounded by woods on both sides for about two miles. We had to drive in the midd...

Remaining Ghostly Boarder on 2009-04-13

My two brothers just recently started tearing down an old deserted house that had been used as a boarding house. It had been deserted for years outside of your usual varmits from outdoors. One day my brother's were over there working, with one upstairs and the other downstairs. The one downstair...

She Said She Would Come Back on 2009-04-08

I was visiting my aunt back before she died. She lived in one of those old two storey Victorian houses down south. She was a sweet old lady, but she had a lot of health problems. On her death bed she told me and my brother if there was any way to come back after death, she would. A few weeks aft...

Our Guardian Angel on 2009-04-06

I've heard of people having experiences with guardian angels. But up until now I don't remember ever having any experiences before. One cold winter day me and my sister decided to go visit our cousin, who lived about ten miles from us. We were on a two lane country road that was both steep and c...

Ghostly Voice Calling My Name on 2009-03-31

One night after my husband and I went to bed I awoke in the middle of the night hearing what I thought was a female voice calling my name. I sat up in bed and looked at my clock it was 3am. I sat there for a minute and listened thinking maybe I was dreaming. Then it sounded like a ball bouncing outs...

Scary Old Farmhouse on 2009-03-30

This happened back when my sister and me were little. We lived in a real old two-storey farmhouse, about two miles from the nearest neighbour. We were always hearing strange noises in the house. The stairway that led upstairs was very narrow with a door that closed them off from the downstairs. ...

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Thanks everyone for the comments. Who knows what might be lurking around the corner! 😊
Date: 2009-07-25
Sounds like a good location for the Taps ghost hunting people. Have you heard of them. This is a good story, reminds me of some of the houses we lived in.
My brother had an experience with a dark hooded apparition or something. He was sitting at his desk doing bills, when he looked out the window he saw a blackhooded figure. He said he ran outside to see who or what it was, but no sight of anything. There was snow on the ground, but no footprints. A few hours later his dog he had tied up outside was dead.
Date: 2009-07-03
It's no telling how many ghosts still hang out at hospitals. Like when you're walking down one of those long empty halls alone. Maybe something just passed by you, who knows right!
Date: 2009-05-25
I do believe things like this does happen. I've had a lot of weird things happen to me. So far nothing has physically touched me. Certainly don't want it to either. 😨
hey hollyhobby
I'm sorry I haven't got back to you. As for who's tearing down the old house. It's just my two brothers. It's a deal where there's no particular time frame. Some gentleman that my brothers are aquainted with offered them the job and all the fixtures and lumber for just tearing it down. It will eventually be just a big store put in it's place. The letters and newspapers were read and given to the library, to put on display.
That sounds really neat. I think I would go back to see what I could come up with. Best be careful, never know what might be lurking around.
Date: 2009-04-14
talk about scared to death! That's just a little to much for anyone, specially for some little kid.
I know how you feel. Seems like there was always things going on in the houses we lived in. Hopefully they will leave you and your family alone.
Date: 2009-03-31
My mom and dad were never ones to scare kids in the night. We had about always lived in big spooky twostory houses back in the country during my growing up years. These thing really happened.
Now that is one apartment that I wouldn't live in. That would really creep me out knowing that stuff was in the basement.