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Geisha's Song 2 on 2009-07-22

After what I've had seen I was determined to find out what happened to her. Going back inside my room wasn't easy, but I had to because if anyone suspected anything wrong with me they would want to leave the house. The next day while in my room I dropped a coin and it rolled under a large chest ...

Geisha's Song on 2009-07-21

I went on vacation in Japan to visit my grandmother, who lives in an old fashioned Japanese house. It was quite beautiful; it had a koi pond in the back with gorgeous vegetation surrounding it, fusuma (sliding doors), a spacious porch, etc. It was a pretty old house built somewhere in the 1930s, my ...

Duende's House on 2009-06-22

In my neighbourhood there's an Old Catholic school and it's said to have someone or something unnatural roaming around inside it. The people around where I live believe more in impish/evil elves then they do in ghost. Many of them say they see a small figure always running around in the school gar...

Emily's Closet on 2009-05-27

My father's side of the family has always been kind of a mess (divorce, lawsuits, gang problems, etc!) that's why it was seldom for my family to visit them. I only had a three cousins that I was pretty close to, the oldest was Joey (he was a year older then me, I was 8) the second born Amy (6) and t...

He's Back on 2009-05-26

I've told the story of how I got the doll (by the way it wasn't new when my aunt gave it to me) now this is how he came back. We moved again to another apartment, (I was 10) and as we were unpacking I noticed there was an extra box. When I asked my mom what was in it, her answer gave me chills. My ...

Birthday Gift on 2009-05-25

It was around 2002 (at the time I was 6). My birthday was coming and of course being 6, I was overjoyed. My aunt was currently living with my family and she was really into porcelain dolls, but I found them creepy. Well, when my birthday finally came I was given so many gifts and I loved them all ex...

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Date: 2009-05-31
I really like your story.
I'm not sure what is it exactly that you see, but I see a amberish-orange reflection at the top. Rosie93 said it was on the side of a female face, I can't really make it out 😢
It could be either one. Was she beginning to feel depressed before or after she saw the creature? Or maybe she was depressed before she started to see the creature even though it was around her so it started to feed off her negative emotions. 😕
Date: 2009-05-31
Thanks for the comments.
I still haven't visited them, but my dad has. My dad lives in an other house near theirs so he tells me how things are going for them and it hasn't gotten any better. Their dad seems to depressed (and dad said its obvious he is over Mary, but he seems to be lifeless now) to do anything with them so these people are trying to take them away from him. I've only spoken to Emily once on the phone a year ago and she said sombra is still there.

Is there a way I can help her? 😐 😢
Date: 2009-05-29
Strange 😕

I'm not sure why she was kicking you, at such a young age you couldn't have done something so bad that it made the spirit dislike you. After that did you experience anything else involving that particular ghost? Maybe your home was haunted and if so, (just my opinion) you should contact the people who are currently living in your old home.
Date: 2009-05-29
I have experienced other ghostly phenomena, but nothing to do with the doll. It's still in storage. Although every time I went back to put something else in storage, I would get the feeling of being observed and occasionally hear footsteps, even though I was alone. Also I rather not destroy or thorw the doll away because I never felt any melavalent vibes coming from it, it was just an impish spirit.
Date: 2009-05-28
Has anyone else in the house made any other personal contact before the recording for the spirit to say that. It could have also just repeated what he said when he was alive.
Date: 2009-05-28
nice story.

The whistler might have done that to say he hasn't forgootten about you.
Date: 2009-05-28
Has anyone else heard the HACK noise?
I think maybe you should do some background research of your home, cause maybe someone had died that way in you house or near it. Either way that HACK sounds really spine chilling.
Date: 2009-05-28
The image shaking is really interesting and strange. Whatever is going on in your home sounds to pretty harmless, at the momment. Raincolor is right, impish activity can easily turn violent and malevalent, so take precaution.

I think it was your dog that you saw. It's comun for animal spirits to visit their owners after they've past away. I've had a similiar expirience and know what it feels like to lose an animal compnion.

Sorry for your loss. 😢
Date: 2009-05-28
I agree with Ghostluver, the land could have been haunted or it cuold have been your great grandma. One question though, did you ever find out why your uncle's photo was wraped around the knife? Because maybe whatever it was, had something aganist him. Hope you and your family will be okay. By the way I think it was unfair that your dad blamed you for what had occurred.

Cool story 😳
Date: 2009-05-28
As I was reading, some things didn't make sense, but all in all I got the concept of the story. Oujui boards are very dangeruos, maybe "Lee" had toyed with it even before the seance. Considering the way you described the parents I'm guessing maybe they were into that kind stuff and that influenced Lee or not. I doubt it, but whose to say, maybe he's changed or Not.
I suggest to get help from a priest or someone of that nature because this Lee character sounds very dangeruos. 😐
Date: 2009-05-28
Wow. I know a few people who have been scratched and even had a couple of bruises on thier arms because of ghosts or demons, but to have that kind of phisical injury.
Date: 2009-05-28
Thats so sad, but it is interesting of how the bones were moved. I'm relieved that in the end you gave the animal a proper burial.
Date: 2009-05-27
My dad told me this story when I was 9,but only because I was into ghosts, so he shared his story with me. 😳