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A Headstone May Have Saved Lives on 2009-05-19

My name is Sorcha (we pronounce it Sor-sha; a somewhat obscure Irish name) and I've been wanting to share this story online for a while now, but I wanted to find a site that cared for reality rather than fiction. What I'm about to tell you is, to the best of my knowledge, factual. That or my entire ...

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AussieRedDog - Me too D: I actually did an online search on drownings in Donegal, 1990, but it only turned up a father; I'd need to go to Donegal and look through the newspaper archives, but that's miiiiles away ><

I don't know if there was a spirit in that graveyard, or if it saved my life, but I know that my family would have been frightened and upset if they'd been on the beach when the two victims were swept away, so I am thankful.

Bailey - nono! You didn't offend anybody - far from it! - I did XD; My American friends start calling themselves Irish every St Paddy's Day, even though they know it drives me bonkers. And when I inevitably gripe at them, they get offended >>;;

Thanks, guys <3
Thank you, everybody, I really appreciate your comments!

Nor_Cal_Girl - Yeah, actually, we do tend to frown on hearing someone say "I'm Irish" when they're not from Ireland, which we tend to hear from Americans the most. It's a mix of being very straightforward (you're the nationality of where you were born or where you spent the most time living) and the fact that most Irish people don't have interestingly-mixed ancestry. It's nothing personal, but a few of my online friends took offense at it >>;

Mum found my name in an old book of Gaelic fairytales and myths, where the meaning was recorded as "The Shining One", but most name origin sites list the meaning as 'Radiant' or 'Shining'. That's where I got my online handle:] It can be pronounced a ton of different ways.

While I'm in the north - which is technically a seperate country from the south - I do love Ireland, and I encourage you all to visit. Just don't say I didn't warn you about the weather;]

Thanks again!