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The Black Mark on 2009-05-12

I would like to share a story my mother witnessed, for it happened to my mother's aunt in the 60's. I don't really know how to define what happened and what really happened. I will be pleased to have your point of view and knowledge on this subject. My mother's aunt ("Betty ") was living with he...

Lights In Our Summer House on 2009-04-28

I'm new on this website and this is my first story. I'm not fluent in English so I apologize for my bad English. I've had many paranormal encounters in my life, but this story I'm about to tell is about some encounters that happened in our summerhouse, where we spent all our summers. I'll post s...

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Date: 2009-05-12
thanks for sharing your story, Got so many questions, hope part II will answer them.
Date: 2009-05-12
Dear angel feathers,
I totally agree with you. Never said that Ethan drawing on the writer's energy was good. On the contrary. That's why I advice the writer" to live her life", and "not mix both worlds"= do not even CONSIDER a relationship with Ethan...
If Ethan has the "permission" to visit, is that the author has something to learn from this experience (it can be a good or a bad experience).
Date: 2009-05-10
Thanks Linamoo79 for your story. I hope you're ok and you haven't got any hallucinations because of tumor:D Angelfeathers has a point, but I want to believe Ethan is really visiting you. I think Ethan is a person that loved you once and still loves you, and still cares for you. As far as I know, from my experiences and readings, spirits that are not lost souls,... Can come and visit their loved ones and care for them but they have got a permission to come, and visit. If Ethan is not allowed to be a regular part of your life, is because you're alive and he's not, and if you're on earth and he's not, you have to live your life. Both worlds can't be mixed. Concerning the other people being with him the first time you saw him, were they together? Like a group? I have heard that spirits are never alone, but in groups (I'm not mentioning lost souls or earthbound spirits). The groups are made of spirits from the same level. Concerning the nausea and vomiting, he probably is taking your energy to appear. In anyways, this is just my point of view...
Date: 2009-05-08
I'm really sorry for your loss. Your story really touched me. It is always very hard to loss someone we love. She will always be with you and watches over you. God bless you and your family, He will never let you down.
Thanks for all your comments.
Kecoughtan: Thanks again, I'll feel more more at ease to write my stories. The archives I've been looking at got me back to 1900's. Didn't find anything older. Guess I'll do some research this summer:D While we build the house, we didn't find any trace of building foundations or traces of an old construction. However we found a stone shaped like a keystone of a small arc (50 cm height). It might just as well be a random shaped stone... Concerning the garage, It gets flooded when it is NOT raining or NOT any leaking pipes, but I guess it's geological.
Rhodes68: Thanks for sharing this story, it's beautiful. I didn't know that place existed, I'll have to check it out. The house is situated in the northwest of Corfu. I know this location was used to over view this part of the island because the Italian soldiers built a small base there, Where 2/3 soldiers would stay there during WWII.
It is really a uncommon story. I hope the activity has diminished. SInce It doesn't appreciate tou pray, have you tried to have your house blessed? Or have some religious objects in your room?
Date: 2009-05-01
your story freaked me out! Is there any other activity in your apartment? Spirits appearing in bathrooms remind me of what the arabs call the Djinns. The tradition says that they were condemned to live in ruins and unclean places, such as cemeteries, ruins, caves and bathrooms.
Thanks for the comments. Concerning the the ball of light, it was white.