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The Little Girl & Odd Things Keep Happening on 2009-05-18

This is actually odd really because where I live none of these kind of things have ever happened except for once when I was a little boy where I happened to hear someone come into the apartment but no one came from the hallway after the door closed and naturally I cried yes sad I know. But that's mi...

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Date: 2009-09-19
This my sounds crazy but I think you should get an exorcism. Now I'm not saying it's necessary so you should probably ask a priest about it. You never know.
Date: 2009-09-09
you should check up the history of your school and see if a house of log cabin had been built before it. Maybe it caught fire and the last thing they did was what you saw.
To CutishIvy:I don't know if there ever was a little girl who lived here on the weekends so I'll take sometime to figure that out but it wasn't only on the weekends. The only time I actually saw atleast an outline of her was on a tuesday.
To Galvon:
I can't really tell because all I saw was an outline of a little girl cross legged and what looked like her head down so yea 😳 haha

To Benn:I remeber it happened right after I got into bed which was around 11:30 or something and yea I know