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The Man In White on 2009-06-22

I have been haunted for life with a gift I have, but there is a new spirit who showed himself to me last night. It freaked me out so bad that I have cried most of the day. I see them but what happened to me last night was the worst of them all. My children told me last week that they saw a ghost...

Haunted For Life on 2009-06-03

When I was a small child, age seven, I was at my Godfathers house with my papa. I got bored so I asked papa if I could play outside on the porch swing. I went out the door and I saw a man with a white shirt on and blue jeans standing on the sidewalk. I got on the swing and watched him. He said, "hel...

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Date: 2013-03-07
Some people are able to feel these things no matter where your at. There are ghost everywhere and if you can feel them and they know you can they might follow to try to get you to notice them. I wish you luck with this and please try yo keep calm when this happens because they like to scare people. God Bless
I have never seen a cat as a spirit but I have of a dog but this was no dog. Now I have seen videos of a ghost like cat. Who knows really if they are or are not but if you seen a cat with blue eyes then that's what you seen. If you have love for cats and a ghost cat seen or knew this then I'm sure it liked you and wanted to hang with you. I wouldn't be scared over it. Good Luck
Date: 2013-03-07
I will tell you that children love to play. I am confused over the children being around but I have two I'm sure of at my home and I know one followed me to my new home. I have a EVP of a little boy and he said his name is Michael. If you like now this might make them want to mess with you more so if you do not want them to I wouldn't do it but get a recorder and ask it stuff. Sometimes it might take it a few but keep asking it stuff like why are you hear? Whats your name? Anything really you want to ask. They will answer you. It is scary and I hate your going threw this but Know God is on your side and if you get scared cry out to God and he will help to calm you down. Thats what I do. Now these kids might not know they are dead and if its not a child something might be playing with your mind. Please be safe and Good Luck
I hate to hear that you live in fear over this. I have had a lot of these things happen to me and I used to live in fear and I even tried getting help because it almost drove me crazy. I will tell you that its hard to not fear these spirits but they feed from your fear and they love to cause us to fear them. It makes them feel like they have power. I have a spirit that said power in my ear and I knew what it was trying to say but I laughed and said you may have the power to scare me but its only for a moment. Never a life time. I cried so may tears and the only peace of mind I have is knowing God is on my side. I wish you the best and Please try not to fear them because they have been known to scare you and back off for a while. Weeks to months at a time but they will try it again so what I am trying to say is be ready for the next attack. If you keep it in mind that its going to happen when it does it helps me to not be so frightend. Good luck
Im sorry if I came off rude but I have had this problem all my life and I've gave up on it. No one has been able to help me and I've done everything. What I said is true. I've studied this for over 20 years due to the fear these ghost and doctors have labeled me and tried to keep me doped up which made it worse. What I was saying is true not rude. Yes maybe not all do not believe but going to a doctor is the last thing anyone wants to do for a haunting. Not only that this is your ghost stories not your criticize other people for their believes and thoughts. I was trying to help the poor guy maybe he can help me at the same time because no 1 else can. Now please stop being rude and putting comments on other peoples comments. The guy just wants help he doesn't want people to criticize other peoples comments that there is rude. Have a good day
I see where this sleeping thing is real but from what all I have been threw its not a medical problem and most doctors do not believe in ghost and I feel you have a bad spirit. A bad one doesn't have to be a demon people are also mean and spirits feed from us. It is true that when we go to rest our minds are more open to them. We are at a peace time and they can affect us more at that time. Sleep paralysis is bull crap. Just like a lot of people in mental hospitals I feel are possessed or they have gifts and like I said Most docotors don't believe so they come up with all kinds of crap to tell us. Good luck. I would try to help but man I have had this happen sence I can last remember and I'm 31 and it still happens. Be strong and keep your mind strong. If they can't brake you down they might back off for a while but remember they are ghost and they don't have anything better to do.
