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A Night On The Queen Mary on 2009-05-14

I would like to share my experiences of the night we stayed on the Queen Mary. We stayed there on May 9th, 2009 and we stayed in room A107. I was really excited about staying there because I had heard all these ghost stories about the place and that they offered tours, but I knew we couldn't take an...

A Visit From Meemee on 2009-05-05

I'm writing about an experience I had about 2 months ago with my then 16 month old son. I have had a couple of "paranormal" experiences throughout my life, this is the most recent. For this story I will give a little background info to begin with. My grandma "MeeMee" died on Sept. 27th 2005,...

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So, interesting thing about the flower. Not that its connected, but I just thought this was well interesting. So its a year later, I live in a different country now and I'm having coffee at a friends house. I notice pretty flowers in her vase and go over to check them out. It was the EXACT same as the flower I found on the ship. And the weird thing is that I got o a lot of craft stores and such and have NOT seen those fake flowers anywhere. Then comes along my friend who has had ghostly experiences in her life, and she has the flowers. Probably no similarity but I thought it was interesting and yes I still have the flower 😁
I do have an update! Although I have not been able to find anything on passengers that have stayed on board (except the famous ones) I did come across an interesting piece of info. My husband recently got me a book called "The world's most haunted places" The Queen Mary happened to be in this book. One of the reports by someone who stayed there was that they smelled cigar smoke and this was near the Winston Churchill Suite while they were on a ghost tour. I do not know what floor this room is on, I will assume the "B" deck since that was were most famous people stayed. We never went to this room, I smelled cigar smoke in our room and on the Promenade Deck where the shops where. So I also looked online and others who had stayed in the WC suite had in fact smelled cigar smoke while staying in this room. Also the shop on the Promenade Deck that used to be the cigar/smoke shop is called "Past Times" not Pacific Times
Thanks Ghostluver, we are great. As for the flower, I still have it. Its just a small plastic yellow orchid with purple spots on it. Yeah I have no idea and I did find it weird that the same flower was in front of my in-laws room. But I kept an eye out while on the ship and didn't see anymore. I also checked the flower arrangements they had throughout the ship to see if maybe it fell out. (Although how it got down the hall and in front our doors, no clue) The yellow flower did not match any of the flowers in the arrangements. ❤
Hey Gloriavox123, the Queen Mary is in Long Beach. Its across the bay from the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. As for the flowers, I have no idea. But I kept an eye out the whole time we were there for more, but I didn't see any. I actually want to go back and stay longer. ❤
Hey kruger, that's awesome that yall had that experience. Can I ask what pool did yall swim in? I actually brought my bathing suit too. But I know the 1st class pool is closed and the 2nd class pool was converted into now what is the Royal Theater on "D" deck. An which dinning area did yall eat in? Because when we were in the Promenade Cafe on Promenade Deck I keep getting a weird feeling. ❤
Date: 2009-05-14
Don't worry, if she comes back I will be sure to share any more experiences. But to this day, I haven't seen or smelled anything and my son has not said "MeeMee." ❤
Date: 2009-05-06
Thank you everyone for your positive comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my story, I just felt like it needed to be told. Hobbyholly, I will take your advice and see if any family members where able to save any pictures of her and I will put one in my sons room. ❤