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I Have Seen Myself on 2016-12-14

Friends. My name is Vivek. You can call me Vijay. After reading through all your stories I wanted to share my own experience I don't know whether it was my mind games or what? But still will tell my experience. I am from Mumbai. It was somewhere in year 2000 or 2001, it was winter time I used to ...

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Date: 2017-10-08
Hi, To Sushantkar and AugustaM,

Sati was a age old tradition where when the Husband Dies so Women use to jump in fire. Many of Our Greatest Leaders in India were against this evil practice and have Openly Challenged such evil practices.

Sushantkar there is nothing wrong in accepting the fact that we had this evil tradition, Even India had many many Good Traditions also you should know that many people had created socially evil traditions in the name of so called religion. We have the Power to Fight against this evil traditions.

AugustaM Now Sati is Officially banned in India you can also check our Indian Constitutional Laws where many evil practices are been banned now its time to break free from evil traditions and move ahead for the Good of Humanity where every Individual can get its Rights and be Equal. Also regarding the Red Sari Yes in India Married Women wear Red Saris during Weddings also its True that there are facts that in India we see souls in Red Saris that had been common. May be these souls are waiting for Salvation. I Hope God will do the Justice.

God Bless All.
Date: 2017-10-08
Hi BLiss, It was a scary account, Possession by evil spirits had a long story since many ages these possession had been taken place and of course India, She is a Grand Mother of All Civilization of the World, So India will have such many stories of these accounts, This is the reason when the Elders in India give us Divine Talisman or any Holy Tabeez to their kids or loved ones. I hope now all are ok after this incident. God Bless All
Date: 2017-10-06
Hi Tinaa, It was a chilling story, The lady was a owner of the house and may be she didn't like anybody staying there I hope now everything is fine now. Have you checked the history of the house. God Bless All
Date: 2017-10-06
HI Alex, Your Story was chilling, There are many soul wandering in this world with no salvation, It was a residual soul attached to the property so they wander at that place. HOpe all are ok. God Bless All.
Date: 2017-10-06
HI Sudesh, YOur name reminds me of Sudesh BHosle a Bollywood singer. It was a good story, I have hears about the creeks of Bhayander known to be haunted also feel sad for the Lady hope that the wicked people killed the lady will burn in hell. Let Almighty God give her Salvation. God Bless All.
Date: 2017-10-06
Hi Saher, It was a haunted experience, As it is a residual haunting these souls are attached to it so there is need to cleansed the house which will provide salvation to the soul. Also for your Mom tell her to read the Hymns of God before sleeping so that to keep bad dreams at bay. God Bless All
Hi Sushant, It was a chilling story I think that the ghost were wanderers waiting for salvation. Have you checked the story of the Lady Ghost. The ghost at Saudi was also a wanderer may be they will get Salvation. God Bless All
Hi Annie 11, It was a scary encounter, Yes the Mangroves around Vashi are said to be haunted but Thank God you all are safe. The soul of the man may be a wanderer may be waiting for salvation. God Bless All.
Date: 2017-10-06
Hi Venky, Your name reminds me of Venkatesh Prasad the Indian Cricketer. Yes there are many places and roads in India which are haunted, as we know India is a Mysterious Land in the World with many Mystic Legends. May be if life permits I will also go by this road. God Bless All.
HI Bliss006, Your Name reminds me of Bliss also the NUmber 006 reminds of James BOnd 007. I agree with what Sakie said that kids are sensitive to paranormal, Also may be this is case due to which in India Parents give Holy Pendants or Tabiz to their childrens. I hope now everything is fine
Date: 2017-10-03
Hi Sonty, It was a chilling story, Just like to know whether you inquired about the History of the house is that the place was haunted before. Just do House Cleansing which will help. God Bless All
Date: 2017-10-02
Hi Phanhrut, It was a chilling story, I think may the house had some bad history means there had been some bad incident there before you rented the house may be there will be some spirits. Check for the history of the house. Do you still stay there? God Bless All
Hi Jaanu96, Your Name reminds me of the Hindi song "Tu mera Jaanu" from Hero movie of 1980. Jokes apart, I appreciate that you had the courage to go near the women even knowing that she was a ghost. May be her soul didn't find Salvation. Let he soul be at peace. Just like to know do you still reside there, It is very sad that still in this Century we have domestic violence at home. God Bless All.
Hi Mahie, Your name Reminds me of MS Dhoni known as even Mahie. It was a Good Story, The Spirit World is very amazing and it is not be trifled as the consequences would be bad. Have Faith in God. God Bless Everyone.
Date: 2017-09-11
Hi Silentvalley, Your name reminds me of Haunted Valleys which are silent. Jokes Apart, It was a Good Story and the Narration was Excellent like a Professional Writer, I think so the place where Your Wife used to say was the dwelling of the spirit so may be when spirit saw you both together so the spirit reminded of her lover who cheated her. Also it was Good that You displayed your Maturity and Responsibility by coming to the aid of Your Wife also its good that You are Married. Chotanikara is a place of ParaShakti who is Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of Cosmos no body can withstand her Divine Powers.
Just like to advice if you get time visit Chotanikara again also get Holy Books and others if any and keep at you Home so that everyone can be safe. God Bless All.
Date: 2017-08-30
Hi Rohan P, This is a incident I will never forget this incident in my life after so many years still I remember the incident also I will have Faith in God Thank You Once Again.
God Bless All.
Date: 2017-08-05
Hi Scary pizza, Your name reminds me of pizzas & Mouth watering. Jokes Apart, I liked the story it was scary after that incident did anything happened like this again? Also try to know the history of the place. Be careful God Bless All
Date: 2017-05-28
Hi Paranormal, It was a chilling account. Animals can sense paranormal activities. Try to Holy Cleansed the House you stay. What happened when you saw your cat playing with unknown entity. Please reply. God Bless All
Date: 2017-05-22
Hi Ronan, It was a chilling account may be the Boys spirit had attached to that place and also wanted to contact you and may be looking for Salvation. Lord Ganesha is Vighahartha who had saved you. God Bless All
Date: 2017-05-12
Hi Sheetal, It was a scary story also the man followed you until Mumbai was stranger. Just like to knew how your friend spent 2 hours in toilet watching that man smoking or whether your friend was freezer looking at him did he tell why he spent 2 hours. Please reply.
God Bless All.