Date: 2009-11-20
Hello friend, I am 28 years old and I have the same gift. I have been like this sence I was born. I will tell you now that I am still scared to death when these things come to me. The best thing I can tell you to help is keep your heart clean and make Jesus your best friend and talk to him when you are scared. There is nothing you can do to make this go away and if you keep God in your heart you can keep the evil away. Now they might try to scare you but know that you are Gods child and he is there with you at all times. Keep a small bible with you at all times and when one pops in at you grab it and close your eyes and pray. The more you talk to them the more they come to you. I know this for a fact. They come to me still but not as much. The ones who mess with me the most are evil ones. They want me so bad that they tourment me. I have faith and they have never hurt me. They do a great job of keeping me feared but I let them know they can not win. Pray as much as you can and I will pray God will take your fear away. I was a young girl and was never afraid of the dark but when I found out that the people who come to me where dead. I freaked out and still do. I wish you the best and just pray my friend, That will help you more than you know. If you need to talk more just let me know;)
Date: 2009-09-19
It seems to me that you may be able to sence these things. You might even a spirit that follows you. I know its hard to do and even for I to this day, but do not fear it. You take your bible and you walk around with it in your hand with it opened.Say,Father I come to you right now to ask you to remove this spirit from my home. Father show it the light. Cast it away. Father I do not want to live in fear any more.
Then walk around your home to every room and tell this thing that its not wanted here. I cast you to the light. Now walk in the light and be at peace. If you are evil I cast you back to the pits of hell. Now flee my home. In the blood of Jesus Christ I cast you out of my home. Never return.
Then say another prayer.
Father,If this spirit is evil, cast it into the pits of hell. Put this thing back to the pit where it can stay to harm no one else. Father I ask you to do this for me in the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen an Amen
Know that this will work. Show this thing no fear while doing so. Be ferm with it and show it that you have a higher power and it will flee your home. I have delt with these things all my life and after 24 years now I lived in fear. I prayed many of times, but it seemed to not work. After my last haunting, I had more than enough. I did what I told you to do and its been two months now and I have not seen it or felt it in my home. Now I will tell you. They might knock at your door or on windows, but when you see no one is there. Do not open the door. They wait for you to welcome it back in your home. I wish you luck and Ill pray for God to help you. I can try to pray it out, but it will work if you do so. God bless you.
Date: 2009-08-01
I feel that she was not evil. I know that when you see these things that you have fear right off hand and you can not control it. Do you live in the city or around a lot of people? She could have a loved one close by or she could have grown to like you and followed you. You said you knew your home was haunted. Well she could be stuck in the home. I think she just wanted you to know she was there and I feel you will never see her again, unless she really likes you. If that's the case then talk to her when you are not in fear. Let her know that she freaked you out and you do not mind her there, just not to let you know because you didn't like how she showed herself. That might help. If you have not been harmed, you will not be harmed. If you didn't know, there is a spirit world that people go to when they die. People say you die and go to haven or they go to hell. The Bible says that no one will enter haven until God comes to get his people. God has not yet come, so these spirits have to have some place to go. Its spirit world. I have had so many people say that havens doors are opened. Nope its not, so we have to live with them and they have to live with us. The thing is we can't see them all the time, but they can see us. Its pretty cool if you think about it. Good luck and God bless. Oh and you did the right thing when you prayed:)
When you are born, you then have a angel to protect you. It can not be a loved one. Now loved ones can come back to see you and I do think they can help fight off demons that have attached them selfs to you. If there has been one attached to your mom or dad or who ever you live with, don't you think it would know all the things that go down in you house hold or family. I know for a fact to never ever trust a ghost. No matter what they say or look like. I have studied this kind of stuff for 15 years plus. Please do not play this game anymore. Like I say, Its not a game, its a portal to hell. God bless you...
Never play with that again.Please!I see these spirits and they are no joke. Even just plan o dead people look creepy. Demons will play the worst tricks on you. So what doors you have already opened, I would close ASAP. Did you know demons feed off of fear,hate,sadness,love,anger and what ever else it wants to feed from? Did you know they use it against us? Good and bad. Did you know that they can scare you to death? Never trust a spirit. Only GOD. He will not show himself, but he will give you signs. As long as I have had to deal with spirits, I don't like it at all. I have asked GOD to take this gift from me. Please stay away from this game, because it not a game, its a portal to hell. God bless you and your friends.
Date: 2009-07-28
It could be a past loved one or like she said a attached ghost. I do not feel that this is a bad spirit. Good luck and God bless...
