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Should I Be Paying Attention? on 2009-06-02

In 2005 I was driving to work and when I stopped at the lights, as if I was dreaming, I had a vision of a funeral and saw many people that I would have known. I did not know whose funeral but I felt immense grief and could not control how it made me feel. I cried uncontrollably. The following week, ...

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Thanks again for your comments. I really thought that I might have been exaggerating my experiences (or just weird) however you guys make me feel comfortable about them. Since I posted my story and read your comments I now wish that I could be a little more open and in synch with things around me. I guess you are only given what you can handle.
Thanks for your suggestions and comments. Yes codove1, I do feel guilty about having these dreams especially since there is no way for me to alter the outcome. In addition to that, there is always an event or mishap that prevents me from being around the person when something is about to happen. I avoided many disasters when I was younger because of these dreams but as I have gotten older, the stresses of life can make them not so clear. Kira, thanks for giving it a term. I just thought that these events were just wierd, coincidences or plain spooky so I would never discuss them with anyone but my mum. I must admit that the thought of reaching out is kind of scary but if it is my dad I wish that he would crossover.