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The Glowing Lady In White on 2015-09-30

I'm going to share with you guys an experience I had quite a few years back, I can't remember in exact detail of what happened during the night but I remember quite clearly what I saw. It was New Year's Day, past 12am as I remember watching the Sydney, Australia fireworks on TV with my best frien...

The Rocking Chair on 2009-07-28

This Happened about a year ago when my Mum and I were at a historical site called Port Arthur in Tasmania. We were walking into the community residence when my Mum felt that something was watching her. She turned to see who or what it was but there was nobody in the room except my Mum and me (and I...

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Thanks for your comments! And I actually haven't seen another ghost since then, but I've heard very interesting stories about a tourist attraction close to where I live. I also had an experience in that same spot, but never seen any spirit.

I might post a few stories about the place if anyone's interested 😆
Are you 100% certain you were awake? Usually when you're having difficulties sleeping or wacky sleeping schedules the chance of sleep paralysis is much greater, and lying on your back makes me believe it could have been just that,

I had once thought I was awake at a certain point during the night (I'd even checked my phone and everything) but a few
Minutes later I had experienced the phenomenon of sleep paralysis myself... Something must have triggered in my brain as couldn't figure out what wasn't right with my room, and that's when everything turned to hell. However, my house is definitely not haunted. Was your room the same as you left it when you woke up? Was there any evidence that the night before happened?

As for the shadows I'm sure that's quite unnerving, I'd be scarred for life if that were ever happening to me, but this particular night could have been your imagination conjuring up experiences that have happened to you in the past. These would skyrocket the intensity of your hallucinations, which, don't get me wrong, would be terrifying for you beyond belief.

As for those damn nuisance shadows, cleansing your house was a brilliant idea! Good luck with everything and I'm sorry you have to go through this alone ❤
Hey KristyJesus I have had the same experience as you but my presence was (I felt) an evil spirit! But ever since I said god I believe in you! The spirit hasn't come back!