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Pets In Spirit on 2009-05-14

To start our story, let me kick off with this lovely poem Please don't mourn for me I'm still here, though you don't see. I'm right by your side each night and day And within your heart I long to stay. My body is gone but I'm always near. I'm everything you feel, see or hear. My spirit is f...

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Date: 2009-05-22
I've posted these photo's with the hope that it will bring much comfort to those in need.

More pictures:
Date: 2009-05-22
Krusty's still with you... That bond's there always and when you feel sad, it's very clear. Have a look at our special moments with our "dearly departed maltese of 15 years)

Http:// 😁
Date: 2009-05-17
The photo with the "white little orb" near my husband's head on the 8th of MAY, 2009. This photo's different from the rest because I used the build-in flash light. We've been without power/electricity and only a candle burning in the room. We never expected to capture these results on our 8 year old Olympus digital camera!

As we understood her daily routines and habits, we knew that she would be normally lying in front of our bed in the evenings and also thought that this is where she passed away and would feel safe.

The lighting in our room is of a 15 Watt fluoresent type. We observed that we could capture on camera her aura ONLY when we called out for her.

I've got her picture and some more photo's. You can have a look at them: