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Stay at home mom/photography student/Army wife. I'm very interested in the paranormal seeing as how I have all these strange things happen to me. LOL! Love to hear other people's stories of what they've experienced so feel free to share with me!
Ghost Stories from deannah

Time To Re-arrange The Bathroom on 2011-08-01

We were in our house in Wallhalben for a year when this happened. It was the beginning of August 2009 and my husband was already in bed since he had to work early the next morning. Me and my kids were upstairs watching movies and having a little slumber party. It was no surprise when things woul...

Blew A Fuse on 2011-08-01

My house on Arrowhead Road on Fort Benning was VERY active. This is just one of the many things that happened in the 2 years we lived there. I would rock my daughter to sleep in the recliner in the living room when she was a baby. Where our recliner sat you could see straight into the pantry in t...

He's Upstairs on 2011-07-25

My family and I moved onto Fort Belvoir, Virginia on June 23, 2011. We were assigned this beautiful Victorian style home. It's new construction but the neighborhood has been here for quite some time so who know's what was here before us. George Washington's Mount Vernon is right down the road from t...

Strolling Through The Living Room on 2011-07-25

My husband and I along with our kids were home on leave between duty station's from March until June of this year. He was away at an NCO academy, so me and the kids split our time between his parent's house and my parent's house since they only lived 5 minutes apart. On this particular morning we ...

Is Anyone There? on 2009-08-20

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother over the years. My parents and I always went "home" as often as we could. Her house used to sit up on a hill all by itself, and from the road it looked a little spooky especially at night. When I was younger I spent my summers with her and I would hear noise...

Grandma's Always With Me on 2009-06-30

This story is about the unbreakable bond I have/had with my grandmother even as she lay dying fighting to stay alive until I made it home and even after her death. I hope you enjoy reading this and that it gives you some insight into the relationships we're able to have with one another. I've al...

No Spaghetti For You on 2009-06-23

This is a rather short story but a very interesting one. I was in the kitchen last night cooking dinner and my husband was working on a fruit tart for dessert near the sink. Our kitchen is really small in comparison to what we've had over the years, but this isn't base housing and we're not in the s...

Strange Happenings On Erwin Court on 2009-06-23

My husband re-enlisted for Fort Wainwright, Alaska in April 2002. We left Fort Benning in September of that year and took 1 month leave to go home before we flew out. We knew we were heading into one of the coldest places on earth during the winter months and an active earthquake zone to boot. But w...

Knock Knock We're In The Closet on 2009-06-22

We moved to Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, New York in May 2006 and we left there in April 2008. During the time that we lived there we had several things happen in our apartment. I'll begin with the very first encounter I had. We moved into our apartment only 24 hours after we arrived because it would ...

The Spirit Who Needed My Hairdryer on 2009-06-09

We've been in Germany now for almost a year. When we got here last July we were told that there would be a six month wait for base housing so we decided to look off base in the various villages surrounding Ramstein and Vogelweh. We came out here to Wallhalben and took the second house we looked at. ...

A Visitor In The Night on 2009-05-26

I believe the story I'm about to share with you was the catalyst for all of the experiences I've had since this happened. I guess it opened my mind just enough to make me aware of things we cannot always explain because to this day I still have things happen. It was mid April 1998 and my son and I w...

Soldier's Home on 2009-05-19

My husband and I lived on Fort Benning from September 1999 until September 2002. During that time period there I had several strange experiences in both of the houses we lived in, and most of the time I was the one at home since we had 2 small children. We moved across post to a 1 level home in the ...

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Date: 2011-09-10
I wasn't hurt, just STUNNED! My kids too, they were like OMG what is happening? I just left the lid laying in the floor, told my hubby I'm done cooking for the night, and hauled buns out of the kitchen.
I too think it was just trying to get my attention... Well mission accomplished! From my track record with moving around all the time I doubt I'll ever live somewhere that doesn't have activity. I'm cool with it UNLESS it were to turn violent. We can coexist just don't hurt me or my family.
Date: 2011-09-10
I got a kick out of you guy's comment's...I did say don't scare the kids. =) It's funny now but at the time I was scared to death. We moved out of that house in Sept. 2002 but I saw her and felt her presence on more than one occasion. Most likely she was letting me know that it was her house and I would be sharing with HER. That house was VERY active up until we moved out. I've got lots more stories about the house just haven't written them all down yet 😁
Date: 2011-08-09
Thank you... She was (still is) such a huge part of my life. I miss her more and more everyday.
Date: 2011-08-05
I will definitley start keeping a journal of my experiences. To me it sounded like the little boy was talking to someone other than myself. I wasn't able to distinguish what he was saying though. I don't know why the activity started so quick, when we moved into our apartment in Broolyn NY it didn't start until the next day and in Germany it was a few months before anything occurred.

I'm going to go to the local library and start digging around to try and find out who else owned this property and such.

This house was constructed around 2005-2006 and I'm not sure how many people have lived here before us... Probably not too many in that time span. There was only a week in the time between the prior family moving out and us moving in. Just long enough to clean, repaint, and lay new carpet.
I only saw this "being" once... And I wasn't scared just stunned that this was happening in front of me. My parent's house was built in 1987 and we're the only family to ever live there, plus the property used to belong to Eglin Air Force Base years and years ago. There's a small lake in the neighbor hood that used to be a swimming hole so I wonder if maybe something happened to someone back then that is just hanging around. My mother, her twin, little sister, older brother, myself, and my 3 female cousins all have had experiences. Now I wonder if there is a reason for my family members on my moms side to have these things happen? Is this a hereditary trait?
Date: 2011-08-01
We moved out in March of this year to go back to the states, but the house was ALWAYS active. I have several other stories to tell, just haven't submitted them yet.
Date: 2011-08-01
Taz890 myself and my daughter have also seen a black shadow come down the stairs really fast and go into the dining room. We saw this at differnt times.

Javelina I am definitely going to do some digging and try to find out what was here before the base. I will keep you all posted on any further activity.
I wasn't scared, I was more stunned than anything... Like "am I really seeing this"? There was no head or shoulder's and there was nothing below the knee. I have another encounter pertaining to my parent's house called A Visitor in the Night in which I was visited in my room. In this story I saw all the features of a person minus the face and it was see through. It makes me wonder if it was the same person or being that I encountered in 1998.
My family and I went to Dachau Concentration Camp last October while we were stationed in Germany and it was a VERY intense experience. As I walked through the main gate I remember feeling eyes watching me and almost like being in a large crowd of people all very close together. As we walked over to the crematorium I felt this overwhelming sadness and anger. I'd never felt like that before when we've toured a historically significant site... But then again how could a person not become angry when you get to see first hand what was done to all those innocent people?

It could've been that you were standing where so many were tortured and killed and all that energy was thrust on you and they wanted you to feel some of what they felt, or just the fact that you know what happened there. On our walk through the camp I saw numerous people crying, some holding each other as they wept. It's a very powerful place.
Date: 2010-06-26
I LOVE it! That's awesome! I've always believed that not all spirits thrive off of negativity and that story just helped prove it. He obviously doesn't like negative emotions at all. I wouldn't mind having one around like that! You know how you said your husband doesn't like to talk about these things, well you're not alone because mine doesn't like to either. Especially my story about the soldier coming home when we lived on Fort Benning. It's funny to me because he's this big bad soldier and yet he's terrified of the things he can't see. I'd love to hear more stories if you have them!
Date: 2010-06-26
I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't know what that would be like because I'm an only child, but I do believe that he's just looking out for you. I'm the oldest out of all of my cousin's and we are all very close so I tend to feel at times like I need to protect them. So I guess that's what he thinks he's doing for you. I don't know how I would've felt either. I just hope that he's finally found peace.
Date: 2010-02-25
DANG! And I thought our old house had strange things going on. I'd love to hear of other accounts if want to share them with me. I have plenty of other stories that I just haven't posted. I hope that the cleansing has brought some peace to your home.
Date: 2009-06-30
I'm 100% sure that there is no way that pressure inside that pot could've caused the lid the come FLYING off. I had turned down the eye so the temp would lower and made sure that it was low enough so it couldn't bubble over and make the lid come up. Now I know some people are always going to be skeptical but I know what happened as well as my 8 year old daughter. My next step is to find out what was here before these houses were built. If anyone has any more input I'd be more than happy to hear it! Thanks!
Date: 2009-06-25
WOW! A very chilling story! I know very well how it feels to have people look at you like you're lying or a freak when you tell them what's happened to you. Even your closest friends. I have NO doubt what you saw was real. I had a similar experience outside my parent's house one night except when I heard the cries coming from the woods behind the house and I ran back inside. It sounded like a man screaming as if he was in severe pain. It scared me to death! I understand how you feel!
Date: 2009-06-23
What a beautiful story, I cried while I was reading this. I also read your other stories and just know that he is always with you. No matter what. I wish you much love and luck in the future!
Things have been happening in our new home. We live in Germany now and I wrote the story about my hairdryer. You should check it out.
Date: 2009-06-11
Over the years I've done a little research here and there and I agree with you whitebuffalo about it being a residual type haunting. I'd heard the footsteps before but not the whole coming home opening the door. I also think there were "others" in the house as well by some of the things that happened, but those are separate stories. Fort Benning was a VERY active place. 😊