Im so sorry for your lost loved one. Your sister needs to think only good thoughts of her daughter. Tell her to let go of the sad thoughts. Then she will see her in a happy way and not sad. I feel that when she came to you and said she was going, that ment she was going to the light. Now I'm not sure, but she can come back at any time to see you at her time. I lost my Grandmother which I love with my life, I wanted her to come to me so bad. I prayed for it, but GOD showed me that he does not want me to see her from the other side. My time will come and I will once again join my family. I see spirits and other people that are dead, but I have not yet seen any of my loved ones. I know in my heart that I may not be able to handle it. Ill keep your family in my prayers. One more thing. Keep the good thoughts around you and your family and good things will come to you. GOD Bless you. ❤
Date: 2009-07-25
He was evil. His face was not normal at all. He kind of looked like he was growing horns out of his head. He looked very evil. Plus I think he is the one who has been touching me in my sleep. I will wake up thinking my boyfriend is doing it, but he will be sleeping when I wake up. I woke up with no clothes on the other night when I felt someone touching me and I sleep with clothes on. I don't know. I just gave up and live with the fact. I'm haunted for life.
You know angels and demons can come as they like, looking like what ever they want to. I think that this is a ghost, demon what ever you feel to call it, that hangs around your family and wanted to freak you out. Think about it. If it has been there in the home for some time, it knew your mom was gone right. That was the best time to mess with you. Showing its self as your mom is freaky. If I were a ghost that's what I would do.
Date: 2009-07-23
They come at you most wail sleeping. Thats the best time for there attack. If they are going to. See what I call freaks of science they say it was lucid. Its a way of saying, you are dreaming and its not real. YES it is real and happens to so many people that its not funny. They came to you wail sleeping because at that time you are at rest. Your mind is not running like it does wail awake. They can come in your dreams or they come to you wail sleeping. In your head or beside you bed. What ever they feel like doing to make sure they let you know they are there. Do you know that there are a lot of people that are in nut houses that do not need to be. Just because they see dead people or demons. Most are called crazy when really they have a gift. Sorry just some thing to think about. Just make sure you pray before bed and ask for him to protect you and like always, he will make sure your angle is doing there job. God bless.
Date: 2009-07-23
Put salt around your home and rooms that freak you out. I did that wail I prayed very hard and my home is at peace now. Peace in my home is something that I never had. I have been haunted for life with a gift GOD gave me, but I have been told to put salt around my home and I did. It worked, Plus I prayed very hard to my father to bless my home. There are ghost, spirit or demons every where. No matter where you go they are there. I have to live with the fact, they will bother you no matter what. If you can live with them, then that's cool. It got so bad at my houses, that I wouldn't go to the bathroom unless someone was with me. I wouldn't dare look down the stairs unless someone looked first. Good luck with all this.
Date: 2009-07-20
I feel that there has been a murder in that house you lived in. He is stuck there and that's his place and he wanted you out. He is wanting you to know he is there and he owns it and there's nothen you can do. Thats what came to me. When I was little I would stay at my brothers grandparents house when my mom would go out of town for work. Every night I would wake up to the house shaking. I woke up freaken out because it was like the house was going to fall out. Well after a few times of this happening and no one esle seen it I just got to were I would sleep threw it. I seen a man a lot that no one esle seen and I asked my grams about this man who stays in my room. She told me no one at first until I told her what he loked like. Come to find out he lived there and he was murderd.
Date: 2009-07-20
GOD works in ways you would never dream of. My dreams tell me a lot and so do spirits. Never trust a ghost but know that they are here to help aswell. You are not crazy, trust me, plus you did not eat that day and you took meds. That alone can help you to be contacted from the other side. Be opened minded and you will be amazed by what you will learn about ghost, spirits or demons. Try not to open doors for them because it can get very bad for you. Just open your ears and mind and you will be amazed. GOD bless you.
This is a good story. I like to read storys that are not scary. My kids wanted to sleep in the hall last night and I told them that the ghost might mess with them if they did. They said no it want mom, it only bothers you, not us. I laughed and said no kids, it will and you will see. Ten minutes after they layed down my oldest said mom. Your right. I got up and went in there. They said mom, the night light turned off and turned back on. I said maybe you didn't have it pluged in good. My daughter said no mom I checked it before I layed down. I laughed and she said its not funny. I told her to tell it to leave her alone. Ghost can be funny. I like it that way. I have lived in fear of these things and to see funny things happen that's not scary makes me feel so much better. Thanks for the story and GOD Bless.